Hungarian GP practice as it happened

Live text and video highlights of Friday's practice sessions for the Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring.

26 July 2013 Last updated at 15:12

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As it happened

  1. 1500: 
    Mark Webber

    Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull looked awesome in Budapest on Friday, with team-mate Mark Webber backing him up strongly in second. But Ferrari and Lotus are not far behind and the Mercedes can't be discounted in qualifying. Plenty, then, to look forward to. Until tomorrow, it's good afternoon from me. Viszontlatasra!

  2. 1455: 

    That concludes our coverage today. Thanks so much for your company and contributions. I'll be back at 0930 BST tomorrow to bring you live text commentary of third and final practice before qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

  3. 1450: 

    Here's Andrew Benson's second practice report. Keep an eye out on the website for second practice video highlights plus all the news and analysis from the Hungaroring paddock.

  4. 1445: 

    It's been a hot day in Budapest, with several making use of the water park at the Hungaroring to cool off, and the temperatures are only set to rise throughout the weekend.

    They'll peak at 38-40C on Sunday, with track temperatures nudging 50C. The tyres will be under extreme pressure while the teams will have a battle on their hands to stop the cars overheating.

  5. 1440: 

    One bit of interesting news that came out of the paddock on Thursday was the clampdown on pit stops. Formula 1 teams will be given a 10-place grid penalty if they send a car out of the pits with a loose wheel.

    The new rule has been implemented after a cameraman was injured in an incident at the German Grand Prix this month and will apply to all practice sessions as well as qualifying and races.

    If such an incident happens in practice or qualifying, a grid penalty will be applied at that race. If it occurs during a race, the penalty will be applied at the following grand prix.


    James Whittingham: Vettel will be hard to beat but Raikkonen is my outside bet.

    BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson

    "Red Bull, Ferrari, Lotus and Mercedes will be challenging on Sunday. Red Bull have got on top of this tyre, they have been shouting most for it and it will be a close battle but Sebastian Vettel looks very strong."

  8. 1434: 

    1) Vettel 2) Webber 3) Grosjean 4) Alonso 5) Massa 6) Hamilton 7) Rosberg 8) Raikkonen 9) Button 10) Sutil 11) Di Resta

    12) Perez 13) Maldonado 14) Gutierrez 15) Hulkenberg 16) Vergne 17) Ricciardo 18) Bottas 19) Pic 20) Van Der Garde 21) Bianchi 22) Chilton


    Williams development driver Susie Wolff on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra: "Red Bull can be very pleased with their performance today, they look very strong for Sunday and the other teams will be scratching their heads as how to beat them."

  10. 1430: 
    Sebastian Vettel



    Force India: Longer runs for both drivers at the moment. Testing everything that can be tested about the soft tyres.

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator James Allen

    "It seems the medium tyre is fairly durable here. The key to this race is how long you can get the soft tyre to last."

  13. 1423: 

    We're riding onboard with Adrian Sutil at the moment. The Force India driver is celebrating his 100th grand prix this weekend and is currently 10th fastest, two tenths and one place ahead of team-mate Paul di Resta.

  14. 1417: 

    Traffic is a big problem out there at the moment as everyone apart from Williams' Valtteri Bottas is out on track working on long run pace.

  15. 1412: 

    Ferrari's Fernando Alonso begins the 15th lap of his soft tyre run after clocking a high 1m29. That's about two seconds slower than at the start of the run on that set of tyres.

  16. 1407: 

    So Sebastian Vettel leads from Mark Webber and Romain Grosjean. Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton complete the top six ahead of Nico Rosberg, Kimi Raikkonen, Jenson Button and Adrian Sutil.

  17. 1402: 

    Red Bull's Mark Webber has completed his run on the soft tyres and having pitted for the mediums is now back out on track to gather some more long-run data with 28 minutes remaining.

  18. 1358: 

    Lotus' Kimi Raikkonen aborts his first flying lap, easing off in the final sector to cool the tyres ready for another go. His first sector is decent, but he loses a couple of tenths in the second sector and then gets held up by Jenson Button in the final part of the lap. The Finn tries a move up the inside of the McLaren at the final corner but backs off when he realises that Button probably hasn't seen him. That's his soft tyre run ruined.

  19. 1352: 

    Kimi Raikkonen has just headed out on the soft tyres. The Lotus driver will be the last to do a qualifying-style run. Most of the others have switched to longer runs.

  20. 1348: 

    Romain Grosjean highlights Lotus's pace with the third quickest time, 0.153 seconds off the pace. The top five - Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Grosjean, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa - are split by just 0.280 seconds.


    Richard Walsh, via text: Romain Grojean will be the one to watch. Came close to a win in Germany so he will be more determined.

  22. 1342: 

    Fernando Alonso goes third, 0.162 seconds off the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel. That's a mighty impressive laps from the Spaniard and suggests that Ferrari may have improved their qualifying pace.

  23. 1338: 

    Felipe Massa tries out the soft tyres for the first time and improves to third fastest, four tenths of a second off the pace. The Brazilian pretty much has the track to himself, with only Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Esteban Gutierrez, who is currently an impressive sixth, out and about.

  24. 1333: 

    Nico Rosberg goes third quickest on his soft tyre run in the Mercedes, seven tenths of a second off the pace. Romain Grosjean locks up his right front at the Turn 6 chicane to ruin his lap in the Lotus.

  25. 1331: 

    It's a Red Bull one-two as Mark Webber, also on the soft tyre, closes to within 0.044 seconds of team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

  26. 1329: 

    Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel bolts on the soft tyres an smashes his previous best by 1.2 seconds with a 1:21.264. That's seven tenths quicker than the fastest time in this session last year.


    Masego Matabane: "If Raikkonen joins Red Bull, he will have driven for four of the five top teams."

  28. 1325: 

    Fernando Alonso, who took his first Formula 1 victory in Hungary in 2003, goes third quickest, 0.377 off the pace on the medium tyre. Interestingly, Alonso is one of two drivers currently on the grid to have taken their maiden F1 win at the Hungaroring. The other is, of course, Jenson Button, who finally tasted victory in 2006 after 113 races.

  29. 1320: 

    Kimi Raikkonen improves to go third quickest, 0.470 seconds off the pace, with Lewis Hamilton fourth ahead of Fernando Alonso.

  30. 1319: 

    Felipe Massa's first effort is good enough for fifth, one second off the pace. The Brazilian gets bumped down to sixth, though, when Ferrari team-mate Fernando Alonso goes third.

  31. 1316: 

    Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus pops into third on his first timed lap, nine tenths of a second off the pace. Only the Ferraris have yet to set a time but both Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have just started a lap.

  32. 1311: 

    Mark Webber can't quite match his Red Bull team-mate, slotting in to second nearly half a second adrift. Nico Rosberg goes third, 0.96 seconds off the pace in the Mercedes.

  33. 1309: 

    The times are tumbling with Romain Grosjean getting down into the mid 1m23s in his Lotus only to be pushed down by Force India's Adrian Sutil. The German isn't on top for long, though, as Sebastian Vettel puts in a belter, a 1:22.484, which is 1.123 seconds quicker than anyone else.

  34. 1308: 

    McLaren's Jenson Button goes quickest, but he's immediately deposed by former team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes who puts 0.746 seconds between them.

  35. 1307: 

    Williams' Pastor Maldonado sweeps to the top of the timing pages, clocking a 1:24.883, ahead of Paul Di Resta's Force India and Toro Rosso's Daniel Ricciardo.

  36. 1302: 

    Britain's Max Chilton is the first man out and wastes little time in setting a lap time. The Marussia driver clocks a 1:29.373 to get this session off the mark.

  37. 1300: 
    GO! GO! GO!

    Second practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix is go, go, go!


    Heidi Masters: If McLaren have improved its great news for Vettel/Red Bull - two more cars in the mix to take points off rivals.

  39. 1257: 

    Red Bull were the pick of the bunch this morning, while McLaren looked a little stronger than they have of late. Lotus looked quick while Mercedes were a bit off the pace. Who do you think is the one to watch this weekend? Tweet #bbcf1 or text 81111. Do put your name on those SMS messages. Thanks.

  40. 1252: 

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator James Allen reports that a bit of cloud cover has appeared above the Hungaroring to bring some welcome relief from the burning hot sun. He adds that there is a cool breeze sweeping across the track, with the drivers heading into it when they drive down the pit lane.


    Ferrari: The programme includes final setup work on the cars and the usual test between Medium and Soft tyres on short and long runs.


    Williams development driver Susie Wolff: "It's very hot this weekend, and I can only sympathise with the mechanics working in there because it's sweltering in there."


    Rob Valledy: I think Mercedes will be off the pace the whole weekend, with McLaren in the top five.

  44. 1245: 

    The session starts at 1300 BST, with BBC Radio 5 live sports extra commentary starting five minutes before. James Allen will be in the box for this session alongside Williams development driver Susie Wolff.

  45. 1240: 

    For those of you just joining, Sebastian Vettel finished fastest in first practice, despite the German spending the first hour or so in the garage as the team worked on a brake "anomaly" which they detected while he was on his installation lap.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson in Budapest:
    Jenson Button

    "Jenson Button caused a bit of a stir on Thursday when he said that he thought McLaren could potentially finish on the podium at the Belgian Grand Prix next month - the next race after Hungary. That would be quite a turnaround in form for the team - Spa is a circuit where aerodynamics are king and that's the area in which McLaren have been struggling this year. But sporting director Sam Michael played down Button's comments here on Friday. 'We go through waves of understanding on correlation,' he said. 'We're still on our journey back to the front of the grid. The Silverstone test (last week) confirmed the direction we're taking but we're not there yet."

  47. 1236: 

    Yep, it's baking at the Hungaroring, located 20km north-east of capital city Budapest. BBC weatherman Ian Fergusson is predicting temperatures will be 30C this afternoon, rising to 33C on Saturday and nudging 40C on Sunday. Serious sun protection required.

  48. 1233: 

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of second practice for Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix. We've got a 90-minute session coming up in some rather toasty conditions.

  49. 1230: 

    Afternoon all. Ready for some more track sweeping action at the Hungaroring? Good stuff, let's get on with the show...

  50. 1100: 

    Red Bull looking impressive, McLaren showing an improvement and Mercedes maybe slightly behind. How will things shape up in second practice? Join me back here in 90 minutes to find out. See you in a bit.

  51. 1055: 

    In the meantime, it's worth checking out the latest edition of Murray's Memories, which picks out the 1997 Hungarian Grand Prix where Britain's Damon Hill came agonisingly close to victory in the Arrows. And if you've got a bit more time on your hands, last night's BBC 5 live Hungarian GP preview show is definitely worth a listen.

  52. 1051: 

    That's just about it from me for the first session. Thanks for your contributions for the F1-related baked goods chat. I'll be back at 1230 BST to begin building up to second practice.

  53. 1046: 

    Here's Andrew Benson's first practice report which includes a line about Vettel's pace looking ominous. "He managed a time only 0.2secs off his best on the 13th lap of a run towards the end of the session," said Benson.

  54. 1041: 

    Cake/baked goods suggestions are still flying in. Lots suggesting Bernie Ecclescake on the text and on Twitter. Chris Carder came up with Michael Choux Pastry Maker while Matt in Caterham suggested Takuma Tarto. And someone who preferred to remain nameless went for Eton Massa. Do remember to put your names on those texts, please.

  55. 1036: 

    1) Vettel 2) Webber 3) Raikkonen 4) Alonso 5) Grosjean 6) Button 7) Sutil 8) Rosberg 9) Perez 10) Maldonado 11) Gutierrez

    12) Bottas 13) Hamilton 14) Vergne 15) Massa 16) Hulkenberg 17) Ricciardo 18) Di Resta 19) Pic 20) Van der Garde 21) Bianchi 22) Gonzalez

    BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson

    "Red Bull seem to have got on top of the revised tyres. Fuel makes big difference here, though, so we have to wait a bit longer, but I think Red Bull are looking pretty strong."

  57. 1032: 

    Red Bull are looking very strong, with Mark Webber finishing second fastest to make it a 1-2 for the Milton Keynes-based outfit. The Lotus' look strong, too, though with Kimi Raikkonen third and Romain Grosjean fifth.

    "I think generally looking at it, the normal people are up there," says Williams development driver and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra analyst Susie Wolff. "Mercedes are a little bit further back then they have been in the past and the McLarens a little bit further up."

  58. 1030: 
    Sebastian Vettel


    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson in Budapest:

    "It's always interesting to watch out on the track, and the Hungaroring is one of the best places to do it. You can get close to the cars and the corners here provide a real test of their capabilities - and Turn Eight, the left-hander after the chicane is a great place to see them. The Lotus and Mercedes cars ride beautifully through there. At the other end of the grid, Rodolfo Gonzalez was showing a lack of adaptability. Early in the session, the Marussia was understeering on the way in, yet its driver made no allowance for it. On his first run, instead of turning in earlier, he kept using the same turn-in point - and the car just continued to do the same thing. As it would. To be a top driver, you have to adapt to the car, and bend it to your will within its capabilities."

  60. 1026: 

    Lotus' Kimi Raikkonen has eased right off the pace. "Puncture," comes the message over the radio. That would explain it, then. "Because the data is live, the team can very quickly see if the tyre is starting to lose pressure," says Williams development driver Susie Wolff who is acting as an analyst for BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  61. 1023: 

    Jean-Eric Vergne gets it all wrong at Turn Four, spinning his Toro Rosso off onto the gravel run-off. The Frenchman keeps it out of the barriers, though, and continues on his way.


    Lotus: Wet foot for #Kimi looks like drinks leakage, no #TDF spec on board 'facilities'.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson in Budapest:

    "Lewis Hamilton was in quotable form on Thursday. Asked about the differences between having Nico Rosberg as a team-mate in karting and now in F1, he said: 'It was more fun when we were in go-karts, that's about it. We're both older and wiser and yeah, we don't play as many games and kid games and all the silly things you do as a kid. He's more competitive now than he was back then.' And on what he thought about the idea of 18-year-old Russian Sergey Sirotkin potentially driving for Sauber next year, he said: 'I wasn't ready at 18. I was pretty good at 18, so...' His column on this website is also interesting reading this morning as he looks back on his first half-season with Mercedes."

  64. 1018: 

    Jenson Button is the leading Brit at the moment - I've not been able to say that very often this season. The McLaren driver is sixth, six tenths off the pace. Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton is 13th, 1.4 seconds adrift with Force India's Paul Di Resta 18th. Marussia's Max Chilton is not taking part in this session. He'll be back in the next session.

  65. 1013: 

    Sebastian Vettel sets the best first sector of the day, followed by personal bests in the final two sectors to go quickest on his 11th lap of the day. The German's time of a 1:22.723 is two and a half tenths quicker than Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson in Budapest:

    "Much of the talk here on Thursday was about the near-miss Formula 1 experienced in Germany last time out, when a cameraman was injured by a wheel that came off Mark Webber's Red Bull. Everyone is aware that, as Webber put it, 'we all dodged a bullet' and efforts are being made to ensure it can't happen again. Limitations have been imposed on the number of people allowed into the pits, even in practice sessions. Meanwhile, teams are being encouraged to be more careful with the threat of a 10-place grid penalty for anyone who releases a car in a dangerous condition. And within a couple of races, teams will all have retaining devices that clip into place as soon as a wheel is placed on the hub."

  67. 1011: 

    We have a new leader in the form of Mark Webber, who clocks a 1:22.982 which is just over a tenth slower than the best in this session last year. Kimi Raikkonen is second fastest, 0.028 adrift with Fernando Alonso a tenth further back.

  68. 1008: 

    All coverage for the Hungarian GP this weekend is live here on the BBC Sport website through live text and audio commentary from 5 live and 5 live sports extra. Plus there's video highlights available online following each session.

    Second practice is online at 1230 BST and on 5 live SX from 1255. Final practice tomorrow is on sports extra from 1015 BST, and qualifying is at 1230 BST.

    TV Qualifying highlights are on BBC One & BBC One HD on Saturday at 1715 BST. Race coverage on Sunday is online and on 5 live from 1300 BST. TV highlights are on BBC One & BBC HD at 1705 BST.


    Lotus' Kimi Raikkonen over team radio: "I've got water on my foot, or something, on the pedals."

  70. 1002: 

    Sebastian Vettel makes his first appearance of the today, with less than 30 minutes remaining. After a few laps, the reigning world champion goes sixth quickest, half a second slower than Fernando Alonso but a smidgen quicker than Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber.

  71. 0956: 

    Lotus's Romain Grosjean splits Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, slotting into second, 0.012 seconds off the pace. Sergio Perez is fourth, half a second adrift, with Mark Webber fifth.

  72. 0952: 

    Ferrari's Fernando Alonso gets down into the low 1m23s, with Jenson Button moving into second, four tenths off the pace in his McLaren. Still no lap time from reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel.


    Moving back to the cake chat, Steve Bradley has suggested Cakey Rosberg and Gerhard Battenberg among others while Richard Randle has gone for Martin Crumble. And Joe Williams has plumped for Olivier Panis au Chocolat. Can anyone top those? Text 81111 or tweet #bbcf1.

  74. 0946: 

    Out pops Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari. The Spaniard clocks a 1:24.727, which is 1.136 seconds off the pace. He then improves on his second lap to go fastest by 0.088 seconds with personal bests in sector one and three and the quickest of all in the middle sector.

  75. 0941: 

    McLaren's Sergio Perez is back on top, 0.033 seconds clear of Mark Webber's Red Bull. Pastor Maldonado is third in the Williams, three tenths off the pace. No laps times from Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso yet.


    Williams development driver Susie Wolff, who had a her first proper F1 test last week at Silverstone, on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra: "To get into a seat is now the difficult part as there are only 22 seats. A lot of it is to do with timing and luck, but people like Valtteri Bottas came up from GP3 and now is doing well in Formula 1.

    "Driving a F1 car is just on another level. You cannot make a mistake, you cannot go off so it is not about being fast, it is about coping with the whole environment. It can be tough for a young driver.

    "There are a lot of commands on that steering wheel. A couple of times I hit the wrong button but generally it was OK. That was quite a challenge.

    "It is one thing hearing them talking about it and watching them, but when you are in the car experiencing it, it helps so much to understand what the drivers are going through."

  77. 0935: 

    Lots more action out on track now, with 10 cars out and about. Kimi Raikkonen goes quickest in the Lotus, clocking a 1:24.588. The Finn then slices off another half a second on his next lap.

  78. 0930: 

    McLaren's Sergio Perez is our new leader. The Mexican clocks a 1:25.476, 1.916 seconds faster than anyone else. However it's 2.5 seconds slower than the best time from this session last year, set by Lewis Hamilton when he was in a McLaren.

  79. 0927: 

    At last, Nico Rosberg leaves the Mercedes garage and heads out for his first tour of the Hungaroring today. The German clocks a 1:29.998 for his first flier and a 1:26.836 on his next to sail to the top of the timesheets.

  80. 0921: 

    McLaren's Jenson Button is out of his car, race-suit rolled down, and over on the pit wall talking to sporting director Sam Michael. At Lotus, Romain Grosjean is sat cross-legged on the cabinets at the back of the garage. It's pretty quiet out on track.

    BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter Jennie Gow

    "Daniel Ricciardo is a very unique character, a laughing, jovial guy but when he gets in the car he is very serious. It would be nice to see him get rewarded for his patience and to see him coming of age getting his test in the Red Bull, it will have been a massive boost to him. It seems there is a straight fight between him and Kimi Raikkonen for Mark Webber's seat now."

  82. 0916: 

    We have a time on the board! It's a 1:37.942 from Rodolfo Gonzalez who is standing in for Max Chilton at Marussia for this session. Everyone else has completed an installation lap apart from Mercedes' Nico Rosberg.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson in Budapest:

    "With four wins in nine races this season and a healthy points lead, Sebastian Vettel is already well on his way to a fourth consecutive world championship. On Thursday, he was asked whether he felt he needed a new challenge, and his answer was revealing. 'Not really,' he said. 'I don't think that much, which is probably the secret. I still love racing. It's great to look back and see what we have achieved, which is very special, but it is nice to turn up and do something you like with people you more and more appreciate. We have a good time but we are very serious about what we want to achieve. We have a clear target and as long as I get that feeling I am not thinking about what motivates me and drives me, because it is exactly that. I still love it.'"


    Marussia: Currently 29C in Mogyorod right now. Track even toastier at 41C. Very dusty out there on the 'ring our sources tell us.

  85. 0910: 

    There's a pretty decent turnout at the Hungaroring for a Friday practice, the fans taking the opportunity to see some Formula 1 action while taking in some sun. If they get too hot, they could always wander over to the on-site water park to cool off.

  86. 0906: 

    Super response to the cake/baked good question (Re 0842). Paul Hawkins has gone for Jarno Tiramisu while my colleague Tom Bowker came up with Cakey Kovalainen. But perhaps my favourite so far is Niel Ross' effort of Charles Pic-an Pie. Sensational.

  87. 0903: 

    As expected, it's installation laps all round on this very dusty 4.381km circuit. Ferrari's Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso pop out for a spin, as does McLaren's Jenson Button and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton.

  88. 0900: 

    First practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring is go, go, go.

  89. 0855: 

    Ben Edwards is up and running in the BBC Radio 5 live sports extra commentary box, with Jennie Gow sniffing out the news in the paddock and Gary Anderson on the other side of the garages in the pit lane. You can listen to their dulcet tones by clicking the link to the right of this page. Mobile users go back to your F1 homepage.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson in Budapest:

    "Friday's practice sessions are always important for the teams as they seek to find the ideal set-up for their cars for the weekend. That will be even more the case this weekend as Pirelli has supplied a new type of tyre to try to prevent the blowouts seen at the British Grand Prix last month. Some of the race drivers did try them out at a test at Silverstone last week but they were not allowed to do set-up changes there. Today will all be about assessing the impact of those tyres. Still, don't expect too much running in the first half of the first session - the top teams will be waiting for others to clean up the track, which is always dusty on a Friday morning because of its lack of use through the year."

  91. 0850: 

    Regular readers of this live text will know that I spend much of the opening few minutes of every first practice talking about the series of installation laps drivers complete.

    These laps see the drivers leave the garage, head out on track and then peel straight back in at the end of the lap. The idea is to check that the car's systems are working correctly following the journey over from the previous race.

    Handily, Mercedes have produced this smart video of Nico Rosberg doing an installation lap during winter testing with his performance engineer talking us through what he's actually doing. He's pretty busy fiddling around with various buttons on his steering wheel and performing a number Kers, DRS, engine and gearbox tests.

  92. 0846: 
    Kamui Kobayashi

    Ex-Sauber driver Kamui Kobayashi found himself back behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car recently when he drove a 2009 Ferrari on the streets of Moscow for a promotional event.

    The Japanese spoke about his desire to return to the sport after losing his drive at the end of last season. He looked to be doing a good job of entertaining the crowd on the narrow, wet temporary street circuit - until he binned it in the barriers.

    Respect to Ferrari who uploaded the footage so you can see what they describe as a "special" onboard lap. Fast forward to one minute and 23 seconds for the moment when car meets barrier. Bravo Kamui, always the entertainer.


    Caterham: According to the official forecast, today will be very hot & very sunny (note the double use of very), &, oddly, "particularly dry also".

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson in Budapest:

    "The big hope for Sebastian Vettel's rivals this weekend lies in the weather. Blue skies and sunshine are commonplace in Hungary at this time of year and this weekend promises to be baking hot, with 38C predicted for race day. Those sort of temperatures have tended to favour Lotus and Ferrari and their more gentle tyre usage. That could bring Vettel back towards Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso. But you can never count against Vettel - after all, it was he who won the hottest race of the year so far in Bahrain."

  95. 0842: 

    It's Fernando Alonso's birthday on Monday. He'll be 32 and it got me thinking about my favourite type of cake - carrot, obviously - especially as we're in Hungary this weekend. And that led me onto F1 drivers' names - past and present - that could be cakes or baked goods.

    FlapJackie Stewart anyone? How about a Jenson Battenberg? Or perhaps a slice of Timo Glocklate Gateau? Can you better that? Tweet us using the #bbcf1 or text 81111 (UK only). Proper F1 chat is also welcome, of course.


    Marussia's Max Chilton: Beautiful morning in Budapest, temp is rising and the sun is shining. @RSpeedyGonzalez is in my car for FP1 but I will take over for FP2!

  97. 0839: 

    We've got two 90-minute practice sessions coming up for you, with live audio commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra to sit alongside this shiny live text. The first session gets under way at 0900 BST, with the second at 1300. I'm excited, are you?

  98. 0836: 
    Sebastian Vettel

    Can you believe we've reached the 10th race of the season, and thus the midway point, already? Where has the time gone? Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel won't mind, though. He's sitting pretty at the top of the pile with a 34-point lead over nearest rival Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson in Budapest:

    "The fractured summer schedule of this year's Formula 1 season brings us to baking Budapest, three weeks after Germany and just ahead of the four-week break before the Belgian Grand Prix. In one of Europe's great cities, it promises to be a pivotal weekend. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel is edging away from his rivals at the head of the championship and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso admits it is 'important' the German does not extend his lead this weekend. Stopping him doing so, however, will not be easy on a track where Red Bull have often been strong."

  100. 0833: 

    Hello, or Szia, and welcome to our live coverage of the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix race weekend at the superbly named Hungaroring circuit, 20km north-east of the country's capital Budapest.

  101. 0830: 

    The Heat Is On, as Glenn Frey sang in the Eighties, across Europe and the sweltering temperatures are showing no signs of abating ahead of this weekend's trip to the Hungaroring. Track temperatures are set to hit a scorching 50C on Sunday to coincide with the introduction of Pirelli's new specification of tyres. Throw in a dirty, dusty, bumpy track which is barely used at other times of the year and we, my friends, have got one heck of a spectacle on our hands. Let the games begin.

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Formula 1 World Championship 2014

Position Driver Team Pts
1 Germany N Rosberg Mercedes 220
2 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes 191
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull 156
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari 119
5 Finland V Bottas Williams 110
6 Germany S Vettel Red Bull 98
7 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India 69
8 Great Britain J Button McLaren 66
9 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren 45
10 Brazil F Massa Williams 40
11 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari 39
12 Mexico S Perez Force India 31
13 France J Vergne Toro Rosso 11
14 France R Grosjean Lotus 8
15 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso 7
16 France J Bianchi Marussia 2
17 Germany A Sutil Sauber 0
18 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham 0
19 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus 0
20 Mexico E Gutierrez Sauber 0
21 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia 0
23 A Lotterer Caterham 0


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Position Driver Team

Race completed

1 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
2 Germany N Rosberg Mercedes
3 Finland V Bottas Williams
4 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
5 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
6 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
7 Great Britain J Button McLaren
8 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
9 Mexico S Perez Force India
10 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
11 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
12 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
13 Brazil F Massa Williams
14 Germany A Sutil Sauber
15 Mexico E Gutierrez Sauber
16 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
17 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
18 France J Bianchi (ret.) Marussia
19 Great Britain L Hamilton (ret.) Mercedes
20 France R Grosjean (ret.) Lotus
21 Venezuela P Maldonado (ret.) Lotus
22 A Lotterer (ret.) Caterham