US PGA Championship day three as it happened

Jim Furyk leads fellow American Jason Dufner by one after round three at Oak Hill.

11 August 2013 Last updated at 00:28

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As it happened

  1. 0017: 

    Right, that's me done for tonight, farewell...


    Adam Scott speaking to Sky Sports after his round of 72: "It's great to know you can make that big putt if you need to. I left myself a lot of work on the greens. I'm going to have to have a really good round tomorrow, but I feel like my game's there. I just need better rhythm."


    Leader Jim Furyk, speaking to SkySports after his round of 68: "[The change in putting] was my dad's suggestion. Dad has helped me with putts in terms of mechanics and tension of my grip, he thought a fat grip would help. Any time you're in contention at a major you're excited - I've had difficult close calls but so has everyone else. Try to learn from your mistakes, how to improve and take it into tomorrow."

  4. 0011: 

    Well, it's all set up for a grandstand finish tomorrow and there are plenty of stellar names up there: leader Jim Furyk won the US Open in 2003, reigning Masters champion Adam Scott is right in there, while Jason Dufner, Henrik Stenson and Steve Stricker have been knocking on the door for years. Further down the list, defending champion Rory McIlroy and perennial nearly man Lee Westwood will have to go very low tomorrow to stand a chance.

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "I think Stenson is a tough man to beat, but I'm a math guy and I like the guy with a shot in hand in Furyk. I don't think Dufner will hold up to the pressure. I think Furyk did Westwood and McIlroy with that last putt, so top three might be all they can do."

  6. 0000: 
    Leaders: -9 Furyk -8 Dufner -7 Stenson -6 Blixt -5 Stricker, Scott

    Scott for birdie on 18, this one is a slippery sucker... breaks too soon but he taps in for a par and a round of 72, the Masters champion is four off the lead. Dufner persuades his ball into the back door for par, he's in with a round of 71 and heads into the final day one off the lead.

  7. 2356: 

    Tremendous third by Dufner at 18, over the pin and spun back towards the hole, he's given himself a great chance of a par.


    Henrik Stenson speaking to Sky Sports after his round of 69: "You're always two yards away from trouble on this course so I had to back off a few times, but I made a few good shots. On 15 and 16 the energy left my body a little, but I managed to finish with three good pars. All I can do is try to be up there and I'm very pleased with that. It was great to see Jonas Blixt play so well, if there's two of us [Swedes] it definitely increases our chances."

  9. 2353: 

    Dufner in heavy rough on 18 but he takes his medicine, hacking onto the fairway. Scott has the perfect lie and 177 yards left... great approach, chance for birdie...


    Steve Stricker talking to Sky Sports after his round of 70: "I made a solid day today and I've got a decent shot tomorrow. I enjoy my schedule, I enjoy going home and getting away from it for a week before practicing for a week and getting into it again. My daughter plays and I try to play with her a bit. It is time to spend some more time at home - it means I'm making these tournaments count and I've enjoyed it so far."

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "It was a well-holed putt and a big putt because it keeps a lot of guys two and three behind. It's a big shot for McIlroy and Westwood to overcome - five shots is a lot, six shots is a big margin to make up over a guy who knows what he's doing."

  12. 2350: 

    Dufner makes a bad swing at the last and that could be in trouble. A rare show of emotion, chucking his driver at his bag, and Scott rubs his nose in it with a drive as high as it is handsome.

  13. 2348: 
    Leaders: -9 Furyk -8 Dufner -7 Stenson -6 Blixt -5 Stricker, Scott

    Scott has actually got about 12 feet left on 17 and that's a bold strike for par, well done sir. Dufner pokes in his par putt, he could be co-leader in a minute because Furyk is in trouble ahead of him... but he makes it from the fringe - a 68 for the former US Open champion, he leads on nine under.

  14. 2344: 

    Scott hit his second into some rough on 17 before hacking on - he's got a 20-footer for par. Furyk's approach at 18 spins back past the hole but he's got a makeable putt for birdie. Dufner with a 25-footer for birdie at 17, leaves it short...

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent

    "Furyk can be flaky - let's make no bones about it, and the players will know that. McIlroy, with such an aggressive mindset, will be thinking 65 or 66 will set the kind of target to exert pressure on the leaders - especially knowing how strong the finish is."

  16. 2341: 

    Dufner right at the 17th pin, Furyk miles short with his second at 18 - that leaderboard could be about to change. Not sure what Scott did with his second, I'll let you know...

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "If Rory shoots 65 tomorrow, five under, he's got a good chance of a play-off. And he can shoot 65."

  18. 2336: 

    Dufner's driving has been superb today and here he is pumping another one down the middle on 17. Scott not so clever, he's in more trouble.

  19. 2335: 

    Stenson's long-range birdie putt races by on 18, he's got a horrible one coming back. Furyk hitting off the eighth and he's pushed it short and right into the rough, he'll have to lay up with his second, as if this closing hole's not difficult enough. Par for Stenson, round of 69, two off the lead as it stands.

  20. 2333: 
    Leaders: -9 Furyk -8 Dufner -7 Stenson -6 Blixt

    Scott's bogey putt hasn't got enough on it and that's a double for the Aussie, he drops to five under and three off the lead - make that four, Furyk has curled in a super birdie putt on 17 to get back to -9. Par for Dufner, he stays -8.

  21. 2330: 

    Scott chops on at 16 and he's got a longun for bogey. And here he is again, it's still his turn...

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent

    "Semi-retirement is treating Stricker very nicely. Decided he wouldn't come to the Open as it was his anniversary - his priorities have shifted."

  23. 2327: 

    Dufner with 121 yards to the hole and he parachutes to within 20 feet. Stricker in with a level-par 70, he's right in the frame on five under. Here's Scott with his third on 16 and he finds the rough to the left, could be a couple of shots gone here...

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Besides Shaun Micheel, winners here have been Curtis Strange, Jack Nicklaus - a pretty good pedigree of winners and typically the best courses bring the best champions. I'm not a fan of the course though, too many trees. Golf committees love to plant trees, to beautify things - they're not meant to be pretty, they're meant to be a test. And it can't be windswept with all these trees!"

  25. 2324: 

    Scott has leaked his drive at 16, as news reaches me that one of Jonas Blixt's drives today finished in someone's pocket. "I'm just glad it wasn't plugged," quipped Blixt. Lovely stuff. Scott can only advance his second 50 yards, the Aussie in trouble on 16.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent

    "What I like about this course and what I think is difficult for the players is the closer you get to the green, the narrower the fairways become, and that's why the players are keeping the drivers in the bags."

  27. 2320: 

    Furyk's birdie effort on 16 looked like it was going to come back in but it didn't do enough, he stays -8. Scott for par on 15 and that's a brave save from 10 feet.

  28. 2316: 

    Only a few groups still out there now and here's Adam Scott putting up the hill at 15, and he's left that well short. The hole right in the middle of a shadow cast by a TV tower, which probably makes things more difficult, although Dufner safely makes par.

  29. 2311: 

    Scott with seven iron on 15 and he comes up well short. The pin in a naughty position today, hugging that pond to the right, but Dufner stays well clear with his tee shot, pin high to the left. That pin position was chosen by the public today, by the way, or at least they picked out one of four chosen by Jack Nicklaus.

  30. 2308: 
    Leaders: -8 Furyk, Dufner -7 Stenson, Scott -6 Blixt

    Scott's eagle putt stays six inches left of the cup but he'll pop in to get to one off the lead. Dufner with a fine 12-foot par save, he now leads with Furyk.

  31. 2305: 

    Dufner has 120 yards to the flag on 14 but he doesn't hit it, he's 20 yards further away than Scott, who has had only one shot. Stricker going with three wood into the devilish 17th, safely on. Dufner races his birdie putt miles by, Furyk's par putt lips out on 15.


    From Andy in Leeds via text on 81111: "Re Chris 2225. Steve Stricker? Both he and Westy in with an outside chance of ridding that monkey this weekend."

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Adam Scott is probably the longest, straightest driver in the game. The best driver used to be Sergio Garcia but Scott has a length that Sergio can't touch, he's so powerful. Scott's swing is poetic and it's textbook, a great one to copy."

  34. 2300: 

    Furyk finds a trap off the tee at 15, Charley Hoffman birdies 17 to move to -3...

  35. 2258: 
    Leaders: -9 Furyk -8 Dufner -7 Stenson -6 Blixt, Scott -5 Stricker

    Not a cloud in the sky in upstate New York but here's Stenson bringing some Scandinavian gloom to proceedings with a bogey on 15, he drops to -7. Scott has got the big dog out on the 14th tee and he likes that one - and why not, he's got a very makeable putt for eagle.

  36. 2255: 

    Bogey at the last for Jason Day and he's in with a 72. Stenson on 15 but that's not great, think he got too much turf. Magnificent putt by Furyk at 14, he'll make par to stay one ahead of the field.

  37. 2250: 

    Scott just misses with his birdie effort on 13, the Australian grinding rather than pulling up trees. Dufner's looks in all the way but he misses on the low side.

  38. 2248: 
    Leaders: -9 Furyk -8 Stenson, Dufner -6 Scott, Blixt -5 Stricker

    Stenson in the side door at 14, he joins Dufner in a tie for second. Could it be time for a Swedish major winner? Not a good day for Sergio Garcia, six over through 17 and the sensible money is on the Spaniard never winning one of these, it seems like his time has passed.

  39. 2242: 

    Robert Garrigus is hanging around the top of the leaderboard when you thought he might fade, birdies at 13 and 14 mean he is three under and six off the lead. Furyk with a left-to-righter at 13 but he didn't want to hit that too hard, he was going down the marble staircase - stays -9.

  40. 2238: 

    Dufner doesn't make that birdie on 12, it was another iffy putting stroke, he's had a few of those today. Stricker for birdie up the hill at 14, breaks a little too soon. Dufner smacks his drive down there at 13, Scott squirts his iron into the rough out right.


    Lee Westwood speaking to Sky Sports after his round of 68: "All in all it was a very good round, I didn't do a lot wrong, even though it was quite tricky with the wind - it is swirling a bit and 68 is a good round of golf, although dwarfed by [partner] Jonas Blixt's round.

    "Fortunately we got going and rode each others' wave. If you play well you can make a few birdies - 10, 2, 13, 14 and 16 are all birdie chances; 15, 17 and 18 are playing very hard. It wouldn't surprise me if Jonas led tonight and was in the final group."


    Jonas Blixt speaking to Sky Sports after his round of 66: "I tried to play my best round, it worked out well. I was nervous in the beginning as I never played with Lee and that was a new experience. I know how good he is but I calmed down and played by own game. It's one step towards where I want to be and I'm very excited about being there and learning. I'm going to give it my best and whatever happens happens."

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "The par Stenson made at 12 was a huge one. Those are the things you do on the weeks you win and he is looking very solid."

  44. 2232: 

    Stenson makes a birdie putt disappear at 13 to grab outright third - he's been close a couple of times of late, could be his week. Dufner clips his second to within 10-15 feet on 12, and he'll have a good look at Scott's line.

  45. 2230: 

    Some real wags in the crowd this week, if you count shouting "mashed potatoes" really loud as waggish. I thought Jason Day might make a move today but he's struggled to get much going - the Aussie is one over for his round after 16. Webb Simpson will be cursing that triple at five - birdies at 10 and 14 have got him back to -4.

  46. 2225: 
    Leaders: -9 Furyk -8 Dufner -6 Blixt, Stenson, Scott

    Scott walks away from the 11th with a par after that tremendous tee shot, as does Dufner. Furyk takes the outright lead again courtesy of a 20-footer on the 12th, Stricker moves back to -5 with a birdie at 13.


    From anon (names please) via text on 81111: "Woods crashes and burns in yet another major.... No surprise there... Will he ever win one again? I have my doubts.... Nicklaus' 18 seem further away than ever!"

    From Chris in Durham via text on 81111: "We always hear about Monty, Westwood, Garcia as best players never to win a major but which Americans might qualify for that title?"

    From Den Haig via text on 81111: "Superb from Mark Warren! Lowest aggregate score for rounds 2&3 so far with 67 & 68 Set up nicely for round 4."

  48. 2222: 

    Kuchar out in 39 and he's let another one go at 11. Jonas Blixt might be a new one on some of you but he's one twice on the PGA Tour. According to the Puma website, "for years Nässjö was known as a hard-working Swedish town with lovely lakes and a knack for building good chairs. Then Jonas Blixt came along". If he wins tomorrow they might think about renaming it.

  49. 2217: 

    Stenson in a bit of trouble on the short 12th, that will be a five unless he can roll in a 20-footer... which he does. David Lynn in with a 71, he's one under heading into the final round. Dufner and Scott pull out a couple of crackerjacks at the par-three 11th, two more birdie chances there.

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "If you want an idea of Dufner's physique: he thinks gym is a person, not an activity. Furyk and Dufner are starting to separate themselves a little bit, though Blixt is in the clubhouse and not going anywhere."

  51. 2213: 
    Leaders: -8 Furyk, Dufner -6 Blixt, Stenson, Scott

    Scott is ankle deep in nonsense on the 10th but what a recovery that is, he'll be putting for par. Dufner also on in two. Here's Dufner with his birdie putt, from about 20 feet - steps away, steps back in, drills it home, Furyk has company again atop the leaderboard. Scott doesn't make his, though.

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Blixt is a good player and has won twice on the PGA Tour. Watching him putt amazes me - he never looks like he will hit the hole, never mind make one. His arms are all over the place, it's amazing. He rolls the rock really well but it is mindboggling how he does it - you think he will eventually have to work on it."

  53. 2208: 

    Defending champion Rory McIlroy has jumped 21 places today, courtesy of a round of 67 and some meltdowns by the men who were ahead of him. Dustin Johnson, meanwhile, has jumped 48 places after a 65 and, at two under, he's still right in it.

  54. 2204: 
    Leaders: -8 Furyk -7 Dufner -6 Blixt, Stenson, Scott

    Good comeback from Rickie Fowler, who has picked up birdies at 14 and 16 to get back in the red. Jim Furyk grabs the outright lead with a birdie at 10, Scott and Dufner make par at nine. Blixt with a birdie at the last and that's a bogeyless 66 for the Swede, he's the only player not to drop a shot today. A 68 for Westwood, I believe, he's currently five off the lead.

  55. 2158: 

    Dufner with 181 yards left at nine and that's safely on. Shot gone for Stricker on 11, he drops out of that tie for third. What a shot that is by Blixt, coming out of the rough out left, carrying the hump and his ball finishing four feet from the hole. Westwood kills his ball stone dead but he's got a lot of work to do.

  56. 2153: 
    Leaders: -7 Furyk, Dufner -6 Stenson, Scott -5 Blixt, Stricker

    Scott and Dufner find the fairway at nine, here's Furyk at 10, clipping another safe drive down there. Stenson showing his class with a cute bunker escape at 10, should make par from there.


    Scott Jamieson (70) speaking to BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra: "It was great fun playing in front of that many people, I'm having a great time. I played quite well again, hit more fairways and had more opportunities to hit it closer to hole and able to do that a few times. The back nine was not so good but I played the last three in one under. The weather will be similar to today so if I can get under par for the tournament I'd be satisfied."

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "That missed putt from two feet was reminiscent of the par putt he made at 18 last night, it looked very twitchy."

  59. 2149: 

    Dufner's second at eight runs out of puff but he should pop that in for par. Tugged it, he joins Furyk as co-leader, meaning McIlroy and Westwood are only four off the lead. Blixt also parred seven, the Swede remains five under.

  60. 2146: 

    Kuchar bogeys eight and is now three over for the day and four under. After two straight bogeys David Lynn hit trouble on 15, a double bogey dropped him back to -1. Lynn's fellow Englishman Justin Rose went out in 42, the US Open champion didn't expect that to happen. Par for Westwood on 17...

  61. 2142: 

    Dufner on the 442-yard eighth and that's a doozy of a drive. Furyk on the 459-yard ninth and that's pretty good as well. Westwood with his second into 17 and that's another peach, his iron play really is peerless.

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "I gave Dufner a fist pump too. I'd like to see him win. I like his game, I like his swing - a very classic swing - and he's fun to watch."

  63. 2137: 
    Leaders: -8 Dufner -7 Furyk -6 Stenson, Scott -5 Blixt, Stricker, Kuchar

    Dufner with two sweet hits into the seventh and he finishes things off with a birdie putt - he moves to -8. Up ahead, Furyk makes his birdie at eight and grabs outright second on seven under.

  64. 2134: 

    Rory McIlroy speaking on Sky Sports after his round of 67: "It's tough out there. The wind is swirling - one minute it goes right to left, the next it goes down and it's very had to pick a club. It makes you unsure when you're over the shot and means you make a few bad swings.

    "I scrambled very well, got up and down when I needed to - the par threes are very tough, playing much tougher than yesterday. Hopefully the breeze stays up and the leaders can come back a little bit and I can do something tomorrow."

  65. 2133: 

    Westwood on 15 and he's mishit his approach after a magnificent drive. Furyk swanning in at eight, chance to join Dufner atop the leaderboard. Stricker with a fine saver at nine and he's out in level-35. Blixt rams home another long-range par save at 16, the Swede remains -5.

  66. 2127: 

    Stenson with an eight-footer for birdie at eight and he squeezes it in to move to six under, one off the lead. Oak Hill remembered to put its teeth in this morning after misplacing them the first two days - Hunter Mahan is six over through 13 and has dropped 34 places.

  67. 2123: 

    England's David Lynn is barging his way into the frame - birdies at 13 and 14 for the man from Stoke via Merseyside, he's -3. Par for Dufner at six, here's Stenson with his second at eight, right over the flag. Westwood doesn't hit his par putt at 15, drops back to three under.

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Rory hit 12 greens on the first and second day, which is much better than what he was doing at Bridgestone. If he gets hot, he can get in there.

    "He's played those last two holes in six strokes - it is playing nine strokes as par this week, so he's essentially picked up three shots in two holes on the field. Those on three under have a chance to win, especially a guy like McIlroy who has the fireworks to shoot anything. He's a very dangerous player if you're the lead and he's not too far behind you."

  69. 2120: 
    Leaders: -7 Dufner -6 Furyk, Scott -5 Blixt, Stricker, Stenson, Kuchar

    Another one gone for Rose at seven, he's now seven over for the day and looking for the ground to swallow him up. Former champion Martin Kaymer is out in three-over 38, the German six off the pace. Birdie for Stricker at eight...

  70. 2115: 

    Did I say McIlroy is five back? He finished birdie-birdie, he's actually only four back after a 67. Two monster birdie putts to finish, a fist pump, he's right in the blender and has the clubhouse lead. Birdie for Westwood on 14, the Englishman three off the lead - that double by Dufner has concertinaed the leaderboard.

  71. 2112: 

    Scott for birdie downhill - misses a couple of inches to the left and it races five feet by... but he nails it coming back to stay six under. Dufner prods in for a double, his lead is now one, McIlroy is now only five back.

  72. 2109: 

    Furyk on six, putting from about 25 feet for a two... decent, missing on the low side. Kuchar with a splendid recovery and he makes the par putt to stay -5. Dufner putting from about 15 feet out for a bogey five on five... doesn't hit it, still chicken on that bone.

  73. 2106: 

    Birdies at 13 and 14 for Kiradech Aphibarnrat of Thailand and he's right back in the mix at three under. Stenson has 219 yards to the flag on seven, as we cut to Westwood driving the green at 14. Fine shot by Stenson, too...

  74. 2103: 

    Rose with a birdie chance at six, from about 10 feet, and he's mishit that. Dufner has taken a drop before thrashing into the long stuff to the right of the green. Shots gone here and with Scott bang middle, we could see a big swing... Scott right over the top of the pin with his second...

  75. 2100: 

    Matt Kuchar drops to -5 courtesy of a bogey at five but here's McIlroy making a huge one disappear at the 17th, the defending champion now two under and not out of this yet. Dufner didn't just hit a tree at the fifth, he hit a tree and his ball ended up wet...

  76. 2057: 

    Doubles at five and seven for Sergio Garcia, another major dream fades and dies for the Spaniard. Westwood all over the pin at 13, that was a cutey. Jim Furyk made it a three-way tie for second with a birdie at four, Dufner has pushed his drive into a tree at five. Adam Scott drills his drive down the middle.

  77. 2052: 

    Another double for Rose, the US Open champion is now six over for the day through five. Dufner misses that birdie putt, stays nine under. Scott with a decent save at four, he stays three off the lead. Kuchar in the drink at the fifth, this wind is playing havoc.

  78. 2049: 

    Justin Rose climbed behind the wheel this afternoon, snapped on the driving gloves, turned the key and found there was nothing there. Here he is on five, spinning his approach off the green and onto the rocks, which just about sums up his round. Dufner laid up at four and plonked his third to within a few feet of the pin.

  79. 2043: 

    Shot gone for Stricker on six, Dufner keeping his head while all around him are losing theirs. Westwood, however, birdies 12 to get back to -3. Bogeys at two and three for Jim Furyk, Dufner's being given a magic carpet ride at the moment.

  80. 2040: 

    All of a sudden, Dufner has a three-shot lead - bogey at three for Scott, he falls back to -6 and into a tie for second with Kuchar. Dufner on tee at the par-five fourth and he couldn't have placed it better. Scott with that picture-perfect swing of his and he's safely away.

  81. 2036: 

    Thanks Kristian, here is Dirs. Bogey at 11 for Lee Westwood. The Englishman drops to -2. A 68 for Scotland's Marc Warren today, Steve Stricker is level through five and remains five under. Here's Justin Rose chipping on at four and he very nearly holes it - alas, he misses the par putt coming back and is now two under. Three pars to start for leader Dufner.


    From Gareth Ponting, Aberdare, South Wales via text on 81111: "Adam Scott has got his major and pressure is off, cool stroll to glory again."

  83. 2030: 
    Leaders: -9 Dufner -7 Scott -6 Kuchar -5 Blixt, Stricker, Stenson, Furyk
    Justin Rose

    Some front nine for Jonas Blixt - he's birdied nine and he's out in 32, five under for the championship. A poor back nine yesterday, with shots dropped at 15, 17 and 18, may prove his undoing.

    Not much doing for others, though. Rose is in all sorts of bother at four, he's got the gallery ducking for cover. Garcia's renaissance didn't last long, a double-bogey at the fifth drops him back level; Furyk hacks out of the long stuff at three, similar shot for Kuchar...that's gone a few feet and stays there. Bogey for Furyk and two shots gone for Kuch. Simpson double-bogeys five, he's back to -2.

    The course is getting a bit of revenge at the moment, if it were human it would laugh maniacally. Mw-a-ha-ha-ha. And with that, here's Ben Dirs.

  84. 2022: 

    Sorry to say but it's not a shot gone for Rose but two - his bogey coming back was pretty poor and never looked likely to drop from six feet. The US Open champion is three under. Shot gone for Scott too at three, he's back to -7, while Westwood's birdie attempt to move four under does not have enough purchase on it.

  85. 2018: 

    Rose for what would be a big, big save for par...races by the left-hand side of the cup. Another shot gone. Rory with a birdie at 13, he's grinding away out there, back into the red figures on -1.

  86. 2015: 

    Dufner is in the long-ish stuff that lines the right-hand side of the fairway at two. Good contact but it skips over the fairway and to the edge. Work to do, dear Jason. Work to do for Scott too, about a 25-yarder for birdie, though he's been nailing them in his sleep this week. Rose creeps his shot from behind the grandstand at three on to the green, he'll take that.

  87. 2012: 

    Hear that squeaking? Rose's wheels might be getting a bit loose here. His golf swing certainly is, he's hammered one towards the stands at the third. Furyk's birdie from the edge of the green at two races by, as does his par putt, so that's a shot gone to drop to six under. Kuchar's attempt - way, way back, somewhere towards Canada - stops agonisingly short. Great attempt.

  88. 2008: 

    Shot gone for Rose at the second, his putt drifting wide; same story for Stenson and both drop to five under. Lovely work from Westy at nine, opened up the hole off the tee and drops his approach within a few feet; drops in gently, he's up to -3. Great course management.

    Par for Dufner to begin but Adam Scott begins with a birdie! That will get them all thinking. The long putter is in fine form already, rolling one in from a good 30, 35 feet. Those mid-range putts drop so easily for him sometimes. He's within one of his playing partner.


    From Tom Clough in Blyth via text on 81111: "If Dufner putts well, it's all his as tee to green he is the best in the field."

    From Anon (names please) via text on 81111: "Hope Dufner keeps up the good form. I like the quiet man to win."

  90. 2002: 

    These golf fans will applaud anything, won't they? The ball could injure a small kitten and they would whoop and holler like seals. Furyk rams one wide-ish off the tee at two, that looks tricky. Scott in prime position at the first, 155 yards with a wedge, but not close enough to the hole for his liking. Lynn sees one skip past, par at the eighth, still -3.

  91. 1959: 
    Leaders: -9 Dufner -8 Kuchar -7 Scott, Furyk

    Wonderful iron shot from Kuchar at the first, follows it with a birdie to go -8, he's going to be bang in this, the sort of player that can win a US PGA title. Webb Simpson, an Oak Hill hero for a few hours before Dufner did his thing, gets a birdie at the par-three third to move to -5.

    Scott and Dufner are off and the US PGA Championship is fully, fist-pumpingly under way.

  92. 1952: 

    Woods cards a 73, four over for the week. Lynn with a chance for birdie...nailed! That will get the engine running for the 39-year-old, he's three under through six. Second here last year remember, though a long way behind winner McIlroy.

    Here comes the waggle - Dufner was on the march yesterday and he's on it right now, marching from the practice green towards the first tee. His face is expressionless.

  93. 1948: 

    Lovely, pleasant pair in the penultimate two-ball. Matt Kuchar and Jim Furyk. Both would suit rocking chairs and pipes listening to music played on the banjo. Kuchar - or Kuuuuuuuch to the silly part of the gallery - is on the fairway, as is Furyk.

  94. 1943: 

    Putt for par at seven for Westwood but it comes back around way too late, he'll have a bogey from three feet. Stenson nicely on the green, so too Rose. Should be two-putts for par. Daddy Hunter Mahan drops one at three, he's back to -1.


    Patrick Treanor: "I'm just happy Rory made the cut, it's all a bonus from here #bbcgolf"

  96. 1938: 

    First on the tee, from England, Justin Rose. Looking lovely in white and a lovely tee shot, too. Henrik Stenson is his partner for the day, he's in the semi-rough on the right, no big drama. Stricker for birdie from 20 feet at the first...good grief, that's inched its way in somehow. He's six under. Westwood with work to do to save par at seven, Tiger now +4 with one to play.

  97. 1931: 

    Casey sticks one within four feet of the hole at eight, he needs to start the comeback quickly. Martin Kaymer has started like one of those fine cars his country produces - birdie at one, he's -5 and four off the lead.

  98. 1929: 

    David Lynn flirts with the creek at six but it has stuck on the green. Relief. Shot gone for Rory at 10, never fancied the par putt. Ole Sergio! Some shot from Garcia at the third from the rough, drops it within a few feet of the pin. Go on Sergio, get our hopes up again, I dare you. Three under he stays.

  99. 1925: 

    A perplexed Casey looks at his ball after it refuses to drop at seven and that's a double-bogey. Ball never moved left, sloppy work. Three shots gone in the last two holes, that will harm anyone's chances. Back to -1 for the Englishman.


    From Steve in Northern Ireland via text on 81111: "Let's not rule out Rory yet. If he could sneak to 4 or 5 under with this back 9, you just never know what he might unleash tmrw...I'm still hopeful!"

  101. 1919: 

    That sums up Mickelson's day, I'd say. He'd struggle to tie his own laces on this evidence. Five-footer on the 18th, rams it beyond the hole and has to come back for a bogey. A double-bogey and three bogeys in his final five holes sees him finish with an eight-over 78. +10 for the tournament, stick a fork in him, he's done.

  102. 1916: 

    Blixt makes that birdie chance at five, he's into the top 10 on -4. He's gone under the radar despite winning the Greenbrier Classic this year. Consider him noticed now. Jason Day also likes to go quietly into the night, and he's started again with a birdie at two to move three under.

  103. 1912: 

    Lee Westwood's birdie at five scoots by, he needs that putter to warm up if he wants to be in the mix tomorrow. Poulter having a pretty torrid time, three over for the day, he'll be tweeting about that later. Zach Johnson - can we drop the Zach since Dustin is back in the clubhouse? - follows five pars with a birdie, he's now -2.

  104. 1906: 

    The greens are picking up speed, and Paul Casey sees a shot gone at the sixth, just didn't read it. Two-putt and -1 for the week. Blixt with a lovely approach at five, he has a birdie chance.

  105. 1905: 

    Thanks Ben. I came back just as Haas nailed the birdie, good news given I have told everybody he would definitely win it. Still seven off the pace.

    Charley Hoffman is on the tee, he could easily moonlight as a Hulk Hogan stunt double. He, and partner Marcus Fraser of Australia, herald the arrival of those on four under. Getting into the business-end of it all now.

  106. 1900: 

    That's me for a bit, here's Kristian Walsh again for the next hour...

  107. 1859: 

    Bill Haas moves to two under with a birdie at three. Haas has had a good 2013, including a win at the AT&T National in June. Westwood moves to two under with a birdie at five, Tiger Woods is doing a Mickelson on 14, making a pretty straightforward hole look like a 600-yard par three.

  108. 1854: 

    Swedish Ryder Cupper Peter Hanson tore through the back nine like a hurricane yesterday but little has gone right since - out in 38 today and he's bogeyed 10 and 11. Casey with a birdie chance on five... pretty good, not enough borrow.

  109. 1850: 

    Rickie Fowler misses that birdie putt at the first, stays two under. Mahan firing from 20 feet but he rather wimps out of that one. Casey with his second at the fifth and that's another fine approach. The wind really picking up now, the flags getting a bit of a ribbing.

  110. 1846: 

    Mickelson with a miraculous bit of scrambling at 16, parachuting in from the rough stuff. Woods aiming about 15 feet left of the hole at 13 and that's borrowing far too much. Kevin Streelman in with a 66, the man from Wheaton, Illinois is seven off the lead as it stands.

  111. 1843: 

    Hunter Mahan into the first, right into the guts, leaving himself a 25-footer for birdie. Blixt has got the spurs jingle-jangling, he's just stuck in a monster to save par on three. Rick Fowler also with a fine approach at one...

  112. 1840: 

    Mickelson has missed the 16th fairway by about 60 yards, he needs a lesson or two. McDowell right at the flag on five...

  113. 1837: 

    Casey with a sweet bunker escape at four, Streelman with another makeable birdie putt on 18 for a round of 65. Rickie Fowler on the first tee, going with the big stick... chocs away and it's on the short stuff.

  114. 1835: 

    Here's Sergio Garcia down on the range, slamming some drives - the Spaniard is right in this on three under. Mickelson is all over the place at the moment, he's just dunked his tee shot in the drink at 15 - could be staring at another double. Fine birdie by McIlroy on six, he's in the red. Did I say Mickelson might get another double? He very nearly holed his third...


    From Kieron Etheridge on Twitter: "Not just Ireland's Shane Lowry having a shocker today. Millwall's own Shane Lowery notched an own goal today. #baddayforlowreys"

  116. 1830: 

    Great save by Streelman at 17, he stays five under for the day and three under for the week. Italy's Francesco Molinari gets back into the red with a bird at five, Mickelson makes a right royal nause-up of the easy 14th, walking away with a six. Woods with a horrible birdie putt on 12, straight right off the clubface.

  117. 1825: 

    Westwood parred the first but playing partner Blixt made birdie before scaring the pin with his second at two. Here's Northern Ireland's McDowell finding the right-hand bunker with his approach at four, and here's overnight leader Jason Dufner arriving on the course. It seems to be a universally accepted fact nowadays that Dufner is a "character", which tells you everything you need to know about how much sport has changed.

  118. 1821: 

    Defending champion Rory McIlroy has parred the first four holes to stay level, he needs a few birdies the give himself a chance on the final day. Casey drains a monster at three to get back in the red, here's McIlroy at five - right over the pin but a longun coming back. Birdie for Tiger at 11, there's no quit in this boy.

  119. 1817: 

    Ireland's Shane Lowry had a good first two days but his first nine today has been nothing short of a car crash - out in 40 with six bogeys. Thailand's Kiradech Aphibarnrat has been one of the surprise packages this week and he's out of the blocks with a birdie at the first.

  120. 1813: 

    Mickelson not having a great day but this is a great shot, a peach of an approach into 13. That triple at seven was a stake through his heart. Graeme McDowell nicks a birdie at the third to get to two under, Kevin Streelman birdies 16 to move to three under.

  121. 1808: 

    Paul Casey into the second, bit short but safe. Birdies at two and four for Aussie Marc Leishman, he's two under. Woods for birdie on 10, from about eight feet... misses out right...

  122. 1805: 

    Many thanks Kristian, this is Ben Dirs for a spell. Next on the first tee is England's Lee Westwood, who is playing with Sweden's Jonas Blixt today. Meanwhile, here's Graeme McDowell with a good par save at the second to stay one under.

  123. 1802: 
    Adam Scott (l), Phil Mickelson (c) and Justin Rose

    Here's one for the Adam Scott fans out there, and a boost going into the last two days in Rochester. Of the 13 players who have made all four major cuts this year, his accumulative score is better than the rest. Despite finishing 15-over at the US Open, he's level par overall; Jason Day is next on three over, while Henrik Stenson and current leader Jason Dufner are both +5.

    Tiger and Phil, incidentally, are both +11 - though that looks set to get a little bit worse once Sunday is through.

  124. 1756: 

    Streelman is now four under through 14 and is doing his best to make his Sunday interesting, his putt for birdie dropping from the edge of the 14th green. Bogey-par start for Jimenez, not that you would know given how happy he looks.

    Mickelson at 12 - birdie! Nailed it as if he was bang in contention on the final day. He needed that, up to +5 he goes. A smile as well, the kind of smile that acknowledges this one has slipped away but he's still got his Claret Jug to hug at night.

  125. 1751: 

    Angry swipe of the club by Rory at the third, that's erratic off the tee and he's struggling to find a rhythm. Matsuyama makes a routine birdie on the par-five fourth, easy as you like, level; he's going to be some player, isn't far off it already. Tiger is in the long stuff, his ankles disappearing in it.

  126. 1747: 

    The flagsticks are certainly moving a bit more than they have been. Wind is currently at 12mph, according to my screen. Jamieson landed one on the 10th green but, curses, it rolled back down a few feet to make his birdie chance that little harder. Not converted from 15 feet, he stays level.

    Mickelson with a birdie chance at 11, tough for a left-hander...just misses, moving a little too right. That putt drops for Phil when he's in the hunt, no doubt. Certainly not in it today.

  127. 1741: 

    McIlroy has found the rough off the tee at the second but he's out okay. It's a little bit more forgiving than first thought, but his putt for birdie isn't, moving left viciously.

    Hideki Matsuyama, big in Japan as the song goes, dropped a shot at the first but has kept his head since and remains +1. Mickelson, fresh from a monster putt for par at 10, drops a doozie at 11, he needs to pick up some momentum quickly.

  128. 1736: 
    Vijay Singh (l) and Phil Mickelson

    Mickelson would love to use the fact he's now conjoined to Vijay Singh as an excuse for his round, but alas it is a trick of the camera. Phil has nobody to blame but Phil, he's still +6 through 10.

    My word, wonderful putt from Dustin Johnson! I thought it was for birdie but it was par, apologies. Still, don't let that detract from a wonderful save, he's home in 65 and -2. A few slip-ups above him before tomorrow and you never know.

  129. 1731: 

    You have to wonder how Dufner feels right now. Probably calm. This is the man whose mouth moves only for the most violent of wind. Probably best not to tell him that of those who have shot 63 at a major, only five have won the championship.

    McIlroy plops one on to the green from the rough on the right-hand side, could save par after an erratic first hole...he does. He stays level and just clinging on.

  130. 1725: 

    McIlroy's second shot is no better than his first. Maybe his sworn enemy is in the crowd because he seems to be lobbing golf balls there with intent. Mickelson is in some deep stuff at 10, while Bustin Dustin lands his approach at 18, good 15-footer to end a marvellous round with birdie.

  131. 1720: 

    Rory is under way at the first and celebrates by sending his ball into the gallery off the tee. Big Mickelson, looking like a sad bear without his jar of honey, lands a nice approach from the rough to the green but his par putt goes wide at nine. +6 for the Open Champion after a triple bogey at seven.

    Tiger for par at six...rattled in. He stays +3.

  132. 1711: 

    People of Glasgow rejoice, your boy is doing you proud. Scott Jamieson is having a good debut US PGA Championship, he's up to -1 with two birdies after seven holes.

    He's doing a wee bit better than the other two Scots who made the cut. Marc Warren is +1 through three, Stephen Gallacher is on the 18th having gone five over so far and +8 overall.

  133. 1710: 

    David Toms for a birdie at one lands, that's the start you want if you're planning a surge up the leaderboard. Speaking of surges, Streelman is on one himself, four birdies and a bogey puts him -1 for the week. Streelman's last three tournaments read T59-T79-T44 so much encouragement for him.

  134. 1702: 

    When Dustin Johnson is hot, he's positively scolding...four birdies on the back nine so far, six for the round, he's five under through 16 and up to -2. The problem comes when there's pressure. Some effort nevertheless.

    He's one of the few making much of the course - only eight are under par right now, 26 over. Oak Hill's revenge, perhaps.

  135. 1654: 

    Mickelson looks to be in a spot of bother at the seventh, he's tree-dwelling. Ian Poulter begins with two bogeys in his first two holes, his 10-footer at the second for par edging wide. Much to do for Poults today, he's now three over.

  136. 1647: 

    Another bogey for Tiger. He said Oak Hill was "definitely gettable" on Friday, but apparently was speaking on behalf of others. Birdie at nine for Kevin Streelman, bogey at seven for de Jonge, they're now both level.

  137. 1640: 

    Shot gone for big Phil at the fourth which cancels out his birdie at three. He's +2 overall and needs a round like his final day at the Open tomorrow on fast-forward to make something of his weekend. Ken Duke, who won the Travelers Championship in June, is in that cluster who has shot -3 so far today. He's back level.

    Television pictures show a suave Rickie Fowler practising ahead of his round with Jimenez's gymnastics in full swing in the background. That would be a good little sitcom. Rickie and Miguel, dysfunctional owners of a golf club in Sudbury. That's money right there.

  138. 1630: 

    Fair play to Matt Jones of Australia. He's been playing out there alone today and only dropped the one shot through 16 so far. Good concentration and a wonderful caddie, you imagine. Johnson, of the Dustin variety, birdies 13, he's level. He tweeted #golow earlier today and the power of the hashtag is evident for all to see.

  139. 1624: 

    Tiger bogeys the first, back to +2 he goes. A happier result for Bradley, who often wears an expression of bewilderment on his face regardless of form - par for him, one over he stays. Dustin Johnson enjoying it out there - a little more than the first two days, anyway - three birdies today and he's +1 for the week.

  140. 1615: 
    Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods is out on course. Updates on prowling and roaring to follow, he's alongside 2011 champion Bradley. He's actually in the rough off the tee as well. Still well over three hours until the leaders come out, Tiger would have to look at a 63 of his own to bring him back into contention.


    Andrew Priestly: "This US PGA Championship is perfectly set up. Just have a look at the top of the leaderboard & see the names that are in the mix."

    Send all your observations, thoughts and lamentations of lost fivers to #bbcgolf

  142. 1605: 

    I've been informed that Brendon de Jonge is not from America but Zimbabwe. I actually did know that - honestly - but the pesky scoreboards have an American flag next to his name. It also completely ruins my Van Pelt joke.

    Anyway, de Jonge has made it three birdies in four holes to move to -1. Mickelson birdies the par-three third, while Luke Guthrie picks up a shot at four. Both on +1.

  143. 1556: 

    My mother always said if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. Sadly for her, she's never had to report on the front nine of Gary Woodland.

    The 29-year-old is not a bad player at all, finishing in the top 30 of all four majors in 2011 and recently winning the Reno-Tahoe Open. But my word, he must have a baguette for an iron because he managed to shoot a seven on the par-four fifth. Either side of that hole? Double bogey and bogey. Start the car, he's +7 through nine.

  144. 1552: 

    Rory McIlroy is out at 17:15 BST but the defending champion should just happy to have made the cut after his start in the second round.

    Rory was four over for the tournament at one stage but four birdies in his last seven holes saw him finish on level par. The good and bad of the boy in 18 holes.

    You can watch his interview on the BBC Sport website.

  145. 1545: 

    Still little of note out on the course yet. Brendon de Jonge, who narrowly missed out to Bo Van Pelt in last year's 'most Dutch-sounding American' pageant, is back to level with two birdies.

    A whole cluster of his compatriots who are two under for their round so far, in fact. Woooo! U-S-A! The aforementioned English, Ken Duke and Brooks Koepka are all showing there may be a few birdies out there today.

  146. 1541: 

    What do Adam Scott and Justin Rose have in common? Both spent the first two days together by virtue of their major wins this year, and both possess wonderfully easy names to type in a hurry. That aside, both are poised in the pack just behind Dufner, with Scott on seven under and Rose a shot behind.

    Both know what it takes to win a major. Others nearby who have experienced similar include Jim Furyk (-7), Webb Simpson (-4) and Martin Kaymer (-4). That could be the difference over the next two days.

  147. 1536: 

    Mickelson and Singh is not the only interesting pairing. How about Tiger Woods and Keegan Bradley, who are set to begin at 16:05 BST? Or what about Tm Clark and Miguel Angel Jimenez, two golfers who have been around the block, duelling at 17:25 BST?

    Here's the times of all those in and around the mix on -2 or more.

    18:25 BST: Bill Haas, David Lynn

    18:35 BST: Hunter Mahan, Rickie Fowler

    18:45 BST: Scott Piercy, Jason Day

    18:55 BST: Sergio Garcia, Roberto Castro

    19:05 BST: Charley Hoffman, Marcus Fraser

    19:15 BST: Webb Simpson, Martin Kaymer

    19:25 BST: Robert Garrigus, Steve Stricker

    19:35 BST: Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson

    19:45 BST: Matt Kuchar, Jim Furyk

    19:55 BST: Jason Dufner, Adam Scott

  148. 1531: 

    Interesting pairing have just teed off in Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh.

    At the Masters in 2005, Singh - in the group behind Mickelson - accused Lefty of tearing up the greens with his spikes. In true daytime television style, Mickelson disagreed with him and the way it was handled.

    All a bit petty, really. No news on what footwear Mickelson has on this afternoon, but both begin on +2.

  149. 1524: 

    Less of the history, and more of the here and now. That 63 means he is on nine under, two shots clear of a pretty star-studded chasing pack.

    Two shots is nothing - particularly considering five of the world's top 13 are within four shots of him, while there's only five shots to separate him and five major winners.

    Add in his nightmare finish at the US PGA Championship 2011, where he bogeyed 15, 16 and 17 before losing a play-off to Keegan Bradley, and this championship is far from his yet.

  150. 1520: 

    "I showed a little bit of nerves there leaving it short. It's one you would like to gun and have a chance at history but it was probably the worst putt I hit of the day, which is a little disappointing," said Dufner after his excellent round.

    "But all in all it's a 63 and name on top of the leaderboard, so that's a great position to be playing from. To join history, to shoot a 63 in a major, pretty unbelievable."

    Told you.

  151. 1518: 
    Jason Dufner

    There is no other way to begin than with Jason Dufner.

    The American waggled his way to a seven-under 63 yesterday to break the course record previously held by Ben Hogan (1942) and Curtis Strange (1989). He also had a 12-footer for birdie at 18 to give him the lowest round in major history, but he left it short and remained on 63. Eeeeesh.

    Not many would manage to somehow sour a 63, but Dufner is a special beast - you wonder whether he will crack a smile if he manages to win the thing.

  152. 1510: 

    There are a number out on the course already and, as with every major weekend, there's futile attempts to charge up the leaderboard early. The inaptly-named Harris English of Thomasville, Georgia has begun well with two birdies in his first two holes to move to +1. His playing partner, Brandt Snedeker, birdies two to move up to two over.

  153. 1504: 

    The conditions have been kind with the rain softening the course. Bit of cloud and a little bit of breeze today, with the pins in more difficult positions. Is this another day of birdies and relentless charging up the leaderboard, or will Oak Hill regain some of its pride?

  154. 1500: 

    Good afternoon and welcome to a humbled, debased Oak Hill Country Club for the third round of the US PGA Championship 2013.

    The week began with predictions of woe for the world's best golfers, predictions of horror in western New York for anyone who dare approach the tee. Oak Hill, it was said, had the potential to be as brutal as Merion and Muirfield, two courses which treated low scores with disdain.

    Yet 37 players begin the third round one under or better, while Jason Dufner scored a second-round 63 - a new course record.

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