International football: England v Chile plus World Cup play-offs

Reaction as England lose to Chile, while Portugal win in the World Cup play-offs but France are in danger of missing out on Brazil.

15 November 2013 Last updated at 18:01

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As it happened

  1. 2237: 

    Plenty of food for thought for England then, a winning start for the Republic's duo, Ronaldo 1-0 Zlatan and plenty of trouble for France.

    Get yourselves down to a lower league game this weekend as the Premier League and Championship sit it out, and join us on Tuesday for the conclusion of the play-offs and the small matter of England v Germany.

    See you there!

  2. 2232: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Republic of Ireland 3-0 Latvia

    Republic of Ireland boss Martin O'Neill: "I am delighted with the team and with the performance.

    "We have got sterner tests ahead - we know that - but it is nice to win and we played some good football too. It was an exhilarating night for us.

    "We could have scored a few more but overall I am delighted with the team."

  3. 2225: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Turkey 1-0 Northern Ireland
    Roy Carroll

    Northern Ireland manager Michael O'Neill: "Roy Carroll held his hands up. He knows himself he made the wrong decision for their goal and he's disappointed in that.

    "Roy called for the ball and Chris Baird left it for him. The centre forward just continued his run and got a toe to it.

    "Chris did the right thing in thinking Roy was coming to take it but that wasn't the case.

    "This team has suffered quite a few injustices in terms of not getting what they deserve from games and this was probably another example of that.

    "We've have come out on the wrong end of a sequence of bad decisions, bad goals, deflections."

  4. 2222: 

    Joe Hart, Ashley Cole, Kyle Walker, Phil Jagielka, Steven Gerrard, Andros Townsend, Danny Welbeck, Daniel Sturridge, Rickie Lambert, Michael Carrick - none of those started today, and some more that I've doubtless failed to mention as well.

    As Roy says, there's plenty to come back in yet.

  5. 2219:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveMANAGER REACTION- England 0-2 Chile
    Chile fans

    Here's some more reaction from Roy Hodgson on BBC Radio 5 live: "There was almost an entire team of our players who didn't play today. I don't think we were deserving of a heavier defeat than 1-0.

    "People analyse things as they want to analyse them. The most important analysis is that of the people working with the team. We are fully aware that the team needs work. We hope to learn from what went on tonight and we hope to learn again on Tuesday. We will try to do a better job and send our fans home happy.

    "It's not all doom and gloom. It's how you deal with defeats and we'll retain a sense of perspective."

  6. 2217: 
    Philipp Lahm

    I mentioned earlier that England's next opponents Germany were held to a 1-1 draw in Milan by Italy, but by the sounds of it that doesn't really tell the whole story.

    Germany captain Philipp Lahm said: "We could have won easily here. We had the best chances and we hit the woodwork three times."

    Oh dear...

  7. 2214: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Thomas Dolfi: This is a significant set-back for the French! Ukraine will now travel away from home as an even greater threat on the counter!

    Tom Blakey: Lallana and Rodriguez tried to play the Saints pressing game but the rest couldn't really keep up

    Joel Silver: I would put England as a mid table Premier League team at best.

  8. 2210: 
    MANAGER REACTION- England 0-2 Chile
    Roy HOdgson

    England manager Roy Hodgson: "The experimenting does not totally explain the result. We played against a very good team and from a goal down it was always going to be difficult. We came back into the game well but Chile knew how to take the sting out of the game. There were a lot of stoppages and to be frank Chile were the better team.

    "We were unlucky to lose by two goals when pushing forward but we learned a lot tonight about our squad of players and what it's like to play against South American opposition."

  9. 2207: 

    Quite right Peter, quite right...

  10. 2207: 
    GET INVOLVED- on 81111

    Robert Cleaver, Coventry: If you were to name the 30 best players in the world not one of them would be English. It's fairly simple really, England just don't produce top quality players. This is mainly down to our 11/12 year olds playing on full size pitches, which does not allow them to have the ball at their feet for long periods of time. We need to change the way our youngsters play football to develop the talent we need to match the likes of Spain and Germany.

    Peter: At least we're not France.

  11. 2204:  
    MOTD presenter Gary LinekerEngland 0-2 Chile

    "Not particularly inspiring, but I wouldn't read too much into it. England have their limitations, but we already knew that."

  12. 2203: 

    A reminder of the first-leg scores from tonight's European play-offs.

    Ukraine 2-0 France

    Iceland 0-0 Croatia

    Greece 3-1 Romania

    Portugal 1-0 Sweden

  13. 2201: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Enzho Khan: "It's a bit Chile at Wembley tonight isn't it?"

    Ronnie M: "You can't do much if you're not comfortable in possession. We seem to breed players to get rid of the ball as fast as possible."

    Gilad Lipschitz: "The media are going to have a field day tomorrow after England's loss."

  14. 2158: 
    PLAYER REACTION- England 0-2 Chile

    England captain Frank Lampard: "They were a good team, we knew that. They have a different style and it's a great exercise for us. Nobody likes to lose but we can take the positives from it. They scored early and late and we had chances in between.

    "Adam Lallana was lively and on another day he might have had two goals on his debut. We didn't need a reality check, we know that we are not on the moon and we are not terrible, we're somewhere in the middle. We've got another game against top class opposition on Tuesday and we have to do better."

  15. 2157:  
    Robert Green, QPR and England goalkeeper on BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyEngland 0-2 Chile

    "I thought Chile were top class. They knew what they were doing. They had full confidence and they carried things out technically in a perfect manner."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  16. 2157: 
    FULL-TIME- Scotland 0-0 USA
  17. 2156: 

    Ah yes, Germany on Tuesday. Let's try not to think too much about that one for now, you'll spoil your weekend. The Germans didn't have it all their own way tonight though, taking a 1-1 draw with Italy at the San Siro.

  18. 2156:  
    Alan Green, On BBC Radio 5 live from WembleyEngland 0-2 Chile

    "On the evidence of tonight, Germany will be far more worried about playing Chile in March than they will about playing England on Tuesday."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  19. 2155: 
    RED CARD- Ukraine 2-0 France
    Oliver Giroud and Samir Nasri

    Both Ukraine and and France ended the match with 10 men, with Arsenal's Laurent Koscielny the first to go in stoppage time after taking offence at a challenge from Olexandr Kucher. A second yellow for the defender on top of conceding the second-half penalty. Oof. Moments later, Kucher saw a straight red for a foul on Mathieu Valbuena to ruin what would have been a perfect evening for the Ukrainians.

  20. 2153: 
    FULL-TIME- England 0-2 Chile

    Jeers all round as Chile take a deserved win. Roy Hodgson looks royally miffed.

  21. 2153:  
    Danny Mills, BBC Radio 5 live live at WembleyEngland 0-2 Chile

    "An absolutely wonderful goal. This is a player in form, on form, with confidence. He just waited, waited, Forster had to gamble and that was it. It was an unnecessary loss of the ball by England. If you can watch this goal at any point do it, what a finish."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  22. 2151: 
    GOAL- England 0-2 Chile - Alexis Sanchez (90 mins)

    It's 1998 all over again! Marcelo Salas scored twice as Chile beat England 2-0 15 years ago and Alexis Sanchez has repeated the trick tonight. Gary Cahill gives the ball away cheaply, Sanchez is played in on goal and he clips a wonderful, cute chip over Fraser Forster's head. Barcelona-style finish.

  23. 2151:  
    Danny Mills, BBC Radio 5 live live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "Frustration is the number one word for England this evening. It hasn't happened. When we've lost the ball we've been chasing and giving away cheap fouls. That said, Chile have been impressive. There aren't too many that come out with many positives. It's been mediocre."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  24. 2147: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Scotland 0-0 USA

    USA almost nick it! Aron Johannsson, who plays for AZ in the Netherlands, hammers in a low shot which forces David Marshall to make a great one-handed save.

  25. 2147: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Jamie Freeman: "It's almost like teams sometimes play well and sometimes play badly. Always a ridiculous overreaction when England are losing."

    Michael Miles: "None of these players tonight deserve to go to the World Cup. All have them have well under performed."

    Jonathan Cowley: "England are very average. We aren't as good as many seem to think. Will take years for England to truly compete at major comps."

  26. 2143: 
    FINAL FIVE- England 0-1 Chile

    Ross Barkley wrestles his man to the deck on the edge of the area as we tick into the last few minutes.

  27. 2143:  
    Danny Mills, BBC Radio 5 live live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "It's a mix of European football with Spanish technique with a Latin edge. Chile are prepared to put their foot in and prepared to battle. These could be an outside bet if you wanted something a little bit obscure for the World Cup. Especially with it being in south America."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  28. 2142: 
    Scotland 0-0 USA

    It's not much better in Glasgow, where Scotland are seeing plenty of the ball but have not overly troubled Tim Howard in the USA goal. Just over 10 minute left there.

  29. 2141:  
    Robert Green, QPR and England goalkeeper on BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "We talk about Claudio Bravo the Chile goalkeeper being so good on the ball but it's the 10 other players who want the ball from him. Everybody showing and wanting it. It's so hard to play against and so hard to defend against that it's made England struggle at times."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  30. 2141: 
    FULL-TIME- Ukraine 2-0 France
  31. 2140: 
    FULL-TIME- Greece 3-1 Romania
    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football WriterGET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    "Ross Barkley coming on. Should have been on a lot earlier than 76 minutes. Lallana off - and he has acquitted himself well."

  33. 2138: 
    England 0-1 Chile

    Wayne Rooney is ending the night on a left wing, with Jermain Defoe through the middle and Ross Barkley in behind. Chile are ending the night with the ball though, passing easily around at the back and in midfield. Neither goalkeeper has had anything to do for the last half hour or so.

  34. 2137:  
    Alan Green, On BBC Radio 5 live from WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "It is a dose of reality for England. Anyone who was talking about winning the World Cup. You think so? You should watch this."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  35. 2137: 
    FULL-TIME- Republic of Ireland 3-0 Latvia

    An encouraging start to Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane's time in charge of the Republic of Ireland. Latvia were very poor but you can only beat what's in front of you and that's exactly what Ireland did - thanks to goals from Robbie Keane, Aiden McGeady and Shane Long.

    The style of play was also a welcome boost to fans after the staleness of displays in the latter days of Giovanni Trapattoni's reign.

  36. 2136: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Stavros Makrozacho: Tom, 200,000 Greek Americans at least will descend to Rio if we qualify

    At least? Let's say quarter of a million...

  37. 2134: 
    SUBSTITUTION- England 0-1 Chile

    At Wembley the game has descended into that familiar, disjointed international friendly as we reach the final 15 minutes. Ross Barkley comes on for Adam Lallana.

  38. 2133: 
    FULL-TIME- Portugal 1-0 Sweden
    Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates

    Cristiano 1-0 Zlatan

  39. 2133: 

    Have France blown it?

  40. 2132: 
    PLAY-OFF LATEST- Ukraine 2-0 France

    Ukraine have never qualified for a major tournament via the play-offs but the hosts look likely to be taking a handsome 2-0 lead into the second leg. They double their advantage thanks to Andriy Yarmolenko's spot kick. Laurent Koscielny the offender, bringing down Roman Zozulya as he prepared to fire at goal.

    Elsewhere, four minutes of the 90 remaining in Greece and the hosts are still 3-1 ahead of Romania.

  41. 2131: 
    England 0-1 Chile- Text in on 81111

    Pinda in West Midlands via 81111: "Why do England press, media and fans think England are better than they are? Done nothing for 47 years and even that one time had a disputed goal involved! Premier League is good because of foreigners not good English players. Last world class English player was Bobby Charlton! Just accept that England are average at best."

    Jack in Newcastle via 81111: "England's biggest issue for me over the years is that we set up a system to suit our 'bigger named' players. Every successful team play a system that the manager wants to play. Spain play a possession game and to suit there style sometimes don't play a striker. If Roy likes wingers and two up top he should stick to it. Not try integrate Lampard and Gerrard to accommodate their egos and play Rodriguez a striker out wide."

  42. 2128: 
    SUBSTITUTION- England 0-1 Chile

    Frank Lampard and Jack Wilshere are replaced with 20 minutes left, Tom Cleverley and Jordan Henderson the men to get on.

  43. 2128: 

    Get on the plane Spiro! Great to see.

  44. 2128: 
    Greece 3-1 Romania- Text in on 81111

    Spiro in Loughborough via 81111: "We follow Greece everywhere! We may not play the best football but we definitely play with a lot of spirit!!!"

  45. 2127: 
    England 0-1 Chile

    Adam Lallana has been useful tonight - but he's gone down in a heap after extending his leg in a challenge. That looks worrying.

  46. 2127:  
    Danny Mills, BBC Radio 5 live live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "I think Rooney has been isolated at times. He's been frustrated but now he has a strike partner in Defoe. I've been pleased with Adam Lallana. He's been bright and not looked out of place in an international shirt."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

    Alasdair Lamont at Hampden Park, BBC SportScotland 0-0 USA

    "There's certainly a higher tempo to the second half and Scotland continue to look the better side, typified by a superb free-kick from Robert Snodgrass. The danger is that any fluency to the game will soon be broken up by a raft of substitutions. Let's hope not!"

  48. 2125: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Portugal 1-0 Sweden

    Cristiano Ronaldo heads against the bar! Almost a late second and Sweden need to hang on here...

  49. 2124: 
    SUBSTITUTION- England 0-1 Chile

    Roy Hodgson makes a change as James Milner comes off and Jermain Defoe takes his place. Adam Lallana moves back into a deeper midfield role by the looks of it. Twenty-five minutes left at Wembley.

  50. 2122: 
    GOAL- Portugal 1-0 Sweden - Cristiano Ronaldo (82 mins)

    It had to be didn't it? Cristiano Ronaldo stoops to convert a flying header from Miguel Veloso's testing cross from the left, a really brave header from the Real Madrid man, and that could be huge!

  51. 2121: 
    GOAL- Republic of Ireland 3-0 Latvia - Shane Long (79 mins)

    The Republic of Ireland are cruising now and Shane Long taps home from close range from Seamus Coleman's cross.

    Meanwhile, another three substitutes are made as Paul Green, Anthony Stokes and Kevin Doyle come on for Glenn Whelan, James McClean and James McCarthy.

  52. 2121: 
    Portugal 0-0 Sweden

    Into the last 15 minutes in Lisbon, where Portugal have had more of the ball without much end product.

  53. 2119: 
    England 0-1 Chile

    Gary Medel takes a heavy touch on the edge of his own area and then launches into Jack Wilshere, a real heavy challenge from the pitbull, and Wilshere does well to get out of his way. Free-kick in a dangerous area though....

  54. 2119: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Republic of Ireland 2-0 Latvia

    Martin O'Neill makes a triple change for the Republic of Ireland, who are still in control. Shane Long, Jon Walters and Andy Reid are on for Robbie Keane, Wes Hoolahan and Aiden McGeady.

  55. 2118: 

    How many Greece fans will be going to Brazil if they qualify?

  56. 2117:  
    Robert Green, QPR and England goalkeeper on BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "England can be more positive with the ball. They need to do things earlier. When we build slowly Chile are showing they can cope with it. We've got to do things earlier and that's when we've had glimpses of joy."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  57. 2115: 
    PLAY-OFF LATEST- Ukraine 1-0 France
    Samir Nasri

    France enjoyed the majority of possession at the start of the second half but Ukraine break the deadlock with a wonderfully crafted goal. Andriy Edmar bisected the France defence and forward Roman Zozulya held off challenges to slide-foot the ball home from six yards.

    France's response has been positive, with Samir Nasri going close for the visitors. Just over 20 minutes remaining at the Olympic Stadium.

    Meanwhile, Greece are 3-1 ahead against Romania and have put themselves in the driving seat. Kostas Mitroglou scoring his second of the match in the 67th minute.

  58. 2114: 
    SUBSTITUTION- England 0-1 Chile

    Andros Townsend and Chris Smalling are coming on for Jay Rodriguez and Phil Jones. Will we see J-Rod in an England shirt again?

  59. 2113: 
    GET INVOLVED- Text on 81111

    Mark in Rochester via 81111: "Wilshere's bull in a china shop approach needs to be marshalled well if he is to be the future."

    Des in Chessington via 81111: "A bit worried for Lampard. He looks about 2-3 yards off the pace and we're talking a friendly in November. By next June-July it might be 4-5 yards off the pace. I feel his place on the squad is in serious jeopardy. Carrick, Gerrard, Barkley & even Cleverley are four better options. More mobile & offer more variety. I think poor Frank will miss out unfortunately."

  60. 2111: 
    KICK-OFF- Scotland 0-0 USA

    Back under way at a subdued Hampden.

  61. 2110:  
    Mike Ingham, BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "England have substitutes warming up already. I can see Andros Townsend, Jordan Henderson and Jermaine Defoe all going through their paces."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  62. 2109: 
    GOAL- Republic of Ireland 2-0 Latvia - Aiden McGeady (67 mins)

    A slack pass in midfield is picked off by Aiden McGeady, and the former Celtic man runs on to lash in a low 20-yarder at the near post.

  63. 2108: 
    England 0-1 Chile

    Adam Lallana is sharp again as England break with intent, the Saints man swapping passes with Wayne Rooney and making his way into the area but he then can't pick out Rooney with the final ball.

  64. 2106: 
    England 0-1 Chile

    Phil Jones causes some mild peril from a corner but Chile are able to clear their lines and then proceed to keep the ball effortlessly for an extended period. Don't forget, Germany are in town on Tuesday....

  65. 2103: 
    Republic of Ireland 1-0 Latvia

    The Republic of Ireland still on top in Dublin, James McClean and Aiden McGeady have gone close, while Renars Rode almost scored an own goal.

    You'd imagine Martin O'Neill will be making his first substitute as an international manager soon.

  66. 2102: 
    KICK-OFF- England 0-1 Chile

    Tonight's attendance by the way, I would estimate somewhere between the League Two play-off final and the League One game. A long way from full as we kick-off the second half.

  67. 2102:  
    Dietmar Hamann, Former Liverpool, Man City & Newcastle midfielder on Twitter

    "Chile look a very good side. Ball retention outstanding. England very average."

  68. 2101: 
    SUBSTITUTION- England 0-1 Chile

    No half-time changes for England but Felipe Gutierrez and Carlos Carmona are coming on for Chile.

  69. 2100: 
    England 0-1 Chile

    Ross Barkley? Jordan Henderson? Anyone going to come on and change it at half-time?

  70. 2058: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Alex Thomas: "Would love to see an England v England U21s friendly before the WC, think the kids would give them a game."

    Gwalch Mon: "Can't believe Cahill has managed to pull the wool over people's eyes so long. Poor. England should build around Wilshere and Rooney."

    Ugo Ibewuike: "Bring back John Terry! He's always played steady for England and is the only English defender who isn't a liability"

  71. 2056: 
    GET INVOLVED- on 81111
    Frank Lampard

    Ian in Cornwall: The players can change, but let's face it, we play a style of football that is more suited to the 90s than now.

    Chris Ballett: Lampard and Gerrard are interchangeable, but with no Carrick, there is no hope.

    Ryan in Swansea: To Andy (19:41) what were you saying about this being the strongest backline?

  72. 2055: 
    FULL-TIME- Turkey 1-0 Northern Ireland

    Richard Petrie reports: "Chances proved few and far between in a second half punctuated by regular substitutions by both sides.

    "Steven Davis had a volley blocked by a defender and Martin Paterson fired well over when the ball broke to him in the area while Burak Yilmaz struck the post for Turkey.

    "So Northern Ireland's last game of 2013 ends in defeat, with manager Michael O'Neill's record now reading one win, six draws and eight defeats from his 15 games in charge."

  73. 2054: 

    Fancy chewing the fat with Danny Mills and Rob Green after the England game? They'll be taking calls on BBC Radio 5 live between 2200 and 2230 GMT. Call in on 0500 909 693, text 85058 or tweet @bbc5live.

    Also, don't forget if you are reading this on the BBC Sport app on your phone or tablet, you can now listen to the radio at the same time without navigating away from the page. That means UK users can listen to live sport and discussion while reading the latest match reports, news, analysis - and live text commentaries. Bonus.

  74. 2054: 
    CLOSE!- Portugal 0-0 Sweden

    Celtic's Mikael Lustig clears off the line for Sweden after a frantic scramble for the ball in his own six-yard area.

  75. 2054:  
    Football FocusAn interview with Uwe Rosler
    Uwe Rosler

    Off topic, but Manchester City cult hero Uwe Rosler is on Football Focus on Saturday (1200 GMT), talking about his upbringing in a communist regime in the former East Germany, where he got sent away to a special sports school at the age of 11, had to fend off an approach from the Stasi and was paid in food vouchers. Even with all that to deal with, he thinks he had it easy compared to the pampered young players of today.

    You can read more about the Brentford manager's fascinating old life in a BBC Sport feature here, and also find out about Uwe's son Colin, who is already on City's books and hoping to follow in his father's footsteps.

  76. 2053:  
    Alasdair Lamont at Hampden Park, BBC SportHALF-TIME- Scotland 0-0 USA

    "Goodness that was dull! No shots on target and very little to get excited about. The 20,000 fans who've turned up for this essentially meaningless match deserve better. If this is anything like an indication of how the USA will perform in Brazil, they won't be there long."

  77. 2050: 
    FULL-TIME- Turkey 1-0 Northern Ireland

    It's now 1,109 minutes since Northern Ireland scored a goal away from home in a friendly.

  78. 2049: 
    FULL-TIME- Iceland 0-0 Croatia

    With 10 men, Iceland will take that...

  79. 2049: 

    The 1945 kick-offs are back under way in the second half.

  80. 2048:  
    Danny Mills, BBC Radio 5 live live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "When you bring new players in it can be disruptive. I think England have been shell shocked by the physicality of Chile. They have not been afraid to put foot in and a few of the England players like Gary Cahill and Phil Jones have been getting bumped around."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  81. 2047: 
    INJURY TIME- Turkey 1-0 Northern Ireland

    Into the closing stages in Turkey, where Northern Ireland have thrown four substitutes on as they push for a leveller.

  82. 2046: 
    HALF-TIME- England 0-1 Chile

    Half-time at Wembley then. Much to chat about for Roy and Ray...

  83. 2046:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "England have created chances and Adam Lallana has impressed but it has been a tough night at the back. Chile's movement and speed causing all sorts of problems."

  84. 2043: 
    CLOSE!- England 0-1 Chile

    England's best move of the night, and it's a cracker. Jack Wilshere threads a pass from deep into Wayne Rooney, whose first touch is superb to open up the space and he picks out Adam Lallana inside the area. Lallana snaps his shot away but it takes a deflection past the post. That was excellent from England's front three or four though.

  85. 2043: 
    CLOSE!- Scotland 0-0 USA

    Craig Conway has a chance to put Scotland ahead, running on to Steven Fletcher's astute pass, but he drags his shot into the side-netting! Really good opening.

  86. 2042: 
    England 0-1 Chile

    "Sorry lads, not tonight" might as well be Gary Medel's assessment of England's performance so far.

  87. 2041: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Liam Appleby: "Gary Medel will want this finished by 10. He'll be working the doors of clubs later on. Part time footballer, full time bouncer."

  88. 2038: 
    CLOSE!- England 0-1 Chile

    Lovely stuff from Jack Wilshere as he nutmegs his man to break into the area, but Juventus defender Mauricio Isla sweeps across to make the tackle. From the corner, Phil Jones loses his marker but drags his shot wide of the far post. I didn't see his face as he connected with that one, but I'm sure it was brilliant. The many faces of Phil Jones mean he gets my vote to get on the plane for Brazil....

    Jack Wilshere
  89. 2037:  
    Alasdair Lamont at Hampden Park, BBC SportScotland 0-0 USA

    "Yet to really get going this game. Neither keeper's had a save to make, though Tim Howard might be a little relieved that Robert Snodgrass wasn't given a sniff at a free-kick just outside the box given his recent efforts for Norwich. Gordon Greer has looked pretty comfortable so far on his Scotland debut."

  90. 2036: 
    England 0-1 Chile

    Jay Rodriguez does well to hold the ball up on the edge of the box and roll away from a defender to open up a yard of space, but the less said about the shot, the better. Let's just say it did reach the goal, and leave it at that...

  91. 2035:  
    Robert Green, QPR and England goalkeeper on BBC Radio 5 live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "We can moan about England's defending but Chile have been very impressive. England's defenders don't know what to do because the movement is very good. Fraser Forster did well to deny Jean Beausejour there. He delayed him and allowed defenders to get back in."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  92. 2035:  
    Danny Mills, BBC Radio 5 live live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "England's defenders are all over the shop. There's no communication. Chile are finding far too many holes."

  93. 2034: 

    The players depart to the sound of klaxons in Greece. An entertaining first half and Greece just about worthy of their 2-1 lead over Romania. The hosts could have gone further ahead before the break but Kostas Mitroglou couldn't keep a cross from the lively Dimitris Salpingidis on target.

    In the other tie, it's goalless between Ukraine and France.

  94. 2033:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "Adam Lallana has made a very decent early impression, one poor corner apart. Confident and keen to get involved. Not too many chances for his Southampton team-mate Jay Rodriguez to show us what he's got yet."

  95. 2032: 
    HALF-TIME- Republic of Ireland 1-0 Latvia

    Republic of Ireland deservedly lead at half-time in the first game of the Martin O'Neill-Roy Keane era. Robbie Keane's 62nd international strike separates the teams and it could have been more had James McCarthy and James McClean done better with chances, while Keane could have had a hat-trick.

    Perhaps most encouraging for Republic fans in the first half has been a lack of long balls, in a marked difference to performances under Giovanni Trapattoni.

  96. 2032: 
    HALF-TIME- Portugal 0-0 Sweden
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    These ties were supposed to be about maestros Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic - but neither have really been in the game. Portugal have had plenty of possession but have wasted it in the Swedish third, while their opponents have looked dangerous on the break and have gone close on three occasions.

  97. 2030: 
    CLOSE!- England 0-1 Chile

    There really would be an inquest in the England defence if Cardiff man Gary Medel scores a header - he's about 5ft 7ins - but he does win a header from a corner and it's a good chance!

    Jean Beausejour then gets in at the end of a wonderful counter attack but Fraser Forster does well, making himself big and forcing the Wigan man wide. There's a worried atmosphere around Wembley...

  98. 2028: 
    SHOWBOAT- Scotland 0-0 USA

    Double drag-back time from Barry Bannan as Scotland enjoy plenty of possession at Hampden. No real chances to speak of at either end yet though.

  99. 2028: 
    GET INVOLVED- Ireland 1-0 Latvia

    Neil Cowman: "I know it's only Latvia, but I can't get over how well Ireland are playing. More of this please."

    Keith Walsh: "You know what, I don't really care if Ireland win lose or draw tonight. The first 20 minutes of tonight's game made me very happy."

  100. 2027:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo is going through his full range of the unorthodox at Wembley and keeping England out. At the other end Fraser Forster was able to make his mark on the night with a good save from Wigan's Jean Beausejour. It was a nightmare start for the Celtic keeper as Chile went ahead - but no blame whatsoever attached to him."

  101. 2025:  
    Danny Mills, BBC Radio 5 live live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "I think this is why this is a good friendly. Yes, we know south Americans are very good technically but also they've got a nasty side as well. They are happy to play the physical game and it looks like one or two England players are surprised by that at the moment."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  102. 2023: 
    CLOSE!- England 0-1 Chile

    This is better, England finding the tempo they had in the opening five minutes! Adam Lallana works his way through a tackle, Wayne Rooney pops the ball up and Jack Wilshere hits a crackerjack of a shot on the bounce, really middles that one but thumps it right at Claudio Bravo, who chooses to punch the ball out of danger.

    Adam Lallana in action against Chile
  103. 2022: 
    Turkey 1-0 Northern Ireland

    BBC NI Sport's Richard Petrie reports: "A chance at either end at the start of the second half. First, Oliver Norwood shoots straight into the hands of Tolga Zengin and then Aaron Hughes almost scores an own goal when the ball comes off his foot and cannons off the upright. Still 1-0 though."

  104. 2022:  
    BBC Scotland's senior football reporter Alasdair Lamont at HampdenScotland 0-0 USA

    "Both sides have set up with a similar shape at the start of this match, essentially a 4-4-1-1, but Scotland look slightly more dangerous thus far. Gus Poyet, the Sunderland manager is an interested spectator here, with two of his strikers on show in the shape of Steven Fletcher for Scotland and Jozy Altidore for the States."

  105. 2021: 
    GET INVOLVED- Text on 81111

    Paul via 81111: "All those having a go at Baines talk like Cole never made mistakes. Wake up, Cole is also a part of the failed so called golden generation."

    Tom from London via 81111: "Ashley Cole would have prevented Sanchez getting in. Defensively still England's number one left back by far."

  106. 2020: 
    GREAT SAVE!- England 0-1 Chile

    Frank Lampard drives in a free-kick from 25 yards, it deflects off the top of the wall and forces Claudio Bravo to tip the ball over the bar. Better from England.

  107. 2019: 

    A rip-roaring first half in Athens. Not many teams score against the hosts, but Romania's response to going a goal behind was immediate. Gabriel Torje's free-kick found Bogdan Stancu at the far post and the striker headed home from the zaniest of angles to level at 1-1.

    It took Greece only a few seconds to nudge ahead once again, though. Dimitris Salpingidis sliding in to convert Vassilis Torossidis' first-time cross to give the Greeks a 2-1 lead in a tasty tie.

    It's still goalless between Iceland and Croatia, but Croatia are dominating, which is unsurprising as Iceland have been reduced to 10 men following the sending off of Ari Skulason in the 50th minute.

    It's also goalless between Ukraine and France with 31 minutes gone in that match.

  108. 2018: 
    YELLOW CARD- England 0-1 Chile

    Jack Wilshere gets on the ball for the first time and drives at the Chile midfield, with Wigan winger Jean Beausejour taking the direct approach and hacking him down. In the book.

  109. 2017: 
    England 0-1 Chile

    "Get Out! Get Out!" is the limit of Roy Hodgson's touchline shouts at the minute as Chile keep the pressure dialled in.

    Rio Ferdinand, Former England defender on TwitterGET INVOLVED

    Rio Ferdinand: The Chileans look exciting going forward. Confident too.

  111. 2015: 

    John Terry? In Brazil? Can you imagine the tabloids?

  112. 2014: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Jon Botting: "That's why Cole is better than Baines."

    John Southworth: "Poor defending from Baines there, didn't even try and head it against a player the same size as him!"

    Jonny Magrinho: "With this defence against a strong Chile side we were never keeping a clean sheet. But Joe Hart would have saved that. Woeful."

  113. 2014:  
    Danny Mills, BBC Radio 5 live live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "I just wonder. Whatever you think, would there be a call for John Terry going to the World Cup? Should we talk him out of international retirement as we don't have the depth at centre-half? Surely we have to think about it."

  114. 2013: 
    CLOSE!- England 0-1 Chile

    Fraser Forster's first real save in an England shirt is a comfortable one, but one he has to make as he palms out a rising drive from Wigan winger Jean Beausejour. Chile looking lively on the counter.

  115. 2013:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "Nothing England's debutant goalkeeper Fraser Forster could do about Alexis Sanchez's goal but Leighton Baines will feel he should have done better than allow Barcelona's gifted attacker to get in front him for the header that gave Chile the lead."

  116. 2010: 
    England 0-1 Chile

    That early goal has rocked England a bit after they made such a bright opening to the game. Adam Lallana is on the right of a front three so far with Jay Rodriguez down the left.

  117. 2009: 
    CLOSE!- Portugal 0-0 Sweden

    Sweden go close twice in the space of two minutes. First Sunderland's Seb Larsson forces a good low save from Rui Patricio and then Kim Kallstrom's free-kick misses the right-hand upright by inches. The Swedes certainly aren't keeping it tight, they fancy nicking this one.

  118. 2009:  
    Danny Mills, BBC Radio 5 live live at WembleyEngland 0-1 Chile

    "There was nothing Fraser Forster could do. England got lucky in defending the first cross and as the second one came in, Sanchez gets in front of Leighton Baines. This is what we talked about, is Leighton Baines as good a defender as Ashley Cole?"

  119. 2008: 
    GOAL- Republic of Ireland 1-0 Latvia - Robbie Keane (22 mins)

    Roy Keane and Martin O'Neill are both punching the air as they start their managerial reign with the Republic in fine fashion. Aiden McGeady swings over a corner, it's flicked on by James McClean to Robbie Keane, and he fires home from close range. His 62nd international goal.

    Robbie Keane celebrates scoring for Ireland
  120. 2006: 
    GOAL- England 0-1 Chile - Alexis Sanchez (7 mins)

    Ah yeah, all over the place aren't they Chile? Rapid counter-attack from Chile sees Charles Aranguiz through on goal, his shot is well blocked but recycled back out to the wing, and when the cross comes in Barcelona man Alexis Sanchez is free to angle a header past Fraser Forster and into the net.

    Alexis Sanchez celebrates scoring for Chile
  121. 2004: 
    GREAT SAVE!- England 0-0 Chile

    And Claudio Bravo makes another fine save! Kicking the ball clear after James Milner's low cross was deflected toward the corner. Chile all over the place at the back so far.

  122. 2003: 
    GREAT SAVE!- England 0-0 Chile

    Phil Jones goes close to an early opener, heading a free-kick toward the top corner and forcing a flying save out of Claudio Bravo. Strong start from England.

  123. 2003:  
    Alasdair Lamont at Hampden Park, BBC SportScotland v USA (2005 GMT)

    "We're getting some of that razzmatazz I mentioned earlier - thumping house music and cheerleaders, but there are only a few thousand supporters in the stadium to "appreciate" it.

    "Nonetheless, this should be a pretty useful run-out for both sides. The USA know that they face a Scotland side on the up and with the World Cup in mind, coming up against a European team will provide them with a different type of test than the ones they faced in qualifying.

    "For Scotland, it's a chance to continue to claw back some credibility while also allowing Gordon Strachan to look at a couple of his fringe players."

  124. 2000: 
    KICK-OFF- England 0-0 Chile

    We are under way at Wembley.

  125. 2000: 

    Greece have taken an early lead against Romania, Konstantinos Mitroglou converting a pass with a fine finish.

  126. 1958: 
    GET INVOLVED- on 81111

    Ross, Banff: I understand Hodgson trying new combinations but Jagielka should start ahead of Cahill. And Barkley should play ahead of Wilshere. Been in better form.

  127. 1956: 
    BAD COP, BAD BAD COP- Republic of Ireland 0-0 Latvia
    T-shirt of Roy Keane and Martin O'Neill

    It seems Dublin's merchandise sellers have wasted no time embracing the new Republic managerial duo. A basic effort this one, but does the job nicely I'd say.

  128. 1955: 
    CLOSE!- Portugal 0-0 Sweden

    Both sides go close in the first six minutes. Portugal's Joao Moutinho finds the side-netting after a good move involving Cristiano Ronaldo and Raul Meireles, while at the other end Norwich's on-loan striker Johan Elmander stretches to direct his shot just a foot wide of the Portugal goal.

    Meireles looks more ridiculous every time you see him and he has already promised to get another tattoo if they qualify for the finals....

  129. 1954: 
    England v Chile (2000 GMT)

    A warm reception at Wembley as Frank Lampard receives a golden cap to mark his century of appearances, with dad Frank and Sir Geoff Hurst in attendance.

    Then we hit the anthems, as Chile star with a superb effort. Jaunty, passionate, textbook stuff.

  130. 1952: 
    Tim Vickery, South American football expert on BBC Radio 5 LiveEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "The Chile players who were finding their feet in South Africa in 2010 have come of age now. Alexis Sanchez is in superb form for Barcelona, Eduardo Vargas is very talented and Marcelo Diaz in front of the back four will be key. England will need to hassle him, that will be important. You can't take your eyes off Chile. There's always something going on either in their own area or at the other end. They do give you a chance though."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  131. 1951: 
    HALF-TIME- Iceland 0-0 Croatia

    It's goalless in Reykjavik as Iceland and Croatia trot off for half-time in their World Cup qualifier. There's not much to choose between the teams, with momentum ebbing and flowing throughout the half.

  132. 1950: 
    England v Chile (2000 GMT)

    He's in the tunnel now, our Frank, standing in front of the giant Fraser Forster as the players prepare to emerge at Wembley. All set?

  133. 1949:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "Frank Lampard's enduring England career will be honoured before kick-off when he receives a commemorative golden cap from World Cup winner Sir Geoff Hurst and his father Frank snr. for reaching 100 international appearances. Tonight he wins his 103rd cap and will captain Roy Hodgson's side."

  134. 1947: 
    HALF-TIME- Turkey 1-0 N. Ireland

    Richard Petrie reports: "Northern Ireland weathered the early storm in Adana as Turkey exerted all the pressure and threatened the visitors' goal with alarming regularity. Michael O'Neill's side battled their way back into the game but suffered a cruel blow late on as Mevlut gave Turkey the half-time lead.

    "Not for the first time during his tenure, O'Neill must rally his troops and exhort them to greater efforts at the interval."

  135. 1946: 

    We are under way in the games between Republic of Ireland and Latvia, Portugal v Sweden, Ukraine v France and Greece v Romania.

  136. 1943: 
    GOAL- Turkey 1-0 N. Ireland - Mevlut Erdinc (45 mins)

    A goal right at the start of added time as Roy Carroll and Chris Baird get into a muddle, Carroll makes a hash of clearing his lines and Mevlut Erdinc nips in to prod it home.

  137. 1942: 
    Republic of Ireland v Latvia (1945 GMT)

    Robbie Keane 1-0 Roy Keane on the anthem front as Roy stays silent and stony faced in the dugout. Focused? Just a bit.

  138. 1941: 
    GET INVOLVED- Text 81111

    Andy in Birmingham via 81111: "The strongest back line that England have put out under Hodgson."

    Storm via 81111: "The Guard is changing. Let the young players on with experienced players next to them and watch the results. Want an example? Southampton is all I'm saying."

  139. 1939: 
    Portugal v Sweden (1945 GMT)

    Impressive scenes in Lisbon as the stadium is split into red and green halves by the supporters holding up cards. Sweden's players - donning a superb tracksuit top - look a bit nervous to me as they work their way through the anthems. What's your strategy here Sweden? Shut up shop and take it tight into the second leg? Or just give it to Zlatan and hope for the best?

  140. 1938: 
    Republic of Ireland v Latvia (1945 GMT)

    Manager of Latvia anyone? Marian Pahars.

    Southampton players everywhere you look this evening...

  141. 1937: 
    LINE-UPS- Republic of Ireland v Latvia (1945 GMT)

    Rep of Ireland: Westwood, Coleman, O'Shea, Wilson, Ward, McGeady, Whelan, McCarthy, McClean, Hoolahan, Keane. Subs: Forde, St. Ledger, Long, Kelly, Walters, Stokes, Green, Reid, Doyle, O'Brien, Pearce, Elliot.

    Latvia: Vanins, Gabovs, Bulvitis, Gorkss, Maksimenko, Rode, Rugins, Laizans, Lazdins, Sabala, Verpakovskis. Subs: Kolinko, Sinelnikovs, Zigajevs, Kurakins, Zjuzins, Fertovs, Kovalovs, Turkovs, Visnakovs, Malins.

    Referee: Andreas Ekberg (Sweden)

  142. 1937: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Craig Gundersen: "Why isn't Jordan Henderson starting? In the form of his life at the moment."

    Mitesh Chavda: "Happy that by not selecting Henderson, at least he will return fit to Anfield. Roy Hodgson can keep selecting under par players."

  143. 1934: 
    England v Chile (2000 GMT)

    I never thought I would see the day when the public were clamouring for Jordan Henderson to start for England. But it's not without substance, he's been an energetic presence in the Liverpool midfield this season. Is there anything to be learned by playing Frank Lampard tonight?

  144. 1930:  
    Alan Green, On BBC Radio 5 live from WembleyEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "Like many people I have loved watching Southampton this season and relished in their success. However, ultimately, I don't care where they come from, as long as they are good enough.

    "We have four-and-a-half hours of football between now and the time where Roy Hodgson has to pick his squad for the World Cup. With that in mind, I don't think it's all about tonight, there is a lot of club football to be played and that, in my view, will be more critical than the friendlies."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  145. 1930: 
    LINE-UPS- England v Chile (2000 GMT)

    England: Forster, Johnson, Jones, Cahill, Baines, Milner, Wilshere, Lampard, Lallana, Rooney, Rodriguez. Subs: Ruddy, Smalling, Cole, Gibbs, Jagielka, Barkley, Cleverley, Henderson, Townsend, Defoe, Hart.

    Chile: Bravo, Mena, Gonzalez, Isla, Fernandez, Beausejour, Medel, Aranguiz, Diaz, Alexis, Vargas. Subs: Toselli, Silva, Carmona, Gutierrez, Valdivia, Rojas, Munoz, Jara, Fernandes, Fuenzalida, Herrera.

    Referee: Florian Meyer (Germany)

  146. 1926:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)
    Roy Hodgson & Gary Neville

    England manager Roy Hodgson on BBC Radio 5 live

    On who his number one left-back is: "I don't need to make that decision yet. The day I do will be a very tough one for me. They are both exceptional players and we are blessed to have them. I decided we have two good friendlies so tonight I've gone with Leighton Baines and Glen Johnson as full-backs and on Tuesday, as long as Kyle Walker continues his recovery, I will use him and Ashley Cole."

  147. 1924: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Tom Kavanagh: Why are people so shocked to see Milner in CM? Have they already forgotten how good he was at Villa in that role??

    James King: Milner obviously in to balance the side. it's not negative just common sense

    Aman Sheth: If Wilfried Zaha goes out on loan, he will 100% be involved in the upcoming World Cup. Miles ahead of any winger in terms of ability

  148. 1921: 
    Turkey 0-0 N. Ireland

    Apparently there are 12 Northern Ireland fans in Turkey tonight. They could have quite literally travelled in the same minibus.

    It remains backs-to-the-wall stuff for Northern Ireland as the hosts fight for an opener.

  149. 1920:  
    BBC RadioTurkey 0-0 N. Ireland

    Jimmy Nicoll, former Northern Ireland right-back on BBC Radio Ulster: "Roy Carroll hasn't played for Olympiakos since May, January could be a big month for him. He could do with a move if he wants to stay as number one."

  150. 1916:  
    Danny Mills, BBC Radio 5 live live at WembleyEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "As far as the young players picked here are concerned, one game or 45 minutes is not enough to prove themselves. I hope Roy Hodgson has said to them that if they play well tonight, they'll play against Germany on Tuesday. You need more than 90 minutes to judge if a player is good enough at this level."

    Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live for commentary from Wembley and updates from tonight's other matches.

  151. 1916: 
    GET INVOLVED- on 81111

    Andy in Banbury: Annoyed Milner is starting. Always the "safe option" and very negative. Why not Henderson who is playing so well?

  152. 1912: 
    Portugal v Sweden (1945 GMT)

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo both start - and captain - their sides tonight. Premier League men Seb Larrson and Johan Elmander start for the Swedes while Nani and Helder Postiga both play for Portugal.

    To say Spurs fans didn't see the best of Postiga is an understatement. He's still going strong for the national side.

  153. 1910:  
    Mike Ingham, BBC Radio 5 liveEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "Had Rickie Lambert been fit I think we would have seen three Saints tonight. I think he would have played instead of Wayne Rooney. The road to Rio starts tonight for Roy Hodgson and these are two good games the FA has chosen in Chile and Germany.

    "What I will say though is I think many of the senior players have been saved for the Germany game and I'd argue they would get more from facing Chile. They don't get to face South American opposition very often and indeed, they'll face European sides next year."

  154. 1909: 
    England v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "England must to go in to at least the quarter-final. It's as simple as that," Jurgen Klinsmann told Football Focus this week.

    "They are definitely one of the powerhouses still in the world of football but they've got to prove it."

    The Germany legend - and current USA boss - takes on Scotland this evening but has still racked up the pressure on England there.

    Quarter-finals and out for England? Sounds about right...

  155. 1906: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Turkey 0-0 N. Ireland

    Northern Ireland make an edgy start as Southampton midfielder Steven Davis heads a corner off his own line before a Turkey attacker flicks the rebound onto the crossbar in a goalmouth scramble.

  156. 1905: 
    Portugal v Sweden (1945 GMT)

    You almost forget that this contest is Portugal v Sweden rather than Cristiano Ronaldo v Zlatan Ibrahimovic, such has been the hype surrounding these meetings between football's finest that will end with one of them not going to the World Cup - and their country.

    "There is clearly a duel between them. But we must, above all, be good as a team," said Sweden coach Erik Hamren. His opposite number Paulo Bento opted not to play down the importance of his star man, stating that Ronaldo is at "a great moment" - having scored a hat-trick last weekend to take his league tally to 16 goals in 13 games. This is big.

  157. 1905: 
    LINE-UPS- Turkey 0-0 N. Ireland

    Turkey: Zengin, Gonul, Kaya, Gulum, Erkin, Topal, Ozyakup, Turan, Kisa, Buyuk, Erdinc. Subs: Kirintili, Dogan, Demir, Ucan, Bulut, Sahin, Tore, Ciftci, Aziz, Yilmaz, Sararer, Camdal, Kara, Altinay, Karabulut, Ayvaz.

    Northern Ireland: Carroll, Baird, Hughes, Evans, Hodson, Norwood, Clingan, McGinn, Davis, Lafferty, Paterson. Subs: Mannus, McArdle, McKay, Grigg, Steele, McGivern, McPake.

  158. 1902: 
    Republic of Ireland v Latvia (1945 GMT)

    Former Republic manager Brian Kerr tells BBC Northern Ireland: "Martin and Roy will be emotional tonight with it being their first game. There will be an edginess there as they will want to start with a win, but they are experienced men."

  159. 1902: 
    KICK-OFF- Turkey 0-0 N. Ireland

    Game on in Adana and our night's action is under way.

  160. 1859:  
    Gary Lineker, BBC Sport on TwitterEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "Hope Phil Jones excels in the centre of defence tonight. This is the area that England appear weakest."

  161. 1857: 

    Some odd shirt numbers on display tonight. James Milner at four? Adam Lallana at nine? I have to concur with Sam Robson there, not sure why Ross Barkley hasn't been given a start...

  162. 1857: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Mark Lynch: "As a Spurs and Shrewsbury fan, Lallana fully deserves a cap - played well for years, media & England just woken up to it!"

    Oli Robins: "If Jay Rodriguez and Adam play without fear like they are for Southampton at the moment, they have a great chance!"

    Sam Robson: "Don't understand Milner playing in CM. Firstly he's not a CM secondly we know what he brings, why not try Barkley or Henderson?"

  163. 1854: 
    BBC Scotland's Roddy Forsyth at Hampden ParkScotland v USA (2005 GMT)

    "The United States are now refining their team for a seventh consecutive World Cup. In contrast, Scotland are in search of a third successive win for the first time since 2007."

  164. 1853: 
    LINE-UPS- England v Chile (2000 GMT)

    Confirmed England team: 1 Forster 2 Johnson 3 Baines 4 Milner 5 Cahill 6 Jones 7 Wilshere 8 Lampard (c) 9 Lallana 10 Rooney 11 Rodriguez

    Subs: 12 Smalling 13 Ruddy 14 Cole 15 Gibbs 16 Jagielka 17 Barkley 18 Cleverley 19 Henderson 20 Townsend 21 Defoe 22 Hart

  165. 1851:  
    BBC Scotland's senior football reporter Alasdair Lamont at HampdenScotland v USA (2005 GMT)

    "No matter what razzmatazz accompanies this match tonight, nothing can detract from the fact that - for Scotland at least - it's not a World Cup warm-up match, indeed not even a play-off. That will be reflected in the crowd, which will be in the region of 20,000.

    "They'll see a Scotland side that's only slightly experimental, with Brighton's Gordon Greer given a chance in central defence and his club-mate Craig Conway playing wide. David Marshall and Barry Bannan are the only other starters who couldn't be considered as 'regulars' as Strachan seeks to build on the relative success he's enjoyed since taking over."

    Scotland XI: Marshall, Hutton, Whittaker, Hanley, Greer, Bannan, Mulgrew, Brown, Fletcher, Snodgrass, Conway

  166. 1846: 
    England v Chile (2000 GMT)

    Chile have also secured their place at the World Cup of course, finishing third in the South American qualifiers behind Argentina and Colombia. The vagaries of qualifiers around the world means that they were comfortable enough in the end despite losing six times! How teams in Europe would enjoy that level of comfort.

    Who are the men to watch out for? There's no Marcelo Salas or Ivan Zamorano up front to worry about but there is Barcelona striker Alexis Sanchez and a few familiar faces in Wigan winger Jean Beausejour, Cardiff's Gary Medel and Nottingham Forest defender Gonzalo Jara.

    Speaking of Salas, you must watch the video of his goal at Wembley back in 1998 at the top of the page. Perfection...

  167. 1843: 
    GET INVOLVED- on 81111

    Daniel In Darlington: At 32 years of age, Ibrahimovic should go to Brazil, it could well be his last World Cup

    Ellis: Ravel Morrison must have a shout... Already proven himself in the U21s and getting consistent experience at West Ham... As long as he can keep his head down and work hard he's who my money's on.

  168. 1841: 
    Greece v Romania (1945 GMT)

    West Ham and Romania defender Razvan Rat: "It's two games against Greece. They will be tough games because Greece are a good, experienced team with good players. On paper they look strong, but on the pitch the theoretical and practical chances are different."

  169. 1841:  
    Ian Dennis, BBC Radio 5 live senior football reporter from WembleyEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "The Celtic goalkeeper Fraser Forster and the Southampton pairing of Adam Lallana and Jay Rodriguez make their debuts for England but it's not too much of an experimental side as Roy Hodgson did not want to upset the balance of his team. Phil Jones plays at centre-back for the first time for his country and Leighton Baines starts at left-back, meaning Ashley Cole will play against Germany on Tuesday."

  170. 1837:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "England manager Roy Hodgson insists he has not even drawn up an imaginary squad to take to next year's World Cup in Brazil. So no matter if they are still long shots to make the final cut, tonight's friendly against Chile is a big chance for Southampton pair Jay Rodriguez and Adam Lallana.

    "Celtic's Fraser Forster will hope to make an impression in goal because there is every chance West Bromwich Albion's Ben Foster, who worked so well under Hodgson when he was manager at The Hawthorns, will be a serious contender to go to Brazil once he recovers from injury. He may well end up ahead of Forster and Norwich City's John Ruddy in the pecking order."

  171. 1836:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    Mark Chapman is live at Wembley from 1900 GMT with guests Rob Green and Danny Mills before full commentary on England v Chile from 2000.

    If you are reading this on the BBC Sport app on your phone or tablet, you can now listen to the radio at the same time without navigating away from the page. That means UK users can listen to live sport and discussion while reading the latest match reports, news, analysis - and live text commentaries.

    The wonders of technology...

  172. 1835:  
    Manchester United coach and former England defender Phil NevilleEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "Looking forward to watching England play tonight - relaxed game, no pressure, squad rotation. Hopefully the young lads will perform."

  173. 1832: 

    Anyone who has a verb named after them should be playing at a World Cup if you ask me. Will Portugal be 'Zlataned' tonight?

  174. 1832: 
    Portugal v Sweden (1945 GMT)
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Opta: 63% - Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored or assisted 63% of Sweden's goals in World Cup 2014 qualification (Ronaldo 30% for Portugal). Colossus

  175. 1828: 
    Greece v Romania (1945 GMT)

    Greece defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos summed up the play-offs by saying: "Either we qualify and everything's perfect or we get eliminated and it's all a mess." One thing is for sure, the Greek defence won't be a mess during their two play-off matches.

    Greece have become masters at nullifying their opponents, keeping eight clean sheets in 10 World Cup qualifying games. But they do not score many goals, which is perhaps why Romanian FA president Mircea Sandu has insisted his country does, saying "I hope [coach] Victor Piturca finds a strategy that helps us score, we must do that!"

  176. 1826: 
    Republic of Ireland v Latvia (1945 GMT)

    Lyle Jackson reports: "There is fresh optimism among Republic of Ireland fans as the Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane management team take charge for the first time against Latvia at the Aviva Stadium.

    "The duo's recent appointment should boost the attendance in Dublin to more than 35,000 for a match which otherwise would have aroused little interest.

    "O'Neill has only had a few days with an Irish squad he did not pick - but the former Northern Ireland skipper will want to make an immediate impact on his bow as an international manager.

    "The bookies have made the Republic 4/11 to win tonight but, as well as the action on the pitch, eyes will be on the Irish bench and for any clues on how the headline-grabbing management team will operate."

  177. 1825: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Andrew Priestley: "Let's be clear, Roy & England haven't suddenly changed philosophy. The youngsters are only getting a shot because of injuries. Once the old guard are fit again they'll all be back in the team. Why? Because Roy is afraid of failing and being blamed."

    Sophie Gayter: "Not totally convinced on Rodriguez. Work ethic terrific; not sure technical quality is up to it. Lallana looks the real deal."

  178. 1823: 
    ZLATAN OR RONALDO?- Portugal v Sweden (1945 GMT)

    It does seem a shame that either Cristiano Ronaldo or Zlatan Ibrahimovic will miss out on next summer's World Cup. Two of the biggest egos in the game, two of the hardest shots in the game, scorers of 48 goals already this season between them (Forty-Eight!), but there's only room for one.

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Who would you rather have there?

  179. 1823:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyEngland v Chile (2000 GMT)

    "Big World Cup play-off night for the DJ in Kiev's Olympic Stadium as Ukraine play France. He was the highlight of England's draw out there. Swerved from Deep Purple to a touch of 70s Dutch from Shocking Blue & "Send Me A Postcard" - maybe he could do a freelance stint at Wembley.

    "Meanwhile here at Wembley England face a talented Chilean side with Celtic's Fraser Forster getting his chance in goal."

  180. 1821: 
    Ukraine v France (1945 GMT)

    France know only too well about the misery and torment which follows a World Cup play-off defeat. The 2-1 defeat by Bulgaria 20 years ago still haunts their manager Didier Deschamps who played in midfield that evening. "It may have been 20 years ago but it still sticks in my mind," he says.

    But Les Bleus can take comfort from Ukraine who have lost their last three World Cup play-offs, to Croatia (1998), Germany (2002) and Greece (2010). Indeed, Ukraine have never won in eight play-offs for either the World Cup or European Championships. "My team try not to think about what happened before," says Ukraine manager Mikhail Fomenko, which is just as well.

  181. 1819: 
    England v Chile (2000 GMT)

    Southampton left-back Luke Shaw: "En route to Wembley to watch Jay Rod and Adam rip it up !!!"

  182. 1819: 
    Iceland v Croatia (1900 GMT)

    Iceland, which has a population of just over 300,000 - similar to that of Reading - are two steps away from becoming the smallest nation to qualify for the World Cup. Coach Lars Lagerback, who helped the national side finish runners-up in Group E, previously steered Sweden to five successive major tournaments between 2000 and 2009.

    However, he believes a play-off victory for Iceland over Croatia would be a greater achievement. "If we succeed now, when nobody has given us a chance - you heard the play-off draw, everyone wanted us - if we do it, it would mean a little more than qualifying with Sweden," he said.

  183. 1817: 
    WHO YOU CALLING 'NUMBER TWO?'- Republic of Ireland v Latvia (1945 GMT)
    Roy Keane

    Tonight also sees the international debut of potentially the most explosive duet since Hall & Oates.

    How will Roy Keane fare taking instructions from new Republic boss Martin O'Neill? Will Keane, as assistant, be a bridge between the players and the gaffer? Can Roy keep a lid on his famous temper?

    If his news conference earlier in the week is anything to go by, Roy is enjoying his new role but is already bubbling away under the surface. Like the volcano in Dante's Peak, we all know he's going to erupt - it's just a matter of when and where...

  184. 1816: 
    Turkey v N. Ireland (1900 GMT)

    Richard Petrie reports: "Northern Ireland's friendly against Turkey in Adana represents an opportunity to put a disappointing World Cup qualifying campaign behind them.

    "Manager Michael O'Neill has chosen an experienced line-up for his first game since agreeing a new two-year contract, which will see him lead the national team into the Euro 2016 qualifiers."

  185. 1815: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Andy Marks: Hoping Jay Rodriguez plays well tonight, deserves the chance

  186. 1814: 
    GET INVOLVED- World Cup Wildcards
    Emile Heskey

    With just three friendlies, 270 minutes of action and four training sessions between now and the World Cup, it's crunch time for Roy Hodgson.

    But there are always one or two players who sneak onto the plane, and I want to hear your suggestions for Roy's World Cup wildcards.

    Will the Southampton contingent number none, one, two, three or more? Will Saido Berahino force his way in? Will an untimely end-of-season injury crisis see England start their campaign with a front two of Emile Heskey and Kevin Phillips?

    Let us know by texting in to 81111 (UK only) - providing you put a name on there - or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  187. 1811: 

    The home nations are all in friendly action this evening but across Europe eight countries are battling it out for the last few spots at next summer's Brazilian top table.

    Can Iceland really upset the apple cart and make it to the finals? A country with a smaller population than Coventry?

    Here's the rundown on the night's key games:

    Iceland v Croatia (1900 GMT)

    Ukraine v France (1945 GMT)

    Greece v Romania (1945 GMT)

    Portugal v Sweden (1945 GMT)

  188. 1810: 

    If it's friendly action you want, you are in the right place. With Wales facing Finland on Saturday, here's tonight's offering:

    Turkey v Northern Ireland (1900 GMT)

    Republic of Ireland v Latvia (1945 GMT)

    England v Chile (2000 GMT)

    Scotland v USA (2005 GMT)

  189. 1805: 
    England v Chile (2000 GMT)

    Roy Hodgson may have already settled on the bulk of his squad for Brazil, but there are always a handful of places up for grabs. Team selection will be telling tonight, as the fringe members of Roy's squad would probably rather get an hour tonight than against Germany on Tuesday...

    "The rehearsals can be as good as you like but it's when they step on stage on the first night that it really counts," Hodgson said this week. "It's going to be a big night for them and unfortunately, if they do fail spectacularly and do really badly, it will be held against them."

    No pressure then lads. Just another game...

  190. 1800: 
    LET THE AUDITIONS BEGIN...- England v Chile (2000 GMT)
    Stephen Warnock, Michael Dawson, ledley King

    Stephen Warnock. Michael Dawson. Rob Lee.

    Dave Beasant

    Jermaine Jenas. Tim Flowers. Dave Beasant. Steve Bull.

    Sign for Trevor Sinclair

    Scott Carson. Wes Brown. Trevor Sinclair.

    None of the above may scream off the page as 'established' England regulars, some may have disappeared into the 'where are they now?' section of your mind, some may have only got a chance on the big stage because of another's misfortune - but the fact remains that every one of the men listed here have been part of an England squad at a World Cup finals, and they've got the Burtons suit and a coin with their face on it from a petrol station to prove it.

    With just three games inked in Roy Hodgson's diary before he names a provisional squad for Brazil, tonight is a big chance for the likes of Adam Lallana, Fraser Forster. Jay Rodriguez and Ross Barkley to book a place on the plane. Can they take it?

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