Ryder Cup day one as it happened

USA lead Europe 5-3 after an inspired fourballs session on day one of the 39th Ryder Cup at Medinah.

29 September 2012 Last updated at 16:20

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As it happened

  1. 0038: 

    Alistair Lowe on Twitter: "Phenomenal! Lord Colsaerts immense! Big session tomorrow am, massive selection decisions for Oli. Can't wait!"

  2. 0033: 

    I think I'm going to wrap things up now. Great day's golf, let's just hope Europe don't wear the same outfits tomorrow: it might sound like some 1970s, revisionist World War II movie but heroes don't wear pistachio (unless you're Belgian). Night.


    Paul Wilkinson on Twitter: "Can't help feeling that if Nick Faldo had been captain he'd have been hung drawn and quartered by now."


    Lee Westwood: "I didn't play my best but Nicolas Colsaerts was brilliant to watch. I tried to support him whenever I could but it was one of those amazing days. We didn't just want the half, it was vital we got the win and the full point."


    Christopher Clarey on Twitter: "Belgium might be a small country but Nic Colsaerts has big shoulders. He carried Europe this afternoon."

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I would play Woods tomorrow. He is starting to play much better. He was all over the place in the morning, but was much better in the afternoon. Towards the end, he hit some great shots on the 17th and 18th. Suddenly, under the pressure of the Ryder Cup and the expectations of it, he has come alive."

  7. 0024: 

    Well, European fans, it could have been worse - not a lot Lawrie and Hanson could have done, they were blitzed by Watson and Simpson; McIlroy and McDowell were similarly ambushed by Mickelson and Bradley, the most in-love pairing of the day; Kaymer played like a drain and we might not see him again until Sunday; as for Colsaerts, I'm not sure I want to know what's in his pants, not after his performance today.


    Alistair Lowe on Twitter: "Phenomenal! Lord Colsaerts immense! Big session tomorrow am, massive selection decisions for Oli. Can't wait till tomorrow!"

    James Brandon on Twitter: "Nicolas Colsaerts is a legend! Great round, great interview."

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, Radio 5 live

    "Can't say anything bad about Nicolas Colsaerts today, what a exhibition of golf from him. There was just not enough juice in Tiger's putt at the end there."

  10. 0020: 
    USA 5-3 EUROPE

    This Colsaerts is some character - "you just go with what you've got in your pants," is Nicolas's assessment of the situation, which is borderline genius.

  11. 0018: 
    Westwood/Colsaerts bt Woods/Stricker one up

    Woods stalks his ball, crouches one more time, before standing tall and taking aim... he shapes to pump the fist, only for his ball to die at the last moment. The look on Westwood's face says it all - he knows he's dodged a bullet - while Colsaerts returns the look with a smile so dry, you could use it as kindling.

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, Radio 5 live

    "The crowd converge in front of the green and no-one can do anything about it. It is like the final day. Everyone is well behaved and there is not too much raucous behaviour going on."

  13. 0013: 

    Stricker to play first, chipping from the grass on the upslope of a bunker - great effort, taps it in from there. It's all on Tiger, with 20 foot to go...

  14. 0012: 

    Westwood chipping up the run-off area... gives it a chance but it misses and races miles by. Colsaerts, now, putting from long range for what would be a round of 61... great putt, misses by a couple of feet - however, Woods can still salvage a half, as can Stricker...

  15. 0008: 

    Colsaerts safely on in two, here's Westwood with the ideal angle... not much cop, that, missed the green to the right. That's left the door wide open for the Americans, but Stricker rather bumps his head on the frame, tugging his second into a bunker. Woods only has nine iron left - pretty good, but he's got Colsaerts up his backside again...

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "This match is now crucial. If they can hold on and make it 5-3, Olazabal will say the Americans have had a great day and we are only two behind. How exciting has this been today."

  17. 0001: 

    Down the last we go and all four are safely down there off the tee, Westwood in A1 position...


    Rid Hollands on Twitter: "Move over Tintin. I have a new favourite Belgian... Colsaerts you rock!"

    Jack Finnamore on Twitter: "Colsaerts is single-handedly keeping Europe in the Ryder Cup. Another brilliant putt."

  19. 0000: 
    Kuchar/Johnson bt Rose/Kaymer 3&2

    Rose is already shaking hands with Kaymer before Kuchar has even popped in his putt on the 16th, that makes it 5-2 to the hosts with only one game out on the course. Rose was pretty good, actually, it's just that Kaymer was barely lukewarm.

  20. 2357: 

    COLSAERTS! Even he looks like he can't believe he's just done that, rolling one in from about 25 feet out before lifting his chin cockily towards the crowd. That's eight birdies and an eagle - so far - today, and all of a sudden Woods has got a knee-knocker for a half... straight down the pipe, we're gouging and a kicking all the way down the 18th...

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 European Ryder Cup team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "He was playing poorly, not doing anything and all of a sudden, he is playing like Tiger Woods again. The Americans will not want to lose any of their matches this afternoon and Woods is leading the charge."

  22. 2350: 

    Colsaerts with a seven iron and it only just clambers over. Westwood also with a seven and that's a splendid effort - not quite as good as Woods, but Europe have two goes at it...

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "On the previous hole, Tiger missed the putt under intense pressure, and those putts have started to desert him but when it came to this putt across the green, it fell stone in the middle of the hole and what a celebration. He pointed his finger and marched to the next hole, saying I'm Tiger Woods."

  24. 2350: 

    Stricker rather stabs his tee shot into the drink on 17 - short backswing, wooden swing, a tired-looking shot - but who needs Stricker when you've got Woods? Eight iron and he stiffs it to within a few feet. Tiger's making a lot of people eat humble pie in these championship rounds.

  25. 2347: 
    Woods/Stricker v W'wood/Colsaerts - Europe 1 up after 16

    The whitewash remains on the cards as Woods makes a shape-shifting putt on 16 disappear before marching off the green with a finger pointed to the crowd. All too much for Mickelson, who betrayed all 42 of his years in that shot, rising to his feet with all the grace of an 82-year-old suddenly struck down with lumbago.

  26. 2343: 
    Kuchar/Johnson v Rose/Kaymer - US 3 up after 15

    Westwood, now, chipping from the crown of this bunker - like he was playing with oven gloves on, that's gone about 20 feet past. Johnson makes his putt on 15, that bottom match now dormie three...

  27. 2343: 

    Kuchar for his three on 15... shaves the hole just left... Stricker hasn't been himself this afternoon - probably got a bad back after carrying Tiger for 17 holes this morning - and he misses with his birdie attempt on 16. Rose can't make his three on 15, the door ajar for Johnson...

    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The Americans have been holing the putts. Justin Rose has been fantastic out here and let's just hope he can keep himself together to hole one more."

  29. 2339: 

    Woods with 170 yards. All over the flag, about 12 feet coming back down. Rose at 15, decent chip, left himself a six-footer. Dustin with a naughty bunker escape, somehow getting it to stop about eight feet short, and Kuchar very nearly sticks his escape in, only for it to trickle a fair few feet by...

  30. 2335: 

    Colsaerts can't make up for his iffy first, following it with an iffy second, and it's probably down to Westwood. About 180 yards in and it comes to rest on top of a green-side bunker. Stricker to follow - safely on, although not spectacular. Let's see what Tiger can do...

  31. 2333: 

    Colsaerts' drive is a little errant on 16 as we cut to Kaymer finding drink on 15, I don't think we'll be seeing him again until Sunday. Johnson, Kuchar and Rose all safely up. Woods, feet open wide, carves his drive down the 16th...

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It really is the day for the rookies. Nicholas Colsaerts has almost single-handedly kept Europe in this contest and Keegan Bradley has had a great day for the Americans."


    Tom Lambert on Twitter: "Love is in the air at Medinah 'Wow, Keegan is just fantastic' 'oh my god, I just love playing with Phil'. Gotta love the Americans."

  34. 2327: 
    Woods/Stricker v W'wood/Colsaerts - Europe 2 up after 15

    Westwood can't buy a putt, his third shot bends by the hole and says goodbye. Colsaerts taking plenty of time over this birdie putt before settling over it and rattling it uphill and into the cup. Got to love this guy - from self-confessed clown to European hero in the space of three years, he's nine under through 15 holes. WOODS MISSES! Spooked by the Belgian rookie, Europe back to two up and, my word they needed that. Rose makes a good birdie on 14, that bottom match stays two up USA.

  35. 2321: 

    Outrageous from Westwood - his ball just sitting on the top of some reeds and he splashes out into the heart of the green. Big, hearty grin, which is always good to see in the heat of battle. Dustin back on 14, eagle attempt from the sand, splashes it some way by...

  36. 2317: 

    BROMANCE ALERT! Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson love each other so much it's almost frightening. Colsaerts all over the stick on 15 but it's a case of anything you can do, I can do better from Woods, who's left himself a few feet for par.

    Conor McNamara, BBC golf commentator

    "They may only have one song, but they are singing it loudly.. USA, USA. The two Northern Irishman have been beaten over 17 holes and Phil Mickelson celebrates a phenomenal start to day one of the Ryder Cup."


    World number one Rory McIlroy: "They got off to a fantastic start but we left ourselves too much to do. It is about the team, we need to get through this session and limit the damage."

  39. 2311: 
    Mickelson/Bradley bt McIlroy/McDowell 2&1

    Mickelson's putt is conceded, another point on the board for the hosts. Delirious celebrations on the 17th green - who knows what's going to happen if they win this thing, it could be Rydergeddon. Stricker into the drink, and Westwood follows him in there. Inbetween, Woods sticks one down there with an iron... Colsaerts with a rather tame looking iron, but it's a pitch-off between him and Tiger...

  40. 2307: 
    Woods/Stricker v W'wood/Colsaerts - Europe 1 up after 14

    Colsaerts leaves his putt right, leaving Woods with a massive eight-footer for the hole - never in doubt, Westwood and Colsaerts can feel the hot breath of the Tiger on the back of their necks. Mickelson's stiffed one to within three feet of the pin on 17 - that could be that in that match, McDowell's in the drink.

  41. 2303: 

    Stricker with a snaky downhiller on 14... he hasn't putted well at all today, that was left off the face. McIlroy needs to have a rummage around in his top drawer and pull out something big - great tee shot on 17, makeable birdie chance from there.

  42. 2302: 

    Woods gives that a chance and it's flown eight feet past the hole on 14. Bradley has been a very good boy and been practicing lots - magnificent bunker escape on 16, he and Mickelson are dormie two against McIlroy and McDowell.

  43. 2300: 

    Colsaerts with a rare mis-hit on 14 but that's a crackerjack recovery across the putting surface. Dustin on 13, awkward stance in the sand, and that's miraculous, tap-in from there. Mickelson with a left-to-righter on 16 - decent but that's his third. That's poor from Kaymer, doesn't hit it, the German really struggling for confidence. McIlroy misses by a couple of inches on 16...


    Dan with Woking on 81111 on text: "Colsaerts needs to get ready for 36 holes tomorrow, along with Poulter."

    Geoff in Macclesfield on 81111 on text: "Many people are saying that Olazabal should have picked Poulter this afternoon, but if he had then most likely, as a wild card, Colsaerts would have not played and he has been immense. Not sure we would have been better off if Poulter had played."

    Adam on 81111 on text: "Crucial Saturday decisions to be made by Olly. Can't help thinking he should have gone with Donald and Poulter in place of Westwood and Kaymer tonight..."

  45. 2257: 

    Kaymer, who hasn't had a birdie all day, pulls out a plum on the 245-yard par-three 13th, to make up for Rose's mistake. Kuchar's tee shot isn't much cop, a some low-hanging fruit for the German if only he can reach it.

  46. 2255: 

    Looks like a hell of a day over in Chicago, as Rose plonks one in the drink on 13, that wasn't even close. McDowell, searching for a fade, double-crosses himself and it's left to McIlroy to plonk one safely onto the 16th green. Bradley leaks his second right on 16...

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's been a great day for the rookies. Colsaerts has been the star man for Europe, but Dufner, Bradley and Watson have been brilliant for the States. They've taken to the Ryder Cup, and while Europe have only one rookie in their ranks the USA have four."

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "In the hole from Justin Rose! Fantastic, and about time one dropped for Europe. They win the hole, and Rose decides now is time to eat a banana... and puts almost half into his mouth at once! Chew on that..."

  49. 2244: 
    Kuchar/Johnson v Rose/Kaymer - US 2 up after 12

    Colsaerts mashes his drive down the 14th and Westwood follows him down there. Stricker also on the money and here's Woods... steps away and tells the snappers to put their cameras away, politely I should add, before clobbering his ball into some punters... Rose has finally holed one, it's been pretty dismal fare in that match, and that's Europe's hole as Kuchar misses with his long-range attempt.

  50. 2242: 
    Woods/Stricker v Westwood/Colsaerts - Europe 2 up after 13

    Mickelson with his second at 15 - dreamy, low flight, gets it to grip and it finishes a few feet from the hole. McIlroy chipping from the front of the green and that's ordinary by his standards, still plenty of chicken on that particular bone. Colsaerts with a putt to win the hole... this boy is smoking, he's playing like Seve reborn, big old birdie to make it two up again in that match. Westwood grins from ear to ear and punches his partner's fist, he knows how much he owes him.

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Radio 5 live

    "This Westwood-Colsaerts match is absolutely crucial in the outcome of the whole event. All of the players from either side who aren't playing have turned up. We've seen Zach Johnson, Keegan Bradley, Jason Dufner, Brandt Snedeker, Francesco Molinari, Davis Love III, Darren Clarke. It's the crunch match and everyone knows it."

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, Radio 5 live

    "Thirteenth hole, 230 yards over water, downhill, all these people watching? I'm terrified just looking at it..."

  53. 2234: 

    Colsaerts all over the pin with his tee shot on 13, he's basking in this limelight, absolutely lapping it up. Westwood over, too... Bradley gets his ball inside McIlroy's on the 15th, that's a putt-off, two eagle attempts coming right up...

  54. 2232: 

    Stricker with this no-frills swing of his and he's right into the guts of the green on 13. McIlroy finds the front edge on 15, that's a monster drive, as we shoot back back to 13, where Tiger's found a bunker. Rose hanging on with a clutch putt for a half on 11 but he and the out-of-sorts Kaymer remain three down.

  55. 2227: 
    Mickelson/Bradley v McIlroy/McDowell - US two up after 14

    McIlroy and McDowell nick a hole back on 14 as Bradley misses to the right, that match not over yet - where's that European flag graphic gone?

  56. 2226: 

    McIlroy with a sweet chip at 14 to put the pressure on and make up for his partner's failings and Bradley is no match for that. Stricker for a three on 12 - starts right and stays right. Westwood has got a 12-footer for the hole after a fine six iron... story of his golfing life, doesn't hit it...

    Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport at Medinah

    "Legions of half-cut, 100% happy Americans stumbling round the fairways. And why not - with Bubba and Webb Simpson's mangling of Lawrie and Hanson likely to be followed by at least two more points from the three matches still out on the course, this is turning into a perfect afternoon for US captain Davis Love and his 12 good men."

    Hazel Irvine, BBC Sport

    "I love this place. It's fantastic, with a great atmosphere. I'm doing highlights for BBC television, which go out in about 90 minutes. I'm running around trying to grab last-minute interviews. I'm in a neutral mode at the moment, because there's an awfully long way to go. But this has gone well for America in the afternoon."

  59. 2222: 

    Kaymer looking to thread one through the trees - he does so, but comes up short of the green. McDowell, having laid up, blobs his third short into a trap. Just no fizz-bang this afternoon from the Europeans, Ollie's going have to rebottle his ingredients this evening, give it a shake and see what comes out tomorrow.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Dave Stockton, USA Ryder Cup captain in 1991, on 5 live Sport: "I think the rookies are going to decide the Ryder Cup this year. A lot of the veterans have scar tissue, particularly in the American team. The rookies don't have the negative feelings. This is fun for me, at my age, to be out here with the kids."

  61. 2218: 

    McDowell has got 296 yards to the pin on 14 and skipper Olazabal a quick word with him and suggests he lays up, which he does. Mickelson finds the bunker with his second before Bradley bangs his second over the back - that's massive, he's carried that 280 yards. McIlroy follows him over...


    Webb Simpson, after partnering Bubba Watson to a 5&4 win over Paul Lawrie and Peter Hanson, said: "I had a great partner in Bubba. He played unbelievable golf and he's a great guy to have by my side. We just made a bunch of birdies which you have to do in this format."

    Bubba Watson on whipping the crowd up to an exciteable frenzy on the first tee before hitting his opening shot: "I told the European team if I'm going to play bad I'm going to at least have fun on the first tee shot."


    Mike in Chester on 81111: "Shouldn't criticise Jose yet. He has a strong team and there is a long way to go."

    Matt in Leicester on 81111: "Ollie's got a huge decision to make for morning foursomes. Surely Colsaerts has got to play, but who with? Will he split the Macs up?"

  64. 2212: 

    Twelfth tee, Tiger Woods, dogleg left to right... Woods lets fly but the recovery is on hold, that's ugly and right in the jungle. Colsaerts, undisputed star of the European team this afternoon, clobbers his drive down the middle, as does playing partner Westwood. Rose misses a very makeable putt on 10 but knocks in for par for a half, that's a big chance gone begging on 10.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Webb Simpson's first match in Ryder Cup play yielded 10 birdies in 14 holes with Bubba Watson. There wasn't much Peter Hanson or Paul Lawrie could do in their 5&4 defeat and their games looked better as the match progressed. Davis Love will be thrilled with his Watson/Simpson combo, they gave the US the perfect start to the afternoon - not just a point but a dominant one that could inspire the rest of the American team."

  66. 2207: 
    Woods/Stricker v Westwood/Colsaerts - Europe one up

    That's all Europe need, Tiger's turned up to the party, bending in a screamer from 20-odd feet on 11 to get back to one down. Nothing dropping for Europe, meanwhile, as Mclroy sees another one fly by...

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Peter Hanson rather summed up the European effort by knifing a bunker shot over the green. The Swede then trudged over like Wallander on a rainy day, because America have crushed Lawrie and Hanson. They were just not good enough against a really in-form Watson and Simpson."

  68. 2159: 

    Stricker and Woods safely on at 11, here's Colsaerts with a wedge. Bit awry, advantage Team America. Unless Westwood can conjure something... too big out of the rough, although they're not dead yet...


    Simon from Warminster on 81111 on text: "If this is all down to putting why is Europe's best putter Luke Donald watching and not playing?"

    Dave on 81111 on text: "And some people said a few weeks ago that Colsaerts was a bad pick for the team!"

    Roy in Sandy on 81111 on text: "Keep calm and sink putts. Long way to go..."

  70. 2157: 
    Watson/Simpson bt Lawrie/Hanson 5&4

    Hanson looks hollow, washed-out, like he's just awoken from a mugging. Lawrie very nearly sticks his bunker escape in but it misses by inches and races miles by. This game could be over right here... Watson to serve first, just a feather down the hill, and he only needs the one putt, that's a spanking victory in anyone's vernacular.

  71. 2153: 

    Bubba into 14 with a nine iron - this hole is 600 yards - and he's into the heart of the green. McIlroy rolls in for a half on 12, but the Northern Irish pair remain three down. That's ugly from Hanson - full swing from a green-side bunker and he thins it, his ball flying head height into the grandstand wall over the other side.

  72. 2148: 
    Woods/Stricker v Westwood/Colsaerts - Europe two up

    Colsaerts, eyes burning with intent, sweeps in his eagle putt to take him and Westwood two up against Woods and Stricker. If Europe could only escape with a point from that one...

  73. 2147: 

    Kaymer is labouring, that's a really poor putt on nine, and Rose is playing a lone hand in that partnership. Westwood chipping off the collar of a bunker and his ball slides eight feet by, Colsaerts could have that one covered, though. Dustin can't make it four up on nine, Kaymer and Rose clinging on.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Jose Maria Olazabal is playing a long game here to keep players fresh for Sunday. Clearly there's a strategy there which he is entitled to, considering his players are all in the top 30 in the world. But it is curious not to have Poulter playing, considering he is such an inspirational player and he played so well this morning."

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It doesn't look great for Europe. We've somehow got to get a point this afternoon. That would be key, as far as our captain is concerned. We have great players and they will go into the clubhouse tonight very angry with themselves and very keen to make amends tomorrow.

    "Europe would probably be doing better if Garcia and Poulter were playing, but it's easy with hindsight. It's often a good idea to give everyone a taste of the golf course on the Friday. But take an overview: the Americans are putting brilliantly, at a new level. Webb Simpson, Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson are out of this world."

  76. 2144: 

    Bradley, ball miles below his feet, parachutes into the 12th. McIlroy, with a three-quarter swing, isn't quite so accurate. Colsaerts looking to cut one into the 10th and what a shot that is, even the Americans liked that one - the Belgian rookie is perhaps playing better than anyone out there.


    Rich in Leicester on 81111: "Looks like we are going to need a big morning tomorrow for Europe, looks like a really good american team, knocking a lot of putts in."

    Nick on 81111: "Whats wrong with Westwood? Colsaerts has been brilliant yet Lee shows him no love!!"

  78. 2140: 

    Here's Lawrie, however, to win the 13th hole - long-ranger, uphill, stays right. The Goose Island ales beginning to kick in, plenty of beery cries of "U-S-A! U-S-A!" as Mickelson bends one from behind the trees and into the heart of the green. A quick scan of the Goose Island Wikipedia entry reveals they once brewed a stout called Night Stalker - you've got to admire the honesty of those old advertising guys.

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Nicolas Colsaerts, take a bow. This is an amazing performance. He has been absolutely nerveless. He has hit five birdies in nine holes on his Ryder Cup debut and he has got Europe 1 up in this absolutely crucial match."

  80. 2135: 

    Stricker drills one down the middle on 10 and Woods follows him down there. Westwood and Colsaerts were already waiting for them. In case you've forgotten about Paul Lawrie since his last appearance in a Ryder Cup in 1999, here's a reminder: Hobbies? Aberdeen Football Club and cars. Favourite Food? Penne Bolognese. Favourite Film? Braveheart. Favourite Place? Outside Scotland, would have to be Dubai. Him and Hanson are in staring over the precipice, Bubba's almost lobbed one in from a bunker on 13...

  81. 2131: 
    Woods/Stricker v Westwood/Colsaerts - Europe one up

    Colsaerts is carrying Westwood at the moment, the Belgian rookie making another monster disappear on nine to go one up. McIlroy and McDowell almost get another one back in the marquee match... but Mickelson, the swine, knocks in a 20-footer for a half on 11...

  82. 2128: 

    I don't want to sound mean, but someone's got to say it - Ollie could be in for a Faldoesque shellacking after this, especially given the talent we've got with their feet up in the clubhouse. Lawrie with a fine saver on 12 but it's only delaying the inevitable, he and Hanson stay five down.

  83. 2123: 

    Bubba clattered his tee shot down the 12th but his second is all touch, he's got a shortish one for birdie. I don't like the look of this, I don't like the look of this at all - and I'm not talking about the view from my desk in Salford.


    Anon on 81111 on text: "5-3 by close of play is looking the best case scenario. A point and half would feel like a victory at this stage!"

    Anon on 81111 on text: "McIlroy and McDowell to start the charge on the back nine. This is not done yet."

    Don't forget to put your names on those texts, people...

  85. 2119: 

    Kuchar into the heart of the green at eight, very makeable birdie putt from there. Dustin all over the flag stick and over the back, the blood up in that swing. McDowell with his second at 11 and that's wild and windy and into the patrons. Lawrie at the 12th and that's a doozy, loanding left of the pin and curling towards the hole.


    Ian Poulter, on not playing in Friday afternoon's fourballs: "It's not disappointing. Well, I would love to have played five matches, but I realise that we are a team. That team is very, very, very strong this year, and Ollie really wanted to get everybody playing on Friday.

    "So four guys have got to change from the morning round, and that's obviously going to be difficult. Ollie said to me that he would like to keep me fresh going through Saturday, Sunday. I found out Thursday afternoon."

    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I hate to say it, but Justin Rose needs help from his partner right now. Rose can't do it on his own, he needs support from Kaymer."

  88. 2116: 
    Watson/Simpson v Lawrie/Hanson - US 5 up after 11; D Johnson/Kuchar v Rose/Kaymer - US 3 up after 7

    Lawrie nicks a hole back on 11, but he and Hanson are five down. That's only the fifth hole Europe have won in the fourballs and they've just lost another won on seven, Kuchar hitting and Rose missing as Europe go three down in that match. Europe drowning in birdies out there, they desperately need someone to do something big and create an air hole.

  89. 2112: 

    Mickelson's rapped a bunker escape against the pin and seen his ball ricochet 15 yards from the hole. Westwood can't buy a putt out there and Bradley's got an eagle putt to go four up over on 10 - left off the clubface. Stricker can't make Westwood pay, Bradley makes his putt for a half, he and Mickelson stay three up on McIlroy and MCDowell.

    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Europe need something to happen in this match, because Johnson and Kuchar are looking rather comfortable..."

  91. 2105: 

    Stricker with a peach to within 10 feet on eight. Woods to follow, and that's pretty decent as well. The rampant Bradley on 10 and he's thrashed his second to within 12 feet off the pin, that could be yet more grief for Europea's marquee pair. Europe will be lucky to get out of this 5-3 down. In fact, that would be a Dunkirkian triumph.

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, Radio 5 live

    "Tiger Woods has hit some fairways this afternoon, including nailing one here. Maybe he is working something out, and America desperately need Tiger on their side to get some points."

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The decision to rest Poulter is looking very questionable. The Americans are holing everything they are looking at while Europe's putters are cold. Poulter's is rarely anything other than red hot in Ryder Cups."


    Stuart Trigwell on Twitter: "Colsaerts you absolute animal! Not only do you hit the ball 350 yards off the tee, you can do it whilst carrying Lee Westwood."


    Mike Flynn on Twitter: "Peter Hanson and Paul Lawrie? Would've been better off playing Alan Hansen and Mark Lawro!"


    Anon on 81111 on text: "This is slaughter. Plain and simple. Ollie needs to look at some of these pairings and ask himself some pretty difficult questions later. Like where is Poulter?"

    Rich in London on 81111 on text: "What to say to Hanson and Lawrie? You may be about to suffer a record Ryder Cup defeat, but you're still playing the game you love..."

    Scott on 81111 on text: "What a awesome job the greenkeepers are doing. The course looks the best I've seen all year."

  97. 2102: 

    Many thanks Peter Scrivener, this is indeed Ben Dirs, looking to turn the red tide. McDowell rips one into the 10th with his rescue club and it dribbles left into a bunker. Lawrie just makes the 11th and stiffs his ball to within a few feet of the hole, needs that, if only for some pride.

  98. 2100: 

    Westwood has missed his birdie putt from 20 feet. Stricker up next, putting out of turn as is allowed in fourball format, rolls in his short effort and that means Colsaerts will have to knock his tester in to halve the hole. He's holed several longer than this already today and that's poses no real problems as the ball falls into the centre of the hole. Match stays all square. And on that note, having not brought Europe much luck, here's a well-fed Dirs to take you through the back nine.

  99. 2057: 

    Joy for Peter Hanson. He's halved the 10th with a 12-foot putt but the Europeans are still six down. Stricker's approach on seven came up short but he's hit a lovely chip and run with his third shot to a couple of feet. Colsaerts will have a putt to win the hole - but it's all of 50 feet straight up the green and he's pushed that five feet right.

  100. 2053: 

    Want a quick round-up of where we are? Here you go then...

    The top two matches are dominated by the Americans. Webb Simpson won the first two holes and Bubba Watson three more to be 6 up through nine over Paul Lawrie and Peter Hanson.

    Hot on their heels, Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell are suffering, four down to Ryder Cup veteran Phil Mickelson and debutant Keegan Bradley.

    Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar are also winning for USA, two up through six over Martin Kaymer and Justin Rose.

    All is not lost though. Nicolas Colsaerts and Lee Westwood are all square against Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker.

  101. 2051: 

    Kuchar rolls in on six for the half against Rose and Kaymer and here's some fight from McDowell on the ninth - he's stiffed a wedge to a couple of feet.

  102. 2050: 

    Everything going the way of the home side at the moment. Dustin Johnson out of a fairway bunker on the sixth and he's stuck that to four feet. But Rose stomps all over the party, rolling in a 12-footer for at least a half. On the par-five seventh, Westwood fires one low under the branches of a tree back into the fairway. Stricker's had a touch of luck with the lie and and has a shot to the green, but Colsaerts is the only one finding the short stuff.

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "This is looking ominous for me. A fantastic American birdie and Europe couldn't counter it. Europe have sent out Ian Poulter and Sergio Garcia to follow this match and lend some moral support to Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell, who are going to have to dig in."

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It does seem as though things are going inexorably towards America, certainly the top two matches. Olazabal may just write those two off."

  105. 2040: 
    Mickelson/Bradley v McIlroy/McDowell - US 4 up after 8

    Flatsticks are out on eight and Mickelson is up first and Bradley hurries in to check the line as his team-mate's ball wanders off right. Has Bradley learned anything? The cheers tell you all you need to know. Another clenched first from Keegan. But here's McDowell from a dozen feet and the same line but the former US Open champion's ball follows Mickelson and it's another hole gone.


    Tom on 81111 on text: "Webb is a rookie but he ripped it up with Bubba at the Presidents Cup last year."

    Tim in Marlow on 81111 on text: "Don't worry, Europe fans. We only need 12 more points to retain the Cup, and I reckon we'll get seven of those in the singles!"

  107. 2031: 
    Kuchar/Johnson v Rose/Kaymer - US 2 up after 5

    Another body blow for Europe as Justin Rose misses a five-foot birdie putt on the fifth but from a similar distance and line, Matt Kuchar drains his to put his team two up. Ahead on the eighth, all four players are on the green with their tee shots. McDowell, Mickelson and Bradley all short of the flag and between 15-20 feet away. McIlroy's left himself with a long 'un.

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 European Ryder Cup team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "How did he do that? How did he make four there? He was 50 yards left of the green with his second shot, but somehow there was a gap or opportunity for Mickelson to get it onto the green and that's all he needed."

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Peter Hanson and Paul Lawrie will be wondering whether they will see action again before the singles. They are on the wrong end of a hammering and scoreboard pressure may mean Olazabal steers clear of them tomorrow. They have to show some form in the remaining holes even if coming from six down after eight is beyond them."

  110. 2030: 

    Tiger squirts one out from the trees on six and that scuttles across the fairway and into the rough. Westwood from 213 yards and he just makes the front left of the green. Flag back left though. Can Colsaerts go closer from 200 yards out? Just a seven iron and he's drilled that pin high, 10 feet right. Stricker, like Woods, nudging out from underneath the trees. Game on.

  111. 2027: 
    Mickelson/Bradley v McIlroy/McDowell - US three up after seven

    Let's head back to the seventh green. McIlroy's birdie putt never threatens the hole but Mickelson's does and he punches the air as the ball drops. Pressure back on Europe. McDowell needs this to stay at two down and he's hit that too hard, ball spinning off the lip. Swings and roundabouts this fourball lark - a moment ago, Europe looked like they may get back to one down, they are now back to three down.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Scott Verplank, a USA vice-captain, on 5 live Sport: "Nicolas Colsaerts has been impressive. Everyone knows he hits a long way but he's holed some good putts.

    "I didn't watch Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker play, although obviously they got beaten. We talked about them, but Davis Love, the guy at the top, made the call.

    "Bubba and Webb have been playing great in practise and they are both so excited. They are the Masters champion and the US Open champion, so they're both pretty good. They are on fire, and they like being out here.

    "The Ryder Cup is much more fun to play, but it's good to be here. These are all my friends so it's good to be part of the team."

  113. 2023: 

    Keegan Bradley is also in the sand on the seventh. Big swing and follow through and that looks a decent effort but the ball doesn't check and he's 10 feet by. Advantage Europe. On the sixth and Westwood and Colsaerts find the fairway with their drives. Woods wayward and in the trees.

  114. 2021: 

    Mickelson in a spot of bother on the seventh, in the rubbish to the left of the green on the par five. Not the usual precise wedge magic from Lefty and that is scuttling a dozen feet beyond the flag. Both McIlroy and McDowell are in the sand. The younger Northern Irishman up first and he's thinned that some 40 feet past. Watch the old man Rory - McDowell nips his out to about four feet.

    Karen Stupples, Solheim Cup player, BBC Radio 5 live

    "This is going to be a really big hill to climb for Lawrie and Hanson. The Europeans haven't really combined very well and they've struggled to make birdies. But look at Watson and Simpson, who are destroying this golf course never mind the opposition."


    Gary Isbell on Twitter: "Hanson & Lawrie; possibly the weakest pairing in Ryder Cup history."

    Rid Hollands on Twitter: "Watson/Simpson killing Lawrie/Hanson #murderball"

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The morning session lived up to all expectations. But this afternoon is being dominated by America."

  118. 2017: 
    Watson/Simpson v Lawrie/Hanson - US 6 up after 8:

    Back on the fifth and Colsaerts continues to nail the putts. The Belgian flicks his bunker shot to 10 feet and nonchalantly knocks in the birdie to heap the pressure back on the Americans. Both Stricker and Tiger have testy putts to halve. Stricker up first and he's dragged that left. Over to you Tiger. An almost identical putt, just 18 inches closer and Woods learns from his playing partner. Watson on eight for that birdie. Never in doubt and the US are six up after eight in the top match.

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "You wouldn't expect both players, Lawrie and Hanson, to be out of hope, but Bubba Watson is on fire."

  120. 2013: 

    Hello. My first duty is to let you know of another terrific USA shot. It's big Bubba again with his tee shot on the par-three eighth leaving himself a four-footer for birdie. Lee Westwood on the fifth and his lengthy eagle putt pulls up four feet short. Here's Tiger to win the hole...and that's curling, curling, curling, but not quite enough and it's rolling five, six, seven feet by.

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Nicolas Colsaerts has been a real star for Europe. He's hitting it a long, long way and he's lining the putts up beautifully."

  122. 2009: 

    I'm going to take a short break, hopefully Peter Scrivener will bring Europe more luck than I did. Before I go, and just in case I should die writing this, I would like it known that I want the Sky cut-to-ad music played as my coffin enters the flames.


    Pete on 81111 on text: "Not worried just yet, the score today can be reversed tomorrow. It will come down to the singles as usual."

    Ade on 81111 on text: "Shocking pairing for Europe in that top match. What was Olly thinking dropping Poulter? Utter madness."

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's hard to see Peter Hanson and Paul Lawrie coming back from this. The USA are in total control."

  125. 2007: 
    Watson/Simpson v Lawrie/Hanson - US five up after seven; Mickelson/Bradley v McIlroy/McDowell - US two up after six:

    McIlroy and McDowell have got one back in the second match as Mickelson misses his long-range par putt. Good body language from the Mac Lads, arm in arm as they bound springily from the green. But it's not such good news in the top match, Bubba putting he and Simpson five up after seven. Ouch.

  126. 2005: 

    Stricker with his approach at five, 210 yards, safely on the green. Westwood finds the front of the green and here's Woods, also from 204 yards. Pretty good, also, looks like Tiger's had a little word with himself. Colsaerts outdrive them all but that's not very good from there, leaked right into a bunker.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent

    "Colsaerts is off to a fine start. Just because he hits it miles doesn't mean he is only qualified for fourballs. On this evidence Olazabal must be thinking of playing him all day tomorrow. Still early days, but a good start for the first Belgian to play Ryder Cup golf."

  128. 2001: 

    Mickelson's third at the sixth and his ball only just clambers out of the sand, like a wave-beaten crab. Keegan's recovery races past the pin and here's Rory from beneath a tree - shot of the day, that's magnificent, stiffed it to within a couple of feet. McDowell is on the dancefloor in the proper number and he's got a 40-footer to win the hole... huge right-to-left break but it comes up just short, but it was a free putt anyway.


    Danny G on Twitter: "Come on team Euro not out of it yet!"

    James Jessop on Twitter: "The difference is: USA appear to have the ability to redeem the situation when a few shots behind, not sure we possess that ability."

  130. 1955: 
    Woods/Stricker v Westwood/Colsaerts - All square:

    Rose with a 20-footer to win the the third, leaves it just right, Kuchar pops in for a half. Colsaerts is steaming out there, he's bent in a monster on the fourth to get that match back to all square. The fist pump more effusive this time, he's growing into this thing. McIlroy and Bradley balloon their approaches on six, Mickelson also in some strife, chipping into a green-side bunker...

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "On the 18th green, in front of me, the most lavish lawn mowing exercise is taking place. Synchronised lawn mowing. It looks absolutely fantastic, glistening in the sunshine, but the way it's going at the moment they may as well not bother as not many matches are going to get to the 18th today."

  132. 1945: 
    Watson/Simpson v Lawrie/Hanson - US four up after six:

    Mickelson it was who halved the fifth hole with birdie, he and Bradley are four under after five. The top game drifting away from Europe, Bubba has just nailed a birdie on six to take a four-hole lead, much more of that and Ollie will have to write that off.

  133. 1945: 

    ... bit tame from McIlroy, although McDowell's was conceded for birdie. Mickelson misses left and it's up to Keegan to scramble a half. Stricker's second on four skips gaily through the green and into the bunker while Westwood plays a rock-solid approach. Woods with a wedge, that's a pretty good shot.

  134. 1940: 

    Simpson left-side of six, out of the white stuff, and what a shot that is, to within 10 feet. Bradley to hit first, but you could die waiting with this fella... eventually plops it on and that's another birdie chance on five. Mickelson missed the green with his second and what a shot this is from McDowell, circus stuff as he sends it skywards, parachutes it in and watches as it misses by an inch. McIlroy from long range for eagle, could do with this...


    Patrick McLaughlin on Twitter: "Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley is a blossoming bromance. Reminiscent of Westwood Garcia in previous Ryder Cups."

    Greg on Twitter: "Europe need at least a point, ideally one and a half this afternoon. Looking tough with the Yanks playing so well."

    Neil on Twitter: "Ted on 81111: didn't realize that the 'perfect non breaking boring greens' played differently for the Europeans."

  136. 1936: 
    Johnson/Kuchar v Rose/Kaymer - All square:

    McDowell wild into the par-five fifth as Stricker takes aim... misses left, Europe let off... McIlroy needs a good hit and he gets one, with a slice of luck slapped onto the side of his plate - scuttles through the bunker and onto the back of the green. Great long-range putt from Dustin on two, back to all square in the bottom match.

  137. 1933: 

    Westwood into the guts of the green at the second, then again they all are, Stricker best of all. Webb Simpson showing exactly why he's the US Open champion, making a clutch putt on five to cancel out Paul Lawrie's birdie. Woods on two, comes up just short - he's just another player today. Colsaerts for another birdie at three - that's not nice, that horseshoed all the way round the hole. Good start from the rookie, he looks like he might enjoy this. Westwood slides by, which means Stricker has a 12-footer to go two up...

  138. 1924: 

    Mickelson misses just left with his birdie effort on four and Bradley has a four-footer to halve the hole... lips out, Mickelson with another go... makes it, they stay three up over the Northern Irish pair...

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Sport

    The atmosphere has been superb and Bubba Watson is doing his best to whip that up. This crowd is very frisky and, at the moment, they have plenty to cheer about. It's difficult to stop that momentum for Europe because the crowd gets lifted. Lawrie and Hanson need to start making a few birdies to stop the rot.


    Carl Longhawn on Twitter: "Could already be looking ominous for Europe, America are on a charge that doesn't look like relenting."

    Ted on 81111: "Nice to see the Americans nailing everything on their perfect non breaking boring greens."

  141. 1921: 
    Rose/Kaymer v Johnson/Kuchar - Europe one up after one:

    Over on four and here's McIlroy with his third - few feet short of the hole, decent enough effort. Rose squeezes in an eight-footer to go one up over Johnson and Kuchar on the first, very much a case of driving for show, putting for dough, the first dash of blue on the scoreboard.

  142. 1918: 

    McIlroy with his second into the fourth, 147 yards out... that's not great, trickling off the front, while Mickelson was bang into the heart. Colsaerts makes a longun at the second before pouring forth with a rather self-effacing fist pump, but from such small fist-pumps mighty Ryder Cup careers are born. Stricker makes his short one for par, half in birdie two. It was probably Mark Twain who would have written: "Stever Stricker could walk from Land's End to John o' Groats and no Scotsman or Englishman would recognise him." True, but he's a blimmin' good putter.

  143. 1913: 
    Watson/Simpson v Lawrie/Hanson - US three up after four:

    There's no other way of saying this: Europe are being smashed to pieces all over the battlefield. Simpson bends in a birdie putt on four to go three up against the hapless Lawrie and Hanson. Stricker with a magnificent tee shot on the par-three second, the Chicago crowds rocking and rolling on top of some foaming waves...

  144. 1910: 

    Kaymer and Rose get chocs away, before Matt Kuchar follows them down there and the monstrous hitting Dustin Johnson marmalises his drive 400 yards down the middle of the short stuff. A cry of "yabba-dabba-doo" from the gallery, which you have to admire if only for its sense of cultural history.


    Jenna in Edinburgh on 81111: "Very mature interview from Poulter there, must be secretly gutted not to play this afternoon. Think it's a good plan to get everyone out playing today. Brave call to keep Woods in but sure it'll pay off!"

  146. 1906: 

    Woods/Stricker v Westwood/Colsaerts - US one up after one: Colsaert's birdie effort is afraid of the dark, having a look before just lipping out. Here's Woods from 15 feet - the first fist pump that I've seen from him today, a lovely little right-to-left bender in a bun for the hole.

  147. 1901: 
    Mickelson/Bradley v McIlroy/McDowell - US three up after three:

    McDowell up the hill on three... looked in all the way but a bit too hard, over the cellophane bridge. Bradley to win the hole from four feet... birdie number three for the top US pair, McIlroy and McDowell being buried...

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Luke Donald on 5 live Sport: "We played solidly but they just played a little better. They made some great birdies. We just didn't quite make enough putts.

    "The atmosphere out there is loud and raucous and what you'd expect from a Ryder Cup. It's always tough to play away from home and the boys are hanging in there."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Sergio Garcia on 5 live Sport: "Three great putts of ours lipped out. If they go in, different story. That is matchplay. You need momentum on your side and unfortunately we didn't have it today and they won."

  150. 1900: 

    Mickelson playing from the wilds of the course and just makes the front of the green with his second on three. Keegan Bradley has had his spinach this morning, he hit his drive 390 yards, which is borderline unbelievable. Here he is from the sand... good shot, bit of light garnish to go with that meat off the tea. MICKELSON CHIPS IN... CHIPS IN... NO, BOUNCES OFF THE PIN! MCILROY VERY NEARLY CHIPS IN! IT'S ALL GOING OFF OUT THERE!

  151. 1853: 

    Next up it's Belgian debutant Nicolas Colsaerts with the veteran Lee Westwood, against Tiger and Stricker. For those of you who don't know much about Colsaerts, you can be forgiven - he was outside the top 1,000 only three years ago before bucking up his ideas, ending his wild ways and getting into shape. He sends his first Ryder Cup drive down the middle, as does Westwood, as does Stricker, as does, miracle of miracles, Woods...

  152. 1850: 

    Iffy drive from Bradley on three and here's Phil Mickelson, pumped up like a beach ball and fit to burst. That's not great, think he's got a skier. McIlroy clobbers his drive down the middle, McDowell is generous with his plaudits...

  153. 1846: 
    Mickelson/Bradley v McIlroy/McDowell - US two up after two:

    Mickelson makes his birdie putt after McDowell misses just left, the United States all over Europe like a cheap suit at the moment. But that's stout defence from Hanson, making an eight-footer disappear for a half on three.

  154. 1846: 

    Hanson matches Simpson blow for blow at three, both men pulling out stellar pitch shots, as we shift back to the second. WHAT A PUTT FROM BUBBA! That looks like being three up for the USA in the top match, Hanson and Lawrie oscillating wildly already and hanging on for dear life.

  155. 1843: 

    The order has been revised so as to give Justin Rose a bit more of a respite after his efforts this morning, which means next up we've got Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker against Dustin Johnson and Nicolas Colsaerts. Mickelson with a peach of an approach into the second, his ball just tip-toeing over the water, but McDowell faces him down...

  156. 1839: 

    Not a good start from Hanson and Lawrie, who is playing in his second Ryder Cup 13 years after his first, neither man able to make par at the second. I can't help thinking Olazabal might come in for a bit of stick for dropping Poulter, certainly if things don't pan out as he might have wanted this afternoon.

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson have got off to a flyer, but the Europeans have only themselves to blame on the second. Neither could make par."

  158. 1835: 

    Mickelson/Bradley v McIlroy/McDowell - US one up after one: Bradley drains his birdie putt on the first and McDowell can't match him, sliding his effort a couple of inches left of the cup. Early advantage to the Americans in the afternoon session, but plenty of time to hit back.

  159. 1832: 

    Watson/Simpson v Lawrie/Hanson - US two up after two: On hole two, Peter Hanson of Sweden for a half from four feet, lips out - Europe two down after two.


    Barry from Luton on 81111 on text: "Poulter - YOU LEGEND!"

    Ginger Golf Fan in Edinburgh on 81111 on text: "Poulter must be secretly gutted not to play this afternoon, but I think it's a good plan to get everyone out playing today. Brave call to keep Woods in, but I'm sure it'll pay off."

    Jack in Shawford on 81111 on text: "36 holes in one day! Who said golf was for fat old men?"


    Carl Longhawn on Twitter: "Got to feel that America will be happy with 2-2 from the foursomes, particularly with Mickelson/Bradley winning against a star pair."

    Ad Harkin on Twitter: "Honestly cannot believe Tiger is heading out again. Is this bold or stupid from Love."

  162. 1828: 

    Many believe Phil Mickelson is nicknamed 'Lefty' because he plays golf left-handed - not so. Mickelson was actually active in student politics in his youth and was never seen without a copy of Das Kapital when on the college golf scene. Rumour has it that Tiger Woods, himself a keen historian of post-War industrial action in Britain, calls him Scargill. No idea what he's doing at the moment, there are no TV pictures or radio words at the moment...

  163. 1823: 

    Watson/Simpson v Lawrie/Hanson - US one up after one: Webb Simpson's second into the first sucks back towards the hole and he's the only one to make birdie, the USA one up after one.

  164. 1823: 

    Second match out there now and it's the headliner, McIlroy and McDowell v Mickelson and Bradley. McIlroy has missed the fairway just left, McDowell just right. Here's US Open champion Keegan Bradley, built like a bus ticket, hits it like bullio, straight down the middle. Mickelson gets away with one, leaking it just right...

  165. 1819: 

    As my radio colleague Andrew Cotter has pointed out, Bubba's caddie was actually encouraging the gallery to cheer throughout his swing, which pretty much makes him a game-changer.

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "We've seen Bubba Watson teeing off in his match with Webb Simpson. It's the first tee shot I've seen where roaring and applauding was encouraged during the swing. Bubba, his caddy and other players asked the crowd to make as much noise as possible as he hit his drive. Then he smoked it down the middle, so there you go."


    Mark Bigault on Twitter: "Who'd have thought golf fans could make football supporters seem musical and verbose?"

    Ryan Lightfoot on Twitter: "Poulter you beauty! Love the passion the players have. Nice to see."

  168. 1817: 

    This is the first time since 1997 that's it's been all square after the morning session which probably means absolutely nothing, but someone else told me so I thought I'd tell you anyway. What say of you Ollie's decision to drop Poulter for the fourballs? And what about Love's decision to keep Woods out there? Looks almost like cruelty to me. Send me a letter or something and I might get back to you about it.

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Poulter and Rose are like brothers in arms. They'll play together again before this competition is out. A draw, as the scores are now, will do me. That means we retain the Ryder Cup!"

  170. 1812: 

    Poulter/Rose bt Woods/Stricker 2&1: While I was watching the fourballs, Poulter and Rose were levelling the scores over on 17. Poulter can hardly stifle his emotions after the win, it's left to fellow Englishman Rose to play the sane man.

  171. 1811: 

    Hang on a minute, we're off again and we haven't even finished yet. Peter Hanson and Paul Lawrie both send their drives straight down the middle at the first, debutant and US Open champion Webb Simpson follows suit and here comes Bubba Watson...

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "A double fist-pump from Poulter. What a putt that was. Sergio Garcia is here on the scene and gives Poulter a fist-bump."

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The TV cameras panned immediately after that Poulter putt to Woods and Stricker. They just looked at each other and didn't say a word, but the silence spoke volumes. They thought the door had been opened fractionally for them and Poulter slammed it in their faces."

  174. 1804: 

    ... that'll do you, over the back and left, but most importantly not wet...

  175. 1801: 

    Woods to fire first on 17 and it's straight at least, over the pin and onto the back of the green... Poulter taking an age over his tee shot, not sure this is a good idea, surely best to walk up and clump it one without giving it too much thought...

  176. 1801: 

    Rose and Poulter in deep conversation before Poulter stalks his ball for what seems like an eternity before taking aim... Poulter loves this, he really does, finding the guts of the hole, sending out a primeval roar and making this match dormie two...

  177. 1756: 

    Rose pops on to leave Poulter with a lengthy putt for par, Stricker has got a 30-footer for birdie and the hole... stays a couple of feet left, Rose and Poulter will make them putt that out...

  178. 1752: 

    Poulter's approach is short, wide and nestled at the bottom of an oak tree. Woods likes this, though, his second into 16 just creeps onto the front of the dancefloor. The announcement of the fourballs means that all 24 players will have played today.

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The pairings decision was probably made at the beginning of the week as to who pairs with who, and that Steve Stricker would stick with Tiger Woods for the whole week. They just don't know who else to play Tiger with."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Graeme McDowell on 5 live Sport: "That was a great game of golf. We played great to be three up but those gutsy players came back at us.

    "My job's easy this morning - I'm playing alongside the greatest player on the planet right now. It was a phenomenal bunker shot from Rory on the last. We gel well in this format. It was a quality game of golf.

    "[That first tee shot] was a very bizarre experience. I was feeling very calm and cool until I stepped over the ball, but I couldn't ignore the silence, which was deafening."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Rory McIlroy on 5 live Sport: "If I had to choose anyone on either side to hole that final putt it would have been G-Mac. I knew it was going in. They didn't hit a great tee shot at the last and we were able to pull it back."

  182. 1746: 

    Stricker with a peach of a chip on 14, he and Woods somehow manage to win that hole to get back to two down. The afternoon fourballs have been announced and they look like this: Watson and Simpson v Lawrie and Hanson; Mickelson and Bradley v McIlroy and McDowell; Rose and Kaymer v D Johnson and Kuchar; Woods and Stricker v Westwood and Colsaerts. Woods being sent out with Stricker again, I'm just wondering if Steve's shoulders are broad enough...


    James Jessop on Twitter: "Westwood's putting is simply awful. The reason he hasn't, and never will be a major champion."

    Tom Lambert on Twitter: "Westwood another one just not cutting the Ryder Cup mustard."

  184. 1738: 

    Woods is in complete meltdown out there, this time it's a snap-hook off the 14th - however, what a break that is, off a branch and back onto the fairway...

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Radio 5 live

    "You can hear the hometown roars. That is a rare foursomes defeat for Lee Westwood. Coming into this match he was unebeaten in eight foursomes matches in five Ryder Cup. Zach Johnson turns to the galleries and celebrates the win."

  186. 1735: 

    Dufner/Z Johnson bt Westwood/Molinari 3&2: Westwood on 16, trying to patch up the damage done by Molinari's iffy birdie effort, is unable to do so and Dufner pops in to secure his side's second point. Little smile from Dufner, but nothing more than that, as if he's just played a small, childish joke on his playing partner.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "A vital point for Europe. They stem the tide that had turned against them. What an epic contest from the top match on this first day. It's victory by the narrowest of the margins. My goodness, gracious me. What a match we saw. From the top match Europe have gleaned the point the captain so desperately wanted."

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 Ryder Cup Europe team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "We thought that would be a great game, and four fantastic matchplayers certainly delivered. There was ebb and flow and it could have been anybody's. Unfortunately for Brandt Snedeker he hit a bad tee shot on the 18 and that will cut the little rookie, I'm afraid. That will be tough for him."

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Ian Poulter did so well there. He knew he had an easier putt than Tiger but it was a wonderful, brave putt and they are 3 up with four to play."

  190. 1729: 

    Woods/Stricker v Poulter/Rose - Europe three up after 13: Zach Johnson in the front bunker on 16, uphill lie, crackerjack shot. Poulter to go three up on 13, from seven feet out... straight down the pipe, tip of the hat, Stricker and Woods are sinking fast...

  191. 1727: 

    McIlroy/McDowell bt Furyk/Snedeker one up: MCDOWELL MAKES PAR FOR THE MATCH! It was a match the Northern Irish pair deserved to win, although having clawed their way back to parity, Snedeker and Furyk will feel as though they've rowed across the Tasman Sea only to spring a leak and drown 50m out from landfall.

  192. 1725: 

    ... Furyk, up the slope, right to left... curls too soon.. Jason Dufner, or 'The Waggler' as I like to call him, on 16. A debutant at the age of 35, Dufner is so laid-back that when he was beaten in a play-off at last year's USPGA it turned out he thought he was actually playing Keegan Bradley for a Big Mac meal at the drive-thru on the way home. Thought this approach was better than it turned out, Zach Johnson with work to do...


    USA pair after 4&3 victory over Luke Donald and Sergio Garcia:

    Keegan Bradley: "I just really enjoy it and to be Phil's partner I am at total ease. It is a day to remember so far. We are very pleased to beat them."

    Phil Mickelson: "One thing I really like about Keegan is that the more pressure there is, the better he performs unlike other players. We will now go watch the first match, and one of the strongest teams Europe has offered. Jim Furyk is hot and Brandt Snedeker is playing some great golf."


    Owain Roberts on Twitter: "How the momentum has changed this morning?! Need a Europe fight back to go in level pegging now!!"

    Stewart Holt on Twitter: "Looking like 2-2 is the best Europe can hope for."

  195. 1724: 

    Poulter having a go at the green at the 13th - starts right, comes back in and comes to rest in the bunker guarding the front of the green. McIlroy with his crucial bunker escape on 18... pretty decent, McDowell with a six-footer for par. Furyk is playing the American's fourth, a 20-footer up the hill...

  196. 1719: 

    Furyk manages to bunt the second out from behind the trees and that's pressure enough for McDowell, who tugs a nervy second short and left of the green. Woods with a five wood into 13 and that's gone miles right again - disbelieving silence from the gallery, Tiger takes a swish at the ground, his game is in pieces.

  197. 1719: 

    Dufner/Z Johnson v Westwood/Molinari - US two up after 15: Although Henry V may or may not have said, "when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of the tiger", he had obviously never seen Tiger Woods' swing circa 2012, he's all over the place out there. But he's grinding it out and not out of that bottom match quite yet. Westwood on 15 and the European pair are in all sorts of trouble - that was for a four and a miss means he and Molinari are two down.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Tabitha Furyk, wife of American veteran Jim, on 5 live Sport: "I'm very excited. This has been a very tough match but he has played some fantastic shots. This is extremely stressful for me, but there's nothing you can do. You just have to sit back an watch. It is tremendously excitement."

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "That was a great putt there from Tiger Woods. He knew it, he stood up to hit it and he holed it, putting real pressure on Ian Poulter who missed, and who never looked happy with his line."

  200. 1713: 

    Woods/Stricker v Poulter/Rose - Europe two up after 12: Snedeker doesn't hit his monster on 17 and the top match is going down the 18th all square. Woods with a putt from 12 feet - BOOM! Makes it, the Tiger still chewing. Deary me, Snedeker has handed the top match to Europe on a plate, spraying his drive into the jungle - "I have no idea where that went," says the 11 million dollar man, who must suddenly feel like a million Turkish lira. Poulter misses that putt on 12, a ray of hope for Woods and Stricker, they're back to two down.

  201. 1710: 

    What news of match three? They've just had a half in par on 14, Dufner and Zach Johnson remain one up. Rose and Poulter have a free drop over the back of the 13th, here's McIlroy with a naugty little chip on 17 to set McDowell up for par. Nice touch from Rose, although Poulter's got a brute for par.

  202. 1707: 

    Poulter on tee at 13 - over the drink and that's hot as hell, right over the back. Furyk on 17, also over the water, and his tee shot has just "ooh-aahed" it's way onto the front of the green. Woods on 13 - Tiger leaks it miles right and he is officially playing ruddy dreadful, he'll be pulling out old lake balls from the bottom of his bag at this rate. Stricker with a fine recovery but Woods has got a quick one coming back, like cat sick travelling across linoleum.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Brilliant shot from Jim Furyk, going to within three feet and the crowd goes stark raving mad."

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "What a performance from Bradley and Mickelson. The point is on the board for the United States and they have won this 4&3. They have beaten the previously undefeated in foursomes partnership in Luke Donald and Sergio Garcia. Keegan Bradley, the debutant, and Phil Mickelson, the most capped American in Ryder Cup history, have done tremendous damage to Europe in this back nine."

    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Anybody who had played with Keegan Bradley today would have won. He has been magnificent."

  206. 1658: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - All square after 16; Woods/Stricker v Poulter/Rose - Europe three up after 12: Tiger for par back at the 12th and it stays just right, Woods might be stepped down for the fourballs at this rate. McIlroy with a pretty mediocre escape on 16 and that top match could be all square in a moment. Poulter keeping his end up, he and Rose have just gone three up back on 12, Woods and Stricker are getting a whupping... yep, McIlroy and McDowell have lost three in a row... some folk don't like seeing Americans celebrate, but personally I love it, it shows we've got a proper punch-up on our hands...

  207. 1657: 

    Mickelson/Bradley bt Donald/Garcia 4&3: Garcia has had a shocker on 15, chipping from the back of the green and into a bunker. He and Donald could be toast. Furyk and Snedeker are champing at the bit all of a sudden and here's Furyk with the second into 16... what a shot that is, plenty of shape on it and he's stiffed that to within eight feet. BRADLEY WITH A MONSTER! He and Mickelson celebrate wildly, as if they've just saved Chicago from impending world war, and Donald's iffy bunker escape means the Americans win the first point of the 39th Ryder Cup.

  208. 1653: 

    Bradley and Mickelson, wearing that boyish grin of his, the innocent grin of a simple farmhand after a day in the fields, march to the 15th tee, blown onwards by an invigorated Chicago crowd. Poulter clips his approach onto the front of the 12th, he's looking as feisty as ever, even if it is difficult to look feisty decked out in pistachio sweaters...

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Garcia has missed it. He's missed it and he pinches the bridge of his nose in disbelief. Europe go three down with just four to play."


    Michael Jordan, NBA legend and winner of six titles: "This in unbelievable. This is a great golf course, but the conditions are tough. We will give it a try and is should be fun. I am trying not to get in the way, but I am here for enthusiasm and motivation and just giving the guys a cheer but the crowd will do what they can. I am humbled to be a part of this."

  211. 1648: 

    Mickelson/Bradley v Donald/Garcia - US three up after 14: Snedeker with a huge left-to-righter on 15 and Furyk should pop that in to claw the top match back to one up Europe. McDowell misses with his long-ranger and the hole is conceded. Sergio misses a three-footer on 14, Mickelson and Bradley go three up and that's three holes on the spin - Europe's Invincibles being chewed up and they could be spat out and stamped on on the 15th hole.

    Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport at Medinah

    "Tension heavy in the autumnal air around the 13th green. Mickelson's celebrations a moment ago as he nailed a birdie putt to go two-up against Donald and Garcia were the stuff of a final afternoon at a major, just as Cap'n Love had predicted."

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "A great moment for Ian Poulter at the 11th. He has holed a bunker shot. It hung onto the side of the hole then decided to drop. They are two up again."

  214. 1644: 

    Woods/Stricker v Poulter/Rose - Europe two up after 11: Woods with the third into the 11th and that's pretty ordinary from there, advantage Europe despite that clanger from Rose. Donald's birdie putt on 14 veers right... POULTER YOU BEAUTY! Europe go two up in the final match as the Englishman splashes in on 11, his ball landing right of the pin and curling into the cup.

  215. 1641: 

    Woods has put Stricker in some schtuck with another very iffy tee shot on 11 and Stricker's second goes clonking off some wood. Rose's second into the 11 and he makes a dog's dinner of it, finding sand from the centre of the fairway.

  216. 1639: 

    Westwood for a half on 12... well done my sone, he and Molinari stay one down against Dufner and Johnson. Furyk on tee on 15 and he's marmalised that, his ball just scuttling onto the front of the green from 313 yards out. McDowell leaks his tee shot wide, that's gone for a drink...


    Mark C on Twitter: "Donald in danger of losing his unbeaten record in foursomes."

    Joseph Burns on Twitter: "I do think it's brilliant to see how much Phil Mickleson has grown to love the Ryder Cup in the last few years."

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 Ryder Cup Europe team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "That was massive. Massive! Graeme McDowell made that when it really counted and that was huge. They now head to the next tee with a spring in their step."

  219. 1634: 

    What a putt that is from McDowell, draining it from 15 feet out to keep him and his wee mate two up against Furyk and Snedeker. Woods with that nasty little down-hiller... rams it home, Poulter and Rose stay one up...

  220. 1632: 

    I do apologise, things appeared to be going rather nicely for Europe before I stepped into the breach - the last 20 minutes and it's all gone rather red, Mickelson and Bradley in particular giving Donald and Garcia and right old ragging. Poulter for birdie on 10... makes it from eight feet out, Woods still has four feet for a half...

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Radio 5 live

    "My game is looking very good for the Americans. Keegan Bradley has knocked it to within 20 feet and Europe's drive is in the sand. Donald and Garcia have never lost in the Ryder Cup and Mickelson hasn't won a foursome since 2004. But this is fantastic matchplay from Bradley."


    Geoff in Cheshire on 81111 on text: "Woods isplaying terribly but only one down despite all that. Beware."

    Matt in London on 81111 on text: "Poulter is of the finest matchplayers around. They don't call him the Postman for nothing. He always delivers."

    Callum in Edinburgh on 81111 on text: "Sitting in the library and solely focusing on the BBC live text. Don't see much work getting done today!"

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I just got belted by an acorn on the back of my head. It really stung! Was that a red squirrel?"

    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live

    "That's as good a birdie from Mickelson as you'll see all day. Fantastic golf from the Americans, you have to say."

  225. 1629: 

    Mickelson/Bradley v Donald/Garcia - US two up after 13: Mickelson makes that birdie putt on 13 as he and Bradley go two up against Donald and Garcia, the Spaniard's naughty sand escape counting for nought. McIlroy's escape is half-decent on 14 but he's left his partner penty of work to do. Stricker for eagle from long range on 10, Tiger's got a knee-knocker coming back...

  226. 1626: 

    Poulter with his second into 10, rescue club, comes up short. Here's Furyk on 14 - Snedeker has bombed one down there, Jim's clipped one into the heart. The Chicago crowd begins to stir, the tide beginning to turn. Garcia wth a fine bunker escape on 13, managing to stop it short on the down-slope, as McDowell leaks his approach wide on 14...

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Things have changed dramatically from half an hour ago, when it was all blue on every scoreboard. Suddenly a bit of momentum is behind the USA and you can feel a bit more activity among the crowd, a bit more excitement with volume levels being cranked up."

  228. 1623: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - Europe two up after 12 holes: Furyk makes birdie on 13 to peg Europe back to two up, Mickelson and Bradley have just gone one up on Donald and Garcia after 11.

  229. 1617: 

    Dufner/Z Johnson v Westwood/Molinari - US one up after 10 holes: Many thanks Aimee, Ben Dirs now in the seat, manually refresh to see the change. As I join you, Jason Dufner drains a 10-footer to go one up on 10 and here's Stricker making a four-footer for par on nine, Poulter and Rose remain one up.

    Karen Stupples, Solheim Cup player, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It looks tremendous for Europe. I've just seen Paul Lawrie and Nicolas Colsaerts practising, so you can safely assume they are playing this afternoon.

    "It's very breezy out here now, making it feel even colder. Europe's players are used to playing in these conditions, wearing layers. Tiger Woods has been jacket on, off, on, off. That can impact on your play, particularly if you're not playing very well."

  231. 1610: 

    Woods/Stricker v Poulter/Rose - Europe one up after eight holes: A stern-looking Woods makes his three footer for a bogey. Poulter, shoes matching his pistachio-coloured top, taps in from about two foot to par, maintiaining the visitors' advantage in the match. By the way, Rose had missed a 14ft birdie attempt.

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's easy to forget Rory McIlroy is only 23. He's got the demeanour and the aura of someone who's been doing this for a very long time. He has that walk."

  233. 1604: 
    That's ugly!

    Oh my word! Woods looks like a novice out on Medinah, the venue of his two PGA Championship wins in 1999 and 2006, as the 36-year-old's chip pops up in the air but only goes about 10ft from his feet, missing the dancefloor. Poor Stricker. It's quite painful to watch the former world number one. I thought Michael Jordan had been brought on board to help his friend?


    Tom Brown on Twitter: "Looks like the Olympic spirit has rubbed off on the rest of Europe."

    James Jessop on Twitter: "Poulter is the one that worries me. Great spirit and a very good putter but not a good enough golfer."

    Chris Van Thomas on Twitter: "I keep having to leave my desk and by time I return, the pendulum has swung back the other way. You've got to love the Ryder Cup!"

  235. 1558: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - Europe 3 up after 11 holes: It's torture for Furyk and Snedeker as the latter's shot curves wide of the cup for a bogey, gifting another point to the red hot Northern Irishmen. The Americans, though, are dragging themselves back into contention as they are now all-square in two matches.

    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Phil Mickelson's bunker shot, beautiful down the slope, gave Keegan Bradley an eight footer which he sank."

  237. 1554: 

    Mickelson/Bradley v Donald/Garcia - all-square after 10 holes: After the early-morning frenzy, a library-style hush descended around the course but at least Mickelson and Bradley give the home fans reason to cheer. Bradley sinks an eight footer on the par-four ninth for birdie.

    The imperious McIlroy and McDowell have gone three up after 11 holes.

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "A spectator has been hit by Tiger Woods' tee shot! It hit him on the head and rebounded probably 30 yards down the right side of the hole. That was a huge break and Tiger's got away with it. There's blood and he's been given a towel. But he's OK, laughing."

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The Americans look a little bit ragged and they are under the cosh in this top match, which is so important because it can dictate the psychology of the day."

  240. 1544: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - Europe 2 up after 10 holes: Furyk had to take a penalty stroke during that hole as the ball apparently moved before his chip shot, almost gifting their opponents the hole. McIlroy and McDowell, who birdied the par-five 10th, strolling along a street named easy.

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Johnson and Dufner walking down the fairway didn't say a word to each other. Stony silence. What can we read into that?"


    Claire in Coventry on 81111 on text: "Great stuff from Europe in what must be a tense and hostile atmosphere. My favourite thing so far is seeing Ian Poulter's colour coordinated shoes. Never lets me down on the fashion front."

    Jez in Notts on 81111 on text: "Looking at Tiger's driving you can see why Davis Love wanted no rough!"

    LA Finch on 81111 on text: "Whoever comes out on top, golf will be the real winner. Oh, who am I kidding? COME ON EUROPE!"

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, Radio 5 live

    "Europe are making all the putts and the Americans are not making anything outside of eight feet. They've talked about sinking putts and they need to start doing it."

  244. 1538: 

    Mickelson/Bradley v Donald/Garcia - all-square after nine holes: "In da hole," shouts a patron milliseconds before Bradley's three footer drops in for a birdie. Bradley had a super approach shot from Mickelson, about 100 yards from the pin, to thank for that.

    McIlroy and McDowell and Poulter and Rose have just gone two up!

  245. 1535: 

    Dufner/Z Johnson v Westwood/Molinari - Europe 1 up after seven holes: Johnson squanders a birdie opportunity on the par-five seventh. Westwood overshadows his rivals with a sublime approach shot to give Molinari a 10ft birdie attempt and the Italian gobbles up his chance - and it's another fist pump as the European pair regain the lead.

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I've just spotted some Europeans in Wolverhampton Wanderers shirts circa 1974, a big Swedish flag, and the smell of barbecue just starts to waft through on the breeze..."

  247. 1529: 

    The scoreboard is awash with European blue and I think someone must have brought a few cloves of garlic onto the course because Tiger Woods is a tad off colour to put it mildly. The former world number one - who is allergic to the pungent onion and missed two tournaments in 2003 when his ex-wife Elin Nordegren made pasta containing garlic - has lost seven Ryder Cup foursomes so far and if he continues with such wayward driving he might be heading for an eighth loss.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "In, brilliant! A birdie from Graeme McDowell. This is a real ding-dong battle and Europe go 1 up."

  249. 1523: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - Europe 1 up after nine holes: Furyk's fails with a chipped birdie attempt, leaving his partner with a five footer for par. It matters little though as McDowell sinks a 15 footer to make it five birdies in the front nine from the Northern Irishmen. That's how to play foursomes.

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "What's happened to the American crowd? Have they been struck dumb? It's very quiet out here..."

  251. 1519: 

    Dufner/Z Johnson v Westwood/Molinari - all-square after six holes: We're all-square in two games after a jaw-dropping miss from Westwood. The 39-year-old seemed to be faced with an easy two footer for par, but he somehow pushes his effort wide for a bogey which allows the Americans to square it up, as they say.

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, Radio 5 live

    "Everybody knows the strength of Westwood and Molinari is their stroke play. You can't leave them three or four foot putts, and Westwood just missed his. This foursome has been all over the place at the moment and no-one has done anything spectacular yet."


    Mark Schumann on Twitter: "Will Tiger Woods ever be that same great golfer ever again? On this form he might become crazy golf champion."

    Will Pairpoint on Twitter: "I am only catching glimpses of the Ryder Cup, is it just me or is Molinari putting like a man possessed."

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Tiger has gone way right off the tee again. It's a reaction to his first drive when he went far left. He just has to hope he's got a good lie...

    "This is all down to confidence. He's been working hard here with his new coach, but he's just got off to such a bad start. He's been knocked back but he needs to get off the tee, otherwise it puts a lot of pressure on his partner in foursomes."

  255. 1512: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - all-square after eight: McIlroy winces and gives his eight foot attempted putt for par a stern old look as the ball rolls beyond the cup. Next up is Snedeker, tufts of his blond mane protruding from his baseball cap, and the world number 10 directs his effort for par into the hole to drag the score back to level.


    Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker on Twitter: "The quality of the golf is unbelievable. Foursomes is so hard too." #respect


    Tom Burrows on Twitter: "McDowell and McIlroy are on flames."

  258. 1504: 

    Woods/Stricker v Poulter/Rose - Europe 1 up after four holes: Rose punches the air after a monster of a birdie, about 15ft right to left, and the Englishman can't stop smiling. Poulter, arms folded, waits to see what Stricker can do from almost an identical position and not much is the answer as the American's attempt on the par four whizzes a couple of feet beyond the cup for par.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "There's still muttering about what happened on the first hole and whether the ball moved under address for Brandt Snedeker. Ordinarily, once the hole is done you just live with it. But if it's deemed that the opposition couldn't know that something untoward happened, it can be reopened. The referees are aware and we'll just keep an eye on this. There are mutterings, there's no doubt about it..."

  260. 1459: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - Europe 1 up after seven holes: It's a potent putter which McIlroy possesses as he ratchets another birdie, and does a dainty half-twirl to celebrate his - and McDowell's - fourth birdie on the trot.

  261. 1452: 

    Woods/Stricker v Poulter/Rose - all-square after three holes: Rose throws his putter up in the air as Europe bogey the par-four third, which means a steady par from Woods and Stricker is enough to level the match.

    John Murray, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Part of the fact that the Ryder Cup is great to watch is that we see it so rarely. There has to be this team play between golfers who for 99.9% of the time are all about what they themselves have to do."


    Iain Moss on Twtter: "Great start from #TeamEurope, let's keep it up! I'm not complaining but why Woods was picked for the foursomes I don't know!"

    Disco Dave Ireson on Twitter: "Loving the blue on the scoreboard!! Come on you blues (with yellow stars)."

    Chris Brown on Twitter: "Beer shopping done, me on settee, from now till Sunday evening only comfort breaks will make me move."

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Certainly in the last 20 minutes or so the momentum has swung towards Europe. You're very conscious of the reds and blues on the scoreboard, and bit by bit they have turned a little blue. The Americans will be aware of this..."

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Rory McIlroy taps that in and it's another birdy. That's three birdies in three holes for McIlroy and McDowell, and from 1 down they've moved to 1 up - a sizeable momentum switch."

  266. 1446: 

    Mickelson/Bradley v Donald/Garcia - all-square after five holes: Donald is agonisingly close with an eagle attempt on the fifth. The Englishman's approach shot teases the cup before deciding to stay on the green, but it's still a birdie and the pendulum is swinging back in Europe's direction as a flurry of birdies sees the visitors go one up in two games.

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - Europe 1 up after six holes

    Woods/Stricker v Poulter/Rose - Europe 1 up after two holes

    Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport at Medinah

    "Trouble from the off for USA's supposedly rock-solid pairing of Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker. Tiger mangles his drive off the first tee into the back end of nowhere. Off the second, Sticker duffs his t-shot into Lake Kadijah. Bear in mind that Tiger's final tee-shot of his final practice round was so wayward that it hit a spectator on the head, and they might have to ask the accompanying Michael Jordan to get involved instead. As one wag shouted on the first tee, 'GET IN THE HOOP!'"

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "We're hearing whispers that video footage from the first hole suggests that the ball moved in address when Brandt Snedeker was playing his first shot. That hole was halved in four. We know that the referees are aware that there might be something, and that's a story we need to keep an eye on. If the ball changed during Snedeker's golf stroke then that would be a penalty, but the rules officials are saying they haven't heard anything..."

  269. 1437: 

    Woods/Stricker v Poulter/Rose - Europe 1 up after two holes: Rose has to do little but tap it in to budge Europe ahead, but Poulter finds the rough on the third to leave his team-mate with a tricky approach shot on the par-four third. A far better tee shot from Woods this time as the lugubrious American finds the fairway.

  270. 1434: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - all-square after four holes: Both pairs negotiating the par-five fifth with ease, as a birdie from the European pair is followed up with a straight-forward putt by Snedeker for a birdie.

    Eek. Stricker hooks his drive into the water and it'll soon be advantage Poulter and Rose surely.

  271. 1430: 

    Woods/Stricker v Poulter/Rose - all-square after one hole: Poulter's birdie attempt trickles a pimple or two short of the hole which means the final foursome of the day is level after a topsy-turvy opening hole. Mickelson and Bradley, one up after four, are the only pair in the red at the moment.

  272. 1424: 

    The secret to foursomes? "We've just got to back each other. It's all about putting it into position and giving yourselves chances," said Ian Poulter earlier. Poulter's partner, Justin Rose, has set up the Englishman with a fine approach shot on the first, leaving Poulter with a 20ft birdie attempt.

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "A magnificent chip from McIlroy! It was wonderfully judged. He directed the ball onto the putting surface, there was a slope all the way down to the hole and the ball accelerated down and from a foot out he was raising his left hand with the putter in it in celebration, because he knew it was going to drop."

  274. 1419: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - all-square after four holes: Snedeker can't quite follow McIlroy's fabulous wedge shot which means McIlroy's magic has dragged Europe level.

  275. 1417: 

    Dufner/Z Johnson v Westwood/Molinari - all-square after two holes: Dufner sinks a birdie to level with Westwood and Molinari, while over on the first hole they're still looking for Woods's ball.

    And McIlroy has just conjured a sublime chip, which rolls gently into the hole for a birdie on the par-four fourth.

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I watched Tiger Woods on the putting green. He nailed them in from six, eight, 10 and 12 feet. After being ambivalent for so many years, is this the Ryder Cup where Tiger will finally come out to play?"


    Planet Zanussi on Twitter: "I don't think I'm being biased but European crowds at the ryder cup tend to be a bit more educated and fair than their usa rivals."

    Daniel Cooke on Twitter: "The Ryder Cup announcer guy sounds like Kermit the Frog, has this been pointed out yet?"

    Bernard Gallacher, Three-time European Ryder Cup captain, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Ian Poulter hit a wonderful tee shot, hitting it to 290 and leaving his partner a straightforward chip onto the green. Tiger Woods overcooked it, it got a wicked bounce off this hard rough and, if he's up against a fence, it's a penalty shot for sure."

  279. 1406: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - USA 1 up after three holes: McIlroy and McDowell can breathe easily as a nervous Furyk, navy cap to protect his bonce from the wind, lets the European pair off the hook by nudging a birdie attempt to the left of the pin.

    Flashbulbs go off around the first tee which must mean Woods, Stricker, Poulter and Rose are ready to get under way. And oh Tiger - nerves get the better of Woods as his drive plonks into the trees.

  280. 1403: 

    Mickelson/Bradley v Donald/Garcia - USA 1 up after two holes: Fist pump from Bradley as he sinks a lengthy putt. His effort draws applause from the onlooking Mrs Bradley and whoops from the partisan supporters.

    Over on the third hole, Snedeker has just hit a delightful approach shot, setting up Furyk nicely - and the momentum is with the hosts.


    Captain Jose Maria Olazabal: "I was very emotional this morning, just before the first match came onto the tee. This event is so special. We're not trying to hide anything, we know we have to play our best in order to have a chance here and Rory and G-Mac is a strong pairing and hopefully they will play good enough to win that point."

    Simon Dyson, Multiple European Tour winner, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The second hole is a very small target. For your first tee shot it's very daunting. But Phil Mickelson's was a fantastic tee-off. It's looking good for the Americans here."

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Lee Westwood is in his eighth Ryder Cup. There are only five European players who have amassed more Ryder points that Westwood and they are the greats of the game - Sir Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros, Jose Maria Olazabal, Bernhard Langer and Colin Montgomerie. Lee is the rock of this team."

  284. 1355: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - USA 1 up after two holes: McDowell, with the morning sun in his eyeline, chips from the edge of the green and the ball trickles beyond the pin by about 3m. McIlroy fails to find the pin with the follow-up and Furyk grabs the chance to put the hosts ahead. Cue chants of "U.S.A!"

  285. 1352: 

    Lee Westwood is at the first tee and, in a blur of speed, the 39-year-old Englishman finds the fairway. Duffner next... and his drive drops into the bunker. Oops.

    Andrew Magee, Former PGA Tour player, Radio 5 live

    "There's gamesmanship right off the bat here. Furyk looked McIlroy right in the eye and said to him: 'Do you understand that?'. Almost as if to say, 'I'm almost twice your age, young man!'"

  287. 1348: 

    Mickelson/Bradley v Donald/Garcia - all-square after one hole: Donald, putting downhill, sees his effort turn to the right, but Bradley is just short too so it's even stevens, all square, level pegging, call it what you wish.


    Craig Jones on Twitter: "Glad the first tee shots are done, can relax just a little! Cmon Europe!"

    Iain Moss on Twitter: "Stuck at work with #bbcgolf 's live commentary being refreshed constantly whenever no-one's looking - man I wish I was at home watching!!"

    Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

    "This is the first incident of this Ryder Cup. The Europe ball is near a sprinkler head and clearly they feel they should be allowed a drop. Jim Furyk is disputing their claim."

    A USA fan can be heard to shout, "Hit a better tee shot next time!"

    John Inverdale, BBC Radio 5 live

    "On the putting green here, Jason Dufner has missed seven in a row - he's just got one in now, so that's one in eight - from three-and-a-half feet. If you're doing little putts before you play and you keep missing, does that have any bearing on the first putt you do for real?"

  291. 1340: 

    Thunderous cries of "USA! USA! USA!" emanate from the first tee as Mickelson and Bradley begin their attempt to ruin Donald and Garcia's blemish-free record in the foursomes. The Englishman and the Spaniard have won all four of the previous Ryder Cup foursomes matches they have played together so how will lefty and Bradley topple them? I'm sure they have a plan. A cunning plan, as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University.

    Gary Lineker, BBC Sport

    "Love the Ryder Cup. Probably the only time we get to shout 'COME ON EUROPE!"

  293. 1337: 

    Furyk/Snedeker v McIlroy/McDowell - all-square after one hole: A deft push from McDowell and the ball rolls gently towards the pin, but not close enough. The former US Open champ tilts his head in disappointment. Delicate hands from Furyk but the American's effort rolls a foot beyond the hole.

  294. 1330: 

    The first hole is regarded as a pretty straight-forward one, although it has been lengthened for this competition. McIlroy's effort drops onto the edge of the green, narrowly avoiding plopping into the water hazard. (After consulting with my colleague about differing shades of green, I can confirm that the Northern Irishmen are wearing pistachio-coloured fleeces.) Snedeker, red baseball hat and subtle tartan trousers, finds the green for a beautiful recovery shot.

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 Ryder Cup Europe team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Both balls are lying fine but trees are in the way. But Europe will have to hit a massive hook with a nine iron or something to get the ball anywhere near the green..."

    Andrew Coltart, 1999 Ryder Cup Europe team member, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Those drives were a little bit nervy! McDowell puffed out his cheeks when he got it airborne. That is one of the hardest shots in golf and for five minutes the best players in the world feel like amateurs."

  297. 1325: 

    Well, pressure plays havoc with best of them. Nervy, very nervy. McDowell, after a puff of the cheeks, sends his drive to the left of the par four first and Furyk follows the Northern Irishman with almost an identical drive. Over to you McIlroy and Snedeker.

  298. 1321: 

    "USA! USA! USA!" are the chants which greet McDowell and McIlroy as they stride towards the tee. The pair wave to the throng of spectators. McDowell does look a tad nervous, but who can blame him.

    We're set, and in the words of Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday: "Now, whattaya gonna do?"

  299. 1318:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Europe's Martin Kaymer on 5 live Sport: "This is a very cool feeling. It's a very special feeling on that first tee. Every athlete wants to be in Graeme McDowell's shoes, hitting that first tee shot. He will have a very special and emotional feeling when he hits that."

  300. 1317: 

    Europe's captain Jose Maria Olazabal took inspiration from former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola and Hollywood's finest Al Pacino to motivate his dozen with a tea-jerking seven-minute video. Ian Poulter admitted there was not a dry eye in the room when the players watched the clip, which had a bit of Russell Crowe's Gladiator combined with great Ryder Cup moments.

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Europe win the Ryder Cup

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