Hereford United handed another adjournment in London court

Hereford have been granted a further adjournment in the winding-up petition brought by ex-Bulls boss Martin Foyle.

The troubled club, who had the case adjourned on 2 June, were granted a further seven days' grace on Monday.


"As we understand it, they now have seven days to come up with a plan and then, in all probability, a further 21 days to persuade their creditors to agree to the Voluntary Arrangement.

"Essentially, they have to persuade 75% of their creditors to agree to their proposals."

Trevor Owens, BBC Hereford & Worcester sports editor

BBC Hereford & Worcester reports that United may be looking to apply for a Companies Voluntary Arrangement in order to work out a payment plan with their creditors, including Foyle.

They are now due to reconvene at the Royal Courts of Justice on 6 July.

Since first appearing in court in London on 2 June, the club have been taken over by London businessman Tommy Agombar, who has since stood down as a director.

They have also been expelled by the Football Conference and are now scheduled to start next season in the Southern League.

Foyle, 51, now the manager of Southport, has tried for three months to negotiate over money owed when he left in March.

Many of the football creditors from last season still to be fully paid include the first-team players.