Man City v Chelsea - as it happenedLive

Manchester City beat Chelsea to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals after wins for Sunderland and Wigan.

15 February 2014

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  1. 19:42: 

    Over in Catalonia, Lionel Messi has just been revising history. You can get across it all in BBC Sport's live text. It will whet the appetite even more for Tuesday night's meeting with City.

    The next domestic action here though is tomorrow's FA Cup when Everton meet Swansea before Liverpool and Arsenal go head to head. That doesn't need much selling either.

    See you there.

  2. 19:36: 

    More from Jose. It is not all as magnanimous as it first appears.

    "The second goal was an offside but we would still have lost 1-0 as we were never close to scaring City in the game," he adds.

    "'Today proved how difficult it is to win here, which shows how well my team did in the last game."

    It's alright we haven't forgotten.

  3. 19:30: 

    Our man on the Etihad ground Chris Bevan is in Jose Mourinho's post-match press conference. One game journalist has asked the Portuguese if his side have 'failed' him, echoing the words Mourinho used about Wenger a little over 24 hours ago.

    "I don't say my team failed, I say City played much better than us, deserved much more than us to win," said Mourinho.

    "The situation is simple to analyse: They were the best team, they won."

  4. 19:25: 
    Man City 2-0 Chelsea
    Match stats

    It is difficult to spin the match stats any other way than a fully deserved City win. Chelsea managed only three attempts at goal and not one was on target.

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    Ciaran Fleming: Can't wait to hear Mourinho's press conference now. Tactically out thought by Super Manuel.

    Edwin Jabbari: Pipe down Mourinho. That was as easy a victory as City have had all season.

    Tyler Powell: Last time out, Jose was a tactical mastermind. This meeting everyone says he hasn't a clue. My, the crowd is fickle.

  6. 19:22: 
    Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Schadenfreude. Probably not Jose Mourinho's favourite German dish right now. After claiming Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was "a specialist in failure" in his press conference on Friday, there will be plenty in north London who enjoyed that toothless display from his side.

  7. 19:16: 
    Player reaction- Man City 2-0 Chelsea
    Vincent Kompany

    Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany, speaking to ITV: "It's a big victory against a strong team. We love this competition and it was a great game for the competition. We are really happy with the result. 12 days ago we had a bad game and we gave them too many chances, today we adapted and it was comfortable. The dressing room wanted revenge today, from the word go we were hard in the challenges, created a lot of chances and didn't give many chances away."

  8. 19:15:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 2-0 Chelsea

    "Here's Nasri, now to Silva, who plays it back at once..."

    Enjoy commentary of Samir Nasri's goal for Manchester City via the BBC Radio 5 live website.

  9. 19:14: 

    Manuel Pellegrini pressed flesh with Jose Mourinho before marching off down the tunnel. The Chilean's thoughts will now be turning to Barcelona side who have just taken a 1-0 lead over Rayo Vallecano in La La Liga.

    City meet the Catalans at the Etihad on Tuesday in an absolute monster of a Champions League tie. Who would you pick for that one?

    Danny Mills, at Etihad Stadium for 5 live SportMan City 2-0 Chelsea

    "I think Chelsea will be very disappointed with their performance. In the end it was a comfortable win for Man City, who were much, much better. They were solid and denied Chelsea time and space throughout. You have to say, City thoroughly deserved their victory."

    Enjoy reaction to today's FA Cup results on 5 live Sport right now.

  11. 19:07: 
    FULL-TIME- Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Manuel Pellegrini makes it to two wins from ten in his meetings with Jose Mourinho.

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    Hajia Abiba Pokuaa Akua: Mourihno is only an expert in mind games.

    Pete Chew: Oops. There goes Mourinho's 19th century tactics, down the drain. Another failed competition, Jose?

    Kyle Henson: City the better side today. Always hard to beat a team away twice in a week.

  13. 19:05: 
    Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Manchester City fans are chanting Jose Mourinho's name now. I don't think they are being as complimentary as the Chelsea lot were earlier.

  14. 19:04: 
    INJURY TIME- Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Into injury time we go. Four minutes added on and Chelsea have given up the ghost. Forty-seven thousand odd have been in attendance.

    Danny Mills, at Etihad Stadium for 5 live SportMan City 2-0 Chelsea

    "Chelsea's goal attempts? Two. On target? Zero. You simply will not score goals unless you hit the target."

    Enjoy Man City v Chelsea in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  16. 19:02: 
    Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Jesus Navas, all five foot not much of him, is penalised for going shoulder to shoulder with Cesar Azpilicueta. Harsh call and he had a clear run at goal had Phil Dowd stayed quiet.

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    H: Many things wrong for Chelsea today. Mikel more of a hindrance than a help - too many fouls and he needs too many touches. And I haven't had a decent pass to a forwards feet. Salah, Hazard, William have not had a kick. Poor, Chelsea today. City good value.

    Rich in London: Still no shots on target for Chelsea. Going out with a whimper...

    Nick from London: This is great news for Chelsea. I'm delighted that City are going block up their season with meaningless cup matches. The Premier League and Champions Legaue are 100 times more important!

  18. 18:59: 
    Five to go- Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea belatedly put a bit of pressure on as Joleon Lescott is forced to stretch and concede the visitor's first corner of the game with Nemanja Matic looking to get in behind him. Five to go.

  19. 18:57: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Javi Garcia has picked up a yellow card that he probably could have received about an hour ago. He smiles as Phil Dowd pulls it out of his pocket for a hack at Jon Mikel Obi.

  20. 18:56: 
    Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Jose Mourinho has more than enough good will built up with the Chelsea fans to shrug off this defeat. The travelling contingent chant their manager's name despite a pretty tame performance.

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    Marc Bradley: City have controlled this game from the off - that's why Milner should play before others.

    Nicolas Cage: Why do Chelsea persist in playing Mikel?

    Saqib Rao: When we start Mikel it spells negative from the word go and we get punished. He's only good off the bench.

  22. 18:54: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Beeeeeeaaast. Alvaro Negredo comes on for a late run-out. Edin Dzeko heads for an early sit-down.

  23. 18:53: 
    Ten to go- Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    The clock ticks up to 80 minutes as Cesar Azpilicueta sends a shot drifting harmlessly over the top from distance.

  24. 18:52: 
    Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    It has been all Manchester City in the second half. The sting in the tail that we were expecting from Chelsea has not arrived. Jose Mourinho said they lacked "personality" against West Brom in the league recently. They have not been the life and soul of the party tonight either.

    Danny Mills, at Etihad Stadium for 5 live SportMan City 2-0 Chelsea

    "That is another very tight decision from the linesman to disallow Lescott's strike. You really need a slowed-down replay to be sure."

    Enjoy Man City v Chelsea in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  26. 18:50: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Joleon Lescott's celebrations are cut short by the linesman's flag. Fair enough as well. The Manchester City defender was just past the last man when Javi Garcia got his head to a corner and so was offside as he turned in after Petr Cech's weak parry.

  27. 18:47: 
    Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Roberto Martinez, whose Everton side face Chelsea next weekend, is taking in the game from the plush seats. There has not been a lot of attacking threat to worry about from the Blues.

  28. 18:44: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    Jose Mourinho's first two substitutions have made little impact. His last roll of the dice is to replace Willian with Oscar.

  29. 18:43: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 2-0 Chelsea

    That is going to be David Silva's last contribution. He is replaced by Jesus Navas, who is let off the leash to run at some full-backs for 20 minutes.

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    Niall McDermott: Sit down, Jose!

    Rahid Sayeed: Out you go, Mourinho!

    Ian Marks: The Outfoxed One...

    Danny Mills, at Etihad Stadium for 5 live SportMan City 2-0 Chelsea

    "It was poor defending from David Luiz, who puts his hands up and waits for the offside decision which doesn't come. And I don't think John Terry would have made that mistake.

    "Luiz could have tracked his runner and stopped that attack at source. And Chelsea are probably now going out of the FA Cup, with City still on for the quadruple."

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  32. 18:39: 
    GOAL- Man City 2-0 Chelsea - Samir Nasri (67 mins)
    Samir Nasri

    A lovely, lovely team goal and Samir Nasri is at the top and tail of it. The Frenchman pokes a pass through to a darting David Silva, who is a shade offside the replays reveal, before continuing his run to meet Silva's sublime reverse return pass for a simple tap-in.

    Ticker-tape floats down from the upper tiers. It is like World Cup 1978 in the Etihad.

  33. 18:38: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Jose Mourinho responds with a wave as the away fans chant his name. His side have 25 minutes to find a way back into the game.

  34. 18:37: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Manchester City's Yaya Toure goes into the book for a foul on Nemanja Matic.

  35. 18:36: 
    SUBSTITUTIONS- Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Both managers change things up. Jose Mourinho looks like he has seen enough of this experiment with Mohamed Salah up front, withdrawing Ramires to bring on Fernando Torres.

    City bring off Stevan Jovetic and bring on Samir Nasri for his first appearance since picking up a knee injury in January.

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    Matthew Jepson: That was the most shocking dive I've ever seen from Jovetic there!

    Chelsealegend12: Really bad sportsmanship from Jovetic there. Awful dive! What was the point?

    Jamie Jenkins: Dives like Jovetic's should be punished with a three match ban. It is quite simply cheating and needs to be eradicated.

  37. 18:33: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Manchester City are not giving Chelsea a sniff of the ball at the moment. The one time they get a sniff, Nemanja Matic is too casual and Edin Dzeko picks his pocket.

    Danny Mills, at Etihad Stadium for 5 live SportMan City 1-0 Chelsea

    "If diving was made a red card offence and someone was sent off for diving it would eradicate it almost immediately. The risk of a red card would not make simulation worthwhile."

    Enjoy Man City v Chelsea in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  39. 18:31: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Stevan Jovetic earns a yellow card with a terrible dive. The only thing that you can say in his favour is that is was so blatant that he can't be that well practised in trying to con the referee.

  40. 18:28: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Manchester City clear the set-piece with ease. Vincent Kompany gets up highest to apply a big forehead to the ball.

  41. 18:28: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    James Milner has done an excellent job in shackling Eden Hazard so far, getting his toe in on the Chelsea playmaker again. Stevan Jovetic has given away a free-kick in a dangerous area though with a trip on Willian.

  42. 18:26:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveSir Tom Finney

    Preston manager Simon Grayson on 5 live Sport: "It was absolutely fantastic here today. It was very sad news last night but as a mark of the man people have shown their respects all across different football clubs. Our club can be very proud of how we've conducted ourselves over the last 24 hours, because it's not easy. So many people came through the turnstiles today. Hopefully he'll be looking down on us with a smile on his face, hopefully if we get promotion this year.

    "I once met him in his home - as a football person I wanted to go and experience a man who has respect across the game worldwide. I sat with him for a few hours and listened to his stories. I could have been there for many more hours. That was a moment I can look back on, and I think I was fortunate to have met such a man."

  43. 18:25: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Stevan Jovetic clears the bar with an effort from out wide and on the angle. He looks like he is getting his mojo back though after an injury-hit start to life at City. He is playing on instinct rather than second guessing everything.

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    Ahmed Yare: Enjoying the magic of the FA Cup!

    Sam Kier: Bit premature to write off Chelsea for a trophy, no? 45 minutes to go, top of the league and still in the Champions League...

    Kwame Twumasi: Football is a 90 minute game. Chelsea will bounce back...

  45. 18:23: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    James Milner swipes in a cross from the right flank. It thuds back to him off a defender and this time he goes for goal. But his shot is well over the top. Manchester City look like they are starting up where they left off in the first half though.

  46. 18:21: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Mohamed Salah has taken up a central position and is the most advanced of the Chelsea players with Eden Hazard just behind him and Willian and Ramires out wide.

  47. 18:19: 
    KICK-OFF- Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    We are back under way.

  48. 18:18: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    There are plenty of options on the Chelsea bench if Jose Mourinho wants to go and chase the game. This might not have been the change you would have picked though. Mohamed Salah is on, but Samuel Eto'o is sacrificed.

  49. 18:15:  
    Robbie Savage, 5 live SportCardiff 1-2 Wigan

    "Great performance and great victory by Wigan today. But I cannot believe Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not play his strongest Cardiff XI this afternoon. I do not get it, and it drives me mad. I'm not having it. And don't get me started on Southampton..."

  50. 18:09: 

    Hereford United, who were beaten 7-0 at Luton in the Conference this afternoon, tweet: To the 156 fans who have travelled today. Keep your ticket stub and we'll invite you to a free buffet ahead of a forthcoming home game.

    Is an all-you-can-eat at Edgar Street much solace this evening, do you reckon?

  51. 18:08:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at the Etihad StadiumMan City 1-0 Chelsea

    "Manchester City have the half-time lead but they have the upperhand in this FA Cup tie in more than just the scoreline. Chelsea counter-attacked with venom - and great success - when they won here in the Premier League earlier in February but they have not been allowed the space to do that this time around thanks to the diligence of Javi Garcia and James Milner, in particular, in the Manchester City midfield.

    "That situation will not change while City are ahead, as they have no need to commit men forward in great numbers after the break, so there is much to think about for Jose Mourinho at the interval."

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    Mathew Ridyard: Stop Hazard and it seems you stop Chelsea...

    Luke: Mourinho was right about Chelsea being a horse - not a little horse but a lame horse. Limping in awe of a better side

    Al Mamun Russell: Looks like the Special One is going to have another season without a trophy, despite change of league.

    Man City 1-0 Chelsea
    match stats

    Chelsea have been kept firmly in their box by Manchester City. Willian's hopeless chop well over the top is their only effort on goal so far. And not a corner for either side.

    Danny Mills, at Etihad Stadium for 5 live SportMan City 1-0 Chelsea

    "Physically, Man City have been stringer and they've been on the front foot. They haven't given Chelsea any time or any space. Chelsea need character and leadership - it is so, so important. John Terry would be revving his team up out there. At the moment Chelsea simply haven't really threatened."

    Enjoy Man City v Chelsea in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  55. 18:03: 
    HALF-TIME- Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Manchester City firmly in control of the game. Can Jose Mourinho come up with a plan to hijack the contest over the next 15 minutes?

  56. 18:02: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    David Luiz clobbers Stevan Jovetic up near the half-way line as the pair contest a bouncing ball, but Phil Dowd wisely allows play to continue as James Milner scampers down the left.

    The England man's cross is a teaser, right down the corridor of uncertainty between goalkeeper and the retreating defence, but Edin Dzeko cannot quite reach it. A yellow for Luiz at the end of it all.

  57. 17:58:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at the Etihad StadiumMan City 1-0 Chelsea

    "Chelsea have had only one shot in the first 40 minutes - and it was a pretty woeful effort from Willian, scooped high over the bar.

    "Manchester City look much more of a threat going forward but, crucially, are defending with discipline, and numbers, too. James Milner and Pablo Zabaleta are teaming up to keep the visitors' main dangerman Eden Hazard quiet on Chelsea's left and he has only been successful with one of his trademark dribbles in the first half.

    "Tactical frustration, so far, for Jose Mourinho."

  58. 17:57: 
    Five to the break- Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Five minutes to half-time.

  59. 17:56:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 1-0 Chelsea

    "Here's Dzeko, plays it in from the right hand side, and Jovetic is in with a chance and shoots..."

    Listen as striker Stevan Jovetic gives Manchester City the lead at home to Chelsea in FA Cup fifth round, via the BBC Radio 5 live website.

  60. 17:56: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Manchester City find themselves a little stretched for the first time as Joleon Lescott's miscontrol gives away possession. Chelsea spring to life and Vincent Kompany resorts to a crude shirt tug to halt Eden Hazard as his Belgium team-mate spins in behind him. That is the first yellow card of the game.

  61. 17:53: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Manchester City fans cheer as Phil Dowd gives a free-kick their way after Samuel Eto'o brings down Javi Garcia in the middle of the pitch. They don't feel that they have got much from the referee so far today.

    Danny Mills, at Etihad Stadium for 5 live SportMan City 1-0 Chelsea

    "Chelsea are getting a little frustrated. They haven't started particularly well but City have been fantastic. They have not allowed Chelsea to get into any rhythm, and have disrupted them throughout."

    Enjoy Man City v Chelsea in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  63. 17:51: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Just over half an hour gone and if the Jose Mourinho masterstroke is coming, it is well hidden at the moment. Maybe he is lulling us all into a false sense of security before going six up front in the last 10 minutes to snatch victory.

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    Josh: Chelsea seem uninterested. Not particularly hungry.

    Brad: Don't write Chelsea off yet - have you seen that bench? Jose has his tactics.

  65. 17:48: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Petr Cech is creaking a little bit. The Chelsea goalkeeper comes for a cross but completely misses his punch over the top of David Luiz's head. Luckily for him, there is no City attacker lurking behind him.

    Thibaut Courtois, on loan at Atletico Madrid, might be in that Chelsea shirt next season.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Mark Robinson: Wow, Chelsea actually have to attack now - do they know how?

    Jonathan: Mourinho's been busy throwing grenades at Wenger. He actually forgot to orchestrate a game plan.

    Louis Barrett: Javi Garcia is looking so much better and more composed than Demichelis in the midfield.

  67. 17:45: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Willan sits back on his heels and clips an effort from the edge of the area well over the bar. Ramires trails a weak shot wide shortly after. Eden Hazard has yet to get on the ball.

  68. 17:42: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    City are knocking on the door, looking for a second. Yaya Toure punted a long-range effort just wide before Edin Dzeko wraps his left peg around a shot from almost the same patch of turf which Petr Cech has to get two solid fists behind.

    The visitors look ruffled. They have not settled at all.

  69. 17:39:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at Etihad StadiumMan City 1-0 Chelsea

    "Yaya Toure's shot - and Stevan Jovetic's follow-up - had just woken the crowd up after a slow start and a lot of them were still on their feet when Jovetic scored with City's next attack. The Etihad Stadium is bouncing now, with the home fans singing "We're the famous Manchester City and we're going to Wembley". That much is true, in the Capital One Cup at least."

  70. 17:39: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Jitters from Costel Pantilimon. The big Romanian spills a low cross from Branislav Ivanovic and has to crawl across his six-yard box like a toddler on too many E-numbers to gather before Samuel Eto'o can get to the loose ball.

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    Danny from Luton: Chelsea's problems begin. They do not have the firepower to score enough goals against the big teams when going behind.

    Paul: I wonder if Man City can get a win that is as big as Jose's mouth? Here's hoping!

  72. 17:37: 
    Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Yaya Toure and Jon Mikel Obi go shoulder to shoulder sending tremours around the Ethidad and referee Phil Dowd thinks that the City man stepped over the line. Toure disagreed and is backed up by captain Vincent Kompany. They manage to keep the cards in the officials pocket with their reasoning.

    Danny Mills, at Etihad Stadium for 5 live SportMan City 1-0 Chelsea

    "Jovetic had a sighter only a few seconds ago, and this time no mistake. A really cool finish, in off the inside of the post. It was a really good City move and Azpilicueta was caught on his heels. The shot went through his legs as he committed to a desperate sliding tackle. City are a goal up and Chelsea have got it all to do now."

    Enjoy Man City v Chelsea in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  74. 17:32: 
    GOAL- Man City 1-0 Chelsea - Stevan Jovetic (16 mins)

    Stevan Jovetic had hit the bar just a minute before as Petr Cech spilled Yaya Toure's shot, but makes no mistake when offered a second bite of the cherry.

    The Montenegro international outstrips Cesar Azpilicueta for pace to gather Edin Dzeko's pass and apply a slide-rule side-foot finish which checks in off the inside of the far post.

    Danny Mills, at Etihad Stadium for 5 live SportMan City 0-0 Chelsea

    "Man City look solid at the moment, very self-assured. They have started with good intensity and are trying to hit Chelsea with tackles. City are getting tight and getting stuck in, being very physical early on."

    Enjoy Man City v Chelsea in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  76. 17:31: 
    Man City 0-0 Chelsea

    Javi Garcia is pinged for a second rather cynical foul, tripping Jon Mikel Obi as the Chelsea man went past him. Neither of those two are the quickest. The whole thing looked in slow motion.


    Preston North End tweet from the tunnel: Manager Simon Grayson: "Sir Tom Finney was fantastic ambassador for this club. You can see from the comments on a worldwide scale.

    "It was a great honour to have met him. He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts go out to his family."

    Simon Grayson
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    Mahin Rai: I'm backing Man City to win today. The line-up looks very similar to the one Pelligrini beat Bayern with to nullify their counter-attack.

    A Kalek: Chelsea 's bench doesn't look half bad...

    James Wall: I don't get Jose. Our bench is far stronger than our starting XI.

  79. 17:28:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at the Etihad StadiumMan City 0-0 Chelsea

    Not much in the way of animation from either manager in the opening few minutes, although that is probably because there has not been much for them to get excited about.

    "Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has stood, hands deep in the pockets of his cosy-looking winter coat, at the edge of his technical area since the game started. Manuel Pellegrini has just joined him, arms folded, looking deep in thought and similarly well wrapped up."

  80. 17:28: 
    Man City 0-0 Chelsea

    Manchester City have had plenty of the ball in the early stages, but don't look keen to commit too many numbers beyond the ball unless Chelsea catch them on the counter. Nemanja Matic is shadowing Yaya Toure. That will be a duel to watch, two midfield titans.

  81. 17:25:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at the Etihad StadiumMan City 0-0 Chelsea

    "Manchester City started in an orthodox 4-4-2 formation but it is clear David Silva has licence to roam from the left. He has already popped up to help James Milner on the opposite flank and is drifting inside whenever possible, leaving Stevan Jovetic or Edin Dzeko to cover him on the left.

    "Javi Garcia is sitting deep behind Yaya Toure in the middle of the park, giving him the chance to get forward."

  82. 17:24: 
    Man City 0-0 Chelsea

    Javi Garcia is already putting himself around the pitch more effectively than Martin Demichelis managed in City's league defeat. The former Benfica man clatters into Willian. He failed to get any of the ball, but Willian knows he is on the pitch at least.

  83. 17:22: 
    Man City 0-0 Chelsea

    James Milner has been shadowing Eden Hazard in the early stages, but that is a difficult role to keep doing for 90 minutes. As Hazard showed in Chelsea's goal in the league win here, he likes to wander all over the pitch to cause mischief.

  84. 17:20:  
    Danny Mills, at Etihad Stadium for 5 live SportMan City 0-0 Chelsea

    "James Milner has come in to do a job on Eden Hazard. Jose Mourinho, standing as he is right in the middle of his technical area, is looking to set down a marker. City do have injuries and one or two other problems at the moment."

    Enjoy Man City v Chelsea in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  85. 17:19: 
    Man City 0-0 Chelsea

    Just as in the league game here, Ramires has taken a more advanced position alongside Willian and Eden Hazard, content to let Nemanja Matic and Jon Mikel Obi do the defensive dirty work for Chelsea.

  86. 17:17: 
    KICK-OFF- Man City 0-0 Chelsea

    The hosts get us up and running and Ramires gives away an early free-kick for a foul on David Silva out on the left.

  87. 17:16: 
    Man City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    Both teams link arms around the centre-circle to observe a minute's silence for Sir Tom Finney.

    Etihad Stadium
  88. 17:15: 
    Man City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    Jose Mourinho was out early to take his seat in the dug-out, scribbling a few signatures and posing for some photos as he waits for the off.

    Robbie Savage, Final Score for BBC SportMan City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    "Yaya Toure will have a bit more license to go forward today, but missing Fernandinho is a huge blow for the hosts. I do fancy Chelsea - though I think they will miss John Terry. Gary Cahill, though, is fit and that's a huge positive for the Blues."

  90. 17:12: 
    Man City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    There were plenty of empty red seats at the Stadium of Light earlier today and there are a fair few light blue ones still showing at the Etihad as the teams emerge from the tunnel. Those that are in lob down some tickertape and loo roll to greet the sides.

  91. 17:10:  
    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live SportCardiff 1-2 Wigan

    "Wigan were very impressive. They took the lead against the run of play, but when Cardiff responded and the equaliser went in they pumped the ball forward and Ben Watson thumped in his goal. If any goal deserved to win a game it was Watson's. The manager, Uwe Rosler, played every ball of the game, and they deserve to carry on in this competition."

    Robbie Savage, Final Score for BBC SportMan City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    "I'm looking forward to this one. City have made a couple of changes, and Milner is playing because Chelsea can dominate on the counter-attack. But I still fancy Chelsea, looking at the two line-ups. And Chelsea's 16 is slightly stronger than City's."

    Enjoy Final Score live on BBC One, the BBC Sport website or at the top of this page.

  93. 17:08: 

    The line-ups in the dug-out might be worth considering as well. Jose Mourinho has lost just once in nine managerial match-up with Manuel Pellegrini - a run that spans their previous stints at Real Madrid and Malaga respectively.

    Does Mourinho hold a hoodoo over the Chilean?

  94. 17:06: 
    LINE-UPS- Man City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    Man City: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy, Milner, Javi Garcia, Toure, Silva, Dzeko, Jovetic. Subs: Hart, Richards, Nasri, Negredo, Kolarov, Jesus Navas, Demichelis.

    Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Luiz, Azpilicueta, Mikel, Matic, Ramires, Willian, Hazard, Eto'o. Subs: Cole, Lampard, Torres, Oscar, Schurrle, Salah, Schwarzer.

    Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffordshire)

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    David Whalley: We won't give it up, we won't give it up, FA Cup champions, we won't give it up.

    Femi Ogunbodede: Apparently, Solksjaer isn't quite the hero that Vincent Tan was expecting. How soon before he turns on him?

  96. 17:04:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at the Etihad StadiumMan City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)
    John Murray and Danny Mills

    There are a few unfamiliar faces - and voices - in the press box at Etihad Stadium today, with a sizeable Catalan contingent in town a few days early to check out Manchester City's form ahead of that mouthwatering Champions League tie with Barcelona on Tuesday.

    From past experience of sitting next to them, Spanish and Catalan commentary teams talk quicker, talk more and talk louder than they do on these shores but BBC Radio 5 live commentary team John Murray and Danny Mills are ready to up the volume if they have to compete tonight. They are well prepared for a freezing cold evening too, by the looks of things.

  97. 17:00:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at the Etihad Stadium

    "There is more blue sky than clouds now at Etihad Stadium. The Manchester City and Chelsea players are warming up in the chilly February sunshine, with 15 minutes to go until kick-off."

  98. 17:00: 

    That is us done and dusted in the 15:00 GMT kick-offs. Wigan join Sunderland in the last eight, now to see if Manchester City or Chelsea - who have appeared in the last five finals between them - will make the quarters.

    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live SportCardiff 1-2 Wigan

    "A fantastic performance from the cup holders Wigan. They have come here and done a superb job. The goal that won it warranted them to progress to the quarter-finals. The manager Uwe Roser got it absolutely right tactically, and Wigan deserve to defend their cup for at least one round more."

  100. 16:58: 
    FULL-TIME- Doncaster 2-2 Barnsley
  101. 16:58: 
    FULL-TIME- Bournemouth 1-1 Burnley
  102. 16:58: 
    FULL-TIME- Watford 1-0 Middlesborough
  103. 16:57: 
    FULL-TIME- Millwall 1-1 Bolton
  104. 16:57: 
    FULL-TIME- Birmingham 1-2 Huddersfield
  105. 16:56: 
    GOAL- Birmingham 1-2 Huddersfield - Oliver Lee

    There will not be enough time to go in search for a second but Oliver Lee smashes home a consolation for the Blues from Nikola Zigic's nod-down.

  106. 16:56: 
    FULL-TIME- Ipswich 0-0 Blackpool
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at DeepdaleFULL-TIME- Preston NE 1-1 Leyton Orient

    "'Stand up for Tom Finney' chanted the Town End as the match moved into injury-time. In the end there was to be no winning goal for either team but there was a celebration of a man who meant so much to so many in Preston. A moving afternoon at Deepdale."

  108. 16:55: 
    FULL-TIME- Cardiff 1-2 Wigan
    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live Sport

    "Today has been a tactical masterpiece from Uwe Rosler..."

    Enjoy Cardiff v Wigan in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  110. 16:54: 
    Cardiff 1-2 Wigan

    Cardiff almost pick their way through as Juan Cala's flick on almost reaches Fraizer Campbell. Ali-al-Habsi is off his line to claim it. Ninety seconds left.

    Steve Claridge, on Final Score for BBC Sport

    "I'm a purist and I think teams like Cardiff, Southampton and Sunderland shouldn't play weakened teams in the cup. Whatever way you look at it, you should want to win a game of football. You've gone out of the FA Cup - that's the end game, the result you don't want."

    Enjoy Final Score live on BBC One, the BBC Sport website or at the top of this page.

  112. 16:52: 
    GOAL- Doncaster 2-2 Barnsley - Nick Proschwitz (89 mins)

    Nick Proschwitz turns in a low cross to salvage a point for Barnsley in a feisty south Yorkshire derby.

  113. 16:51: 
    Four minutes of injury-time- Cardiff 1-2 Wigan

    Four minutes of injury time. It's more than Wigan wanted, but not enough for some of the Cardiff fans who are heading to the exits.

  114. 16:49: 

    Sepp Blatter, Fifa president, tweets: Very sad news that Sir Tom Finney is no longer with us. I had privilege of watching Preston man play at the 1954 World Cup.

  115. 16:49: 
    Cardiff 1-2 Wigan

    Just a little over two minutes to go of normal time. Wigan are clinging on. They have been well-organised and Cardiff have not had the wit and invention to unlock them yet.

    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live SportCardiff 1-2 Wigan

    "There's frustration all around here because time and time again Cardiff have put balls in the box, but Wigan have been resilient and have won every single header."

    Enjoy Cardiff v Wigan in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  117. 16:47: 
    Cardiff 1-2 Wigan

    Cardiff are ratcheting up the pressure, but so far Wigan are just about keeping them at arm's length. Craig Noone side-foots wide after Ali al-Habsi made a good save from Wilfried Zaha in the hosts latest chance.

  118. 16:45:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at DeepdalePreston NE 1-1 Leyton Orient

    "Great, great chance to win it for Preston but an unmarked Kevin Davies scuffs his header well wide from Scott Wiseman's cross. A goal he has scored a thousand times - but not today."

  119. 16:43: 
    GOAL- Millwall 1-1 Bolton - Martyn Woolford (82 mins)

    Bolton striker Lukas Jutkiewicz is made to rue his penalty miss just moments before. Martyn Woolford makes a spell of pressure count for the hosts, firing in from a tight angle. They could win this one as well...

    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live SportCardiff 1-2 Wigan

    "Wigan are just too deep. Their manager, Uwe Rosler, wants his side to push out and pressurise the opposition."

    Enjoy Cardiff v Wigan in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  121. 16:42: 
    Cardiff 1-2 Wigan

    An apparent chance for Cardiff as Wilfried Zaha has a shot turned aside by Ali Al-Habsi, but the offside flag was up. It wouldn't have counted anyway. Time ebbing away for the Bluebirds.

  122. 16:41: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Preston NE 1-1 Leyton Orient

    Preston number nine Kevin Davies is brought on at Deepdale, alongside young home-grown winger Josh Brownhill. PNE certainly seem to be pushing for the win on this most significant of days. Ten to go.

  123. 16:39: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Millwall 0-1 Bolton

    Lukas Jutkiewicz has the chance to put the game beyond Millwall but his spot-kick is weak and well saved by David Forde in the Lions' goal. Still time for the hosts to get something from this...

    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live SportCardiff 1-2 Wigan

    "There is an urgency about Cardiff now. They are throwing caution to the wind because they know they have got to get back in this cup tie. But first of all, they've got the get the ball into that Wigan box."

    Enjoy Cardiff v Wigan in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  125. 16:38: 
    Cardiff 1-2 Wigan

    Quarter of an hour to go and Wigan are still working hard, limiting Cardiff to half-chances.

  126. 16:36: 
    Football League update

    Chesterfield, who are top of League Two, continue to endure a difficult afternoon against lowly Torquay - finally finding the back of the net, but only after the visitors had taken the lead. Third-placed Oxford look like taking full advantage as they have opened up a three-goal lead against Mansfield while Rochdale are not too far behind either through their 2-1 lead over Morecambe.

  127. 16:35:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at the Etihad StadiumMan City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    On paper at least, it appears Chelsea will operate in the same way they did when they won at Etihad Stadium on 3 Feb, with John Mikel Obi and Nemanja Matic sitting in front of their defence in a 4-2-3-1 formation that will see Eden Hazard, Willian and Ramires all breaking with pace to support Samuel Eto'o.

    Manchester City also look likely to stick with their 4-4-2 formation they used, unsuccessfully, against the Blues. Only this time it is Javi Garcia who will operate behind Yaya Toure in central midfield, not Martin Demichelis, who struggled to cope with the pace of Chelsea's counter-attacks.

    With City facing Barcelona here in the Champions League in three days' time, the consensus in the press room was that is a stronger line-up than was expected from Manuel Pellegrini.

    Gary Lineker, former Tottenham and Everton striker and current Match of the Day presenter

    Both Man City and Chelsea have gone with strong teams. Bigger squads but lots of games to play with CL etc. Respecting a great competition.

  129. 16:30: 
    GOAL- Bournemouth 1-1 Burnley - Keith Treacy (67 mins)

    Second-placed Burnley are back in it as Keith Treacy, who has only been on the pitch six minutes, turns home Ross Wallace's cross.

  130. 16:28: 
    Man City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    Gary Cahill shakes off a calf injury to start for Chelsea. They make just one change from their midweek draw with West Brom, with John Mikel Obi replacing Oscar in the starting XI.

    Chelsea starting XI: Cech (c); Ivanovic, Cahill, David Luiz, Azpilicueta; Mikel, Matic; Ramires, Willian, Hazard; Eto'o

    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at DeepdalePreston NE 1-1 Leyton Orient

    "All-square at Deepdale after Joe Garner levels from the penalty spot following a foul on Craig Davies. No particularly elaborate or Finney-related celebrations. The players quite correctly look more focused on trying to score another."

  132. 16:27: 
    Football League update

    League One leaders Brentford look certain of three points after racing into a 3-0 lead at Crewe - Alan Judge getting his second of the afternoon and Adam Forshaw also on the scoresheet. Second-placed Wolves are 2-0 up against Notts County while MK Dons have equalised at home to Oldham.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Manchester United full-back Alex Buttner posts a picture on Instagram of his training camp: Dubai!

    Alex Buttner

    Don't strain anything there Alex.

  134. 16:24: 
    GOAL- Preston NE 1-1 Leyton Orient - Joe Garner (pen) (64 mins)

    Preston are back level at an emotional Deepdale, Joe Garner dispatching the spot-kick after Craig Davies was sent sprawling in the box.

  135. 16:23: 
    GOAL- Birmingham 0-2 Huddersfield - Adam Clayton (60 mins)

    Another fizzing long-range effort as Adam Clayton, sporting an excellent beard, sends one into the very top of the top corner.

  136. 16:22: 
    Man City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    Manuel Pellegrini continues his policy for selecting second-choice Costel Pantilimon in goal for the Cup. Edin Dzeko and Stevan Jovetic start in attack while Joleon Lescott partners Vincent Kompany at the back.

    Man City starting XI: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Kompany (C), Lescott, Clichy, Garcia, Toure, Milner, Silva, Jovetic, Dzeko.

  137. 16:20: 
    RED CARD - Middlesbrough's Ben Gibson- Watford 1-0 Middlesbrough

    And now it's 10 v 10 at Vicarage Road as Ben Gibson is shown a second yellow card for kicking the ball out of goalkeeper Jonathan Bond's hands. Bizarre dismissal but Gibson is on his way.

  138. 16:18: 
    GOAL- Doncaster 2-1 Barnsley - James Coppinger (55 mins)

    James Coppinger bags a second as his deflected shot squirms its way into the corner from the edge of the area.

    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at DeepdalePreston NE 0-1 Leyton Orient

    "The attendance at Deepdale today is 13,440, with 372 away fans. Hardly the 20,000 some had talked about but a considerable increase on the average gate. Most of them want to see the team in white pick up three points but the men from east London continue to lead 1-0."

  140. 16:14: 
    Preston NE 0-1 Leyton Orient

    The attendance has just been announced at Deepdale. It is 13,440. Although that is well down on the capacity of 24,500 it is up on their previous League One attendance of 9,483.

  141. 16:14:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at the Etihad StadiumMan City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    Only a few minutes to go until the teams will be announced at Etihad Stadium, and there are a few questions to be answered: Will Chelsea be without both John Terry and Gary Cahill at the centre of their defence for the first time in any competition this season?

    Will Manchester City really persist with two strikers, as their manager Manuel Pellegrini has claimed, after they were outplayed in the middle of the park last time? Will Martin Demichelis play, and where? I am pretty sure Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho hopes the answer to those last two questions is 'yes' and 'in central midfield again'.

  142. 16:13: 
    GOAL- Bournemouth 1-0 Burnley - Tokelo Rantie (51 mins)

    A big goal at the top of the Championship, with second-placed Burnley going behind when Tokelo Rantie heads home from a corner.

  143. 16:13: 
    RED CARD - Watford's Samba Diakite- Watford 1-0 Middlesbrough

    Watford midfielder Samba Diakite is shown a straight red card for a two-footed lunge on Dean Whitehead. The hosts still lead but will play the next 35 minutes with 10 men.

  144. 16:10: 
    GOAL- Watford 1-0 Middlesbrough - Troy Deeney (pen)

    Ben Gibson chops down Fernando Forestieri and Troy Deeney steps up to slot home from 12 yards.

  145. 16:07: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Cardiff 1-2 Wigan

    Cardiff are turning up the attacking heat on Wigan. Don Cowie has come on in place of anchorman Gary Medel.

  146. 16:04: 
    KICK-OFF- Cardiff 1-2 Wigan

    The holders are heading to the last eight as it stands.


    Fleetwood Town tweet: Great respect for Tom Finney at Highbury prior to kick-off today:


    Pictured on the far right is Graham Alexander, former Preston North End club captain and now the man in charge at Highbury Stadium. Ex-PNE defender Youl Mawene is there too, on the far left, while former Lilywhites centre-back Chris Lucketti stands next to Alexander

    Kevin Kilbane, former Preston full-back 5 live Sport

    "I grew up on the same street on which Tom Finney was born. He meant everything to Preston supporters and he was always very complimentary of the team and the manager, and always there to offer support. He was a great man."

  149. 16:02:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at Etihad StadiumMan City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    "It's been a stormy day in Manchester - wet and windy with forecasts promising it will get even worse. So it was a nice surprise that, with around 90 minutes to go until kick-off at Etihad Stadium, the clouds lifted to give a rare glimpse of a blue sky. There is no danger of this game going the same way as City-Sunderland did on Wednesday by being called off."

  150. 16:01:  
    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at Etihad StadiumMan City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has been refusing to partake in Jose Mourinho's war of words this week and he sticks to his guns by making no mention of his Chelsea counterpart in his programme notes.

    Instead he focuses on his own team and says he is "not concerned" by the fact they have gone two games without a goal in a season where they have been otherwise prolific, pointing out that strike duo Edin Dzeko and Alvaro Negredo have been playing while not fully fit. "I have no doubt we will start scoring goals again soon," Pellegrini said. "Hopefully starting tonight!"

  151. 16:01: 
    Man City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)

    Of course, there is a humdinger of a tea-time clash in the FA Cup still to come. Jose Mourinho will be sharpening his chalk for the tactics blackboard as we speak...

  152. 15:59: 
    Football League update

    Leaders Chesterfield are being held by lowly Torquay in League Two, meaning third-placed Oxford have cut the gap between themselves and top spot to two points as it stands - the U's leading 1-0 against Mansfield.

    Dagenham and Redbridge are in front against Burton, Fleetwood are winning against Northampton and Hartlepool are getting the better of Newport, all by one-goal margins.

  153. 15:58: 
    Bournemouth 0-0 Burnley

    BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at the Goldsands Stadium: "A game of few chances on the south coast as second-placed Burnley take on their former manager Eddie Howe in his own back yard. The game survived an early morning pitch inspection but both sides have struggled to create chances in driving rain, while Bournemouth lost midfielder Eunan O'Kane to injury just before the interval. A long-range effort by Cherries defender Simon Francis is the nearest we've had to a goal."

  154. 15:54: 
    Fox at the Old Firm

    Kick-off in League One leaders Brentford's match away to Crewe was delayed by a dog running around the pitch apparently. Everybody loves an animal stopping play. To celebrate here is a fox getting involved in an Old Firm derby in 1996.

  155. 15:52: 
    Football League update

    League One's top two Brentford and Wolves continue to lead against Crewe and Notts County respectively. At the half-time break, Oldham, Leyton Orient and Rotherham are also on course for three points as they hold slender leads over MK Dons, Preston and Stevenage respectively.

  156. 15:52: 

    Half-times whistles blowing all around the country in the 15:00 GMT kick-offs.

  157. 15:51:  
    Clive Allen, BBC Radio 5 liveCardiff 1-2 Wigan

    "It is a fantastic cup tie, two teams going for it. An absolutely fascinating game."

    Enjoy Cardiff v Wigan in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  158. 15:50: 
    HALF-TIME- Cardiff 1-2 Wigan
  159. 15:50: 
    CLOSE!- Cardiff 1-2 Wigan

    Cardiff are within a whisker of a leveller, but Ali Al-Habsi gets back to scoop Juan Cala's effort off the line.

  160. 15:50: 
    GOAL- Doncaster 1-1 Barnsley - James Coppinger (45 mins)

    The hosts are level in the south Yorkshire derby and James Coppinger can hardly miss, rolling into an open net from eight yards out.

    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at DeepdalePreston NE 0-1 Leyton Orient

    "Not great for North End and their hopes of paying tribute to Sir Tom Finney. I heard several PNE fans say before the match that they just hope their team puts on a performance worthy of the man. To be fair, it has been a fairly even game so far in the February sunshine but not going the way the home fans want."

  162. 15:48: 
    GOAL- Preston NE 0-1 Leyton Orient - Mathieu Baudry (44 mins)

    Mathieu Baudry puts Leyton Orient ahead at Deepdale with a strike from eight yards after the ball drops invitingly to him.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Statisticians Opta on Twitter: Ben Watson has now scored in three of his last four FA Cup games. Elementary.

  164. 15:43:  
    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live SportCardiff 1-2 Wigan

    "Unbelievable! Cardiff were definitely in the ascendancy but the ball was rolled square and Watson stepped up and hit a thunderous drive that didn't deviate one centimetre before it hit the back of the goal. Incredible - this is some cup tie!"

    Enjoy Cardiff v Wigan in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  165. 15:41: 
    GOAL- Cardiff 1-2 Wigan - Ben Watson (40 mins)

    A absolute brute of a strike from Ben Watson. The ball flies off his laces and into the top corner after Marc-Antoine Fortune's neat lay-off to put the Latics back in front. He likes this competition doesn't he?

  166. 15:38: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Dave Perry: As a Saints fan I'm bitterly disappointed with the performance and team selection. I was dreaming of getting to Wembley

  167. 15:36: 
    Football League update

    Northampton's League Two survival hopes have taken a blow as they have gone 1-0 down at Fleetwood, while promotion-chasing Oxford lead at home to Mansfield, York are in front at Plymouth and Southend now lead Exeter 2-1. Plenty of goals in the fourth tier.

  168. 15:36:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at DeepdalePreston NE 0-0 Leyton Orient

    "No actual out-and-out wingers in this Preston team but left-back Scott Laird has put a few crosses in from the left that Tom Finney would have been happy to call his own. Both sides have had decent chances to score but goalless so far."

    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live SportCardiff 1-1 Wigan

    "Cardiff have grown in confidence. They've realised they can keep possession and start to probe and open up this Wigan defence again."

    Enjoy Cardiff v Wigan in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  170. 15:35: 
    Cardiff 1-1 Wigan

    Wilfried Zaha has been putting his dancing feet to some good use. He has swapped to the right side and is getting more joy running at the Wigan rearguard. The goal has lifted Cardiff who were sluggish before Fraizer Campbell's equaliser.

  171. 15:32: 
    Football League update

    It's all-square at Ashton Gate, where Tranmere's Jake Cassidy has cancelled out Sam Baldock's opener for Bristol City. Still no goal at Deepdale though, where Preston are being held by Leyton Orient.

  172. 15:30: 
    GOAL- Doncaster 0-1 Barnsley - Nick Proschwitz (27 mins)

    Nick Proschwitz profits from a mistake from Doncaster goalkeeper Sam Johnstone, nipping in to score as the ball looped over the on-loan Manchester United man.

    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live SportCardiff 1-1 Wigan

    "It's the first time Cardiff have breached that Wigan rearguard. Zaha got into the box, he tried to twist and get a shot away and Wigan were unable to clear the ball. It broke and Campbell hit an unerring left-foot shot into the bottom corner. It went through so many bodies and the keeper just couldn't react - he had no time to."

    Enjoy Cardiff v Wigan in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  174. 15:28: 
    GOAL- Cardiff 1-1 Wigan - Fraizer Campbell (27 mins)

    Cardiff have not produced much so far but they level up with their first real attempt at goal. It is a dead-eyed finish from Fraizer Campbell that has done the damage, a pinpoint left-foot drive burying its way into the corner.

  175. 15:26: 
    Showboat- Cardiff 0-1 Wigan

    Wilfried Zaha with more lollipops than Willy Wonka as he launches into a flurry of stepovers, but Wigan's Jean Beausejour keeps his eye on the prize and nicks the ball off the toe of the on-loan winger.

  176. 15:23: 
    Football League update

    League One leaders Brentford have taken an early lead against Crewe at Gresty Road, courtesy of Alan Judge. That briefly extended the Bees lead at the top to four points, but Wolves have not taken long to go in front against Notts County - Michael Jacobs on the scoresheet.

  177. 15:23: 
    Football League update

    A lively start to the afternoon at Roots Hall, where Southend's Mark Phillips has cancelled out Jimmy Keohane's early strike for Exeter. Elsewhere in League Two, York are leading 1-0 at Plymouth.

  178. 15:23: 
    Preston NE 0-0 Leyton Orient

    The Preston stood to applaud the memory of Sir Tom Finney as the clock ticked through seven minutes. Seven was the great man's shirt number.

    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live Sport

    "Wigan's shape is very good, and Cardiff are finding it very difficult to get behind them despite having most of the possession. Wigan are the cup holders and you can see they are taking this tie very, very seriously."

    Enjoy Cardiff v Wigan in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  180. 15:19: 
    GOAL- Cardiff 0-1 Wigan - Chris McCann (18 mins)

    Jordi Gomez fires the ball across goal and Chris McCann keeps steady to steer the ball into the corner with a controlled side-foot volley. The holders are on course for the quarters and the away fans are singing Que Sera.

  181. 15:17: 
    GOAL- Millwall 0-1 Bolton - Lukas Jutkiewicz (15 mins)

    Lukas Jutkiewicz meets Chris Eagles cross with a deft header to find the net.

  182. 15:13: 
    GOAL- Birmingham 0-1 Huddersfield - Oliver Norwood (10 mins)

    Former Manchester United man Oliver Norwood opens the scoring as he converts from Danny Ward's cross for his fifth of the season.


    BBC 606 tweet: Here are the Tom Finney shirts being worn by the Preston players this afternoon:

    PNE shirts
  184. 15:10:  
    Clive Allen, at Cardiff City Stadium for 5 live SportCardiff 0-0 Wigan

    "It's been an interesting start. Neither team is taking risks and both are sizing each other up. Cardiff look comfortable in possession and Wigan have dropped back, leaving the ball to them."

    Enjoy Cardiff v Wigan in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  185. 15:09:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at DeepdalePreston NE 0-0 Leyton Orient

    "It is not a sell-out at Deepdale but three sides of the ground look pretty full. The minute's silence was impeccable - a moving tribute to a humble man. The sort of thing to bring a tear to a grown man's eye"

  186. 15:07: 
    Cardiff 0-0 Wigan

    Wigan have started well with Ben Watson's crossfield ball cutting apart the Cardiff defence and James Perch, storming up from full-back, sending a shot skimming just wide.

  187. 15:05: 
    Manager Reaction- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton
    Gus Poyet

    Sunderland boss Gus Poyet speaking to BT Sport: "We have a got a good way of playing now and fighting for the club. Sometimes you need the whole group and sometimes when these games for you it is important for the rest of the season."

  188. 15:03: 

    We are up and running at both Deepdale and in the FA Cup tie between Cardiff and Wigan.

  189. 15:01: 
    Preston NE v Leyton Orient (1500 GMT)

    A minute's silence follows. Some of the Preston fans are holding aloft shirts and scarves bearing Sir Tom Finney's name.

    Jimmy Armfield, at Deepdale for 5 live SportPreston NE v Leyton Orient (1500 GMT)

    "I'm sure some of the more elderly supporters sitting her inside Deepdale can remember Sir Tom playing. This is quite a nostalgic moment for them all. He was a man of these people."

  191. 14:59: 

    The crowd at Deepdale are on their feet. "There is only one Tom Finney," they sing before breaking into applause. The wreaths that were brought out by the two captains are presented to the members of Finney's family.


    Preston striker Kevin Davies on Twitter: We have lost a footballing legend. A true gent and a loyal servant to his beloved PNE. RIP Sir Tom Finney.

    Get Involved- via BBC Sport page on Facebook

    Jane Addison: A great player, a true gent and could teach some of today's players how to play the game of football. RIP, Sir Tom Finney.

    Andrew Downie: A truly humble man and a great football player - never ever lost his his hometown roots and will never be forgotten in Preston.

    David Huggan: RIP. One of the greatest footballers ever and a true gentleman. 30 goals for England from the wing...

  194. 14:58: 
    Preston NE v Leyton Orient (1500 GMT)

    The Preston team are wearing shirts with their own name replaced with that of Sir Tom Finney.

  195. 14:56: 
    Preston NE v Leyton Orient (1500 GMT)

    Preston and Leyton Orient emerge from the tunnel with their respective captains both carrying wreaths of flowers.

    Football League update

    One result to tell you about in League One, where Shrewsbury have drawn 0-0 with Port Vale at Greenhous Meadow.

  197. 14:55: 
    Cardiff v Wigan (15:00 GMT)
    Dave Whelan

    FA Cup holders Wigan will be playing the 41st match of a season today against Cardiff. They have been to Russia and Slovenia in that hectic schedule, and with the Championship play-offs still within sight, you could forgive Uwe Rosler for wanting to soft-pedal on their FA Cup defence.

    There is no way that Dave Whelan would be happy with that though. He absolutely loved winning the trophy last year.


    Sunderland defender John O'Shea talking to BT Sport: "Gus Poyet said to the lads beforehand, make a statement. We have big games coming up, Craig Gardner's goal was fantastic and he does do it every day in training. Southampton had some very dangerous players and they have some quality but we had to be alive at the back and maybe the pitch helped us out a bit."

  199. 14:47: 
    Preston NE v Leyton Orient (1500 GMT)

    Deepdale is filling up fast. There is a large banner bearing Sir Tom Finney's face being passed across the heads of fans in one of the stands.

  200. 14:44:  
    Paul Fletcher, at Deepdale for BBC SportPreston NE v Leyton Orient (1500 GMT)
    PNE fans

    "The sun making a rare and unexpected appearance. Just as well given the number of people in the ticket queue. A few people suggesting the game could be a sell-out. I'm not sure about that but a big crowd is certainly on the cards. I heard one Mum say to their young child: 'In years to come you'll be able to say you were there'. Quite."

  201. 14:44: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Southampton
    match stats

    Southampton came on strong at the end with Kelvin Davis rushing up to try and get something on a late corner, but it was all too little, too late.

    Safely moored in midtable, that result leaves the Saints with nothing of note to play for the rest of the season. Except World Cup places for messrs Lambert, Lallana and Shaw.

    Pat Nevin, at Stadium of Light for 5 live SportSunderland 1-0 Southampton

    "It's becoming a good season for Sunderland. What a difference Gus Poyet has made. There's a belief throughout the team, and they were easily the better side today. Sunderland simply, wanted it more."

    Enjoy Sunderland v Southampton in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  203. 14:38: 
    FULL-TIME- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Book yourself in for the sixth round draw tomorrow afternoon, Sunderland fans.

  204. 14:37: 
    YELLOW CARD- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Another booking, this time for Seb Larsson who can't keep up with Luke Shaw and tugs at the left-back's shorts. Shaw wins a corner which is eventually hacked clear by the desperate Black Cats.

  205. 14:35: 
    INJURY TIME- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Three minutes of injury time are signalled as Jay Rodriguez goes into the book for a late challenge on Sunderland's Lee Cattermole.

  206. 14:35: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Sunderland almost catch out Southampton, who are predictably pushing forward for an equaliser. A simple ball over the top is collected by Jack Colback, who lays off the ball for Fabio Borini but the striker's low shot is pushed clear by Kelvin Davis.

  207. 14:31: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Connor Wickham resembles George Weah as he wriggles past two markers deep inside his own half, sets off towards goal and advances into the penalty shot before dragging a low shot wide. He might have passed, he should have done better. Will the Black Cats regret that miss? Four minutes to go...

  208. 14:30: 
    Photo gallery

    For a photo gallery of the best of today's FA Cup action, visit the BBC Sport Facebook page.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Abbey Kun: Shocking miss there by Lambert!

    Dennis Ethan: Miss of the season from Lambert. Let it fly from two yards. Shocking!

    Greg Matthews: Sums up Lambert's performance today. He's been woeful.

  210. 14:29: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    A quick word on the attendance today - there are 16,777 inside the Stadium of Light this afternoon.

  211. 14:28: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Sunderland goalscorer Craig Gardner is given a standing ovation as he is replaced by derby-day hero Jack Colback.

    Get Involved- via the BBC Sport page on Facebook

    Justin Case: It seems strange that you often seem to get a team struggling for league form yet they have a good run in the cup competitions. Wigan were a prime example of this last season.

    Joseph Blomefield: As a Liverpool fan, I can't wait for Borini to come back from loan. He doesn't score loads, but he looks really sharp!

    Michael Garry: Those complaining about the low attendance should remember this is Sunderland's eighth home cup match this season, plus a Wembley appearance to come. People can't afford to go.

    Pat Nevin, at Stadium of Light for 5 live SportSunderland 1-0 Southampton

    "That miss from Lambert is a classic. It didn't just go over the bar by a yard, did it? That was about eight yards, and is actually really difficult to do. Lambert is absolutely gutted - he's waited so long for a chance, he got it, and he missed it."

    Enjoy Sunderland v Southampton in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  214. 14:26: 
    WHAT A MISS!- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Sometimes it's just not your day. Nathaniel Clyne again puts a decent cross into the six-yard box and Rickie Lambert, presented with an open goal, somehow scoops over the bar. It was easier to score. Eight minutes left.

  215. 14:24: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Better from Southampton as Nathaniel Clyne gets in behind Marcos Alonso and pulls the ball back for Adam Lallana but the Saints midfielder bundles wide from six yards out.

  216. 14:23: 
    LINE-UPS- Cardiff v Wigan (15:00 GMT)

    Cardiff: Marshall, Theophile-Catherine, Caulker, Cala, Taylor, Medel, Eikrem, Daehli, Berget, Zaha, Campbell. Subs: Turner, Kim, Noone, Gunnarsson, Cowie, Lewis, John.

    Wigan: Al Habsi, Perch, Boyce, Ramis, Beausejour, Watson, McManaman, McCann, Espinoza, Gomez, Fortune. Subs: Holgersson, Crainey, McEachran, Rogne, McClean, Nicholls, Barnett.

    Referee: Martin Atkinson (W Yorkshire)

  217. 14:23: 
    Cardiff v Wigan (15:00 GMT)

    Cardiff appear to have got the nod that winger Wilfried Zaha, on loan from Manchester United, is eligible to play as he starts. Zaha was an unused substitute in Manchester United's third-round defeat by Swansea. The Bluebirds, who have January signings Kenwyne Jones and Fabio cup-tied, make five changes from the 0-0 draw with Aston Villa on Tuesday.

    The Welsh club pulled out of a deal to sign Wigan defender Ivan Ramis in the January transfer window because of injury concerns and the Spaniard will be out to prove them wrong today as he starts. He is one of five changes by the Latics following a 3-0 midweek win at Sheffield Wednesday.

  218. 14:21: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Just under 15 minutes left as Marcos Alonso replaces Andrea Dossena at left-back.

    Pat Nevin, at Stadium of Light for 5 live SportSunderland 1-0 Southampton

    "As a defence Sunderland have done very well, considering so many of them are not first-choice, including the keeper. They have kept Southampton, who have some very good players, out so far."

    Enjoy Sunderland v Southampton in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  220. 14:20: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Connor Wickham, unmarked in the centre of the penalty area, is inches away from connecting with Seb Larsson's fine cross before Southampton race up the other end and Rickie Lambert steers a header straight at the keeper after being picked out at the far post by Adam Lallana.

  221. 14:17: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Southampton's attacking play is desperately disappointing in this second half, this time Nathaniel Clyne getting into a decent position to swing in a cross from deep but the right-back's effort is straight into the arms of Oscar Ustari.

  222. 14:13: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Time for Sunderland to make a change, Gus Poyet sending on Connor Wickham for Ignacio Scocco.

  223. 14:12: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    His side might be in the lead and looking fairly comfortable, but Sunderland manager Gus Poyet is still bellowing instructions from the sidelines as Lee Cattermole prepares to send in a corner. The midfielder puts a decent centre into the box, which is flicked on by John O'Shea but the Saints defence manages to stab clear.

  224. 14:06: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    Mauricio Pochettino has seen enough - the Saints manager sending on Jay Rodriguez and Morgan Schneiderlin to try and rescue the situation. Guly do Prado and James Ward-Prowse make their way from the sodden Stadium of Light pitch. Just under half an hour to go...

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Hanno Jewell: Great hit from Gardner - the keeper got nowhere near it.

    Shohidur Rahman: If I was a Southampton fan I would be really unhappy with Pochettino. Makes no sense to rest players.

    Simon Atkins: Maybe my bet on Sunderland to win both domestic cups wasn't so farfetched after all...

  226. 14:03: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    A decent opening for Southampton as the Sunderland defence backs off Steve Davis and allows the midfielder to take a shot from just outside the area, but he curls his effort wide.

    Paul Fletcher, at Deepdale for BBC SportPreston NE v Leyton Orient (1500 GMT)
    PNE shirt

    "There will be a minute's silence before the match today. Crowds have hovered around 10,000 at Deepdale this season but there is speculation that despite the wet weather there could be double that today. The pubs around the ground appear to be packed, with stories about Sir Tom doubtless being exchanged."

  228. 13:59: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    As so often happens when you make a raft of changes, Southampton just can't get their passing game going in the second half - another bright move coming to an abrupt end as Sunderland, who are dealing better with a much-changed side, begin to take a real grip on the game.

  229. 13:57: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Southampton

    I suspect Mark in Berkshire (see text below) is cursing Poch right about now...

    Pat Nevin, at Stadium of Light for 5 live SportSunderland 1-0 Southampton

    "I swear I don't think the keeper got within a metre of that, and he was diving at full stretch. What a hit! No keeper on the planet is going to get a finger on that. But I blame Wanyama - it was a half-hearted attempt to win the tackle in the middle of the park. He was definitely at fault."

    Enjoy Sunderland v Southampton in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  231. 13:53: 
    GOAL- Sunderland 1-0 Southampton - Craig Gardner (49 mins)

    Phwoar. Pick that one out!

    Sunderland's happy relationship with the cup competitions this season looks like continuing as Craig Gardner picks up the ball 25 yards out and laces home via the underside of the bar. And we all know goals are much better when they go in off the bar!

    Get Involved- Text us on 81111

    Mark in Berkshire: I'm unhappy with Pochettino for not playing Saints strongest XI. A failure to beat Sunderland today would be an unacceptable waste of opportunity.

    Jenni, Newtownards: The FA Cup is wide open this year considering only one of Man City/Chelsea, Arsenal/Liverpool, Sunderland/Southampton and Everton/Swansea will be in the quarter-final draw. It's all to play for, especially for the smaller teams, as there's a great chance someone 'could do a Wigan'.

  233. 13:53: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Frustration for Sunderland as Craig Gardner is put through on goal, but the linesman's flag rightly goes up and the move is ended. At the other end, Adam Lallana has a pop but fails to test Black Cats goalkeeper Oscar Ustari.

  234. 13:49: 
    KICK-OFF- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Come on lads, let's get this FA Cup fifth round weekend under way with some goals...

  235. 13:49: 
    League Two preview

    Scunthorpe drew level at the top of the table with their victory over Accrington last night, but Chesterfield have the perfect opportunity to re-establish a lead when they host lowly Torquay this afternoon.

    Oxford will also hope to continue their good season when they host Mansfield, while Northampton's bid to drag themselves off the foot of the Football League continues when they visit promotion-chasing Fleetwood.


    Preston North End defender David Buchanan on Facebook: "Anybody who is a football person or fan if you're not playing or going to support your team get down to Deepdale today and be part of a great send off for a football legend. #20k #sirtom #3pts #pnefc

  237. 13:45: 
    Sunderland fan at the Stadium of Light

    BT Sport, who are broadcasting the game, believe that around 16,000 have come through the turnstiles for this one. That number of fans rattles around when inside a 49,000-capacity Stadium of Light. Tickets were only £15 an adult and a fiver for children apparently.

    As several have already pointed out, when you are saving up for a trip down to London, it all counts though.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Jason Czorny: Lallana's displaying great positional awareness and technical ability with the ball at feet. England's most intelligent player?

    Fqiren: I'm eagerly anticipating the inevitable Cattlemole red card. Not long left to it now, I reckon.

    Richard Powell: Not saying Sunderland versus Southampton is poor, but I've just checked the Sochi timetable to see what time the curling starts...

  239. 13:38: 
    Match Stats- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton
    Match stats

    Sunderland with more efforts, Southampton with the greater quality. It has been the visitors who have been falling foul of the referee as well with two yellow cards to add to those nine infringements.

    Pat Nevin, at Stadium of Light for 5 live SportSunderland 0-0 Southampton

    "It's an even, enjoyable, open game. There have been opportunities and a a lot of decent play, but no-one seems to have that cutting edge. The worst result for both of these sides also seems the score line that is most likely - a draw."

    Enjoy Sunderland v Southampton in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  241. 13:34: 
    HALF-TIME- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton
  242. 13:33: 
    Injury-time- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Fabio Borini trots back on as the physio's sponge works its magic. There is one minute of added time up on the fourth officials big board of truth.

  243. 13:31: 
    Yellow Card- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Steven Davis goes into Mike Dean's little black book for that challenge. Fabio Borini has taken a trip to the sidelines to try and walk off the dead leg that he picked up.

  244. 13:29: 
    Five to the break- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Five minutes to go until half-time as Steven Davis clatters into the back of Fabio Borini as the Sunderland striker attempts to control the ball in the middle of the park.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    David Goodman: It's chucking it down, an early kick-off, it's on TV. How many of those moaning support sides still in the Cup?

    Paddy Farrell: Early kick-off, expensive Wembley trip soon, manager doesn't mind if we are out - do you expect a big turnout? 42,000 here last week.

    Chris Parker: With a £400 weekend in London in a couple of weeks, I'm not surprised at the attendance today.

    Pat Nevin, at Stadium of Light for 5 live SportSunderland 0-0 Southampton

    "As 0-0s go, this is a really, really good 0-0! Both the managers will be getting really tense on the sidelines, neither wanting a replay."

    Enjoy Sunderland v Southampton in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  247. 13:28: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Well played Santiago Vergini. The Sunderland defender is pitted in a footrace as he chases back with Rickie Lambert and Nathaniel Clyne's low cross runs invitingly to the back post. The Argentine gets there first to steer the ball behind for a corner.

    He has been impressive so far. Southampton's attacks are less frequent but more dangerous when they come.

  248. 13:25: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    With the Southampton defence braced for a delivery from Sebastian Larsson, Sunderland play it clever from a free-kick out on the right wing. Larsson reverses the ball to the edge of the box where Craig Gardner effort is deflected over.

    Sunderland are building a head of steam.

    Get Involved- via BBC Sport page on Facebook
    Tom Finney scarves

    John Fox: It is said he was the greatest - RIP Sir Tom Finney.

    Tom Whitman: A real gentleman. RIP

    Mikey Knot: Proof nice guys do win. Decent, genuine and hard-as-nails.

  250. 13:23: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Adam Lallana does Emanuele Giaccerini up like a kipper out on the right side of the Sunderland penalty. Giaccherini was heading down the tunnel and back to the changing rooms he was so sold on the England man's little Cruyff turn.

    Lallana cannot find a cross to match though, firing a low one straight into the gloves of Oscar Ustari.

  251. 13:19: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    A marginal offside call stops Fabio Borini in his tracks as he gets onto the end of a raking throughball from Santiago Vergini. He may have been half a yard the wrong side of the last man. Sunderland are starting to get their teeth into the Southampton defence. Half an hour gone.

  252. 13:17: 
    Showboat- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    You don't see that often. Lee Cattermole earns the cheers of the home fans as he beats his man a couple of times down by his own corner flag before hoofing clear.

  253. 13:14: 
    YELLOW CARD- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Maya Yoshida has been tight and tidy in the absence of Dejan Lovren in recent weeks but he has been done there by Fabio Borini. The Sunderland striker's neat change of feet lures in Southampton's Japanese centre-back and Yoshida only connects with shin. Yellow card.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Paul Harris: Embarrassing attendance at Sunderland...

    Alice Alistair: It's a myth the people in the North East are passionate about football. What a pathetic turn out for the Sunderland cup-tie.

    Mathew Penistone: The magic of the FA Cup is clearly dead in Sunderland. There are more people on the pitch than in the stands!

  255. 13:10: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Emanuele Giaccherini looks a man drained of confidence. A route to goal opens up as Southampton right-back Nathaniel Clyne sells himself short trying to cut out a pass to the Italian, but the former Juventus man fluffs his shot as he cuts in off the flank and shapes to curl one into the far corner.


    5 live Sport commentator Conor McNamara tweets the view from his position at Stadium of Light:

    Conor McNamara's view
  257. 13:07: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Lee Cattermole does what Lee Cattermole does. An old-school block tackle that left an unfortunate Southampton player's fibula shivering like a tuning fork.

    Sunderland have more buzz and energy about the pitch, but they might lack the quality in the final third that Southampton showed in creating that early chance for James Ward-Prowse.

    Pat Nevin, at Stadium of Light for 5 live SportSunderland 0-0 Southampton

    "It either is or it isn't - you can't have a little bit of a penalty kick. My view? That was a penalty."

    Enjoy Sunderland v Southampton in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  259. 13:04: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton
    Gus Poyet

    That is a shout. Luke Shaw barges into Fabio Borini as the Sunderland striker tries to dart down the outside of him to the byeline. Borini goes down and Shaw protests his innocence, but the replays show that Mike Dean could easily have given it.

    Gus Poyet gives the linesman an earful when he flags for an offside a minute later: "It's easy now isn't it?"

  260. 13:01: 
    CLOSE!- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    The first clear sighting of goal and it is a good one as Southampton string together a lovely flowing move. Adam Lallana's hanging cross is nodded back across goal by Rickie Lambert and James Ward-Prowse meets it with a half-volley that is well saved by Oscar Ustari.

  261. 12:58: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    The first proper tackle of the Cup tie comes in as Victor Wanyama snaps in on Andrea Dossena. He won the ball cleanly enough, though and someone needed to get a foot in for Southampton, who have been bypassed in midfield early on.

  262. 12:56:  
    Pat Nevin, at Stadium of Light for 5 live SportSunderland 0-0 Southampton

    "Sunderland are trying really hard to make sure Southampton don't get on the ball too easily. Even from goal-kicks the Saints are not being given the time to get on the ball and pass it around. Sunderland are playing a really high line."

    Enjoy Sunderland v Southampton in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  263. 12:55: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Santiago Vergini might get a little run in the Sunderland side after Wes Brown's third red card of the season, albeit he got one chalked off in retrospect, last weekend. Doesn't look a bad replacement.

    Sunderland have enjoyed plenty of the ball, but yet to create any chances.

  264. 12:52: 
    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Bryn Lucas: Lovely tribute to the late great Sir Tom Finney on Football Focus. What a legend he was.

    Mike Pav: Very touching tribute to Sir Tom Finney on Football Focus. Proper Lancashire bloke.

  265. 12:52: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Santiago Vergini shows a little class as he drops a shoulder and brings the ball out of defence before spraying an outside-of-the-foot pass down the left wing. It doesn't find its target, but a cool header back to goalkeeper Oscar Ustari reinforces an impressive start from the Argentine.

  266. 12:51:  
    Paul Fletcher, at Deepdale for BBC SportSir Tom Finney

    "A wet and cloudy day over Deepdale but there is already a lengthy queue outside the ticket office as the club prepares to pay tribute to it's most famous son - Sir Tom Finney. Tributes of shirts, flowers and scarves have been placed on his statue The Splash outside the ground and every North End player will have Finney on the back of their shirt today. They should wear it with pride because it promises to be a moving occasion."

  267. 12:49: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    Debutant Ignacio Scocco gets his first touch in a Sunderland shirt. It is less than magnetic though and the ball gets away from his as he attempts to control on the edge of the box with his back to goal.

  268. 12:47: 
    KICK-OFF- Sunderland 0-0 Southampton

    We are up and running in the first of the FA Cup fifth-round ties.

    Pat Nevin, at Stadium of Light for 5 live SportSunderland v Southampton (1245 GMT)

    "Here it'll be quite emotional over the next few minutes - every football fan of any age should stop and remember Sir Tom Finney."

    Enjoy Sunderland v Southampton in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  270. 12:46: 
    Sunderland v Southampton (1245 GMT)

    The two teams stand to attention to remember Sir Tom Finney with a minute's applause.

  271. 12:45: 
    LINE-UPS- Sunderland v Southampton (1245 GMT)

    Sunderland: Ustari, Celustka, Vergini, O'Shea, Dossena, Larsson, Cattermole, Gardner, Giaccherini, Scocco, Borini. Subs: Ki, Wickham, Colback, Mannone, Alonso, Roberge, Mavrias.

    Southampton: Kelvin Davis, Clyne, Yoshida, Hooiveld, Shaw, Steven Davis, Wanyama, Ward-Prowse, Do Prado, Lallana, Lambert. Subs: Schneiderlin, Fonte, Rodriguez, Cork, Chambers, Gazzaniga, McQueen.

    Referee: Mike Dean (Wirral)

  272. 12:44: 
    Sunderland v Southampton (1245 GMT)

    The two teams emerge into some battering rain at the Stadium of Light. There are plenty of red seats unfilled at the Stadium of Light. It's a big ground, but this is going to be a low, low attendance figure.

    Pat Nevin, at Stadium of Light for 5 live SportSunderland v Southampton (1245 GMT)

    "Gus Poyet needs goals from his side. Poyet has turned this team around - they look very, very different since he took them over. Today is a different-looking Sunderland side, but has he rested players? I've heard an argument from some Sunderland folk that actually all these players performing today could be considered first-team players anyway."

    Enjoy Sunderland v Southampton in the FA Cup on 5 live Sport right now.

  274. 12:42:  
    Football Focus

    Former Manchester City striker Robbie Fowler: "I think Man City would rather take the game to Barcelona. Their back four is their weakness and it doesn't suit City to try and play on the counter-attack."

  275. 12:42:  
    Jimmy Armfield, BBC Radio 5 liveSir Tom Finney

    "Tom was the all round versatile player. He was a good tackler, good in the air and brave as well. People forget that. He was a very courageous player.

    "I remember when I was in the young England team and we were playing at Wembley, the night before Preston were playing at Arsenal so manager Walter Winterbottom took us to watch the game.

    "Tom played centre-forward and Preston had a team of at least three or four reserves playing and that, I think, is the greatest single display I have seen from a footballer in a match. That includes from any of these foreign players you care to mention.

    "He was heading them out at one end, tackling in midfield, trying to create goals - he had the lot.

    "He is one of the greatest sportsmen who have been produced on these islands.

    "Tom couldn't have stayed at Preston if he was a player in the present day. He would have been at Real Madrid for Gareth Bale type of money."

  276. 12:42:  
    Football Focus

    Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas on Arsenal: "They are in my heart. They gave me everything. I owe Arsene Wenger basically everything.

    "Man City have a very good team. It is about being composed and having control of the game."

  277. 12:41: 
    cesc Fabregas

    Over on Football Focus, Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas has been talking about his enduring love for Arsenal and the chance to put one over on Manchester City in the Champions League.

  278. 12:39: 
    Sunderland v Southampton (1245 GMT)

    Sunderland boss Gus Poyet explains making nine changes to his team on BT Sport: "It's a mix of things. Players need to play, we need them for the rest of the season and it's a good opportunity. Also, we need to find partnerships. Santiago Vergini and John O'Shea want to play in the centre of the defence because they didn't play in midweek and the cup gives us those opportunities."

    "It would be a fantastic to get through, it's a great competition, the best in the world. But we already have two re-arranged games and another would be a disaster."

  279. 12:38: 
    Sunderland v Southampton (1245 GMT)

    Kick-off is less than ten minutes away at the Stadium of Light. These two know each other well after meeting on three occasions already this season. Sunderland have won one and drawn two so far, but the two managers have kept if fresh with some major personnel changes.

  280. 12:35:  
    Football Focus

    Kevin Kilbane on Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho and Man City manager Manuel Pelligrini ahead of today's FA Cup tie between the sides: "I think Mourinho has got under Pelligrini's skin. You can see he seems to get irked by Jose's comments."

  281. 12:35:  
    Football Focus BBC Sport, Football Focus

    Robbie Fowler on yesterday's comments by Mourinho on Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger: "I think Mourinho has gone too far with what he said yesterday about Wenger. He should be a bit more respectful."

  282. 12:31: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Matthew Bone: Interviewed Tom Finney when I was just a student. Met him at his house, he made me a brew and we chatted for an hour. Great man

  283. 12:29:  
    Football Focus

    Robbie Fowler on tomorrow's FA Cup tie between Sheffield United and Nottingham Forest: "I used to room with Nigel Clough (Blades boss) at Liverpool so I'm pleased to see him doing well. He used to drive me mad because he'd be up in the middle of the night watching cricket."

  284. 12:29: 
    6 Music play-off

    If you have been reading the live text over the past week, you may be aware that BBC 6 Music have been building up to 6 Music festival in Manchester by pitting the city's best bands together in an FA Cup style knockout tournament.

    New Order's Blue Monday a faller in the first round? And don't get me started on the winner - the equivalent of Northampton winning the FA Cup.

    Listen to the announcement of the winner on the 6 Music website and then wade into the debate via #6musicfestival.

  285. 12:29:  
    Football Focus

    Former Cardiff striker Robbie Fowler: "I don't think Ole has improved Cardiff really, you hope a new manager will galvanise a squad and it hasn't really happened. Today is a massive game for them."

  286. 12:28:  
    Football FocusCardiff v Wigan (15:00 GMT)

    Wigan boss Uwe Rosler, whose side face Cardiff in the FA Cup today: "We have a good opportunity to progress against because of the situation they are in. I'm good friends with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but we'll wait until after the match to have a catch up."

  287. 12:24: 
    League One preview

    The biggest game in the Football League today, possibly the country, is at Deepdale where Preston North End will pay tribute to one of England's greatest ever footballers, Sir Tom Finney, during their match against Leyton Orient. It's a big game for other reasons too, with the fourth-placed hosts hoping to cut the five-point gap between themselves and third-placed Orient.

    Leaders Brentford will hope to stay ahead of the rest with victory over Crewe, knowing Wolves, who are at home to Notts County, will be ready to capitalise on any slips.

    Promotion-chasing Rotherham host bottom-of-the-table Stevenage while, in the early kick-off, struggling Shrewsbury desperately need the points against Port Vale.

  288. 12:18:  
    Football Focus BBC Sport, Football Focus

    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane: "The new man at Fulham (Felix Magath) says he has short-term goals and that's probably the best way to be in football. From what we gather he works the players very hard."

  289. 12:18:  
    Football Focus

    Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler: "It seems like such a strange time to bring in a new manager at Fulham. It smells a bit of panic to me. They're desperate to stay in the Premier League."

  290. 12:16: 
    Championship preview

    It's a big day in the Championship, with Burnley knowing they have a good chance to try and reel in runaway leaders Leicester when they visit Bournemouth. The Foxes, who are not in action this weekend, are eight points clear of the second-placed Clarets.

    Down at the bottom, Millwall and Bolton are locked in a scrap for points at The Den while Blackpool, who have lost 11 of their last 14 matches in all competitions, will hope to halt their alarming slide down the table against a resurgent, play-off chasing Ipswich.

    Elsewhere, Birmingham host Huddersfield,Doncaster welcome Barnsley to south Yorkshire and Middlesbrough make the long trip down south to face Watford.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Gary Fairclough: What strikes me about Tom Finney is the anecdotes about him I am hearing from many local clubs. He was a true football man.

    Flemming Jensen: Hopeless appointment by Fulham. No footballer should be subjected to Magath's style of "management".

    Chris Noble: Think Magath is a quality manager, but Rene should have been given more time. Decent performances against Man Utd and Liverpool

  292. 12:11: 
    Sir Tom Finney

    BBC Radio 5 live are at Deepdale among those paying tribute to Sir Tom Finney.

    5 live
  293. 12:10:  
    Football Focus

    Former Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler: "I never saw Tom Finney play but from seeing highlights you can tell he was a wonderful footballer. He could have played in slippers."

  294. 12:09:  
    Kevin Kilbane, Football Focus

    "First and foremost Tom Finney will go down as one of the greatest footballers ever produced in this country. Secondly, he was a wonderful, humble man."

  295. 12:07:  
    Football Focus BBC Sport, Football Focus

    Football Focus is under way with Kevin Kilbane and Robbie Fowler in the studio with presenter Dan Walker. No need to reach for the remote, you can stream it online via this very website.

  296. 12:05: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    You can get in touch today via 81111 on text, #bbcfootball on Twitter and on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

    We would love to hear your own memories of Sir Tom Finney.

  297. 11:58: 
    Sunderland v Southampton (1245 GMT)

    Sunderland make nine changes with only John O'Shea and Fabio Borini surviving from their 2-0 defeat against Hull at home last time out. Ignacio Scocco makes his debut with Sebastian Larsson and Lee Cattermole making their 100th starts for the club.

    Sunderland starting XI: Ustari, Celustka, Dossena, O'Shea (C), Vergini, Cattermole, Larsson, Giaccherini, Gardner, Scocco, Borini

    Southampton also shuffle their line-up with Victor Wanyama and James Ward-Prowse coming into midfield and Kelvin Davis in goal. Rickie Lambert starts up front.

    Southampton starting XI: Davis (c), Clyne, Yoshida, Hooiveld, Shaw, Wanyama, S. Davis, Ward-Prowse, Lallana, Guly, Lambert.

  298. 11:51: 
    FA Cup fixtures

    There is a stellar undercard as well with Roberto Martinez and former team-mate Garry Monk going toe to toe tactics-wise, Nigel Clough taking on former family business Nottingham Forest and at least two lower-league sides already assured of a place in the quarter-finals.

    Here is how we roll out this weekend:


    Sunderland v Southampton (12:45 GMT)

    Cardiff v Wigan (15:00 GMT)

    Sheffield Wednesday P-P Charlton

    Manchester City v Chelsea (17:15 GMT)


    Everton v Swansea (13:30 GMT)

    Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest (15:00 GMT)

    Arsenal v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

  299. 11:47: 

    They duly paired up the Premier League's top four sides - Manchester City and Chelsea and Arsenal and Liverpool - and those ties have only got more intriguing since the draw was made.

    After a Jose Mourinho counter-attacking masterclass at the Etihad a fortnight ago and Liverpool turning Anfield into an abattoir for Arsenal. last weekend, we get to see all four go at it again over the next two days.

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