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As it happened

  1. 1010: 

    So Sebastian Vettel is our new championship leader after a dominant win in Korea. Fernando Alonso is still very much in the frame after finishing third, but the McLaren boys look out of it, as does Kimi Raikkonen who is third overall.

    We'll be back at 0500 BST on Friday 26 October with live text commentary of first practice for the Indian Grand Prix. So until next time, it's 안녕히 가세요 - or goodbye - from me. See ya.

  2. 1007: 

    Andrew Benson's race report can be found on our F1 pages. Keep your eyes peeled for all the reaction and analysis from the Korean F1 paddock over the course of the day. We'll also have the race replay at 1405 BST on BBC One plus a race highlights video and much, much more online, too.

  3. 1005: 

    The boys have wrapped things up on the BBC F1 Forum and I think I'm going to do the same. Thanks, as always, for your company and contributions. You tweeted your amusement in your thousands at the BBC F1 team doing the Gangnam Style dance. Here's a link to the clip if a) you missed it or b) you want to watch it again. And again.


    Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel on his tyre trouble: "Simply by what my race engineer said you don't know whether there is 2% left or 20% left. I was trying to look after the front tyre but when you hit the cliff it can be very sudden. I tried not to do anything stupid and in the last stint we had a little bit more lift in the tyre so it gets easier towards the end."

    On the drivers' championship: "It's very close, there's four races left and a lot of points to grab. We'll have to do our very best to stay ahead."

  5. 1000: 

    Red Bull were concerned about Sebastian Vettel's tyres all the way until the chequered flag, but the race winner nursed the car well to survive. Here's what he was thinking in those laps few laps...


    Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who finished third: "I'm happy with today's race. We had to finish this race after the retirement in Suzuka. There were a lot of question marks before the race but being on the podium is a good relief. We lost the championship lead but there is very little you can do. We are honest with ourselves and we know we are not bringing in enough pace to the races. I don't know why, but definitely in terms of performance we are not where we wanted to be. But still there are 100 points on the table. Things look a little bit better for us and in the last four races we will have our chance."

  7. 0955: 

    Ferrari leapfrogged McLaren into second in the constructors' championship, but they ultimately fell further behind Red Bull who took maximum points in Korea. Alonso saw his lead in the drivers' standing change from a four-point advantage to a six-point deficit.


    Mark Webber, who finished second: "There were sections of the race, I drove well. The start didn't go to plan. Today I had way too much wheelspin. We need to look into that. It's disappointing. Ultimately, that did not help the race. It was a bit frustrating that the DRS was not active because of the yellow flags were out for 600 laps [they were out for around 10 laps while marshals cleared Nico Rosberg's stricken Mercedes] at the start of the race. I've got mixed emotions, of course you always aim to win but it's good for the team."

  9. 0950: 

    It's time for the obligatory team celebration photo over at Red Bull, with race winner Sebastian Vettel shaking nearly every member of his team's hand before taking centre stage with his trophy.


    Felipe Massa, who finished fourth: "The pace was very good and I'm very happy with the car. I managed to overtake cars at the start and that put me in a condition to drive alone in clear air. The pace was good enough today to possibly finish on the podium. Knowing I did everything I could gave me a lot of pleasure. One point could be important for Fernando Alonso in the fight [for the title]."

    You're driving well, what more do Ferrari need from you? "Nothing."

  11. 0945: 

    Fernando Alonso declares himself "happy" with his third place after the retirement at the last race at Suzuka. But he admits the team aren't doing enough to bring new parts to the races.

  12. 0940: 

    Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso broke the 200 point barrier with their first and third place finishes in Korea. Here's this result changed the look of the drivers' standings.

    1) Vettel 215pts

    2) Alonso 209

    3) Raikkonen 167

    4) Hamilton 153

    5) Webber 152

    6) Button 131

  13. 0935: 

    If you didn't wake up early enough to see Jake, EJ and DC attempt the Gangnam Style dance with gusto, we've done you a favour by clipping up the sensational moment to live on the interweb for all eternity. Enjoy.


    Romain Grosjean, who finished seventh: "I've done a lot of work trying to understand a few things. It was not easy start, they crashed behind me. It was a good race. I was struggling a bit on the last set of tyres, I got some graining and the performance was poor. But this is way it is. I think we could have done one place better. I'm happy to be there at the end. It was a proper clean race and that's what we wanted."

  15. 0930: 

    Lee McKenzie has found Romain Grosjean, who kept his nose clean at the start, and finished seventh, just two places behind his Lotus team-mate Kimi Raikkonen.

    BBC F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan

    "McLaren has the fastest car but they've only got one point coming out of this weekend. It's a very poor performance from the number one car."


    McLaren sporting director Sam Michael: "We had a rear anti-roll bar failure around lap 18. We were talling Lewis 'everything is safe but you're going to have to manage it for the rest of the grand prix and he did the best job he could.

    "It's very difficult to go into detail on the radio about exactly what the failure was. The only thing Lewis needs to know is the car is safe and you are going to have a difficult afternoon trying to drive it.

    "Until we get the car apart we can't tell what the problem is. We need to look at our processes and find out what the exact failure is.

    "We need to at least recover back to second place in the next race. We only need Red Bull to have a bad race and we have a one-two and we're back in the game. We won't give up until the end."


    Gabriella C-R on Twitter: "So sad for Lewis, this season could have been a great send off. Instead just seems to be one thing after another for him."

  19. 0922: 

    McLaren sporting director Sam Michael confirms Lewis Hamilton had a rear anti-rollbar failure and that he did "the best job that he could".

  20. 0918: 

    Force India's Nico Hulkenberg, who is understood to be on his way to Sauber next season, on his overtake of Lewis Hamilton and Romain Grosjean: "It was quite surprising. I had a big smile on my face and was cheering like I won a grand prix. I saw an opportunity coming and I chose the right braking side, and I hung in there and did it."


    Peter Monten on Twitter: "It looks like Red Bull found their pace in time. Who can stop them from clinching the title again?"

  22. 0915: 

    The boys have finished up on BBC One but we're far from finished. Flick over to the red button or keep an eye on the module at the top of this page for our F1 Forum.

  23. 0913: 

    Sebastian Vettel leads the World Championship for the first time since the fifth race of the season.


    Force India's Paul Di Resta, who finished 12th: "It was a race of bad choices. The start tyre was not ideal. We expected the super-soft to be a beter race tyre so we saved that to the second stint but we quickly found that it ground down very quickly."

  25. 0910: 

    Outside of the top 10, Sergio Perez finished 11th ahead of Paul di Resta - who we'll hear from shortly - Michael Schumacher, Pastor Maldonado, Bruno Senna, Vitaly Petrov, Heikki Kovalainen, Timo Glock, Charles Pic and Narain Karthikeyan. Pedro de la Rosa, Kamui Kobayashi, Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button failed to finish.


    McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, who finished 10th: "We really struggled today. The guys did a fantastic job in the pit-stops but I've just been told that in the first stint we had a rear suspension failure. They said it was safe for me to drive. I did asked [during the race] but I wasn't expecting them to tell me. I was just fighting the whole way with the car. It's real sad that we are pretty much out of the championship but sometimes these races show your true spirit within."

  27. 0906: 

    A couple of hours after Jenson Button concedes that he's out of the drivers' championship fight, his McLaren team-mate Lewis Hamilton says that he is "pretty much" out of it too after finishing 10th.


    Red Bull Christian Horner: "I think all the guys were right on the edge with the tyres. We know what Seb is like in the last laps. I just said to [his engineer] Rocky, stay all over him and he did just that ensuring he managed the tyres. The nature of the track here, with high speed turns, it's a real punisher. The guys behaved impeccably at the start, racing each other hard in first three corners. They did exactly what was asked, giving each other space."

  29. 0902: 

    The sound of Gangnam Style rings out around the Korean International Circuit as the teams begin stripping down the garages and packing up. Jake and EJ have found Red Bull chief Christian Horner. Here's what he had to say...


    Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who finished third: "We have to be happy with the performance today. We finished third and fourth behind the Red Bulls who are difficult to beat. It was a good day for team, for me and for Felipe, and we overtook McLaren in the Constructors' Championship so we are moving in the right direction. We just need an extra step to be as competitive as Red Bull."


    Red Bull's Mark Webber, who finished second: "I was on pole but the start wasn't sensational. I will have to look into why but the initial getaway wasn't great. After that it was neck and neck along the back straight but Seb got away. It was about tyres, at the end of each stint it was tough to keep the tyres alive. But it was a good drive from Seb and a great day for the team. Of course I am disappointed not to win but I'm pleased to get a good result."


    Race winner Sebastian Vettel: "I'm very pleased. It's fantastic. The foundation was to have a good start. I wasn't sure because I was starting on the dirty side but I had a good launch and managed to get past Mark. But it wasn't over, it's a long way and even in seventh gear I could hear Mark coming.

    "We were a bit worried about the front wheel because we've seen a lot of people locking up and overshooting the apexes. The team have been flat out on the car since Japan and that's what we need.

    "I'm looking forward to next couple of races. A lot can happen but we need to focus on ourselves and go from there."

  33. 0855: 

    One of the podium girls tries her luck and asks Vettel for his hat. The reigning champion politely declines before turning to Herbert to take the first question of the day. Here's what he had to say...

  34. 0853: 

    Three-time grand prix winner Johnny Herbert is the man in charge of the podium interviews...

  35. 0852: 

    Red Bull design chief Adrian Newey has come prepared for the podium ceremony. The Brit has a pair of skiing goggles to prevent an eyeful of champagne. That doesn't stop the rest of him getting drenched, though as Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber show their appreciation for design guru.


    Mike Lawrence on Twitter: "Still not convinced that Vettel could do this without that magnificent Red Bull. Imagine what Alonso could do..."

  37. 0849: 

    The German and Austrian national anthems ring out around Yeongam as Sebastian Vettel soaks up his third successive victory and fourth of the season. Since the F1 circus has headed to Asia, the reigning world champion has been unbeatable.

  38. 0847: 

    That's the first Red Bull 1-2 of the season and the first time Mark Webber has finished in second place this season. The Red Bull boys have a chat with design chief Adrian Newey, explaining that they had to work hard to look after the tyres, as they wait for the podium ceremony.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "There's no doubt this boy [Vettel] is a bit special. Ferrari are now in front of McLaren in the constructors' championship which is absolutely crucial as that's very important for financial rewards."

  40. 0844: 

    Great job by Felipe Massa to finish fourth, with Kimi Raikkonen fifth and Nico Hulkenberg a supreme sixth in the Force India. Romain Grosjean, Jean-Eric Vergne, Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton - he holds off Sergio Perez on the final lap - completing the points.

  41. 0842: 

    So Sebastian Vettel is our new championship leader, taking over from Fernando Alonso to lead the Ferrari driver by six points in the standings.

  42. 0841: 

    "Thanks boys," screams Sebastian Vettel over the radio. "Great job on the pit wall, great job. Wahooooooooooooo."

  43. 0840: 

    South Korean rapper Psy waves the chequered flag as Sebastian Vettel crosses the line ahead of Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber with Fernando Alonso completing the podium in his Ferrari.



    LAP 55

    Sebastian Vettel's race engineer is on the radio again, telling him to be careful. The German should be OK, though. He's backed right off and is coasting towards victory.

    BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson

    "It is obviously affecting the car quite dramatically. I would expect him to brake soon but that stuff seems to have a pretty firm grip on the car."

    LAP 54

    An absolute nightmare for Lewis Hamilton. The McLaren driver has picked up a piece of artifical grass that has attached itself to the side of the car and is flapping around. The Briton has dropped back from the Toro Rossos as he struggled to keep control of that car.

    LAP 53

    Jean-Eric Vergne gets past Toro Rosso team-mate Daniel Ricciardo with relative ease. The Australian appears to be struggling and is keen to play the team game. Lewis Hamilton can't find a way past.

    LAP 52

    Red Bull are sounding pretty nervous at the moment. They tell Sebastian Vettel that his front right is nearing a critical level and could be unpredictable underbraking. The German still has a comfortable 9.2 second lead.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "All weekend we have seen the McLaren locking up. It is a very fast car - and over the season statistics show it has been the fastest car - but they are having problems on this kind of circuit."

    LAP 51

    Fernando Alonso has picked up the pace as we approach the chequered flag, but Mark Webber responds to maintain the gap of 3.8 seconds. Further back, Jean-Eric Vergne has caught Daniel Ricciardo, with Lewis Hamilton close behind. Should see an interesting battle develop here.


    Vettel leads by 10secs ahead of Webber. Vettel takes the lead at Turn One. Alonso up to third. Massa up to fourth, but has been told to back off from Alonso. Button and Rosberg out after both are hit by Kobayashi. Kobayashi, De la Rosa out. 1 Vettel 2 Webber 3 Alonso 4 Massa 5 Raikkonen 6 Hulkenberg 7 Grosjean 8 Ricciardo 9 Vergne 10 Hamilton.

    LAP 50

    The track looks to be falling apart a little bit. Charles Pic runs over a bit of artificial sheets of grass which has lodged itself free. A Williams runs wide at the same corner and kicks another piece up in the air.

    LAP 49

    Both Ferraris are catching the Red Bull of Mark Webber at the moment, but Alonso is still 4.7 seconds behind with six laps to go. Sebastian Vettel is comfortable at the front, leading by 10 seconds.

    LAP 47

    Brilliant battle between Lewis Hamilton and Jean-Eric Vergne for ninth place here. The McLaren driver can't make a move stick down to Turn Three, but saves some Kers and uses it in the burst down to Turn Four. Hamilton pulls to the outside and tries the cut back, but Vergne is wise to the move and it's as we were.

    LAP 45

    We've had a safety car at each of the two Korean Grands Prix that have taken place - but with 10 laps to go, we've not even seen a hint of one in the third running of the event...

    LAP 44

    How frustrated must Felipe Massa be right now? He can sniff a second successive podium - he is after all fast enough to go after it - but he's not allowed to race. In any case, it'll do wonders for his confidence.


    Sebastian Vettel's team radio: "Sebastian, you're doing a great job. Your right front is wearing away so be careful."

    LAP 43

    Lewis Hamilton pits, deciding to go for the super-soft tyres. He rejoins 10th, one place ahead of Paul di Resta's Force India. Meanwhile, Sergio Perez passes Michael Schumacher for 12th. What must the seven-time world champion be thinking right now?

    LAP 42

    Sebastian Vettel still leads by over eight seconds from Mark Webber. Fernando Alonso is dropping back now with Felipe Massa comfortably the fastest of the top four. He can't do anything with that pace, though, because he has been told to hold station.


    Andrey Zhirov: "Fernando, Felipe is faster than you, can you confirm you understood that message?"

    Afgunn72: "I'm convinced the red bulls have kryptonite in their tanks!! Way ahead and untouchable."

    Ben McGilloway: "I presume I'm not the only one that feels the championship is as good as over should things stay the same."

    LAP 41

    Lewis Hamilton receives the bad news that he will have to stop for tyres for a third time this afternoon. Hope of points is looking ropey now.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "Fantastic stuff from Nico Hulkenberg - what a brave, brave boy. He didn't have all four wheels outside the white line so that pass will stick."

    LAP 40

    Romain Grosjean has hunted down Lewis Hamilton and puts a move around the outside of the McLaren at the end of Turn Three. But Hamilton defends, forcing Grosjean wide. That allows Nico Hulkenberg to close up and the three of them almost go three abreast towards Turn Four. Hamilton defends, but Hulkenberg goes around the outside of both them in absolutely stunning move. Brilliant stuff.

    LAP 39

    Paul di Resta finally makes a move stick on the struggling Michael Schumacher for 11th. Sergio Perez tries to get in on the action, but the Mercedes driver shuts the door.

    LAP 38

    "You're a bit too close to Fernando," Ferrari race engineer Rob Smedley tells Felipe Massa. "I think you can stay within two or three seconds - that should be OK." That's code for - don't even think about trying to pass him.

    LAP 38

    Felipe Massa is all over the back of Ferrari team-mate Fernando Alonso. It's not often that I get to write those words. He won't be going anywhere, though, as Alonso is the man fighting for the championship.

    LAP 38

    Sebastian Vettel sets the fastest lap of the race and is told not to worry about team-mate Mark Webber as he is on older tyres than him.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "Jean-Eric Vergne will have Hamilton firmly in his sights. This is very unusual pace from the McLaren this afternoon."

    LAP 37

    Juicy battle between Michael Schumacher and Paul di Resta for 11th at the moment. The Force India is clearly the faster of the two, but Schumacher is defending robustly. As a result, Sergio Perez is gradually closing in on them.

    LAP 35

    Sebastian Vettel has a huge lock-up and is told by his team to pit immediately next time around. The German does as he's told and dives in for a set of soft tyres.

    LAP 34

    Fernando Alonso pits from second. It's a clean stop from the Ferrari crew, but he rejoins well behind Mark Webber's Red Bull.

    LAP 33

    Romain Grosjean finally gets the job done on Nico Hulkenberg. Both drivers headed into the pits, rejoining in the same position, but Grosjean has a better exit out of Turn Two and manages to get his car down the inside into Turn Three to make the move stick.


    Vettel leads by 8.3secs ahead of Webber. Vettel takes lead at Turn One. Alonso up to third. Massa up to fourth. Button and Rosberg out after both are hit by Kobayashi. Kobayashi, De la Rosa out. 1 Vettel 2 Webber 3 Alonso 4 Massa 5 Raikkonen 6 Hulkenberg 7 Grosjean 8 Hamilton 9 Ricciardo 10 Vergne.

    LAP 32

    Mark Webber dives in for a set of soft tyres and rejoins in clean air. That should be the Red Bull driver's last stop of the afternoon.

    LAP 31

    Lewis Hamilton is told that if he can get to the end of the race on this set of tyres, he is fighting for sixth place. That's definitely not what the 2008 world champion would have been hoping to hear before the race started. It's all about damage limitation now.

    LAP 30

    Sebastian Vettel's lead is down to 8.3 seconds, as Mark Webber closes by a tenth or two each lap. Fernando Alonso is 2.3 seconds further back with Felipe Massa running well in fourth.


    Pitflaps on Twitter: "I was thinking this race seemed dull but Grosjean and Maldonado are still in so maybe it's the most AMAZING race of the year!"

    LAP 29

    Paul di Resta pits from 14th, choosing a fresh set of soft tyres as he battles to salvage something from this afternoon. Romain Grosjean tries a move down the outside of Nico Hulkenberg down to Turn Three as they battle for sixth - but he can't make it stick.

    LAP 28

    Lewis Hamilton is told he's doing a great job and that his pace is quicker than Daniel Ricciardo behind him. His team add that he's switched to Plan B. Is that a three-stopper?

    LAP 27

    Sebastian Vettel has been told to look after his front tyres. The Red Bull driver is in control in Korea, leading by 8.9 seconds from team-mate Mark Webber. Alonso's pursuit of Webber has halted somewhat with the gap hovering around the 1.8 second mark.

    LAP 26

    The struggling Lewis Hamilton pits for a set of fresh boots. It's a decent stop, but there's an issue with the front right and he's slightly delayed in leaving his box. Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher drops out of the points as Jean-Eric Vergne passes the Mercedes for 10th.


    Sauber driver Kamui Kobayashi on his contact with Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg: "I was fighting for position. Unfortunately when braking it was difficult to react, someone hit my car and I couldn't control [it]. But we're fighting on the straight for postion [and] I had both cars on my left and right, so I had nowhere to [go]. I think it's difficult to avoid."

    LAP 25

    Fernando Alonso closes on second placed Mark Webber, with the gap down to 1.3 seconds, but up front Sebastian Vettel is flying away and now has a commanding 8.3 seconds victory. A third successive victory looks inevitable.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "Raikkonen has been very, very cautious in wheel to wheel combat. It's working for him, because he is third in the championship. He will evenutally get past Lewis again but all the time Massa is extending the gap between fourth and fifth."

    LAP 24

    Kimi Raikkonen makes no mistake on the next lap, driving round the outside of Lewis Hamilton before Turn Three. Hamilton tucks back in, though and has a stab down the inside into Turn Four - remarkably making it stick. Brilliant stuff from the Brit.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "Hamilton is a racer and he is entitled to do that. You've got to fight for everything even if you have a problem with your car mechanically."

    LAP 23

    Lewis Hamilton is a sitting duck and Kimi Raikkonen heads down the outside of the McLaren on the rundown to Turn Three. However, the 2008 world champion fights his corner and manages to hold the Lotus driver off....for now.

    LAP 22

    Felipe Massa's race engineer Rob Smedley over team radio: "Good lad. That was a good pass. Pull away from him now because I'm sure it's just graining (of Hamilton's front tyres)."

    LAP 21

    Lewis Hamilton reports that the tyres are going off and he's struggling for downforce. As a result, he's lapping around one second slower than those around him. Felipe Massa catches the slowing McLaren and breezes past down the long back straight for fourth place.

    LAP 20

    Sebastian Vettel looking very comfortable up front, heading Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber by 5.9 seconds with Fernando Alonso a further three seconds down in the road in third. In other news, Pedro de la Rosa has retired his HRT.


    Chief F1 writer Andrew Benson on Twitter:‏ "Wonder if @kamui_kobayashi's first-lap "idiocy" (c. Button) was influenced by learning he's lost his Sauber drive. Cos looks like he has."

    LAP 19

    Sergio Perez looks like he's given up on a one-stop strategy as he pits for a new set of boots. A smart move as the Mexican was just going backwards.

    LAP 18

    Kamui Kobayashi calls it a day, pulling into the pits and parking up his Sauber. Meanwhile, out on track his team-mate Sergio Perez loses another position - this time to Kimi Raikkonen who breezes past using his DRS.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "Mixed emotions for McLaren. On the one hand they have seen their man move one step closer to the podium, but on the other hand they've seen a bit of inexperience from Perez [who is replacing Hamilton at McLaren next season]."

    LAP 17

    Felipe Massa makes short work of Sergio Perez who is running a different strategy and going deeper into the race. The Sauber driver drops to sixth, as Massa focuses on catching Lewis Hamilton having just set the fastest lap of the race.

    LAP 16

    Sebastian Vettel boxes from the lead and rejoins without any problems. Fernando Alonso follows him in and just about gets out in front of Sergio Perez. The Sauber driver has a stab down the long straight, but can't make it stick. He makes a mistake on the exit of Turn Four which allows Lewis Hamilton to sneak by to steal fourth position.

    LAP 15

    Plenty of action in the pits as Mark Webber, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen all head in for a new set of boots. Greats stops all round, with all retaining track position.


    Emma on Twitter: "I like how Button doesn't go into a sulk like Hamilton when he retires, and is happy to talk and say what happened."

    LAP 14

    Lewis Hamilton is the first of the frontrunners to dive for the pits. It's a slick stop from the McLaren team and the 2008 world champion is out in super quick time. Nico Hulkenberg and Romain Grosjean pit together, too, as they battle for eighth and ninth.


    Vettel leads by 2.6secs ahead of Webber. Vettel takes lead at Turn One. Alonso up to third. Button and Rosberg out after both are hit by Kobayashi, who gets 10-second drive-through penalty. 1 Vettel 2 Webber 3 Alonso 4 Hamilton 5 Massa 6 Raikkonen 7 Hulkenberg 8 Grosjean 9 Perez 10 Schumacher.


    Jenson Button, who retired on lap one: "It's as if the race is two corners long. I don't know what's going on but it's pretty disappointing. It's a long race and there are so many overtaking opportunities here so there's no need to do that."

    Can you still win the championship? "No, definitely not. I'm going to enjoy myself over the next few races. Points for the team would have been really important, but it's out of our hands."

    LAP 13

    Jenson Button has been speaking to Lee McKenzie after getting shunted out of the race and for the first time this season he has conceded that his chances of winning the title are now over.

    LAP 12

    Michael Schumacher is driving heroically in defence of his 10th place. The Mercedes driver is painfully slow at the moment, with Paul di Resta all over the back of him, but for now he retains that position.

    LAP 11

    The gap is now out to two seconds between race leader Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, but the Australian responds by setting the fastest lap of the race. Fernando Alonso has dropped to 3.5 seconds back in third.

    LAP 10

    Bruno Senna is a sitting duck as the straight-line speed of Daniel Ricciardo in the Toro Rosso - combined with DRS - is too much for the Williams driver. The Australian just drives around the Brazilian to take 13th.


    The Toro Rossos are showing good pace here. Jean-Eric Vergne puts a clean move on Bruno Senna at the end of Turn Three for 12th place.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "Mark Webber is keeping Sebastian Vettel honest - he's only 1.4 seconds behind. Kobayashi will be even further back in last now, but it seems like a small penalty when you've ricocheted off two cars at the start."


    Kamui Kobayashi has been given a drive-through penalty for hitting Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg at the start, putting both of them out of the race.


    Along with live TV coverage of the race above, you lucky lucky desktop users get On Board, Driver Tracker and Live Pitlane cameras, as well as Alternative Commentary (with Jonathan Legard and Mercedes reserve driver Sam Bird) plus Live Timing.


    Pastor Maldonado is going backwards, first losing a position to the Toro Rossos of Jean-Eric Vergne and then Daniel Ricciardo. He now lies 15th, three places behind Williams team-mate Bruno Senna.


    Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg are having a chat as they walk down the pit lane to their respective garages. There are waved yellows down the long straight down to Turn Three because Rosberg's Mercedes remains parked up on the side.


    Rachel ScottyWotsits: "Attention: Grosjean is still in the race, repeat, Grosjean is still in the race!"

    Ken Drummond: "Red Bulls work together? Are you kidding? If Vettel has to work with someone he will throw his toys out the pram."

    Graham Paterson: "Crazy start of the GP, I think everyone was using Kers down the back straight, 4 wide at 1 point, shame JB got wiped out."


    Mark Webber slices a tenth of a second off his team-mate's lead. The gap is now 1.2 seconds.


    Replays show Sergio Perez hitting Nico Hulkenberg at the start, failing to slow his Sauber down in time. Both cars continue with needing to pit for repairs. Daniel Ricciardo has had a brilliant start, rising from 21st to 15th, in his Toro Rosso.


    Sebastian Vettel sets the fastestlap of the race to extend his lead to 1.3 seconds, with Fernando Alonso a similar gap behind Mark Webber in second.


    Felipe Massa has passed the Lotus of Kimi Raikkonen for fifth place, while Kamui Kobayashi has dived into the pits for a new front wing following that contact wit Jenson Button. The Japanese driver lives to fight another day, albeit it at the back of the field. Replays show that the Sauber driver also hit Nico Rosberg, which sent him into Button, at Turn Three. The resulting damage has forced Rosberg out of the race.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "Double disappointment for Button. Not only he is out of the GP, he is at the furthest point from the pits, so that is going to be a long walk, reflecting on a lost opportunity this weekend."


    It was a great start from Fernando Alonso who leapfrogged Lewis Hamilton who got squeezed out at the start. The McLaren driver had a think about a move down the middle of the two Red Bulls, but the gap closed and he was forced to back off. That let the championship leader Alonso squeeze down the inside.


    Jenson Button on McLaren Team Radio: "I've just been hit by Kobayashi. What an idiot!"


    It's all gone wrong for Jenson Button. The McLaren driver makes a good start, but is helpless when a wreckless Kamui Kobayashi comes flying down the inside at Turn Three and smashes into the front right tyre of Button, breaking the suspension and ending the 2009 world champion's race.

  122. 0704: 
    GO! GO! GO!

    Sebastian Vettel eases down the inside of Mark Webber at the start in a move looks remarkably choreographed. However, the Australian fights back down the long straight down to Turn Three, pulling alongside his team-mate but failing to make a move stick.


    Andy Wayland in Singapore: "Pulled up to a traffic light in Singapore just now next to a taxi with a giant ad featuring Romain Grosjean plastered on the side. Every one gave it a VERY wide berth as the lights changed."

  124. 0702: 

    Mark Webber guides the field around this 5.615km track in Yeongam, with Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso following close behind.

  125. 0700: 

    The tyre blankets are off and Jenson Button, Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi have gone for the harder, more durable soft tyre while all those in front are on the super-softs.

    BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson

    "Most teams are expecting a two-stop race. Some think a one-stop might be possible but to do that you'd have to start on the harder 'soft' tyre - as I'd be tempted to do if I was Jenson Button back in 11th place and with free choice. The top 10 are locked into the super-softs they qualified on. Expect the first stops for the front-runners from around lap 15 onwards. The softs are then expected to last about 25 laps. You need a 20-second lead to make a pit stop and still get out ahead. The order the teams use the tyres is open - whether it's super-soft, soft, soft, or super-soft, soft, super-soft. The soft is the more stable race tyre - there is inner-shoulder blistering, wear on the outside right front and graining - but some teams may be tempted to go for the super-soft in the last stint as a more aggressive approach to the end of the race."

  127. 0658: 

    Just a quick reminder of the grid as we await the start of this 55 lap race...

    1) Webber 2) Vettel 3) Hamilton 4) Alonso

    5) Raikkonen 6) Massa 7) Grosjean 8) Hulkenberg

    9) Rosberg 10) Schumacher 11) Button 12) Perez

    13) Kobayashi 14) Di Resta 15) Maldonado 16) Vergne

    17) Senna 18) Petrov 19) Kovalainen 20) Pic

    21) Ricciardo 22) Glock 23) De la Rosa 24) Karthikeyan

  128. 0655: 

    Eddie Jordan thinks Sebastian Vettel is the man to beat today - do you agree? Send your thoughts in on Twitter using the #bbcf1 hashtag or get on the text to 81111 (UK only).

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Red Bull have suddenly gone in the last two races from being a front-running team that didn't really look any better than any of the others, to the front-running team, with a lap-time margin of about 0.3secs at nearly all times. That shift, with its echoes of 2010-11, has led to some nervous gulps at their rivals. How have they done it? Attention has focused on their new 'double DRS' that links the overtaking aid with the lower rear beam wing, thus making it more effective. But McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe is not so sure. 'They appear to have made a good step on their car,' he admitted. '(But) I doubt that is all down to that system. I doubt if a lot of it is down to that system, actually. You'll probably find it's just general development.'"

  130. 0653: 

    Sebastian Vettel has just stepped into his car, seven minutes before the cars file away for the formation lap. His Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber, meanwhile, has been sat in his car for a while now, collecting his thoughts and no doubt going through his plan for the first corner.

    BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson

    "Bit of a panic on Sebastian Vettel's car on the grid. Something with the rear brake ducts, they also had to bleed the brakes. They seem to have got it under control but we'll have to see what happens in the first few laps."

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "A week after his maiden podium in the Japanese Grand Prix, the future of Sauber's Kamui Kobayashi is looking increasingly uncertain. Sauber are expected to field Nico Hulkenberg and their reserve driver Esteban Gutierrez in their race cars next year. Former Toro Rosso team-mates Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari and former Force India driver Adrian Sutil are vying to be Hulkenberg's replacement at Force India. Buemi is also in contention at Caterham, where both seats remain open."

  133. 0650: 

    This is your 10-minute warning. Refresh that cuppa, get that bacon in between two slices of bread. The start of the Korean Grand Prix is almost upon us.


    Red Bull's Mark Webber, who starts on pole: "It should be pretty straightforward into turn one. Turn three is a bit more interesting with the huge slipstream. We're not sure strategy-wise with the tyre, you just need to keep your wits about you for race day. We know Seb is pretty strong over those first few laps so I will have to keep him and Fernando at bay."

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "One of the big questions going into the race is whether Red Bull will order Mark Webber to sacrifice his own victory hopes to support team-mate Sebastian Vettel's title bid. McLaren don't know what to expect. 'I don't think he will, do you?' boss Martin Whitmarsh said in the team's news conference on Saturday. 'I do,' countered Jenson Button. To which Whitmarsh replied: 'I don't think he will willingly.' And when someone asked whether Red Bull would use Webber strategically to keep Lewis Hamilton behind while Vettel made a break, Hamilton, off-mic, said: 'I'm sure they'll do that.' One thing's for sure - Red Bull aren't saying. But past history would suggest they will do everything they can to back Vettel, and something like a pre-race agreement not to fight among themselves after the first corner would be no surprise at all."


    Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg, who starts ninth: "I'm probably not gong to be possible to hold Jenson [who starts 11th], the Saubers will be quick too. Tyres are going to be an issue. I don't know if people are going to try a one-stop - for us, I think it will be a bit too difficult."

  137. 0645: 

    1) Red Bull 324 pts

    2) McLaren 283

    3) Ferrari 263

    4) Lotus 239

    5) Mercedes 136

    6) Sauber 116

  138. 0644: 

    1) Alonso 194 pts

    2) Vettel 190

    3) Raikkonen 157

    4) Hamilton 152

    5) Webber 134

    6) Button 131

  139. 0643: 

    If Fernando Alonso takes his second victory in three years in Korea, it will draw the Ferrari driver level with Britain's 1992 champion Nigel Mansell as fourth equal in the all-time list.


    Ann-Marie Hedges: "Classic dad dancing gangnam style :-) I don't think I've laughed so much this early on a Sunday morning."

    Jopijedd the Busman: "Eddie Jordan: more Galway Style than Gangnam Style."

    Tom Palmieri: "DC dancing seriously to Gangnam style, whilst EJ is taking it flamboyantly, absolute winners."


    Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, who starts second: "We try to do the best start I can. It's not far to Turn One, then we've got two long straights. Initially, we want to have a good start - the rest is too far away."

  142. 0640: 

    DC is off on his grid walk. I'll bring you the wise words of anyone he corners as and when I can...


    Adrian in York via text to 81111: "Canny move by Button in qualifying 11th to make sure that Grosjean is in front of him - Jenson should be well placed once the debris has been cleared and the saftey car withdrawn after the inevitable first lap prang from the Frenchman!"

  144. 0638: 

    The 2012 roll of honour:

    Australia - Jenson Button (McLaren) Malaysia - Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) China - Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) Bahrain - Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) Spain - Pastor Maldonado (Williams) Monaco - Mark Webber (Red Bull) Canada - Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) Europe - Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) Britain - Mark Webber (Red Bull) Germany - Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) Hungary - Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) Belgium - Jenson Button (McLaren) Italy - Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) Singapore - Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) Japan - Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)

  145. 0636: 

    No one driver has won more than three races this season. Can Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel become the first to win four? Here's how the victories have been shared out in the first 15 races.

  146. 0633: 

    Lewis Hamilton, who starts third on the grid behind the two Red Bulls, is feeling bullish. "It's going to be a tough race," said the 2008 world champion during the drivers' parade. "I haven't done a long run to see how the tyres last. I want to beat the Red Bulls. I want to win here."

  147. 0630: 

    The drivers are firing up the engines ready for their tour around to the grid for the final set-up. Just 30 minutes to go, folks.

  148. 0627: 

    Felipe Massa has scored the third most points of any driver in the last four races (Only Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button have scored more) to lift him up to ninth in the drivers' standings. The Brazilian is also one of only two drivers (Kimi Raikkonen the other) to have scored points in the last four races. Amazing what the threat of losing your job can do for your performance.


    Adam Wright: "So worth getting up just to see Eddie Jordan dance Gangnam Style."

    Amy Brown: "Jake. You can't dance. Haha. EJ was putting a lot of..erm...effort into that."

    Maria Gray: "That was hilarious!!! Well worth waking up for!!"


    Red Bull's Mark Webber: "It's a different layout and a different circuit but the win is very possible. We need to put a nice clean run together, we've got to be a bit flexible to see who our main rival is going to be and keep it tidy. The win would be very nice, but we need to take each race as it it comes and get the right result for Mark Webber."

  151. 0624: 

    Lee McKenzie has cornered pole-sitter Mark Webber as he scurries from the team's hospitality unit to the garage. Here's what he's got to say...

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "No driver is under more pressure going into this race than Lotus's Romain Grosjean. The Franco-Swiss has had eight early-race incidents this season, the most recent in Japan last weekend, only one race after he returned from a one-race ban for causing the first-corner pile-up in Belgium. Grosjean knows it is imperative he has a clean start and doesn't cause any more trouble. 'I'm conscious of the risk of the start,' he says. 'I will try to take as many precautions as possible to go through the first lap - and then normally in the race we are OK. I need some more safety to the end of the year to avoid any of that. If I have to lose position, I will. We have good race pace and we can even score points even if the start is not great.'"


    Steve Noonan: "Wow!! #EddiesShirt is amazing today! I want it! And I hope this race is worth getting up for, unlike last week..."

    Heather Bennett: "Very nearly started getting ready for work when my alarm went off then."

    Zoe Townsend: "Up nice and early for the Korean GP. Hope the winner does gangnam style on the podium."

  154. 0621: 

    I hope you're watching BBC One or the video module above now. Jake, EJ and DC doing the Gangnam Style dance. It's TV gold.

  155. 0620: 

    Mercedes suffered their first double non-scoring finish in the Japanese Grand Prix since the season opener in Australia. They lie sixth in the constructors' championship with Sauber just 20 points behind.


    Heikki Kovalainen on Twitter: "All set at the track, strategy meeting done and today managing the right front tyre especially will be crucial. High wear the problem..."

  157. 0618: 

    The new plan is to head to the team's factory in Woking at some point before the end of the year, something Hamilton is sure he can make happen. "I'm pretty sure I will be able to. A lot of drivers [at McLaren] have come and gone - just left," he said. "But it's different for me. I have a good relationship with these people. I built a great bond with a lot of people who are still there today."

  158. 0616: 

    ...unfortunately, a number of the team were forced to cancel because they went on a charity run with his McLaren team-mate Jenson Button instead. "Something else came up so the guys weren't able to do it," Hamilton said. "They were already committed before. They went for a run with JB or something like that." McLaren said there was no suggestion the team members missed the event deliberately, adding they would have gone had they not made a prior commitment.

  159. 0614: 

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Lewis Hamilton will quit McLaren - the team which has brought him up through the formulas and gave him his F1 debut - for Mercedes next season. Well in an attempt to say goodbye to his team, the Briton booked out 16 lanes of a bowling alley on the Saturday night of the Japanese Grand Prix - as he has done in previous years - where he hoped to say a few words...

  160. 0612: 

    Nine of the 15 races this season have been won from pole, but no driver has gone on to win the Korean Grand Prix from P1 in the two years the venue has hosted a race.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Jenson Button faces a busy race fighting up from 11th on the grid. He ended up down there after a mistake on his first flying lap in second qualifying, and then losing his opportunity to improve when the yellow flags came out for Daniel Ricciardo's stranded Toro Rosso. What can you hope for, Button was asked right afterwards? 'Go forward,' he replied curtly. Once the dust had settled, he was weighing up the fact that he can now choose the tyres he starts on - and with new sets of both the 'soft' prime tyres and super-soft 'option' tyre, it could play into his hands. 'It's a tricky one,' Button said. 'It's a tough decision. If you look at Felipe (Massa, who started 11th) at the last race, he started on the option. He got a great start and was up to fourth place, and it really worked for him when the pit stops came and when you have degradation maybe that's a best choice because you can run it a bit longer. But the prime tyre is exciting as well.'"

  162. 0608: 

    Still trying to work out how Kimi Raikkonen has crept up to third place in the drivers' standings without winning a race this season? Step forward Formula 1's "Mr Consistency". The Lotus driver has finished all 15 races and been inside the top seven in 12 of them. He has three second places, three third places, three fifths and has only once missed out on the points.


    Mark Davies: "Here we go then tweeps, peeps and anyone else bleary-eyed, die hard F1 fans who's up n ready?"

    Steven M Carter: "Toast, check. Coffee, check, BBC, check. Right let's go racing!!!"

    Shaun Fellows: "It's earlier we need to be warned. Do we need to wear sunglasses to mute down EJ's shirt choice."

  164. 0604: 

    The grid in all its glory...

    1) Webber 2) Vettel 3) Hamilton 4) Alonso

    5) Raikkonen 6) Massa 7) Grosjean 8) Hulkenberg

    9) Rosberg 10) Schumacher 11) Button 12) Perez

    13) Kobayashi 14) Di Resta 15) Maldonado 16) Vergne

    17) Senna 18) Petrov 19) Kovalainen 20) Pic

    21) Ricciardo 22) Glock 23) De la Rosa 24) Karthikeyan

    BBC F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan

    "This will put Korea on the world stage. It's a marketing tool, tha platform that gives them credibility. This weekend people will be talking about the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Korea."


    Heikki Kovalainen on Twitter: "Good day on Saturday, Vitaly just did better job than me. Good he's pushing me, need that every time! Looking forward to race, strategy key..."

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Fernando Alonso admitted he was pleasantly surprised to be as high as fourth on the grid. With his championship lead reduced to four points by Sebastian Vettel, the Ferrari driver knows he is in a serious fight. But he also knows that Ferrari had the quickest race-simulation runs in practice on Friday. Alonso admitted Red Bull were 'strong' and that he needed 'to do a perfect race and try to maximise our points.' But he added: 'I was thinking it would be a little bit worse, to be honest, because we were sixth and 11th in Suzuka (last weekend), we have exactly the same car, and we are fourth and sixth here, so it's a little bit better, and we seem a little bit more competitive, also on the long run. (That gives me) a little bit more confidence for the race, but we know that it's going to be tough. Sunday is normally a little bit better for us. Saturday is the pure performance of the cars, and obviously we are fighting with a car that did first positions in all sessions all weekend, first in Q1, first in Q2 and first and second in Q3. So they have a strong car, it's the strongest point for them. But we have a team. In the race there is the start, there is the strategy, the tyre management, etc, and on that aspect, I think we are the strongest.'"

  168. 0600: 

    The Chain rings out on BBC One and we're up and away with the pre-race show. One hour until the lights go out, but there's plenty to get through before that.

  169. 0557: 

    Venue: Yeongam Laps: 55 Circuit length: 5.615km Race distance: 308.630km Number of corners: 18 (11 left/7 right) Average lap speed: 195kph Full throttle per lap: 60% Safety cars in last two years: 5 Lap record: 1:39.605 (Sebastian Vettel, 2011)


    Force India driver Paul di Resta on Twitter: "Bit painful in qualy, was three tenths up and got traffic in the last sector. Would have been enough for Q3. Far from over in the race!"

  171. 0554: 

    I've got a bit of post-qualifying news for you. Mercedes were slapped with a 10,000 euros fine for their unsafe release of Michael Schumacher into the path of Lewis Hamilton during qualifying for the Korean Grand Prix. And over at Toro Rosso, Daniel Ricciardo will start five-places further back than he qualified after the team broke the seal on the gearbox to investigate a problem he incurred in qualifying.

  172. 0551: 

    It's time for this week's edition of Lawro's Podium Predictions where I name my top three and then you tell me why I'm completely wrong and suggest your own trio with a reason for those choices.

    I think Lewis Hamilton will come out of the bushes and shock the Red Bulls who will be busy squabbling with each other at the start. Fernando Alonso will climb up to second with Kimi Raikkonen completing the podium. Am I living in dreamland? Probably, but the championship is more exciting that way. Tweet us using the #bbcf1 hashtag or text 81111 (UK only).

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Sebastian Vettel may be playing down his concerns about the start, but Lewis Hamilton - on the clean side of the grid in third behind the two Red Bulls - sniffs a chance. 'I see there is an opportunity there and I hope to take advantage of it,' he said. Hamilton was playing his cards close to his chest after qualifying, but you can be sure he will be attacking as always, although he is wary of the pace shown by the Red Bulls throughout the weekend in Korea. 'Provided we can get a good start we can hopefully have a good race,' Hamilton said. 'The best thing would be to get ahead and then slightly hold them up as they will perhaps be slightly quicker than us in the race. If not, then fantastic.'"

  174. 0548: 

    Better still (if you're a fan of young Psy), Jake will be interviewing him in the pre-race show which gets under way at 0600 BST in his only UK interview. The South Korean rapper gets Jake, EJ and DC doing the horsey dance. Now if that's not enough to get you to tune in, I don't know what is.

  175. 0545: 

    You've got to hand to it to the Korean Grand Prix organisers. Few fans bother to turn up while many complain about the journey to get there. But despite all the negativity, they're making the best of it of what they have - and that includes performing this sensational parody of Gangnam Style, the rap song performed by a young South Korean chap called Psy which has become a hit across the world. It's brilliant and will surely make you smile, especially at this time of day.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Sebastian Vettel was clearly very unhappy about being beaten to pole by Mark Webber - he was angry with engineer Guillaume Rocquelin for no good reason on the radio immediately afterwards and his body language was a dead giveaway, too. One of his concerns may well be that the even-numbered side of the grid is off-line and therefore has less grip. But Vettel, who started from second behind Lewis Hamilton last year but was in the lead by the exit of Turn Four, insisted: 'I don't think it's a big disadvantage. Surely I think I would rather be on pole but qualifying is over so we start from second and I don't think it's a big problem. Last year we made a good launch and here you never know what happens. You might as well start third, fourth, fifth and you could end up first by Turn Four, so you don't know. There's a long straight after the second corner. Obviously I had a tight battle with Lewis last year so these things you have to take them as they come.'"

  177. 0542: 

    So here's how today's going to work. Jake, EJ and DC will be on your screens on BBC One at 0600 BST, in the module at the top of this live text page and even on your mobile if you can't be bothered to get out of bed and switch the telly on. After all the build-up you could dream of, the lights will go out at 0700 for 55 laps of racing around this 5.615km track.

  178. 0539: 

    Webber drove a stunning lap to take his second pole of the season - first for those who don't count Monaco when he inherited it from Michael Schumacher. Vettel and Webber have history remember - reference 2010 Turkish Grand Prix for those who don't - so this start should be very good indeed.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "The Korean Grand Prix is no-one's favourite Formula 1 race, but now that everyone has made the epic trek down to far south-west corner of the peninsula, the 16th round of the 2012 world championship promises much. The Red Bulls are on the front row but as far as the team are concerned the 'wrong' driver is on pole - with Mark Webber ahead of Sebastian Vettel. And right behind them are McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, keen to make up lost ground in the championship, and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, desperate to stop Vettel replacing him as leader. And Lotus's Kimi Raikkonen, third in the championship, behind Vettel and ahead of Hamilton, is right behind Alonso on the grid. Mouth-watering."

  180. 0536: 

    안녕하세요 (hello) and a very warm welcome to our live coverage of the Korean Grand Prix, round 16 of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The 5.615km track is located over four hours away from capital Seoul and remains a favourite among drivers despite its remote location.

  181. 0533: 

    Having looked untouchable in practice and the first two parts of qualifying, the seemingly unflappable Sebastian Vettel made a mistake when it mattered most. The result was P2 on the grid, setting up the tantalising prospect of a run down to the first corner alongside Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber.

  182. 0530: 

    When the chequered flag dropped in qualifying on Saturday, an Australian shocked himself, a German ground his teeth in disgust and a Spaniard leaned back in his seat and smiled. A Red Bull was on pole position, but not the one everyone was expecting...

Formula 1 World Championship 2014

Position Driver Team Pts
1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes 384
2 Germany N Rosberg Mercedes 317
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull 238
4 Finland V Bottas Williams 186
5 Germany S Vettel Red Bull 167
6 Spain F Alonso Ferrari 161
7 Brazil F Massa Williams 134
8 Great Britain J Button McLaren 126
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India 96
10 Mexico S Perez Force India 59
11 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren 55
12 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari 55
13 France J Vergne Toro Rosso 22
14 France R Grosjean Lotus 8
15 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso 8
16 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus 2
18 Germany A Sutil Sauber 0
20 Mexico E Gutierrez Sauber 0
22 Japan K Kobayashi Caterham 0
23 W Stevens Caterham 0


After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham