2012 Masters: Day two as it happened

Americans Jason Dufner and Fred Couples share the Masters lead with Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy one shot behind, but Tiger Woods and Luke Donald both struggle.

7 April 2012 Last updated at 01:22

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As it happened

  1. 0048: 

    I really wouldn't like to predict a winner of this thing, that is one many-splendoured leaderboard heading into the final two rounds. Europeans, Americans, South Africans, an Australian or two; a smattering of major winners, plenty of pretenders, youngsters, old dudes, rank outsiders, too. BBC coverage kicks off at 1830 BST on the Red Button and 2030 BST on BBC Two. Don't make other arrangements.


    63 players make the cut which means 31 miss out. These include England's Paul Casey as well as the 94 and 99 winner Jose Maria Olazabal and veteran Bernhard Langer who won the tournament back in 85 and 93. Open champion Darren Clarke also misses the cut, and so does Wales' Ian Woosnam, winner in 1991.

  3. 0036: 

    Watney with a decent pitch into 18, Molinari with an even better bunker escape. Donald's birdie putt stays right, nothing's dropped for the world number one today. A round of 73 for four over overall. Watney misses his par putt to drop to two under, Molinari curls his par putt in to go into the weekend level par. And that's your lot... Dufner and Couples lead by one from a group including Westwood and McIlroy.


    Four-time winner Tiger Woods who ended the day on +3: "I just tried to give everything I had on every shot and tried to stay focused. I was grinding hard out there. I didn't quite have it today with my swing and I had to hang in there and be patient.

    "One of the neat things about this tournament is the 10-shot rule and so anyone who has made the cut can still win it. I just need to cut the deficit down tomorrow and get off to a good start on Sunday."

  5. 0030: 

    Keegan Bradley with a cutter into the 18th and that's a pretty decent effort but comes up short; Molinari finds the sand front left; Donald finds the heart of the green. Tiger being interviewed on the telly, he's surprisingly chirpy...


    (US unless stated)

    -5 Dufner, Couples; -4 Westwood (Eng), Garcia (Spa), McIlroy (NI); -3 Lawrie (Sco); Selected others: -3 Jimenez (Spa); -2 Mickelson, Singh (Fij); level Poulter (Eng), Harrington (Ire); +2 Cink, Ogilvy; +3 McDowell (NI), Woods; +4 Fisher (Eng), Donald (Eng); +5 Fernandez-Castano (Spa).

    Full leaderboard (official website);

    Tee times;

    Clubhouse scores

  7. 0025: 

    Here's a nice stat for you: the last time 63 players made the cut was in 1992, and guess who won that year? Freddie Couples...

  8. 0021: 

    Don't fancy the job of sticking a microphone under Woods's nose after that round, like approaching a pitbull with a 10 oz steak strapped to your face. Lovely little chip from Jimenez, he should make that par putt. Here's young Sang-Moon Bae, par at the last for +2 and a nice smile and a handshake from Woods, which is good to see. Jimenez makes his par putt disappear for a round of 72, the 48-year-old Spaniard, playing in his 14th Masters, just two off the lead.

  9. 0018: 

    Freddie Couples is the oldest player to lead at the halfway stage of the Masters at the grand old age of 52, beating Lee Trevino in 1989. Woods with some sand escape at 18m, stiffs it to within a couple of feet. Pops it in one-handed - no need for that - and it's a 75 for three over overall.

  10. 0017: 

    Francesco's par putt dies at the final moment and he's back to level par. Donald for par from five feet... dabs it but it's off line and he drops to +4. Watney's in for a par, though, he stays three under par.

  11. 0016: 

    Jimenez rattles one down there at 18 before Woods unsheathes his sledgehammer and crackerjacks his drive to just short of some sand. Jimenez's rescue comes up short of the 18th green and here's Watney putting down the slope at 17... shaves the cup left... Woods on 18, takes a divot the size of Wales, finds sand short of the green...

  12. 0006: 

    If the fatigue bug has bitten me, Lord alone knows how Jimenez must be feeling having yomped round Augusta for six hours. Smashing par putt on 17, though, he just keeps on trucking. Woods putting through his shadow but he buries his par putt from six feet - the difference now is you almost expect him to miss...

  13. 0003: 

    American amateur Kelly Kraft bends in a bogey putt on 18 to ensure he makes it to the weekend, that's massive from the kid. Bradley squeezes in his par putt from six feet at 18, the PGA champion four over heading into the final two rounds. Schwartzel scrambles a bogey, he's +3.

    Jay Townsend, 5 live golf summariser

    "Luke Donald doesn't really seem to be able to chuck together a bunch of birdies to get back into it, but he certainly isn't out of it. There are so many class players above him to get past though."

  15. 0000: 

    Molinari asking too much of his birdie putt at 16, Donald and Watney miss, too. Jimenez gets reasonably close with his chip at 17 as we cut to defending champion Schwartzel on 18... what a putt that was, his ball steaking out the hole from a distance before circling back to within six feet.

  16. 2357: 

    Watney putting parallel with the water and he very nearly bangs than one in from range. In for par at 16, stays -3. Here's Miguel, playing from the wrong fairway on 17, like an ageing fighter, he's not liking these championship rounds.

  17. 2353: 

    ... Woods with driver, bit leftish, but it's OK. Francesco Molinari all over the pin at 16, that's a corker. Donald not a great deal further away, and neither is Watney. Only a few groups still out there now as the shadows take ownership of Augusta...

  18. 2350: 

    Jimenez makes his par at 16 to remain three under. Stenson for birdie at 18 - made eight here yesterday - and he makes it from eight feet. Two 71s in a row, the Swede within three of the lead. Gary Woodland follows him in for bogey, he's a couple of shots back. here's Woods on tee at 17...


    Matthew Reeder: "I always dreamed of playing golf like Tiger Woods... Now it seems he is playing like me!"

  20. 2346: 

    Immelman, champion in 2008, makes birdie at the last to confirm his place at Augusta for the weekend. Ballsy.

  21. 2345: 

    Woods's ball is plugged and his recovery skips across the green and very nearly disappears into the creek. Splendid effort coming back, but that's yet another shot gone, Tiger slides to +3. Birdie at 15 for Watney, he's now -3.


    Alastair McCollum on Twitter: "Bit of 'Tiger rage' after that last shot, cracking under pressure of being off the pace?"

    Adam Davey on Twitter: "Tiger Woods kicking his 9 iron in frustration on the 16th!!! His game is all over the place at the moment."

  23. 2342: 

    There is something slightly disturbing about this round from Woods - like watching Ali against Holmes, like watching Botham being flayed by the Aussies, we're watching something I never thought we would see. Kuchar back to -3 after birdie at 18, slap-bang in it. Donald on 15, putting from just off the green, but he leaves it short. A wry grin, still got plenty of work to do to make the cut.

  24. 2337: 

    Woods with wedge at the par-three 16th and he's leaked it 30 yards right of the green. Woods drops his club and gives it a kick up the backside before turning away and wincing, as if he's just witnessed a car crash. Which pretty much sums up his swing.

  25. 2333: 

    Think Jimenez must have jam on his balls, lots of stepping away to wave away irritating bugs. His par putt doesn't break and he drops to three under, while Woods at least makes his par. Woodland buries his birdie putt at 17 to get to two under, Stenson, I'm afraid to relay, makes double to drop back to -1.

  26. 2330: 

    Young Japanese amateur Matsuyama makes bogey at the last and heads into the weekend on one over par. Watson pops in for bogey and what an ovation for the two-time champion, still playing well enough to be back again.

  27. 2327: 

    Tom Watson pitching into the 18th, basically he needs to bury this... too lumpy, he won't be here this weekend. Jimenez's fourth at 15 is to within 10 feet, nasty one coming back downhill for par. Here's Woods, chipping over a green-side bunker... shanked it, into the sand, the crowd reacts with gasps, as if they've suddenly realised the Wizard of Oz isn't quite what they thought he was...

  28. 2322: 

    Woods, now, with a four iron from 200 yards and it's missed by 30 yards right and clattered into the patrons. Much too much going through that head of his, you get the impression someone needs to press the reset button. Kuchar dribbles his short par putt wide at 17 and drops back to -2 with one to play.

  29. 2319: 

    Miguel Angel with a poor contact on 15 and that's wet. Keegan's wet, as well, he's lumped it into Rae's Creek with a wedge on 16. Watney from four feet for a bogey, makes it to drop to -2.

  30. 2316: 

    YE Yang, PGA champion in 2009, is right in the mixer, a birdie at 16 getting him under par for the first time this week. The Korean has a pretty good record round Augusta, tied 20th last year, tied eighth in 2010. Justin Rose finishes off with a handy birdie on 18, he goes into the weekend just five off the lead.

  31. 2310: 

    Jimenez makes a fine clutch putt coming back up hill at 14, Tom Watson falls beyond the cut mark with bogey at 17, didn't hit it. Jimenez rattles one down there at the par-five 15th, Woods with the big dog and he owns Jimenez...

  32. 2310: 

    Birdie at 13 for Donald, the Englishman rowing towards safety. Jimenez with a right-to-lefter on 14, a slick downhiller, but it never came back. Stenson on 16, with a wedge, and he just makes it over. Woods for birdie on 14, from eight feet, but it stays left again. His frustration is palpable, he looks like a contestant on a quiz show struggling to get out answers he knows he knows...

  33. 2301: 

    Crackerjack second from Woods on 14, the ball landing and draining towards the hole. That is some shot from Francesco Molinari from off the back of the green at 12, straight down the pipe to save par. Par for Stenson at the par-five 15th, the Swede stays three under. Aaron Baddeley of Australia birdies the last and is right in the punch-up at just three off the lead.

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "Since any negative comment on Woods seems to elicit a fierce backlash I will say only that he's wearing reasonable trousers today."

  35. 2258: 

    Immelman, Weir, Olazabal and Mize are just four former champions who will miss the weekend by a whisker, unless Immelman can birdie 17 or 18. Kuchar with a tester for birdie at 16... down the slope, big left-to-righter, over-reads it, stays -3.

  36. 2253: 

    Stenson on 15, across the Mersey, and that's a little punchy. Watney now and he tugs his approach left into the pine straw or sand, take your pick. Woods, by the way, made par at 13 to stay two over.

  37. 2251: 

    More confusion regarding Donald's scorecard today - the official Masters leaderboard had him down at +6 at one point but he's now gone back to +5, which means he makes the cut as it stands. I'll keep you posted. Jimenez back to -4 after birdie at 13, what a wine he'd be.

  38. 2248: 

    Tom Watson with eight iron into 16 and what a doozy that is - pop that in and Watson could be home free. Tugs it left and refused to break right. Sang-Moon Bae of Korea, playing with Woods and Jimenez, drains his eagle putt at 13 to move to one over.

  39. 2246: 

    Not a bad recovery from Woods, opening the face and flopping on to within six feet. Kuchar for eagle at 15 but he leaves it short, Nevertheless, the Georgia man moves to three under, two off the lead.


    (US unless stated)

    -5 Dufner, Couples; -4 Westwood (Eng), Garcia (Spa), McIlroy (NI); -3 Lawrie (Sco); Selected others: -3 Jimenez (Spa); -2 Mickelson, Singh (Fij); level Poulter (Eng), Harrington (Ire); +1 Rose (Eng); +2 Woods; +3 McDowell (NI); +4 Fisher (Eng); +6 Donald.

    Full leaderboard (official website);

    Tee times;

    Clubhouse scores

  41. 2243: 

    Watson rolls in that birdie putt at 15 and he's now in position to make the weekend. All he has to do now is par the last three holes... the big-bombing Gary Woodland is in red figures through 14, Woods is wet on 13, looks like more shots gone... deary me, look at that - his ball is clinging to the side of the creek like a climber clinging to a cliff-face, and Tiger opts to pick it up and drop it.

  42. 2236: 

    Tom Watson's not checking out just yet, the old master is six over after 14 and has a chance for birdie on 15. Looks like we have our cut mark for the day, which means world number one Luke Donald needs to pull an iron from the fire down the back straight.

  43. 2232: 

    Birdie at 13 for Kuchar, he's now two under through 14 and three off the lead. Sweet as a nut from Jimenez off tee at 13, Woods tugs his three wood left, but just about gets away with it. Bit of industrial language from Tiger, but I'm sure we can cope with it. Shot gone for Schwartzel after his adventures on 13.

  44. 2229: 

    Watney for birdie on 11, from 20 feet. Leaves it short, stays three under. Donald wearing the expression of a man who wasn't allowed to play golf today and knows what's coming when he returns home - bogey at 11, he's now beyond the cut.


    Former Open champion Paul Lawrie, who finished on three under after three successive birdies: "I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm not going to get too far ahead of myself, no aspirations of what's going to happen, just have a bit of fun and see what happens.

    "I played all right today to be fair. I did what I had to do. I think the course was quite tricky, windy and cool this morning, but I'm driving the ball really nice."

  46. 2223: 

    Woods chipping back up the slope and he very nearly makes it. Here's Adam Scott of Australia for par at the last... misses it, in the clubhouse on +1. Schwartzel makes a pretty good fist of his third at the par-five 12, although he's got a devilish chip coming back up the slope.


    Three-time champion Phil Mickelson after moving to two under: "I played well and shot something in the 60s that got me back in the tournament. I was hoping for one or two more under, but that birdie on 18 felt terrific to finish that way. And to be only three back now heading into the weekend feels great, too. Especially after the first 10 holes yesterday."

  48. 2222: 

    Jimenez of Spain just misses the green left at 12, but what a spot of nonsense the defending champion is in on 13 - Schwartzel chin deep in foliage but he somehow manages to chop it out. Another false swing from Woods on tee at 12... Donald remains right on the cut mark through 10...

  49. 2218: 

    The projected cut remains at +5, or 10 shots behind leaders Dufner and Couples. Another one bites the dust for Woods, the three-time champion drops back to two over par through 11. Stenson back to three under after a birdie at 13, he left his very makeable eagle putt short.


    Bubba Watson on Twitter: "It was a tough day with the gusty winds, but some how I shot -1 under par. Should be a fun weekend!"

  51. 2213: 

    PGA champion Keegan Bradley makes birdie at 12 having very nearly aced it, he's back to +1. Woods has got a brute of a pitch over a bunker at 11... decent, but he can't apply any breaks and that looks like another shot gone.

  52. 2206: 

    Jimenez misses the green right at 11 and has a bunker escape to look forward to once he finishes his yomp up there. Woods's swing is hanging off its hinges at the moment, his approach is very ordinary indeed.

  53. 2205: 

    Tiger launches a drive safely down the 11th to big roars from a still expectant crowd, while Keegan Bradley looks like he's going to ace the 12th.. but it just sweeps back past the hole... Beautiful weather now. No jumpers in sight unlike earlier when Sergio was out and about.


    Sergio Garcia, who has been troubled by a problem with his middle finger when gripping his clubs, finished with a 68 to reach four under, one off the clubhouse lead.

    "I felt pretty good. The finger is still a little bit sore. It bleeds every time I play, but it feels a little bit better every day.

    "I felt cold this morning, that's for sure. It was very cold and quite breezy, so it was tough conditions. But fortunately around 1100 or 1200 the sun came out and it definitely made a difference. It felt much warmer. Probably the wind slowed down a little bit too.

    "But you know, I think overall, under the conditions, yesterday and today, I played pretty nicely."


    Ciaran Brett: "Paul Lawrie at 360-1 pre-tournament is a much more sane bet than I thought."

  56. 2156: 

    England's Justin Rose, tipped by many to be a contender this week, is still chugging along, but at no great pace, he's two over through 13. Shot gone for Stenson at the par-three 12th, the greens have gone from grass to stone to glass in the late-afternoon sun.

  57. 2153: 

    Twelve straight pars for Matt Kuchar, he remains in the mix on one under. Padraig Harrington is one over through 14, two over for his round, as Jimenez cosies his ball to within five feet of the hole at 10, a very commendable effort from just off the short stuff. Woods from a different postcode and he very nearly sinks it, his ball missing by a couple of inches.

  58. 2149: 

    Woods with his second at 10. Mud on the ball and it comes up well short. Watney's three-footer at nine starts right and stays right but he gives one back at nine to drop back to three under par.

  59. 2147: 

    Paul Lawrie from range at 18... WHAT A FINISH! Birdie-birdie-birdie, he's back to three under, well done my son. Stenson pops in for par at 12 to stay three under, 1987 champion Larry Mize is on his way home after bogeys at 17 and 18.

  60. 2142: 

    Jimenez flirts with the branches off the tee at 10 but he looks OK. Watney from slap, bang centre of the ninth and he finds the guts of the green. Woods with three wood at 10 and that gets a gallop on down the hill.

    Jay Townsend, 5 live golf summariser

    "It is hard to have compassion when Tiger misses a putt, saying 'oh no, he's missed one', because he has made so many during his career. But it has been a question mark on his game all year and now it is definitely starting to creep up on him."

  62. 2137: 

    Jimenez with a super bunker escape at nine and here's Woods... his long-ranger comes up well short and he's got another tester from about eight feet for par. Henrik on ther par-four 11th and that's a doozy, a real heat-seeker right on line. Jimenez makes par, Woods, from about six feet... horseshoes out... Tiger's lost it, he's back to +1...

  63. 2129: 

    ... Nicky Watney to four under courtesy of a birdie at eight, Scotland's Paul Lawrie is back to two under after two straight birdies at 16 and 17...

  64. 2128: 

    Lots of talk about Tiger's swing being as slick as it's ever been coming into this tournament but it looks like a rusty bag of spanners at the moment - his second into nine is pretty ordinary and he looks awfully forlorn. Donald disintegrating, he takes four from the back of the eighth for a seven...


    Rory McIlroy after finishing on three under after a 69: "To finish the way I did last night was huge and not to have too much time between rounds it was nice to get straight back at it. But the finish put me in a positive frame of mind."

    On expectations: "I know I'm playing well, I just wanted to come here and play and put myself in position to win another major. I've felt comfortable with my game pretty much all year. I'm just trying to keep that roll".

  66. 2125: 

    Miguel Angel tugs his approach left and short at nine, the flags getting a shellacking from the Georgia wind right now. Another shot gone for Donald at eight, the world number one in danger of missing the cut if he's not careful.


    Si Lomas: "Heard experience was vital round Augusta so went for bets on Stadler, Lyle and Crenshaw."

  68. 2122: 

    Tiger pummels his drive down the ninth, the follow-up twirl of the driver telling us all we need to know. Bogey at seven for world number one Donald, back to +3, an awful lot of work to do. Nicky Watney with a gossamer chip at eight, a putt from mid-range to go to four under.

  69. 2120: 

    A triple-bogey for young Matsuyama on nine, he drops back to +1. Mickelson makes his way to the scorer's hut with a daft grin that suggests he's just filled the pockets of Tiger's golf bag with shaving foam. I think he was pleased with that round.

  70. 2116: 

    Mickelson may be almost incapable of finding the fairway but he's just drained another 20-footer on 18 for a round of 68 and two under overall, only three off the lead. Ominous. Woods for birdie at eight... six feet out and he prods it right, Tiger looking more tentative on the greens than I've ever seen him.


    Rob Elliott: "Slowly getting the ladyfriend into golf but she thinks the icon for 'bogey' on BBC live updates should be a giant nose with mess."


    Joint-leader Fred Couples after a round of 67: "It's a little bizarre. I wanted to be competitive. It's my favourite place in the world to play.

    "I was feeling stiff on the range and I said I just want to hit it solid today, not long, just solid. It was a very, very magical day. I hope these young guys enjoy it as much as I do because it really does help."

  73. 2112: 

    5 live's live coverage is under way, anchored by Chris Evans of TV Mayhem fame. A birdie at seven for American Nicky Watney takes him to three under, two off the lead. Scotland's Paul Lawrie is back in the red courtesy of birdie at 16... Woods's third to the par-five eighth and that's a Georgia peach, chance for a birdie.


    Jason Dufner, the co-leader, after a round of 70: "I don't really think about it to be honest with you. I'm just playing a round of golf. I know the situation and I'm playing a major, I'm playing at Augusta in the Masters.

    "As a player, I know everything that's going on. At times I know I that I am leading or behind or whatever it might be in that situation. I'm just trying to have a nice round of golf, play well, commit to my shots and let the rest take care of itself."

    Jay Townsend, 5 live golf summariser

    "It will make him (Lee Westwood) a bit frustrated but he will get over it. He will be perturbed for a little while but then start preparing for the final round. It is what a professional does."

  76. 2106: 

    The projected cut at +6 at the moment, which means such exalted names as Stricker, Casey and Choi will miss the cut. That said, most of the big names will be here at the weekend, with many of them still very much "part of the conversation", as some people choose to say nowadays. Woods smashes out, the ball finishing on the right-hand side of the fairway at eight...


    Andy Waite on Twitter: "Like to dedicate my 2000th tweet to my Spanish hombre Jimenez in the hope he brings me back some money this weekend."

  78. 2102: 

    Mahan, the world number four, lets a shot go at 17, he's back to one under. Jim Furyk is still in the hunt at the halfway stage, a round of 73 for one under overall. Woods is all over the oche off the tee today, this time double-crossing into the gallery at the par-five eighth. He's not looking like a Masters champion at the moment.


    Michael Blighe on Twitter: "Fred Couples is a joy to watch! Love to see the Old Guard doing well. C'mon Freddie!"

    Ross Gibbons on Twitter: "Chin up @WestwoodLee this thing is still yours for the taking. Two great days and you get a new jacket."

  80. 2056: 

    Jimenez drains a monster on seven to get to within one of the lead on four under. Nice touch from McIlroy, the ball racing by before boomeranging back towards the hole. Still an eight-footer for par, however... nailed it, 69, one off the clubhouse lead... bogey for Bubba on 18, he could be playing with Rory again tomorrow. Fine clutch putt from Mickelson on 17, he stays -1.


    Common Sense Party: "I hope Garcia gets that banana suit out that he wore for the Open final day a few years back."

  82. 2053: 

    Garcia makes that clutch putt coming back, only one shot gone, he finishes with a 68 four four under overall. Fransesco Molinari pushes his par putt right at six to drop back to two under, while McIlroy's second down 18 also ducks left - Westwood, Garcia and now Rory, that wind must be having an effect.

  83. 2048: 

    Garcia taking an age over his greasy putt from just off the short stuff... feathers it and it slithers five feet past... the sun has baked this course like stone, the ball travelling across these greens like cat sick on linoleum. Stenson putting that quadruple on 18 behind him, the Swede back to three under after birdie at eight.


    Lee Westwood after dropping two shots on the 18th to finish on four under: "It was a disappointing way to finish, but if you get out of position on this course it can punish you. These things happen and they will happen to everybody.

    "Henrik Stenson was leading when he took eight on the same hole yesterday. I thought I made a few putts that didn't drop, but I'm right in there for the weekend and that's where I want to be."

  85. 2044: 

    Garcia in pretty good shape actually, once the patrons have created a tunnel for him, but his chip is too heavy and gets snagged in the apron. Local boy Matt Kuchar is grinding against Augusta, he's still one under after eight straight pars.

  86. 2042: 

    Garcia's approach at 18 is about 30 feet left and head-high into the gallery. More of the same from Mickelson off the tee at 17, his ball rattling off a pine tree. Chocs away for Rory at 18, that's straight down the middle, while Bubba tugs his tee shot into jungle.

  87. 2038: 

    Here's Bubba for birdie at 17... couple of feet left... Woods with 10 feet left for par at six... squeezes it left, he drops back to level. McIlroy with an eight-footer for par at 17 and he misses it, drops back to four under.


    Stuart Lynn on Twitter: "Mickelson was my pick before the start and if he finishes today in red numbers he's right back in it."

    Farhat Raza on Twitter: "Come on Sergio, you can do it. Keep this going!

  89. 2035: 

    Bubba onto the front at 17, decent enough chance for a third straight bird. Bit longer than I thought for par at the last for Couples... no alarms and no surprises, in for a round of 67 and the clubhouse lead with Dufner. Cap off, huge grin, the Augusta patrons love him.

  90. 2032: 

    Japanese amateur Hideki Matsuyama drains his birdie putt at eight to move to within three of the lead. Hunter Mahan, on whom I have a few bob as an each-way finisher, birdies 15 to get to -2. Beautiful from Couples - Freddie flops his ball to within a few feet and pads towards the green like a man sent to retrieve a couple of beers from the fridge.

  91. 2027: 

    Correction, Westwood did have a bogey at 11, as well as the double on 18. Keegan Bradley, winner of his debut major at last year's PGA, gets to one under with a birdie at six. Couples opens up his stance and bends his approach just short of the 18th green. Garcia cosies his ball up towards the hole at 17, should make par.

  92. 2024: 

    Tiger on five and this time it's uphill and straight down the throat. Bubba with two straight birdies and three in four and he gets to within a shot. Mickelson in the red for the first time in the tournament courtesy of birdie at 15. McIlroy makes a safe par at 16...


    Dan Cox on Twitter: "Something in your throat, Mr Westwood?"

    Jack William Farrell on Twitter: "McIlroy making big strikes, Woods's swing still a bit out of sync. Imagine the career Couples would have had if he could putt!"

    Chris Lewis-Jones on Twitter: "Gutted for Westwood on the 18th, the greens look pretty quick to me!"

    Robert Hardie on Twitter: "Only the +5s will have been cheering that double for Westwood on 18."

  94. 2022: 

    Paul Lawrie putting for birdie on 13 but he doesn't hit it and he stays one under. Darren Clarke has doubled the 16th, the Open champion drops to nine over, not many men below him.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    On Twitter: "Jason Day has officially pulled out with an injury. The Aussie, joint runner up last year, has been struggling with an ankle problem."

  96. 2019: 

    McIlroy with a fine left-to-right snake at 16, he'll stay five under. Defending champion Schwartzel lets one got at the fifth, world number one Donald is still two under through four.

  97. 2016: 
    DOUBLE BOGEY- Westwood loses the lead

    Bubba birdies the par-five 15th to get back to -3, Westwood misses a couple of inches left for his first bogey of the day at 18 - the world number three joins Jason Dufner as the clubhouse leaders on five under par... scratch that, he misses the tiddler coming back, he's four under...


    Graeme McDowell, who finishes round two on three over after a 72: "It leaves me feeling kind of the way I always feel at Augusta. It's one of these golf courses that gets into my head a little bit. I end up playing it too negatively. I stop myself from playing well just because of the way I think around the golf course. I think too negatively going into the greens. I think too negatively around the greens, and it ends up beating me up a little bit.

    "It was tough yesterday and it was a tricky start this morning in the cold, and I was proud of myself the way I hung tough. I could do with another two rounds around this golf course because if I ever want to win a Green Jacket, which I do, I need to get my head around this place."

  99. 2013: 

    Westwood has work to do to make par at 18 - his chip looks like it's going to race miles by but suddenly applies the breaks to leave 15 feet coming back. Here's everyone's favourite golfing uncle Freddie Couples at 17 - doesn't hit it, but should be par. Vijay from the front at 18 and he misses by all of six inches, in for a 72 and two under overall. Garcia makes that five-footer for par at 16, he stays one off the lead.

  100. 2010: 

    Woods with his second at the par-four fifth... gust of wind, he backs away... another shot gone at 14 for Peter Hanson, the Swede slides to -1, Paul Lawrie somehow escaped with a bogey at 12... Woods' approach is a little timid...

  101. 2007: 

    McIlroy witha cute chip at 15, chance of a birdie. Westwood tugs his approach short and left at the last, he'll need to get up and down from there to retain the outright lead. Here's Couples at 17... what a shot, 12 feet for a birdie... McIlroy birdies 15, he's -5...

  102. 2005: 

    Many thanks Aimee, Ben Dirs here to take you through to the close. That is one classy looking leaderboard - old masters, new masters, European masters, American masters, it's pretty much got the lot. Sergio into the heart at the par-three 16th and that's an awful putt from Woods at four to drop a shot - not sure I've ever seen such a tentative effort.

  103. 2001: 

    Oh Sergio! Are you teasing us or is this for real? The Spaniard is now five under after a birdie on the 15th. That must have been where the roars were coming from... Tiger bogeys the fourth to drop to one under and, would you believe it - Couples is going toe-to-toe with Sergio. He's on five under, too, after a birdie on the 16th. And it's time for me to hand you over to Ben Dirs who will take you through the rest of the day's play.

  104. 1956: 

    Three caddies are now searching for Lawrie's ball... I just seem to be bringing you bad news, but it's an unpleasant end to Ben Crane's round. He bogeyed the 18th to drop to two under. Harrington has also just dropped a shot, on the par five eight, so the Dubliner is back to level for the day.


    Bruce Moir on Twitter: "Hope Bubba doesn't get any grass stains on his glorious white attire, would be a nightmare to get out in the wash."

  106. 1952: 

    Couples rolling back the years, a bit of hair dye and you'd swear we were in 1992, as he birdies the 15th to move to four under, tied with Oosthuizen, Garcia and McIlroy for third. Oh dear... Lawrie is making a hash of the par-three 12, he's gone looking for his ball somewhere among the azaleas.

  107. 1949: 

    Tiger, you sense, has his prey in sight at the top of the leaderboard. A birdie on the third sees him skulking on two under. But forget about Tiger for a millisecond, Dufner has bogeyed the 18th so Westwood leads outright! Schwartzel, meanwhile, has birdied the fourth for two under.

  108. 1945: 

    Back to the 13th we go. Mickelson isn't going to rush this eagle attempt, which would see him go under par for the first time today should he sink it. Mickelson's putter caresses the ball and it gently curves left to right, two feet beyond the pin for what turns out to be a straightforward birdie. Birdie for Mahan too - his second on the bounce - for one under. Amen corner posing little problem for the colourful American.


    The projected cut is currently five-over-par and so the likes of Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano and Edoardo Molinari, who have both finished their second rounds on +5 are likely to miss out. Northern Ireland's Darren Clarke is currently on +7 through 14 so needs to pick up a few shots in the final few holes. Wales' Ian Woosnam (+10) and England's Simon Dyson (+11) definitely miss out.


    Ian Poulter, who finished level par after dropping two shots on the par-three 16: "After standing on 16 tee in red figures, I'm a little bit disappointed. The front left pin location on 16 is accessible. The wind changed a little and I hit a wedge and pulled it. A poor shot, simple as that.

    "When you pull it you are obviously going to be punished and that was a double bogey. It obviously leaves a little sour taste but level par is OK. That was just one example of many shots that can hurt you out there and over the weekend. You make a mental error or a bad swing and you are going to get punished on this golf course."


    Rich in Northants: "Dufner, is he going to do a McIlroy? Follow up winning the next major after his collapse at the US PGA! Would be impressive!"

  112. 1937: 

    Mickelson, standing in the shade, has managed to avoid the trees to the left of the fairway on the 13th and fades the ball onto the green. "Whooo-hooo!" go the supporters, or something like that, as the three-time champion gives himself an eagle chance. Hunter Mahan's ball is 5m away from Mickelson's so he too could be in with an eagle shout. Singh, though, will definitely take home a couple of crystal trinkets after an eagle on the 15th for two under.


    (US unless stated)

    -6 Westwood (Eng) Dufner; -4 Oosthuizen (SA), Garcia (Spa), McIlroy (NI); -3 Couples; Selected others: -3 Jimenez (Spa), F. Molinari (Ita), -2 Singh (Fij), Lawrie (Sco); -1 Harrington, Woods; level Poulter (Eng); +1 Mickelson; +2 Fisher (Eng) +3 McDowell (NI), Donald (Eng).

    Full leaderboard (official website);

    Tee times;

    Clubhouse scores


    John Flavell on Twitter: "Tucking into tapas and a tiger loaf for tea. That's either a good sign for Woods or Garcia, hopefully the Spaniard!"

    Jack William Farrell on Twitter: "Had a funny feeling about Jason Dufner this week, serious performance over the first two days."

  115. 1928: 
    BIRDIE- Westwood regains share of the lead

    Lee Westwood is back on top, tied for the lead with Dufner on six under, after a birdie on the par-five 15th. And McIlroy has birdied the 13th to move back to four under. Bubba has a chance for an eagle... but fails to sink a five yarder.


    Sam Cox on Twitter: "Got to take your hat off to Oosthuizen, horrible front nine, could have fallen to pieces but has come back superbly!"

  117. 1924: 

    Bubba Watson, who seems to have taken sartorial inspiration from Michael Jackson's You're Not Alone video by once again dressing all in white, finds the green with an lovely iron shot. Jackson in his prime wouldn't have had the moves to get to the dancefloor from there. Garcia has salvaged a par, despite finding the drink, to remain four over. And it's a birdie for Stenson on three to move to two under.

  118. 1920: 

    Justin Rose suffering a little out there with birdie, bogey, bogey in the first four holes for one over. Peter Hanson now two under after a double bogey on the 11th. Donald pars the first and defending champion Charl Schwartzel has made a delightful start, a birdie on the second moves him into the red.


    Louis Oosthuizen, currently tied for fourth: "I've never come into this tournament playing really well. This is probably the first one I came in feeling confident, the way I'm swinging it and the way I'm hitting the ball. So it makes a huge difference. It's a weird spot for me to be in, to be third at the moment. It's a nice spot to be in."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    On Twitter: "Louis Oosthuizen - 'It played so different the front 9 than it did the 2nd 9. Once the sun came out the ball went further. It was cold this morning'"

  121. 1912: 

    Gentle push from Couples and he's within a whisker of sinking a 30-footer, but he makes do with a par to remain three under. Mickelson's attempt to save par on the 11th is a dimple short of dropping in. Dufner, who nearly won last year's PGA before blowing up on the final round, has taken the outright lead thanks to a birdie on the 16th. And Garcia has found Rae's Creek on 13...

  122. 1908: 

    Bogeys here there and everywhere. Jimenez bogeys the par-four first, while Lawrie is now two under after a bogey on the ninth and it's a triple bogey for Cabrera on the 12th.


    BBC Sport's Stephen Watson on Twitter: "Just interviewed Gmac, disappointed with bogey bogey finish but should make the half way cut for first time in 4 years. +3, 8 off lead."

  124. 1901: 
    BIRDIE- Garcia and Woods move up

    A little va va voom from Garcia on the 12th as the yellow-shirted Spaniard takes just two shots to complete the three-par 12th. The projected cut at the moment is six over, which means Darren Clarke, at five over, might not need to pack his bags. Cabrera finds the drink on the par-three 12th. That's two holes in the row he's now found the water hazard. And Woods has birdied the first! Birdie for Woods, everyone!

  125. 1856: 

    Velvet touch from McIlroy as he attempts a long putt on the 11th, which rolls to a halt a few yards before the pin so that should be a easy par for Rory. McIlroy has obviously forgotten about his first-round toils, but if you want to see day one highlights then some video should magically appear at the top of this page in a few minutes.


    Mark Blakelock on Twitter: "Would love to see Tiger pull out a great round! Hopefully he can birdie more the par 5s than we've seen so far!"

  127. 1852: 

    McIlroy warming up with half a dozen practice swings before teeing off on the 11th. He plays it safe, finding the back of the putting surface. No dramas there for the 22-year-old. Beautiful iron shot from Garcia takes him to 10 yards of the pin on the 12th. And Oosthuizen completes a remarkable recovery on the back nine to finish the day four under, tied in second with Hanson who has dropped a shot on the 10th.


    Kevin Lyons on Twitter: "Westwood? Garcia? McIlroy? Pffft. Miguel Angel Jimenez. This is your year, you legend! Cigars are on me."

  129. 1846: 

    McIlroy has dropped a shot at the 10th. And maybe we should stop talking about Rae's Creek. Westwood nearly finds the drink on the 13th... from the bank he overhits to the edge of the green, but recovers to par. Nicely negotiated, Mr Westwood. Meanwhile, Dufner has joined Hanson and Westwood on five under after a birdie on the par-four 14th.

  130. 1841: 

    Silver fox Fred Couples is on the 12th, he takes a nine iron, and to the delight of the patrons the ball drops dead 10 yards from the pin for an uphill putt. No danger of Couples's ball plopping into that trap known as Rae's Creek. Rob Hodgetts has been talking to Paul Casey and Nick Faldo about the mysterious water hazard. (Seemless.) "On a good day you see it, on a bad day you can't fathom it," Faldo tells Rob. Westwood is in trouble on the 13th...


    Andrew McAteer on Twitter: "Who doesn't love Sergio Garcia?? #EuropeanSweetheart."

    Rory McInerney on Twitter: "Sergio can't be ignored any longer... The Spaniard is romping his way up the leader-board."

    Robbie Blackburn on Twitter: "Sergio would have to be one of the most popular winners since Seve.... Oh the charm of the Spaniard."

  132. 1831: 

    Woosnam's round ended with three bogeys in the final five holes, meaning the diminutive Welshman finishes on 10 over. Don't forget to tweet us whatever comes into your head (sort of) using the hashtag #bbcmasters or you can tweet me aimee_lou_lewis. If you've still got the energy after gorging on chocolate all day then get those fingers texting GOLF to 81111.

  133. 1824: 

    Stallings attempts a gargantuan putt for birdie and he's not too far away, you know, but it drifts left for what should be a simple hold. Now to Westwood... Birdie attempt... bends his knees to view the putt from the front of the pin, then deliberates from the back, before sinking it to join Hanson on five under at the top. Nerveless stuff from the 38-year-old.


    Jonathan Cummins on Twitter: "Sergio! You can do it you little Spanish jack in the box."

  135. 1819: 

    Oosthuizen is back in the mix after three birdies on the trot catapults him to four under with one hole to go. How does Westwood respond to his first bogey of the day? By finding the dancefloor from the tee, that's how. Appreciative applause from the spectators for the Englishman.

  136. 1813: 

    Westwood, deliberates, considers his options, before giving it plenty of welly, but the world number three is a few feet wide and that's his first dropped shot of the day, which gifts Hanson sole ownership at the summit. And Garcia is back to three under after a bogey on the ninth.


    Luke Irelan-Hill on Twitter: "Hoping for a resurgent Tom Watson today. Would be fantastic to see him make the cut. Hero, champion, legend!"

    Ghislain Hofman on Twitter: "The quality of young Rory's swing a sight to behold, I think he will hold it together this time."

  138. 1806: 

    Vijay Singh is now level - back-to-back bogeys taking him to two over for the day, which is pretty disappointing considering the promising start he made. Lee Westwood - black polo shirt, cream trousers - is on the 11th and he must make an uphill putt for par.

  139. 1803: 

    Hello again! The second round is bubbling nicely with Sergio and Rory making their charge up the leaderboard. By the time Tiger takes to the first tee in about 45 minutes we should be ready to reach boiling point. Paul Casey is on the 13th, a 10-yard put to save par, but it wobbles over the cup and the Englishman dips his head in despair.

  140. 1759: 

    Oosthuizen makes birdie at 14 to get to two under, good recovery after a ropey old start. Padraig Harrington birdies the second to get to two under, only three off the leaders. Three straight birds for Freddie, he's now three under. Who said there were no birdies out there today? Plenty of players tearing up the leaderboard as the sun transforms Augusta National from a Lowry to a Gauguin. I'm due a break, here's Aimee Lewis for a couple of hours...


    Conor Spackman on Twitter: "Rory to -4 with his third birdie of the day at 7. He's moving. Be afraid Lee, be very afraid. He's done it, you haven't."


    (US unless stated)

    -5 Westwood (Eng) Hanson (Swe); -4 McIlroy (NI), Garcia (Spa); -3 Crane, Dufner, Lawrie (Sco); Selected others: -3 Jimenez (Spa), F Molinari (Ita) -2 Poulter (Eng), Singh (Fij); -1 Harrington, Stenson (Swe); level Woods, Fisher (Eng) +1 Mickelson +3 Donald +4 Clarke (NI)

    Full leaderboard (official website);

    Tee times;

    Clubhouse scores

  143. 1753: 

    Crane makes birdie on 13 to get to four under par, one shot off the lead. Sean O'Hair is in the clubhouse with a 70 for one under overall. SERGIO'S ROCKING AND ROLLING! Birdies at two, four, seven and eight, the Spaniard breathing down Westwood and Hanson's necks.

  144. 1747: 

    Kevin Na is now the proud owner of a pair crystal goblets, which sounds like something you might have won on Bullseye. Freddie Couples, 20 years on from his Masters triumph, adds birdie at eight to birdie at seven and is tied for 10th.


    Stuart Lynn on Twitter: "Not many birdies out there. Could it be the weather or the course fighting back?"

  146. 1744: 

    EAGLE FOR NA AT 13! The American holes one from 80 yards, skins Amen Corner in three under and is now -1 for the week.

  147. 1742: 

    Casey fluffs a chip at 12, probably another shot gone for the Englishman, his hopes receding like a smoker's gums. Bit of sun peeking through as news reaches me that Westwood has completed nine straight pars for a front-nine 36...

  148. 1738: 

    Westwood putting together a round of Faldonian proportions - eight pars in the spin, he still leads with Hanson on five under. MCILROY FOUR UNDER! The Northern Irishman hasn't just got his Mojo working, he's added alloy wheels and a fender to the back - birdie at the very birdieable seven.

  149. 1732: 

    Another view of Poulter's recovery at 13, that really was peche-de-la-peche, and he seals the deal with a clutch five-footer for birdie. Lawrie falls back to three under, bogey at four for the Scotsman.

  150. 1730: 

    One of the shots of the week from Poulter - it was a case of spot the Englishman with Poulter tangled up in azaleas, but he manages to prod his ball to within a few feet of the hole. Garcia gets to three under, birdie at seven... there would be few more popular winners than him...

  151. 1728: 

    Oosthuizen is fighting back - birdie at 14, the South African back to -2. Fisher birdies the second to get back in the red, Couples under par again courtesy of a birdie at Pampas, the par-four seventh.

  152. 1725: 

    Ian Poulter playing a fiendish aproach into 13, feet a few feet beneath the ball, and he overcooks it. Poulter has gone full-on Bay City Roller today, head to toe in purple plaid. Our first sighting of England's Paul Casey, finding the front of the green with his approach at 11. He's 10 off the lead and struggling to extend his stay.

  153. 1720: 

    Fans of Mickelson will be sad to hear his charge has lost momentum - shot gone at five, back to one over. Tiger Woods is off at 1842 BST, Donald 1853 BST. Mahan back to level courtesy of a birdie at five...


    Seamus Shanley on Twitter: "Mickelson making a charge with McIlroy today. Phil appears to be going more for accuracy from the tee, that should help him."

    Matthew Titchard on Twitter: "Would love a Spanish winner. Let's hope Miguel and Sergio can be there or there abouts come Sunday evening."

  155. 1718: 

    Sean O'Hair of the States makes birdie at 16 and is two under with two to play. Kevin Na drains a longun at 11 for the first birdie of the day on the 505-yard par four. Crane lets one go, however, drops back to three under.


    Andrew Reilly: "There's only one Paul Lawrie, one Paul Lawrie. His driver smacks it, he wants the Green Jacket, walking in a Lawrie wonderland..."

  157. 1714: 

    Ben Crane with his third at 11, the American one off the lead as it stands... fair to say that if Crane played this slowly in your average hacker's fourball, there would be an awful lot of comedy at the top of his backswing. Poulter, who has never failed to make the cut at the Masters, rolls in a great clutch putt at 12 to remain one under. PAUL LAWRIE FOUR UNDER! BIRDIE AT THREE! Dufner, meanwhile, has dropped to three under after bogey at nine.


    Derek Evans on Twitter: "Would love the Euro progression up the leaderboard to continue. Hanson should not be overlooked actions louder than words."

    Hemant Tandon on Twitter: "Mcllory is really picking up momentum on this second day. I would love to see Westwood and himself battle it out on the last day."

  159. 1708: 

    Bubba, he of the funkiest swing since Ronnie Corbett, has let one go at five to drop back to two under. McDowell has an eagle chance at 13 but his ball does just too much work and he taps in for birdie to get to +1.

  160. 1703: 

    Twenty-six players under par at the moment, and one of them is Ian Poulter, despite a bogey at 10. Ross Fisher fired a 71 yesterday but he's bogeyed the fiendish first to drop back to level.

  161. 1700: 

    Mickelson has come out throwing haymakers - Leftie is two under for the day and level overall after another birdie at four. Zach Johnson won the tournament in 2007. Today - double-bogey at nine, another at 11, back to +1 he goes.

  162. 1654: 
    BIRDIE- Hanson takes share of the lead

    Peter Hanson has worked himself up into a right old lather - double at the first but he's followed up with three straight birds to get back to five under par, joint leader with Westwood. Bubba has kicked off with three straight pars to remain three under.

  163. 1651: 

    The heavily-backed Hunter Mahan, two-time winner on the PGA Tour this year, lets one go at three and is one over. The wheels falling off for Zach Johnson, the 2007 has found the drink with his approach at the vicious 11th. Woosie has one-putted Amen Corner, two birdies and a par...


    LEADERBOARD(US unless stated)

    -5 Westwood (Eng); -4 Crane, Dufner; -3 Lawrie (Sco), Furyk, Watson, Hanson (Swe); Selected others: -3 McIlroy (NI); Jimenez (Sp) -2 Singh (Fij), Poulter (Eng); -1 Oosthuizen (SA); level Woods +1 Mickelson +2 Clarke (NI) +3 McDowell (NI)

    Full leaderboard (official website);

    Tee times;

  165. 1648: 

    Three-time winner Phil Mickelson picks up a shot at three and is one over. We were just musing in the office: do Masters Green Jackets change shape depending on fashion? For example, were Nicklaus' of the wide-lapelled variety? Did Sandy's have rolled-up sleeves? We talk about some really interesting stuff up in Salford.

  166. 1643: 

    Lawrie of Scotland pars the first to stay three under. McIlroy has got his Mojo working - I repeat, McIlroy has got his Mojo working - birdie at the par-three fourth, the wee man is three under, two off leader Westwood...

  167. 1640: 

    Poulter of England out in 34 as Oosthuizen very nearly bags a rare birdie at 11 - the 2010 Open champion remains one under. McDowell, US Open champion in 2010, also shaves the hole with a birdie attempt, the Northern Irishman remains three over.

  168. 1637: 

    Woosie bends in a 15-footer for birdie at 12, while Hanson recovers from double-trouble at the first with birdies at two and three, the Swede back to four under. In case anyone's wondering why these updates aren't more descriptive, I'm only party to pictures from Amen Corner. Birdie at four for Garcia, the Spaniard flying in under the radar to two under par...

  169. 1632: 

    Zach Johnson makes a double at nine and drops back to one under, as leader Westwood makes his five pars on the spin to remain five under. Ben Crane, a man who looks like he's been turned to stone on average 70 times a round, is grinding away, the American is four under through eight after seven straight pars.

  170. 1624: 

    Freddie Couples, champion in 1992, birdies the long par-three fourth to get back into the red, and here's Woosie, the man who helped Couples into his Green Jacket, all over the flag off the tee at 12. Alas, the wee Welshman is already nine over. Sean O'Hair picks up another shot at 13 and he's back under par. McIlroy makes a move, the world number two birdies three and is two under, three off the lead.

  171. 1621: 

    Dufner has snaffled a birdie at the par-three sixth and returns to four under and one behind leader Westwood. Sweden's Peter Hanson, who carded a 68 yesterday, has given two shots away at the first. The 445-yard Tea Olive is proving as tough an opening hole as ever.

  172. 1615: 

    Triple-bogey for Japan's Ishikawa at the first, he sinks to seven over. Not sure what's happened to the young phenom, but he remains a very nice man: last season, he donated all of his tour earnings, plus an additional 100,000 yen for every birdie he made, to the Japan earthquake relief efforts. Remarkable gesture.

  173. 1610: 

    Former champion Vijay Singh lets a shot go at four to drop back to two under, Rory McIlroy has parred the first (a double at the opening hole yesterday) and Garcia has made birdie at two to get back into the red. Not much chat about England's Ian Poulter heading into this week but he's sticking at it, two under after eight second-round holes.


    Simon Porter on Twitter: "Feel bad for Sandy Lyle, he is a legend and the first Briton to win around Augusta, stick in Sandy."

  175. 1607: 

    Westwood has ground out four straight pars to start while Jim Furyk, who has taken a tumble down the rankings in recent times, is three under overall after four. Scott Stallings, an unheralded player from Worcester, Massachusetts, is also three under after three - Stallings won the Greenbrier Classic in July 2011 for his first PGA Tour victory.

  176. 1602: 

    Many thanks to my very good golfing friend Aimee Lewis. Ben Dirs in the hotseat for the next couple of hours and I join you as Sandy hits my screens. The 1988 champion has had better days on the old course, he's 19 over after 10. Tough going for Simon Dyson of England today as we watch him play into the tough 11th, he's six over and looking at an early bathtime.


    James Willis on Twitter: "You always get that one player in every golf tournament that insists on going at least +15 after just the first two days."

  178. 1555: 
    BIRDIE- Birdie for Singh

    Vijay Singh has birdied the third to move three under, alongside Johnson, Byrd, Dufner, Furyk, Stallings and Bubba Watson - who started his round with a par on the first. Woe for Darren Clarke, though, who is now three over after bogeys on the opening two holes. And I can now confirm that Ben Dirs is in the building and is, in his own words, primed. Over to you, Mr Dirs.


    Alex Gordon from Chiswick: "After a mixed round yesterday I think McIlroy will come back very strong today, desperate to put right what went wrong last year!!"


    Nickbell on Twitter: "Oh Bubba we do, Oh Bubba we do, Oh Bubba we love you!"

    Seamus Shanley on Twitter: "hoping for another good round from Harrington today, key for him is the par 5s especially the 15th where he has had trouble."

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "Bright red top for McIlroy as he plays the first. I think it's by Vera Wang. Although I could be wrong."

  182. 1543: 
    Dufner double bogeys

    Westwood - with three comfortable pars on the bounce - has sole ownership of the lead once more after Dufner double bogeys the par three fourth. The American drops to three under. One minute you're king of the world... People are asking how Sandy Lyle is getting on out there on what is a pretty miserable day, by Augusta standards anyway. Do you really want to know? Look away now if you're a sensitive soul. The Scot is 18 over with bogeys on the seventh and ninth blighting an already depressing scorecard.


    Johno Williams on Twitter: "Got a feeling it is going to be a good day for Ian Poulter. No-one mentioning him either, with two birdies on the first five holes."

    Jamie Robinson on Twitter: "Not much talk about Bubba. I think he is the dark horse of this tournament! Striding along nicely, wait and see."

    Sean-Paul Doran on Twitter: "I'm tipping Big Bubba for the win. I'm almost never wrong."

  184. 1529: 
    BIRDIE- Dufner takes joint lead

    Is this a charge from Poulter? The 36-year-old, who says he is "95%" recovered from the pneumonia which struck him down last month, birdies the par four fifth to move to two under. His best finish in Augusta was tied 10th in 2010, by the way. Dufner, meanwhile, definitely has fire in his belly and has joined Westwood at the summit after a birdie on the third.


    James Tornos on Twitter: "What about the American challenge? Could Duffner be the dark horse, under the radar???"

    Ryan Tahmassebi on Twitter: "Tiger played some of his worst golf at Augusta and finished with a 72! What if he plays some of his best over the weekend!??!"

  186. 1514: 
    BIRDIE- Birdie moves Dufner one behind lead

    G-Mac has started with six pars on the trot so a steady opening for the Portrush player. Woosnam, however, ruined his magnificent start with double bogeys on the fifth and seventh to leave him on seven over. Will he make it to the weekend? Jason Dufner, though, is enjoying himself out there with a birdie on the second to move a shot behind leader Westwood. It's all simmering nicely, folks.


    Andy in Buxton: "Nobody is mentioning Jiminez! A solid 69 to start and hopefully better to come! This year could be his year."


    Paul Bennion on Twitter: "Just tuned in, read the previous tweets. Lots of negatives for Lee Westwood but I think he's the man, the main man!!"

    Chris Dear on Twitter: "I feel I should admit my sins: I backed Luke Donald to win and thus take full responsibility for his poor performance. Sorry."

    Douglas Houston on Twitter: "Keen for Westwood to get his first green jacket but also itching to see Woods and McIlroy go toe to toe..."

  189. 1500: 
    BOGEY- Oosthuizen bogeys fourth and fifth

    Zach Johnson, the 2007 Masters champion, is making an early move up the leaderboard with another birdie at the third for three under. Crane is also chugging along nicely, becoming one of many to birdie the second for four under after three holes. It goes from bad to worse for former Open champion Oosthuizen, though, as he drops to one under after bogeys on the fourth and fifth. It's a cruel game. Talking of which, Sandy Lyle is back on 16 over after a bogey on the par four fifth. And Westwood's second round is underway. He opens with a par on the first.


    Paul O'Brien on Twitter: "Today is a day where someone will make a charge who wasn't good yesterday and one of our leaders will have a disastrous round.

    Rupert Loyd on Twitter: "Tiger hasn't started making birdies/eagles on the Par 5s yet, hopefully that will change today."

    Gareth Lloyd Beach: "Bubba to lead today if he can hit the fairway."

  191. 1450: 

    Just under an hour until McIlroy begins his second round and even though the 22-year-old, at times, looked to have the weight of the world on his shoulders on Thursday, he managed to patiently notch a 71. He began the first round in Augusta with a double bogey but back-to-back birdies on the back nine put a smile on his face. "I think my patience paid off," said McIlroy. "I didn't try to force things. I'm coming off the golf course a lot more pleased about my round than I would have been if I had just finished with two fours."

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "Saw the hole being cut front left at 16. Could not be more set up for a hole-in-one. It's almost got a little funnel leading down to it."

  193. 1435: 
    BIRDIE- Birdies on the second for Johnson and Poulter

    Oosthuizen has steadied the creaking ship with a fine birdie on the par four third to move three under after three holes. Zach Johnson birdied the second and is now two under, while Ian Poulter has moved into the red thanks also to a birdie on the second. Everyone's happy, everyone's smiling.


    Jonathan Moloney on Twitter: "Hanson to lead after round two. Very impressed by the Swede yesterday. One of the finest golf swings I've seen."

    Oli Robson on Twitter: "Westwood to shoot level. Tiger to make a move. He never usually has an incredible first round."

    Matthew Rose on Twitter: "Cricket done. Now I see #BBC Masters has commenced. Don't quite see the need to get out of bed just yet."


    Gareth from Edinburgh: "Martin Laird also on the up despite the bad conditions - hope he can continue his recovery after a poor first round."


    Sam Morris on Twitter: "I put a tenner on #Lawrie at 200-1. Fingers crossed the weather plays into his hands!"


    Ryan on Twitter: "Ian woosnam is on charge! Com'n make that cut you legend!"

  198. 1413: 
    Double birdies for Woosnam

    What was I saying earlier about conditions making life difficult for the players on the opening holes? Difficult for everyone except Ian Woosnam that is. The Welshman, and already an owner of a fabulous Green Jacket, birdied the first two holes and a par on the third sees him skip to three over. G-Mac started steadily with pars on the first two, while Oosthuizen drops to two under after a terrible double bogey on the par five second.


    Phil Daly on Twitter: "Fingers crossed Darren Clarke overcomes any injuries to be in the mix on the weekend. Padraig to surprise everyone, even himself."

    Len B on Twitter: "Dear Lee, please don't do a Rory. Thanks."

  200. 1406: 

    Lawrie says he is trying to keep it low key. "I'm still a little bit weak and not quite 100%," said Lawrie after his first round, which included eagles on the 13th and 15th to ensure he goes home with some crystals. The Scot is still recovering from bronchitis so cautiously added: "I've played only nine holes every day [in practice] and worked a lot on my short game. I'm not thinking about winning at all - I'm three behind already!"

  201. 1400: 

    A few of you mentioned Lawrie in dispatches yesterday. I nearly choked on my chocolate digestive, but the Scot repaid your faith in him. The Daily Record are taking delight in their man's success, and rightly so, pronouncing: "This morning America knows exactly who he is."

  202. 1350: 

    It looks like it will be another tough day on the course with conditions as cool as a British summer and dark clouds menacingly prowling the skies, which means Scotland's Paul Lawrie could be licking his chops in anticipation right now. The former Open champion scored an opening round 69 to share fourth with Spain's Miguel Angel Jimenez, Italy's Francesco Molinari and American trio Ben Crane, Jason Dufner and Bubba Watson. He tees off 1619 BST.


    Joseph Gourgey on Twitter: "Ever the optimists us Brits aren't we. I BELIEVE IN YOU LEE!"

    Charles Forbes on Twitter: "Woods and McIlroy to make big moves today but not in lead. Westwood to be off the boil and shoot one over."

  204. 1337: 

    If what Chris Evans says is true, and I have no reason to doubt him, then Evans's tweet is bad news for world number one Luke Donald, although the Englishman is probably relieved just to still be competing after a smudge on his scorecard caused all sorts of confusions and rumours of disqualification. The 34-year-old - who went round in 75 - was cleared but after finishing eight shots behind leader Westwood he has a lot of ground to make up.

    Chris Evans, Radio 5 live presenter

    On Twitter: "No player in recent years has come back from below seventh after the first day to win the Masters. Just so you know."

  206. 1333: 

    A few pessimistic tweets on Westwood's chances of wearing the Green Jacket on Sunday. I hope he doesn't read them before he tees off that's all I'll say. A nightmare start for Verplank - a double bogey on the first followed by a bogey on the second takes him to four over, while Sandy Lyle's experience on those lush greens isn't getting any better on day two. He double bogeyed the par-four first and is 16 over.


    Jumbo in Kensington: "Westwood looked awesome, but still worry about having spent a lot of time working on a faster putting stroke - is that going to help him under pressure on Sunday?"


    Thomas Howell on Twitter: "Lee Westwood.... Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. He'll be thereabouts, just not THERE."

    Philip Walton on Twitter: "Westwood won't be able to handle the greens when they dry out over the weekend. Another top 10 beckons."

    Felix Hemsted on Twitter: "Westwood's round could have been better than it was - a few pars could have been birdies, yet it was a good round nonetheless."

  209. 1322: 

    Westwood will begin his second round at 1440 BST, while second-placed Louis Oosthuizen, who is paired with Graeme McDowell, tees off at 1334 BST. Peter Hanson, also one shot behind the lead, starts alongside Hunter Mahan and Phil Mickelson at 1546 BST. Other names and times (all BST) which might be of interest to you: Tiger Woods and Miguel Angel Jimenez (1842), Justin Rose (1747), Luke Donald (1853) and Rory McIlroy (1535). And breathe...


    Pete in London: "Best opening day in recent memory at Augusta. Lost balls, snap hooks, scorecard controversy, and an Englishman top of the leaderboard. Can day two match it?"


    Charles Forbes on Twitter: "Oost to be leading by one and Lawrie top 5 - heard it hear first!!"

    Josh McGuire on Twitter: "I hope @WestwoodLee carries on where he left off in round one and WINS the Masters."

    Tony Carrigan on Twitter: "Come on Tiger get that driving sorted! Mr Consistency Westwood hold the fort just now!"

  212. 1313: 

    What did you think of Westwood's first round? Don't hold back, tweet using the hashtag #BBC Masters or text 81111 but don't forget to put your name on the text, please. Was the Englishman's first round the highlight of the day or were there others who caught your eye? And how are your predictions looking? Tell me, tell me, tell me.

  213. 1308: 

    Westwood doesn't want to get carried away, and understandably so, but, heck, the 38-year-old looks in good shape in what is his 56th attempt to win a major and here are some stats for you of his sumptuous first round: He struck 16 of 18 greens, equalled his lowest score at Augusta and he has now shot par or better in 11 of his last 12 rounds at the Masters. There's three days of golf left, though, so let's stay calm.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    On Twitter: "A modest crowd (in size, if not necessarily outlook) watches Verplank, O'Hair & F-Castano get R2 under way. Brrr, it's chilly."

  215. 1301: 

    "There was no weakness out there in my game," said Westwood after his five-under-par 67. "I hit it close, hit a lot of fairways and rolled in some nice putts. I've been playing well all year so I was pretty confident. But I'm trying not to let myself get carried away. I just wanted to come out and start steady and strong and play my way into the tournament, which I've done."

  216. 1258: 

    Yes, Thursday was all about a certain Lee Westwood, while the anticipated Tiger v Rory show went a little off script, although there are a few twists and turns in that storyline I'm sure. Westwood warned that it wouldn't all be about the aforementioned duo and the Englishman made sure it wasn't. The world number three played exquisitely to end the opening day with a one shot lead from Louis Oosthuizen and Peter Hanson.

  217. 1254: 

    Good afternoon to you and a very warm welcome to the second round of the Masters. Scott Verplank , Sean O'Hair and Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano have hit their tee shots so we're under way.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at Augusta

    On Twitter: "Morning, team. Overcast (it's still dark obviously but I can just tell), spits of rain in the air, chilly. Day two at the Masters."

  219. 1247: 

    It's a very Good Friday if you're Lee Westwood. A very good Friday indeed. It won't be a bad day for us mere golfing mortals, either, because we can just sit back, relax, marvel at some peerless putting, wince at hooked shots into the lofty trees and admire the perfectly manicured lawns of Augusta, all while surreptitiously nibbling at our Easter eggs. Marvellous.