US Open - final round as it happened

Webb Simpson wins the 112th US Open from Graeme McDowell and Michael Thompson at the Olympic Club.

18 June 2012 Last updated at 04:04

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As it happened

  1. 0352: 

    Here's Rob Hodgetts' report on the final day's play. Thanks for your texts and tweets, join us again next month for the big one of the season. The Open Championship, from Royal Lytham & St Annes, starts on Thursday, 19 July and will be live across the BBC. Sleep well.

  2. 0350: 

    Seems like as good a place as any to end our coverage of the 2012 US Open. A return to form for the tournament with a ridiculously tough course and an over-par winner but it was intriguing right up to the final putt. Hats off to Webb Simpson - a deserving champion after a couple of 68s over the weekend.

  3. 0344: 

    Dom Breslin on Twitter: "Well Done #Webb_Simpson - Another Major to the Americans. Building up some steam ahead of the Ryder Cup. Roll on Lytham." #bbcgolf

  4. 0342: 

    Here's Webb with the trophy. A quick peck on the silver trophy and here we go with a few words. "It was nerve-wracking and I expected both of them [McDowell and Furyk] to do well coming in. But I couldn't be happier right now. I got off to a slow start..." and Webb is interrupted by an intruder screeching into the camera, who is quickly led away. "I hope he enjoys the jail cell," says Webb before returning to his round. "I knew there were some birdie chances coming in. I was nervous though, a lot of times I had to hit my legs because I couldn't feel them."

  5. 0336: 

    So, that's the ninth first-time major champion in succession and 16th different winner over the last 16 tournaments. Smart young man Webb in his buttoned up cardie. He's 26 years old, one of six children and hails from Charlotte, North Carolina.

  6. 0334: 

    +1 Simpson; +2 Thompson, McDowell; +3 Toms, Harrington, Peterson, Dufner, Furyk; +4 Els

  7. 0331: 

    There's still some business to conclude out on the course. Furyk knocks in his bogey putt for a four-over 74 and three-over total to finish tied fourth with a bunch including Ireland's Padraig Harrington. McDowell finishes tied for second on two over with Michael Thompson.

  8. 0329: 

    Slightly surreal scenes from the locker room as Mrs Simpson appears to be the first to realise that her hubby has won the US Open. Squeals of delight from her, a look of bewilderment on Webb's face.

  9. 0327: 


  10. 0326: 

    GMac steps away. He settles over it and it's on the way but it's not going in, it starts left and stays left.

  11. 0325: 

    For the first time today, there's no over-analysing of a shot by Furyk who flips the ball onto the green. GMac stalking the green, still chatting to caddie Ken. It's officially 24 feet. All downhill, right-to-left borrow. He's had a look from behind the hole, behind the ball, square on. He finally addresses it.

  12. 0323: 
    That's ugly!

    Big sighs from Furyk, he knows the correct shot is to play away from the hole but he has to go for it. A spot of luck and he's in a play-off. Unfortunately Furyk's luck has run out and that squirts way right and off the front of the green into more sand. Simpson edges closer.

  13. 0321: 

    GMac from 106 yards with a sand wedge and that is as good as he could hope for. It's on the green, 25 feet beyond the pin. Will be a quick putt back but he has a chance. Furyk tugs his into Harrington's bunker. He's short-sided and he's going to struggle from there. McDowell sprints up to the green. Furyk chews on his club.

  14. 0318: 

    Simple equation going down the last then. Furyk and GMac both need birdies to force a play-off. Pars or worse and Webb Simpson will be champion. McDowell in a decent spot, just off the right edge of the fairway with a good angle into the flag which is front left. Furyk in an almost identical position. Simpson with his wife, watching on the tele.

  15. 0315: 

    As Furyk and GMac head to 18, here's a clearly disappointed Westwood on his lost ball on the fifth: "It was on the perfect line, it just stuck in the pine needles of the tree. It takes the wind out of your sails. I wasn't making any putts, it was just one of those days. Frustrating really."

  16. 0313: 

    Furyk pitches onto the green but he's got a 25-footer for the birdie he needs to tie Simpson for the lead and a criminal putt. Never leave a birdie putt short Jim. McDowell from a dozen feet. This has to go in. He knows it's slightly left-to-right. It's off and running and it's in. The spring returns to his step. Furyk backs off his putt for the umpteenth time today but eventually rolls it in.

  17. 0309: 

    Westwood with a lengthy putt for par on 18. It misses and it's a bogey finish. A three-over 73 and five over total. The 39-year-old with another top-10 finish in a major but not the top one he craves.

  18. 0307: 

    BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter: "If Webb Simpson has done enough to clinch his first major he is a worthy winner. He emerged on an attritional final day. A huge finish is required by Furyk and McDowell and both looked pretty punch drunk heading to 17th tee."

  19. 0306: 

    Both McDowell and Furyk in the rough on 17. Furyk from 222 yards up first. Four iron and he ditches that well short of the green, could be in the sand but not sure. GMac from three yards closer with a rescue wood and he pings it across the fairway and that definitely ends up in a bunker.

  20. 0301: 

    Westwood with iron into 18 and that's inches from perfection, instead it slides backwards off the green to leave a devillish chip over a bunker. Furyk's tee shot dribbles into the first cut on 17, chance to reach the green in two.

  21. 0300: 

    Apologies, I miscounted Furyk's shots on 16 - his chip was for par. Makes his putt back even more crucial and he backs off it before returning to stroke it in for bogey. For the first time today, the 2003 champion is not the leader. GMac safely in for par but he needs a birdie birdie finish to tie Simpson.

  22. 0257: 

    GMac for birdie on 16, down and across the slope and he's overborrowed a little there and it's three feet by. Ernie chips down the green on 18 but misses the par putt and he finishes with a bogey to end four over.

  23. 0255: 

    Ernie careers his approach to the last straight through the back of the green on 18. Westwood duly knocks in his eagle on 17 to get to four over. Furyk with a chip up the green on 16 and that's gone four feet past. Slippery one for par coming back.

  24. 0252: 

    Simpson studies every angle possible before settling over his ball and that's a confident strike straight into the cup. Thompson's US Open dreams are over. Simpson is our new clubhouse leader on one over. Two 68s this weekend for the American.

  25. 0249: 

    Furyk predictably comes up well short and Simpson's chip is off and running and he's going to have a four-footer to stay at one over. If he misses this, he's tied with Thompson on two over. Quickly to Westwood who drills a six iron on 17 to two feet - tremendous shot but too little too late.

  26. 0247: 

    Back on 18, Simpson and his caddie trying all sorts to get a free drop - "You sure this is not an old sprinkler head" he enquires of an official. No Webb, it's not. Play your ball sunshine. Up and down could be enough to win this because Furyk has 330+ to the green with his third shot.

  27. 0245: 

    Simpson leaks his approach to 18 out to the right and it lands in the rubbish between the bunker and green. All depends on the lie. Furyk again lucky. He has a shot out and sensibly he takes his medicine and flicks out with a wedge.


    Simpson into the rough off the 18th tee and he doesn't have the right angle to go at the flag. This tournament still wide open, particularly as Furyk hits a big duck hook on the 16th and that's heading to the bushes. If only Simpson could see what's going on behind him. GMac pings one down the right and keeps it on the fairway. Els pitches on 17, here's the putt from eight feet and he sets it out right and it stays there. Par for Big Ernie and his challenge is done.

  29. 0239: 

    Simpson with another birdie attempt staying out and he needs a par up the last to set a new clubhouse lead on one over. GMac's effort on 15 is centimetres short. Els plugging away on 17 and his second is into the neck of the green. Pitch and putt for birdie required. Furyk's birdie putt goes two feet by. Knee-knocker coming back but that's straight in the middle.

  30. 0234: 

    Furyk with the honour on 15 and he finds the centre of the dancefloor, GMac with seven-iron and he's 30 feet short. An official sidles up to gentleman Jim as they stride off the tee and says "I'm begging you," the indication being they need to speed up a little. Are they going to be put on the clock for the final four holes of the US Open? I for one would be chuffed. Finish by 03:00 BST or be docked shots I say.

  31. 0230: 

    McDowell recovers with a decent two-putt but the bogey drops him back to three over. Hossler, looking jaded, doubles the last to finish on nine over. Still reckon he might remember this week for a few years to come though.

  32. 0228: 

    GMac from greenside rough on 14, gripping down the shaft and he's shanked that. It makes the green but not by much and it's heading backwards. Furyk by contrast with another two-putt par. Up on 18 Hossler needs to get up and down from greenside bunker to win the low amateur title but he leaves his ball in the sand. Tough finish but Jordan Spieth will win the amateur award on seven over.

  33. 0225: 

    Padraig Harrington on his 18th hole bogey: "It's not frustrating at the moment. It's going to take one over or level par to win the tournament. If two over is a play-off and I've misjudged it then I'll be devastated but I felt I needed a birdie."

  34. 0223: 

    Els rattles a putt up the hill but that's never hard enough and the ball rolls back to his feet. He gives his fifth a bigger rattle and that's much better but he's dropping at least one.

  35. 0221: 

    Webb Simpson launches his drive up 17 and that is slap bang in the middle of the fairway. Green in reach. Ernest flying straight at the flag on 16 and that is a couple of feet from perfect but as we know with this course, a couple of feet from perfect spells disaster and Els is off into a greenside hollow.

  36. 0219: 

    BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter on 5 live: "Wow, it's hotting up now. Amazing par save from Furyk from long range on 12 but McDowell followed him in for back-to-back birdies. McDowell has played the back nine brilliantly this week, more of the same might yet be enough for the Northern Irishman."

  37. 0218: 

    +1 Furyk, Simpson +2 Els, McDowell, Thompson +3 Dufner, Peterson, Toms, Harrington

  38. 0217: 

    Westwood out of it on six over after a bogey on 14. Simpson very much in it but that birdie putt stays up on 16 and he goes to the final par-five on one over and with momentum in his favour.

  39. 0214: 

    McDowell first to putt and he's not hit that. A foot short and a shot goes. Furyk from slightly closer, despite my initial thoughts, and he's dropping one too. Simpson third into 16 is pin high but 25 feet right. He's now in a share of the lead at one over - birdie putt coming up. Dufner birdies 17 to get to three over.

  40. 0211: 

    Furyk in a spot of bother, he hacks out but that's not stopping anywhere close and he's got a dozen feet for par. McDowell with a simpler shot out of the sand but his control is lacking and that's 10 feet by. Els, after a par on the 15th, makes the cardinal sin on 16, driving into rough. That hole reduced in length by 100 yards today, playing 570ish and making it reachable in two if you hit the fairway.

  41. 0208: 

    BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter on 5 live: "Awful error from Harrington with his approach to the last green. For someone of such renown with his wedges that is a miss that may haunt him, having been stung by the way his ball plugged in the bunker left of the green."

  42. 0207: 

    John Peterson almost gets both shots back that he dropped on 16 but his eagle attempt from eight feet shaves the hole on 17. Tap-in birdie though and he needs a birdie up the last to join Thompson as clubhouse leader.

  43. 0205: 

    On the 13th. Par three. McDowell into sand front right. Over to Tiger finishing up. He's battled back well over the closing nine to finish with a three-over 73 and seven over total. Back to 13 and Furyk's ball buries itself in the rough. Two tough up and downs.

  44. 0203: 

    Dave, still working, in Birmingham, via text on 81111: "I really do think if I was offered a free game round this course I would turn it down, if the pros struggle like this I think it would make me give up golf."

  45. 0202: 

    Level Furyk +1 Simpson, McDowell +2 Thompson, Els, +3 Toms, Harrington +4 Peterson, Dufner

  46. 0201: 

    Simpson dribbles his birdie left while Furyk is forced to play away from the flag on 12 and that's a long one for par. There's no smiles from our leader but a huge pump of the fist as he drains it from all of 40 feet. Big putt that. Massive. Moments later GMac, on the same line, knocks in for a second successive birdie. He's one over. Game on. Ernie slides a birdie effort by on 14.

  47. 0157: 

    First signs of frustration from Furyk who almost smashes his iron into the ground but thinks better of it, after scudding one through the trees and into the greenside bunker on 12. GMac finds the middle of the green, 20 feet or so to get to one over. Simpson with a doozy on the par-three 15. Chance to tie the lead up next.

  48. 0154: 

    Westwood making a mess of 12, par putt skids five feet by, testy one coming back. Harrington's chip back across the green is rolling, rolling, rolling but it comes up inches short and that's a bogey that drops him back to three over. A 68 today for the Irishman but how much will he regret going for the flag.

  49. 0151: 

    Up on the green and Westwood from rough flips one over the flag and 25 feet beyond. Not his best that. Harrington out of the sand and he's forced to play away from the flag but that's not stopping on the green and he's over the other side in the cabbage.

  50. 0148: 

    Bad call from Harrington on 18. He takes on the flag on the 18th which is front left and surrounded by sand. His ball plunges into one of the bunkers and plugs. Could be challenge over. Els birdie putt on 13 pulls up two feet short. Buoyed by his birdie GMac laces a drive down 12 but it skips into the first cut. Furyk starts left, stays left and into the trees.

  51. 0144: 

    Here's clubhouse leader Michael Thompson on Sky "[Two over] could win. I'm just happy to be done and in the clubhouse." GMac finds the heart of the 11th green - could do with sinking that to get his round back on track - he does just that and the Northern Irishman is back to two over.

  52. 0142: 

    Here's another man who's not out of this by a long way. Els on 12 for birdie and he's back up to two over. Westwood staying at four over though after missing his putt for birdie. Important birdie for amateur Hossler on 15 to get back to six over.

  53. 0137: 

    Rob from Waterlooville via text on 81111: "I say we are heading for a Monday playoff. Will they tee off at a decent time for us UK types? Sat here in the dark with coffee and matchsticks! Wife says self inflicted but if it's what you like doing dear." I've been reliably informed that a play-off, should we need one, will start at 17:00 BST on Monday.

  54. 0136: 

    Simpson leaves another birdie putt on the green and we race to 17 to watch Padraig's effort. A couple of practice putts and its on the way and a little fist pump from the Irishman and he's tied with clubhouse leader Thompson on two over. Just the 18th left.

  55. 0134: 

    Harrington with an awkward stance in the bunker and he's hit a belter, curving down the green and finishing eight feet from the hole. Westwood again in ideal position in the middle of the 11th fairway and he takes advantage to drill his approach to 15 feet. Lee not out of this yet.

  56. 0132: 

    While the challengers jostle for position, Furyk continues to lead the way. He watches McDowell two-putt for par from similar distance and then does likewise to remain level par after 10.


    Simpson chases his tee shot up the 13th green. Another birdie chance coming up. Padraig from the middle of the 17th fairway. "It's not on line," he cries and he's not wrong. Into the sand, left of the green. Needs an up and down.

  58. 0128: 

    Peterson misses his birdie putt but sinks the return to stay at two over. Simpson's birdie effort on 12 stays up and he remains one back. Westwood with another two-putt par, this time on the 10th - he's four back.

  59. 0122: 

    GMac's challenge fading. His chip from the back of nine leaves a 20-footer for par which he fails to drain and that's another shot gone - he's three over. Padraig with a nice two-putt par from the front of 16 and he's three over but with momentum. Needs at least one more birdie though.

  60. 0120: 

    Furyk from the front of the ninth green to a dozen inches. He's putting well today the 2003 champion. John Peterson almost repeats his hole-in-one feat of yesterday on the 15th, his ball finishing a four feet beyond the cup. Simpson pin high on 12, he's got that to tie the lead.

  61. 0118: 

    BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter on 5 live: "Webb Simpson is looking dangerous, so too Jason Dufner. But Jim Furyk is playing fine front running golf. Add in the unlikely challenges of Thompson and Peterson and it's all pointing to a home win in America's national championship."

  62. 0117: 

    Could this be our champion? Thompson from front right of the 18th green and that's a lovely two-putt and he's in for a three-under 67 to set the imposing target of two over.

  63. 0115: 

    A few deep breaths for Thompson on the way down to his ball. He clumps one up towards the green and he's a touch short. "Down, down," shouts GMac on the ninth fairway as his ball bounces on the green but doesn't hold and disappears off the back down a hollow. Harrington's third into six flirts with the bunker but he'll be able to get the flatstick on that from 20 feet, just off the front edge.

  64. 0112: 

    From Colin Paton, Glasgow, via text on 81111: "I'm hating the new 'light the candle' shout. I really hope it doesn't catch on. Would love it if Harrington could sneak it." If you had to pick one, would it be Light the Candle, or Mashed Potato?

  65. 0111: 

    Birdie putts still refusing to drop for Westwood and he's in for par on nine. Simpson with a delicate chip and he's not delicate enough as the ball rolls a good eight feet past. Nerves getting to Thompson? You bet. He's smashed one way right on the last but that's better than a members' bounce as it comes out onto the edge of the fairway. Long way back though.

  66. 0107: 

    Dufner drains a birdie putt on 12 and he's not out of it on three over but he makes a hash of his tee shot on the next, clattering into trees. Westwood into nine, he'll have a 20-footer for birdie. Webb Simpson is on the clock for slow play and he tugs his approach to the 11th into rough.

  67. 0105: 

    Furyk across the green on eight, down the hill, perfect pace, a fraction off line but tap-in par. Thompson with a rank amateur pull from three feet and that's just a par. Harrington also misses a birdie chance on 15, he's got the two par-fives coming up though.

  68. 0102: 

    Webb Simpson coming up on the rails, timing his run to perfection. Birdie on 10 for the American and that's four in his last five holes to get to one over and second, one shot behind Furyk. GMac out the rough with a super shot up the green to three feet. Thompson, who led on the first day has a decent birdie chance on 17 to get to one over.

  69. 0100: 

    From Gavin Anderson on Twitter: "When will Jim Furyk stop making Fluff carry his bag? Surely he should get the guy an electric trolley or something!"

  70. 0100: 

    Furyk pin high, 30 feet right with his tee shot on the par-three eighth. McDowell with the obligatory chat with caddie Ken Comboy. "In off the right," suggests Ken. GMac's six iron comes up a fraction short though and sticks in the rough. Garcia take note. Woods rattles in a birdie on 14. He's having a dreadful round but he still offers a smile to the galleries.

  71. 0056: 

    McDowell for birdie and he tugs it millimetres left. Ernie's birdie effort on nine is well judged but stays up and he misses a tiddler for par. The eagle on seven is a distant memory after successive bogeys. Padraig nails a lengthy par putt on 14. He's looking in good nick on three over. Westwood a couple of inches from a birdie on eight but that's just a par. He needs one of those to drop.

  72. 0052: 

    From the other side of the seventh green Furyk races his bunker shot 10 feet by and his birdie attempt misses on the low side. Els powers one from the rough on nine up on to the front of the green. Hossler within a whisker of a monster birdie on 12. Peterson's birdie putt on 12 stays short and he remains in it at two over.

  73. 0050: 

    Now then. Are you sitting comfortably. Here's Michael Thompson for birdie on 16 and he's up to two over. Possibility of setting a very challenging target. All the way back on seven and GMac faced with the sort of shot us amateurs detest. Out the rough, over a bunker with pin cut just beyond it. But that's why he's won this tournament before flops it over the flagstick and it rolls back off the hill to eight feet. That for birdie.

  74. 0045: 

    Furyk and McDowell bomb away on seven. The Northern Irishman finds the thick rough on the right. And with that, here's Peter Scrivener.

  75. 0042: 

    Els's par putt breaks a roll too early and he slips back to +2. From BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter: "After Harrington's chip in we saw the stare. That piercing look with those dark unblinking eyes was so familiar when he was winning his Opens and the PGA. We haven't seen it for an age and it bodes well for the trophy perhaps remaining in Irish hands."

  76. 0040: 

    Padraig Harrington chips in on the 13th for a birdie to get to three over. That's four birdies in his last seven holes. He won the last of his three majors in 2008. He couldn't, could he? McDowell splashes out 10-12ft past on the sixth and sees his par putt snake past. Another bogey and drops to +2. Furyk fluffs a chip and has got 25ft-odd left. Leaves it a yard short and drops his first shot to go back to level par. Els pitches up on eight to about 15ft.

  77. 0036: 

    McDowell catches the left bunker with his approach on the sixth, Furyk's races through the green and come to rest against the fringe. On eight, Els leaves his tee shot short and it dribbles back down the hill. Still going.....still going. Seems to be on its way to Pebble Beach down the coast.

  78. 0028: 

    Here comes Ernie. Makes a cracker of an eagle putt with the final revolution of the ball on the seventh. Up to +1 and a tie for second. Won the last of his two US Opens 15 years ago. He couldn't, could he? American John Peterson birdies the 10th to get to two over.


    BBC golf commentator Jay Townsend on Radio 5 live: "Anyone at four over, which Westwood is, is going to need a bit of help from the leaders coming back. There's not a lot of birdies out on this golf course."

  80. 0021: 

    McDowell gives his putt a little waft and it dribbles weakly right of the cup. Bogey and +1. Furyk settles over his, then pulls away for another look. Big putt, this, though, of course they all are. Steps back in and then pulls out again. Third time lucky, and he makes a very good nerve-jangler for par for a two-shot lead. Harrington goes close with another birdie putt on the 11th but stays plus four, tied eighth.

  81. 0020: 

    Beauty from Els on seven, threads it through the gap between the front bunkers to about 20ft, almost pin high for an eagle chance. McDowell chips to about 10ft but with a tricky downhiller on five, Furyk chips to five feet.

  82. 0017: 

    McDowell flirts with the bunker and eventually nestles in the front fringe on five. "It's alright, that," he says. Aussie John Senden replaces Westwood at two over so still a gap of two shots from the field to McDowell with Furyk the only man under par.

  83. 0014: 

    So Westwood makes four with his second ball, trouble is, it's a six with the first that he lost, so a double bogey and slides to four over.

    BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter: "Have Lee's hopes gone West in the Woods? Really unlucky break for the Englishman losing his ball in the top of the trees on the fifth. Double bogey is bad news but not quite terminal so long as he doesn't press too hard to get back the dropped shots."

  84. 0011: 

    Westwood, putting from 30ft for his fifth after losing a ball up a tree, races it four feet past. Playing partner Fredrik Jacobson misses his par putt.

  85. 0009: 

    Furyk's tee shot on the fifth pulls left into the rough. McDowell taps a good one but also catches some heavy fringe about a foot off the fairway.

  86. 0005: 

    Westwood finds the fairway with his second tee shot, then hops back in the buggy to scoot back down. Very stoic look in his face. Either that, or he's very cross.

  87. 0004: 

    Back on the fourth green, McDowell putts up and pouches his par. Furyk misses a very makeable birdie chance. That would have been for a two-shot lead. Time up, Mr Westwood. Lee gets a buggy back to the tee. Unfortunate.

  88. 0001: 

    Westwood breaks out the binos to see if he can see the ball up the tree. Five minutes almost up.

  89. 0000: 
    That's ugly!

    Marvellous second from Furyk at the fourth. Lands with a woody thump and then rolls past the pin, buffers against the cush and dribbles back down to eight feet. McDowell follows but leaves it a bit short and left about 30ft away. Up ahead, Westwood's tee shot on the fifth seems to have disappeared. There's a suggestion it's still up a tree as no-one's seen it. They're all hunting and Westwood stands with hands on hips. An official says, "Two minutes left to search". Not looking good.

  90. 2353: 

    Nicolas Colsaerts, tied third overnight, makes four bogeys followed by a birdie to get back to five over.

  91. 2349: 

    McDowell, with probably more like 8ft left, misses his par putt and slips back to level to leave Furyk in the lead on his own at one under. Harrington makes third birdie in a row to get to four over at the turn.

  92. 2348: 

    Furyk putts from about 40ft on the third and leaves himself a few more feet of golf for his par. McDowell putts from the fringe but the balls scurries about six feet past. Woods - remember him? - makes a birdie on the eighth and waves his hand at it dismissively, then laughs. Back to nine over.

  93. 2344: 

    BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter on 5 live: "Westwood's demeanour continues to impress. Birdie chance slipped by on the third but there was none of the chuntering that can often accompany such misses. Instead, a tip of the cap and a look of satisfaction because he clearly knows the enhanced value of par at a US Open.

  94. 2342: 

    Furyk flies one up into the foggy San Fran sky and sends it about pin high 20ft to the left of the pin on the third green. McDowell and caddie Comboy deep in discussion about the right club. Decide to pitch it short and it takes a decent first bounce but settles in the fringe short of the green.

  95. 2339: 

    Padraig Harrington slots a decent sized big 'un for birdie on the eighth to get to five over.

  96. 2337: 

    Evening all. Tense times. Exciting, though, eh? Furyk putting for birdie from 30ft or so to the left of the second pin. Leaves it about six feet short but makes it for par. McDowell, from closer but on the right, sees his birdie chance slip by. Buckles his knees to try to help it in. Westwood misses his birdie chance on the third.

  97. 2334: 

    GMac and caddie Ken Comboy discuss his options from the fairway on two. They come up with a nine iron and it's a cracking call, landing 10 feet left of the pin. Furyk also on the green but has about a 50-footer left. Up on three and Westy finds the heart of the third green, pin-high, a dozen feet left. Jacobson's tee shot pulls up just short of the green. Good time for me to take a bit of time off. Here's Rob Hodgetts.

  98. 2330: 

    Dave at work in Birmingham, via text on 81111: "Think the way its going anyone under par is going to win it by a few shots."

  99. 2329: 

    Jacobson is back to two over as his par putt stays up. Here's Westy, probably from nearer five than six feet. Well done Lee. A more solid-looking putt than his one for bogey on the first and the Englishman is up and running and back to two over.

  100. 2328: 

    Here's Ernie on three and he's not given that enough out of the sand. A 20-footer for par left and that drifts just wide. Jacobson from the sand on two to seven feet. The fog continues to sweep across the course as Furyk unleashes a metal wood down the second. GMac follows him into the fairway.

  101. 2324: 
    PAR, PAR

    Another bogey on six for Tiger, six over for the day, 10 for the tournament, 11 off the lead. McDowell from four feet for par on the first and he bangs it into the middle. Furyk takes advantage of his good fortune to also walk off with a par.

  102. 2323: 

    BBC golf commentator Jay Townsend on 5 live: "You have to wonder, when Tiger Woods came off the golf course yesterday there was a still cameraman trying to take his picture. Tiger went out of his way to make contact. He was asked about it after and all he said was, 'I'm fine'. You have to wonder what was going through his mind to make contact. And is that having anything to do with right now?"

  103. 2322: 

    Solid par for Els on two but he's got work to do on the par-three third after finding sand on the left with his tee shot. Westwood with immediate chance to get the shot back on two. Fantastic iron over the bunker, soft landing and six feet left.

  104. 2320: 

    Bogey-five for Hossler on four and he's dropping away to five over. What score is going to win this tournament? Tweet me #bbcgolf or text 81111.

  105. 2318: 

    Furyk with a decent lie in the rough and he's a lucky boy. He marmadukes his approach through the green and it suddenly kicks right to avoid going into some bushes. Lucky break. McDowell from the fairway but the balls are not stopping on the greens and that rolls a few feet over the back. Not far from where Hossler putted in for par.

  106. 2314: 

    Up on the green Westy has a 30-footer for par. He overhit his second shot through the back of the green and then chipped way past the pin with his third. That putt is racing by though. Whoa ball, I said whoa ball. Four-footer for bogey and that is a tentative push in. Five is no disaster though. Jacobson from similar distance and angle and that circumnavigates the hole before dropping for par.

  107. 2312: 

    Another shot goes for Woods on five. Nine over for the three-time champion. Through the fog, Furyk first to play and like so many before him, he's in the vegetation down the left. GMac starts his down the right and he's in position A1. Advantage Northern Ireland.

  108. 2306: 

    Els for birdie on one from 20 feet but that's not got the legs. Tap-in par though. Up on three and Hoss is dropping. He was in the sand with his tee shot remember. Furyk and McDowell make their way across the green bridge to the first tee. Careful on those steps boys, don't want a sprained ankle at this stage.

  109. 2304: 

    Westwood with the honour on the first and that stays left and bounces into the first cut, doesn't look too bad a lie though. He's playing with Freddie Jacobson who starts the day one shot better on one over and the Swede splits the fairway with his opener.

  110. 2302: 

    BBC golf commentator Andrew Cotter on 5 live: "We've just seen Lee Westwood walking to the first tee, smiling, having a joke with the cameraman walking backwards in front of him. He looks relaxed. I suppose every time he gets in contention he learns a bit more but there's no secret, he's just got to drop a couple more putts because we know tee to green he's better than almost anyone else."

  111. 2301: 

    Davis Love III has the honour of the day's lowest round so far. Four birdies in a one-under 69 sees the American veteran finish on nine over par. Garcia follows his birdie on five with a bogey on six and the Spaniard is back to seven over.

  112. 2257: 

    First big mistake from Hossler and he's in the sand left of the green. Playing partner Jason Dufner straight at the flag and he's got a birdie chance. Westwood makes his way over the bridge and down the steps towards the first tee. Needs a good start here.

  113. 2255: 

    BBC golf commentator Jay Townsend: "We'll really know what's going on by the time the final pair gets to the seventh tee - whether it will be a level-par winner or it will be a bit of a shootout. I expect Lee Westwood will put a bit of pressure on early."

  114. 2253: 

    Simple golf from Hossler. A couple of looks and he drains his five-footer for par. Solid start for the amateur and he is very much in the thick of this. Michael Thompson tries a little chip and run up the seventh green and he's got an eight-foot birdie chance.

  115. 2250: 

    If you thought Woods was having a poor day, spare one for Big Phil. Mickelson not enjoying his birthday weekend one bit. Successive bogeys on 12, 13 and 14 and Lefty has dropped eight shots today and is at 16 over. Hoss expertly out the sand and he's left with a makeable par putt. Retief Goosen birdies three to get to four over.

  116. 2246: 

    Hoss contemplating trying to whack an eight iron out of rough on two - his ball is buried though - but he gets enough of it to skip into the greenside bunker and that's no disaster. Nicolas Colsaerts nails his drive down the first. Nerve settler that. Just three pairs left to get their rounds under way.

  117. 2243: 

    Kuchar wastes a birdie opportunity on the sixth after a wonderful tee shot to six feet while Michael Thompson, who is one under for the day, leaves a longer effort on the sixth a fraction short. He's at four over, five off the pace. Nothing dropping for Woods who misses a birdie attempt on four.

  118. 2239: 

    Dom Breslin on Twitter: "Furyk and @Graeme_McDowell will be relaxed knowing a Tiger charge won't be coming today. Shocking start from Woods."

  119. 2238: 

    Rose gets under his ball from the rough on the par-four fifth and he's still not on the green after three shots. Good up and down from the front edge by the Englishman but that's a shot gone and he's back to six over.

  120. 2234: 

    Hossler lays up from the rough on the first but overcooks his third and he's putting from just over the back of the green but that is arrowing into the hole, surely it's not going to drop, but it does. Incredible scenes. That looked a nailed on bogey all the way. The Hoss stays three over.

  121. 2231: 

    Wow, wow, wow. Who would have predicted that? It's not as if Tiger has been chasing pins either. Rose hacking out the rough on five and that skips through the fairway and into more rough. Garcia with an immediate chance to get a shot back with a terrific pin-seeker from the fairway on the same hole, still no smile among the stubble though.

  122. 2227: 
    That's ugly!

    Not often you get chance to write this but Tiger, wheels off. He's into the rough on the par-three third but within 30 feet of the pin. He smashes a wedge out of the deep stuff way over the pin, through the green and into more rough. He then leaves his par chip back a good 20 feet short. Bogey putt not threatening the hole either. Bogey, bogey, double bogey and that's Tiger done. He's eight over.

  123. 2225: 

    Harrington drops a shot on the second but his tee shot on three is looking good but it's not stopping and that's cruel as the ball rolls from the front to the back of the green. Rose up on four but his birdie putt doesn't quite make the hole.

  124. 2220: 

    Amateur Beau Hossler next up on the first tee. The 17-year-old starts the final round on three over after rounds of 70, 73, 70. He tugs his drive a touch and he's in the rough down the left. Rose pars the third but Garcia gives himself a reason to be miserable, four shots from the rough and it's a double bogey for the Spaniard and he's out of contention on seven over.

  125. 2216: 

    Matt Kuchar and Martin Kaymer bogey the first. And it's a bogey-bogey start for Tiger. His bunker shot finishes eight feet from the hole and his par putt drifts right. Tiger has made just two par saves from bunkers from 10 atempts this week and he's back to six over.

  126. 2212: 

    Tiger long and left with his second to the second and he's in the same bunker Garcia found himself in a few moments ago. It's not happening for Woods yet. Needs to hang in there over this first six holes if he's going to make an impression.

  127. 2209: 

    Garcia on the short third and he short-sides himself, finding the rough to the right of the green, flag tucked up on the right of the green. Rose straight at the flag but that gets caught up in the first cut. Tiger stings an iron down the second. Up on the green and Harrington's birdie putt drifts agonisingly wide.

  128. 2204: 

    Up on the second and Garcia nails his par attempt - who said the Spaniard can't putt? Rose has already lagged his birdie attempt to three feet and he knocks in. Solid start for the duo.

  129. 2203: 

    Tiger with his third to the first and he's left that a good 15 feet short. A tough par putt to open. Wittenberg chases his third up the green and he's got a six-foot tester coming up and he pushes that a foot past. Woods down the hill and that needs to turn but it stays straight and it's a bogey start.

  130. 2159: 

    Westy sounding upbeat as he finishes his preparations. "[I've had] seven top threes in the last 15 majors. I play good in these top events and it shows there's not a lot of weaknesses in my game. I'll go out there and see what happens."

  131. 2158: 

    BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter: "There's every chance of the US Open trophy staying in Northern Ireland if McDowell maintains the attitude that has served him so well over the first three days. He knows that you don't necessarily have to chase victory. Staying steady can be enough, just as it was two years ago when he won at Pebble Beach. Furyk and Westwood are his biggest threats but keep an eye on Kevin Chappell who has not dropped a shot in his last 24 holes."

  132. 2157: 

    Tiger forced to lay up, as he did on Saturday, at the first. Fog blowing across the first fairway as Wittenberg lines up his second and that's down in Rose country, short right. Garcia out the sand and that's pulled up 10 feet short.

  133. 2155: 

    Up on the second fairway and Garcia fires long into sand. Rose also long but his stays on the fringe of the green. Harrington's birdie putt from 20 feet creeps past the left edge. The European trio all five over.

  134. 2152: 

    Harrington from the fairway on the first and his ball disappears into the fog before reappearing and landing safely on the green. Back up on the tee, Tiger Woods and Casey Wittenberg. The latter has the honour and he shows Tiger the way. Woods with metal wood and he's straight into the rough - he's never won a major when trailing going into the final round.

  135. 2148: 

    There are birdies out there folks. Italy's Francesco Molinari double bogeyed the first but has since drained four birdies to be two under after 11, seven over. Sweden's Robert Karlsson the latest to find the dancefloor with his tee shot on seven and that is four feet from the cup and in for eagle. Spain's Alvaro Quiros aced the hole in practice earlier in the week.

  136. 2145: 

    Rose with his chip on to the first and he judges that to perfection as the ball finishes 18 inches from the cup. Garcia also safely in for a par with a two-putt. South Korea's KJ Choi the only real mover so far - birdie on seven and he's two under for the day, five over for the tournament.

  137. 2143: 

    "I'll take anything under 70 today," says South Africa's Ernie Els, who won the title in 1994 and 97. He'll set a new record for length of time between victories if he is successfull today.

  138. 2140: 

    Rose short and right with his approach to the first and that's off down the slope, plenty of green to work with though. Sergio hits the front of the green and he's 30-feet short. Up on three Adam Scott bounces his tee shot short and it skips up to four feet, links golf style. Criminal birdie putt though, pulls it left.

  139. 2136: 

    Here's GMac on Sky: "I was as good mentally [on Saturday] as I've been all week. "I've just got to focus on my game, not look at leaderboards and execute my gameplan. [The mist] makes conditions a little tougher, the ball won't travel as far, and means level par could get the job done. Playing the first six well is important but making birdies on the holes coming in will be key."

  140. 2133: 

    On the first tee, Sergio Garcia of Spain and he pounds that down the middle of the fairway. England's Justin Rose up next and he follows, some 20 yards short.

  141. 2131: 

    Remember Michael Thompson? He tamed this course on Thursday with the lowest round so far, a four-under 66 to lead. He followed that with a 75 and 74 though. He's playing with 2001 US PGA Championship winner David Toms today and they both par the first.

  142. 2127: 

    Poulter from the rough to the left-side of the ninth fairway and he pings that out and into the rough front right of the green. Joint leader McDowell arrives at the course, cool as you like, hand in hand with his good lady, arms swinging, a smile for the camera. Keep those emotions in check GMac.

  143. 2122: 

    Eagles for playing partners Rickie Fowler and amateur Patrick Cantlay on the par-four seventh. Both drive the green and use the slope a few feet behind the pin to bring their ball back to the holeside. Cantlay, at eight over, is chasing the sensation of the tournament Beau Hossler for the low amateur title. The Hoss is three over and tees off at 22:20.

  144. 2116: 
    That's ugly!

    Lovely touch again from Poulter from the greenside rough on eight - back-to-back par saves for the Englishman. Meanwhile, up ahead, we have out first clubhouse leader. Canada's Stephen Ames signs off with a birdie and a two-over 72 to finish on 18 over. Those chasing the highest score need to better the 23 over of Joe Ogilvie - he closes with a nine-over 79 after birdieing the first.

  145. 2110: 

    Back to Poulter on seven and he chips delicately out the rough and he's not messing about marking that, prodding in for par from two feet. The traditional Woods Sunday red is being mostly hidden by a black jumper at the moment, an indication of the dipping temperatures. Tiger out at cowboy time. Wind also looks like its getting up. Good news for the sadists among us.

  146. 2106: 

    England's Justin Rose going through his final preparations on the driving range. He's out at 21:30 with grumpy Spaniard Sergio Garcia - the only man I've ever seen slam a club in his bag after making a birdie (on the 18th yesterday). They are both five over, six off the lead. Here's Westy arriving, complete with shades, although the sun is hiding behind the sea-mist. He tees off in a little under two hours.

  147. 2058: 
    That's ugly!

    Poulter on the seventh, the driveable par four remember, and he laces that out to the right, further right than I've seen anyone go this week, almost into the television studio. Before taking his free drop, he has time for a wave and smile to the camera. He floats his second up towards the green but it's about a yard shot and sticks in the rough. Tough up and down for par left.

  148. 2053: 

    Mickelson's 20-foot birdie putt on five teeters on the edge of the hole but no matter how long he leaves it it's not going to drop and that's the shortest of tap-in pars you're ever likely to read about. Even I'd be confident from that distance. Poulter steadies the ship with five pars after his opening bogey. The mist rolling in from the sea, my desire...there's a song in there somewhere I reckon.

  149. 2045: 

    Hemal Malde on Twitter: "An early 67 from Tiger and clubhouse lead will pile the pressure on the leaders! Also means he tees off earlier for us UK viewers!" #bbcgolf

  150. 2041: 

    From BBC golf producer Graham McMillan at Olympic, via Twitter: "Now I don't want to worry anyone... but that fog is coming. And it doesn't look nice @anyideasonfilling?"

  151. 2036: 

    Phil Mickleson, five-time US Open runner-up, continues to rack up the bogeys. A couple already in his opening four holes today and Lefty is back at 10 over. Two very respectable 71s through the middle of the tournament for the American but his opening-round 76 ruined his weekend.

  152. 2033: 

    S Clark, via text on 81111: "Jason Dufner to climb up leaderboard today if his putts drop. He left about about 8 putts on the rim or just lipped them, good ew bet at 33s :-)"

    Jonny from Glengormley, via text on 81111: "If McDowell wins tonight that will be 4 of the last 9 major winners come from wee Northern Ireland. Time to get the Open back to Royal Portrush."

  153. 2029: 

    Half of the 72-strong field has teed off and those, like Tiger, who need to shoot a low score to challenge, will not be buoyed by the fact that only four men are currently under par for their round. South Korea's KJ Choi is best-placed after birdieing the second to lift himself to six over.

  154. 2023: 

    Time to mention Tiger. Woods was leading, with Furyk, at the start of Saturday's traditional moving day but the 14-time major winner went backwards with a five-over 75 to lie five off the pace. What does he have to shoot to get back in contention? Or is his four-year major drought set to continue? #bbcgolf or text 81111.

  155. 2016: 

    Blair in SNGC, via text on 81111: "Nicolas Colsaerts is a winner this year and hasn't had anyone say a word about him... if he shoots 69 he's got a chance. Plus he's safe (iron off the 7th tee yesterday)."

  156. 2008: 

    As for Westy, the world number three is not going to let his near misses over recent years haunt him. "I think I've probably been in contention in major championships more than anybody else over the last three or four years. So I'm looking forward to going out and having some fun and seeing what happens."

  157. 2005: 

    Furyk, who has also had five top-five finishes in his home Open, is focussing on his own game. "I probably won't try to look at the leaderboard too much, I'll get a feel for how things are going score-wise, but it will be more about trying to play the golf course rather than trying to play Graeme or trying to play the guys trying to hunt us down."

  158. 2004: 

    So, how will the leading contenders approach today? Here's what GMac had to say: "I can draw a lot from [winning at Pebble Beach in 2010]. My emotions were the same as two years ago. You've got to put the game in perspective. This is not going to be the be-all and end-all for me. If it's good enough great, if it's not perhaps I'll drink a cold beer and get over it."

  159. 1959: 

    BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts on Twitter: "Olympic has reputation as 'graveyard of legends' as big names always lose - so who will be the grim reaper from the ranks tonight?" Tweet us your thoughts #bbcgolf or text on 81111, putting GOLF at the start of your message and including your name, otherwise we won't be able to use your contribution.

  160. 1956: 

    The leaders tee off at 23:10 BST but there are plenty of men out on the course already and scoring is again looking tough. England's Ian Poulter, whose challenge faded with a three-over 73 on Saturday, drops a shot on the first today to go to nine over. Compatriot Simon Dyson, who has carded three 74s this week, is already four over after nine.

  161. 1953: 

    We should be in for an intriguing final day. McDowell and 2003 champion Jim Furyk are the only men under par and lead the way on one under. Sweden's Freddie Jacobson is two shots back, while Westwood is in a group of four, that contains two-time winner Ernie Els, American Blake Adams and Nicolas Colsaerts of Belgium, on two over.

  162. 1947: 

    Hello all and a happy father's day to those of you in the club. I can't think of a better way to spend your evening than with live text commentary of the final round of the US Open at the Olympic Club, San Francisco, can you?

  163. 1945: 

    Two years ago, Graeme McDowell started the final round of the US Open three shots behind Dustin Johnson. The American crumbled to an 82 as McDowell wrapped up his maiden major win. Today, the Northern Irishman leads and among those three back is England's Lee Westwood.

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