The Open 2012: Final round as it happened

South Africa's Ernie Els wins the Open after Adam Scott loses a four-shot lead in a dramatic finale.

22 July 2012 Last updated at 19:11

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As it happened

    Bernard Gallacher, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I cannot think of anything like that in an Open Championship. You do feel the pressure got to Adam Scott. This is more dramatic than Van de Velde at Carnoustie in 1999.

    "The 16th was a great hole to protect the lead on and you don't go big on your second shot. This is course management problems, but when you are under pressure, you think badly. I feel really sorry for him."

    Nick Faldo, BBC Sport

    "Adam Scott's Achilles heel is pulling his mid irons which is what he did at 17. After that he should have throttled back with a two iron or something off the tee at the last to keep out of the bunkers. On the last putt he failed to line it up properly and that was his chance gone.

    "With the media, he is going to be constrantly reminded of it. It will be scarring for him to get into such as position in a major and for that to happen to him will spin in him for a long time. It will take a lot of fixing."


    Three-time Open champion Gary Player: "What a great day for South African golf. South Africa has now won more majors than any country in the world apart from US, that is remarkable.

    "I was so thrilled for Ernie Els, he has had a rough time but here today he wins the most important championship in the world. Six holes from the end I said Els would win because there would be tremendous amount of pressure on Adam Scott. There is not much to stay for Adam Scott but his course management was not good. He made an unforgivable on the 18th when he took a three iron."

    Nick Faldo, BBC Sport

    "Els didn't do anything sensational, he just kept playing solid, solid golf. I would go back to the knee injury that he had and as you get older and get closer to 40 you have to work twice as hard. They have been rebuilding his putting stroke for years now, but something has clicked psychologically. Something special has happened for him, it has happened for me before in majors, and it is incredible the power of the mind."


    Ricky Roberts, Ernie Els's caddy: "Unbelievable. It is so emotional and such a fantastic day. He has put in so many hour and effort that other people don't see and I am so happy for him, he truly deserved it. I feel for Adam Scott and he must be seriously hurting. From our point of view, wow.

    "Ernie and I have been back and forth many times and when I went back I thought he has a lot left in him, he has three or four majors left in him. This was a big mountain to climb, it is just fantastic. There will be a lot of stuff going into that Claret Jug, it could be a long night for us."

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "Els was in the doldrums for a while and wasn't a pleasant person to speak to. He said he had to make certain decisions to to get back and he's done it. It's going to hurt Scott for a while, it will take as long as it takes him to make a conscious effort to say this will not be the end of me."


    Open champion Ernie Els: "I feel for my buddy Adam Scott first of all. He is a great player, a great friend, we have had some great battles and he is going to win plenty of these. He has too much talent.

    "This is my third time here at Lytham and I had a lot of support, but you guys have to ask yourselves the question, were you just being nice to me or did you really think I could win?

    "My wife Liezl is in London at the moment, I am supposed to be going to Canada tonight, but I think I will blow that off and try and come and see you. I have to also thank President Mandela who has been a great man to see our country through a very difficult time."

  8. 1841: 

    Nice speech from Ernie, evoking Nelson Mandela but not getting too serious, telling us he's going to "blow off" his trip to Canada this evening and visit his family down in London instead. And that's just about that - it will go down as one of the classics, I think: "The one when Scott's wheels fell off and the Aussie handed Ernie his second Open."


    -7 Ernie Els (SA); -6 Adam Scott (Aus); -3 Tiger Woods (US), Brandt Snedeker (US); -2 Luke Donald (Eng), Graeme McDowell (NI). Selected others: level Ian Poulter (Eng); +4 Paul Lawrie (Sco); +5 Padraig Harrington (Ire); +6 Ross Fisher (Eng), Lee Westwood (Eng); +8 Rory McIlroy (NI)

  10. 1839: 

    Adam Scott manages to squeeze out a smile as he's presented with his silver dish but it's Ernie who gets the big prize - he said on Saturday night that he felt like "something special" was going to happen. It just did. Classy guy, Ernie - "First of all I feel for my buddy Adam Scott..."

    Nick Faldo, BBC Sport

    "Ernie played really well all round. Nothing was dropping for him over the opening nine, but he got that up and down at 15 and just went from there."

  12. 1835: 

    I should add that Els' victory snaps a run of 15 first-time major winners in a row, stretching right back to Padraig Harrington at the PGA Championship in 2008. We're into the presentation now, he'll have the jug in his big South African mitts in a minute...

    Jay Townsend, 5 live golf summariser

    "It was combination of great closing from Ernie Els and an epic failure for Adam Scott. Typically, when we finish an Open championship, there are great emotions but I am feeling emotions from two different sides at the moment.

    "I feel elation for Ernie Els for reaching the pinnacle of golf, but I am gutted for Adam Scott. The feelings I feel in sorrow for Scott, overwhelms the happiness I have for Els."

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "I feel terrible. I can only imagine what Adam feels like. For me the turning point was not the bogey on 15, it was the three putt on 16."


    Patrick Smyth: "Ernie's interview just shows what the man is - pure unadulterated class!"

    John Naughton on Twitter: "Ernie Els: true gent."

  16. 1834: 

    Yep, well done to Adam Scott for fronting up for the interview, he must feel like smashing the Claret Jug up with his putter. By the way, that's Ernie's fourth major title - 2002 Open, US Open in 1994 and 1997. If he wasn't a legend already, he's more of one now.


    Adam Scott: "I'm really disappointed I hit a poor shot on each of the four holes and a course like this punishes you. I played so beautifully for the rest of the week I could not let this get me down. When I hit that shot into the green on the last I was confident that I could roll it in and earn myself some extra holes but it was not to be and that is golf."


    Champion Ernie Els: "I am just numb at the moment, I feel for Adam Scott, he is a great friend of mine. We both wanted to win so badly, but I really feel for him. That is the nature of the beast, that is why we are out here.

    "It was my time. I was hoping at best a play-off. A lot of people never thought I would win but I started believing this year, getting a lot of help from my family and the professionals around me. I have amazing people around me."

  19. 1828: 

    For the record, Adam Scott went round in 75 today, but it's too easy to say he lost it - Els, it should not be forgotten, went round in 68, including a back nine of 32. That's going out and snatching victory, whatever Scott did.


    Matthew Bolous on Twitter: "Gutted for Adam Scott, what a collapse. But congrats to Ernie Els."

    Grant Heath on Twitter: "Feel sorry for Scott, but well played Els."

    Daniel Gallagher on Twitter: "Epic bottle job there by Scott.Well in Ernie!"

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "Scott is absolutely shattered he finished with four fives and four bogies. It is almost impossible to work out these things. They happen in a way which you can't work out how or why. It has been a quite extraordinary day."

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "Ernie is the champion. Everyone will face an interview at the end. For some it will be elation, for some it will be devastation. I don't think tears are far away for Adam Scott, but that is sport."

  23. 1824: 

    "He'll be scarred for life," says Sir Nick Faldo, who won this thing three times, and that wasn't pleasant to watch - four bogeys in the final four holes, the poor lad looks shell-shocked. Ernie, on the other hand, looks like a chap who has just won his second Open, 10 years after his first.

  24. 1821: 

    ... HE'S MISSED! Started left, stayed left - Ernie Els has won the Open!

  25. 1821: 

    It's McDowell to put first, up the slope in front of the clubhouse - huge galleries watching this, these lads have got nerves as tough as girders. pretty ordinary from McDowell, it's time for Scotty...

    Ken Brown, BBC Sport

    "Adam Scott has holed very little today. The last good one was back on 14. He is due one."

  27. 1817: 

    Not nice to see to be truthful - Scott unravelling down the stretch... but what's this? WHAT'S THIS? He's just ravelled - tremendous third into the 18th, he's left himself an eight-footer to take the 141st Open into a play-off...

    Jay Townsend, 5 live golf summariser

    "I have watched this unfold in front of my eyes, I am in shock. A few moments ago Adam Scott had a four-shot lead and it has disappeared."

  29. 1815: 

    Lots of talk about how caddie Steve Wiliams might be able to affect the outcome today, but there's not much he can do here - if your boy can't cope with the pressure, he can't cope with the pressure, and you can't take his shots for him. Scott has got a horror lie, right in the face of a trap, he'll only be able to shuffle it forwards a few yards here... and that he does, only more sideways than forwards...

    Ken Brown, BBC Sport

    "It is in one of the bunkers, it is up against the lip, and now Adam Scott has to get up and down and down in two from there to avoid the play-off. More than likely he will have to make a putt to even get into a shoot-out."

  31. 1812: 

    Els fields a call on the practice green - "Guess what? Scott has found a bunker off the tee on 18 - you might have just won the Open..." A marshall punches the air as he watches Scott's ball trickle into the sand, no need for that...

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "What a legend Ernie Els is. Thousands of carefully crafted words may have to be junked after that finish. One behind Scott - could he?"

    Ken Brown, BBC Sport

    "The most important thing for Els is to stay in the mode, stay in the intensity. No time for giving any interviews or telling any stories right now."

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "Now is the moment for Steve Williams if he has any influence to exert, any contribution to give, to earn his money. Mind you, Scott is in his thirties now and has won plenty of trophies. None quite at this level though."

  35. 1811: 

    ... another shot gone for Scott, we have a tie for the lead - Els on the practice green, Scott has got one last hole to play and he's just bogeyed the previous three. Birdie for Woods at the last - a round of 73 for three under overall. Peter Alliss summed his predicament up perfectly - "Everyone will say he played awful, but he's just finished third..." Snedeker bogeys the last, which is pretty good from where he was, he's tied with Woods.

  36. 1807: 

    That was some thick stuff Scott was playing out of and he's got a flyer - about 20 feet coming back for par... this is getting so interesting that I strongly recommend you don't leave us now... Scott had two chances of messing this up half an hour ago - slim and none had both left town, but it looks like they've just checked back in...

  37. 1804: 

    Ernie's going to stick around - signs a few caps before heading for the putting green. Maybe he's just seen that second from Scott - nervy, not nice, he's left himself a horror of a recovery on 17... only two holes left, but, as we all know, two holes is a long time in golf...

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "What a wonderful performance from Ernie Els with a round of 68. But if there is one thing that an Australian likes to do if he can't beat a Kiwi, it is to beat a South African."


    W on Twitter: "Fabulous play from Ernie Els."

    Ross Mitchell on Twitter: "Cool as a cucumber #Ernie."

    Patrick Smyth on Twitter: "Ernesto!!!!!!!! Go on my son!!!!!!!"

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "Steve Williams, directing the television cameras away from Adam Scott as he strides down the centre of the 17th fairway. He is trying to keep a cocoon around his man."

  41. 1801: 

    McDowell playing out of a trap on 17, and playing it safe. Tiger clips an iron down 18, it's been a strangely timid final round from the former world number one - as the boys went over the top, Tiger was left behind pretending to do up his shoelaces...

    Jay Townsend, 5 live golf summariser

    "That was huge putt from someone whose putting has been questioned, it was a brave one. It wasn't going anywhere but in the centre. Ernie Els has made a big statement here."

  43. 1758: 

    BIRDIE FOR ERNIE ON 18! Round of 68, all of a sudden Scott leads by one... and all of a sudden Ernie's making me richer and richer..

  44. 1755: 

    Ernie pops his second to within 12 feet at 18 before soaking up some big applause - that putt to shave the lead to one shot... Scott has pummelled his drive down the 17th - the 453-yard, par-four 17th - and his iron play has been peerless this week... Zach Johnson saves par at the last, but that's a round of 75 for a tie of 10th...

  45. 1754: 

    Guess what? Scott missed that par putt, the nerves jingle-jangling, he leads by two going down the 17th...

  46. 1753: 

    Ernie pulls out his biggest stick and launches his drive down the middle at 18 - pop in his second, and he could be in with a shout... Scott misses his birdie attempt by about five feet, not exactly straight-forward from there. Birdie for McDowell, back to three under, nicks outright fourth...

  47. 1750: 

    Scott down-breeze on 16, the flag getting a ragging now, and he's overcooked that slightly, but no damage done. Tiger's second, as expected, comes up short and that look says it all - a look that says "brother, what happened to my beautiful, almost invincible game?"

  48. 1748: 

    Scott and McDowell safely down the middle on 16, a mere flick of the wrists from there. Woods on tee at 17, stings it down the middle, his lack of driver has cost him dear this week. McDowell parachutes in at 16, could make birdie from there...

  49. 1744: 

    Snedeker has nicked another one back courtesy of a 12-foot birdie putt on 16, the second-round leader back into outright third on four under. Shot gone for Scott on 15, but as Ken Brown says on the telly, "the 15th is vindaloo and the 16th is chicken korma..." Els leaves his birdie putt short on 17, still trails by three...

  50. 1741: 

    Scott scoops his ball out of the bunker at 15 but he's got a nasty one for par. McDowell stiffs his escape to within a couple of feet...

  51. 1738: 

    Adam Scott misses the green with his second at 15, his ball finally being gobbled up by that very greedy bunker. McDowell over the other side of the green, but still in a bunker... Woods has disintegrated in the heat of battle today, every time you look up he's in more trouble than before - shin deep in nonsense, but can only hack it out a few feet... splendid drive from Ernie down 17 and he's safely on in two...

  52. 1734: 

    I do apologise, I'm getting a little bit fatigued as the end approaches, that putt at 16 was for a birdie for Ernie - forget what I just said. Sorry. Please forgive me. Then again, he still needs a miracle, or at least for Adam Scott to break his neck falling into a bunker or be struck by lightning...

  53. 1733: 

    That could be that - Ernie doesn't hit his par putt on 16 and Adam Scott leads by five with only four holes left to play... Woods lets another one go, his final-round challenge has been rather a limp one...


    Luke Donald, who finished on two under, speaking to BBC Sport: "I hit the ball from tee to green good enough to win today, but I'll admit that it was disappointing on the greens. I had lots of putts that just lipped out. It could have been a really special day, if the putter had got hot but that is the way the course is built. The ball moves all over the shop and it is difficult to read."

  55. 1731: 

    Els playing off the trampled down pathway and he's pulled a rabbit out of the hat - Seve-esque, taking the scary route between the bunkers rather than flying over, and sticking it to within 10 feet. Not sure if Ernie could hear the hammer blow from over at 14 - Adam Scott made that birdie putt, he now leads by four, and in a minute it could be five...

  56. 1731: 


    "Easiest hole on the course has been number 13. Tiger Woods has played it in one over this championship with three pars and a bogey.

    Vijay Singh's round today consisted of 18 pars. He's currently tied for 12th.

  57. 1727: 

    Zach Johnson is having a rather ordinary day - double at 15, six over for the day, he's now tied for 19th on +1. Scott with his second at 14, that's a very makeable birdie putt from there. Woods in a horrible spot on 15, the down-slope of a green-side bunker...

  58. 1723: 

    McDowell splatters his drive down the middle on 14, as we cut to Els on 16... 336-yard par four, Ernie's got the big wand out, he's going to have a go... leans left, which means his ball has leaked right, over in Seve country...

  59. 1720: 

    Els with a putt that could decide the destination of the Claret Jug... straight down the middle, the 2012 is alive... Scott has marmalised his drive down the 14th, as Woods drops another shot on 14, he's now six back with four spaces left on his card...

    Jay Townsend, 5 live golf summariser

    "Tiger hasn't given himself enough chances to hit the ball long. He needs to reassess himself at the end of the week and see if this gameplan works on a golf course like this."

  61. 1718: 

    Louis Oosthuizen has dropped a shot at 17 and he's in for a round of 71 and -1 overall. Scott from another county on 13... he almost killed it off there, only a few inches shy. Meanwhile, up on 15, Els plays a cute little chip shot only to leave himself a par putt coming back from eight feet...

  62. 1715: 

    Scott with his second into 13 and he's a club short. Woods rattling and rolling down the 14 - good approach but he's still got eight feet for par. McDowell with his second on 13 and that's pretty ordinary from there, he's left himself with 30 feet for birdie...

  63. 1713: 

    Unless Scott blinks, this looks like being his. But it takes a very big man not to blink heading down the final stretch at Lytham, it's about as frightening as it gets. Els playing out of some nonsense at 15 - big moment... that's pretty good from there but he'll need all of his magic to get up and down from there...


    D: "Could Els yet be the Dark Horse?"

    George Holman on Twitter: "Ernie Els - he couldn't. Could he?"

  65. 1711: 

    Not great by Els off the tee at 15, this hole playing like a brute today and he's just made it even angrier. Scott on tee at 13 - little bit left, but he's quite alright. McDowell is going to have a smash at it - 355 yards, but into the wind - just short, but that's not bad at all.

  66. 1709: 

    Shot gone for Tiger on 13, he drops back to four under, two behind second-placed Els... McDowell's par putt on 12 wipes its feet before ducking in the side door, he stays three under...

  67. 1706: 

    ERNIE! Another birdie on 14, the big man coming through the field like a freight train! CHOO-CHOO! Three behind leader Scott, one false move and the Aussie could be dead... just misses with that birdie effort on 12...

  68. 1702: 

    ... that wasn't a very good approach from Tiger... Adam Scott at the par-three 12th... all over the stick but it rumbles on, he'll do well to pick up a shot from there. McDowell needs a solid strike here and he doesn't get one, that's come up a club short...

  69. 1700: 

    Here's Luke Donald now, coming down the 18th. Right on line... Els on 14 and he's clobbered his drive about 380 yards, down-wind - decent chip on, chance for a birdie... Tiger splashes out at 13, probably another shot gone, bar a very good approach...

  70. 1700: 

    Woods slices an iron into a trap off the tee at 13 and let's just say he's not happy with that. Scott tightening up, almost every putt short at the moment, but he makes his par on 11, which is all he has to do. McDowell makes it three bogeys in a row, he now trails Scott by six...

  71. 1657: 

    Believe it or not, Luke Donald is now tied for fifth, not that he's had to do to much - two under for his round with one to play, the others have just been falling round his ears. Dustin Johnson nicked birdies at 11 and 13 and is tied for ninth on one under...

    Iain Carter, BBC Sport

    "Ernie Els is the only leading player not over par today. With six holes to play he's four behind Scott and knows that if he can hang around he might have a chance. Els has been second and third at Lytham, could he add a win to that stellar record on the Fylde coast?"

  73. 1655: 

    Tiger with a timely two on 12, he's still in this on five under, four off the lead. McDowell's fourth finishes left of the green, he's left himself an awkward little pitch over the traps. While McDowell has been floundering, Scott has been waiting patiently on the fairway... his third is decent but no great shakes, do very well to make birdie from there...

    Nick Faldo, BBC Sport

    "That was a one in a million. I couldn't see what shot McDowell was trying to hit there. Now Tiger Woods knows he is going into a hard last six holes and will have to pull off some magic."

  75. 1652: 

    I am sorry to relay that McDowell is literally - literally - chest high in jungle, looking for his ball. All looks pretty fruitless to me, you're more likely to find an undiscovered species in there... he's seen enough, back he goes in the buggy, off to play the shot again...


    Mikey on Twitter: "Hard luck GMAC better luck next year. :("

    Adam on Twitter: "Wow!! McDowell has deffo bottled it."

    Sturges66 on Twitter: "Dont care how breezy it is, some of this golf is terrible. What is Gmac doing?"

  77. 1649: 
    That's ugly!

    Snedeker not so clever off the tee at 12, into a trap. Scott with his second on 11 and he's had to lay that up out of the short rough. McDowell with rescue but he's into the teeth of the wind... deary me, that was horrendous - snap hook, 30 foot high into the trees, that's him pretty much done, for this year at least... Els misses with that birdie attempt but he'll be in for par...

  78. 1646: 

    Hard left-right breeze as Woods stands on tee at the par-three 12th. Birdies like hens' teeth on this hole this week but Tiger's got a chance, that's an absolute peach. Els into the 13th and that's another very makeable birdie chance, old Ernie's got the taste again and it looks like he likes it...

  79. 1644: 

    Snedeker pars 11, as does Woods, both men stay four under par. Scott leaks his tee shot on the monster, monster 11th just right, but he should be fine from there. McDowell's ball flirts with some traps before skipping through and trundling onwards...

  80. 1641: 

    Scott must really be able to feel that heart thumping and a-pumping through his shirt now, and that birdie from Els might have made it thump and a-pump a little bit harder. Shot gone for McDowell, the Northern Irishman leaves Els in outright second...

  81. 1639: 

    McDowell had to plop out of a fairway bunker and he's now playing his third at 10... into the heart of the green, but he'll do well to make par from there. What's this? WHAT'S THIS? Ernie's rolled in his birdie putt on 12 to get to within four - almost sprints off the green, if he could squeeze another birdie out of this course down the stretch, the Claret Jug might just be his... Scott hasn't hit his birdie putt on 10, that could have been the shot what won it...

    Iain Carter, BBC Sport

    "Adam Scott may have dropped two strokes through the outward half but that won't be of great concern because all of his rivals are struggling too. He started with a four-stroke lead, to have maintained that advantage with just nine to play is the stuff of dreams. The homeward half, though, will be a huge challenge in the strengthening breeze."

  83. 1634: 

    Players have 40 seconds per shot and they get a warning first before getting docked a shot if they do it again. Can't see that happening, unless somewhere among the ranks of the Open officials is a little Napoleon hoping to make a name for himself... Snedeker has made a mess of his approach into the 11th, here's Scott on 10, all over the stick...

    Nick Faldo, BBC Sport

    "Tiger has no confidence with his driver. It's hard work when you fear missing the fairway in either direction, left or right."

  85. 1633: 

    Peach of a tee shot from Ernie at the par-three 12th, an eminently birdieable putt from there. Scott splatters his tee shot down the middle on 10, McDowell has found a spot of bother. A little twist in the plot - the final pair has just been put on the clock...

  86. 1629: 

    McDowell has given back that shot he picked up on eight, bogey at nine, and Scott could have slammed the door in his face but leaves his birdie attempt just short...

  87. 1628: 

    The race is run in Paris but we've got plenty of agony and ecstacy to come at Royal Lytham & St Annes. Woods has got the big stick out again on the par-five 11th and that might be why he's kept it sheathed for most of the week, it's sprayed right and into some nonsense. Els for birdie on 11 but he left himself with too much to chew, he stays four under and five off the lead..

  88. 1625: 

    Birdie three for Tiger on 10, he too is back to four under. Scott on tee at the short ninth and he finds the centre of the green... Ernie with his third on 11 and that's a little bit heavy-handed, left himself a 15-footer for birdie...

  89. 1623: 

    BIRDIE MCDOWELL! The Northern Irishman, hewn on the links of Royal Portrush, drains that birdie putt on eight to get within three shots of Scott... Snedeker pours a monster in to get back to four under, maybe we wrote him off too soon...

  90. 1620: 

    McDowell with his approach at eight and he's arrowed that in towards the pin, leaves himself eight feet for birdie. Ernie at 11 and he's taking rescue into the monster 11th - doesn't quite make it, but that's still two monstrous smites from the former Open champion. Scott pops in for par at eight, stays four ahead of McDowell...

  91. 1617: 

    It's taken Woods to be almost down and out before he's started pulling out the driver - bombs it down the 10th, but you sense he's left it miles too late. World number one Luke Donald for birdie on 14 and he's drained it from 15 feet for two under overall and tied for sixth.

  92. 1615: 

    Adam Scott at the 416-yard eighth... drills an iron down the fairway... Woods for par on nine and that's nowhere near, he drops to three under, six off the lead. God knows what the winning score would have been if it had been windy all week - this breeze not exactly taking the features off your face, but they are struggling nonetheless. Els pours in a birdie on 10, he trails by five...

  93. 1611: 

    Strange atmosphere out there at the moment - the punters were expecting fireworks and at the moment they're waiting with baited breath at a distance and none of them are going off. NEWS FLASH! Adam Scott is the 2012 Open champion! Or at least according to the wag operating the official online leaderboard... if anyone's got money on him, take a screen grab, just in case...

  94. 1608: 

    Snedeker with a very yippy par attempt at eight, four shots gone in two holes, his race looks run. Scott missed that birdie putt on seven, the first time he hasn't birdied a par-five this week. McDowell could really do with making his, it would cut the lead down to three, but he's muffed that, Scott can breathe again...

  95. 1606: 

    Former Open champion Paul Lawrie left Royal Lytham frustrated after "putting like an idiot" again. The Scot, winner at Carnoustie in 1999, shot a first-round 65 to equal his best score in the tournament, but finished with a 72 for a four-over total.

    "Thursday I putted beautifully, so it's a bit weird," said the 43-year-old. "I just holed nothing out there, it is so disappointing. Frustrated would be an understatement. I've hit the ball this week, not as good as I can, but extremely well. Had I been top-10, I think it would have been fair enough."

  96. 1605: 

    Don't think there's any problem with that, no penalty, he was nowhere near it when it moved. Scott taking an awfully long time over this putt, it's life or death stuff, and it's not very good in the end, he'll do very well to make birdie from there. Els lets a shot go at the ninth, no-one wants to win this it seems... and with every stroke Ernie drops, the poorer I get...

  97. 1601: 

    Ernie's long-range birdie putt at nine comes up short and he's got a knee-knocker for par. Two birds in a row for 1989 champion Calcavecchia on 10 and 11, the big man up to eighth. Here's Scott with a little nibble up the slope over the back of the green at seven - he shapes up, has a walk, and his ball rolls about eight inches down the hill. Here comes a referee...

  98. 1558: 

    Many thanks Mike, Ben Dirs this is from here on in. Scott mangles his second into the seventh 280 yards with a four iron and it's so spunky it skips right the way through the green. McDowell with the old three wood and he's on the front, eagle chance for both of them.

  99. 1556: 

    A change of live text pilot. Ben Dirs is back in the hot-seat to watch the runners and riders round the homeward nine. I'll leave you in his capable hands.


    Martyn in Essex via text: "Not exhilarating golf, but interesting nonetheless. Its almost like none of these top players want to make a mistake. I would prefer to see someone "have a go". Oh how we miss Seve."

  101. 1555: 

    Rest easy Australia. Brandt Snedeker double bogeys the seventh to fall back and restore Adam Scott's four-shot advantage over the field. Still no-one turning up any serious heat underneath the man on the top of the leaderboard, Tiger Woods tickles in a chip from off the green though to pick up a birdie after that nightmare sixth.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "Graham McDowell's parents are out here watching. Dad Ken is walking along the ropes, mum Marian in a buggy. She says she's fine but nervous."

  103. 1551: 

    Adam Scott has also paid a visit to the shingly stuff and his attempt to salvage par runs out of legs well short. A little limp that from the Australian, who falls to nine under and within two shots of Snedeker. McDowell also takes his one-shot punishment as he drops to five under.

  104. 1547: 

    Graeme McDowell has a chance to show Tiger how it should be done on the sixth as he ends up in an almost identical position in that same bunker. I say almost identical, because it is in an even tighter corner. The Northern Irishman decides that discretion is the better part of valour and just nudges the ball backwards into the centre of the obstacle. A lovely delicate splash over the hump runs up to within three feet to follow. That's the way to do it Tiger.

  105. 1543: 

    Back-to-the-wall time for Tiger now. With the wind still swirling about there are gains to be made, but the 14-time major winner will have to put his delicate bits on the chopping block if he is to emerge with that elusive 15th.


    Scott Burr on Twitter: "And that is the Tiger chances finished folks!"

    Ian Darcy on Twitter: "Tiger is in a pickle."

    Potzy on Twitter: "Bye bye Tiger."

    Holly Stobo on Twitter: "Oh Tiger."

  107. 1539: 

    -10 Adam Scott (Aus); -7 Brandt Snedeker (US); -6 Graeme McDowell (NI); -4 Thomas Aiken (SA), Ernie Els (SA); -3 Tiger Woods (US). Selected others: level Ian Poulter (Eng); +4 Paul Lawrie (Sco); +5 Padraig Harrington (Ire); +6 Ross Fisher (Eng); +8 Rory McIlroy (NI).

    Full leaderboard

    Clubhouse scores

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "That could be Tiger Woods's Open Championship challenge gone. He's had some knee problems in the past and he may have aggravated something there in that bunker. He almost pulled the trick shot off."

  109. 1538: 

    It looks like Tiger Woods is coming over all Jean Van de Velde for a moment as he has a two-shot disagreement with a bunker on the sixth. The American has to jig out of the way sharpish as the ball rebounds back off the steep face of the trap and floats somewhere past his chin. He manages to avoid making contact with it and incurring a one-shot penalty. Take two. With an awkward lie, the American kneels on the lip to dig it out. Good trick shot, but there is further drama in wait on the green as he squirts a four-footer past the hole to pick up a triple bogey. Seven shots off leader Scott. What now, Tiger? What now?

  110. 1532: 

    Big gutsy putts from both Adam Scott and Graeme McDowell find their targets to earn them par threes. The Australian's especially was going at apace.

  111. 1530: 

    Adam Scott and Graeme McDowell have redeemed themselves slightly with decent seconds on five, but both still have brow-furrowingly difficult putts to save par. Padraig Harrington has just strolled off the 18th with a round of 73 for a five-over finish overall.

  112. 1527: 

    McDowell and Scott stare down the barrel of the par-three fifth. Neither of them get the rewards their tee shots deserve really as G-Mac splash-lands in a bunker and the Australian's attempt squirms off to the right and a little long. Not a lot of movement behind the leading group by the way. Ernie Els has promised much but is one over for the day, his countryman Thomas Aiken is one under for his round out on the eighth to join him on four under overall.

  113. 1523: 

    Lee Westwood, who has had eight top-10 finishes in his last 10 majors, finished a disappointing six over after a final round of 72.

    "I made the cut but I didn't have much of a game coming in so I didn't expect too much," said the . "You'd like to be coming into it ripping it and every part of your game in good shape but sometimes it's not so sometimes you just have to make it what you've got.

    "You certainly need a bit more luck at the Open Championship with the draw but that didn't really come into play this week. But this is probably the hardest of the four (majors) to win."

  114. 1521: 

    Tiger Woods still keeping the big dog tethered as he opts for a three wod off the tee on six. A tracer bullet right down the guts of the fairway justify his decision. Meanwhile back on the fourth green Adam Scott pockets a par as Graeme McDowell sends his birdie attempt skating past the trapdoors.

  115. 1518: 

    Tiger Woods and Brandt Snedeker scarper off the fifth green with pars. They will happily take those as well after some scratchy opening efforts off the tee.

  116. 1516: 

    Is there a British golf club that Peter Alliss has not been to? He is mid-anecdote about some distant corner of the countryside as Graeme McDowell teases his approach up onto the green at four. Plenty of bite and nip on that one as well to stun it doornail dead within ten feet. Useful, very useful.

  117. 1512: 

    Tiger Woods's tee-shot on the par-three five crash-lands on the down ramp on the green and scuttles its way through the back and into mid-length crop. Brandt Snedeker is wayward as well, plunging into a greenside bunker.

    Bernard Gallacher, BBC Radio 5 live

    "One thing about Tiger Woods in majors is that he is patient. These putts will drop for him, he just needs to keep popping the ball onto the green to get the chances."


    Ben Jones on Twitter: "Nonsense being talked about Woods never winning majors from behind. It's because he's led so many going into final round!"

  120. 1509: 

    Adam Scott's dig out of the bunker dies on the green when the Australian could do with it kicking on a bit. He then gets a read off McDowell's unsuccessful birdie putt, but he can't work out the equation posed by the Lytham baize. His attempt to salvage par runs out of gas just short and he drops back to ten under - Snedeker within three, McDowell and Woods within four.

  121. 1504: 

    After his promising showing whern paired up with Tiger Woods yesterday, Thorbjorn Olesen's weekend looks like it may be tailing off like a disappointing stag outing. The Dane dropped a shot on the first and has suffered a double bogey six on the fourth to slip back to one under overall.

    Jay Townsend, 5 live golf summariser

    "There will be a lot of defining moments to come with the to-ing and fro-ing. The conditions will dictate the shots of eech player. It will be an interesting day, and a lot of the guys will have a chance to win with the conditions, from Adam Scott to right back to Ernie Els. I think the winning score is nine under."

  123. 1500: 

    Adam Scott might be in a little bit of difficulty on the third as his approach disappears down one of the folds surrounding the green. Graeme McDowell is steady and sure-footed though as he clears all the danger and runs his second into the heart of the green.

  124. 1458: 

    Ian Poulter, who finished level par after a final round of 67, is at a loss to explain why it is taking so long for English golfers to end a barren spell in the majors going back to Nick Faldo's third Masters title in 1996.

    "There's certainly the calibre of players - it just hasn't happened," he said. "It's frustrating for me, you, everybody."

  125. 1458: 

    A meaty horseshoe of spectators wrapped around Tiger Woods as he tees off on the fourth. Plenty of applause for the American's opening blast down the left which opens up the green nicely for him. Compatriot Brandt Snedeker has not got such a prime piece of fairway real estate but he is safely on the short stuff.

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "The overseas challenge has been pretty strong but I think that's down to the conditions this week. The lack of breeze has really favoured the Americans/PGA Tour players. It's been a little unusual. I played two Opens here and they were really hard, fast and dry but this has been totally different.

    "There have been several memorable shots, a few holed from the fairway - Poulter and Colsaerts spring to mind. Then there was the hole in one by young Indian Anirban Lahiri yesterday. There's been nothing really that significant by the leaders yet but maybe we'll get that today?"

  127. 1454: 

    Adam Scott slips his simple four-footer right down the throat of the hole for a birdie. No hint of nerves there. Graeme McDowell comes within a whisker of the chip-in that he requires for a par, but has to settle for a dropped shot. Scott's lead is back out to four shots with Snedeker, written off by most after yesterday, now his closest challenger.

  128. 1450: 

    Tiger Woods and Brandt Snedeker both give their second shots plenty of mid-flight advice on the third. The spheres are not listening though and end up nestled within six feet of each other just off the fringe.

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "The big thing this week has been the lack of wind, how lush the course is, so unlike normal Open Championships through the lead-up because of the weather.

    "I think Scotty's going to win. He's playing well enough. He looks in control and he's ready at 32 years old. It's definitely his to win or lose despite that dropped shot on the first."

  130. 1448: 

    Graeme McDowell plucks a fairway wood out of the bag for his approach to the second. A little touch too much titanium it turns out as his ball dribbles through towards the back of the green. Adam Scott has got the measure of this hole though and his approach locks onto the pin and runs out of juice just six feet short. Big birdie chance next for the leader.

  131. 1444: 

    Tiger Woods slots his away his par putt on the second. Bit of discussion from Ken Brown that his decision to pull a red stripped shirt from his wardrobe this morning rather than his traditional final-day solid scarlet number is because he is chasing rather than leading.

    Iain Carter, BBC Sport

    "Suddenly the leaderboard looks a lot more competitive after Adam Scott's dropped shot at the first. Amazing bunker shot from Tiger Woods at the second. Woods is trying to do something he's never achieved before as he seeks to win a major from behind on the final day for the first time."

  133. 1440: 

    Adam Scott seemed to have a little whisper to the ball as he inspected it en route to the second tee. Are those two still going to be on speaking terms still by the end of their 18? Let's see. More ups and downs than the Pleasure Beach's big dipper in store I'd wager.

  134. 1438: 

    Outrageous recovery from Woods, stiffed that escape to a couple of feet, and McDowell shows some steel by rolling in that par putt at the first. He now trails leader Scott by only three... Mike Henson to take over for a wee while, I'm heading out for a restorative break before the big push later...

  135. 1437: 

    Steve Stricker makes his fourth birdie of the day at the 13th to get back into the red as Snedeker overcooks his approach at the second, these greens starting to get a bit more springy as the wind and the sun kick in. Shot gone for Scott at the first and that was very weak and iffy, his lead now three...

  136. 1435: 

    Tiger with his feet well above the ball on the second and he's taken a divot the size of Norfolk and hoicked that into a trap. Shot gone for Els at the second, he drops back to -4 and seven off the lead, as McDowell pops on at the first, although he's left himself a six-footer for par...

  137. 1432: 

    Ernie needs something cheeky from just off the front at two but that might not be cheeky enough, a little heavy and he's got a knee-knocker coming back. Tiger has pulled out a three wood on two and he cuts that down the middle. McDowell of Northern Ireland on the first tee - nervy start, gone left, although it's missed the bunkers. And here's our leader, Adam Scott - the Aussie has even stolen Tiger's twirl, but that's a little bit hot, just off the short stuff...

  138. 1426: 

    Louis Oosthuizen climbs a couple of places courtesy of birdie at four, as Els' approach dies on him and comes up short. Cute as a button from Woods, chip to within a couple of feet and tap-in for par. Snedeker hasn't hit his birdie attempt but he'll stay seven under and four shy of the lead.

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "I've enjoyed watching Adam Scott play. I've been interested with Tiger Woods's tactics, which I don't totally understand: playing ultra-safe, but that's not to say he won't play well and win this afternoon. The last round really is one for the connoisseur because so many things could happen, and probably will.

    "What I'll take away with me from this year's Open is that the course has stood up so well. I know there's been talk about water in the bunkers but I think the way the course has been presented despite the weather has been quite magnificent. The organisation has been superb and I've enjoyed watching the new young breed of players coming through."

  140. 1422: 

    Penultimate game and here's Tiger Woods, no relation of former IBF light-heavyweight champion Clinton, on the first tee. Big cheer, still got plenty of fans over here, and he repays them with a pretty decent iron that just sticks to the apron. Tiger playing with second-round leader Brandt Snedeker and that's a solid enough from him. Ernie at the 481-yard second and he's pulled that into the gallery...

  141. 1418: 

    Kuchar out of the traps pretty fast, tremendous second into the fourth. Steve Stricker bends in a 15-footer at the 11th to climb back to level par, former world number one Vijay Singh holding firm on the cliff-face as others fall past him, six straight pars from the off, remains level par. Kuchar missed that putt... Donald just misses with a birdie attempt on six, and that's unforgivable from Ernie, leaving his birdie putt two inches short...

  142. 1412: 

    Next on the first we've got former champion Ernie Els and former Masters champion Zach Johnson. Ernie's got a feeling about today, and I've had a feeling about Ernie all week, which is why I stuck a tenner on him each way before a ball was struck. Tremendous from Els, all over the flag, chance of a birdie to kick start his round. Zach rather tugs his, but gets away with it...

  143. 1409: 

    Calcavecchia has let one go at the second to slide down to -1 as Haas dead-weights his par putt into the cup on one. Olesen, who scrambled like a demon on Saturday, pays the price for that wayward tee shot, shot gone.

  144. 1405: 

    Kuchar with a six-footer on three to stay three under and he drains it. Bubba with his second into the par-four second... right at the flag... and over the back... world number one Luke Donald has churned out three straight pars, the comeback not under way just yet... Poulter in with a three-under 67 for level par overall. Bill Haas putting from range at the first... well short, left himself something smelly...


    Graeme McDowell, who goes off in the final pairing alongside Adam Scott: "This is the day we needed as the chasing pack. There is that 15mph wind that we were looking for all week and a bit of breeze should keep everyone honest. Theoretically that should suit me, but I have just got to keep concentrating on my ball and my game."


    Leader Adam Scott, who tees off at 1430 with a four-shot advantage over the rest of the field: "It is another nice day out here. I am looking forward to whatever comes my way , I'm nervous but excited and looking forward to it.

    "Greg Norman was a childhood hero of mine, it would be very cool to put my name on that trophy alongside his and all the other legends of the game really. The tactics will be the same as they have been all week, just concentrating on getting safely off the tee."

  147. 1402: 

    Bill Haas on tee - starts the day tied for eighth, he's understated but he has four wins on the PGA Tour. He's playing with Danish hope Thorbjorn Olesen, who tugs his tee shot left. Haas, like many, half a club short.

  148. 1358: 

    Bubba makes a clutch six-footer at the first to stay two under, Ogilvy makes another birdie at the last for a round of 67, the same as playing partner Miguel Angel Jimenez, both level par for the week.

  149. 1355: 

    Jimenez, or 'The Mechanic' as he is known, because of his love of antique boilers, gets a big hand as he strides towards the 18th green, always a big favourite with the Open punters. Adam Scott giving nothing away in his pre-round interview, just sounds a bit bored.

  150. 1352: 

    Donald's second at the third scuttles through the green and gets gobbled up by a bunker. Kuchar picks up a shot at the second, he gets to -3. Bubba at the 214-yard first, just onto the apron off the back, Aiken into the heart. Jimenez with his second on 18, chance of a birdie.

  151. 1348: 

    Oosthuizen, champion in 2010, makes par at the first, as did Kuchar and Dustin. Poulter with a devilish second on 17 and that's pretty decent - blind shot, just over the back. Stand by for Bubba Watson and South Africa's Thomas Aiken, they're loading up on the first...

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "The front nine should suit Mark Calcavecchia down to the ground. It may be a more difficult prospect down the back nine though when the wind is blowing."

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "Lee Westwood, a former world number one, is like watching Alain Prost in Formula 1, all conservative and tactical, rather than Tiger Woods, who has something of the Ayrton Senna about him."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "Woods in zone. Face fixed. Stinging long irons out over 200 yard marker. Johnson next to him 'goofing around', as Bubba would say."

  155. 1342: 

    "Whether he likes it or not," says three-time Open champion Sir Nick Faldo, "I'm going to call Luke Donald on Monday for a debrief." I'm thinking O2 might go down again, at least where Donald happens to be at the time. Here's Calcavecchia, champion in 1989, on the first tee. Big man and he's got a heave-ho swing - pretty effective, though, safely on the green.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "A marshal tells the grandstand crowd 'no cameras please'. They all laugh in that British way that says, 'oh yeah? Watch us'."

  157. 1337: 

    The highly-fancied Francesco Molinari had a bit of a shocker on the outward nine, four bogeys, the Italian down to six over. Not a good day for Toshinori Muto of Japan, two doubles on the card and he's eight over with one to play. Poulter with a long-range birdie attempt on 16... shaves the cup but doesn't drop, he stays +1 for the week...


    Denmark's Thorbjorn Olesen, who tees off alongside Bill Haas at 1400 BST: "There is a lot of pressure, it is still the Open championship, but I think I am playing well and I am looking to score a good score today. I was a little nervous yesterday on the first few holes, but then I hit a few good shots and settled down and got a little confidence. It is a dream to be here at the Open championship on a Sunday, in I think the fourth group today, and I'm just looking to play well and enjoy it."

  159. 1331: 

    Ogilvy putting a decent round together, another birdie on 16, three in five, and the Australian gets to one over. Two high-ranking Americans on the first tee now, Matt Kuchar and Dustin Johnson, eight and 17 in the world respectively. Solid starts for the both of them.

  160. 1326: 

    Tremendous putt from Poulter on 15, starting it out from Yorkshire and coming up a foot short. The Englishman revelling in it today, as he often does when the leaders are over the hill and far away and he's involved in an impossible chase. Donald makes par at the first.


    Greg Matthews on Twitter: "Romero should be the new City manager. He controlled Tevez far better than Mancini has done."

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "If my caddie had talked to me as much as Ian Poulter and his caddie Terry Mundy chat, I would have whacked him one. Mind you he would have whacked me back! I'm not having a go at the caddie, Poulter chats back just as much. It is very much a two-way street."

  163. 1323: 

    Greg Owen of England is having an ugly round, he's five over through 14. World number one Luke Donald on the first and he's right into the heart. A lone shout of "roast potato" is met with the stoniest of silences from the miscreant's fellow patrons, which will rather dilute the story when he tells it to his mates down the pub. Simon Khan of England nicks a birdie at the second to duck into the red.

  164. 1318: 

    Shot gone for Jimenez on 15, he drops back to +1. Poulter into the teeth of the wind on 15, having to take a hybrid today and he doesn't quite make it. Stricker has let a shot go at the par-four sixth, back to one over he goes.


    Luke Donald, who tees off at 1320 BST and is one over par for the tournament so far: "Nothing is impossible. I will give it my all and see if I can close that gap. Ten shots is a lot to make up but you never know when you might just have that magical round. I will need to shoot something in the mid to low 60s to have any chance."

  166. 1315: 

    Two-time champion Padraig Harrington has let a couple go through seven holes, Nicolas Colsaerts shows the front-runners there is a score to be made out there, in with a 65. Shame about that 77 on Friday.

  167. 1312: 

    Colsaerts scrambles well to give himself a 10-footer for a round of 65. Here's Adam Scott arriving at the course, generously pinging off some autographs, those asking hoping the Aussie will add a nought to the item's value in a few hours time.

  168. 1308: 

    Mahan makes a longun at five to stay one over. Leaders Scott and McDowell are out at 1430, not too long to go now. Two Indians in the field - Jeev Milkha Singh, the Scottish Open champion, went round in 73 today for +10 overall, Anirban Lahiri, who made an ace yesterday, bogeyed the first to drop to +1.


    Kenny McDowell, father of Graeme who goes off in the final pairing four shots off leader Adam Scott: "He has got the game and he knows that and it is a case of just playing the best he can and hoping that Adam drops a shot or two. We get a bit of wind even on the finest day in Portrush so he can deal with that. I'm not sure how windy it is where Adam was brought up."

  170. 1303: 

    Colsaerts has reached the final tee and here's one man who is showing low-scoring can be done, he's five under for his round. Tugged that, though, playing his second out of some scrub. Paul Lawrie, champion in 1999, with his second into 10 - stiffed it to within two feet, the Scot level par today.

  171. 1259: 

    The jaunty Nicky Watney at the first and that's a little bit shy. The American is 10 off the lead, but it's been done before. Here's Mr and Mrs McDowell being interviewed by Hazel on the telly. A nice chat, although the most telling part of it was the fact that Hazel was struggling to keep the old barnet in place - it's all blue skies at Lytham, but that wind is getting up.

    Ken Brown, BBC Sport

    "I wonder if Bubba Watson brought any other clothes? He has just turned up in the same outfit that has been wearing for the rest of the week, all black with a pink trim."

  173. 1254: 

    Poulter parachutes in at 13, another chance of a birdie, and here's Jimenez with his second on 14, right into the guts of the green. Tiger arrives with his 'people', climbing out of a silver Merc and looking for all the world like a mafia family arriving for a day at court. Woods cuts through the geraniums and straight onto the putting green, no need for that...

    Ken Brown, BBC Sport

    "The greens are getting a little bit shinier, a little bit browner, it doesn't take long for things to dry out."

    Iain Carter, BBC Sport

    "Rory McIlroy tells us he will be watching this afternoon and 'pulling for Graeme'. McDowell is one of his best mates and McIlroy says the winning score will be around nine or 10 under par. McIlroy was round in 73 to finish at a disappointing eight over par."

  176. 1246: 

    Jimenez rolled in that birdie putt on 13, the Spaniard climbs to level par, former US Open champion Ogilvy also made a bird, he climbs to +1...

  177. 1245: 

    Rory McIlroy on BBC Radio 5 live after finishing on eight over par after a final round of 73: "My game hasn't been there. It was pretty good on the first day but after that I struggled and couldn't find anything. Overall, a disappointing week for me.

    "When you try to force it and press things, it just doesn't work. It is hard to make up shots on this golf course.

    "I will be watching Graeme McDowell this afternoon and it will be a battle for the guys out there.

    "Adam Scott has to go out and protect the lead and if Graeme can plod along and pick a shot here and there, he may be able to do something."

  178. 1245: 

    Everyone's favourite Spaniard Miguel Angel Jimenez is two under after 12 fourth-round holes and one over for the week, the old boy showing no signs of flagging approaching the winter of his career. Fowler out in 32, another birdie at nine, Jimenez and Ogilvy all over the flag at 13. There are birdies to be had, and here's Colsaerts with another one on 16, he's the only man out on the course in the red.

  179. 1240: 

    Jamie Donaldson, the only Welshman in the field - which I find astonishing - is stuck in reverse, four over through six ansd losing money with every false shot he makes. Here's Graeme McDowell in the car park - if he wins the Claret Jug today, he wins it in pink and cream - the Northern Irishman looking like a bowl of rhubarb and custard.

  180. 1236: 

    Colsaerts has a 15-footer on 14 to get into the red but the Belgian leaves it a couple of feet short. Bogey for PGA champion Keegan Bradley at the first, his fellow American Rickie Fowler is one under after eight.

  181. 1230: 

    Here's the forlorn figure of Rory McIlroy making his way to the 18th green - opened up with a 67, remember, so he can get round this course, but he hasn't been able to locate his mojo since then, it's been pretty tough going. Misses with his 20-foot birdie putt at the last and taps in for a round of 73 and eight over for the week.

    Iain Carter, BBC Sport

    "There are birdies to be had, as Nicolas Colsaerts is proving. The Belgian is four under par for his first 14 holes, but the wind is freshening and the Five Live commentary box is starting to rock at the top of the back of the grandstand."

  183. 1225: 

    What I know about winning golf tournaments amounts to nothing, but I just hope the winner heads the advice of Philadelphia soul outfit Frantique: How you gonna be the attraction, If you gonna stick to the wall? Grab yourself a piece of the action - get up and stand up, strut your funky stuff. You reading this, Tiger? Dust off that driver and give it a go... Sweden's Peter Hanson is one under through two, back to level...

    Iain Carter, BBC Sport

    "Does Woods continue to plot his way round, ekeing out the birdies, with a number in his mind, maybe eight or nine under par? I think he will, but it will be interesting to see how he gets on when he is required to use the driver, having kept it in the bag for the rest of the week, as he plays into the wind on the homeward nine."

  185. 1218: 

    The wind isn't exactly, to borrow a phrase from our very own Wayne Grady, ripping dogs off chains but scoring ain't easy, not too many players under par at the moment. Poulter's birdie putt shaves the left-hand side of the hole at 10, the Englishman remains +1.

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Sport

    "The weather is going to be key today. The long putter becomes harder to use in the gusting wind and that could affect him. I don't think that the leader will go under par today, but I don't think he can afford to go out and attempt to defend his lead either. I think that if he shoot two over that will do it for him."

  187. 1216: 

    Belgium's Nicolas Colsaerts was another man who had a bit of a shocker yesterday but he's back on form today, four under through 13 and back to level par. Former US Open champion Jim Furyk has gone almost unmentioned this week, but the American is still out and about and he covered the front nine in 32 blows.

  188. 1212: 

    Westwood curls in a birdie on the par-five 11th to get back to five over, the Englishman never more than a peripheral figure once the hitting of balls started. Scotland's Martin Laird got round in par today after his shocking 82 on Saturday, he finishes 11 over. Bjorn and Mahan in for pars at the first.

    Andrew Coltart, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The weather will play a big part in this. Adam Scott's long putter becomes harder to use in the gusting conditions, it may start to get inside his head. I don't think the leader will go under-par though.

    "If Tiger goes after it today, it will scupper his chances, he needs to play as he has done, but I am sticking with Adam Scott as victor.

    "It is going to be about the heart, mind and determination on who will be Open champion today because we know they all have the technique. It will be about dealing with the links golf course with the bunkers around. You need to hit the fairways."

  190. 1209: 

    Bit difficult watching McIlroy at the moment, he's a husk of a player - his bunker escape ooh-aahs its way onto the green, like someone tip-toeing into the cold waters of Blackpool, before ooh-aahing off again. Another shot gone, he's now +8 and very much a former US Open champion.

  191. 1206: 

    Warm applause turns to slightly embarrassed whispers as McIlroy's second at 16 comes out of the rough, scuttles across the green and curls into a bunker on the other side. Oh dear. Thomas Bjorn of Denmark and Hunter Mahan of the United States on the first. Bjorn on, Mahan a club short.

  192. 1203: 

    Rory McIlroy still malfunctioning, here he is spraying his drive into some nonsense out right on 16 - the Northern Irishman is +7. Stricker sweeps in a birdie at the first and is level par again. Poulter out in 32, two over for his round.


    BBC Sport's Rob Nothman at Royal Lytham: "Manchester City footballer Carlos Tevez has been caddying for Andres Romero today. I don't think he has had much effect though as Romero has shot a 12-over 82. The pair of them have just come thorough the interview area. My Spanish is not too good but Tevez said it was 'an extremely enjoyable experience', while admitting the bag was 'very heavy'."


    Graham Dale on Twitter: "Tevez on the bag, that boy just does what he wants!"

    John-Paul Charles on Twitter: "Love that Andres Romero had Carlos Tevez on the bag this morning. Shame he shot an 82!"

  195. 1200: 

    Many thanks Sham, this is Ben Dirs calling. This wind freshening now, rattling the tops of the trees and stiffening the flags. Warm, though, not many sweaters out there, and here's Ian Poulter, wearing pink boots, rattling in a birdie at eight to get back to +1.

  196. 1155: 

    Padraig Harrington pars the first after his fortunate tee-shot. A perfect opportunity for me to leave you in the hands of Ben Dirs. Enjoy!

    Nick Faldo, BBC Sport

    "Someone could make a move from lower down the leaderboard. Ernie Els has said he feels great and something special will happen, but it's been 10 years since his last major. Zach Johnson can keep the ball low and is a great putter. Nine under or 10 under could be around the mark, unless Adam Scott gets off to a good start."

  198. 1153: 

    Lee Westwood in a bit of trouble on the 10th, playing his fourth shot onto the green before behind a mound. He is left with a long putt and the Englishman may find himself dropping another shot.

    Tony Jacklin, BBC Sport analyst and former Open champion

    "Tiger has done his homework better that anyone and he knows that if you don't get off the tee safely then you are done for. He has accepted that he will have to hit longer into the green and I think that strategy will eventually pay dividends for him if he continues with it."

  200. 1150: 

    Superb from Rory McIlroy on the 15th. Found himself in the bunker, but digs out a Tiger Woods-esque style chip which disappears down the hole.

  201. 1149: 

    Oooh! Spaniard Miguel Angel Jimenez on the next comes oh, so close to an ace. A woman shrieks with excitement as the balls bounces a couple of times on the green before rolling agonisingly past the hole and stopping a foot away.

  202. 1147: 

    Cigar-smoking Miguel Angel Jimenez downs a beauty of a putt on the eighth to go with the two he has already struck today. He is now on two over par. He will enjoy his Cohiba tonight if he manages to go level for the week.

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "I couldn't understand Tiger Woods's conservative approach yesterday. He doesn't look like he enjoys it, he doesn't give anything to the crowd and try to get them behind him. He doesn't smile, he seems to live in this steel cage. He played a very strange game."

  204. 1144: 

    Ian Poulter, with his chequered grey pants, pars the seventh to stay on two over. Fellow countryman Lee Westwood manages to force out a smile as he birdies the par-three ninth.

    Tony Jacklin, BBC Sport analyst and former Open champion

    "There is so much that can happen out here. This is a much more typical Lytham day and if Adam Scott continues to be as aggressive as he has been, then the back nine especially, may mess with him. It will be interesting to see how he plays it."

  206. 1141: 

    Two-time champion Padraig Harrington steps up on the first. The crowd give him a generous applause as his name is called out by the announcer. He is lucky, landing in-between two bunkers on the left-hand side.

  207. 1139: 

    Former Open champion Mark Calcavecchia: "I still love the tournament. The atmosphere is the best there is, even better than Augusta and even better than the US Open."


    Euan in Watford via text: "I had punts on Scott and MacDowall for the Open! Help it going guys, surely only a certain Mr Woods cab spoil things!"

  209. 1138: 

    Ross Fisher gives a fist-pump as he end with a birdie on the last to finish on six-over-par. Ian Poulter with his third shot on the seventh lands in the heart of the green.

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "Everyone assumes the winner will be the one who makes the most wonderful shots, but it'll be the one who makes the fewest mistakes. Things happen on the final day, they can be with you or against you. I tried to enjoy it and hope that would help make the brain work."

    Nick Faldo, BBC Sport

    "It's a totally different day, you have to turn off your emotions, you feel very nervous and put up defensive barriers. Adam Scott's caddie Steve Williams will be a great help because he will recognise if his man is struggling and will step in.

    "The course will play very differently and they've had the luxury of the ball stopping on the course which is very rare for a links course, but that won't happen today. All these things will come into it and you are suddenly recognising different feelings in your body, you feel tighter and you've got to deal with that. All these leaders have great plusses, but they've all got minuses that they've got to deal with."

  212. 1133: 

    American Harris English, very confusing, tees-off on the first..and lands in the bunker with his starter. Is there an Englishman out there with the surname American? Get in touch with us if there is.

    Nick Faldo, BBC Sport

    "This golf course could grow some teeth and that could get the leader thinking a little bit. I'm still not sure about Adam. Either he'll race away with it or it could scare him. Having Steve Williams on the bag will be a big help."

  214. 1129: 

    Lee Westwood smacks one off the tee on the eighth with the trees swaying from side to side in the background. It misses the bunker on the left-hand side, but he lands bang in the middle of the rough stuff. Welshman Jamie Donaldson has started the day with a bogey.

  215. 1126: 

    Some more stats courtesy of BBC Sport's Craig Barnes:

    - Tiger Woods has never won a major when trailing after 54 holes

    - If the Championship was just played over the front nine, Woods would hold a three-shot lead on seven under over Graeme McDowell and Adam Scott.

    - Royal Lytham, usually known for its notorious tough closing stretch, has actually seen the outward nine play harder this week.

    - Carlos Tevez is caddying for Andres Romero today.

    - Leader Adam Scott remains the biggest hitter in the field with an average driving distance of 320 yards

  216. 1120: 

    R&A chief executive Peter Dawson on golf being in the Olympics in 2016 in Rio: "The driving force for getting golf back into the Games was the way it would help revolutionise government support for golf and interest for the sport in countries where it's not a major sport. We are already seeing interest and finance growing in the Far East and Russia.

    "I know people thought it shouldn't be in the Games but I've been encouraged by the professionals' attitudes, particularly the women, and when people grow up in years to come they will look at a golf gold medal as a big one to win."


    Par for Lee Westwood on the seventh as he lets out a puff of relief. First birdie of the day for Rory McIlroy on the 13th and that will make him feel much better.

  218. 1119: 

    Carl Pettersson, another one dressed in a pink polo top, using the long putter to par the second hole and Paul Lawrie does the same. Scot Lawrie had a nightmare finish yesterday after triple-bogeying the last hole.

  219. 1118: 

    Lee Westwood's approach on the seventh..finds himself buried in a bunker, he does not look happy with that. Spain's Pablo Larrazabal has just birdied the next hole to move to two over.

  220. 1115: 

    Another eagle from another Englishman, this time Ross Fisher on the 16th. A chip onto the green was roared in by the crowd, much to the enjoyment of Fisher, to taps his cap as he pulls his ball back out of the hole.

  221. 1113: 

    Nicely done by Rory McIlroy on the 12th, little chip onto the green, leaving a putt for parr. Partner Fredrik Jacobsen, dressed in a rather feminine looking polo top, pars the same does McIlory

  222. 1111: 

    R&A chief executive Peter Dawson on BBC Two: "The course has acquitted itself well, the players like it, it's been a stiff test, but we are expecting stronger winds this afternoon so the pins today are a little easier than yesterday. The scoring isn't all that exciting this morning so I don't think we'll see people bursting out of the pack today."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport

    Top four stats:

    Fairways hit: Scott 31 (rank 14); McDowell 31 (14); Snedeker 25 (56); Woods 37 (2)

    Greens in regulation: Scott 38 (rank 14); McDowell 37 (19); Snedeker 42 (3); Woods 39 (8)

    Putts: Scott 86 (rank 24); McDowell 84 (8); Snedeker 87 (32); Woods 86 (24)

    Average driving distance: Scott 319.8 (rank 1); McDowell 272.2 (71); Snedeker 292 (18); Woods 277.3 (61)

    Birdies: Scott 15 (rank 1); McDowell 14 (3); Snedeker 13 (5); Woods 11 (15)

  224. 1110: 

    Lee Westwood started well but has dropped off now, losing another shot on the sixth to go five-over-par. Superb start from Rickie Fowler, dressed in a bright orange t-shirt, as he birdies the first two.

  225. 1107: 

    The breeze is picking up and is noticeable with the bibs of the caddies and the flag wafting in the wind. Rory McIlroy tees-off on the 198 yard 12th, a par three. He overcooks the first shot, which bounces off the back of the green and into the rough.


    Gary on Twitter: "Come on GMac amazing if u cud win both Opens."

    Micheal O Mordha on Twitter: "Cheering on G-Mac to make it 4 wins for Ireland in the last 6 Opens."

    Timothy Edwards on Twitter: "It would be incredible to get back-to-back home winners of the Open! Give us some wind please to send GMac on his way."

  227. 1103: 

    The Open action has started on BBC Two, BBC HD channel. There are options available for you to watch on the Red Button, as well as online. I'm here too, so you can keep me company.

  228. 1101: 

    Ian Poulter stroking it around nicely at the moment, no blot on the scorecard yet. A par on the third means he stay on one over.

  229. 1058: 

    Unbelievable scenes, astonishing! This is crazy! I thought Rory McIlory had nose dived today, but Rafael Cabrera-Bello has just done a big bellyflop from the 10m board, twice. Triple-bogeys on both the 15th and 17th means he drops six shots in the space of three holes, sending him joint bottom alongside Andres Romero and John Daly.

  230. 1055: 

    The commentator's curse! Having praised Lee Westwood for how well he has been doing, he goes and double-bogeys the fourth. It really is a rollercoaster ride for these players. The highs of a birdie on one hole to the lows of a double-bogey on the next.


    Sean in Swindon via text: "Would you rather be four shots behind, but with the knowledge of how to win a major, or four shots clear without that knowledge? My moneys on McDowell."


    Keep your tweets coming in using the hashtag #bbcgolf and text in on 81111. I want to know why Rory McIlroy has had such a poor morning. Tell me why!!

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "Saturday's scoring averages confirm back nine is the tougher - 34.940 for front, 36.867 for back. But hardest hole is par 4 3rd at 4.471."

  234. 1045: 

    Superb start from Ian Poulter! He starts off with a solid par on the first, before an eagle on the second. Sublime stuff! He is now on one-over. His scorecard would have been looking much better had he not double-bogeyed two of the last four holes yesterday.

  235. 1042: 

    Three-time Open champion Nick Faldo spoke to our man Rob Hodgetts:

    "Playing golf on the Sunday of a major is the greatest feeling in this sport, to have your stomach churning and to go out there and hit some shots better than you could ever imagine.

    "After all the focus, when you knew it was over, you could physically feel the adrenalin wallop out of you. It was quite amazing," he said.

  236. 1038: 

    Northern Irishman Rory McIlory seems to have pulled himself together, parring the last five holes. It is not good to see a player fall apart, you almost want to grab him, ruffle his hair and give the poor lad a big, warm hug.


    More from Colin Montgomerie on BBC Radio 5 live's Sportsweek programme:

    "I agree with Gary Player that we shouldn't be having irons off the tee. If the wind does pick up I think Tiger Woods will have to use his driver and that is when he may be in trouble.

    "Graeme McDowell is a gutsy competitor. Let's hope the wind picks up and we have some indifferent scoring and that can only help Graeme. There's a reason I put him at number 11 in the Ryder Cup because he is extremely calm under pressure. The whole of Britain wishes him well."

    "Luke Donald is 10 shots behind - the last to come back from that deficit and win was Paul Lawrie in 1999. Another top 10 finish possibly but unfortunately I think he is a bit too far back."

  238. 1035: 

    Good going from Nottingham Forest supporter Lee Westwood, who has picked up another shot on the third, still on two-over for the week though.

  239. 1032: 

    That is it for Tom Watson and John Daly, back to the clubhouse, pack their bags and to catch their flight back over the Atlantic. Watson finishes three over for the day, +12 overall and Daly dropped four shots to go +14 for the week. I wonder if they will be catching the same plane back home?


    Rod from Bangor, County Down via text: "I hope the wind gets up a bit as it would help our G-Mac bring the claret jug back to the new home of golf."

  241. 1025: 

    What of the Americans then? Chad Campbell has dropped two shots so far, falling to nine over, while Charles Howell III is one shot better off. Bob Estes and Ted Potter Jnr have both dropped shots today, leaving themselves on +7 and +5, respectively.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "Wind is already picking up out here. Last train to Honksville arrives at 3pm. Key for everyone is to have a big lunch, anchor you down."


    Paddy Emmerson on Twitter: "Forecast for a bit more wind today but not a real hoolie, think Scott can hold on if he remains postive, Els could feature."

  244. 1020: 

    Toshinori Muto is one of two Japanese players in action. He has picked up a shot on the second to go two-over for the week. Fellow countryman Yoshinori Fujimoto has parred the first five and remains on four-over for the week.

  245. 1018: 

    Worksop's Lee Westwood is under way and has made a good start, picking up a shot after a birdie on the second. His drought of never having won a major continues though.


    Mark Steadman from Cumbria via text: "Tiger needs to stop prowling and start to pounce."


    More from Gary Player on BBC Radio 5 live's Sportsweek programme:

    "It certainly brings back memories being here. It's always a great thrill to win what is, in my opinion, the most important tournament in the world. It's so sad when you see everyone hitting off with irons all the time. I only saw Tiger using a driver once the other day."

    "I am very against the long putter used by Adam Scott because it has taken nerves out of the game and they are an integral part of it."

    "Since December, Tiger Woods has won four tournaments, any time you can do that you are back. I'm not sure he is back to his very best but he is one of the fiercest competitors I have ever seen. It would be better for him if the wind does not blow."


    StevieG on Twitter: "No wind and Adam Scott is too far clear.. If the wind picks up a decent amount I can see a 66 from G-Mac being good enough!!"

  249. 1010: 

    The European Tour's first ever Indian player Jeev Milkha Singh, who joined in 1998, is nearly through his round, level for the day and seven over for the championship. He might have expected to do better having won the Scottish Open last week on play-off against Francesco Molinari. Fellow Indian Anirban Lahiri, who made a hole-in-one yesterday, is expected out at 12:55 BST.

  250. 1005: 

    Stat-attack (courtesy of Rob Hodgetts):

    - Adam Scott has held at least a share of the lead going into the final 18 holes on the PGA Tour eight times, winning six.

    - Scott is seeking to become the first Open winner to post four rounds in the 60s since Tiger Woods in 2000.

    - In the 10 previous Lytham Opens, the third round leader has won six times (Duval 2001, Lehman 1996, Player 1974, Jacklin 1969, Charles 1963, Thomson 1958).

    - In his 71 wins, Tiger Woods has held or shared the lead 48 times going into the final round and come from behind to win 23 times.

  251. 1004: 

    Mr Tom Watson seems to be waning after bogeys on 13, 14 and 15. To still be going at the age of 62 in a professional sport is admirable. I can only think of snooker as a sport where someone his age could still be competing in.

  252. 0957: 

    Nicolas Colsaerts and Pablo Larrazabal have started well, both opening with a birdie. Big things are expected from the Belgian Colsaerts, and he made a good start here when he scored a 65 on the opening day, but a 77 the next meant his challenge was gone.


    Gary Player on BBC Radio 5 live's Sports Week programme: "If there is no wind I think Adam Scott will win. He has as good a swing as anyone in the world, but if the wind blows really hard I think Ernie Els has a chance."

  254. 0952: 

    Well done Rory McIlroy, a par on the fifth to stop the rot. That will give him something to smile about, then again, looking at his scorecard won't. South African Retief Goosen has not made the cleverest of starts either, scoring three bogeys in the first six holes.


    Hamza Bhatti on Twitter: "With the amount of practice Tevez has had recently surely he could get a club out and show us how it done."

    Refusing to play for his football club and swanning off to Argentina for a few months will have done his handicap no harm at all!


    Colin Montgomerie on BBC Radio 5 live's Sportsweek programme: "I'm by the flag on the first hole and I'm not sure there enough wind to blow Adam Scott off course. I think he will win by a couple from Tiger Woods, with Graeme McDowell third."

  257. 0946: 

    This first finisher of the day is Scotland's Martin Laird, who scored a horrendous round of 82 yesterday. He has faired much better today though, with a 70 to leave him on 11 over par.


    Ian Lawn on Twitter: "It's the Aussies to lose at 4 shots ahead."

  259. 0943: 

    This is horrible! Rory McIlroy drops another shot, his game has gone and is now on nine-over-par. Argentine Andres Romero currently sits bottom on 12 over.


    Jonny in Glengormley via text: "If G-Mac pulls it off, that would be back 2 back Opens..4 out of the last 13 majors..2 players in the worlds top 5, and the British Amateur champion as well. Not bad for 1.8 million ppl! Northern Ireland..the Spain of golf.


    How is it going to pan out today then? Can Adam Scott hold his own, or will he fall to the pressure of the chasing pack? Will the Tiger roar into action, or is Graeme McDowell set to give Northern Ireland another major winner? Get me on Twitter @ShamoonHafez, by using the hashtag #bbcgolf or text in on 81111.

  262. 0936: 

    Poor old Rory. You almost start to feel sorry for him now. Similar scenes to what we saw at the Masters in 2011. He has double-bogeyed the third and is close to the bottom of the pile.


    A change of career for Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez? He is out on the course caddying for fellow Argentine Andres Romero.

    The Open's official Twitter account has tweeted a picture of him in action.

  264. 0928: 

    Northern Irishman Graeme McDowell, tied for second, wants to take emulate the feat of his fellow countryman Darren Clarke, who won the championship last year.

    "Darren will be an inspiration and someone that I'll think about a little bit tomorrow," said McDowell.

    "I said to him, 'I've got a funny feeling we'll maybe be bringing that Claret Jug back to Northern Ireland'."

    McDowell is out on the final pairing with Adam Scott, scheduled for play at 14:30 BST.

  265. 0924: 

    They may be towards the bottom of the scoreboard, but you have to admire the professionalism and fight these guys show. Veteran Tom Watson, a five-time winner of this championship, has picked up a shot this morning to move to eight-over-par. England's Ross Fisher has birdied two holes so far, moving to five over.

  266. 0919: 

    Rory McIlroy is a dejected man out there, and you get the feeling he just wants to get his round done and get out. He has dropped a shot on the second and goes to six over.

  267. 0917: 

    Tiger Woods did not make the move everyone thought he would, dropping a shot off the pace yesterday, but the weather won't bother him. "Whether the wind blows or not, I've still got to go out there and post the round that I know I need to post and execute my plan," he said.

    Currently five shots off the lead, a few early birdies will pile the pressure on to Aussie Adam Scott. He is scheduled to be out at 14:20 BST alongside fellow American Brandt Snedeker.

  268. 0914: 

    The sun is shining over Royal Lytham again, and it looks to be staying that way all day. However, there is slightly more wind today and if that picks up, it could cause all sorts of problems for those coming out later on.

  269. 0912: 

    The boy Rory McIlroy is on the course too, out of contention for the title but will be aiming for a good round to finish a disappointing tournament on a high. He starts with a par, as does partner Fredrik Jacobson.

  270. 0910: 

    Straight into the action then, and Argentine Andres Romero is today's Mr Tumble, already dropping five shots through the first three holes, with England's Lee Slattery also falling having dropped four shots this morning. Very unpleasant scenes!

  271. 0907: 

    Into the final round of the 141st Open Championship, this year at Royal Lytham & St Annes. The last day of a major, this is what every golfer dreams of. The final pairing of Adam Scott and Graeme McDowell do not come out until 14:30 BST, but many of the field are already out.

  272. 0900: 

    "I'm feeling great, it was a good solid day and I did what I needed to do. I've never played in the final pairing at a major," said leader Adam Scott after his round of 69, which left him four shots ahead of Graeme McDowell and Brandt Snedeker.

    He seems a bit nervous there to me, being in a position he has never been in before. Brandt Snedeker certainly did not cope well with the pressure of being leader, making six bogeys on Saturday having not dropped a shot in his first two rounds.

    Our man Rob Hodgetts asks whether Scott can handle the pressure. Have a read of this thoughts.

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Nick Faldo wins The Open in 1987 Mental strength key to Open victory - Faldo

'You have to look after yourself and deal with the whole emotion, the whole intensity, and the nerves - that's the key.'