2014 Fifa World Cup draw reaction - as it happened

Reaction to Friday's draw for the 2014 World Cup, which sees England in Group D with Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

7 December 2013 Last updated at 09:02

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As it happened

  1. 0900: 
    Geoff Hurst World Cup draw

    When Sir Geoff Hurst plucked England's ball from a pot in Friday's World Cup draw, a nation sighed in disappointment.

    Few were predicting this current England squad would match Hurst and company's achievement back in 1966, but there was a sense this developing side could at least reach the last 16.

    That, however, largely dissipated when it was revealed England would join Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica in a tricky Group D in Brazil next year. Sir Geoff summed it up with a tweet a few hours later:

    "I hope they let me back in the country!"

  2. 0906: 

    Don't worry Sir Geoff, I think scoring a hat-trick in the 1966 World Cup final means England fans might just let you off. Nevertheless, it is far from the ideal draw for Roy Hodgson's side and the front and back pages of Saturday's national newspapers are unsurprisingly dominated by England's group.

    We have got seven Premier League games coming up today, with Manchester United v Newcastle kicking things off at 12:45 GMT, but until then we will be providing a one-stop shop for all the reaction to Friday's draw. So pop the kettle on, sit back and enjoy all things World Cup-related for the next three hours.

  3. 0914: 
    England Group

    So then, there it is. Group D. In case you missed the draw on Friday, England get their World Cup campaign under way against Italy on 15 June (02:00 BST), before taking on Uruguay four days later. They finish the group stage by playing Costa Rica on 24 June.

    Let's have a look at what the papers have made of England's draw...

  4. 0919: 

    "They think it's all over? Some don't," writes Henry Winter in the Daily Telegraph."A more recent wearer of the England No 10 shirt, Wayne Rooney, will hardly fear anyone. Arsenal's ebullient No 10, Jack Wilshere, immediately posted a defiant tweet: "Tough group... but so what? If we want to win it we will have to play the best teams anyway!!'' That optimistic verdict gained more than 10,000 retweets and 4,000 favourites within three hours of the draw.

    "Wilshere's belief is to be applauded but the look on Roy Hodgson's face, and Greg Dyke's slow finger across the throat, signalled English concerns. The feeling persists that England will need to be at their fittest, sharpest and freshest to survive Group D. Too often in tournaments they are too jaded and fade when the heat is on, either climactically and/or from opponents who keep the ball. More skills coaches for schoolboys, and a winter break, are required if England are ever to head confidently into summer competitions."

  5. 0926: 

    "It sounds awful to say this but, by the time England arrive in Belo Horizonte for the final group game against the group outsiders, Costa Rica, five days later, it is possible they will be destined for an early flight out of Brazil," says Neil Ashton in the Daily Mail.

    "They have been pitched in with a group of bad boys: Italy's Mario Balotelli and Uruguay's Luis Suarez will be up against Phil Jagielka and Gary Cahill before too long. It doesn't seem fair. Suarez, with 39 goals in 76 appearances for his country, scored four in the week for Liverpool against Norwich. The boy loves a goal.

    "But this is it for Hodgson, time to start earning his corn as England's manager and getting past the mother of all World Cup groups."

  6. 0934: 

    "Not Mission: Impossible for Roy Hodgson and his England players - not quite," writes the Daily Mirror's Martin Lipton. "But as the scale of the task awaiting the Three Lions became frighteningly clear in the wake of the World Cup finals draw, reality dawned.

    "Yes, if England do get through their horror group, can see off the side that sent them packing from Euro 2012, withstand the threat of Luis Suarez and company, beat the minnows of Costa Rica, it could start to look different.

    "Getting through to a last-16 meeting with Colombia, Ivory Coast, Greece or Japan though, is more than a big ask. It is a monster demand - as big as any an England side has faced."

    Join the debate at #bbcworldcup

    That is just a taste of what the papers have to say about Friday's draw but as always we are keen to share your views. Can England progress from Group D and which game are you looking forward to most in the group stage of next year's World Cup?

    Let us know via #bbcworldcup, or have your say on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  8. 0939: 
    Group D

    In the UK, it appears of the star strikers in Group D, it has been Luis Suarez that has got people in the UK on social media most excited. Between 17:00 GMT on Friday and 05:00 GMT on Saturday, Luis Suarez was mentioned over 34,000 times on Facebook in the UK, in comparison to just over 8,000 mentions of Rooney and just over 3,000 mentions of Balotelli. But in Costa Rica, based on Facebook mentions in the same time period, it is Rooney that has attracted most mentions on Facebook, with 2,048 mentions in comparison to 1,443 of Balotelli and 1,330 of Suarez.

  9. 0948: 
    England Uruguay

    People might well fear Uruguay's strike partnership of Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, and rightly so, but the last time England played Uruguay in the finals of a World Cup, they drew 0-0 and went on to win the tournament.

    Naturally, that means the same is going to happen this time, right?

  10. 0954:  
    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer

    "England's 2014 World Cup prospects may have been reflected by Football Association chairman Greg Dyke running a finger across his throat as he sat alongside manager Roy Hodgson when the draw was concluded in Brazil.

    "It was all perfectly innocent of course, but Dyke's cut-throat gesture sparked an instant response on social media and appeared to mirror the feelings of the majority of England supporters about being thrown in Group D alongside Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

    "From a football perspective, England will feel this group draw has been desperately unkind to them - but after a period of measure and reflection they will also feel it is one they can get out of."

    Read more from Phil in his blog on the BBC Sport website.

    Join the debate at #bbcworldcup

    David Padmore: Four years ago we scraped out of a group with the USA, Algeria and Slovenia. And people expect us to get past Uruguay and Italy?

    Andy Louden: Could be a blessing in disguise for England, we'll have to be up for it right away instead of thinking we can cruise the group.

    Agree with David or Andy? Have your say via #bbcworldcup and join the discussion on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  12. 1008: 

    While England players such as Wayne Rooney and have taken an optimistic view about The Three Lions' chances in Group D, manager Roy Hodgson is offering a perhaps more pragmatic view.

    "With Uruguay and Italy, we almost have two number one seeds in our group," Hodgson tells BBC Sport. "It does not surprise me at all to get a tough draw. But I am still very positive about the whole affair, as you never know."

  13. 1018: 
    Alan Shearer

    Remember the 1998 World Cup? France beat Brazil in the final, Baddiel & Skinner topped the charts with the iconic 'Three Lions '98' (pipping a song about Vindaloo to number one) and Michael Owen scored one of the best goals in my lifetime.

    But before the tournament got under way, former England striker Alan Shearer admitted to feeling a bit flat about the group they were drawn in.

    He says: "I remember the draw for 1998 World Cup, we were drawn with Romania, Colombia and Tunisia and if I am honest the reaction was probably a bit flat, because we wanted some of the big boys. This time they have two of those in this group so I think the players should relish the challenge. They should be rubbing their hands with excitement."

  14. 1021: 

    On Friday, we asked you to describe your expectations for England using just three words and the most popular choices were penalties, home, England, group and chance!

    Share your expectations for England's chances in the World Cup by tweeting just three words using #EnglandExpects.

  15. 1026: 

    The Italian press have greeted Friday's World Cup draw with the same discomfort as the English, reports BBC Monitoring.

    La Republica says the draw "could not be any worse" for the Azzurri, who will open their campaign against England in Manaus "the city that everyone wanted to avoid". La Stampa says that despite Italy's victory over England in Euro 2012, The Three Lions remain "dogged opposition" while Corriere della Sera calls England "the eternal opponent"

    Italy's Tuttosport called it a "very difficult group" and noted that the way the draw played out means that some of the competition's "main protagonists" are likely to go out in the first round. The paper also observes that Group D has the highest the highest number of world cup titles of all, with seven shared between the Azzurri, Uruguay and England.

    Join the debate at #bbcworldcup

    Which player should England fans be most worried about in Group D? Have a look at what fans in the UK have been talking about on Facebook since the draw was made.

    Jeffrey van Camp: Suarez and Balotelli are much more feared than Rooney by far.

    James Smith: Suarez will show what a poor keeper Joe Hart really is.

    Ken Gorry: Cavani is a fantastic Player, but his record at international level is not as good as his league form

    Ben Jones: Should make for some entertaining group play. Aguero and Messi are going to tear the competition apart when it gets to the business end of the tournament though.

  17. 1038: 

    Just away from World Cup draw reaction briefly, Uwe Rosler has been named as the new manager of Wigan Athletic.

    The German has been manager of Brentford for the last two seasons.

    Wigan chairman Dave Whelan said: "He impressed me enormously when I spoke to him, he has a strong philosophy about how to play the game and has a desire to shape all aspects of the long term future of the club. I think he can and will achieve great things here at Wigan Athletic."

  18. 1044: 

    Back to the World Cup draw, England's opening game against Italy is in Manaus, a city over 1,700 miles away from their base in Rio de Janeiro.

    However, Club England managing director Adrian Bevington says nothing is set in stone as yet regarding travel and training arrangements around the World Cup, and all plans would be finalised following discussions over the coming days.

    Speaking to BBC Radio Five Live, he says: "Manaus is a big journey into the Amazon, but the other two games are both relatively close to our base in Rio. We consider all options at the moment. In reality, we would have to consider the quality of training grounds in Manaus if we were to fly directly from Miami a few days earlier instead of travelling there from Rio de Janeiro."

  19. 1049: 
    Arena Amazonia, Manaus

    Speaking of Manaus, this is the Arena da Amazonia - the stadium where England will play their opening game of the 2014 World Cup against Italy in June - as it looked on 25 November.

    According to the Telegraph, the stadium is at 92% completion, but there is a serious chance the stadium will not be delivered as planned by 31 December.

    "There are many construction challenges," says Miguel Capobiango Neto, co-ordinator of the World Cup Management Unit in Manaus. "The winter is starting, the rainy season, so our worries have to be accompanied with technical concerns. And every time the rain comes, we have to stop the welding because it can't carry on when it's wet."

  20. 1055: 

    One of the most pressing concerns playing in Manaus for England, and Italy for that matter, is the heat and humidity. Temperatures can surpass 30 degrees Celsius, while humidity can reach around 80%.

    England played in hot conditions during the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, and Chris Waddle was part of the squad that reached the quarter-finals of that tournament.

    "It will be very difficult," he tells BBC Breakfast. "People perhaps don't appreciate it until you get there and see what it is all about. England's expectations have gone through the roof over the years but I think people are now starting to realise that if we can get out of the group that will be fantastic and we can go from there."

  21. 1100:  
    Football Focus BBC Sport, Football Focus

    OK just one hour left before we switch over to Premier League coverage, so for the next 60 minutes we will have a look at the other groups at the World Cup.

    Before we do, a reminder that Football Focus is coming from Brazil at 12:00 GMT, and Dan Walker is chatting exclusively to England manager Roy Hodgson. Watch on BBC One and online.

  22. 1103: 

    Brazilian news site UOL.com reports that Fifa is considering changing the time of some matches, including England's first game against Italy set to start at 02:00 BST on 15 June, to suit European TV audiences. One option is to move kick-off to 18:00 local time, which would be 23:00 BST.

  23. 1110: 
    Group A

    Five-time champions Brazil will be desperate to win the World Cup on home soil for the first time - they lost out to Uruguay in the 1950 edition's deciding match in Rio de Janeiro - and will meet the Croatia in the opener in Sao Paulo on 12 June.

    Manager Luiz Felipe Scolari says: "When you see some of the other groups, I think we can say we haven't done badly. England, Italy and Uruguay is the toughest group."

    Croatia boss Niko Kovac says: "Brazil in the first game with the whole world watching will be something. We will try to make it difficult for them but it won't be easy."

    Mexico open against Cameroon and manager Miguel Herrera says: "It's not a bad group. It's not an easy one either, but I'm sure the other sides will see us as tough opponents too." Cameroon boss Volker Finke adds: "At the end of the day, being in the same group as Brazil is a great experience. We'll be getting a lot of attention."

  24. 1120: 
    Group B

    England think they have it tough, but Group B looks a very tricky won to navigate out of. To make matters worse, whoever progresses could find themselves facing host nation Brazil in the last 16.

    "Everything depends not just on our opponents, but on ourselves and the way we mentally approach this competition," says Vincente De Bosque, manager of reigning world champions Spain.

    Spain open against the Netherlands on 13 June and coach of Dutch, Louis Van Gaal, adds: "You can't really do anything about it, but it's fair to say that it's not a good draw for us. We will play Spain, the reigning world champions; Australia, who we have never beaten; and Chile."

    "We're not afraid of anybody though and we've got to show real greatness to put Chile up there with the best," says Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli, while Australia boss Ange Postecoglou adds: "We will see some great football played in our group and it's up to us to play a part in that."

  25. 1129: 
    Group C

    Only Colombia and Japan have ever gone beyond the group stage, and both went on to lose in the last 16.

    Colombia open their campaign against Greece, and manager Jose Pekerman says: "It will be an interesting group from a tactical point of view. The four teams have very different styles." Greece boss Fernando Santos adds: "None of the teams can be considered favourites, but they are all tough opposition.

    Japan coach Alberto Zaccheroni's says: "It could be better, but it could be worse too." The manager of Zaccheroni's opening game opponents Ivory Coast, Sabri Debouchi, adds: "It is not as hard as the groups we were in at the 2006 and 2010 World Cups. But having said that it is far from easy."

  26. 1137: 
    Group E

    After battling through the World Cup qualifying play-offs, France fans can perhaps breathe a sigh of relief, given their Group E opponents.

    France boss Didier Deschamps says: "It could have been more complicated. No opponent is easy; we need to be ambitious but realistic."

    Manager of Honduras, Luis Suarez - France's opponents in the opening game - says: "We'll try to face this situation as real professionals. We want to reach the next round."

    Switzerland coach Ottmar Hitzfeld says: "It's a very close and level group with different mentalities." Ecuador manager Reinaldo Rueda adds: "It'll be a very challenging group."

  27. 1147: 
    Group F

    Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella was feeling cautiously optimistic about his side's chances of progressing from Group F.

    He says: "I'd be a hypocrite if I said Argentina weren't the strongest team of the four, but football is the most illogical of sports. In general terms, I'm moderately optimistic."

    Bosnia-Hercegovina coach Safet Susic adds: "Having seen the other groups, we can be satisfied. We don't need to be unhappy, even though we share the group with Argentina."

    Iran coach Carlos Queiroz: "For us, qualification was hell, so being in this group now is like heaven." Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi says: "Obviously I respect all three, though we have no reason to fear any of them."

    Join the debate at #bbcworldcup

    Dan Vargas Critchley: Group D is the only group with more than one previous World Cup winner... and there are three! 7 cups between them. Big group!

    Don Bellucci Jibolas: The Brazil group is also tough. They face tricky tie with Croatia, Mexico & Eto's Cameroon. Mouth-watering draws.

    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport at Old Trafford
    Manchester United

    "Sun shining at Old Trafford but dark clouds gathering overhead. David Moyes will know the feeling."

    Manchester United v Newcastle kicks off at 12:45 GMT, with Robin van Persie starting for David Moyes' side, and we will have live text up and running at 12:00 GMT.

  30. 1155: 
    Group G

    Germany, managed by Joachim Low and USA, coached by Jurgen Klinsmann, provides an interesting match up in Group G, while eyes will be on in-form Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

    "Of course, the reunion with Jurgen Klinsmann is very special," says Low, who was Klinsmann's right-hand man at the 2006 World Cup. "We want to put up a real fight against Germany and we'll see what we can do," adds Klinsmann.

    Portugal coach Paulo Bento says: "It's a tight group with a favourite - Germany - because of their history and potential." Kwesi Appiah, Ghana coach, says: "Germany and Portugal are the favourites, of course, but we will do everything to make life hard for them."

  31. 1200: 
    Group H

    Finally, Group H, which on paper appears to be one of the most open at the tournament.

    "Our opponents don't have any world-class players to speak of, but they're all strong teams that are difficult to beat," says Belgium coach Marc Wilmots. "We could have landed a much tougher group," says Algeria boss Vahid Halilhodzic.

    People might say Belgium are the favourites thanks to their strong qualifying results and their good young team, but we still hope to finish top," says Fabio Capello, Russia boss. South Korea boss Hong Myung-bo adds: "People may think that it's an easy group, but that's not true."

  32. 1201: 

    OK, that is all from today's World Cup draw reaction live text commentary. I'm now jumping across to today's domestic football, so join me and Marc Higginson there for our live text commentary on all the games and the goals. Starting on BBC One now is Football Focus. Goodbye!

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