John Oster: Gateshead must stop panicking late in games

Gateshead midfielder John Oster has urged the team "stop panicking" after conceding twice in the final 15 minutes for three successive matches.

In Saturday's league game with Salisbury, the Heed held on to win 3-2.

Gateshead's late collapses

  • Oxford: 2-0 up, concede in 77th and 90th minute.
  • Wrexham: 2-1 up, concede in 77th and 93rd minute.
  • Salisbury: 3-0 up, concede in 81st and 90th minute.

But the late goals cost them victory at Oxford United in the FA Cup the weekend previous and in the Conference Premier game against Wrexham in between.

"We've done really well up to a point but one goal goes in and all of sudden panic sets in," he told BBC Newcastle.

"You're looking over your shoulder, panicking a bit and before you know it you've conceded again."

Losing leads late on was a trait that ultimately ended the reign of previous manager Anth Smith.

Gateshead lost at Kidderminster in their first game of the season and, after 1-0 leads turned into successive 2-1 home defeats, Smith resigned to be replaced by Gary Mills.

"Defensively we had been excellent until these late goals," Oster remarked.

"The team just have to stay calmer - if one goal goes in just dust yourself down, move on and refocus."