Formula 1: Canadian Grand Prix as it happened

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton wins the Canadian GP ahead of Romain Grosjean and Sergio Perez, with Jenson Button 16th.

11 June 2012 Last updated at 03:35

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As it happened

  1. 2136: 

    Keep an eye on for news and reaction from today's race, plus video highlights and clips of all the best moments. Lewis Hamilton obviously is. The McLaren driver's first tweet after winning the Canadian Grand Prix is to link to our race report. Good man.

    Can we get an eighth different winner in the European Grand Prix in Valencia in a couple of weeks' time? Join me to find out. I'll be live on this very website at 08:30 BST on Friday 22 June to bring you coverage of first practice in Spain. Thanks for your company and contributions. Until next time, goodnight.

  2. 2132: 

    There was a feeling that Sebastian Vettel would get away cleaning and blast off into the distance and in the early laps, it looked like he was going to do just that. But Lewis Hamilton battled back to become the seventh different winner in as many races. The highlights show is certainly not to be missed. Lee McKenzie will be your host, with David Coulthard on hand to provide the analysis.


    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Jonathan Legard on Twitter: "Faultless by @LewisHamilton. Long overdue win in 2012, championship leader and a perfect demonstration of F1's appeal this year."

  4. 2128: 

    It's difficult to pick a driver of the day with so many special drives. Lewis Hamilton had to work hard to get into the lead and then fight back to retake it after the lead. Sergio Perez came from 15th on the grid to finish third having brilliantly looked after his tyres. It was a super drive from Romain Grosjean in the Lotus, too.

  5. 2124: 

    Red Bull team boss Christian Horner says that the car was "a little too hard on the tyres" to make the one-stop work today. He adds that in hindsight, it might have been better to start on the soft, prime tyre. Even so, Sebastian Vettel is still only three points off the championship lead, while Red Bull have a comfortable lead in the constructors.

  6. 2120: 

    Incredible scenes in Montreal as Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber jump into the Olympic boating lake near the track to cool off. They look like they're having a whale of a time, splashing around.


    Stephanie Newman on Twitter: "Amazing F1. Well deserved win for @LewisHamilton seven winners in seven races. What an awesome season F1 2012 is turning out to be :)."

  8. 2115: 

    Canadian GP result:

    1) Lewis Hamilton

    2) Romain Grosjean

    3) Sergio Perez

    4) Sebastian Vettel

    5) Fernando Alonso

    6) Nico Rosberg

    7) Mark Webber

    8) Kimi Raikkonen

    9) Kamui Kobayashi

    10) Felipe Massa


    Williams driver Bruno Senna on Twitter: "Tough race today. We need to learn with the information and improve a lot in Valencia. Thanks for the support, everyone! Keep pushing!"

  10. 2110: 

    Here's Andrew Benson's report which will give you an overview of the race. And don't forget there will be a shiny highlights show on BBC One and BBC One HD at 22:30 BST tonight so not long to wait now!


    Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso on Twitter: "Hi! Race was very long today ;)! Another good day for the championship! Ten points more, and with these ones, scoring an entire year!"


    Ferrari on Twitter: "With hindsight you're always right but today a podium would have not been possible. If ALO had pitted when VET did, maybe we would finish P4. Tyre degradation was the key today. It is the area where we have to look very carefully."


    James Rouse on Twitter: "So...who's going to be the 8th winner?"

  14. 2104: 

    In the constructors' championship, Red Bull lead on 164 points, 31 points ahead of McLaren with Lotus jumping Ferrari to move into third place.

  15. 2100: 

    Lewis Hamilton is our new championship leader on 88 points, two ahead of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso with Sebastian Vettel a further point behind.


    Segun Agbaje on Twitter: "Epic does not begin to describe this year's F1 season."


    Stuart Humphrey on Twitter: "That a boy Lewis. Patience is a virtue and there will be many more this season."


    Gavin Sinclair on Twitter: "Brilliant win for Lewis. Surprise podium though. Amazing seven different winners from first seven races. Schumacher and Button need better luck."


    And the final word from our seventh different winner in seven races, Lewis Hamilton: "It's still sinking in. It's been five years since I first won here but it feels just as good. I'm massively proud of the team for continuing to push. It feels great to finally be here on the top step. It feel like one of best races I've had for a very long time."


    Sauber driver Sergio Perez, who finished third: "When you start 15th on the grid, you don't expect to get a podium finish. We went off very aggressively, and I managed to overtake a few cars with some difficult manoeuvres. The tyre degradation was not bad for me, and I managed to keep moving up the field. After such a bad day yesterday, when we had so much trouble with the brakes, this was a great boost for the team."


    Lotus driver Romain Grosjean, who finished second: "We thought about going for one stop and seeing what happened. The car felt pretty good. I was in a battle with Mark Webber and Nico Rosberg for a long time but I didn't know what they were doing. When Webber came in, I didn't realise I was third but my tyres were quite fresh. Then suddenly I went past Fernando Alonso who was slowing, and I was second. It was a crazy race. The team did a fantastic job in giving me a car that was good on its tyres. We knew with the heat today we would be better. It's fantastic."


    McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton, who finished first: "I knew today would be a tough, tough race. I loved every single minute of it and I'm really very, very grateful. I never had a doubt in mind that there would not be a possibility to win. I was thinking they [Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso] were falling behind and I assumed they doing a one-stop so I decided to keep pushing. We had a couple of problems during the stops, they may have been my fault I don't know, otherwise the stops were great."

  23. 2050: 

    The top three drivers have headed up to the press conference. Here's what they had to say..

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "Martin Whitmarsh soaked - that's not the prettiest wet t-shirt contest you've ever seen."

  25. 2047: 

    The fans have flooded onto the track to celebrate and have a peak through the fence and into the pit-lane. Sauber boss Peter Sauber is congratuated by his test driver Esteban Gutierrez on the team's second podium of the season. That white and blue car is pretty racy this season.

  26. 2044: 

    Martin Whitmarsh gets absolutely soaked as Lewis Hamilton sprays the champagne over his boss. The Briton then fills his trophy with the sparkling stuff and takes a well-deserved gulp. It's been a long time since we've seen a happy Lewis Hamilton.

  27. 2043: 

    God save the Queen rings out around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve as Lewis Hamilton soaks up the applause.

  28. 2042: 

    McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh looks mighty relieved as he waits with his charge ahead of the podium celebrations. He tells Lewis that he enjoyed watching Sergio Perez and Romain Grosjean pass Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. "I bet," replies Hamilton.

  29. 2041: 

    Lewis Hamilton climbs onto the nose of that McLaren, punches the air and then leaps off the car and over to his team. It's a kiss from his girlfriend and a giant bear hug from his team boss Martin Whitmarsh. That is one happy boy. He certainly knows how to celebrate.

  30. 2040: 

    Nice touch from Lewis Hamilton who slows right down and runs wide at the hairpin to wave to the crowd and show his appreciation. He then coasts into the pit lane with a union jack in his hands. That's his third victory in five attempts.


    Lewis Hamilton team radio: "Well done Lewis that was a superb performance." He replies: "Winner! Winner! Thank you so much guys."

  32. 2039: 

    Misery for Jenson Button who finishes 16th, failing to score again. Paul di Resta just misses out in 11th, too.

  33. 2038: 

    Sebastian Vettel holds on for fourth ahead of Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber. Kimi Raikkonen, Kamui Kobayashi and Felipe Massa complete the top 10.

  34. 2037: 

    A remarkable drive from Romain Grosjean to finish second, just ahead of Sergio Perez in the Sauber. Who would have predicted that podium at the start of the weekend, eh?

  35. 2036: 

    Lewis Hamilton throws both arms up in the air in celebration as he crosses the line, 2.2 seconds ahead of Romain Grosjean. A truly brilliant drive from the McLaren driver who had to do it the hard way. Two stops was the way to go.

    LAP 70




    BBC Radio 5 live analyst Jaime Alguersuari

    "It was a big mistake by Ferrari not to stop more than once. A big mistake."

    LAP 69

    Sebastian Vettel is the next man to pass Fernando Alonso, passing the Ferrari into the hairpin. The Spaniard had no defence.

    LAP 68

    Fernando Alonso is a sitting duck. Sergio Perez coasts by the Ferrari on the back straight to move into third and on course for his second podium of the season.

    LAP 67

    Sergio Perez is 3.5 seconds faster than Fernando Alonso. This is heroic driving from Fernando Alonso, but you just feel Sergio Perez is going to get him. The Mexican is absolutely flying.

    LAP 66

    Romain Grosjean has caught Fernando Alonso and uses his DRS and superior speed to breeze past the struggling Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel is pushing on those fresh tyres as he tries to catch Sergio Perez - perhaps a bit too hard as he almost hits the wall of champions.


    Beth on Twitter: "Come onnnnn Lewis. This is the tensest moment of a grand prix this season, and that's saying something."

    LAP 66

    Sergio Perez is the fastest man on the track, lapping in the 1m16.7s. Sensational stuff from the Mexican. He's closing on the Lotus of Romain Grosjean but I'm not sure there's enough time left to catch him.

    LAP 65

    Incredibly, Romain Grosjean is now running third - and catching the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso. He was two seconds faster than the Spaniard on the last lap. Sensational stuff from the Frenchman in the Lotus.

    BBC Radio 5 live analyst Jaime Alguersuari

    "Lewis Hamilton has done a good job with his tyres. Two stops was the correct strategy today, so well done McLaren."

    LAP 64

    Lewis Hamilton leads the Canadian Grand Prix, breezing past the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso on the back straight. The McLaren driver has a stab at the hairpin, but thinks better off it and then gets the job done a few metres later. That's delighted his missus.

    LAP 63

    Lewis Hamilton laps two seconds quicker than Fernando Alonso to close on the Spaniard down the back straight. He's not quite close enough on this lap, but it's only a matter of time. Interesting call by Red Bull who pit Sebastian Vettel. The German rejoins in fifth.


    Lewis Hamilton team radio: "Right, Lewis, there should be plenty of time to get past - plenty of time to get past."

    LAP 62

    Lewis Hamilton closes up to the back of a struggling Sebastian Vettel and uses the DRS to breeze past the Red Bull on the back straight. Great, sensible driving from the McLaren driver. Next up, Fernando Alonso.

    BBC Radio 5 live analyst Jaime Alguersuari

    "Lewis Hamilton is lapping a second faster than Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. I don't think he will have any issue."

    LAP 61

    Both Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso are really sliding around on those worn tyres. Will they pay the price for taking the gamble? Lewis Hamilton takes yet more time out of Vettel, closing to within 0.9 seconds.

    BBC Radio 5 live analyst Jaime Alguersuari

    "I still believe Lewis Hamilton is going to win this race."

    LAP 60

    So Lewis Hamilton has got the gap down to 3.2 seconds to Sebastian Vettel, taking a second out of the Red Bull on that last lap. It's about to get interesting.

    LAP 59

    Nico Rosberg gets past Felipe Massa who is really struggling with those tyres. He was one of the first men to stop, remember. The Brazilian then pits at the end of the lap and rejoins 10th.


    Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher: "I knew there was something not correct with the car but I didn't expect it to be the DRS. When I looked in the mirror and saw the problem, I thought: 'Oops, that's interesting.' But I've no regrets for the team. They did their utmost."

    LAP 58

    More smooth work from Sergio Perez who gets in the slipstream of Massa down the back straight and as the Brazilian goes defensive, Perez simply drives straight past on the racing line. That's fifth for the Mexican.

    LAP 57

    So it looks like Lewis Hamilton will have to pass Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso if he wants to win this race. Further back, we've got some sensational driving between Massa, Rosberg and Perez. Rosberg almost gets past Massa at the chicane, but the Ferrari driver defends his position. Rosberg is forced to cut the chicane and gets out ahead. The Mercedes driver gives the position back to avoid a penalty, but Perez senses an opportunity and sneaks past Rosberg for sixth.

    LAP 56

    Look at this. It looks like Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are trying to do a one-stop. That's what Lewis Hamilton feared. Have Ferrari and Red Bull played a blinder here?


    Lewis Hamilton team radio: "OK Lewis that was another purple lap. Great job."

    LAP 55

    Lewis Hamilton is really attacking the kerbs and running periously close to the walls as he tries to close the gap.

    LAP 54

    Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel have decided to stay out, even though Lewis Hamilton is giving it everything. Could the Ferrari and Red Bull decide to gamble on a one-stop?

    LAP 53

    Lewis Hamilton must be seething under that helmet, but he's using that frustration to light up the timing screens. He's absolutely flying, setting purple sector after purple sector.


    Hamilton leads by 3.3 secs. Di Resta 12th, Button in 15th. Schumacher out after DRS flap sticks open. Both HRTs out. 1 Hamilton 2 Alonso 3 Vettel 4 Webber 5 Grosjean 6 Massa 7 Rosberg 8 Perez 9 Raikkonen 10 Kobayashi

    LAP 52

    So Fernando Alonso is our new leader, 3.1 seconds ahead of Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton 11.7 second down the road in third.

    LAP 50

    Oh, crikey. McLaren mess up the stops. AGAIN. What are that lot playing at? There's a problem with the right rear and Lewis is delayed for what feels like an eternity. He rejoins behind Bruno Senna and will need to lap him quickly to avoid losing too much time. We see a replay of his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger banging the table in frustration.

    LAP 50

    The ultimate misery for Jenson Button is about to be heaped upon him as Lewis Hamilton closes on his McLaren team-mate to lap him. But he's spared that nightmare as the 2008 world champion pits...


    Lewis Hamilton team radio: "You're doing a great job. Let's see if we can maintain the gap."

    LAP 49

    Jean-Eric Vergne is taking his drive-through penalty for speeding in the pit lane The Frenchman rejoins 16th, behind the struggling Jenson Button who is in no-mans land. The McLaren driver is 14.6 seconds behind the next man up the road Pastor Maldonado. Dear, oh dear.

    LAP 48

    Lewis Hamilton has increased his lead to 3.3 seconds from Fernando Alonso with Sebastian Vettel a similar distance behind in third. Mark Webber is in fourth, but he's a massive 10 seconds behind the leading trio.


    Lewis Hamilton team radio: "Rears [tyres] are going off."

    LAP 46

    Schumacher pulls into the pits and try as they might to push that DRS flap shut, it's just not happening. It's a fourth retirement for the German who has had dreadful luck this season.

    LAP 45

    Michael Schumacher pits and rejoins the track, but guess what. More bad luck for the German as the team reports: "Your rear flap is still open. Rear flap is still open. So caution, caution." He won't be able to continue like that so he heads back to the pits to see if the team can fix it.

    LAP 43

    Fernando Alonso has closed the gap to Lewis Hamilton. It was four seconds, it's now 2.7 seconds. The McLaren driver will be hoping his rivals aren't one a one-stopper, especially as it looks like he's doing two stops.


    Lewis Hamilton team radio: "Are you sure [Vettel and Alonso] are not trying a one-stop [strategy]?" Team replies: "We're sure they're not on a one-stop, Lewis."

    So there's the answer, Hamilton is on a two-stop strategy, and he's worried Vettel and Alonso will be one-stopping. The team think they're are not.

    LAP 42

    Michael Schumacher gets past Kamui Kobayashi at the hairpin, but the Sauber driver simply tucks back in and uses DRS on the back straight to take that 11th place back. Meanwhile, Sergio Perez pits for his one and only stop and comes out ahead of Nico Rosberg. However, the Mercedes driver is carrying lots of speed and manages to get down the inside at Turn 3 to take seventh.

    LAP 41

    Kimi Raikkonen comes in for his one and only pit stop. It's nice and clean and the Finn rejoins in eighth, just ahead of Nico Rosberg who has just set the fastest lap of the race.


    Katie Louise Holden on Twitter: "I can't take this, go Hamilton go."

    LAP 40

    Mark Webber has a moment at Turn Nine which has allowed Romain Grosjean to close up to the back of the Red Bull driver in sixth. We've had 40 laps now and still not seen a safety car. That's remarkable for Canada.

    LAP 39

    Nico Rosberg has pitted for the second time and rejoins in ninth place. That set of soft tyres will need to complete 31 laps as I don't think the team will want to stop again.

    LAP 38

    There a nice little battle forming between Kimi Raikkonen, Sergio Perez and Mark Webber who are running fourth, fifth and sixth. The trio are separated by just 1.2 seconds.

    BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter Jennie Gow

    "McLaren are saying they struggled to get the distance out of the first set of Jenson Button's tyres. But there's no obvious technical issue."

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "The Mercedes is coming alive. Rosberg is consistently delivering fast lap times."

    LAP 37

    Nico Rosberg, who was struggling for pace at the start, clearly fancies his latest set of tyres. He's the fastest man on the track and closing on Mark Webber in sixth. His Mercedes team-mate Michael Schumacher isn't have the same sort of luck. The German is down in 12th and making no impression on Kamui Kobayashi.


    Mark Webber team radio: "Just hang in there, Mark, waiting for it [a window of clear air which he can rejoin into after pitting] to open up at the moment."

    LAP 36

    Lewis Hamilton has just increased his lead to four seconds over Fernando Alonso. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel in third has dropped to 1.7 seconds further back.

    BBC Radio 5 live analyst Jaime Alguersuari

    "Jenson Button is not looking good. He's struggling a lot, going very slow. I don't understand why he's put on another set of super-soft tyres. Maybe he is going for three stops. We will see."

    LAP 34

    It's not working out for Jenson Button this afternoon. The Briton dives into the pits and chooses a set of scrubbed super-soft tyres. He comes back out in 17th place.


    HRT driver Pedro de la Rosa: "We're very disappointed. It had been our best race of the season. But I had to retire because the brakes were too hot and degrading badly. It was the right decision."


    Lewis Hamilton team radio: "Are we going to target?" Team replies: "Yes, Lewis, we are sticking with Plan A, sticking with Plan A."

    Ooooh, I wonder want Plan A is. Could it be a one-stop?

    LAP 33

    Sergio Perez's team have told him they want 10 more laps out of those tyres. That'll take him to half-distance and bang on for a one-stop strategy. Great tyre management from the Mexican.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "There's very low degredation on tyres round here, and each lap you burn off just over 2kg of fuel. This is great tyre management from Lewis Hamilton."

    LAP 32

    Bad news for Jenson Button fans. He's down in 14th and making no impression on Nico Hulkenberg. He's 3.2 seconds behind and struggling.

    BBC Radio 5 live analyst Jaime Alguersuari

    "Sergio Perez is looking fantastic and still setting good lap times. I would expect him to go for another 10 laps on these tyres. He might be able to go through the race with only one stop."

    LAP 31

    Mark Webber now sets the fastest lap of the race. The Australian is sixth, 9.4 seconds behind the leader but only 0.8 seconds behind fifth placed Sergio Perez who has yet to stop.


    Lewis Hamilton team radio: "You are still setting purple sectors in every sector. We just need to make sure we run to target in this stint."

    LAP 30

    On that last lap, Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel all set an identical 1m18.7. It's just so close up front.

    LAP 29

    Pastor Maldonado has made it up into the points in 10th after starting 22nd. The Williams driver is 5.7 seconds behind the Ferrari of Felipe Massa but only a second clear of the chasing Paul di Resta.


    Hamilton leads after overcutting Vettel during the pitstops and majestically overtaking Alonso. Massa spins off. 1 Hamilton 2 Alonso 3 Vettel 4 Raikkonen 5 Perez 6 Webber 7 Rosberg 8 Grosjean 9 Massa 10 Maldonado

    BBC Radio 5 live analyst Jaime Alguersuari

    "Vettel is pushing a lot. He's using much more of his tyres than Lewis. This is not good for the Red Bull driver."

    LAP 28

    Lewis Hamilton just keeps getting faster. It's another fastest lap of the race from the McLaren driver - 1:18.643 - to increase his lead to 3.3 seconds.

    LAP 27

    Things go from bad to worse for HRT as Pedro de la Rosa comes into the pits and retires with his brakes oozing thick black smoke. That's a double retirement for the Spanish team in as many laps.

    LAP 26

    Kimi Raikkonen has yet to stop is running fourth as a result. Good stuff from the Finn. If he keeps up his solid pace, he might be able to score a few points this afternoon after starting outside the top 10.

    LAP 25

    Lewis Hamilton has increased his lead to 2.4 seconds over Fernando Alonso. Sebastian Vettel is lurking 0.3 seconds further back in third. Kamui Kobayashi makes his stop and rejoins in front of Michael Schumacher who is having a disappointing race. I don't think that Mercedes is enjoying these hotter conditions.

    LAP 24

    Narain Karthikeyan spins off spectacularly at Turn One when running all by himself. The Indian rejoins but pulls off the track a few corners later. That could be our first retirement of the grand prix.


    Lewis Hamilton team radio: "Which is my weakest sector?" Team replies: "Last sector is the weakest."

    BBC Radio 5 live analyst Jaime Alguersuari

    "Lewis Hamilton is in the best place. He's pulled off a fantastic manoeuvre and is fast enough to get away. He has to keep on pushing, because Alonso is too far behind to use DRS."

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "McLaren believe that statistically there will be a safety car, and have told him to run hard on the fuel and we'll worry about saving it later."

    LAP 23

    Here's how they stand on lap 23 of 70. 1) Hamilton 2) Alonso 3) Vettel 4) Raikkonen 5) Kobayashi 6) Perez 7) Webber 8) Rosberg 9) Grosjean 10) Maldonado

    LAP 22

    Romain Grosjean pits to hand Lewis Hamilton the lead. The McLaren driver eeks out a 0.7 second lead over Fernando Alonso. The Ferrari driver locks up into the hairpin, but Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel can't get close enough to launch a move.

    LAP 21

    Romain Grosjean is out race leader as the Lotus has yet to pit while behind him, Sebastian Vettel is closing the gap on the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso.

    LAP 20

    Fernando Alonso runs a little bit wide at the hairpin and Lewis Hamilton gets ever so close but they don't make contact. Hamilton doesn't care, he lines up his McLaren up behind the Ferrari and then uses the DRS to catapult past Alonso down the back straight. Ballsy stuff there from the Briton.

    LAP 20

    Yes he can! The Spaniard just squeezes out in front of Lewis Hamilton. That's a complete reversal of positions during the stops. Wow.

    LAP 20

    Sebastian Vettel gets a run on Lewis Hamilton down the back straight and pulls alongside on the outside. He can't quite get his nose in front and is forced to bail on the move. This is working out nicely for Fernando Alonso. The Ferrari driver pits this lap with a 15 second lead. Can he come out in front?


    Ian_L on Twitter: "Oooooo now its getting interesting!"

    LAP 19

    Lewis Hamilton is delayed once again, but it doesn't matter because he comes out in front of Sebastian Vettel. What a brilliant last couple of laps in that first stint from Hamilton. Sensational stuff. Now all eyes on Fernando Alonso who has decided to stay out on track. Can he build a big enough gap?

    BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter Jennie Gow

    "Jenson Button was saying the grip on his tyres was poor. He felt if he'd carried on with them, he was going to go backwards."

    LAP 18

    Lewis Hamilton now leads the Canadian Grand Prix from Fernando Alonso. The gap between the two is just 0.6 seconds. Hamilton pits at the end of the pit straight but Alonso has continued on. Will this be an inspired move from Ferrari?

    LAP 17

    Wow, really close at the hairpin between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. The Red Bull pulls away on the straight, but it's getting close. Fernando Alonso is lurking close behind in third, too. Vettel pits at the end of the straight. Can Hamilton push in the free air? Will Vettel's out lap be enough?

    LAP 16

    Lewis Hamilton is really motoring. That hurry up has seen the McLaren to close to within 0.7 seconds of Sebastian Vettel. We have a race, people!

    LAP 15

    Lewis Hamilton is told by his team to push and he responds immediately. Expect stops from the frontrunners shortly. Super move by Kimi Raikkonen on Jenson Button, shooting down the inside of the McLaren at the final chicane for 10th. Looks like Button was holding him up because Perez, Kobayashi and Hulkenberg are close behind.

    LAP 14

    Michael Schumacher and Paul di Resta make their stops. Di Resta gets out into clear air, but Schumacher sees the Caterham of Heikki Kovalainen drive past. That won't please the German.

    LAP 13

    Felipe Massa is the first man to pit, choosing a set of the yellow soft tyres. That's pretty early which means he's likely to do a two-stop strategy.

    LAP 12

    Paul di Resta, who is running fifth, says that he is struggling with his rear tyres. Expect the Scot to face pressure from Nico Rosberg in the next few laps.

    LAP 11

    Pastor Maldonado makes short work of Heikki Kovalainen and is now up to 17th - where he would have started had he not taken a five-place grid penalty for changing his gearbox. Felipe Massa is struggling to make any impression on the Sauber of Kamui Kobayashi in 11th.


    Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg team radio: "Nico, we need more fuel saving."

    LAP 10

    Lewis Hamilton looks to be closing on race leader Sebastian Vettel. The McLaren driver has taken half a second out off the Red Bull driver in the last two laps.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "The teams will be marginal on fuel this afternoon if we don't see a safety car."


    The top four are separated by just 2.5 seconds, but there's a massive five second gap between them and fifth placed Paul di Resta in the Force India. Nico Rosberg is pegging the Scot with the gap standing at 0.8 seconds. "Rosberg will have to drive like he's got his grandmother in the back," said BBC co-commentator David Coulthard in reference to him looking after his tyres.


    At the back, Pastor Maldonado has made some good progress from 22nd, up four places to 18th. He's one place ahead of his Williams team-mate Bruno Senna who looks like he's struggling for pace in the early stages.


    Sebastian Vettel looks comfortable up front, slowly building his lead which now stands at 1.8 seconds from Lewis Hamilton. Fernando Alonso is 1.8 seconds back in third.


    Felipe Massa has made a right mess of Turn Two. The back end of the car just steps out on him and he spins the car round. He drops from fifth down to 12th. All his good work at the start has been undone.


    Romain Grosjean is now sizing up a move on Nico Rosberg. BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson thinks the German is struggling to get those tyres switched on which is why he's going backwards.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "The key to Jenson Button's afternoon is whether he can make his tyres last and go for a one-stop strategy."


    Sebastian Vettel sets the fastest lap of the race as he goes 1.4 seconds clear at the front. The Mercedes is in al sorts of bother down the back straight. Paul di Resta puts the DRS to good effect and breezes past Nico Rosberg for sixth place. Great stuff from the Scot.


    Sebastian Vettel is already starting to build a tasty lead, which stands at 1.1 seconds from Hamilton and Alonso. Webber is fourth, ahead of Rosberg, Massa, Di Resta and Grosjean. A brilliant move by Felipe Massa on Nico Rosberg. The Ferrari driver gets a great drive off the hairpin, pulls alongside the German and then makes it stick into the chicance.


    Nico Rosberg gets round the inside of Mark Webber in the battle for fourth at Turn One, but he is on the outside at Turn Two and the Australian holds him off. That pushes him back into the clutches of Felipe Massa who is looking really racy.

  138. 1903: 
    GO! GO! GO!

    Sebastian Vettel gets a brilliant start, surging into the lead, with Lewis Hamilton sotting into second, just ahead of Fernando Alonso. Amazingly, everyone gets through Turn One unscathed.

  139. 1902: 

    There's a traffic jam down at the final chicane as the frontrunners slow down and give their tyres one final burn out before taking up their grid slot. Sebastian Vettel is place...

  140. 1900: 

    The tyre blankets are off, the cars brought down off the jacks and the engines fired up. Sebastian Vettel blasts away from pole position, followed by Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso for the formation lap. We're minutes away people.


    Andrew Thatcher on Twitter: "I thnk that Hamilton 1st with Alonso 2nd Vettel 3rd and Massa 4th. Webber may be on the podium and Button will do well."

  142. 1857: 

    Lewis Hamilton is belted into his car, visor down and deep in concentration. The 2008 world champion starts eight metres behind pole-sitter Sebastian Vettel. Can he jump the reigning world champion at the start?

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "There is one major concern for those hoping for a typically entertaining Canadian GP. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel has gone for the strategy he used for most of 2011 - set the car up for ultimate speed with shorter gears and take pole. He will be aiming to blitz the first two laps and get more than a second clear of his rivals so they can't use the DRS overtaking aid to pass him. Having shorter gears means you have less straight-line speed, but it means you come off the corners quicker, so you're still tough to pass. And overtaking will be hard - the driver behind needs a lap-time advantage of in the region of 1.5 seconds to get past, even with DRS."

  144. 1855: 

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Jonathan Legard and analyst Jaime Alguersuari are up and running in the handy module to the top right of the page. Former Toro Rosso driver Alguersuari thinks there will be a safety car in the early stages of the race while he thinks Jenson Button's decision to start on the soft tyres makes him one to watch.

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "This is a happy hunting ground for Lewis Hamilton. He loves this track. He was attacking it during qualifying, but he knows the real glory comes on race day."

  146. 1850: 

    The buzzer has sounded which means it's time for the grid to be cleared as final preparations for the race begin. Meanwhile, Red Bull's design genius Adrian Newey has wandered over to McLaren and is having a snoop at his rival's car. Cheeky.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "This season is already remarkable for its unpredictability - and the Canadian Grand Prix could ramp that up another notch. At every race, the Pirelli tyres have given the teams' headaches, but Paul di Resta, an excellent eighth on the grid for Force India, believes that this event will be even more of a journey of discovery, because it was wet last year, Pirelli's first in F1 since 1991. 'It is known for high tyre degradation but we didn't get true data last year, we had a wet race,' Di Resta said. 'It is relatively unknown, that's what makes this race quite exciting because there is no past and previous data to say what the race is going to go.'"

  148. 1847: 

    We've got 70 laps of brake-busting, intoxicating racing to look forward to on the 4.361km Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Circuit when the lights go out at 19:00 BST. The 14-turn track sits on an island in the middle of the St Lawrence seaway and requires the drives to make appoximately 3640 gear changes during the race. Along the back straight, they'll hit a top speed of 315kph while brakes will take a beating as there are six heavy braking points on around the track.


    McLaren driver Jenson Button, who starts 10th: "Hopefully we'll make some good process. We're starting on the soft while everyone in front is on the super-soft so let's see what we can do."

    BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard

    "Sebastian Vettel will want to dominate this grand prix. It's all about breaking that one second window in the early laps before the DRS is activated and then controlling the race from here."


    Ferrari driver Felipe Massa, who starts sixth: "I try to have a good race. Strategy may be difficult to understand. I think it's a fight between one and two stops, it depends how the first stint goes."

  152. 1845: 

    The grid is starting to fill up with mechanics, drivers and all manner of guests. Lewis Hamilton has his ice pack vest on and is coolly sipping on a drink while chatting to his engineers. The Briton looks super cool and will fancy his chances into Turn One.


    Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel, who starts on pole: "It's a crazy place, it's a long race. I hope we start on the right foot, get a good start and then see where we are. The track temperature is similar to that in qualifying and we were quite competitve so hopefully we can continue that trend in the race."

  154. 1842: 

    Last five Canadian GP winners:

    2011 - Jenson Button (McLaren)

    2010 - Lewis Hamilton (McLaren)

    2008 - Robert Kubica (BMW Sauber)

    2007 - Lewis Hamilton (McLaren)

    2006 - Fernando Alonso (Renault)

  155. 1840: 

    2012 winners:

    Australia - Jenson Button (McLaren)

    Malaysia - Fernando Alonso (Ferrari)

    China - Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)

    Bahrain - Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)

    Spain - Pastor Maldonado (Williams)

    Monaco - Mark Webber (Red Bull)


    Sauber on Twitter: "A beautiful day and packed grandstands - always a great pleasure to be at #GPCanada. Track temp 43, air temp 27 and all ready for race."

  157. 1838: 

    The pit lane has opened its door sparking action in the garages as drivers fire up their engines and file out onto the track and round to the grid to take up their starting spot. It's also a final chance for the team to check everything is working with the car after it spent the night in parc ferme.


    Williams driver Bruno Senna on Twitter: "Looking forward to the race today!! Just about to go in and heat is high here in Canada!! Let's push!"

  159. 1836: 

    The Canadian Grand Prix is no stranger to a safety car with six races in last 10 years seeing the silver machine make at least one appearance. And for those who think Sebastian Vettel has got the win tied up, history says otherwise. Only three drivers in the last decade have won from pole - Lewis Hamilton in 2007 and 2010 and Fernando Alonso in 2006.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Some strategy info for you. It's looking like a one-stop race - tyre wear and degradation is expected to be low. Although some teams think it's a definite two-stop. Either way, a safety car in the area of laps 10-20 would spice things up. What do you do in such an eventuality? Do you pit for your 'prime' tyres and hope they last to the end, or stay out and assume you will overtake the drivers who do stop early later on? Lewis Hamilton has been pessimistic about his tyre wear but the info from Friday does not back that up - he was quicker than the Red Bulls then. The 'prime' tyre, or 'soft', becomes quicker than the 'option' or 'super-soft', on which the top nine will start, after about five to 10 laps."

  161. 1833: 

    Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: "The level of tyre degradation is so far quite contained with the super-soft lasting for 30 laps or more, so we could see a one-stop strategy from some teams while the majority might try a two-stop strategy."

  162. 1831: 

    And here's 1-12:

    1) Sebastian Vettel 2) Lewis Hamilton 3) Fernando Alonso 4) Mark Webber 5) Nico Rosberg 6) Felipe Massa 7) Romain Grosjean 8) Paul di Resta 9) Michael Schumacher 10) Jenson Button 11) Kamui Kobayashi 12) Kimi Raikkonen

  163. 1827: 

    Here's how they line up for the first North American race of the season - 13-24:

    13) Nico Hulkenberg 14) Daniel Ricciardo 15) Sergio Perez 16) Bruno Senna 17) Heikki Kovalainen 18) Vitaly Petrov 19) Jean-Eric Vergne 20) Pedro de la Rosa 21) Timo Glock 22) Pastor Maldonado* 23) Charles Pic 24) Narain Karthikeyan

    *Pastor Maldonado qualified 17th but picked up a five-place grid drop for a gearbox change.

  164. 1822: 

    William driver Pastor Maldonado has been handed a five-place grid penalty - not for the first time this season - for a gearbox change which was needed following his crash at the wall of champions in qualifying on Sunday. He'll start 22nd which promotes my star of qualifying - Pedro de la Rosa in the backmarker HRT - to 20th.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "As for Mercedes' chances in the race, the team are not that confident of challenging Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber ahead of them. Nico Rosberg said a podium finish was the 'goal'. But team boss Ross Brawn would say only that their chances were 'solid - we'd need things to come together to be challenging right at the front, but the car seemed good on high fuel and I think we may get some surprises with the tyres.'"

  166. 1817: 

    Qualifying was an absolute cracker on Saturday with 0.5 seconds separating the top 10 in Q2. But Sebastian Vettel found another level - much like he did last year when he scored 15 poles in 19 races - in Q3 to take his second pole of the season. It wasn't such a good session for Jenson Button, though, and he starts the race in 10th. He is on the more durable soft tyres - while everyone in front of him is on the super-soft - so could still be a factor.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Mercedes arrived in Canada with high expectations - which even the notoriously cagey Michael Schumacher was confident enough to voice. But they never looked quite on the pace in qualifying and they were not helped by the team failing to get Schumacher over the line early enough to start his final lap - by an agonising 0.04secs. Apparently the GPS on the car was slightly out of sync. Schumacher felt he could have made fourth or fifth, where team-mate Nico Rosberg ended up, without the error."

  168. 1812: 

    The talk coming into this weekend was that Michael Schumacher had a great chance of securing his first victory since returning to the sport in 2010. The seven-time world champion has won the Canadian Grand Prix seven times and also has the number seven on his car. Victory in Montreal would make him the seventh different winner in as many races but things haven't quite gone to plan. The German finished seventh fastest in second practice on Friday and a mistake by the team meant he didn't cross the finish line before the chequered flag in qualifying so he will start ninth.


    Joe Sturdy on Twitter: "Red Bulls and Ferraris will be up there for sure. Hope that MSC & JB do well this weekend. They deserve to!"

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Watch out for some action from Pastor Maldonado in the Williams. He's been quick but wild this weekend - and that continued in qualifying, with the wildness rather winning out. Maldonado was on course to make it into the top-10 shoot-out but he hit the wall at the notorious final chicane and will line up down in 17th in a car that could have been on the third row. That has to be guaranteed excitement - but will the Venezuelan climb the field or crash?"


    Force India driver Paul di Resta on Twitter: "Race day, going to be a hot one. Lots of fans arriving at the track already, this place is one big party for the GP weekend."

  172. 1807: 

    For this week's Lawro's Podium Predictions, I'm going for 1) Lewis Hamilton 2) Fernando Alonso 3) Sebastian Vettel because Hamilton is a demon around this track while we all know how quick that Ferrari is off the line. That prediction has gone well with the team for a change, but more importantly what do you think? Tweet me @lawrobarretto using the #bbcf1 hashtag or text 81111 (UK only) remembering to put F1 and your name at the start.

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Ferrari arrived in Canada with revised rear bodywork and a new exhaust position and it has made a big difference to the car. Fernando Alonso qualified third, equalling his best result of the year, and he was very encouraged by the progress the team is making. 'It's very good news for us in terms of championship possibilities because until now we were leading the championship but with some ups and downs for everybody,' he said, 'but now with a car that can be competitive and fight with the others we feel much more confident.'"


    Stuart Humphrey on Twitter: "I'd love Lewis to do the business today but I think this will be Alonso's race to lose."

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Lewis Hamilton looked in great form in Canada on Friday, but the higher temperatures of Saturday caused McLaren tyre problems and Hamilton does not sound that optimistic about the race, which will be hotter again, with Sebastian Vettel ahead of him and Fernando Alonso's Ferrari right behind. 'Ferrari have incredible degradation,' he said. 'The Red Bull is very good with long distance but the Ferrari is even better. I think it's Fernando we have to watch out for mostly. We'll give it our best and hope we can remain in the battle.' Rivals wonder if this is a bit of gamesmanship - the McLaren was quick and good with its tyres in the race-simulation runs on Friday."

  176. 1802: 

    It's absolutely baking out there in Montreal, so much so that Bruno Senna has got his ice pack vest on while Sergio Perez has gone for the unbutton shirt look as they, along with the rest of the grid, make their way round the track for the parade in some awesome classic cars.


    BBC Radio 5 live breakfast presenter Simon King "It's very unlikely we'll see the same scenes as last year when the race was delayed by torrential rain. It's looking dry and sunny and turning increasingly warm for the race.

  178. 1800: 

    I'm not sure we'll see the race run anywhere near that long this year as the weather forecast is much brighter...

  179. 1758: 

    Ah yes, last year's race was epic. Torrential rain drowned the track and forced a red flag - and a two-hour delay - midway through the race. In amongst the chaos, Jenson Button ran last, pitted an incredible six times and still won the race, pinching the win on the last lap from Sebastian Vettel. It took four hours, four minutes and 39.537 seconds to complete the race, making it the longest in the history of the sport.

  180. 1755: 

    Sebastian Vettel took a step closer to doing just that with a mighty lap in qualifying, but he's got a hungry Lewis Hamilton - who is searching for his first win of 2012 and has won in Canada twice - sat alongside him on the grid with Fernando Alonso just behind in a Ferrari which has seen a remarkable transformation in recent weeks. Will the German be able to atone for his howler in Montreal 12 months ago?

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "Sebastian Vettel's pole position in Canada was the 32nd of his career - a number that draws him level with Nigel Mansell and behind only Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Jim Clark and Alain Prost. All at the age of 24. It's an incredible record - and one established by the sort of stunning lap he produced on Saturday, 0.303secs quicker than Lewis Hamilton. Vettel does love his stats but he'll be more concerned right now about another; adding to his 22 wins."


    Ferrari's Fernando Alonso on Twitter: "So happy that things are going good for us! Best qualy position of the year for Ferrari. Incredible recovery from the team. (In Australia out of Q3, 1.6 seconds off pole). We must continue to work! #teameffort."

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson

    "The Canadian Grand Prix is one of the most evocative and popular races on the Formula 1 calendar - and the natives of Montreal make this admiration mutual. The city's track is named for the legendary former Ferrari driver Gilles Villeneuve, a Quebec native, who won the first race on what was then called the Ile Notre Dame circuit in 1978. Four years later, he was killed.

    "This year, on the 30th anniversary of Villeneuve's death, the team's new hero, Fernando Alonso, says a victory would be 'nice to offer all the Ferrari tifosi here in Canada'. Third on the grid after a competitive weekend, the Spaniard looks to have a strong chance - but he'll have to get past Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton first."

  184. 1750: 

    Yes, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve plays host to round seven of the World Championship with everyone wondering whether we will get our seventh winner in seven races. Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel, Pastor Maldonado and Mark Webber have all sampled the sweet nectar of victory in 2012, but not one has managed to repeat the trick.

  185. 1747: 

    Hello and a very warm welcome to the 43th running of the Canadian Grand Prix, the first of two North American rounds this year with the United States Grand Prix scheduled for later this year at a new venue in Austin, Texas.

  186. 1745: 

    The final part of qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix took on a very familiar feel on Saturday as reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel found his mojo again and obliterated the field to take the 32nd pole position of his career. But with this being Montreal, during a season which has been as predictable as Eddie Jordan's shirts, everything is still very much to play for.

Formula 1 World Championship 2014

Position Driver Team Pts
1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes 384
2 Germany N Rosberg Mercedes 317
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull 238
4 Finland V Bottas Williams 186
5 Germany S Vettel Red Bull 167
6 Spain F Alonso Ferrari 161
7 Brazil F Massa Williams 134
8 Great Britain J Button McLaren 126
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India 96
10 Mexico S Perez Force India 59
11 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren 55
12 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari 55
13 France J Vergne Toro Rosso 22
14 France R Grosjean Lotus 8
15 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso 8
16 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus 2
18 Germany A Sutil Sauber 0
20 Mexico E Gutierrez Sauber 0
22 Japan K Kobayashi Caterham 0
23 W Stevens Caterham 0


After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham