Premier League: West Ham v Liverpool

Live text commentary as Liverpool win at West Ham after Everton comfortably defeat Arsenal in the Premier League.

6 April 2014 Last updated at 11:52

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As it happened

  1. 18:33: 

    A great day for Everton, a great day for Liverpool, a very entertaining day for the neutral.

    The Premier League is back in town tomorrow night, so please join us for Tottenham v Sunderland. See you later...

  2. 18:29: 
    West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Steven Gerrard reveals that the Brazil management were at Upton Park watching Lucas today and he gives his fellow midfielder special praise.

    "He deserves to go to the World Cup," says Gerrard.

    In our hands now...- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Everton chairman Bill Kenwright: "It is difficult to put into words how good that was. I have seen some comprehensive victories for Everton but that was so consummate I thought 'if you're going to take me, take me now'.

    "It was a great afternoon. An afternoon better than we would thought it would be. But that is Roberto Martinez - he gives you a dream and then goes one more. We have got difficult games coming up but qualifying for the Champions League is in our hands now."

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    Mick in East Yorks: I never ever thought I would find myself saying this. Big Sam's comments speak volumes for him. Fair, valid and realistic. Good on you Sam.

  5. 18:24: 

    Next Sunday. Liverpool v Manchester City. Anfield, On the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough.

    What a game. What a game...

  6. 18:18: 
    Manager reaction- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool
    Brendan Rodgers

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers: "There were bad decisions both for and against us. We were clearly the better team. The pitch was very dry, it wasn't watered which affects the speed of our game. That's the home team's choice.

    "The first one was a clear penalty. In all fairness the referee after the game will see he got it wrong for their goal. That was their only shot on target. We then went to a diamond which gave us control and we created a lot of chances in the second half. You are under a lot of physical pressure here.

    "Andy Carroll is the best in the air in Europe. I thought Martin Skrtel was brilliant to deal with that today. It was a foul by him for the West Ham goal though, the linesman gave a foul so it was disappointing to get a goal given.

    "The second penalty was a penalty. Jon Flanagan touches it past the keeper, the keeper gets a slight touch on it but he then brings down Jon."

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    Troggy in Kent: Jon Flanagan - Tough tackler, doesn't dive and wears black boots - English throwback from 70's!!

    Carl: If we are going to talk about winning the league on penalties then look no further than the Foxes, 19 this season!

    Bert: Still Manchester City all the way for me. Their games in hand mean Liverpool have to win next weekend whereas for City a draw is good enough.

  8. 18:12: 
    West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Liverpool have won nine Premier League games in a row, the best run in the division since Manchester United recorded 11 in succession in 2008-09.

    They are red hot. Will it propel them all the way to the title?

  9. 18:09: 
    Manager reaction- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool
    Sam Allardyce

    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce: "Unfortunately we are talking about the officials and not the game. We took the game to Liverpool whenever we could and really tested them.

    "There were fouls given by the referee when he was 60 yards away, the second penalty was not a penalty, Adrian plays the ball. Controversially we are talking about the referee and the effect he had on the game.

    "He made big mistakes in the game. He thinks Adrian hasn't played the ball and he has. He has to be 100% certain. He was in a bad position but gave it.

    "It looked like Andy Carroll fouled the goalkeeper for our goal but we got it. We don't want that, nobody wants that. My real concern is that we are talking about referees every week. We don't have enough quality referees. They try their best but something has to be done about it."

  10. 18:07: 

    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce is not happy with the second Liverpool penalty, but does concede that the West Ham goal should not have been given either. Full quotes to come.

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    Ashley Williams: "Delight. Relief. Belief. Nervous. All in 90 minutes of football. 5 to go. Bring on City at Anfield."

    Tom Chance: "Never a good sign for a referee when you're trending on Twitter. Unlucky Anthony Taylor."

    Andy Whitaker: "To win the title you need to get results when not playing well, alongside a bit of luck. 5 cup finals left! #WinItForStevieG"

  12. 18:01: 
    Player reaction- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool
    Steven Gerrard

    Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard: "Each side is asking us different questions. They were very direct. It was a tough game, a tough 90 minutes but there was great resolve and character from the squad.

    "The manager said at half-time that we can't change what happened [regarding West Ham's goal]. They all even themselves out over the season. that one went against us. You can see it's clearly a foul. That's what the linesman flagged for but the referee overruled him.

    "It was a huge setback for us but we were determined. We want this really bad and we showed that in the second half. I'm not convinced that we will win the league yet. We have five games left and they are all huge. If we beat Man City next week then all that will give us is three more points."

  13. 18:01: 

    Liverpool's win confirms that we will have a new champion - Manchester United can now no longer defend their title.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Sport punditJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    "Next week Fulham v Norwich - whoever loses likely to go down. Liverpool v City - whoever wins likely to win the league. Exciting weekend in store."

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    Steve: Liverpool to win the league... on penalties.

    Matt: Luis Suarez has been a class act today, just like normal. He is one of the best in the world. Never liked him though, since he did that handball preventing Ghana going through in 2010.

    Ally: Well if Blackburn won it with the SAS then surely its Liverpool all the way with the SAS!

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    "There will be controversy over all three goals. I thought the first was a penalty, Andy Carroll's challenge for the second goal was very controversial - most referees would have disallowed it. However, the third Liverpool goal where Flanagan was pulled down was debatable.

    "West Ham could not continue that irresistible first-half display, they pulled away from the high energy of the first half. Liverpool with Lucas introduced at half-time began to dominate more and the running in behind the spaces from their front players was brilliant at times."

  17. 17:53: 
    FULL-TIME- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Liverpool are only the fourth team to ever score 90 goals in a Premier League season. Chelsea 09-10, Manchester United 99-00 and Manchester City 11-12 being the others.

  18. 17:52: 
    FULL-TIME- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Huge win. Second huge win of the day for a club on Merseyside. Liverpool back on top.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    "Brendan Rodgers seems very relaxed considering the situation. Tactically I feel West Ham have been a little too deep in this second half."

  20. 17:49: 
    GREAT SAVE!- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Raheem Sterling has the ball, you expect him to run it into the corner but instead he cuts inside and shoots, forcing Adrian into a flying save! No rush to take this corner.

  21. 17:48: 
    INJURY TIME- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    FOUR MINUTES to be added on. A minimum of.

  22. 17:47: 
    West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Stewart Downing from 20 yards! No. No.

  23. 17:46: 
    West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Don't panic! Kolo Toure wins a big header but not in the most convincing of manners, floating one back to his keeper. Kolo can of course become the first man to win the Premier League with three different sides...

    Last minute of the 90...

  24. 17:46: 
    West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    THREE MINUTES left. Got to go big to Carlton and Carroll now...

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    "Liverpool are do dangerous. The timing of Suarez's runs is superb. He is so elusive."

  26. 17:43: 
    YELLOW CARD- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Another big call for the referee. Pablo Armero has a handful of Luis Suarez's shirt as the Uruguayan looks to run in on goal, he gets a booking when he could have had red.

    Four minutes remain. Are we on for more drama yet?

  27. 17:42: 
    SUBSTITUTION- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    What a substitution.

    West Ham throw on Carlton Cole as a second battering ram, and Liverpool counter by throwing on Kolo Toure. Like for like...

  28. 17:41: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    What a player. This is outstanding work from Luis Suarez, lofting a chip onto the crossbar again, this time with the outside of his right boot.

    He cut across the ball, check-side on it and all sorts. Wonderful effort.

  29. 17:40: 
    West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Seven minutes remaining...

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    "Matt Jarvis is as good as anyone at crossing if he gets the opportunity. He can provide Andy Carroll with quality service."

  31. 17:39: 
    Penalty King- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool
    Steven Gerrard (right) celebrates scoring for Liverpool

    Only then Crystal Palace striker Andy Johnson has scored more penalties in a season. He bagged 11 in 2004-05.

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    Adam Momoniat: "I'm a Liverpool fan and I'm not happy that we've got a penalty, as much as Demel's goal shouldn't have stood."

    Hisham Alkooheji: "Two wrongs makes one right? Looks like the ref wanted to compensate for allowing the West Ham goal by awarding LFC the penalty."

    Ahmer Murad: "Another great penalty under what must be immense pressure. Gerrard, cool as a cucumber. #CaptainFantastic"

  33. 17:37: 
    West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Big Sam is in conference with the fourth official during a stoppage in play. He doesn't look too happy with that second penalty, but given the contentious manner of his side's earlier goal he can't have too much to worry about...

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    Jon Flanagan

    Costas in Manchester: Well, two wrongs do make it right after all.

    Michael from Lancaster: Liverpool are starting to win a lot of their away games thanks to pens.

    Dexter in London: That makes it 12 penalties for Liverpool this season, the refs have got a good chance of topping their assists for the season at this rate.

  35. 17:35: 
    Premier League

    Liverpool are now clear in pole position, two points ahead of Chelsea. There are 13 minutes remaining, as Matt Jarvis comes on for the Hammers.

  36. 17:31: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    Luis Suarez wants a third penalty! He beats the offside trap and tries to square it, the ball is cut out by a defender, but did it hit his hand? Yes it did. But not until it hit his shins on the way.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 1-2 Liverpool

    "Flanagan went over the top of Adrian. Adrian touched the ball in the first place, then Flanagan fell over him.

    "It was brilliantly tucked away, right into the side netting. Adrian had no chance. Liverpool will shield this. They won't play with the same free-flowing football now."

  38. 17:28: 
    GOAL- West Ham 1-2 Liverpool - Steven Gerrard (Pen 71 mins)

    The arguments for and against that penalty will continue but what is not in doubt is the result. Steven Gerrard sweeps into the corner and has now scored more goals for Liverpool than Kenny Dalglish.

  39. 17:27: 
    PENALTY TO LIVERPOOL- West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    Big decision! Adrian comes out, he gets to the ball cleanly but then takes Jon Flanagan down on his follow-through. The referee gives another penalty...

  40. 17:25: 
    SUBSTITUTION- West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    Kevin Nolan has run himself daft. He's off, Antonio Nocerino takes his place in the middle for the Hammers.

  41. 17:23: 
    West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    Daniel Sturridge lashes another shot over from 25 yards. Liverpool need to find a winner in the last 25 minutes.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 1-1 Liverpool
    West Ham striker Andy Carroll (centre)

    "There's one thing for sure, you wouldn't want to play against Andy Carroll. It was a tremendous header. The first time he has really made a great leap. It had goal all over it. It was just a shade too high."

  43. 17:19: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    The bar is still shaking! Andy Carroll rises like a north-eastern salmon to smash a header against the crossbar from six yards out. How did that stay out?

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    Ex-Everton winger and current academy coach Kevin Sheedy: "Wow what a performance from the Blue boys. Joy to watch and the crowd were fantastic."

  45. 17:14: 
    West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    Liverpool's second-half possession is nudging 70% as West Ham look happy to bed in for the night. Liverpool still go top if this is a draw don't forget...

  46. 17:11: 
    West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    Such has been Liverpool's recent form they will see this as two points dropped in the title race. The manner of that West Ham leveller will only fuel that disappointment.

    There are 35 minutes remaining, Adrian off his line rapidly to beat Luis Suarez to the ball.

  47. 17:08: 
    West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    Lucas seeing plenty of the ball since coming on, he's sitting deep and allowing Steven Gerrard to push forward.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    "It was fortuitous for West Ham to get the equaliser in that fashion."

  49. 17:05: 
    West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    It's a free for all now! West Ham get a corner and the six-yard box resembles a Six Nations lineout. Andy Carroll has two or three Liverpool defenders hanging from his neck but the referee pleads ignorance.

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    Ross in Kent: This is Liverpool's best chance ever to win the league, they haven't been in Europe this season like their main rivals so they've had the luxury of being more fresh, next year they will be in Europe and I just can't see their league form being as good next year as they will need to rotate and cope with extra games. Manchester City and Chelsea will cope a lot better with Liverpool also in Europe next season so they need to take advantage while they still can.

    Kieron: Too many mistakes by refs this season. Has to be a review of how they are trained and also the support they have from technology and other officials. Total joke again today.

    James, in Warrington: Right or wrong, in that area of the pitch, it is the referee's decision to make. He has seen the incident and deems it, rightly or wrongly, to be a fair goal. Assistant is wrong to flag and lacks credibility to do so.

  51. 17:03: 
    KICK-OFF- West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    West Ham get us back up and running...

    Robbie Savage, BBC Sport punditJoin the debate at #bbcfootball
    West Ham equalise at Upton Park

    "Huge huge call from the ref Taylor, previously this season he has had bad decisions in Arsenal/Villa, the Eto'o goal v Cardiff and awarded pen for Sterling at Stoke!"

  53. 17:01: 
    SUBSTITUTION- West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    Here is that change. Midfielder Lucas on for Philippe Coutinho.

    MOTD presenter Gary LinekerJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    "Stubborn old football, lagging behind other sports. #technology"

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    The debate rages on over who will win the title. Opinions are firmly split...

    Chris Chinaks: "Chelsea to win the league. 1. Jose Mourinho 2. Our Defence 3. Hazard."

    Matthew James Barnes: "Got to be Liverpool!! 3 simple reasons - SAS, Gerrard & Momentum!!!"

    Tom Hiom: "Man City. Their second XI could win the league, they've got Yaya Toure and they've had the most positive mentality all season."

  56. 16:59: 
    West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    Looks like Lucas is coming on at half-time for Liverpool.

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    Josh Jones: "Ludicrous decision, makes having assistant referees pointless if refs are going to ignore them anyway."

    Lewis Starks: "You get some for... you get some against! If Liverpool want West Ham's goal taken away, let's do that with a few of theirs..."

    Matthew Coote: "I've never known a season where there have been so many wrong decisions by the officials. They need to be made accountable!"

  58. 16:56: 
    West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    Interestingly, while referee Anthony Taylor was calming down the Liverpool players the big screen at Upton Park was showing a replay of the incident. Luis Suarez was bellowing at the ref to look over his shoulder but he refused...

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    Bill in Hereford: Disgusting by Carroll, no attempt for the ball and nearly a full on punch in the face. Disgusting.

    Steve: Shocking decision ref, absolutely shocking.

    Adam: Classic big Sam team goal. He dreams about ones like that.

    Jack, fuming Liverpool fan: If that ruins our title bid then it's a complete injustice. What's the point of a linesman if the referee doesn't listen to him?

    Andy in Manchester: Simon Mignolet had the ball in his hands and should've been able to keep hold even with Andy Carroll's hand in his face. He dropped it because he fumbled. Correct decision.

  60. 16:54: 
    HALF-TIME STATS- West Ham 1-1 Liverpool
    West Ham v Liverpool half-time stats

    One shot on target, and it arguably shouldn't have counted, but a good performance none the less from West Ham in that first half.

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    Paul Mulligan: "Andy Carroll just gave the @LFC title bid a solid left hook there. Could be a massive helping hand for @MCFC?"

    Gareth Whalley: "Why has the ref overruled the linesman there? If he's seen something then he's got to give the foul? Never a goal."

    Jonny Pitts: "Even though it was a foul Mignolet still should have caught it."

  62. 16:52: 
    As it stands- West Ham 1-1 Liverpool
    Premier Leageu

    Tighter than Big Sam's collar at the top then after that contentious Guy Demel goal. If that strike ends up being pivotal in the title race we will hear plenty...

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    "It was almost as if Luis Suarez knew what was going to happen there for the penalty. If Tomkins takes his arm away then Suarez gets inside and would have a shot at goal."

  64. 16:49: 
    West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

    We have not heard the last of that goal! Big Sam will be pretty happy with it though...

  65. 16:49: 
    HALF-TIME- West Ham 1-1 Liverpool
    Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers
  66. 16:46: 
    GOAL- West Ham 1-1 Liverpool - Guy Demel (45 mins)

    Well then! Guy Demel stabs the ball into the net after a corner, but the linesman is flagging. Is that a goal?

    There is a lengthy conversation between Stuart Burt and Anthony Taylor and the referee eventually gives the goal. On second viewing, Andy Carroll had a hand firmly in Simon Mignolet's face! Surely a foul?

  67. 16:43: 
    GOAL- West Ham 0-1 Liverpool - Steven Gerrard (Pen 44mins)

    He missed one at Old Trafford but he never looks like missing this. Steven Gerrard slots in the 172nd goal of his Liverpool career to put the Reds potentially two points clear.

  68. 16:42: 
    PENALTY TO LIVERPOOL- West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    Like one of Liverpool's penalties at Old Trafford. Luis Suarez lifts the ball up and it hits the hand of James Tomkins. Penalty.

  69. 16:41: 
    West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    Silky stuff from Guy Demel to flick the ball up and away from Jon Flanagan, he puts in a low cross which Kevin Nolan tries to lay-off but the ball escapes him. Almost at half-time and West Ham starting to look a danger themselves.

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    Back to your three reasons who will claim the Premier League crown.

    David: Liverpool to win it because 1. At home vs Manchester City 2. At home vs Chelsea 3. They're good at home.

    Liam in Stockport: Chelsea, due to having the best manager, the easiest run-in and a squad full of natural born winners.

    Pete, a Liverpool fan: I hate to say it but I think Manchester City will win the title, just got so much depth in the team. Liverpool will be battling with Chelsea for second, but at the start of the season we would have bitten your hand off for that result, so it's not bad, great job done by manager and players this year regardless of final finishing place. West Ham can do us some damage today, lets hope we can hang on.

  71. 16:37: 
    CLOSE!- West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    Another sighter for Daniel Sturridge, and with the form he is in that's a good chance. Luis Suarez's cross is blocked by James Tomkins and sits up nicely for Sturridge, he hammers it left-footed but slices it high and wide into the stands.

  72. 16:34: 
    West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    The ghosts of Liverpool past almost combine. Stewart Downing embarks on a mazy run down the left wing, toasting Glen Johnson before standing up a cross for Andy Carroll to attack. He is crowded out this time though.

  73. 16:30: 
    West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool having more and more of the ball now, their share of possession is up to 58% now. Daniel Sturridge has been quiet but bursts into life with a rasping drive from 20 yards but it's well over.

    West Ham will be delighted with the opening half hour. Goalkeeper Adrian hasn't had to make a save.

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    Charlie Coston: "Trouble with being a Liverpool fan recently is that if you don't score within the first 10 minutes you start to worry."

    Andrew Roulston: "I would take Andy Carroll to Brazil. Difficult player to handle, would cause defenders problems and could make something happen."

  75. 16:27: 
    West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    Great block! Luis Suarez gets a shooting opportunity after a slick move and he does pull the trigger, but James Tomkins stands tall and brave to head it clear.

  76. 16:23: 
    Manager reaction- Everton 3-0 Arsenal
    Roberto Martinez

    Everton boss Roberto Martinez on the prospect of a top-four finish: "We knew if got three points today then it would leave us with 63 points, but we have still got another 18 points to play for.

    "If from here we don't pick up any points then we won't achieve our aim. Yes it was a great win and a great psychological boost, but the nature of this league is to be ready from game to game. But today is a good memory for Everton and we're very proud of that performance."

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    "I think Suarez intended that. It was clever. West Ham were caught sleeping there.

    "Liverpool are just beginning to assert a little bit of authority. When they have possession they look smooth and up for it. But West Ham are performing well, with Nolan and Diame seeing plenty of the ball."

  78. 16:19: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    He has to have the benefit of the doubt - he's deserved it. Luis Suarez floats a cheeky effort against the crossbar with a shot that could have been a cross, brilliant effort. It came as West Ham switched off for half a second at a throw-in. You can't give him any time and space at all.

  79. 16:16: 
    West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool have not been at their fluid best, and it's down in large part to West Ham's workrate. I'm sure they can't keep this up all afternoon but they are making the Premier League leaders graft for every pass.

  80. 16:12: 
    Manager reaction- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "Everton were better, sharper and deserved to win. The only time we looked like coming back into the game was in the second half, then we gave an easy goal away. Then that was it.

    "It will be difficult to finish in top four but first we have to focus on the quality of our performances.

    "I wouldn't question the spirit of this team but we have lost something on the confidence front. We looked disjointed when we had to run after the score. The other big defeats away from home have taken some of the charisma from this team."

  81. 16:10: 
    West Ham 0-0 Liverpool
    Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers

    Pretty much 50-50 possession in the opening 10 minutes. West Ham working very hard in midfield to shut Liverpool down.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    "I wonder now, with the pressure off, if West Ham will start to show what they are capable of with the ball? Liverpool want the points today. West Ham can enjoy themselves a bit more."

  83. 16:09: 
    As it stands- West Ham 0-0 Liverpool
    Premier League

    Liverpool are back on top in the as-it-stands table. The final day of the season would be tasty if it looked like that wouldn't it?

  84. 16:06: 
    Manager reaction- Everton 3-0 Arsenal
    Arsene Wenger

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "Was there a lack of fight? You could say that. It is a massive worry to lose a game like that.

    "We have to analyse it well and come back with a different attitude, with more personality and stronger challenges. We have to go back to basics."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Tom Crossman: "MCFC. It kills me to say it as a Man United fan but they have a great squad, great manager and a knack for winning."

    Pablo de Roman: "Liverpool will win the league courtesy of Chelsea. Brendan - trained by Jose. Sturridge - sold by Chelsea. You're Welcome."

    Paul Moore: "Chelsea. Mourinho just knows how to get the job done. Liverpool will bottle it. City will throw it away with harder games."

  86. 16:04: 
    West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    West Ham look to hit the big man and Andy Carroll is winding up for a big header until Martin Skrtel flicks it away. He has the potential to be a real pest today.

    Liverpool then counter and wonderful passes from first Luis Suarez and then Daniel Sturridge send Raheem Sterling in - no end product this time.

  87. 16:03: 
    CLOSE!- West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    Great effort! Luis Suarez lines up a free-kick 30 yards from goal and curls it onto the roof of the net. He generates serious curl and dip and has Adrian worried.

  88. 16:02: 
    Manager reaction- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Everton boss Roberto Martinez: "It was a very good performance. The most pleasing aspect had to be the manner in which we defended, our concentration and discipline off the ball."

  89. 16:01: 
    West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    Martin Skrtel had a wrist operation in the week so is playing in a bandage, like Gary Lineker in Mexico 86. Skrtel has been scoring like Lineker in recent weeks too.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser David Pleat at Upton ParkWest Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    "Brendan Rodgers has been a breath of fresh air. He wants to start on the front foot. He knows he can bring on Lucas or Joe Allen if he needs them - but many managers would start with such players and look to bring on more offensive players later in the game."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Daniel Johnson: "Liverpool. 1) SAS 2) Midfield three 3) English talent."

    Seb Amann: "Liverpool! Momentum, Suarez and Rodger's tactical nous."

    Paul Thompson: "Man City to win the league. They have the best squad, the experience of winning it recently and the most experienced manager."

  92. 16:00: 
    KICK-OFF- West Ham 0-0 Liverpool

    Game on at Upton Park.

    Text us on 81111

    Matt in Leicester: Liverpool will win because 1. Suarez 2. Sterling 3. Sturridge Do I need to say any more?

    Steve: Liverpool to win the title. And the three reasons? Suarez, Sturridge and Gerrard.

    Tom, Manchester: Man City will win it . Reasons : (1) David Silva (2) Agueroooo (3) Kompany/Yaya

    That's four Tom. Four.

  94. 15:56:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveThe Rodgers dynasty?- West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)

    Liverpool MD Ian Ayre on BBC Radio 5 live's Sportsweek: "When we changed our manager to Brendan Rodgers we looked at starting again and a different style.

    "The football we play I think is not only appreciated by our fans by neutrals. It is exciting and dynamic football and everyone is pleased with the results.

    "He is great to deal with and we have a fantastic relationship. I think his biggest asset is his ability to work individually with players.

    "He is a very personable manager. I know he spends a lot of time with them individually and then importantly brings them together as a team.

    "Brendan, very importantly, understands the ethos of this football club, what it stands for and the history.

    "He has made a fantastic start to what hopefully is a long career. We would all love Brendan to be there for a long time."

    You can listen to audio from the interview on the BBC Radio 5 live website.

    Text us on 81111

    Andrew: Is the stage set for the £35m Kop-flop Andy Carroll to sink Liverpool and severely damage their Premier League title challenge?

    Danny in Cambridge: Mamadou Sakho for Daniel Agger is a good move! Brendan Rodgers thinking of Andy Carroll's aerial threat there. I can see Coutiniho playing a big part today.

  96. 15:55: 
    West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)

    Here they come, Liverpool in black and gold tracksuits. Can they produce a golden performance?

    Looking for Lukaku?- Everton 3-0 Arsenal
    Romelu Lukaku

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "If Everton can produce displays like that against Manchester United and Manchester City then you cannot dismiss their chances of usurping Arsenal, who have qualified for the Champions League for the last 16 seasons. It also gives Romelu Lukaku an interesting proposition. The on-loan striker wants to play in Europe's elite competition, and he might not have to move back to parent club Chelsea in order to do it. What Chelsea will charge Everton, however, is anyone's guess, but he won't be cheap."

    More sport for your buck

    Tune in to BBC One from 16:30 for live coverage of the University Boat Race as Cambridge and Oxford meet for the 160th time in south west London.

    You can also tune into the final day of Great Britain's Davis Cup quarter-final against Italy in Naples. Live coverage returns to BBC Two at 16:30 BST.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    A Karim: "Really scared of Carroll today. Feel he has something to prove to Rodgers, let's hope it's not today."

  100. 15:51: 
    West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)

    A flag in the away end reads ' The bird is getting back on its perch.'

    Liverpool certainly are at the moment. A point today would be enough to go back top.

  101. 15:50: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Let's have a quick straw-poll. Who is going to win the Premier League then Liverpool? Chelsea? Manchester City?

    Let us know, with your top three reasons why you've picked who you have...

  102. 15:49:  
    MOTD2 ExtraAll about Livepool- West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)

    Discussing the prospects of Liverpool winning the title ahead of their game against West Ham this afternoon.

    Former Arsenal striker John Hartson: "Brendan Rodgers did very well at Swansea and has been brilliant at Liverpool. He has done very well with the young players like Jon Flanagan. Daniel Sturridge has been fabulous. The message for Liverpool today is to play like they have in some of their dominant away performances. Liverpool have a squad good enough to win the title."

    BBC Sport commentator Conor McNamara: "The alpha male at Liverpool is Brendan Rodgers - he has done brilliantly. He is a shrewd tactician - and that has planted a seed of doubt in opposition managers' minds. In most of their recent games they have coasted over the line. Experience is great but nothing beats confidence and Liverpool feel like they are seven feet tall."

    Sunday Telegraph journalist Jason Burt: "There is a perceived wisdom that if a player wants to go he should be sold but Liverpool were strong with Luis Suarez - it was a brave stance from Brendan Rodgers. He managed the situation fantastically well. Suarez is almost having a freakish season, almost a force of nature. Liverpool have got into a great position and things are starting to fall for them. They do not have the experience of winning titles but they have very experienced players."

  103. 15:46: 
    Ramsdens Cup

    North of the border it's cup final day. Well sort of.

    It's the Ramsdens Cup final between Raith Rovers and Rangers at Easter Road. Follow the action live in a separate Scottish live text commentary.

  104. 15:42: 
    The new Shanks?- West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)
    Brendan Rodgers

    Ex-Liverpool striker Kevin Keegan believes Reds boss Brendan Rodgers has reverted the club to the attacking football played by legendary former managers Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley.

    "If you look at the way the team is playing, the results they are getting and the way they are entertaining people, that is the key to Liverpool Football Club. It's OK to go and win games but at some clubs they want to see a bit more than that.

    "Under Shankly, when he finally got it all going, and under Bob Paisley, they continued to entertain and beat teams - attacking home and away. Then there came a spell at Liverpool where some of the managers used to play just one forward at home and it wasn't great to watch. Liverpool fans had seen better and weren't impressed by it."

    Alan Green, BBC Radio 5 live commentator at Upton ParkEverton 3-0 Arsenal

    "I think that defeat has ruled Arsenal out of the top three. The title race is wonderful. I defy anyone to stand up and be certain of what happens. I haven't a clue!"

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Luke: "All Arsenal's woes have come away in lunch-time kick-offs. Maybe they need to get there a day earlier than they do to prepare."

    Andy McNamara: "A swagger and arrogance has returned to Everton. They didn't scrape a result there, they outfought and outplayed a rival."

    Arshi Yaseen: "Arsenal were top of the league nine games ago with a two-point lead. Shows that anything can happen at the top in the next few weeks."

  107. 15:37:  
    MOTD2 ExtraKeen Carroll

    Talking about Andy Carroll and Jason Burt's recent interview with the West Ham forward.

    Sunday Telegraph journalist Jason Burt: "I went to see Andy Carroll on Friday and he was reluctant to talk about Liverpool. He went there when he was young and had that huge price tag. There were also various manger changes and he didn't know where he stood. Liverpool will be worried about Andy Carroll and if he plays the way he can, he'll be a real danger today.

    "We talk about brave moves by the manager, Brendan Rodgers, and letting Carroll go was a big blow fee wise to lose him, firstly on loan and then permanently - it was a brave move for a new manager at the time."

    Former Arsenal striker John Hartson: "If it was me I'd be asking my team-mates to play a couple of balls up early for me to show how good I am and show what Liverpool missed out on from the start."

  108. 15:37: 
    Player reaction- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard: "It was one of the signature performances since I have been here at the club. The fans have waited all season for a blockbuster performance and this was the one. We would like to believe we can finish in the top four - we have got to believe that we can."

    Text us on 81111

    Matt: A lot of people saying Crystal Palace's Tony Pulis for manger of the year. If he achieves a place in the Champions League with Everton, then Roberto Martinez will also be in with a very good shout

    Thomas in London: I've been saying it for months now. Arsenal don't have a winning mentality. As a Manchester United fan I hope they keep Wenger because until they change manager they are not going to win squat. The fight has gone, and has been for almost 10 years.

  110. 15:36: 
    West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)

    Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has scored six goals in his last five Premier League matches and is just two away from the Premier League record for a 38-game season (31) held by Alan Shearer (1995-96) and Cristiano Ronaldo (2007-08).

    So another hat-trick and he'll have the record in the bag. Is today his day? Or will it be Andy Carroll's?

    Incredible now to think the pair signed for Liverpool no the same day...

  111. 15:32: 
    Player reaction- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Everton goalscorer Steven Naismith, who was also named man-of-the-match: "We played very well and didn't let them settle on the ball and keep possession. We knew it would be a battle for possession, it started from the back and Gareth Barry and James McCarthy were excellent in midfield.

    On the Toffees hopes of a top-four finish: "It would mean everything. But we have believed from the start of the season and we have shown that in these recent performances."

  112. 15:30: 
    Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Everton have now earned 63 points this season, the total they got in the whole of last season. It is the most they have ever had after 32 Premier League matches, and their sixth highest total ever in the top flight at this stage.

    They last had more in 1985-86 when they had 66. That year they finished two points behind Liverpool - who won the league.

    What's that? A crowbar-ed in omen?

    Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "'Wenger, Wenger what's the score?' rings out from the Gwladys Street End as Everton complete a breathless victory over Arsenal to signal their Champions League ambitions. After that display, I know who I would like to see representing England in next season's elite European competition. Smiles are beaming across every supporters' face here."

    Text us on 81111

    Thomas in Leicester: The adaptability Everton showed today to target and exploit Arsenal's weaknesses is a sign of a top European team, destined for Champions League football.

    Paul: Everton fan here. Screw fourth, we're going to win the league.

    Philp: Arsene Wenger has got to go. That buffoon had the chance to get top players but stayed with all the tired lazy bunch on show today. Only motivated by money!

  115. 15:27: 
    In good Kompany- West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)

    Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany says title rivals Liverpool are the best team they have played this season.

    Second-placed Liverpool are a point ahead of City in the Premier League and the sides meet at Anfield on 13 April.

    In their last meeting, at Etihad Stadium on Boxing Day, Kompany scored as City came from behind to win 2-1.

    "They are the strongest team we have played this season," Belgium international Kompany, 27, said on Match of the Day.

    "They have a great squad and they are not there by luck."

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Dean Kiely at Goodison ParkEverton 3-0 Arsenal

    "It was a job well done by Everton. They set out their stall early on and got a crucial early goal. Going forward they were very effective. They are on a really good roll at this moment at time."

  117. 15:25: 
    As it stands- Everton 3-0 Arsenal
    Premier League

    One point. One point separates Arsenal and Everton now, with Everton having the luxury of game in hand too. At home to Crystal Palace.

  118. 15:24: 
    Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Leighton Baines and Ross Barkley have plenty of post-match chat with Mikel Arteta. There's a few simulated elbows doing the rounds. Sort it out in the bar lads.

  119. 15:22: 
    FULL-TIME- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Huge win for Everton. The Champions League dream is on!

  120. 15:21: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Yaya! Sanogo buries a neat finish - but the flag was up. He was onside actually. Unlucky son...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Belgian journalist Kristof Terreur: "Lukaku & Mirallas have been directly involved in 54% of #EFC's goals, as scorer or with an assist. Assists for each other are excluded."

  122. 15:18: 
    YELLOW CARD- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Ross Barkley, you're a lucky boy. Barkley pushes Mikel Arteta to the floor in midfield, he gets away with it and somehow Arteta ends up in the book. No love lost between the Everton team and their former midfielder as Leighton Baines gives him a veral dressing down too.

  123. 15:17: 
    SHOWBOAT- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Aaron Ramsey has had an encouraging cameo since coming on, that's one bright spot for Arsenal this afternoon. He pulls out a 'rabona' flick into the goalkeeper's hands.

    Text us on 81111

    Henry: Wenger will take the blame but it is the Arsenal players who cross the white line and they have to take a good deal of responsibility for yet another abject humiliation.

    Lancey in Worcester: I think it's wrong for people to be calling for Arsene's head, unless they can name a worthy replacement, that Arsenal are capable of getting! Be careful what you wish for.

  125. 15:14: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal's best moment by a mile. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain takes aim from 25 yards and thump the crossbar. On second viewing, it was actually a brilliant save from Tim Howard, finger-tipping it onto the woodwork.

    Romelu Lukaku comes off. He's had a great day.

  126. 15:12: 
    Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "I'm not sure Roberto Martinez has left his technical area all afternoon, while Arsene Wenger has appeared only once or twice. I'm not saying the Frenchman is a reflection of his team but Arsenal have been hiding at times today. Only during a five minute spell after the break did they look like clawing their way back into this."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Harry Hopwood: "He's been on the pitch less than 5 minutes, but Ramsey already looks like Arsenal's best player."

    Tim Jackson: "I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that the next Arsenal manager is at Goodison this afternoon."

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football WriterEverton 3-0 Arsenal

    "Roberto Martinez has sent on nine goalscoring substitutes in the league this season while Everton's strength late in games is becoming another characteristic. They have won 15 points with goals scored after 80 minutes this season and 17 in the last 20 minutes - both the highest in the Premier League. They have scored 34.7% of their league goals in the last 15 minutes."

    It could get worse for Arsenal yet.

  129. 15:08: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    A huge reception for Steven Naismith. He got the ball rolling this afternoon and he gets 10 minutes off, as Aiden McGeady comes on. That should see Romelu Lukaku back through the middle. Per Mertesacker will enjoy that.

  130. 15:06: 
    Away day blues- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    As it stands, 20 of the 40 Premier League goals Arsenal have conceded this season have come away at Chelsea, City, Liverpool and Everton.

    If the Gunners do miss out on a place in the top four those games will play a major part.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Marc Denney: "People saying Mourinho is smart for letting Lukaku on loan to take points off rivals. No good if you can't win your own games."

    Atticus Montreal: "Does Moyes still get credit when Arteta scores for Everton?"

  132. 15:04: 
    Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Yaya Sanogo is in! Oh. A dreadful left-footed swinger sends the ball scuffing across the face of goal. The offside flag was up, thankfully.

    Fifteen minutes left.

  133. 15:01: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)

    Just one change for Liverpool, as Mamadou Sakho replaces Daniel Agger in defence.

    West Ham also make just the one switch, Pablo Armero in at full-back.

    West Ham: Adrian, Reid, Nolan, Tomkins, Armero, Carroll, Taylor, Noble, Demel, Diame, Downing

    Liverpool: Mignolet, Johnson, Flanagan, Sakho, Skrtel, Gerrard, Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge

  134. 14:59: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Head up Arsenal fans, here comes Yaya Sanogo. He's on in place of Olivier Giroud.

    Text us on 81111
    Mikel Arteta

    Andrew: We are seeing the impact of a team with clear and concise tactics play a team without any form of tactics or game plan. Roberto Martinez and Everton are completely outclassing and outplaying a poor Arsenal side. You would think that there was nothing riding on this game from an Arsenal point of view!

    Matt in Skegness: Three months ago everyone was talking up Arsenal as potential title winners, now they are in real danger of finishing outside the top four for the first time ever under Arsene Wenger!

    Paul: Arsenal fan, never said it until now but Arsene Wenger should leave. Embarrassing again. He has no flexibility.

  136. 14:56: 
    The red side- West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)

    It looks like being a cracking day for the blue side of Merseyside then. What can the Red lot manage?

    We should have team news from Upton Park shortly.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Dean Kiely at Goodison ParkEverton 3-0 Arsenal

    "Everything you need to know about this game has happened in 30 seconds. Arsenal were reluctant to play forward and Bacary Sagna got caught out. Two Everton forward passes later Steven Naismith is bearing down on goal and seconds later they have a third goal."

  138. 14:54: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Aaron Ramsey are on for Arsenal, replacing Mathieu Flamini and Lukas Podolski. Arsenal need miracles, not midfielders.

    Twenty-five minutes left.

    Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "Kevin Mirallas was perhaps feeling left out after that blistering first half but a goal all of his own making has sent Goodison absolutely nuts. You can hear these cheers all the way back to the docks, and maybe even north London."

  140. 14:51: 
    Everton 3-0 Arsenal

    It could be four! Ross Barkley gets on the end of a loose ball and hits a drive straight at Wojciech Szczesny. This could be a long half-hour for Arsenal.

  141. 14:49: 
    GOAL- Everton 3-0 Arsenal - Mikel Arteta (OG 62 mins)

    So much pace. So much power. So much desire.

    Kevin Mirallas strips Bacary Sagna of the ball and hares off toward goal. He then plays in Steven Naismith with a great ball, he is stopped from rounding Wojciech Szczesny but the ball pops back out. Mirallas and Mikel Arteta scramble for the ball and Arteta gets the final touch to send the ball into the net. Everton in dreamland!

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Luke Wilson: "Mourinho sold De Bruyne for 3 times what Chelsea paid for him. He only played a handful of games. Could be the same with Lukaku."

  143. 14:47: 
    Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Just about an hour gone at Goodison. Everton have not had their first-half zip about them since the break but when you're 2-0 up you earn the right to sit on it sometimes.

    Arsenal have Aaron Ramsey warming up. Good to see after his injury problems.

    Text us on 81111

    Chuck: Is it not obvious why Jose Mourinho let Romelu Lukaku go? He's able to take points off Chelsea's rivals, so all these people calling Jose an idiot, it's really just the special one using his special mind.

    Jack: Arsene Wenger has been exposed by the tactical fluidity of young coaches like Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers. Only Barcelona can justify going into every game playing same style and formation.

    Andy in Cambridge: I was gutted when i heard David Moyes was leaving, but seeing the awesome changes Roberto Martinez has made, I'm not anymore!

  145. 14:43: 
    Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal last won an away fixture in the Premier League after trailing 2-0 back in March 2008. That match was at Bolton.

  146. 14:41: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Sometimes you need to find row z. Kevin Mirallas has the ball in the left-back channel but instead of clearing his lines he takes on his man and ends up walking into his own penalty area. Olivier Giroud is in but Tim Howard smothers at his feet.

    John Stones then gives it away in similar fashion. It's all very well trying to play like Barca, but sometimes Barnsley will do.

  147. 14:38: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Oooh big penalty shout for Arsenal. Santi Cazorla swings a cross which hits the arm of James McCarthy. It definitely hit the arm, but referee Martin Atkinson has none of it...

  148. 14:36: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal seeing plenty of the ball in the opening exchanges. Nacho Monreal evades attention to get into space but his cross again doesn't pick anyone out. I rate Olivier Giroud but can't help feel they would have more joy with another option up there at times.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Dean Kiely at Goodison ParkEverton 2-0 Arsenal

    "Everton are totally deserving of this lead. Arsenal look rudderless and are letting the game wash over them. It is not the Arsenal we know. He has Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey on the bench, it will be interesting to see what he does."

  150. 14:33: 
    KICK-OFF- Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Back in play...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Romelu Lukaku

    Alan Cheng: "Every Everton player has shown how much they want it and how much this match means to them! More of the same please!"

    Lifa Nati: "Surely Jose would be the first to admit it was a very poor decision to loan out Lukaku, Shows more hunger than Torres."

  152. 14:30: 
    Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Anybody out there confident of an Arsenal comeback? Anyone?

  153. 14:29: 
    Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "Wow. If you wanted to send a signal of intent for next season, then you couldn't do much better than that from Everton. Arsenal could not live with the hosts attackers and if they can match that in the second half, the Gunners might be heading for another Merseyside drubbing."

  154. 14:28: 
    It's goals that matter- Everton 2-0 Arsenal
    Everton v Arsenal

    Arsenal might have had 61% possession in the first half at Goodison Park but I don't think that will be worrying Roberto Martinez right now. Impressive indeed from Everton.

  155. 14:28:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Dean Kiely at Goodison ParkEverton 2-0 Arsenal

    "It's been a soap opera at Arsenal this season. From the doom and gloom of losing to Aston Villa on the first day and calls for Wenger to go, then the great run, now they have tailed off again. The absence of silverware has amplified the situation for fans.

    "Getting fourth is massive for Arsenal and their fans. Whether getting some silverware in the shape of the FA Cup would appease people is the big question."

    Text us on 81111

    Saqib: I don't know why Jose Mourinho let Romelu Lukaku go! What a blow for Chelsea! I bet he regrets it now.

    James: I laughed when Roberto Martinez said he can/will get Everton in the Champions League - I feel a little bit silly now.

    Ben: I can't believe how much it's turned into the same old story this season for Arsenal. Injury crisis and failure at the big moments are just a given, year after year. Something has to change.

  157. 14:25: 
    Everton 2-0 Arsenal
    Romelu Lukaku

    Earlier, we spoke about Everton's shrewd use of the loan market - and this shows how big Romelu Lukaku's impact has been this season. Roberto - get on the blower to Jose. Quick.

  158. 14:23:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sport summariser Dean Kiely at Goodison ParkEverton 2-0 Arsenal

    "Everton are totally deserving of this lead. They look rudderless and are letting the game wash over them. It is not the Arsenal we know. He has Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey on the bench, it will be interesting to see what Wenger does."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Nahum Goulding: Everton have a far tougher run in with Man City, Southampton and Man Untd still to play. Can't see them not dropping points

    Oscar JJ: Why Wenger didn't buy a striker in January must be one of the biggest football mysteries of all time. Giroud has been dreadful.

    James Dingle: Every Manager can read Wenger like a book these days, his management and tactics haven't evolved for 10 years. Change needed

  160. 14:17: 
    HALF-TIME- Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    What a superb first half from Everton. Merseyside is buzzing at the moment.

    Arsene Wenger needs another massive half-time team talk.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Nick in London: Arsenal look like a team who have turned up with no plan!

    Craig: Surely if Everton secure fourth, Romelu Lukaku will most definitely not be joining Spurs?

    Adam: As a Liverpool fan it's great to see Everton doing so well. We may be rivals but we respect each other. They play great football.

  162. 14:13: 
    YELLOW CARD- Everton 2-0 Arsenal - Flamini banned

    Tackles flying in - Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini picks up his 10th booking of the season and as a result will miss the FA Cup semi-final with Wigan.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Dean Kiely at Goodison ParkEverton 2-0 Arsenal

    "Lukaku has detached himself from the centre-halves and has been out further wide on the right, closer to Monreal, to allow Naismith to mooch around. I couldn't help smile to myself at that goal as all of last season I saw that from him at West Brom. It was a devastating finish with the left foot. Outstanding.

    "In this day and age of celebrity footballers, Romelu just wants to play football. He challenged us as coaches every day. He wants to do better. He would want to know from me each week about each goalkeeper. He will be a top-top player for many years to come."

    Text us on 81111

    Ben in Manchester: Roberto Martinez is tactically brilliant. He identified Nacho Monreal as the weak point and exploited it.

    Dominic: Everton in with a great chance as long as they're not caught cat-napping. But they shouldn't after 8 hours' sleep should they?

    Chris in Bolton: The difference between Arsenal and Everton is that Everton have hungry players like John Stones who are willing to put their bodies on the line. Arsenal on the other hand have players like Bacary Sagna whose only hungry for a bigger pay cheque.

  165. 14:09: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal need some inspiration and Lukas Podolski almost provides it, mis-hitting a shot from 25 yards that is looping into the corner until Tim Howard punches it clear. Mikel Arteta then overclubs his ball into the Gwladys - they love that.

  166. 14:08: 
    Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Everton's goal difference is better than Arsenal's too, so a draw in Everton's game in hand would be enough for them to go fourth.

    Premier League
    Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "On this evidence, there is only one team that could shine in next season's Champions League. Very, very impressive from Everton and Romelu Lukaku, who rushes to embrace his manager after the goal. Will he be extending his loan spell?"

  168. 14:07: 
    Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Everton have already had seven shots on target. Rampant.

  169. 14:05: 
    Everton 2-0 Arsenal

    Arsene Wenger has an all-too familiar look for the first half of a key away game. Head in hands, looking thoroughly fed up.

  170. 14:04: 
    GOAL- Everton 2-0 Arsenal - Romelu Lukaku (34 mins)

    That's why he's on the wing! Another tactical masterstroke from Roberto Martinez! Romelu Lukaku picks it up wide on the right, drives past Nacho Monreal, ushers his way around Thomas Vermaelen and then cracks in left-footed.

    He rushes straight over to Bobby M, and the two embrace in delight. It's all going to plan for the Toffees.

  171. 14:02: 
    Everton 1-0 Arsenal

    John Stnoes has been very impressive since coming into the Everton defence but he gets away with a rare lapse, missing the ball totally as he tried to clear a corner.

    Olivier Giroud fires in a shot but Stones has the, well, Stones to block his shot from point-blank range.

    MOTD presenter Gary LinekerJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    "If finishing 4th is winning a trophy then this is a Cup Final."

    Everton 1-0 Arsenal

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "I'm no body language expert but I'm not sure how keen Romelu Lukaku is playing on the right. Good for him, though, that Roberto Martinez is stood near him, yapping in his ear. Steven Naismith offering instructions to Ross Barkley too."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    John de Vliering: "The thing Arsenal lack most in this game? Pace."

    Adam Haxell: "If Everton get fourth place will that be a bigger indictment of Arsene Wenger or David Moyes?"

    Vikram Mishra: "Within a space of few weeks how did they go from fighting for the top spot to fighting for fourth? Same old Arsenal."

    Text us on 81111

    Stop it.

    Graham: I'm lapping this Everton performance right up, I think they will pounce on a top four place after all.

    Dave in Cumbria: Everton fans must be feline good right now.

    Eanna in Runcorn: Olivier Giroud was a whisker away from making it 1-1 there.

  176. 13:59: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 1-0 Arsenal

    Everton on fire. Ross Barkley again moves into a pocket of space and he is found by Leighton Baines. Wojciech Szczesny saves his shot with his feet before Barkley's follow-up whistles across the goalmouth.

    Kevin Mirallas then hammers in a low shot which the Pole saves well. A second goal could be on the cards here...

  177. 13:55: 
    Everton 1-0 Arsenal
    Steven Naismith

    Steven Naismith was lucky not to get a booking for a late tackle just after he scored, and now Leighton Baines gets away with one too. Everton are not afraid to make their mark in these early stages.

  178. 13:53: 
    Everton 1-0 Arsenal

    As a mere luddite I wonder what the thinking behind pushing Romelu Lukaku out to the right wing is? He doesn't want to track Nacho Monreal, that's for sure, and the Arsenal left-back delivers a testing ball in.

    Everton look very lively on the break though as Kevin Mirallas fires off a low shot from 20 yards which is straight at Wojciech Szczesny.

  179. 13:50: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 1-0 Arsenal

    Everton are purring along now. Let's keep the cat references going.

    Ross Barkley switches play with a majestic pass out to Leighton Baines. He delivers a peach of a cross which somehow bobbles across the face of goal.

    Arsenal then have their best moment as Bacary Sagna picks out Olivier Giroud running across the front post, he can't get a proper connection on it and the ball skims past Tim Howard's post. Great game so far.

  180. 13:48: 
    Everton 1-0 Arsenal

    Romelu Lukaku is possibly the biggest winger in the world. Apart from George North.

    Everton 1-0 Arsenal
    Steven Naismith scores for Everton

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "The interesting thing about that goal was that, following Ross Barkley's introduction, Romelu Lukaku had been moved to the right with Steven Naismith up top.

    "And that was where the Belgian picked up the ball before his initial shot. Roberto Martinez always asks questions of the opposition."

  182. 13:46: 
    Mind the gap- Everton 1-0 Arsenal
    Premier League

    Just a point betwixt and between these two sides now then. Still over 70 minutes to go of course...

  183. 13:45: 
    Everton 1-0 Arsenal

    Great start to a big day in the Premier League. Now, like our friend on the quays, can Everton hold on to a lead?

  184. 13:43: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-0 Arsenal - Steven Naismith (14 mins)

    Big! Massive goal at Goodison Park. Leighton Baines picks out Romelu Lukaku with a cracking pass from the left, Lukaku's low shot is kicked clear by Wojciech Szczesny but only as far as Steven Naismith.

    Naismith doesn't panic, side-footing calmly into the corner. Goodison erupts.

  185. 13:41: 
    Everton 0-0 Arsenal

    Plenty of nip and zip from Everton. Leighton Baines - who is now captain - plays a neat one-two and gets in behind the Arsenal defence but he's marginally offside. Possession 50-50 after 10 minutes.

    Text us on 81111

    Stuart: Not one English player in Arsenal's starting line up today, it's disgusting and something should be done about it. Unfortunately Arsene Wenger has done this sort of thing for years,

  187. 13:39: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 0-0 Arsenal

    You remember Roberto Martinez telling us about half an hour ago that Ross Barkley wasn't fit to play 90 minutes?

    Well he's going to have to play for 81. He replaces captain Leon Osman, who is off with that cut face.

  188. 13:36: 
    YELLOW CARD- Everton 0-0 Arsenal

    Excellent pass from Leighton Baines, dissecting the Gunners' defence to find Steven Naismith in one of those pockets of space. He almost squares it for Romelu Lukaku but he can't gather it in and Seamus Coleman's eventual shot is blocked.

    Leon Osman then gets booked for a late challenge on Bacary Sagna, Sagna lands on Osman and leaves him with blood flowing from his face.

    Key an eye on Arteta- Everton 0-0 Arsenal

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "Mikel Arteta, who has already been booed by the home fans, will have an important role against his former team tracking Steven Naismith. Naismith said he spotted spaces on the pitch against Fulham before he came on to make a decisive impact last weekend and Arteta can struggle to stay with runners."

    Text us on 81111

    Gareth: My neighbour regularly walks his guinea pig and rabbit on a lead in Watford. Cat on a lead is quite normal.

    It may be normal in Watford Gareth...

  191. 13:33: 
    Everton 0-0 Arsenal

    Lukas Podolski now drags a shot across goal. It's been an excellent opening, all 22 players look like they got Bobby Martinez's recommended eight hours of shuteye.

  192. 13:31: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 0-0 Arsenal

    Oooh! Captain for the day Leon Osman launches a lovely curling effort from 25 yards which is close to flying into the top corner, Wojciech Szczesny can only watch and hope as the ball drifts past the corner.

  193. 13:30: 
    Everton 0-0 Arsenal

    The rain falls down on a (far from) humdrum town. Buzzing inside Goodison Park - both sets of fans know just how big a game this is.

  194. 13:30: 
    KICK-OFF- Everton 0-0 Arsenal

    Romelu Lukaku to Steven Naismith - game on!

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Neil McKeown: There's a woman who regularly walks her meerkat on a lead in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Cat on a lead is nothing

  196. 13:25: 
    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    Z Cars. Kick-off approaches.

  197. 13:24: 
    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    Leon Osman and Thomas Vermaelen line up in the tunnel at Goodison, as Mikel Arteta slaps the backs of several of his former team-mates. Here we go then...

    Text us on 81111

    Ali: Re: 13:16. The Walkers?!? You mean Filbert Street, right?

  199. 13:19: 

    The people of Salford Quays are currently transfixed by a man attempting to walk a cat on a lead across the piazza. Just when you think you've seen it all...

    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "Good to see Aaron Ramsey back on a Premier League pitch as he warms-up with some stinging shots from the edge of the penalty area. He's been away for too long but could now play a decisive part in Arsenal's end-of-season run-in."

  201. 13:16: 

    Top work from Nigel Pearson and co to earn a return to the top flight. I will be calling the King Power Stadium the Walkers at least 100 times...

  202. 13:15:  
    MOTD2 ExtraCongratulations to the Foxes
    Leicester celebrate scoring

    On Leicester's promotion to the Premier League...

    Sunday Telegraph journalist Jason Burt: "It's a long time since they have been in the Premier League. There hasn't been that much upheaval in the squad. I think they will do quite well in the Premier League. I fancy them to do well next season."

    BBC Sport commentator Conor McNamara: "The key for them, as well as strengthening, is that they have to keep the core team together. Crystal Palace started the season without Wilfried Zaha and Glenn Murray and they struggled. Leicester need to avoid that with continuity."

  203. 13:08: 
    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    The cameras are heavily focusing on Mikel Arteta in the warm-up. Arteta spent six years at Everton before moving to the Emirates. Will he play a key role this afternoon?

  204. 13:06:  
    MOTD2 ExtraGoing down?

    On Fulham's relegation chances from the Premier League this season.

    Sunday Telegraph journalist Jason Burt: "If Fulham do go down, the big regret will not be bringing in Felix Magath earlier. He's clearly a very good manager and he's got them very organised. He struggled at first to get 90 minutes out of his players, he was getting 45 minutes, but now he does seem to be getting 90 minutes from them. Their final run in isn't too bad and they've done something similar before so they have a chance."

    Talking about their three predictions to go down this season:

    Former Arsenal striker John Hartson: "For me it's Sunderland bottom then Cardiff City and then it's one of three from Fulham, Norwich City or West Brom. I'll have to say Norwich because of their difficult run in."

    BBC Sport commentator Conor McNamara: "I think it'll be Fulham and Cardiff City, Sunderland."

    Sunday Telegraph journalist Jason Burt: "I agree, Fulham, Cardiff City and Sunderland."

  205. 13:03: 
    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    Some very exciting - potentially anyway - players on display this afternoon at Goodison Park. Both teams like to keep hold of the ball for long periods of time - who will win the midfield battle?

    Text us on 81111

    Sean: Judging a manager on his loan signings is like being impressed by the big house your friend has rented on a 12-month tenancy.

    Tom, on loan debate: Chelsea are within their rights, but to limit loanees would mean young talent being left to rot in the reserves. Rafa Benitez's idea about reserve teams playing in lower divisions would help develop young talent, especially English talent, as they would be playing with/against top European young stars

    Scott, Sheffield: As a Liverpool fan I don't mind saying I think Martinez has done a fantastic job with Everton. Top Class Manager & will finish 4th.

  207. 12:58:  
    MOTD2 ExtraMind games at Chelsea?
    Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho

    Discussing whether Chelsea are still in the title race despite Jose Mourinho's claims that "the table is fake" after they returned to the top.

    Former Arsenal striker John Hartson: "Do Jose Mourinho's mind games work? I don't think they do now. He has come out so many times this season and made comments, yet they can be different from one week to the next. It is great TV but I think his rival managers just get on with it. The defeat to Palace really put a dent in their challenge."

    BBC Sport commentator Conor McNamara: "The big issue at the moment with Chelsea is the strikers. If they had a Suarez-type scoring 30 goals they would win the league. He takes the pressure off his players with his actions. You cannot discount them. They are top - they are absolutely in this race."

    Sunday Telegraph journalist Jason Burt: "I have covered Chelsea for an awful long time. Mourinho is not happy. He is making that clear. There are certain issues eating away at him. That is the manner he's adopting. The thing about him, as good a manager as he is, he is also an actor. You have to always think what is the reason he has said this? It is fascinating to watch."

    BBC Radio 5 liveRadio, Radio

    You can listen to Radio 5 live for updates from Goodison Park as Everton host Arsenal in the fight for fourth place before live commentary from Alan Green and David Pleat as Liverpool go to West Ham attempting to return to the top of the Premier League.

    You can then have your say on the day's big football stories with Ian Wright and Kelly Cates on the 606 phone-in. Call them on 0500 909 693 (free from most landlines but some networks and mobile operators will charge) or email

    At 20:30, there's also another chance to listen to Sir Clive Woodward's interview with controversial footballer Joey Barton, who opens up about his troubled childhood, the 'weak' managers he's worked under and talks about his own ambitions to become a leading coach.

    Away from football, there's also Live coverage of the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix begins on Radio 5 live Extra at 15:30, followed by live commentary of the University Boat Race at 17:55.

  209. 12:56: 
    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    Everton boss Roberto Martinez: "We are delighted that Ross Barkley is fit to be in the squad but he can't play 90 minutes. We need fresh legs against Arsenal. We have good energy levels across the pitch.

    "Kevin Mirallas is in a good moment of form and he deserves to start. To have Aiden McGeady, Gerard Deulofeu and Barkley on the bench is a great option."

  210. 12:56: 
    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "Our target is to win. Recently we have been disappointing but you have to put that behind you and go out there and perform.

    "It's good to have Aaron Ramsey back. It's a long. long time out. He has only had two days in training so he is not ready to start but he can give us a boost."

  211. 12:54:  
    MOTD2 ExtraCardiff on the way down?

    Discussing the situation at the bottom of the Premier League table, in the light of Crystal Palace's 3-0 win at Cardiff on Saturday.

    Former Arsenal striker John Hartson: "Cardiff have not been good enough and manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has not had the impact the club wanted in terms of results. I do not think his signings have done it for him - what an opportunity Wilfried Zaha has had but he has not done it. You also wanted more from Kenwyne Jones, a big, physical number nine. Why does Solskjaer not play 4-4-2 and get after teams at home? Tony Pulis has been a brilliant appointment for Palace."

    BBC Sport commentator Conor McNamara: "Saturday felt like the death knell for Cardiff. I think the writing is on the wall for them. I don't think they will be in the Premier League next season."

    Sunday Telegraph journalist Jason Burt: "Cardiff tried to run before they could walk in the Premier League - they spent a lot of money in expectation that they would be better than they have been. This season should have been all about consolidation. Bringing in Solskjaer was such a bad move - it was never going to work. I am a journalist and I can could see it would not work - how do people at clubs think this is ever going to work? Whereas Palace brought in an experienced manager in Tony Pulis, whose team won 3-0 at Cardiff."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Paul Harris: The bigger concern about loanees is the parent club not letting them play against them. Unfair advantage

    Attila: Loans in the same division shouldn't be allowed. PL teams can afford their own players, especially one that challenges like Everton

    Lewis Brown: If loans within division were banned we would've been deprived of Lukaku last 2 seasons. Reasons against not compelling enough

    We just can't agree...

  213. 12:50: 
    Get your eight hours in

    What was that all about? Well, I've not gone totally mad, it turns out that under Roberto Martinez's likeable exterior lies a hard, if equally likable interior.

    According to this piece from our chief football writer Phil McNulty, Martinez fines players if he can prove they have not had eight hours' sleep at night, a rule he will find easier to enforce when he has overnight accommodation built at their training headquarters.

    Martinez is also a man who has an L-shaped sofa in his home so he can spend time with wife Beth while both can watch different televisions - because his is invariably tuned in to football.

    Genius. What a guy...

  214. 12:48: 
    Fine time, make a change- Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)
    Leighton Baines

    'Leighton, what did you think of Vincent Kompany on MOTD last night?'

    'I didn't see it gaffer. I was in bed.'

    'Good man!'

    Ross Barkley

    'Ross! Hey, Ross! Did you see the latest True Detective last night?'

    'Ah it was proper boss, boss. Brilliant.'

    'Right Barkley, you know the rules - that's a fine.'

    Team News- Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "Steven Naismith earns a starting place for his goal against Fulham last week in one of two changes for Everton. The Scot replaces Ross Barkley, who is on the bench, while Kevin Mirallas starts in place of Gerard Deulofeu.

    "Aaron Ramsey is back in the Arsenal squad for the first time since Boxing Day following a thigh injury. He is a substitute, but Nacho Monreal will start instead of Kieran Gibbs at left-back after the England international picked up an ankle knock."

    LINE-UPS- Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    Everton: Howard, Coleman, Stones, Distin, Baines, McCarthy, Barry, Naismith, Osman, Mirallas, Lukaku. Subs: Robles, Hibbert, McGeady, Barkley, Garbutt, Alcaraz, Deulofeu.

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud. Subs: Viviano, Ramsey, Sanogo, Jenkinson, Kallstrom, Bellerin, Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Referee: Martin Atkinson (W Yorkshire)

  217. 12:42: 
    Loan Rangers

    We have opened a right can of worms with this loan system debate. Obviously Everton have done nothing wrong at all and have made some cracking loan signings, but is there a point in what Nick Cross has to say there?

    Is there a worry that clubs like Chelsea are just stockpiling the best young players from around the world and then allowing them out on loan before selling them on at a profit? They did it with Kevin de Bruyne, perhaps Romelu Lukaku and Thibaut Courtois will be next - if they don't have a future at Stamford Bridge.

    Or is that all perfectly fair too?

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Mark Patterson: Everton fans saying they haven't progressed under Martinez if they finish 5th are mad. I bet Man Utd wish they'd gone for him

    Jake Lennard: This Arsenal team need to prove they can perform under pressure having said that Everton will be nervous

    Nick Cross: If the loan system is unfair then clubs should be limited to loaning out a max number of players too. Chelsea have loads out...

    Text us on 81111

    Chris: RE Dan on text: Couldn't agree more, Lukaku wasn't wanted at Chelsea, Barry wouldn't have played a game all season, and Deulofeu wouldn't have shown his real class playing for Barcelona B.

    Sophie: There is a bigger question than Martinez' use of loanees: should loans within same division be allowed?

  220. 12:37:  
    MOTD2 ExtraWho will finish fourth?

    On today's fight for fourth between Everton and Arsenal at Goodison Park...

    BBC Sport commentator Conor McNamara: "I think Everton have made this massive leap. With David Moyes going, it could have gone a different way. But for Champions League football I still think they need a few more players. They only have Romelu Lukaku on loan, they need players like him on a permanent deal.

    "Arsenal were particularly unfortunate with Aaron Ramsey's injury. You have to wonder what would have happened if he and Theo Walcott had stayed fit."

    Daily Telegraph senior football writer Jason Burt: "Everton boss Roberto Martinez creates a sense of inclusiveness among his players. He gives them this real sense they are on a journey with him. He has remoulded the style of play.

    "Martinez recently took Leighton Baines to watch Bayern Munich play so he could study Philipp Lahm. Imagine the confidence Baines will have got from Martinez suggesting he could replicate what Philipp Lahm has done at Bayern by switching from left-back to a holding role. If they win today that will do a huge amount of damage to Arsenal, this is normally the stage of the season the Gunners kick on."

    Former Arsenal striker John Hartson: "Everton have a game in hand over Arsenal. They can get closer if they win today. I think Martinez has done a fantastic job. When a manager believes I think that transmits across to the dressing room. They have a chance now."

  221. 12:36: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    One change for Arsenal, in defence. Thomas Vermaelen and Nacho Monreal start, while Aaron Ramsey is back on the bench.

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

  222. 12:34: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    Everton make two changes from the side which started against Fulham. Steven Naismith and kevin Mirallas - who came off the bench to score at the Cottage - both start.

    Everton: Howard, Baines, Distin, Stones, Coleman, McCarthy, Barry, Osman, Naismith, Mirallas, Lukaku.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Tom Minton: re 12:24 - miles of progress already! RM has revamped your style. Jelavic/Anichebe/Fellaini out, Deulofeu/McGeady in prove it

    Rian Hoskins: Moyes laid basis but with signings and style of play, Everton have a better chance of Champions League football with Martinez.

    Michael Gillette: Startled by this Martinez is a lucky manager chat, just got to use your links well. Got the best out of Barry

    MOTD's Steve Bower at Goodison ParkEverton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    "Everton are certainly due a win over Arsenal, having beaten them just once in their last 15 league meetings. But, with a proud home record that has seen just two defeats in their last 38 Premier League games, they believe they can beat anyone at Goodison Park."

  225. 12:28: 
    West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)

    Will it be all about Andy Carroll in today's late game?

    Liverpool haven't missed the big man - who scored just six league goals for the Reds - but he's back in form and fit and is bound to add to the title script against his former club today. Isn't he?

  226. 12:25: 
    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    Everton had a brilliant transfer deadline day back in August. Swapping Marouane Fellaini and Victor Anichebe for Gareth Barry and Romelu Lukaku, plus a sackload of cash, was inspired.

    Will Barry and Lukaku both start today? We should find out soon enough.

    Text us on 81111

    Dan: Stop all the bashing of Martinez because he's used the loan system, a viable transfer option, just because it's worked brilliantly. We criticise clubs for the money they spend, praise Martinez for letting unwanted players show how good they can be.

  228. 12:24: 
    Top-four dreams- Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    No team has ever had 60 or more points after 31 games of a Premier League season and failed to finish in the top four. Everton and Arsenal have both exceeded this tally.

    They can't both get in there this year...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Millsotheblue: No doubt Martinez is a good manager, but if we finish fifth/sixth then there will have been no progress from Moyes.

    Mike Lawson: I don't see our loans as loans. Gareth Barry is likely to sign permanently, Romelu Lukaku might too. I see it more as 'try before you buy.'

    Matt Kearsley: Loan loan loan blah blah blah - upsetting the status quo so it's not fair all of a sudden?

    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Goodison Park: "Everton boss Roberto Martinez says in his programme notes that his team will need to be 'perfect' in order to beat fellow Champions League rivals Arsenal. The Gunners might not be in form compared to Everton, who have won their last five league games, but they have the greater experience when it comes to reaching the top four.

    "Arsene Wenger has achieved that feat for the past 16 seasons and his side have the more favourable run-in. Martinez, though, has shown this season he isn't the type of manager to settle for a draw."

  231. 12:18: 
    Good-ison to be back- Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)
    Aaron Ramsey

    We will have team news from Goodison soon - but Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says midfielder Aaron Ramsey will return to the squad today.

    The 23-year-old Wales international scored 13 goals in 27 games before suffering a thigh injury in the 3-1 victory at West Ham on Boxing Day.

    "Having someone like Ramsey, who can help the team be successful, is very important," said Wenger.

    Ramsey has scored 13 goals this season - six more than he managed in his five previous for Arsenal combined. Key.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Tom Wylie: Hope both Merseyside teams win today, would like to see them both in the Champions league, both deserve it after this season.


    So is Roberto Martinez a footballing genius? Has he got lucky with some liberal use of the loan system? Is he doing a much better job than David Moyes ever managed?

    Will he get Everton into the Champions League? Or are they still some way short of matching Arsenal?

    Opinions, opinions. We've all got them. So let's be having yours - fire us a text on 81111 (UK Only), tweet us at #bbcfootball or drop us a line on Facebook.

  234. 12:11:  

    Jason Mohammed will be joined in the studio by former Arsenal striker John Hartson, commentator Conor McNamara and the Telegraph's Jason Burt for MOTD2 Extra on BBC Two and online at 12:15 BST to review Saturday's action and look ahead to the Gunners' trip to Everton and Liverpool's match at West Ham.

    You can also watch highlights from those games and see all of the weekend's goals on Match of the Day 2 at 22:25 on BBC One.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Opta Sports: Everton's PL record home defeat (1-6 in Aug 2009) & record away defeat (0-7 in May 2005) have come at the hands of Arsenal. Scars.

    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)
    Goodison Park

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan at Goodison Park: "A grey and blustery morning in Merseyside but Roberto Martinez's team have lit up the blue half of Liverpool this season with some wonderfully attacking football. Taking that into the Champions League next season is an enticing prospect."

  237. 12:07: 
    Merseyside Monopoly

    Today is all about the men from Merseyside.

    Everton get us rolling as they look to chase down Arsenal, before city rivals Liverpool look to go back to the top of the table with a win at West Ham.

    Here's the day's previews:

    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    West Ham v Liverpool (16:00 BST)

  238. 12:06: 
    Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)

    At the end of February, Arsenal were 14 points clear of Everton. The Gunners were in second place, a point behind leaders Chelsea, while Roberto Martinez's Toffees were below Manchester United in seventh.

    How things have changed in the last six weeks. A win today would see Everton move to within a point of the Gunners and set us up for a thrilling end of season chase for fourth place.

  239. 12:00: 
    Champions League?- Everton v Arsenal (13:30 BST)
    Roberto Martinez

    "When David Moyes first came to see me, he sat down 11 years ago and we were in a bad state, and he said 'we're not going down'.

    "Roberto's first words were 'I'll get you in the Champions League'."

    Everton chairman Bill Kenwright raised a fair few laughs, and left Roberto Martinez looking more than uncomfortable, when he told the media last summer that the new boss had set his sights on the top four.

    From a manager who had just taken Wigan down, it seemed a laughable ambition. Fast forward 10 months, however, and you can almost hear the strings of the Champions League anthem at Goodison Park.

    Who's laughing now?

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