Premier League & El Clasico as it happened

Live text commentary as Gareth Bale wins the Copa del Rey for Real Madrid after Everton lose and Man City draw in the Premier League.

16 April 2014 Last updated at 18:23

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As it happened

  1. 23:00: 

    What a night. It had it all really didn't it?

    We're all off for the night now. See you later...

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    James in Edinburgh, via text: What does superman get for Xmas!? Answer - Gareth Bale pyjamas.

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    Alex Smith: Britain's greatest exports: Fish and Chips, The Beatles and Gareth Bale. Sublime tonight, making the step up to world class.

    Paul Mulligan: A Spurs fan watching @GarethBale11 win El Clasico is like watching an ex marry George Clooney. He's finally hit the big time!

    Chris Parker: The real question is; will Ronaldo pull a John Terry and put his kit on to lift the cup?

    No he didn't Chris!

  4. 22:48: 

    Next Wednesday night? Real Madrid v Bayern Munich. Tasty.

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    Rob from St Helens, via text: Gareth Bale is unbelievable he is now a superstar and could go on to do big things in the future!

    DW, via text: One can't help observing that whatever Tottenham spent all that Bale money on, it doesn't seem to have worked, does it?

    Paul, via text: All season they were saying Bale vs Neymar. Bale has priced far better. Neymar not worth the trouble he's caused Barca.

  6. 22:43: 
    I believe I can fly- Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid
    Gareth Bale

    Gareth Bale has lift-off...

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    Saikat Nandy: Barca and Man Utd ending without a single trophy - who would have thought?

    Adebowale Omikunle: Will Sergio Ramos drop Copa Del Rey again? Let's hope not. Congratulations to Madrid fans.

    Henry: Mini trophies for Real Madrid players? Is this little league baseball or something? What the heck Copa Del Rey?


    Former Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler: Those Copa del Rey winners trophies are like the ones you get when you win the Sunday League.

  9. 22:38: 
    The table according to TP
    Premier League

    Ever wondered what the table would look like if the season started when Tony Pulis took over at Crystal Palace? Wonder no more! Palace would be eighth.

    Only Chelsea have conceded fewer goals since TP took over.


    Infostrada Sports: Carlo Ancelotti joins José Mourinho as coaches that have won the FA Cup, the Coppa Italia and the Copa del Rey. #clasico #real

    Player reaction- Man City 2-2 Sunderland

    Manchester City goalscorer Fernandinho: "It's really very hard, after the bad result (against Liverpool) it's hard. We have to keep our head up and now need to look at our next game to West Brom here at home

    "We pressed high and won a lot of balls but we let our performance drop.

    "I think the whole team tried to win the game, we put a lot of heart in on the pitch but we had bad luck today.

    "We believe we can win the title, Chelsea and Liverpool have four games and they may drop some points - we think we can still win the title."

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    Fissuh H. Kelelom: WOW..Gareth Bale. What a pace and control. He has just joined the elites.

    Edward Herbert: Good on Gareth Bale! He deserves all the accolades he can get. Miss him at Spurs but happy to see him excelling.

    Daniel Woodley: Gareth Bale just paid back a large chunk of that £85m by scoring the winner tonight. Delighted for him.

  13. 22:32:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona 1-2 Real Madrid

    That is a big trophy! Iker Casillas collects the massive Copa del Rey trophy, cue celebrations. Well, more celebrations anyway!

    It's the 19th time Real have won it. Let's hope that Sergio Ramos doesn't drop it this time...

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    Andy in Birmingham via text: Gareth Bale take a bow! Have we found the next big thing in football?

    Anonymous via text: Is it a man? Is it a bird? No, it's Gareth Bale!!

    George in Edinburgh, via text: Yep, Gareth Bale doesn't show up for the Big games. Lets hope the Real "Fans" will finally support him and appreciate that he DOES contribute to their team. Guys not even been in the country 12 months, let him settle in and they'll see that they'll get their moneys worth.

  15. 22:28: 
    Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid

    Gareth Bale scored a goal like that for Wales earlier this season, it's no fluke. If you try and take him out he'll just run round you, use a running track if he has to.

    Lionel Messi looks lost as Gareth Bale goes up the steps with his Real team-mates to pick up a Copa del Rey medal.

    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona 1-2 Real Madrid

    Spanish football writer Mike Holden at the Mestalla: "Chaotic scenes at the Mestalla as the final whistle blows. The Real Madrid substitutes and backroom staff are off the bench and charging towards Gareth Bale.

    "Barca players sink to their knees as police quickly file around the pitch to form a cordon in front of the fans at both ends. Viva España chant the victorious Madrid fans. Few of the Barca players talk to each other. They all look lonely."

  17. 22:26: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace
    Tony Pulis

    Crystal Palace manager Tony Pulis speaking to BBC Radio 5 live: "It was an excellent performance from us today. The only thing that was disappointing was the two goals we conceded but we played some good stuff tonight and we always thought if we could move the ball quickly we could score some goals.

    "The whole basis of every team I have ever been at is to make sure we have a solid base to give us something to work on.

    "I think we are safe but my first game when we went to Hull we had four points so to get to 40 points is a fantastic achievement for this group of players. But we owe it to the Premier League to remain competitive until the end of the season and we want to finish the season strongly and get as many points as we can."

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    Infostrada Sports: Since 2008, FC Barcelona have never failed to miss out on all 3 of league title OR domestic cup OR European trophy within a season.

  19. 22:23: 
    Bale on the ball- Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid
    Gareth bale

    Before tonight's game our man in Madrid Andy West said that Gareth Bale needed to deliver tonight.

    With that goal, powering past a defender from the halfway line to score, he certainly did...

  20. 22:21: 
    Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid

    Cristiano Ronaldo embraces Gareth Bale in the centre circle. What a night for Bale who has just won his first major trophy.

    Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid

    Former England striker Gary Lineker: Gareth Bale has just become a superstar!

    QPR midfielder Joey Barton: WOW Bale. Acceleration and composure in abundance. Reminiscent of Henry running off the pitch against Carra that time. #BaaBaaVoom

    Hull midfielder Tom Huddlestone: GB11 what a goal!!! Ran across the subs bench for a bit then back on hahaha. Rapid!! @GarethBale11

  22. 22:21: 
    FULL-TIME- Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid

    It is all over! Gareth Bale crumbles to the turf before taking the acclaim of his jubilant team-mates. Real Madrid win the Copa del Rey!!

  23. 22:20: 
    Manager reaction- Man City 2-2 Sunderland
    Gus Poyet

    Sunderland boss Gus Poyet:

    "I haven't had the heart attack that football is trying to give me every game! We deserved better. We conceded a goal after two minutes at Manchester City and every single person in the world expected us to lose from there.

    "But we passed the ball and create chances. We kept believing."

  24. 22:19:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona 1-2 Real Madrid

    Everything - including the kitchen sink - is being thrown at the Real goal. Even Barca keeper Jose Manuel Pinto is stood in the Real box...

  25. 22:16:  
    Copa del Rey finalHITS THE WOODWORK- Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid

    Unbelievable! Neymar thinks he has scored the equaliser, only to see his poked shot crash back off the Real woodwork. A stricken Iker Casillas gratefully claims the rebound and then taps the saving post to say a heartfelt 'thanks'. Three minutes of stoppage time...

  26. 22:15:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona 1-2 Real Madrid

    Barcelona look dazed and confused by that potentially knockout blow from Madrid. Can they pull themselves up off the canvas for a second time? Two minutes before we move into injury-time...

  27. 22:15: 
    Manager reaction- Man City 2-2 Sunderland
    Manuel Pellegrini

    Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini: "We did not play well but we had in our mind the game against Liverpool [on Sunday]. We did not deserve to win."

    Is a draw enough? "It is not enough because we have Liverpool and Chelsea on top of the table and we needed to add three points - will see in the future what will happen but our chances are less.

    "The team missed a lot of things, the way we played, the way we defended and our character - we could not take out of our mind the game against Liverpool.

    "At this moment it is more mental than physical. When it no longer depends on what you can do it is very frustrating but we must finish season the way we have done practically the whole season, we must try to win our last five games - and hope that team will do it."

  28. 22:11: 
    GOAL- Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid - Gareth Bale (85 mins)

    They said he hadn't done it on the big stage for Real Madrid yet - well he has now! Gareth Bale shows jet heels to storm down the left flank from inside his own half before keeping his cool, and his feet under close attention from Barca defender Marc Bartra, to prod Madrid back in front. Is that the winner?

  29. 22:10:  
    Copa del Rey finalCLOSE!- Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid

    Barcelona have set up camp inside the Madrid half as they look to snatch what, about 10 minutes ago, looked like an unlikely win. Momentum is firmly with the Catalans who have forced Real into retreat.

    But, wait! Real star Luka Modric breaks clear from midfield, brushing off the challenge from Sergio Busquets, before his low shot shaves the Barca post.

    Less than 10 minutes left of normal time and this could go either way. Stick or twist for Carlo and Tata?

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    Anonymous via text: No one seems to have mentioned that both Liverpool and City have to go to the form team Palace!!

    Dave from Banbury, via text: No arrogance from Chelsea fans, belief in our team to go to Anfield and win, it's the media who are clamouring for Liverpool to win it.

    Ross in Kent, via text: Credit has to go to Ian Holloway too for resigning as manager of Palace at the start of the season as he thought he couldn't keep them in the Premier League, gave Palace every chance of surviving by the time he gave them, most managers would wait until being sacked then take the money!

  31. 22:09: 
    Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace

    Tony Pulis sums up his side's performance: "Yeah, we were very good."

  32. 22:05: 
    Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace

    Everton manager Roberto Martinez was also not happy about Scott Dann's goal for Crystal palace, complain gin about a block from the Eagles. But he was careful to pay credit to Tony Pulis's side too.

  33. 22:04: 
    Spanish football writer Mike Holden at the MestallaFinal fifteen

    "How quickly the emotions change. One moment Madrid thought they were 2-0 up, the next it's 1-1. The officials wasted little time ruling out Gareth Bale's header but it was long enough for the Merengues to believe the cup was heading back to the capital. Now the sea of red and yellow to my left has come back to life."

    Peter Ramage

    Crystal Palace defender Peter Ramage, who is on loan at Barnsley: What a wonderful looking number! Magnificent achievement by everyone connected to get to the magical number! #CPFC

    Manager reaction- Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace
    Roberto martinez

    Everton boss Roberto Martinez: "It's a real disappointment, a result which is hurtful. The first half we were fearful, the way we conceded the first goal shows that. They didn't have the threat to score three goals. We conceded bad goals.

    "The reaction in the second half was ourselves, that was perfect and we were unfortunate not to get something out of the game. But we get ready for the next four games.

    "They scored three goals from four shots on target. The breaks went Palace's way and we congratulate them. They were clinical.

    "We wanted to win so much that we stopped being ourselves and that is what we have to learn from. We will try and get as many points as we can, it doesn't change anything. We have had a magnificent season and we have incredible potential in this squad."

  36. 21:59:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona 1-1 Real Madrid

    Cristiano Ronaldo, sat alongside fellow Real injury victims Sami Khedira and Marcelo in the stands, screws his face up in disgust as he contemplates the Barca equaliser. How they could do with him on the pitch now.

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    Anonymous via text: A very disappointed City fan as that almost definitely puts title out of reach. Would prefer Liverpool to beat Chelsea now as much rather see Gerrard lift title than Terry.

    James Liverpool, via text: Chelsea's fans... You forget Liverpool can now draw one and still come out on top ;-)

    Anonymous via text: Liverpool fans aren't forgetting Chelsea, we're just not thinking about them - its Norwich next. Chelsea fans so arrogant they've probably booked hotels in Lisbon already.

    Mark, a Liverpool fan in Hampshire, via text: Ref Chris in Reading on text.... Chelsea are not in same position as Liverpool, Liverpool can now afford to draw against Chelsea, whereas Chelsea don't have that luxury!!

  38. 21:55: 
    Player reaction- Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace
    Palace winger Yannick Bolasie

    Crystal Palace winger Yannick Bolasie: "The manager has come in and done a brilliant job. I can't thank him enough, and he's proved plenty of people wrong.

    "We've got 40 points now and we feel safe enough"

  39. 21:55:  
    Copa del Rey finalGOAL- Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid - Marc Bartra (69 mins)

    Hands up if you had a cheeky flutter on Marc Bartra bagging Barcelona's first goal? Nope, me neither. Ever. The young Barca centre-half, who fired a warning shot seconds ago, is given the freedom of the Madrid penalty area to nod in Xavi's left-wing corner.

    What a time to score your first El Clasico goal!

  40. 21:53:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    Chances at either end as the pendulum continues to swing. Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas could have propped himself up against the post for long periods, but has to be alert to unconvincingly push out Marc Bartra's long drive.

    Then, it is Madrid's turn. France striker Karim Benzema is denied at the near post by Jose Manuel Pinto, before Gareth Bale nets from an offside position.


    Former Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba: Tony Pulis is doing an unbelievable job at Crystal Palace.

  42. 21:52: 

    We are still waiting for any of our four Premier League managers to appear before the cameras. A massive night - stand by for all the reaction.

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    Dennis: Fantastic title race...never seen Premier Leaue like this. Still more dramas are coming.

    Lifa Nati: Sunderland have shown they won't go down without a fight, they will be hard to beat at the Bridge. Chelsea fans know better

    Robert South: Liverpool don't play for draws, but this result means we could draw with Chelsea and still control our own destiny

  44. 21:50: 
    Spanish football writer Mike Holden at the MestallaBarcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    "As we just pass the hour mark, each break in play is greeted by a roar of encouragement from the Madrid fans. They are starting to sense victory now. They seem to be growing in the belief that, if the players keep their discipline and defensive shape as it is, one goal might actually be enough."

  45. 21:49:  
    Copa del Rey finalSUBSTITUTION- Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    Ex-Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas moves as quick as he has done in the last hour as he sprints off the pitch to be replaced by Pedro, whose introduction is greeted by a huge roar from the Barcelona fans. The Catalans have been desperate for an injection of pace - and this boy is a speedster.


    Opta Joe: 2 - Man City have won just two of their last nine Premier League meetings with Sunderland (W2 D3 L4). Bogey.

    Aston Villa goalkeeper Shay Given at the EtihadMan City 2-2 Sunderland
    Vito Mannone

    "It's heartbreaking for the goalkeeper [Vito Mannone] and for all Sunderland fans tonight. he has been one of their best players this season but he won't be able to sleep tonight. Gus Poyet was waiting for him by the touchline so it's good to know he has the backing of his manager but he needs to forget about that quickly and get back playing at the weekend.

    "We said before the game the a point wasn't good enough for either team. I still think there will be more twists and turns in the title race, Liverpool have won 10 games in a row but I am not sure they can win 14 which would give them the title.

    "At the other end Sunderland are still four or five points from safety so it's a big ask for them."

  48. 21:47: 
    At the bottom
    Premi League

    Sunderland were looking like being four points from safety with a game in hand until that Samir Nasri equaliser. When you're down there, you concede goals like that. Slow motion stuff as Nasri's shot trickled in.

    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Goodison ParkEverton 2-3 Crystal Palace

    "First of all we have to give credit to Crystal Palace, who are now safe with 40 points and they should be absolutely delighted. Well done to Tony Pulis because he has got the most he possibly could out of those players.

    "It's not often we have said it this season, in fact I think it's the only time, but I think the Everton manager has got it wrong tonight."

    Women's latest

    Tony Leighton reports: "The Super League's fourth season kicked off with good crowds and hard fought draws at Notts County and Birmingham City on the first night of action.

    "A fine attendance of 1,583 was at Meadow Lane to watch Notts County draw 1-1 with Arsenal after taking a first half lead through England winger Jess Clarke.

    "The Gunners were poor before the break but much better in the second half and may well have won the game after England right back Alex Scott's equaliser.

    "At Birmingham's new Solihull ground a crowd of 657 saw Blues battle out a goalless draw with Everton."

  51. 21:45:  
    Copa del Rey finalCLOSE!- Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    Still Gareth Bale knocks on that Barcelona door. The Real Madrid man shows superb technique to chest down and blast a thunderous volley inches over the Barca bar. Are Real going to rue not bagging a second?

    MOTD presenter Gary LinekerJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    "Only in the Premier League could the team at the very bottom possibly scupper a team's title aspirations."

    Aston Villa goalkeeper Shay Given at the EtihadMan City 2-2 Sunderland

    "It was frantic at the end and it could have gone either way. Vito Mannone will be so disappointed because he has cost Sunderland two points tonight."

  54. 21:42: 
    Through the barrier- Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace

    A nice touch from the announcer at Goodison Park, wishing the Palace fans a safe journey home before saying 'we'll definitely see you next year.'

    Crystal Palace have hit 40 points and are surely safe. TP at it again.

  55. 21:40: 
    Tight at the top
    Premier League

    Manchester City are six points behind Liverpool then, with a game in hand. Not out of it totally, but it's obviously a big setback.

  56. 21:40:  
    Copa del Rey finalCLOSE!- Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale looks a man set on making his mark on the big stage. The Welshman slaloms through the Barca defence with the ease of an Olympic alpine skier before smashing a toe-wang into the side-netting.

    Now then - is it time for Lionel Messi to snatch the limelight? The Barca star stands menacingly over a 25-yard free-kick, only to fire high into the jeering Madrid fans behind the goal. Young Lionel looks a broken man at the moment.

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    JPG, a Spurs fan, via text: Liverpool fans need to remember the title is now also in Chelsea's hands as well as their own! Jose the one manager who can figure out a win when he really needs to.

    Chris Saunders in Reading, via text: Do not forget Chelsea. Same as Liverpool now win all our games and were Champions. We seem to be forgotten in the current media frenzy around Anfield.

    Cass in Surrey, via text: Everyone seems to be forgetting Chelsea. When we beat Liverpool the title will be ours!

  58. 21:39: 
    FULL-TIME- Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace

    A huge win for Crystal Palace which will be celebrated by Arsenal fans!

  59. 21:39: 
    FULL-TIME- Man City 2-2 Sunderland

    A point salvaged? Or two dropped?


    Opta Joe: 2 - After scoring only once in his first 37 Premier League appearances, Connor Wickham has scored twice in 10 minutes. Unlikely.

  61. 21:37: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace

    Great chance! Late drama everywhere you look. Ross Barkley lifts a pass over the top, Kevin Mirallas has a free shot but air-kicks it and the ball runs away...

    Aston Villa goalkeeper Shay Given at the EtihadMan City 2-2 Sunderland

    "Vito Mannone has his shirt over his head and he will be holding his hands up after the game because it was a goalkeeping error for sure.

    "City should now be ahead too. Sami Nasri was very lucky that that chance fell to him in the box after a couple of ricochets but from that far out he should have done better."

  63. 21:36: 
    Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace

    Romelu Lukaku up for a header, journalists facing two massive re-writes - the ball goes wide...

  64. 21:35: 
    INJURY TIME- Man City 2-2 Sunderland

    FOUR MINUTES added on...

  65. 21:34: 
    SITTER!- Man City 2-2 Sunderland

    There's still time for City to get a winner yet - and they should have one! Samir Nasri again, a free hit in the six-yard box and he lifts it over!

  66. 21:34:  
    Copa del Rey finalKICK-OFF- Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    Barca boss Tata Martino looks stern-faced as the two teams re-emerge from the Mestalla tunnel. Apart from the obvious reason that his side are losing, he is also be unhappy that left-back Jordi Alba - one of his star performers in the first half - has been replaced by Adriano at the break. That must be because of an injury.

    Real Madrid are unchanged as they get the game back under way. Only 45 minutes for Barca to save their season.

  67. 21:33: 
    GOAL- Man City 2-2 Sunderland - Samir Nasri (88 mins)

    What a game! A clanger of colossal proportions from Vito Mannone, this is horrible to watch.

    Samir Nasri's low shot is straight at the Sunderland keeper, he lets it slip out of his grasp like a bar of soap, he still has time to get it, the ball spins toward goal, he still has time to get it, he loses his footing, he still has time to get it...

    He doesn't get it. The ball rolls over the line.

    Manchester City's Samir Nasri scores his side's equaliser
  68. 21:32: 
    Man City 1-2 Sunderland

    Gus Poyet said he needed a miracle. He's got one in the form of a brace from Connor Wickham.

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    Former Liverpool and England striker Michael Owen: My word!!! Can things get any better for Liverpool than they are at present?

    Aston Villa goalkeeper Shay Given at the EtihadMan City 1-2 Sunderland

    "It is very much deserved by Sunderland, they were sitting deep defending at 1-1 and it was a superb breakaway.

    "It's a fantastic strike, maybe Joe Hart could have done better at his near post but Sunderland deserve it."

  71. 21:30: 
    FINAL FIVE- Man City 1-2 Sunderland

    Into the last five minutes...

  72. 21:30: 
    Premier League

    Liverpool fans, it really could be your year. Should City lose tonight they will stay seven points off the pace with just one game in hand.

  73. 21:30: 
    GOAL- Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace - Kevin Mirallas (86 mins)

    A hint of fortune about it but Kevin Mirallas pulls one back for Everton after a through ball from Ross Barkley takes a very opportune deflection off Palace defender Joel Ward and runs invitingly into his path. The Belgium makes no mistake, clipping the ball beyond Julian Speroni.

    Kevin Mirallas of Everton goes past Julian Speroni to score his side's second goal
  74. 21:27: 
    GOAL- Man City 1-2 Sunderland - Connor Wickham (83 mins)

    This is not a drill, this is not a drill! Connor Wickham has scored twice in a few minutes to leave Manchester City's title hopes in a right old mess. It comes from a City corner as Sunderland counter, before Wickham hits an early shot past Joe Hart at his near post.

    Remarkable scenes, Can this keep Sunderland up?

  75. 21:27: 
    Man City 1-1 Sunderland

    Eight minutes left at the Etihad. Sunderland defending superbly...

  76. 21:24: 
    CLOSE!- Man City 1-1 Sunderland

    Edin Dzeko fires wide after good work down the left from Stevan Jovetic. Will City find that second goal?

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    Tom, via text: So disappointed. Just checked the score to find Everton trailing to palace. As a spurs fan it would be great to see then get 4th and knock arsenal off.

    Anonymous via text: I don't think Everton are ready for CL just yet. Europa League next season would give Martinez room to blood youngsters and still keep a fresh squad for a shot at top 4.

    Dave in Liverpool, via text: As a Liverpool fan I'd love Everton to make it in the Top 4. Be a great year on Merseyside if we win it & they finish 4th.

  78. 21:23: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 1-3 Crystal Palace

    What a save! Ross Barkley beats two men around the outside and fires in low but Julian Speroni kicks it away with his right heel. That was travelling!

  79. 21:22: 

    It's also a great night for that one man in Britain who has a front row of Connor Wickham and Cameron Jerome in his fantasy football team.

    There are 15 minutes left in the Premier League (tonight).

  80. 21:22: 
    Spanish football writer Mike Holden at the Mestalla:HALF-TIME- Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    "As soon as the half-time whistle blows, attention immediately turns to one hot topic of debate: was that Di Maria goal offside? Supporters from both sides in the unsegregated main stand are turning round to ask the press for their verdict and peek a look at TV screens behind. The Barca fans are quickest to reach to a conclusion. They're not happy."


    Opta Joe: 1 - For the first time in their top-flight history, Crystal Palace have scored 3+ goals in successive away games. Romp.

  82. 21:20: 
    Premier League table

    Those two goals have left the table looking increasingly rosy for Liverpool and Arsenal fans. The old question of whether it's better to have points on the board or games in hand is being powerfully answered tonight.

    Aston Villa goalkeeper Shay Given at the EtihadMan City 1-1 Sunderland

    "It is nothing short of what Sunderland deserve - they had a great chance through Colback moments earlier and he bought a good save out of Joe Hart but it was a great goal from Connor Wickham.

    "Sunderland deserve it, they have stayed in the game and created several chances, the big question now is whether City can get back in front to keep their title chances alive."

    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Goodison ParkEverton 1-3 Crystal Palace

    "Everton do tend to finish strongly but that is a tough one to take. Everton were completely dominating after the goal but Palace have broken and scored against the run of play and they have been very good at that tonight.

    "It's a blow for Everton though who have completely dominated this second half despite conceding twice."

  85. 21:17: 
    GOAL- Man City 1-1 Sunderland - Connor Wickham (73 mins)

    Liverpool fans scrape yourselves off the ceiling! If goals in quick succession from Cameron Jerome and Connor Wickham aren't an omen, I don't know what is.

    Wickham is in the right place to convert Emanuele Giaccherini's left-wing cross. Amazing. His first Premier League goal since 2011.

    Connor Wickham of Sunderland scores their first goal past Joe Hart of Manchester City
  86. 21:16:  
    Copa del Rey finalHALF-TIME- Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    Seconds before almost putting out a 'MISSING' advert for Lionel Messi, the little Argentine shows up at the Mestalla. He lurks on the edge of the area to pick up the scraps from an attempted Madrid clearance, sending an instinctive snapshot flashing past Iker Casillas's left-hand post.

    And that is virtually the final action of a steady, if not spectacular, first half in Valencia. Advantage Real thanks to Angel Di Maria's opener.

    Barcelona's Argentinian forward Lionel Messi reacts with disappointed during the Spanish Copa del Rey
  87. 21:15: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-3 Crystal Palace - Cameron Jerome (73 mins)

    What a performance from Crystal Palace. It's like the days of Mark Bright and Ian Wright all over again.

    Jason Puncheon is at it again, with some neat feet to beat a man on the edge of the box and tee up Cameron Jerome, he takes a touch before driving into the bottom corner. Nobody saw this coming - except maybe the Eagles fans.

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    Chris from Surrey, via text: Two of the best teams in the world they may well be, but if I were Spanish, I'd be embarrassed by the behaviour of 22 grown men consistently acting like ill-disciplined 5 year old children on a playground every time they play each other. Over shadows what should be a joy to watch.

    Ross in Kent, via text: With Barcelona and Crystal Palace both having the same club colours maybe they have swapped teams following both clubs recent changes in form, palace look like Barca of old whilst Barca look like the Palace of old!

    Paul in Dundee, via text: A Borini equaliser and it has the makings of a great night for Liverpool fans, with Pulis's Eagles destroying Everton.

  89. 21:13: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 1-2 Crystal Palace

    Close for the Toffees! Leon Osman flicks one in with the outside of his boot and Julian Speroni stretches out a hand to turn it away. Goodison ramping up the pressure.

  90. 21:12: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    A man who hates spring, Alvaro Negredo, is off as Edin Dzeko takes his place up front for Manchester City. Sunderland also make a change, Emanuele Giaccherini on for Seb Larsson.

  91. 21:11: 

    Twenty-five minutes left in our two Premier League games.

  92. 21:09: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 1-2 Crystal Palace

    That is brilliant from Leighton Baines. David Beckham-esque as he doesn't need to beat his man to put over a tantalizing cross which Kevin Mirallas puts over at full stretch.

    Tremendous delivery. Meanwhile, Jonathan Parr replaces the crocked Adrian Mariappa.


    Former Everton forward Tim Cahill: Hopefully the boys can turn this round. Anything can happen with how good the @Everton fans are. #believe #COYB

  94. 21:09:  
    Copa del Rey finalCLOSE!- Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    After being Barcelona's best attacking outlet, left-back Jordi Alba goes back to his day job to stop Real doubling their lead. The Spain star storms across to cover in the centre as Real break quickly, providing a crucial sliding tackle to stop Isco as he prepares to pull the trigger.

    Within seconds, Real spring again and this time Barca holding midfielder Sergio Busquets dives in to stop Gareth Bale going clean through. Barca are comfortable in possession but look a shred of nerves at the back.

  95. 21:08: 
    Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    It's been a perfunctory performance from Manchester City really. Not at their best. Stevan Jovetic hits a low shot from 25 yards which forces Vito Mannone into a low save.

    Aston Villa goalkeeper Shay Given at the EtihadMan City 1-0 Sunderland

    "The support is good at the minute for City but the longer it goes on I think the fans will get nervous. It only take a deflection or a mistake and it's 1-1. There's not been too much to talk about so far in this second half. "


    Opta Joe: 3 - Steven Naismith has scored three goals in his last four Premier League appearances. Hero.

  98. 21:07: 
    Everton 1-2 Crystal Palace

    Adrian Mariappa has his nose rearranged by Leighton Baines' head as the two go up for a header. Nothing malicious in the slightest from the England full-back but he gets booked nonetheless. A bit harsh, but Mariappa is bleeding like Rocky Balboa in the seventh.

    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Goodison ParkEverton 1-2 Crystal Palace
    Steven Naismith scores for Everton

    "Everton are back in the game. The criticism in the first half was that the wingers were too static and they weren't getting the ball in the box but immediately after making the second change Everton are back in it.

    "This looks like a better side now and they also look like they will be playing against an injured goalkeeper too, after Speroni was clattered by Naismith."

  100. 21:05: 
    Everton 1-2 Crystal Palace

    Palace keeper Julian Speroni took a knee to the face as that goal went in but after the magic sponge he's OK. Everton made a double change just before that goal, Gareth Barry and Aiden McGeady are off, James McCarthy and Leon Osman on.

  101. 21:05: 
    Spanish football writer Mike Holden at the MestallaBarcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    "If you walked inside the ground at this moment, you wouldn't really be able to tell who was winning. The Barca fans don't seem overly concerned by the early setback, there's an air of expectancy about them. If anything, there's a lull about the Madrid fans after the excitement of that early opener - although they can still summon up plenty of energy when it comes to contesting decisions."

  103. 21:03:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    Not sure what the possession stats are, but I'm sure they will be heavily weighted in favour of Barcelona. However, that has been the Catalans' problem this season - hogging the ball in the opposing half without causing any problems for the keeper. Real Madrid's Iker Casillas hardly has any muck on his gloves yet.

  104. 21:03: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-2 Crystal Palace - Steven Naismith (61 mins)

    Goal poacher supreme! Steven Naismith is in the right place to poke in from three yards out after Leighton Baines heads back a Kevin Mirallas cross and Goodison is rocking. Can Palace see this out?

  105. 21:00: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    He showed some early glimpses, he's not quite back to his best but that's the end of Sergio Aguero's night. He is replaced by Stevan Jovetic for the last half hour.

    Stevan Jovetic comes off the substitutes bench to replace Sergio Aguero

    Infostrada Sports: Of the last 36 Copa del Rey finals, 29 have been won by the team that scored the first goal of the match. #copa #barca #real

  107. 20:59: 
    Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    Sergio Aguero close to a first goal since January, his effort is deflected up and Vito Mannone has to move away to his right and push clear.


    Opta Joe: 2 - Everton have conceded more than once in a Premier League home game for only the fourth time in their last 23 games at Goodison. Rocked.

  109. 20:58: 
    Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    City looking comfortable enough at the minute, that early spark and zip has gone from Sunderland's play. There are still 35 minutes to go though.

  110. 20:58:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    Jordi Alba is proving to be Barcelona's best attacking outlet at the moment. The Spain left-back, playing back on the ground of former club Valencia, whips in another delicious cross which brushes Neymar's mulleted head before drifting harmlessly wide. One man is conspicuous by his absence at the moment - Senor Lionel Messi.

    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Goodison ParkEverton 0-2 Crystal Palace

    "Right at the top of the show I said Crystal Palace were a big old side and they showed all their power there.

    "Roberto Martinez made the change we expected him to at the break so they look more balanced now but they are two goals down."

  112. 20:55: 
    This is 40...- Everton 0-2 Crystal Palace
    Premier League

    Tony Pulis said before tonight's game that he'd be delighted to get to 40 points. They are there as its stands...

  113. 20:54:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    First signs of Barca's attacking threat as they search for an equaliser. Andres Iniesta's perfectly-weighted pass (how many times has that been said over the past decade?) slides in marauding left-back Jordi Alba on the overlap, but his centre evades Lionel Messi and Neymar as it flashes across the face of the Real goal.

    Then Alba finds space at the far post to head a cross from Dani Alves - Barca's other full-back - into Iker Casillas's hands. Better from the Catalans.

  114. 20:51: 
    GOAL- Everton 0-2 Crystal Palace - Scott Dann (49 mins)

    Tim Howard holds his head in his hands. Are Everton throwing away their European tour dreams?

    Palace have a two-goal lead through the softest of soft goals. Scott Dann heads home a free header from seven yards out. Rubbish marking.

    Scott Dann heads in Crystal Palace's second goal
  115. 20:50: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Palace continue to threaten, Joel Ward takes a tumble inside the box but any appeal is quelled as Joe Ledley takes the ball from him and forces Tim Howard into action, pushing away at his near post.

  116. 20:50: 
    KICK-OFF- Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    City get us under way.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Rob Kershaw: If Barca play like they have been next season, they'll be lucky to stay in the top Spanish division.

    Leon Mark Walters: Are Barcelona on the brink of "doing an Arsenal", with their season virtually ending in a week?

    Theophilus Odoom: Sorry Barca fans, Pinto is the worse goal keeper in La Liga.

  118. 20:49:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

    These El Clasico matches ignite quicker than a Guy Fawkes dummy on Bonfire Night. Barca forward Neymar has a spat with Real left-back Fabio Coentrao inside the penalty area before Coentrao's team-mate Pepe wades in. It sparks a melee and earns the Portuguese centre-half a yellow card, along with Neymar.

  119. 20:48: 
    Man City 1-0 Sunderland
    Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers (left)

    As Brendan Rodgers watches on at Goodison, former Sunderland midfielder Jordan Henderson tucks into the half-time buffet at the Etihad. These Liverpool players never shut off...

  120. 20:47: 
    KICK-OFF- Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Game on...

  121. 20:47: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Steven Naismith - in the touch of his life - is coming on at the break. It's Gerard Deulofeu who goes off for Everton.

  122. 20:45: 
    Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Brendan Rodgers is back in his seat. Almost game time at Goodison.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Patrick Holland: Pulis should get a top job, he's like an English Mourinho

    James Ashford: Tony Pulis is Manager of the Year and my Favourite Human of the Year.

    James Stringer: What Tony Pulis is achieving at @Official_CPFC is simply remarkable and easily deserves to be rewarded with manager of season!

  124. 20:40:  
    Copa del Rey finalGOAL- Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid - Angel Di Maria (10 mins)

    Barca start to dictate possession - and the tempo - following a frantic opening 10 minutes. But then - wham! Barca right-back Dani Alves cheaply loses possession in the opposition half, allowing Real to take advantage with a lightning counter.

    Karim Benzema plays in Angel Di Maria with a first-time ball and the Argentine keeps his cool to hold off a Barca defender and fire across Jose Manuel Pinto into the bottom corner. A hint of offside? Yes. But Real don't care.

    Real Madrid celebrate goal
    Women's Super League

    Meanwhile, it's half-time in the Women's Super League and Jess Clarke has given Notts County a 1-0 lead over Arsenal, while it is goalless between Birmingham and Everton. You can follow the second half from Meadow Lane live on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jeffrey Omolo: Tony Pulis is a great tactician! I wonder what he would do at a bigger club like Manchester United.

    George Hayes: Not a fan of Pulis for his contribution to Preston's relegation in 2010, but look at Palace now. What an improvement.

    Vithu Ravi: If this momentum continues Crystal Palace is a hell of a team to watch out next season!!!

  127. 20:38: 
    As it stands
    Premier League

    A reminder of how it stands at the top then. Manchester City are doing what they have to do to stay in the title fight, Everton are making a hash of their pursuit of the top four...

  128. 20:37:  
    Copa del Rey finalCLOSE!- Barcelona 0-0 Real Madrid

    World record signing Gareth Bale has enjoyed a decent start at Real Madrid, but has been accused of not turning it on in the big games.

    Well, the Welshman almost bags the opener twice in a matter of seconds. First, he fires across the face of the Barca goal after being released down the left by ex-Spurs team-mate Luka Modric, before then being denied in front of goal by a last-ditch tackle.

  129. 20:34:  
    Copa del Rey finalYELLOW CARD- Barcelona 0-0 Real Madrid

    Less than three minutes and we have our first yellow card of the evening. Expect many more. Madrid midfielder Isco's name is taken by the referee after a crude challenge of Barca forward Neymar, who was in full flight down the right wing. Even start in Valencia.

  130. 20:34: 
    HALF-TIME- Man City 1-0 Sunderland
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Paul Duckworth: I think that Barcelona will storm past Real Madrid tonight, just remember how bad Madrid were against Dortmund without CR7!

    Sam Le Pard: Forget Manager of the Season awards... I fully expect to hear "Arise Sir Tony Pulis" for his services to @Official_CPFC

    Callum Ferguson: Everton being punished for showing Palace no respect with their starting 11. You're not a champions league team yet Roberto

  132. 20:32: 
    HALF-TIME- Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace
  133. 20:31: 
    Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Palace winger Yannick Bolasie - who I saw turning it on at Sixfields for Barnet a few years back - has had a great first half. He is giving Seamus Coleman the run around, cutting inside again and firing just over. It's very much a shoot-on-sight policy.

  134. 20:30:  
    Copa del Rey finalKICK-OFF- Barcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)

    Hugs and handshakes between the players in the tunnel before they emerge into a cauldron of noise at the Mestalla. Those niceties won't last long.

    Spain's King Juan Carlos is watching on from the steep Mestalla stands, alongside Fifa president Sepp Blatter. Game on!

    Text us on 81111

    James in Uttoxeter, via text: Tony Pulis MUST be manager of the season. Who else could of done what he has done with a team rock bottom of the league! Stoke will lose their character and organisation without him and be relegated next season. Heard it here first!

    Shohan Sen, Arsenal fan from Kent, via text: Everton have led in all of their previous eight wins; unfamiliar circumstances? Palace have not conceded in the last three; familiar circumstances? Come on Palace!!

  136. 20:27: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    Sergio Aguero running at the Sunderland defence, Aguero cutting inside, Aguero going to ground, Aguero calling for a penalty between John O'Shea and Connor Wickham, Aguero getting nothing.

  137. 20:25: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    That's better from Everton! Ross Barkley keeps the ball alive in the right corner, he cuts it back for Romelu Lukaku and he hits a snap shot at the near post, Julian Speroni does brilliantly to get down and push it away.

    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Goodison ParkEverton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    "Crystal Palace might have Jason Puncheon but Everton are punchless, they have absolutely nothing going forward. Roberto Martinez has to change it in the second half because they are offering nothing in front of goal."

  139. 20:23: 
    Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Palace have only had a third of the possession so far tonight - but they've certainly used it efficiently. Just over five minutes of the half remaining as Aiden McGeady curls over at the other end.

  140. 20:23: 
    Spanish football writer Mike Holden at the Mestalla:Barcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)
    Barcelona v Real Madrid

    "The noise is reaching fever pitch as the master of ceremonies reads out the respective teams. It's hard to tell whether my ears are being pierced by the cheers from one side or the whistles from the other. This might be the 19th meeting between these two teams in the past three years but there's something very special about a Clasico on neutral territory."


    Infostrada Sports: Copa del Rey final coming up. FC Barcelona have not lost three matches in a row since January-February of 2003. #copa

  142. 20:20: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Woosh! Palace are playing with so much confidence, and Yannick Bolasie cuts in from the left and smashes a 20-yarder against the base of the post! Cameron Jerome turns the rebound wide. Everton have no answer to Palace's wide boys.

  143. 20:20: 
    Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    Pablo Zabaleta is back on his feet - gingerly. He and Marco Alonso share a handshake, no hard feelings. Just sore feet.

  144. 20:20:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)

    While Barca boss Gerardo Martino is facing increasing pressure in his first season at the Nou Camp, he can take solace from the fact his team hold the upper hand in El Clasico this season.

    Real, who are one point and one spot ahead of third-placed Barca in La Liga, have lost both of the top-flight matches against their arch rivals.

    October's 2-1 defeat at the Nou Camp signalled the start of a whopping 32-match unbeaten run for Real, only halted by last month's thrilling 4-3 reverse at the Bernabeu.

    What a match that was. If we get only half as much excitement tonight, then it will still be more exhilarating than a ride on Blackpool's Big Dipper. Ten minutes until kick-off at a noisy and colourful Mestalla.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Alex Gone: Crystal Palace team work rate is just among the most admirable things about them since Tony Pulis came along

    Kuntal Majumdar: Everton sounded a bit overconfident before the match. Plus they have a tougher run-in, than Arsenal. Fifth for them.

    Crippy Cooke: Still an hour to play, but who had Palace down to hit 40 points before West Ham, Aston Villa, Swansea, Norwich and West Brom?

  146. 20:18: 
    Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    More injuries to worry about. Pablo Zabaleta blocks a shot from Marcos Alonso and both players instantly go down holding their ankles. One of those where you take the full whack through your foot.

    Zabaleta looks in a bad way.

  147. 20:16: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    Sunderland forward Fabio Borini goes into the book for complaining about a decision. City now taking the sting out of the game after that strong spell from the visitors.


    Hull City midfielder Tom Huddlestone: El Classico time, no cr7 but I still fancy real to lift the trophy.


    Opta Joe: 4 - Jason Puncheon has scored four of Crystal Palace's last five Premier League goals. Rampage.

  150. 20:15: 
    Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    A few jeers of derision as Ross Barkley loses the ball cheaply for Everton. Palace then threaten again out wide as Yannick Bolasie's cross is forced away.


    Opta Joe: 2 - The two Man City PL goals that are faster than Fernandinho's are Navas vs Tottenham (13s) and Dzeko vs Man Utd (43s). Lightning.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Sam Parker: A 3-2 victory for Sunderland, with Borini scoring the winner for both Sunderland & Liverpool? What are the odds on that??

    Tom Fysh: Sunderland to draw 2-2. It's gonna happen.

    William Hamnett: Someone buy Jason Puncheon a ticket on that plane to Brazil #Eagles

  153. 20:12: 
    Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    More bad news for Manchester City fans. Wes 'get down' Brown flies into a rash tackle on Sergio Aguero near the halfway line, referee Martin Atkinson waves play on, and Aguero stays down in pain.

    That was metatarsal territory. Aguero is able to get up after some treatment but his manager for club and country would not want to see that.

    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Goodison ParkEverton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    "I think Everton have been lulled into a false sense of security there, Palace have only had the one attack and they've scored.

    "Leighton Baines has got to defend much better than that, he was easily beaten for pace there."

  155. 20:11: 
    Not in the script- Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace
    Top five

    That Palace goal is great news for Arsenal fans, it keeps them in that vital fourth place - for now anyway. Still a long way to go of course.

    Barcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)

    Opta Jose: Gareth Bale has only managed one shot in 151 minutes against Barcelona this season.

  157. 20:10: 
    Spanish football writer Mike Holden at the MestallaBarcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)
    Copa Del Rey Cup

    "Both teams largely as expected. Club captain Carles Puyol, who has missed much of the season through injury, only makes the bench for Barca but centre-back Marc Bartra's return from a knock does at least allow Tata Martino to push Sergio Busquets back into his more effective midfield holding role.

    "Isco's inclusion for Real means Angel Di Maria is almost certain to be part of the midfield three, the same position from which he caused havoc in the first half of the seven-goal thriller at the Santiago Bernabeu three weeks ago."

  158. 20:08: 
    GOAL- Everton 0-1 Crystal Palace - Jason Puncheon (23 mins)

    They've had a good spell - and Palace lead! Yannick Bolasie gets down the right, Tim Howard can only palm his cross out, Marouane Chamakh tees up Jason Puncheon and he finds the far corner with a low finish.

    Like his winner at the weekend, that was perfectly placed.

    Jason Puncheon celebrates his goal
  159. 20:07: 
    CLOSE!- Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    There are some nervous looks on Manchester City faces right now. Sunderland are having a real go, Adam Johnson cutting in from the right and flashing a shot wide.

    Fan holds up sign saying 'We must fight to the end'

    Sunderland have had 52% of possession so far and matched City's four attempts on goal.

  160. 20:06: 
    Everton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace are holding their own here. Good pay down the left ends with Cameron Jerome heading wide - but the flag was raised.

  161. 20:06:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)
    Ronaldo and Real Madrid pre-match

    Imagine the boost of scanning Real Madrid's teamsheet and seeing the name 'Cristiano Ronaldo' missing. The Portugal superstar has been ruled out of tonight's match with a hamstring injury, so he is suited and booted in the Mestalla. Though, the baseball cap and earphones ruin the smart look somewhat.

    "Cristiano is not available because we don't want to take risks and we have other very important games to come this season," says Real boss Carlo Ancelotti, who team face Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-finals next week.

    "We are going to lose a player with an incredible quality, but his absence has provided motivation for the team to run more and play more as a team."

  162. 20:04: 
    Out of the blocks- Man City 1-0 Sunderland
    Fernandinho celebrates scoring

    It has been far from one-way traffic for Manchester City - although Fernandinho's goal gave them a flying start.

  163. 20:02: 
    CLOSE!- Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    Well Sunderland really should have scored by now! Martin Demichelis gets it all wrong, coming out to play offside on his own, and Fabio Borini is played in inside the box. It's a tight angle but he has Jack Colback available, but he goes for the shot and drags it wide.

    Gus Poyet almost peels off his snood in frustration.

    Fabio Borini misses chance

    Infostrada Sports: Most #EPL goals in the first 5 minutes of the match, this season by club: Liverpool (8), WBA (5), Arsenal (4), Man City (4). #MCFC

  165. 20:01: 
    Everton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Joel Ward's England watch update - the full-back does well to stand up to the fancy feet of Gerard Deulofeu and deflect his cross away for a corner.

    He then overhits a cross at the other end.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Tamara: I want another 7-0 at Etihad to console for Sunday's result. Come on @MCFC!

    Shohidur Rahman: Can see this getting real ugly for Sunderland. The worst possible start.

    Adam Byrne: 1-0 already! Going to be a very, very long night for Sunderland and Gus Poyet!

  167. 19:59: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Everton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Ross Barkley beats two men with a jinking run on the edge of the box but spoils his work by going to ground easily. Aiden McGeady then flashes a curler over from 25 yards as the home fans make some noise.

  168. 19:58: 
    Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    I said earlier that Sunderland would come and sit back - I take that back. They are attacking with gusto, throwing men forward.

    It's a bold - possibly maverick - approach.

  169. 19:58:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)
    Barcelona v Real Madrid

    This match might be deprived of Cristiano Ronaldo, but there is still a galaxy of superstars on show in the Mestalla.

    Barcelona make four changes as they look to put Saturday's shock 1-0 defeat at lowly Granada behind them. Spain midfield maestro Xavi returns to skipper the side, while Brazil right-back Dani Alves, Spain left-back Jordi Alba and young centre-back Marc Bartra come into a reshuffled back four. Injured goalkeeper Victor Valdes continues to be replaced by Jose Manuel Pinto.

    For Madrid, out-of-favour goalkeeper Iker Casillas returns in the Copa del Rey, as he has done all season, in place of Diego Lopez. That is also one of four changes for boss Carlo Ancelotti from the comfortable 4-0 victory against Almeria. Spain centre-back Sergio Ramos - sent off in last month's El Clasico, returns along with defensive midfielder Xabi Alonso and right-back Dani Carvajal.

  170. 19:57: 
    CLOSE!- Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    Ah - it could be 2-2 at the Etihad! John O'Shea beats Vincent Kompany again to a corner, it's another great chance and again his header is off target. City looking vulnerable to set-pieces. Sunderland looking wasteful.

  171. 19:55: 
    SITTER!- Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    Fernandinho should have a second of the night already. Sergio Aguero's banana shot from 25 yards forces Vito Mannone into an unconvincing slap away, Pablo Zabaleta heads it down for the Brazilian midfielder - and he skies his effort over the top.


    Opta Joe: 6 - Sergio Aguero has now provided six Premier League assists this season, three times as many as he did in 2012-13. Dreamy.


    Despite scoring after only 1 min 54 secs, Fernandinho's goal vs Man City is only their third quickest of the season in the PL. Rapid.

  173. 19:53: 
    Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    Lee Cattermole tries to gee up his troops in the Sunderland side but he then gives it away cheaply when pressed by James Milner. Sergio Aguero looks sharp in the opening stages for City.

  174. 19:52: 
    Everton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    This is what John Stones offers that Phil Jagielka doesn't - he plays a one-two with right-back Seamus Coleman and then overlaps him to burst down the wing. Some managers would be horrified to see a centre-half doing that but he seems to be encouraged by Roberto Martinez.

    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Goodison ParkEverton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Everton have started quickly but Crystal Palace in comparison to the Everton players are huge. They need to get some set pieces and throw the ball into the mixer and it could cause Everton some real problems tonight."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    No shortage of suggestions about possible late contenders for a trip to Brazil.

    Henry Milton: If we go to penalties, we might want Mark Noble and Rickie Lambert...

    Joel Moore: John Stones and Tom Huddlestone must both be considered

    Nathan Nicholls: Why Jermain Defoe hasn't been mentioned more is beyond me.

  177. 19:50: 
    CLOSE!- Man City 1-0 Sunderland

    Gus Poyet looks as sick as a dog in the dugout. His side then have a great chance though as John O'Shea heads Adam Johnson's free-kick wide from no more than seven yards out!

    He had a free header there - he has to score.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    There is a lot of love for Andy Carroll and his West Ham team-mates in our debate about who could be a late call for the World Cup in Brazil.

    Colin Henley: How about Andy Carroll. He offers something England don't have at the moment..super sub perhaps?

    Manvir Singh Chahal: Andy Carroll must go, he's England's only physical striker. Who else is going to flick headers on? Can't see Rooney doing it.

    Michael J White: Mark Noble and Stewart Downing have got to be considered. Perfect for the big man Carroll having them two with him at the WC

    Aston Villa goalkeeper Shay Given at The EtihadMan City 1-0 Sunderland

    "The keeper didn't have much chance, he was one on one but it was fantastic play for Manchester City.

    "It's the worst possible start, Sunderland had barely touched the ball and now they are trailing already."

  180. 19:48: 
    Everton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Decent start from Everton as they force a couple of early corners. Palace do counter well and Cameron Jerome has the goal in his sights - but John Stones had stepped up and played him offside.

  181. 19:47: 
    GOAL- Man City 1-0 Sunderland - Fernandinho (2 mins)

    Well that didn't take long! Sunderland's relegation worries take an early pounding. Alvaro Negredo wins the ball back and finds Sergio Aguero, his pass finds Fernandinho breaking into the box and he makes no mistake with a low shot from eight yards.

    Fernandinho goal for Manchester City
  182. 19:46: 
    KICK-OFF- Everton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    And game on at Goodison too.

  183. 19:45: 
    KICK-OFF- Man City 0-0 Sunderland

    Under way at the Etihad.

  184. 19:44: 
    Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    Applause rings out at Goodison Park as the crowd pay their tributes to the 96 who died at Hillsborough. Brendan Rodgers looks on as 'He ain't heavy, he's my brother' is played.

    A snake of Everton and Liverpool scarves tied together line the pitch.

    Aston Villa goalkeeper Shay Given at The EtihadVILLA LATEST

    On events at Villa Park: "The manager asked me if I would step up and help out. As an experienced player he felt I could help the group. The most important thing is the safety of the club now.

    "Aston Villa is more important than anyone and we all have to pull in the same direction. It's a great opportunity for me to get some coaching experience but more importantly I would like to think I can help Paul Lambert.

    "If you lose four in a row at any club then confidence will dip but the players just want to play football, there was buzz in training and what has happened off the pitch shouldn't affect the players "

  186. 19:42: 
    Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    Z Cars time at Goodison. Everton and Liverpool have won their last 17 league games between them. Has there been a better spell of football on Merseyside since the late 80s?

    Palace, in their yellow away kit, line up against Roberto Martinez's men. I'll be keeping a special eye on Joel Ward now a few of you have touted him as an England player...

  187. 19:42: 
    Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini on his team selection: "The changes are for injuries. Aleksandar Kolarov and Alvaro Negredo are in because I wanted to refresh the team because we played three days ago. Of course Sergio Aguero is a very important player, but maybe he cannot play the whole match."

  188. 19:40: 
    Barcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)
    Barcelona v Real Madrid

    Spanish football writer Mike Holden at the Mestalla: "The Barca fans are much quicker to take their place inside the ground. Away to the left of the players' tunnel, their end is about 40% full - and they're in fine voice too. Only half as many Madrid fans and they've yet to make themselves heard."

    Copa del Rey finalLINE-UPS- Barcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)

    Barcelona: Pinto, Alves, Mascherano, Bartra, Alba, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Neymar, Messi, Fabregas. Substitutes: Oier, Puyol, Adriano, Song, Sergi Roberto, Pedro, Alexis Sanchez.

    Real Madrid: Casillas, Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrao, Xabi Alonso, Modric, Bale, Di Maria, Isco, Benzema. Substitutes: Diego Lopez, Varane, Casemiro, Nacho, Morata, Illarramendi, Willian Jose.

    Text us on 81111
    John Stones

    The suggestions for who should be a late call for a seat on the plane to Brazil keep coming in, you can join in the debate on Twitter and by text.

    Rob from Grantham, via text: Joel Ward should already be on the plane. It's baffling that he's not even being touted. Solid player. Would be great for England.

    Ross in Kettering, via text: Would love to see Stones or Shawcross go, proper centre halves.

    Dean, via text: Andy Carroll for me. England needs a striker like him in the squad and he will walk into the side if he picks up in the final few games.

  191. 19:37: 
    At the bottom- Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    Sunderland are in the unenviable position of knowing that even a win at the Etihad tonight would not be enough to lift them off the bottom. It would put the pressure back on those above them though.

    Text us on 81111

    The suggestions for who should be a late call for a seat on the plane to Brazil keep coming in, you can join in the debate on Twitter and by text.

    Will in Cambridge, via text: Some will disagree but for me Jon Flanagan deserves to be on the plane. Consistent week after week for Liverpool in the so called "pressure" games.

    Rob, a Villa fan, via text: Fabian Delph, has been our standout player, he's young and one for the future.

    Michael a Fulham fan, via text: David Stockdale should make the plane, finally Fulham number 1 and his save at the weekend was immense. Improving dramatically.

  193. 19:32: 
    Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    Sunderland are noticeably warming up right in front of the away end at the Etihad. They need all the support they can get tonight. Is anything other than a heavy defeat tonight a result?

  194. 19:31: 
    Step it up Bale- Barcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)
    Gareth Bale

    Real Madrid are without Cristiano Ronaldo this evening so the world's most expensive player Gareth Bale will be under the spotlight even more than normal.

    Bale has scored 19 goals for Real since his mega-money move from Spurs. Not bad - very good in fact - but has he touched the heights he needs to yet?

    Spanish football writer Andy West says he needs to deliver in the big games.

    "In the five games that could be described as Real's most important and most difficult of the season - home and away league encounters with both Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, and last week's Champions League second leg against Borussia Dortmund - the Welshman's end product has been conspicuous by its absence," says West.

    "Those matches have yielded no goals and just one assist - and even that was a generous assessment after he mis-controlled a cross and Cristiano Ronaldo pounced to sweep home a late equaliser against Atletico - to leave Bale open to justifiable criticism that he has not been able to contribute when his team has needed him the most."

  195. 19:30: 
    Stay close to me...
    Sir Alex Ferguson's wine

    He's been retired the best part of a year or so, he's probably getting under his wife's feet a bit too much - so Sir Alex Ferguson has made himself useful and had a clear out of the cellar.

    Along with a few old bikes, a damaged strimmer, some fold-up chairs for the garden and his train set, Sir Alex has decided to part with some of his wine collection.

    You know how it is, you've got a few bottles of red from the petrol station knocking about, maybe a half-open bottle of Lambrini from New Year's Eve, it soon adds up.

    Well, part of the wine collection amassed by Sir Alex Ferguson during his Manchester United reign could fetch more than £3m.

    Part of his collection!

    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Goodison ParkEverton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    "The team selection is a bit of a surprise but he [Roberto Martinez] has got to go and win games, he can't draw games now they have to win. We like the fact we have been able to sneak up quietly on the top four, all the talk has been about Liverpool and rightly so.

    "Everton fans are loving the way Everton are competing at the highest level this season and the way they are doing it. The options they now have in the squad have been tremendous."


    Opta Joe: 2 - Real Madrid have only won two of their last seven Copa del Rey finals, though these were both played in Valencia. Mediterranean.

    Former Premier League defender Danny Higginbotham on 5 live

    On the Premier League title race: "The Liverpool v Chelsea game in a few weeks was always going to be a massive game but with Chelsea progressing in the Champions League - and the results they have had before the Champions League games this season - means Liverpool stand a great chance. Also City still have to go to Everton.

    "I think Liverpool will win it not just because of the result at the weekend but also because Chelsea are still in the Champions League."

  199. 19:24: 
    Barcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)
    The Real Madrid coach arrives

    Spanish football writer Mike Holden at the Mestalla: "The Real Madrid team coach has just arrived but without the chaotic scenes of three years ago, when Real beat Barca 1-0 in Valencia. This time, the police have done a better job of clearing the streets beforehand. Now the Barca coach can be seen poking its head through the crowds at the other end of Avenida de Suecia."

  200. 19:21: 
    Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    Just over 20 minutes to go until kick-off. He's everywhere this guy - Brendan Rodgers arrives at Goodison Park and is ushered down the tunnel. Almost a hero's welcome.

    Is he giving the team-talks?

    Rodgers with young fan at Goodison Park
    Former Manchester City goalkeeper Shay Given at the EtihadMan City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    "It is a massive loss for City to be without Yaya Toure and David Silva. Arguably two of their best players are missing but Sergio Aguero is back which is a bonus.


    "The problem is that David Silva is their main playmaker so it will be a loss.

    "It's going to be an interesting night though because it is a must win for both teams. Sunderland need to win to try to stay in the division and City need to win to keep alive their hope of staying in the division so it should be a great game."

  202. 19:18: 
    Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    Manchester City's title hopes took a step back on Sunday - in what was probably the best game of the season so far - but if they win their two games in hand they would only be a point behind leaders Liverpool.

    Step one of that plan starts tonight. Samir Nasri looks focused in the warm-up, with David Silva out his scheming could be crucial against a Sunderland side which will surely bed in and try and hit on the break.

    England international Eniola Aluko on BBC Radio 5 live ahead of the start of the Women's Super League tonight

    "Women's football in this country is in a very exciting time. It is the right time to bring in this increased level of competition. Off the back of a very competitive season last year where it went down to the wire, adding in relegation and promotion from the two leagues will add more spice.

    "This is very much the dream of where we would have wanted women's football to be heading. Now every club in the Super League has their players training four or five times a week. Liverpool, the champions, demonstrated last season how successful you can be with the right investment and professionalism. It is a fantastic time to be part of women's football."

  204. 19:16: 
    Women's Super League kicks-off
    Casey Stoney

    I should also point out that tonight also marks the start of the new Women's Super League season, which has two divisions for the first time. Four WSL 1 teams are in action this evening with Notts County v Arsenal live right now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra, and Birmingham hosting Everton. Kick-off in both games is at 19:30 BST.

    If you want to know more about the teams involved and who are favourites for the top-flight title, relegation and promotion, we have a handy guide to fill in all the gaps in your knowledge.

  205. 19:15:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveKeep up with the action

    Don't forget, BBC Radio 5 live will have regular updates on all tonight's major action and have former Burnley, Bolton and Wigan boss Owen Coyle, former Premier League defender Danny Higginbotham and former England international Danny Mills in the studio, while Shay Given is keeping his eyes on events at the Etihad and Pat Nevin is at Goodison Park.

  206. 19:13: 
    Second time lucky?- Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    Tonight's games at Everton and Manchester City have both been re-arranged from February, when freak winds forced a couple of late postponements.

    You may recall one particular Everton fan making the headlines that night when he travelled from Malaysia only to miss out!

    Everton looked after Richard Wee well though, as he met Leighton Baines and Roberto Martinez at Goodison Park. His ticket stub will probably be valid - has he made it over again?

  207. 19:12: 
    Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    Crystal Palace manager Tony Pulis: "The confidence is good right now but we know how difficult it is going to be tonight.

    "We are really going to have to be on the mark. Results give you confidence. The important thing is keeping the players focused for this final month. If we get to 40 points we'll be pleased."

  208. 19:11: 

    Luckily for us all, the BBC's Richard Conway has explained all.

    He says: "City posted combined losses of £149m for the last two seasons - £97m in 2012 and £51.6m in 2013.

    "Sounds bad, but they may be able to write off a large chunk of that debt after spending considerable sums on an innovative training complex and by investing in youth development.

    "City's 10-year £350m sponsorship deal with the airline Etihad raised eyebrows in some quarters. That is because Etihad is ultimately owned by the Abu Dhabi government and is headed by Sheikh Mansour's half-brother, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

    "Clubs could receive a warning, fine, or have prize money withheld. They may even be restricted in the number of players they are allowed to field in European competition.

    "Disqualification from either the Champions League or Europa League is a possibility, too, while a club could even lose a title if their transgressions are deemed serious enough."

  209. 19:11: 
    Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    There's plenty of money about at Manchester City, without a doubt. Too much?

    City will discover this week if they have breached Uefa's Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

    One of 76 clubs under scrutiny, they could face a number of sanctions if found guilty, from a fine to being banned from European competition.

    But does anyone really understand what FFP is all about?

    Text us on 81111

    Lee in Manchester, via text: Thank God Milner is starting tonight. No idea why he isn't a regular

    Andrew, via text: Never mind the fact that there is no Yaya Toure in the Manchester City line-up, there's no David Silva in the squad either. He is arguably a more important player for City than Toure is, and he proved that fact with his second half performance against Liverpool on Sunday.

    Rob in Newbury, via text: All season Martinez has refused to acknowledge the work Moyes did. Dreadful and mean-spirited.

  211. 19:08: 
    Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)
    Goodison Park pre-match

    'Song 2' on the playlist at a sunny Goodison Park as fans continue to file in. A cheery Tony Pulis tells the cameras he'll be delighted to get to 40 points, a landmark they can reach with victory tonight.

  212. 19:07:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)

    If there is a bigger game in European football then it had best show itself - because El Clasico is hell-bent on claiming that title.

    Over the past 85 years this fierce rivalry, which transcends sport, culture and politics between Spain's two biggest cities, has provided everything - spectacular goals, gripping drama, bust-ups, and even pig's heads.

    Because two of these occasions every season are simply not enough, tonight we are being treated to a third instalment. And the 227th competitive clash between the pair sees silverware at stake in the shape of the Copa del Rey trophy.


    Opta Joe: 50 - Manchester City have scored 50 goals in 15 Premier League games when Sergio Aguero has started this season (3.3 per game). Return.

    Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan: "This is one of Manchester City's two games in hand on title rivals Liverpool and Chelsea, but although they face bottom-of-the-table Sunderland, their record against the Black Cats is not so good.

    "Two wins in the last eight Premier League games underlines that and without their top scorer in the league Yaya Toure, it might be as "dangerous" as boss Manuel Pellegrini has warned."

  215. 19:04: 
    Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    Seb Larsson - a man who should probably lose his 'dead-ball specialist' tag - has scored two goals in the last two seasons...

  216. 19:03: 
    Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    Sunderland midfielder Sebastian Larsson: "We know we are in a tricky situation and we will do everything we can to get out of that, I can promise you that. We need to more or less play a perfect game to get anything from this and we will try to do that. I am more than due a goal so hopefully it will come tonight."

  217. 19:03: 
    Team News- Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    Everton manager Roberto Martinez makes three changes for tonight's visit of Crystal Palace with Kevin Mirallas, Ross Barkley and Aiden McGeady drafted into his side in place of Leon Osman, James McCarthy and Steven Naismith.

    Eagles manager Tony Pulis makes just the one change from the side which defeated Aston Villa at the weekend, with Marouane Chamakh replacing Kagisho Dikgacoi.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    It seems a lot of you think John Stones has done enough to be considered for an England call-up this season, but who else do you think could be on the plane to Brazil?

    Micro Citizen: Joel Ward - statistically the best RB (defensively) in the PL, with the most successful tackles and highest percentage won

    Jasper: Sterling should definitely go and should start! John Stones should go as well he gives England something else at the back!

    Real Stealth: John Stones & Gary Cahill should be the new central defence partnership as Terry is gone.

  219. 19:00: 
    Too legit to quit- Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    Sunderland beat Newcastle 3-0 at the start of February. Things were looking up, the Black Cats looked like staying up.

    But since then it's been a tale of woe in the Premier League. A run of seven defeats and a draw, during which Gus Poyet's men have scored just four goals and conceded 18, have left them in real trouble.

    Sunderland need five more wins to reach the magical 40-point mark - a tough ask when they have six games left and have won just six all season.

    But Poyet is not going to give up yet. "It looks to me that people are expecting me to walk out," he said. "I don't know why they have that impression. I'm not going to quit."

  220. 19:00: 
    Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    Not exactly all smiles for Sunderland boss Gus Poyet as he signs his autograph for a fan at Manchester City. Mind you, with his team propping up the Premier League laughs are at a premium right now.

    Gus Poyet signing an autograph for fan ahead of Manchester City v Sunderland
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Thomas Knights: No Toure or Silva for city, Negredo not scored in the league since Jan. A lot needed from Aguero.

    DJ Towers: Hoping for wins for #safc & #cpfc tonight. I'd rather Palace have nothing to play for when they face #lfc

  222. 18:58: 
    Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    Everton manager Roberto Martinez: "We are where we are because of our squad. To be consistent you must have players ready to come in. That freshness is vital.

    We have three players coming in fresh in Kevin Mirallas, Ross Barkley and, to a point, Aiden McGeady who have been performing well. It is important. With three games in eight days it is a very demanding week."

    Former Everton and Crystal Palace goalkeeper Nigel Martyn on BBC Radio 5 liveEverton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    "The onus is on Everton to do all the attacking. Palace will sit in and try and hit them on the break. Tony Pulis has done a fantastic job since he went there. He's got the back four and goalkeeper working as a unit really well.

    "That's the base for success his teams have been built on. Compared to the other teams down there, they have conceded half as many goals as the others. That's what will keep them up.

    "Roberto Martinez has inherited a really good back four and goalkeeper who were used to playing together. He knew they had a solid unit in place. He has signed a few good players on loan and because of them the team is a lot stronger offensively than it was a few years ago."

  224. 18:55: 
    Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    Sergio Aguero starts tonight for Manchester City. They have missed the Argentine, who has scored 26 goals this season but hasn't hit the net since January.

    Sergio Aguero arriving at the Etihad Stadium
    Text us on 81111

    We asked who you think could be making a late case for a spot on the plane to Rio, keep your suggestions coming in.

    Craig in Surrey, via text: John Stones should go as he is a future England CB and the experience would do him the world of good.

    James in Wallasey, via text: Everton FC are a credit to British Football. COYB from a Lifelong LFC supporter. 96 reasons for EFC to win tonight. YNWA Blues.

  226. 18:54: 
    City boys living large- Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)
    Manchester City

    As you've no doubt heard, there was some good news on the financial front today as after nearly six years of falling real wages have finally caught up with inflation.

    Weekly wages, including bonuses, rose by 1.7% in the year to February, up from 1.4% in January, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

    A real boost, I'm sure.

    Manchester City players have also had some good news as a new survey says they are the best paid team in sport.

    Sportingintelligence's survey says the Premier League club pay an average annual wage of £5.3m to its first-team players, which works out as £102,653 per week.

    Let's call it £100k a week lads eh? Stick the rest in the charity box...

  227. 18:52: 
    Team News- Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    Everton make three changes, with Ross Barkley and Kevin Mirallas starting.

    Crystal Palace make one change - as Marouane Chamakh comes back into the side.

    Everton XI: Howard; Coleman, Stones, Distin, Baines; Barry, Mirallas, Barkley, Deulofeu, McGeady; Lukaku

    Palace XI: Speroni, Mariappa, Delaney, Dann, Ward, Jedinak, Ledley, Bolasie, Puncheon, Chamakh, Jerome

  228. 18:48: 
    Team News- Man City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    The good news for City fans? Sergio Aguero starts. The bad news? Yaya Toure does not.

    Sunderland make two changes, with Seb Larsson and Santiago Vergini in.

    City XI: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Demichelis, Kolarov, Milner, Garcia, Fernandinho, Nasri, Aguero, Negredo

    Sunderland XI: Mannone, Vergini, Alonso, Brown, O'Shea, Cattermole, Colback, Larsson, Johnson, Borini, Wickham

  229. 18:47: 
    Pressure point- Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says he is hoping for an Everton slip-up in the race for a Champions League spot, but Toffees boss Roberto Martinez believes there is no pressure on his side.

    Arsenal's win over West Ham on Tuesday put them a point above Everton, who host Crystal Palace on Wednesday.

    "We know we have to win our games and hope Everton slip up," said Wenger.

    But Martinez countered: "Pressure comes when you have something to lose. We have everything to gain."

  230. 18:42:  
    Copa del Rey finalBarcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)

    Barcelona have endured a miserable season by their own high standards, with a series of off-the-field troubles compounding their below-par performances on the pitch.

    The Catalan club's saintly reputation - embodied by their 'Mes Que Un Club' (More Than A Club) motto - has taken a battering over the past few months.

    The tax scandal surrounding the £50m transfer of Brazil star Neymar last summer was swiftly followed by a Fifa transfer ban for breaking rules on signing players aged under 18.

    But, perhaps most importantly, they face the rare prospect of a trophyless season. Last week they were dumped out of the Champions League by Spanish rivals Atletico Madrid, who also lead them by four points in La Liga with five games left. Tonight appears to be their best chance to dig out the silverware polish.


    You can't beat evening kick-offs in the sunshine can you? It means we are at the business end of the season, a time for promotion, relegation, Champions League semi-finals, play-offs and (eventually) World Cups.

    It's wall-to-wall action tonight but looking ahead to the summer's festivities in Brazil I want to hear your late call-ups for Roy.

    Who can do enough in the last five or six games to book a place on the plane? Are Liverpool's youngsters showing enough to deserve a call? What about John Stones? Is Andy Carroll an option?

    Keep them coming. You can text in on 81111 (UK Only) or tweet us at #bbcfootball.

  232. 18:37: 
    Fight for fourth- Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)
    Premier Leageu

    Arsenal moved back into fourth place with their win against West Ham last night but Everton can slip back into a Champions League spot should they take the points against Palace.

    Palace have been on top form since Tony Pulis took charge, so it won't be easy for Everton tonight - but the Toffees have won seven league games on the spin...

    Manchester City

    Manchester City FC: The warm up room at the stadium is ready for the players arrival #cityvsunderland

  234. 18:33: 
    Today's games

    Top of the table, top four and relegation issues all in the mixer - and a trophy on the table in Spain. Here's what we're serving up tonight:

    Everton v Crystal Palace (19:45 BST)

    Manchester City v Sunderland (19:45 BST)

    Barcelona v Real Madrid (20:30 BST)

  235. 18:30: 
    It's up for grabs now...
    Manuel Pellegrini

    We are into the home stretch. The final furlong. The last lap.

    We've had the two-minute warning. The bell has been rung. We've teed off at the 18th.

    The finishing line of the Premier League season is on the horizon and after eight months of gold, goals and drama there's still a load of classic games still to come.

    Tonight sees important games in the title race, the push for a Champions League spot and the relegation dogfight. All served with a side salad of El Clasico.

    Not bad for a Wednesday night.

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