2012 Masters: Day four as it happened

Bubba Watson beats Louis Oosthuizen in a play-off to win the 76th Masters at Augusta National, with Lee Westwood in a tie for third place.

9 April 2012 Last updated at 01:06

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As it happened

  1. 0102: 

    Final word to the new champion: "This is what we strive for, to put on the Green Jacket, to win golf tournaments.

    "I don't even know what happened on the back nine. I know I made bogey on 12 and then I birdied four holes in a row. Nervous on every shot, every putt. Went into a play-off.

    "I got in these trees and hit a crazy shot that I saw in my head, and somehow I'm here talking to you with a Green Jacket on."

  2. 0101: 

    Righto, I'm going to sign off now. On the night Bubba the clubber showed wrists of rubber before allowing us to see him blubber... he also won the Masters. Night, and thanks for reading.

  3. 0059: 

    I hate to sound vulgar, I really do, but here's a few Masters numbers for you: Bubba receives a handsome cheque for $1.44m (\u00a3907,000), Oosthuizen a somewhat more ugly, although still rather handsome, cheque for $864,000 (\u00a3544,000).

  4. 0056:  
    Iain Carter, BBC Sport

    On Lee Westwood's putting problems: "I don't think it's as chronic a malaise as he makes out for himself. He doesn't have to rebuild his whole putting style. He's got to continue to back himself to be better that everyone else tee to green. His bigest danger is he's going to talk himself into being a worse and worse putter."


    Zayd: "That second shot from amongst the trees was epic from Bubba Watson. Won him the Masters."


    Conor Spackman: "Bubba, a devout Christian, wins on the most important day in Christianity."

  7. 0048: 

    On goes the Green Jacket, Schwartzel desperately trying to look like a man who's best friend hasn't just been beaten in a major play-off, and Bubba, you have to say, looks quite fetching in the colour. Tremendous stuff.

  8. 0048: 

    2012 Masters champion Bubba Watson, on his wedge into the 10th hole that set up his victory: "I was there earlier today, in regulation. I had a good lie and a gap to hook it and I'm good at hooking so I hit it."

  9. 0045: 

    We've got Augusta National chairman Billy Payne and Jim Nantz of CBS asking the questions; Bubba, defending champion Charl Schwartzel and amateur champion Patrick Cantlay sat in front of them, looking like three schoolboys being informed they have passed the 11-plus...

  10. 0045: 

    Bubba is only the third left-hander to win the Masters, after Mickelson and Canada's Mike Weir, the first called Bubba and categorically the first using a luminous pink driver. Here's the presentation in the Butler Cabin...

  11. 0040: 

    So, Bubba 'Blubba' Watson is the 2012 champion, and a more popular champion I can't remember seeing. The boy certainly has some shots in his locker - he bends it left, he bends it right, all very well calling him eccentric, but he doesn't do it for the sake of it, it's always a means to an end.

  12. 0040:  
    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    On Bubba Watson: "He's a brilliant player. He just tries everything. He's actually very good and I think a new cult hero has been born."

  13. 0038: 

    2012 Masters runner-up Louis Oosthuizen: "It was a great day. I had a lot of fun. I had an opportunity on the 10th after he [Bubba Watson] hit a bad tee shot and I should have hit one up the middle. But he then hit an unbelievable shot. It's not like I played badly."

  14. 0037: 

    Bubba Watson, the man from Bagdad, Florida, lets it all hang out, full-on blubbing, which only a very cynical man could be churlish about. Louis completes a perfunctory interview, can't be nice for him. Then again, at least he's won one.

  15. 0034:  
    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "Terrific stuff, absolutely wonderful. Think we've got the tears already. Bubba's blubbing. And why not?"

  16. 0032: 

    Bubba with two putts for the Masters... pinches it to within a couple of inches, steps up and taps it in. Bubba Watson is the 2012 Masters champion.

  17. 0031: 

    ... looks like he's borrowed too much, then looks like it's in the middle of the middle, then looks misses right. Not sure how that missed, but it's Bubba's to lose now...

  18. 0030: 

    Oosthuizen for par from 15 feet... miss it and Bubba has two putts for the Masters...


    Tom Farmery on Twitter: "That is ridiculous golf from Bubba Watson. Such an architect with a golf club. Creates shots you'd never dream of playing."

  20. 0030: 

    Oosthuizen chips on... bit heavy-handed from Louis, starts right and curls to the back of the green...

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "Crash, bang, wallop, what a picture! A remarkable shot off the tee, it was so wild, but then to be able to create a shot like that to the green was amazing. It was a smash and grab and it came off for Bubba."

  22. 0028: 

    Bubba at least has the knowledge that Oosthuizen is not on the short stuff... Bubba moves the ball like no other player in the world and he's gonna have a go... WHAT A SHOT! Bends one from the pine straw, round the pine trees, and his ball skips to within 10 feet of the pin. The crowd go mental, they think they have a winner...

  23. 0026: 

    America's Phil Mickelson, who triple bogeyed the par-three fourth on his way to joint third on eight under, told BBC Sport: "That's where it went away [on the fourth] and I don't know what else I would have done differently. I've got to go left, I didn't mean for it to hit the stand but then I didn't have a chance for an unplayable lie. After that, I didn't feel like I made any mistakes but I didn't make anything happen. There were a lot of roars with all the eagles and birdies going in and it was exciting. It was fun having a chance and I felt I had a chance all the way through 17."

  24. 0024: 

    It's Oosthuizen to play first, 231 yards to the hole... looks to be a heat-seeker, but it runs out of steam, he'll be chipping from the hollow...

  25. 0024: 

    To anyone who thinks golf is boring, I will say only this: personally, I don't think golf is boring. Bubba's playing deep in pine straw, Oosthuizen's had another break, just as he did in regulation, his ball has ricocheted back onto the fairway...

  26. 0021: 

    Bubba retains the honour... follow-through like a lofted cover-drive and it looks suspiciously like he might have blown it, arm out right, that's Jungle Jim... deary me, Oosthuizen's followed him in...

  27. 0017: 

    ... Bubba for the Masters - again... goes the other way! Off they go to the 10th...


    Ian Poulter on Twitter: "Great week thanks for all your support. Just about to take off kids onboard & strapped in ready to go home to Orlando. Happy Easter friends."

  29. 0014: 

    Once again, it's Louis who gets to draw first... Bubba putting along a similar line to his putt on 18 all of 20 minutes ago, that could give him a read... only 25 putts today for Louis... lordy, lordy, he's almost stuck it in, but it wanders back up the hill at the death...


    World number one Luke Donald on Twitter: "Louis looks calmer to me, but does Bubba ever look calm?? Fun to watch no matter who wins...."

  31. 0014: 

    Bubba and Louis match each other stride for stride up the 18th fairway but, at least on the surface, it's Louis who looks the most likely to win it. Bubba has the fast gait and focused look of a man desperately trying to look normal while escaping the scene of a crime. Louis sticks his to within a dozen feet of the flag, down on the right level... Bubba lands his on the ledge and his ball screws back to maybe just inside...


    Bubba Watson beats Louis Oosthuizen on second extra hole in play-off

  33. 0012: 

    Sweden's Peter Hanson, who went into the final round as leader but slipped back to joint third after a one-over-par 73, told BBC Sport: "It was a pretty tough day and I got off to a pretty bad start. I was struggling with the speed on the greens and I got a bit defensive with putter. Bit of nerves but enjoyed playing with Phil [Mickelson] but unfortunately it didn't work out. I made some small mistakes and missed a few putts. I'm a little disappointed but when I think back it will have been a great week."

  34. 0007: 

    Watson gets first dibs... hammer-dammer-ding-dongs that round the bend before breaking into a snarl of contentment... Oosthuizen shares a joke with his caddie before teeing it up... looks twitchy.. some twitch, he's absolutely smoked that...

  35. 0005: 

    Bubba knows all about major play-offs, he was involved at Whistling Straits in 2010 when Martin Kaymer eventually claimed the PGA Championship. Oosthuizen, meanwhile, showed nerves of steel in winning the Open two years ago. Don't you worry, these boys can cope...

  36. 0004:  
    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "It's been a fantastic afternoon. Louis played wonderfully and then Bubba came back into it. Bubba is more nervous, whereas Louis is there - he's won one [a major] before, whereas Bubba hasn't."

  37. 0002: 

    (US unless stated)

    -10 Oosthuizen (SA), B Watson*; -8 Westwood (Eng), Kuchar, Mickelson, Hanson (Swe); -5 Poulter (Eng);Selected others:-4 Harrington (Ire), Scott (Aus), Rose (Eng); -2 McDowell (NI), Garcia (Spa), Mahan; +1 Lawrie (Sco); +3 Donald (Eng); +5 Woods, McIlroy (NI);+7 Fisher (Eng); +11 Laird (Sco).

    *Oosthuizen and B Watson in sudden-death play-off

    Full leaderboard (official website)

    Clubhouse scores

  38. 0001: 

    Just to clarify, Watson and Oosthuizen will play sudden-death on the 18th and 10th until we have a winner. Mickelson in with a 72 for eight under overall, it all went wrong on the par-three fourth. Hanson now, to get into the tie for third... well done, sir! The Swede in with a 73 and eight under overall...


    Ian Poulter after finishing on five under: "I played lovely on the front nine, got myself in position, and I was always looking at the board to see what the guys in front were doing. If they got off to a decent start, I think they would have been hard to catch, but they didn't.

    "They weren't really going anywhere. So it kind of got a bit interesting around Amen Corner, I played nicely and hit some good shots.

    "Really it's just such a shame to three putt the last. It's left a bit of a sour taste in the mouth from what was a really flawless day."

  40. 2359: 

    England's Lee Westwood, who closed with a four-under-par 68 to finish on eight under, told BBC Sport: "I'm only two out of winning it. Nothing's dropped for me today. The putt on 18 is the longest I've holed and that was from about 10 feet. It's the weakness of my game and it's costing me tournaments. Its frustrating. I work hard on my putting but I can't seem to turn it around but when I do I know I'll win. It's a case of grinding away and finding the key and then it will all slip into place."

  41. 2358: 

    Oh, Philip... Mickelson finds jungle off tee on 18 but plays a peach of a recovery, right into the heart of the green. It hasn't been Peter Hanson's day today, but you can't say he fell apart completely - the Swede also has a chance of a birdie, but he's two over par today.

  42. 2356: 

    Oosthuizen's baby is shoved into this arms while Bubba storms towards the 18th tee like a man possessed... can't help thinking Oosthuizen's wife isn't taking this seriously... Mickelson's gone, it seems, his birdie attempt on 17 comes up a foot short.

  43. 2352: 

    All of a sudden this putt for Louis looks monster, monster... sticks it in the bottom left, he hasn't missed one of those all day - we've got ourselves a play-off coming...

  44. 2351: 

    Bubba now, to win the Masters... stays right by a foot, should be a tap-in... it is, in for a 68 and 10 under overall, while Louis has got a knee-knocker to take it to a play-off...

  45. 2350: 

    It's Oosthuizen to putt first - six feet to the ledge and then watch it waterfall towards the cup... so much could go wrong from here... veers right and appears to be missing by some distance, before staggering drunkenly leftwards and dribbling four feet past...


    Colin Chorley on Twitter: "Quite a finish coming up, do I have another late night in me if this goes to sudden death?"

  47. 2346: 

    ... not so Bubba, he's kept his approach bubbling under and he'll be putting for birdie across the bottom shelf...

  48. 2345: 

    Oosthuizen and caddie convene a summit on the 18th fairway before Louis fires it up there... bit too juicy, that's stayed on the top ledge...

  49. 2345: 

    Ireland's Padraig Harrington, after a double-bogey six on the last left him four under par, told BBC Sport: "It's never nice to finish the way I finished. I can't believe how quick the green was for what should have been a flat putt but I'm pleased with the way I played. You'll struggle to see anyone have the number of short birdie putts I had, I just didn't hit them. I definitely felt like I had a chance all the way to the 18th."

  50. 2344: 

    Surely it's all about Oosthuizen and Watson from here? Only Mickelson can upset them, you'd have to think. It was Aussie cricketing great Keith Miller who said: "Pressure is a Messerschmitt up your backside, cricket is not." Fair point, but having a Mickelson up your backside might be as close as sport can get.

  51. 2341: 

    Kuchar's second into 18 is OK but it's not a major winner. Mickelson teaches his ball a terrible lesson on 17 and here comes Bubba with his mighty pink weapon... he has smashed the cover off that one, the ball veers round the corner, and Bubba's eyes narrow as Oosthuizen takes to the tee... BOOM! Oosthuizen's not for blinking..

  52. 2338: 

    Oosty with a little terror on 17... in it goes, he hasn't missed a thing. Bubba squeezes in his par putt, it's mano-a-mano heading down the 18th...

  53. 2337: 

    Mickelson's birdie putt on 16 asks too much, as Oosthuizen leaves himself with a two-footer for par on 17. Mickelson rattles in his par putt to stay two back, Bubba very nearly holes his monster on 17 - wiped its feet, didn't fancy dropping in for tea...


    Daniel Williams on Twitter: "Just putting it out there... Ken Brown for knighthood? For services to Ken on the course."

  55. 2331: 

    Oosthuizen had some break back there, his ball somehow ended up on the short stuff. But he's found sand with his second. MIRACLE SHOT FROM BUBBA! That could be a major winner, the funky southpaw throwing the kitchen sink at one and sticking it on the dancefloor. Eyes like chips of ice as he strides towards the green, I like the look of Bubba.

  56. 2328: 

    Kuchar taps in for par on 17, remains two behind. Here's Mickelson on tee on the 170-yard par-three 16th - pulls an eight iron out of his quiver and hears the words "it's gotta be a bust..." Just over-draws it and it stays on the shelf. Harrington looks like he's bogeyed the last... make that a double, he finished with a 72 for four under overall... playing partner Stenson is nine over for his round, he went up in flames down the stretch...

  57. 2327: 

    Bubba slices his tee shot on 17 but he may have got away with it. Hanson moves to seven under courtesy of birdie on 15, Mickelson birdies 15 to move to eight under and two off the lead. Oosthuizen has made three birdies on 17 so far this week... maybe not this time, he, like Bubba, has carved into the trees...

  58. 2325: 

    Oosthuizen eyeing up his birdie putt on 16... fine effort but misses just left. Peter Hanson hasn't quite had enough muscle between the lug-holes this evening, a couple of shanks have betrayed his sense of foreboding. But what a shot that is, very nearly holing from off the green on 15. WATSON BIRDIE! FOUR IN A ROW! If I was an idiot golf fan in Augusta, I'd probably be shouting "HUBBA BUBBA!" right now.

  59. 2322: 

    (US unless stated)

    -10 Oosthuizen (SA); -9 B Watson-8 Westwood (Eng), Kuchar; -7 Mickelson;-6 Harrington (Ire), Hanson (Swe); -5 Poulter (Eng);Selected others:-4 Scott (Aus), Mahan, Rose (Eng); -2 McDowell (NI), Garcia (Spa); +1 Lawrie (Sco); +3 Donald (Eng); +5 Woods, McIlroy (NI);+7 Fisher (Eng); +11 Laird (Sco).

    Full leaderboard (official website)

    Clubhouse scores

  60. 2320: 

    Bubba stiffs his tee shot to within eight feet on 16... Oosthuizen's not as good... but it's still good. Mickelson climbs into his second on 15 and over she goes, eagle opportunity from long range...

  61. 2318: 

    Shot gone for Kuchar on 16 - started left of the hole and stayed left, he's back down the greasy pole to eight under. Mickelson now, hawkish on 15 - he and caddie 'Bones' know this shot could win or lose the Masters...

  62. 2317: 

    England's Ian Poulter, after shooting a three-under-par 69 to finish on five under, told BBC Sport: "Im pretty happy to play as well as I did. I just left a couple of shots out on the golf course and you can't afford to miss 10, 15 foot putts and a couple of four footers so I'm walking away a little disappointed."

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "It's been an exhibition with the putter for Oosthuizen. I remember Gary Player at the beginning of the show saying it's the best putter that will win."

  64. 2315: 

    Kuchar's second on 16 is miles off line and he's left himself a 20-odd-footer for par... Oosthuizen drains another unerring clutch putt on 15 to move to -10, the South African giving a perfect demonstration in the art of the flat stick. Bubba in for birdie, three in a row, he's gripping onto Oosty's coat-tails for dear, grim life... Westwood for birdie on 18... IN! The Englishman has the clubhouse lead on eight under par.

  65. 2312: 

    Oosthuizen with a tricky chip on 15 and he's left himself with a knee-knocker for birdie - I say knee-knocker, because a miss could be fatal. Westwood's second into 18 - shades of Sandy as his ball drains back towards the hole, but doesn't do enough. Bubba's eagle putt comes up short on 15...

  66. 2309: 

    Mickelson aiming miles right on the par-four 14th and he borrows too much. Oosthuizen misses the green with his approach on 15, Kuchar pushes his tee shot right on the par-three 16th... Mickelson makes that par to stay two off the lead... Poulter actually finished with a 69, he missed that three-footer on the last.

  67. 2305: 

    Poulter's longun on 18 misses by a couple of inches, his race is run - a final-round 68 for six under overall, but it was too little, too late. Eagle at 15 for Kuchar! Georgia Boy stirs the pot and joins Oosthuizen atop the leaderboard...


    Paul Chandler: "It wouldn't fair to the rest of the field if Lee Westwood's putting matched the rest of his game. He would win majors by 5 shots."

  69. 2303: 

    (US unless stated)

    -9 Oosthuizen (SA); -8 B Watson-7 Westwood (Eng), Kuchar, Mickelson;-6 Poulter (Eng), Harrington (Ire), Hanson (Swe);Selected others:-4 Scott (Aus), Mahan, Rose (Eng); -2 McDowell (NI), Garcia (Spa); +1 Lawrie (Sco); +3 Donald (Eng); +5 Woods, McIlroy (NI);+7 Fisher (Eng); +11 Laird (Sco).

    Full leaderboard (official website)

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  70. 2302: 

    Westwood needed that birdie attempt to drop on 17 - but it doesn't and he stays seven under, two off the lead. Mickelson clatters into the pine trees off tee at 14 as we cut to Poulter on 18... overcooks it, horror putt coming back downhill. Bubba clubs one down the middle on the par-five 15th, you have to think he'll get something there... Oosthuizen's not much worse off tee...


    England cricketer Stuart Broad on Twitter: "Come on Lee Westwood! In the Forest colours too. True fan!"

  72. 2259: 

    Hanson's birdie attempt starts left and stays left, still no birdie for our overnight leader today. Oosthuizen leaves himself a testy left-to-righter for par on 14, the field could be about to constertina once again... we very nearly have another albatross - Kuchar on 15, he's coming back for eagle and a share of the lead. Oosthuizen has laid stout foundations, he'll take some blowing away - fine clutch putt on 14 to stay nine under par... Bubba's in for birdie, he claims outright second...

    Wayne Grady, BBC Sport

    "Nerves of steel from Oosthuizen. He's made three crucial putts on three, six and now 14."

  74. 2255: 

    Oosthuizen's second on 14 comes up short and drains away down the slope - get down in two from there. Mickelson for eagle on 13... misses by two inches, but he moves to seven under and two off the lead... then again, Louis is in trouble up ahead... Watson on 14 - puts up the Garryowen and his ball ends up six feet from the pin...

  75. 2253: 

    A fair few tweets coming in suggesting the others might as well just give up now, Louis Oosthuizen has it in the bag. We'll see about that... Kuchar for birdie on 15... doesn't hit it, he'll stay seven under. Padraig picks up a shot on 15 to move into that gaggle on six under...

  76. 2250: 

    Hanson's second lands in Rae's Creek... and ricochets back out again... here's Poulter for birdie on 17... doesn't hit it, he'll go down the last three off the lead... Mickelson magnificent on 13, parachuting into the heart, setting up an assault on eagle...

  77. 2246: 

    Poulter has a six-footer for birdie on 17, Bubba's eagle putt isn't great shakes back on 13... makes the eight-footer for birdie, he sneaks to seven under and one behind playing partner Oosthuizen... make that two, Louis has drained that birdie...


    Calum MacColl on Twitter: "Still believe Mickelson will win this! He will hit eagle on 13 & 15."

  79. 2244: 

    The fists are flying at the top of the leaderboard - who has the stomach? Who has the character? Who has the sizzle? Oosthuizen putting from Alabama on 13... IN! AND OUT AGAIN! AFRAID OF THE DARK! And now he's got a nasty one coming back for a birdie...

  80. 2241: 

    Westwood into the heart at 16, Oosthuizen skims one through the wok of a green at 13, he'll do well to make birdie from there. Bubba with an eight iron on 13 after a colossal drive, he has to make hay from there. Mickelson is 63 under par on 13 throughout his career, and he's bombed one down there. Another chance gone for Padraaig, his birdie putt stays left on 14...


    Stuart Lynn on Twitter: "If Westwood holed just 50% of the chances he's had this week the competition would have been over yesterday."

  82. 2237: 

    Kuchar putting from the off the green and he very nearly sticks in a bender-in-a-bun from long range - the smile returns, the smile of a simple farm boy. Poulter makes that clutch putt on 16, stays six under and two off the lead. Mickelson makes par on 12, he too stays six under, Kuchar moves to seven under with birdie on 13...

  83. 2233: 

    ... Westwood looks to have duffed his eagle attempt but it gets better and better, very nearly ducking in the side entrance. Birdie, the Englishman just one off the lead. Poulter dribbles one down the hill on 16 - misses, he's got a brute coming back up...

  84. 2234: 

    (US unless stated)

    -8 Oosthuizen (SA); -7 Hanson (Swe), Westwood (Eng);-6 Poulter (Eng), Kuchar, B Watson, Mickelson; -5 Harrington (Ire);Selected others:-4 Scott (Aus), Mahan, Rose (Eng); -2 McDowell (NI), Garcia (Spa); levelLawrie (Sco); +3 Donald (Eng); +5 Woods, McIlroy (NI);+7 Fisher (Eng); +11 Laird (Sco).

    Full leaderboard (official website)

    Clubhouse scores


    Sanj: "The English are coming, The English are coming. Westwood & Poulter making their moves, come on boys!"

  86. 2231: 

    Hanson's nerves jingle-jangling, he's just toed one off tee at 12 and his ball has come up short of the drink. This is building into something monumental, make yourselves some cheese on toast and get involved...

  87. 2229: 

    Harrington scrambles par at the 13th as the breeze skims in across Augusta, tugging at the flags. Mickelson on tee at 12 - the crowd love it, Mickelson not so much, but it's good enough. Westwood with 237 to go on 15... DOOZY! PEACH! The world number three will have eight feet for an eagle and a share of the lead...

  88. 2226: 

    Bubba walks straight after his par attempt on 12 and that's a shot gone, he drops back to six under. Hanson mops up on 11, stays seven under, Oosthuizen pops in for par on 12, stays eight under... Augusta becalmed - needs a "Here's Johnny!" moment, someone to stick an axe through the door and stick their face in. Poulter makes birdie on the par-five 15th, gets to six under, two off the lead.

  89. 2223: 

    If Watson wins this, I will call my first born Bubba. Here he is, putter from off the green on 12, and he's completely misread that, by about four feet. Mickelson across the green at 11... looks like it's coming... doesn't do enough and he stays six under... Harrington from jungle on 13, decent effort, he'll be playing an ideal pitch up three green...


    Jonathan Boyle on Twitter: "What has Hunter Mahan do to the powers that be? Hasn't been seen once on the live coverage? Can you confirm he's still alive?"

  91. 2221: 

    Oosthuizen all over the flag on 12, Bubba over the back...

  92. 2220: 

    Justin Rose on BBC Two: "That's the Phil we love, just going straight at it [on 11]."

  93. 2219: 

    Mickelson flirts with the drink on 11, a couple of inches left and his ball was swimming and his title hopes drowning. Hanson into the 11th, bringing one in from the right, and it's into the heart. Westwood for birdie on 14... six-footer, in it goes, the Englishman two off the lead...

  94. 2215: 

    Watson with a tickler downhill on 11... it tries to sneak up on the hole and take it by surprise but comes up a couple of feet short. Oosthuizen on 11, six-footer for par, straight down the pipe to stay eight under. Kuchar back in the mixer! Meaty birdie on 12, he's back to six under. It's pick n mix out there, really wouldn't like to predict who's gonna win this one...


    Sam Nolan on Twitter: "Par 3 curse holding him back? Harrington playing best golf comfortably, putter not cooperating."

  96. 2214: 

    Mickelson finds the first cut off tee on 11, Hanson clangs his down the middle. Big boy, our Peter, with an innocent face, he'd make an ideal Lennie in a stage production of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. Westwood with a cutey into 14, chance for a birdie.

  97. 2210: 

    The moment I saw Mickelson striding to the first tee, I knew he was in trouble, that's not a major-winning outfit - brown crocodile-skin shoes, brown slacks, brown shirt, he looks like he's been produced by a giant sausage-making machine. Harrington makes his par on 12, the Dubliner still grinding away.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    On Twitter: "After the early barrage, it is calm out on the course. The artillery is having a break, patrons awaiting back 9 assault. Will begin soon."

  99. 2205: 

    Justin Rose on BBC Two: "I know exactly how [Westwood] feels. You've got to make those [eagle] putts [on 13] on this course."

  100. 2205: 

    There are nerves and there are nerves, and Padraig has seen it all before - straight into the heart on the par-three 12th. Westwood doesn't hit his eagle attempt on 13 but it's a birdie and he climbs to five under par.

  101. 2203: 

    (US unless stated)

    -8 Oosthuizen (SA); -7 B Watson, Hanson (Swe);-6 Mickelson; -5 Poulter (Eng), Harrington (Ire), Kuchar;Selected others:-4 Scott (Aus), Westwood (Eng), Mahan, Rose (Eng); -2 McDowell (NI), Garcia (Spa); levelLawrie (Sco); +3 Donald (Eng); +5 Woods, McIlroy (NI);+7 Fisher (Eng); +11 Laird (Sco).

    Full leaderboard (official website)

    Clubhouse scores

  102. 2202: 

    Watson rattles in his par on 10 to consolidate his one-shot deficit behind playing partner Oosthuizen. Eight straight pars for the fancied Mahan, he remains four under through 10. Westwood on the 13th fairway and yet again he's into the heart of the green, he'll have two shots for birdie. Bubba rocking and rolling on the 11th tee, cocking the hammer, giving it some humpty, smashing one down the middle. Oosthuizen, rather more prosaically, follows suit.

  103. 2159: 

    Harrington for a three on 11 but he prods it left and stays five under. Poulter did not, as I said, have an eagle putt on 13, but he does almost make birdie. Just misses, the Englishman stays four back. Oosthuizen with a right-to-lefter on 10 to save par... too greedy, he drops to eight under, leads Hanson and Watson by one...

  104. 2159: 

    England's Justin Rose has joined the BBC commentary team after closing with a four-under-par 68 to finish on four under. He said: "It's getting a little crusty [on the greens]. They are definitely firming up and getting a little scary."

  105. 2156: 

    Bubba shovels his second into the heart of the green - unbelievable tee shot, that hole is just shy of 500 yards and he almost drove it. Mickelson is two over for the week on the front nine, eight under on the back nine - put that stat in your stat pipe and smoke it... BOOM! Bombs away on 10, Hanson follows him down there...

  106. 2150: 

    Harrington on 11 and that danced with death, landing a few feet across the water and just clinging to the ledge. Mickelson with a fine clutch putt to stay -6, only three off the lead, and Oosthuizen has just found sand with his approach on 10... Westwood misses left with his birdie attempt on 12, Hanson pops in for par on nine, out in 38...

  107. 2149: 

    Louis on tee at nine, just a sweep with a three wood. Westwood on tee at the 156-yard 12th... an arrow to the guts of the green. Lawrie level par, three shots gone today for the Scot but it's been a memorable week for the former Open champion. Poulter on 13 and that's a storming second to within 20 feet - chance for an eagle, chance to chuck a hand grenade and frighten a few horses...

  108. 2148: 

    If you missed some of the earlier highlights, we have clips of Bo van Pelt and Adam Scott's hole-in-ones, plus Louis Oosthuizen's amazing albatross at the second, and also Phil Mickelson's triple bogey at the fourth where he attempted to play right-handed after hitting his ball into the bamboo trees. All available for UK users.

  109. 2147: 

    Oosthuizen on nine... a tickler down the hill and he pops in for par to stay nine under and ahead of the field. Padraig on 10, makes his par to stay four off the lead. It's all about to go off as the leaders hit the turn - remember that bit of commentary from Reg Gutteridge, on Hagler-Hearns? "It's like walking into a minefield," said our Reg. That's what the next two hours will be like. A bit. Westwood makes par on 10 and 11 as Bubba clatters his tee shot into the crowd on 10...


    Matthew Ketchell on Twitter: "Watching the 'Mickleson disastrous triple-bogey' video, someone actually shouts "shot, Phil" seconds after the shanked tee shot."

  111. 2140: 

    Poulter with an errant approach on 12 but he pulls out a plum to get away with par. Justin Rose in with a 68 for four under overall as Mickelson sprays his tee shot on nine... here's another southpaw on nine, Bubba... he sets his ball on a course almost away from the hole and watches as it drains downwards and misses by an inch. Bubba stays seven under.

  112. 2137: 

    Oosthuizen all over the flag at nine but the ball refuses to screw back - putting across marble going back. Hanson from 12 feet on eight... shaves the cup left, stays seven under. Henrik Stenson back to three under after birdie on nine and here's Mickelson rattling one in on eight to get back to within three of the lead. If anyone can do it, Leftie can.

  113. 2136: 

    Kuchar with his third on nine, chipping across the short stuff... work to do... Westwood drains his four-footer on 10, I believe, to stay four under and what a fine shot that is from Hanson on eight, makes that and he's one of the lead. Mickelson, deperately rummaging around in the top drawer for something special, pulls out the old flop shot and very nearly sticks it in at eight. Shot gone for Kuchar, he falls to -6... make that -5, three putts from under four feet...

  114. 2135: 

    Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy, after finishing on five over par, told BBC Sport: "It was one better than yesterday. It was not great, I got off to a bad start and couldn't recover. Felt like I had a chance coming into the weekend and to blow it on first nine holes on Saturday was not great but it's fine. I was hoping to do a lot better, it just didn't happen for me. Hopefully, I'll make a good defence [of the US Open title] in San Francisco."

  115. 2132: 

    Harrington makes that bogey putt and has nine holes to make up four shots... or maybe not... nudging 80 degrees now in Augusta as Furyk birdies 15 to get to three under. Mahan can't get anything going, six straight pars and he stays four under...

  116. 2128: 

    Hanson on tee at eight and he's carved one straight into some poor patron's mooey - no bounce, took that one full in the face, staggers a few yards before hitting the canvas. Nasty. Harrington misses his par effort on nine, the three-time major winner falls to five under - if he makes that nasty one coming back. Oosthuizen pars the eighth to retain his lead... Kuchar has mown one into the crowd on the ninth, Watson has missed that birdie putt on eight...

  117. 2125: 

    Garcia is one under for his round with two to play and two under overall, good to see he's batting out his overs, despite some rather sulky pre-round quotes. Justin Rose moves into the top-10 with a 10-foot birdie on 17 and here's Bubba floating in to within six feet on eight. Mickelson on tee on eight and he's crackerjacked it. Thing is, major winners don't wear taupe.


    Calum trimble on Twitter: "Someone's going to need to reach -10, because the way Phil's played the back nine this week I can see a 32 on the cards."

  119. 2121: 

    Oosthuizen's second on eight comes up just short and right and Bubba drills his second to within 40 feet of the front of the dancefloor. Peter Hanson for birdie on seven... didn't hit it, stays seven under, but still very much in the hunt. Silver Cup news - Patrick Cantlay of the United States, despite a nine today, has usurped Matsuyama of Japan, who at one stage had a 10-shot lead. Mickelson's birdie putt on seven slides by...

  120. 2119: 

    Kuchar with his third into the par-five eighth and he's left himself with a very makeable birdie putt. Mickelson has stiffed his approach to within 10 feet on seven - his usual fixed grin has given way to the crazed look of a man who is half an hour late for a very important interview. Great clutch par putt on 10 from Poulter, he stays five under, Kuchar misses that birdie putt to stay seven under.

  121. 2117: 

    (US unless stated)

    -9 Oosthuizen (SA); -7 B Watson, Kuchar Hanson (Swe);-6 Harrington (Ire); -5 Poulter (Eng), Mickelson;Selected others:-4 Scott (Aus), Westwood (Eng), Mahan; -3 Rose (Eng); -2 McDowell (NI), Garcia (Spa); -1 Lawrie (Sco), +3 Donald (Eng); +5 Woods, McIlroy (NI);+7 Fisher (Eng); +11 Laird (Sco).

    Full leaderboard (official website)

    Clubhouse scores

  122. 2115: 

    McDowell of Northern Ireland on 18 - in for a 68 and two under overall. As Hazel has just said, it's warming up to be one of the great Masters. Perceptive woman, Hazel. Par for Westwood on nine, he needs a minor miracle to win this from here.

  123. 2111: 

    Hanson and Mickelson both make par at the par-three sixth - bit timid from the Swede, signs his knees are perhaps knocking a bit. And I don't blame him. Padraig has to make do with a five on eight, the Irishman stays three off the lead around the turn - has he got the turn of pace to skin those ahead of him round the final bend. "Thank you, mud," cries Poulter as his approach on 10 leaks into a bunker.

  124. 2109: 

    Rose eagles 15 to move to three under - not sure he'll be figuring, but the fact people are eagling that hole suggests it could be key come business time. McIlroy pars the last to finish on five over, the same as Woods - what was meant to be the main theatre of war turned out to be little more than a border skirmish. Oosthuizen misses that very makeable birdie on seven to stay nine under, Bubba drains his clutch putt to stay two back.

  125. 2106: 

    Oosthuizen with a sweet approach to about six feet on seven, Bubba's had to hack out sideways onto the fairway. It's as much about who's got the balls as who's got the best swing, which is a touch for Bubba, because he swings it like he's got a lasso in his hands. Some recovery from Bubba, could still make par from there.

  126. 2104: 

    We are all set for a battle royale over the next couple of hours, if you decide to do anything else but plumb into the Masters you are a certified medical idiot. What a putt that is from Westwood from another postcode, but it's a shot gone nonetheless, he drops to four under.

    Kuchar making his move, the Georgia local ebnds one in at the par-four seventh to get to seven under and two off the lead. POULTS! Starts his birdie attempt on nine way out right and the ball does what he commands, wending back and dropping - the Englishman out in 33, four off the lead. It's all happening...

  127. 2059: 

    Many thanks Stephan, tremendous job. Ben Dirs here and you join me as Westwood finds the front of the eighth green with his third having found foliage with his second. Drop a shot there and the Englishman is pretty much dead, you'd have to think.

  128. 2058: 

    Right then, after the drama of the last hour, I need a lie down. Here's Ben Dirs to talk you through the closing stages of the tournament, and to crown the 2012 Masters champion.

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Sport

    "Nobody has ever shot a triple bogey and won the Masters. Mickelson has had two now this week."

  130. 2057: 

    King Louis, you are intent on making me look silly. From the fringe, downhill, he holes a putt that curves left to right to hold par and stay two shots ahead.

  131. 2057: 

    Australia's Adam Scott, after hitting a hole-in-one on the 16th, told BBC Sport: "It was just one of those days. I was playing nicely but there was not a lot going on. I couldn't see it going in. And that [chip in on 17] was just complete luck. I was in an awful position. Everything was going my way and it was a fun way to finish this week."

  132. 2055: 

    Oosthuizen, putting off the green at the back of the sixth, leaves his ball short of the ringe and looks certain to drop another shot. Watson rolls his putt from a similar place to within a foot and will par.


    Andy, Perthshire, on 81111: "Nobody knows why albatross was chosen as the 'rare bird', apparently Sarazan called his shot a dodo."


    Malcolm Harvey on Twitter: "This is why majors are epic... it never goes according to the script. Anyone can do it on the final day. Great few hours ahead." #bbcmasters

  135. 2051: 

    Terrible miss from Harrington, sliding to the left of the hole from no distance. He really needs to hole those birdie chances if he's going to challenge. At the par-three sixth, both Oosthuizen and Watson send their tee shots through the green.

  136. 2050: 

    Padraig is flying now, his approach at the seventh goes to within three feet and leaves him with the chance to join Watson and Hanson on seven under. The leaders teed off just over an hour ago, but the board is unrecognisable. "Bewildering," says Hazel Irvine. You can't disagree with the Irvine.

  137. 2049: 

    (US unless stated)

    -9 Oosthuizen (SA); -7 B Watson, Hanson (Swe);-6 Harrington (Ire), Kuchar; -5 Westwood (Eng), Mickelson;Selected others:-4 Scott (Aus), Poulter (Eng), Mahan; -2 McDowell (NI); -1 Rose (Eng), Garcia (Spa); +3 Donald (Eng); +5 Woods, McIlroy (NI);+7 Fisher (Eng); +11 Laird (Sco).

    Full leaderboard (official website)

    Clubhouse scores

  138. 2049: 

    Tiger Woods on BBC Sport after finishing on five over following a 74: "It's not been very good. I didn't hit the the ball very well, my short game was great but I made a bunch of par putts and didn't have many birdies.

    "I didn't drive or hit irons very well and need to work on that. Unfortunately, I get out there and don't trust it.

    "It's tight right now, there are lots of guys in contention. The pins are very lenient today, there will be some good scores and someone will get hot and make a run."

  139. 2047: 

    There's all sorts going on behind King Louis. His playing partner Bubba Watson holes a monster birdie putt on the fifth to go to seven under, two shots off the lead. On BBC Two, Michael Vaughan suggests to Tiger Woods that he won three Green Jackets during his interview. Tiger corrects him.

  140. 2045: 

    Oosthuizen, probably unaware of what's going on behind him, pars the fifth. Tiger is all done for the tournament, birdieing the 18th to end with a 74 on five over par.

  141. 2043: 

    Lee rolls in a six-footer at the seventh to go to five under. The misery Continues for Lefty Mickelson, his fourth after the debacle in trees has ended up in the greenside bunker. Finally some magic, the bunker shot rolls just past the hole to leave him a tap in for six. Three shots gone though, he'll be back to five under. King Louis has a two-shot lead.

  142. 2042:  
    Jay Townsend, 5 live golf summariser

    On BBC Radio 5 live: "In light of what has happened in the last 90 seconds perhaps [Mickelson] should have [taken an unplayable]. He's in danger of taking himself out of contention on just one hole."

  143. 2039: 
    That's ugly!

    Mickelson, playing right-handed out of the jungle - he is, of course, right-handed by nature - stabs his ball forward about an inch before prodding it about 20 feet straight left off the bat... he's played three, now he's got to play one of those flops over a bunker. This could be Leftie's race run on four...


    Ben Orr on Twitter: "I see Mickelson is auditioning for next series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here."

  145. 2039: 

    Putting from the off the green, Harrington rolls in a monster for a birdie at the sixth to go to six under. Only three shots back now, Padraig is right in the mix.

  146. 2037: 

    Mickelson is right in the trees searching for his ball. In his all beige outfit he looks like a big game hunter. "I can't see if it's my ball or not," he says. Now we have positive identification. "That looks unplayable to me," says Peter Alliss.


    Jamie Scott on Twitter: "Albatross is bigger than an eagle, which is bigger than a birdie."

  148. 2032: 
    That's ugly!

    Oh dear. Mickelson on the par-three fourth has sent his tee shot into the railings of the grandstand. The ball has flown off into the trees. Leader Louis finds the fairway with his drive on the par-four fifth.


    Sam on Twitter: "It's called an albatross because that's a very rare bird and it's a very rare shot."

  150. 2029: 

    Wasted birdie chances for both Mickelson, on three, and Harrington, on five. Hanson mops up for a five on three, while Oosthuizen's chip on three has left him with a fiendish downhill putt for par. He really does look set to drop a shot there.......in fact, the putt falls short and he's back to nine under.


    Mark Rennie: "One of Stevie Williams' finest aces, that."

  152. 2024: 

    From the front of the green, Westwood chips in for a birdie at the sixth to go to four under. At the par-three fourth, Oosthuizen is short of the green and face a delicate chip. At the third, Hanson drops another, that will be at least a five, and the Swede is going backwards.

  153. 2023: 

    Question: Does anyone know why it's called an albatross?

  154. 2021: 

    Hanson found a fairway bunker on the third, his approach pitched on the front of the green, rolled back and is about 40 yards from the hole. Mickelson, from 75 yards, drills in low and spins the ball back down the slope. He'll have a putt of around 15 feet for birdie.

  155. 2018: 

    An excellent tee shot at the par-three sixth gives Poulter a birdie and moves him four under, the top Brit at the moment. If you haven't seen Oosthuizen's albatross, watch it at the top of the page now.


    It really is all happening at Augusta. Australian Adam Scott has hit the second hole in one of the day at the par-three 16th, he goes to three under. Mickelson misses his birdie putt at the second.

  157. 2013: 

    Oh dear, this really could be King Louis's day, he's holed his par putt at the third. A great effort to save par from where he was. Hanson misses his birdie putt on two, that's a five-five start for the Quiet Storm from Sweden.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    On Twitter: "The last albatross by a Masters champion was by Gene Sarazen on the 15th in 1935 - dubbed 'the shot heard around the world'."

  159. 2010: 

    Hanson and Mickelson have both found the green and will have birdie putts. Oosthuizen chips past the pin on three and will have a tough putt for par.

  160. 2009: 

    Harrington, at the par-three third, finds the bunker to the right of the green. Oosthuizen, heart probably still pumping after the albatross, goes through the back of the green at the third and looks likely to drop a shot.


    Rohan on Twitter: "Would be interesting how Oosthuizen manages his adrenalin rush after that. Could very well make or break his Masters chances."

  162. 2006: 

    Lawrie misses his par putt at the fourth to drop back to two under. Hanson and Mickelson will both be chipping their third shots from the right of the green at the par-five second. Westwood makes par at the fourth.


    Egg: "Oosthuizen might be able to hit an albatross from 200 yards but he can't hit his caddie from 2 feet!"

  164. 2004: 

    Apart from Sarazen and now Oosthuizen, there have only been two other albatrosses (is that right, is that the plural of albatross?) in Masters history. The others were Bruce Devlin in 1967 at the 8th and Jeff Maggert in 1994 at the 13th.

  165. 2002: 

    Harrington misses a birdie putt at three to stay five under. More roars behind him, as Kuchar's approach leaves him a tap-in for birdie. He's set to go to six under. Penny for the thoughts of Mickelson and Hanson right now, they've only played one hole but already find themselves two back.

  166. 2000: 

    At the 1935 Masters, Gene Sarazen hit the 'shot heard around the world', an albatross at the par-five 15th. He went on to win the tournament in the play-off. If that was the shot heard around the world, then what has King Louis just done?????

  167. 1956: 

    As King Louis was knocking in his second for the first albatross at the second in Masters history, Hanson was bogeying the first to slip back to eight under. Mickelson parred the first, so they sit joint second, two shots back.

  168. 1958: 

    (US unless stated)

    -10 Oosthuizen (SA);-8 Hanson (Swe), Mickelson; -5 Harrington (Ire), Kuchar, B Watson; -3 O'Hair, Poulter (Eng), Westwood (Eng), Lawrie (Sco), Stenson (Swe), Mahan; Selected others:-2 F Molinari (Ita), Couples; -1 Van Pelt; level McDowell (NI), Garcia (Spa); +1 Rose (Eng), McDowell (NI); +3 Donald (Eng); +4 Woods;+6 McIlroy (NI); +7 Fisher (Eng); +11 Laird (Sco).

    Full leaderboard (official website)

    Clubhouse scores

  169. 1953: 
    ALBATROSS FOR OOSTHUIZEN- Takes the lead on 10 under

    I do not believe this! Oosthuizen, on the second fairway, hits his second to the left of the green. The ball is rolling, rolling, rolling towards the hole. It won't drop, surely it won't drop? It's in. An albatross! He's picked up three shots and takes the lead at 10 under.

  170. 1950: 

    More poor putting from Westwood, three at the third sees him back at three under again. Hanson's chip at the first rolls past the hole and he looks set to drop a shot. Par for Lawrie at three, he's three under.

  171. 1948: 

    "Just a nice solid swing, nothing fancy", that's what Hanson's caddie tells him on the first fairway. He's off the green on the right, and will have to get up and down in two for par. Mickelson next, further to the right on the fairway and from 164 yards, is safely on the green and will have a downhill putt for birdie.

  172. 1947: 

    On Thursday morning Phil Mickelson turned up seven hours before his tee time to watch honorary starters Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus hit the opening shots of this year's tournament. It was a move that clearly impressed Player, who said on BBC Two: "That was the finest gesture I've seen by any young player. it was a great gesture and sign of appreciation."


    Thomas Acland on Twitter: "Well I really hope that Mickelson's game is more colourful than his attire today."

  174. 1944: 

    Bubba, from five feet at the first, misses to the right and drops back to five under. Padraig, for birdie on the second, rolls it in and is up to five under.

  175. 1942: 

    Hanson with the honour - that man has meaty forearms. He's down the middle. Mickelson is announced, cheers follow. Lefty's tee shot, met with hollers from the patrons, is on the fairway. They're off. Elsewhere, on two, Harrington, from the bunker, gets his chip to within six feet of the hole and will have that for a birdie. Oosthuizen misses his birdie putt at the first.


    Three-time Masters champion Gary Player on BBC Two: "Anyone six or seven behind has to believe they can win. I was seven behind when I won in 1978 but shot a 64 to win by one."

  177. 1939: 

    Huge ovation for Lefty Mickelson as he approaches the first, Hanson is right behind him. Here we go....


    Grace Roberts on Twitter: "Will there ever come a day when Ian Poulter doesn't get dressed in the dark?"

  179. 1936: 

    I can confirm that Ian Poulter is wearing matching yellow shoes and belt. Despite that hint of banana, he rolls in for a birdie at three to move to three under. Oosthuizen gets his approach pin high at the first and will have a putt to join Mickelson on eight under. Bubba, complaining of mud on his ball, ends up to the right of the green. McIlroy double bogeys the 11th to go to six over.

  180. 1933: 

    Three-time Masters winner Gary Player on fellow South African Louis Oosthuizen on BBC Two: "His putting has been suspect but watch his swing, it's perfect."

  181. 1933: 

    Lee recovers the shot he lost at the first with a birdie at the par-five second. It's the putts that have cost him this week, needing 21 more than Mickelson over the first three rounds. Paul Lawrie controls a lightning downhill putt on the second for par, Tiger, after finding Rae's on the 13th, tidies up for par.


    Henry Coates on Twitter: "Re: Helen and strangely named golfers - isn't there one called Tiger? Ridiculous."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    On Twitter: "Mickelson is rocking an all-beige or maybe dark cream no. in bid for 4th GJ. Wonder if there was even a hint of thinking how they'd match?"

  184. 1931: 

    Second last group, Louis Oosthuizen and Bubba Watson, are off on their way. The South African, green shirt, white trousers, is down the middle off the tee. Watson, who so many of you are talking about on Twitter, is right after him.

  185. 1926: 

    Is Sean O'Hair on the march? He birdies the third to move to four under. Hunter Mahan's second shot on the first trickles off the left of the green.

  186. 1928: 

    Leaders tee off at 1940 BST (US unless stated)

    -9 Hanson (Swe); -8 Mickelson; -7 Oosthuizen (SA); -6 B Watson; -5 Kuchar; -4 Mahan, Harrington (Ire), O'Hair; Selected others:-3 Lawrie (Sco), Stenson (Swe), Westwood (Eng), Couples; -2 F Molinari (Ita), Poulter (Eng); -1 Van Pelt; +1 Garcia (Spa), Rose (Eng), McDowell (NI); +3 Donald (Eng); +4 McIlroy (NI), Woods;+6 Fisher (Eng); +11 Laird (Sco).

    Full leaderboard (official website)

    Clubhouse scores

    Sunday tee times

  187. 1924: 

    Harrington has judged his chip at the first to perfection, he will have a par putt from a couple of feet. At 18, Charl Schwartzel, the defending champion, finishes on eight over. His lot is to slip the Green Jacket on the new champion later this evening. Stenson, Harrington's playing partner, misses a long putt at the first for par to go to three over.

  188. 1922: 

    Tiger, after his birdie at 12, fires his second at the par-five 13. "Get up a little," he cries. It didn't. It's wet. Another one in Rae's.

    Peter Alliss, BBC Sport

    "Mickelson should be red hot favourite but you never know in sport. Mickelson has the experience but he'll be nervous. Hanson - no reason why he can't win. But there's no reason why someone can't do a Bo Van Pelt."

  190. 1920: 

    Matt Kuchar and Hunter Mahan are just getting on their way, only two groups to go now. Sean O'Hair birdies the second to move to three under, but the front page of the leaderboard is so far largely undisturbed.

  191. 1918: 

    Luke Donald talking to Michael Vaughan on BBC Sport after shooting a 68 to finish on three over: "At least I'll be leaving this place with positive thoughts. The margins are so small here and I was playing catch-up from the first round, but I played well today.

    "The course is still very manageable. If you are on your game you can make plenty of birdies, but if you are little off you are going to struggle. But I expect some good numbers later. It's hard to bet against Phil, as much as I would like Peter to do well."

  192. 1918: 

    Padraig Harrington is under way, but from the fairway on the first he's trickled off the back of the green. Bubba Watson is on the range. Dressed all in white and brandishing his pink driver, he really does look like an ice-cream man.

  193. 1916: 

    A monster putt at the 12th gives Tiger a birdie, he's four over. Sergio misses a par putt at the seventh to go back to one over.

  194. 1913: 

    More from Olazabal: "There are certain holes when you can be aggressive. The flag on one is difficult to get to but on the back nine you can attack. Thirteen is inviting and 15 and 16 are good holes to attack. Phil [Mickelson] likes this place, knows it very well and knows when to attack and that's the reason I think he has a better chance."

  195. 1913: 

    European Ryder Cup captain Jose Maria Olazabal, the last European winner at Augusta in 1999, on BBC Two: "It's going to be a difficult for Peter [Hanson]. It's always hard to sleep when leading this tournament and the first few holes are going to be cruicial. One, four, five and six are tricky. It needs a steady start and anyone within five shots are in with a chance of winning."

  196. 1912: 

    Oh dear, Lee's week in microcosm. It wasn't easy, but had to be made if he was going to challenge. He slips back to three under, six shots behind. No trouble for Lawrie. Two putts give him par.

  197. 1912: 

    Peter Hanson and Phil Mickelson are side by side are the practice range, Hanson all in black bar a white visor and white shoes. Mickelson is in a sort of biege - a bit like the New Zealand cricket team when they first started wearing pyjamas.

  198. 1910: 

    Lovely chip from Westwood leaves him with a six-footer for par at the first.


    Helen McNaboe on Twitter: "Bubba? Hunter? Isn't there a Mardy too? These American golfers have ridiculous names."

    I think you're referring to Mardy Fish, he plays tennis.

  200. 1907: 

    Westwood finds trees off the tee at the first. He can only lay up and will have to get up and down in two to save par. Tricky. Lawrie is on the green.

  201. 1904: 

    Lee Westwood and Paul Lawrie, four under and three under respectively, are just getting their final rounds under way. You might have heard this, but the caddy of the winner of the last three Masters on Easter Sunday has worn bib number 53. Westwood's caddy? 53. Nice omen, but only two of the 21 winners have come from outside the final group on the last day.

  202. 1901: 

    Thanks Ben. BBC Two's coverage is just beginning, and you'll also find it at the top of this page. It's Easter Sunday, a Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow. Nothing to do but settle in and watch the ding-dong for the Green Jacket. If you know people that aren't interested in the Masters his evening, you probably want to consider not being friends with them any more.

  203. 1858: 

    Two Aussies back in the red, Scott birdies 10, Ogilvy birdies seven, and on that bombshell, I'm going to put my feet up before the final push - Stephan Shemilt with you for the next two hours.

  204. 1857: 

    Tiger Woods was out in 37 and he's just bogeyed the 10th to fall back to five over. What is to be done with Tiger's swing? McIlroy also in freefall, he's down to four over after eight. At the start of the week, Sports Illustrated went with: Tiger v Rory - 'the only story in golf'. If that's so, the first chapter was awful.


    Paul Christie on Twitter: "All Westy needs is a round of 65 today. Easier said than done but Augusta is forgiving no one this week. -11 will win this today."

  206. 1853: 

    Bo van Pelt completes a round of 64, only one off the course record (Greg Norman '96; Nick Price '86). Four birdies and two eagles for the 36-year-old, he finishes one under and has the clubhouse lead. Couples with a birdie on two, Freddie back to three under par.

  207. 1848: 

    The dust-up for the Silver Cup has gone from decidedly lukewarm to hot, hot, hot - Patrick Cantlay eagled 15, birdied 16 and is eight over; Hideki Matsuyma, meanwhile, is in freefall, double-bogeying five and bogeying six and seven to be six over. Furyk lets a shot fo at four and drops back to level.

  208. 1845: 

    Ben 'The Human Statue' Crane makes par at the first to stay two under, Nicky Watney isn't the first to make bogey, and he won't be the last...

  209. 1841: 

    Fowler's eagle effort slides six feet by, he'll struggle to make birdie coming back. For those tweeting in to point out orange is the colour of Rickie Fowler's college, yes, I think most of us are aware of that.

  210. 1837: 

    Leaders tee off at 1940 BST (US unless stated)

    -9 Hanson (Swe); -8 Mickelson; -7 Oosthuizen (SA); -6 B Watson; -5 Kuchar; -4 Westwood (Eng), Mahan, Harrington (Ire), Stenson (Swe); Selected others:-3 Lawrie (Sco); -2 F Molinari (Ita), Poulter (Eng), Couples; -1 Garcia (Spa), Rose (Eng);level Van Pelt; +2 McDowell (NI); +3 Donald (Eng); +4 McIlroy (NI), Woods;+6 Fisher (Eng), Laird (Sco).

    Full leaderboard (official website)

    Clubhouse scores

    Sunday tee times

  211. 1837: 

    Dufner bogeys the dastardly first, Couples makes par. What a shot that is from Fowler, straight at the pin at 13, chance for an eagle. Justin Rose birdies the fifth to get to one under par...

  212. 1833: 

    The first players are in the clubhouse: amateur Kelly Kraft will be delighted he made the weekend, not so much about that final round of 80, and especially that triple-bogey on 18. Better for former Open champion Stewart Cink, a round of 68 for eight over overall. Re: Ryan McBurney (see below): Shawshank Prison's sewage pipe runs into Rae's Creek, hence the escaped convict currently playing Amen Corner.


    Ryan McBurney: "Why is Rickie Fowler dressed like an escaped convict?"

  214. 1827: 

    Thomas Bjorn is putting a decent round together, the Dane is four under for his round after a birdie at 15. Plenty of birdies and eagles out there, I'd strongly suggest you start strapping yourselves in...

  215. 1825: 

    Second-round leaders Jason Dufner and Freddie Couples about to tee off, as Garcia birdies three to get back into the red. Shot gone for Tiger on eight, the recovery doesn't start here...

  216. 1822: 

    Van Pelt, by the way, is seven under for his round with two holes to play and even for the week. Garcia gets a shot back at the second while compatriot Miguel Angel Jimenez is level for his round after five holes. World number one Luke Donald is five under for his round after eagle at 15...

  217. 1817: 

    Another bogey at five for Rory, he drops back to three over par. Bradley comes close with his birdie attempt on 11, but no cigar. A massive cheer goes ricocheting through the Augusta foliage and news reaches us that Bo van Pelt has just aced the 16th - that's the second time in two years Van Pelt has made two eagles on the back nine, last year it was on 13 and 15. All round the Van Pelts for a Crystal Goblet boot sale...

  218. 1813: 

    Here's England's Ross Fisher on 12, he's had three bogeys in a row on this hole and can't find the green again. Sad news on Patrick Cantlay - not that sad, it is only golf, after all - he's had a nine on the par-five 13th to plummet down to nine over par and pretty much hand the Silver Cup to Japan's Matsuyama. Have a look at Rickie Fowler - as is his wont, he's all in orange on the final day, striding the Augusta fairways looking like a deconstructed satsuma.

  219. 1809: 

    Sergio Garcia makes a double at the first - if the Spaniard sounded resigned after his round yesterday, don't be surprised if he's quit golf altogether by the turn. By the waym, if you thought the 11th was fiendish, the first hole gave up no birdies at all on Saturday. None. As in none birdies.

  220. 1805: 

    Ogilvy into the red courtesy of birdie at three, England's Rose pars one and two, Bo van Pelt has, quite frankly, gone ruddy berserk, three birdies and an eagle through 14, the big American now two over...

  221. 1802: 

    Paul Lawrie, remember, came from 10 shots back to win the Open Championship at Carnoustie in 1999, and he's only six shots back today. Back in '99, Jean van de Velde blew a three-shot lead on the final hole - no Frenchmen ahead of him today, but plenty of water...

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    On Twitter: "'Fore please, Sergio Garcia now driving' (pronounced drourvin' if you're from here). The ex El Nino, now El Grumpo, slices it & grumps."

  223. 1757: 

    Keegan Bradley out in 33, birdie for him at nine. Eight birdies on the 11th all week, and there won't be many today, the pin position is tucked safely round the corner and out of harm's way. Trying to birdie White Dogwood is like trying to crack a safe armed only with a paper clip.

  224. 1752: 

    What odds on Charl Schwartzel sliding fellow South African and boyhood friend Louis Oosthuizen into a Green Jacket this evening? Well, it's 5-1 to happen, and Louis looked rock-solid yesterday. Bogeys for Adam Scott at four and five, back to three over he tumbles...

  225. 1747: 

    Not sure why our American friends call an albatross a 'double-eagle' - surely a 'double-eagle' would constitute a hole in one on a par five, which would be pretty much impossible even round Risebridge Golf, Lake Snorkeling and Country Club in Romford. PGA champion Keegan Bradley, playing in only his second major, is two under for his round after eight...

  226. 1743: 

    Bo van Pelt very nearly snaffles a rare, rare albatross on the par-five 13th - Jeff Maggert made one in 1994, Van Pelt comes up six inches short and will have to settle for eagle... Mrs Van Pelt will have to make way for a delightful pair of crystal goblets...

  227. 1740: 

    Silver Cup news, anyone? As it stands, Japan's Hideki Matsuyama looks like he's already chugging from it, although... Kelly Kraft might be 14 over, but Patrick Cantlay of the United States is two under for his round through 10 and five under overall, only four behind Matsuyama, who is yet to start... scratch that, he's just bogeyed the first...

  228. 1737: 

    Geoff Ogilvy of Australia, 2006 US Open champion and tied for fourth at Augusta last year, has birdied the first to get to level par.

  229. 1734: 

    Our reporter Rob Hodgetts blogged this morning about "scintillating Sunday" and Mickelson's quest for a fourth Green Jacket.

    "Were Mickelson to win, the 41-year-old American would match compatriots Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer, and move within two titles of Masters record-holder Jack Nicklaus. Intriguingly, Palmer won all his titles in even years - 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964 - and so has Mickelson (2004, 2006, 2010)."

    Here's another top stat: "Charl Schwartzel fought back from four adrift to win by two last year, while the biggest final-round comeback was in 1956 when Jack Burke recovered from an eight-shot deficit."

  230. 1734: 

    For anyone thinking Peter Hanson has rather come from nowhere, I'm afraid I have to tell you you're wrong, which I never like doing: going back to October 2011, the burly Swede has had eight top 10s in 14 starts, including third at the Hong Kong Open, fourth at the Dubai World Championship, tied second at the Qatar Masters and tied fourth at the WGC-Cadillac Championship. Have. Some. Of. That.

  231. 1730: 

    Leaders tee off at 1940 BST (US unless stated)

    -9 Hanson (Swe); -8 Mickelson; -7 Oosthuizen (SA); -6 B Watson; -5 Kuchar; -4 Westwood (Eng), Mahan, Harrington (Ire), Stenson (Swe); Selected others:-3 Lawrie (Sco); -2 F Molinari (Ita), Poulter (Eng), Couples; -1 Garcia (Spa);level Rose (Eng); +2 McIlroy (NI), Woods; +3 McDowell (NI); +5 Donald (Eng), Fisher (Eng); +7 Laird (Sco).

    Full leaderboard (official website)

    Clubhouse scores

    Sunday tee times

  232. 1728: 

    Denmark's Thoma Bjorn, playing in his first Masters since 2006, is enjoying himself on this final day, he's two under for his round after 10 but doesn't hit his very makeable birdie attempt on 11. Stays five over.

  233. 1725: 

    1820 Jason Dufner (US), Fred Couples (US)

    1830 Nick Watney (US), Ben Crane (US)

    1840 Fredrik Jacobson (Swe), Sean O'Hair (US)

    1850 Francesco Molinari (Ita), Ian Poulter (Eng)

    1900 Lee Westwood (Eng), Paul Lawrie (Sco)

    1910 Padraig Harrington (Irl), Henrik Stenson (Swe)

    1920 Matt Kuchar (US), Hunter Mahan (US)

    1930 Louis Oosthuizen (SA), Bubba Watson (US)

    1940 Peter Hanson (Swe), Phil Mickelson (US)


    Michael Regan: "Might not bother watching tonight, it's a done deal. Lawrie by 5."

  235. 1720: 

    World number one Luke Donald is three under for his round after 10 holes and showing us what might have been...

  236. 1719: 

    Apologies, I forgot about dear old Vijay Singh, champion in 2000. The Fijian is level for his round through three and two under overall. Rory McIlroy has now gone double bogey-par-double bogey-bogey on the first hole, the Northern Irishman falls back to one over.

  237. 1714: 

    A few proud owners of Green Jackets out and about - Trevor Immelman is +11 through 11; defending champion and fellow South African Charl Schwartzel is +5 through eight; Angel Cabrera +5 through six; Tiger Woods +2 through three; Zach Johnson +1 through three. Two birdies in a row for Cink, he's played Amen Corner par-birdie-birdie and is back to eight over.


    Chris Calladine: "Got a feeling Mahan will go close, winner of two tournaments this year. Rooting for Westwood though. Go on Lee!"

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    "Been out to 5 green & 6 tee on furthest part of course. 6th pin v tough, on shelf top right. Anything left is down into 3/4 putt country...slightly right is off steep bank into pine straw. Amateur Patrick Cantlay birdied but score ave so far is 3.188, ranked 4th hardest."

  240. 1706: 

    Adam Scott birdies two, the Australian back to +1...

  241. 1703: 

    Many thanks Stephan, Ben Dirs at the helm for the next couple of hours. All very well smashing the course to pieces when there's nothing to play for but let's see how the late starters get on with the Green Jacket at stake. Tiger Woods, birdie at the bountiful two...

  242. 1701: 

    Luke Donald pars the ninth, and he will shortly be coming into view on Amen Corner. Meanwhile, back on the first tee, great mates Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell are about to get going. Playing with pal Sergio Garcia didn't serve Rory too well yesterday, to talk you through the start of Little Mac's round, and the rest of the action over the next couple of hours, here's Ben Dirs.

  243. 1658: 

    I have an apology to make - I've been making promises that I simply can't keep. A few of you have asked where the Red Button coverage of Amen Corner is, as you have been greeted by MotoGP. If you are a Freeview viewer, Amen Corner will follow the MotoGP at 2100. Have no fear though, you can follow the live pictures right here, right now.


    Greg Mathews on Twitter: "I remember Chris DiMarco coming oh so close here in 2005 when he lost that playoff though."

    The perfect excuse for me to link to some Tiger Woods brilliance. Amazing shot, made even better by the commentary of Peter Alliss.

  245. 1653: 

    Luke Donald picks up a shot at the par-five eighth for his second successive birdie. The world number one is four over. Aaron Baddeley becomes the latest in the procession of birdies at the second, he's three over.


    Chris, (non-major winner), Beaconsfield, on 81111: "Incorrect from Rusty at 16.43, Christa Johnson won the LPGA in 1997."

  247. 1648: 

    Cink and Kraft both hole their putts for par. Zach Johnson is the latest man to card a birdie at the par-five second, while Tiger Woods has opened his round with a par at the first.


    Chris Martin on Twitter: "Gutted, I'm never gonna win a golf major now. I'll have to try something else then."

  249. 1646: 

    The first group out have reached Amen Corner. Both Stewart Cink and Kelly Kraft have had to chip in from the edge of the green and face putts for par.

  250. 1643: 

    Amateur Patrick Cantlay has holed his approach shot at the par-four seventh to card an eagle two. With the conditions as perfect as they are, and so many of the early players picking up shots, we could be in for some real fireworks when the leaders take to the course later on.


    Rusty in Manchester, on 81111: "No major has ever been won by a 'Chris' - and that won't be changing today."

    I presume you're pointing that out because there is no one called Chris in the field? Nice stat if true though.

  252. 1636: 

    Birdie for Luke Donald at the par-four seventh, he's gone to five over par. Breaking news: Angel Cabrera has only managed to par the second.

  253. 1632: 

    Now then, if you manually refresh the page, you will see that live coverage from Amen Corner is about to begin.

  254. 1631: 

    Perhaps I should now only tell you if someone doesn't birdie the second. Steve Stricker the latest man to card a four. One man who's struggled on the par fives this week is Tiger Woods - he's just teed off alongside Vijay Singh.


    Jonathan Roberts on Twitter: "Westwood and Lawrie followed by Stenson and Harrington, perfectly set up for a Ryder Cup Euro charge to the top of leaderboard."

  256. 1626: 

    More good scoring, this time at the third. Rickie Fowler and Anders Hansen both birdie the par-three - Hansen goes to three over, Fowler two over.


    Colin in London, on 81111: "Considering the General Lees got wrecked after each jump, I can't see how Bubba's got the first one. I think someone saw him coming!"

  258. 1620: 

    At the moment, if you don't birdie the second, it's like dropping a shot. Rickie Fowler and Keegan Bradley are the latest to record a four at the par-fiver. Luke Donald pars the sixth to stay at six over. Martin Laird drops one at the fourth.


    Michael Blighe on Twitter:"Re: General Lee. Before your time is no excuse Stephan! Especially considering the movie remake with Johnny Knoxville in 2005."

    Film remakes don't count though, especially if they star Johnny Knoxville

  260. 1613: 

    Yet more birdies at the second, Anders Hansen moving to four over, Ross Fisher going to five over. Former champion Angel Cabrera, four over overnight, opens up with a birdie at the first.

  261. 1609: 

    OK, not long to go now before you can see live coverage of Amen Corner both here, and on the Red Button. 1630 if you need reminding. Also, some big names will be teeing off in the next hour or so. They might be a long way down the leaderboard, but the likes of Woods, McIlroy and McDowell will be licking their lips at some of the scoring we've seen so far today.


    Robert Hardie on Twitter: "Enough birdies in these early groupings to give those even as far as seven back hope for later. Go Ian Poulter."


    George in Wigan, on 81111: "The General Lee is the Dukes of Hazzard's car. Yee haw!"

    Really? The Dukes of Hazzard was a bit before my time....

  264. 1559: 

    Lots of shots being picked up at the par-five second today - David Toms and Martin Laird are the latest to birdie. Kaymer follows his success at the second with a birdie at the third, he's four over now.

  265. 1557: 

    Just having a look at Bubba Watson's Twitter page - he says he's the owner of General Lee 1. Really no idea what that could be.


    Alan Weir on Twitter: "Wouldnt be at all upset if Paul Lawrie went daft today and won this thing!"

  267. 1550: 

    Bill Haas, last year's FedEx Cup winner and son of Jay, has birdied the second and third to move to five over. Martin Kaymer, the US PGA champion of 2010, has also picked up a shot on the second, he's five over. Par for Luke Donald at four.

  268. 1546: 

    Lee Westwood, on his level-par round of 72 yesterday that left him five shots off the lead: "I wasn't striking it properly. I hit it short, so that makes this golf course tough. It was a good scramble to get around in 72. I'm only five back. It's not as close as I'd like, but there's a chance."

  269. 1542: 

    Adam in Sutton, Surrey, on 81111: "I am backing the Swedes all the way. Both Hanson and Stenson. Son of Han is in great form this year and will win by two shots."

  270. 1541: 

    Kelly Kraft, the American amateur, has been in the first group on each of the last two days. Yesterday, he had to go out on his own. Today he has Stewart Cink for company, but things aren't going well. He's just double bogeyed the par-three sixth to go back to 14 over. Pars for Donald and Bjorn at the third.

  271. 1537: 

    Sweden's Henrik Stenson, who starts the final round five off the lead: "It's just fun to go out and try and make birdies and save myself from impossible situations. I'll have a good time on Sunday. I'm going to try to stay patient in the beginning. If you are within three or four shots entering the back nine, you are always going to have a chance."


    Luke Simpson on Twitter: "Oosthuizen - solid all week. Just watch as Mickelson and Hanson scrap it out and Oosthuizen quietly glides to win!"

  273. 1532: 

    Lots of birdies to tell you about. Luke Donald had done the business on the second to move to six over, as has playing partner Thomas Bjorn. Charl Schwartzel has done the same on the first, he's five over.

    Jay Townsend, 5 live golf summariser

    "I can see Hanson and Mickelson, as playing partners, moving ahead of the chasing pack. Mickelson is like an older McIlroy, he can hit any shot at any time and has the confidence to do so."


    Matt Hardy on Twitter: "Would love Mickelson to win it but I'm gonna chance another good round for Bubba."

  276. 1525: 

    The course is starting to fill up. Martin Kaymer and Charl Schwartzel have just teed off, soon to be followed by David Toms and Martin Laird. Edoardo Molinari has dropped shots at the third and fourth, he's 10 over now. Scott Verplank has birdied the second to go six over.

  277. 1523: 

    Three-time major winner Padraig Harrington, who begins day four five shots behind Hanson: "I definitely think there's cycles in this game. When I look at major winners over time, certainly multiple winners, they never all won them together; it took them 10, 15, 20 years to win them."

  278. 1520: 

    There's a lot of love for Mickelson out there. Is there anyone who thinks that Lefty won't be slipping on a fourth Green Jacket this evening?


    Alec Laurie on Twitter: "All about the leftys. Bubba to carry on his charge, but I can't see past Mickelson. His experience and aggression will win it."

    Iain Carter, BBC Sport

    "I really do feel that Mickelson is the man to beat, when you're going for a fourth Green Jacket and you know that Augusta is made for your game, then you can go into the final round with huge confidence."

  281. 1514: 

    Luke Donald has parred the first, as has playing partner Thomas Bjorn. Trevor Immelman and Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano have both picked up shots at the second to move to eight over.


    Charley on 81111: "Yesterday was a great moving day, apart from our boys moving in the wrong direction. Come on boys (Lee) we need to up our short game on the green, no point in being the best tee to fairway and not bringing home at the back end."

  283. 1511: 

    Lefty Mickelson began on Thursday by shooting 37 on the front nine, but completed his surge up the leaderboard yesterday with only 30 strokes on the back nine. "When I look back at this tournament I'll look at Thursday," said the three-time Masters champ. "At some point I'm going to get hot here but I've got to be in a position to move up the leaderboard, not just get into the weekend. The way I fought back Thursday made that possible."


    Chris Ball on Twitter: "Got a feeling about Westwood today, hasn't played his best yet this tournament and he's still got a chance."

  285. 1506: 

    Hanson, the man from Trelleborg, was part of Europe's victorious Ryder Cup team in 2010 and has previously had four wins on the European Tour. His best finish at a major came at last year's US Open, when he tied for seventh. After firing a 65 yesterday, he said: "It's going to be tough. It's a new situation to me. I'll try to do the normal stuff. I've got my two kids here and my wife, so just try to stay in the house and cook in, and like I said, I probably won't be watching a lot of Golf Channel or stuff. Just trying to stay away from all that and try to get as much sleep as I can and try to be ready."

  286. 1459: 

    By perusing those tee times, you'll see that world number one Luke Donald is about to start his final round on seven over par. In the groups ahead of him, Edoardo Molinari has picked up a shot at the second to move to eight over.


    Ross in Aberdeen, on 81111: "Heavy rain followed by a Paul Lawrie 65 would be nice!"

  288. 1454: 

    1900 Lee Westwood (Eng), Paul Lawrie (Sco)

    1910 Padraig Harrington (Irl), Henrik Stenson (Swe)

    1920 Matt Kuchar (US), Hunter Mahan (US)

    1930 Louis Oosthuizen (SA), Bubba Watson (US)

    1940 Peter Hanson (Swe), Phil Mickelson (US)

    You can see a full list of all the tee times here.

  289. 1453: 

    OK, so you're up to speed with what happened yesterday, and now both of you want to know what time the leaders will be taking to the course on this Easter Sunday. I'm a good bloke, so I'll tell you....


    Jonathan Poole on Twitter: "Hardly the bravest shout, but Mickleson to win by 3. Two words. Course and distance."

  291. 1449: 

    And, to compliment your reading, I have some action for you to watch. Cast your eyes to the top of the screen and you'll see Lefty Mickelson tear up the back nine, some Hanson magic, Padraig Harrington haul himself into contention and erm, Rory McIlroy hugging Sergio Garcia.


    Hobbo from Flackwell Heath, Bucks, on 81111: "Can't wait for tonight, so many players in with a chance."


    David Crowther on Twitter: "Oosthuizen to shoot 66 and take the win with Phil coming second. Heard it here first!"

  294. 1440: 

    So Saturday was moving day, and moving is what happened. None of the second-round leaders managed to stay at the top of the scoreboard, allowing the likes of Hanson, Mickelson and Oosthuizen to move closest to the Green Jacket. Have a read of Rob Hodgetts' report, then see why Rob thinks Lefty Mickelson is the man to beat today.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    On Twitter: "Sunny but cool start in Georgia, set to heat up to a high of 78F later with a 10mph north-west wind. Sunday pins in place. Expect birdies."

  296. 1434: 

    Yes, I'd like you to keep me company through the early stages of this final round. You can tweet me using the hashtag #bbcmasters, or text on 81111 (start your message with the word golf and please put your name on).

  297. 1432: 

    Those early risers have already taken to the course at Augusta, Kelly Kraft and Stewart Cink got the final round up and running at 1420 BST. I'll be keeping you in touch with their progress along with that of all the other morning starters, but I'll be also looking back at last night and ahead to this evening's action, and I'll need your help...

  298. 1427: 

    Yes, at the moment it's a picture of tranquillity on Magnolia Lane, the early risers going about their business somewhere off in the distance. It can't last though, this picture of suburban American bliss. Later, the neighbours will tear down the picket fences to get what Hanson has got. Let battle commence.

  299. 1425: 

    The challengers will all pour down Magnolia Lane. Some are already too far away, the likes of Woods, Donald and McIlroy have big weapons, but where they moved to on day three is barely visible from Hanson's mansion. It's the nearest neighbours that he is most wary of - Watson, Kuchar, Oosthuizen and most of all, Mickelson.

  300. 1423: 

    That man is the Quiet Storm, Peter Hanson. The Swede currently resides in the house at the end of the cul-de-sac. It's the most grandiose home on the whole street, the one that, come tonight, will have a Green Jacket hanging in the wardrobe. The back garden is the Augusta National. Hanson peers out of a front window and surveys the scene. He knows he's got work to do to keep hold of this castle, later today the tanks will be on his front lawn.

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