Saturday football: Chelsea v Stoke

Live text commentary as Chelsea defeat Stoke after Premier League wins for Man City, Man Utd, West Brom, Fulham, Palace and Hull.

5 April 2014 Last updated at 11:28

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As it happened

  1. 19:44: 

    That's a wrap then. We'll be back tomorrow of course, while you can still follow the latest action form across Europe - Real madrid have just scored.


  2. 19:41: 
    Manager reaction- Chelsea 3-0 Stoke

    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho: "I think the players played well. Normally after a defeat you don't start confidently but this team today went upwards all the time. In the first half we should have been 2-0 or 3-0 up up because we played well. After the second goal the game was over.

    "I think the team played well and we were solid defensively. That was only possible with the contribution of every player. With the ball we were fast, Mohamed Salah and Willian won individual duals. It's a pity Fernando Torres didn't score because goals give confidence but he worked hard for the team and I'm pleased with him."

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    Will (in reply to Monty 19:08): One thing that isn't full of plastic at Chelsea is the trophy cabinet.

    Scott in Manchester: People saying Ashley Cole to Manchester United is ridiculous. Why would we replace and ageing left back with an ageing left back?

    Ned in Cardiff: I can't wait until this season is over.

  4. 19:39: 
    Manager reaction- Chelsea 3-0 Stoke
    Jose Mourinho

    Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho: "I keep saying the same thing. We don't depend on ourselves and we never did.

    "I was waiting to be top of the league and depending on ourselves but that has never happened. We depend too much on other results.

    "We have to play Liverpool so we have three points to discuss with them but with Manchester City we don't play them, so they have it in their hands."

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    What is Ashley Cole's next move?

    Jay: Ashley Cole for United? No thanks, don't need Chelsea rejects. Luke Shaw is the player we need. Good player for years to come

    James Presland: I think I wouldn't mind Cole at Spurs; we could use with the experience in the defence, especially with young left-backs.

    Reallionaire: At 34 and the Word Cup past him, I reckon David Beckham will tempt him abroad.

  6. 19:33: 

    Frank Lampard is now 35, 36 this summer. Has he got another three years in the tank?

  7. 19:33: 
    Player reaction- Chelsea 3-0 Stoke

    Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard: "I'm enjoying playing at the moment and being one of the older heads. I want to keep playing for another two or three years and as long as I can contribute.

    "It's different when you get older and you have to stay sharper. Will I play against PSG? If the manager wants me to. We need to win 2-0 to get through and with the players we have who says we can't do that?"

    Player reaction- Chelsea 3-0 Stoke
    Frank Lampard

    Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard: "To win the Premier League we need to win all of our games. There was good determination for the lads and now we must get ourselves ready for Tuesday against Paris St-Germain.

    "We took a bit of time to get into the game. Mohamed Salah was brilliant and sharp throughout the game. People expect to see Oscar and Eden Hazard all the time in the team but the lads who came in were very fresh.

    "I thought Willian was brilliant as well, the goal he scored was the epitome of what he's all about. He always tracks back and puts in a shift as well."

  9. 19:26: 
    Tomorrow's action

    Two big games tomorrow to look forward to. First up, Everton face Arsenal in the race for fourth place.

    A win for Everton would leave them just a point behind the Gunners.

    Then it's West Ham v Liverpool. Can the Reds move back to the top?

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    Ashley Cole

    We asked you where will Ashley Cole be playing next season.

    Wayne in Purley: I hope Ashley Cole doesn't end up back at Arsenal after the way he first exited the club. If he is not good enough for Chelsea then he isn't good enough for Arsenal.

    Jack in Norwich: Ashley Cole will go where the money is USA? UAE? China?

    BBC RadioChelsea 3-0 Stoke

    Former Stoke midfielder Terry Conroy on BBC Radio Stoke: "You have to say Chelsea completely deserve that and could have won by more. Stoke did not even threaten at all in the opposition half and only a handful of players performed to their best."

  12. 19:20: 
    Top of the league- Chelsea 3-0 Stoke

    So Chelsea are back on top - for tonight at least.

    With five games left the Blues can get to 87 points - but they head to Anfield on 27 April. Massive.

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    Rob Kershaw: Liverpool could be interested in Cole, but not sure if he'd fit in with Brendan Rodgers' plans.

    Danny McGrane: I think Ashley Cole will move to Manchester United, especially with Patrice Evra leaving, and would be a cheaper option than Leighton Baines and Luke Shaw.

    Jon Cook: What about a spell abroad for Ashley Cole, perhaps in Spain? He's certainly good enough to play on for a couple of more years.

  14. 19:19: 
    FULL-TIME- Chelsea 3-0 Stoke
  15. 19:16: 
    Chelsea 3-0 Stoke

    Ashley Cole spraying it about in centre-mid. Showing all sorts of sides to his game now.

  16. 19:12: 
    FINAL FIVE- Chelsea 3-0 Stoke

    Into the last five minutes then. A Stamford Bridge stroll for the Premier League leaders.

  17. 19:10: 
    Chelsea 3-0 Stoke

    Here's one for you, where will Ashley Cole be playing next season? Can you see him moving to another Premier League club? Abroad?

    Or maybe just retiring altogether?

  18. 19:08: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Chelsea 3-0 Stoke

    Mohamed Salah is a real threat, you can see just why Jose Mourinho signed him up. He attacks Stoke with real pace and gusto, right down the middle. He commits two men before burning past them and goes down in a heap after Erik Pieters cuts across him. He wants a penalty but gets no joy.

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    Steve in Swindon: If I was a manager I'd fine a player each time he took a corner that didn't clear the first defender. Charlie Adam would need to find a second job.

    Matt in Basingstoke: Nicklas Bendtner has a better goal scoring record for arsenal than Fernando Torres has for Chelsea.

    Monty: A lot of Chelsea fans moaning about Fernando Torres over the past few years. If he's lost his desire it's because he plays for a plastic club, with plastic fans and no soul. If only he had realised how good he had it at Liverpool.

  20. 19:05: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Chelsea 3-0 Stoke

    England's forgotten man, Ashley Cole, appears for a 12-minute cameo. He replaces Willian so will presumably play on the wing. Can Cole get a rare goal?

  21. 19:03: 
    Chelsea 3-0 Stoke

    Into the last 15 minutes. Chelsea have done a very professional job to put the pressure on Liverpool, no matter how often or how hard Brendan Rodgers tells us that there is none on his boys.

    BBC RadioChelsea 3-0 Stoke

    Former Stoke midfielder Terry Conroy on BBC Radio Stoke: "Willian has all the time in the world to score and that's game, set and match for Chelsea. Stoke have been playing well recently but they could be on for a real drubbing with just over 15 minutes left here."

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    Matt: Four or five Chelsea players were ahead of Fernando Torres in trying to convert the rebound for that penalty. He is really quite disinterested. This is why Samuel Eto'o is generally Jose Mourinho's preferred striker; he still has the hunger for the game.

    Mick in Basingstoke: As an Arsenal fan I really hope Liverpool win the league. They are exciting to watch unlike Chelsea but as I know exciting teams don't always win the league.

    James, a Liverpool fan, in London: Whether we win the title or not, at least I can enjoy watching our games.

  24. 18:59: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 3-0 Stoke - Willian (72 mins)

    That is top class! Willian curls a beauty into the top corner to wrap this one up once and for all. Eden Hazard switches the ball out to the Brazillian to the left of goal, he backs the defence up to the edge of the box and then just flicks it into the corner with the greatest of ease. No backlift. No problem.

  25. 18:58: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Chelsea 2-0 Stoke

    Frank Lampard now has 147 league goals for Chelsea - level with Kerry Dixon - but he has 20 minutes to rest up as he is replaced by David Luiz.

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    Stacy Phillips: As soon as Eden Hazard dances into the box he is untouchable. Football is a simple game when you run at people with the ball.

    Chris Stridgen: Jose Mourinho must find life tough when he has to make a change and he looks at the bench and has Eden Hazard available!

    Leroy Hung: Frank Lampard's penalties are not up to his standard few years back. We should let Hazard be the first-choice taker.

  27. 18:53: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Stoke

    Twenty-five minutes remain at the Bridge. This has been about as regulation a home win as it gets for Jose Mourinho's men so far. They look like ending the day a point clear at the top of the table.

    BBC RadioChelsea 2-0 Stoke

    Former Stoke midfielder Terry Conroy on BBC Radio Stoke: "Stoke had a defender behind Andy Wilkinson as well so he didn't need to make that challenge. It was needless and clumsy. A fantastic save from Asmir Begovic but Stoke's players were too slow to react and Chelsea's wanted it. It's like the siege at the Alamo for Stoke now with Chelsea pouring forward."

  29. 18:50: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Stoke

    Frank Lampard has now missed three of his last five penalties in the Premier League. Eden Hazard now first choice?

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    Liam McColgan: I can't decide who is more boring to watch, Chelsea or Stoke.

    Femi Longe: Chelsea have to keep the pressure on Stoke; the reverse fixture was like this too.

    Dennis Waithera: How can you win Premier League without the striker who scores important goals. Maybe Chelsea can prove that idea wrong.

  31. 18:47: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 2-0 Stoke - Frank Lampard (61 mins)

    Not a classic penalty from Frank Lampard, it's waist high and only just off centre, Asmir Begovic makes the save but Lampard is on the scene quickly to bury the loose ball.

  32. 18:47: 
    Manager reaction- Hull 1-0 Swansea

    Hull City manager Steve Bruce says: "It's a long way towards safety and a huge win in our season.

    "We showed a resilience and determination to get something. Of course there are nerves and edginess but we've seen it through with another clean sheet.

    "Now we can concentrate all week on how we're going to play against Sheffield United in the FA Cup, but semi-finals are always nervous and edgy. We've gone a long way to staying in this division and a cup final would be a marvellous way to end the season."

  33. 18:47: 
    PENALTY TO CHELSEA- Chelsea 1-0 Stoke

    Ridiculous challenge. Andy Wilkinson cleans Mo Salah out, the ball is out of shot. Stick-on penalty.

  34. 18:45: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Chelsea 1-0 Stoke

    Andre Schurrle has been feeling that foot since he ran into Charlie Adam so he is hauled off, Eden Hazard on in his place. Not a bad sub.

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    Fernando Torres

    Jake in Bristol: Same old Charlie Adam, that was blatantly on purpose.

    Dave in Liverpool: There's no pressure on Liverpool. Champions League was the aim for this year as we rebuild. Anything else is a bonus.

    Tim in London: Fernando Torres scored 70 goals in 145 La Liga appearances for Atletico Madrid, and 65 goals in 102 Premier League appearances for Liverpool. In 105 Premier League appearances for Chelsea he's scored 19 goals. It's just gone I'm afraid.

  36. 18:41: 
    Chelsea 1-0 Stoke

    An entirely incident free opening 10 minutes of the second half.

    BBC RadioChelsea 1-0 Stoke

    Former Stoke midfielder Terry Conroy on BBC Radio Stoke: "There's a bit of a lull at Stamford Bridge and Stoke need to capitalise on that. Stoke need to push up 10 yards or so to give themselves a chance in Chelsea's half of the pitch."

  38. 18:36: 
    Chelsea 1-0 Stoke

    Charlie Adam with another naughty challenge, leaving a boot in on Andre Schurrle as they go in for a tackle. You've only come on moments ago Charlie! Calm it.

  39. 18:33: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Chelsea 1-0 Stoke

    It's a double half-time switch for the Potters, who have introduced Andy Wilkinson and Charlie Adam at the break in place of Geoff Cameron and Wilson Palacios.

  40. 18:32: 
    KICK-OFF- Chelsea 1-0 Stoke

    We are back under way. Can Stoke produce a miraculous comeback?

  41. 18:32: 
    Chelsea 1-0 Stoke
    Mo Salah celebrates scoring against Stoke

    Goals in successive home appearances for Mo Salah now.

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    Tom Castle: Fernando Torres is lost. Flat footed and two seconds too late. He's hovering on the edges looking for garbage tap-ins

    Rich Stealth: Torres playing out wide seems to have lost confidence.

    Damola Jerry: If Chelsea win, there is going to be some serious pressure on Liverpool tomorrow.

  43. 18:22: 
    HALF-TIME STATS- Chelsea 1-0 Stoke
    Chelsea v Stoke

    It's been pretty much cruise control so far for Chelsea, with Frank Lampard adopting a shoot-on-sight policy.

  44. 18:19: 
    Manager reaction- Norwich 0-1 West Brom

    Norwich City manager Chris Hughton says: "We didn't show enough quality, conceded a poor goal and they sat deep. We needed to use the ball better and we were too loose with our passing. It was not a lack of desire or endeavour but there was a lack of quality.

    "It was a soft goal to concede and it gave them a lift and put a little bit more pressure on us. We didn't have enough good moments and we have not really made Ben Foster work hard enough.

    "We have taken a step backwards and we have to turn it around against Fulham next week. Losing today makes it an even bigger game. It was an opportunity to get a gap between us and the bottom three and we are now fighting for our lives. I can understand the fans' anxiety and frustration; they don't want to see their team in this position."

    BBC RadioChelsea 1-0 Stoke
    Chelsea 1-0 Stoke

    Former Stoke midfielder Terry Conroy on BBC Radio Stoke: "Stoke are defending so deep that they are inviting Chelsea on. They are not controlling the ball when they have it which is making life so much easier for the home side. Stoke have just given the ball away cheaply."

  46. 18:18: 
    Chelsea 1-0 Stoke

    Stoke fans, a reason to be cheerful: Only Stoke (15) have recovered more points from losing positions than Chelsea (14).

    A reason to be fearful: Chelsea are unbeaten in 76 Premier League home games under Jose Mourinho, winning 60 and drawing 16.

  47. 18:17: 
    HALF-TIME- Chelsea 1-0 Stoke
    BBC Sport's Martin Keown on Final Score

    Talking about Leicester City's promotion to the Premier League: "They've been fantastic to watch this season and it's great to see my former side, back in the Premiership. It's been 10 years since we've seen them in the top flight."

  49. 18:13: 
    Chelsea 1-0 Stoke

    Chelsea have now had 11 attempts on goal to Stoke's one. This is only going to end one way barring a massive Stoke turnaround. We are almost at half-time.

  50. 18:10: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Chelsea 1-0 Stoke - Branislav Ivanovic

    Hold your little horse! A very late offside flag denies Branislav Ivanovic a second Chelsea goal, the Serbian was just offside when Frank Lampard's cross picked him out to head in at the near post.

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    Ade in Manchester: If Chelsea win today, it would be officially confirmed that Manchester United have failed to defend the Premier League crown this season.

    Sid: Wouldn't bet against Aston Villa ending up in the bottom three. No Christian Benteke and can't buy a win. Crystal Palace will be licking their lips waiting for our visit next week.

    Anthony on the way back from Villa Park: Fighting Fulham to stay up. Cracking atmosphere, Fulham deserved the three points.

    BBC RadioChelsea 1-0 Stoke

    Former Stoke midfielder Terry Conroy on BBC Radio Stoke: "Stoke don't look a threat up front at all. They need to get someone up there to support Peter Crouch who looks very isolated up front."

  53. 18:06: 
    Top, top, top of the league
    Premier League

    Chelsea are going back to the top of the shop then. Liverpool will have the chance to reclaim pole position at Upton Park tomorrow afternoon.

  54. 18:04: 
    Chelsea 1-0 Stoke

    It could be two! Mo Salah shows his pace again to outstrip the Stoke backline, one good touch and he's in but the Egyptian just overruns it.

  55. 18:01: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 1-0 Stoke - Mohamed Salah (32 mins)

    On his first Premier League start, Mohamed Salah puts Chelsea ahead. Nemanja Matic does really well down the left, he's too big and too strong for the defender and cuts the ball back into the path of Salah, who lashes in from 15 yards. Asmir Begovic gets a foot to it but can't keep it out.

    BBC Sport's Martin Keown on Final ScoreCardiff 0-3 Crystal Palace

    "There's a code at every club which you need to crack and Tony Pulis has done that. Call him Houdini because he's done an incredible job. He's only enhanced his reputation this season."

  57. 17:58: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Stoke
    Fernando Torres

    Dogged defence from Stoke, but this isn't a total parking of the Potters' bus. In fact, Stoke have had 53% of the ball so far as we approach the half-hour mark.

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    Steven Jerjian: In what way are Chelsea out of the title race? [See 17:41] Ok, they rely on other results, but plenty of twists and turns still to come.

    Boss Felix Ochido: Fernando Torres' days at Chelsea are as good as over, good players don't need that long to rediscover their form.

    Steve Jones: Torres practically playing as a winger, he isn't going to be amongst the goals playing wide.

  59. 17:53: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Stoke

    At the midway point of the first half, Chelsea are well on top. They put together another slick move which ends with Frank Lampard shooting at Asmir Begovic from 20 yards.

    Fernando Torres then reads Erik Pieters' chest down to the keeper, the striker gets there first but Begovic does brilliantly to get the ball under control.

  60. 17:51: 
    Hearts relegated

    In Scotland, Hearts' relegation from the Scottish Premiership has been confirmed today, despite winning 4-2 at Partick Thistle following goals by Dale Carrick, Billy King and two from Ryan Stevenson.

    However, Hearts have never recovered from a 15-point deduction after starting the season in administration and they will be playing in the Championship next season.

    BBC Sport's Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreChelsea 0-0 Stoke

    "The Liverpool players will be watching everything unfold today. They'll have seen what went on at Manchester City and Chelsea's result could change their mind set for tomorrow."

  62. 17:48: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Chelsea 0-0 Stoke

    Close, close! Willian is the latest Chelsea man to threaten, buying himself half a yard with a clever stepover 25 yards out, he hits it right-footed, the ball deflects up off a defender and is heading into the top corner until Asmir Begovic flies across to turn it clear.

    BBC RadioChelsea 0-0 Stoke

    Former Stoke midfielder Terry Conroy on BBC Radio Stoke: "All three of Chelsea's forward options present a different question to Stoke and that's something they will have to get to grips with."

  64. 17:43: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Stoke

    Peter Odemwingie's confidence is sky high, perhaps as high as it has been since his infamous Deadline Day drive to Loftus Road.

    The Stoke striker has bagged in the last three games and takes a dig from 25 yards, but it's a weak one. Marko Arnautovic was on his left and free too. The Austrian does not look impressed.

  65. 17:41: 
    Manager reaction- Cardiff 0-3 Crystal Palace
    Tony Pulis

    Crystal Palace boss Tony Pulis refuses to admit that his team are already safe from Premier League relegation. He says: "We have a lot of work to do. Some results have brought the pack together and we have got to keep focused, but it was a fantastic performance from the players.

    "The season is not over and the biggest problem is complacency and people taking their foot off of the pedal."

    On two-goal hero Jason Puncheon, Pulis adds: "He is a good player with lots of ability. He did a couple of sloppy things in the early part of the game and I went berserk on the touchline - but he was too far away for him to hear me."

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    Tim Arstall: High pressure game for Chelsea as every point counts at the top. With that in mind Stoke are the last team they want to face.

    Kuntal Majumdar: Eden Hazard needs rest for the PSG return leg. Good decision. Out of title race anyway.

    Rabin Acharya: Mind games played by Jose with Torres this week might yet prove costly to Chelsea.

  67. 17:39: 
    CLOSE!- Chelsea 0-0 Stoke

    Wooooshhh! Fernando Torres takes aim from 25 yards, it's a real cannon of a drive but it whistles just past the far corner. Moments later Andre Schurrle spins away from his man brilliantly and tees up Mo Salah, but his shot is weak.

    Promising signs from the hosts.

  68. 17:38: 
    Manager reaction- Newcastle 0-4 Man Utd

    Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew says: "It was a tough afternoon for us and we weren't at our best.

    "We are lacking a bit of quality at the moment and we are trying to get that on the pitch. We had some good effort and commitment today, certainly better than Southampton, but I'm afraid it wasn't good enough against a decent Manchester United."

    "We have got loads of players missing and it is really hurting us at the minute. We are desperate to get another three points, a win and a goal for them (the fans) but it is just not happening for us at the moment."

  69. 17:35: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Stoke

    Stoke win a free-kick in a good area which Marko Arnautovic whips in, Ryan Shawcross loses his man at the back post and almost lays it on a plate for a striped shirt in the middle.

    Arnautovic is sporting an extraordinary look. Part-shaved head, stripes through his eyebrows. My grandma was from Stoke and if I had ever turned up looking like that there would have been real trouble...

  70. 17:35: 
    Manager reaction- Cardiff 0-3 Crystal Palace
    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    Cardiff City boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says: "We were looking forward to this game and then we end up with a disappointing result and game like this.

    "It is going to be difficult to stay up but we have got to be full of fight. It has been a tough season for everyone at the club and I think it showed towards the end.

    "We have got to work hard and we need to produce a miracle to stay up now."

  71. 17:32: 
    Manager reaction- Newcastle 0-4 Man Utd

    Manchester United manager David Moyes says: "It was very good. We played well and scored some really good goals. I'm really pleased with the performance.

    "Juan Mata got us a couple of goals and was involved in the final one for Adnan Januzaj as well. Mata was terrific and so were Shinji Kagawa and Darren Fletcher. We had some great performances today.

    "I always believed I had options and a squad of players who could come in and play. I've said all season that we have a really good squad of players and we showed that today. They played well and deserved the victory.

    "The focus could only be on this game but you could see we've left a few players at home and not played a few players. We are hoping they will be fit for Wednesday night's game at Bayern Munich."

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    Mat: Looking forward to seeing Salah start today. He has looked good whenever I have seen him play.

    Dave in Stoke: RE Dan Sim [17:08] Traditional team? You do know that Stoke is the second oldest professional club in the world?

  73. 17:32: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Stoke

    Fernando Torres, the great striking enigma, almost gets in through the middle with a streak of pace but Asmir Begovic comes out well to sweep it up. Can Nando ever find the form of a few years ago?

    BBC Sport's Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreChelsea 0-0 Stoke

    "I think Fernando Torres is finished at Chelsea but the rest of the season gives him a chance to put himself in the shop window. He needs to play for himself a little bit now and Chelsea can benefit from that."

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    Jack Parkes: Jose Mourinho gets away with much more than other managers in the media. Leaving out Eden Hazard when they could go top of the Premier League?

    Ferdy Omondi: Delighted for Mohamed Salah's first start. I expect him to light up the match. Huge prospect.

  76. 17:30: 
    KICK-OFF- Chelsea 0-0 Stoke

    The strains of 'Delilah' ring out from the away end as Stoke get us going.

  77. 17:25: 
    Chelsea v Stoke (17:30 BST)

    Here we go then. the imposing figure of Nemanja Matic applauds the fans around Stamford Bridge, it's game time at the Bridge...

    BBC Sport's Martin Keown on Final ScoreNorwich 0-1 West Brom

    "Many people think Steve Clarke should not have been sacked and Pepe Mel has had to deal with a lot but he's got on with a job. I'm not sure how well Chris Hughton is handling it at Norwich, he looks like a man under pressure to me."

  79. 17:23: 
    Chelsea v Stoke (17:30 BST)

    A stat from our friends at Infostrada Sports which is either amazing, or just plain wrong. I can't decide.

    Apparently, Stoke manager Mark Hughes is the only Premier League manager to have won more than one PL match against Jose Mourinho's Chelsea - with Stoke's 3-2 home win in December and Blackburn's 1-0 home win in May 2006.

    Can that be right?

  80. 17:20: 
    Nothing to play for?- Chelsea v Stoke (17:30 BST)

    Stoke could launch a grenade into the title race with a result at Stamford Bridge this evening.

    You may think the Potters have nothing to play for. But you'd be wrong:

    Life is sweet for Stoke - three wins in a row, five games unbeaten, and safe.

    Not that they will relax from hereon in, with Mark Hughes keen to tick off a few things on the Potters' personal bucket list before the beach calls:

    Most points in a Premier League season - they need eight more from six remaining games

    Most wins - four more required

    Most goals - they need another nine

    Finishing in the top half of the Premier League - never achieved before

    Ending as the highest placed Midlands team for the very first time in the club's long history.

    MOTD's Steve Bower at St James' ParkNewcastle 0-4 Man Utd

    "Manchester United are very hopeful Wayne Rooney will play on Wednesday. The medical staff are going to take another look at him when they get back to Manchester."

  82. 17:16: 
    LINE-UPS- Chelsea v Stoke (17:30 BST)

    Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta, Lampard, Matic, Willian, Schurrle, Salah, Torres. Subs: Cole, Luiz, Oscar, Hazard, Ba, Schwarzer, Kalas.

    Stoke: Begovic, Cameron, Wilson, Shawcross, Pieters, Odemwingie, Whelan, Palacios, Nzonzi, Arnautovic, Crouch. Subs: Muniesa, Adam, Walters, Guidetti, Etherington, Wilkinson, Sorensen.

    Referee: Lee Probert (Wiltshire)

  83. 17:14: 
    Manager reaction- Aston Villa 1-2 Fulham
    Paul Lambert

    Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert says: "It was a really open game, with chances at both ends, but it was disappointing to lose.

    "There are a lot of games left and you look to see who's playing who. A lot of teams are in the same situation as ourselves.

    "I thought Grant Holt was excellent. He led the line great for us and produced a terrific header for the goal."

    BBC Sport's Martin Keown on Final ScoreChelsea v Stoke (17:30 BST)

    Talking about Chelsea in the title race. "Chelsea have to work with the players that they've got, Jose Mourinho keeps talking about next season and the players he needs to bring in, but work with what you've got - they are nearly there.

    "We know they're having trouble up front but they have a great squad and very strong midfield."

    Football League- League Two

    Scunthorpe are level on points and goal difference with Rochdale, who were held to a goalless draw by York and remain top by virtue of more goals scored. Scunthorpe's win at Torquay and Northampton's victory at Accrington means the Gulls are seven points adrift at the bottom. Frustratingly for the Cobblers, third from bottom Wycombe secured a 2-0 win over Dagenham and Redbridge.

  86. 17:13: 
    Performance of the day?

    Who was the man of the day?

    Jason Puncheon? Juan Mata? How about Rotherham forward Tom Hitchcock? He came on after an hour at Gillingham and hit a hat-trick - including two in the last four minutes - to give the Millers a 4-3 win.

    Magic darts.

    Football League- League One

    Wolves remain six points clear at the top after they beat Peterborough, with second-placed Brentford thrashing Notts County, who drop into the relegation zone after wins for Carlisle and Crewe. Meanwhile, Shrewsbury go above Stevenage after winning the battle of the bottom two.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Sam Lewis: Well done to Leicester on getting promoted, they've been the best team easily. See you next season at White Hart Lane.

    Dan ‏Sim: Always good to see a traditional team get promoted. Now get teams like Forest up instead of Cardiff, Stoke, Hull etc.

    Matt Downes: So happy to see Leicester back in the Premier League. Nigel Pearson and the boys have done a great job.

  89. 17:08: 
    Manager reaction- Hull 1-0 Swansea

    Swansea City manager Garry Monk says: "We were very poor in the first half, nowhere near good enough. In the second half we had the right attitude but did we really do enough? I don't know. We played too many sloppy balls, had too many touches and I expected better.

    "It's bitterly frustrating for all of us but the first half is where we lost the game. We had a few half chances but we only maybe created enough for a draw, not to win it. It's back to the drawing board and about making sure we get a reaction.

    "We're not safe and I don't know why anyone would celebrate 33 points. It's not good enough for the quality of players we've got and we're not going to rest until the end of the season."

  90. 17:06: 
    Manager reaction- Aston Villa 1-2 Fulham
    Felix Magath

    Fulham manager Felix Magath says: "It was a great victory for us. I feel very proud of my team. We fought back and we won a big game.

    "Richardson's goal was goal of the month. He's a very important player for us, but after their equaliser we came back to fight and that was very important for us.

    "With this victory, we are very confident to go on for the rest of the season."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Leicester defender Paul Konchesky via Twitter: "Absolutely buzzing about the results today! #wearegoingup #lcfc ! Let's enjoy the rest of season and go again in the top flight."

  92. 17:06: 
    Player reaction- Cardiff 0-3 Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace goalscorer Joe Ledley: "You never know if we have enough points to stay up already. There are a lot of games to go, we have got to keep focused and go game by game. Obviously it is a massive three points but we will keep going until we are mathematically safe."

    On scoring in his first return to boyhood club Cardiff: "I didn't celebrate to show my respect to the club where it all started for me. There's no point celebrating because this club means a lot to me."

  93. 17:05: 
    Player reaction- Aston Villa 1-2 Fulham

    Fulham's Hugo Rodallega, who scored the winner against Aston Villa, says: "Everybody is happy in the dressing room because this is a very important win for us. We are working hard for ourselves, the manager and the club."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Jason Puncheon

    Mic Medeska: Wish Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had not chosen Cardiff as his introduction to Premier League management. He's better than this and should've waited.

    Benj Allison: Can someone remind me how Solskjaer is still in a job? Dreadful record.

    Rob Stileman: Would Cardiff have lost this heavily to Palace under Malky Mackay? I think not. Vincent Tan got that one very wrong

    Football League- Championship

    Bournemouth's victory over QPR and defeats for Nottingham Forest and Ipswich means that the Cherries are now one of four teams level on 58 points, five behind Reading in the final play-off place. Yeovil and Millwall both won but remain in the bottom two places.

  96. 17:04: 
    How they stand at the bottom

    Sunderland drop to the bottom of the Premier League, but have three games in hand on most of their relegation rivals, starting with a trip to Tottenham on Monday.

    Bottom of the table

    Tony Pulis's Crystal Palace move up to 14th and West Brom climb to 16th after vital wins against Cardiff and Norwich respectively.

  97. 17:03: 
    Chelsea v Stoke (17:30 BST)
    Mark Hughes

    Stoke boss Mark Hughes: "We are in good nick, we are playing well and confidence is always important when you come to Stamford Bridge. They have an outstanding record under Jose Mourinho but if you wanted to come to Chelsea, maybe now is the time when their focus in on the Champions League, possibly.

    "It's not something to expect from them, though, because they can usually get the job done."

  98. 17:02: 
    Top of the shops
    Premier League

    Chelsea can reclaim top spot this afternoon - for a few hours at least. A win at home to Stoke would see them move back ahead of Manchester City and Liverpool, who face West Ham on Sunday.

    MOTD presenter Gary LinekerJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    "Leicester City are promoted to the Premier League. A sentence I've been waiting to say for 10 years."

    Guy Mowbray, BBC Match of the Day commentatorChelsea v Stoke (17:30 BST)

    "After last weekend's defeat at Crystal Palace, Jose Mourinho stated that it's now "impossible" for Chelsea to win the title, but for all the air of negativity, his side are second in the table.

    "Stoke were superb in their last away game, winning 4-1 at Aston Villa, but could they be the team to end Mourinho's 76-game unbeaten record at home in the league with Chelsea?

    "If they are, it would mean the London side had lost three times in a row for the first time in a single season since 2002. If Chelsea lose, maybe Mourinho will now be right. Maybe it would now be impossible for them to become champions."

  101. 17:00: 
    Chelsea v Stoke (17:30 BST)

    One game still to come then on a busy old day of Premier League football...

  102. 16:59: 
    Chelsea v Stoke (17:30 BST)

    Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho on picking Fernando Torres after questioning when the Spaniard was a 'real striker' in midweek: "We play with one striker, three attackers and one target man and we expect our target man to score goals but if that is not possible, he can hold the ball up and open space for other people. If we want to win we need to score. Stoke are a very physical team so we need our front men to score goals and open spaces."

  103. 16:59: 
    Hope for Fulham

    Fulham's victory, their first away from home in 2014, means they move off the bottom of the Premier League table. They are now five points adrift of safety, but Norwich, the team currently in 17th position, travel to Craven Cottage next Saturday in a massive match at the bottom of the league.

    The Canaries then have a nightmare end to the season, with matches against Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal to come in their final four games.

    Text us on 81111

    Danny from Luton: These Manchester United fans are so fickle. Last week everything was David Moyes out, he's not the man blah blah - now after one convincing win everyone's pro Moyes.

    Matt from Skegness: Seeing Juan Mata and Shinji Kagawa link up with these little flicks and passes is a joy to watch!

    Tony in London: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has done nothing for Cardiff. He shows no urgency.

    Jeff: That's Norwich City relegated for me.

  105. 16:58: 
    Leicester are up

    Congratulations to Leicester, who are promoted to the Premier League for the first time in 10 years.

    Their win last night, coupled with defeats for QPR and Derby, mean the Foxes are up.

    Leicester City are promoted to the Premier League
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Stephen Thomas: What an amazing job Tony Pulis has done at Crystal Palace he deserves immense amount of credit for everything he has done there.

    Chris Scheffel: While Pulis has worked miracles at Palace, it's also noteworthy that his former club Stoke is looking for their best ever Premier League finish.

    Tom Wylie: Would love to see another Fulham great escape.

  108. 16:52: 
    FULL-TIME- Norwich 0-1 West Brom
  109. 16:52: 
    FULL-TIME- Cardiff 0-3 Crystal Palace
  110. 16:52: 
    FULL-TIME- Newcastle 0-4 Man Utd
  111. 16:51: 
    FULL-TIME- Aston Villa 1-2 Fulham
  112. 16:50: 
    FULL-TIME- Hull 1-0 Swansea
  113. 16:49: 
    GOAL- Newcastle 0-4 Man Utd - Adnan Januzaj (90 mins)

    David Moyes, you are the chosen one! A real cracker of a goal for the side with the best away record in the Premier League. Nani feeds Juan Mata inside the area, his backheel is a thing of class and Adnan Januzaj confidently picks his spot with his left foot to steer in number four. Newcastle abject, Manchester United rampant.

  114. 16:48: 
    Hull 1-0 Swansea

    It looks comfortable for Steve Bruce's side and Garry Monk will be disappointed by Swansea's lack of response after falling behind in the first half. It will be an important victory for the hosts if it stays this way, but the Swans will remain in relegation trouble.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Tom Shardlow: Financially, selling Cabaye made sense but on the pitch it has left Newcastle devoid of creativity, drive and penetration.

    Varuth Kuonsongtham: Mata and Kagawa have played well but man of the match needs to go to Lindegaard. Pulled off some great saves

    Taimur Z Ahmed: David Moyes spot on with the team selection today and the players have done their job too. Rebuilding job seems well on its way!

  116. 16:46: 
    GOAL- Cardiff 0-3 Crystal Palace - Jason Puncheon (88 mins)

    Start the car! A great goal seals a great win for Crystal Palace! Marouane Chamakh lets a pass through his legs for Jason Puncheon to run on to, and the winger curls a nonchalant shot into the top corner from 25 yards. Belter.

  117. 16:45: 
    On the up?

    Leicester are going up as it stands. They could be minutes way from the Premier League...

  118. 16:43: 
    Team News- Chelsea v Stoke (17:30 BST)

    Jose 'I've got no strikers' Mourinho hands one of his strikers a start. Fernando Torres plays up front.

    Chelsea XI: Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta; Lampard, Matic; Schurrle, Willian, Salah, Torres

    Stoke XI: Begovic; Cameron, Shawcross, Wilson, Pieters; Odemwingie, Whelan, Palacios, Nzonzi, Arnautovic; Crouch

  119. 16:42: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 1-2 Fulham - Hugo Rodallega (86 mins)

    How vital will this goal be for Fulham? Lewis Holtby's angled ball into the box is met by Hugo Rodallega's glancing header and Fulham retake the lead. A thrilling end to the match at Villa Park. It will be Fulham's first away win of 2014 if they can hold on to their lead.

  120. 16:41: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Newcastle 0-3 Man Utd

    This game may well be dead and buried, but Newcastle keep coming. Papiss Cisse has another chance that he would have gobbled up last year, but this time Anders Lindegaard pushes away his left-footed effort.

  121. 16:41: 
    Hull 1-0 Swansea

    Swansea are lacking ideas and inspiration as they bid to get back on level terms at the KC Stadium. There has not been much excitement there recently.

    MOTD presenter Gary LinekerJoin the debate at #bbcfootball- Aston Villa 1-1 Fulham

    "Lewis Holtby has just gone the closest any player has ever gone in history to scoring without actually doing so. Technology!"

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Crystal Palace boss Tony Pulis

    Sham Gallagher: Tony Pulis is working miracles at Palace. The switch from Ian Holloway to Pulis was a master class.

    Iyke Roy: Tony Pulis should be manager of the year!

  124. 16:38: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Cardiff 0-2 Crystal Palace

    Palace midfielder Joe Ledley may have pushed old club Cardiff closer to the drop this afternoon but the home crowd still give him a hearty round of applause as he leaves the field with a knock. Jonathan Parr takes his place.

  125. 16:37: 
    CLOSE!- Aston Villa 1-1 Fulham

    It is an exciting end at Villa Park with both sides having chances to go ahead. The hosts have the latest opportunity as Marc Albrighton's clipped cross is met by Andreas Weimann's header, which goes just over the crossbar.

  126. 16:35: 
    Final Fifteen

    Into the last 15 minutes. Can Cardiff somehow fight their way back? Can Norwich get a goal at Carrow Road?

  127. 16:35: 
    CLOSE!- Aston Villa 1-1 Fulham

    Only a wonderful goal-line clearance from Matthew Lowton keeps Villa level at home to Fulham. Hugo Rodallega's pass finds Lewis Holtby who takes the ball around Brad Guzan, but his shot is cleared by a spectacular clearance from a sliding Lowton.

    The goal-line technology comes into play as it shows that the Villa man had got there just in time, by the narrowest margin, to keep the score at 1-1.

    Villa then instantly nearly take the lead at the other end but David Stockdale makes a spectacular save to deny Aleksandar Tonev.

    Football League- Championship

    Bournemouth are down to 10 men against QPR after Harry Arter is given a straight red card for a lunge on Junior Hoilett. It's still 2-1 to the Cherries, and with Derby being held at Middlesbrough, leaders Leicester will be guaranteed promotion to the top flight. At the other end, none of the bottom three are losing, and Yeovil have doubled their lead at Blackpool.

  129. 16:33: 
    Bayern lose unbeaten record

    All good things come to and end.

    Bayern Munich's Bundesliga 53-match unbeaten record has come to an end at... Augsburg.

    Sascha Molders' goal in the 31st minute proved enough to hand the newly-crowned German champions a shock defeat.

    Bayern coach Pep Guardiola did leave several key players out of the starting XI, with Wednesday's Champions League quarter-final second leg against Manchester United in mind.

    Text us on 81111

    Derek: Newcastle have been awful at home all year. No excuses!

    Billy: What is the point of following Newcastle United? We don't score goals, we don't play exciting football, we don't buy any players and we sell those who are actually good. Who wants to pay up to £30 to watch that?

    Andrew: Juan Mata looks like he is finally settling into life as a Manchester United player, promising signs ahead of a summer of rebuilding, it's not all doom and gloom really.

  131. 16:32: 
    Don't you open that trapdoor...
    Premier League

    ...there's relegation down there. The bottom three look adrift, though Sunderland's games in hand could yet prove their saviour.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Chris Harvey: I can't help thinking United are a much more fluid outfit without Van Persie, just like when Sir Alex jettisoned Van Nistelrooy.

    Jonathan Guckian: Have to say that this Kagawa-Mata axis is becoming the most exciting aspect of Manchester United's season.

    Tuhairwe Herman: Shinji Kagawa once again shows why he should be playing on Tuesday not today

  133. 16:28: 
    GOAL- Cardiff 0-2 Crystal Palace - Joe Ledley (71 mins)

    Is that relegation? Rubbish defending again from Cardiff as Marouane Chamakh is left free to meet a free-kick from the left, his header is clawed out by David Marshall and Joe Ledley is free to stab in on the line against his old club.

    Ledley refuses to celebrate in front of the Cardiff fans.

  134. 16:26: 

    Into the last 20 minutes then. Any more goals anyone?

  135. 16:26: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 1-1 Fulham - Grant Holt (70 mins)
    Grant Holt (left) scores for Aston Villa

    It is shocking defending from Fulham, whose lead only lasts for nine minutes. There should be little danger from Marc Albrighton's floated corner into the box but Grant Holt is left unmarked at the back post and his downward header goes past a number of defenders and into the back of the net.

  136. 16:25: 
    Hull 1-0 Swansea
    George Boyd's header put Hull in front

    A half-chance for Swansea as Wilfried Bony, with his back to goal, lays the ball off to the on-rushing Jonjo Shelvey but the midfielder's effort from just outside the penalty area lacks power and is comfortably saved by Steve Harper. Steve Bruce's side still lead thanks to George Boyd's first-half header.

  137. 16:24: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Cardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Cardiff boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a first roll of his tactical dice - and boy does he need a six. To the delight of the Cardiff fans, pacy midfielder Craig Noone comes on for Wilfried Zaha and the Scouser almost makes an instant impact. Noone's direct run ends in a shot which is blocked, but his enthusiasm has given the home side a much-needed boost.

    BBC Sport's Martin Keown on Final ScoreAston Villa 0-1 Fulham

    "It's going to be very difficult for Fulham but this performance today starts to build that run and the confidence comes in. We were saying this was a difficult game for Fulham but Aston Villa look like the away side and are struggling."

    Football League- Championship

    Leicester on the brink......

    Lewis Grabban rifles into the top corner to put Bournemouth ahead again against QPR, a result which would guarantee Leicester's return to the Premier League, with Derby still being held at Middlesbrough.

    Football League- League One

    In the battle of the bottom two Shrewsbury have taken the lead against Stevenage through leading scorer Jon Taylor's precise finish. The top two sides, Wolves and Brentford, are both still ahead.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Bruce Ha: Maybe David Moyes should start considering selling Robin van Persie in the summer, Shinji Kagawa and Juan Mata have been lethal behind a lone striker.

    John Dykes: Juan Mata seems in his element as the main event in United's side. Needs to recreate this with Rooney/Van Persie on the pitch.

    Sean Clarkson: Juan Mata getting his rest during the Champions League games is helping his fitness by far.

  142. 16:21: 
    GOAL- Newcastle 0-3 Man Utd - Javier Hernandez (65 mins)

    It's another slick goal for Manchester United, and more fuel for fans who want Shinji Kagawa in the team every week. He runs on to Adnan Januzaj's pass before cutting the ball back into Javier Hernandez's path. He sweeps home to cue some Newcastle fans heading for the exits already...

  143. 16:20: 
    Hull 1-0 Swansea

    The second half has started slowly at the KC Stadium, with Hull apparently unsure whether to press forward in an attempt to extend their lead or protect what they have. Swansea are coming into the game a little more but appear incapable of disturbing a resolute Hull defence.

    BBC Sport's Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreCardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    "I've seen a lot of Wilfried Zaha when he played for Crystal Palace in the last few years before signing for Manchester United. He seems to have five or 10 minute spells where's he's electric but for the rest of the game he can go missing."

  145. 16:18: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Norwich 0-1 West Brom

    Woodwork again! Robert Snodgrass from 30+ yards, he hits a peach of a free-kick which Ben Foster turns onto the crossbar! Unlucky.

  146. 16:18: 
    Cardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    BBC Sport Wales's Rob Westall at the Cardiff City Stadium: "Deflation is turning into frustration for the Cardiff fans. There's a lot of tension in the air as Cardiff look to try and break down the Palace defence and find a way back into this match. Palace fans seem to be enjoying themselves though."

  147. 16:17: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 0-1 Fulham - Kieran Richardson (61 mins)

    A rare moment of celebration for Fulham and it is a lovely goal from Kieran Richardson. Substitute Ashkan Dejagah runs across the edge of the penalty area from the right wing and releases Richardson. He shoots left-footed from 22 yards out with the ball going past Brad Guzan and into the roof of the net.

  148. 16:16: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Norwich 0-1 West Brom

    Norwich rattle the woodwork! Gary Hooper hits the bar after confusion in the penalty area. Can the Canaries find a goal?

  149. 16:13: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Cardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Cardiff's PA announcer gave a commendable - but rather excruciating - rallying call at the start of the second half, however the home supporters have not had much to cheer. But they are up on their feet when Mats Moller Daehli goes tumbling under a robust challenge by Palace midfielder Kagisho Dikgacoi. Referee Phil Dowd is well placed and instantly dismisses the Bluebirds claims.

  150. 16:12: 

    Always good to hit the button of calmness...

    BBC Sport's Martin Keown on Final ScoreNewcastle 0-2 Man Utd
    Juan Mata celebrates scoring for Manchester United

    Talking about Juan Mata's second goal: "Composure. The big players have it and possess the ability to press that button of calmness when it's needed and their class shows.

    "I'm worried for Newcastle, Alan Pardew has been on the phone a lot from the stands and since he's been suspended, his side haven't been the same."

    Football League- Championship

    Armand Traore equalises for Harry Redknapp's QPR at Bournemouth. For Leicester to be guaranteed promotion today QPR have to lose and Derby have to fail to win at Middlesbrough, where it is still goalless.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Juan Mata

    Colin Jones: Poor seems to a continuing theme for Newcastle, I think Alan Pardew should throw on some of the young lads and give them a chance.

    Sam Burnett: Juan Mata starting to show why we paid so much for him, two well-taken goals!

    Kofi Tawiah Quansah: Ok Mata, one more goal (preferably a header), for your hat-trick.

  154. 16:10: 
    Norwich 0-1 West Brom

    Norwich have been much improved since the break, Chris Hughton will have torn strips off his players in the dressing room. Johan Elmander has been busy up front but they haven't created anything concrete yet.

    BBC Sport's Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreCardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    "After the Chelsea game, Crystal Palace put that game to bed and looked straight to the next game which is arguably the bigger one against Cardiff City today. You can't look too far ahead because you will get caught out if you do that."

  156. 16:09: 
    Newcastle 0-2 Man Utd

    This is the first time since October 2012 that Juan Mata has scored more than once in a Premier League game.

    United have scored with both of their shots on target. Clinical.

    Football League- League One

    Leaders Wolves go ahead early in the second-half against Peterborough as Danny Batth powers a header into the top corner.

  158. 16:07: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    Aston Villa's Leandro Bacuna's has looked the most dangerous player and he nearly puts his side ahead, when he collects Grant Holt's lay-off and shoots at goal. But, unluckily for Bacuna and the home fans, the effort bounces off the post after David Stockdale had got a hand to the ball.

  159. 16:06: 
    GOAL- Newcastle 0-2 Man Utd - Juan Mata (50 mins)

    Manchester United's front three combine neatly again, and Juan Mata doubles his tally with another silky goal. It's rank bad defending by Fabricio Coloccini though, he tries to chest a long ball down, loses control of it and Shinji Kagawa nicks it from him.

    Javier Hernandez runs in behind, he squares it for Mata, who has all the time in the world to slot home from close range. Easy.

  160. 16:05: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Hull 1-0 Swansea
    A Hull City fan wearing a Steve Bruce mask

    Garry Monk also makes a change as Nathan Dyer replaces Jonathan De Guzman. The Swans still trail to George Boyd's first-half goal for Hull.

    Football League- League Two

    Torquay could be seven points adrift at the foot of the table tonight. The Gulls trail at home to second-placed Scunthorpe, who could be level on points and goal difference with leaders Rochdale, currently being held by play-off seeking York. Second from bottom Northampton have a valuable half-time lead at Accrington.

  162. 16:02: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    A double substitution for Fulham at half-time as Hugo Rodallega and Ashkan Dejagah come on for Pajtim Kasami and Cauley Woodrow. Will this be the winning formula for Fulham? Boss Felix Magath certainly hopes so.

  163. 16:02: 

    And we are away in the second half.

  164. 16:00: 

    Players emerge from tunnels around the land then. Let's have it...

    Football League- League One

    Second-placed Brentford are two up at the break against Notts County and will cut the gap to four points if leaders Wolves remain goalless with Peterborough. County will be in the drop zone, with Crewe and Carlisle both a goal to the good.

  166. 15:55: 
    Horses for courses

    One of the great British sporting events is on the horizon.

    Nope, not just the second half of Hull v Swansea but the Grand National.

    If, like me, you've ended up with Vesper Bell in the office sweepstake, you'll be keen to find out who wins, who falls and who claims an each-way punt.

    Open yourself up a new window and follow Marc Higginson's live text of events from Aintree.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Rabin Acharya: The performance of Shinji Kagawa in the first half proves where Manchester United went wrong this season.

    Jeffrey Thompson: Great goal from Juan Mata. 1-0 would be a good enough result.

    Football League- Championship

    Half-time at Dean Court, Tommy Elphick's well-directed close-range header from a right-wing corner giving Bournemouth the lead over QPR, which, if things remain the same, will seal Leicester's return to the top flight.

    I say again - Leicester will be in the top flight.

  169. 15:52: 
    The gallery
    Text us on 81111

    Richard in Putney: The lack of depth in this Aston Villa squad is so worrying. We have had some injuries but some teams have had much worse. Need to make some sensible buys in the summer or we will be in trouble next season.

    Andrew: You feel things are about to get lively at Leeds, they could be in for a rollercoaster.

    JB: Should have given Nani a run out instead if Adnan Januzaj. He's a potential match winner against Bayern Munich if there is no Rooney.

  171. 15:50:  
    Alistair Mann, BBC Match of the Day commentatorHull 1-0 Swansea

    "Hull have taken the ascendancy in this game since scoring the opening goal through George Boyd.

    "They deserve to be in front - they have had the more meaningful attempts on target and Michel Vorm has had to make a handful of good saves, a terrific one from Shane Long in particular.

    "The Swansea goalkeeper was let down by right-back Angel Rangel for the goal, though, and he made sure he told him so."

  172. 15:49: 
    Football League update- Championship

    As things stand - Leicester will end today as a Premier League side.

    Tommy Elphick heads Bournemouth ahead against QPR in Harry Redknapp's return to a damp Dean Court. Leicester's promotion to the Premier League will be guaranteed if QPR lose and Derby fail to win at Middlesbrough, where it is goalless at the break.

  173. 15:49:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC SportCardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    "Cardiff fans came here looking to create an atmosphere and get behind their team, but that first half has left them a bit deflated. They need a big second half now."

  174. 15:48:  
    John Motson, BBC Match of the Day commentatorAston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    "It's been a fluctuating first half. Both teams have had a right go and shown a willingness to go forward, but have lacked a cutting edge. It's got plenty to offer, but with no end product."

  175. 15:49: 
    Cardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    BBC Wales's Rob Westall at Cardiff City Stadium: "Palace fans in fine voice as their side take a lead into the interval, fully aware that if their side hold out for a rare away win the Eagles will be eight points clear of the Bluebirds. Since Jason Puncheon's opener the Cardiff fans have been fairly quiet aside from groans of frustration for any misplaced or over-hit pass by their team."

  176. 15:49:  
    MOTD commentator Martin Fisher at Carrow RoadHALF-TIME- Norwich 0-1 West Brom

    "It's been a good performance by West Brom, who have looked solid and organised at the back and dangerous in attack. Norwich struggled to find any kind of rhythm for the first 20 minutes and Ben Foster has only had to make one noteworthy save."

  177. 15:48: 
    HALF-TIME- Cardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace
  178. 15:47: 
    HALF-TIME- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham
  179. 15:46: 
    HALF-TIME- Hull 1-0 Swansea
  180. 15:47:  
    MOTD's Steve Bower at St James' ParkHALF-TIME- Newcastle 0-1 Man Utd

    "Despite eight changes, Manchester United are ahead at the break courtesy of their record signing Juan Mata. Once again Newcastle have to try to come from behind to stop their slide."

    BBC Sport's Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreNewcastle 0-1 Man Utd

    Talking about Juan Mata's position: "If you get Mata in the central position he's playing today, you'll get the most out of him. If you play him out wide he doesn't have the pace to get around the pitch. He's a clever footballer and he needs to be found by his teammates."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Juan Mata

    Rob Gibson: Juan Mata's free kick aside, both sides are very poor and don't look like scoring, Newcastle sorely lacking creativity.

    Chisomo Kumbuyo: Juan Mata scores, when it matters most.

    Stan DeCwikiel: It figures. The one guy who can't play Wednesday, Mata, puts it in for Manchester United.

  183. 15:45: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    A couple of speculative long-range efforts for Fulham but Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan comfortably saves the shots, which come in from Lewis Holtby and then Steve Sidwell. Still goalless at Villa Park.

  184. 15:43: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Newcastle 0-1 Man Utd

    Heads in hands everywhere you look! Shinji Kagawa slices through the heart of the Newcastle side before playing in Javier Hernandez on his left, the Mexican takes it early and confidently, bending a host past keeper Rob Elliot but against the base of the post.

    Chicharito holds his head, David Moyes holds his head, Juan Mata holds his head...

  185. 15:42: 
    Cardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    So what kind of response can Cardiff muster? Bluebirds striker Kenwyne Jones shows positive intent as he charges through the Palace defence, but his through-ball is too heavy for fellow frontman Frazier Campbell. The burly Trinidadian can be a handful for most defenders - when he fancies it - and almost creates another opening for himself seconds later. Encouraging signs for Cardiff boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

    Football League- League One

    Second-placed Brentford are ahead against Notts County at Griffin Park after a straight red card for Haydn Hollis led to a penalty that Adam Forshaw converted. The Bees began six points behind leaders Wolves but they are being held by Peterborough. With Tranmere and Crewe winning away from home, County could find themselves in the drop zone tonight.

  187. 15:40: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Norwich 0-1 West Brom

    West Brom have been much the better side so far but Norwich now do threaten at last - Johan Elmander flicking a header into the far corner but Ben Foster is equal to it, reaching out to make a one-handed stop.

    Steve Claridge, BBC SportCardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    "Cardiff are a goal down and trying little flicks. It's not working."

    Listen to live first-half commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  189. 15:39:  
    BBC Sport's Martin Keown on Final ScoreCardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    "If you have experienced players at the bottom it is a massive help. It also comes down to confidence - you have to convince yourself you're going to score and this is your moment. Often you reflect the manager and Crystal Palace boss Tony Pulis has been strong, professional and a driving force since arriving."

  190. 15:39: 
    GOAL- Hull 1-0 Swansea - George Boyd

    Hull take the lead at the KC Stadium with George Boyd heading in at the back post, rising above Swansea's Angel Rangel to convert Liam Rosenior's right-wing cross.

    That is Boyd's first goal of 2014 and only his second of the season for Steve Bruce's side.

  191. 15:38: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    Fulham come close to taking the lead at Villa Park after a defensive error from the hosts. Joe Bennett's pass was intended for Nathan Baker but intercepted by Cauley Woodrow. The teenage striker then runs into the box and tries an early shot across Brad Guzan but the home goalkeeper managed to get a hand to the effort.

  192. 15:38: 
    GOAL- Newcastle 0-1 Man Utd - Juan Mata (39 mins)

    United have hit the target now! The best thing Juan Mata has done in a red shirt, as he curls a gem of a free-kick right into the very top corner. The top, top corner if you like.

    That is a brilliant goal.

  193. 15:37: 
    Newcastle 0-0 Man Utd

    Is that a penalty? No, free-kick right on the edge of the area for Manchester United after Mike Williamson fouls Darren Fletcher. United are yet to have a shot on target...

    Cardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    BBC Wales's Rob Westall at Cardiff City Stadium: "Palace fans in fine voice following Jason Puncheon's opener. The Cardiff faithful have been silenced. One statistic which won't help the nerves of the home fans is that the Eagles have not lost on the three previous times Puncheon has scored this season, winning twice and drawing the other."

    Steve Claridge, BBC SportCardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace

    "Jason Puncheon's shot goes through a sea of players after he almost half scuffs into into the bottom corner, and Cardiff keeper David Marshall has no chance. Palace look much more the cohesive, but Cardiff at times look a shambles. The team are all over the pitch and don't look like they know what they are doing. On this evidence it's not working under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer."

    Listen to live first-half commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  196. 15:34: 
    Bottom of the table
    Premier League

    Goals for West Brom and Crystal Palace have put them up the charts - it's beginning to look bleak for the bottom three. Well, bleaker anyway...

  197. 15:32: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    The first bit of quality at Villa Park as the home side's Leandro Bacuna cuts in from the right wing and jinks past two Fulham defenders and into the penalty area. But his shot from a narrow angle is pushed to safety by a diving David Stockdale.

  198. 15:31: 
    GOAL- Cardiff 0-1 Crystal Palace - Jason Puncheon (31 mins)

    The opening half hour has been short on attacking quality - until now. Palace winger Jason Puncheon, who fired straight at Cardiff keeper David Marshall moments earlier, makes no mistake this time. He works himself some space inside the home penalty area before clinically dispatching into the bottom corner. Big goal in the relegation battle.

  199. 15:31: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Norwich 0-1 West Brom

    Norwich look all at sea at the back this afternoon. West Brom counter with pace and intent and the Canaries fold like a pack of cards. Matej Vydra eventually bursts into the box, it's at a tight angle, and his left-footed effort is beaten clear by Jon Ruddy.

    Albion got at Ruddy so easily there though. Three passes went the length of the field...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Rian Hoskins: West Brom I'm sure could do worse than look to get Morgan Amalfitano permanently - I can see him being in high demand.

    Jay Swallow: That was a wonder goal from Amalfitano!

  201. 15:29: 
    CLOSE!- Hull 0-0 Swansea

    First sight of goal for Garry Monk's Swansea side as Wilfried Bony's through ball finds Wayne Routledge. But the English winger fails to make the most of the opportunity as his attempted lob is easily saved by Steve Harper.

    At the other end, Curtis Davies heads wide from six yards out following Ahmed Elmohamady's cross.

    Football League update- League One

    Rotherham, who can move up to third, lead at Gillingham after a second-minute Kieran Agard strike, while Crewe, who could move out of the relegation zone, are one up at Crawley through Uche Ikpeazu.

  203. 15:28: 
    Cardiff 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Cardiff begin to turn up the heat on their visitors, with ex-Eagles winger Wilfried Zaha twice getting into good areas down the right flank. The Manchester United loanee beats left-back Joel Ward with pace and trickery, only to overcook a cross and then tamely pass to Palace keeper Julian Speroni.

    Palace supporters respond by singing "he wants to come home" to the England Under-21 international, who left Selhurst Park last summer.

    BBC Sport's Kevin Kilbane on Final ScoreNorwich 0-1 West Brom

    "Since Norwich lost to Manchester United on Boxing Day they've been unbeaten at home but you do feel they have to win today and next week as three of their last four games are against the teams in the top four.

    "And the fourth is against Manchester United so it's a difficult end of the season."

  205. 15:27: 
    Cardiff 0-0 Crystal Palace

    BBC Wales's Rob Westall at the Cardiff City Stadium: "Cardiff City famously won the FA Cup in 1927 and with 19 minutes and 27 seconds gone here they held up blue scarves and sang in protest at controversial owner Vincent Tan's decision to change their home shirts to red. A lot of noise being generated by both sets of supporters despite very little goal mouth action to cheer. "

  206. 15:27: 
    Hull 0-0 Swansea

    Swansea have had much of the ball but Hull have enjoyed the better openings in the first quarter. Shane Long will perhaps think he should have done better after connecting with Maynor Figueroa's teasing cross and George Boyd shot tamely towards Michel Vorm after being released by Long.

    Football League latest- Championship

    Play-off seeking Nottingham Forest, nine points behind fifth-placed Wigan following their earlier win, have gone behind to Scott Malone's goal for Millwall, while bottom side Yeovil have taken the lead at Blackpool, James Hayter's penalty going in off the post. Matt Ritchie shoots just wide for Bournemouth but it's still goalless against QPR at a grey Dean Court.

    Steve Claridge, BBC SportCardiff 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Why isn't Fraizer Campbell playing down the middle for Cardiff? He's just had scraps to feed off so far."

    Listen to live first-half commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  209. 15:25: 
    CLOSE!- Cardiff 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Cardiff now go close. Jordon Mutch - in fine form - crosses from the right, Fraizer Campbell goes up for the header, it flicks off a defender and is heading into the corner until Julian Speroni stretches out a hand to push it clear. CLose. Very close...

  210. 15:24: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Newcastle 0-0 Man Utd

    Best moment of the afternoon in Newcastle. Davide Santon whips in a peach of a first-time cross Papiss Cisse meets it with a thundering header that the watching Alan Shearer would be pleased with and Anders Lindegaard has to push it away one-handed.

    Steve Claridge, BBC SportCardiff 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Palace are a tough team to break down away from home and are well organised, but to be honest they are not exactly having a tough job keeping Cardiff out at the moment."

    Listen to live first-half commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  212. 15:21: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham
    Aston Villa's Grant Holt (front) and Fulham's Brede Hangeland

    We are lacking quality and entertainment at Villa Park with neither side having a shot on target in the opening 20 minutes. Felix Magath's Fulham side desperately need to pick up the three points, and will not care how it comes. But little to get excited about for either set of fans so far.

  213. 15:19: 
    Hull 0-0 Swansea

    Still goalless at the KC Stadium but the hosts have another chance. It is a nice move as Jake Livermore's pass into Shane Long is helped on by the Irish forward to George Boyd, but his low shot from the edge of the penalty area is comfortably dealt with by Swansea goalkeeper Michel Vorm.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Manchester United's Marounane Fellaini competes for the ball with Newcastle United's Luuk De Jong,

    Michael Devlin: If only Marouane Fellaini were taller, he'd probably win some headers then!

    Ryan Goodwin: United fans criticising David Moyes for putting out a weak team against Newcastle need to realise Bayern game is the only game we need to worry about.

    James Young: How is this a weak line-up for United? Minus David De Gea, it's a good team from David Moyes.

  215. 15:18: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Newcastle 0-0 Man Utd

    Manchester United are forced into an early substitution. Winger Ashley Young fell awkwardly and injured his thumb so Adnan Januzaj comes on. Most United fans will like that one, I wager...

  216. 15:16: 
    GOAL- Norwich 0-1 West Brom - Morgan Amalfitano (16 mins)

    He scored a wonder goal last week, and here's another one! Morgan Amalfitano picks the ball up 40 yards from goal, Norwich left-back Martin Olsson slips, Amalfitano skips past him and then places a shot perfectly into the far corner. Unsavable!

    Football League update- Championship

    Burnley can guarantee a play-off place with victory at Watford but Troy Deeney has given the Hornets an early lead. Goalless so far in Harry Redknapp's return to Bournemouth. Remember if QPR lose there and Derby fail to win at Middlesbrough, then Leicester will be back in the Premier League.

  218. 15:14: 
    CLOSE!- Norwich 0-0 West Brom

    Good move from Norwich as they attack down the right, a cross is half cleared to Johan Elmander, steaming in 20 yards out. He has a man to his left but goes for the first-time shot - and skies it into the Norfolk sky.

    Steve Claridge, BBC SportCardiff 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "At this stage Cardiff are struggling to get into their stride. Palace look much more comfortable on the ball."

    Listen to live first-half commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  220. 15:12: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Newcastle 0-0 Man Utd

    Newcastle, watched by former captain Alan Shearer, have made a decent start, but it's Manchester United who have the ball in the net. Phil Jones thrashes in a loose ball from a corner but the referee had already whistled for a handball by Marouane Fellaini.

  221. 15:11: 
    Cellino wins Leeds appeal

    More twists and turns involving Leeds United. They just cannot stay out of the news.

    Prospective owner Massimo Cellino can complete his takeover of Leeds United after winning an appeal against the Football League's decision to block the move.

    A Football League spokesman said: "We are disappointed at the outcome of the appeal hearing, however we would like to thank the independent QC for his diligence in reviewing this decision."

  222. 15:11: 
    CLOSE!- Cardiff 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace, who are five points and two places ahead of their hosts in the relegation battle, enjoy the early territorial advantage at the Cardiff City Stadium. And Tony Pulis's side waste a glorious opportunity to nick the opener. South Africa midfielder Kagisho Dikgacoi is the culprit, firing over the crossbar after being left in yards of space inside the home penalty area. Bluebirds boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer not impressed with that slack marking.

    Football League update- League Two

    Second from bottom Northampton are ahead early on at Accrington through Chris Hackett, and Portsmouth, under caretaker boss, Andy Awford, take an early lead against Hartlepool at Fratton Park.

  224. 15:10: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Hull 0-0 Swansea

    After a quiet opening, Hull have the first chance of the match as Maynor Figueroa's ball from the left finds Shane Long at the back post but his volley from close range is superbly pushed wide by Swansea goalkeeper Michel Vorm.

  225. 15:07: 
    Norwich 0-0 West Brom

    West Brom settle into their rhythm now, as first Graham Dorrans and then Morgan Amalfitano shoot wide at the end of slick moves.

  226. 15:06: 
    Newcastle 0-0 Man Utd

    David Moyes has rested host of players for this one but one of his first-teamers who is out there has had an injury scare. Patrice Evra comes off worse in a crunching 50-50 and looks in a bad way at first. A limp and a wince away and he should be OK to carry on.

  227. 15:03: 
    CLOSE!- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    An early chance for Fulham as 19-year-old striker Cauley Woodrow heads over from Pajtim Kasami's cross. A bright start for the visitors, who are bottom of the table.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jerry Elumeze: David Moyes obviously believes he has a chance in Bayern Munich by naming a weak lineup against Newcastle. I see regrets come full-time!

    Grant Heath: Good chance for Hernandez and Kagawa to prove something to Moyes ahead of the Bayern game.

  229. 15:04: 
    Manager reaction- Manchester City 4-1 Southampton
    Manuel Pellegrini

    Man City manager Manuel Pellegrini: "I haven't seen it (City's second goal) yet but it is the referee who decides. I don't think the difference between the two sides was just one goal.

    "Southampton played very well in the first half with lots of possession. We didn't play well in first half but we scored three goals and had two clear chances to score.

    "I don't remember Joe Hart making an important save. They had possession but no real chances to score.

    "Now we have an important game against Liverpool. We shall see what happens, there is a lot of time to prepare. I don't think that game will decide the Premier League."

  230. 15:02: 
    CLOSE!- Newcastle 0-0 Man Utd

    Newcastle threaten inside the opening minutes too. Dan Gosling heads a free-kick wide, and he was totally unmarked in the Manchester United penalty area.

  231. 15:01: 
    Norwich 0-0 West Brom

    Norwich almost in after 15 seconds! Gary Hooper gets in on the end of a sloppy backpass but it's well cleared in the end. Start fast. Start well.

  232. 15:01: 
    Cardiff v Crystal Palace (15:00 BST)

    Rob Westall at the Cardiff City Stadium: "The teams came out to an enthusiastic welcome from both sets of fans. Opposite the tunnel a crane towers over the Ninian Stand, where building work has been taking place. The Bluebirds will be hoping for three points today to help pull them out of relegation trouble. Crystal Palace will be hoping to build on the foundation of last week's shock victory against title chasing Chelsea and open up a bit of daylight between them and their hosts on a grey, wet and overcast day in the Welsh capital."

  233. 15:00: 

    And they're off! Under way in our five 15:00 kick-offs.

  234. 14:59: 

    Hold on to your hats - away we go...

  235. 14:58: 
    The Great Escape II?- Aston Villa v Fulham (15:00 BST)

    With only 24 points on the board and six games remaining, the situation looks bleak for Fulham. However, the last team to avoid relegation from the same position were the Cottagers themselves in 2007-08. Under then manager Roy Hodgson, the club won four of their final six games to stay in the Premier League on goal difference.

    What's more, their final six fixtures of this season take place on the exact same days as those games six years ago. The dates are aligned…can Fulham pull off another great escape?

  236. 14:56: 
    Manager reaction- Manchester City 4-1 Southampton

    Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino: "I don't know how Jay Rodriguez is. It's not looking good but we'll be assessing it in Southampton.

    "This action from the linesman for the second goal killed the game, the linesman killed the game. It's clear that the second goal changed it. We were superior up that point, we can analyse the game to that point but there is no point after that. It just killed off the game.

    "Today we played with young players and we want to keep on growing as a team. The only positive out of the match, though, is that we were superior up to the point of the first goal."

  237. 14:56: 

    Afternoon one and all.

    Manchester City have done their bit at the top of the table but for the next few hours at least it's all about life at the bottom. Five of the bottom six are in action between now and 17:00. Dog eat dog time. Who wants it?

  238. 14:55: 

    Tom Rostance is now the man to guide you through the rest of today's matches.

  239. 14:51: 
    Player reaction- Manchester City 4-1 Southampton

    Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany: "We knew it was going to be a big game and a difficult one so we can take a lot of positives and confidence from it.

    "The next game will be Liverpool and we have got eight days to focus on that. It is going to be an important week. It is a big game but we have played those before."

  240. 14:49: 
    Kit Clash!- League One

    Tranmere Rovers via Twitter: "The referee has refused Tranmere permission to play in their sky blue away kit [see picture], the team will now wear Colchester's gold away kit.

    "Tranmere will be making an official complaint to the Football League about the decision, having twice been allowed to play in the sky blue against teams wearing blue this season - Oldham Athletic and Carlisle United."

    Kit man - you had one job...

  241. 14:48: 
    Women's World Cup qualifier- England 9-0 Montenegro

    It is all over at the Amex Stadium and England have now won all five of their World Cup qualifying matches, scoring 29 and conceding none.

  242. 14:48: 
    Manchester City 4-1 Southampton

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone at Etihad Stadium: "A comfortable win for Manchester City, who were never as fluent as the scoreline suggests.

    "However, they have put some pressure on Liverpool and Chelsea. But I still think the most significant event of the match was the injury to Southampton striker Jay Rodriguez.

    "He is an in-form player that Roy Hodgson would want available for the World Cup."

  243. 14:46: 
    North of the border

    Scottish Premiership champions Celtic coast to victory against Dundee United at Tannadice, courtesy of two superb goals from Georgios Samaras and Anthony Stokes. There are three games kicking off at 15:00 and a huge game for Hearts this afternoon: Gary Locke's men need to win at Firhill and hope St Mirren lose at home to Motherwell to again stave off relegation for another week.

    Follow the action in a separate live text commentary.

  244. 14:44: 
    Football League latest- League Two

    Leaders Rochdale could go five points clear in the fourth tier with victory over eighth-placed York, one of three teams on 59 points. Second-placed Scunthorpe could go top if they win at bottom side Torquay, who could find themselves seven points adrift if results go against them. It's congested in mid-table, with only three points between the sides from 11th to 18th.

  245. 14:43: 
    Football League- League One

    The Championship is the only English professional league in which there can definitely be promotion or relegation today, but a famous old club can come close to taking another step back up the ladder. Wolves can extend their lead in League One to nine points if they beat play-off seeking Peterborough at Molineux and second-place Brentford lose at home to struggling Notts County.

    It's congested at the foot of the table, and with four teams relegated to League Two, only two points separate the bottom six clubs. It's a huge game at Greenhous Meadow as basement club Shrewsbury take on Stevenage, one point above them in 23rd spot.

  246. 14:42: 
    Football League- Championship

    Burnley will be guaranteed a play-off place if they win at Watford or Nottingham Forest and Ipswich both lose. Forest are at home to second from bottom Millwall, while Ipswich visit mid-table Blackburn.

  247. 14:42: 
    Party time for the Foxes?

    With all this talk about nerves and the stresses of football, today could be a great day for fans of Leicester City.

    Leicester celebrate

    The Foxes, 10 points clear at the top of the Championship, will clinch promotion to the Premier League this afternoon if third-placed QPR lose at Bournemouth and Derby in fourth fail to win at Middlesbrough.

    Leicester have not been in the top flight since 2003-04 but Nigel Pearson's side have the champagne on ice after a 2-1 victory over Sheffield Wednesday last night.

  248. 14:41:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 liveManchester City 4-1 Southampton

    "I've watched Manchester City a few times this season and they even when they don't play well they still seem to win. They seem to have a knack of knowing when to change the pace of the game. And against Southampton they stepped it up when they needed to and were deserved winners."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  249. 14:39: 
    FULL-TIME- Manchester City 4-1 Southampton

    It turns out to be an easy win for Manchester City to move back up to second in the Premier League table. It has been a miserable day for Southampton, with key striker Jay Rodriguez being carried off on a stretcher with what appears to be a serious knee injury.

  250. 14:35: 
    GOAL- England Women 9-0 Montenegro Women - Natasha Dowie (83 mins)

    Toni Duggan crosses for Natasha Dowie, who powers her way into the area and smashes in from 16 yards. The goalkeeper's attempt at a save was poor again but Dowie will not care one jot.

  251. 14:32: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Manchester City 4-1 Southampton

    It is nearly five for City. Jesus Navas's pullback finds Yaya Toure but his shot is pushed onto the post by Paulo Gazzaniga.

  252. 14:29:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 liveManchester City 4-1 Southampton

    "I think that's probably the easiest goal that Stevan Jovetic will score in his career. Alvaro Negredo, given how much he's struggling, must have wished that chance had fallen to him instead."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  253. 14:29:  

    Join Martin Keown and Kevin Kilbane for your weekly dose of Final Score goodness - starting now online, at the top of this page, and on the Red Button.

  254. 14:28: 
    Text us on 81111

    Tim in Brighton: Not saying Southampton were wrong to get rid of Dani Osvaldo but not replacing him in January now looks naïve. Being clinical has been Saints' problem all season and now we only have one recognised striker.

  255. 14:26: 
    GOAL- Manchester City 4-1 Southampton - Stevan Jovetic (81 mins)

    Southampton fans had doubts about stand-in goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga and he has now been at fault for two of City's goals.

    Jesus Navas's low cross from the right is missed by a sliding Alvaro Negredo, but Gazzaniga is well off his line and cannot intercept the pass. That gives Stevan Jovetic, who has only just come on as a substitute for David Silva, the simple task of tapping the ball into an empty net.

  256. 14:26: 
    Manager reaction- Wigan 1-0 Leeds United

    Leeds manager Brian McDermott: "I'm not going to talk about off the field matters anymore, I'm sure they will be sorted out by the relevant people. I just hope whatever the announcement is it is the right thing for Leeds United going forward."

    A decision on Massimo Cellino's appeal against an attempt by Football League to bar him from buying Leeds is expected this afternoon.

  257. 14:25:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 liveManchester City 3-1 Southampton

    "Southampton have gone to a diamond and two up front in the hope they can get something. A clear dive by Yaya Toure, we have said lots of nice of things about him but he tried to cheat there. And I'm happy to say that out loud!"

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  258. 14:25: 
    YELLOW CARD- Manchester City 3-1 Southampton

    Not the finest of moments in a great season for Yaya Toure. The Ivorian collapses to the ground under no challenge from Jose Fonte and is rightly booked by diving. Referee Chris Foy is spot on to book the midfielder for that one.

  259. 14:23: 
    Manchester City 3-1 Southampton

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone at Etihad Stadium: "Southampton fans sing 'England' in reference to their international quartet of Rodriguez, Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert and Luke Shaw. City's respond with "we're going to buy all your players".

    "Cruel, but underlines the harsh reality for clubs of Southampton's size.

    "City have one English player starting today - Joe Hart - and three - Joleon Lescott, Micah Richards and James Milner - on the bench."

  260. 14:23: 
    GOAL- England Women 8-0 Montenegro Women - Toni Duggan (71 mins)

    A hat-trick for Toni Duggan and it's her best goal of the game. Substitute Jade Moore powers into the box, passes to Duggan and the Manchester City striker shoots into the top corner from the edge of the area. That is her second hat-trick of England's 2015 World Cup qualifying campaign.

  261. 14:22: 
    Team News- Norwich v West Brom (15:00 BST)

    Norwich centre-half Joseph Yobo returns to the side after a calf injury and replaces Ryan Bennett, with the only other change from the 3-0 defeat against Swansea City seeing Gary Hooper come in for Ricky van Wolfswinkel up front.

    West Brom make a solitary change from their thrilling 3-3 draw with Cardiff City, Jonas Olsson plays instead of Craig Dawson at centre-back. James Morrison keeps his place in the side after his dressing-room bust-up with Saido Berahino, who is on the bench.

    Norwich XI: Ruddy; Martin, Yobo, Bassong, Olsson; Snodgrass, Howson, Tettey, Hoolahan; Elmander, Hooper

    West Brom XI: Foster, Reid, McAuley, Olsson, Ridgewell, Amalfitano, Morrison, Mulumbu, Dorrans, Sessegnon, Vydra

  262. 14:22: 

    A glorious chance for Southampton to get back into this. Adam Lallana's intelligent through ball finds Rickie Lambert, who has timed his run well to stay onside. Lambert scored in the first half and should have netted again with only Joe Hart to beat, but drags his shot just wide of the far post. The England man should have hit the target from there.

  263. 14:20: 
    Team News- Aston Villa v Fulham (15:00 BST)

    In the absence of the injured Christian Benteke and ill Gabriel Agbonlahor, Aston Villa turn to Grant Holt. Defensive trio Matt Lowton, Joe Bennett and Nathan Baker come into a side that has shipped four goals in each of their last two games.

    Fulham make three changes to the team beaten by Everton last weekend, with Fernando Amorebieta back from suspension, 19-year-old striker Cauley Woodrow recalled and Mahamadou Diarra - who was re-signed in March after being released last summer - becoming the 38th player the Cottagers have used this season.

    Aston Villa XI: Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Baker, Bertrand, Westwood, Bennett, Bacuna, Albrighton, Weimann, Holt.

    Fulham XI: Stockdale; Riether, Hangeland, Heitinga, Amorebieta; Diarra, Sidwell; Kasami, Holtby, Richardson; Woodrow.

  264. 14:20: 
    GOAL- England Women 7-0 Montenegro Women - Demi Stokes (69 mins)

    A first England goal for Demi Stokes and she will rarely get the same time and space to score a gain. The 22-year-old is found at the back post by Alex Scott and she fires in from 10 yards.

  265. 14:18: 
    Team News- Newcastle United v Manchester United (15:00 BST)

    Newcastle make three changes from the 4-0 defeat by Southampton. Left-back Davide Santon, midfielder Dan Gosling and striker Luuk de Jong replace Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Hatem Ben Arfa and Moussa Sissoko.

    Manchester United make eight changes from the side which drew 1-1 with Bayern Munich in midweek. Centre-back Phil Jones, winger Antonio Valencia and midfielder Marouane Fellaini are the only players who keep their places as manager David Moyes clearly has his eyes focused on the second leg at Bayern next Wednesday. Wayne Rooney misses out altogether with a toe injury.

    Newcastle XI: Elliot, Santon, Williamson, Coloccini, Haidara, Anita, Gosling, Tiote, Gouffran, De Jong, Cisse

    Man Utd XI: Lindegaard, Valencia, Smalling, Jones, Evra, Fletcher, Fellaini, Young, Mata, Kagawa, Hernandez

  266. 14:17: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Stacey Phillips: I think those goals before half-time have knocked the wind out of Southampton, they don't have the same spark with the ball now.

    Aloufika: They should have a points system for refs and linesmen. Three points for major mistakes, if they accumulate 20 points they are demoted.

    Samuel Davies: Another point, could that be Rodriguez's last game for Southampton with the summer transfer window coming up?

  267. 14:16: 
    Team News- Cardiff City v Crystal Palace (15:00 BST)

    On-loan Manchester United winger Wilfried Zaha starts for Cardiff against relegation rivals Crystal Palace - the club where he started his career. Norwegian striker Mats Daehli, who scored the dramatic injury-time equaliser at West Brom last weekend, is rewarded with a starting place. Bluebirds boss Ole Gunnar Solksjaer makes one other change to his starting XI as Kenwyne Jones starts up front alongside top scorer Fraizer Campbell.

    Unsurprisingly, Palace manager Tony Pulis names the same starting XI which clinched a surprise 1-0 home win over title-chasing Chelsea last weekend. Top scorer Marouane Chamakh returns to the bench after a month out with a hamstring injury. Fellow forward Dwight Gayle (ankle) is also fit enough to sit among the substitutes.

    Cardiff XI: Marshall; Theophile-Catherine, Caulker, Turner, Taylor; Medel, Mutch, Daehli, Zaha; Campbell, Jones

    Crystal Palace XI: Speroni, Mariappa, Dann, Delaney, Ward, Dikgacoi, Jedinak, Ledley, Puncheon, Bolasie, Jerome

  268. 14:15:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 liveManchester City 3-1 Southampton

    "Manchester City are in total control and have complete dominance but without really lifting themselves that much. That gives hope that if Southampton can somehow get a goal back it could make for a great finish."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  269. 14:14: 
    YELLOW CARD- Manchester City 3-1 Southampton

    Javi Garcia is the next man to go into Chris Foy's notebook. He chops down Southampton's Adam Lallana and can have no complaints at the yellow card that follows.

  270. 14:13: 
    Manchester City 3-1 Southampton
    Man City boss Manuel Pellegrini

    Just over 20 minutes left for Southampton to rescue this match. It will take something special as the hosts are looking in charge.

  271. 14:12: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Manchester City 3-1 Southampton

    Edin Dzeko comes off for City after that effort that went out for a throw-in. Alvaro Negredo is the man coming on, as City show no signs of wanting to hold what they have got. Goal difference could still prove crucial in the title race, as it did when City became champions two years ago. Manuel Pellegrini wants more goals from his side today.

  272. 14:10: 
    Manchester City 3-1 Southampton

    BBC Sport's Simon Stone at Etihad Stadium: "Referee Mark Clattenburg gave three penalties at Old Trafford recently and Chris Foy could easily have matched that figure here.

    "Yaya Toure seemed to have got ahead of Jose Fonte as they charged into the box. Foy had a decision to make when Toure went down but on this occasion said no."

  273. 14:10: 
    Manchester City 3-1 Southampton

    Southampton's head of media Jordan Sibley via Twitter: "No confirmed news on Jay Rodriguez's injury. Word from dressing room at half-time was that he will be assessed once swelling has gone down."

  274. 14:10: 
    Team News- Hull City v Swansea City (15:00 BST)

    Hull City make two changes from the side beaten by Stoke City last weekend. George Boyd returns to the XI after serving his three-match suspension for spitting at Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart and Maynor Figueroa is restored, too, with Alex Bruce and the injured Tom Huddlestone missing out.

    Unsurprisingly, given their thumping win over Norwich last weekend, Swansea name an unchanged side, meaning Michu makes just his third start of 2014.

    Hull XI: Harper, Rosenior, Figueroa, Chester, Davies, Meyler, Livermore, Boyd, Jelavic, Long, Elmohamady

    Swansea XI: Vorm, Rangel, Chico Flores, Williams, Davies, Britton, Shelvey, De Guzman, Routledge, Michu, Bony

  275. 14:08: 
    FULL-TIME- Wigan 1-0 Leeds United

    Another win for Uwe Rosler's Wigan Athletic side, who remain fifth in the Championship but strengthen their chances of finishing the season in a play-off place. For Leeds, it is another miserable afternoon for them.

  276. 14:08:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 liveManchester City 3-1 Southampton

    "We're starting to see in this half why Manchester City are where they are in the Premier League. They've been sharp and crisp with their passing and look much more of threat going forward."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  277. 14:05: 
    Manchester City 3-1 Southampton

    Two chances for Edin Dzeko to make it 4-1 to Manchester City. His first effort is blocked by Southampton goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga and the ball falls to the City striker but his rebound effort is awful.

    In fact, the ball goes out for a throw-in. It might be one for the Bosnian to avoid seeing again, but it makes every Sunday League player up and down the country feel better about themselves. We've all done it, Edin.

  278. 14:06: 
    GOAL- England Women 6-0 Montenegro Women - Lianne Sanderson (54 mins)

    Montenegro's woes continue as Lianne Sanderson rounds the goalkeeper and from a tight angle, her effort on goal is clipped into the back of her own net by Jovana Mrkic.

    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Newcastle United v Manchester United (15:00 BST)

    Anders Lindegaard starts in goal for Manchester United, who are without Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie so Javier Hernandez starts up front.

    Man Utd XI: Lindegaard; Valencia, Jones, Smalling, Evra; Young, Mata, Fletcher, Fellaini, Kagawa; Hernandez

  280. 14:04:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 liveManchester City 3-1 Southampton

    "I'm with Chris Foy on that penalty call. Yaya Toure has been a bit clever with the way he went down. If you're a Southampton fan your heart sinks when you see a player go down like that, but the referee has made a good decision there."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  281. 14:03: 
    Manchester City 3-1 Southampton

    Yaya Toure has a strong appeal for a penalty turned down. A storming run into the penalty area is ended by a clumsy-looking challenge by Saints defender Jose Fonte, who conceded a spot-kick in the first half. But referee Chris Foy is not interested and waves away Toure's protests.

  282. 14:01: 
    GOAL- England Women 5-0 Montenegro Women - Karen Carney (49 mins)

    England start off the second half in the same fashion with a smartly-taken goal. Fara Williams clips the ball into the box from the left and Karen Carney takes a touch before scoring from eight yards. That's her 18th international goal.

  283. 14:01: 
    Wigan Athletic 1-0 Leeds United

    BBC Sport's Gary Rose at DW Stadium: "Michael Brown has certainly been in the thick of things for Leeds and his latest altercation prompts an amusing response from Wigan boss Uwe Rosler. After losing out on a challenge for possession with James Perch near the technical area, Brown appeals half-heartedly for a free kick.

    "The reaction has Rosler, a former team-mate of Brown's at Manchester City, chuckling and though Brown initially looks at Rosler pointing at his leg, he too begins laughing before getting up and carrying on. Rosler, though, might not be smiling for too long with Leeds pressing in these closing stages."

  284. 13:59: 
    Text us on 81111

    Sam: I really feel sorry for Southampton with the second goal. Their offside line was excellent and had worked it perfectly, if only I could say the same for the linesman.

    Mike: Still a chance for the Saints - particularly with the infinitely useless Javi Garcia on the pitch now.

  285. 13:59: 
    As it stands table- Manchester City 3-1 Southampton

    If the scoreline stays as it is at Etihad Stadium then Manchester City will move above Chelsea and into second place, although Jose Mourinho's team will return to the top of the Premier League if they beat Stoke in the evening game later on today.

  286. 13:56:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 liveManchester City 3-1 Southampton

    "Rickie Lambert looks a bit leggy and needs to lift himself. That zip and energy Southampton had in most of the first half has yet to show itself in the second."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  287. 13:53: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Manchester City 3-1 Southampton

    The second half starts and Manchester City have made a change at half-time with Javi Garcia coming on for Fernandinho.

    Is there any way back for Southampton? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook and on text (81111)

  288. 13:49:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker on TwitterManchester City 3-1 Southampton

    "I guess that's over to you, Chelsea and Liverpool. I think even Vincent Kompany, when he comes in for MOTD tonight, will admit City's second goal was offside."

  289. 13:47: 
    Women's World Cup qualifier- England 4-0 Montenegro

    Former England captain Faye White on BBC Two: "It's been one-way traffic and England have been in control.

    "There have been some good combinations between the front three of Lianne Sanderson, Toni Duggan and Eniola Aluko but England have to keep the quality high.

    "They need to use these games to improve their shooting. Montenegro are the poorest team they will come up against in this group."

    You can watch the second half live on BBC Two or on this website.

  290. 13:46: 
    HALF-TIME STATS- Manchester City 3-1 Southampton
    Man City v Southampton half-time stats

    Southampton are bossing the ball - and not many teams do that at the Etihad - but clinical City hold the advantage.

  291. 13:46: 
    Women's World Cup qualifier- England 4-0 Montenegro

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan: "This has been a stroll for England so far against a side that are 77 places below them in the Fifa world rankings. England coach Mark Sampson will want his team to keep showing the initiative in the second half, though. The Welshman has high standards."

  292. 13:45:  
    Martin Fisher, Match of the Day commentatorNorwich City v West Bromwich Albion (15:00 BST)

    "Off the pitch, West Brom have stumbled from one calamity to another, while on it their form has been so pathetic it's remarkable that they're still three points clear of the relegation zone.

    "The dressing room bust-up which followed their 3-3 draw at Cardiff last week suggests division in the camp.

    "But, once again, Albion have sold out their ticket allocation for an away game and the Baggies fans will travel to Norfolk in hope; after all, Norwich are only three points above them in the table. However, since the turn of the year Carrow Road has become something of a fortress."

  293. 13:44:  
    Steve Bower, BBC Match of the Day commentatorNewcastle United v Manchester United (15:00 BST)

    "Make no mistake, this match is hugely significant for both of these clubs in their current predicament.

    "Manchester United's midweek 1-1 Champions League draw with Bayern Munich in the first leg of their quarter-final tie defied the odds and will have lifted spirits. But David Moyes's side will be desperate to avoid any more damaging headlines ahead of their trip to Germany on Wednesday.

    "Newcastle boss Alan Pardew could not defend the criticism that came his team's way after last weekend's 4-0 capitulation against Southampton and has made it clear he expects a reaction."

  294. 13:43:  
    Alistair Mann, BBC Match of the Day commentatorHull City v Swansea City (15:00 BST)

    "This is one of a small number of fixtures which has been contested in all four divisions of the Football League and 10 years ago this match was played in the bottom tier.

    "In reality this result is unlikely to have too dramatic an effect on either team, as both are seven points clear of a bottom three who are finding victories hard to find.

    "With the pressure therefore largely off both these sides, perhaps we can expect a really entertaining duel."

  295. 13:42:  
    John Roder, Match of the Day commentatorCardiff City v Crystal Palace (15:00 BST)

    "This is a huge match for both clubs in the battle to avoid relegation.

    "The manner of Cardiff's amazing 3-3 draw at West Bromwich Albion last weekend will have given them a boost ahead of a fixture that Bluebirds midfielder Jordon Mutch describes as "must-win."

    "However, the Eagles' 1-0 victory over Chelsea last Saturday is one of the results of the season and Tony Pulis's side will arrive in Wales feeling on top of the world."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Matthew Gibson: I thought Raheem Sterling's offside call was the worst decision the Etihad would see this season. I was wrong.

    Andy Knowles: Scoreline completely flatters Manchester City but great response to equaliser. Let's hope we don't switch off again!

    Roy Tuvey: Not sure what's more annoying - the clear offside or that no commentator has seen the flick.

  297. 13:41:  
    John Motson, BBC Match of the Day commentatorAston Villa v Fulham (15:00 BST)

    "The term "must-win game" is overused, but this match is just that for Fulham, who are five points adrift of safety with six games to play.

    "Villa's home record is poor - only Fulham have lost more times in front of their own supporters - and the visitors have to go for it.

    "A Villa victory would leave Felix Magath's side on the brink of the drop, but a rare away win would give the London team belief they can still pull something out of the fire."

  298. 13:40: 
    Later on today...

    Manchester City are now looking comfortable, with a two-goal advantage over Southampton, but there are also five other Premier League matches that start at 15:00 BST. Here, our Match of the Day commentators preview all of the action.

  299. 13:38:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 liveManchester City 3-1 Southampton

    "Manchester City just turned it on for a few minutes in the first half and they are so clinical. Southampton have had plenty of the play and been dangerous, but those last few minutes City just went up through the gears. I can't see any way back from Southampton but they will not give up attacking and passing."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

  300. 13:38: 
    World Cup woe?- Manchester City 3-1 Southampton
    Jay Rodriguez is injured while playing at Man City

    The biggest talking point of that half is not the offside nature of City's second goal, or even the two penalty calls. It has to be the potentially serious injury suffered by Southampton's England forward Jay Rodriguez.

    The reaction of the Southampton players - and plenty of City players too - told you all you needed to know. Everyone was gutted for the lad.

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No movement 3 Man City 31 55 70
No movement 4 Arsenal 32 19 64
No movement 5 Everton 31 18 60
Moving up 6 Man Utd 33 18 57
Moving down 7 Tottenham 32 -4 56
No movement 8 Southampton 33 6 48
No movement 9 Newcastle 33 -13 46
No movement 10 Stoke 33 -11 40
No movement 11 West Ham 32 -6 37
Moving up 12 Hull 33 -6 36
Moving down 13 Aston Villa 32 -13 34
Moving up 14 Crystal Palace 32 -16 34
Moving down 15 Swansea 33 -4 33
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