Ryder Cup final day as it happened

Europe pull off a sensational comeback from 10-6 down to win the Ryder Cup 14½-13½ against USA at Medinah.

1 October 2012 Last updated at 01:21

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As it happened


    Jose Maria Olazabal, Europe team captain: "Captain Davis and your outstanding team, the last last thee days have captured what makes this game of golf so special. Davis, you can be proud of your team and yourself. Obviously this is not the result that you wanted. But if I was an American then I would look at your and every member of your team and I would be very proud of my country. No-one could have represented the United States better than you and your team this week.

    "Thank you to all the fans worldwide, especially those from Chicago. You created a tremendous atmosphere to which all the players responded.

    "This victory was made possible by two very special groups of men. First, my four outstanding vice-captains. The second, our caddies. We could not have done it without you.

    "To my 12 men of Team Europe. What you did out there today was outstanding. You believed and you delivered. I'm very proud that you have kept Europe's hands on this Ryder Cup. It has been a privilege to serve you as your captain.

    "All men die, but not all men live. You made me feel alive again this week. I'm pretty sure Seve is very happy where he is today. Now together we can all look forward to 2014."

  2. 0116: 

    The flags are lowered, which brings the 39th Ryder Cup to an end. I will use this moment to slip into the night and bid you happy golfing...

  3. 0114: 

    "All men die but not all men live - you made me feel alive again this week," says Ollie, looking across to his team. Lovely moment, that's got a few of the boys reaching for their hankies...

  4. 0108: 

    Here's our man Ollie on the dais, he could have a few difficult moments here...


    Davis Love, USA team captain: "To captain Olazabal and the 12 men on your team, my heartfelt congratulations. Well done. To the amazing fans, thank you. Nothing produces a bind between fan and player like the Ryder Cup. You were clearly our 13th man. Chicago, you really delivered this week.

    "Serving as the captain has been the greatest honour of my golfing life. We know now, more than ever, how lucky we are to play this game. Thank you for the trust you had in me and the trust and respect you had for one another. To the caddies, the next round is on me. And probably a few more after that.

    "There will be new faces, as there must be, at the 2014 Ryder Cup. This game will only get better. The future of golf is bright and exciting, and it will only go upwards."

  6. 0107: 

    "There's only one Mrs Love!" rings out after Davis's wife, Robin, gets a standing ovation from the American players, it's all a bit surreal up there at the moment. At last, the presentation of the Ryder Cup...

  7. 0100: 

    "Golf is coming home," says Salmond, "and so is the Ryder Cup." Just noticed Alex's trousers, he looks a bit like Ted Bovis from Hi-De-Hi. The ceremonial passing of the Ryder Cup putter, an integral part of the Ryder Cup lore (that I've never noticed before). Here's poor old Davis...

  8. 0058: 

    Bit of a Gaelic shindig going on now, which has got the European boys tapping their toes at least. Here's the First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, greeted by boos - I'd like to say they sounded good-natured, but they didn't. Then again, a couple of populist quips and he's got them by the jaffers again. Who said golf fans are fickle...

  9. 0055: 

    The American side of the stage resembles the family of someone about to be executed, not pretty over there, this will haunt these boys for weeks. Tears for Ollie as Seve's memory is invoked for the first time, here's our man Jimmy Roberts again, we've got a musical interlude and a little advert for the 2014 Ryder Cup in Scotland...


    Keegan Bradley tweets: "Real tough but great playing to the Europeans."


    Dustin Johnson tweets: "Wow. Stunned but really proud of how we played against a very good Euro team! Congrats to the Euros, but now we'll be even hungrier!"


    Rory McIlroy tweets: "Wow! Did that just happen? Unbelievable performance from all the boys today! Seve, this one is for you!"

  14. 0046: 

    Here's NBC's Jimmy Roberts, host of the closing ceremony. Here are the players, the Europeans looking a little bit more sprightly than their American counterparts, funnily enough. For the Americans, all this pomp and nonsense will be agony. Nice music, though, I half expect Chewbacca and Han Solo to come bowling down the red carpet in a minute... think Jimmy might have a few problems controlling this European contingent, they're a fair few sherberts down already...

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "There's such a feeling of gratitude from the stands to have witnessed something as special as that. It was truly extraordinary. I honestly couldn't see it happening. Europe got some fantastic momentum on Saturday night but, even so, overturning a four-point deficit against the United States on hostile territory?"

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 European Ryder Cup team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "This has been an amazing spectacle. Can there be anything better than this in sport? It has been an amazing British summer of sport, and it's great that golf and the Ryder Cup could bookend it all right here in Medinah."

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The legacy of this is that the legend of the Ryder Cup grows ever further."

  18. 0025: 

    Michael Jordan stops his Range Rover on the way out, winds down the window and tells the European boys how great he thinks they are. Rory drapes his windscreen with the European flag, before the great man sweeps into the sunset, mulling over perhaps the greatest comeback he's seen, and he was involved in a few of them.

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's great to see the Europeans celebrate. I think you guys do celebrations way better than we do.

    "Tiger Woods had an abysmal, dismal Ryder Cup here in Chicago. I think he'll get blasted by every possible media outlet there is in this country. To not pull up a single point? To shoot over par today? Is his heart really in this? I don't think so."

  20. 0024: 

    This is nice to see, the Americans making their way to the closing ceremony with beers in hand, at least managing to raise some smiles. There'll be lots of gallows humour in the bar this evening, at least you'd like to think so...

  21. 0011: 

    Oh dear, the ESPN's golf man made some rather previous predictions about what happen today and is reaping the whirlwind on the comments section. This is how the article kicked off: "For those who think this Ryder Cup is finished, think again. Team Europe can still win if the following five things happen Sunday: Keegan Bradley is abducted; Team USA captain Davis Love III inserts Cup spectators Michael Jordan, President George W. Bush, Amy Mickelson and the Rev. Jesse Jackson into the singles lineup." I can't wait to read the next one...

  22. 0003: 

    Turns out I'm not going to bed, we've got presentations and the closing ceremony to talk you through...

  23. 0001: 

    I think I'm going to go to bed now. Night.

  24. 2358: 

    What everyone will want to know now is, what on earth did Jose Maria Olazabal say in the team room last night? Whatever it was, I want a transcript of that speech, it must have made Henry V's St Crispin Day effort sound like a budget speech by George Osborne. I think we've got the presentations to come, you wouldn't fancy sitting through that if you were an American.

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I was surprised Woods conceded at the end. I just wonder how the other 11 American players feel with him conceding a putt of four feet to a guy who has not got the best reputation when it comes to putting."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Graeme McDowell on 5 live Sport: "I can't believe it, I really can't. We got beaten up by the Americans for the first few days. Then on this very green yesterday we saw Ian Poulter drop a putt for the win. He turned things round.

    "On Friday we were down and got the hairdryer treatment from Jose. We had a sense of belief on Saturday. I don't know what it was. Great effort from the boys today.

    "Jose wanted to win it for Seve and we wanted to win it for Jose and Seve. Jose has just been an emotional leader. He inspired and he got things right today. We dug deep and we really wanted to win it. We had Seve on our left sleeve today on our shirts. It was great to do it for him.

    "It will be beers and tears tonight. The Ryder Cup is coming back to Europe."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Francesco Molinari, who halved with Tiger Woods on the final hole, on 5 live Sport: "We have been trying really hard all week, and we never gave up. This image of Seve on our sleeves today really did make a difference. We had it with us and we did not want to lose no matter what. I knew today would come down to the last matches. Martin did a great job and I just fought as hard as I could to get a half point."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Sergio Garcia who won 50% of his matches: "What a day. It was hard but we knew there was a chance. We come back to yesterday afternoon, those two matches that we won were massive. Today, obviously, everything came right. I've no doubt in my mind that he [Seve] was with me today, all the way. There's no chance I would have won my match if he wasn't there. Jose has been amazing. I couldn't be happier for him."


    Danny on 81111 on text: "Today it was the most amazing Ryder Cup comeback ever. Torture, but wonderful."

    Emma on 81111 on text: "I have been gripped, absolutely entranced by the drama the last few days. The amazing, exciting, incredible Ryder Cup!"

    Chris from Wilmslow on 81111 on text: "Let's spare a thought for the vanquished. OK, let's not. Well done Europe"

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Sport

    "Jose Maria Olazabal is in floods of tears and he raises his hands above his head and applauds the European fans around the 18th green. Olazabal really cannot control his emotions, and he walks off into the sunset here at Medinah arm-in-arm with Justin Rose."

  31. 2348: 

    One day we'll make sense of what we've just seen, in the meantime go and have a Ryder Cup party, maybe it will all be clearer in the morning. Martin Kaymer, remember, was the world number one at the start of 2011, he's since tumbled to world number 32, so what a story that is. Swing in turmoil, right out of form, dropped for three of the first four sessions, that's what you might call redemption.


    Europe vice captain Darren Clarke on Twitter: "Told you!!!"

    Bubba Watson on Twitter: "Wow! What a finish. Congrats to Europe! Seve is/would be so proud!"

    Boris Becker on Twitter: "Ian Poulter is the reason Europe came back in the competition..."

    Rickie Fowler on Twitter: "Torn for my boys!! Crazy stuff...that's the Ryder Cup...congrats to the Euro Team! They stepped up big time!"

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's captain Jose Maria Olazabal: "An unbelievable day, one that will go down in history. It's hard to express it in words. I knew it was going to be difficult but, at the same time, I truly believed we could do it. When I looked at those matches, the matches were pretty much even, well-balanced. I said to them I believed we could change things around. I think he's [Steve] is proud."


    Richard Wilson on Twitter: "I need to be at this Ryder Cup winning party tonight. When's the next flight from Madrid to Chicago?"

    Matt Golding on Twitter: "Congratulations European team on winning & retaining the #RyderCup!! A great bit of icing on the cake of an awesome summer of sport."

  35. 2339: 

    The plug has been pulled, Medinah has emptied but it's as noisy as it's been all weekend, the European fans rocking and rolling. Ian Poulter, who took four points from four this weekend, is struggling to put into words what he has just seen. "Can I take two years off and just come back for the next one? I need a holiday..."

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Europe have not only retained the Ryder Cup, they've won! They've won! One of the epic days in Ryder Cup history. Somehow Europe have found a way. That is the comeback to end all come-backs, and in hostile territory. Somewhere Seve Ballesteros, the patron saint of lost causes, is smiling down. His apprentice Ollie has done it. Kaymer's nerve held."


    Europe captain Jose Maria Olazabal: "When I saw that we had a chance this afternoon coming down the stretch I was very emotional. I started to think of the possibility of winning. My boys have done an unbelievable job.

    "I have a few thoughts for my friend Seve. This one is for him.

    "This event is so special. Look at 12 men like this, giving their hearts and trying to win the trophy. You don't see this anywhere else in any other tournament. They have given you their best, 120%. They have sacrificed themselves for the benefit of the team.

    "I cannot explain today, the guys did a wonderful job. Maybe they knew how much it meant to me. Last night in the meeting I told them that I really believed they could do it. The pairings were well balanced and they just believed in themselves. That's why we are here as winners.

    "Those first five matches today were close and key. We managed to win those.

    "This is number one in my list of achievements. More than any of my majors."


    Ronnie on 81111 on text: "For years I've thought the Ryder Cup is the most exciting sporting contest in the world. Surely today proves it. And we won! The spirit of Seve lives on!"

    Dan in Cumbria on 81111 on text: "That was for Seve. Come on Europe!"

    Marc on 81111 on text: "I have watched some amazing sport this summer. I watched City come back from a goal down to win the Premier League in May. I saw Bolt run the 200m live in the Olympic stadium. But nothing, nothing tops what I have watched tonight!"

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Ian Poulter who won four points out of four: "Ollie said to us at the start of the week, the Ryder Cup is what memories and stars are made of. Last night we were buzzing, we weren't 4-0 down, we were all square and we knew we had a chance. This is history. This has been unbelievable. I'll tell you what, I'm going to enjoy it with the best team I've ever seen and the best captain I've ever seen because this is special."

  40. 2330: 

    Jose Maria cracks slightly as he offers up the win to Seve, before getting hold of his emotions again and describing this victory as better than his two Masters wins. Davis Love talking to the people on the telly, got to feel very sorry for him.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Martin Kaymer, who sunk the putt to retain the Cup, on 5 live Sport: "This is indescribable. I was so nervous in the last two or three holes. Olazabal came up to me on the 16th and told me we needed my point to win the Ryder Cup. I loved that feeling. Loved it.

    "You cannot compare the pressure of winning this to winning my major. I won that for myself. But today I could hear my team and hear all the people. My season hasn't been good but today I made a huge step for my confidence."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Luke Donald on 5 live Sport: "Obviously we had an uphill battle this morning, but we believed in our hearts we could do this. It was my job to lead us off, fortunately I played great today and the other guys just followed. What a summer for British sport. It's one of the highlights of my career. It's been down to a lot of people, but Jose has been a calming influence. He wanted us to do this for himself and Seve and we got it done."

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at Medinah

    "One of the great sporting comebacks. One of the great finales. Europe were 25-1 to retain the Ryder Cup at one stage today. The 18th green in total uproar. Martin Kaymer does what we know Germans do and wins a nerve-mangler of a shoot-out."


    Patrick Warburton on Twitter: "Martin Kaymer for Overseas Sports Personality of the year 2012!"

    MJ on Twitter: "What happened to the Americans on the final day? They were hit by a lightning Poult!"

    Joshua Proffitt on Twitter: "Best comeback in golf ever, have watched for last 5 hours, coursework not done, but worth every second! Wooooo!"

  45. 2327: 

    It just gets better and better and better for Europe, Woods misses a four-footer, concedes the hole and Europe have won the Cup outright. Davis Love and Jose Maria Olazabal embrace, before the American captain wheels drunkenly into the distance, desperately trying to make sense of what he's just seen...

  46. 2324: 

    Of course, whenever there's a comeback, it's accompanied by a choke, and I'm struggling to remember a bigger collective choke than that. The Americans look like they've had their hearts ripped out, it's a scene of utter desolation. Woods very nearly chips in on 18 as Molinari leans on his putter, trying his very best to look interested, but clearly wanting to get plumbed into some Moet instead...

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Rory McIlroy on 5 live Sport: "This feels unbelievable. We knew that America did that to us in 1999 in Brookline. We had to get blue on the board early and the first five guys did that. I played the best I've played all week today. We've done it for Seve. Jose has been so inspirational in the team room and so emotional. It's so good we got to do this for him."

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "American's are streaming for the exits now..."

  49. 2318: 

    There is still a match happening out on course, but something tells me Tiger is somewhat more interested in it than Francesco Molinari. After all, win it and Phil Mickelson becomes the losingest American in Ryder Cup history...


    Michael Hutchings on Twitter: "Anyone who says golf is boring, has officially got no mates and needs a hobby."

    Andy Morley on Twitter: "Unbelievable! Europe's #RyderCup the Spirit of Sevé."

    Flip on Twitter: "Yeeeeeeessssssss!! Where did that come from!!!!"

    Michael Dhanda on Twitter: "I have just witnessed one of, if not, the greatest comebacks EVER - Well Done."

  51. 2317: 

    Kaymer with nerves of I do not know what, and what makes it particularly sweet is the fact he's had a horrid few days and been in shocking form coming into it. The scene as that final putt went in was sweet for European fans - Kaymer bending to his knees in agonising ecstacy, team-mates swarming the green, all played out in front of a silent sea of red-sweatered American fans.

  52. 2313: 
    Martin Kaymer beats Steve Stricker one up


  53. 2313: 
    Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari - US 1 up after 17

    MAKES IT! Slap a Purple Heart on that man's chest, that was massive. Molinari has lost the 17th, Europe down by one in that match with one to play...

  54. 2310: 

    ... Kaymer has sent his putt about five feet by but Stricker now has an eight-footer - if he makes it, Kaymer has that putt for the Ryder Cup. If he misses, Kaymer has got two from five feet...

  55. 2309: 

    Stricker, you can't help feeling sorry for the old fella, you wouldn't wish this on Hitler... that's not clever at all, starts miles left and stays miles left, Kaymer has two putts for the Ryder Cup and the Miracle of Medinah to be complete...

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Graeme McDowell on 5 live Sport: "This is amazing. Now Martin Kaymer can try to retain this great Ryder Cup. We thought yesterday the US were going to drive off on us, but here we are. It's a knife-edge. With Kaymer, form is temporary and class is permanent. He's been quietly confident in the dressing room all week and he's had a smile on his face."

  57. 2305: 

    Woods does get his close, meaning Molinari has got a horror show of a putt coming back up the hill for a half. Olazabal can't watch as Kaymer stalks his putt on 18, but it's Stricker to putt first, he's got the putt from hell, a snakey one down the cliff-face with a screaching break...

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Nicolas Colsaerts on 5 live Sport: "This is unbelievable. If we get away with this and keep the Cup this will be an unbelievable achievement,. We have just raised our game. Unbelievable. I feel a lot better right now then when I finished my game. I was in tears. This atmosphere is so heavy, it gets you deep down in the guts."

  59. 2304: 

    As comebacks go, this is the the sporting equivalent of the Battle of Stalingrad, it's monumental, it's savage in its raw emotion, it's making me a little bit scared of golf. Kaymer with a fine escape at 18 and he's inside Stricker, Kaymer could be the man who puts the lid on the impossible. Back on 17, Molinari thins his chip across the green, Woods may only have to get this close...

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 European Ryder Cup team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "There are no easy shots for Kaymer at this time. It all depends on his lie and how his club face can contact the ball. If he has a decent lie then he should be OK."

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's becoming a bloodbath at Lake Kadijah for the Americans..."

  62. 2300: 

    If Woods's commitment to the American cause has been questioned in the past, this is his chance to put right those misconceptions. Hidden in the back of the pack, he wouldn't have expected this, but he's just answered at least one question with a solid tee shot at 17...

  63. 2257: 

    Molinari on tee at 17 - give it one good swish, wee man, just one good swish... all over the pin and just onto the second cut, that's handy enough...

  64. 2257: 

    Kaymer only has to halve the last hole for Europe to retain the Ryder Cup - only... the German needs one good swing with the big stick... gives it everything, doesn't die wishing, finds the bunker on the right-hand side of fairway. Stricker, the quiet man of American golf, sends his tee shot down the middle of the fairway, advantage USA...

  65. 2254: 
    Steve Stricker v Martin Kaymer - Europe 1 up after 17

    Stricker missed that putt coming back upstairs, the ball lipping out and wielding away violently, here's Kaymer for the hole... MAKES IT! If Kaymer can hold onto that lead down the last, Europe have done the impossible...

  66. 2251: 

    This wide 17th green and Kaymer needs almost all of it, curling one down to within about five feet. Stricker taking a wedge and he's gone right at it - topped it, I think, that's raced by. Woods misses his birdie putt at 16, Molinari has got this for the hole...

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at Medinah

    "Wonderful sporting theatre - a mix of melodrama, horror-story and ripe old epic. No-one knows where to look any more. Every distant cheer is met with frantic worry on the other greens, every putt with hands on head. Every man left on the course could be the hero. Every man left on the course could be the villain. Who will write the final act?"

  68. 2250: 

    If anyone's got any fruit cake out there, send it Molinari's way - there's a great story about Seve playing Nick Price in the final of a match play event, taking a bite out of a piece of fruit cake and choking noisily on Price's backswing. You can see it on YouTube, Price ends up shanking it.

  69. 2247: 

    Woods makes it over the bunker guarding the front of the green at 16 but it's advantage Molinari - all square in both matches, if it stays like that Europe retain the Cup.

  70. 2246: 

    Only two games left on course and none of these four players has won a point yet in this event. Molinari with his approach at 16... that's a doozy, pressure bang on Woods... Kaymer makes it over the water at 17...

  71. 2244: 
    Jason Dufner beats Peter Hanson 2 up

    Hanson misses it left, Dufner scoops his ball up, that's a two-hole win, we're 13-13...

  72. 2244: 

    Dufner has got a six-footer for a four on 18 after a snaking birdie putt down the cliff-face, here's Hanson for the half... Ollie has to walk away as Hanson measures his putt, as meticulous as a man measuring his own grave...

  73. 2242: 

    Kaymer and Stricker playing cat and mouse at 16 and it's Kaymer first to putt... drills it in, all the pressure on Stricker now. Hanson with a decent bunker escape at the last, gives himself a chance of a four. Stricker for the half... what a putt that is, that's spunky as you like from the American.


    Sergio Garcia on his victory over Jim Furyk: "It's amazing. It's been a hard week, I haven't played well, I haven't felt comfortable. Jim gave a couple away, he missed some crucial putts, and I couldn't be happier for my team."


    Europe's Lee Westwood: "Phwoar! That's a nerve-racking day! When you see that leaderboard start to go blue you cannot let anybody down. I was nervous over the one-footer at the end. We've got a chance now, a much better chance than we've had all week. The momentum is in our favour."

  76. 2240: 

    Westwood is buzzing out of his eyeballs in his post-match interview, Furyk, meanwhile, looks like a man who has just learned that his house burnt down while he was out on the golf course. Here's Tiger for the half, a mere three feet, and he makes it, all square with three to play...

  77. 2236: 

    Molinari of Italy at 14, this putt getting bigger and bigger the longer he stares at it... left off the bat and stays left, Woods has a putt for the half...

  78. 2234: 

    Kaymer and Stricker both in the sand at 16, that match is about who's got most in their trousers, they've both been playing iffy all week.

  79. 2233: 
    Jason Dufner v Peter Hanson - US 1 up after 17

    Would you believe this, Hanson has nicked another hole back at 17, Dufner leads by one going down the last having led by four at one point...

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Lee Westwood holes out to win the match! He is having a laugh with Matt Kuchar at the death. That is his 21st Ryder Cup point - he is one of the towers of European strength in this competition."

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "We worried at the start of the day that this could be an anticlimactic affair. It has been anything but... What a comeback this has been from Jose Maria Olazabal's team."

  82. 2233: 
    Sergio Garcia beats Jim Furyk 1 up

    ... and here's one of them - Furyk takes an age over that putt on 18 before leaving it a whisker to the right, Garcia has done him, Europe are ahead for the first time in the match... the choke is in, the choke is in, the choke is in...

  83. 2230: 
    Steve Stricker v Martin Kaymer - All square after 15; Lee Westwood beats Matt Kuchar 3&2

    Furyk's monster effort misses and it's rolled a fair few feet past. But this isn't great over on 15, Stricker back at all square as Kaymer misses that putt coming back up the hill. Westwood taps in from two feet at 16 to win his match against Kuchar, Europe need just two more points to retain the Ryder Cup...

  84. 2226: 

    Furyk hears a cheer from yonder and is forced to step away from his putt from off the green. Taking plenty of time to measure this one, caddie Fluff Cowan putting his two-penneth in, this is monstrous, Garcia can barely look...


    John in Nottingham on 81111 on text: "Anyone else think it is amazing not one match has been halved thus far in the Ryder Cup? Let's hope Garcia wins the 18th and brings us level. C'mon Europe!"

    Ronnie on 81111 on text: "This is totally amazing! Not to mention incredible and fantastic! I am screaming at the telly! Come on Europe!"

    Sarah on 81111 on text: "I find myself glued to the Ryder Cup instead of Downton Abbey on a Sunday evening - what a night!"

  86. 2226: 
    Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari - All square after 14

    Stricker for birdie on 15... that's tame as a mouse. This isn't from Molinari - bends in a right-to-lefter on 14 to win that hole, they're all square with four to play. Kaymer chipping with oven gloves on at 15, that's raced eight feet past...

  87. 2222: 

    Tiger for birdie at 14, from about 20 feet... in all the way, except at the end, when it ducks left and lips out. Cautious approach from Garcia at 18, but he's on at least, here's Furyk from the sand - flyer, scrambling over the back...

  88. 2221: 

    Hanson with a 15-footer to win the 16th... misses by the width of a fag paper... Dufner with one of those nasty little bleeders but he's popped it in to stay two up with two to play. Stricker into 10, needs a good swing, but this is his bread and butter... solid.

  89. 2219: 

    The eyes are open, the fingers are typing, but I'm not quite there at the moment, this is quite discombobulating stuff at Medinah. Garcia on the 18th, iron, just squeezes it down there. Furyk is taking three wood... that's sandy out right and might be plugged...

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Sport

    "Lee Westwood punches the air in delight, facing the spectators. Westwood has a guaranteed half point for Europe now. He just needs to halve one of the last three holes and he will have another point for Europe. He is producing when it matters."

  91. 2215: 
    Jim Furyk v Sergio Garcia - All square after 17

    This is getting very interesting now as Jim Furyk stands over his crucial putt on 17... leaked it right, it's winner takes all at the 18th... not sure if Molinari and Woods know what's going on up ahead, they're going at it in the rearguard as much blood is being shed up ahead, but it could be coming down to them...

  92. 2213: 
    Matt Kuchar v Lee Westwood - Europe three up after 15; Steve Stricker v Martin Kaymer - Europe 1 up after 14

    WESTWOOD HO! Even Worksop's finest is making longuns now, that hit the back of the net at a fair old rate, guaranteed half at 15. Kuchar for the half... leaves it a whisker high, Westwood has gone dormie three... here's Stricker now, for the half at 14, he's gone and missed it...

  93. 2210: 

    Kaymer for birdie on the par-five 14th, from about 20 feet... MADE IT! Stricker has a putt from a similar distance to keep that match level. It's not been a great year for the German, it could be about to get a whole lot better...

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The hero of Celtic Manor two years ago has been downed by Zach Johnson. Johnson gives the USA the victory and moves them within two and a half points of bring the Ryder Cup back across the Atlantic."

  95. 2208: 
    Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari - US 1 up after 13

    ... Garcia finds the heart of the green at 17, here's Westwood on 15, into the guts... Woods for the 13th hole... in it goes, he steals a one-hole lead over Molinari...

  96. 2206: 
    Zach Johnson beats Graeme McDowell 2&1

    Another point on the scoreboard for the States, McDowell conceding the 17th to Zach Johnson, but better news for the Europeans back on the tee, Jim Furyk tugging his effort left of the green...

  97. 2204: 

    Garcia conjures something from his top drawer, the cutest of bunker escapes that looks like it's going to scamper by but suddenly puts the breaks on. Furyk with a putt for the hole... curls down the slope, arms aloft, lips out...

  98. 2202: 
    Jason Dufner v Peter Hanson - US 2 up after 15

    "The choice of a putter", PG Wodehouse once said, is "so much more important than the choice of a wife". Given what's at stake here, it doesn't sound that ridiculous. Hanson with a 20-footer at 15 - one more roll and that was in, as it is Dufner has a four-footer to go two up. Tip-toes it in, the quiet man roaring...


    Sam on 81111 on text: "Five Brits at the top, five wins. A great sporting summer continues!"

    John in Aberdeen on 81111 on text: "This isn't golf, this is theatre. How Justin Rose pulled that win out of the bag is the stuff movies are made of."

    Colman on 81111 on text: "Poulter is now officially a Ryder Cup legend! The new Monty?"

  100. 2200: 

    Johnson safely over at 17, McDowell just over the back. Jim Furyk now with this funky swing of his, as if he's wielding a length of rope, and that's a solid approach at 16. There's a dirty great cheer rolling in from somewhere, and it's Matt Kuchar with a longun at the 14th - but Westwood pops in a five-footer to retain his two-hole lead.

  101. 2157: 

    If you're going to get amateur psychologist about this, surely there's more pressure on the hosts now - the Americans desperate to win the trophy back, playing on home soil, defending a four-point lead going into the final day, no shot will be easy for them now. In contrast, the Europeans were never expected to pull this out of the bag. Jason Dufner on 15, clangs it onto the short par-four 15th, no signs of nerves there...


    Ben Gregg on Twitter: "Will this summer of sport ever end?!"

    Jake Tupman on Twitter: "Lying in a bunk in Bagram, Afghanistan. Early start tomorrow. Blanket over computer - not sleeping until Europe has this in the bag."

    Malcolm Harvey on Twitter: "Big Phil, I feel a bit sorry for. He didn't deserve to lose that. But how good was Justin Rose to win that match? Fantastic."

  103. 2153: 

    Zach Johnson made that putt at 16, dormie two against McDowell...

  104. 2152: 
    Jason Dufner v Peter Hanson - US 1 up after 14; Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari - All square after 12

    McDowell put off by a shadow flying overhead, before resettling and taking aim... never on target, little bit tame, although Zach's still got a five-footer for a half. Down at the bottom, Woods for a win at 12... does that little victory walk of his, as if to say 'job done', but his ball has got too much steam in it, lips out of the hole. Hanson has nicked the 14th, once again one behind Dufner. Molinari misses, back to all square against Woods...


    Justin Rose after his 1 up victory over Phil Mickelson: "To dig myself out of that game is incredible. I felt like we needed that point. Phil Mickelson had the flag out at 17 and I thought he might make that chip but then I buried it in on top of him and that was one of the best feelings of my life. I've just had a look at my left sleeve [at the picture of Seve Ballesteros] and that is that sort of thing that man would have done. I think we can [win] and that's going to shake things up a bit."

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at Medinah

    "Oh, Ryder Cup. Why do you always do this to us? Giddy, frantic atmosphere around the course, every shot critical, every heart beating at double-time."

  107. 2148: 

    Kaymer has gone swimming on 13, here's Stricker... safely over, into the bunker over the back where so many others have been. McDowell stuck his approach at 16 to within makeable range, he desperately needs to win this hole to get to one down with two to play...

  108. 2148: 
    Matt Kuchar v Lee Westwood - Europe two up after 13

    Whether Europe do this or not, they've done Seve proud, it's been pretty rousing stuff today. Mickelson a good sport to the end, still manages to give a smile as he proffers his hand to his conqueror, lovely stuff. Westwood has just opened up a two-hole lead on Kuchar after 13, Stricker misses a shortish one at 12, meaning Kaymer leads by one... should it stay like this, Europe would retain the Ryder Cup...

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 European Ryder Cup team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "What a finish by Justin Rose! Birdie, birdie. Incredible. After beating Mickelson in Valhalla four years ago he's done it again just as Europe needed it."

  110. 2143: 
    Justin Rose beats Phil Mickelson 1 up

    ROSE HAS DONE IT! What a finish, ramming home the winning putt from about 15 feet out, that is a shattering blow delivered by Europe, the American giant sagging...

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Ian Poulter has delivered yet again for Europe in a Ryder Cup. It's a stunning performance. If Europe are to come from this position that looked so hopeless yesterday to retain the trophy it will be down more to this man than anyone else. That is a stunning win."

  112. 2141: 

    As someone has just texted me, anyone who now says the Ryder Cup isn't the best sporting event in the world is officially a moron, or at least would have been classified as one in Victorian times. If Rose can win the 18th against Mickelson, as he looks favourite to do, Europe will have won the top five matches. Mickelson with a decent chip on, but not much more than that, Rose with a putt for the match...


    Richard Wilson on Twitter: "This sport at its ultimate best! If Europe win this. It could eclipse anything we've seen this summer."

    SJC961 on Twitter: "This looks like it'll all come down to a Mr T Woods. Anyone know if he's any good...?"

    James Green on Twitter: "In the library at Harvard and I did a massive shout when Poulter won that point. Awkward looks all around."

    Sanj on Twitter: "Looking down the leaderboard...it's looking increasingly likely that Tiger will be key as to who wins the #RyderCup What a story?!"

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I can't breathe! Unbelievable putt from Justin Rose. I never believed that one would drop. Rose didn't even punch or celebrate. He just said, 'That's what I do'."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Rory McIlroy on 5 live Sport: "I thought I was off at 1225 not 1125. I was casually making my way out of my hotel when I got a call. I was a little worried then but it was fine. I had read my tee time on my phone, but it was just one of those things. I got here in the front of a police car. At least it wasn't in the back!

    "I played great, was very solid out there and didn't do much wrong. We've got off to a good start but there are a lot of tight matches in the middle."


    Ian Poulter after his 2 up win over Webb Simpson: "Unbelievable. That was a tough day. Webb played pretty solid and I didn't have have my best early on but I hung in there. We've got an unbelievable chance and I'm so proud of the guys who have gone out early and secured their points. This Ryder Cup is not for the feint hearted, sometimes you've got buckle up and hit a shot."

  117. 2137: 
    Jim Furyk v Sergio Garcia - US 1 up after 14

    Mickelson, the old adrenalin pumping through those arms of his like a foaming river, overcooks his second on 18. Door ajar for Rose - AND HE'S RIPPED IT OFF ITS HINGES! Stiffed it to within 10 feet, advantage Europe... Furyk has squeezed in a beauty to go one up over Sergio on 14...

  118. 2134: 
    Jason Dufner v Peter Hanson - US 2 up after 13; Dustin Johnson beats Nicolas Colsaerts 3&2

    Dufner strickes back, smashing home a 40-footer at 13 to go two up on Sweden's Hanson, Dustin Johnson closes out the win over Belgium's Nicolas Colsaerts, the hosts have their first win in the singles.

  119. 2132: 
    Matt Kuchar v Lee Westwood - Europe one up after 12

    This back straight has turned into Queer Street for the Americans, they're on wobbly legs with the finishing tape in sight. Kuchar blobs a short one at the 12th to hand Westwood a one-hole advantage...

  120. 2130: 
    Ian Poulter beats Webb Simpson 2 up; Phil Mickelson v Justin Rose - All square after 17

    Poulter said he'd deliver a point and he did do - remember, from now on: What Would Ian Poulter Do? Mickelson with a miraculous chip shot at 17, that gets the locals rolling in the aisles. ROSE WITH A BOMB! What a putt that is, the Englishman holing from at least 40 feet for an unlikely win - that game is all square going down the last...


    Footballer Joey Barton on Twitter: "Paul Lawrie brilliant #believe"

    Comedian Rob Brydon on Twitter: "Come on Ian Poulter!"

    Judy Murray on Twitter: "Gotta love Paul Lawrie. He's so wonderfully understated. And so Scottish. Masterclass."

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Keegan Bradley has lost to the late man Rory McIlroy. A flamboyant bow to the crowd from Rory. Who needs alarm clocks if you're world number one? Europe are in great shape after the first three matches."

  123. 2126: 
    Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari - Europe one up after 10; Jim Furyk v Sergio Garcia - All square after 13

    The blue tide riseth - Molinari one up against Wood after 10, Garcia has got to all square against Furyk with a fine clutch putt at 13, Hanson wins the 12th to get to one down against Dufner. The wheels falling off Dufner down the final straight. I should add that Dustin has just nicked a two-hole lead over Colsaerts on the 15th...

  124. 2120: 
    Rory McIlroy beats Keegan Bradey 2&1

    The score is now 10-9 as McIlroy closes out that match on the 17th. Poulter pulls out another miracle recovery on 18, before striking an almost Messianic pose for the galleries - pressure heaped on Simpson and it tells, that's not too clever...

  125. 2120: 
    Steve Stricker v Martin Kaymer - All square after 10

    McIlroy safely on at 17 as is Keegan. Mickelson's third at 16 and it doesn't stop, Rose with a slight advantage. Kaymer chipping for a half at the par-five 10th, that match back to all square. Mickelson made that putt, Rose has a 12-footer for the half...

  126. 2117: 

    If Poulter wins this singles match I propose they knock Churchill off his plinth in Parliament Square and stick Ian on there instead. He's just sprayed his drive wide on 18, Simpson has slathered his down the fairway.


    Chris on 81111 on text: "Come on Poults. You can beat this guy and you know it!"

    CL in Liverpool on 81111 on text: "For the first time I'm really starting to believe. Come on Europe!"

    Nick on 81111 on text: "C'mon Europe - We belive that you can do this!"

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Sport

    "It is a quite magnificent performance by the Scotsman. Paul Lawrie has beaten the $11m man, the FedEx Cup winner Brandt Snedeker. The fightback is on!"

  129. 2112: 
    Webb Simpson v Ian Poulter - Europe 1 up after 17; Paul Lawrie beats Brandt Snedeker 5&3

    Lawrie all over Snedeker like a cheap suit - another heat-seeking approach at 15, and that should be that. Poulter has gone one ahead with one to go, Simpson leaving his putt a couple of inches high... Snedeker misses, Lawrie, playing in his first Ryder Cup since 1999, has smashed the young punk 5&3.


    Mark Galloway on Twitter: "This #rydercup thing is pretty good. It's like Barry Hearn has taken over golf."

    Angus McPhail on Twitter: "I get that it's a competition and all, but I'm still not sure about cheering bad shots and missed putts."

    Richard Miall on Twitter: "Ryder Cup living up to its billing. Tense, tense, tense - come on Europe."

  131. 2108: 
    Jason Dufner v Peter Hanson - US 2 up after 11; Jim Furyk v Sergio Garcia - US 1 up after 12

    Bit of needle in the match between Dustin Johnson and Colsaerts, no quarter given, and Johnson two-putts from 10 feet to go one up after 14. Hanson back to two down against Dufner after winning two in a row at 10 and 11, The Waggler struggling over a couple of short ones. Furyk makes a 20-footer to go one up against Garcia on 12... McIlroy dormie two against Bradley...

  132. 2106: 

    Rose jabs out at 15, fine shot from a plugged lie, meaning Mickelson has got to make an eight-footer to win that hole. Looks like Bradley is going to nick the 16th to get back to one down, Mickelson misses at 15, Rose with a miraculous escape, stays one down.

  133. 2104: 

    Rose has left his escape in the bunker at the 15th, looks like Mickelson is in charge of that match now. Poulter safely over on 17, Simpson swinging with the weight of a nation on his shoulders... it's not wet, but it is sandy, advantage Poulter...

  134. 2100: 
    Matt Kuchar v Lee Westwood - All square

    Huge putt from Poulter, a four from the gods, Simpson with a four-footer for the half. Lawrie for the match on 14... stays just left, Snedeker still has a pulse. Simpson makes it, all square with two to go. Kuchar back to all square against Westwood, after 10 holes. Well done, Snedeker, makes that clutch putt.

  135. 2056: 

    McIlroy on 16, going with the big dog... pulled it left. Bradley leaks his tee shot right, but with no rough to speak of, he's fine out there. Ian Poulter only deals in miracles and he's produced another one on 16, a little nip to within a few feet of the hole.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at Medinah

    "Roars and cries of despair blowing across the course along with the autumn leaves and smoke from the barbecue tents. If it's going to happen, it has to start happening soon..."

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "This is agonising sporting drama. It's like dangling a ball of wool in front to a kitten or a carrot in front of a horse but just not letting them get it."

  138. 2053: 
    Phil Mickelson v Justin Rose - US 1 up after 14; Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy - Europe 2 up after 15

    McIlroy all over the stick at 15, Bradley in trouble again. Rose has left himself a longish one for a half at 14, should be Mickelson's hole, and what a shot this is by Simpson, a dirty great lob wedge into then birdie zone. Poulter shanks one at 16, that came off the thick edge of the bat, as Mickelson rolls in at 14 to go one up... Simpson misses, McIlroy scores, the world number one two up with three to play...

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Suddenly greens are turning to blues and reds are turning to greens and thing seem inexorably to be turning towards Europe..."

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's an extraordinary to look at the current leaderboard right now. Luke Donald has done his job and Paul Lawrie is on the verge of victory. Then a number of matches are so close. Jason Dufner looks the only American who is certain to land a point. What price the Woods/Molinari match proving decisive at the end of play today?"

  141. 2045: 
    Dustin Johnson v Nicolas Colsaerts - All square after 13

    Colsaerts still swinging big punches, he's not spent yet - Dustin lets his par putt slip by on 13, they're back to all square. Good little period this for Europe and here's Rose on 14, rescue over the back left of the green, fine shot. Bradley on tee at 15 - Rory laid up, Keegan went for it, tugged it left into the punters. Mickelson into the sand with his third on 14, Europe up in four matches all of a sudden...

  142. 2040: 
    Matt Kuchar v Lee Westwood - Europe 1 up after 9; Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy - Europe 1 up after 14

    McIlroy one up against Bradley, rammed that home from close range to go one up. Poulter doesn't hit his birdie effort on 15, but Kuchar has muffed a tiddler to give Westwood the edge on nine. Simpson can't take advantage back at 15, he and Poulter remain level with three to play.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Luke Donald on 5 live Sport: "You always expect your opponent to push you hard and Bubba certainly did. I feel relieved to get it done. I didn't want to go down the 18th. Ollie expected a lot from me and he rested me on Friday afternoon for a reason. I delivered two points yesterday and today, and now I'm going out to cheer our boys on."

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Before this final day everyone was pontificating about what today's order could be or should be. Most people said Olazabal was right to stack the top, the first players out, to give Europe the best chance of winning. But that did mean the middle order, the underbelly, might be weak. It is in matches six, seven, eight and nine where Europe really are struggling at the moment."


    Freddie Drapkin on Twitter: "Need some early points to pile on the pressure. None of the Americans have been under pressure all week. See how they respond."

    Nick Rougvie on Twitter: "Imagine how many Paul Lawrie would be winning by if it was raining."

  146. 2039: 
    Jim Furyk v Sergio Garcia - All square after 10

    Bradley is making a mess of the 14th, bunting into a bunker from behind a tree, and McIlroy's got a four-footer for the win. Simpson and Poulter with a putting contest on 15... SERGIO! Chips in on 10, back to all square against Jim Furyk, seven matches now level...

  147. 2036: 
    Dustin Johnson v Nicolas Colsaerts - US 1 up after 12

    Colsaerts with a crackerjack approach on 12, ball miles below his feet there, and here's Rory at 14, just being gobbled up by the bunker front right. Meanwhile, back on 12, Dustin's playing his third up the bank and he's got a monster for par... misses, Colsaerts wins that, although Dustin asks him to putt out from eight feet, with two putts for it...

  148. 2031: 
    Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari - All square after 6

    Rose for birdie on 13, from miles out, and it just nibbles the left side of the cup before stumbling onwards. Mickelson has got 20-odd feet to win it but doesn't hit it, they remain all square. Webb Simpson, having splashed out, misses by a whisker on 14, he and Poulter remain all square. Woods and Molinari now all square through six, meaning Europe are now only one up in matches still on the course.

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Apparently Davis Love has just given an interview for American TV in which he predicts that Jason Dufner will be the man who holes the putt to win the Ryder Cup for the United States."


    Luke Donald, after his 2&1 victory over Bubba Watson on the 17th: "I dont know what I'd have done going down 18th because the nerves were starting to build and Bubba was putting some pressure on. It's nice to get the first point for Europe. There was a lot of blue early on. There's still a chance and I'm going to cheer the boys on. We're hoping for a miracle."

  151. 2026: 

    The good news is Europe have the first point of the day, the bad news is they're up in only two other matches and down in four. I think it's already a case of enjoy the golf while it lasts, Europe need the mother and father of all miracles to get out of this one.

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's been a tremendous contest. Donald dominated the match but there was a late wag of the tail from Watson. But Donald has done the job his captain asked of him. It's right on a knife-edge, this Ryder Cup."

  153. 2022: 
    Luke Donald beats Bubba Watson 2&1

    ... that's that, baby, local boy Donald takes the first singles point of the day despite a spirited fightback from Bubba...

  154. 2021: 
    Jason Dufner v Peter Hanson - US 4 up after 8

    Dufner is splattering Hanson, four up through eight, but what a bunker escape that is from Donald, that should be the end of Bubba...

  155. 2019: 

    As Luke Donald stands on the 17th tee, he only needs to ask himself: What Would Ian Poulter Do? Six iron, apparently, and tug it over the back. Still Watson's got a horror chip, he missed by miles. Bradley putting from off the green at 13, cosies it up, Rose and Mickelson stay all square after 12 - Lefty gives the thumbs up to the gallery, as if he's just leapt out of the cockpit having just returned from a bombing raid.

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Things are getting very, very tight now, especially in the top five matches where Olazabal hoped he would get a lead on the Americans."


    Wales full-back Leigh Halfpenny on Twitter: "Europe are turning things around! Donald leading the way!"

    Former England striker Michael Owen on Twitter: "I said @LukeDonald would be my No1 pick to win today. His Matchplay record is a joke. He is different class."

    Barry McGuigan on Twitter: "Come on European Ryder Cup Team let's make it a monumental come back."

  158. 2015: 
    Paul Lawrie v Brandt Snedeker - Europe 3 up after 11

    Lawrie giving Snedeker a hiding, the 1999 Open champion three up through 11.

  159. 2009: 
    Steve Stricker v Martin Kaymer - All square; Luke Donald v Bubba Watson - Europe 2 up after 16

    Donald into the 16 and two putts from there will be enough for the match. Watson very nearly gobbled up by a bunker, just stays up. Kaymer levels with Stricker on the sixth to get back to all square. Poulter with another longun for the 13th hole, doesn't quite have the legs... HAVE SOME OF THAT! Bubba's put that chip in, meaning Donald's got a 25-footer for the half - slides it by, Donald letting his hands down in the championship rounds and getting hammered for it...


    Andrew on 81111 on text: "Never has the word 'knife-edge' felt more appropriate than now. But I hope that in two hours time I'll need to repeat that! Come on Europe!"

    J McGinlay on 81111 on text: "When will Lawrie get the recognition he deserves? Three up against the American on form. Awesome effort from Europe. This is more like it!"

    Finn in Marlborough on 81111 on text: "Who says you have to win a major to be rated! Luke Donald is becoming a hero today."

  161. 2008: 
    Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy - All square

    A bad few minutes for Europe as McIlroy misses a long-ranger to hand Bradley the 12th hole, they're back to all square.

  162. 2008: 
    Dustin Johnson v Nicolas Colsaerts - US one up after 10

    McDowell with a scorcher into the ninth, could nick one back there. Colsaerts dribbles one by from less than three feet on 10, he's now got a brute coming back for a half... misses it, Dustin takes a one-hole lead. What I like to tell myself when I miss a short putt is: At least I'm not Justin Lee Collins. I find that keeps me optimistic.

    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Something was obviously said to Justin Rose as he prepared for that bunker shot. He went and pretty much squared up to someone in the gallery."

  164. 2005: 
    Phil Mickelson v Justin Rose - All square; Bubba Watson v Luke Donald - Europe three up

    Match four between Mickelson and Rose back to all square after 11, the American's approach good enough. Poulter finds the short stuff on the long par-three 14th, as we see Westwood's iffy putt on six to hand Kuchar the hole - new grip, same result. Watson has nabbed a hole back against Donald on 15...


    Patrick McLaughlin on Twitter: "GMac needs to dig deep and up it. I can see his match being pivotal."

    Charlie Fee on Twitter: "If Poulter can produce some back nine magic then Europe could sneak the first 5 points...then I will believe."

    Ollie Mortimer n Twitter: "Europe putting up a brilliant fight so far. The unthinkable is on."

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Jose Maria Olazabal exhorted his troops to give their all today, and they really are making a fantastic fist of it at the moment. It's not impossible that Europe could nick it."

  167. 2001: 
    Webb Simpson v Ian Poulter - All square; Matt Kuchar v Lee Westwood - All square

    Poulter for birdie on 12, a big bender in a bun to pile the pressure on Simpson. Simpson misses his, that match level after 12. Mickelson with a peach at the 11, Rose with a hook, Westwood back to all square through six against Kuchar...

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at Medinah

    "Latest message in the sky left by bookies' plane: 'Yes We Can. Go Europe'. Probably not enough sky nor smoke for it, but I would have preferred 'It Might Still Happen But On Balance It Probably Won't, It's About Now That You Start Obsessing Over All Those Putts That Lipped Out In The First Two Days'."

  169. 1959: 
    Brandt Snedeker v Paul Lawrie - Europe 2 up after 10; Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari - Europe 1 up after 4

    Good tussle between Garcia and Furyk, they remain all square through six, while Colsaerts and Dustin are involved in a rare old arm-wrestle, they're level through nine. Snedeker has won the 10th to peg Lawrie back to two up... Woods has one the fourth, Molinari now one up...

  170. 1954: 

    Webb Simpson has 154 yards into the 12, about the same as Poulter. Watson pushes his birdie putt right of the cup on 14, Watson still alive. McIlroy buries a clutch putt on 11 to stay one up on Bradley, the world number one showing his not all flash, he's also got gravel in his guts and spit in his eye.

  171. 1952: 

    Donald with his second into 14 and that's the stuff of a mad hacker's dreams, right into the heart. Watson short and left, that race has not got long to run. Rose to win the 10th... never came back... Poulter in the middle of the 12th, ball well below feet, seven iron to within 15 feet. Half in five for Rose and Mickelson on 10...

  172. 1948: 
    Zach Johnson v Graeme McDowell - US 3 up after 7

    Zach Johnson has gone three up on McDowell after seven, this is rapidly turning into a Ryder Cup to forget for the man from Portrush. McIlroy with his second on 11, playing from a fairway trap - tugged it into the gallery left of the green.

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Just for the first time, for the very first time, you feel it's not a ludicrous assertion that Europe could sneak this. There's a lot of a blue on the scoreboard. The Great Escape could be on..."


    Alex Gilmore on Twitter: "Thinking #rydercup could hang on Poulter. If he can pull out win after Donald wins, momentum could be with Europe. No pressure then."

    Flip on Twitter: "Luke Donald. A giant in the game."

    Paul Godsman on Twitter: "Suppose to be going to Italy tomorrow, can't pack as cant leave chair because of Ryder cup. #tension."

  175. 1945: 

    Big psychological blow landed by Donald at 13 - in the drink off the tee, but Watson makes a right old hash of it, allowing the Englishman to land a clutch putt for a half and stay four up with five to play. Simpson for a half from five feet on 11... makes it to stay one up on Europe's maddest man, Ian Poulter.

  176. 1943: 
    Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy - Europe 1 up after 10; Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari - Europea 2 up after 3

    That's ballsy from Bradley, fine up and down and McIlroy's lead is now one. My apologies, Dufner actually made eagle on five, trumping Hanson's birdie to go two up. Woods not the man he was and not the man we ever thought he would be - squeezes that shortish one by on three, Molinari kicks him while he's down, nailing his to go two up. What an approach that is from Colsaerts, very nearly sticking it in on the full...


    Mike in Derby on 81111 on text: "Whatever your political opinions, tonight is no night for Eurosceptics. Come on Europe!"

    Vince from Selby on 81111 on text: "What price Tiger to be the hero when this is all over?"

    Pete from Sheffield on 81111 on text: "Sitting in Hamburg Airport pressing refresh constantly to get a Ryder Cup update. Gutted I'm missing this!"

  178. 1938: 

    Molinari from the short rough on three - Tiger was four feet away, Molinari is no more than three. Bradley is all over the place today, presumably missing the love of his new best mate Lefty, and here he is chipping on at 10 - good shot, he and McIlroy in a putt-out from about 15 feet. Peter Hanson bends in a birdie putt on six, Dufner two up in that one and with a shortish one for a half.

  179. 1934: 
    Brandt Snedeker v Paul Lawrie - Europe 3 up after 9

    Lawrie is hitting it like a dream and putting like a master - another birdie on nine, he's three up against the $11m Man Brandt Snedeker.

  180. 1933: 
    Matt Kuchar v Lee Westwood - Europe 1 up after 4; Webb Simpson v Ian Poulter - US 1 up after 10

    Kuchar at the par-four fourth and he's just gone one down against Westwood. Kuchar's bemused smile evaporates momentarily, as if he's just been told Christmas as we know it is a modern, capitalist institution and that Ian Poulter dosn't actually exist. Simpson has gapped Poulter, winning the 10th...

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 European Ryder Cup team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Donald is playing golf as you would expect. Straight, direct and onto the greens. Bubba Watson has missed his last three fairways, and there's no inspiration coming for him from the galleries."

  182. 1930: 
    Bubba Watson v Luke Donald - Europe 4 up after 12; Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari - Europe 1 up after 2

    Bubba gets a slow-motion horseshoe on 12, Donald makes the most of the stumble, popping in the short putt to move four up with six to play. Steely stuff from the former world number one, while down in the bottom match Molinari has just one the first against Tiger.

  183. 1928: 
    Phil Mickelson v Justin Rose - Europe 1 up after 8

    Dustin on the par-three eighth, playing at 195 yards, down-wind. Onto the back, no great shakes. I forgot to mention, Stricker has stolen a march on the out of colour Kaymer, one up through two and the final match has teed off, Woods versus Molinari doing battle at the rear while the big boys are going at it hand-to-hand in the front line. Rose one up after eight...

  184. 1925: 

    Scotland's Paul Lawrie is two up on Brandt Snedeker through seven. Lawrie's favourite food? Penne Bolognese. Snedeker's? French fries. That's all you need to know. Rose all over the pin on nine, gimme range, Mickelson very nearly gets inside him. That said, that's gripped and yo-yoed a long way down the hill.


    Sam on Twitter: "G Mac is letting the side down at the moment, his poor run of form continues but as it stands Europe are in great shape."

    Stewart Mills on Twitter: "A win for Europe would definitely be Insania..."

    Alex Gilmore on Twitter: "Still amazed DL3 played big guns up front. Wins there and Europe right in game. Must have known that was EUR only play."

  186. 1921: 
    Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy - Europe 2 up after 9

    McIlroy with his second at nine. Nothing more than a wedge and that's peche de la peche, to within five feet - he's got that for a front nine of 32. Bradley's is pretty good but nothing spectacular, McIlroy with a chance to nick a two-hole lead. Bradley misses his by a whisker... IN IT GOES! This boy's so good he can spend the morning of the Ryder Cup singles picking his backside in bed. Big props.

  187. 1917: 
    Phil Mickelson v Justin Rose - All square after eight

    Mickelson makes his birdie at eight and is all square again against Justin Rose of England.

  188. 1916: 
    Zach Johnson v Graeme McDowell - US 1 up after 6

    McDowell hasn't been at the party this week - actually he has, but he's spent the first couple of days lurking in the kitchen - and he dropped shots at the first two holes today. This is better, however, the former US Open champion making a six-footer on six to peg Zach Johnson back to one up.

  189. 1914: 

    Donald with a wedge into 11 and that's all over the pin, the exuberance of Watson being kept in check by the ice man from Hemel Hempstead. Mickelson stiffs one to within a few feet on eight, Rose's long-range birdie effort does just too much. Poults and Simpson all square after the front nine.

  190. 1911: 
    Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy - Europe 1 up after 8; Dustin Johnson v Nicolas Colsaerts - US 1 up after 6

    Stricker to win the first... he's squeezed a five-footer past the hole... Bradley makes a clutch putt on the par-three eighth to half the deficit on McIlroy, before Dustin sinks a monster on six to nick a one-hole lead over Colsaerts - the New World strikes back.

  191. 1905: 

    Only one dash of red on the scoreboard now and all of a sudden you're wondering what this European team got up to last night - I'm thinking perhaps Jose Maria Olazabal has been reading up on Brian Clough and went for the 'let's all get a little bit rubbered and have some cigars as well' approach, they certainly look pretty chillaxed* out there.

    * TM. Peter Andre

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Europe have front-loaded their team. They just desperately hope to get four or five wins to make this a match. I think Luke Donald is going to destroy Bubba Watson, who I haven't really been impressed with. Webb Simpson and Ian Poulter? That's a toss-up in my mind. Keegan Bradley and Rory McIlroy? Just a fabulous match-up."

  193. 1904: 

    Bubba looks rattled out there and he's now got a 12-footer for birdie on 10... well done my son, that was never in doubt, and Donald has a six-footer for a half... straight down the pipe, Donald remains two up...

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Rory McIlroy's first few words of the day must have been similar to those first words in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral..."

  195. 1903: 
    Webb Simpson v Ian Poulter - All square

    Donald for eagle on 10 but he's putting from somewhere down in Indiana... cosied up there, still got work to do... POULTER AGAIN! Back to all square after a naughty little right-to-lefter on eight... the Americans are rocking and a rolling out there, that is a clunky old chip from Bubba on 10...

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Sport

    "On the fairways it's gone a little bit quiet out here... That's a fantastic sign for Europe."

  197. 1859: 
    Jim Furyk v Sergio Garcia - All square

    Garcia with a 12-footer for half on three... slides by, Furyk back to all square... Mickelson with his third on seven and he's stuck under an old oak tree... not great, especialy after a crackerjack second from Rose...

  198. 1858: 
    Dustin Johnson v Nicolas Colsaerts - All square

    Donald at the 10th, solid approach. Getting breezy now, the flags being tugged at, and that will make Medinah even more devilish than it normally is. Simpson, unbelievably, can't even see the green after his errant tee shot on eight, Poulter should win that one... Colsaerts makes that half, he and Dustin all square through five...

  199. 1855: 

    Bradley with a misread and Rory has a putt for another win. Dustin Johnson for eagle on five... misses just left and Colsaerts has got a short one for the half. McIlroy lets Bradley off the hook and chucks him back in, Bradley lives to swim another day...

    Andrew Magee, Radio 5 live summariser

    "How big is Rory McIlroy's entourage, with his father and coaches and so forth? There's more to this... maybe he was house-hunting in the Chicago area?"

  201. 1855: 

    ... here is the wee man - head well below the top of the bunker, but that's pretty good from there. Nicolas Colsaerts with his third into the fifth, Dustin on in two... what a shot that is, Colsaerts pants appear to be loaded to the nines once again...

  202. 1853: 

    As a man who has been late for a fair few tee times down the years, I was hugely buoyed by the news McIlroy almost missed his today, while somewhat mystified that not a single person in the European camp said: "Hang on a minute, anyone seen Rory - we've got these Ryder Cup single things in an hour." Bradley completely missed the seventh green but that's a pretty decent recovery, McIlroy in the sand, I believe...

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Ian Poulter's talent and his fire have slept in, or it's back in his Chicago hotel room, or it's missed its tee-off time. He is a very subdued figure at the moment..."

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at Medinah

    "Let's run with a cross-sporting analogy. If Europe required 450 in their final innings having conceded a first innings deficit of 230, they're currently 80-1 with half an hour to go til lunch. Donald unbeaten on 42, but a clatter of wickets could suddenly change everything. Make sense?"

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's going to be extremely tough for Martin Kaymer out there. If you don't bring your game to the Ryder Cup then it's difficult to find it at the Ryder Cup."

  206. 1851: 

    Watson pops in a two-footer to halve the ninth, Donald heads down the back nine two up. Poulter has pegged Simpson back to one up by winning the seventh, but his tee shot on the par-three eighth is pretty ordinary. Then again, so is Simpson's... Europe up in five, the hosts up in two...

  207. 1848: 
    Jason Dufner v Peter Hanson - Europe 1 up after 1

    Jim Furyk v Sergio Garcia - Europe 1 up after 2: Many thanks Aimee Lewis, Ben Dirs in the hot seat now. As you join me, it is all going off - I repeat, it is all going off. A fired-up Peter Hanson - apparently quite angry at being left out of Saturday's play - makes birdie at the first to go one up against Jason Dufner, before Sergio curls one in to go one up against Jim Furyk on two... Brandt Snedeker drains a longun on six, although Lawrie could cancel that out...

  208. 1844: 
    WHAT A SHOT!- Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy - 2 up after six holes.

    McIlroy's is wide-awake and wakaday, of that there is no doubt. The world number one chips it uphill from the edge of the green with the panache you'd expect from the world's best golfer and two-time major winner. "Come on!" yells the Northern Irishman after his third birdie on the trot takes him two up after six holes.

  209. 1839: 
    Phil Mickelson v Justin Rose - All-square after 5 holes

    Donald, faced with a right to left putt for a point, judges it well and the world number three thinks he's got it in the bag, only for the ball to tantalisingly tease the edge of the cup and remain on the green. That was close. Mickelson recovers well to birdie the fifth, dragging Rose back to even stevens. Lawrie, meanwhile, has a chance for an eagle.

    WHAT A SHOT!- Brandt Snedeker v Paul Lawrie - Europe 1 up after 4 holes

    Oh la la! Paul Lawrie, about three feet from the grandstand, chips in from the 'rough' in hope and the ball rolls into the cup, sending the European fans into a wild frenzy. The man from Aberdeen punches the air before, almost bashfully, hopping to the pin to fetch his ball. It's getting rather exciting, isn't it.

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Rory McIlroy looks completely relaxed if you consider what he's gone through today to get to the golf course. On the other hand, Keegan Bradley looks like the weight of responsibility is playing on him a bit."

  212. 1832: 

    A wince from Mickelson after his second approach shot on the par-five fifth. Lefty whispers to the ball but, like a sulky teenager, it listens not one jot, dropping into the sand. Watson sinks a simple putt for a half on the seventh, but he remains two behind to the imperious Donald - who finds the dancefloor on the par-three eighth.

  213. 1829: 

    Sun shining in Medinah and Tiger Woods is on the practice range. McIlroy gives the visitors something to shout about with a fantastic approach shot which rolls to within inches of the cup. Bradley has left himself with a tricky putt for half after a poor bunker shot. It matters little, though, as cries of USA USA emanate around the green after the American sinks a magnificent 10ft putt. Ole!


    Gavin from Wales on 81111 on text: "You're all on Rory's case due to Europe losing. If they turn this around no-one will even remember he was late. It's just the British public focusing on the negative. Again."

    Paul in Dundee on 81111 on text: "Anybody else as optimistic as me and thinking McDowell may have the opportunity to bring the Ryder Cup back to Europe?"

    Rob from Halifax on 81111 on text: "Come on Poults! Europe needs a repeat of your fantastic performance yesterday!"

    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Justin Rose will be disappointed with that bogey. He was in a perfect position on the fairway. But he's still one up, so hey ho."

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Dustin Johnson and Nicolas Colsaerts are hitting booming drives down the fairways. They are like two front-row forwards, or two rhinos locking horns."

  217. 1819: 
    Webb Simpson v Ian Poulter - USA 1 up after 5 holes

    Shouts of "Ole! Ole! Ole!" as Poulter taps in a simple birdie. No stentorian roars from the stern-looking Englishman as he picks up his ball and walks off the green. Talk of Mickelson's demise has been greatly exaggerated. Lefty reins in Rose, with the Englishman now just one up. A superb putt from Lawrie for half and it's all-square in that match after three holes.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola is following Rory McIlroy's match: "I live close to Chicago, and it's a good time to travel here and enjoy the Ryder Cup. I have a year off from football, and I'm resting. This is my first time at a Ryder Cup. Olazabal invited me here, and I'm having a good time."

  219. 1816: 
    Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy - 1 up after 4 holes

    A simple putt for McIlroy to edge ahead, while Poulter has negotiated his way out of the bunker with aplomb. Over on the sixth, Watson has missed two chances halve the deficit and the usually confident Masters champion is looking a tad worried.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at Medinah

    "Out with the Bubba v Donald group. Tee boxes and greens in nationalistic ferment. Bubba's driving long but shonky so far - Donald will go two up on the fourth, and at last the American galleries are stilled. For now."

  221. 1809: 

    Mickelson's putter faltering and Bradley is in trouble on the fourth as he finds a trap to the right of the green, just as Poulter did a few minutes previously. Bradley's third shot on the par-four races about 15ft beyond the hole to leave him with a nervy putt for par. The tide perhaps not yet turning but toying with the idea of changing direction.

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "There have been some choice comments from the American supporters to Rory McIlroy. 'Wakey, wakey, Rory.' 'Do you know what time it is?' With social media the news has gone right round this golf course."

  223. 1806: 
    Webb Simpson v Ian Poulter - USA 2 up after four holes

    Not even Poulter could rescue a dire situation on the fourth as his putt goes beyond the cup, forcing the gregarious Englishman to concede another point to Webb Simpson. Early days, though, so worry not if you're a fan of all things blue.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe vice-captain Paul McGinley on 5 live Sport: "The opening exchanges have been exactly what we needed. We have a litle bit of momentum on our side. The Americans are being forced into a few mistakes. The draw's panned out quite well for us and we're happy with it, the way we've paired up. It's all working out pretty good."

  225. 1802: 

    Donald, with a chance to go three up, uncharacteristically nudges his putt to the left of the cup. Snedeker and Lawrie have both found the green from the tricky second tee - with the Scot a few feet ahead of his blond rival.

  226. 1800: 

    McIlroy's late start hasn't hampered him too much as he holes a 4ft putt on the third and Bradley putts from almost an identical position for par, ensuring it's even stevens after three holes. Poulter, in the sand, and there's a tad too much venom and not enough spin as his effort races beyond the pin.

  227. 1755: 
    Bubba Watson v Luke Donald - Europe 2 up after four holes:

    Watson went close to holing his putt, but it drifted to the left and Donald makes no mistake by sinking his birdie. Nice. Both players, though, have found the sand on the fifth.


    Anon on 81111 on text: "The Eastern time argument doesn't work. If that was the case he would have been an hour early!"

    Lou in Warwickshire on 81111 on text: "More likely he overslept!"

    Neil in Maidstone on 81111 on text: "Rory is too self-centred and arrogant to be a great Ryder Cup golfer. Reminiscent of Tiger in his pomp. How can he be on the wrong time zone on the final day? He's been there all week! Disgusting behaviour."

  229. 1752: 

    Mickelson is creaking, his tee shot on the par-three second drops into the drink, as they say, giving Rose a superb chance to go two up.

  230. 1750: 
    Phil Mickelson v Justin Rose - Europe 1 up after one hole:

    A promising start for Europe as Rose sinks a gargantuan putt to nudge ahead of Lefty, a man with the joint-losingest record (to use a term often use by our American friends) for an American in Ryder Cup history. At least he's participated in this great competition 34 times, I guess.

  231. 1746: 

    You would have thought at least one of McIlroy's team-mates would have noticed the Northern Irishman wasn't with them while they were tucking into their cornflakes or rice crispies this morning. Peculiar. The flag on the third hole fluttering in the breeze and Poulter's approach shot fails to find the green, rolling downhill onto the gentle rough surrounding the dancefloor. Simpson, much to the delight fo the crowd, does better by finding the green.


    European captain Jose Maria Olazabal told the Golf Channel his heart was racing when he discovered McIlroy's absence: "We did not have that in mind," said the Spaniard. "All of a sudden we realised Rory was not here and started to look for him. Finally we got hold of him and he came in with a police escort with 10 or 11 minutes to go."

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Gerry McIlroy, father of Rory, confirms that it was confusion over the tee times because of the various TV schedules that have been reported."

  234. 1741: 
    Webb Simpson v Ian Poulter - USA 1 up after two holes; Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy all-square after one hole:

    Bradley gets his line right, but his effort lacks venom - while a hole ahead Poulter's putter fails him for once, bobbling to the right of the cup from about 5ft.

  235. 1738: 

    Watson's putter is not as potent as it was in the opening couple of days, his birdie attempt a pimple short on the third. Over on the second, Poulter has a birdie chance, but his putt fails to turn right and whizzes beyond the cup, giving Simpson a sniff to go one up. Rose and Mickelson have got their contest under way and both find the fairway in impressive style.

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "That is just what Olazabal wants from Luke Donald. Steady Eddie."

    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I find extraordinary that Rory's pitched up so late for something like this. I am gobsmacked that he has done something like that. Hopefully he now gets the result we need."

  238. 1730: 
    WHAT A SHOT!- Bubba Watson v Luke Donald - Europe 1 up after two holes; Webb Simpson v Ian Poulter - all-square after one hole:

    Just when you thought Poulter could not get any better, the world number 26 chips in from the edge of the green for a sensational putt. Simpson, though, produces an equally impressive putt to ensure the pair are even after the first hole.

  239. 1728: 

    A relaxed and composed-looking McIlroy bounces to the first tee with his usually jaunty walk and raises his arms, smiling wryly, to acknowledge the supporters. The Northern Irishman's tee shot however drifts to the right of the fairway, dodging a few shoes, while Bradley finds the heart with a super drive.

  240. 1724: 

    Poulter's approach shot lacks oomph, coming a foot or two short of the green. The wind perhaps hampering its progress. Watson has left himself with a 10ft putt for par. He's removed his scarlet jumper, but fails to nail it, leaving Donald with two shots for the hole.

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Apparently Rory was on Eastern Time, which is an hour's difference to where he is here in Chicago. That is the given reason for why he was in such a rush."

    Conor McNamara, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Rory McIlroy has got a breakfast bar in his hand! There's lots of smiles and laughter and it's all a big joke. You can imagine his pulse is racing. He's literally only just got here. Phew!"

  243. 1719: 

    At ease, Rory McIlroy is on the premises. And breathe. He's chomping on a banana and has given a relieved Jose Maria Olazabal a hug. Traffic, so I'm told. Not everyone's fortunate enough to get a Manchester tram into work, I suppose. Both Watson and Donald find the dancefloor on the par-three second, but they face sizeable putts if they are to come away with birdies.

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The American media are reporting that Rory McIlory is not yet on the course! We don't know the reason. He is trying to get here with the help of a police escort. He is not yet on the ground and he is due to tee off soon. As far as I'm aware you do have to be here for your tee time..."

  245. 1715: 
    Bubba Watson v Luke Donald - all-square after hole one:

    Magical, magnificent Bubba Watson. What else is there to say about bubbly 33-year-old as the American sinks his putt. But fear not those in blue Donald, as reliable as ever with the putter, nervelessly holds his 6ft putt and it's all-square after the first hole.

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Tiger Woods is actually walking with this first match and he is walking alongside Darren Clarke. He is laughing his head off and has got his arm round Clarke's shoulder. With not going out until the final match, Woods has obviously decided to walk at least the first hole and support his team."

  247. 1710: 

    Poulter, thumps his chest as he makes his way to the first tee, and is serenaded by a throng of adoring fans singing 'walking in a Poulter wonderland', or words to that effect. Before everyone's favourite European takes his first shot of the day, though, we go to Watson who negotiates his way onto the green for a 10ft birdie chance.

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 European Ryder Cup team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It doesn't get any bigger than that. If you never play a Ryder Cup you will never experience that atmosphere on a tee anywhere else in the world."

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "We have to look at Brookline in 1999. We know it is possible to come back from 10-6 down. On that occasion the Americans won the first six singles matches to turn it around. That is the sort of thing that has to happen for Europe. And their target shouldn't be 14-and-a-half points, just 14. From this position, to retain the Ryder Cup would be a triumph."

  250. 1705: 

    Red the dominant colour on the grandstand behind the first tee and the spectators are full of bonhomie, cheering every practice swing Donald and Watson make. Donald first... a hush descends... and the world number three, loose and free, hits it straight down the middle.

    Watson next, the crowd quieten but the Masters champion urges them to return to full voice but then directs his drive left of the fairway, into one of the 18,000 trees sprinkled around the course.

  251. 1701: 

    Donald, clad in Seve Ballesteros navy, emerges and purposefully walks down the steps towards the first tee. It's at moments like these that the words of the great Spaniard comes to mind: "I look into their eyes, shake their hand, pat their back, and wish them luck, but I am thinking, 'I am going to bury you.'"

    Iain Carter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The final session yesterday was shared 2-2. If Europe had won the first two and lost the last two I think we would be a lot more downcast. That might just have had a little psychological impact. Now they are playing singles, momentum is everything."


    Thomas Lawlor on Twitter: "Would like to see Europe win but unless the rough has grown longer and the greens have slowed down it is still set up for the USA."

    Richard Wilson on Twitter: "Poulter's got the Eye of The Tiger. Hopefully he shared it around with the rest of the team last night."

  254. 1656:  
    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It may be a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, but it's far from a lazy Sunday morning here. There's never been a golfing atmosphere or occasion like this. Not at the K Club, not at Celtic Manor, not at any of the Ryder Cups that have been staged in the USA in recent times. Two hours before a ball is hit we had 50,000 people chanting. There have been some witty ripostes from European fans, too. It is really extraordinary."

  255. 1653: 

    Europe's Luke Donald, who goes out first: "I can see eight victories for our team. I'm in high spirits, especially after the finish yesterday. It's going to be an uphill battle but it's my job, as well as some of the other early guys, to get blue on the board. I wanted to go out early and I feel honoured I am going out first. Hopefully I can put the pressure on today and make any putt I see."

  256. 1650: 

    For those of you who like lists, here is what the singles pairings look like (US first):

    Bubba Watson v Luke Donald (17:03 BST)

    Webb Simpson v Ian Poulter (17:14 BST)

    Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy (17:25 BST)

    Phil Mickelson v Justin Rose (17:36 BST)

    Brandt Snedeker v Paul Lawrie (17:47 BST)

    Dustin Johnson v Nicolas Colsaerts (17:58 BST)

    Zach Johnson v Graeme McDowell (18:09 BST)

    Jim Furyk v Sergio Garcia (18:20 BST)

    Jason Dufner v Peter Hanson (18:31 BST)

    Matt Kuchar v Lee Westwood (18:42 BST)

    Steve Stricker v Martin Kaymer (18:53 BST)

    Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari (19:04 BST)

  257. 1648: 

    Deep breaths everyone, deep breaths. It's going to be exciting, very exciting. In just under 10 minutes the extroverted Bubba Watson and the Englishman who has made Chicago his home, Luke Donald, will take their place on the first tee to get the singles under way.

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Poulter, single-handedly, has brought us in with a chance. He birdied the last five holes and won a big point. If we hadn't got that we would have no chance. But the proviso here is 1985 at Oak Hill. We were two points behind going into the singles. But we had an in-form team, we shouldn't have been two points behind. I had 12 players in form whereas Lee Westwood is out of sorts and Martin Kaymer has been struggling coming into this..."

  259. 1644: 

    Just as he did on Saturday, Keegan Bradley has taken a break from practice to visit the spectators on the first tee. Team USA's answer to Bruce Forsyth certainly knows how to work a crowd, waving his arms in the air like a fine conductor as the vociferous patriots sing his name.

  260. 1642: 

    Europe's Ian Poulter: "I will give it 100% today. I can't give any more. The guy are pumped up, I know that from the team room last night. We've got Seve on the arm and we can't ask for more."


    Ed Franklin on Twitter: "European victory v unlikely but looking at singles draw something makes me think maybe. Would love Oli to get revenge for Brookline."

    Craig Walker on Twitter: "Ian Poulter's Ryder Cup psyched up face looks like the Ultimate Warrior figure that I had as a child. C'mon Europe!"

  262. 1636: 

    USA captain Davis Love: "We've put our best players out first as well. They are hot, confident, and like to go out fast. We want our pace of play to go fast in the morning. We've found Europe like to slow us down, so we've put our fast guys out who can run around and get the crowd excited.

    "We've got a plan for why guys are where they are. Match one and match five, of course, are not going necessarily to end in that order.

    "We have 12 guys who are very confident they can go out and win points. I've got 12 great guys. I could have thrown their names up in the end and let them land. Honestly, all my guys are playing very well."

  263. 1633: 

    Europe captain Jose Maria Olazabal: "Ian Poulter gave us a chance last night. It's a slim chance and obviously it will be difficult, but it has been done in the past. If we had lost either of those last two matches today would have been more like Mission Impossible.

    "I could have had any order today. I wanted to put the guys that are on fire, playing well, on those first spots and try to win as many points as possible. I rested Luke on Friday afternoon and told him he is one of my important men. Many of the others are big hitters who are in good form."

  264. 1629: 

    If it wasn't for Ian Poulter's brio then perhaps Europe would not even be in with a whiff of a chance on Singles Sunday. The Englishman helped inspire a late fightback in the fourballs, sinking five birdies on the bounce to rein in Jason Dufner and Zach Johnson's two-point advantage. It was a performance BBC Sport's Peter Alliss described as "quite amazing", but has the fist-pumping eye-popping Poulter got enough energy in reserve to ratchet another point for his team?

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, BBC Radio 5 live

    "USA will win 16 to 12. That's it. I think the Americans have shown all week long that they are the dominant team. They've played well from the very beginning, so will continue doing so and they will finish this off for Captain Love."

  266. 1623: 

    If you don't believe in the impossible then perhaps the always-eloquent Graeme McDowell can use his powers of persuasion to rid you of those negative thoughts.

    "It's absolutely still alive, there's no doubt about it," the Portrush favourite has said. "We have 12 big singles matches and it has happened. We've got to play great but we can absolutely come back from here. There's blood in the water and they are up for it. They have got a head of steam up and we have got to try to stop it."

  267. 1619: 

    Here's the deal: Europe need a 14-14 tie to retain the trophy they brought with them to Chicago, which means winning eight of the 12 Sunday's singles. Basically, Europe need another eight points to retain the title while their challengers, the gentlemen in form, need four-and-a-half points to snatch the cup for the first time since 2008.


    Neil Ralf on Twitter: "No negativity allowed."

    Guto Shon Edwards on Twitter: "Are we going to witness an epic comeback by Europe today? I hope so. Can Poulter play in all 12 singles please?!"

    Karan Khushal on Twitter: "#goeurope you're going to need all the luck you can get."

  269. 1615: 

    Thirteen years ago at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts, America entered the final day of the Ryder Cup having to overturn a 10-6 deficit for victory. Crenshaw's sartorially challenged dozen needed to produce the biggest comeback in the event's history, an improbable feat despite the backing of a frenzied patriotic crowd and a reading of an address from the Battle of the Alamo from then Texas governor George W Bush.

    "Let's go out and kill them," shouted a combative David Duval as he stormed out of the locker room, and destroy the Europeans he and his team-mates did with the hosts winning the first seven matches and a 45ft birdie from Justin Leonard on the 17th clinching an unlikely triumph. The Battle of Brookline was won. Nothing is impossible.

  270. 1610: 

    "I'm a big believer in fate. I have a good feeling. That's all I'm gonna say." USA 1999 Ryder Cup captain Ben Crenshaw ahead of the final day of the Battle of Brookline

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Europe win the Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup Europe win after record comeback

Europe win eight of the 12 singles Ryder Cup matches to beat the USA 14½-13½ in Medinah, having been 10-4 down.