Saturday football as it happened

Man City win at Everton to go top of the table after Cardiff and Fulham are relegated from the Premier League.

3 May 2014 Last updated at 11:26

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As it happened

  1. 20:00: 

    So, Manchester City are in charge of the title race but there's still three teams who can lift the crown heading into the final week of the season. At the bottom, Fulham and Cardiff will wake up tomorrow knowing they face a season in the Championship, but who will be joining them? There's plenty at stake and we all 'go again' tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) for Arsenal v West Brom and Chelsea v Norwich. Until next time...goodnight.

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    Don: It would appear Everton haven't really progressed after all... Just a different route to the same destination.

    Vale: Liverpool can score 12 goals over two games? Let's not forget that City are also a high-scoring side and don't concede a lot.

    James: People have been saying 'sometime Liverpool's shaky defence will cost them', people just didn't expect it to be via goal difference.

  3. 19:52: 

    A bad day in Bristol indeed - in fact Rovers manager Darrell Clarke broke down in tears when he spoke to the media following today's relegation.

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    Benji, Bristol: Sad day in Bristol. My beloved Rovers are relegated out of the Football League for the first time ever, my second team Liverpool now seem unlikely to win the title and now the car's just broken down!

  5. 19:50: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Everton 2-3 Man City
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini, speaking to Sky Sports: "It was a really, really big step. To play here against Everton is difficult. If anyone has any doubt about Everton players, they wanted to win from the beginning and it was a very tough game.

    "We won and that is important. The pressure is maybe too high to play your best football. It is not easy to recover from a goal down but we did.

    "When we finish the year we will analyse the performances of the players. Joe Hart made some very good saves but the team played with a lot of spirit against a tough team.

    "The worst thing we can do is think that we have won the Premier League. We have to try thinking from tomorrow about the game against Aston Villa and then we will see what happens."

  6. 19:49: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Chelsea, of course, can return to the top of the Premier League on Sunday if they manage to beat Norwich at Stamford Bridge. Then it's Liverpool's turn on Monday when they visit Crystal Palace. Manchester City's all-important game in hand is on Wednesday when they host Aston Villa.

  7. 19:44: 
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    Alex: After the dreadful season Fulham have had, we didn't deserve anything better. I think we need to get rid of some of the dead wood and allow our young players like Dan Burn, Patrick Roberts, Cauley Woodrow and Moussa Dembele to have a good go at the Championship. C'mon you whites, we'll be back!

  8. 19:42: 
    Match of the Day running order
    MOTD order
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    Samuel Ennis: It's interesting that Cardiff and Fulham are relegated and Norwich are in the bottom three. All these clubs sacked their manager needlessly. What if they had retained their manager like Aston Villa?

    Pete: To be honest, the way we've played this season, it's not beyond the realms of possibility for Liverpool to score 12 goals in two games and pip City on goal difference.

  10. 19:40: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Today's result is good news for Arsenal, who are assured of their Champions League spot next season. Consequently, Hull have qualified for the Europa League courtesy of their run to the FA Cup final.

  11. 19:39: 
    Player reaction- Everton 2-3 Man City

    Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany, speaking to Sky Sports: "It was very hard and intense. I was thinking during the game the Everton players must have a lot of friends at Liverpool. It was a great result.

    "When you take the lead here you cannot relax. I thought until the last minute both teams had to give everything in the game.

    "We've had a lot of tough times in season but also wonderful games. The most important thing is to pick up form at right time and we have two home games left but the past has taught us to be careful.

    "It is two games at home but it doesn't mean anything. You've seen Sunderland game when we drew."

  12. 19:35: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Everton can be proud of their performances this season, and Toffees players are given a great reception as they do the traditional last-home-game-of-the-season lap of honour with their children.

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    Ross: Credit to Everton, they gave it their all today. No Liverpool fan can accuse them of letting City win after than performance.

    Okeke: Arsenal have just qualified for next season's Champions League with two games to spare. Now all that is left is to win the FA cup.

    Dave: Well I guess Liverpool just need to do what they did in 1989. Beat Palace 9-0.

  14. 19:33: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    How crucial was that save from Joe Hart when the score was still 2-1, moments before Edin Dzeko went up the other end and made it 3-1?

    Everton 2-3 Man City
  15. 19:30: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at Goodison Park: "A hard-fought victory for City but I think it was deserved. They played well enough in the opening stages but went behind to a magnificent goal from Ross Barkley. At that point it looked as though they were in for a hard afternoon but from the moment Aguero equalised City took control of the game."

  16. 19:29: 
    Top of the table
    Premier League

    There we go then. Beat West Ham and Aston Villa at home and Manchester City win the title. I suspect they would have taken that scenario at the start of the season

    Chief football writer Phil McNulty at Goodison ParkEverton 2-3 Man City

    "Some Manchester City players throw themselves on the floor in a mixture of relief and celebration at the final whistle. Vital victory. Two home games to come against Aston Villa and West Ham and the title in their own hands."

  18. 19:26: 
    FULL-TIME- Everton 2-3 Man City

    One down, two to go for Manchester City. Oasis star Noel Gallagher celebrates wildly in a Goodison Park hospitality box - Manuel Pellegrini's men are in the box-seat for the title.

  19. 19:25: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Nervous moments for Manchester City as Joe Hart shepherds the ball out of play but appears to trip Antolin Alcaraz in the area. No penalty.

  20. 19:24: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Everton pump it forward but they just hand possession back to Manchester City. One minute left.

  21. 19:23: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Still Manchester City in possession and we have 90 seconds left in the game...

  22. 19:22: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Manchester City have the ball in the Everton half with three minutes of injury time left on the clock. Get it in the corner, scream City fans.

  23. 19:20: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    David Silva on the edge of the area but his low shot is deflected wide by John Stones. City take an age to take the corner, but it comes to nothing.

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    Wiliam: The referee was correct there, too much play-acting going on in the game. More ref's should do the same. Dzeko is a big lad.

    John: Would a draw be the nightmare scenario for Everton fans? Doesn't really help them but hands title back to Liverpool?

    Krishan: Wouldn't it be fun now if Dzeko scores a goal with his shoulder...

  25. 19:19: 
    INJURY TIME- Everton 2-3 Man City

    Manchester City have everyone back as Everton press for that all-important equaliser. Six minutes of time is added on...

  26. 19:17: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "Great play from Deulofeu. Joe Hart spread himself and kept himself big to make another very important save and deny the Everton substitute. City will have a lot of work to do in the closing stages here."

  27. 19:16: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Aiden McGeady is ready to go through his repertoire now - the winger getting the better of Pablo Zabaleta but his deep cross evades everyone. The attack continues and, after good work from Ross Barkley, Gerard Deulofeu's angled shot from 12 yards is turned around the post by Joe Hart. The corner comes to nothing.

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    Jesse: Dzeko, this is embarrassing.

  29. 19:12: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 2-3 Man City

    Seven minutes left on the clock and Aiden McGeady replaces Leon Osman. Edin Dzeko returns to the action and is booed by Everton supporters.

  30. 19:11: 
    YELLOW CARD- Everton 2-3 Man City

    Edin Dzeko finally gets to his feet and is booked. Maybe the referee was right, because the striker appears ready to continue.

    Everton 2-3 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "It's become a battle of wills between the referee and Dzeko - the referee won't budge and Dzeko won't budge. The ref is going to book him for simulation and actually must have some bottle because if Dzeko really is seriously injured he is going to have something to answer for.

    "I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. It's one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen. What does he say if Dzeko is taken down the tunnel on a stretcher?"

  32. 19:10: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Leighton Baines and Tim Howard wave on the ambulance crew with a stretcher. The referee, Lee Probert, is just hanging around ready to brandish a yellow card to Edin Dzeko. Maybe he thinks the striker is time-wasting? It doesn't appear as though he is.

  33. 19:09: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Bizarrely, the referee is not allowing anybody on to treat Edin Dzeko so we have a big break in play.

  34. 19:08: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    Concern for Manchester City as Edin Dzeko goes to ground clutching his shoulder. The visitors have used up all of their subs...

    Chief football writer Phil McNulty at Goodison ParkEverton 2-3 Man City

    "Is there one more goal in this? A goal that could play a significant part in deciding the destiny of the Premier League title?"

  36. 19:05: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    How you feeling, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea fans? The nerves holding up?

  37. 19:04: 
    As it stands- Everton 2-3 Man City
    Premier League

    If Manchester City can hold on then the title will remain in their hands. Win their final two games and they will be champions - barring an extraordinary goal burst from Liverpool, anyway.

    But an Everton equaliser would put city rivals Liverpool back in charge...

  38. 19:03: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 2-3 Man City

    A shuffle of the deck from Manchester City - David Silva on for Samir Nasri. Fifteen minutes to go...

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    Tokunbo: City will still concede one goal. Question is whether they can score another.

  40. 19:03: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    A clever idea from Leighton Baines as he tries to curl a cross in the direction of Steven Naismith but it's too close to Joe Hart and the move breaks down.

  41. 19:01: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City
    Romelu Lukaku

    Romelu Lukaku has now scored 31 Premier League goals since the start of last season, for West Brom and Everton.

    Only Luis Suarez (53) and Robin Van Persie (37) have scored more in that time. Maybe he'll get one for Chelsea one day?

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    Rob: That's the problem with players nowadays. Too quick to look at (and blame) the officials for offside rather than do their job.

  43. 19:00: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 2-3 Man City

    Another top-class save, this time from Tim Howard as the American's feet deny an overlapping Pablo Zabaleta at the near post.

  44. 18:59: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    James Milner tells Manchester City's players to calm down. There's a few nerves knocking around now. Twenty minutes to go...

  45. 18:57: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 2-3 Man City

    Amid all the excitement of that goal, there's a couple of changes to tell you about - Manchester City have sent on Aleksandar Kolarov in place of Yaya Toure while, for Everton, Gerard Deulofeu replaces Phil Jagielka. Attacking move from the Toffees.

  46. 18:56: 
    Everton 2-3 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "Static marking, both Kompany and Demichelis are appealing to the assistant referee - they think it is offside but it looks as though Lukaku timed his run between the two defenders perfectly. The one time James Milner lets Leighton Baines go on the left City are punished as Lukaku dives to head his cross past Joe Hart. Game on here."

  47. 18:53: 
    GOAL- Everton 2-3 Man City - Romelu Lukaku (65 mins)

    That changes things a little bit! Manchester City only have themselves to blame as they allow Leighton Baines to advance forward and the left-back obliges with a delightful ball into the box which is met by a diving Romelu Lukaku who heads home via the inside of the post.

  48. 18:52: 
    Everton 1-3 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "It's been a very hectic match but the game has slowed a little now. Neither side has really let up from the very first moment in what has been a brilliant advert for the Premier League. Obviously it's a great result as things stand for City but I do think Everton, and Barkley in particular, have still been brilliant and there is a long way to go. I just wonder at what point Manuel Pellegrini might try to change things and seal the game up, what with everything that is at stake."

  49. 18:52: 
    Everton 1-3 Man City

    Liverpool fans will be hoping Everton can turn this one around, but it's not looking good for them. Can you remember a time when you desperately needed your local rivals to do your side a favour?

    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at Godison ParkEverton 1-3 Man City

    "It's looking easy at the back for City, they are happy for Everton to bring the game to them now."

  51. 18:47: 
    Everton 1-3 Man City

    Manchester City are able to sit deep now, trying to pick Everton off when they lose the ball. So far, Everton are struggling to break through the wall of white shirts.

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    Pasa: Hart has had his critics but credit where it is due, what a save to deny Naismith!

    Sahil: For the fourth season in a row, the league title is staying in Manchester.

  53. 18:43: 
    Everton 1-3 Man City

    Manchester City's third goal today is their 150th in the season. Manuel Pellegrini has certainly made the Blues much more of a force going forward.

  54. 18:41: 
    Everton 1-3 Man City
    Edin Dzeko

    What's the reason for this then? Is Edin Dzeko more adept at putting away swift counters when there are less markers around him? Just a theory...

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Goodison ParkEverton 1-3 Man City

    "That was a vital few seconds in the context of the Premier League title race. Brilliant save from Joe Hart from Steven Naismith at one end then Edin Dzeko immediately makes it 3-1."

  56. 18:39: 
    Everton 1-3 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "There is still a fair way to go but this is a wonderful lead against a very good Everton side who have played well for 50 minutes only to find themselves 3-1 down."

  57. 18:39: 
    Everton 1-3 Man City

    Manchester City are rampant now. Yaya Toure goes through the gears down the right and Edin Dzeko is nearly on hand to convert his third of the match.

  58. 18:36: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-3 Man City - Edin Dzeko (48 mins)

    Predatory! After surviving a let-off at one end, Manchester City slice through Everton with a series of passes and Samir Nasri's low cross into the six-yard box is stabbed home by Edin Dzeko.

  59. 18:36: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 1-2 Man City

    Tremendous stuff all-round. First Ross Barkley leaves Javi Garcia trailing in his wake with a powerful burst through midfield and he finds Steven Naismith, whose goal-bound shot is tipped around the corner superbly by Joe Hart. Almost a leveller.

  60. 18:34: 
    KICK-OFF- Everton 1-2 Man City

    Round two. Seconds out. Ding, ding, ding...

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    Phil, Liverpool: I'm sat in the Lower Gwladys at Goodison. Nobody here wants us to lose.

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    Andy: Huge bonus going into the lead at HT. Don't think City have played well but bar the Barkley worldie Everton haven't done much.

    James: Any other game Baines blocks that cross. Expecting two or three more now.

  63. 18:26: 
    The fab four- Everton 1-2 Man City
    Yaya Toure and David Silva

    There is a long way to go yet of course - but should Manchester City win the title this season they will wonder just how much easier it would have been had they had their key players available more often.

    The quartet of Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure, David Silva and Sergio Aguero have only started eight games together all season. Of those, City won seven and drew one.

    With Aguero limping off injured again this afternoon that record looks unlikely to be improved.

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    We're asking you about the suggestion that some Everton fans would rather Manchester City win today so they don't help Liverpool in the title race. True or false?

    Richard: I believe Everton and Liverpool have a good mutual support for each other, and seems many would like to see both doing well.

    James: Everton go in at half time losing and the PA plays The Masterplan...

    JJ Gass: In US terms, it would sting if my Red Sox beat someone to hand the Yankees the pennant - but I would never want them to lose.

  65. 18:23: 
    Half-time stats- Everton 1-2 Man City

    Manchester City have registered 10 shots on goal, with four of them on target. Everton's downfall is their inability to consistently work Joe Hart. Only Ross Barkley has hit the target - and what a goal that was!

    Everton 1-2 Man City
  66. 18:21: 
    Everton 1-2 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "What a pulsating first 45 minutes it has been. There was nothing to choose between them early on before we saw a flash of brilliance from Barkley - a truly magnificent individual goal. But City came back into it through Aguero, who shot past Howard at the near post before coming off injured, and then shortly before the break Dzeko scored at a vital time."

  67. 18:18: 
    HALF-TIME- Everton 1-2 Man City
  68. 18:17: 
    Everton 1-2 Man City

    What's John Stones doing there? The classy Everton defender picks up a decent position on the right and puts a decent cross into the area but Romelu Lukaku blazes it over the bar.

  69. 18:16: 
    Everton 1-2 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "That is a fabulous header from Dzeko. The ball was clipped to the back post - it wasn't set up perfectly for him and he had to back pedal. But even though he was backing away to the corner of the box he managed to get power on it and the ball nestled to the left of Tim Howard in the Everton goal. That will really boost his confidence. And now we forget the two chances he could have done better with because he has scored a goal at a vital time, which is what Edin Dzeko does."

  70. 18:16: 
    City in charge- Everton 1-2 Man City
    Premier League

    Should Manchester City hang on and win today the title will be back in their hands. A defeat for Everton would also mean that Arsenal are guaranteed Champions League football.

    It's a big goal whatever way you slice it.

    Chief football writer Phil McNulty at Goodison ParkEverton 1-2 Man City

    "Crucial strike at a crucial time for Manchester City. Been nowhere near their best here but have the lead just before half-time."

  72. 18:13: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-2 Man City - Edin Dzeko (43 mins)

    There's been a few knocking him on social media today, but Edin Dzeko comes up with the goods when Manchester City needs him most. James Milner, out on the right, stands up a cross into the penalty area and Dzeko powers it expertly past Tim Howard.

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    Ross: Ross Barkley is absolute class, England desperately need him to perform on the world stage. Build the team around him.

    Lifa: City have to look into their medical stuff, how on earth are they failing to keep Aguero on the pitch this season?

  74. 18:11: 
    Everton 1-1 Man City

    There's a bit of a lull in this game as both sides try and work an opening before the half-time whistle is upon us. Now I've said that, we're bound to get another goal...

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    Raj, London: If Manchester City want the best out of Aguero they need to stop bringing him on as soon as he is fit; let him have two to three sub appearances before starting him, or these injuries will just carry on.

    Tom, Manchester: Real shame Aguero may be injured (again). Aguero, Kompany, Yaya and Silva have only played 216 minutes together in the league.

  76. 18:07: 
    Everton 1-1 Man City
    Sergio Aguero

    Could that injury rule Sergio Aguero out of the World Cup? Maybe the Argentina manager Alejandro Sabella might want to dig out a number for Carlos Tevez?

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    We're asking you about the suggestion that some Everton fans would rather Manchester City win today so they don't help Liverpool in the title race. True or false?

    Graham: Don't understand the mentality of fans that want Everton to lose because of the impact it has on Liverpool's season. COYB.

    Joseph: I think in today's cynical culture, it is almost more important to fans who loses rather than who wins.

  78. 18:03: 
    Everton 1-1 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "Surely a predator like Dzeko knows that when Yaya is in full flight he is going to get that ball across [1802]. But Dzeko was back on his heels - those chances are what he dreams of and he could have had two in the first half hour. Don't be on the heels in the penalty box. Be alert and be on the move."

  79. 18:03: 
    Everton 1-1 Man City

    Because of a number of injuries, Sergio Aguero has only managed 22 Premier League appearances this season. The Manchester City man has scored 17 goals in those games.

    Sergio Aguero takes on John Stones in the match against Everton
  80. 18:02: 
    Everton 1-1 Man City

    Yaya Toure is trying to drag this game by the scruff of the neck now and he drives a dangerous ball into the six-yard box which Antolin Alcaraz does well to clear from in front of an open goal.

  81. 18:00: 
    Everton 1-1 Man City

    Romelu Lukaku is winning plenty of balls out on the right, but I can't help thinking he would be more effective down the middle than trying to give Gael Clichy a hard time.

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    Jimmy: Everton fans out of their seats at Barkley's goal. Shows that they want a win regardless of club rivalry.

    Sham: Aguero is always there when City need him. Pivotal goal. This game is exciting already.

    Andrew: Yaya Toure is real quality. Brilliant play to set up Aguero! Made it look easy.

  83. 17:57: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 1-1 Man City

    Bad news for Manchester City as Sergio Aguero succumbs to his injury, to be replaced by Fernandinho.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Goodison ParkEverton 1-1 Man City

    "How Manchester City needed that piece of typical sharpness from Sergio Aguero. They had been very pedestrian until that point - now they have some momentum.

    "Everton were complaining bitterly before the game resumed that they should have been awarded a penalty for a foul on Ross Barkley just before City's equaliser."

  85. 17:55: 
    Everton 1-1 Man City

    Hang on a minute... I think Sergio Aguero is feeling his groin after scoring that goal. He's looking towards the bench and I think he might be coming off...

    Everton 1-1 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "Everton had a piece of magic with Barkley's goal, it's not quite as magic but City will take this one. Tim Howard won't be happy - he was perhaps expecting it to be hit across him and was beaten at his near post. But the worrying thing for City is that Aguero immediately cut his celebration short and came over to the bench holding his groin. Even if he does have to come off, he has already made a huge contribution with that goal."

  87. 17:52: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-1 Man City - Sergio Aguero (22 mins)

    Manchester City are back in it! Yaya Toure releases Sergio Aguero and the Argentine striker drives past Antolin Alcaraz before rifling past Tim Howard at the near post. Game on.

  88. 17:51: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Everton 1-0 Man City

    Everton are having all of the possession now, with Toffees supporters cheering every touch. And they think they should have a penalty when Ross Barkley jinks into the penalty area, beating two defenders before going down under Vincent Kompany's challenge. The boy has magic in his feet, but the referee made the right call there.

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    We're asking you about the suggestion that some Everton fans would rather Manchester City win today so they don't help Liverpool in the title race. True or false?

    Grant, Weymouth: False. Teams should want to win every match no matter what the consequences. Plus I have no problem with Liverpool winning the league. They've played good football this year.

    Tom, Cornwall: If that goal wins the game, I hope Ross Barkley gets a hero's welcome at Anfield next season!

    Simon: As a Bristol City fan I am supposed to be happy that our city rivals have dropped into the Conference. As a Bristolian, I want both our clubs to do well, so am not as partisan as some other City fans. A day of mixed feelings.

  90. 17:51: 
    Manager reaction- Swansea 0-1 Southampton
    Garry Monk

    Swansea boss Garry Monk: "We found it difficult to start off with against a very good side. We had three or four really good chances that we should have scored. It's just a disappointment at the end. It's a poor goal and we've done that too many times and it's cost us."

    On his future: "I think the chairman stated it would be decided before the end the season so I imagine at some point before the end of the week an announcement would be made."

    Dan Roan, BBC sports news correspondentJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    "Barkley may be young, may be a little inconsistent. But he must be in Brazil."

  92. 17:47: 
    Everton 1-0 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "At this level we are talking high standards so having wriggled his way in to a shooting position I must admit I expected a better finish there from Yaya Toure. He can do better."

  93. 17:47: 
    Everton 1-0 Man City

    Manchester City are shellshocked and Yaya Toure puts an effort into the stands after cutting in from out wide. You can't legislate for Barkley's brilliance, can you?

    Ross Barkley is taken on by Yaya Toure during Everton's match against Manchester City
    Chief football writer Phil McNulty at Goodison ParkEverton 1-0 Man City

    "That goal will have brought cheers all over Merseyside - sheer brilliance from Ross Barkley. For all the talk of not wanting to help Liverpool win the title, there were not too many disappointed Evertonians around Goodison Park when that flew in."

    Ross Barkley celebrates a wonder goal against Manchester City
  95. 17:45: 
    Everton 1-0 Man City

    England manager Roy Hodgson is in the stands at Goodison Park and I wouldn't be surprised if he's now on the phone to a flight company, putting Ross Barkley's name on a ticket to the World Cup. He can't not be selected, can he?

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    Ridhwaan: That could just possibly be THE Goal Of The Season. Not just in terms of technique, but of significance and impact too.

  97. 17:44: 
    As it stands
    Premier League

    Big. That goal is big at the top of the table. Should Everton win today, the title race is back in Liverpool's hands. It also means that the Toffees can still pip Arsenal to a Champions League place.

  98. 17:43: 
    Everton 1-0 Man City

    BBC Radio Manchester summariser Fred Eyre at at Goodison Park: "Lets get it clear - the lad meant it. It was a great piece of play from Baines into Naismith and it came back to Barkley - he glanced up and aimed that for the top right corner. He had the right amount of bend on it - it's clipped in beautifully.

    "Joe Hart, the England goalkeeper, had no chance with it - it's a world class strike. You have to be a lad of special talent to pluck one of those out. He's already announced his arrival this season but in that moment has rubber-stamped it."

    MOTD presenter Gary LinekerJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    "Liverpool....sorry Everton have taken the lead with a wonder goal by Ross Barkley..."

  100. 17:40: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-0 Man City - Ross Barkley (11 mins)

    Oh my word, what a special, special goal. Ross Barkley has Everton - and Liverpool - fans jumping from their seats with an absolute worldy. Leighton Baines and Steven Naismith work the ball to the young England midfielder who, first time, sweeps an unstoppable, curling effort into the top corner from 25 yards out.

  101. 17:39: 
    Everton 0-0 Man City

    This game could explode into life any second - Javi Garcia heading a City corner straight at Time Howard before Pablo Zabaleta charges into the box but scoops his shot over the bar. Both sides are playing at a very brisk pace.

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    We're asking you about the suggestion that some Everton fans would rather Manchester City win today so they don't help Liverpool in the title race. True or false?

    Ryan: Not expecting favours from Everton just because they're from the same city but maybe they will to prove underdogs can be champions.

    Simon: I'm a Man City fan living in Liverpool and have had quite a few Evertonians telling me they hope they lose today.

    Robert: If it was the other way around, I'd want Everton to win the league.

  103. 17:35: 
    Everton 0-0 Man City

    Nice from the Toffees - Leighton Baines turning inside Pablo Zabaleta and rolling the ball to the edge of the area where Steven Naismith hooks a shot wide.

    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreEverton 0-0 Man City

    "Everton are not going to be lying down today - this is possibly the hardest test of City's remaining three games. City will need to turn up because Roberto Martinez knows how to set up against them - remember Wigan Athletic's victory in the 2013 FA Cup final."

  105. 17:33: 
    Everton 0-0 Man City

    Manchester City, in their white away strip, start brightly and Sergio Aguero flashes a ball across the six-yard box which is just waiting to be converted, only to evade everyone.

  106. 17:32: 
    Everton 0-0 Man City

    Interestingly, Everton's Romelu Lukaku has started out wide for the Toffees - much like he did when he took Arsenal apart a few weeks ago. Will he have the same impact today?

  107. 17:30: 
    KICK-OFF- Everton 0-0 Man City

    The first of our three crunch games in the Premier League title race this weekend kicks off...

    Chief football writer Phil McNulty at Goodison ParkEverton v Man City (17:30 BST)

    Giant banner being passed around Goodison Park by Everton fans bearing the image of manager Roberto Martinez and emblazoned with the words "School Of Science" - fair to say they are very happy with their manager at the end of his first season.

  109. 17:27: 
    Everton v Man City (17:30 BST)

    Z-Cars echoes around Goodison Park as the players make their way onto the pitch. Some look focused, some look anxious, then there's Yaya Toure. He's just relaxed.

  110. 17:24: 
    Everton v Man City (17:30 BST)

    I'd love to ask Everton fans about the suggestion that some would rather Manchester City win today so they don't help Liverpool in the title race. True or false?

    Everton v Man City (17:30 BST)
  111. 17:22: 
    Everton v Man City (17:30 BST)

    So we've established that Manchester City need victory in their quest for the title, but they don't have history on their side. City have won only once in their last 15 league visits to Goodison Park (W1, D4, L10). A bogey ground?

    Children play outside Goodison Park ahead of Everton v Manchester City
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson on Football FocusJohn Stones for England?

    "I would take John Stones to the World Cup - he is a real 21st century footballer and plays it out from the back. Don't we always say when England play that they keep giving the ball away? Well this kid won't. Good player."

  113. 17:20: 
    Everton v Man City (17:30 BST)

    John Stones will continue in the centre of Everton's defence this evening, and he'll have words of praise ringing in his ears if he was watching Football Focus earlier...

  114. 17:16: 
    Manager reaction- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland
    Ryan Giggs

    Manchester United boss Ryan Giggs: "I feel flat. The players were flat and I don't know why. Credit to Sunderland they are in good form, and they created the best chances. We lacked that bit of quality in the final third.

    "We were putting five or 10-yard passes astray and if you do that in the Premier League you get punished. We've had a problem at home all season, it's not been good enough.

    "I can't tell you anything about the next manager, I am just concentrating on the next game. The quality is still there in the dressing room but we didn't show it."

    Former Leicester City midfielder Robbie Savage on Football FocusEverton v Man City (17:30 BST)

    "Look at the squad Manchester City have got - if they do not win the title Manuel Pellegrini will automatically comes under massive pressure and I think that is fair enough. They have the best squad in the league. Look at David Moyes - he had very little time at Manchester United."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    David: It's not easy, Ryan, is it?

    Freddie: And to think Atletico Madrid and Fulham were on a similar level in 2010. How fortunes have changed.

    Myles: I hate to wish Vincent Tan out of the club as he saved us financially but he's made us a mockery. Doesn't understand football.

  117. 17:15: 
    Manager Reaction- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland
    Gus Poyet

    Sunderland manager Gus Poyet: "I said a long time ago that we would fight to the end, and what a game of football we played today.

    "I don't know how many records have changed this season, we have been down there all season but if we win and stay up it's an incredible season. We done so many things right but it's been so difficult.

    "The goal gave us that extra but that you need. We knew that United would make changes and go for us but on another day we win 3-0. We hit the post twice. I hope my old team Chelsea give me a hand tomorrow. But if we win one more game we are safe.

    "I said to the boys after the game, thank you. It was tough and there were moments when we looked very tired but we coped with the situation and the clean sheet today is immense."

  118. 17:15: 
    Manager reaction- Stoke 4-1 Fulham
    Stoke 4-1 Fulham

    Fulham manager Felix Magath: "I've never been relegated until today. I feel very sad. I have to apologise for not managing the situation. The club asked me to come - I tried.

    "At the end it was better than before but not good enough. Regarding today, the only thing I can imagine there was too much pressure for the players. There was no reason for that performance - it's the worst game since I've been here. I didn't expect it. We were fighting against relegation. I told the team, today was a great chance but we never took the chance.

    "The thing is you can never say any player would like to see relegation, but they didn't fight enough, especially today. It's hard for everybody who likes Fulham. I like it at Fulham, the club and the English way of playing football. I want to build a new team - that was the idea when I came here."

  119. 17:13: 
    Feeling the pressure

    What's it like to play for a team that is so close to the title?

    "It's as if the trophy is actually there in front of you," says Nigel Winterburn, veteran of Arsenal titles won by the narrowest margin in history and lost by a single point. "You can visualise it. But you're reaching out to touch it, and your hands just go straight through it. There's nothing there."

    Read more from Nigel and others in this piece from chief sports writer Tom Fordyce.

  120. 17:09: 
    Gunning for the top four- Everton v Man City (17:30 BST)

    An aside to today's clash at Goodison Park concerns the Arsenal.

    It's been a topsy-turvy season for the Gunners but should Everton lose this afternoon then it's Champions League football again at the Emirates next year. Top four finish AND a potential trophy?

  121. 17:09: 
    Liverpool's Monday magic?

    Liverpool could be shuffled down to third by Monday night then, when they face Crystal Palace. That is a real test.

    But win at Selhurst Park and they will be top of the shop all over again. It's going to be a frantic few days, that's for sure. I can't wait...

  122. 17:08: 
    Chelsea's little horse lasting the distance?

    So Manchester City could be top by the end of play tonight, but Chelsea can stealthily stalk into the lead on Sunday if they beat Norwich. Listen to Jose and he'll tell you they still have no chance...

  123. 17:07: 
    City slickers- Everton v Man City (17:30 BST)

    Manchester City will end the day on top of the table if they beat Everton in today's late game. And they still have that crafty midweek game in hand. Are they favourites?

    Mind you, winning at Goodison Park is no easy task. Only Crystal Palace and Sunderland have won there all season.

  124. 17:06: 
    Three-horse race?

    When was the last time three teams were so close in a Premier League title race, this close to the end of the season?

    In Manchester United's treble season of 1998-99 four points covered the top three with two games to go, but this season is even closer.

    In fact, we could have three different leaders in three days this weekend - with one game to go. Madness.

  125. 17:05: 
    LINE-UPS- Everton v Manchester City (1730 BST)

    Everton: Howard, Stones, Jagielka, Alcaraz, Coleman, McCarthy, Osman, Baines, Lukaku, Naismith, Barkley. Subs: Robles, Hibbert, McGeady, Deulofeu, Distin, Garbutt, Ledson.

    Man City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Demichelis, Clichy, Milner, Javi Garcia, Toure, Nasri, Dzeko, Aguero. Subs: Lescott, Negredo, Kolarov, Silva, Fernandinho, Pantilimon, Jovetic.

    Referee: Lee Probert (Wiltshire)

  126. 17:05:  
    Chief football writer Phil McNulty at Goodison ParkEverton v Manchester City (1730 BST)

    Everton captain Phil Jagielka returns to the Everton side after a 10-week absence with a hamstring injury as manager Roberto Martinez looks to be using three central defenders. Gareth Barry cannot play against his parent club so Leon Osman comes back into midfield.

    Manchester City have David Silva fit enough to return on the bench after recovering from the ankle injury he picked up against West Bromwich Albion.

  127. 17:04: 
    Theatre of screams- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    Manchester United have now lost seven league games at home this season, the total from the previous four seasons combined under Sir Alex Ferguson. Three defeats last season, two the year before, none in 2010-2011 and one in 2009-10.

    Text us on 81111

    Tom, London: Mark Hughes has done a great job under the radar at Stoke, they've equalled their record points tally in the Premier League today with a game to spare.

    Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland
    Ryan Giggs

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone at Old Trafford: "Contrasting fortunes at the end. Gustavo Poyet walked towards the tunnel, arms raised in recognition of an amazing escape act that is now almost complete. As the visiting fans celebrated, Ryan Giggs walked purposefully away.

    "In the directors' box, Ed Woodward looked down, knowing even the Europa League will almost certainly not be salvaged from an awful season. Whoever gets the manager's job has a tough task. A sticking plaster won't solve this."

  130. 17:00: 
    Stoke 4-1 Fulham

    Fulham manager Felix Magath is a broken man. He apologises for 'not managing the situation' and says his side 'had no chance from the start.'

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Fulham fans

    Matthew: Surely Marshall is going to leave Cardiff now, he's a Premier League standard keeper if there ever was one.

    Ed: It ends in a whimper for Cardiff and Fulham. Pretty pathetic results to be frank.

    Sarah: Glad to be proved wrong about Sunderland's Premier League future - Gus Poyet deserves reward for a brilliant turnaround job.

  132. 16:59: 
    Premier League

    Here's the foot of the table. Cardiff are gone. Fulham are gone.

    Aston Villa are all but safe thanks to their goal difference, Norwich can still reach 38 points so the rest of the teams in the graphic are not quite safe yet...

  133. 16:59:  
    Chief football writer Phil McNulty at Goodison ParkEverton v Manchester City (1730 BST)

    Manchester City will feel they can take a giant stride towards the Premier League title if they win at Everton today - but their history will tell them this is easier said than done after winning on only one of their last 15 visits to Goodison Park.

    The big question on Merseyside this week has been how Everton fans would feel if they gave rivals Liverpool a helping hand in the title race? Everton manager Roberto Martinez has no doubts and insists, rightly, that no-one can question the integrity of his players after an excellent season that will bring European football back to Goodison Park next season.

  134. 16:58: 
    Newcastle 3-0 Cardiff

    So Ole Gunnar Solksjaer tastes relegation in his first season as a manager in English football. What's your reaction, Cardiff fans? Where did it all go wrong? Let us know...

    Newcastle 3-0 Cardiff
    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live at Old TraffordMan Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    "You have to say Sunderland deserve the win the way they have defended. They have worked hard and you have to say United have been very poor, despite getting in some good positions they have created nothing. They have also played at just one pace and it's been easy for Sunderland."

  136. 16:55: 
    Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    What a run for Sunderland. They could be safe with just a point from their last two games should Norwich lose at Chelsea tomorrow.

  137. 16:54: 
    European football- Barcelona 2-2 Getafe

    A late goal from Angel Lafita - his second of the afternoon - denies Barcelona a crucial victory in the La Liga title race. Atletico remain top with a three-point advantage over the Catalans and three matches left to play, one game more than Barca.

    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreMan Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    "People were saying Sunderland were dead and buried a month ago but the crowd believed, the players believed and Gus Poyet has turned it round incredibly. They drew with Manchester City, they beat Chelsea, and now have beaten Manchester United at Old Trafford."

  139. 16:53: 
    Stoke 4-1 Fulham
    Felix Magath

    There are plenty of tears in the away end at the Britannia Stadium. It's horrible to go down, but to go down with such a gutless showing makes it even worse.

    Some of these fans have got to travel back to London in fancy dress as well...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Benji: I'd be ashamed to be one of the Newcastle fans leaving. The players need the fans behind them not leaving them near the end of a win.

    Gareth: Impressive how many people actually walked out of Newcastle. They're a big club who could be challenging for Europa football.

  141. 16:52: 
    FULL-TIME- Aston Villa 3-1 Hull
  143. 16:51: 
    FULL-TIME- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    Gus Poyet is buzzing with that! For the second time this season he is leaving Old Trafford as a winner.

  144. 16:51: 
    FULL-TIME- Newcastle 3-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff are down if Sunderland hold on against Manchester United...

  145. 16:50: 

    Fulham's relegation is not confirmed as we are still playing at Old Trafford...

  146. 16:49: 
    FULL-TIME- Stoke 4-1 Fulham
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Fiona: Seems a long time ago that Cardiff beat Man City now. Absolutely gutted. Some unlucky results have cost us.

    Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone reports: "Lots and lots of noise in the sunshine from the Sunderland fans as the red seats begin to empty all around them.

    "Roy Hodgson has gone but United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward sitting in the stands. He looks calm but has a big decision to make in the coming days."

  149. 16:48: 
    GOAL- Swansea 0-1 Southampton - Rickie Lambert (90 mins)

    A bizarre goal at the end of an uninspiring match. Ashley Williams pokes the ball above Michel Vorm, with Rickie Lambert deemed to get the final touch before the ball bounces over the line.

  150. 16:48: 
    GOAL- Newcastle 3-0 Cardiff - Steven Taylor (90 mins)

    Weak surrender from Cardiff now as Steven Taylor seals their instant return to the Championship with a simple tap-in from a short corner.

  151. 16:48: 
    Newcastle 2-0 Cardiff

    It almost gets worse for Cardiff when the best player on the pitch, Moussa Sissoko, drives forward and his shot is deflected for a corner.

  152. 16:46: 
    SITTER!- Stoke 4-1 Fulham

    That just about sums it up for Fulham. Stoke miscontrol a long ball, it drops at the feet of Darren Bent 10 yards out and he screws it wide. Well, well wide.

    Where will Bent be playing next season? Not in the top half of the Premier League I'd wager...

    Former Blackburn Rovers striker Jason Roberts on Final ScoreMan Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    "A fantastic move that ends up with over 50 passes and Sunderland hit the crossbar. United are not getting tight enough and are not closing down. But the biggest frustration I get is that there is not a big change from the way United are going about things - this could be a David Moyes side - and that was not good enough."

  154. 16:44: 
    GOAL- Newcastle 2-0 Cardiff - Loic Remy (87 mins)

    Is that over and out for Cardiff? As they push more men forward, Cardiff leave holes at the back and Loic Remy is given the simple task of rifling past David Marshall from six yards out.

  155. 16:43: 
    Final five- Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Norwegian international Magnus Eikrem replaces Fabio for Cardiff. Five minutes to go.

  156. 16:42: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff are giving it a go now - but they have to, don't they? Kenwyne Jones is looking their best chance of a goal while Wilfried Zaha is beginning to whip in some crosses from the right. Lots to do for the Welshmen...

  157. 16:41: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    What a hit! Fabio Borini shifts the ball on to his left foot and arcs a wonderful strike past David de Gea and away off the inside of the post. That's twice now that Sunderland have rattled the same post. Ryan Giggs looks bemused on the sidelines.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Ben: Four goals from Mitroglou coming up...

  159. 16:40: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    With Sunderland still winning at Old Trafford, Cardiff need two goals in the last 10 minutes if they are to save themselves.

    Gary Lineker, BBC SportNewcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker on Twitter: 69 minutes gone and Alan Shearer walks out of the office.

  161. 16:38: 
    GOAL- Stoke 4-1 Fulham - Jon Walters (82 mins)

    It's so easy for Stoke. You could drive a bus through the Fulham defence, and even sub Jon Walters is able to latch onto Charlie Adam's through pass and slot into the bottom corner. A rout in the Potteries is how it is ending for Fulham.

  162. 16:36: 
    GOAL- Stoke 3-1 Fulham - Kieran Richardson (80 mins)

    Hello! Fulham score with only their second shot on target all game. It's fine technique from Kieran Richardson to crash in a low shot after Darren Bent knocked a cross back into the goalmouth. There is no celebration on the bench, and harldy any in the stand either.

  163. 16:34: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    That's better, Cardiff. Kenwyne Jones's snap-shot in the six-yard box is well saved by Tim Krul. The Bluebirds continue to pour forward and Fabricio Coloccini is in the right place to clear Aron Gunnarsson's shot off the line.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Ryan Giggs

    Graham: Giggs showing a little naivety here. No point having three strikers on without Mata or other midfielders to find them.

    Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    BBC Wales Sport's Rob Westall at Liberty Stadium: "A small pocket of Swans fans are singing "Cardiff are going down" or words to that effect! The fact that their voices can be heard echoing around the ground tells its own story. There has been very little for both sets of supporters to cheer in this second half."

  166. 16:33: 
    CLOSE!- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    Close! Danny Welbeck thumps in a shot on the turn but it grazes the crossbar on its way over the top.

  167. 16:32: 

    Fifteen minutes left in the Premier League...

    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreNewcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    "There a lot of mixed emotions at Newcastle right now and that can only be beneficial for Cardiff - they might be able to draw on that and try to get back into the game."

    Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone at Old Trafford: "One of the accusations levelled against David Moyes was that he seemed incapable of generating those rousing finishes that were such a hallmark of the Ferguson era.

    "Giggs is trying to do it through the introduction of last season's Golden Boot winner. Juan Mata has made way for Robin van Persie and Danny Welbeck is on for Ashley Young. The final instructions were delivered by goalkeeping coach Chris Woods."

  170. 16:30: 
    Scottish football latest

    The battle to avoid the Premiership's relegation play-off spot continues to be tense with Hibernian still behind against Partick Thistle as St Mirren and Ross County continue in a stalemate in Paisley. As things stand, Kilmarnock will remain in the dreaded second-bottom place but they could overtake Hibs by winning on Sunday.

    Champions Celtic are 4-2 up on Aberdeen, Motherwell lead St Johnstone and Inverness are in front against Dundee United.

    Dundee are still on course for the Championship title and promotion but their lead over Dumbarton now lies at 2-1. Hamilton and Falkirk, both winning, are on hand to take advantage of any slip-ups.

  171. 16:30: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    BBC Final Score reporter Ian Brown at St James's Park: "A few hundred Newcastle fans are beginning to leave, some whom are waving white handkerchiefs as they depart. There is applause from some of those who are staying - plus a couple have been ejected by stewards for making their protest too vehemently."

  172. 16:30: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    Almost two! Sunderland would have wrapped this up, as Emanuele Giaccherini scuffs his shot against the base of the post. Could that be crucial?

  173. 16:30: 
    Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    Still no sign of a goal in south Wales as Pablo Hernandez jinks inside and his low shot is easily dealt with by Artur Boruc.

  174. 16:28: 
    GOAL- Stoke 3-0 Fulham - Oussama Assaidi (73 mins)

    Another goal on the counter-attack! Stoke look so clinical now, real pace and power on the break as Marko Arnautovic lays it on a plate for Oussama Assaidi to bury from close range.

    Fulham are down as it stands. And they've been dreadful. They've only had one effort on target.

  175. 16:28: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Newcastle fans heads for the exits in the 69th minute in protest at the club's ownership. There's hundreds leaving the match early - it's quite a sizeable protest, timed to mark the year the club last won a trophy (1969).

    Get involved on the BBC Sport Facebook page

    Christopher: Fulham and Cardiff going down today then? West Brom or Norwich to follow. Poyet has been amazing for Sunderland, League Cup finalists and on the brink of surviving relegation...

  177. 16:26: 
    Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    It's a familiar pattern of play from Manchester United at Old Trafford. Get the ball wide, get the full-backs on the overlap and pepper the six-yard box with crosses. Sunderland holding firm at the moment.

  178. 16:25: 
    European football- Barcelona 2-1 Getafe

    Barcelona are back in the La Liga title race - Alexis Sanchez putting them back in front against Getafe. If it stays the same, they will cut Atletico's four-point gap to one. The leaders visit Levante on Sunday.

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    Dennis: Tactical master class of Mourinho working pretty well for the Black Cats.

    Jon: Sunderland hit one cross in the entire game and score from it. United too slow, static and predictable.

  180. 16:23: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    United ring the changes. On come Robin van Persie and Danny Welbeck, while big Jozy Altidore is on for Sunderland.

  181. 16:23: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Protests are springing up everywhere inside St James' Park...

    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff
  182. 16:22: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Still very little in the way of inspiration going forward for Cardiff, with Jordon Mutch trying his luck from range and flashing a shot well wide.

  183. 16:20: 
    CLOSE!- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    An almighty scramble inside the Manchester United six-yard box as they almost sneak a leveller, but you can't fault the effort from Sunderland, throwing bodies in front of the ball to block Nemanja Vidic's header. All hands to the pump.

    Text us on 81111

    Dean, Avon: This game demonstrates why United need a manager like van Gaal. After a season with such a lack of desire to play we need someone with a tough discipline approach. Someone who will make the players know they are not playing well enough and someone who will not hesitate in dropping them regardless of who they are. Feel sorry for Giggs though. This game will probably be the justification the board need for someone with experience at the highest level.

    Jack, Surrey: Glad that this score is knocking back the majority of people pegging Giggs as permanent manager. One 4-0 win over a Championship-bound team doesn't deem him a great manager.

  185. 16:20: 
    As it stands- Cardiff & Fulham down
    A Fulham fan

    We're heading into the final 30 minutes and, as it stands, both Cardiff City and Fulham will be relegated. A time for heroes...

  186. 16:18: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Aston Villa 3-1 Hull City

    Villa almost have a fourth, hitting Hull on the break and finding Jordan Bowery, he hits a rising strike which Steve Harper turns up and over the top. Villa all but safe with a win today.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jonathan: Carrick's passing has been uncharacteristically wayward today. If he doesn't have that, what does he offer?

    Matt: Displays like this show just why Moyes found it so hard. Too many players not giving enough.

  188. 16:18: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    Luke Shaw has finally run into somebody who can match him for pace, it seems: Swansea's Dwight Tiendalli has done a good job of containing the flying full-back today. Desperate to mix things up, Southampton send on Rickie Lambert for Adam Lallana.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live at Old TraffordMan Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    "Manchester United are finally playing with a bit more urgency. They have slightly upped the tempo and they are having joy from the flanks as they did in the first half but there is still no quality going into the box."

    You can listen to full 90 minute commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Morgan: Adnan Januzaj on. Anyone remember what he did last year against Sunderland?

    Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone at Old Trafford: "Ryan Giggs can't be accused of being indecisive. Adnan Januzaj is already on. Other subs, including Robin van Persie, are sent out to warm-up as well.

    "In addition, Giggs has a word with the linesman, doubtless reinforcing a United belief that a decision didn't go their way inside the Sunderland box on their latest attack."

  192. 16:14: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    When Mike Williamson is drilling them from outside the area and only missing the target because of a deflection, you begin to get the impression the game is up for your side. Cardiff still going down as it stands.

    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreStoke 2-0 Fulham

    "Fulham went on the break and left themselves two-on-two at the back - you cannot make mistakes like that at this stage. They just needed to keep themselves in the game. Marko Arnautovic has done really well and it's a great finish but it's almost a cardinal sin from Fulham."

  194. 16:14: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Stoke 2-0 Fulham

    Fulham need three goals to stay up. Even a draw would not be good enough as long as Sunderland keep winning at Old Trafford.

    Felix Magath rolls the £13m panic signing dice and sends on Konstantinos Mitroglou.

  195. 16:13: 
    Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    There's a real end of season feeling at Liberty Stadium, with Jonjo Shelvey's low shot from outside the area forcing Artur Boruc into a simple save.

    Former Blackburn Rovers striker Jason Roberts on Final ScoreMan Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    "Sunderland have won their last two and are playing with confidence but also have a game plan. Now they have scored their goal they are sitting back, making sure there are no gaps behind, and trying to take advantage of the possession they have. It's a perfectly legitimate way to play. Now they have to dig in and make sure they deny United opportunity to score because they have the players to punish you."

  197. 16:11: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Newcastle supporters raise a banner in the stands with a simple message: 'Pardew out, Ashley out'. The natives are restless, despite their team dominating in this match.

  198. 16:09: 
    GOAL- Stoke 2-0 Fulham - Marko Arnautovic (54 mins)

    That could be that for Fulham's 13-year stay in the Premier League. They are sinking down into the Championship after a brilliant counter from Stoke.

    Fulham throw men up the pitch and they are caught out, Peter Odemwingie squaring the ball for Marko Arnautovic in his own postcode of space, and the Austrian obliges with a belting finish, side-footed into the roof of the net.

  199. 16:07: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    Better from the hosts as Patrice Evra finds space for a cross, his low ball is heading for Javier Hernandez but a yellow shirt just about hooks it clear. Nemanja Vidic then wants a handball at the Stretford End - and doesn't get it.

  200. 16:08: 
    Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    Did Southampton supporters all ring each other up and decide to wear the same scarf today? Or were they handed out at the ground?

    Swansea 0-0 Southampton
  201. 16:05: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is looking pretty glum in the dug-out as Cardiff edge towards the trap-door. They're still going down as it stands, with Ben Turner hooking a low shot wide of the post from a corner.

  202. 16:03: 
    Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland
    Sunderland celebrate scoring at Old Trafford

    Fulham and Cardiff need Manchester United to find their form in the second half and deny Sunderland all three points. It's not been a vintage United showing so far though.

  203. 16:02: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff, in their 45 minutes of need, turn to Craig Bellamy for the second half. Can the hometown hero spark the great escape?

  204. 16:00: 

    Darren Bent gets us back up and running at the Britannia. Game on...

  205. 15:58: 
    Stoke 1-0 Fulham
    Fulham fans

    The problem with dressing up is, if you lose and go down, you look like a right numpty...

  206. 15:57: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    The worst thing for Cardiff is that they are second-best against a Newcastle team who have Alan Pardew back on the bench at St James' Park for the first time since his headbutt on Hull's David Meyler.

    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff
    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at Godison ParkEverton v Man City (17:30 BST)

    "Forget Liverpool. The fact that Everton success in this match could help their rivals to the title is merely an interesting aside, with the Toffees having plenty of their own reasons to finish the season strongly.

    "Top of that list of course is Champions League qualification. Defeat at Southampton last week coupled with Arsenal's win against Newcastle has rendered it highly unlikely, but by 'going first' again, they have the chance to move back to being just one point behind the Gunners, and put a little extra pressure on their Sunday game against West Brom."

  208. 15:56: 

    One game to come later on - and it's a big one...

  209. 15:51: 
    AS IT STANDS- Cardiff & Fulham down
    Premier League

    Seb Larsson is making no friends in Cardiff or Fulham. His goal at Old Trafford means that the bottom two are relegated as it stands. If Sunderland do win, they will both need to come from behind and win. It could be some 45 minutes coming up...

    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreMan Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    "Sunderland are searching for a third straight win and have been outstanding so far - what a tonic this result would be for them. They have dropped off and allowed United possession, and although there is all this talk of parking the bus, it takes a lot of discipline to set up in the way they are. You need to tuned in, you need a lot of discipline. You don't get a lot of possession playing like this and when you do you have to bring your team-mates in. It takes a lot to do that for 90 minutes."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Alex: Giggs must be pulling his hair out, no spirit, no desire, no invention. Nothing from Man Utd.

    Sam: What's happened to Nani? Three of four years ago he was one of our best players, now he just offers nothing when he plays.

    James: Newcastle fans should believe in Pardew. Once he gets a Cabaye replacement, their luck will change.

  212. 15:51: 
    Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    BBC Wales Sport's Rob Westall at Liberty Stadium: "Southampton's dominance in terms of possession and territory during the first half has helped keep the Swansea faithful quiet. The biggest cheer from the home support has been reserved for news of bitter rivals Cardiff being behind at Newcastle. The Saints fans who have sold out their allocation and had their last away trip of the season heavily subsidised by their club, are enjoying themselves and haven't stopped singing."

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live at Old TraffordMan Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    "This is very flat and it has been very easy for Sunderland. They have got behind them in numbers and Manchester United have created very little but the one chance Sunderland have had they have scored."

    "Sunderland have set up very well to play counter-attacking football and it was a great finish by Seb Larsson, but for United the quality of balls into the box has been very very poor and easy for Sunderland."

    Listen to full 90 minute commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

    Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone at Old Trafford: "Sunderland fans were making plenty of noise before, now they have hit full volume as the edge closer to safety. The goal coincided with one of Ryan Giggs' brief touchline visits - and he quickly headed back to the dug-out to ponder his next move."

  215. 15:49: 
    HALF-TIME- Aston Villa 3-1 Hull City
  216. 15:48:  
    MOTD's Steve Bower at St James' ParkHALF-TIME- Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    "Cardiff manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has one more team-talk to try to inspire a comeback for his 'miracle', because he knows his side are down unless they win. It could be worse for the Welsh side because Newcastle have hit the woodwork twice as well as taking the lead, but it still means the Bluebirds have got it all to do."

  217. 15:47: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 3-1 Hull City - Andreas Weimann (45 mins)

    A real cracker of a header! Duncan Ferguson would be pleased with that as Andreas Weimann gets in front of his marker to flash a bullet header into the bottom corner. More good work from Jordan Bowery down the left.

  218. 15:47: 
    European football- Barcelona 1-1 Getafe

    Title-chasing Barcelona have been pegged back, with Angel Lafita cancelling out Lionel Messi's effort. The Catalans need all three points today to keep chase with leaders Atletico who have a four-point lead heading into the final three matches of the season.

  219. 15:46: 
    HALF-TIME- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland
  220. 15:46: 
    HALF-TIME- Stoke 1-0 Fulham

    Some tears in the away end already...

  221. 15:45:  
    MOTD's Martin Fisher at the LibertyHALF-TIME- Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    "Not many opportunities for either team. Sam Gallagher had the only opportunity Southampton had, but he put that over, and Wilfried Bony was guilty of missing for Swansea, too."

  222. 15:44: 
    Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland

    Good effort from Juan Mata, fizzing in a left-footed strike from 20 yards, but it's too close to Vito Mannone. Almost half-time at an unhappy Old Trafford.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Noel: Giggs - think of yourself at 19 and get Adnan Januzaj on that pitch!

    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreStoke 1-0 Fulham

    "Peter Odemwingie has been a great signing for Stoke City - he works extremely hard and has even been playing on the left wing at times. But he can score goals and has proved that again today."

  225. 15:43: 
    Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    Southampton have had 12 shots on goal this afternoon, but only one of them has been on target. Something for the dominant Saints to work on in the second half?

  226. 15:40: 
    AS IT STANDS- Fulham & Cardiff down

    Because both Fulham and Cardiff are losing, and Sunderland are winning, we will see both the Cottagers and the Bluebirds relegated if scores remain the same.

  227. 15:40: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 2-1 Hull City - Andreas Weimann (41 mins)

    Get it away! Dear oh dear, Hull have two or three opportunities to clear their lines after Villa hit the bar from a set-piece, they can't do though and Andreas Weimann is able to head in from close range.

  228. 15:39: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    There are some glum faces in the Cardiff end, with many supporters checking their phones to see if Manchester United have equalised against Sunderland. Nothing to report from Old Trafford as yet, Bluebirds fans...

  229. 15:38: 
    GOAL- Stoke 1-0 Fulham - Peter Odemwingie (39 mins)

    It's a scruffy nail, but it may be the final nail in Fulham's Premier League coffin . Peter Odemwingie sweeps in from on the line after Steven Ireland's shot had hit the crossbar. Fulham centre-half Dan Burn almost cleared but went down in slow motion. It was painful to watch.

  230. 15:35: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Moussa Sissoko is enjoying himself down Newcastle's right flank and - inadvertently - he has just hit the woodwork again. This time his cross from the right hits Peter Whittingham and smacks against the outside of David Marshall's post. It never really looked like it was going in, but Marshall was nowhere near it if it had been on target.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Chris: Sunderland lead. Nani and Young offer us absolutely nothing.

    Nicholas: Not the first time United's defence has been nowhere this season.

  232. 15:34: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Aston Villa 1-1 Hull City

    What a ripper! Tom Huddlestone pings in a cracking left-footed drive from 25 yards, it's flying into the top bag until Brad Guzan claws it out with one hand! Stunning save.

  233. 15:34: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    Quality wing-play from Southampton's Nathaniel Clyne sees him breeze past Ben Davies and put the perfect ball into the box for Sam Gallagher but the young striker's header goes over the bar. Swansea charge up the other end and Wilfried Bony lofts the ball over the bar at the end of a flowing move forward.

  234. 15:33: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Stoke 0-0 Fulham

    Sunderland's goal means that Fulham will be all but down if they don't win today too. Felix Magath makes an early change, Ashkan Dejagah on for Lewis Holtby.

    Text us on 81111

    Iain, Tyneside: Newcastle need stability, no more protests or manager sackings. We are on a very bad run but should give Pardew the chance to buy in the summer.

  236. 15:30: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    That's why Manchester United bought him! Wilfried Zaha turns the full-back inside out and drives into the area where his low shot is saved by the feet of Tim Krul. The Bluebirds somehow need to find a goal because, with Sunderland's goal at Old Trafford, they are now heading for relegation if the scorelines remain the same.

    Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff
  237. 15:29: 
    GOAL- Man Utd 0-1 Sunderland - Seb Larsson (30 mins)

    Maybe it wasn't all David Moyes' fault eh? Sunderland take the lead through more fine play from wrecking ball Connor Wickham. He holds off Darren Fletcher in the corner before picking out Seb Larsson with a cracking ball which the Swede steers into the bottom corner.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    We're asking which fictional television character you'd like to see manage your team.

    Tim: David Brent. Team morale would be sky high!

    Jacob: Jack Bauer would surely be first choice, he would scare the life into players and in this sacking culture, he is invincible!

    Gary: Man Utd could certainly use Gene Hunt. Imagine his team talks would put the Fergie hairdryer to shame.

  239. 15:27: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 1-1 Hull City - Jordan Bowery OG (28 mins)

    A very clever free-kick gives Hull an equaliser. Tom Huddlestone lines up for the shot but instead clips a reverse pass under the wall and into Liam Rosenior's run on the left. He crosses low and it flicks in off the heels of sub Jordan Bowery.

  240. 15:26: 
    European football- Barcelona 1-0 Getafe

    Who else but Lionel Messi? The little Argentine converts Dani Alves's cross to give Barcelona the lead in their must-win game against Getafe. Victory would cut the four-point gap on leaders Atletico, who visit Levante on Sunday.

    Man UtdMan Utd 0-0 Sunderland

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone at Old Trafford: "Interestingly, whilst Gus Poyet spends long periods in his technical area, often with his arms folded, just observing, Ryan Giggs restricts himself to occasional visit to offer instructions, most recently to Phil Jones."

  242. 15:23: 
    Stoke 0-0 Fulham

    So slack at the back from Fulham! They give the ball straight to Steven Ireland 25 yards out and the Stoke midfielder hits a shot which is going wide -but David Stockdale makes the save anyway. Not the time to be so casual...

  243. 15:23: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Aston Villa 1-0 Hull City

    Gabriel Agbonlahor set up Villa's first-minute goal but he's not looked right ever since and he is now coming off, Jordan Bowery comes on to replace him.

  244. 15:23: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff are on the ropes and it's Moussa Sissoko doing most of the punching as he laces from the edge of the area but it's deflected onto the post by Aron Gunnarsson.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live at Old TraffordMan Utd 0-0 Sunderland

    "Manchester United have been very happy to have possession but there has been no tempo to it at all. Sunderland will be very happy with how Manchester United have come out, the tempo will very much suit them."

    Listen to full 90 minute commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreNewcastle 1-0 Cardiff
    Newcastle players (right) celebrate scoring against Cardiff

    "A great ball in from Sissoko, he takes the ball out of his feet with one touch and crosses it right in behind the Cardiff defence. It's a nice header from Ameobi - a striker's goal."

  247. 15:17: 
    GOAL- Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff - Shola Ameobi (18 mins)

    It's been coming. Newcastle have had the better of the early stages and they go into the lead when Moussa Sissoko's cross to the back stick is headed home by the unmarked Shola Ameobi. Remember, if Cardiff lose today and any of Sunderland, Norwich or Fulham win this weekend, the Bluebirds will be relegated.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    We're asking which fictional television character you'd like to see manage your team.

    Niall: Del Boy would be a good Harry Redknapp stand in. Especially in the transfer market.

    Harry: Tony Soprano. Has experience as 'the boss'. Plus players would be scared to lose, and the opposition would be scared to win!

    Charlie: Surely you can't look past Mike Bassett?! You'd know exactly what formation you'd be playing!

  249. 15:16: 
    CLOSE!- Man Utd 0-0 Sunderland

    Almost a nightmare own goal from John O'Shea, the ex-Manchester United man slicing a clearance just past the far post. The home side continue to press, with Nani whistling just over the top moments later.

  250. 15:15: 
    Stoke 0-0 Fulham

    Darren Bent has been given a rare start for Fulham this afternoon and he makes a quick break away down the left. He has no support at all though and his attack peters out. The Potters then put together a neat move at the other end, wit Peter Odemwingie drilling wide from 20 yards.

  251. 15:15: 
    Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    It's all Saints at the moment - no pun intended - and Morgan Schneiderlin should do better with a free header from 12 yards out. The visitors have had 65% possession so far as Swansea chase shadows.

    Former Blackburn Rovers striker Jason Roberts on Final ScoreMan Utd 0-0 Sunderland

    "Gus Poyet has done a really good job at Sunderland. He was left a divided dressing room by Paulo Di Canio so huge credit to him for turning things around. I've been really impressed with the transformation of Connor Wickham - Poyet has given him that confidence, and he has scored five goals in his last three games.

    "In terms of today's match, Sunderland have performed against the big teams this season so let us see what they can do today. They've got a chance."

    PLAYER REACTION- West Ham 2-0 Tottenham

    West Ham striker Andy Carroll, speaking to BT Sport: "I've had a tough season getting fit and staying fit but I am feeling strong now.

    "Sam Allardyce is a great manager. He has trusted me and played me when I've not been 100% fit. He has a lot of faith in me, I respect that and have to give it my all when I go out on to the pitch. His man-management of me has been great."

  254. 15:12: 
    Aston Villa 1-0 Hull City

    Villa would be safe with a win today - and they are well on the way. It's been an impressive start from the hosts, who are on top.

  255. 15:11: 
    Newcastle 0-0 Cardiff

    Did you know that if the Premier League season had started on 27 December, Newcastle would be bottom of the table? Alan Pardew's men are on a shocking run of form but they are playing quite so well far - snapping into the tackle and looking assured in possession.

    Get involved on the BBC Sport Google+ page

    We've been asking you to grade your team's performance for this season from A-D, and let us know what went wrong or what went right.

    Tim: If I had to grade Man City, I think that we would grab an A. We've played good football, scored plenty, and when we face difficulties (League Cup final, etc) we do get the job done.

  257. 15:10: 

    If anyone's panicking about booking the wrong train or anything - the FA Cup final is of course in two weeks' time, not next week. My bad.

  258. 15:09: 
    Man Utd 0-0 Sunderland

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone at Old Trafford: Plenty of room in the directors' box today, so easy to spot Roy Hodgson, who has just taken his seat. Carrick and Jones start, Welbeck on bench and Cleverley not involved.

  259. 15:05: 
    Man Utd 0-0 Sunderland

    It's been all Manchester United so far at Old Trafford, the home side stroking the ball around neatly in the spring sunshine.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    We're asking which fictional television character you'd like to see manage your team.

    Mark: I can't think of many fictional characters I'd want to manage my team but manage other teams yes! Father Ted? Captain Mainwaring?

    Jack: For Arsenal I'd have Sherlock Holmes. Would work out quickly and efficiently the best way to defeat an opponent.

    Drew: Alan Partridge, end of discussion.

  261. 15:07: 
    Newcastle 0-0 Cardiff

    Better from Cardiff as Tim Krul fails to collect Fabio's deep cross and the ball balls to Fraizer Campbell but the striker's effort goes wide.

  262. 15:05: 
    Swansea 0-0 Southampton

    A great early chance for Swansea when Steven Davis gives the ball away and Pablo Hernandez, after good work from Wilfried Bony and Jonjo Shelvey, sees his shot parried clear by Artur Boruc. The follow-up ends in the stands.

  263. 15:04: 
    CLOSE!- Stoke 0-0 Fulham

    Fulham are fighting for their Premier League lives but they almost go behind early doors. Stoke cross in from the right, it falls at the feet of Oussama Assaidi and he blazes high over the top. Needed some composure there...

  264. 15:04: 
    Scottish Premiership latest

    We have five Premiership games today, with St Mirren, Ross County, Hibs and Partick Thistle all at risk of finishing 11th in the top flight and in the dreaded play-off place.

    And what a title race in the Scottish Championship. Paul Hartley's Dundee, at home to Dumbarton this afternoon, are in the driving seat on 66 points, with Hamilton (64) and Falkirk (63) waiting to pounce if they slip up at Dens Park...

    You can follow the action on our Scottish football live text.

    Former Blackburn Rovers striker Jason Roberts on Final ScoreAston Villa 1-0 Hull City

    "It's a strange goal in the sense that they've had a few bites at it before it falls to Ashley Westwood but that is exactly what you want if you're Villa. A great start."

  266. 15:01: 
    CLOSE!- Newcastle 0-0 Cardiff

    Almost a goal straight from the kick-off for Newcastle as Moussa Sissoko powers down the right and picks out Loic Remy in the box but the striker's scuffed effort is deflected wide.

  267. 15:01: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 1-0 Hull City - Ashley Westwood (1 min)
    Ashley Westwood (right) celebrates scoring

    What a start! That will ease the nerves around Villa Park. Maybe Hull have got too much attention on their upcoming FA Cup final as they concede instantly, Villa break down the left and when the cross squirms out to Ashley Westwood on the edge of the box, he steers home confidently.

    Ideal start for the Villa.

  268. 15:00: 

    We are under way in our five Premier League games...

    Former Sunderland midfielder Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreMan Utd v Sunderland (15:00 BST)

    "I can't see Sunderland getting anything today but I think they will pick up points in their next few games. If you look at the bottom three you think Norwich, Cardiff and Fulham are far likelier to go down this season."

  270. 14:59: 
    Swansea v Southampton (15:00 BST)
    Swansea v Southampton (15:00 BST)

    BBC Sport's Rob Westall at the Liberty Stadium: "The teams are out, hit by a wall of noise and colour as fans of both sides hold up cards and wave scarves above their heads to create a collage of black, white and red. The sun is also threatening to break through the cloud cover overhead and with nothing riding on the game aside from three points, it feels like a pre-season friendly. Supporters of both sides no doubt hope the action on the field will match the carnival atmosphere created off it."

    Man UtdMan Utd v Sunderland (15:00 BST)

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone at Old Trafford: "Although they claimed a pretty significant triumph on their last visit, losing 2-1 but then booking a Capital One Cup final appearance on penalties, Sunderland have not won at Old Trafford since 1968.

    "West Brom, Newcastle and Everton all ended long waits for an away win at United this season and Swansea did it for the first time, so Poyet's men will fancy their chances, particularly having drawn at Manchester City and won at Chelsea in their last two away games.

    "Incredibly, United are attempting to secure a third successive home win in the Premier League for the first time this season."

  272. 14:57: 
    Newcastle v Cardiff (15:00 BST)

    If Cardiff are to survive this season, they will need to stop shipping goals at the end of matches. They have conceded 24 goals in the final 15 minutes of games this season, more than any other top-flight side. Is that a fitness thing or is it more complicated than that?

  273. 14:55: 
    Stoke v Fulham (15:00 BST)

    Here they come - players out on to the pitch at the Britannia. Felix Magath has fought some fires in his time, but he could be 90 minutes away from relegation here.

    Stoke bathed in sunshine. A rare and welcome sight.

  274. 14:54: 
    Newcastle v Cardiff (15:00 BST)

    Wilfred Zaha will hope to prove Match of the Day's Alan Shearer wrong and help to inspire Cardiff to a crucial victory over Newcastle this afternoon. Cardiff boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said Wilfred Zaha has been "hurt" by Shearer's criticism after Cardiff's recent loss to Sunderland.

    "Being singled out like that hurts, because I don't think it's fair," said Solskjaer. "Wilf is a young player; this is the first time he's in the Premier League.

    "If he [Shearer] wanted to, or if anyone wanted, they could have highlighted two or three things that Wilf did great."

    Text us on 81111

    Andy, Cumbria: Be wary Liverpool fans, this Spurs loss means even less pressure on Everton to get a result today...

    Aetesam, London: I think some of the abuse directed at Tim Sherwood is wide of the mark. Since he took over from Andre Villas-Boas Spurs are fourth in the table ahead of Arsenal and Everton.

    Archie, Bristol: Spurs currently sitting on their fourth best ever Premier League points total...

  276. 14:49: 
    Man Utd v Sunderland (15:00 BST)

    It's that time of the year when we start to worry about metatarsals and the like, but Reds caretaker boss Ryan Giggs says Wayne Rooney will be fit for this summer's World Cup despite missing today's match at Old Trafford through the combination of a groin strain and illness.

    "Wayne has a tight groin," said Giggs. "Together with the bug [he's had], it means his immune system is down so we have to watch that."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Karl: Spurs losing is a great result for Man City - because of goal difference Everton are now guaranteed to finish above Spurs and Europa League football.

    Harry: Big loss this! Spurs probably had a better chance of Champions League football via Europa League next season, rather than the Premier League.

    Ali: Why would Tottenham not want want to be in the Europa? We must remember it's a way into the Champions League next year.

  278. 14:43: 

    On the back of Harold Bishop being linked to the Manchester United job [1442], we're asking which fictional television character you'd like to see manage your team. Usual drill for entries...

  279. 14:42: 
    "Harold, give us a wave! Harold, Harold give us a wave...!"- Man Utd v Sunderland (15:00 BST)
    Luois van Gaal

    It's not often a Premier League manager gets confused for a soap actor. But Australian newspaper Mx made a cracking gaffe this week, printing a picture of Erinsborough's coffee shop owner Harold Bishop instead of Manchester United's managerial target Louis van Gaal.

    Now, I can maybe understand an Australian newspaper not recognising Van Gaal at first glance. But Harold Bishop? Australian royalty!

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extraWest Ham 2-0 Tottenham

    BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra summariser Bradley Allen at Upton Park: "West Ham were tremendous today - right from the very first whistle there was a real purpose about their play - they were playing for Sam Allardyce today make no mistake.

    "The protests will subside somewhat and it could have been a rout - West Ham had plenty of chances before and after the Younes Kaboul red card. Spurs did show a bit of grit and determination towards the end which will have pleased Tim Sherwood, but he will face questions in the post-match press conference once again."

  281. 14:40:  
    BBC Final ScoreFinal Score

    Final Score is now rolling on the BBC Red button and online, including at the top of this page.

  282. 14:39: 
    Worst season ticket in the top flight?- Newcastle v Cardiff (15:00 BST)
    Newcastle fans

    Newcastle fans are planning a walkout during today's game against Cardiff in protest over the club's management.

    It is set to take place in the 69th minute and comes after the worst losing run since 1986-87 that has seen them slip from European contention to a possible finish outside the top 10.

    Newcastle may be very safe in midtable - but when you learn that they have scored just 20 goals at home all season, and just FOUR at the Leazes End - you can understand the fans' frustrations.

    Has anyone had a season ticket behind a goal that has seen less action? Must be looking at several hundred quid a goal...

  283. 14:38: 

    West Ham have secured their Premier League future. It's all about Cardiff and Fulham for the next few hours.

    Cardiff will be relegated this weekend if they fail to win at Newcastle, and either Sunderland (who play Manchester United) or Norwich (who play Chelsea on Sunday) win. They are also toast if they lose at Newcastle and any of Sunderland, Norwich or Fulham win.

    Fulham will be relegated if they lose at Stoke and either Sunderland or Norwich win. Simple really.

  284. 14:36: 
    FULL-TIME- West Ham 2-0 Tottenham

    Easy does it for West Ham. Big Sam gets a big hand from the home fans. West Ham are safe.

  285. 14:34: 
    GREAT SAVE!- West Ham 2-0 Tottenham

    What an effort! Spurs' best effort of the day comes in stoppage time as Danny Rose rifles in a right-footed effort which Adrian turns over with one hand at full stretch.

  286. 14:29: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- West Ham 2-0 Tottenham

    Spurs have a late penalty shout turned away now, as Sandro's cross hits a West Ham arm and bounces away. Phil Dowd unmoved.

    Just a few minutes left now.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Conor: Is this performance by Spurs saying: "We don't want to be in next season's Europa League?"

  288. 14:26: 
    SUBSTITUTION- West Ham 2-0 Tottenham
    Andy Carroll

    Andy Carroll comes off to a huge ovation. He set the tempo today, causing chaos in the opening stages and playing a part in the opening goal. Carlton Cole is on to give those tired Tottenham defenders a late going over.

  289. 14:22: 
    West Ham 2-0 Tottenham

    Into the last 10 minutes or so at Upton Park, the Hammers in total cruise control. Spurs look clueless in attack as the home side ready Carlton Cole.

  290. 14:23: 
    LINE-UPS- Stoke v Fulham (15:00 BST)

    Stoke: Begovic, Cameron, Muniesa, Wilson, Pieters, Whelan, Nzonzi, Assaidi, Ireland, Arnautovic, Odemwingie. Subs: Palacios, Adam, Walters, Crouch, Etherington, Wilkinson, Sorensen.

    Fulham: Stockdale, Burn, Heitinga, Hangeland, Riise, Holtby, Parker, Sidwell, Diarra, Richardson, Bent. Subs: Kasami, Mitroglou, Dejagah, Woodrow, Riether, Amorebieta, Joronen.

    Referee: Chris Foy (Merseyside)

  291. 14:21: 
    LINE-UPS- Newcastle v Cardiff (15:00 BST)

    Newcastle: Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Coloccini, Dummett, Sissoko, Anita, Tiote, Gouffran, Shola Ameobi, Remy. Subs: Yanga-Mbiwa, Gosling, De Jong, Haidara, Elliot, Steven Taylor, Armstrong.

    Cardiff: Marshall, Da Silva, Caulker, Turner, John, Whittingham, Gunnarsson, Kim, Mutch, Zaha, Campbell. Subs: Jones, Eikrem, Cowie, McNaughton, Lewis, Berget, Bellamy.

    Referee: Martin Atkinson (W Yorkshire)

  292. 14:21: 
    LINE-UPS- Swansea v Southampton (15:00 BST)

    Swansea: Vorm, Tiendalli, Amat, Williams, Ben Davies, Britton, Shelvey, de Guzman, Hernandez, Routledge, Bony. Subs: Taylor, Dyer, Tremmel, Vazquez, Bartley, Fulton, Emnes.

    Southampton: Boruc, Clyne, Fonte, Lovren, Shaw, Schneiderlin, Wanyama, Lallana, Cork, Steven Davis, Gallagher. Subs: Lambert, Ward-Prowse, Do Prado, Chambers, Gazzaniga, Hooiveld, Reed.

    Referee: Anthony Taylor (Cheshire)

    Former Leicester City midfielder Robbie Savage on Football FocusAston Villa v Hull City (15:00 BST)

    "I think a point at home to Hull would be enough for Villa today. Last year I tipped them to go down I though they would do better this season, but in fact they have got worse. I thought the young players would progress, but serious questions have to be asked at the club."

  294. 14:20: 
    LINE-UPS- Aston Villa v Hull (15:00 BST)

    Aston Villa: Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Baker, Clark, Albrighton, Westwood, Delph, Bertrand, Weimann, Agbonlahor. Subs: Bacuna, El Ahmadi, Steer, Sylla, Bowery, Holt, Robinson.

    Hull: Harper, Rosenior, Davies, Chester, Elmohamady, Meyler, Livermore, Huddlestone, Figueroa, Jelavic, Long. Subs: Bruce, Koren, Fryatt, Jakupovic, Boyd, Sagbo, Quinn.

    Referee: Mike Dean (Wirral)

  295. 14:19: 
    Team news- Swansea v Southampton (15:00 BST)

    Dwight Tiendalli gets an opportunity to impress for Swansea today, in place of Angel Rangel. For Southampton, Rickie Lambert misses out with a knock picked up in training and Morgan Schneiderlin is drafted in.

    Text us on 81111

    Luke, Middlesex: Tim Sherwood stated the other day that if a new manager was to come and take his job they would "Have a hard act to follow"... Really Tim... Really?

    Rachel Tyrrell, Lincoln: This is the worst Spurs season for a long time and that's saying something. We have made ourselves look like total buffoons in every single department.

  297. 14:16: 
    Nikola Zigic

    In a remarkable last few minutes, Brighton have sneaked into the Championship play-offs, Doncaster have been relegated to League One, and Birmingham have stayed up after a dramatic draw at Bolton.

    Catch all the reaction, plus League One and Two to come, in the Football League live page.

  298. 14:15: 
    West Ham 2-0 Tottenham

    Spurs substitute Roberto Soldado drags an ugly shot wide as the visitors break away. He's scored just two Premier League goals from open play all season. Spurs have had just two shots on target all day.

  299. 14:14: 
    LINE-UPS- Man Utd v Sunderland (15:00 BST)

    Man Utd: De Gea, Jones, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Fletcher, Carrick, Nani, Mata, Young, Hernandez. Subs: Smalling, Welbeck, van Persie, Valencia, Fellaini, Amos, Januzaj.

    Sunderland: Mannone, Vergini, O'Shea, Brown, Alonso, Larsson, Cattermole, Colback, Johnson, Wickham, Borini. Subs: Bardsley, Altidore, Ba, Giaccherini, Bridcutt, Scocco, Ustari.

    Referee: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire)

  300. 14:13: 
    Team news- Newcastle v Cardiff (15:00 BST)

    Just the one change for Newcastle - Shola Ameobi replacing Dan Gosling - but Cardiff bring in five fresh faces, handing starts to Ben Turner, Declan John, Aron Gunnarsson, Kim Bo-Kyung and Wilfried Zaha for their must-win clash.

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Moving up 1 Man City 36 59 80
Moving down 2 Liverpool 36 50 80
Moving down 3 Chelsea 36 43 78
No movement 4 Arsenal 36 24 73
No movement 5 Everton 37 20 69
No movement 6 Tottenham 37 1 66
No movement 7 Man Utd 36 19 60
No movement 8 Southampton 37 8 55
No movement 9 Newcastle 37 -15 49
No movement 10 Stoke 37 -8 47
No movement 11 Crystal Palace 36 -15 43
Moving up 12 West Ham 37 -9 40
Moving down 13 Swansea 37 -2 39
Moving up 14 Aston Villa 36 -15 38
Moving down 15 Hull 36 -11 37
Moving down 16 West Brom 35 -12 36
No movement 17 Sunderland 36 -19 35
No movement 18 Norwich 36 -32 32
No movement 19 Fulham 37 -45 31
No movement 20 Cardiff 37 -41 30

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