FA Cup: Arsenal v Liverpool - as it happened

Live text and Radio 5 live commentary as Arsenal see off Liverpool to reach the quarter-finals of the FA Cup.

16 February 2014 Last updated at 11:58

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As it happened

  1. 18:45: 

    You will be able to catch Brighton v Hull on BBC Radio 5 live tomorrow evening with live text commentary right here.

    But that is us done for Sunday. An upset sandwiched between two engrossing all Premier-League affairs? I make that a day well spent.

    Thanks for your time, see you back here soon.

    Ian Wright, on 6-0-6 phone-in on 5 live Sport

    "Those remarks from Jose Mourinho leave a nasty smell in their air, but Arsene has handled them well. The best thing to do? Just smile and wave."

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    Hazza Platt: SAS beaten by OAP (Oxlade-Chamberlain and Podolski)

    LukeS: Second in the Premier League, one game away from Wembley and still in the Champions League? Things aren't looking to bad for Arsenal.

    Mark the Gooner: So Rogers thinks the best team lost? Surely the best team is the one that convert what few chances they have?

  4. 18:41: 

    So with Brighton v Hull still to some on Monday evening, this is how the FA Cup quarter-finals look:

    Arsenal v Everton

    Brighton & Hove Albion or Hull City v Sunderland

    Sheffield United v Sheffield Wednesday or Charlton Athletic

    Manchester City v Wigan Athletic

    All ties are scheduled to be played on 8 and 9 March.

  5. 18:39: 
    Sheffield United 3-1 Nottingham Forest

    Sheffield United tweet: The lads enjoy the fifth round victory...

    Sheffield United
  6. 18:34: 
    Manager reaction- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on Chelsea rival Jose Mourinho calling him a "specialist in failure": "I do not want to go into that - those were silly, disrespectful remarks. I never spoke about him in my press conference. I know one thing, it is more embarrassing for Chelsea than it is for me."


  7. 18:32: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    And saving the best for last...

  8. 18:32: 
    Manager reaction- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool
    Arsene Wenger

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger on bouncing back against Liverpool: "The intensity of the performance pleased me, I am very proud of the way we responded to the huge defeat that we had [at Anfield] last week."

    On goalkeeper Lukas Fabianski: "He was terrific. I am very pleased for him because he is a great goalkeeper. I keep him telling him that and the time to show it is on the pitch."

  9. 18:28: 
    Manager reaction- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool
    Arsene Wenger

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on Liverpool's claims they should have been given a second penalty: "I have seen the incident and will have to look again - maybe, maybe not.

    "Liverpool are a good side and showed it again today. It was a great game."

  10. 18:27: 

    Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner: Great victory.

    Gunners midfielder Aaron Ramsey: Great result and another exciting draw for us in the quarter-finals.

    Ian Wright, on 6-0-6 phone-in on 5 live Sport

    "I feel for Liverpool. They attacked, and they are frightening going forward. With more clinical finishing they would have cleaned up this game."

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  12. 18:25: 
    Manager reaction- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Liverpool Brendan Rodgers speaking to BT Sport: "I thought the best team lost. I thought the very least we deserved was a replay.

    "We probably should have been 2-0 up inside those first six or seven minutes. Going forward we were outstanding. I'm disappointed with the goals, the first one in particular was just a long ball into the box.

    "But, apart from that, going forward we were a real a threat and are bitterly disappointed not to get something and not to get another penalty, which I though was a blatant penalty.

    "It was probably more clear and blatant than the first. I'm not sure because just after the first but it was certainly a clear penalty.

    "Now we have got one competition to focus on for the rest of the season and have to really focus on these last 12 league games."

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    Ben Rabinovich: Sturridge could have won it for Liverpool. So many chances. Bottle.

    Kurt Butler: Arsenal will brought back down to earth against Bayern...

    Ian Lamerton: Really impressed with Sanogo today. Strong, quick and direct. I'd keep him in for Munich - they won't be expecting it.

  14. 18:21: 

    When Arsenal won the FA Cup in 2005, they started with Dennis Bergkamp and Jose Antonio Reyes up front in the final against Manchester United. That gives you an idea of just how long ago it was.

    There is still a long way to go to end that drought. Everton are coming to town in the next round and you would think that whoever is going to lift the trophy will probably have to beat Manchester City.

  15. 18:16:  
    Ian Wright, on 6-0-6 phone-in on 5 live Sport

    "Daniel Sturridge seems always to want to go round a keeper because his pace gets him there. But he should just lift it over the goalie. Going round the goalkeeper means you must get everything absolutely right. These are the opportunities that he needs to take quickly, those half-chances you need to gobble up."

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  16. 18:13:  
    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    "Raheem Sterling is on the way to Brazil, without a doubt. If he maintains his performances between now and then end of the season then I'd take him. He's been well-managed by Brendan Rodgers and he's now looking the part."

  17. 18:13: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Failing to hold onto a two-goal lead may have been a body blow for Arsenal after losing at Anfield and drawing against Manchester United in midweek, but the real make-or-break period of their season is still to come.

    Going away to Bayern Munich, Tottenham and Chelsea before playing Manchester City in successive games from 11 March will be when we find out what they are really made of.

  18. 18:11:  
    Ian Wright, on 6-0-6 phone-in on 5 live Sport

    "It was a good, positive reaction from Arsenal to the Liverpool defeat. And the FA Cup is a great chance of winning a trophy."

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  19. 18:11: 
    Player reaction- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Arsenal's first goalscorer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: "Especially after the result away, we knew we had to turn it around and put in a display.

    "My goal got us off to a good start. We did well to keep it together and hold on.

    "There are penalty shouts in most games. You just have to worry about the ones that are given and thankfully that one didn't.

    "We have got a massive game (against Bayern Munich) on Wednesday and this win is a confidence boost."

  20. 18:06: 
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    Sirhan al Sirhan: Revenge is best served in a cup...

    Richard: Can someone explain to me why, when they're pushing for the Premier League, would Arsenal even want to advance in the FA Cup?

    Objective Kritic: Refs are humans and are susceptible to mistakes - expecting them to be superhuman will only raise undue tension and hate.

  21. 18:04:  
    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    "I see Howard Webb as a top referee. Things happen at break-neck speed. I needed a replay on numerous occasions but he got two major instances wrong. But have understanding - that game was so quick. I didn't think, for example, that Steven Gerrard should have been sent off. For me the referee handled that well."

    Webb did well when he chose to give Raheem Sterling a telling-off for putting his hand on him. I think the FA normally demands a public flogging for touching an official.

  22. 18:01: 
    Match stats- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool
    Match stats

    The bones of a fantastic Cup-tie also offer solace for Liverpool. While they were given the runaround in a 2-0 league defeat at the Emirates in November, today they had the hosts on the rack for long periods.

    Arsenal scored with two out of their three shots on target.

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    Raja Bakhatawer: Arsenal get redemption!

    Gregory Mandapat: A great confidence-building win for Arsenal ahead of the Champions League match against Bayern Munich on Wednesday.

    Nic Billot: Liverpool have got to focus on their last 12 league games now. Would take the top four over winning the FA Cup any day.

  24. 17:57: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Arsenal set off on a lap of honour and are given a standing ovation by the fans. They really needed a result today after last weekend's walloping at Anfield.

    When the dust settles for Liverpool, the fact that they now have absolutely no distractions from the league may be a silver lining to the defeat.

    Perhaps it suits everyone in a way.

    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    "Neither team really deserved to lose that game. Suarez and Sturridge are sitting on the turf, looking devastated - don't tell me the FA Cup doesn't mean anything to people. That was a good a game as I've seen in a long time."

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  26. 17:54: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Daniel Sturridge drops to the turf, perhaps reflecting on three fine chances that he missed. Lukasz Fabianski pumps his fists to the crowd at the other end. Contrasting emotions all around the pitch.

  27. 17:53: 
    FULL-TIME- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool
  28. 17:53: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Luis Suarez gives away a free-kick and that might be Liverpool's lot.

  29. 17:52: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Liverpool with a throw-in up by the Arsenal corner flag. The whistles are deafening.

  30. 17:52: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Brad Jones hits his goal-kick straight out of play. Liverpool need the ball, rather than territory.

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    Ahmed Yare: The best game of the season so far...

    Dr Damian Fogarty: The atmosphere sounds fantastic. If Arsenal can just keep the ball..

    Real Stealth: The worst thing for Arsenal would be a replay, if you take a look at their upcoming fixtures.

  32. 17:50: 
    THREE MINUTES OF INJURY TIME- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Three minutes of injury time for Arsenal to hold out and Liverpool to nick something.

  33. 17:50: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Lukasz Fabianski gathers an over-hit Steven Gerrard free-kick and ties his boot laces to waste another few minutes. Daniel Sturridge comes in to help him out before telling him to get on with it.

  34. 17:49: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    A minute to go and Arsenal are the "greatest team the world has ever seen" according to the home fans.

    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    "Fabianski came such a long way for that ball, and really he just ended up fouling Agger. He just punched him in the head! The keeper has been fantastic today but to be honest he's got away with that."

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  36. 17:48: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Agonising for Liverpool. Lukasz Fabianski comes charging off his line to try and claim Steven Gerrard's set-piece, but Daniel Agger gets up in front of him. The Dane has an empty goal to aim at but can only direct his header wide.

    That might be because Fabianski decides if he can't get the ball he'll take the man. Agger is laid out flat in the aftermath, but there is no penalty despite Luis Suarez's pleas.

  37. 17:45: 
    Five to go- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    The Arsenal fans are starting some celebratory-sounding songs. Five to go.

  38. 17:44: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Both teams are putting in the miles as the clock ticks down towards 85 minutes. The introduction of Kieran Gibbs seems to have stunted Liverpool's building pressure for the time being.

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    EdTA6: Referee bottling sending off an England captain...

    Jamie Bird: Should have walked, Gerrard. Webb is having a stinker.

  40. 17:42: 
    Ten to go- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Arsenal have some half-hearted penalty shouts waved away as Santi Cazorla kicks the foot of Martin Skrtel rather than the ball in the box and goes down in a heap.

    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    "Sterling has played fantastically well for Liverpool. At times he has been playing as a winger, as times as a right-back. The whole of that right flank is his, really."

    Enjoy Arsenal v Liverpool in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  42. 17:40: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Steven Gerrard strokes a magnificent ball over the top of Carl Jenkinson and onto the chest of Philippe Coutinho. The Liverpool playmaker juggles the ball but can't find the touch that would transfer it to Luis Suarez in the middle.

    Liverpool are probing. A shade over 10 minutes remain.

  43. 17:37: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Arsene Wenger shores up his side as he introduces Kieran Gibbs for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

  44. 17:35: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Steven Gerrard, spooked by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's pace, slides in and fails to get a touch on the ball down by the Liverpool corner flag. He is already on a booking. If he hadn't been, he would have seen yellow. As it is, Howard Webb takes mercy.

  45. 17:32: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Santi Cazorla watches as his effort sails high over the bar and knows he should do better. The ball dropped to him 18 yards out from an acrobatic clearance from Martin Skrtel and he had bags of time. He chose to take it first time and blazed the bouncing ball towards the second tier.

    Big chance for Arsenal that.

  46. 17:30: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Twenty minutes to go as Arsenal scrape to get away a Liverpool corner. This is Cup football at its finest.

  47. 17:30: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Arsenal make a change with Lukas Podolski making way for Santi Cazorla. They have lost their grip on this game since Liverpool scored.

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    KevinOnEarth: That is a shocking failure of reffing responsibility.

    Hisham Alkooheji: Is Howard Webb afraid of giving two penalties? This was a clear penalty. Arsenal get away with it.

  49. 17:29: 
    Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Luis Suarez thunders a shot straight at Lukasz Fabianski from Jordan Henderson's return ball on the edge of the box. Only one goal in his last six, but he is still as dangerous as ever.

  50. 17:27: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Arsenal's turn to appeal as Mesut Ozil goes down in the Liverpool box. There was nothing there really though and Jordan Henderson lets the German know that he went to ground too easily,

    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    "That was more of a penalty than the first one! The was clearly a spot-kick, for me. But Suarez has been on the deck three times in the last few minutes, and maybe Howard Webb is finding it hard to believe they are all fouls because Suarez is a drama queen, although he is a fantastic player as well. There are so many flash-points in this game.

    "Does the FA Cup still have spice? Well, this is the best game I have seen all season."

    Enjoy Arsenal v Liverpool in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  52. 17:26: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Arsenal have got away with one here. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain charges into Luis Suarez just inside the box and gets nothing of the ball and a lot of the Uruguayan. Howard Webb takes a long look. And points. For a goal-kick.

  53. 17:23: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    What a pass. What a miss though. Philippe Coutinho dissects the Arsenal defence with a wonderful pass but Daniel Sturridge opts to take on the goalkeeper when he should shoot first time. Lukasz Fabianski gets a hand in to divert Sturridge away from goal and the chance is gone.

  54. 17:21: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    Jordan Henderson on for Aly Cissokho for Liverpool.

    Get Involved- Text us on 81111

    Steve: You can't write Liverpool off yet. From a neutral's point of view they certainly don't deserve to be behind.

    Mo: Why Brendan Rodgers decided to rest Henderson and Mignolet is beyond me - surely he's not preparing Sunderland next week?

    Dan in Oxford: I had a feeling it'd be Arsenal's day today. Looks like it is. Won't be too distressed - the game at Anfield was worth far more this season.

    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 2-1 Liverpool

    "I do hope Suarez has been honest there. He's gone down very easily, but Podolski does make contact with his foot and gives him a reason to go down.

    "How many times are Liverpool going to reply on Steven Gerrard to pull them back into a game? He's just done that now.

    "It was a soft penalty to give away but it was a striker tracking back to defend, and it was sloppy."

    Enjoy Arsenal v Liverpool in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  57. 17:19: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool - Steven Gerrard (pen)

    Rock-solid from Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard as he sends Lukasz Fabianski one way and plants the spot-kick the other. Half-an-hour left. This just got very interesting indeed.

  58. 17:19: 
    PENALTY TO LIVERPOOL- Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool

    Lukas Podolski blunders in on Luis Suarez. There is slight contact and that is enough for Howard Webb.

  59. 17:18: 
    Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool

    Daniel Sturridge wraps his foot around a curling effort from the edge of the Arsenal box, but the ball flies straight into the gloves of Lukasz Fabianski. There is a goal brewing, anybody's guess where it is going though...

  60. 17:16: 
    Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool

    Play switches up the other end and Mesut Ozil brings a good save out of Brad Jones with a low effort. The angle was always against the German but Jones could have spilled it into a dangerous area with team-mates arriving.

  61. 17:15: 
    Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool

    Ooh! Luis Suarez sends a shot whistling narrowly over the top as he hammers a half-volley goalwards. Lovely connection, a little too good if anything.

  62. 17:13: 
    Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool

    Arsenal are getting round and about Philippe Coutinho every time the Liverpool playmaker gets the ball. Lukas Podolski is the latest to snap into his shins.

  63. 17:11: 
    Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool

    What have Liverpool got left in the tank? They have had their chances in the game so far and one goal would set nerves on edge among the home fans. Jordan Henderson is warming up and may be set to make an entrance off the bench.

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    Miracle Roch: Exactly what Poldi offers us - a lethal goal threat!

    Chris Byrne: Oxlade-Chamberlain is red hot at the moment. Great football from Arsenal!

    Christopher Wood: Taught a lesson on finishing so far today. Miss a chance at one end and Arsenal go up the other end and score.

    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 2-0 Liverpool

    "We talked about character and personality, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was out of the blocks again demonstrating his thundering pace down the right-hand side, with Podolski just converting his cross. A great attack by Arsenal. But don't discount Liverpool yet - they have been magnificent going forward."

    Enjoy Arsenal v Liverpool in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  66. 17:07: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool - Lukas Podolski (47 mins)

    Brilliant from Arsenal as they give Liverpool a taste of their own medicine. Mesut Ozil's measured ball allows Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to burn Daniel Agger for pace and then serve the ball up on a platter with a precise pull-back for Lukas Podolski. The German's effort is low and unerring to double the lead.

  67. 17:07: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool start the second half as they did the first with thrilling attacking play. Joe Allen's clever reverse ball finds Luis Suarez who sways past Laurent Koscielny like he is a training cone. His low shot is only just blocked by Lukasz Fabianski's studs.

  68. 17:05: 
    KICK-OFF- Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool get us back under way.

  69. 17:04: 
    Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Can Arsenal keep up the harrying and chasing that has stifled Liverpool in the first half? Their gameplan has worked well so far, but they have burned plenty of energy with even the likes of Mesut Ozil doing the defensive dirty work.

    We might not make it to 90 minutes with 22 on the pitch either. Mathieu Flamini is leading the beting as the most likely to see red.

    BBC local radioSheffield United 3-1 Nottingham Forest

    Former Sheffield United striker Keith Edwards on BBC Radio Sheffield: "United deserve this. I would say if Sheffield United had been fortunate today, but they have played well enough. The ball has been put into good areas and the players have shown a great togetherness. Nigel Clough's signings have been very positive for this team. There are huge financial rewards and the next fixture could be very, very exciting."

  71. 17:02: 
    Sheffield United 3-1 Nottingham Forest

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Bramall Lane: "Pitch invasion at full-time here but it looks pretty peaceful. Some supporters have made their way towards the Forest fans but police have now arrived to clear the pitch and restore order. No need for that reaction whatever the delight. Police have now formed a human barrier across the half-way line and the field is clear."

    Sheffield United
  72. 16:58: 
    FULL-TIME- Sheffield United 3-1 Nottingham Forest

    They've done it! Nigel Clough celebrates as his side make their way to the last eight amid a roar from the stands.

  73. 16:56: 
    Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool
    match stats

    Five booking in total as well. It has had everything at the Emirates.

  74. 16:55: 
    Sheffield United 3-1 Nottingham Forest

    We will be in for a Sheffield derby in the last eight if Wednesday beat Charlton in their postponed last-16 tie remember.

  75. 16:52: 
    GOAL- Sheffield United 3-1 Nottingham Forest - Chris Porter

    Scratch that and start booking the Blades' place in the quarter-finals. Chris Porter has surely booked their place in the last eight with a close-range finish. Bedlam at Bramall Lane.

  76. 16:50: 
    GOAL- Sheffield United 2-1 Nottingham Forest - Chris Porter (pen)

    Massive. Chris Porter steps up to convert after a Greg Halford hand-ball. In 1966 style there are some people on the pitch, but their side need to survive another six minutes of injury time.

  77. 16:50: 
    HALF-TIME- Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool
  78. 16:49: 
    Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Raheem Sterling is raging at Howard Webb and then steps over the line, putting his palm on referee Webb's chest. He is lucky to escape with a strict telling-off.

  79. 16:48: 
    INJURY TIME- Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    We will have one added minute.

  80. 16:47: 
    Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Luis Suarez makes a chance out of nothing, chasing a nothing ball forward and crashing a shot goalwards as the ball drops. Lukasz Fabianski has to get down sharply to get a palm on it.

  81. 16:46: 
    YELLOW CARD- Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Mesut Ozil comes snapping in on Philippe Coutinho to set up a swift Arsenal counter that only comes to an end with a sly shirt tug from Steven Gerrard. He earns a booking for that and that was the price he know he would pay.

  82. 16:43: 
    Five to go to the break- Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    It is a humdinger of a game certainly. Five minutes to go to the break as Luis Suarez loses out to Laurent Koscielny.

    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    "Cissokho is basically playing like a winger for Liverpool. It's amazing - they are the away team but they are really trying to take this game to Arsenal."

    Enjoy Arsenal v Liverpool in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  84. 16:42: 
    Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Arsenal are pulling strings in attack with Mesut Ozil the puppeteer-in-chief. He almost sets up fellow German Lukas Podolski with a mazy run, but the Liverpool defence descends to block Podolski's shot.

  85. 16:40:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    "Sanogo brings it down and hits a volley. It's blocked, and comes back out to..."

    Listen to Arsenal's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scoring the first goal of this FA Cup game against Liverpool on the BBC Radio 5 live website.

  86. 16:40: 
    YELLOW CARD- Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Mathieu Flamini puts in a robust challenge on Steven Gerrard, charging into the Liverpool skipper without getting a sniff of the ball. Into the book he goes.

  87. 16:38: 
    Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Raheem Sterling skins Carl Jenkinson down the Arsenal left, leaving the full-back floundering. Sterling stumbles in the box and that might have been Jenkinson yapping at his heels, but chooses to stay on his feet.

    He might have been better to go down. He can't pick out a team-mate in the middle.

    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    "Whenever Gerrard is on the ball Suarez gives him space as he and Sturridge busy and threaten the back line. That can allow Liverpool to pose a major threat."

    Enjoy Arsenal v Liverpool in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  89. 16:36: 
    Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool's players look spread too widely .They are struggling to string their passes together as they do at their best. Philippe Coutinho is the latest to mis-place a ball.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Moses Ayeni: Has the Ox started the revenge mission? I hope so.

    Mr T: Reckon there's a few more goals in this one...

    Jamie Atkins: I'd much rather have Flamini than Wilshere at the moment. Flamini was the difference last weekend.

  91. 16:33: 
    Alistair Magowan, BBC Sport at Bramall LaneSheffield United 1-1 Nottingham Forest

    "Lift off at the Lane in front of a record crowd of 25,118, as Conor Coady digs the ball out of his feet and taps into an empty net. John Brayford's low cross was a good one but Dorus De Vries spilled the ball after diving to his right and had his head in his hands as Coady ran off to celebrate with a thunderous Kop. Game on."

  92. 16:32: 
    Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Arsenal are defending high and hard with Yaya Sanogo leading the press. The French striker gets a block in on Daniel Agger as the Liverpool centre-back attempts to clear.

    The hosts have sweated and toiled their way into the lead after looking shell-shocked in the opening ten minutes.

  93. 16:27: 
    GOAL- Sheffield United 1-1 Nottingham Forest - Conor Coady (68 mins)

    A mistake from Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Dorus de Vries allows on-loan Conor Coady to pull the Blades level. Game on and the crowd know it.

  94. 16:26: 
    Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool break at warp speed with Luis Suarez spraying a pass wide to Daniel Sturridge before heading off to join his strike-partner. Arsenal defend at the expense of a corner, which they then see out with good work from Laurent Koscielny.

    That was a warning shot though about how quickly Liverpool can counter.

  95. 16:24: 
    QPR 1-1 Reading- Half-time

    Reading midfielder Daniel Williams headed his side into the lead at QPR only for former Royals striker Kevin Doyle to haul the home side level when he tapped in from close range.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Charleschip: Feed the Ox and he will score!

    Ayush: Yes! The Ox hammers it in! Well played Ozil and Sanogo.

    Bensky: Liverpool are too open and Arsenal punish them.

  97. 16:23: 
    YELLOW CARD- Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    Philippe Coutinho joins Jon Flanagan in the book after getting caught the wrong side of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and cyncially hacking him down.

    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live SportArsenal 1-0 Liverpool

    "You see what it means to those Arsenal players, the way they're celebrating. It's a side-footed finish from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, really - he strokes it into the net."

    Enjoy Arsenal v Liverpool in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  99. 16:21: 
    Sheffield United 0-1 Nottingham Forest

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan at Bramall Lane: "The Blades have asked more questions of the Forest defence since half-time with Harry Maguire and Stefan Scougall both going close. But Sheffield United goalkeeper Mark Howard is having an assured game, making two superb saves to deny Jamie Paterson and Simon Cox in quick succession. A tie firmly in the balance. "

  100. 16:19: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (16 mins)

    Just what Arsenal needed after hanging on the ropes early on. Daniel Agger clears the initial set-piece but when Mesut Ozil clips it back in the ball breaks invitingly for Yaya Sanogo. The young striker's shot is well-blocked by Steven Gerrard, but the ball runs loose for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to slot home unchallenged from ten yards.

    The home fans have found their voice.

  101. 16:18: 
    YELLOW CARD- Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool

    Jon Flanagan knows he is not going to get the ball as soon as he makes the challenge. Nacho Monreal goes over his outstretched leg and it is yellow for the Liverpool full-back and a dangerous position...

  102. 16:17: 
    Social media

    Check out all the best photos from today's FA Cup fifth-round ties on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  103. 16:17: 
    Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool

    Raheem Sterling looks bright and eager for work. The Liverpool winger darts in off his flank, but Carl Jenkinson is alert and makes sure that he is not going to get on the end of Luis Suarez's floated pass.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Aloufika: So, a poor Liverpool team open up our defence like this? I tremble thinking about Bayern.

    Ryan Mould: I wonder what the odds of Ozil showing up are...

    Jdesatge: Terrified to get up and make myself a cuppa - the last time I did it in this fixture I missed three goals!

  105. 16:15: 
    Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool

    Better from Arsenal. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Yaya Sanogo swap passes but Oxlade-Chamberlain just runs the ball long as he heads to the byeline.

  106. 16:13: 
    Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool

    Martin Skrtel's nervy header gives Arsenal their first chance to sling in a corner, but Brad Jones is out to punch clear above Laurent Koscielny.

  107. 16:11: 
    YELLOW CARD- Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool

    A nasty challenge by Nacho Monreal on Joe Allen. The Spaniard planted all eight studs square on the Liverpool man's ankle. He is shown yellow, but Steven Gerrard's free-kick is over-hit with plenty of tall Liverpool bodies waiting for a better delivery.

    Martin Keown, at Emirates Stadium for 5 live Sport

    "Per Mertesacker is like a mannequin! Sturridge has just set him up and there's so much space to run into. Sturridge ran onto the ball easily and though the keeper forced him wide he really should have scored."

    Enjoy Arsenal v Liverpool in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  109. 16:07: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool are opening up Arsenal at will. Luis Suarez's flicked pass picks out Daniel Sturridge's run in behind Per Mertesacker and only the Liverpool striker's profligacy spares the Gunners as he fires into the wrong side of the side netting after rounding Lukasz Fabianski.

  110. 16:07: 
    KICK-OFF- Sheffield United 0-1 Nottingham Forest

    Back under way at Bramall Lane.

  111. 16:06: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    Liverpool cut Arsenal open just as they did last weekend. Steven Gerrard's ball down the side exposes Nacho Monreal, Daniel Sturridge is in behind, but his low shot is just about kept out by Lukasz Fabianski. The ball almost squirmed through his legs.

  112. 16:04: 
    Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    Raheem Sterling gets an early run at the Arsenal defence and the home rearguard look a little jittery with Per Mertesacker stretching out a telescopic leg to cut out his pass.

  113. 16:03: 
    KICK-OFF- Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    Arsenal get us up and running. It was a goal-filled first quarter last weekend. Let's see how this goes...

  114. 16:02: 
    Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    The minute's silence ends with both sets of fans chanting "there is only one Tom Finney".

  115. 16:01: 
    Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    The Emirates crowd rise to applaud Sir Tom Finney before falling silent for a minute in memory.

    Get Involved- Text us on 81111

    Flynn: Based on the strengths of the two line-ups, anyone going for another 5-1 to Liverpool?

    Andrew in Belfast: The Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal game last weekend was one of the most wide-open, attacking games of football I can remember seeing. Expect to see a much tighter, closer and cagey match this evening. Arsene Wenger must have learnt his lesson from last week - he will adapt.

    Matt from Torquay: Arsenal are going to get slaughtered again - maybe only Koscielny and Flamini would get into the Liverpool team today. Their season will unravel fast from here.

  117. 15:58: 
    Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    The two teams side by side in the tunnel. No sign of any players crossing the divide to greet an opponent. Oh yes, there is is Luis Suarez high-fiving Mesut Ozil.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    George Powell: Away to Liverpool or Arsenal? Thanks a bunch Rob Lee...

    Stephen Hilton: Uwe Rosler back at City, can't wait to see the reception he gets.

    Jack Poskett: As a Wednesdayite, never wanted United to win until now. Sheffield derby in the quarters would be awesome!

  119. 15:54: 
    Sturridge scoring streak- Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)
    Daniel Sturridge

    Daniel Sturridge could earn a place in the Liverpool record books as the England striker aims to become the first Reds player to score in nine successive matches. His scoring run goes back to the 3-3 draw with Everton on 23 November.

    There has been a lot of those celebratory wavy arms.

  120. 15:50: 
    Alistair Magowan, BBC Sport at Bramall LaneHALF-TIME- Sheffield United 0-1 Nottingham Forest

    "Nottingham Forest lead thanks to Jamie Paterson's cute header but Sheffield United have had several chances to score on the counter attack and the prospect of facing Sheffield Wednesday in the quarter-finals has given the Blades an added incentive. 'Get the ball to Jamie Murphy' is likely to be one of Nigel Clough's half-time instructions."

  121. 15:50: 
    Arsenal team news- Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    As expected, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger makes seven changes to his starting XI, with the Frenchman glancing one eye towards Wednesday's Champions League tie against Bayern Munich.

    France Under-21 international Yaya Sanogo, a summer signing from Auxerre, is given his first start after a injury-hit beginning to his Gunners career. Holding midfielder Mathieu Flamini returns from a four-match suspension, while goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny and midfielder Jack Wilshere are among those rested.

  122. 15:49: 
    Liverpool team news- Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    There are a trio of switches for Liverpool from Wednesday's 3-2 win at Fulham as boss Brendan Rodgers drafts goalkeeper Brad Jones, defender Daniel Agger and midfielder Joe Allen into his line up. Simon Mignolet, Kolo Toure and Jordan Henderson drop to the bench.

    Vice-captain Agger features for the first time since January's third-round win at Oldham following a calf injury, while Wales international Allen has not previously been named in starting first XI since December's clash at Chelsea.

  123. 15:49: 
    LINE-UPS- Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    Arsenal: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Podolski, Sanogo.Subs: Sagna, Wilshere, Giroud, Viviano, Cazorla, Gibbs, Gnabry.

    Liverpool: Brad Jones, Flanagan, Agger, Skrtel, Cissokho, Coutinho, Gerrard, Allen, Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge. Subs: Toure, Aspas, Moses, Henderson, Mignolet, Kelly, Teixeira.

    Referee: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire)

  124. 15:47: 
    Sheffield United 0-1 Nottingham Forest

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan at Bramall Lane: "Word reaching Sheffield United fans that they have a potential FA Cup quarter-final tie with Sheffield Wednesday. That's Nigel Clough's half-time team talk done, then."


    Liverpool tweet: An exclusive snapshot from inside the Reds dressing room at the Emirates Stadium...

    Liverpool dressing room
  126. 15:44: 
    Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    After the Brazilian starred in Liverpool's 5-1 walloping of Arsenal in the league last weekend, Reds manager Brendan Rodgers has said that he would not swap Philippe Coutinho for £42m Arsenal man Mesut Ozil.

    High praise indeed. And you could not argue on the evidence of that game on Merseyside. Time for Mesut Ozil to stand up and provide a response on the pitch,

  127. 15:40: 
    Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    Right, let's switch sights and zoom in on the Emirates.

  128. 15:40: 
    Last-eight draw

    Plenty of stories in all of those. A potential Merseyside derby, with memories of that 4-4 in the early nineties in the air.

    A possible Sheffield derby. Gus Poyet back to the Amex Stadium? And a repeat of last year's final with Uwe Rosler taking on his old club.

    Lovely stuff.

  129. 15:37: 
    Last-eight draw

    Manchester City v Wigan

  130. 15:37: 
    Last-eight draw

    Sheffield United or Nottingham Forest v Sheffield Wednesday or Charlton

  131. 15:36: 
    Last-eight draw

    Brighton or Hull v Sunderland

  132. 15:36: 
    Last-eight draw

    Arsenal or Liverpool v Everton

  133. 15:35: 
    Last-eight draw

    Right, time for the last-eight draw. Sunderland, Everton, Manchester City and Wigan are already there. Nottingham Forest have half a foot in the quarter-finals. Let's see how this shakes down.

    Chit-chat coming to an end. Release those balls!

  134. 15:33: 
    Alistair Magowan, BBC Sport at Bramall LaneSheffield United 0-1 Nottingham Forest

    "Sheffield United were just getting into the game before Jamie Paterson's opener. In fact, Jose Baxter wasted a great opportunity on the counter-attack before Paterson was more clinical at the near post from Andy Reid's cross."

    "Forest fans now singing '1-0 to the famous team'."

  135. 15:33: 
    Player reaction- Everton 3-1 Swansea

    Everton goalscorer Leighton Baines on ITV: "We were the better team and deserved to win. But if anything we caused ourselves problems by being sloppy in possesion. But we know we can improve on that. Our own problems were our own doing rather then being caused by them."

  136. 15:30: 
    GOAL- Sheffield United 0-1 Nottingham Forest - Jamie Paterson (28 mins)

    First blood to Billy Davies' men. In-form Jamie Paterson nips in front of his marker to meet Andy Reid's cross and guide home a header.

  137. 15:28: 
    Last-eight draw

    Kevin Kilbane will not have to wait long. We are about to find out who Everton will be facing in the last eight.

    Continuing a father-son theme, the Football Association has former Newcastle midfielder Rob Lee and son Olly, who plays for Birmingham, drawing the balls out the of the pot.

    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live SportEverton 3-1 Swansea

    "If Everton get a home draw in the next round of this competition they will be a real force, and it will be difficult to stop them.

    "This wasn't a great Everton performance today, but they did well enough, particularly in the second half, to go on and win it. Swansea played very well in parts but just did not do enough. Now, their focus shifts to the Napoli game."

    Enjoy Everton v Swansea in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.


    Arsenal tweet: The pristine Emirates pitch gets a watering ahead of Arsenal v Liverpool...

    Watering the pitch
  140. 15:23: 
    FULL-TIME- Everton 3-1 Swansea

    The Toffees are through.

  141. 15:23: 
    Breaking Liverpool team news- Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    Liverpool also make changes with Daniel Agger coming back from injury to replace Kolo Toure. Joe Allen comes into midfield for Jordan Henderson.

    Liverpool starting XI: Jones, Flanagan, Skrtel, Agger, Cissokho, Gerrard, Allen, Coutinho, Suarez, Sterling, Sturridge

  142. 15:20: 
    INJURY TIME- Everton 3-1 Swansea

    Four minutes of time added on at the end of the ninety.

    Get Involved- Text us on 81111

    Graham in Liverpool: Martinez has done no better that Moyes last year. But he relies on loans. Building nothing.

    Nathan from Yarnton: I find the experience of watching Alvaro Vazquez painful. What does he bring to this Swansea team?

    Paul: There are ghosts with more physical presence than what that lad Vasquez has got up top for Swansea...

  144. 15:19: 
    Everton 3-1 Swansea

    Steven Naismith heads to the tunnel with a shake of the head. He has a mild concussion after a collision and has wisely opted not to soldier on the game already won.

  145. 15:18: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 3-1 Swansea

    A late change for Everton as Gerard Deulofeu comes on for Kevin Mirallas.

  146. 15:17: 
    YELLOW CARDS- Everton 3-1 Swansea

    Leroy Lita clatters James McCarthy in the centre-circle to earn himself a yellow card and Jose Canas adds his name to the book for needlessly giving the prone McCarthy some verbals.

  147. 15:15: 
    Sheffield United 0-0 Nottingham Forest

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan at Bramall Lane: "Lively start with both sets of fans reminding each other of the part their respective counties played in the miner's strike. Forest getting the ball down better so far with Andy Reid beginning to dictate the play."

  148. 15:14: 
    Final five minutes- Everton 3-1 Swansea

    Swansea are petering out here. Roberto Martinez is going to bring on Gerard Deulofeu for a late cameo.

  149. 15:12: 
    Breaking Arsenal team news- Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    Arsenal name a much-changed team with Olivier Giroud rested and Yaya Sanogo starting up front. Mathieu Flamini returns in his anchorman role after suspension.

    Arsenal starting XI: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Flamini, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Podolski, Sanogo

  150. 15:10: 
    Everton 3-1 Swansea

    A little bit of push-me pull-you in the six-yard box as Steven Naismith plants himself right in front of Gerhard Tremmel and the Swansea goalkeeper and team-mate Jose Canas try to move him on with a series of shoves. In the end the set-piece comes to nothing anyway.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Stephen Dixon: The most surprising stat of the year goes to Steven Naismith's four goals in his last six games.

    Andrew Ross: Naismith producing the goods again! Doesn't get the credit he deserves.

    Mr Lamide: You watch Everton put crosses in the box, and almost all of them find a player. Manchester United could learn from that.

  152. 15:07: 
    Everton 3-1 Swansea

    Swansea have a little under 15 minutes of normal time to try and find a way back into the match. Despite looking dangerous prior to them, it looks like those two goals have broken their belief.

  153. 15:05: 
    KICK-OFF- Sheffield United 0-0 Nottingham Forest

    Up and running at Bramall Lane after a minute's since for Sir Tom Finney.

  154. 15:04:  
    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Goodison ParkEverton 3-1 Swansea

    "Everton manager Roberto Martinez has shown his expertise at making substitutions this season and once again an introduction has transformed the game, with Steven Naismith scoring the second and winning the penalty for Leighton Baines' third."

    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live SportEverton 3-1 Swansea

    "A totally easy penalty decision for the referee. Richards didn't even need to make the challenge, he had cover coming across, but he dived in right through the back of Naismith. And it was a brilliant penalty from Baines, sending the keeper the wrong way right in front of the Gwladys Street Stand."

    Enjoy Everton v Swansea in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  156. 15:03: 
    Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest (15:00 GMT)

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan at Bramall Lane: "Nottingham Forest boss Billy Davies walks straight out the tunnel and onto the pitch to applaud his team's fans. No sign of a handshake between him and old foe Nigel Clough. A perfectly observed minute's silence for Tom Finney then follows."

  157. 15:03: 
    GOAL- Everton 3-1 Swansea - Leighton Baines (pen)

    Never in doubt. Leighton Baines sends Gerhard Tremmel the wrong way, burying the ball in the bottom right-hand corner.

    Goodison sighs in relief. Last eight here they come.

  158. 15:01: 
    PENALTY TO EVERTON- Everton 2-1 Swansea

    Swansea have looked scrappy since Steven Naismith's goal and they have given away a penalty as Jazz Richards brings down Naismith in the box...

  159. 14:59: 
    Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest (15:00 GMT)

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan at Bramall Lane: "Plenty of sub-plots here as Sheffield United boss Nigel Clough squares up to Nottingham Forest manager Billy Davies once again. Clough, who is a former Forest forward, admits the pair have had a few 'ding-dongs' in the past and was alleged to have kneed Davies in the back during one touchline fracas while at previous club Derby.

    "Having already beaten Aston Villa and Fulham in this year's FA Cup, League One side Blades will be confident of reaching the quarter-finals. But unlike their Premier League victims, Championship outfit Forest are unlikely to field a weakened team and arrive on the back of a 16-game unbeaten run."

  160. 14:59: 
    LINE-UPS- Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest (15:00 GMT)

    Sheff Utd: Howard, Brayford, Maguire, Collins, Harris, Flynn, Coady, Doyle, Murphy, Scougall, Baxter. Subs: Porter, Miller, Kennedy, De Girolamo, Long, Hill, McGinn.

    Nottm Forest: De Vries, Halford, Lascelles, Collins, Fox, Jara, Majewski, Paterson, Reid, Henderson, Cox. Subs: Darlow, Harding, Mackie, Greening, Djebbour, Derbyshire, Abdoun.

    Referee: Michael Oliver (Northumberland)

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Luke: It was only a matter of time before one of the sides' shambolic defending decisions were punished.

    Samuel Davies: And that's why Taylor is back-up for Davies.

    Gideon Sacofsky: That's a pass Kolo Toure would be proud of...

  162. 14:59: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 2-1 Swansea

    Seamus Coleman is spreading terror down the right flank. The full-back scampers to the byeline and pulls back a great cross that Kevin Mirallas balloons well over the top. Leaning back, it was always heading over and it deserved better.

    That could have been the game done and dusted.

    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live SportEverton 2-1 Swansea

    "Neil Taylor played the pass back but did not see what was around him. It was a weak pass back and although it was a good finish by Naismith, Taylor is hanging his head in shame. It's such a shame for Swansea, who were playing so well.

    "It was on Taylor's weaker foot, his right. Perhaps he should have just put his foot through it and cleared it into the stand, allowing Swansea to regroup."

    Enjoy Everton v Swansea in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  164. 14:54: 
    GOAL- Everton 2-1 Swansea - Steven Naismith (65 mins)

    Steven Pienaar headed just wide a minute before, but he is not ruing that miss for long as Neil Taylor picks up an assist with a horror show of a backpass. The Swansea left-back's attempt to play the ball to Gerhard Tremmel is an open book and Steven Naismith reads it perfectly, slipping in to poke the ball past the goalkeeper and wrestle the tie Everton's way.

  165. 14:51:  
    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Goodison ParkEverton 1-1 Swansea

    "The success of Swansea's pressing game can be gauged by how many times Everton keeper Joel Robles has been forced to kick clear in this second half. Everton are getting no time to build up moves. Swansea sensing they could get something here."

  166. 14:50: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Roberto Martinez opts to protect debutant Lacina Traore and the returning Ross Barkley, bringing on Leon Osman and Steven Naismith in their place.

  167. 14:46:  
    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live Sport

    "Excellent play again from Swansea, whose quick ball is causing problems. They keep opening up the Everton defence with their attacks.

    "I also think Traore has struggled for Everton, particularly in open play - he hasn't won too many headers, which is a surprise for his height. His major asset is that he's difficult to play against."

    Enjoy Everton v Swansea in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  168. 14:46: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Everton's rearguard survives its first test as Sylvain Distin stretches to cut out an attempted ball through to Roland Lamah breaking into space behind him. Swansea are also looking neat and tidy with the ball on the fringes of the penalty area.

  169. 14:44: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Everton are off to the faster start in the second half. Plenty of zip and purpose going forward, but their shaky first-half defending has not been tested yet.

  170. 14:41: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Every time he picks up the ball within 25 yards of goal, there is a buzz around the ground. Everton's Ross Barkley stands up a defender and fires in a meaty low shot that Gerhard Tremmel gets solidly behind.

  171. 14:39: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    James McCarthy's pass for Kevin Mirallas is over-hit as the Belgain gets on his bike down the right. There was an opening if McCarthy had a more delicate touch.

  172. 14:38: 
    Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    Liverpool tweet: Not long now until the two teams emerge from this tunnel at the Emirates Stadium...

  173. 14:37: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Gerhard Tremmel is sporting a bright white cap to shield his eyes from the low sun after changing ends. He is not going to win any fashion wars with that, but it looks like it is doing a job judging by the fans making a visor from their hands in the stands behind.

  174. 14:35: 
    KICK-OFF- Everton 1-1 Swansea

    We are up and running. Quarter-final place at stake, let's go.

  175. 14:34: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Everton are out early for the second half. Garry Monk is taking his time to issue a few more instructions. There is change for the Swans as well. Nathan Dyer is on for Wayne Routledge.

    Get Involved- via BBC Sport page on Facebook

    Jonny O'Brien: Rooney's form since he signed his last contract in October 2010 does not justify a pay rise. £300k a week is what the very best players in the world are paid - Rooney isn't one of them.

    Safvan Shams: Unlike some lazy star players he's a workhorse. He alone saved United from some situations where everyone else was below par.

    Michael Buck: It''s way too much money. Since Mata joined the club we have only won one match. That was a 2-0 win in which Rooney didn't start and Mata started in his place!

  177. 14:31: 
    Get Involved- Text us on 81111

    Mitesh in Liverpool: Yes - Man Utd are paying over the odds for Rooney, but it sends out a message that they want to keep their best players and compete for trophies. They sell Rooney, and it becomes much harder for them to attract the best players over summer.

    Andrew, a Manchester United supporter: Wayne Rooney is the heartbeat of the Manchester United team, and that has been the case for the past 5-6 years. If and when he is on-form, Manchester United perform and play great attacking football. No one can argue otherwise. He hasn't been consistently brilliant for the past 12-15 months, but I'd much rather have him playing at Old Trafford than lining up against me for another Premier League club.

  178. 14:28: 
    Alistair Magowan, BBC Sport at Bramall LaneSheffield United v Nottingham Forest (15:00 GMT)

    Sheffield United captain Michael Doyle returns from suspension to replace Stephen McGinn in central midfield after being sent off in the last round against Fulham.

    Sheffield United starting XI: Howard, Harris, Brayford, Maguire, Flynn, Doyle, Baxter, Collins, Coady, Scougall, Murphy

    Nottingham Forest boss Billy Davies makes four changes to the team which beat Huddersfield in midweek. Goalkeeper Dorus De Vries replaces Karl Darlow in goal, while Danny Collins, Gonzalo Jara and Darius Henderson all come in. Henderson's inclusion means that, along with Andy Reid and Greg Halford, there are three former Blades in the Forest line-up.

    Nottingham Forest starting XI: De Vries, Halford, Lascelles, Collins, Fox, Jara, Majewski, Paterson, Reid, Henderson,

  179. 14:25:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveEverton 1-1 Swansea

    "Here's Taylor, chipping across the penalty area..."

    Listen to Swansea midfielder Jonathan de Guzman scoring his headed equaliser at Everton via the BBC Radio 5 live website.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Mark Stoney: If Swansea had someone decent upfront they could be 4-1 up.

    Porl Thomas: Disappointing attitude from a few Everton players today - Gareth Barry looks like he couldn't care less, which is odd for him.

    Dave Whittle: Poor, poor, poor. Signs of another Wigan result. Wake up, Everton.

  181. 14:24: 
    First-half stats- Everton 1-1 Swansea
    match stats

    Swansea may be putting up a better show than expected when the team-sheets were handed in, but they have still been on the rough end of the first-half stats.

    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live SportEverton 1-1 Swansea

    "Swansea have played really well. I can see them adding Wilfried Bony in the second half because that's the only thing they're lacking, a presence up front. Other than that they have been really impressive throughout."

    Enjoy Everton v Swansea in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  183. 14:18: 
    HALF-TIME- Everton 1-1 Swansea

    The two sides head down the tunnel. Attacks on top in the first 45 minutes.

  184. 14:18:  
    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Goodison ParkEverton 1-1 Swansea

    "This may be an under-strength Swansea City side but they will be delighted at how they have performed. Everton have had opportunities but look out of sorts and the game is being played out in front of a Goodison Park crowd veering between apparent indifference then impatience."

  185. 14:17: 
    INJURY TIME- Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Two minutes of added time go up on the fourth official's board.

  186. 14:16: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Goodison holds its breath as Ross Barkley pulls back his left foot 20 yards out, but his low effort veers into the hoardings. We are heading into injury-time at the end of an entertaining first half.

  187. 14:15: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Roland Lamah threatens twice in quick succession. First, a low shot that Joel Robles gets down at his near post to turn away before a curling cross that deserves more commitment from Alvaro Vazquez in the middle.

    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live SportEverton 1-1 Swansea

    "Everton are looking a lot more threatening, going on the offensive and showing attacking intent. And they're having joy down their left-hand side, with Leighton Baines and Steven Pienaar."

    Enjoy Everton v Swansea in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Peter Wood: Everton v Swansea is the tie of the round so far. Entertaining stuff.

    Harry Baglin: What a shame for Bartley - he was having a great game. Old school defender.

    Andre Nombreuse: Traore's a beast! Martinez with another fabulous deal!

  190. 14:12: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Ooomph! Kevin Mirallas pings one round the wall and, despite Lacina Traore running interference in front of him, Gerhard Tremmel is across his goal to get two solid fists to it.

  191. 14:10: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    A tasty free-kick position for Everton. Twenty yards out. Kevin Mirallas and Leighton Baines are the prime candidates...

  192. 14:10: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Everton's defensive line is all on the wonk and they are relieved when Alvaro Vazquez mistimes his run forward, straying offside when he could have been in.

  193. 14:08: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Ashley Williams waves away Lacina Traore's protests as he leapfrogs over the top of the Everton striker to get his head to the ball. That duel will be worth watching.

  194. 14:07: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea
    Everton v Swansea

    After a spell of snappy Everton passing is broken up by referee Kevin Friend getting in the way. Swansea go direct and Alvaro Vazquez clears the bar with a opportunistic lob after Sylvain Distin gets caught under a long ball forward.

    Play is still swinging from end to end.

  195. 14:02: 
    Alistair Magowan, BBC Sport at Bramall LaneSheffield United v Nottingham Forest (15:00 GMT)
    Bramall Lane

    "Blue skies in Sheffield after a week of miserable weather. The trip from Manchester through the Peak District showed the sun has brought out the walkers and cyclists, and a crowd of about 25,000 is expected here today."

  196. 14:02: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Everton 1-1 Swansea

    That is the end of Kyle Bartley's afternoon. The Swansea defender stretches to get to the ball ahead of Lacina Traore and his hamstring twangs. He is immediately down on the turf in pain. Ashley Williams eventually comes into the action to replace him.

  197. 14:00: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Swansea's Kyle Bartley has had to retreat to the sidelines with muscle problem. His side are down to 10 men momentarily, but Bartley wants to continues and is waved back on despite Garry Monk readying a replacement.

  198. 13:58: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Everton are turning the screw. Their full-backs are key and it is Seamus Coleman, charging down the right, who causes problems this time. His cross picks out Kevin Mirallas, but the Belgian sweeps his shot narrowly wide. Didn't really catch that one clean.

    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live SportEverton 1-1 Swansea

    "That was incredible play from Pienaar and Baines. Baines eventually pulled the ball back and found Pienaar's run. He didn't really get hold of the strike but it cannoned back of crossbar and post. This is such an open game."

    Enjoy Everton v Swansea in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  200. 13:56: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Steven Pienaar looks like he has shaken off that hammy. He comes to life as Leighton Baines breaks down the left and loops a shot goalwards as the full-back picks him out with a pin-point cut-back.

    It loops up and bounces back off the post, Lacina Traore is up like Dennis Rodman to claim the rebound, but can't get the requuired power into his header and Gerhard Tremmel saves.

  201. 13:53: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea
    match stats

    Pretty even after the first 20 minutes or so..

  202. 13:52: 
    Everton 1-1 Swansea

    Steven Pienaar is struggling with a tweak of his left hamstring. The South African has already headed to the sidelines for some treatment but is not moving as freely as he would want.

  203. 13:50:  
    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Goodison ParkEverton 1-1 Swansea

    "Not sure if Everton have been lulled into a false sense of security by facing a second-string Swansea City side but they have been horribly sloppy at the back and have eventually been punished. And for an FA Cup fifth round tie, the atmosphere inside Goodison Park is eerily quiet."

    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live SportEverton 1-1 Swansea

    "The Pienaar pass across the six yard box lead to some Everton uncertainly, but you have to say it was a great ball in from Taylor. And De Guzman timed his run well and it was a brilliant header. We've got a game on our hands here, with Swansea right on the front foot."

    Enjoy Everton v Swansea in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  205. 13:46: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-1 Swansea - Jonathan de Guzman (15 mins)
    Jonathan de Guzman

    Jonathan de Guzman makes a fashionably late arrival in the penalty area and his header is pretty stylish as well. The Swansea playmaker gets in between Phil Jagielka and Leighton Baines and powers Neil Taylor's cross past Joel Robles who has no chance.

    This is brewing up into a cracking Cup tie.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball
    Computer games

    Martin Adams: Re 1328 - I remember that game well. The BBC's late Tony Gubba provided the commentary.

    Ada: ISS64 was the second game I ever owned, after Goldeneye. I had no memory pack so I remember playing it for an entire day!

    Dave Payn: About an hour ago I was having a different bout of video game footie nostalgia, playing Sensible Soccer!

    Ah, good ol' Sensible Soccer Sundays...

  207. 13:45: 
    Everton 1-0 Swansea

    Kevin Mirallas overcooks a pass to Seamus Coleman as the right-back bombs on, but the Belgian has been full of flicks and tricks early on with Everton getting their foot on the ball. The Premier League's most improved player this season? He would be in with a decent shout.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    David Thompson: Expect Swansea to melt in the sunshine wearing this Cadbury's kit...

    Limey Tim: What are the kit men and match officials thinking? Everton and Swansea are both playing in blue!

    Stewart Edgar: Why are both teams in blue?! Weird refereeing call to allow his one...

    Swansea have a swathe of bright yellow over their shoulder, but why they didn't just wear their home strip is beyond me. Maybe the away one has been a slow seller in the club shop and they have some to shift.

  209. 13:42: 
    Everton 1-0 Swansea

    Roberto Martinez said he rushed him back too quickly earlier in the season, but Ross Barkley looks fit and firing so far. One of those trademark surges away from a clutch of defenders takes him to the edge of the box, the shot that follows is not a clean one those and trails tamely wide.

    His hair grows pretty swiftly as well. What was once a skinhead top is now covered with a thick dark thatch.

    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live SportEverton 1-0 Swansea

    "That's a brilliant finish from Traore after Distin did well with an attacking header. But the ball fell only six yards from goal, and Swansea just stopped and stared. And what a start to Traore's Everton career!"

    Enjoy Everton v Swansea in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  211. 13:35: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-0 Swansea - Lacina Traore (4 mins)

    Tick 'good touch for a big man' off your commentary bingo card. As Sylvain Distin makes a nuisance of himself at the back post from a swinging free-kick, Lacina Traore steers the French centre-back's scuffy shot home with a cute backheel flick. That is his first goal for the club, just four minutes into his debut.

    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live SportEverton 0-0 Swansea

    "He's got to shoot there, and that was a brilliant opportunity for Swansea to go in front. It was a clear goal for him to have a go at but he just didn't fancy it on his left-hand side - he cut back inside and the chance was gone."

    Enjoy Everton v Swansea in the FA Cup on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  213. 13:35: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 0-0 Swansea

    Everton have been a little half-hearted in the opening stages and they are almost punished as Pablo Hernandez splits their defence after being given too much time on the ball.

    Alvaro Vazquez is onto it, round Joel Robles, but doesn't trust his left foot. By the time he has cut inside and laid the ball back to Roland Lamah, the goalkeeper is back to gather Lamah's floated effort.

  214. 13:31: 
    KICK-OFF- Everton 0-0 Swansea

    Under way.

  215. 13:31: 
    Everton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    As the public announcer reads out Tom Finney's career achievements over the tannoy the Goodison Park crowd breaks into applause, before falling silent for a perfectly-observed moment of reflection.

  216. 13:28: 
    Everton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    Swansea boss Garry Monk speaking to ITV Sport: "I haven't seen him (Martinez) yet but it will be good to see him.

    "The next game is the most important and this is the most important. We've got a couple of injuries but all-in-all the boys have been fantastic and everybody deserves a chance.

    "The very first words I said to the boys was that it is about the squad."

  217. 13:27:  
    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Goodison ParkEverton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    "First impressions suggest different approaches from the two managers to this FA Cup fifth round tie. Everton's Roberto Martinez has, goalkeeper Joel Robles for Tim Howard apart, selected his strongest available side. With Romelu Lukaku out injured, he gives a debut to on-loan striker Lacina Traore.

    "Swansea's caretaker manager Garry Monk, in contrast, has made eight changes from the team that drew at Stoke City in midweek."

  218. 13:26: 
    LINE-UPS- Everton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    Everton: Robles, Coleman, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Mirallas, McCarthy, Barry, Pienaar, Barkley, Traore. Subs: Hibbert, McGeady, Deulofeu, Naismith, Osman, Howard, Stones.

    Swansea: Tremmel, Richards, Bartley, Amat, Taylor, Canas, de Guzman, Hernandez, Routledge, Lamah, Vazquez. Subs: Vorm, Williams, Britton, Bony, Dyer, Lita, Tiendalli.

    Referee: Kevin Friend (Leicestershire)

  219. 13:25: 
    Everton v Swansea (1330 GMT)
    Goodison Park

    Spring looks like it has sprung at Goodison Park. After the high winds and hail of Wednesday night, Merseyside is bathed in weak sunshine. Teams are in the tunnel. Lacina Traore adding to his six foot seven frame with a peroxide mohawk.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Tyrone Tucker: Looking at the Swansea line-up, Everton will probably win 4-0 in the cup again.

    Simon Hancock: That's a really weak Swansea team. I'd forgotten Bartley, Richards and Lita were still at the club!

    Josh Downey: I wouldn't rule Swansea out - there are a lot of players starting with a point to prove.

    Kevin Kilbane, at Goodison Park for 5 live SportEverton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    "Everton have a enjoyed a really good run this season, but that Merseyside derby defeat was a real shock for them. A lot of Evertonians thought thy could win, yet they were blown away by Liverpool. But they played well against Tottenham last week, and the supports seem happy. They've played attractive, attacking football this campaign."

    Enjoy build-up to day's FA Cup action on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  222. 13:21: 
    Everton v Swansea (1330 GMT)
    Roberto Martinez

    Everyone likes Roberto Martinez right? Always pays tribute to the fans, gets his teams playing a nice passing game, lovely eye for an overcoat.

    Well, he was not a popular man in south Wales in the immediate aftermath of his departure from south Wales for Wigan in 2009.

    On his return to the DW Stadium in October 2010 for a League Cup tie, we was greeted with banners making the fans' feeling of betrayal clear.

  223. 13:13: 
    Everton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    Roberto Martinez has said that it is no surprise to him that Swansea opted to promote Garry Monk from within in the wake of Michael Laudrup's departure from the Liberty Stadium.

    "Garry was my first big decision as a manager in terms of shaping a squad," said Martinez.

    "I built a new squad around him and I knew he was the perfect captain and it was important he kept that role in the future.

    "He had that leadership, that DNA of being able to control a group, and being a captain in a club like Swansea where it is so involved with the community is an intense surrounding," he added.

    "It prepares you for that and Garry always responded very well."

  224. 13:09:  
    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Goodison ParkEverton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    "Everton manager Roberto Martinez wants to try and retain the trophy he won at Wigan Athletic last season in today's FA Cup fifth round tie against former club Swansea City at Goodison Park. Swansea City's caretaker manager Garry Monk was captain under Martinez during his time in charge at in South Wales, providing an intriguing backdrop to today's game.

    "Conditions are glorious at Goodison Park after Wednesday's game against Crystal Palace was postponed because of the threat posed to the safety of supporters by storms."

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Shane Long: Love the bitterness of other fans on Rooney possibly signing new contract. I sense a lot of envious, jealous fans out there...

    Luke Darmanin: Rooney's contract is way too expensive, considering he's 28. United would be better off using the cash to improve the team.

    Zed: Fill yer boots Rooney! He would be mad to turn 300k per week down.

  226. 13:03: 
    Get Involved- Text us on 81111

    Owen, a Swansea supporter: I think its unfair to single Swansea out for rotating the squad - our season was almost ruined by injuries from not rotating when we should have done. We have Napoli in the week and we are not clear of relegation, unlike massive clubs throwing money at trophies we cannot risk playing full strength today.

    David from Aberdeen: The BBC are so anti-Man Utd it's unbelievable. If Rooney was at any other club away to sign a new contract then you would be saying its great business.

  227. 13:00: 
    Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest (15:00 GMT)

    While they shared the costs of covering the pitch to get the game on, relations have not been as warm between Nottingham Forest and Sheffield United's fans.

    "There has always been that bit of spice and needle between the two with us not being far away," United boss Nigel Clough said ahead of today's meeting.

    "We are only 30-odd miles away and so, although not being a direct local derby, it has a little bit of a feeling of that."

    Some of that heat goes back to the strikes of the mid-eighties when miners in the Midlands continued to work despite industrial action by those in Yorkshire. To this day, Derby fans are labelled 'scabs' by some of their rivals.

  228. 12:53: 
    Alistair Magowan, BBC Sport at Bramall LaneSheffield United v Nottingham Forest (15:00 GMT)

    "After Sheffield United's League One game against Brentford was postponed on Wednesday because of a waterlogged pitch there was a danger this afternoon's FA Cup tie might not go ahead.

    "But the Blades and Nottingham Forest have shared costs to cover the pitch this week and with the covers now removed and the weather fine and sunny here, there are no fears of postponement today."

  229. 12:53: 
    Sir Tom Finney 1922-2014
    Sir Tom Finney and George Best

    Yesterday saw Preston pay tribute to the late, great Sir Tom Finney, who died at the age of 91 earlier in the week.

    Manchester United marked his passing by publishing a superb picture from their archives of one of their own greats sharing a moment with Finney.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Ashley Williams: Rooney's living off past performances. Simply not worth that new contract.

    Michael Dunthorne: While no one is worth £300,000 a week, if anyone is it's Rooney. World-class and has the potential to drop to central midfield when he ages.

    I am Angat: If Man Utd manage to keep Rooney that'll be the only good transfer business David Moyes has done this season!

    Kevin Kilbane, former Everton full-back on 5 live SportEverton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    "With Wigan last season, Roberto Martinez saw the FA Cup as a priority, and his success in the cup probably helped him to get the Everton job in the first place.

    "And I'm also disappointed in Swansea's selection - Garry Monk wants that manager's job permanently but he's played a weakened side. Now, look at the team on paper and Everton should dominate this game and go on to win it relatively comfortably."

  232. 12:44:  
    David Pleat, Former Tottenham manager on 5 live SportEverton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    "I'm very disappointed in that Swansea team. Everton are obviously taking this seriously and should now win the game. Swansea have Napoli in the Europa League in midweek, yes, but their priority should be not losing today and starting on a poor run."

    Enjoy build-up to day's FA Cup action on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  233. 12:43: 

    Garry Monk looks like he has decided that Premier League is the priority for Swansea.

    When you have worked as hard as they have to climb up the divisions, you can perhaps understand them ducking the romance of the Cup for the realities of the balancesheet.


    Sheffield United tweet: Covers done their job & being removed now, after which pitch will be prepared for the match. No rain forecast all day today

    Bramall Lane is being prepared ahead of today's FA Cup tie:

    Bramall Lane
  235. 12:37: 
    Breaking Everton team news- Everton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    On-loan striker Lacina Traore makes his debut, starting up front for Everton, while Ross Barkley starts in midfield with Joel Robles standing in for Tim Howard in goal.

    Everton starting XI: Robles, Coleman, Baines, Jagielka, Distin, McCarthy, Barry, Mirallas, Pienaar, Barkley, Traore

  236. 12:37: 
    Breaking Swansea team news- Everton v Swansea (1330 GMT)

    Michu is not yet fit for a place in the Swansea matchday squad. The Swans instead have Alvaro Vazquez up front in a team that shows eight changes from the side that drew with Stoke on Wednesday.

    Swansea starting XI: Tremmel, Richards, Bartley, Amat, Taylor (c), Canas, de Guzman, Hernandez, Routledge, Lamah, Vazquez.

  237. 12:28: 

    Jose Mourinho is not shy of a bit of managerial beef and he has even managed to wind up the cool, calm Bob Wilson with his latest comments.

    The former Arsenal goalkeeper has gone into bat for Gunners manager Arsene Wenger after Mourinho said that the Frenchman was "a specialist in failure".

    "I think at it's best it's disrespectful, at it's worst despicable," former Gunners goalkeeper Wilson told BBC Radio 5 live.

    "He is a hugely talented, amazing manager but a self-publicist and it's mainly inaccurate.

    "This is a weekend when we honour a gent - Tom Finney - I don't like bullies."

  238. 12:27: 
    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Doris: Rooney will be sold in the summer for sure. No way will he stay for five years at that price.

    Chris Stridgen: United are being mugs here. Almost £86m contract for a passed it 28-year-old.

  239. 12:22: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    A few number to conjure with here.

    28 years old. Five and a half years. £300,000 a week. Nine league goals this season.

    Who does that add up for more? United or Rooney?

    Your thought are welcome on #bbcfootball on Twitter or 81111 on texts from UK phones.

  240. 12:17: 
    Rooney to extend United stay?
    Wayne Rooney

    News is emerging this morning that Manchester United are close to agreeing a new five-and-a-half year contract with striker Wayne Rooney.

    It seems that an offer of £300,000 a week has eased any concerns that the 28-year-old has about the club's slow start under David Moyes.

    Considering that he wanted move in October 2010 after the club had finished second in the league the previous season and were en route to a 19th title and the Champions League final, he has had itchy feet when they were in far stronger positions.

  241. 12:13:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Everton manager Joe Royle on 5 live Breakfast today: "Everton are just getting stronger, plus they have one or two injured players coming back. I just think they are primed to win this today at home to Swansea.

    "And as for Liverpool, they are in a great run of form at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised to see at least at draw at the Emirates."

  242. 12:10: 
    FA Cup fixtures

    Once that is done we head across the country to see Nigel Clough and Billy Davies eyeball each other over Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest, before Arsene Wenger tries to put right what went wrong in his side's 5-1 mauling last weekend at Anfield.

    Everton v Swansea (13:30 GMT)

    Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest (15:00 GMT)

    Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

  243. 12:05: 
    Roberto Martinez

    The first episode of today's three-part series is up on Merseyside where Roberto Martinez pits his Everton side against former team-mate Garry Monk's Swansea.

    The pair of them played together for the Swans in the mid noughties, before Martinez returned to manage the club with Monk as his captain.

    Martinez has since moved on to Everton and with two defeats in his last three, will want to arrest a mini-slump even at the cost of his friend's unbeaten, if short, coaching record.

  244. 12:00: 
    Brendan Rodgers smiles

    Old friends forced together in rivalry, long-standing grudges stoked back into life and a wronged man searching for revenge and vindication.

    The plot of the Sunset Beach?

    Nope, while Brendan Rodgers' teeth are American-telly ready, all the drama is in the dug-outs ahead of today's FA Cup fifth round.

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