FA Cup: Wigan v Arsenal latest

Live text and radio commentary as Arsenal reach the FA Cup final with a penalty shoot-out victory over Wigan at Wembley.

12 April 2014 Last updated at 11:50

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  1. 20:18: 
    Super Sunday

    In the title decider which nobody will call a title decider, but which is a title decider, Liverpool host Manchester City tomorrow afternoon.

    It's the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough, Liverpool are playing their best football in years, Vincent Kompany may well be injured. It's just about the biggest game you could imagine.

    Do not miss out. Join us from noon for the build-up to events at Anfield.

    We shall see you all there.

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    Tom in Wales: Considering Wigan beat Man City to get here, more credit is due to Arsenal for getting past them today.

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    Del: Wenger knows his time is up, just look at his body language. He will leave after Arsenal win or lose the FA Cup.

    Sean Winton: Embarrassing watching Arsenal celebrate like they've won the Cup final, against a Championship side that deserved to win.

    Chris Fleming: Not all of us fans want Wenger to go. Lots of us just want the boys to put in a good shift. Final done; let's get fourth place.

  4. 20:09: 
    The race for fourth

    Arsenal may remain favourites to win the FA Cup, but can they finish in the top four.

    This is their run-in:

    West Ham (h), Hull (a), Newcastle (h), West Brom (h), Norwich (a)

    Everton are now two points ahead of them in fourth - and they have these games left:

    Crystal Palace (h), Man Utd (h), Southampton (a), Man City (h), Hull (a).

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 2-4 Arsenal (on penalties)
    Arsene Wenger

    "Every Arsenal fan you speak to asks is it time for Arsene Wenger to go? Only he can make that decision, and we all know how stubborn he can be.

    "When I used to play against Arsenal, you knew they would cut you open at some stage but that's not the case any more and Wigan defended very well against them."

  6. 20:05: 
    The Euro beat

    Bayern Munich lost 3-0 at home to Borussia Dortmund earlier on, and now Barcelona are losing 1-0 at half-time to Granada.

    It's a massive 45 minutes in the La Liga title race - you can follow the action in a separate live text commentary.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 2-4 Arsenal (on penalties)

    "The Arsenal squad is stretched as it is. Aaron Ramsey, Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have been injured and you could see they were struggling at the end of the game.

    "They did give it everything they had but they were very poor for 60 minutes of that game."

    Wigan 2-4 Arsenal (on penalties)

    Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane on ITV: "These Arsenal players need a reality check. Last season they celebrated finishing fourth at Newcastle, now they celebrate beating a Championship side on penalties. We are talking about Arsenal FC here."

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 2-4 Arsenal (on penalties)

    "There's a lot of talk of scrapping replays and changing the competition, but what would that mean to lower teams? Today we've seen what a cup tie means to people."

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    Loz Smith: Can't understand why Jordi Gomez, their usual pk taker, doesn't take first. Surely scoring first takes pressure off?

    John Burke: They should drop penalties all together. Really unfair reflection on games, it's just luck

    Gary Lineker, BBC SportJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    Greater technique, stronger minds, better players, no lottery. Arsenal win the penalty shootout and go through to the FA Cup final.

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    Paul: As glad as I am that we won. Wenger got lucky here. We were rubbish. Play like that in final and we could lose.

    Phil: Lucky lucky Arsenal terrible performance today, I'm praying that Wenger signs a new contract, unlucky Wigan great effort.

    Rob Glasgow: Why oh why oh why would you give a penalty in an FA Cup semi final to Gary Caldwell!?!?

  13. 19:55: 
    Wigan 2-4 Arsenal (on penalties)

    Santi Cazorla's winning penalty was directly down the middle. Smack, bang in the centre of the goal.

    Arsenal will be heavy favourites to end their long wait for a trophy but if they play like they did for the majority of this game they will have a test.

    Player reaction- Wigan 2-4 Arsenal (on penalties)

    Arsenal midfielder Kim Kallstrom: "It was a really tough game, They defended really well but we pushed all the way through.

    "The semi-final is all about winning. It was tough but we did it. We had to stay strong mentally and at at 1-0 down it gets tough. We were focused and even though it was on penalties, we will take it.

    "We have been struggling in recent weeks but you have to deal with that, it's part of the game.

    "Hopefully, it's a great boost of confidence for the rest of the season."

    Player reaction- Wigan 2-4 Arsenal (on penalties)
    Per Mertesacker

    Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker on ITV: "In the first half we were a bit timid. In the second half I think we hit the post twice and had a couple of chances so it was a good comeback.

    "I think we have great character, even though a lot of people have questioned that."

  16. 19:53: 

    Arsenal will face either Sheffield United or Hull in next month's FA Cup final then. The two Yorkshire sides face off in the second semi tomorrow.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 2-4 Arsenal (on penalties)

    "Slightly fortunate, but full credit to Arsenal the way they got themselves back into the game and four perfect penalties have put them into the final.

    "This season for Wigan the priority is getting back to the Premier League and if they carry on playing like that they will be back here."

  18. 19:50: 
    Wigan 2-4 Arsenal (on penalties)
    Gary Caldwell

    Always a horrible way to lose, and Wigan are dumped out in the semi-final on spot kicks. Arsene Wenger is off, straight down the tunnel as Uwe Rosler takes his players to go and salute their support.


    Arsenal win 4-2 on penalties.

    SCORES!- Wigan 2-4 Arsenal - Santi Cazorla

    Santi Cazorla scores and Arsenal are in the final!

    SCORES!- Wigan 2-3 Arsenal - James McArthur

    Straight down the middle from James McArthur, with Lukasz Fabianski diving to his right.

    SCORES!- Wigan 1-3 Arsenal - Olivier Giroud

    Olivier Giroud strokes the ball comfortably into the corner with Scott Carson diving the other way.

    SCORES!- Wigan 1-2 Arsenal - Jean Beausejour

    Jean Beausejour fires it high into the top corner and Wigan still in this, just...

    SCORES!- Wigan 0-2 Arsenal - Kim Kallstrom

    Kim Kallstrom makes no mistake and pressure now on Wigan to score and stay in the game...

    SAVED!- Wigan 0-1 Arsenal - Jack Collison

    Jack Collison stops on his run up before hitting it and Lukasz Fabianski saves.

    SCORES!- Wigan 0-1 Arsenal - Mikel Arteta
    Mikel Arteta

    Mikel Arteta sends Scott Carson the wrong way, hitting the ball to the keeper's left.

    SAVED!- Wigan 0-0 Arsenal - Gary Caldwell

    Advantage Arsenal as Lukasz Fabianski saves Gary Caldwell's poor penalty.

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    Andy Brown: What would Wigan give to have Leighton Baines still in their team now!

    Calum Farmer: Collison will bag one.

    CameronLusty: Nick Powell to Nick it.

  29. 19:43: 

    Here we go then. I'll reset the scores at 0-0. Best of luck to both sides...

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 1-1 Arsenal

    "This is Arsenal's big chance to win a trophy and if they go out there will be a lot of questions asked."

  31. 19:42: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    As a Bradford fan in the office has just pointed out, both of these sides lost shoot-outs in last season's League Cup. To the Bantams.

    Wigan were beaten in round four and Arsenal in the quarter-finals…

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football WriterJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    Penalties it is. A shot at Wembley redemption for Scott Carson after Croatia Euro 2008 qualifier?

  33. 19:40: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Both managers pace around, picking their chosen five, geeing up their players. Who would be in this position now?

  34. 19:38: 
    PENALTY SHOOT-OUT- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    That's it then. The dreaded penalties.

    You have to call them that but to be honest, when it's not your team involved, you love a shoot-out don't you? Uwe Rosler couldn't watch Wigan's earlier penalty. Will he miss the whole shot-out?

    Arsenal fan
  35. 19:38: 
    FULL-TIME- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal
  36. 19:37: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Into the 120th and final minute...

    Mike Ingham, BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyWigan 1-1 Arsenal

    "Arsenal have never really got out of third gear here. Arsene Wenger scampered down the touchline to retrieve the ball - he, at least, is showing a little bit of urgency."

  38. 19:35: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Wigan fans needing to catch the last train back from London have had a nightmare here. They may struggle.

    Two minutes left, Kim Kallstrom into the box but his cross is poor.

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    Patrick Sutton: Kallstrom is on to win it.

    Tom Fio: Wouldn't it be beautiful if Kallstrom scored the winner ?

    Sidney Will: Kim Kallstrom to miss a penalty.

  40. 19:33: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Nick Powell runs at the Arsenal defence and pulls a shot wide as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain again goes down with cramp. Both sides have made their three allotted changes so he'll have to stay on and brave it out.

    Three minutes left.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 1-1 Arsenal

    "Both sides are terrified of making a mistake, so they're just putting their foot through the ball and clearing it. You don't want to be the player who makes a mistake that costs your side so late in the game."

  42. 19:32: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    I'd back Emmerson Boyce to score one I think. Smashed down the middle...

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    Michael in Wimbledon: So Jordi Gomez and Mikel Arteta will both score from the spot. Can anyone name another who will?

  44. 19:31: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Six minutes to go. Kim Kallstrom slices a tame effort wide from 20 yards. What an unlikely hero he could be...

  45. 19:30: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    A very late change for Arsenal. Kim Kallstrom is on in place of Aaron Ramsey, whose legs have run out.

  46. 19:29: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    I thought that was the winner, I really did. Great effort from the Ox. There are eight minutes left and then we have penalties. Would you back Per Mertesacker to take one? He is German after all...

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 1-1 Arsenal

    "Again Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain breaks forward. A brilliant strike and Scott Carson was beaten. He put little bit of slice on it and it hit the underside of the bar. Wigan look like they're hanging on for penalties."

  48. 19:27: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    What a hit! A moment of quality amid the gloom, as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain runs onto the ball and cracks a shot against the angle of post and bar from 20 yards.

  49. 19:26: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Jack Collison drags a shot wide, that was never troubling Lukasz Fabianski. Into the last 10 minutes now.

  50. 19:24: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain goes down but he's just got a touch of cramp. A classic Wembley extra-time event. Tick it off your FA Cup bingo card.

    There are 13 minutes left.

  51. 19:22: 
    EXTRA TIME- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    We are back under way. Aaron Ramsey hasn't started a game since Boxing Day. His calves must be burning. Will he take a penalty if required?

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyWigan 1-1 Arsenal

    "Arsenal youngster Yaya Sanogo is a very raw talent and plenty of supporters wanted him replaced instead of Lukas Podolski - but his effort cannot be faulted in any way."

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 1-1 Arsenal

    "It's a real testing period for Kieran Gibbs, Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. They haven't played a lot of football recently and they will start to tire. That might be something Wigan can exploit."

  54. 19:21: 
    HALF-TIME IN EXTRA-TIME- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Uwe Rosler is fuming! He shouts at Stephen Crainey, 'I'm the coach, not you!' after Crainey dishes out some advice. Do not get on the wrong side of Uwe.

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    Closetindie: Is Sanogo Arsenal's version of Welbeck? He "troubles" defences but can't score to save his life.

    Miku Zababa: For me, Sanogo has shown great potential from his performance. His hold-up play, aerial ability and awareness is top notch.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 1-1 Arsenal

    "Why was Callum McManaman taken off after Wigan scored? It must have been an injury, because he was the real threat. He was causing Arsenal so many problems."

  57. 19:19: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Into the last minute of the first period of extra-time. If I was a gambling man I would say this is going to penalties. It's gone very slow again.

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    Dan in Malvern: People calling for Wenger's head need only look down the table at Manchester United to see what happens when a long-serving, truly class manager leaves a club. Wenger is still one of the world's best, it's not JUST his fault the players aren't performing.

    Rick in Manchester: Hate the Jonny-come-lately Arsenal fans who moan about Wenger. Careful what you wish for. We will finish fourth and win the FA Cup so pipe down.

  59. 19:15: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    I wouldn't say that this game was expected to be completed in 90 minutes, but the first episode of one of ITV's flagship entertainment programmes is being delayed by this. Simon Cowell will be fuming.

    As is Arsene Wenger. Arsenal do at least have a shot blocked, more good defending from Wigan.

  60. 19:13: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Now then Wigan fans. Arsenal fans. Is it time to start thinking, or maybe worrying, about who will take your penalties?

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    Noorhiya Jenala: Arsenal need a miracle to finish in top four with this type of play.

    Chris Bissett: Arsenal lost to Bradford in the League Cup of penalties in 2012, if Bradford could then Wigan could if they hang on...

    Maf Rahman: Callum McManaman going off was a big mistake. Wigan don't look threatening anymore.

  62. 19:12: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    This has been nowhere near as good a game as Luton v Braintree.

  63. 19:09: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Busy from Aaron Ramsey, he wins the ball back and cracks off a shot which is blocked, before a cross from the left evades Yaya Sanogo in the goalmouth.

    Sanogo then heads one on straight to Scott Carson. Keep going Yaya, your luck may turn...

  64. 19:07: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Santi Cazorla has not had the greatest of games but he does play a fine ball to send Kieran Gibbs away. He then loses the ball and Wigan's counter ends with Nick Powell thumping a shot over.

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    BBC 5 live presenter Danny Baker: Ironic that Britain's Got Talent is delayed for the football because of Arsenal - who are proving the opposite.

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    Andy in Croydon: Shout out to referee Michael Oliver. Had a decent game (so far).

    Sam in Durham: Surely even the most faithful of Arsenal fans have to admit that Wenger needs replacing? Arsenal are clueless.

    Steve S in Colchester: Enough is enough, after this, shut the door on your way out Wenger!

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 1-1 Arsenal

    "The momentum is with Arsenal, the substitution and the switch to 4-4-2 gave Arsenal more impetus. Uwe Rosler will be happy with this little break to get his team ready for extra-time."

  68. 19:05: 
    EXTRA TIME- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Arsenal get us back under way at Wembley. Another 30 minutes and potentially penalties await.

  69. 19:02: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Was that last 20 minutes proof that there's plenty of life in the 'hit the big man' tactic? Arsenal were pumping in crosses left, right and centre.

    Arsenal will be strong favourites from here but Wigan don't mind being underdogs if their cup results over the past 12 months are anything to go by. Kieran Gibbs and Mikel Arteta have had a brief massage, it's time to get the ball back rolling.

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    Jack Colwill: Stephen Crainey has been absolutely outstanding for Wigan. Absolute rock at the back, and a brilliant goal-line clearance to boot.

  71. 19:00: 
    FULL-TIME- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    There we go then. Put the tea on hold - it's extra-time.

  72. 18:58: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Arsenal slinging crosses in tonight, it's been a distinct change in approach. Bacary Sagna puts in a gem from the right but it goes between Olivier Giroud and Yaya Sanogo.

    Two minutes of the added five remain...

  73. 18:57: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Wigan win a corner... but it's poor and Yaya Sanogo can clear.

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    James Sanders: Love how Arsenal score and create when they start playing long balls instead of quick passing. Allardyce for next Arsenal boss?

    Rastamadeus FC: Do Arsenal know you're meant to play for the full 90 minutes? Not just the last 10? They'll win this and paper over the cracks.

    Kern: Arsenal fans so fickle. No support for the team when one down. Now shouting as if the greatest. Support your team no matter what.

  75. 18:55: 
    INJURY TIME- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    We are into FIVE MINUTES of added time then. Wigan won the FA Cup in stoppage time last year...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Chris Watkins: Arsenal created more chances in that three minutes than in the entire match just by playing direct. Shows you need a plan B.

    Madness Inc: Mertesacker rights his wrong! Massive goal for the FA Cup but a monster goal for Wenger and Arsenal.

    Adam Kimberley: Arsenal start putting crosses in the box. Arsenal start creating chances. Coincidence?

  77. 18:53: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Into the last three minutes. Nick Powell is putting a shift in up front for the Latics but he's not had much quality to deal with.

  78. 18:51: 
    FINAL FIVE- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Into the last five minutes of normal time - but there will be at least another four or five I think due to the injuries to Nacho Monreal and Ivan Ramis. Wigan are the side holding on now.

  79. 18:51: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    Wigan make the change - it's the experienced Gary Caldwell on in place of the crocked Ivan Ramis.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyWigan 1-1 Arsenal

    "What a frantic spell that was and Wigan finally crack. Bacary Sagna against the post, then a brilliant Scott Carson save from Kieran Gibbs then finally a goal. This is not just celebration ringing around Wembley, it is sheer relief."

  81. 18:49: 
    Wigan 1-1 Arsenal

    More added time on the cards. Wigan defender Ivan Ramis has pinged a hamstring and will have to come off. Wigan down to 10 men for the time being.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 1-1 Arsenal

    "The Wigan defence were looking for offside but Nick Powell was playing him well onside. It was a poor strike but Mertesaker read it to head it in. Game on."

  83. 18:47: 
    GOAL- Wigan 1-1 Arsenal - Per Mertesacker (82 mins)

    It's in there! Arsenal's five-minute spell of pressure pays off as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain hits a shot down into the turf, it skips up and Per Mertesacker stoops to head in from three yards out.

    Wigan want offside but the big German was clearly onside. Arsenal have been poor today but now they are back on terms.

  84. 18:46: 
    CLOSE!- Wigan 1-0 Arsenal

    What a clearance! What a save!

    Arsenal suddenly find their range as Kieran Gibbs' header is brilliantly saved by Scott Carson and Stephen Crainey then clears off the line!

  85. 18:45: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Wigan 1-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal's best chance, and again it comes from some direct play! A corner is half cleared, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain delivers it again and Bacary Sagna thumps a header against the woodwork from close range.

    Ten minutes left...

  86. 18:43: 
    YELLOW CARD- Wigan 1-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal catch Wigan on a breakaway and goalscorer Jordi Gomez is booked for a cynical trip on Olivier Giroud on the halfway line.

    Twelve minutes left. Nine years since Arsenal won a trophy.

    Mike Ingham, BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyWigan 1-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal have been embarrassed by the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City this season but this is Wigan from the Championship. Their fans will see this as unforgivable if they go out of the Cup here."

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    Sam Payne: How can a team who scored such an amazing goal with Wilshere earlier this season look so toothless now?

    Aman Sheth: From Henry and Bergkamp to Sanogo and Giroud.

    David Smith: Full credit to Wigan no matter the result today. Can take huge pride from their cup runs of this season and last.

  89. 18:41: 
    Wigan 1-0 Arsenal

    The lady I mentioned before still can't watch - she's got her back to the play.

    Can Arsenal find a goal? They don't look like doing so. They have one substitute left and have Kim Kallstrom, Chuba Akpom and Thomas Eisfeld available...

  90. 18:39: 
    Wigan 1-0 Arsenal

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain drills in a low shot but Scott Carson is secure and solid behind it. We are into the last 15 minutes and Wigan look as resolute and organised as minute one.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 1-0 Arsenal

    "Wigan have done a great job of quietening Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, not allowing him to get on the ball. He's been forced infield, into bodies and that's played right into Wigan's hands because when he's picked up the ball, he's found little space."

  92. 18:37: 
    Wigan 1-0 Arsenal

    It's pretty aimless from Arsenal. Yaya Sanogo at least wins a header from one cross but he can't find a team-mate at all.

    Sanogo does threaten in behind after a Mikel Arteta hoof forward. Pires, Bergkamp, Henry this is not...

    Mike Ingham, BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyWigan 1-0 Arsenal

    "I've been looking at Arsene Wenger throughout and he's looked tense right from the off. Lukas Podolski apparently kicked the drinks bottles on his way off the pitch and down into the dressing room area. Arsenal still at walking pace here."

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyWigan 1-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal's fans delivered a furious response to Arsene Wenger's decision to take off Lukas Podolski and bring on Olivier Giroud. They clearly felt youngster Yaya Sanogo should have been the player replaced."

  95. 18:34: 
    Wigan 1-0 Arsenal

    It's safe to say that the decision from Arsene Wenger to leave Yaya Sanogo on did not go down well with most of the Arsenal fans inside Wembley. One woman picked out by the cameras looked to be in tears as she turned her back on the pitch.

    Into the last 20 minutes of normal time...

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    Ak: Hard to see where the goal will come from for Arsenal.

    Tim Arstall: Echoes of the Wembley woe of the 2011 Carling Cup final for Arsenal here. It will take strong character to recover.

    Mr Lamide: Wigan certainly and obviously want this more.

  97. 18:33: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Wigan 1-0 Arsenal

    A huge ovation for this change - Olivier Giroud is on for Arsenal - but the cheers then turn to jeers as Lukas Podolski is the man replaced!

    Two up front for the Gunners.

    Wigan also make a change, Nick Powell replacing the excellent Callum McManaman who must have an injury.

  98. 18:30: 
    Wigan 1-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal have 25 minutes to find at least one goal. They haven't looked like scoring in 65 minutes so far. Wigan are looking at back-to-back FA Cup finals, while Arsenal could be missing out on a trophy again on the same day they dropped to fifth in the Premier League.

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport chief football writer at WembleyWigan 1-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal's ability to dig deep has been questioned amid some recent heavy defeats. They need to get the shovel out now as Wigan Athletic lead."

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 1-0 Arsenal

    "A great penalty from Jordi Gomez in a pressurised situation. He gave Lukas Fabianski no chance."

  101. 18:29: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Wigan 1-0 Arsenal

    Nacho Monreal could not carry on, so here is Kieran Gibbs. And Wigan also make a change, on-loan West Ham man Jack Collison replaces Josh McEachran.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 1-0 Arsenal

    "Once Callum McManaman got beyond Nacho Monreal he was at the heart of the defence and he didn't disappoint. Brilliant strength from McManaman. The ball was getting away from him but it was a poorly timed challenge from Mertesaker, a clear penalty."

  103. 18:27: 
    GOAL- Wigan 1-0 Arsenal - Jordi Gomez (Pen 63 mins)

    He had to wait so long to take that, so hats off to Jordi Gomez. He steers the ball past Lukasz Fabianski and into the net to put Wigan ahead. What a year they have had at Wembley...

  104. 18:27: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Wigan boss Uwe Rosler can't watch. He has his back to the play - there's a huge delay as Nacho Monreal has some treatment. This is keeping Jordi Gomez waiting for an age...

  105. 18:24: 
    PENALTY FOR WIGAN- Wigan 0-0 Arsenal
    Callum McManaman

    Now then! Callum McManaman cuts inside, Per Mertesacker slides in and doesn't get there. It's a clear penalty for the Championship side.

  106. 18:23: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Wigan goalkeeper Scott Carson has only had one save to make as we reach the hour mark.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "Yaya Sanogo is struggling. He seems to be dropping deep to get possession when he should be moving forward, looking to get on the end of a cross. Santi Cazorla is getting on the ball now, which is what Arsenal need."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Johnson Harry: If Arsenal get through, I fully expect their FA Cup final song to be 'Wake Me Up Before Sanogo'.

  109. 18:20: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Better from Arsenal. Lukas Podolski beats his man and puts in a very dangerous cross but it's hacked away from Yaya Sanogo's toes. All square at the 55-minute mark.

    Emmerson Boyce defends well again to meet a Nacho Monreal cross but at least the Gunners have raised the tempo and their fans' hopes.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jay: Can't the FA give the unsold tickets to fans for free on the condition that they vociferously support one team for 90 minutes?

    Chris Dow: Why isn't Wembley full to capacity for an FA Cup semi-final?

    Joe Podsiedzik: Packed Wembley I see. Waste of time having the semis played there. Devalues the final.

  111. 18:19: 
    Manager reaction- Fulham 1-0 Norwich
    Neil Adams

    Norwich manager Neil Adams: "We've seen the effort from the players today. We dominated. Had Ricky got his goal we'd have probably gone on to win comfortably.

    "A lot of fans will have been in Carrow Road when we've turned big teams over. We'll start working on how to beat Liverpool now."

  112. 18:17: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal's main - maybe only - tactic at the minute is trying to ping it over the top for Yaya Sanogo. The big lad almost gets in but he's well tracked. Arsene Wenger looks increasingly frustrated by the minute.

  113. 18:14: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    We've not seen Nacho Monreal in the Wigan half before but the Spanish left-back does suddenly pop up the wing and almost gets free, he's closed down though and Wigan counter - but the cross is woeful.

    And a note to Rick in Manchester - too much information.

  114. 18:14:  
    BBC Radio 5 live606

    Straight after this FA Cup clash, Football Association chairman Greg Dyke joins Darren Fletcher to hear your ideas on how to revitalise the FA Cup on 606.

    Put your suggestions to him by calling 0500 909 693 (free from most landlines but some networks and mobile operators will charge) or use #bbc606FA.

    Alan Green, BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "Only Arsene Wenger knows why Yaya Sanogo is starting this second half when Olivier Giroud is on the bench. Surely it is only a matter of time before he changes it?"

  116. 18:11: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal fans singing! Some definite volume for the first time in an hour or so from the massed Gunners support.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "As the half went on, Callum McManaman grew into the game and Wigan started to believe. The longer it stays 0-0, the Arsenal fans will get edgier and might start to get on the players' backs. Can Arsenal cope with that?"

  118. 18:10: 
    KICK-OFF- Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Game on!

  119. 18:09: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Here they come then, the players are back out for the second half. Yaya Sanogo looks keen and focused. Can he find that first goal for the Gunners?

  120. 18:06: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Can Wigan defend the FA Cup? Or will Arsenal find their A-Game for the second half?

  121. 18:03: 
    Manager reaction- Sunderland 0-1 Everton
    Gus Poyet

    Sunderland boss Gus Poyet, after seeing his side beaten by Everton after conceding their sixth own goal of the campaign: "This has been the story of our season. Again we were doing well in the game, it was very tight and there was nothing between the teams - and then we go and lose the game with an own goal.

    "One moment of luck has defined the game and maybe that is the difference between being at the top and being at the bottom. Sometimes things go for you when you are doing well. Unfortunately this game was not to be for us."

  122. 18:03: 

    Bob - you have lived some life pal. The game has been bad but I have at least a few hours per day which are more boring...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Thomas Broadley: Absolute joke of an atmosphere for an FA Cup semi-final. Pathetic performance both on and off the pitch from both teams.

    Sham Gallagher: This half was surprisingly boring. Hope the second half opens up, especially if Wigan score because it will be exciting.

    Bob: I am thinking about my life and I cannot find 45 minutes of it that was more boring than Arsenal v Wigan.

  124. 18:01: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal had 62% of possession in that first half but bar that one header from Yaya Sanogo they haven't looked like scoring. Arsene Wenger has Olivier Giroud on the bench - but not much else.

  125. 17:58: 
    Manager reaction- Sunderland 0-1 Everton
    Roberto Martinez

    Everton manager Robero Martinez: "It was a difficult game and you could tell what was at stake for both teams.

    "From our point of view, to keep a clean sheet in those circumstances was very pleasing and it was also important to take one of our chances too. It makes for a very satisfying performance full of character and personality. "

    "We came into this game on the back of a stylish win at home to Arsenal but in this league you have to adapt quickly to playing different teams and doing what you have to do."

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "You're looking for Arsenal players to inject some pace into the game and, apart from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, they haven't got it. Arsenal have been very poor. Wigan have been very comfortable and they've soaked up everything in front of them."

  127. 17:55: 
    Der Klassiker- Bayern 0-1 Dortmund
    Jurgen Klopp

    The big game in England may be dross so far, but over in Germany the big guys are delivering the goods.

    Borussia Dortmund have taken the lead at champions Bayern Munich and you can follow the action in a separate live text commentary should you wish.

    Go on, I won't hold it against you...

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyHALF-TIME- Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal have had the better opportunities but Wigan Athletic have grown into this FA Cup semi-final. All the pressure really is on Arsenal - how they need that opening goal to settle them down."

  129. 17:54: 
    HALF-TIME- Wigan 0-0 Arsenal
    Text us on 81111

    Faisal in London: Our Labrador, Dizzy, had her first litter yesterday. I have permission to name a puppy Uwe if Wigan win today! What greater motivation could there be?

    Paul: Is it just me or is the whole "play one striker" system killing the game? They all do it. Apart from City and Liverpool.

    Olivier in London: Maybe Arsenal are pushing for a draw so the match can have extra time and thus prolong the amount of time their supporters have at Wembley. It's not as if they get to go there much these days.

    Uwe is a cracking name for a dog. Dizzy may be a better option up front for Arsenal though to be honest...

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "The trick here for Wigan is to stay in this FA Cup semi-final as long as possible and prey on the anxiety of Arsenal and their fans - which is sure to be a factor if they cannot get the breakthrough.

    "Last season's FA Cup Final hero Callum McManaman is starting to get some joy against Nacho Monreal, who has been a real weak link for Arsenal this season."

  132. 17:52: 
    Manager reaction- Stoke 1-0 Newcastle
    Mark Huges

    Stoke manager Mark Hughes: "We're pleased with what we're producing at the moment. We wanted to win because we're trying to catch Newcastle. I felt the performance was good. We restricted Newcastle to few clear opportunities."

  133. 17:50: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Yaya Sanogo! He's in on goal again, great pace to get away from the defender but his touch is then poor, it takes him wide and Scott Carson is able to make a good sprawling save. There may be 50,000 Arsenal fans inside Wembley tonight - but I don't think there is one who felt Sanogo would score there.

  134. 17:49: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Lukas Podolski floats a free-kick wide from 25 yards, before the German is flagged for offside as he tried to get in behind. It's so flat.

  135. 17:49: 
    Manager reaction- Southampton 0-1 Cardiff
    Mauricio Pochettino:

    Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino: "We are disappointed. If you analyse the game we didn't deserve to lose but it is a learning curve.

    "In football it's not just enough to play well. You have to be more clinical and aggressive and that is what we lacked.

    "We were dominating the game but in final third we were lacking the attacking edge we needed and their keeper was also making some outstanding saves."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jack Colwill: Callum McManaman looking a real handful already. Surprised no PL sides have looked closely at him especially after last year's final. ‏

    Craig Caffrey: No Ramsey and Walcott for half a season and Ozil and Wilshere for months. Few teams could cope without their whole midfield.

    Jamie Atkins: The lack of ideas can only be down to Wenger. Making quality players look ordinary, no clue about how to challenge Wigan.

  137. 17:47: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Callum McManaman senses he can beat Thomas Vermaelen every time now, skipping past him again with ease before smashing a rising ball over the top. Neither shot nor cross to be honest that time.

    Wigan having a good spell now, as Marc-Antoine Fortune gets a shot away right at Lukasz Fabianski. Arsenal have not had a good 38 minutes...

  138. 17:47: 
    Manager reaction- Southampton 0-1 Cardiff
    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    Cardiff manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: "Sometimes when things happen in football it galvanises everyone. The team spirit has been fantastic. We were really hurt by performance last week against Crystal Palace.

    "We've come here and held our own and towards the end we could have had a couple more goals. We had a gameplan and stuck to it as they (the players) normally do. Some players put in fantastic performances.

    "I was proud of the effort everyone put in. Today, no matter what would have happened in the last five minutes I would have been proud. Another few clean sheets and we are right in it. We won't give in until it is over. We don't expect to win all of our games but we can win a few of them."

  139. 17:44: 
    Manager reaction- Crystal Palace 1-0 Aston Villa
    Tony Pulis

    Crystal Palace manager Tony Pulis: "I think the line man did brilliant for the second [penalty appeal]. The first one is debatable, we think Yannick Bolasie was caught but it's not a clear-cut, easy decision for Howard Webb but thank goodness we're not talking about the referee. We had a slow 20 minutes and we had to shift the ball from one side of the pitch to the other quickly. Jason Puncheon is a cracking lad but they all are. Marouane Chamakh has come on today and I thought he was different class."

    Text us on 81111
    Arsene Wneger

    Paul: Arsenal showing again why Diego Simeone would be perfect for us if possible. He gets a constant high pressing, quick tempo. We always look laboured these days.

    Sweeper: Arsenal look absolutely bereft of ideas and inspiration in the final third. Can see Wigan getting a big result here.

    KB: It's a sad day in Arsenal history when we don't fully trust our team to do the job against a Championship team. That's how much we've regressed.

    Mike Ingham, BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "It's walking-pace. It's almost like a Community Shield game, not an FA Cup semi-final. You'd never believe what was at stake."

  142. 17:41: 
    Manager reaction- West Brom 3-3 Tottenham
    Tim Sherwood

    Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood: "It was crazy. We might as well put 1-0 up on scoreboard before we start. At 3-0 I thought we were going to win the game. We totally dominated this football match.

    "We were disappointed with their third goal, we thought it was a foul, I'm trying to think of as many excuses for our defending, which was horrendous. I thought our supporters got us back in the game. They never left us, they are knowledgeable and knew we were battering West Brom. They never had a shot on goal in the second half Hugo [Lloris] was getting frostbite out there.

    "Perversely I am loving it. I like the stick. am proud to be the manager of this great football club and long may it continue. The fans know I am with them, all I want is the best for this football club."

  143. 17:39: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Callum McManaman - man of the match in the FA Cup final last year - twice gets away from his marker on the Wigan wing but he can't quite pick anyone out with two low crosses. Past the half-hour mark. MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Sadozaie: Arsenal are passing the ball in first gear - need to up it a notch!

    tom wylie: Watching Arsenal is a great way to fall asleep, just passing it around at the back. It's not like they're playing a massive team! zzz

    Zubair Bhatti: I hope Wigan score first then we might see something from Arsenal.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been stalking his technical area and has been far more animated than he was in the defeat at Everton, when he remained motionless in his seat for virtually the entire game.

    "The Gunners have been creating the chances but have not put Wigan under any concerted pressure. Not much to worry Arsenal at the other end."

  146. 17:37: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Jodri Gomez puts in a cross which Lukasz Fabianksi is happy to let by, the ball just skimming across the crossbar on its way out. It's very, very, very quiet at Wembley. It's not full but there are close to 50,000 Arsenal fans inside...

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is the only player who has shown intent to hurt Wigan. He's causing Stephen Crainey problems down the left, getting in behind. Arsenal need to get him on the ball as much as possible."

  148. 17:35: 
    Manager reaction- Stoke 1-0 Newcastle
    Alan Pardew

    Newcastle manager Alan Pardew: "We just didn't get the breaks. I can't fault the character of the players and the honesty they showed."

    Mike Ingham, BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "Uwe Rosler, who is a rising star in management, has Wigan brilliantly organised again and Arsenal are struggling to break them down. It's a bit flat so far."

  150. 17:33: 
    CLOSE!- Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Not the best FA Cup semi-final so far. Yaya Sanogo has a glimpse of goal as he looks to run onto Santi Cazorla's pass but he's closed down.

    Arsenal do go close from the corner though, as Bacary Sagna drives across the face of goal after Thomas Vermaelen's flick on.

  151. 17:32: 

    Arsenal's mind might be on the FA Cup at the moment but the top of the table doesn't make particularly great reading for them after today's results. Everton's seventh win on the bounce takes them above the Gunners into fourth, two points clear of Arsene Wenger's men. Tottenham's last-gasp draw at West Brom keeps them in the hunt for fifth, they are four points off Arsenal but have played a game more than their rival.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Saikat nandy: I think Arsenal will still finish fourth and, if they win FA cup, Wenger should leave. It is high time for new coach.

    Jim Yuill: Arsene once was all about the youngsters. Few and far between in that team last week. Maybe that's why Yaya Sanogo and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are in.

    Rasanga: Slow, laboured passing, no penetration, no pace apart from Ox! Same old Arsenal.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "Wigan Athletic goalkeeper Scott Carson has unhappy Wembley memories after making mistakes when thrust into England's decisive Euro 2008 qualifier against Croatia here - but he has made a fine start today.

    "He will have gained real confidence from an outstanding save to block Yaya Sanogo's header and by showing awareness to race from goal and block Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. It's gone a bit quiet after a lively start."

  154. 17:28: 

    Here it is, the running order is published. Set your nights around this lot:


    1. Fulham v Norwich, 2. West Brom v Spurs, 3. Sunderland v Everton, 4. Southampton v Cardiff, 5. Palace v Villa, 6. Stoke v Newcastle

  155. 17:25: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    After that sparkling start, Arsenal have hit the brakes. It's walking pace stuff as they go from right to left, to right again but all in their own half. Wigan have set up two banks of five and asked if Arsenal can find a way through.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "We seem to say it every year but Arsenal need a striker and another centre-half. They've lost heavily to the big sides this season. The disappointing thing for Arsenal is how they've been exposed at the back against the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool."

  157. 17:25: 
    Manager reaction- West Brom 3-3 Tottenham
    Pepe Mel

    West Brom manager Pepe Mel: "We did start very well, we had a good first half but the result has gone against us. The problem is we are so keen to win the points, we need to play the same way regardless of being 3-0 up or if 0-0. This is very difficult for me, the players are very down but we have five games to come. Every point is very important."

  158. 17:21: 
    Manager reaction- Fulham 1-0 Norwich
    Felix Magath

    Fulham boss Felix Magath: "I am happy with the win but today I am not so satisfied. We have to respect Norwich were the better team but we had a very good goalkeeper who saved us from defeat."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    aloufika: Yaya Sanogo is a handful.

    Nick Clohessy: With his size, strength and willingness to drop deep to link up play, give it a few years and Yaya Sanogo could be world class.

    Chris Palmer: Yaya Sanogo is worse than Nicklas Bendtner.

    Dividing opinion then?

  160. 17:19: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Mikel Arteta is pulling the strings for Arsenal from deep in midfield, with Wigan seemingly happy to let the Gunners have it in their own half before pressing once they cross the halfway line.

    I was at Wembley in August to see Wigan give Manchester United a good game in the Community Shield. An early Robin van Persie goal helped United that day - but Wigan have come through the first 10 minutes unscathed today.

    Text us on 81111

    Danny in Luton: I really feel for Wigan today - I can see them taking a beating from a frustrated arsenal side.

    Adam in London: As a Gooner, I'm incredibly nervous about this game - but then again, I'm nervous whenever Wenger so much as sneezes.

    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "Great chance for Arsenal! Yaya Sanogo got across Stephen Crainey but it was a really good save from Scott Carson. It was a brilliant ball to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and good movement from Sanogo.

    "Wigan have just got to settle down a bit - they looked disorganised at the back."

  163. 17:14: 
    Manager reaction- Crystal Palace 1-0 Aston Villa
    Paul Lambert

    Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert said: "It was a really tight game, a physical game, there was nothing much in the game, they took their chance. The game could have went either way. It's a really fine margin in that game today. It is where it is, there's loads of teams and games still to play and you have to get over that finishing line as quick as you can. We saw a lot of ball and a lot of possession. There were wasn't too many chances for both teams."

    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport on Final Score

    On Wolves' promotion from League One: "We know the size of the club but big teams do struggle to get out of that division. They've relished the challenge of getting out of it and they deserve a bit of fortune. A club like that, when they get on a roll, it's almost unstoppable. You can't begrudge them good times."

  165. 17:13: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    As you would expect, it's the Arsenal who have been on top so far. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looks several gears faster than anybody else on the pitch and he gets clear down the right to cross for Yaya Sanogo.

    Sanogo makes a good connection, it's a downward header, but Scott Carson reacts well to push it away...

    Wigan save
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live, at WembleyWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal have missed people bursting from midfield and they have that with Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the team. Oxlade-Chamberlain has already shown his intentions. Arsenal are looking to play on the counter, with Wigan pushing forward, playing quite direct football."

  167. 17:10: 
    Football League update- Wolves are promoted

    Wolves are back in the Championship, one season after suffering relegation, after a 2-0 win at Crewe. Around 2,300 Wolves fans have made the journey to Gresty Road and they are singing loudly. Celebrity Wolves fan Robert Plant, of Led Zeppelin fame, will be proud.

  168. 17:09: 
    Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Great start from Arsenal as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Aaron Ramsey link up superbly, but the England man can't quite sort his feet out as he breaks into the area.

    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 liveWigan 0-0 Arsenal

    "I wouldn't say Arsene Wenger is naïve, I would use the phrase 'not adaptable'. Top managers now adapt the personnel and systems. A great example is Chelsea, who made five changes to their system against PSG in midweek.

    "You play against Arsenal, you know precisely system-wise and style-wise exactly what you're going to be up against and that's been the case for a long time."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Mark Duffell: So Chris Hughton was sacked to help Norwich in a must win game today? That worked then. Chairmen will never learn.

    Ruz: All things considered, have to say a draw is a great final result for Spurs. Doesn't excuse the comedy defending though.

    Julie McLean: The relegation battles in the premiership are always more exciting than the top of table clashes.

  171. 17:08: 
    KICK-OFF- Wigan 0-0 Arsenal

    Wigan get the FA Cup semi-final going.

  172. 17:07: 
    Wigan v Arsenal (17:07 BST)

    Hearty applause rings out at Wembley in a minute's remembrance for the victims of Hillsborough. Ninety-six seats have been left empty, with Liverpool scarves draped across them. Here we go...

  173. 17:07: 
    LINE-UPS- Wigan v Arsenal (17:07 BST)

    Wigan: Carson, Boyce, Ramis, Crainey, Perch, McEachran, McArthur, Beausejour, McManaman, Fortune, Gomez. Subs: Caldwell, Maloney, Espinoza, Powell, Barnett, Al Habsi, Collison.

    Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Podolski, Sanogo. Subs: Szczesny, Giroud, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Kallstrom, Eisfeld, Akpom.

    Referee: Michael Oliver (Northumberland)

  174. 17:06: 

    So some massive results for teams fighting for their lives at the foot of the table. Wins for Cardiff and Fulham have bunched things up a bit and you would say no-one from Aston Villa down can consider themselves safe. Fascinating stuff. Not long to catch your breath, though, with the FA Cup semi-final up imminently.

    Martin Keown, BBC SportWigan v Arsenal (17:07 BST)

    "They haven't won a trophy for so many years and this is a day when Arsenal have to perform.

    "The players have to embrace the pressure and there will be pressure because Uwe Rosler has put together a very good team at Wigan.

    "Arsenal just must win this game today but their sudden lack of form is quite shocking."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Rich Leeman: Why wouldn't you let Pepe Mel walk your dog? He can't keep hold of a lead.

  177. 17:02: 
    FA CUP- Wigan v Arsenal (17:07 BST)

    There is no time at all to waste as the teams emerge from the tunnel at Wembley!

    We shall bring you all the reaction to the Premier League fixture though, no worries there.

  178. 17:02: 
    FULL-TIME- West Brom 3-3 Tottenham
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    NathB: A successful team needs a good owner, manager and players. Take out one and you'll survive, two of those and you have Aston Villa.

    Matthew Harmonyx: Everton look tired. They've still got a relatively small squad and I can see them coming unstuck against the Manchester teams.

    Liam Stones: Tony Pulis is the only reason Crystal Palace will be in the Premier League next year.

  180. 17:00: 
    FULL-TIME- Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    But it doesn't matter. Fulham need three points more than Norwich from the final four games to finish above them...

  181. 16:59: 
    CLOSE!- Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    Ashkan Dejagah is clean through, he can seal it - but blazes over!

  182. 16:59: 
    FULL-TIME- Crystal Palace 1-0 Aston Villa
  183. 16:59: 
    GOAL- West Brom 3-3 Tottenham - Christian Eriksen (90 mins)

    Wow what a fightback! Christian Eriksen, excellent for Spurs in their big win against Sunderland on Monday, rescues a hugely unlikely point for Tottenham as he cuts inside and smashes a drive into the net. Tim Sherwood cranes his neck to watch it go in before spinning around and punching the air with delight.

    Christian Eriksen
  184. 16:58: 
    FULL-TIME- Southampton 0-1 Cardiff

    Big win for Cardiff this...

  185. 16:58: 
    FULL-TIME- Stoke 1-0 Newcastle
  186. 16:58: 
    FULL-TIME- Sunderland 0-1 Everton

    Seven wins in a row for Everton.

  187. 16:57: 
    INJURY TIME- Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    Fulham almost get Kieran Richardson away on the counter as Norwich throw men up the field...

  188. 16:57: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Aston Villa

    Aston Villa are well on top at the moment as Crystal Palace desperately try to hold on to their one-goal advantage. Some animated hand waving by Tony Pulis in the Palace dugout as he tries to settle his players.

    Text us on 81111

    Jon in Nottingham: I like Gus Poyet but he doesn't believe Sunderland will stay up, the team don't believe it and, as a result, they will be relegated.

    Steve in Birmingham: Wolves? More like lions! What a season.

    Richard in Norwich: Come on you Canaries! Do it for Delia!

  190. 16:55: 
    West Brom 3-2 Tottenham

    Time running out for Spurs as they continue to dominate possession but are not doing a lot with the ball. It looks like the Baggies have done just about enough but there are SIX minutes of stoppage time...

  191. 16:55: 
    Sunderland 0-1 Everton

    Sunderland continue to pressure Everton, and they have a free-kick in a useful spot now. Is this it? They need quality delivery - plenty of fans have already left...

  192. 16:54: 
    Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    Norwich throwing the kitchen sink at Fulham, but the home side look solid.

  193. 16:54: 
    Southampton 0-1 Cardiff

    Wilfried Zaha is denied what would have been a fine solo goal and cemented the three points for Cardiff as he wriggles his way past three defenders but, off balance, his shot is straight at Paulo Gazzaniga.

  194. 16:52: 

    Into the last few minutes...

    Football League update

    There will be no promotion party at Burnley unless there is a dramatic change of fortunes in the closing stages at Turf Moor and Pride Park. The Clarets still trail Middlesbrough 1-0, while Derby, who they needed to lose, lead nine-man Huddersfield 3-1.

  196. 16:51: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    Fulham want a penalty - it's a free-kick right on the edge of the area...

  197. 16:50: 
    West Brom 3-2 Tottenham

    Tim Sherwood is becoming increasingly animated on the touchline and Danny Rose's horrendous effort won't have helped him keep a lid on his frustrations. The winger races on to a loose ball inside the area with glory on his mind, but instead he launches the ball high into the stands.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Isi Ukwu: The death knell has surely now sounded at the Stadium of Light.

    Barry Nolan: Crystal Palace are definitely Puncheon above their weight!

    Myles Jordan: Villa have been shocking this season. Paul Lambert's policy is not working and unfortunately it will cost us. He has to leave!

    Football League update

    Wolves are minutes away from sealing their return to the Championship. Kenny Jackett's League One leaders lead Crewe 2-0, David Edwards adding to Kevin McDonald's opener at Gresty Road.

  200. 16:48: 
    CLOSE!- Stoke 1-0 Newcastle

    If only it was the other way round...Shola Ameobi stands up a gem of a cross which Vurnon Anita heads wide. The little midfielder just couldn't get over it.

  201. 16:48: 
    Southampton 0-1 Cardiff

    David Marshall is keeping Southampton at bay at the moment. The Cardiff keeper somehow kept Sam Gallagher's close-range volley before then denying Nathaniel Clyne. Not too long for the visitors to hold on to what would be a priceless three points.

    Garth Crooks, BBC Sport on Final ScoreCrystal Palace 1-0 Aston Villa

    "When Tony Pulis arrived Crystal Palace were dead and buried. Not only has he revived his players, but the whole club. One of those he's helped is Jason Puncheon, he's like a new player. You just don't know what to expect from Palace now, it's been quite unbelievable."

  203. 16:46: 

    Into the last 10 minutes then. It's now or never Norwich...

  204. 16:45: 
    Sunderland 0-1 Everton

    Sunderland trying desperately to find a way back into the game, as midfielder Ki Sung-yueng has two efforts in quick succession, first putting one right at Tim Howard and then hooking one over the bar. Can they keep the fight going?

    Garth Crooks, BBC Sport on Final ScoreWest Brom 3-2 Tottenham

    "Both teams look like they need a lesson in defending but they have made the most of each other's mistakes. It's a very entertaining game."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    David R: Good effort by Sunderland today. Not looking like the team at the foot of the table.

    mrwriterman: Recently you asked what a team needed to survive the drop - Hugo Rodallega. Just ask a Latic.

    Paul Moore: Arsenal fans taking pictures and enjoying the day. Probably for the best really, they won't be there again for a while

    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport on Final ScoreSunderland 0-1 Everton

    "Roberto Martinez knows his side are in good shape. They're on a really good run, they are the form team. They've got one thing to concentrate on and that's overtaking Arsenal for a top-four place."

  208. 16:41: 
    CLOSE!- Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    He could yet be the hero of the piece. Hugo Rodallega, who scored the earlier goal, is on the line to head away Michael Turner's effort at the other end.

    Norwich just can't score.

  209. 16:41: 
    GOAL- Crystal Palace 1-0 Aston Villa - Jason Puncheon (76 mins)
     Jason Puncheon

    Crystal Palace find the breakthrough and it is that man Jason Puncheon on the scoresheet again. He scored twice in Palace's last game and he makes it six for the season when he sticks his foot on Yannick Bolasie's low ball into the area, turns and swipes the ball into the back of the net.

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport chief football writer at WembleyKompany update

    "Lots of noise around the fitness of Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany ahead of the crucial meeting with Liverpool at Anfield after he left training early today. Word is he sustained a knock and was taken out as a precaution. He will join up with the squad later and City expect him to be fit."

  211. 16:39: 
    GOAL- Sunderland 0-1 Everton - Wes Brown OG (75 mins)

    Gerard Deulofeu's close control is quite extraordinary at times and he sets off on a run which is almost Cristiano Ronaldo-like, finding a yard of space where there appeared to be none. He then puts over a low cross which Wes Brown can only chest into his own net from close range.

    A goal that could have big ramifications in the top four - and the bottom four.

  212. 16:38: 
    CLOSE!- Stoke 1-0 Newcastle

    More strong work from Marko Arnautovic sees his pick out Charlie Adam, but he drags his shot across goal. We are into the last 20 minutes...

  213. 16:38: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Crystal Palace 0-0 Aston Villa

    Confusing scenes at Selhurst Park as the home side look to have been awarded a penalty by Howard Webb when the ball appears to hit Ciaran Clark's hand inside the area. But, after consulting with his linesman, Webb decides against it.

  214. 16:35: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    Scott Parker is on for Fulham after five games out with a knee injury. Can he see this one out?

    He almost scores with his first touch, dragging one wide from 20 yards after a cross from the right.

  215. 16:35: 
    GOAL- West Brom 3-2 Tottenham - Harry Kane (70 mins)

    Game on at The Hawthorns as Tottenham pull another goal back! Aaron Lennon curls the ball towards the far post where Harry Kane gets up to head in his second in as many games.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport on Final ScoreWest Brom 3-1 Tottenham

    "It's been such an open game. Tim Sherwood said his team would enjoy it. We've enjoyed watching it but I don't think he will have enjoyed watching his team defend. Even at this stage, the game could have had any number of goals."

  217. 16:31: 

    Into the last half hour in the Premier League. That goal for Cardiff brings them back into the mix...

    Premier LEague
  218. 16:30: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Everton

    The 'miracle' Gus Poyet called for last week hasn't showed itself yet. Everton sub Ross Barkley goes close with a scuffed effort at the back post but it's tame and the home side survive.

    Garth Crooks, BBC Sport on Final ScoreFulham 1-0 Norwich

    "Norwich started really well and were unlucky not to go one or two up and Fulham punished them. Neil Adams had the biggest 15 minutes of his life with this half-time team talk but I'm not seeing much from Norwich early in the second half. The game is starting to slip away from them."

  220. 16:28: 
    GOAL- Southampton 0-1 Cardiff - Juan Cala (65 mins)
    Juan Cala's goal

    A potentially pivotal goal in Cardiff's fight for survival as they stun Southampton with the opener. Defender Juan Cala shows a striker's instinct on the edge of the area, getting his foot around a bouncing ball superbly to launch a shot through a crowd of players and into the net.

  221. 16:26: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Aston Villa

    Crystal Palace are on top now, with Yannick Bolasie looking particularly lively and he is inches away from scoring when his low shot from the edge of the area has Brad Guzan beaten but fortunately for the Aston Villa goalkeeper it bounces just wide of the far post.

  222. 16:26: 
    CLOSE!- Sunderland 0-0 Everton

    And Everton come close again! Sunderland goalkeeper Vito Mannone comes out to meet a through ball, he misjudges the bounce and can only head it up in the air. Steven Naismith runs away to his right to meet the ball and hooks an effort into the side-netting from a tight angle.

  223. 16:26: 
    Southampton 0-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff have started better in the second half after largely fending off Southampton attacks in the first 45 minutes and they finally force Paulo Gazzaniga into a save when he keeps out Jordon Mutch's 20-yard effort.

    Text us on 81111

    Alex Norris, Nottingham: People are too harsh on Pards. Had his best player sold from under him. Now there's nothing to play for so the team's stopped playing.

    James in Lincoln: Forget the semi-final at Wembley, there's a cup final going on at Craven Cottage.

    Ben Ballard: It looks like Fulham are getting some luck for the first time this season.

  225. 16:24: 
    CLOSE!- Sunderland 0-0 Everton

    Everton's best moment of the second half as Gerard Deulofeu cuts inside from the right and snakes a cross-shot right across the face of goal. Any sort of touch and it's in.

    Football League update

    The champagne might have to remain on ice at Turf Moor. Burnley need to defeat Middlesbrough and hope Derby lose at home to Huddersfield to win promotion to the Premier League. But Jacob Butterfield has given 'Boro a 51st-minute lead after a composed finish. And at Pride Park, Derby have come from behind to lead Huddersfield 2-1, Alex Smithies's own goal giving the hosts the lead.

  227. 16:24: 
    CLOSE!- Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    Magnificent last-ditch defending denies Norwich again! Martin Olsson toes the ball across goal, Robert Snodgrass looks like he will have a tap in but Fernando Amorebieta and Brede Hangeland converge to somehow pick the winger's pocket and stab the ball away.

  228. 16:23: 
    West Brom 3-1 Tottenham
    Danny Rose booked

    Tottenham's frustration is clearly showing as Danny Rose throws himself down in the penalty area under the challenge of Steve Reid. Referee Neil Swarbrick correctly says no penalty before booking Rose for simulation.

  229. 16:21: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Everton

    A right old stramash in the Everton goalmouth as Sunderland pile on the pressure, but Everton keep it out.

  230. 16:21: 
    CLOSE!- Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    Fulham almost double their lead as that man Hugo Rodallega loses his marker and flicks in a header from a corner, but Martin Olsson is stationed on the post and does well to clear. A second for the hosts would crush this Norwich side's spirit you feel...

  231. 16:21: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Crystal Palace 0-0 Aston Villa

    Oh so close to the opener for Crystal Palace as Yannick Bolasie's questionable stepover does the trick, dumbfounding his marker to open up space and he shoots at goal, Brad Guzan gets a hand to the shot but the ball falls for Cameron Jerome, who sidefoots on to the bar from yards out.

  232. 16:18: 
    Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    Ricky van Wolfswinkel is playing like a man with zero confidence. The Norwich striker gets in on goal, out wide, but instead of putting in a low cross he turns around and plays it backwards. What are you doing?

    Leroy Fer then hammers in a shot from range but David Stockdale is safe as houses behind it.

  233. 16:17: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Everton

    Sunderland have started the second half in bright fashion, Adam Johnson causing all manner of trouble down the right. When he does win a free-kick though his delivery is rank.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Manav Mehta: Says a lot that in the biggest game of the season, Arsene opts for Sanogo over Giroud. Wenger realised much too late.

    fqiren: Monreal starting? Get ready for an onslaught down Arsenal's left flank like what Martinez did against them for Everton.

    Evan Eaton: Come on Wigan in tonight's semi-final! I'm a Sheffield United fan and off to Wembley tomorrow! Much rather have Wigan in the final.

  235. 16:16: 
    CLOSE!- Stoke 1-0 Newcastle

    Marko Arnautovic has had a cracking game down Stoke's left and more fine work from the Austrian concludes with him picking out Peter Crouch in the middle, the cross is slightly too high though, even for Crouch, and he flicks it over from a few yards out.

  236. 16:16: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Aston Villa

    Aston Villa pick up from where they left off as they have the first chance of the second half, Gabby Agbonlahor curling a shot through a crowd of players but it is easy pickings for Julian Speroni.

  237. 16:13: 
    Team News- Wigan v Arsenal (17:07 BST)

    Arsenal make four changes to the side who lost to Everton last time out in the Premier League, with Aaron Ramsey making his first start since Boxing Day. Lukasz Fabianski returns in goal, while Carl Jenkinson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Yaya Sanogo also start.

    Wigan make seven changes from the side who lost to Millwall last time out in the Championship. James Perch, Ivan Ramis, Stephen Crainey, James McArthur, Callum McManaman, Jordi Gomez and Marc-Antoine Fortune all start for the Latics.

    Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Cazorla, Podolski, Sanogo. Subs: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Kallstrom, Akpom, Eisfeld, Giroud.

    Wigan: Carson, Perch, Boyce, Ramis, Crainey, McArthur, McEachran, McManaman, Beausejour, Gomez, Fortune. Subs: Al Habsi, Barnett, Caldwell, Maloney, Espinoza, Collison, Powell.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Liam Fisher: At Christmas, Newcastle were 12 points ahead of Stoke with a plus-five goal difference. Now we are three points above them with minus 14 goals.

    Ian McAtominey: Fourth time this season Albion have scored two early goals. We got two points from the previous three games. More goals to come.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport on Final ScoreFulham 1-0 Norwich

    "Neil Adams has got to tell Norwich to keep going. They were excellent in the first half and can count themselves unlucky to behind. If they play like that in their last four games, they'll pick up some points."

  240. 16:09: 

    Whistles blown around the country, we are back under way in our six Premier League games...

    Football League update

    Wolves, who were hosting Arsenal at Molineux this time two years ago, are 45 minutes from winning promotion back to the Championship after midfielder Kevin McDonald scores on the stroke of half-time at Crewe.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jimmy Daintith: Have a really bad feeling that no matter what Norwich do the ball just won't end up in the Fulham net.

    James Anthony Finn: Manchester United's faint top-four hopes are very much alive if West Brom keep it up and Sunderland take something against Everton.

    Martin Ratcliff: Kaboul was becoming a great defender before he missed the whole 12-13 season though injury. Now he's a shadow.

    Football League update

    It's goalless in the big game in the Championship between Burnley and Middlesbrough. The Clarets, who will seal promotion with a win if Derby lose at home to Huddersfield, are thankful to goalkeeper Tom Heaton, who has made two fine saves to deny Danny Graham and Jacob Butterfield at Turf Moor. Derby are drawing 1-1.

    Elsewhere, Blackburn are well on the way to making it eight games unbeaten. They lead 3-1 at Sheffield Wednesday thanks to goals from Jordan Rhodes, Craig Conway and on-loan Manchester United defender Michael Keane.

  244. 16:04: 
    Goal droughts
    Erik Pieters

    Ricky van Wolfswinkel's long wait for a Norwich goal continues then, but at least his compatriot Erik Pieters has scored today.

    The Stoke left-back drifted in his first goal in almost six years - since netting in FC Utrecht's 1-0 League home win v FC Groningen on April 20th 2008. That is what you call a barren spell...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Aashay Knights: Mixed emotions about Newcastle's performance so far: mix of fits of rage and tears of despair.

    Gavin Richmond: Mike Ashley is a Spurs fan apparently! Maybe he could take over at the Lane? He would spend nowt! Careful what you wish for.

    Rohit Deshmukh: Supporting Spurs must be like going on blind date, you never know what you gonna get.

  246. 16:01: 
    Team News- Wigan v Arsenal (17:07 BST)

    Aaron Ramsey starts for Arsenal - his first start since Boxing Day. And Yaya Sanogo is in from the start too.

    Arsenal XI: Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Cazorla, Podolski, Sanogo

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport chief football writer at WembleyWigan v Arsenal (17:07 BST)

    "Wigan Athletic's fans are already milling around Wembley in their thousands, back on familiar territory after last year's run to winning the FA Cup under Roberto Martinez.

    "Manager Uwe Rosler will be hoping to prey on Arsenal's recent Premier League vulnerability and was at Goodison Park last Sunday to see them lose 3-0 to Everton.

    "Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger knows the FA Cup represents a great chance to win his first trophy since winning it in 2005 against Manchester United - but will know defeat to Championship Wigan is unthinkable."

  248. 16:00: 

    It's all going off at the bottom of the Premier League. But we've also got an FA Cup semi-final on the horizon. Get ready...

    Text us on 81111

    Rob in Wandsworth: Not too long ago, Liverpool wasted a load of cash on players. They got the right manager in, dropped out of Europe and now they're title contenders. As a Spurs fan, I'm desperately hopeful we can follow what they did.

    Andrew, Cardiff: Any chance West Brom would like to share the goals around the rest of the games?

    Josh in Bath: It's fair to say things have not been dull at Spurs under Tim Sherwood!

    Football League update

    An astonishing opening half at Brisbane Road where Leyton Orient, who can still clinch automatic promotion from League One, lead Gillingham 4-0, Dave Mooney (2), Dean Cox and Kevin Lisbie the scorers. Leaders Wolves, who will seal promotion with a win, are goalless at struggling Crewe.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    McLovin Pikachu: Everton's set piece-taking has been terrible today from Deulofeu and Baines.

    Timothy Uloko: West Brom must remember Cardiff. No slacking please. Just keep attacking.

    Harry Hopwood: As a Spurs fan who studies in Norwich, this weekend's results are proving utterly miserable.

  252. 15:55:  
    John Motson, BBC Match of the Day commentator Selhurst ParkHALF-TIME- Crystal Palace 0-0 Aston Villa

    "Not much to report - a clearance off the line by Cameron Jerome at one end and a penalty appeal by Yannick Bolasie at the other, but there's nothing between them."

  253. 15:55:  
    MOTD's John Roder at Craven CottageHALF-TIME- Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    "It has been a very tense afternoon so far.

    "Fulham are in front through Hugo Rodallega but Norwich came so close to taking the lead themselves, twice denied by David Stockdale with brilliant saves, then Robert Snodgrass hit the bar for the visitors."

  254. 15:55:  
    Simon Brotherton, Match of the Day commentator at St Mary'sHALF-TIME- Southampton 0-0 Cardiff

    "A moderate first half of which Southampton have had the better of the game. They had the best chance with Gaston Ramirez's shot hitting the woodwork but Cardiff are still level and a big 45 minutes is coming up for them."

  255. 15:55:  
    Guy Mowbray, BBC Match of the Day commentatorHALF-TIME- Sunderland 0-0 Everton

    "The best chance of the first half fell to Everton's Steven Naismith but Sunderland have had a decent opening as well, when Fabio Borini saw his shot cleared off the line."

  256. 15:55:  
    Martin Fisher, Match of the Day commentatorHALF-TIME- Stoke 1-0 Newcastle

    "Erik Pieters with his first Premier League strike puts Stoke in front - I think it was a cross though. Newcastle might well look back at the incident involving Papiss Cisse and Geoff Cameron and say that should have been a penalty."

  257. 15:55:  
    Steve Bower, BBC Match of the Day commentatorHALF-TIME- West Brom 3-1 Tottenham

    "An extraordinary first half. Jonas Olsson's own goal gives Tottenham a lifeline, albeit a small one."

  258. 15:54: 
    YELLOW CARD- Fulham 1-0 Norwich

    Fulham in search of a second, Pajtim Kasami attacks the ball at the back stick but is instead booked for running into the back of Martin Olsson. The left-back is winded, that's a horrible feeling...

  259. 15:51: 
    Southampton 0-0 Cardiff

    Gaston Ramirez is seeing plenty of the ball for Southampton but is not getting any change out of Cardiff keeper David Marshall. The Uruguayan races beyond his marker and smacks a dipping effort at goal, but Marshall is behind it.

    Garth Crooks, BBC Sport on Final ScoreFulham 1-0 Norwich

    "A catalogue of errors from Norwich. They started brilliantly but they have not put away the chances, which is symptomatic of their season. Steven Whittaker dropped his body, as if he didn't want to defend the free-kick, and that's how the ball got to Hugo Rodallega to score."

  261. 15:50: 
    GOAL- Stoke 1-0 Newcastle - Erik Pieters (42 mins)

    Speculative. Very speculative!

    Stoke left-back Erik Pieters pings in a cross on the run, he gets his angles wrong though and instead floats the ball over the head of Tim Krul and in off the inside of the far post. Lucky, but they all count...

  262. 15:49: 
    Relegation dogfight
    Premier League

    That Fulham goal means that they are now just two points behind the Canaries...

  263. 15:47: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Aston Villa

    Yannick Bolasie thinks he has a strong shout for a penalty when he fails to get a shot on target after latching on to Mile Jedinak's free-kick. Bolasie feels he was impeded by Grant Holt, who was in close attention, but the referee is having none of it.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Troy Townsend, father of Tottenham winger Andros, on Twitter: Fans singing we want Levy out! I've always said be careful what you wish/sing. Wouldn't want my club in the hands of jokers. We are not in that position by a long chalk.

  265. 15:47: 
    GOAL- Fulham 1-0 Norwich - Hugo Rodallega (40 mins)

    Seismic goal. Fulham win a free-kick out on the left, Steve Sidwell gives it the slightest of eyebrows at the near post and Hugo Rodallega arrives perfectly to sweep the ball into the roof of the net.

    Fulham believe. Felix Magath is out of his seat and punching the air.

    Hugo Rodallega's goal vs Norwich City
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Ross Chapman: This Spurs team are making Mr Levy's summer decision easier by the minute.

    Matthew: Who cares about the title race! The most unpredictable part of this season is Spurs' goal difference! One week it's positive then the next week it's negative.

    Lee Jackson: Want advice on the quickest way to throw 100 million away? Ask Daniel Levy! Spurs are an absolute joke of a football club.

  267. 15:45: 
    GREAT SAVE!- West Brom 3-1 Tottenham

    There is barely time to draw breath at the moment as Ben Foster pulls off a fantastic save to deny Danny Rose. The former Manchester United shotstopper pushes away Paulinho's low drive from distance but only into the path of Rose. Foster is up quick though to keep out his shot.

  268. 15:45: 
    Stoke 0-0 Newcastle

    Newcastle are playing with three at the back today and they have settled well now, seeing more and more of the ball. Not many clear-cut opportunities though, not since that early exchange of sitters.

  269. 15:45: 
    Football League update

    So close for Burnley as Michael Kightly heads against the Middlesbrough bar. The Clarets will return to the Premier League after a four-year absence if they win and Derby County lose at home to Huddersfield. Derby are drawing 1-1, Johnny Russell with the equaliser for the hosts. Elsewhere in the Championship, troubled Leeds, who have lost their previous five games, lead at home to Blackpool thanks to Luke Murphy's 21st minute effort.

    Kieffer Moore's 26th-minute goal has given bottom club Yeovil the lead against in-form Bournemouth.

  270. 15:41: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Fulham 0-0 Norwich

    Neil Adams has his head in his hands - and the new Norwich boss must wonder what his side have to do to score today. Robert Snodgrass thumps the crossbar with a dipping free-kick from 25 yards, even David Stockdale was helpless that time. Great spell from the Canaries though.

  271. 15:41: 
    GOAL- West Brom 3-1 Tottenham - Jonas Olsson OG (34 mins)

    What a game at The Hawthorns as Tottenham are gifted a glimmer of hope. Aaron Lennon's ball along the floor inside the area hits Jonas Olsson's outstretched leg and loops into his own net.

  272. 15:39: 
    CLOSE!- Sunderland 0-0 Everton

    There's been a lot of chat about John Stones being a future England international - and the Everton youngster is in the right place at the right time to prevent Sunderland from taking the lead. Fabio Borini beats Tim Howard to the ball, dances around the keeper and gets the shot away, but Stones had recovered to read it and block on the line.

  273. 15:38: 
    GOAL- West Brom 3-0 Tottenham - Stephane Sessegnon (31 mins)

    Atrocious defending from Tottenham as West Brom do indeed go further ahead. This time, a hopeful punt upfield is headed inexplicably backwards by Younes Kaboul, Stephane Sessegnon is on it like a flash and races goalwards. He has Vlad Chiriches for company but holds him off before slotting into the net.

    Text us on 81111

    Tim: Spurs thought kick-off was 16:07.

    Adam: As a 17-year-old Spurs fan, I have only seen the club on the rise. Now we have taken several steps backwards, I am beginning to understand the plight of the glory-supporter.

    Dave B in Enfield: Now that Champs League looks unlikely, Spurs are trying their best to avoid Europa distractions next season.

  275. 15:36: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Fulham 0-0 Norwich

    Brilliant! Outstanding goalkeeping from David Stockdale!

    First the Fulham man somehow readjusts to push away Ricky van Wolfswinkel's volley from point-blank range, before he turns away Leroy Fer's bullet header from the following corner. Superb stops!

  276. 15:36: 
    West Brom 2-0 Tottenham

    Spurs keeper Hugo Lloris prevents West Brom from putting this game out of sight after Youssuf Mulumbu shows some fancy footwork before picking out Morgan Amalfitano on the right of the area. He smacks an effort goalwards and Lloris parries over.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport on Final ScoreFulham 0-0 Norwich

    "Norwich have started the better of the two teams. They look like the team with less pressure on them and the players are trying to express themselves. Their away form has been poor this season but maybe being away from Carrow Road is helping them today."

  278. 15:33: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Aston Villa

    Crystal Palace are a little jittery at the moment after that early substitution and striker Cameron Jerome is back on the goalline to hack away Ciaran Clark header. A good spell for Villa.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    John Dykes: Arnautovic really is the best player I've seen in a Stoke shirt in a long time. Lively again already and what a cross.

    Daniel Leaver: The quality of the bottom half this season is summed up by "Norwich are struggling to contain Hugo Rodallega" on the BBC Football live text.

    Steven Telfer: Shola Ameobi is going to the World Cup and Zlatan Ibrahimovic isn't. Ponder that for a moment.

  280. 15:32: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Stoke 0-0 Newcastle

    Newcastle have half-hearted shouts for a penalty as Papiss Cisse goes to the deck, Geoff Cameron had a slight brush of his arm but that is filed in the 'very, very soft' folder.

  281. 15:30: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Everton

    Everton have dominated for the last 10 minutes, with all the play being in the Sunderland half. The Toffees just haven't carved open the hosts since that early Steven Naismith chance.

  282. 15:30: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Southampton 0-0 Cardiff

    It is still all Southampton and only the woodwork keeps them out as Gaston Ramirez's shot is deflected onto the crossbar. Cardiff are on the back foot with just 30% possession and it looks like it could be a long afternoon ahead for the visitors.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Sarah Lambert: Can we start again please? Terrible from Spurs.

    Richard Davis: Spurs might as well bring in Ossie Ardiles as their next manager because they have taken a light years-step backwards this season.

    Aidan Boyce: Sherwood's plan to lull WBA into a false sense of security is working well.

    Garth Crooks, BBC Sport on Final ScoreWest Brom 2-0 Tottenham

    On Emmanuel Adebayor's missed penalty: "It's such a poor spot kick, Ben Foster was lying down and waiting for the ball. It was an unbelievably poor penalty. I don't care how good a player you are, the game is never as easy as Adebayor was trying to make it look."

    Adebayor's penalty miss vs West Brom
    Football League update

    Roars at Burnley as news filters through that Derby are losing at home to Huddersfield. The Clarets can seal their return to the Premier League if they win at home to Middlesbrough and Derby lose at home to Huddersfield. Burnley's match is goalless, but Nahki Wells's 14th minute goal has given Huddersfield the lead at Pride Park.

    Elsewhere in the Championship, play-off hopefuls Brighton lead Charlton 1-0 thanks to a goal by on-loan Manchester United player Jesse Lingard, while Blackburn lead at Sheffield Wednesday.

  286. 15:27: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Crystal Palace 0-0 Aston Villa

    Crystal Palace and Aston Villa are cancelling each other out at the moment, with neither side having really threatened. Palace boss Tony Pulis is forced into an early change though as Kagisho Dikgacoi comes off after taking a knock, Marouane Chamakh on in his place.

  287. 15:26: 
    Fulham 0-0 Norwich

    Norwich are struggling to contain Hugo Rodallega. The Fulham man gets free again after a routine long ball downfield but he can't control the ball and it runs away from him.

    The Colombian thumps the turf in frustration, he knows that was a great chance...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Felix Thompson: Only Alan Pardew could make Stoke look like Barcelona, if this continues another drubbing is on the cards.

  289. 15:23: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Everton

    The misses keep coming - it's Everton who should be ahead at the Stadium of Light as Steven Naismith spins away from his man but blazes over from 10 yards. He went for full power when a side-footer would have done the business....

  290. 15:23: 
    MISSED PENALTY- West Brom 2-0 Tottenham

    Oh dear! Tottenham will struggle to have a better chance all game to score as Emmanuel Adebayor is tasked with the penalty taking responsibility. His effort is weak, though and Ben Foster saves with ease.

  291. 15:22: 
    PENALTY to Tottenham- West Brom 2-0 Tottenham

    Morgan Amalfitano brings down Danny Rose and Tottenham have a lifeline...

  292. 15:21: 
    Fulham 0-0 Norwich

    Cracking effort. Fulham striker Hugo Rodallega latches on to a flick-on and hammers a shot on the run, fizzing right across the face of goal, but it flies wide of the far post.

    Moments earlier Jonny Howson had seen his shot well blocked.

  293. 15:21: 
    CLOSE!- West Brom 2-0 Tottenham

    A massive chance for Tottenham to pull one back is spurned by Harry Kane. The youngster, making only his second league start for Tottenham, stabs Danny Rose's near-post cross inches wide. Much better, though, after a nightmare start for the visitors.

  294. 15:19: 
    SITTER!- Stoke 0-0 Newcastle

    Ryan Gosling would score this - but Dan Gosling doesn't! The Newcastle midfielder ghosts into space to meet Shola Ameobi's header, he has the whole goal to aim at but shins his effort over the bar. Two great chances in as many minutes in the Potteries.

  295. 15:17: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Stoke 0-0 Newcastle

    What a chance! Stoke should be ahead as Peter Crouch is able to meet a perfect cross from the left but he thuds a header against the base of the post from five yards! Got to score those..

  296. 15:17: 
    Southampton 0-0 Cardiff

    Southampton, comfortably ensconced in midtable, may have nothing to play for but they are well on top against Cardiff. A teasing Luke Shaw cross is headed away with Rickie Lambert lurking, but no real clear-cut chances as yet.

  297. 15:16: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Everton

    Promising signs for Sunderland. Fabio Borini gets onto the end of an early free-kick and fires over, before Adam Johnson gets in behind Leighton Baines and crosses low, forcing Sylvain Distin into evasive action.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport on Final ScoreWest Brom 2-0 Tottenham

    "Christian Eriksen is a great player, but he was found wanting defensively on the first goal. He should have doubled up to help Danny Rose. Instead, Morgan Amalfitano got past him to deliver the cross and suddenly Spurs are behind. The second goal again came down the Tottenham left and it was a great strike from Chris Brunt."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Tomer Tsur: These days it would be more shocking if Spurs didn't concede in the first five minutes.

  300. 15:15: 
    Stoke 0-0 Newcastle

    Not much to report from the Brit, where Newcastle have packed the midfield and are looking to hit on the counter.

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No movement 3 Man City 31 55 70
Moving up 4 Everton 33 22 66
Moving down 5 Arsenal 33 16 64
No movement 6 Tottenham 34 0 60
No movement 7 Man Utd 33 18 57
No movement 8 Southampton 34 5 48
No movement 9 Newcastle 34 -14 46
No movement 10 Stoke 34 -10 43
No movement 11 West Ham 33 -7 37
Moving up 12 Crystal Palace 33 -15 37
Moving down 13 Hull 33 -6 36
Moving down 14 Aston Villa 33 -14 34
No movement 15 Swansea 33 -4 33
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