Champions League: Bayern Munich v Man Utd - as it happened

Manchester United are knocked out of the Champions League by holders Bayern Munich.

9 April 2014 Last updated at 18:26

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As it happened

  1. 22:36: 

    Plenty of names for David Moyes to ponder between now and the summer then. But tonight's really about one team, Atletico Madrid! Goodnight.

    Atletico 1-0 Barcelona (Agg: 2-1)
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    We're asking which three players Manchester United can realistically sign to turnaround the club's fortunes next season:

    Mathusan Arum: We desperately need to strengthen our midfield and defence so I would say Koke, Marco Reus and Mangala!

    James Benson: Three (realistic) targets for Moyes: Toni Kroos, Ezequiel Garay & Ilkay Gundogan.

    Jon: Not gonna happen but Vidal, Kroos and Shaw would be nice! Unless Cristiano fancies coming home?

  3. 22:25:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveAnalysis- Atletico 1-0 Barcelona (Agg: 2-1)
    Lionel Messi

    More from Graham Hunter, following Atletico Madrid's 1-0 win over Barcelona: "Atletico have won the Europa League twice in recent years and have learned from it, they've learnt from a recruitment point of view and learnt from an injury point of view.

    "They have been made mentally and physically stronger and they believe as a result. I think tonight we saw a surrender of Barcelona in this competition, it was a case of we don't have an idea - ignore the game plan and lump the ball. If that is what this coach (Tata Martino) is bringing to the side he will not continue in the summer."

  4. 22:24:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveAnalysis- Atletico 1-0 Barcelona (Agg: 2-1)

    Spanish football writer Graham Hunter, speaking to BBC Radio 5 live following Atletico Madrid's 1-0 win over Barcelona: "Atletico were distinctly the better side and despite the series of matches between these two sides that had been on a razor's edge, tactically and athletically they were better. The reports will be merciless about Tata Martino's tactics and style but it's clear there is something special going on at Atletico Madrid.

    "Diego Simeone is Guardiola-esque in everything he is doing and the fans at the Vincente Calderon are helping that happen and helping the side get through. This is the perfect blend of northern European and Mediterranean football from a hard-working side."

  5. 22:22: 
    Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    What does this graphic say about Manchester United tonight? Very little creativity down the middle of the park? Too much emphasis on loading up attacks down the right?

    Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)
  6. 22:18: 
    Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    I think we can expect a very busy summer at Old Trafford. Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra look likely to be heading for the exit and I'm sure they won't be the only two. But, in the 10 minutes we have got left, I want Manchester United fans to tell me the three players that David Moyes can sign who can turn around the club's fortunes. But be realistic. Messi's going nowhere, for a start!

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    Chris, Gloucestershire: The defeat hurts but not as much as knowing that is the last Champions League game we will be involved in for some years. We will end up like Liverpool of recent years. Rooney was terrible again tonight and should have been subbed.

    Alan, Devon: Good effort by Utd; clearly we need a few signings but they is s good core there - Jones was very good. Rooney was clearly carrying an injury, which would explain his below par performance. We will return and it will be quicker than the doomsayers predict.

    Fred, Colchester: Poor defending aside, I'd say Rooney cost us the game with his dreadful attacking display. A striker of his ability should have buried the chances he had or posed a bigger threat.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    "You look at Bayern Munich off the ball and their work rate is phenomenal and that is what you need to strive to if you want to be a top team. Bayern and Barcelona dominate the possession, sides like that have so much confidence. When you look at Manchester United tonight they move the ball around but they move it so slowly, there's no pace or dominance in there and it looks like they're playing without confidence."

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    Daniel Cohen: I saw Koke in Euro U21 final last summer and even though Thiago Alcantara and Isco got headlines, I thought he was great!

  10. 22:11: 
    Player reaction- Atletico 1-0 Barcelona (Agg: 2-1)
    Atletico 1-0 Barcelona (Agg: 2-1)

    Atletico Madrid match-winner Koke on the club's Twitter feed: "This team has no roof. We are going to keep our fans dreaming. We are going to maintain our match-by-match philosophy."

  11. 22:09: 
    Manager reaction- Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    Here's more from Manchester United manager David Moyes: "I think we had a great chance at 2-1, the third goal comes from two deflections. I never thought we were out of the game and I thought we had a chance, I thought there was a bit of bad luck in the third goal.

    "We've not got Champions League football which is disappointing but the focus now is that we get a team ready to get back in there. It's a great competition, we've really enjoyed it and we need to get back in it. My focus is getting a side together that gets us back into the Champions League."

  12. 22:08: 
    Manager reaction- Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)
    David Moyes

    Manchester United manager David Moyes, speaking to Sky Sports: "It probably went wrong 30 seconds after we scored. If you're a schoolboy you're told don't concede after you score. From the kick-off they went up the pitch and scored, we needed five or 10 minutes to compose ourselves. The players didn't do an awful lot wrong tonight. They played really well but it was just a couple of small errors that cost us in the end."

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    Josh Woodstock: Proud that United made it to within half an hour of the semis after 2-0 down v Olympiakos. Feeling positive about next season.

    Stijn Vermeulen: Got to realize that Courtois probably won't be allowed to play Chelsea if they draw them. Would be a BIG loss for Atletico Madrid.

    Eddie: Oi Gazidis, get Diego Simeone to the Emirates this summer! Wenger out.

  14. 22:00: 
    Player reaction- Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    Here's more from Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick: "It was always going to be tough tonight and we're not in the Champions League next season, not necessarily because of tonight but because we have been weak and haven't been good enough over the season. We need to finish the season as best we can and get ready for next season and come back believing we can win the title and qualify for the Champions League next season."

  15. 21:59: 
    Player reaction- Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)
    Michael Carrick

    Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick, speaking to Sky Sports: "It's bitterly disappointing, we put ourselves in a great position after scoring the first goal. It was a big blow to concede again after 22 seconds, Wayne had a great chance to score again later on and it didn't go for us.

    "The high of scoring and conceding is a blow but it is something we had to deal with and we were still well in the game, the second goal was the killer."

  16. 21:57: 
    Player reaction- Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)
    Arjen Robben

    Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben, speaking to Sky Sports: "They scored the first goal so it was a tricky tie but in the end 3-1 was a very good result. It was important to score straight after they made it 1-0. It was a wake-up call because the first 10 minutes in the second half were a disaster - we were slow and were not there. You can't do that in the Champions League. After that we scored three goals. We wanted to attack and they were playing on the counter so you have to be careful."

  17. 21:53: 

    We'll bring you reaction from the Manchester United camp shortly, but in the meantime check out BBC Radio 5 live's Conor McNamara's guide to being a football commentator. Conor's done a behind-the-scenes special for MOTD Kickabout.

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    Peter Mcevoy: To all the Moyes bashers, I actually think Man Utd, tactically, did as well as they could against the best team in Europe.

    Arnold Mwakalindo: I always said no man is capable of ruining my day, Moyes has single-handedly ruined my year!

    Richard Powell: Bit too much Rooney bashing going on for my liking - he's carried United all season and clearly wasn't fully fit tonight.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    "Bayern are a good side but they will come up against more difficult opposition than Manchester United. Bayern play a certain way and you have two wide men who like to play wide, it's very much like Pep Guardiola's Barcelona with lots of neat passes and triangles.

    "I think he works at a high intensity but there are gaps and they are vulnerable at times but they're not unbeatable. If it had been last year or the year before I think Manchester United would have won. If United had come out at Old Trafford like they did in the second half tonight it may have been a different game. They didn't do it enough over the two games."

  20. 21:44: 
    Full-time stats- Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    At half-time, Bayern had failed to register a single shot on target. They more than made up for it in the second.

    Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)
  21. 21:42: 
    Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    That is likely to be the last time we see Manchester United in the Champions League for at least one season. It brings to an end a run of 18 successive campaigns.

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    Still_0bannon: If only Moyes had ran half the pitch like Mourinho to pass information to his players after Evra goal they wouldn't have lost.

    Hamza Bhatti: Once again Rooney fails to show up on the big occasion, England can expect the same in a few weeks time.

    Sam Robson: He scored a belter, but a full back's primary job is to defend. And when it comes to defending, Evra is simply lazy.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    "Over the two games the best team has won, Manchester United in the second half was the best they have played over the two legs but they switched off and Bayern Munich got back in it and were convincing winners in the end."

  24. 21:37: 
    Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    What did we make of all that then? General consensus is that Patrice Evra was at fault for a couple of those Bayern goals?

  25. 21:35: 
    FULL-TIME- Atletico 1-0 Barcelona (Agg: 2-1)

    And so have Atletico. The Champions League final four? Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Chelsea. The semi-final draw is on Friday.

  26. 21:35: 
    FULL-TIME- Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    Bayern have done it.

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    Lifa Nati: I am beginning to think Rooney's toe is probably still giving him trouble, he's been awful today.

    Jordan Williams: Yet another big game where Rooney has been on the periphery all night. Let's hope he shows up at the World Cup.

    Alexander: Rooney dropped last year wasn't fit, same tonight not trained for a week wasted chances.

  28. 21:34: 
    Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    Apparently, the time between Patrice Evra opening the scoring and Mario Mandzukic equalising was 22 seconds or six passes, whichever is your chosen currency. Bang.

  29. 21:32: 
    INJURY TIME- Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    Three minutes to go. Cue Bayern fans breaking into a rendition of 'Football's coming home'.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    "Rooney has had one very good opportunity tonight and other than that hasn't performed well, he hasn't looked very sharp at all and if that is down to his injection he shouldn't be on the pitch in the first place."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

  31. 21:30: 
    Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    Claudio Pizarro takes a snap-shot but it's well saved by David De Gea. This game is drifting now. Two minutes to go.

  32. 21:28: 
    Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    Another tame shot from the edge of the penalty area by Wayne Rooney is easily charged down. The England striker has been well short of his best tonight.

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    James, Warrington: Evra has scored 1, cost United 3. Woeful defensively.

    Andy, Cumbria: There's no possibility of extra time now. Stop being so complacent and get at a team that are showing they can be exploited.

  34. 21:25: 
    Atletico 1-0 Barcelona (Agg: 2-1)

    Just seven minutes to go in Madrid, and Barcelona are heading out as it stands. But that match is still in the balance and Andy Cryer is your man if you want to follow that one through to its conclusion.

  35. 21:24: 
    Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    Pep Guardiola is imploring his men forward from the technical area. He wants to send out a signal here, as Manchester United struggle to even get the ball from the brilliant Bavarians.

  36. 21:23: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    Into the final 10 minutes and Danny Welbeck, who has performed well up top tonight, is taken off and Adnan Januzaj is given a run.

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    Zak EdJones: Evra might have scored a belter, but since then he's been at fault for at least 2 of the goals, arguably all 3.

    Peter Wood: Shame that Evra's sensational goal will hide the fact that he has been at fault for all 3 goals.

    Ashley Williams: United not strong in defence. Evra & Vidic didn't put a foot in against Robben and got punished.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2)

    "The last thing you want is Arjen Robben bearing down on you, Evra should have done a lot better. It wasn't a great defensive tackle, it was half-hearted. Vidic was very unfortunate it's just bounced in off him but Patrice Evra should have done a lot better there. The game's gone tonight, they're going out so they may as well go for it."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

  39. 21:17: 
    GOAL- Bayern Munich 3-1 Man Utd (Agg: 4-2) - Arjen Robben (76 mins)

    Game, set and match. Arjen Robben has been threatening to do this all night, and he runs across the face of the penalty area, leaving Nemanja Vidic slipping and sliding in his wake, and plants a decisive, deflected third into the bottom corner.

    Arjen Robben scores Bayern Munich's third goal of the night
    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz Arena

    "If you can get the ball to Hernandez in the box he can score goals, Rooney will drop back and play in central midfield along side Carrick and I wouldn't be surprised if Januzaj or Young come on in the next few minutes as well."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

  41. 21:17: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Bayern Munich 2-1 Man Utd (Agg: 3-2)

    A few of you have been imploring David Moyes to make an attacking change, and the manager appears to be listening as he sends on Javier Hernandez in place of Darren Fletcher. If anyone is capable of nicking a goal...

  42. 21:15: 
    Bayern Munich 2-1 Man Utd (Agg: 3-2)

    Manchester United need to somehow find another goal here, but they are being pegged back as we enter the final 17 minutes of what is a gripping second half.

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    Will Davies: United still need to score again to go through. Bayern have certainly stepped up the pace since Evra scored.

    Louis Strong: A sloppy goal from Bayern but United have switched off since Evra's goal. They need to defend like their 1st half.

    David: Moyes has got to go attacking here surely, get Januzaj on and go for it! Better to loser by a few than sticking on this score

  44. 21:13: 
    YELLOW CARD- Bayern Munich 2-1 Man Utd (Agg: 3-2)

    Bayern's swift one-two has given Manchester United a bout of wobbly legs and Patrice Evra brings down Arjen Robben in full flow. Yellow card, but the hosts think it should have been red...

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 2-1 Man Utd (Agg: 3-2)

    "If you ask this Bayern team questions you get rewarded. United did well in the second half but they have just come off the pace again. I'd make some changes and get at them, there is nothing to lose now. They have to go for it."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

  46. 21:09: 
    GOAL- Bayern Munich 2-1 Man Utd (Agg: 3-2) - Thomas Muller (67 mins)

    Manchester United have awoken a monster, and if that's the knockout blow then the visitors will feel wretched because it was another simple strike - Arjen Robben's cross into the six-yard box is scuffed past David de Gea from six yards by Thomas Muller.

    Thomas Muller celebrates scoring Bayern's second goal of the night
  47. 21:07: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Bayern Munich 1-1 Man Utd (Agg: 2-2)

    The big man, Mario Mandzukic, has the bit between his teeth now as he heads wide. He's winning everything in the air. Bayern make an interesting change immediately after by bringing on full-back Rafinha for playmaker Mario Gotze.

  48. 21:04: 
    WHAT A MISS!- Bayern Munich 1-1 Man Utd (Agg: 2-2)

    What are you doing, Wayne? Danny Welbeck looks up and picks out the unmarked striker in the penalty area but the England man scuffs an extremely weak shot and the chance goes begging. It's not been his best night...

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 1-1 Man Utd (Agg: 2-2)
    Mario Mandzukic

    "Manchester United switched off, they were celebrating from the kick-off and then it was a simple ball in, simple header and 1-1. Such an easy goal to score. To throw it away so quickly is a shame."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

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    Joseph: And Bayern equalise. Extra time anyone?

    George Davis: You're most vulnerable when you've just scored.

    Ashley Williams: United must've been shocked to score because they switched off and got instantly punished.

  51. 21:00: 
    GOAL- Bayern Munich 1-1 Man Utd (Agg: 2-2) - Mario Mandzukic (59 mins)

    Wow. Bayern are level within 60 seconds when Bayern pour up the other end and a low cross from the left is glanced in by a stooping Mario Mandzukic. Who writes these scripts?

  52. 20:59: 
    GOAL- Bayern Munich 0-1 Man Utd (Agg: 1-2) - Patrice Evra (57 mins)

    Pick that one out! Luis Valencia's cross finds its way to Patrice Evra on the edge of the box and the left-back lashes a powerful shot into the top corner, via the underside of the bar. Maybe they can do this!

    Patrice Evra celebrates scoring the opening goal of the night
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    Ross Jones: I think United are biding their time, keeping a defensive shape and go on the attack with 15/20 to go and snatch it.

    Christopher Wall: If it was Mourinho getting a 0-0 draw against Bayern he would be called a tactical genius, Moyes gets slated.

    Aman Sheth: Do United fans actually think we can beat Bayern by playing attacking football? Moyes is always wrong, no matter what.

  54. 20:58: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Better from Manchester United as they press Bayern back and Shinji Kagawa laces one on target but Manuel Neuer is up to the task. Ladies and gentleman, that is our first shot on target of the night. In the 54th minute.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    "Manchester United have kept close to the Bayern players and have actually pushed on a bit, they are higher up the pitch and they have subs warming up - Ashley Young and Adnan Januzaj who can easily change a game."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

  56. 20:54: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Those Bayern fans are still making a right racket. The roof might be taken off the stadium if they manage a breakthrough tonight.

    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)
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    Jonty, Kew: Again, dull football from United. 30% possession and one shot all evening. Proof that Moyes now refuses to go toe to toe with anyone higher than 6th in any European league. United fans who are getting really excited because they are not being caned hoping that they scrape through round after round have forgotten what the Champions League is about.

    Guv, London: So predictable. I knew Moyes would write this off and play for a 0-0 & then claim a "victory" with a "heroic" draw only losing to the European & world champions on goal difference.

  58. 20:52: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Much more nip and zip from Manchester United's play in the early stages of the second half but that's opening up gaps at the back and Darren Fletcher has to get back to cut out a promising Bayern attack.

  59. 20:50: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Chris Smalling gets winded when Manuel Neuer comes out to collect a high ball and wipes out all before him. Only one winner there, but the United defender is fine to continue. If a little sore.

  60. 20:46: 
    KICK-OFF- Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Right then, time for a second set of 45. Manchester United need to score or they're out. Will they show a little more adventure or try and nick one at the end?

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    Here's your caption competition entries [2037]:

    Simon McMenamin: The gaffer put super glue in the shampoo - thinks he's funny...

    AlastairW: "..and if I part it like this you can't even see the seam."

    Donnygee123: "Sir! Neuer's being a grass! I did put deodorant on today!"

  62. 20:37: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Fancy a picture caption competition to get us through the half-time break? "Honestly ref, it's only taken me a couple of years to grow. Nice, isn't it?"

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    Richard Newall: Can't believe anybody would think United were going to attack from the off. Keep it tight, try and steal it in the 2nd half.

    Saad Mahmood: Moyes needs a little change in tactics, in terms of creating chances! The team talk during the breaks will be an important one.

    Brian Oneill: Have to say awful game so far, I feel lots of 'its like a game of chess' analogies may get rolled out at half time.

  64. 20:35: 
    HALF-TIME- Atletico 1-0 Barcelona (Agg: 2-1)

    The biggest surprise is there has only been one goal from an absorbing half of football. Atletico were in breathtaking mood early on and could have added to Koke's early opener. David Villa hit the woodwork twice as Barcelona struggled defensively. Barcelona have grown into the game but have rarely troubled Atletico's goal. So far so good for the hosts.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    "I think Manchester United defensively have been excellent. You expected Bayern to come out of the blocks quickly, Arjen Robben has been a threat but saying that David De Gea has not made a save. I think Bayern have lost that cutting edge. Pep Guardiola is a coach who can work a team, he can get them to the final third but then he needs that bit of magic. Robben has been a handful but without hurting United. Franck Ribery has been in and out of the game. United have defended well."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

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    Paul: People saying United are playing well and that "they are half way there" how? The onus is on United to score more than Bayern because they're out otherwise.

    Gaz, Leeds: Yes, this isn't vintage united, but why would they be overly attacking and play to their strengths? I'd rather be 0-0 with 20 to go than 3 down after 45.

  67. 20:33: 
    Half-time stats- Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    It's what you do with it that matters. Bayern just can't break down Manchester United and, on the rare occasion they do, they have not managed to bring a save out of David De Gea.

    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)
  68. 20:32: 
    HALF-TIME- Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    First 45? Job done by Manchester United. But they still need to score if they want to progress...

  69. 20:30: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Still Bayern are yet to register a shot on target as Danny Welbeck loses possession to Arjen Robben and the winger slaloms into the area and has a shot charged down by Chris Smalling while his better-placed team-mates scream for a pass. Greedy?

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    "Manchester United are defending excellently but when they have the ball they are not asking any questions of the Bayern Munich side. There is not a lot they have done wrong, and for all of Bayern's possession they have not hurt United, but David Moyes's side just need to test the Bayern defence more often."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

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    Adam Byrne: Rooney has been so poor - these are the kinds of matches he should be imposing himself on if he wants to be world class.

    Jack Blackburn: Bayern are shutting United out. A poacher's win seems the only potential route to the semis.

    A Karim: Has anyone told Moyes that they need to score tonight? All men behind the ball and hoping for the best! But Bayern poor so far.

  72. 20:25: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Bayern Munich can't find a way through at the moment. To a man, the visitors are camped back as Toni Kroos shoots over in desperation. At the other end, United break and Phillip Lahm is lucky to avoid punishment for a poor tackle on Patrice Evra to the left of the penalty area.

  73. 20:19: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Just to add to Chris Waddle's point below, Bayern Munich have had 72% of the possession but are yet to register a shot on target. Sums up the game in a sentence that.

  74. 20:19: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Superb defending from Patrice Evra sees another flowing Bayern attack break down and United press their hosts back from the resulting throw-in. Twelve minutes until the break.

  75. 20:16: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Wayne Rooney is getting jeered with his every touch by the Bayern Munich supporters. I'm not sure why...

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    "Bayern Munich are definitely the better side. I would imagine the possession stats will be unbelievable but what has Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea had to do? Mario Gotze is dominant in midfield, Toni Kroos is coming into the game but Bayern have still not had a clear-cut chance on goal."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

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    Will Moores: The atmosphere in German stadiums is brilliant. In English grounds it's dying because the working class have been priced out.

    Harry Bowden: Those who say English stadiums have no atmosphere have never been to a steel city derby.

    Darren Winter: I've stood on Dortmund's Südtribune & visited the Kop. Dortmund beats it hands down. Non stop noise & chants for entire games.

  78. 20:14: 
    YELLOW CARD- Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Nemanja Vidic is booked when he climbs higher than Mario Mandzukic for a header and the striker goes down like a sack of spuds. A soft booking.

  79. 20:12: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Franck Ribery's warming up now, cutting in and firing a right-footed shot into the side-netting. However, has David De Gea had a proper save to make yet?

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    James: I've been to every Premier League ground and went to Borussia Dortmund - Hertha in December. That atmosphere was better than the whole of the PL combined.

    Oli, Leeds: Went to see FC Union Berlin vs Dynamo Dresden last year as part of a Stag Do. Union Berlin's stadium was in the middle of a forest and you could hear the roar from a mile away. The noise was indescribable. I was terrified! Though perhaps not as much as the Stag who was made to wear a full Man Utd kit.

    Harry, Worcester: Best atmosphere when I saw Villa against Rapid Vienna in Austria. No British ground comes close to their deafening noise.

  81. 20:10: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Danny Welbeck has been pretty quiet tonight, but that's probably because he's been having problems with his boots. Finally the United backroom staff are able to return from the bowels of the Allianz Arena with a new pair and the striker returns to the action. Meanwhile, Bayern are still attacking.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Detroit CSC: Germany has better atmosphere as a whole, i.e. their lower tiers are almost equal to top. St. Pauli, FC Union etc.

    Stephan Rasp: As a German I prefer British grounds. In Germany it's just 90 mins of monotonous jumping and chanting, no ebb and flow to it.

    Max Welford: The German fan culture is massive. They have groups that sing 90 minutes straight, regardless if the situation on the pitch.

  83. 20:07: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Manchester United are cut to ribbons when Thomas Muller plays in Franck Ribery, but the winger is flagged offside. Another warning, but the visitors are still in it.

  84. 20:05: 
    Atletico 1-0 Barcelona (Agg: 2-1)

    There's a seriously cracking game going on in Spain, where Atletico have hit the woodwork three times. Barcelona aren't on the ropes - they been thrown out of them! Hulk Hogan on Rocky style. Catch the action here.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    "Antonio Valencia came in at the far post, he was ball watching and did not look along the line. It was a good finish, but it was offside."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

  86. 20:02: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Manchester United have the ball in the net! But it's chalked off very quickly because Luis Valencia, who pokes in Wayne Rooney's pass at the far post from six yards out, is offside.

    Manuel Neuer
  87. 20:01: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Again it's Arjen Robben, but again his shot from just inside the penalty area fails to force David De Gea into a save. The warning signs are there though.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    "You have to stop these key players for Bayern when they get the ball and for me Arjen Riobben has been allowed to have far too much possession. Robben is very quick, you know what he is going to do when he gets in that box but people buy it."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

  89. 20:00: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Arjen Robben is Bayern's greatest threat early on and when his cross from the byline is headed back his way, he retreats back into the penalty area and fashions room for an angled shot which flashes wide.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Bayern fans

    We're asking if German football grounds have the best atmospheres...

    A Captive Bird: No, British grounds have best atmosphere. Liverpool, Celtic, Rangers - Europeans just repeat one chant or whistle.

    Owain Reed: When Hertha Berlin were in the second tier I went to a game and the atmosphere was epic. Better than anything in this country.

  91. 19:56: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Bayern are playing a very high line tonight, with their centre-halves happy to play out from the back. How United must yearn for a Paul Scholes clone to start pinging balls over the top.

  92. 19:54: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Chance for Manchester United when Wayne Rooney picks up the ball on the edge of the box but elects to shoot instead of playing in Shinji Kagawa and Philipp Lahm blocks the striker's fairly tame effort.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz Arena

    "Manchester United have started so slowly every Bayern Munich player is getting time on the ball they're showing them far too much respect. If you give Bayern as much time on the ball as United are doing now they will punish you, you need to come flying out of the blocks and match them from the kick off."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

  94. 19:51: 
    GOAL- Atletico 1-0 Barcelona (Agg: 2-1) - Koke (6 mins)

    We've got a real game on our hands in Spain now, as Koke puts Atletico into an early lead when he taps in after Adrian had hit the post.

    You can catch full live text commentary of Atletico v Barcelona here.

  95. 19:50: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Good defending from Chris Smalling sees him nip in front of Mario Mandzukic and clear a low cross into the box. Is that the athleticism that saw him get the nod instead of Rio?

    Mario Mandzukic loses the ball to Chris Smalling
  96. 19:48: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    The Bayern fans are particularly loud tonight, there is a real beat resounding around the Allianz Arena. Do German grounds have the best atmosphere? You tell me...

  97. 19:47: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Bayern signal their intentions straight away - Arjen Robben driving through the middle and laying the ball off to Franck Ribery but the winger's cross sails out of harm's way.

  98. 19:45: 
    KICK-OFF- Bayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1)

    Here we go then. Manchester United have 90 minutes to turn around a torrid season.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    "United need to get on the front foot, dominate the pitch higher up the field and dominate the ball. Bayern Munich have got good players but they're not an unbelievable team, they're not a Barcelona or a Real Madrid.

    "If they can dominate the ball and dominate the midfield they'll have a great chance tonight. If the midfield three don't dominate the game tonight you need to ask why. Kagawa was fantastic in the Bundesliga and he's had good success against Bayern in the past, he knows where Bayern's flaws will be. It's all about confidence if he has the confidence then he can dominate the game."

    You can listen to full match commentary of Bayern Munich v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live

  100. 19:43: 
    Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    The players stride onto the Allianz Arena turf and are greeted by a giant 'Kings of the Cup' mosaic in the Bayern end. We'll soon find out if that's still the case.

  101. 19:40: 
    Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    The pre-match 'I-can-balance-footballs-on-my-forehead-fella' is particularly good at Bayern...

    Arjen Robben
  102. 19:38: 
    Player view- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    It's good to see Darren Fletcher back in the Manchester United midfield tonight, and the Scotland midfielder is desperate to finally experience a Champions League final after being an unused substitute against Chelsea in 2008 and then being suspended for their final against Barcelona 12 months later and again being left on the bench against the Catalans in 2011.

    "For whatever reason I have not managed to play in the final. Circumstances have prevented me from doing that," he said. "It has been a dream of mine ever since I was a small boy. Winning this one takes you closer to the final and helps you achieve that but it is the club and the team getting there that is more important than the individual."

    Text us on 81111

    Issac, Cambridge: Pep has improved the line-up to penetrate more and pass sideways less. Mandzukic up top and Muller and "German Messi" Gotze bursting through from midfield. It's a lot more threatening and United can expect a very different challenge tonight, especially with the excellent Ferdinand out.

    Andrew, Richhill: It's clear that Bayern Munich are man-for-man a better team than Manchester United, but they can hurt Bayern through playing as a collective unit. Pace on the counter-attack and a high intensity work rate when they don't have the ball should be Manchester United's game plan tonight.

  104. 19:34: 
    Manager view- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    Here's more from Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola, speaking to Sky Sports: "All around the world the big clubs play every game to win and win all the titles, Manchester United were focused on winning all the titles before the season began but it does not always work out as you hope. So I am not sitting here thinking we have to win the treble. It is not easy to do that. My focus is to try and reach the semi-finals and then we will see."

    Bayern, of course, have already wrapped up their domestic league title. Now that's efficient.

  105. 19:32: 
    Manager view- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST
    Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola, speaking to Sky Sports: "We will attack. I always try to put in the head of my players that we will attack in every game but then we have to be careful about the counter.

    "To defend 1-1 would be a mistake, Manchester United is the best team in the Premier League away from home and they have the quality to score. We have to attack - score one, two or as much as possible."

  106. 19:29: 
    1999- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    Whenever Manchester United play Bayern Munich, memories of the Nou Camp in 1999 and THAT comeback from 1-0 down come flooding back. I suspect that is the favourite moment of any United fan who witnessed it and, for one Mancunian, the evening will never be forgotten.

    "When Teddy scored the equaliser, I could only think, 'I'm knackered, and now we have extra time'," midfielder Nicky Butt recently told Andy Mitten. "Then Ole (Gunnar Solskjaer) scored the winner. We went nuts. It's hard for me to put it into words."

    Come on United fans, I'll let you put it into words for me instead...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Chris Ralph: Moyes sounding upbeat, positive and confident about a game for once. Let's hope it translates onto the pitch.

    Nicholas Wood: I think United have a chance tonight. I love it when Rooney is played as an out and out striker, definitely his best position.

    Dominic: Finally Kagawa playing in that number 10 role! He wanted it, he now has his chance on the biggest stage

  108. 19:24: 
    Pep's dig- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    Bayern coach Pep Guardiola had a sly dig at English teams in his pre-match news conference, bemoaning the style of play employed by the Premier League's top teams when they face top-class opposition in the Champions League.

    "They are so defensive," the Bayern coach said. "They use the counter-attack very well.

    "It's always difficult when one team stays there just to defend, and waits until you make a mistake. Maybe Moyes thinks another thing, but I think they are going to wait back with eight or nine players in the box, await our mistake and wait for a free-kick or a corner to punish us."

    Is Pep trying to goad United into going toe to toe with Bayern, I wonder?

  109. 19:20: 
    Bayern's bench- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST
    Ryan Giggs

    There's plenty of debate in the office about the strength of Bayern's bench. The general consensus is that you'd rather have United's bench than Bayern's. Pep Guardiola only has 14 first-team players to choose from for tonight's game, meaning 20-year-old striker Patrick Weihrauch, 19-year-old winger Mitchell Weiser and 18-year-old midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg all make the matchday squad. None of them were alive when Ryan Giggs was breaking through at Manchester United.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 liveBayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    "United's best two ways of getting a goal tonight will be a set-piece or a counter-attack. Guardiola has been negative in the build-up and if United can dominate the midfield they'll have a chance.

    "Away from home he's gone for more pace and I can see why he hasn't selected Ferdinand, he hasn't got the pace or movement he used to have. Smalling isn't necessarily better on the ball but he's definitely more mobile."

  111. 19:17: 
    Manager view- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST
    Rio Ferdinand

    More from Moyes on bringing in Chris Smalling for Rio Ferdinand in defence: "Rio played well in the first game but I just thought Chris Smalling's athleticism might be required."

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    "If you look at the two teams they're all internationals. Manchester United haven't got a team of youngsters or lower league players. I think people go overboard on Bayern, you look at the Bundesliga it isn't that strong, the difference between the two sides is one is utterly confident and one isn't.

    "Tonight United need to get down the sides and get those full-backs turned, I think Manchester United can boss the midfield tonight. If Rooney can then pick up Toni Kroos I fancy United to do well tonight. Bayern are looking very defensive and if United can nullify the threat of Ribery and Gomez it will relieve the pressure on Jones or Smalling."

  113. 19:15: 
    Stat attack- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    However, the statistics are firmly in Bayern's favour heading into tonight's match. During the course of this season's competition, Bayern have had 65% possession compared to United's 49%, they have registered 73 more shots on goal, scored five more goals and completed a staggering 2,258 more passes than the Reds.

  114. 19:14: 
    Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    One bookmaker was offering odds of 12-1 for Manchester United to win inside 90 minutes tonight earlier today. Are the visitors really that much of a long shot? After all, Bayern have failed to win any of their last four fixtures against English sides in Munich...

  115. 19:13: 
    Manager view- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    Manchester United manager David Moyes, speaking to Sky Sports: "If we can make them chase the game that will suit us because we don't want to be chasing it.

    "What will progressing mean? It will mean a semi-final of the Champions League, let's see after the game if we can talk about that and we will do everything we possibly can."

  116. 19:09: 
    Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    Manchester United might have won the European Cup three times and the Cup Winners' Cup once, but victory tonight would be the club's "greatest ever achievement in European football", according to the former player Lou Macari. Would it rank higher than 1999? Let me know, United fans.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Daniel Mugoh: That Bayern line-up looks formidable but their bench certainly can't send shivers down anyone's spine.

    James Lloyd: All of a sudden Bayern's bench doesn't look that great. A chance?

    Daniel Powis: Didn't think I'd say this, but United's bench is much stronger than Bayern's.

  118. 19:04: 
    Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    Wayne Rooney is the most obvious source of inspiration for Manchester United tonight, but BBC Sport's Robbie Savage believes Danny Welbeck could prove the difference if he can stretch the Bayern defence by running between their lines.

    "It is important that United continue to look for Welbeck's runs on Wednesday, and try to get him behind the two Bayern centre-halves," said Savage. "With Bayern's full-backs pushing forward, that ball will be on, either between the two centre-halves or into the gaps left by the full-backs."

  119. 18:59: 
    Wazza's fit
    Wayne Rooney

    No surprises that Wayne Rooney is fit to play tonight then. Pep Guardiola will be relieved - he'd promised to buy every journalist at his pre-match news conference a rather large glass of beer if the England striker was not selected. He believes David Moyes has been playing mind games over the player's fitness since last week's first leg. It's the oldest trick in the book - and Pep was having none of it.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Sham Gallagher: MUFC's counter attack will be vital, just like last week as Bayern were weaker in defence. Welbeck and Rooney will be immense.

    Connor Matchett: Fletcher and Kagawa will have more poise on the ball and commit fewer silly free kicks than Fellaini and Giggs. Good move from Moyes.

    Rashid Jamil: Man Utd line-up suggests defensive makeup where as Bayern Munich set up is attack based.

  121. 18:56: 
    LINE-UPS- Atletico v Barcelona (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    No Diego Costa for Atletico tonight. Here's the full line-ups, and remember we've got a dedicated live text for that game just starting up. Spread the word.

    Atletico Madrid: Courtois, Godin, Filipe Luis, Juanfran, Miranda, Tiago, Koke, Raul Garcia, Gabi, Adrian, Villa. Subs: Aranzubia, Mario Suarez, Rodriguez, Alderweireld, Insua, Sosa, Diego.

    Barcelona: Pinto, Mascherano, Bartra, Jordi Alba, Dani Alves, Fabregas, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Messi, Neymar. Subs: Oier, Montoya, Pedro, Alexis, Song, Adriano, Sergi Roberto.

    Referee: Howard Webb (England)

  122. 18:51: 
    Remembering the past- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    In the build-up to tonight's game, Manchester United players and officials took time out from their preparation to pay respect to the 23 victims of the 1958 Munich air disaster. Survivor Sir Bobby Charlton led the group as they laid tributes at a memorial to the disaster in the German city.

    United midfielder Michael Carrick said the visit was moving for the players. "Paid our respects at the Munich memorial, a moving experience seeing group of United fans singing 'Man United will never die'," he tweeted.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    What shall we chat about in the build-up then? How about you send in even more 'defining moments' for sporting icons [see 1830]? Or, if you prefer, you can train your focus solely on the next 90 minutes of football. Whatever your preference, join in throughout the evening by using #bbcfootball or by sending a text to 81111. We're all ears.

  124. 18:48: 
    LINE-UPS- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    Bayern Munich: Neuer, Dante, Ribery, Mandzukic, Robben, Boateng, Gotze, Lahm, Muller, Alaba, Kroos. Subs: Raeder, Van Buyten, Rafinha, Pizarro, Weiser, Hojbjerg, Weihrauch.

    Man Utd: De Gea; Jones, Smalling, Vidic, Evra; Fletcher, Carrick; Valencia, Rooney, Kagawa; Welbeck. Subs: Lindegaard, Büttner, Ferdinand, Giggs, Januzaj, Young, Hernandez.

  125. 18:47: 
    Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    David Moyes suggested Wayne Rooney would be fit to play and true to the Manchester United manager's word, the striker is in the starting XI. Rio Ferdinand drops to the bench, with Chris Smalling taking his place in the side. Patrice Evra, Darren Fletcher and Shinji Kagawa come in for Alex Buttner, Marouane Fellaini and Ryan Giggs respectively.

    Meanwhile, defender Dante, midfielder Mario Gotze and forward Mario Mandzukic come into the Bayern Munich side. There is no place for right-back Rafinha, with Philipp Lahm taking up his position.

  126. 18:44: 
    Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    But if it's wall to wall Manchester United you're after, you've come to the right place. Not only will we be talking you through every pass, tackle and goal from the Allianz Arena, but you can also listen to full-match commentary on BBC Radio 5 live. What better way to spend your Wednesday evening?

  127. 18:43: 
    Atletico v Barcelona (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    Also tonight, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona face off at Vicente Calderon hoping to join Real Madrid and Chelsea in Friday's semi-final draw. Be sure to check out our sister live text from 1900 BST for minute-by-minute action of that beast of a tie.

  128. 18:38: 
    Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    It's been a season to forget for Manchester United but knocking the champions of Europe out of the Continent's premier competition would go a long way to remedying many of those ills. Tonight is a chance for the red half of Manchester to show they belong at Europe's top table. Go hard or go home.

  129. 18:37: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST

    Wayne Rooney starts for Manchester United but there's no Rio Ferdinand, who drops down to the bench and is replaced at centre-half by Chris Smalling. Danny Welbeck starts up front too.

  130. 18:33: 
    Bayern Munich v Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) 19:45 BST
    David Moyes

    I know what you're thinking...Mark Robins isn't playing tonight, David Moyes probably doesn't have a bike and he certainly doesn't need a £10,000 loan from a Crafty Cockney. He does, however, need an iconic victory and extra credit in the bank with supporters and the men above him.

    Otherwise there will come a time when he's told to get on his bike. But we're not at that stage just yet...

  131. 18:30: 
    Where is Moyes's spark?

    All it takes is a spark, a trigger, a moment of genius or even a huge dollop of good luck.

    For Sir Alex Ferguson, it was that goal from Mark Robins which set him and Manchester United on a path to unthinkable glories when he was perceived to be just one game from the sack.

    Sir Alex Ferguson

    Muhammad Ali would never have taken up boxing if it wasn't for somebody stealing his bike when he was 12 years old.

    Muhammad Ali

    And Phil 'The Power' Taylor might not have had the opportunity to win 16 world titles without the help of a £10,000 loan from Eric Bristow which allowed him to go professional.

    Phil Taylor

    Might we look back on 9 April 2014 as a defining moment in the Manchester United managerial career of David Moyes?

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