The Masters: Augusta National final round as it happened

Australia's Adam Scott beats Angel Cabrera in a sudden-death play-off to win the Masters.

15 April 2013 Last updated at 01:39

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As it happened

  1. 0102: 

    Right then, that's that. Adam Scott has won the 77th Masters, beating Angel Cabrera in a play-off, and that's about all you need to know. Night.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent

    "We have players in the top 10 enjoying huge success but they are craving the majors. Ian Poulter, Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, Justin Rose have still to find what works for them when it comes to the biggest weeks of the season."

    Andrew Magee at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "We leave here every year thinking that was the greatest golf tournament I have seen, it is the same feeling this time. The tough putts and the great drives, this is the greatest tournament in the world."

    Jay Townsend, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Angel Cabrera has had some personal and health issues over the last few years and now he will be back as one of the world's top players."


    Masters winner Adam Scott: "I don't know how that happened. There was some luck there somewhere. It was incredible. It's incredible to be in this position. Australia's a proud sporting nation and it's amazing that it's come down to me today. There was one guy who inspired a nation of golfers and that's Greg Norman. Part of this definitely belongs to him."

  6. 0054: 

    Here's Bubba, who doesn't say a word before being called upon by Jim Nantz to do the honours. Up he pops, on goes the Green Jacket, and that's that, the end of the most old-school presentation ceremony in sport.

  7. 0052: 

    Here they are, and of course young 14-year-old Chinese amateur is the top amateur, what a performance that was. "There was one guy that inspired a nation of golfers," says Scott, "and that's Greg Norman." Norman, of course, went close a few times at Augusta but was never able to get the job done.


    Top amateur Guan Tianlang at the presentation: "It was a great week for me. I learned a lot from the top players and it was an honour to play with them. I think it will inspire more young kids in China to play golf. It will really help"

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent

    "Adam Scott uses the broom handle putter and we await the decision from the rule makers to see if they outlaw it."


    Lee Gilbert: "Well done Adam Scott.... Can I go to bed now please?"

    Charles Wain: "Fantastic to see, 2 absolute gentlemen, congrats to Scottie, and nice to see Cabrera in the mix in another major."

    Natalia Bradford: "Well...what a finish that was! Incredible nerve from Adam Scott to hole that putt."

    Adam Scott
    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "Everyone felt for Adam after the 2012 Open. 'Under-achiever' is an unfair tag, but everyone thought that he would have more by the age of 32. He'll now start to plan more and more for the majors, I would not be surprised if starts contending at all of them. This is the shot in the arm that Australian golf needed. This will get people back on the golf course and start the kids playing again. It will be such a big thing down there."

    Andrew Magee at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Steve Williams must be the greatest caddy of all time. He didnit knock in the putt, Adam Scott did but Scott got the reassurance from him."

  13. 0048: 

    I assume the next time we'll see Adam Scott is in the Butler Cabin, where he will be assailed by the triple threat of Augusta chairman Billy Payne, Jim Nantz of CBS and defending champion Bubba Watson, in a living room that resembles the waiting room of an upmarket dentist in the 1960s. Now that's what you call a knee-knocker.


    Masters runner-up Angel Cabrera: "That is golf. I had the chip on 18, but I am happy for Adam because I know what a true champion he is. I obviously would have been happier if I had won, but I know Adam and I like him."


    Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell: "Congratulations Adam Scott. Much deserved. Fantastic player. What an amazing finish and great for golf."


    Adam Zimmer: "What a Masters! What a MASTER! Knew an Aussie would win!"

    Richie Warrick: "It's cruel game golf. But well played Cabrera. Congrats Scott, thoroughly deserved. Cracking evening's entertainment."

    Daniel Patton: "Well done Scotty :) about time you won a major."

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent

    "Adam Scott has done it in such fantastic fashion, a birdie at the second play-off hole, Australia goes mad, he is congratulated by Angel Cabrera. For years a major champion in waiting - no longer. He has finally made it Australia's day, in the rain and gloom of Augusta. What drama at the Masters."

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "That was a very gracious reaction by Angel Cabrera. That is why some people think that golf is vey old and fuddy-duddy, but we like it."

    Jay Townsend at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Adam Scott did not make it easy on himself. If anyone thought he lacked bottle, he showed with the birdies at the last and on the second play-off hole that he has got what it takes. An incredible performance."

  21. 0042: 

    The wait is over for Australia, their first Masters champion at the 77th attempt. And redemption for Adam Scott - he led by four with four to play at Lytham last year only to be overhauled by Ernie Els. And remember, Angel Cabrera has already got a Green Jacket, so all's well that ends well at Augusta.

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "The wait is over. The 77th Masters is won by an Aussie!"

  23. 0037: 

    Scott has got about 15 feet, let's see what he's got... HE'S GOT IT! Scott has won the 77th Masters and what a way to do it.

  24. 0037: 

    Indeed, it's Cabrera to putt first. Starts it out a few feet to the right, it gathers back down towards the hole - but it decides it's afraid of the dark and doesn't drop. Scott for the championship...

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "I think that sudden-death is too sudden for something as important as this. But they time these final rounds so that it is too late for them to play much more than three."

  26. 0032: 

    Scott, now, and that's not bad either, in fact it might even be closer than Cabrera's...

  27. 0032: 

    However bright it might look on your TV screens, those who are there tell me we've probably only got time for one more hole. Here's Angel and he's absolutely nailed it, leaving himself a birdie putt from about 10 feet.

  28. 0028: 

    ... Cabrera outdrives Scott with his iron, that was very naughty indeed...

  29. 0028: 

    Onto the 10th tee, where Scott made par today and Cabrera made five. Scott loads first and he's creamed another one, off the top of the hill and down the other side... Cabrera with iron!

    Jay Townsend at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "If you are watching the pictures on telly, it is darker than what it appears. It is going to be a tough call going down 10 whether this goes ahead or not."

  31. 0026: 

    ... Scott sweeps in his par putt, Cabrera with the tap-in from little more than a foot... in it goes, off to the 10th we all go...


    Colin Mercer: "Golf is the only sport where watching people walking on grass is enthralling."

    Chris Palmer: "Peter Alliss has a bed to go to. Come on lads get this play-off over with."

    Kirstie Blair: "The eyes are going, must stay strong."

  33. 0024: 

    ... different shot from Scott, lower trajectory, left himself a knee-knocker for par...

  34. 0023: 

    That's a mistake by Cabrera, the door was ajar and instead of putting his boot through it he took the polite route instead. Angel with his second... NEARLY HOLED IT! Grubbered onto the short stuff, gripped, missed by an inch, pressure all on Scott...

    Jay Townsend at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "They will both have a similar shot. Angel Cabrera will play first, they are in the same line - if Cabrera hits a good shot, it will put the pressure on Adam Scott, but if he doesn't it will relax things for Scott."

  36. 0019: 

    Cabrera has a glimmer, let's see what he can do... social golf, finishes about a foot away from Scott, the crowd are loving this...

  37. 0019: 

    Scott takes aim and rips it... on it goes, and off again, but that's not too bad...

    Andrew Magee at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "It is a bad situation for Adam Scott, his ball has landed in a divot. He will have to play towards the flag and get it close."

  39. 0018: 

    Angel and Adam march down the 18th, both with umbrellas raised - so much time to think, mainly about what could go right, not so much about what could go wrong. The bad news for Scott is that his ball has found a divot, or so we're told...


    Australian Marc Leishman who finished in a tie for fourth with a score of five under: "It is great to know that I can put four rounds together in a major when it matters and so that gives you lots of confidence. I think all of Australia is going to be on the edge of their seats for Adam and there is no reason why he cannot go out there and get another birdie and win it."


    Andy Hancock: "Fallen asleep for the last 3 nights watching The Masters. Fair to say I'm wide awake for this."

    Ross Parker: "2nd oldest winners of the Masters with his son on the bag or the 1st Aussie to ever win it!"

  42. 0015: 

    ... here's Angel, doesn't even bother looking at it, straight down, picking up his tee, he's bombed it past Scott...

  43. 0014: 

    Quick handshake between the combatants, and we better get on with this, we're fast running out of light. Anyway, it's Adam Scott to go first... climbs into that, straight down the middle of the fairway...

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "Angel Cabrera is an unbelievably talented player, who when he gets in the fight, loves being there. Perhaps he has not had the hunger though. Maybe if he had the motivation of a Tiger maybe he would have won five or six Majors rather than the two he has."

    John Murray at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    "My memory of this Masters will be the roar I heard while standing in the queue for the restroom - it turned out to be Adam Scott's putt. As I made my way inside the restroom, I heard another roar which was for Angel Cabrera's putt. At the time, I was not to know this."

    Jay Townsend at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Adam Scott will have to re-channel his thought process because he thought he had won. It will be difficult and will have to control the speed of his club head. It is a tougher situation going into the play-off for Scott than Angel Cabrera."


    Jason Day who finished third with a score of seven under: "There have been a lot of ups and a few downs, it is unfortunate that I had a shot at winning the tournament and did not make it. There are a lot of positives, I played really nice. If the ball had got over the lip at 17 it might have been a different story. But I am really happy with what has happened for Adam and I hope he can get over the line."

  48. 0009: 

    Adam Scott, of course, has never won a major and has long lived with the tag of being one of the finest players not to have won one. Were he to win at Augusta he'd be the first Aussie to do so. Looking dark and dank out there, let the games begin...

    Andrew Magee at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "What a fantastic finish to this 72 holes, and we get to play some more golf. No-one is leaving and this is fantastic."

    Adam Scott

    Colm S: "Cabrera to win now I say."

    james mccarthy: "Playoff! One excellent golfer who deserves a major vs one legend who has done it all before. I'm going for Cabrera in 2 holes."

    Chris Riley: "A playoff? They never think of those that have work in the morning... "

  51. 0005: 

    ... of course, Cabrera's been here before, he beat Chad Campbell and Kenny Perry in a play-off in 2009. It's sudden death, with play alternating between 18 and 10 until we have a winner. I'll keep you posted - no Masters play-off, by the way, has ever gone more than two holes...


    Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne: "WOW !!!!!!! What about the putt from Adam Scott, absolutely awesome. Well done you little beauty, go you good thing..."

  53. 0000: 

    ... Cabrera steadies himself and it in goes, we've got ourselves a play-off....

  54. 0000: 

    On closer inspection, Cabrera's birdie putt is about four feet away. Cabrera's son and caddie looks more nervous than he does, he's turned battleship grey with all the tension. Snedeker in with a 75 for four under overall...

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "You have to give him credit, what a great golf shot under tremendous pressure. It is game on."

  56. 2357: 

    Cabrera has got "one of those" to take this to a play-off. My word, this is all a lot of fun... Snedeker to play first, he's just off the front of the green...

    Jay Townsend at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "That was a great shot from Angel Cabrera, it had more pressure on it than you can have. He rises to the occasion."

  58. 2357: 

    Angel barks out a "quiet, please" before sending his ball on its way... a little skip and a jump after his ball, a little word... what a shot that is, he's stiffed it to about four or five feet... meanwhile, in the scorer's hut, Scott realises he hasn't quite won this thing...

  59. 2354: 

    Remember, folks, we're not done yet, still Cabrera to play down the 18th, and his drive wasn't too shabby...

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "Sensational. It almost sneaked out of the left edge, but what a putt!"

    Alistair Bruce-Ball at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    "Adam Scott is celebrating, he high-fives his caddy, holing from the edge of the green, which might give his country - Australia - their first Masters title. He comes up with the putt of his life."


    sam oneill: "Adam Scott deserves the win the man is fairly consistent and is always up there with the best."

    Tom Kelly: "Now THAT is how to win The Masters. What a putt."

  63. 2354: 

    Scott takes aim from 25 feet, pulls back the broomstick and sends it on its way... GOT HIM! Holed it! Scott has the outright lead. His ball had a look, thought about ducking out, but a little hand dragged it in again. The patrons go wild, as does Scott. Back on the tee, Cabrera mops his brow and looks contemplative.

  64. 2351: 

    Cabrera bombs his drive down the middle at 18, very much a case of "have some of that". Scott repairs his pitch mark - don't forget, kids, you're never too big and famous to do it - before making way for his compatriot Leishman. Sweet bunker escape by Leishman, time for Scott to show what he's got...

    Spectators on the 18th

    Owen Philp: "Maybe another Day for Jason."

    Sam Barker: "So agonising for Day! Those two bogeys last night costing him dearly."


    Tiger Woods, who finished five under after a final-round 70: "I thought I would have to shoot 65, but I just didn't post it. The conditions changed and the greens were totally different when the rain came down. I just couldn't quite get the speed right even before it rained. I left all my putts short on the first eight."

  67. 2347: 

    ... he's made of stern stuff, according to that shot, chance for a birdie for Scott...

  68. 2347: 

    Marc Leishman into 18 and it short and right. Scott, now, let's see what he's made of...

  69. 2345: 

    Day for birdie at 18, putting from about 25 feet... looks like it was going to duck left, but stayed right. In with a 70, he's seven under and one off the lead, Cabrera and Scott still to play 18. Kuchar, who always looks a little bit lost, carded a 73 today for four under and a tie for seventh.

  70. 2344: 

    Cabrera on 17, with a 12-footer for birdie and the outright lead... lordy, lordy, that was close, missed by a fag paper, he stays eight under and in a tie for first. Down on his haunches, he knew that was big...

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Sport at Augusta

    "Monday finish a distinct possibility if it goes to a play-off. Might not even fit two holes of sudden-death in."

  72. 2341: 

    Day on 18, as news reaches me that if we do have a play-off, it might need to be played on Monday because of the light. Hmmm... Decent from Day, chance to join the leaders with that putt. Scott on 18 and his tee shot comes up just short of a trap...


    Ryan Bhagat: "Masters Sunday never fails to disappoint, always so tense."

    Barney: "Not to be this time but Tiger is definitely back,"

    Darren Campbell: "My pre-tournament bet on Adam Scott is now keeping me very much awake... and just a teeny bit hostile towards Cabrera."

  74. 2338: 

    Cabrera on 17, bang middle of the fairway, he could go a long way towards winning it with this... doesn't seem to like it but it's pretty decent, could make birdie from there. We do believe that if Angel wins this, he'll be the first grandpa to win a major...

  75. 2335: 

    Leishman's birdie effort on 17 comes up just short, here's Scott with his birdie attempt... long range, but it's uphill and straight... doesn't hit it, he stays tied for first with Cabrera on eight under...

  76. 2331: 

    Cabrera with his tee shot at 17 and he's ding-donged that into oblivion, high, handsome and right down the middle...

  77. 2331: 

    Scott with his second to 17. Big man, Scott and he's given that the treatment - birdie putt up the hill, very makeable, very makeable indeed...

    Adam Scott
  78. 2329: 

    Woods with a fine saver at the last, he's in with a 70 for five under overall. To think, he probably would have won it but for his ball hitting the stick on 15 on Saturday... Day for bogey on 17, in it goes after a quick wipe of the feet.


    Bernhard Langer, whose four-over round left him two over for the week: "My young son was saying that if I shot seven under par then I might win the tournament and I made a hot start but when the rain came down I could not adjust. It was fun while it last though."


    Mr Tricker: "Adam Scott really has got the best swing in golf. Pity about the putter."

    Adam, in London, on text: "If Jason wins this I want first claim on the headline "G'Day"

    Andrew Magee at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "That play-off looks ever more likely now. It is the biggest excitement we have seen from Angel Cabrera and his son. We don't usually see too much emotion from Angel."

  82. 2327: 

    Cabrera stalking his ball like a bear who's spotted a pot of honey in a woodland clearing... BOOM-BADDA-BING! Birdie, he joins Day and Scott on eight under, although Day still has this nasty par putt to come on 17... misses, he drops back to seven under...

  83. 2325: 

    Woods very nearly holes his bunker escape at 18, but he's now got a toughie to save. Day's bunker escape leaves him with a devilish par putt coming back downhill, Scott looking the most likely at the moment...

  84. 2323: 

    Day to 17 - club short, into the sand. Still don't know where that roar came from, I think I must be hearing things on my TV... here's Cabrera on the 16th tee... safely on, pretty decent that, chance for a birdie. Scott's got his tee shot away at 17...

  85. 2320: 

    Cabrera with his birdie putt on 15, to tie for the lead... for a big man, that was about as meek as it was possible to be, he stays one behind the leaders. Scott with a 20-footer for birdie on 16... misses left, he stays eight under... Woods into 18, finds the bunker front left... big roar coming from somewhere, not sure where, but it's coming from somewhere...

    Andrew Magee at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Looks like Australia are teaming up now with Marc Leishman going first and Adam Scott coming in behind to have a look at the lie."

    Jay Townsend at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "I think this could be three-man play-off, it is so exciting. There is not telling what could happen right now."

  88. 2316: 

    Cabrera lets his second at 15 slide right, but it's gone right enough that it's missed the water. His bunker shot comes up short, but he's got a birdie putt from about 15 feet. Day on 17 - chocs away, old boy, straight down the middle. Tiger Woods on 18, twirls his three wood, safely away.


    -8: Adam Scott (Aus) through 15, Jason Day (Aus) through 16 -7: Angel Cabrera (Arg) through 14 -5: Marc Leishman (Aus) through 15, Tiger Woods through 17 -4: Thorbjorn Olesen (Den), Matt Kuchar through 16, Brandt Snedeker through 14 -3: Lee Westwood (Eng), Sergio Garcia (Spa)

    Selected others: +2: Rory McIlroy (NI), Luke Donald (Eng), Justin Rose (Eng), Bernhard Langer (Ger) +4: Paul Lawrie (Sco) +7: Bubba Watson +9: Phil Mickelson +12: Guan Tianlang

    For the full clubhouse scores, check out the BBC Sport website.

  90. 2312: 

    Scott on tee at 16 as the rain chunters off a thousand green-side umbrellas - decent enough effort but not much clapping at the moment, everyone is holding onto those umbrellas...

    Adam Scott

    Lee Westwood, who finished three under after a one-under final round : "I missed my chances out there, I could have been five six under after eight and I was only two under. The par fives have cost me. I haven't played them well enough. There are not too many negatives to take away and I was on the edge of contention. I know my way around this golf course and I felt that I played quite well."

  92. 2311: 

    Scott, who famously wilted over the last four holes to let Ernie Els win last year's Open at Lytham, is one off the lead courtesy of that short birdie putt at 15. Snedeker playing into the 15th... clambers onto the green, gets sucked down towards the pond but, crucially, stays up... shot gone for Day, he's tied for the lead with Scott on eight under par.

  93. 2307: 

    Leishman with his fourth from the drop zone on 15, he can still make par from about 10 feet past. Adam Scott putting from 20 feet for an eagle at 15... starts right and stays right, but he'll go to eight under and one off the lead. Here's Day popping on at 16... he blinks, that's expired about seven feet short...


    Tommy, in Newcastle, on 81111: "Is it wrong I don't want Adam Scott to win purely because he uses a belly putter? Come on Cabrera!!!"

    Richard Corbett: "C'mon Cabrera. Do it for all the slightly overweight sportsmen of the world."


    OptaSteve: "This is the first time both members of the final pairing have gone into the water at 13. Splash."

  96. 2302: 

    Day on the par-three 16th, playing 168 yards today. Tugs it slightly long and left, but no real drama.

    Iain Carter at Augusta, BBC golf correspondent

    "Never in the 77 runnings of the Masters, have we had a winner from Australia, maybe this year it will yield a winner - something the great Greg Norman could not do, Jason Day has a chance to write history"

  98. 2302: 
    Australia up - JASON DAY LEADS BY TWO

    Snedeker drops back to four under after a bogey at 14, Day makes that birdie on 15 to open up a two-shot lead. Scott to the 15th, sweeping it out right, bringing it back in, an eagle opportunity. Bernhard Langer in with a 76 after that dramatic birdie-birdie-birdie start, but a fine effort from the two-time champion. And there ends Leishman's challenge, finding water with his second on 15.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent

    "It is going to be another not-quite for Lee Westwood. Another top-10 finish but it will mean little to him."

  100. 2258: 

    Jason Day has slipped into a short-sleeved waterproof and here's his eagle putt at 15 - this could be how the war was won... right on line, didn't hit it hard enough, but he'll pop in for birdie and a two-shot lead.

  101. 2256: 

    Snedeker's approach at 14 is short but Cabrera just makes it up the hump. Scott finds the 'rough' to the right of the 15th fairway, here's Westwood playing to the 18th... short, dribbling off the front. Westwood today has resembled a rider thrashing away at his motorbike with his foot, unable to spring it into action. Woods's dream looks to be finally over as his birdie attempt slides by on 16...

    Tiger Woods

    Aidan Ross: "I'm telling you now Jason Day is going to win the masters, that was the luckiest bounce your could get."

    Neil Matthews: "Looks like Tiger may be, oh, 2 shots short."

    Daniel Walter: "Oh my word. Off a tree and plum in the fairway? It's your Day Jason."


    Sergio Garcia, who finished three under after a final-round 70, speaking to BBC Two: "I knew I was too far away I think that someone is going to finish at nine or ten. I would have needed to make everything I looked at. It has been a solid week though."

  104. 2251: 

    Raining harder now as Day assesses his options on 15. He picks a good one, he could make eagle from there, under the hole, and blow this whole thing apart.

    Jason Day
  105. 2250: 

    Woods on tee at 16, needs to stiff this to within a few feet... gathering in, he's got a 12-footer for birdie and six under. Just think, if his ball hadn't hit the stick at 15 on day two and ricocheted into the drink, he probably would have won this...

    Jay Townsend at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "What is Angel Cabrera thinking about right now? That was a terrible six on the 13th - for the second day in a row. It was a bad decision, an overly aggressive decision, that will cost him. Hopefully, he can get over it quickly and not dwell on it for too long."

  107. 2248: 

    Leishman for birdie at 14... 10-footer, bit weedy. Snedeker keeping the American end up, along with Woods, but his tee shot at 14 is iffy. Cabrera with the Hammer of Thor and he's thundered one down there at 14. Scott to tie the lead on 14... breaks too early, he stays seven under, one back.


    Thorbjorn Olesen after finishing four under with a final-round 68: "I have been playing great in the last three days. I have hit so many good shots, shaped the ball well and holed a few putts today as well. It was a shame to end on a bogey but it is a dream to be here and to play well is a bonus. I don't think I have a chance of actually winning it though."

  109. 2245: 

    Scott all over the flag at 14. Day with a bit of luck - leaks his tee shot right on 15 but his ball ricochets off the base of a tree and back onto the fairway - it could be the break that wins the Masters. Woods on 15, eagle attempt... too high, but he should get to five under... and he does... great save by Snedeker on 13, he stays three off the lead, shot gone for Cabrera, he's one back from Jason Day...

  110. 2242: 

    Day for birdie on 14, this is massive... in she goes, birdie-birdie, Day and Cabrera lead... Cabrera's fourth ain't too clever, and neither is Snedeker's, Day could find himself in some daylight in a minute...

  111. 2241: 

    Scott on tee at 14 and he's given that some serious humpty-dumpty, soft, strong and very, very long. Leishman's going nowhere, good drive down the 14th, it's looking peachy for those Aussies... Garcia in with a 70, three over par and a top-10 finish.

  112. 2239: 

    Snedeker's dead, Snedeker's dead, into Rae's Creek she goes at the 13th... he won't drown lonely, Big Cabs has heaved his second into the wet stuff as well...

  113. 2237: 

    Day on tee at 14, real slingshot of a swing, and ahoy she goes. Leishman to get to seven under on 13... missed that, he's had his chances to take this by the jaffers, as have they all. Scott for birdie on 13, two Aussies on seven under, him and Day... Day with a peach into the 14th, a chance to get to eight under and into the lead with Cabrera...


    -8: Angel Cabrera (Arg) through 12 -7: Jason Day (Aus) through 13, -6: Adam Scott (Aus) through 12, Marc Leishman (Aus) through 12 -5: Brandt Snedeker through 12 -4 Thorbjorn Olesen (Den), Sergio Garcia (Spa) through 17, Tiger Woods through 13. -3: Lee Westwood (Eng) through 15, Matt Kuchar through 13 -2 John Huh.

    Selected others: +1: Bernhard Langer through 15 +2 Rory McIlroy (NI), Luke Donald (Eng), Justin Rose (Eng) +4: Paul Lawrie (Sco) +7 Bubba Watson +9: Phil Mickelson +12: Tianlang Guan

    For the full clubhouse scores, check out the BBC Sport website.

  115. 2232: 

    Naturally, as the 77th Masters enters its most tense moments, here's Ken Brown mucking about with a couple of green-side turtles. Lovely stuff. Woods in for par on 14, stays four under and four behind. Scott with his second to 13... RAE'S CREEK! No, stays up! It's gone again! Stays up, by the skin of its teeth... you lucky, lucky so and so...

  116. 2229: 

    Cabrera in for par at the 12th, Snedeker's 12-footer for birdie misses to the left. Westwood on 16, just a bit too heavy. I do apologise, Tiger came up short with his approach at 14 but he's flopped on and should make par. Woods has still never won a major coming from behind, by the way...

  117. 2227: 

    Justin Rose, who finished two over after a two-over final round: "Most of the day yesterday my back was OK and then I hurt it with my second shot into 17. It was painful overnight and then it eased up today. I hit the ball so well this week but struggled to convert with the putter and I made a couple of mental errors on the back nine and, classic Augusta, that was born out of trying to push too hard."

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "They were saying very flattering things about Brandt Snedeker's putting and he was holing a lot, but I have never seen anyone with a quick little stroke like him putt well under pressure."

  119. 2226: 

    Perhaps we are seeing the difference between Tiger and McIlroy here - while no-one else really believes Tiger can win this thing from here, you can tell by his demeanour he still really believes. Second into 14, decent enough. Olesen's round unravelling at the last, his chip on dribbles back down the hill... Garcia for birdie at 17... just short, we've seen a lot of those since the rain came... bogey for Olesen at the last, in for a 68, four under for the week...


    Ally Whitfield: "Everyone seems to be limping along a bit at the moment. Surely some late drama to come?!!"

    Oliver Reid: "Angel is still playing 'easy' barely out of second gear, strolling around Augusta."

  121. 2223: 

    Olesen at the 18th, second shot... not sure what happened there, short and right of the green. Cabrera gets his tee shot over the pond at 12, and here's Jason Day with a bunker escape so cute at 13, it could only be improved with a bonnet. Snedeker over at 12...

    Thorbjorn Olesen
    Andrew Magee at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "This is a devastating start to the back nine for Brandt Snedeker. He has got his head down, it is not pretty. He will be hoping that other players miss now."

  123. 2220: 

    ... bogey for Snedeker on 11, Snedeker back to five under, but Cabrera rattles his par putt in for fun, stays two clear. On we go to the dastardly par-three 12th, there have been a few big numbers here today, Bubba and Kevin Na carded 10s...

  124. 2218: 

    Birdie for Tiger on 13, he climbs to -4, four off the lead. Snedeker for a bird from about 60 feet... No, no, no, he's left that miles short. Cabrera on 11, and he leaves it short as well. All getting a bit tense out there, if I was young Thorbjorn Olesen, the old ears would be pricking...


    Ikjh: "Had Snedeker got it to within one there going into Amen Corner we would've had a different game on our hands."

    mathew betts: "Tiger not giving up, going for every shot unlike some Brit players playing safe every time."

  126. 2214: 

    Tiger with a 35-footer on 13, one of those curling ones he specialises in... the sound of silence, not a great effort. Day on tee at 13... into some pine straw... Scott for birdie on 12, over the cellophane bridge... the calm before the storm, not many roars out there at the moment...

  127. 2212: 

    Snedeker with his second to 11. No nonsense player, Snedeker, has a little chat, sets himself and gives it a smack... club shy... Cabrera with that loopy swing of his and he's left himself and biggun up the hill...

    Iain Carter at Augusta, BBC golf correspondent

    "It is southern domination at the Masters today. Angel Cabrera leads the way in front of a log jam of players tied in second place."

  129. 2210: 

    Birdie chance gone for Day on the 12th, although it was from 15 feet - he stays six under and two off the lead. Scott for birdie on 11... over-borrows, he stays six under. Snedeker on tee at 11 and he ripsnorts one down there. Here's Cabrera, giving it the old heave-ho... Garcia with a peach of a third at 15, should pop in for birdie to get to four under, and so he does...

  130. 2206: 
    Australia up

    The Aussie challenge is still bubbling - Leishman birdies 11 to get to six under, now four players at six under. That was a biggun, by the by. Woods off the pine straw on 13 - throws the sink at that and on he goes, skipping onto the dancefloor...

  131. 2205: 

    Garcia with his third into the 15th - pretty handy, he makes par. Snedeker with a naughty downhiller at 10... horseshoe, and not a lucky one - he stays two behind Cabrera and is in a three-way tie for second with Scott and Day.

  132. 2203: 

    Many thanks Aimee Lewis, this is Ben Dirs to take you to golfing Nirvana. Thorbjorn Olesen's Twitter profile reads thus: "Work hard, play hard #loveit". I like him already. I like him a lot. Cabrera with a longun for par at 10... shot gone, he drops back to eight under, one ahead of playing partner Snedeker... Olesen unable to make birdie at 16, he stays five under...

  133. 2201: 

    Angel Cabrera has struggled on the 10th but the Argentine might come away unscathed from the par-four hole. Tiger Woods, on the 13th tee, gives it the big un but fails to find the fairway.

  134. 2157: 

    Tiger Woods, a 12ft putt for a birdie... cue predictable screams as his putter caresses the ball, but his effort rolls long. Fred Couples still has some of the old razzle-dazzle in that putter. The former champion closes with a birdie on the 18th, moving into the red for a -1 overall score. Bogey for Lee Westwood on the 13th. The Englishman drops to -2.


    Paddy Emmerson: "Tiger appearing to make a challenge, will come up short. It gives the commentators a reason to try a bit of Tiger mania."

    Tony James: "Tiger is not out of this yet."

  136. 2152: 

    Wow, wow, wow. Thorbjorn Olesen sneaking up on the front-runners with a hat-trick of birdies - on the 13th, 14th, 15th. The Dane jumps to -5 overall. If only the 23-year-old hadn't bogeyed the fourth and 10th, eh.

  137. 2148: 

    Brandt Snedeker lacks conviction with a birdie chance on the ninth, his attempt curling long. A marvellous front nine for Angel Cabrera - birdies on the second and seventh. The tournament leader, two shots ahead of the pack, is out in 34.


    Ernesto from Rosario via text: "Cabrera looks more at home at Augusta than he does here in Argentina! Fuerza Angel!!!"

  139. 2146: 

    Sergio Garcia doesn't seem to be enjoying himself. The Spaniard -3 after a birdie on the 13th, but life is tough when all you want is a major and there's no sign of the big prize coming your way. Bad news for Lee Westwood on the 13th. The peril that is Rae's Creek has got him good and proper.


    Andrew McIntyre: "Adam Scott putting really costing his challenge."

    Paddy Emmerson: "What a pity Westwood has been so poor on the greens in yet another major otherwise he would be challenging Cabrera."

  141. 2144: 

    Five years ago, Brandt Snedeker started Sunday at Augusta in second but stumbled to a fourth-round 77, with Trevor Immelman the winner. The American has had a wobble today, but he finds the green on the ninth and looks to be back on track. Marc Leishman creeping towards the top of the leaderboard. A birdie on the ninth takes the Aussie back to -5.

  142. 2140: 
    Peter Schmeichel

    Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has been spotted in Augusta. The Dane perhaps watching compatriot Thorbjorn Olesen who is currently -4 for the tournament thanks to birdies on the 13th and 14th.

  143. 2137: 

    Ernie Els, after a three-under-par 69 gave him a one-under over, speaking to BBC Two: "It was very nice to finish like that. I have not had broke 70 for a few years here so it was very nice. It was good conditions to finish on. The back nine is playing very nicely, there are birdies to be made. Cabrera is well set and he could really go low, but the two tough holes are 11 and 17."

  144. 2137: 

    Bubba Watson on his seven-over-par 10 on the 12th: "I made a good putt for a 10. It is a tough shot to get to the green and on the second attempt I pushed it long into the bunker. I just made a 10 it was no big deal. Whoever I am going to put the Green Jacket on, I just want them to hurry up so that I don't have to hang around too long. Don't go to a play-off."

  145. 2136: 

    "Go way right, go way right," Tiger Woods tells his tee shot on the 11th. Difficult to hear when whizzing through the air at breakneck speed, I suppose, as his effort is somewhere amongst the trees. Brandt Snedeker is back in the game. He closes the gap on Angel Cabrera with a birdie on the eighth. The 32-year-old now -7.

  146. 2132: 

    What is this? Tiger Woods licking his chops and sharpening his fangs for an attack on the unsuspecting leaders? Two birdies on the trot for the American - on the ninth and 10th - has the patrons in a tizz and the world number one back to -3 overall. Bogey on the par-four ninth for Jason Day. He drops to -6, three shots behind leader Angel Cabrera.

  147. 2128: 

    A stylish end to a forgettable four days for Bubba Watson. A birdie on the 18th sees his title defence end on +7. A birdie on the 14th for Justin Rose, the Englishman now +2 overall. Poor Bernhard Langer. The former champion was in with a chance at -5 on the fifth but he's plummeting down the leaderboard at a dangerous speed. The German -2 overall and has just found the water on the 12th.

  148. 2128: 

    Luke Donald, after a level-par round that gave him a two-over finish, speaking to BBC Two: "I felt that my game was fairly close this week but I had a few putts that lipped out and a few irons that were a bit wide. That is what this course is like. Eleven has a sucker pin which you have to be really precise on if you take it on and 17 with that back right pin is tough to get close to, but there are opportunities. Somebody will make a run."

  149. 2125: 

    Is Thorbjorn Olesen planning a late charge? The Dane birdies the 13th - his fifth of the day - to leap to -3 for the tournament. Jason Day, among the pines, and his Masters hopes on the verge of unravelling. He nearly engineers a masterful rescue act, but the ball misses the green and rests on the edge of the dancefloor.


    (all tee times BST and US unless stated)

    -9: Angel Cabrera (Arg) through 7 -7 Jason Day (Aus) through 8 -6: Adam Scott (Aus) through 7, Brandt Snedeker through 7 -4 Marc Leishman (Aus) through 7 -3: Lee Westwood (Eng) through 10, Thorbjorn Olesen (Den) through 13, Matt Kuchar through 8 -2 John Huh, Bernhard Langer through 10, Tiger Woods through 9.

    Selected others: -2: Sergio Garcia (Spa) through 12 +2 Rory McIlroy (NI), Luke Donald (Eng) +3: Justin Rose (Eng) through 13, +4: Paul Lawrie (Sco) +8 Bubba Watson through 17, +9: Phil Mickelson +12: Tianlang Guan

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "Bernhard Langer has been a bit shy with the putts on the last couple of greens. He is just pushing with his hands and try to do too much of the work with the follow-through."

  152. 2122: 

    March Leishman, third shot on the on the par-five eighth, and his approach shot whizzes away from the pin... Ernie Els in the clubhouse, -1 for the championship, and is currently tied for 13th.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    "The grey ceiling above Augusta is leaking intermittently, the rain dripping down in sporadic bursts. Plastic cups of cold beer are clutched a little less enthusiastically. Shoulders are hunched, flip-flops look out of place. Umbrellas spring up in large clumps around tees, the green and white domes looking like the dimples on a giant golf ball.

    "The patrons stand around expectantly, waiting for something to happen like people in the first hour at a party. Every now and then a roar goes off as a putt drops somewhere among the pines. But the party has yet to really kick off."

  154. 2118: 

    That's it for Luke Donald. His time on the course is up and he finishes +2 for the tournament. That fabulous bunker shot surely the highlight of what has been an unspectacular four days for the Englishman. Angel Cabrera has found the bunker on the eighth while his playing partner, Brandt Snedeker, whacks his tee straight down the middle.

  155. 2116: 
    Tiger Woods

    Whoops for Tiger Woods as he sinks a birdie on the ninth. The world number one acknowledges the support by tapping his baseball cap. The four-time winner out in 37 and is -2 for the tournament.


    GloverHibby: "The golfing gods are smiling on the Angel."

    Glyn Kneebone: "Can only see one winner #Cabrera."

    trundandle: "Angel only knows win in this position having never finished 2nd or 3rd at a major."

    Tom Morley: "I love Peter Alliss, sounds like he should be on a nature documentary. These golfers are like wild animals on the Serengeti."

  157. 2114: 

    Angel Cabrera extends his lead atop the leaderboard. A birdie on the seventh moves the fun-loving Argentine to -9 for the tournament. Justin Rose with a straightforward putt for par on the 13th and he sinks it. The Englishman remains +3 overall.

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "Was that a bit of off spin or a bit of leg spin that Angel Cabrera applied to that approach shot?"

  159. 2112: 

    Jason Day, on the eight, and his ball is nestled somewhere amongst the azaleas. The Australian's reaction is to merely laugh in the face of adversity. Bernhard Langer's challenge has run out of steam. The German -2 overall. He's not as young as he was - who is - but in his five years on the US Seniors tour he's been leading money-winner in four of them, earning more than $10m.

    Jay Townsend at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Lee Westwood is capable of running together a bunch of birdies. He is very explosive but really has to do something because the guys at the top don't look like they are going to back up."

  161. 2108: 

    Justin Rose has plummeted from -1 to three over for the tournament after needing a gruesome seven shots on the par-three seventh. A fabulous approach shot from Angel Cabrera which kicks and rumbles to within an inch or two of the cup. The Argentine could be about to extend his lead.

    Angel Cabrera

    Ross, Ashford: "If you put Lee Westwood's long game together with Luke Donald's short game you'd have the perfect English major-winning machine!"

  163. 2105: 

    A mighty wallop from Angel Cabrera on the seventh and the applause suggests it's found the middle. "I'm going to be disappointed if I don't win, period," said Brandt Snedeker ahead of this round. The American stumbled on the fourth and fifth but seems to have steadied the nerves. He follows Cabrera with a fine tee down the heart of the fairway. A par for Tiger Woods on the eighth but that bogey on the seventh has surely ruined his chances of wearing a Green Jacket in a couple of hours. The world number one -1 overall.

  164. 2102: 

    Jose Maria Olazabal, after a three-over round for a seven-over finish, speaking to BBC Two: "The conditions were perfect with not a breath of wind, I just threw it away over the back nine. The rain will soften the greens a little bit more, it will allow the guys to relax on the greens but, as for the rest of the course, I think it will play as it has done so far."

    Jose Maria Olazabal
  165. 2100: 

    Tiger Woods is hiding behind a tree. A nudge towards the green and the slope help the ball trickle towards the cup. Angel Cabrera has removed his waterproofs which must mean it's stopped raining. The Argentine with an easy putt for a par on the sixth. He retains sole ownership of the lead on -8.

  166. 2059: 

    Jason Day is in the sand. He can just about see the top of the pin, chips it but the ball fails to kick into reverse. A tricky putt to follow for the Aussie but he sinks it for par to remain -7 overall.

  167. 2056: 

    A fatal blow to Justin Rose's hopes, if he had any left. The world number three once again fails to avoid the water on the 12th. It's gruesome on Amen Corner for the 33-year-old. Lee Westwood drops to -3 for the week after a bogey on the ninth.


    (all tee times BST and US unless stated)

    -8: Angel Cabrera (Arg) through 4 -7 Jason Day (Aus) through 6, Brandt Snedeker through 4, -6: Adam Scott (Aus) through 5 -4 Lee Westwood (Eng) through 8, Marc Leishman (Aus) through 5 -3: John Huh through 15, Bernhard Langer through 8 -2 Thorbjorn Olesen (Den) through 10, Tiger Woods through 6, Matt Kuchar through 6

    Selected others: -1: Justin Rose (Eng) through 11, Sergio Garcia (Spa) through 9 +2 Rory McIlroy +4: Paul Lawrie (Sco), Luke Donald (Eng) through 16 +7 Bubba Watson through 15, +9: Phil Mickelson +12: Tianlang Guan

  169. 2052: 

    Ernie Els is in the red thanks to a birdie on the 15th. The big South African -1 for the tournament. Adam Scott with a left to right putt on the sixth, which swerves just short. Birdie chance missed but a par will do for now. A solid par for Marc Leishman, too, on the sixth.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent

    "These sort of putts just have to go in for Lee Westwood and they are not. He could easily be three shots better off if his putter had been working today."


    Simon, Molesey: "Westwood showing his Achilles heel with the flat stick again... Always his nemesis on Major Sunday when he's in the hunt."

  172. 2048: 

    Groans from the patrons and a wince from Tiger Woods as his putt tickles the cup but decides to carry on an inch or two. Looks like Jason Day is having a jolly good time out there on Augusta National, joking with his caddie after his tee on the seventh finds the heart of the fairway. Justin Rose, on the 12th, has found the water.


    Oliver Denne: "Behave yourself Luke. What a shot."

    H: "Luuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkeeeee."

  174. 2045: 

    Oh la la! Roars emanating from the 16th and the patrons then shout "Luuuuke" in honour of an incredible bunker shot from Luke Donald. He chips it, and the ball lands on the green and delicately, gently rolls back before dropping into the cup. Donald raises his arms, drinks in the applause. He's +2 overall.

  175. 2040: 

    Lee Westwood's birdie chance is a pimple short of dropping into the cup. Another par for the Englishman who remains -4 overall after eight holes. Angel Cabrera has donned the waterproofs and he urges his iron shot to reach the green. Alas, it doesn't.

    Jay Townsend at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "Angel Cabrera looks relaxed, he knows what to do. It becomes easier if you have done it before, but I wouldn't put anything past Brandt Snedeker or Jason Day."

  177. 2037: 

    Ernie Els is a lucky man. Looks like the South African is about to find the drink on the 15th but his shot trickles downhill and stops just short of the water. Tiger Woods finds the sand on the seventh.

  178. 2035: 

    Woods opts for a three wood on the seventh. His tee shot dodges the towering trees, and falls into the gentle rough. A howitzer of a drive from joint-leader Angel Cabrera on the fifth finds the fairway. A birdie for Luke Donald on the 15th. The Englishman +3 for the tournament.

    Ken Brown, BBC Sport

    "There is a little film of moisture on the greens now that means that over a ten-foot putt you are losing six to eight inches of pace."

  180. 2033: 

    Tiger Woods, on the edge of the green, attempting to get to three under. "Go!" shout the patrons but his putt pulls up a smidgeon short. Angel Cabrera, wearing white in a downpour - he could regret that - hides under a giant brollie and watches Brandt Snedeker drop a shot with a bogey on the fourth. The 32-year-old drops back to -7 overall while Cabrera escapes with a par.

    Ken Brown, BBC Sport

    "It must be raining a little heavier than it looks. You can see that Brandt Snedeker was concerned to keep his glove dry as he came of the fourth tee there."


    (all tee times BST and US unless stated)

    -8: Brandt Snedeker through 4, Jason Day (Aus) through 4, Angel Cabrera (Arg) through 4 -6: Adam Scott (Aus) through 3 -4 Lee Westwood (Eng) through 7, Marc Leishman (Aus) through 4 -3: Thorbjorn Olesen (Den) through 9, Bernhard Langer through 7 -2 Tiger Woods through 5, Matt Kuchar through 4

    Selected others: -1: Justin Rose (Eng) through 9 E Sergio Garcia (Spa) through 8 +2 Rory McIlroy +4: Paul Lawrie (Sco), Luke Donald (Eng) through 14 +8 Bubba Watson through 13, +9: Phil Mickelson +12: Tianlang Guan

  183. 2030: 

    Thanks Ben Dirs. I join you as brollies mushroom around Augusta. The clouds above aren't too dark, though. Joint-leader Brandt Snedeker with an approach shot on the fourth, needs to avoid the bunker and he does with a lovely chip onto the green. Jason Day is on the fifth with a birdie chance, trickles to the right of the cup. The Aussie still smiling and why not.

  184. 2027: 

    ... Scott makes his par at four, here's Cabrera popping it on safely at the par-three fourth. Shot gone for Langer at seven, he drops to three under, signs that the old train is running out of puff. Leishman has let one go at four, back to -4 he goes... here's Aimee Lewis for an hour and a half...

  185. 2025: 

    Snedeker makes that up and down to stay eight under, here's Woods's par putt coming up short. The world number one back to -2, that's him gone. Westwood for a bird at seven, he moves to four under and four off the lead. Scott's radar isn't quite right so far, a lot of his putts coming up short, and it's the same story at the fourth for the Aussie. Another Aussie, leader Day, at the fifth, and what a shot that is, could make birdie from there. Olesen into a tie for seventh, to the turn in 33...

    Ken Brown, BBC Sport

    "This is a little bruiser of a green on the par-three fourth. If you come up short your ball will just roll back. If you go long then you are left with a brutal downhill putt. There is a bunker six paces to the right of the flag that is so deep that you are in no-man's land. The bunker to the left is actually the safest spot if you miss the green. With this pin position this hole is even harder than it has been for the rest of this week."

  187. 2021: 

    Remember earlier when I said that American Kevin Na ran up a 10 at the par-three 12th hole? Well, we've got it here on the BBC Sport website for you to enjoy again as he takes four attempts to clear the water in front of the green.


    Matt Rycroft: "Ken" is brilliant on the BBC. Staggering how deep those bunkers are."

    James Scholey: "Ken Brown loves it. Uses all sorts of stuff to show the course."

    Colm S: "Guess who's back...Ken is back #bbcmasters man with a million props."

    John Murray at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    "This is last day of the Masters at Augusta. There is a tingle of anticipation and the crowds are getting bigger and bigger. There is that lovely buzz around the place."

  190. 2021: 

    Sweet touch from Snedeker from just off the green at three, he should stay eight under. Woods uphill at five and that's a terrible misjudgement - about 25 feet short, that could be him finished. The final day at the Masters is not unlike the Grand National - every hole another fence to negotiate, and at every hole there's a faller and a potential champion gone, or at least that used to be the case.

  191. 2018: 

    Snedeker with his second at three - bit too much, he'll be chipping back on. Day rams in his par putt at four, stays eight under. Here's his tee shot at five, Magnolia, bit left but OK. Westwood with his second at seven - yet another doozy of an iron shot, birdie chance from four or five feet, needs that or he's dead.

    Jay Townsend at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "All the four guys at the top of the leaderboard are comfortable there. Three of the four have near-misses here and may have looked back on what could have been and used that to drive them forward, but Angel Cabrera looks really good up there."

  193. 2016: 
    Australia up

    It's looking more and more likely the winner of the 2013 Masters will be one of that group on eight under, Snedeker, Day or Cabrera. Toms finished with a 67, by the way, he's tied for 12th on -1. Jason Day on four, cosying his ball down to the hole and six or seven feet past. Scott gets to six under again with birdie at three, could this be the year the Aussie duck is broken? Or will 'The Duck' break the Aussies? That's Cabrera's nickname, in case anyone was wondering...


    (all tee times BST and US unless stated)

    -8: Brandt Snedeker through 1, Jason Day (Aus) through 2, Angel Cabrera (Arg) through 2 -5: Adam Scott (Aus) through 2, Marc Leishmann (Aus) through 2 -4 Bernhard Langer through 6 -3: Tiger Woods through 1, Lee Westwood (Eng) through 2, Matt Kuchar through 3, Tim Clark (SA) through 3

    Selected others: -1: Justin Rose (Eng) through 8 E Sergio Garcia (Spa) through 7 +2 Rory McIlroy +4: Paul Lawrie (Sco), Luke Donald (Eng) through 13 +8 Bubba Watson through 12, +9: Phil Mickelson +12: Tianlang Guan

    John Murray at Augusta, BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    "Bubba Watson has had an unhappy defence of his title. He made the cut but today he was in the water at the 11th and then he took 10 shots on the par 3 12th. He was in Rae's Creek three times."

  196. 2010: 

    Langer for par, putting from the fringe at six... nibbles to the right at the last, back to -4 he goes. Cabrera for eagle at the second. Fairly unhurried putter the Argentine and he very nearly sticks it in - birdie, though, and he's now part of that three-man group on eight under. A fourth straight par for Woods, but at the moment pars are about as useful as a golf ball made of blancmange...

  197. 2005: 

    Scott makes his par at two, as news reaches me that defending champion Bubba has found the water twice at 12, where Kevin Na carded a 10. That was unbelievable from Watson, a bunker escape scuttling through and rolling into the pond. Great approach by Cabrera at the second, he's got about 20 feet for eagle. 5 live coverage is go, I repeat 5 live coverage is go... Bubba matches Na at 12, another 10...

  198. 2001: 

    Scott's birdie effort on two is very tentative, here's Woods at four, parachuting over the target. Leishman is plugged at the second but he pops it safely out. No-one touch Langer's putter, it'll melt your fingers - great save at five, he stays -5 and three off the lead. Day's birdie effort misses at three, he stays eight under. Leishman with a fine up and down at two, he stays five under...

  199. 1958: 

    Westwood at five, another peach of an iron shot. Langer for birdie on five - doesn't hit it, left himself a 15-footer for par. Adam Scott wedging in at two, needed to start it out further left. Here's red-hot Day, safely into the heart at the par-three third. Westwood misses with his birdie attempt at five, it's the same old story for the Englishman... Couples on nine, bends in a birdie, out in 36...

  200. 1955: 

    Woods with his birdie effort at three... not making anything happen at the moment, he stays five off the lead. Snedeker lollipops his drive down the middle at two, Cabrera gets a break off the crown of a bunker, he's hammered that 350 yards. Brollies opening up, we've got some wet stuff...


    Callan Sigafoos: "Jason day, take a bow."

    Nathan: "That was too much #JasonDay."

    James White: "Jason Day you beauty."

    Aaron Groogan: "Our boy Jay Day starting to do the business!"

  202. 1953: 

    ... Snedeker drains his birdie putt at the first, joins Day atop the leaderboard. Cabrera makes his par, stays one off the lead. Scott with his second at two, just laying it up. Els for birdie on 12, he goes back to +1.

  203. 1950: 

    Woods with his second to the third... stiffs it to within about 10 feet. Another great saver by Westwood at four, he stays three under. EAGLE FOR DAY! The Aussie splashes out and watches his ball disappear at the second, he's our new leader on eight under. This scenario wouldn't have been part of his wildest dreams, if indeed he slept at all last night. Kuchar can only make par. The chasers will see what Day has done and realise they have to do more, bit of scoreboard pressure...

  204. 1946: 

    Could be a shot gone for Langer at the fourth, he's left himself with a nasty putt for par. Westwood doesn't hit his birdie putt and he, too, has got a little brute. Langer for par... drained it, old Ice Veins is going nowhere... Leishman makes his par at the first to stay -5.

  205. 1944: 
    Australia down

    Justin Rose has got a new putter today and here he is with a saver at the seventh. Adam Scott for par at the first... doesn't hit it, shot gone, for the strapping Aussie and his broomstick... Woods safely away at the third...

  206. 1942: 

    Were Langer to win this, he would become the oldest winner of the Masters by nine years - Nicklaus was 46 in 1986 - and the oldest winner of a major since Julius Boros won the USPGA in 1968. Here are our two leaders, Brandt Snedeker and Angel Cabrera. Sneds creams his tee shot down the first, that is first-class. Cabrera, looking a little tense, stalks his ball, steps up and leaks it out to the right...


    (all tee times BST and US unless stated)

    -7: Brandt Snedeker , Angel Cabrera (Arg) both start at 19:40 -6: Adam Scott (Aus), Jason Day (Aus) through 1 -5: Marc Leishmann (Aus), Bernhard Langer through 3 -4: Matt Kuchar -3: Tiger Woods through 1, Lee Westwood (Eng) through 2

    Selected others: E: Bubba Watson through 9, Justin Rose (Eng) through 6 +2 Sergio Garcia (Spa) through 5, Rory McIlroy +4: Paul Lawrie (Sco), Luke Donald (Eng) through 11 +9: Phil Mickelson +12: Tianlang Guan.

  208. 1938: 

    ANOTHER MONSTER! Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano drains one from somewhere down in Alabama at the sixth, he's back in the red. Adam Scott at the first and I've no idea what was going on there, playing through the trees and over the front of the green. Par at the second for Tiger, the charge not ignited yet...

    Tiger Woods
  209. 1935: 

    Langer has got a 20-footer for birdie at three, a snaker from left to right... BOOM! In it goes, birdies at one, two, three, he's now two off the lead... JASON DAY! Birdie at the first, the Aussie now six under... the old saucepan lid is rattling over Augusta, it's hotting up... great saver from Westwood...

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    "Fore please, Tiger Woods now driving." So says the man in the Green Jacket on the first tee and the straining patrons - a throng as thick as I've seen it around the tee box, strain to get a glimpse. Woods goes through his pre-shot routine, takes a couple of practice wafts, eyes a spot in front of him to check his alignment and violently lashes one away.

    "It's not immediately greeted by applause and Woods leans left, trying to steer the ball back in. It's OK and he is clapped off the tee, chasing Tim Clark up the fairway. Almost simultaneously, Rory McIlroy sweeps off 18, security men clearing a path through the patrons, strides under the oak tree and into the scorer's hut. The TV cameras track his every step and the media men and women assemble ready to dissect his week. The buzz is increasing at Augusta."

  211. 1932: 

    Woods in Seve territory off the second fairway, time to take his medicine. Olazabal, the last European to win the thing in 1999, bends in a birdie putt at 13 to get to +3. Kuchar a bit heavy-handed out of the sand at the first, Woods has conjured a beauty at the second... Westwood has left himself a knee-knocker at the third...

  212. 1930: 

    Here's Matt Kuchar at the first, looking to skim one under the pine trees... does so, but only finds a bunker... Langer with his second at the par-four third... another peach, he's in the zone... another birdie for Toms at 17, he gets back in the red...


    Jack Hugill: "Bernhard Langer. What a man. What an athlete!"

    Bernhard Langer
  214. 1929: 

    Rory McIlroy after a final-round 69 left him two over, speaking to BBC Two: "I didn't feel that I played that differently today, but this golf course, if you get on the wrong side of it, can make you look a little silly at times. Yesterday [round of 79] was very disappointing. If I had kept that round under control then I might have been in with a chance today. But I was pleased with my round today and that is something to build on fro the rest of the season."


    Malcolm Harvey: "Such a shame Lee Westwood can't putt. Otherwise, he'd be able to play golf. In some ways, he and I are so similar..."

    Neel: "And that is why Lee Westwood seriously needs a putting lesson or two from Steve Stricker."

  216. 1927: 

    Woods putting uphill at the first... got caught up in his petticoat, left it short. Very nearly the putt of the week from Schwartzel at nine - starts it 20-odd feet right, it falls about 25 feet back downhill and just misses by an inch. Woods sprays his tee shot at two as Day is all over the stick at the first with his approach.


    Daniel Taktak: "COME ON TIGER! TEAR IT UP!"

    Steve Milton: "Come on Tiger lad."

  218. 1923: 

    How astonishing it would be were Langer to win this thing, 28 years after his first victory at Augusta. And what a career, he's had the yips for most of it. Shot gone for Olesen at four, he's back to -1. Langer with a monster putt at two and he's got a five-footer to get to four under... Westwood at two... just cannot buy the big putts, this time a five-foot eagle effort sliding by. Pops in the birdie, he's three under... Langer makes it, too...

  219. 1917: 

    Remarkable stat of the week is that 14-year-old Chinese amateur Tianlang Guan didn't three-putt a single green this week. John Huh is out in 33, he's -1 overall. Shot gone for Toms at 16, Bo Van Pelt is two under after a birdie at the second. Woods on in two at the first...

  220. 1912: 

    Guess what? Kevin Na's in Rae's Creek on 13. Looks like his seven iron is doubling up as a water diviner. Tiger marching to the tee like an army general about to address his troops before a pivotal battle, and in Tiger's mind this is twice as serious. He's playing with South Africa's Tim Clark, who sweeps one down there. Woods, with traditional scarlet polo shirt, leaks one slightly to the right, but he's OK. "65, baby," shouts a patron as Woods marches onwards, and he might actually be right... McIlroy in with a 69 for +2 overall...

  221. 1909: 

    Sandy Lyle, who finished nine over after a one-under final round, on BBC Two: "Other than the third day [a round of 81], everything was good. I was pleased with today and the first two. The wind is not as severe today. There is very little wind at all and the ball is reacting well to chip shots. I think the way the pins are on the finishing holes - 16 is very makeable birdie - you have to think there are going to be a flurry of birdies along the last few holes. That will be where it all happens."

  222. 1908: 

    Denmark's Thorbjorn Olesen got the hang of things yesterday, carding a 68, and he's off to a flyer today with birdies at two and three. Olesen is 23 and this is only his third major. He has one win on the European Tour, the Sicilian Open in 2012. Tiger to the first tee...

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    More from the range: "They talk of modern, robotic golfers but each has very much his own distinguishable swing. The low murmur from the watching patrons, the trundle-squeak of the ball collecting cart and the clip of balls the only sounds."

    "Woods breaks off to go over to the practice bunker for a few, his shirt glowing against the white sand. Back for one more three wood, a rehearsal of the first tee shot, which he launches into the grey sky and at precisely 1350, 20 minutes before his tee time, he marches off, towards battle."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    "Tiger Woods, in Sunday red, warms up at the far left edge of the range. Next to him the perma-smile of Matt Kuchar, a spit for TV property guru Phil Spencer. The atmosphere is relaxed in between shots, gentle cracks bouncing between them and their caddies.

    "Next to Kuchar is Tim Clark, always called diminutive because he plays in a land if giants. Then there is Adam Scott, focused, and the lively Brandt Snedeker, sporting an azalea pink shirt. Picked with green in mind? Marc Leishman is there too, as Jason Day walks over to chip. Angel Cabrera the last of the main contenders over on the right, a recent grandfather at 43 with his oldest son on the bag."

  225. 1908: 

    Birdies at 13, 14 and 15 for Toms and he's in the red all of a sudden. Bit of rain expected later, which could soften things up and make scoring a little easier. Langer, a two-time winner and 55 years old, birdies the first to move into a tie for seventh on three under.


    Small Retort: "Wow, who knew Gary Player was a zen master?!"

    Craig Fraser: "Loving Gary Player on the BBC #masters coverage! He really is a #legend."

    Anish Morjaria: "Listening to Mr Gary Player, incredible stuff."

  227. 1901: 

    Na duffs his chip to leave himself a long-ranger for nine... that time he carded a 16, Na happened to be wearing a microphone for the Golf Channel, although the language was a lot less fruity than it might have been. "My hand is numb, I hit so many rocks in there," said Na, to which his caddie replied: "Next time I say 'let's go back to the tee, let's go back to the tee'..." Na finally in in 10 - ironic cheers, an ironic wave of his cap and an ironic smile. Lovely stuff...


    Three-times winner Gary Player: "It would not be tainted in my eyes at all if Tiger wins. It is irrelevant what I think, what Wayne thinks or what Peter thinks. There is a committee who look at these things and if they say you are in, then you are in."

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "This is a very penal course. You have to be very precise and going in with shorter irons. These guys have to be exact and play one shot at a time and not get ahead of themselves."

  230. 1857: 

    Deary me, Kevin Na has entered a world of nightmares on the 12th tee - first two tee shots in the drink... and another... time to take the driver out surely... finally ends up over the back. Na took a 16 in San Antonio two years ago, he'll be lucky to break double figures here today.


    Three-time champion Gary Player on BBC Two: "I think if you believe in karma then Adam Scott deserves to win a major."

    Adam Scott

    Mark Ryan: "I'd love to see Cabrera win it tonight."

    David Wootton: "Snedeker all the way tonight. Round of the day yesterday by a mile and a proven winner."

  233. 1851: 

    Another birdie for McIlroy at 16, he's enjoying life out there today, back to +2 for the Northern Irishman. From the punters' comments I've read, McIlroy is earning a reputation as a bit of a flat-track bully, someone who doesn't fancy just grinding things out. Rightly or wrongly, rightly or wrongly...


    Chris: "Peter Alliss's glasses are absolutely smashing."

    Nathan Cornish: "Peter Alliss looks like a Bond villain."

    wobal: "Alliss looks the part."

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "Adam Scott has the best pedigree of the three Australians in the running. Marc Leishman will come under pressure that he has never experienced before. They are all fantastic people and I would like them all to win, but I am not putting the mockers on any of them."

  236. 1848: 

    Ryan Moore and Ryo Ishikawa are in with 68s, England's Luke Donald is two over through seven, he never really got going this year. Four birdies for American stalwart David Toms through 14, he's back to level.

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "These greens are almost unfair - there is no grain on them at all. It is like putting on linoleum or glass. The ball almost moves under its own volition. It is the only way they can defend the course out here, but sometimes it makes very good players just look silly."


    Three-time Masters winner Gary Player on BBC Two: "I thought Tianlang Guan would score 81, 82 but I wouldn't have been surprised by a 90 because this course is such a monster. The greatest thing I have seen in golf was Tiger Woods winning a Grand Slam at 24, but Guan's performance is the second best I have seen. And he did it hitting woods! It is just incredible, if I had been in his position when I was 14 I would have been in tears."

    Guan Tianlang shakes hands with chairman Billy Payne

    (all tee times BST)

    -7: Brandt Snedeker (US), Angel Cabrera (Arg) start at 19:40 -6: Adam Scott (Aus) at 19:30 -5: Marc Leishmann (Aus) at 19:30, Jason Day (Aus) 19:20 -4: Matt Kuchar at 19:20 -3: Tim Clark (SA), Tiger Woods (US) at 19:10.

    Selected others: -2: Lee Westwood (Eng) at 18:50, -1: Justin Rose (Eng) through 2, Sergio Garcia (Spa) through 1 +2: Bubba Watson through 6 +3: Rory McIlroy through 15 +4: David Lynn through 16, Paul Lawrie (Sco) through 14, Luke Donald (Eng) through 7 +9: Phil Mickelson (US) +12: Tianlang Guan.

  240. 1844: 

    England's Justin Rose is back into the red after a birdie at two - awful day on the greens yesterday, 35 putts in all. Better round from Rory McIlroy today, he's two under after 15. Alas, that second-round 79 scuppered any hopes he had of winning it, he just went missing for a few hours.

  241. 1842: 

    A birdie at the first for Spain's Fernandez-Castano, he's now two under and five off the lead, 2011 champion Charl Schwartzel has birdied the fifth to get back to level. Michael Thompson providing particular encouragement for the leaders - the unheralded American, who tied second at the US Open last year, is in with a five-under 67.

  242. 1838: 

    Bill Haas has birdied the third to get into the red, Phil Mickelson's race is run, the three-time winner is in with a round of 73 and nine over overall. He's had better weeks round this old course. Sandy Lyle is in with a 71, remarkable stuff from the 1988 champion. The golf course playing under par so far today, which is encouragement for those a few shots off the lead.


    Scott Rogers: "The Sunday at The Masters is up there with the best days of Sport #Tense #TimeToShine."

    Sam Stewart: "Sunday at the masters, cannot wait for this!"

  244. 1834: 

    Many, many thanks Aimee Lewis, this is Ben Dirs. Looking marvellous at Augusta, where the grasses most certainly don't grow and the waters most certainly don't flow in a free and easy way. So take off your coat and grease your throat and get plumbed in for the final push...


    Ollie Mortimer: "Fancy Kuchar to make a late charge for the Green Jacket; cool and calm when around the greens!"

    Garry Humphries: "Tiger probably won't win but a few birdies on the front 9 will get the leaders looking over their shoulders."

  246. 1829: 
    Live now

    I bring good news if you enjoy watching golfers do their thing, rather than just reading about it. Live coverage from Augusta National begins on BBC Two at 1830 BST. By the way, there will be live coverage on BBC Radio 5 live from 2000 BST, and you can still watch Amen Corner.

  247. 1827: 

    Eagle chance for Paul Lawrie on the 13th. A first eagle of the day were the Scot to sink it, but the former Open champion fails to putt with conviction and a birdie will have to suffice. He's +4 for the tournament.

  248. 1824: 

    A third birdie of the day for David Lynn as the Englishman picks up a shot on the 14th to move to +5 for the tournament. Poor old Martin Kaymer. The German would probably rather be making equilateral triangles with matchsticks than toiling in Augusta. From bunker to the water... and he needs six shots to negotiate the tricky par-five 13th.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    "On the outside veranda of Augusta National clubhouse you can almost touch the old oak and the wisteria that wraps around its boughs. To give you an idea of how unstuffy it is, coffee out here is served in polystyrene cups. The gents is on this floor too, with a decent selection of grooming products including Consort Hairspray For Men (Great hold, never stiff, never sticky), and Clubman Hair Tonic (greaseless).


    "Back downstairs and along the veranda to the left is the Grill Room and outside dining on the lawn, to the right another restaurant, lounge and, down some stairs, the main locker room. In fact, here's Sergio Garcia now. "Hello," he chirps. What a nice man."

  250. 1821: 

    Stop the clocks, put down that biscuit - things have gone a little spooky. The average age for a Masters winner is 32 and the average number of appearances before winning the competition for the first time is 6. Here goes: Joint-leader Brandt Snedeker is the grand old age of 32 and, you guessed it, is playing at Augusta for the sixth time.

  251. 1816: 

    It's Sunday evening, time for Guan Tianlang to focus on his homework. The 14-year-old returns to the clubhouse +12 overall after what has been an extraordinary tournament for the remarkable teenager. A final round 75 after a par on the 18th for the Chinese schoolboy. Sandy Lyle is also preparing to check out, a round of 71 today for the Scot who finishes +9 for the week.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    "There are pictures of all the champions on the right-hand wall as we continue our tour of the Augusta National clubhouse by strolling through the hall. On the left is a telephone kiosk and staircase. At the end of the hall - 20 paces from door to door - are offices, reception, and the front door, opened immediately by a nice policeman. It gives onto the Founder's Circle, where patrons queue up to have their photos taken.

    "Beyond that is Magnolia Lane. Oh, and look, here's joint leader Angel Cabrera arriving in his courtesy car. It's 1222. Back inside and up the staircase we come to the library, where they have the Champions Dinner.

    "On the left is the door to the Champions Locker Room, manned by a guard with a copy of John Feinstein's "One on One: Behind the scenes with the greats of the game" under his stool. On the right is the small, unstuffy restaurant with a large TV in the corner, prints of Amen Corner on the walls and golf books in the cabinets."

    Augusta National clubhouse
  253. 1809: 

    Fred Couples' final round of the year at Augusta is under way. What is there to say about the old silver fox? He was in contention on Saturday, moving to the exclusive part of the leaderboard on what they call moving day but the former champion just ran out of steam towards the end of his third round. The zip has yet to return, it seems, as he opens with a bogey on the first, dropping to +1 for the tournament.

  254. 1806: 

    John Huh making his way towards the right side of the leaderboard. Birdies on the second and third sees the American jump to +1 for the week. Compatriot David Toms also going in the right direction after birdies on the seventh and eighth.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    "Fancy a Sunday stroll around the Augusta National clubhouse? Come on, I'll show you around. We'll go in the course side entrance, the one under the tree. We've got the right badge so a nice security guard opens the door and we're in the lounge.

    "Beige carpets with plush sofas sit around two large fireplaces, the one on left with a painting of the eighth hole above it, the one on the right a picture of the sixth hole. On the walls are prints of the flowers that each hole is named after. Golf books and the Sunday papers are dotted around.

    "On the right is the large Masters Trophy, a silver reproduction of the clubhouse made in England from over 900 separate pieces. The names of all the winners and second-place men are engraved on it. This one stays in the club, the champion gets a replica."

  256. 1803: 

    Luke Donald blowing hot and cold around those greens. The world number four drops back to +3 overall after a bogey on the par-three fourth. Sandy Lyle and Guan Tianlang making their way towards the 18th. A memorable four days reaching a conclusion for the schoolboy who wasn't even born when Sandy Lyle won the Green Jacket 25 years ago.

  257. 1758: 

    Lucas Glover picks up a shot on the ninth, just around the same time as Martin Kaymer bogeys the 10th. The German, +8 overall, unable to stop himself descending down the leaderboard at breakneck speed. Trevor Immelman in a spot of bother. He's found the water on the 12th.

  258. 1752: 

    Rory McIlroy has donned a grey outfit for the final day, perhaps reflecting his form and mood on the third day. The Northern Irishman is at the 11th, returning to the scene where a gory triple bogey on Saturday inflicted a fatal wound to his Green Jacket hopes. He squanders a birdie chance.


    Sean Done: "For those rubbishing Tiger's chances, he who roars last, roars loudest. #eyeofthetiger."

  260. 1750: 

    Guan Tianlang, also keen for a joyful conclusion to his Masters experience, birdies the 16th to move back to +11 for the tournament. How will the 14-year-old manage to concentrate in the class after a memorable four days in Georgia I do not know.

  261. 1744: 

    Steady, Sandy Lyle. Steady. You're 55 years old. Take it easy, old boy. The Scot obviously eager to mark the 25th anniversary of his victory at Augusta with a flurry of birdies on the back nine. Lyle leaps to +8 overall after picking up shots on the 15th and 16th.

  262. 1739: 

    Carl Pettersson in a spot of bother on the 13th. He's in the water to be honest and currently chatting to officials. Luke Donald has bounced back to +2 overall thanks to a birdie on the second. Saturday was the only day the Englishman failed to achieve a birdie on the par-five hole. Shame there are 17 other holes on the course.

  263. 1735: 

    It's been a strenuous and stressful day for Vijay Singh. Bogeys on the first, third, fifth and sixth, with only a birdie on the seventh offering a ray of sunshine for the Fijian who is three over for the day - +7 overall.

  264. 1733: 

    A confident putt for par for Peter Hanson on the 12th as he prepares to wave goodbye to Amen Corner. The Swede, eight over this week, going all Tiger Woods by wearing a scarlet top on the final day.

  265. 1730: 

    A birdie on the eighth for Martin Kaymer, the German returning to +7 for the week. His round so far made up of birdies on the first and eighth, a double bogey on the fourth and a bogey on the seventh.


    Solsbury A8: "Laughing at all Tiger fans, he has no chance today. Not even Tiger 10 years ago could win this. This is Adam Scott's green jacket."

    James White: "Hope Jason Day steps it up today, fancy him to still be around at the end."

  267. 1726: 

    The eighth has been fruitful for Rory McIlroy throughout the week and so it continues today. A birdie for the Northern Irishman takes him to +4 overall. The world number two joins Paul Lawrie on the leaderboard after the Scot needed merely three shots on the par-four seventh.

  268. 1721: 

    It's a bogey on the 13th for three-time champion Phil Mickelson and his face is full of melancholy. There'll be better days, Phillip. A mixed front nine for David Lynn, scattered with bogeys and birdies. The man from Stoke bogeys the ninth to drop to +6 for the tournament. The championship had started so promisingly for the unheralded Brit. Still, good to be there, though. Sunday at the Masters!

  269. 1715: 

    Luke Donald may want to start again. A bogey on the first for the world number four sees him tumble to +3 overall. It's been four days of toil for Phil Mickelson in the deep south. Lefty in the water on the 13th. He'll be glad to see the back of Amen Corner. But a birdie for Guan 'The Kid' Tianlang on the 13th moves the teenager to 12 over. He's only 14 years old don't you know.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    "Typically tough Sunday pins at Augusta. 4 at front, 6 back right, 9 behind bunker, 11 by water, 12 back right, 13 by creek, 16 back left."

  271. 1711: 

    Martin Kaymer, the German with the Ryder Cup nerves of steel, has taken five shots over the par-four seventh and drops to eight over for the week. Add a double bogey on the fourth and it's an ugly front nine for the 28 year old.

  272. 1709: 

    Englishman Luke Donald, problems with his driver in the first round, troubled with his putting throughout the week, has just begun his final round. "I felt like pulling my hair out," said the 35-year-old after a level par round on Saturday. Donald will just be hoping to get back in the red.


    C B: "It's got to be Lee Westwood all the way...1st major will come tonight...failing that Adam Scott to shine! Can't wait, come on Lee."

    Andrew Priestley: "I can see Adam Scott putting the demons of last year's Open Championship behind him and shooting a round of 68 to win tonight."

    Liam Halliday: "Hope Tiger gets off to a fast start and climbs that leader board! Love to see him win this week!"

  274. 1705: 

    Good afternoon to you. Aimee here, taking over from Mike for a bit as he goes out to fetch a pizza or two for the office workers. I'm not sure pizza should be the food of choice on the last day of the Masters, though, should be something green, like pea soup or maybe a shamrock sarnie... Anyway, I join you as Phil Mickelson picks up a shot on the 12th. Lefty now merely six over for the tournament, a shot behind Rory McIlroy.


    George in sunny Scotland: "I fancy Adam Scott for the win. It's about time an Aussie won. I still feel sorry for Norman, with Mize and Faldo winning all those years ago."

  276. 1656: 

    It was in 1958, back in the days when Dwight D Eisenhower was the American President, that sports writer Herbert Warren Wind coined Augusta's 11th, 12th and the tee shot on 13 Amen Corner. Those famous holes have changed over the years but have still retained a certain wonderment. "The back nine. The Masters. It is what golfers dream of," says BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts as he looks at what looms around Amen Corner.

  277. 1655: 

    Ryo Ishikawa is having a solid final round. Birdies at either end of his front nine have put the Japanese at two over for the day and six over for the week.

  278. 1652: 

    Guan Tianlang ships another shot as he bogies the 11th to slip to 13 over. The Chinese teenager is already assured of the Low Amatuer Silver Cup as the only non-pro to make the cut.

  279. 1649: 

    Sandy Lyle is keeping it interesting. Three birdies cancelled out by three bogies through the front nine as he makes it to 11 at level par and 10 over for the week.


    Liam Halliday: "Hope tiger gets off to a fast start and climbs that leader board! Love to see him win this week!"

    Dan Freestone: "Why has Sandy Lyle forged a CD tray from a computer on to a steel shaft to make his putter, that thing is ridiculous!"

  281. 1636: 

    A birdie for Phil Mickelson at nine takes him to two under for his round and six over overall, but British and Northern Irish hopes have taken a bashing with Rory McIlroy slipping back to five over with a bogey at four and Paul Lawrie's good previous work going to waste with a double bogey five on four. The Scot is back to five over.

  282. 1630: 

    The winner in his Green Jacket may be the photo that fills the backpages tomorrow, but the champion does also gets a little something for his mantelpiece as well as his wardrobe.

    A replica of the Augusta Clubhouse, made from 900 pieces of silver, is their weighty reward. It is like the most expensive doll's house you have ever seen.


    Fazal Khan: "I'm hoping that Garcia can summon up The Ryder Cup Spirit The Spirit of Seve and make the seemingly impossible become reality."

    Mike: "Justin Rose highest green in regulations, just a shame his putter hasn't fired at all or he'd have been in with a right shout!"

  284. 1621: 

    The best score out on the course so far this morning is on American Ryan Moore's card. He is three under after birdies on seven and eight. That has taken him to five over for the week and up from a tie for 56th to sole ownership of 46th slot. Sounds insignificant? Well, 46th is worth a tasty $24,800, more than $5,000 more than his previous position. Nice work Ryan.

  285. 1613: 

    Paul Lawrie made up ten shots on third-round leader Jean van de Velde to win the 1999 Open at Carnousite. The Scot would have to hope that two third of the field plunge lemming-like into Rae's Creek to add to that win today, but he has a birdie on the first to start his round. Four over overall.

  286. 1607: 

    Carl Longhawn: "What a Sunday in store, none of the top 5 did much on the front nine yesterday but 6th place Kuchar was -3 for that nine."

    Richie Warwick: "Cabrera represents fantastic value at 5/1. Sharing the lead, been in the final pairing 2 times in last 3 years, and won it in 09."

    Robin Lapper: "Lyle's putter is like a wardrobe on a stick. Is his caddy a removals man?"

  287. 1602: 

    Rory McIlroy picks up a birdie at the second to go one under for his round and four over for the week. Martin Kaymer has just got his round under way with a birdie at the first to move to join McIlroy on four over. The German's short stay at world number one back in 2011 seems like a long time ago now.

  288. 1553: 

    Rory McIlroy's hopes of being in the Sunday shake-down and adding to his two majors crumbled yesterday with a homeward nine that included a triple bogies on the par-four 11th and a double at 15th. He is making up the numbers today. His trip round the pines has just started with a par on the first.

  289. 1548: 

    Adam Laycock: "At the other end of the scale - Robert Garrigus' tiny crazy-golf-esque putter. Surprised he can bend over enough to hold it!"

    It is so small, I can't fit Robert Garrigus' head in the same photo!

    Robert Garigus
  290. 1541: 

    Guan Tianglang's rounds at Augusta have been getting two shots worse every time. An opening 73 was followed by rounds of 75 and 77. The 14-year-old is just about on target to keep that trend going having gone three over through the first six holes of today's round. He is 12 over after bogies on five and six.

  291. 1534: 

    Big Phil Mickelson has stroked home a two-shot birdie on the fourth to move to seven over. The American, a three-time winner around the Augusta National, had the worst round of his Masters career yesterday with a 77, but he wasn't letting it get him down.

    "My play has been beyond terrible — I'm missing it in bad spots and not really knowing which side I'm going to miss it on," he said.

    "But it is a beautiful day here and where else would you rather be than Augusta National with this kind of weather?"


  292. 1527: 

    Sandy Lyle's huge bat of a putter is apparently named "Black Swan". Presumably after the nerve-shredding ballet-based Natalie Portman flick.

    Sandy Lyle

    It is only online though where the mic is handed over to the audience like a Vegas diva soft-pedalling through the verses of her biggest hits.

    You can have your say on today's action on #bbcmasters on Twitter and 81111 on texts from UK mobiles.

    Your starter for ten is, after Sandy Lyle's monster of a putter and Bubba's big pink driver, what ugly club would you have as one of your 14 for the Masters?

    Bubba Watson
  294. 1514: 

    Somewhere stateside Peter Alliss is melting down toffee to coat those vocal cords ahead of his appearance on BBC Two for live coverage from 1830 BST. The 5 live team will hit the airwaves from 2000 BST while there is live coverage of Amen Corner on the red button from 1800 BST. All of them will be accessible via this very page.

  295. 1507: 

    The bulk of the action and the interest is still to come though. Here is a rather Brit-centric selection of the tee times for later today.

    1530 BST: Rory McIlroy (NI)

    1540 BST: Paul Lawrie (Sco)

    1700 BST: Luke Donald (Eng)

    1810 BST: Justin Rose (Eng)

    1850 BST: Lee Westwood (Eng)

    1910 BST: Tiger Woods (US)

    1930 BST: Adam Scott (Aus), Marc Leishman (Aus)

    1940 BST: Brandt Snedeker (US), Angel Cabrera (Arg)

    A full list is up on the BBC Sport website for your perusal..

  296. 1502: 

    There are plenty of other big names to have a gander at for the patrons who have got out on the course early today. Three-time champion Phil Mickelson is still eight over after holing out in regulation on the first, Chinese 14-year-old wunderkid Guan Tianlang has bogied the second to go to 10 over, while that salty old dog Sandy Lyle has birdied the first to move on up to nine over.

  297. 1455: 

    Play is already under way on Augusta National. 2011 US PGA champion Keegan Bradley hit the first tee shot of the day and, in the one-man opening group, is on his lonely way round the course. He bogied the first, birdied the second and is level par for his round, 12 over for the week, through three.

    Getty Images

    -7: Brandt Snedeker (US), Angel Cabrera (Arg) -6: Adam Scott (Aus) -5: Jason Day (Aus), Marc Leishman (Aus) -4: Matt Kuchar (US), -3: Tim Clark (SA), Tiger Woods (US).

    Selected others: -2: Lee Westwood (Eng), Bernhard Langer (Ger), Jim Furyk (US) -1: Sergio Garcia (Spa) E: Fred Couples (US), Justin Rose (Eng) +2: Bubba Watson (US), Luke Donald (Eng) +5 Rory McIlroy (NI), Paul Lawrie (Sco) +8: Phil Mickelson (US) +9: Guan Tianlang (Chn).

  299. 1450: 

    Behind that lot lurk the likes of Lee Westwood, Tiger Woods, Bernhard Langer and Rickie Fowler - all within five shots of the leaders. It is all to play for.

  300. 1446: 

    Their rather incongruous pairing will walk off the first tee at 1940 BST. Jason Day could have split them up, but the Australian bogied the last two on his third round to slip to five under.

    His compatriot Adam Scott knows about that difficulty of getting over the final hurdle. He had a four-shot lead with four to play in the final round of the Open last year. Four bogies followed and the Claret Jug went the way of Ernie Els. They are quite some demons to keep under the cosh as he comes into the business end of this tournament.

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Masters, Augusta, 11-14 April

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Adam Scott becomes the first Australian to receive the Green Jacket after winning the 77th Masters.

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