League Cup semi-final - Manchester United v Sunderland

Live text commentary as Sunderland win a dramatic penalty shoot-out at Manchester United to reach the Capital One Cup final.

22 January 2014 Last updated at 18:28

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As it happened

  1. 23:16: 

    The League Cup Show is about to get underway on BBC One so you can judge what you make of the mood in the Manchester United camp for yourself. Tune in either on the googlebox or on your computer, mobile or tablet via this website.

    The look on the managers' faces in the final few minutes of normal time is worth watching for at the very least.

    That is your lot from us for tonight though. Sweet dreams.

  2. 23:11: 

    It's only amateur psychology, but he difference between the Sunderland and Manchester United camps as they waited for the start of the penalty-shoot was striking.

    The visitors were up and huddled around Gus Poyet, United looked like a side that were imaging the headlines tomorrow if they missed.

  3. 23:08: 
    David Moyes

    Manchester United manager David Moyes: "We did not play well enough, we had the chances to put it to bed but didn't. Sunderland played well and they deserve credit but overall we looked like we would get there until the last minute.

    "I was disappointed, but we did not play well enough in the end. They did not give us too many problems, we might have scored on the break but we couldn't, and it cost us. That's football, we'll get on with it, pick ourselves up and go again."

  4. 23:05: 

    David Moyes has just appeared in front of the television cameras. He does not want to be asked any questions about Juan Mata and the phrase "really poor" gets a fair airing as he reviews what happened on the pitch.

    "That's football," he says of the rollercoaster ending to the game.

    It is the same sentiment, but the polar opposite mood to Fergie's famous "Football? Bloody hell" line after the 1999 Champions League final.

    Full quotes to come...

  5. 23:00:  
    Ben Smith, BBC SportMATA ON THE MOVE

    "Juan Mata is set to undergo a medical with Manchester United on Thursday ahead of his proposed £37m move from Chelsea.

    "The Spaniard said goodbye to team-mates and staff at Chelsea's Cobham training ground on Wednesday and is not expected to return to the club.

    "Mata is expected to sign a four-and-a-half year deal at Old Trafford.

    "United continue to deny having made a bid for Mata, but it is understood they have made an offer through intermediaries working on the deal."

  6. 23:00: 

    Fresh off the BBC Sport website presses, we have news that Juan Mata's move to Old Trafford is all but done.

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    Mike Redman: Fair play to Sunderland they showed passion, forget Man U fans moaning about quality, passion is what you need to win a cup!

  8. 22:55: 

    A foregone conclusion in the final? No chance…Manchester City have won just two of their last eight matches against Sunderland - losing 1-0 on their last four visits to the Stadium of Light.

    Sunderland fans need to organise their days around a 14:00 GMT kick-off at Wembley on Saturday 2 March.

  9. 22:54: 

    Sunderland manager Gus Poyet: "We were difficult to play against, we created a few chances and they scored and when maybe they were expecting Manchester United to go all the way we came back and scored.

    "Then we scored and we think we are through but they score again, you could not write a book about it.

    "We have to be proud, it is not easy to play two legs against Manchester United. It is a moment to enjoy and make sure we do something special."

  10. 22:52: 
    Gus Poyet

    Sunderland manager Gus Poyet: "To have a day of football like this is great for everybody, great for football too. Let's see if we can go one better.

    "The things that happened today were incredible, the players have been been outstanding, they have been trying to learn the way I want them to play so credit to them."

    On facing Man City in the final: "Who knows, it will be an incredible task, hope they have a bad day and take our chances but the fans deserve this day."

    I think the monogrammed snood might have been the decisive factor.

  11. 22:49: 

    Gus Poyet's Sunderland have lost just once in their last 11 matches. Non-league Kidderminster stand between them and the fifth round of the FA Cup before they take on Stoke at home in the league and then the Tyne-Wear derby at St James' Park.

    It could be a big week and a bit for the Black Cats.

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    Edward Pickthorn: Westwood to be back in time for the final? I think not, Vito Vito.

  13. 22:44: 

    That penalty shoot-out looked like the work of ten men who had run a marathon rather than just a couple of hours of football. Jelly-legged run-ups, mindless blasts at goal and only three successes out of 10.

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    Chris Thomas: Danny Welbeck and Phil Jones have booked their place in the England World Cup squad after two terrible penalties under pressure.

  15. 22:40: 

    The silver lining for Manchester United fans is that any doubts over whether they need Juan Mata can be put to bed. They had 120 minutes to establish a two-goal winning margin against a team in the Premier League relegation zone and did not create enough chances to feel unlucky.

    Chelsea can probably ask for a couple more million tomorrow morning actually.

  16. 22:35: 

    Manchester United have now lost five out of their six matches this month. It is hardly the most attractive sales pitch to put to prospective new signings in the next ten days.

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    Simon Kent: Being a World Cup year I should probably get used to this feeling.

    Tom Watson: Brilliant from Sunderland! On this form u get the feeling that maybe, just maybe, they won't lose by too many to City.

    Josh Hartley: My oh my! As an Arsenal supporter I always doubted Mannone, but he has shown true class tonight

  18. 22:33: 

    The Sunderland fans are still bouncing in the upper tier. Shirts are being shed, scarves being waved and one young lad is staring with his hand clamped over his mouth in delighted disbelief.


    Mark, Berkshire: Eat that Manchester United; a good result for football. Well done Sunderland.

  20. 22:30: 
    Gus Poyet

    Sunderland manager Gus Poyet: "The feelings are for the fans. It's been a difficult season, nothing to enjoy but they deserve this. The lads were immense. In the cups you never know what will happen. I will enjoy being underdogs (at Wembley)."

  21. 22:29: 

    Wes Brown and John O'Shea console their former team-mates, who are sat slumped on the turf.

    Sunderland have put in superb performance tonight. The morale boost that they have been injected with has to be worth more than whatever energy they have burned up in getting to Wembley. You would bet on them to stay up after a performance like that.

  22. 22:27: 
    Vito Mannone

    Sunderland players engulf Vito Mannone before peeling away to pump fists at their fans high in the Old Trafford rafters.

    David Moyes trudges off down the tunnel and the television cameras spin round to locate Sir Alex Ferguson queuing for the exits.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Fantastic save from Mannone! You hate to see a loser, but full credit to Sunderland. What a night!"

  24. 22:25: 
  25. 22:25: 
    MISSED PENALTY - RAFAEL- Man United 1-2 Sunderland in shoot-out

    Vito Mannone, take a bow. He saves Rafael's spot-kick, low to his right, and it's Sunderland versus Manchester City in the Capital One Cup final. Party on Wearside.

  26. 22:24: 
    MISSED PENALTY - ADAM JOHNSON- Man United 1-2 Sunderland in shoot-out

    To win it...Adam Johnson steps up - and David De Gea makes a fantastic save to his left.

  27. 22:23: 
    MISSED PENALTY - PHIL JONES- Man United 1-2 Sunderland in shoot-out

    The bloke sat in Row Z gets more catching practice. Phil Jones balloons over the bar.

  28. 22:23: 
    GOAL - KI SUNG-YEUNG- Man United 1-2 Sunderland in shoot-out

    That's how you do it - top right. Bang.

  29. 22:22: 
    MISSED PENALTY -ADNAN JANUZAJ- Man United 1-1 Sunderland in shoot-out

    What's going on here? Adnan Januzaj's low effort is saved by Vito Mannone, diving to his right.

  30. 22:22: 
    GOAL -MARCOS ALONSO- Man United 1-1 Sunderland in shoot-out

    Back on level terms - cool as you like from Marcos Alonso.

  31. 22:21: 
    GOAL - DARREN FLETCHER- Man United 1-0 Sunderland in shoot-out

    Finally - Darren Fletcher puts it low and beyond Vito Mannone.

  32. 22:20: 
    MISSED PENALTY - STEVEN FLETCHER- Man United 0-0 Sunderland in shoot-out

    Steven Fletcher, low to David De Gea's right - and it's saved!

  33. 22:20: 
    MISSED PENALTY - DANNY WELBECK- Man United 0-0 Sunderland in shoot-out

    Can you believe it? Danny Welbeck, who could be in this position for England in the World Cup, also hits it over the bar.

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    Chris Baldwin: De Gea is a lucky lucky boy. Chance to be a hero now.

  35. 22:19: 
    MISSED PENALTY - CRAIG GARDNER- Man United 0-0 Sunderland in shoot-out

    First up is Craig Gardner... and he blazes it over the bar.

  36. 22:19: 
    Man United 2-1 Sunderland (agg 3-3)

    The penalties will be taken at the Sunderland end. The scoreline above is changing to a straight shoot-out score. Craig Gardner to take first.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The walk to the penalty spot from the half way line is the most nerve-wracking thing. It's about having the nerve to take one - it's about bottle."

  38. 22:18: 
    Man United 2-1 Sunderland (agg 3-3)

    Gus Poyet has picked his five and departed the pitch. David Moyes still going round and taking names and issuing instructions.

  39. 22:17: 
    Man United 2-1 Sunderland (agg 3-3)

    Gus Poyet is right in the faces of his Sunderland side, telling them to believe. Manchester United's players are mostly on their backsides or receiving treatment for cramp. The body language says this is Sunderland's shoot-out. But body language is a bad guide for these things.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford:

    "David de Gea is the most relieved man inside Old Trafford after that goal from Javier Hernandez. Now he has the chance to redeem himself in the penalty shoot-out. Lots of United players giving the young Spaniard a pep talk."

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Give United massive credit for team that's not played well, I'm happy for David Moyes because of the look on his face when that Sunderland goal went in."

  42. 22:13: 
    FULL-TIME- Man United 2-1 Sunderland (agg 3-3)

    Nope. A shoot-out it is.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Can you believe it? David De Gea should be running the length of the pitch to thank Hernandez. What a finish!"

  44. 22:12: 
    GOAL- Man United 2-1 Sunderland (agg 3-3) - Javier Hernandez (120 mins)

    Unbelievable! Adnan Januzaj's low cross is turned in by Javier Hernandez to spark bedlam at Old Trafford.

    We are heading for penalties. Unless..

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    "De Gea - absolutely shocking goalkeeping, he's not got his body behind it. Sunderland have deserved it, but you cannot legislate for a goalkeeping howler of that magnitude. You have to have sympathy for David Moyes. Shocking goalkeeping. There is nothing Moyes can do. That is one of the worst goalkeeping errors you will ever see."

  46. 22:10: 
    GOAL- Man United 1-1 Sunderland (agg 2-3) - Phil Bardsley (119 mins)

    Incredible! Phil Bardsley's low shot from 20 yards is well-hit but central and should be a routine save for David de Gea. But the ball squirms though the Spaniard's grasp and into the corner. David Moyes with a face like thunder.

    Two minutes left - and Sunderland heading through as it stands.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Great turn by Bardsley, he smashed it across but why weren't there any Sunderland players rushing in? What an opportunity."

  48. 22:09: 
    CLOSE!- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Phil Bardsley blasts the ball across the face of goal. Chris Smalling almost heads into his own net and there is no Sunderland player gambling to try and get their own touch. Two minutes to go..

  49. 22:08: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Adnan Januzaj boots the ball away and gets a yellow for dissent. Sunderland with just one man back as they search for a winner.

  50. 22:07: 
    FINAL FIVE- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Steven Fletcher cannot get over the top of Ki Sung-Yeung's corner. His header heads over and we are inside the final five minutes.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Sunderland should just get everyone forward around Fletcher and Altidore, commit men, they might as well."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  52. 22:06: 
    CLOSE!- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Steven Fletcher gets on the end of a raking cross from the set-piece, but his header is diverted just wide by Phil Jones. Sunderland do not get a corner in consolation as Lee Mason fails to spot the United defender's touch.

  53. 22:04: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Phil Jones goes into the book for a late tackle on Marcos Alonso. Eight minutes to go and Sunderland have a free-kick in a good position.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Wyman Kaluba: Seeing how we are struggling to see off lowly Sunderland I've to painfully agree with Savage that United needs a major changeover.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "With Phil Jones on the overlap, that was the wrong decision by the youngster."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  56. 22:03: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Adnan Januzaj running at a retreating Sunderland rearguard. He opts to shoot and that looks like the wrong decision as Vito Mannone claims with ease and Phil Jones is free outside him.


    Jack Santer, London: On tonight's performance, does it really matter who goes through? Man City will demolish either one!

  58. 22:02: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)
    David Moyes (left) and Gus Poyet

    Manchester United are looking to hit Sunderland on the counter with Adnan Januzaj and Javier Hernandez stationed high upfield. Craig Gardner goes into the book for bringing a promising situation for United to an end with a blatant pull on Januzaj's shirt.

  59. 22:00: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Sunderland are committing more and more men forward. Marcos Alonso is almost on the end of Steven Fletcher's cross, but Jonny Evans heads clear.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Vasanth Naidu: We've been rubbish since Kagawa went off, only attacker that can keep the ball moving...all the rest run and lose it.

  61. 21:59: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Jozy Altidore flops to the turf under the mere suggestion of a tug of his shirt from Rafael, but Lee Mason is not having any of that and there was not a lot of support for his claims from his team-mates.

  62. 21:58: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    As Robbie Savage hints at, Sunderland will go out on away goals if it stays as it is.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "Sunderland have Emanuele Giaccherini and Seb Larsson on the bench, bring on one of them or even both. Sunderland have not created that much but they should just go for it. You may as well get beat two or three nil."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  64. 21:57: 
    KICK-OFF- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    We are back up and running.

  65. 21:56: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Javier Hernandez looks shattered, sucking on a water bottle and gasping for air. Gus Poyet calls Sunderland in for a motivational huddle. Do his side have a winner in them?


    Andrew, Richhill: Manchester United's forwards couldn't finish their dinner tonight! When are Rooney and RVP back? This is woeful.

  67. 21:54: 
    HALF-TIME- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Manchester United clear and Lee Mason blows up.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Elliot Levy: Resilient, solid defensively and a threat on the counter. Surely United should be better against 19th team in Prem... at home.

  69. 21:54: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Sunderland have a corner in injury-time at the end of the first half of extra-time...

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "Javier Hernandez looked tired and lacking confidence. The Hernandez of old would have scored but his first touch was not good. Great from Adnan Januzaj again, great weighted pass. If you are a Sunderland player now you have to think this is the best opportunity to get to the final for the foreseeable future."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  71. 21:52: 
    WHAT A MISS!- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)
    Manchester United's Javier Hernandez

    Javier Hernandez should have given United the insurance of an extra goal there. Adnan Januzaj plays him in with a glorious slide-rule pass after beating Jack Colback, but the latic acid starts to chew on the Mexican as he bears down on goal and he flops a tired finish well wide.

  72. 21:49: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Sunderland are upping the ante. As they have to. They are going out on away goals as it stands.

    Phil Bardsley drags a shot just wide from distance after Adam Johnson's neat lay-off.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Raoul Alexi: MUFC forwards haven't seen a through ball since Kagawa came off ... Just a small observation.


    Adam in Edinburgh: Look at the difference in reaction at the final whistle between both managers! Poyet, out on the pitch, rallying the troops and get them going. Moyes...nothing. You can't even say it's being calm! One manager knows there is still something to play for, the other is just going on luck.

  75. 21:47: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    John O'Shea shepherds the ball back to Vito Mannone as Danny Welbeck attempts to get round him and onto Javier Hernandez's backheel. Five minutes left of the first period of extra-time

  76. 21:45: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Craig Gardner sends a powderpuff free-kick floating over the top, there was no bite to that effort at all and he would have been better looking to cross from a good position out on the left.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Jamie Smith: Great display from Sunderland tonight, win or lose they can be proud. Poyet has done a fantastic job!

  78. 21:43: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Michael Carrick turns his ankle as slips on the artificial turf just off the sidelines and is soon limping down the tunnel. Phil Jones is on to replace him.

  79. 21:42: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Marcos Alonso clears Patrice Evra's cross without a Manchester United player making a challenge in the visitors' box. There is a little grumble among the home fans.

  80. 21:40: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)
    Danny Welbeck (left) and John O'Shea

    There are large patches of unoccupied green turf opening up on the Old Trafford surface. It could be quite open as both teams tire.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford:Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    "Sunderland certainly deserve their extra 30 minutes to try and get the goal that will take them to Wembley, where the winners will face Manchester City. Gus Poyet as animated as ever in that brief break before the start of extra time."

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Thomas Hewitt: No team willing to take a risk in that second half. Neither keeper had a real save to make. United to win in extra time...

  83. 21:39: 
    KICK-OFF- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Manchester United get us back underway. As it stands, they will go through on away goals at the end of extra time.


    Steve Huish - Surbiton: Whatever happens you have to give Sunderland huge respect, this a great display by a team worth a tenth if this United side.

  85. 21:38: 

    Both managers are down in the middle of their respective huddles. Gus Poyet is barking orders with a jabbing finger and flailing palms, David Moyes is more controlled, but those eyes have a wild look about them. The pressure is on. Both men really want this one.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "It was a good up and down free-kick but there was no pace on the ball and that is it - extra time. It was a comfortable save for Vito Mannone in the end. It has been a fascinating game, Sunderland have had plenty of possession but give Jonny Evans great credit. United have defended very well."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  87. 21:36: 
    FULL-TIME- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Into extra-time we go...

  88. 21:35: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Adnan Januzaj's effort lacks venom and Vito Mannone snatches it out of the air in the final action of the 90 minutes.

  89. 21:35: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Now then. John O'Shea brings down Javier Hernandez 20 yards out and Manchester United have a great free-kick position. Adnan Januzaj to take...

  90. 21:34: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Vito Mannone claims Adnan Januzaj's attempted cross with ease. That was too close to the goalkeeper. Januzaj has faded significantly.

  91. 21:33: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Phil Bardsley's skidding cross causes palpitations in the Manchester United defence, but the home team eventually get it clear.

  92. 21:31: 
    INJURY TIME- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)
    David Moyes (left) and Gus Poyet

    Three minutes of injury-time and both manager are transmitting huge amounts of touchline semaphore.

  93. 21:31: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    ...Chris Smalling wins the header, but his looping effort is meat and drink to Sunderland goalkeeper Vito Mannone.

  94. 21:30: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    John O'Shea clears the set-piece, initially with his head before planting a big size nine through the back of it. But United have a second chance to send one in as we head towards added time...

  95. 21:29: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Manchester United have a late corner as Marcos Alonso gets back to block Antonio Valencia's cross.

  96. 21:28: 
    FINAL FIVE- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    We are into the final five minutes. As it is we are heading into extra-time, a goal for either side would obviously change that.

  97. 21:27: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Sunderland make a change as Fabio Borini departs with a hamstring tweak and Jozy Altidore comes on.

  98. 21:26: 

    Patrice Evra is on in place of Alex Buttner for Manchester United. Like for like.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Christopher Feetenby: Smalling should be walking for that. Ref bottled that. Usual Old Trafford service resumed.

  100. 21:25: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Alex Buttner is caught napping by Adam Johnson's run in behind and is relieved to see Fabio Borini shoot over the top from the former Manchester City man's cross.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "You have to give United huge credit. They are not playing well but they are showing a determined and gritty side to their play."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  102. 21:24: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Lee Cattermole is replaced by Craig Gardner as Gus Poyet keeps the energy high in midfield.

  103. 21:23: 
    CLOSE!- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    What a hit! Marcos Alonso launches himself into a waist-high half-volley which zings just wide of David de Gea's far post with the goalkeeper beaten.

    Sunderland are pressing forward and we are inside the last ten minutes.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Ian Marks: Surely the biggest transfer of the day is Billy Sharp going back to Doncaster Rovers?

    Don't forget you can keep tabs on who's gone where at BBC Football's Transfers page.

  105. 21:22: 
    Juan Mata in action for Chelsea

    The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Chelsea have accepted a £37m bid from Manchester United for Spain international Juan Mata, who has apparently agreed personal terms with David Moyes's team and will have a medical on Thursday.

  106. 21:21: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Chris Smalling has got away with one here. The Manchester United defender covers across as Jonny Evans loses out to Steven Fletcher and appears to haul down the Sunderland striker. Lee Mason does nothing however. A different interpretation would be a red card. Gus Poyet apoplectic.

  107. 21:19: 
    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Graham Langrish: I'm sure all these fans saying Januzaj is overrated would love seeing him at their club. Great future ahead of him.

    Adam Momoniat: Adam Johnson proving why he shouldn't go to the World Cup. He's poor in the big games against good opposition. Downing-esque.

  108. 21:18: 
    CLOSE!- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Everyone in the ground is braced for a Sunderland goal as Adam Johnson controls Fabio Borini's cross and the ball drops to his favoured left peg 12 yards out. Alex Buttner comes flying onto the scene though and makes a superb diving block to deflect the ball behind for a corner.

    United on the rack.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford:Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)
    Alexander Buttner

    "Manchester United manager David Moyes has just ordered Alexander Buttner to calm down after a senseless foul on Adam Johnson. Sunderland are still seeing plenty of the ball but have not made United keeper David de Gea work hard enough."

  110. 21:16: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Sunderland are looking the more likely at the moment. Ki Sung-Yeung is pulling the strings with a number of crosses whizzing through the Manchester United box. Quarter of an hour remains of normal time.

  111. 21:14: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Vito Mannone bets the house on the fact that he could get to Darren Fletcher's throughball before Rafael as he comes charging out of his goal. The Sunderland goalkeeper's gamble comes off, but it was a close-run thing and probably a little needless with Rafael wide of goal.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "Great position from Adnan Januzaj and great tenacity from Antonio Valencia. I think the ball just bobbled as it came in to the Januzaj, but a great opportunity. He just swiped across it."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  113. 21:11: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Adnan Januzaj may be feeling a little leggy. The 18-year-old misreads Alex Buttner's attempt to lay the ball off to him and shortly afterwards shins the ball wide from the edge of the box with a tired-looking swipe at Antonio Valencia's pass.

    Ashley Young might be the obvious replacement off the bench.

  114. 21:08: 
    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Graeme Jake Scott: Utd clutching at straws with Januzaj. All new boots+2nd hand tricks. Over. Rated. Albeit looks better in a team of mediocrity.

    Thomas Knights: Another match where Kagawa has not influenced the game at all. Very disappointing season.

    Daniel Smith: Very glad to see Gus Poyet has monogrammed his snood. How else would he tell it apart from all the others in the dressing room?

    Gus Poyet
  115. 21:07: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    That yellow card has been in the post for Fabio Borini. The Italian hoofs Jonny Evans in the shin as the ball gets away from him, but, as referee Lee Mason points out, he has been the culprit at crime scenes elsewhere on the pitch before then.

  116. 21:05: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Twenty-five minutes to go and it really is evenly-contested now. As it stands we are heading into extra-time, only after which would away goals come into play.

    GET INVOLVED - bbcfootball

    Paul Moore: It is surely only a Mata of time before United score another Juan.

    And with that the pun contest is Juan.

  118. 21:03: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)
    Shinji Kagawa

    Manchester United make the first substitution. Shinji Kagawa, who has looked better in a central role, is sacrificed for Antonio Valencia. What does his future hold if Juan Mata does bowl up at Old Trafford?

  119. 21:02:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford:Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    "Sunderland pushing forward in search of the goal that would put them back in front but as yet they have been unable to create a clear chance. The noise from their travelling support remains incessant."

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "Sunderland are having a good spell of possession. United have not been in Sunderland's final third in this half. They are sitting back and soaking up the pressure. The worrying thing for United is they are letting Sunderland dictate play and have a lot of the ball. Far too much possession for Sunderland at Old Trafford."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  121. 21:01: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Sunderland are enjoying plenty of the ball and there is more manpower in the attacking third as well. Lee Cattermole's pass has a little too much on it for Jack Colback and Fabio Borini, but that is more like it.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Harry Lawis: I hate to say it but Man United need Juan more player upfront...


    Toby - Sunderland have to believe they can get back in this. They must play without fear.

  124. 20:58: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    The momentum is swinging about all over the shop. Adnan Januzaj sends a dipping effort wide from fully 30 yards before the impressive Fabio Borini cuts in and thumps one straight into Chris Smalling's midriff at the other end.

    Still plenty of life in this game. The next goal will be a biggie. The crowd could get fidgety if it goes the visitors' way.

  125. 20:56: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)
    Sunderland's Adam Johnson (left) and Manchester United's Shinji Kagawa

    Adam Johnson ratchets up the left foot from 25 yards, but his effort from the angle crashes into the hoarding. There was a deflection on that, but referee Lee Mason missed it despite Johnson's repeated and vehement appeals.

  126. 20:54: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Manchester United find themselves under a little pressure as Sunderland force two corners in quick succession, but Chris Smalling gets up highest to clear both. Sunderland look a threat in the air though.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "Sunderland were very slow to get out and shut that shot down. The keeper was beaten but Rafael's shot cleared the bar."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  128. 20:52: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Rafael look distinctly uncomfortable as he finds himself in space 20 yards out with the crowd demanding a shot, but the ball on his weaker left foot. His effort when it comes is just a foot over the bar and I think the United defender will take that...


    Andrew via text: If you were brand new to football you would be struggling to work out which team was playing at home tonight. Manchester United have lost their swagger and air of invincibility at Old Trafford this season because they are allowing the opposition the opportunity to play football instead of pushing them back from the very first whistle. Attack is, and always has been, Manchester United's best form of defence.

  130. 20:50: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Sunderland have got their foot on the ball in the early stages of the second half. They need to get more runners up in support of Steven Fletcher and Fabio Borini though to pose more of a threat.

  131. 20:48: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Adnan Januzaj wants it and no-one is arguing. The youngster takes a two-step run-up but his whipped effort clears the bar as well as the Sunderland wall.

  132. 20:47: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Ki Sung-Yeung gives the ball away immediately and Manchester United have a free-kick 25 yards out as he tries to make amends.

  133. 20:46: 
    KICK-OFF- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Sunderland kick off the second half.

  134. 20:46: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    The home side trot back out, looking business-like, as Glory Glory Manchester United cranks through its final key change.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball
    Manchester United celebrate scoring

    Rob Kershaw: One of United's most important goals of the season comes from a defender, they need a lot more depth up front.

    John Pierce: Not sure that Utd want to win this, they face likely humiliation from City in the final.

    Shane Lees: United need to put this game to bed as soon as possible. Sunderland have been good at the second half comebacks of late.

  136. 20:42: 

    There has not been a formation invented that would prevent a forward line of Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, with Juan Mata and Adnan Januzaj just behind, creating chances.

    Lots of chemistry in that little lot if David Moyes, Ed Woodward and the United medical staff can bring it together.

  137. 20:36: 
    Match stats

    Jonny Evans' goal and Javier Hernandez's header are the only two efforts on target for Manchester United so far and both came from corners. They are still yet to get something on target from open play.

  138. 20:34:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "I think Sunderland started the game well, defending well in numbers, but John O'Shea switched off for the goal and Jonny Evans got a free header. Overall you have to say United just about deserved the advantage."

    Listen to match commentary on BBC Radio 5 live

  139. 20:31:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford:ANALYSIS FROM OLD TRAFFORD- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)
    Manchester United boss David Moyes

    "Sunderland will be so disappointed to concede such a sloppy goal after looking solid and organised for much of the half.

    "Manchester United manager David Moyes will be relieved with the breakthrough - and will now believe momentum is with his side now as they prepare to attack the Stretford End in the second half."

  140. 20:31: 
    HALF-TIME- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    That is your lot.

  141. 20:30: 
    INJURY TIME- Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Just the one minute of injury time at the end of the first half.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Mwangi-Kiara: Can't remember being so excited about a player like I am about januzaj right now. Maybe a certain Portuguese.

    Ahmet K : To be honest the strikers look like they will never score so someone else has to if we are to win well done Evans.

    Guy Penfold: Was just thinking how ordinary United looked.... Then in goes a a goal against the run of play.

  143. 20:29: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Manchester United have had trouble pinning down Fabio Borini. The Italian weaves away from Michael Carrick and Rafael and supplies a decent cross which is a little too high for Steven Fletcher. Sunderland need more bodies in there.

  144. 20:27: 
    Man United 1-0 Sunderland (agg 2-2)

    Sunderland have responded well to Jonny Evans' opener. Fabio Borini forces a corner with a clever little flick against Rafael and Wes Brown's header from the resulting set-piece is turned away by Alex Buttner. It was probably heading a yard wide, but it would have been close.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "Poor defending from Sunderland there. John O'Shea has just left his man in no man's land. He had not even seen Jonny Evans on the back of him. Terrible, terrible defending from O'Shea. Just before half time too, it is a great time to score for United."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  146. 20:22: 
    GOAL- Man United 1-0 Sunderland - Jonny Evans (37 mins)

    Atrocious defending. Jonny Evans peels off John O'Shea and finds himself in loads of space as Danny Welbeck flicks on a corner. This time there is no miracle stop from Vito Mannone as the Northern Ireland international nods in.

    We are level on aggregate. Away goals will only count after extra-time.

  147. 20:22: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    It looks a certain goal, but Sunderland survive. Shinji Kagawa's cross is nudged against the post, and Danny Welbeck then looks odds-on to turn in the rebound but Vito Mannone manages to somehow get a block on it.


    Rich, Portsmouth: Johnson has really found form recently....which means he'll probably be leaving Sunderland in the summer.

  149. 20:19: 
    Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    Just over half an hour gone. Just the one shot on target from Manchester United. The crowd reaction at half-time if it stays that way will be interesting.

  150. 20:17: 
    Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    All a little too central from Manchester United. They try to force their way through the heart of the Sunderland rearguard, but Shinji Kagawa is not nimble enough to usher the ball through the crowd scene.

    Eventually United move the ball wide, but Danny Welbeck can only wallop a shot high and wide as he cuts inside.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Himesh Ladva: When will Moyes realise that Kagawa on the left doesn't work?! Give him a chance in the hole.

    Alex Whittingham: Dear David Moyes, please convince Januzaj to play for England! Sincerely, Roy Hodgson.

    Tom Wilkinson: Can people please calm down about Januzaj? Lots of dribbling, little end product so far. Best of a bad bunch only.

  152. 20:14: 
    Man United 0-0 Sunderland
    Marcus Alonso (left) and Manchester United midfielder Adnan Januzaj

    Manchester United are gathering momentum, with the crowd volume creaking up as well. Adnan Januzaj, as ever, is looking like their likeliest route of a breakthrough.

  153. 20:12: 
    LOOK WHO'S HERE- Man United 0-0 Sunderland
    Sir Alex Ferguson watches the match at Old Trafford

    He's back. Barbados break done, Sir Alex Ferguson is in situ up in the gods to watch how his old side and successor are getting on.

  154. 20:11:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford:Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    "Sunderland settling to their task now and putting plenty of pressure on Manchester United in possession. Gus Poyet will be very satisfied with how his team have got to grips with things. The tall figure of Ki Sung-Yueng has made an influential start in central midfield."

  155. 20:11: 
    Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    Steven Fletcher forces a corner with some hustling of Chris Smalling as the Manchester United defender attempts to shepherd the ball over the byeline. United just about get the ball clear from the corner, but Sunderland have some heavy artillery for set-pieces.

  156. 20:08: 
    Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    Darren Fletcher is caught in possession in the centre circle by a snapping Lee Cattermole and, for a moment, it looks like Manchester United are short at the back.

    There is a lack of support from his team-mates though and a lack of composure from Cattermole himself and the moment is gone.


    Rob, Newbury: Even as we watch this season, Januzaj is improving. Movement, control, passing, vision, team play - exceptional at 18.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "What a ball from Adam Johnson. He pinged it to Fabio Borini and set him up to volley it. He got inside Rafael, who was asleep, and smashed it over the bar. Best move of the game."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  159. 20:06: 
    CLOSE!- Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    A collective sucking in of cheeks among the home fans. The ball sits up invitingly for Sunderland striker Fabio Borini as he controls Adam Johnson's pass and he does not need asking twice. A thunderbolt half-volley clears the bar by a foot with David de Gea struggling.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Sham Gallagher: Januzaj's footwork is amazing. Can't wait till he gets to his prime. He will be phenomenal.

    Steve: Vidic gets a red card, Rafael gets a yellow, Borini gets nothing! I sympathise with refs but absolutely no consistency.

    Brendan Bennett: Just don't understand how Kagawa was such a key figure at Dortmund. He just doesn't seem to have the relevant qualities.

  161. 20:04: 
    Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    Manchester United have had more of the ball and Javier Hernandez has been a willing and intelligent runner up front, but the Mexican's header aside they have not carved out any clear-cut opportunities. Sunderland have been solid and hard-working. They are still in the lead remember..

  162. 20:01: 
    Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    Shinji Kagawa picks out another darting run from Javier Hernandez, but there is a hint of forearm in the way the Manchester United striker controlled the pass and referee Lee Mason pings him for handball.

  163. 20:00:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford:OLD TRAFFORD ANALYSIS- Man United 0-0 Sunderland
    Sunderland's Phillip Bardsley (left) and Manchester United's Alexander Buttner

    "Sunderland are finding life hard here as Manchester United, predictably, fly out of the blocks. Gus Poyet will want his team to see this out and get some time on the ball - and The Black Cats are being helped by some fantastic support. Already the movement of Adnan Januzaj is a feature of United's play."


    Kevin - Worthing: Man U have Arsenal (a) City and Liverpool (h). Mata may just bring enough to get some points off those. Clever man Jose.

    Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    Statisticians Opta 2-1: Eight of the last nine teams to win the first-leg of a League Cup semi-final 2-1 at home have been eliminated.

  166. 19:59: 
    Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    Javier Hernandez darts in behind the Sunderland defence and onto a lofted through ball, but opts to control and cross rather than gamble on the first-time volley that the crowd would have liked to see.

    The Mexican has looked lively so far though.

  167. 19:57: 

    Adnan Januzaj skips past Marcos Alonso right in front of the managers' dug-outs, before swerving infield to dodge another challenge. He corners like he is on rails that lad.

  168. 19:54: 
    Man United 0-0 Sunderland
    Manchester United's Javier Hernandez

    Statisticians Opta 3: United striker Javier Hernandez's three goals in this competition this season have been scored in 199 minutes of action.

  169. 19:53: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    Vito Mannone has to be sharp from the resulting free-kick as Javier Hernandez tip-toes round to the far post and meets Adnan Januzaj's free-kick with a downward header. The former Arsenal man gets two strong hands to his effort before a team-mate hacks high, clear and safe.

    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Matthew Purchase: Lets not forget Swansea had NEVER won at Old Trafford before the first Sunday of this month.

    Attila The Fun: Desperate times for United if Smalling is your ball-playing centre-half. He couldn't pass water.

    Sam Muchai: He is coming to Manchester, It's only a Mata of time...

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "It has to be a yellow card. That is a reckless challenge and you can argue that was as bad as Nemanja Vidic's at the weekend."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  172. 19:51: 

    Fabio Borini, on loan from Liverpool, is never going to be popular with the home fans. He is even less so after clattering Adnan Januzaj. Lee Mason shows mercy though and the Sunderland striker is spared a yellow card.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "One thing about Manchester United's front four is that there is good movement, Javier Hernandez can drop deep and Danny Welbeck can drop behind. There is good movement. A good positive start from United."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live

  174. 19:49: 

    Manchester United have lined up with Javier Hernandez as their most advanced player and Danny Welbeck just off him.

    Sunderland force a hurried clearance from Chris Smalling as Adam Johnson drills a low cross-shot into the box after good work from Ki Sung-Yueng.

  175. 19:47: 
    Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    Steven Fletcher and Ki Sung-Yong are buzzing around busily as Sunderland defend from the front in the opening few minutes.

  176. 19:45: 
    KICK-OFF- Man United 0-0 Sunderland

    Danny Welbeck taps the ball to Javier Hernandez and Manchester United get us going.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "Sunderland have got to be aggressive, positive and create a nervousness and anxiety among these United fans. If they can quieten the crowd down they will have a great opportunity, I'm not sure about United's back four but I think United will have a bit too much for Sunderland."

    Listen to the match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  178. 19:44: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Statisticians Opta 1968 - Sunderland have not won at Old Trafford in a major competition since May 1968 (D9 L16).

    Newcastle won for the first time in the league at Old Trafford since 1972 in December, Everton got their first away win over United in 21 years the week before. It''s been that kind of season.

  179. 19:42: 
    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Kirsten I J W: I can't understand why Chelsea would let a player of Mata's quality go to United. Maybe Jose knows something we don't?

    Germaine Watson: Mata's signing is great for United, great for any side needing creativity in the middle of the park, strategic by CFC though.

    Andrew Borg-Fenech: Wouldn't say no to Mata but we need a dominant midfielder. Nigel De Jong, Alex Song, Gustavo, or the like. Please.

  180. 19:41: 

    Former Manchester United defensice duo Wes Brown and John O'Shea are first out of the visitors' dressing room. Sunderland are in their yellow away kit, Manchester United, following shortly after, are zipped into their smart tracksuit tops. Official pre-game wear, contractually demanded, I expect.

  181. 19:41:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford:

    "Sunderland's travelling fans let out a huge roar as their players went to warm up where they are gathered - they have travelled from Wearside with real optimism as they enter this tie with a 2-1 advantage.

    "Big night for Manchester United and manager David Moyes too. He will want a Wembley cup final to add to a mood around Old Trafford that has been lifted by the expected signing of Chelsea's Juan Mata."

  182. 19:38: 

    Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward has already been spotted in the smart seats. He was on his phone, talking intently. As I imagine he will be for much of the next nine days.

  183. 19:34: 
    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Brett Mills: The market is a game of monopoly where no one wants to sell but Chelsea are trading Coventry street for first dibs on Mayfair.

    Mark Edward: Mata would be a great signing for Utd, but I can't help but think this is a sweetener for Rooney going to Chelsea in the summer.

    Richard Powell: Wouldn't dream of criticising Mourinho but find his stance on Mata baffling. Club's POTY 2 years running yet can't get a start?

  184. 19:33: 

    Ah, right. Good point David. Let's get this out of the way early doors.

    If the aggregate scores are level at the end of 90 minutes tonight, we will go straight to extra-time.

    Only if scores are level after that will away goals come into it.

    That means that Sunderland get 30 minutes extra to score away goals, while Manchester United get an extra 30 minutes on home turf to try and win it. Fair?

    Well, that's the way it is going to be, so we are just going to have to get on with it.

  185. 19:30: 
    Man United v Sunderland (1945 GMT)
    David Moyes

    Manchester United manager David Moyes speaking to Sky Sports on the prospect of getting to Wembley: "We have a lot of work to do before we get there, we have to come from a goal down but we'd rather be in this position than not be here. Our aim is to win tonight or at worst be 1-0 ahead after 90 minutes to take it to extra time."

  186. 19:29: 
    Man United v Sunderland (1945 GMT)
    Gus Poyet

    Sunderland manager Gus Poyet speaking to Sky Sports: "We need to try to win or at least not lose, but to get to the final would be fantastic for the football club. Our fans will be proud of the team, and they deserve a little bit of happiness after a difficult season."

  187. 19:25: 

    What is running through Juan Mata's mind as he makes this apparent decision over whether to stick with Chelsea or twist with Manchester United?

    Well, take a glance over to the squad list for Spain's pre-World Cup friendlies.

    Juan Mata's name is there, but so is Isco, David Silva, Jesus Navas, Santi Cazorla and Cesc Fabregas.

    It is going to be a mighty competitive XI to get into.


    Charles, London: Mata, whether he is exactly the right fit for United or not, will have the same psychological impact on the club that Ozil did for Arsenal. A quality player to give United freshness and proven class.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Spanish football expert Guillem Balague: "All agreed. Juan Mata will be a Manchester United player. 45 million euros. All will be announced very soon."

    Forty-five million euros comes out at round about £36.8m sterling fans.


    John, Essex: Juan Mata? We need three or four!

  191. 19:12: 
    Adam Johnson scoring for Sunderland

    Manchester United may have had a ropey January, but Gus Poyet is slowly getting a tune out of this Sunderland side.

    They have lost only once in their last 10 games, a run that has included wins over Everton, Chelsea and, of course, Manchester United.

    The main man in that run of form has been former Manchester City winger Adam Johnson.

    The 26-year-old has either scored or provided the assist for nine of Sunderland's last 11 goals in all competitions.

    Nice work. Brazil-worthy work?

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 liveMan United v Sunderland (1945 GMT)

    "I think David Moyes had no choice with his selection tonight. Fletcher gives good energy in midfield, he and Carrick do well in midfield and with Welback, Kagawa and Hernandez they have pace but I think Vidic's red card should have been overturned."

    Listen live on BBC Radio 5 live.

  193. 19:10: 

    Manchester United manager David Moyes left out strikers Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie from his squad to face Sunderland.

    The pair are recovering from injuries but have not been risked as United look to overturn a one-goal deficit and progress to the final of the Capital One Cup. Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez start in attack.

    Steven Fletcher, who was on the bench in the draw with Southampton on Saturday, starts as a lone striker for Sunderland, while new signings defender Sanitago Vergini and goalkeeper Oscar Ustari are on the bench.

  194. 19:10: 

    Wilfried Zaha was demoted to the bench for Manchester United reserves's match against Middlesbrough on Monday night.

    When you are a £15m signing being frozen out of the second string, I think you are being given a bit of a hint.


    Ned, Cardiff fan: Hoping Mata joins United. Would free up Zaha to leave on loan!

  196. 19:06: 
    Wilfried Zaha

    BBC Sport's David Ornstein reports: "Cardiff City are working on a deal to sign Manchester United winger Wilfried Zaha on loan until the end of the season.

    "The 21-year-old underwent a medical on Wednesday and Cardiff hope to complete the transfer before Saturday's FA Cup fourth-round tie at Bolton.

    "Negotiations between the clubs are ongoing, with Cardiff still awaiting United's final approval for the move to go through."

  197. 19:05: 
    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Zaheer A: Mata would be a great signing for United, will improve their midfield big time, but won't fix all their problems.

    Allan Abbas: Mata will be a hit at United, no doubt about it. Chelsea making the same mistake @Arsenal did with RVP.

    Rian Hoskins: Mata is very similar to Kagawa in playing style and Man Utd have problems fitting Kagawa, Mata would be an improvement though.

  198. 19:05:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford:

    "Sunderland are expected to bring more than 9,000 supporters to Old Trafford tonight - not too many here yet but there will good news on arrival as once again Manchester United have no Wayne Rooney or Robin van Persie in their line-up for this Capital One Cup semi-final second leg.

    "There is still plenty of firepower for United manager David Moyes to call on in the shape of Javier Hernandez. Danny Welbeck and Adnan Januzaj but the absence of the big two will undoubtedly provide a life for Gus Poyet, his team and Sunderland's fans."

  199. 19:01: 

    Chris Smalling could do with a strong performance in his preferred centre-back position tonight. With Nemanja Vidic suspended and neither Phil Jones and Rio Ferdinand making the spot their own, could he be the man to fill it long-term?

    There has not been much sign of it so far.

  200. 18:56: 
    Wayne Rooney

    Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney are still not fit enough for a place in the match-day squad so Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez start up front. Shinji Kagawa is in the playmaker role behind the front two.

    Manchester United starting XI: De Gea; Rafael, Smalling, Evans, Buttner; Januzaj, Carrick, Fletcher, Kagawa; Welbeck, Hernandez.

  201. 18:53: 
    GET INVOLVED - #bbcfootball

    Christopher Jack: Mata would be an absolutely incredible signing for United, what are Chelsea thinking?!

    Andrew Kemp: Mata to ManU: one swallow does not a summer make. Great players is one thing. Horribly mediocre manager another.

    Ben Dunbar: With their £35million bid for Mata, I hear United are trying to buy the league - the 2014/15 Europa League.

  202. 18:52: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Gary Neville, formerly of Manchester United and very much still the brother of Reds coach Phil, has his doubts over whether Juan Mata is the signing that his former club need.

    So, over to you. Would Mata be a good way to dispose of £35m-odd? Or is his intricate play-making at odds with United's usual dynamic, more expansive style?

    And if not him, then who?

    The gates are open for your views on #bbcfootball on Twitter and 81111 on the text from UK mobiles.

  203. 18:52: 

    Steven Fletcher leads the line for Sunderland with Jozy Altidore on the bench for the Black Cats. New signings Santiago Vergini and Oscar Ustari are also among the substitutes.

    Sunderland starting XI: Mannone, Bardsley, Alonso, Brown, O'Shea (c), Cattermole, Colback, Ki, Johnson, Borini, Fletcher.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford:

    "A Wembley place is at stake in this Capital One Cup semi-final second leg between Manchester United and Sunderland at Old Trafford - but only one man is dominating the conversation in these parts and that is Juan Mata.

    "The verdict from United's fans around Old Trafford is one of almost unanimous approval and anticipation about the arrival of the gifted Chelsea attacker, providing a deal that would be a club record for United can be struck between the clubs.

    "For United, the main business of the next few hours is overturning Sunderland's 2-1 lead from the first leg at The Stadium of Light."

  205. 18:47: 

    But what's this?

    "If we can do any business now then we will certainly try to do it, but I will not compromise the standards required for a player that can come into this club and improve it," adds Moyes.

    I really don't think that Juan Mata would drag down the standard of that United midfield. So in manager-speak I make that "full steam ahead".

  206. 18:44: 
    Juan Mata scores against Manchester United

    The build-up to tonight's game has been dominated by the news that intermediaries acting on behalf of Manchester United have made an opening offer of £35m to Chelsea for the services of out-of-favour Juan Mata.

    On first glance, David Moyes's programme notes for today's game appear to play down the chances of any new arrivals this month.

    "A lot of the work we are doing now is preparation for the summer," he writes.

  207. 18:38:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveBBC COVERAGE

    Tonight's action is coming at you every which way on the BBC this evening.

    Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live is brought to you by the ever-opinionated duo of Alan Green and Robbie Savage from 19:45 GMT.

    There will also be extended highlights on the League Cup Show for you to dissect from 23:15 GMT on BBC One and this very website.

  208. 18:33: 
    Fabio Borini

    Sunderland hold a 2-1 advantage over Manchester United after Fabio Borini's penalty proved the difference in the Capital One Cup first leg at the Stadium of Light.

    If United can overturn that deficit tonight, splash some transfer cash and hit a bit of form, the Capital One Cup final in March against Manchester City could suddenly be far from the walkover some Light Blues are confidently predicting.

  209. 18:30: 

    "On the third stroke you will have nine days four hours and 30 minutes to save your season."

    His only realistic chance of silverware this season may be on the line, but what Manchester United boss David Moyes can do in the remainder of the transfer window, rather than the next three hours, is the focus of much of the chatter around Old Trafford tonight.

    Juan Mata? Edinson Cavani? Dante? Koke? Who knows who is tuning in for tonight's match?

    However you look at it, a team with four defeats from five games in January could do with a win and a trip to Wembley.

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