Premier League: Man Utd v Arsenal & Swansea v Stoke

Live text commentary as Man Utd edge Arsenal in the Premier League after Man City lose at Sunderland and Newcastle win at Spurs.

10 November 2013 Last updated at 19:05

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As it happened

  1. 1902: 

    Well, that's a wrap on super, extended, more games than you can shake a stick at Sunday.

    Manchester United are back - they were never away were they?

    It's international break now so we're back with you on Friday for England v Chile and the World Cup play-offs. See you there...

  2. 1901: 

    More from David Moyes: "It was an unbelievable atmosphere inside Old Trafford today. Great atmosphere. The supporters certainly played their part today."

  3. 1858: 

    I'm guessing the newspapers will enjoy that 'sidekick' comment...

  4. 1858: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    A slip of the tongue from Manchester United boss David Moyes in his media conference: "Great players score great goals in big games, and Robin van Persie is a great player. But his sidekick Wayne Rooney played great too. I always hoped Robin would show that, and he has done since I've been here. He's great."

  5. 1855: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Swansea 3-3 Stoke

    Stoke boss Mark Hughes: "I have seen it, the penalty incident, the ball was flying around the box and Steven Nzonzi tried to direct it towards the goal, the lad was in the way, was their a movement in the arm? We will say Swansea will say no. I can understand why they are aggrieved but we will take the break.

    "At half time I didn't anticipate what we saw in the second half but we will take the point and move on. We lost a bit of energy in the side because Steven Ireland had to come off.

    "We will be fine, it is early days for us. Some days we are going to disappoint ourselves because we are working hard to give more and better options. We will be fine. It is a good group to work with and today was a test for us.

    "I learnt a few things and we will be better for it."

  6. 1852: 

    More from Arsene Wenger: "I don't even want to speak about [the virus]. It can happen, and it doesn't mean you lose the game. You declare yourself fit and play, and when you play you should play. We were just too nervous in the first half. We haven't won for a long time here now, and it was a big game. Once again it is a tight game that has been decided on a set-piece."

    Wenger was also asked about the possibility of replacing Wojciech Szczesny after his head injury in the first half. He said: "I listen to the doctor and if he tells me a player has to come off, he comes off. You only have one life, you play 60 games a year."

  7. 1851: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Jessica Notzing: Controversial Laudrup but true. Referees should come out and give an explanation for decisions they make. Clarity in the game

    Ceri: RE: penalty decisions. Why not give teams a review like in cricket. One a game if they have course to doubt a penalty

    Shohidur Rahman: Two teams robbed of victories this weekend because of awful refereeing decisions yet refs can still hide away. Has to change.

  8. 1846: 

    A glance at last season's Premier League table after 11 games shows that Manchester United had seven more points than they have this year, and Manchester City had six more.

    United were top this time last year, City second, Chelsea third and Everton fourth. Liverpool weren't even in the top 10.

  9. 1842: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Swansea 3-3 Stoke

    Swansea striker Wilfried Bony: "We are not happy. We think it is a big mistake from the referee but he did it. We lost two points and we have to look at our position and think about the next game.

    "I was in front of him, he did not touch it with his hands. The ball touched his stomach, it was not handball. It is a pity for us.

    "I know he is human and can make a mistake but we lost two points so it is not good.

    "We could have had more goals in the first half because I missed some good chances. As a striker it is very important when you score for your confidence."

  10. 1839: 
    Swansea 3-3 Stoke

    Right, the replays are in and it looks like Stoke's penalty was given against Wayne Routledge, and not Leon Britton on the line. That was my first thought. Having said that, I don't think for a minute that Routledge handles the ball and as Michael Laudrup says, all the Stoke players are appealing for is a corner.

    Soft? Just a bit...

  11. 1836: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    More from Manchester United boss David Moyes: "I was pleased for the crowd inside Old Trafford - that was fantastic today and hopefully they've enjoyed a really good result.

    "The big players are coming up when they're needed and Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney's games were two big performances. This is another step on the ladder. It's going to be a while until I get it all the way I'd like it. We're improving and getting better, and we hope it will get much, much better in the coming months and years."

  12. 1836: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Kareem Dub: Arsenal were simply poor today, more than Man Utd being great. If only had they shown more guts and buried Sagna's crosses.

    Dave Jones: Can't feel too bad about losing when we're still top of league. The way a former club captain celebrated was a disgrace. No class.

    Suheil Patel: Big, big three points! What a day with Spurs and City losing and with Chelsea dropping points yesterday! Tireless performance by Rooney.

  13. 1835: 

    I was hoping Michael Laudrup could clear up that penalty decision at the end there - but he wasn't sure who was penalised either...

  14. 1833: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Swansea 3-3 Stoke
    Michael Laudrup

    Swansea manager Michael Laudrup to BBC: "I said to the players we have to continue and believe in what we are doing at 2-0 down, and it was an absolutely fantastic second half.

    "I have to stand here more frustrated than ever because of a very poor decision,

    "I always defend referees and linesmen because they are humans but now I have seen it, there are seven Stoke players inside the box and none of them asking for handball. Just one in the stadium saw it and it was the ref.

    "I have to be careful. We can't talk about them. We all make mistakes but I can admit I made a mistake and the referee can't. It is like they don't exist, they can't speak. I have to be careful what I say or else I get fined another £1,000.

    "Refs make mistakes we all do, but at least admit it. I am so frustrated for my players. We had a five-hour flight to come back on Friday and I am really sorry for them."

  15. 1832: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger on the international break: "Ideally I don't want a break but it's there and for most of our players it will mean playing under pressure again, such as two vital games for France against Ukraine and they could come back even more tired."

  16. 1831: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Richard Hill: Saints to win at Arsenal and go top of the premier league... maybe people will take our challenge seriously then?

  17. 1828: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal
    David Moyes

    Manchester United manager David Moyes: "It's been a great weekend - we've not had many of them! This was a big result for us today, Arsenal have been in terrific form this season and we had to play well to get the result.

    "We started very well then at the end our determination, effort and commitment helped us when we were under more pressure. We gave them too much room in the second half but restricted them in the first. Overall, it's three important points.

    "Nemanja Vidic has gone to hospital. I didn't see how bad it was from the touchline but I know it was a terrible clash. I'll find out more from the medics later on."

  18. 1827: 

    David Moyes confirms that Nemanja Vidic has gone to hospital after that collision with David de Gea.

  19. 1827: 
    GET INVOLVED- on 81111

    Simon. Woking: Arsenal's traditional November slump starts in earnest... 1-0 away to Man U after our exertions away in Dortmund is no disgrace.

    Mark in Nottingham: Can't really read too much into that. Very even match. Man U deserved to win with a good defensive performance. However, they were just as toothless in midfield and looked no more likely than Arsenal to scoring in open play

  20. 1824: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal
    Arsene Wenger

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger: "We conceded a goal on a set piece and in a big game that makes a difference. We rushed our game too much and lost too many balls. In the second half we were composed, had a real go and played our usual game.

    "We were very, very, very close a few times. The heart was in the game, the desire was in there, but maybe a bit too much in the first half. We are quite strong on defending set pieces and I was surprised we were caught on the near post. We had to give a lot this week - Liverpool, Dortmund and here today. I think a draw would have been a fair result today."

  21. 1823: 

    There's some confusion who was actually penalised for handball for that late Stoke penalty. There wasn't a clear infringement on first viewing.

  22. 1822: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    MosesGerrard: This is why you don't sell your best player to a rival. Always come back to haunt you.

    Simon Hancock: Ball hits Rangel's chest, ref gives a free kick. Ball then hits Routledge's shoulder, ref gives a penalty. Very poor refereeing

    Jordon Legendre: Officials, get together and decide what is/isn't a handball! Swans were denied a penalty on one more blatant few matches back

  23. 1820: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says his side were nervous in the first half and that was the difference between the sides.

  24. 1816: 
    Swansea 3-3 Stoke

    BBC Sport's Bruce Pope at the Liberty Stadium: "A thrilling game ends in controversial circumstances after Swansea's Wayne Routledge is penalised for handball and Charlie Adam scores a last-gasp Stoke equaliser from the penalty spot. Despite the entertainment, a draw will not really suit either side and the post-match press conference is likely to be lively."

  25. 1816: 
    GET INVOLVED (text 81111)

    Chris in Montrose: Arsenal lose to United and suddenly they're not a league-winning side? I'm sorry but there are 37 other matches that add up to make the season.

    John: I wonder what the people who attacked the United players and manager are saying now? No doubt it was Arsenal being no good, it was Fergie's team, etc etc...

    Ali from Glasgow: This weekend of football has had it all - last minute drama, upsets, hammerings and a bore draw. All we need now is a sacking...

  26. 1815: 
    Swansea 3-3 Stoke

    I wonder what Michael Laudrup thought of that late Stoke penalty?

  27. 1813: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal
    Wayne Rooney

    Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney: "We knew we had to win today at all costs. That was the toughest we've been to break down and we defended really well. We knew we could not afford to lose today, we couldn't let Arsenal get 11 points away from us.

    "The other results today and yesterday also gave us a boost and we are right back in it now. Arsenal have a lot of smaller players in the team so we thought we could score from set-pieces, we worked on that.

    "It's a massive lift, a great weekend for us ahead of the international break. Our aim is to be top or thereabouts at the New Year."

  28. 1810: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Paul Humphreys: Count United out at your peril!

    Sean: Good win for Man Utd, nullifying Arsenal's threat. Not many chances in the game. Wayne Rooney leading the way as always.

    Andrew Kemp: Did anyone tell Arsenal that you need to keep the ball to score? They seem to give the ball to a red shirt every time.

  29. 1808: 
    Premier League

    It's been a great weekend for Manchester United and Liverpool at the top of the table, as Arsenal's lead is cut to two points.

    At the bottom, Charlie Adam's stoppage-time penalty lifts Stoke out of the relegation zone by the skin of their teeth.

    Premier League
  30. 1807:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal simply did not get behind United - they played too much pretty football in front of them. United deserved the win - they looked better than Arsenal in the final third and looked like they could make thing happen. Wayne Rooney was head and shoulders above the others on the pitch. And who needs a singing section at Old Trafford? The fans today have been fantastic."

    You can listen to reaction to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  31. 1806: 
    FULL-TIME- Swansea 3-3 Stoke

    Stoke snatch a point right at the end.

  32. 1805: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    A big win for Manchester United then as Arsenal lose in the league for the first time since the opening day. Arsene Wenger dejected, Robin van Persie jubilant.

  33. 1805: 
    FULL-TIME- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal
  34. 1804: 
    CLOSE!- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Bacary Sagna delivers another great cross in, but again it misses everyone...

  35. 1804: 
    GOAL- Swansea 3-3 Stoke - Charlie Adam (Pen 90 mins)

    Charlie Adam steps up to steer into the corner. What a second-half at Swansea!

  36. 1803: 
    PENALTY TO STOKE- Swansea 3-2 Stoke

    Drama! Handball in the area from a Stoke corner and that's a spot-kick...

  37. 1802: 
    INJURY TIME- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Three minutes added on at Old Trafford, Arsene Wenger can't believe it and wants more!

  38. 1801: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Ryan Giggs filling in at left-back to hack a clearance away. Almost there now for United...

  39. 1759: 
    GET INVOLVED (text 81111)

    Rob in Newbury: People dismissed Jones before the game and then he plays well. So now they do the same to Cleverley. These aren't United supporters.

    Sean: Ozil goes missing in the big games. Do I think he's worth the £40m? No.

    Finlay: The lack of depth in Arsenal's squad is very clear today. No attacking threat to bring on and too reliant on Giroud.

  40. 1758: 
    FINAL FIVE- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Into the last few minutes....

  41. 1757: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Hector Russell: Arsenal lacking the killer instinct, which was the case for much of last season. Can't win the title without it.

    Florian Kezilahabi: Ozil is just Berbatov in disguise. Lazy.

    Alex Morris: All of North London just shook! The groans when Bendtner came on reverberated everywhere!

  42. 1756: 
    CLOSE!- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    It's all got very frenetic now as Arsenal weave into the penalty area twice but hesitate before pulling the trigger twice! Olivier Giroud final shoots but it's deflected away for a corner.

    Manchester United are so deep...

  43. 1755:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "That was a great chance. Smalling made a great run, beat the offside trap, but obviously didn't really keep his eye on the ball. He made very little contact and just diverted it wide."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  44. 1754: 
    GOAL- Swansea 3-2 Stoke - Wilfried Bony (86 mins)

    Lethal movement from Wilfried Bony, stepping away from the defender neatly to meet Jonjo Shelvey's cross and steer in a shot from the penalty spot! What a comeback from Swansea!

  45. 1753: 
    CLOSE!- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Chris Smalling should have buried this! Robin van Persie delivers a testing free-kick from the left, Smalling meets it on the bounce but screws a header wide. Nobody near him.

  46. 1751: 

    Final 10 minutes. Final 10...

  47. 1750: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Both sides make a change as Ryan Giggs replaces Shinji Kagawa for his 50th appearance against the Gunners, who bring on Nicklas Bendtner.

  48. 1749: 
    Swansea 2-2 Stoke

    More aggro at the Liberty, and that man Chico Flores is involved again, wrestling with Peter Crouch who pulls his shorts down and then windmills his arms around as he falls to the ground. Crouch - always entertaining.

  49. 1747: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Wayne Rooney throws himself into a challenge on Aaron Ramsey and gets a booking. Now it's a corner for Arsenal at the other end, Kieran Gibbs smashes in a shot which deflects off Robin van Persie and forces David de Gea into action.

  50. 1747:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal have still not created a clear-cut opportunity. They had a shot from Ramsey from 25 yards and lots of possession, but no real openings at all. Comfortable for Manchester United."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  51. 1744: 
    CLOSE!- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    For all your passing in and around the box you can't beat a big cross into the back post! Bacary Sagna swings in a classic which just needs a nick to send it into the net, but a red shirt gets on the end of it and brushes it wide.

  52. 1744: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Ashley Williams: On this form Arsenal don't look like title contenders. Very average.

    Jay: Had great expectations with Kagawa starting such a big match but he's been a bit disappointing...

    Nik Gunson: Not on the Ozil bandwagon at all - he's done nothing every time I've watched him.

  53. 1742: 
    GOAL- Swansea 2-2 Stoke - Nathan Dyer (74 mins)

    Swansea are level! Wayne Routledge shows great pace to beat his man and get to the dead ball line, he then stabs the ball back into the area and finds Nathan Dyer. He takes it on his chest, is closed down by four Stoke players but somehow squeezes off a shot that finds a gap and bobbles into the net! Not the most convincing strike but it found the corner.

  54. 1740: 
    NOT MUCH TO SEE HERE- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal continue to huff and puff without much conviction. There's precious little options on the bench to be honest for Arsene Wenger. He has Nicklas Bendtner, Nacho Monreal and youngsters Serge Gnabry and Isaac Hayden to throw in.

  55. 1739:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old TraffordMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "Change of gear from Arsenal and manager Arsene Wenger here as the creative Jack Wilshere replaces the more destructive Mathieu Flamini. The problem for Arsenal is that they still cannot pose any serious danger to David de Gea but the Gunners are certainly in the game now."

  56. 1736: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    The pattern of the final half hour appears set. Manchester United have erected a red wall of men and Arsenal have to try and penetrate it. So far they have not looked like doing so for all their neat play in front of it.

  57. 1735: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Sunderland striker Jozy Altidore: Great win! Wes Brown is a badddd man.

  58. 1734: 
    Swansea 1-2 Stoke

    BBC Sport's Bruce Pope at the Liberty Stadium: "Swansea have got their tails up and Wilfried Bony nearly grabs his second goal, trying an audacious back-heel after sub Nathan Dyer's surging run and cross from the right."

  59. 1734: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Shohidur Rahman: Jones was excellent first half. You can already see Arsenal are having more of the ball with Cleverley there now. He's awful.

    Paul Low: Nope, Cleverley just doesn't make the grade in my books

    Ali Barfoot: So much pessimism from United fans. Cleverley to score, 2-0 to United.

  60. 1733: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Jack Wilshere comes on for Arsenal, replacing Mathieu Flamini in the Arsenal midfield. Will that weaken them defensively?

  61. 1733:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "Wayne Rooney is the best player on the pitch by a million miles. But what a chance that was. The ball bounced in the box and Rooney didn't even hit the target."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  62. 1732: 
    CLOSE!- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    It's been all Arsenal since the break, but Wayne Rooney almost buries a second for Manchester United! Shinji Kagawa flicks on a header to Robin van Persie, he helps it on to Rooney, who shifts it on to his left foot and fires wide from the edge of the box. Close!

  63. 1728: 
    CLOSE!- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Mesut Ozil finding more space since Phil Jones moved out of midfield, he gets free on the left wing but his cross is not the best, deflecting away for a corner. Arsenal keep it alive and recycle it back out to Ozil on the left of the area, and he wraps a shot into the side-netting.

  64. 1726: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Olivier Giroud now becoming a central figure, winning headers and dropping off to link up the play. Arsenal in the ascendancy.

  65. 1724: 
    GOAL- Swansea 1-2 Stoke - Wilfried Bony (56 mins)

    A comeback on the cards? Swansea score a goal of devastating simplicity, as Leon Britton picks out Jonathan de Guzman on the right wing, he takes one touch before delivering a beauty of a cross into the middle, which finds Wilfried Bony to head in from close range.

  66. 1723: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    John: Vidic going off is a huge blow for United...

    Kunal Gupta: That's it, Cleverley's on - we might as well wave this game goodbye. We're going to get demolished in midfield now...

    Richard F: Nightmare predicting anything in the Premier League today - all the underdogs have won or are winning. A total lottery.

  67. 1721: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Edgy atmosphere inside Old Trafford now as Arsenal make a purposeful start. Thomas Vermaelen spanks a free-kick over the top before we see Mesut Ozil in full flow for the first time, he drifts away from Wayne Rooney and plays a one-two with Olivier Giroud - but again there is no shot at the end of it. Better though, much better.

  68. 1719: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Better from Arsenal, much better as they threaten for the first time. Aaron Ramsey wins the ball back high up the pitch, Mathieu Flamini and Mesut Ozil pop the ball about and it comes back to Ramsey, who hits a low shot which is well charged down.

  69. 1718:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "I'm looking to see what Arsenal will do in response to Vidic going off. He is a warrior for United and bullied Giroud a bit in the first half. And the Gunners need also to get Ozil into this game."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  70. 1717: 
    KICK-OFF- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal
  71. 1716: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Tom Cleverley is on for Manchester United, with the injured Nemanja Vidic off at the break. Phil Jones moves back into the back four.

  72. 1715: 
    KICK-OFF- Swansea 0-2 Stoke

    And we are back under way at Swansea. Will Stoke need any more shots on target to win?

  73. 1712: 
    HALF-TIME STATS- Swansea 0-2 Stoke
    Swansea v Stoke

    It's been an away day masterclass from Stoke City. Two shots, two on target, two goals.

  74. 1710: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Phil Jones was not a popular choice to play in midfield for Manchester United this afternoon, but he completed all 13 of his passes in that first half, and won the ball back three times as well. Tidy from the former Blackburn man.

  75. 1709: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Momodu Abdulahi: Phil Jones is hard as nails. He goes for every ball.

    Alistair Lowe: Arsenal are having their worst 45 since the opening day. United's workrate and tempo is excellent, squeezing Arsenal.

    Andrew Soar: The Gunners have looked a bit leggy and miss Rosicky's dynamic pressing. Need to do much more in the second half.

  76. 1706:  
    Chief football writer Phil McNulty at Old TraffordMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "Manchester United deserve their half-time lead. Playing with more purpose than Arsenal, who have looked very flat. There has been talk of a sickness bug in their camp but they need to lift the tempo after the break."

  77. 1705:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "The scoreline is just about right. Arsenal will be really disappointed in that they haven't really played. We haven't really seen Ozil, or any width, or any real chances. United look on the day like the might create a little bit more. This has not been a great game by any stretch of the imagination.

    "United started extremely brightly and Arsenal thought they'd weathered the initial storm. That goal from Van Persie really is the only thing separating the two teams. Advantage Manchester United at the moment."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  78. 1703: 
    Premier League table

    Manchester United will end the day in fifth place should the result stay like this then. All of a sudden their shaky start to the season looks fine...

  79. 1702: 
    HALF-TIME- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal
  80. 1701: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Nemanja Vidic gets to his feet unaided and spits away a mouthful of blood, before going straight down the tunnel. Phil Jones covers at the back for the remainder of the half.

  81. 1700: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Another head injury as David de Gea comes to punch away a cross and clatters Nemanja Vidic with his hip. Vidic looked really shaken by that one, there is a stretcher out on the pitch and Tom Cleverley is warming up.

  82. 1700: 
    Swansea 0-2 Stoke

    BBC Sport's Bruce Pope at the Liberty Stadium: "Swansea have had the better chances, with Wilfried Bony in particular wasting a glorious one-on-one against Asmir Begovic, but Stoke have been clinical with their two goals. Swansea are getting through regularly but when Stoke's midfield does break up an attack the visitors are exposing Swansea's vulnerability to the counter. If this pattern continues there should be more goals to come in the second half."

  83. 1659:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal have to possess a goal threat and today they really haven't had one. United haven't created much at all either, but they do have the all-important goal. And Arsenal's bench today looks a bit weak."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  84. 1659: 
    HALF-TIME- Swansea 0-2 Stoke
  85. 1658: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    John de Vliering: Man Utd deserve their lead. Arsenal haven't been great today. But the second half will be better I reckon. Wilshere on for Flamini?

    K: How was that a booking? Are players not allowed to go for the ball if the goalkeeper does? Keepers have more protection than the Queen...

    Chris Parker: Nasty on the keeper there but it's not a card - a genuine challenge for the ball.

  86. 1657: 
    FULL-TIME- Yeovil 0-1 Wigan
  87. 1655: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Phil Jones is taken out in midfield by Mathieu Flamini and is booked. Arsenal's midfield have been uncharacteristically sloppy this afternoon as Santi Cazorla gives the ball away cheaply.

  88. 1654: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Phil Jones has been booked for that collision, he was trying to head the ball in at a corner, so that seems odd. Luckily both players are up on their feet and seem fine to continue.

  89. 1653: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    More goalkeeping head injury problems here as Wojciech Szczesny is laid out after a mid-air collision with Phil Jones.

  90. 1653:  
    Chief football writer Phil McNulty at Old TraffordMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal's supporters are vociferously demanding greater urgency from their side in possession - and they have a point. The Gunners have had plenty of the ball but as yet have done little with it. A bit plodding."

  91. 1650: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Olivier Giroud comes back to help out his defence but only ends up flicking the ball back into his own penalty area, Wayne Rooney retrieves it and is then knocked to the floor by a strong challenge from Giroud. I've seen those given as a penalty, it was a bold decision to make the challenge.

  92. 1651: 
    Swansea 0-2 Stoke

    Asmir Begovic makes a terrific double save to keep Stoke two ahead, first diving at the feet of Wilfried Bony, then palming away Wayne Routledge's follow up strike from the edge of the area. Swansea well on top now.

  93. 1649:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "If this remains the same at half-time I think Mr Wenger will take a look at his team setup. He needs to get Ozil playing in between the lines, because at the moment the Gunners are a bit predictable."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  94. 1648: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal's first effort of the night is a tame effort from Olivier Giroud, a looping header from Aaron Ramsey's cross which drifts over the bar.

  95. 1646: 
    Swansea 0-2 Stoke

    Stoke defender Robert Huth has now clothes-lined Alejandro Pozuelo! It's all getting a bit tetchy at the Liberty.

  96. 1646: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Victor Hagan: Yep! He's a Man Utd player alright, Mr Wenger! Robin van Perfectiooonnnn!

    Charlie Smith: That header was technical perfection. Expect no less from RVP.

    Andy Brown: No lack of celebration this year - he's a United man alright!

  97. 1644: 
    Swansea 0-2 Stoke

    Speaking of fighting back, Chico Flores hits the deck in dramatic style after a clash with Stoke midfielder Steven N'Zonzi. That was very dramatic indeed but referee Robert Madley sees sense and waves the Spaniard to his feet.

  98. 1643: 
    Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal have been in contain mode but now we will see what they are made of. Can the Gunners fight back?

  99. 1643:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "It's all about the ball in from Rooney, just arching in right-footed, and Van Persie just nipped in front of his marker and just got enough of a touch on it. Any more and it was over the bar. Excellent movement and a great goal.

    "But nobody picked Van Persie up. There was also a man on the line, Gibbs, who started to drift across towards his goalkeeper. Had he stayed where he was he could have headed that over. As a full-back, Gibbs will know if your designated to stay on the post you stay on the post."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  100. 1642:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old TraffordMan Utd 1-0 Arsenal

    "The name of Robin van Persie rings around Old Trafford as he torments his former club once more. He scored home and away against Arsenal last season and that was a soaring header - and exactly what Manchester United needed as Arsenal were just settling into their passing game."

  101. 1641: 
    GOAL- Yeovil 0-1 Wigan - Marc-Antoine Fortune (78 mins)

    Wigan find the breakthrough as former West Brom man Marc-Antoine Fortune converts Grant Holt's cross.

  102. 1639: 
    GOAL- Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal - Robin van Persie (27 mins)

    When zonal marking goes bad.

    Robin van Persie is allowed to get the run on Olivier Giroud and attack a Wayne Rooney corner, and the former Gunner flicks his header over Kieran Gibbs on the post and into the net. It had to be him.

  103. 1638: 
    Swansea 0-2 Stoke

    Is Mark Hughes' work at Stoke beginning to take hold? That was a wonderful goal, and it sees Stoke climb out of the bottom three all the way up to 12th...

    Premier League
  104. 1638: 

    Conference Premier side Tamworth have been rewarded for overturning league opposition in the form of Cheltenham in the first round with a home tie against Sean O'Driscoll's Bristol City of League One. Swindon's conquerors Macclesfield will play either Gillingham or Brackley.

    Stourbridge of the Southern League Premier Division will travel to League One Stevenage, while Shortwood United - the lowest-ranked team left in the competition - will face a home tie against fellow non-league side Salisbury - if they can overcome Port Vale on Monday.

    The Football League's bottom side, Northampton Town fresh from their 2-1 victory over Bishop's Stortford, have been drawn away at the winners of the replay between Grimsby and Scunthorpe.

  105. 1637:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 0-0 Arsenal

    "Chris Smalling is really not a right back, and I'm not sure he'll ever really develop into a top player for United. Phil Jones not only needs to play in a regular position, but also just to play."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  106. 1635: 
    GOAL- Swansea 0-2 Stoke - Stephen Ireland (25 mins)

    Lovely one-touch, crisp play - but it's not from Swansea, it's Stoke! Peter Crouch starts the move on halfway, plays it out to Jon Walters, he picks out Crouch on the edge of the area and the former England man lays it off to the run of Stephen Ireland, who gathers it in before slotting home. Wonderful goal, and a second assist of the game for Crouchy...

  107. 1634: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Niraj: Please somebody help replace Arsene Wenger's coat zip supplier...

    Zip it, Niraj!

  108. 1634:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 0-0 Arsenal

    "In this period Arsenal are just in the ascendancy, though neither keeper has really had a save to make."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  109. 1632: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Sunderland manager Gus Poyet: "I am very proud, very tired like I played the game. If you can see the players standing on the bench everyone was like they were playing the game that is how much it means to us.

    "The proudest time is when you are able to keep a clean sheet against a team like Man City. A team who did not keep a clean sheet before, It is perfection.

    Is it match number one in your career?

    "It has to be because of the rival, their position and the difference in the squad. We need to make sure we all believe. We showed plenty of things, passing the ball, being brave, understanding danger, defending, putting bodies on line."

  110. 1630: 
    GET INVOLVED (text 81111)
    Jon Walters

    Callum in Swansea: We are nose-diving back to the Championship on this current form, trying to be too clever with the ball and not playing positive enough.

    Rob from Manchester: Wes Brown was always seen as the best of his generation. Injuries stopped him achieving all he was capable of.

    David in Leyland: Make-or-break for Moyes. Fail to win and he must go. Bring on a manager with the gravitas for United.

  111. 1629: 
    Swansea 0-1 Stoke

    Better from Swansea as Roland Lamah breaks away on the left wing, he flashes in an early cross which Wilfried Bony collects in, but he can't get a shot away under pressure from Ryan Shawcross.

  112. 1628: 
    Man Utd 0-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal beginning to have a bit more of the ball now as they press United higher up the pitch. Olivier Giroud threatens to make his way into the penalty area but he is closed out of it.

  113. 1625: 
    Man Utd 0-0 Arsenal

    Wayne Rooney drops into his own half and tries a driving run, but he is watched all the way by Mathieu Flamini who tracks him down the sideline and shepherds him out of play. Mesut Ozil has not got into the game as yet.

  114. 1624: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Carl Longhawn: United having plenty of the ball but they pretty much look like they are feeling their way into the match.

    Andy Glenister: Phil Jones has the potential to be a great defensive midfielder. Future England captain.

    Amir Hamza: Nothing from Arsenal so far. What is all the fuss about?

  115. 1621: 
    Man Utd 0-0 Arsenal

    First save of the night at Old Trafford as Wayne Rooney shoots from 25 yards, the ball deflects off an Arsenal boot and spins into the hands of Wojciech Szczesny. Pretty cagey so far.

  116. 1621: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Newcastle goalkeeper Tim Krul: What a massive win! Absolute buzzing for the lads and the fans. Great togetherness and fight we showed today.

  117. 1619: 
    Man Utd 0-0 Arsenal

    Manchester United dominating the ball in the opening stages but as Arsenal showed in Dortmund, they can manage that. Phil Jones embarks on a good break upfield but is stopped in his tracks by Laurent Koscielny.

  118. 1617: 
    GOAL- Swansea 0-1 Stoke - Jon Walters (8 mins)

    Ashley Williams is off having some treatment for Swansea, and Stoke take advantage to score a simple goal. Peter Crouch flicks on a long ball downfield, Jon Walters gets in between Chico and Ben Davies, is too strong for them, and then slots in off the far post. Easy.

  119. 1617: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Mohammed: This is the match of the season so far. Arsenal win they end United's title hopes. United win they're back in it.

    Maaf Rahman: Arsenal are missing key players such as Rosicky and Mertesacker. However, their lineup still looks strong!

    Olz Ofe Manu Adz: Valencia starting ahead of Januzaj again? I can't even make any sense of the team strategies/formation...

  120. 1616:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old TraffordMan Utd 0-0 Arsenal

    Mathieu Flamini really is the organiser of this Arsenal team. He has already been cajoling his team-mates and waving them into position from his post just in front of the back four in the opening two minutes. A vital summer signing by Arsene Wenger."

  121. 1616: 

    That is some claim from Phil Bardsley...

  122. 1615: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Sunderland goalscorer Phil Bardsley: "Unbelievable. Midweek was a big win but to get those three points was massive. Manchester City are a top team and we knew it would be tough. Most of all when we had the ball we had great quality.

    "The players were nervous earlier in the season but the manager has shown great belief and got the players playing the way he wants. I owe him a lot because he has brought me in from the cold and I want to repay him.

    "We were unbelievable defensively. We knew they would press second half. We were resilient and showed great desire to win that football match.

    "Wes Brown has shown in training what he is all about. I know it hurt him being out for so long but the team looks unbelievable, he is one of the most natural centre halves England have had for a long time."

  123. 1615: 
    Man Utd 0-0 Arsenal

    Shinji Kagawa makes a busy start down the left wing for United, beating Bacary Sagna for pace and crossing dangerously into the penalty area. Antonio Valencia collects the ball on the right but his cross is not as good, ballooning over his team-mates.

  124. 1613:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan Utd 0-0 Arsenal

    "I think it's a tough task for Manchester United today. Against Stoke Old Trafford was like a library, but this is a different game. Arsenal have a chance of winning the league this season, and United have been playing somewhat narrow of late. But I can't wait to watch Ozil - he's such a super player."

    You can listen to Manchester United v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  125. 1612: 
    KICK-OFF- Man Utd 0-0 Arsenal

    And we are away at Old Trafford.

  126. 1611: 
    KICK-OFF- Swansea 0-0 Stoke

    Game on in south Wales.

  127. 1610: 
    Man Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    An impeccably observed minute's silence at Old Trafford, and we are ready for the off.

  128. 1607: 
    Man Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    Here they come then. We've seen one team in yellow and blue mastermind a big away win already today, can Arsenal match Newcastle's efforts?

  129. 1607:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old TraffordMan Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    "News of Manchester City's shock defeat at Sunderland was greeted with unanimous approval from all the supporters inside Old Trafford. Arsenal's fans are in fine voice - and not slow to remind Manchester United of their current Premier League position."

  130. 1606: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Matt Holford: People berating Moyes for Jones in midfield are forgetting Ferguson did the same against Real Madrid. Get a grip, fickle fans.

    Hugh Smith: To all Moyes doubters - don't confuse caution with lack of belief. Jones is good and Arsenal only have central midfielders.

    DJ Nice Watch: It's the perfect formation by Moyesy. Watch United defeat Arsenal today.

  131. 1605: 
    AS IT STANDS- Man Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)
    Premier League

    Here's the top of the table before the big one at Old Trafford. A win for Manchester United will send them above Manchester City.

  132. 1604:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveMan Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    Former Manchester United assistant manager Mike Phelan on Sportsweek: "These games are always an intense fixture, an intense atmosphere, and the supporters will be really up for this.

    "There's a possibility that Arsene Wenger will come to Old Trafford and enjoy it today, rather than in recent years where they've struggled. This time, when he looks across into the other dugout, he may feel a little more reassured. But in David Moyes's dugout they will be looking across at Arsenal and thinking this is a chance to prove a point, to turn up the heat a little bit.

    "I think United's form has been indifferent so far this season, but that was to be expected - it's a new regime, a new group of people working there. The players are the same apart from on or two signings, and they're just getting the rhythm now. It looks like the messages are getting across from the staff, the workrate has improved tremendously, and I think they will be up for this challenge."

  133. 1603: 
    Swansea v Stoke (1610 GMT)

    BBC Sport's Bruce Pope at the Liberty Stadium: "The atmosphere is starting to build at the Liberty Stadium as the temperature starts to drop. Both teams are out on the pitch going through their final pre-match preparations.

    "Swansea are involved in a very vigorous five-a-side game of keep-ball; Wayne Routledge is really snapping at the oppositions' heels and looks right up for this afternoon's game. Stoke are mostly playing long passes around their half of the pitch, except for in the near corner where Peter Crouch is treating us to some pretty decent volleying practice."

  134. 1603: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball
    Gus Poyet

    Rachel T: I want whatever the North East is having.

    Said Madrid: City are giving away points they earn at home. A useless effort.

    Luke Richardson: Three huge wins for Sunderland in the last four games. Optimism.

  135. 1601: 
    FULL-TIME STATS- Sunderland 1-0 Man City
    Sunderland v Man City

    Sixty-three percent possession, 24 shots, 14 corners - but only four efforts on target and Vito Mannone did not need a Tim Krul-style performance to shut Manchester City out today. Their troubles on the road continue.

  136. 1600:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 1-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "What a performance and what a result for Sunderland. Gus Poyet has made a difference. Go through the team's spine and they were all excellent out there. They kept their shape and frustrated Man City, and you've got to say they deserved the win. This is a massive win, because now there's the international break and Sunderland can take this into the games against Stoke and Aston Villa.

    "There are encouraging signs and a light at the end of the tunnel. There is more belief and confidence, and you could see it out there this afternoon. Even under pressure they created chances. City were poor, but Sunderland made them poor."

  137. 1559: 
    AS IT STANDS- Sunderland 1-0 Man City
    Premier League

    A great win for Sunderland manager Gus Poyet then, and while may not be much in the way of movement up the table, the Black Cats are now one win away from getting out of the bottom three...

  138. 1557: 

    Northampton Town may be bottom of the Football League but they are in the draw for the second round of the FA Cup, holding on to beat Bishop's Stortford 2-1.

    The draw is coming up and we will bring you the highlights.

  139. 1557: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Narman Oloo: Oh, Jones. Why Moyes?

    Craig Bourne: The fact United are at home and have chosen Jones in midfield says a lot about Moyes' mentality. Not sure Fergie would have done that.

    Mahad Mohamed: Has Moyes already handed Arsenal three points? I think so...

  140. 1556: 
    FULL-TIME- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    They've done it! Sunderland beat Manchester City 1-0 for the fourth season in a row.

  141. 1555: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Aleksandar Kolarov's free-kick is drilled in but they head it away, Joleon Lescott can then only help a corner over the top...

  142. 1555: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Sunderland conceded a free-kick in a dangerous area...

  143. 1553: 
    INJURY TIME- Sunderland 1-0 Man City - Phil Bardsley (21 mins)

    Two minutes added on at Sunderland...

  144. 1552: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Colin Cox: Why do average teams only play well against City?

    Dommotelli: What a player Wes Brown could have been without injuries...

    Poppy Seele: Mannone has his work cut out. Sunderland must hold on!

  145. 1550: 
    HALF-TIME- Yeovil 0-0 Wigan
  146. 1548: 
    FINAL FIVE- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Into the last few minutes now, Martin Demichelis wondering up field into an auxiliary centre-forward role...

  147. 1546:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 1-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "Sunderland have to be more careful - they have started to take chances, particularly at the back. They need to restore their shape quickly."

  148. 1546: 

    When was the last time a Manchester United team selection was met with general approval by supporters?

  149. 1545: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Eaby Aire: Seriously? Valencia starting games week in, week out? Why is Moyes so negative?

    Akhlaq Hanif: Kagawa given a major opportunity to deliver in a big game. On the left admittedly, but showed he can drift centrally with Rooney.

    Peter Holmes: Absolutely buzzin' for the big game. We're brilliant on the road, the front four look deadly and United concede now.

  150. 1544: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    This is a siege now, nine players permanently camped in the Sunderland penalty area. Edin Dzeko flashes a header across goal and Aleksandar Kolarov fires wide from 20 yards. Still no breakthrough for Manchester City. Are they going to collect a fourth league defeat of the season already?

  151. 1544: 
    Man Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    Manchester United manager David Moyes on Sky Sports: "Arsenal have good possession and we must try to disrupt that, but we also need to get on the ball and make use of our threatening players.

    "Arsenal have a lot of midfield players packed in the middle of the park and we must cope with that and look to get out wide and hurt them down the wings."

  152. 1543: 
    LINE-UPS- Man Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    Man Utd: De Gea, Smalling, Vidic, Evans, Evra, Valencia, Jones, Carrick, Kagawa, Rooney, van Persie. Subs: Giggs, Lindegaard, Hernandez, Nani, Cleverley, Fellaini, Januzaj.

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud. Subs: Wilshere, Monreal, Fabianski, Bendtner, Jenkinson, Gnabry, Hayden.

    Referee: Michael Oliver (Northumberland)

  153. 1541: 

    And a nervy last 10 minutes in store for Northampton as well, as a rocket from Bishop's Stortford skipper Reece Prestedge makes it 2-1. In the other game, it's Burton 1-0 Hereford, with Adam McGurk on target.

  154. 1540: 
    LAST TEN- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Final 10 minutes at the Stadium of Light...

  155. 1539: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Sergio Aguero may have to do this on his own if Manchester City are going to level. He beats three men on a mazy run but can't pick out a blue shirt in the middle.

    Sunderland make a change up front - Jozy Altidore on to chase lost causes up front in place of Steven Fletcher.

  156. 1537: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Harry Fisher: You know when Phil Jones is keeping Kagawa out of his best position that your manager hasn't got a clue...

    Matt Fallon: Very weak-looking bench for Arsenal - a half-fit Wilshere is about all we have to change the game if required.

    Tejas Sherkar: Rooney needs to drop deep to stop Arsenal building from the back, to make sure Arteta/Flamini don't get too comfortable.

  157. 1536:  
    Chief football writer Phil McNulty at Old TraffordMan Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    "Arsenal's plans have been hit by a sickness bug in the camp that has cost them Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky - but manager Arsene Wenger is confident he has more than capable deputies in Thomas Vermaelen and Mathieu Flamini. Flamini would have been very much in Wenger's thoughts for a starting place anyway.

    "For Manchester United, whispers of an injury concern for striker Robin van Persie have proved unfounded and he starts against his former club."

  158. 1534: 
    Old Trafford

    Abdullah: Seriously David Moyes? Kagawa plays best behind the strikers, not on the left wing!

    Chris Harvey: If Kagawa doesn't the do business today maybe it'll be the time for people to stop suggesting he can. How many chances?

    Mark: Mertesacker is a huge loss today, but could this prove to be the chance Vermaelen needs to get back into the side?

  159. 1533: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Manuel Pellegrini rolls the dice. Pablo Zabaleta and Edin Dzeko are sent on in place of Alvaro Negredo and Micah Richards.

    Dzeko then pounds in a first-time effort from 25 yards which Vito Mannone fists away.

  160. 1532: 

    A banana skin may be avoided by Northampton Town as Luke Norris sweeps in a second goal at Bishop's Stortford.

  161. 1531:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 1-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "All of a sudden Aguero came to life for City. He rolled the defender and with strength, power and pace got his shot away. It was a good save by Mannone."

  162. 1530: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Vito Mannone has had to make a save now though, turning away a shot from Sergio Aguero after the Argentine rolled his defender on the edge of the area. He's so good at that Aguero! He needs to keep it up though if City are going to take anything from the game though. There are 20 minutes remaining...

  163. 1528: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Another good passing move from Manchester City ends with Micah Richards drilling a low shot straight at Vito Mannone in the Sunderland goal. For all the pressure City have had, Mannone hasn't had much to do.

    Manchester City
  164. 1526: 

    Matt Harrison: Looks like Jones will do a job on Ozil, but Kagawa ahead of Januzaj? Eh?

    Jonathan Guckian: The Jones/Cleverley role is still a huge gap in the Man Utd midfield that Fellaini just hasn't filled. More depth in January, Moyes!

    Lawrence Houldsworth: Mertesacker is a huge huge loss for Arsenal - he's been immense of late.

  165. 1525: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Alvaro Negredo flashes an effort wide of the corner but he's offside. It's all getting frustrating for Manuel Pellegrini on the City bench.

  166. 1525:  
    MOTD's Alistair Mann at the LibertySwansea v Stoke (1610 GMT)

    "Author Mark Twain once wrote: "Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable." One undisputable fact is that the home team has won all four of Swansea and Stoke's Premier League meetings so far - and always by at least two goals."

  167. 1524: 
    Swansea v Stoke (1610 GMT)

    Ivorian forward Wilfried Bony starts up front for Swansea - replacing Michu, who has knee and ankle problems. Goalkeeper Gerhard Tremmel takes the place of the suspended Michel Vorm. Stoke forward Jon Walters returns to the starting XI after recovering from a thigh problem.

    Stoke XI: Begovic, Cameron, Shawcross, Huth, Pieters, Walters, Nzonzi, Ireland, Palacios, Arnautovic, Crouch.

    Swansea XI: Tremmel, Rangel, Chico, Williams, Davies; Britton, De Guzman, Pozuelo, Lamah, Routledge, Bony

  168. 1524:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 1-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "Great play by Ki, who has been excellent today, He's passed it well and his decision-making has been excellent, and a great shot there."

  169. 1523: 

    Northampton finally make their pressure tell at Bishop's Stortford as Danny Emerton curls in an opener from 20 yards, while in the other FA Cup game today it's goalless between Burton and Hereford after 25 minutes.

  170. 1521: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Ki Sung-yueng fizzes a low shot wide from 25 yards as Sunderland launch a rare break forwards. Jesus Navas then puts in a cross from the right for City at the other end. Into the last half hour...

  171. 1520: 
    Man Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger told Sky Sports: "We had four players that were touched by a sickness bug overnight.

    "Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky have had to miss out so Thomas Vermaelen and Mathieu Flamini come in to replace them and we must move players around. Mikel Arteta and Serge Gnabry are also sick but are fit enough to be available.

    "We are perfectly focused and ready for the fight, it is not an excuse for us and I have complete faith in the players that have come in. We are ready for the fight."

  172. 1518: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    It's all Manchester City since the break. Sunderland have dug in well though and are making life difficult.

  173. 1517:  
    MOTD's Jonathan Pearce on MOTD 2 Extra on BBC TwoMan Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    "United have flunked the Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool tests so far. If United lose this game there will be the biggest gap between themselves and the top placed side at this stage of a season since 2005. And I don't think they'll bridge it."

  174. 1517: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Chris Rod: What a team effort from Sunderland. Can't believe I'm saying this but wish United would be more like them.

    Matt Holford: The performance today by City shows that they're still a team of individuals when they're under pressure.

    Navneet Gautam: It's good to see the Sunderland players this committed, really helping the keeper out.

  175. 1515: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Man Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    Phil Jones and Shinji Kagawa play in midfield for Manchester United while Robin van Persie is fine to play up front. Thomas Vermaelen starts for Arsenal as Per Mertesacker is under the weather.

    Man Utd XI: De Gea; Smalling, Vidic, Evans, Evra; Valencia, Jones, Carrick, Kagawa; Rooney, van Persie

    Arsenal XI: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud.

  176. 1514:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 1-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "John O'Shea has to be careful - he tried to play the ball away but Aguero rolled him and was in. But it was an excellent block by Phil Bardsley."

  177. 1512: 
    CLOSE!- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Manchester City look much better already. Sergio Aguero sprints away down the left wing, gets into the area and pulls the ball back for Jesus Navas. Navas hits his left-footed shot on goal, it's well blocked and his follow-up is blocked too. Superb last-ditch defending from the home side!

  178. 1511:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 1-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "City are going to try to get balls to Jesus Navas every opportunity they can, because he is very, very quick."

  179. 1510: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Jesus Navas makes an immediate impact, swinging in two crosses on the run which cause problems. Alvaro Negredo heads the first one wide.

  180. 1508: 
    KICK-OFF- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Game on. Looks like James Milner into the middle now with Jesus Navas on the right for City.

  181. 1507: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Sunderland are out early, eager to get the second half under way. City keeping them waiting. Manuel Pellegrini makes a half-time switch too, Javi Garcia is off and Jesus Navas on.

  182. 1506: 

    Danai Mashego: Just seen Larsson's tackle on Javi Garcia - awful, awful tackle, worth two red cards.

    Shaun Grey: Don't understand how Larsson is still on the pitch after that tackle...

    Dominik Ral: Disgusting challenge from Larsson. Sunderland lucky to be ahead and not down to 10 men.

  183. 1505: 
    Man Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger reveals 'there's a bug in the camp overnight' and one or two of his players are not feeling 100%...

  184. 1503:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Old TraffordMan Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    "Arsenal have passed two severe tests in a week with victories against Liverpool at The Emirates and away to Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League - but three points here at Manchester United today would be the most significant triumph of all.

    "It would put them 11 points clear of United at this relatively early stage of the season and would certainly open up the question about whether the reigning champions could claw that deficit back. This illustrates the importance of this game for United manager David Moyes as well as his Arsenal counterpart Arsene Wenger."

  185. 1503: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Newcastle forward Yoan Gouffran: Great win today! Thank you for your messages. Toon! Toon!

  186. 1501:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveMan Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)
    Jens Lehmann

    Jens Lehmann, Arsenal goalkeeper 2003-08, on Sportsweek: "This is one of the most important games in England, because traditionally it's been an encounter between top teams. In recent years Arsenal have been trying to keep up with United, but right now it's the opposite - Arsenal are leading and for United this could be their last chance to keep up with them.

    "It makes it particularly interesting, and it will be a tough challenge for David Moyes and his team. It's a new group, a new coach, and the teams has to get used to him. It's no longer Arsene Wenger v Alex Ferguson. David Moyes has to prove in the big steps of Ferguson, and that will be a challenge.

    "The atmosphere at Old Trafford was always fantastic, with the crowd really enthusiastic."

  187. 1500: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Mahmood Khaisto: Let's do this Sunderland. Show what you can do to the big team like City.

    Obaydah Al-Namer: I believe Sunderland were unlucky against both Liverpool and Man Utd - should've got at least two points from those two games.

    Dean Wilkinson: Judging from this performance it looks like Sunderland have spent the millions, not City.

  188. 1459: 
    LLORIS LATEST- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas was peppered with questions about the health and well being of goalkeeper Hugo Lloris after today's game. Lloris was left out of the squad today after being knocked out at Everton last weekend.

    He wasn't answering questions, but did say this: "I think the medical department should be allowed to explain to you.

    "The only thing I can tell you is the medical department advised us not to play the player. I just follow orders. We did everything by the book to save the life of the player, the medical department deserve respect."

  189. 1458:  
    Martin Keown, former Arsenal and England defender on MOTD 2 Extra on BBC TwoMan Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    "Manchester United have lost some of that aura. And Arsenal have been in so many difficult, pressure situations this season that I think they will cope with the atmosphere today admirably."

  190. 1458:  
    MOTD's Jonathan Pearce at Old TraffordMan Utd v Arsenal (1610 GMT)

    "The Gunners are balanced, stylish, full of goals and more secure at the back. They were excellent in beating Liverpool but this will be the acid test.

    "United have flunked their big tests so far against Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City. Another defeat would leave them 11 points behind the Gunners and the title would be gone."

  191. 1457: 

    As the number of red shirts in and around our offices half a mile or so away from Old Trafford increases testify, the big game is fast looming on the horizon...

  192. 1457:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 1-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "One thing is for sure - Sunderland deserve to be applauded off. It was a great finish from Bardsley after a great pass from Brown, and perhaps with a more careful final ball occasionally they could have had a second. Gus Poyet will be saying to the players that Man City will come out and up the tempo, and the home side must make sure they are prepared and ready for them. The initial period after the break will be key."

  193. 1455: 
    FA CUP LATEST- Bishop's Stortford 0-0 Northampton

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne at Bishop's Stortford: "An intriguing first half there. The Cobblers have notched up chance after chance but have nothing to show. Meanwhile, Stortford have played some tidy stuff themselves and come close a couple of times. Most of the home fans have gone back to the pop-up tent outside serving bottles of beer. They'll be back though."

  194. 1452: 

    It's half-time in the FA Cup tie at Bishop's Stortford as well, League Two strugglers Northampton still goalless against the non-league side.

  195. 1452: 
    HALF-TIME- Sunderland 1-0 Man City
  196. 1450: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    With so many men in and around the penalty area it's proving very tough for Manchester City to find any space. After a very patient build-up Samir Nasri finds a curling cross to the back stick but Alvaro Negredo is again well marshalled by a Sunderland defender who heads it away.

  197. 1448: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Robster: Let's go Sunderland!

    Graeme Jake Scott: People forget, Kompany played in the Villa capitulation. Why can't people see the lack of protection Yaya offers is more worrying?

    Oliver Viney: Dare I say it but Sunderland look pretty solid with those three ex-United players. More solid than current United back four!

  198. 1445: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    City keep toiling away but are finding Sunderland tough nuts to crack. Gus Poyet has got them organised as we approach half-time...

  199. 1444:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 1-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "This is the best football Sunderland have played all season. They are composed and creative, and though it's important for them not to get carried away the players are playing with a lot of confidence."

  200. 1444: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Jack Stephen: City were never this bad under Mancini. MP chopping/changing our centre halves and lack of understanding gives away daft goals.

  201. 1442: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Sunderland winger Adam Johnson weaves into the penalty area, committing defenders, and he takes a tumble under the challenge of James Milner. Johnson wants a penalty but Mike Dean again waves it away.

  202. 1439:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 1-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "That was a big chance for Aguero and City, Kolarov fired that ball in and the striker just couldn't keep it down. That was a great opportunity, and you know Manchester City will have opportunities. Sunderland need their keeper to play well, their back four to play well and to have a bit of luck, because City are an excellent side."

  203. 1437: 
    CLOSE!- Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    He must score! No! Aleksandar Kolarov again adds some much-needed width for City, providing a superb cross which Sergio Aguero heads wide from six yards out with the goal gaping! Big chance, and the form he is in you would expect him to bury that.

  204. 1436: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas:

    "We gave the first half advantage to Newcastle but I thought we were very very unlucky, we had so many good chances, the result was very unfair.

    "Newcastle came in strong and played well first half, they deserved the lead. We did not recognise ourselves, we were not on top of our game, and it was not our better first half.

    "Tim Krul did well today, last season he had a great game against us as well. Today he was the inspiration, he made the difference. With a bit more luck we would have found the finishing touch."

  205. 1435: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Samir Nasri has a shot charged down from 30 yards as City search for that leveller. They've not managed to get their front two of Sergio Aguero and Alvaro Negredo into the game yet.

  206. 1435:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 1-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "Sunderland are ahead but will now have to defend so well. City have so many tall players who are so strong in the air. The home side have to ensure they don't give away free headers. And City are now upping the tempo..."

  207. 1431: 
    Sunderland 1-0 Man City

    Costel Pantilimon was beaten for that goal, but I'm not sure he could have done much more about it. He was exposed by the defence in front of him and Manuel Pellegrini is locked in discussions with his team on the bench.

    The fact remains that without Vincent Kompany, this City side really struggle defensively away from home.

  208. 1430: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcfootball

    Rhys Williams: Joe Hart would've saved that.

    James Hodari: Hart would've saved that... #englandsnumberone

    Enee: They have not played yet and its already a good weekend for Arsenal.

  209. 1426: 
    GOAL- Sunderland 1-0 Man City - Phil Bardsley (21 mins)

    Sunderland lead! And it's another soft goal to concede for Manchester City, who just can't deal with long balls through the centre can they? Wes Brown pumps it long, Martin Demichelis and James Milner fail to deal with it, allowing Phil Bardsley to get clear. The Scotland man takes aim and finds a delicious finish, curling low into the corner.

    Was Milner fouled as the ball came over his shoulder?

  210. 1426: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Ijaz: A win for Man City and they'll be 3rd on the table ahead of Chelsea. Big 3 pts.

    Sean Douglass: Are Spurs fans kidding? To sack AVB after laying siege to Krul's goal makes no sense - a world-class performance kept that out.

    Sai Pramod: Enough about Spurs already. Newcastle have beaten Chelsea and Spurs, two top teams, back-to-back. Now that's impressive.

  211. 1424: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Man City

    Sunderland have hit only 24 shots on target all season; in contrast Man City have 28 goals (from 68 shots on target). That perhaps sums up the gulf between these two sides.

    Ah and that is a horrible tackle from Seb Larsson, high and late on Javi Garcia, right into his shins. A terrible challenge from the Sunderland man, Manchester City are not happy at all but referee Mike Dean doesn't even book the winger.

    Dearie me. Gus Poyet is having to cope with some suspensions already, but to be honest he should have had another there.

  212. 1421:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 0-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "Half a chance for Sunderland, and maybe Steven Fletcher could have taken a touch before shooting. An excellent ball in from Seb Larsson."

  213. 1419: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Man City

    The two sides of City left-back Aleksandar Kolarov on display so far. He put in a great cross earlier on but is then slow to get out to close down Seb Larsson and the Swede delivers a marvellous cross from the right which Steven Fletcher gets to but heads wide. First sight of goal for Sunderland.

  214. 1418: 

    After 15 minutes of the FA Cup match at Bishop's Stortford, it remains 0-0. Northampton have had a flurry of chances but as yet have found no way through.

  215. 1416: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle
    Alan Pardew

    Newcastle manager Alan Pardew: "I thought first half we were the better team, second half they changed it and caused us no ends of problems. We have to defend with our lives but that is what makes football great. Our goalie was terrific and the centre halves, they were the stars.

    "He has had a few good uns for us, Tim. I think he is the best Dutch goalie for sure and I think he is the best in the Premier League. He has been really hurt with injuries and not had a good run in last 18 months.

    "Loic Remy scores goals, we felt because the Spurs centre halves play high there are going to be chances in behind. He took the second one really well and gave us the platform to win the game."

  216. 1414:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 0-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "Sunderland fans have to buy into what Gus Poyet is trying to do. But today they have to be wary of the overlap, especially from Kolarov who is quality. The longer it stays 0-0 the more Man City will get frustrated and push on, leaving pockets Sunderland could take advantage of."

  217. 1414: 
    GET INVOLVED (81111 on text)

    Alex at White Hart Lane: OK, I booed today for the first time in an age. I can guarantee you I wouldn't have if AVB hadn't run his mouth off the other week...

    Will in London: This just shows the effect of a world-class player on a club. Spurs sell theirs and Arsenal buy one - now look what happens.

    Dave from London: A year ago Spurs lost 1-0 at home to Wigan. Bale was playing. This time last year they were sixth...

  218. 1412: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Man City

    Aleksandar Kolarov gets free on the left for Manchester City and he delivers a testing first-time cross for Alvaro Negredo to attack, but John O'Shea stands strong to make a fine clearing header. Sunderland survive the opening 10 minutes with relative comfort.

  219. 1409: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Man City

    It's been all Manchester City so far, with Yaya Toure and James Milner looking busy early on.

  220. 1409: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Jack Colwill: Re Temi (1400) If you think AVB should be sacked right now there's no hope for you. He's outclassed many other Spurs bosses.

    Chris James: The AVB Out campaign is fully justified. We flattered to deceive last season and now we're just so boring and predictable.

    Garreth Hawkins: Is it just me that thought Spurs played well? 31 shots, 14 on target, 65% possession. Krul just played the game of his life!

  221. 1407: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle
    Tim Krul

    Newcastle goalkeeper Tim Krul: "The first save was the best, Soldado's header. The sun was low and it kick-started from there. Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa put his life on the line to clear one and it shows the commitment, from the back five to the strikers. A great squad.

    "This is the highlight of my career. It was nice to celebrate with the back four. These kind of games don't happen very often. A great result.

    "I think we have played better, against Sunderland played well and lost. As long as we keep grafting, Remy up front and he keeps scoring. If we keep a clean sheet we can win games.

    "We know the Premier League is unforgiving. Two home games to go and we can look ahead with great confidence."

  222. 1406: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Man City

    David Silva is out injured today for Manchester City, he will be big miss as he has been hitting top form of late.

  223. 1406:  
    BBC Local RadioSunderland 0-0 Man City

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett at Stadium of Light for BBC Radio Newcastle: "Vito Mannone is playing again ingoal today for Sunderland - he is very composed and his distribution is excellent. And Steven Fletcher is leading the line, which is so important. Manchester City will see a lot of the ball today, and Sunderland will have to work very hard at retaining what possession they have. For Sunderland, the main objective will be to keep a clean sheet. Do that and they have a major chance of getting a result today."

  224. 1405: 
    KICK-OFF- Sunderland 0-0 Man City

    Under way at the Stadium of Light...

  225. 1401: 
    AS IT STANDS- Sunderland v Man City (1405 GMT)
    Premier League

    Here's the top of the table as it stands then - Manchester City are looking for a win which would send them third.

  226. 1400: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    James Ward: Newcastle really are a footballing box of chocolates.

    Temi: AVB out please. Gareth Bale saved him last season. Now he's being exposed.

    Jonty Leibowitz: I'd block a week wages for everyone involved, including AVB. Played with no heart.

  227. 1359:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "A big, big blow to Tottenham's aspirations if they think they will get one of those Champions League spots. These are the games you definitely need to win. The question will be, tactically did Alan Pardew have more of an ability to make key changes with personnel to make the difference? Is the Tottenham manager seeing those things during the game, especially here at White Hart Lane?"

  228. 1357: 

    Tim Krul throws his gloves into the away end, he will enjoy that man-of-the-match champagne this evening. There's no rest today though, two games about to kick-off straight away...

  229. 1356:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "This game could have had six or seven goals. Newcastle had so many chances in the first half and, without the wonderful Tim Krul, Spurs could have had four or five themselves. You often get your rewards for the effort, hard work and commitment you put in, and that's an area for Newcastle today that you cannot question.

    "And I really admire Newcastle's game management, the decisions they made in key areas of the pitch to keep possession. The decision-making has been really good in this pressure cooker atmosphere. They protected their lead with a really good defensive display, but what a massive disappointment for Tottenham."

  230. 1355: 

    What a performance from Tim Krul! Sensational stuff from the Dutchman, it really was. Spurs are frustrated once more.

  231. 1355: 
    FULL-TIME- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham 0-1 Tim Krul

  232. 1355: 
    FA CUP- Bishop's Stortford v Northampton (1400 GMT)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne at Bishop's Stortford: "The sun is beating down on us here at the ProKit Stadium. Want evidence that we're at a non-league ground? The Bishop's Stortford official next to me, fresh from his pre-match cigarette, has been deprived of the pint he usually brings into the stand because of something to do with health and safety."

  233. 1351: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Jan Vertonghen crosses, Paulinho heads it - but it's tame...

  234. 1349: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Ooof! Newcastle launch a rare counter-attack after being under the cosh, Moussa Sissoko toes the ball down the line and he is taken to the cleaners by Michael Dawson. All or nothing there and it's a booking for Dawson. Alan Pardew runs down the touchline, furious.

  235. 1348:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "Relentless from Tottenham, isn't it? But it will have to be extra special for them to find the back of the net this afternoon."

  236. 1347: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Spurs sling in a corner and there's a half-hearted penalty appeal for handball waved away...

  237. 1346: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Nick Searing: This game shows why Bale was so valuable to Spurs. They lack a player that can score from nothing.

    Mathew Penistone: Spurs' big problem is they're over-thoughtful and too methodical. The best teams have more improvisation and interchange.

    Navneet Gautam: Chelsea and Spurs share the same problem - their strikers don't score enough. But the at least for Chelsea, their midfielders do.

  238. 1346: 
    FINAL FIVE- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    The last five minutes then. Can Newcastle hang on? Gabriel Obertan is on for them...

  239. 1345:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

    Tim Krul has been sensational! As good a goalkeeping display as you're ever likely to see.

  240. 1344: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Surely? No! Jan Vertonghen is free at a corner and smashes his header against the crossbar! Unreal.

  241. 1343:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "Tim Krul has been the real deal. Absolutely brilliant, and he's kept the ball out of the back of the net with his arms, legs, body, anything. Top goalkeeping. But the Newcastle defenders are tiring..."

  242. 1343: 
    GET INVOLVED (81111 on text)

    Henry: I agree that Spurs' position is not at all bad - it's the performances that are worrying...

    David: Against any other keeper today Spurs could have easily scored three or four. Credit where it's due. Spurs have created good chances, Krul has just been outstanding.

    Jon in Eastleigh: Please can we take Townsend off? I know we've used all three subs but I think we might be better with no-one... at least "no-one" can't be selfish and give the ball away!

  243. 1341: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Another Tim Krul stop denies Spurs! Andros Townsend crosses into the area, Jermain Defoe finds Christian Eriksen, who lays off first time brilliantly into the path of Paulinho. The Brazilian tonks in a first-time shot but Krul makes his 12th save of the day to beat it out!

  244. 1340: 
    FINAL 10- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Into the last 10 minutes then. I don't recall Jermain Defoe having a sniff yet, he surely will?

  245. 1338:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "You have to admire Newcastle for hanging in there. Yes, they have enjoyed some considerable good fortune but there has been some brilliant goalkeeping from Tim Krul. But will they start to fatigue? There is still some good time to go in this game."

  246. 1337: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    I say that about Papiss Cisse, he almost scores a belter, meeting Yohan Cabaye's floated crossfield pass full on the volley, but firing it high and wide over the top. Two seasons ago that may have found the roof of the net.

  247. 1336:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "Loic Remy, who's just been substituted, was brilliant in the first half. He really will be the focal point of their attacking this season. A lot rests on his shoulders as to where their final position will be come the end of the season."

  248. 1334: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Papiss Cisse is going to get the last 15 minutes for Newcastle as he replaces Loic Remy up top. I doubt he'll get many touches to be honest...

  249. 1333: 
    GET INVOLVED (81111 on text)
    Tim Krul

    Andy in Manchester: It is looking increasingly like Spurs have reinvested the Bale money on overpriced run-of-the-mill players. Even when they have won this season they have been underwhelming.

    Rich from London: Not impressed with Eriksen. Other than the game against Chelsea, he's not done much more than an average Premier League midfielder. Don't understand the hype.

    Gary in Preston: People are saying AVB is clueless? If they turn this around they go joint second. If they don't? Well, sixth is not bad for a team not playing at their full potential yet.

  250. 1330: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tim Krul's audition for Garth's team of the week just gets better - another top save to repel a low drive from the edge of the area from Andros Townsend! It's just not going to go in for Spurs.

  251. 1329: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Alan Pardew steps over to shake hands with Jermain Defoe, as the Spurs striker comes on for the final 20-odd minutes. Can he bring his Europa League form to the Premier?

  252. 1327: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle
    Spurs stats

    At the three-quarter mark of the game it's a familiar tale for Spurs fans - they've had more of the ball, more shots - but trail...

  253. 1325:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "Spurs are still playing this one striker... if they played a second would the ball drop to him just once? Would more chances be created, while Spurs have all this momentum?"

  254. 1323: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Andre Villas-Boas is searching through a huge dossier on the bench, searching for the chapter entitled 'the final ball.'

    Paulinho then finds an excellent pass to pick out Andros Townsend on the right, Tim Krul shovels his cross into the air and Roberto Soldado's follow-up is tame!

  255. 1322: 

    Henry Smith: Tim Krul is having the game of his life!

    Nick Clohessy: Tim Krul's save from Sigurdsson's deflected free kick is one of the best saves I've seen all season.

    Glen Laker: What're the odds on Spurs ending the Premier League season with only one goal scored in open play? Might be worth a flutter...

  256. 1320: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Moussa Sissoko collides with a fast-breaking Jan Vertonghen and the Newcastle man is instantly booked. He almost squares up to referee Chris Foy in anger at that call, not a happy man. Christian Eriksen's free-kick is poor this time though and the away side clear their lines.

  257. 1319: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    A sign of the times as Alan Pardew looks to lock it in, he hauls off Shola Ameobi and sends on midfielder Vurnon Anita in his place. Half an hour to go.

  258. 1317: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Spurs have been much sharper and alert since the break, and Newcastle are hanging on a bit now. Great high-octane stuff. Vurnon Anita is set to come on for the Magpies.

  259. 1316: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa's clearance on the goalline there was truly outstanding. there was an element of luck in there but it was great last-gasp defending!

  260. 1315: 
    GET INVOLVED (81111 on text)

    John in Kenilworth: I genuinely think AVB is clueless. He is like me on Championship Manager. I have one system and how well I do depends on the players I fill the team with. When they aren't top quality, then all I do is draw and score very few goals. The trouble for AVB is there is no "cheat" feature in real life.

    Chris from Sutton: Can someone please tell AVB fans watch football to see goals, not clean sheets? And I wish he'd realise we need to swap our wingers over to create width. Townsend is so easy to defend against because all he wants to do it shoot! Get him on the left and crossing into Soldado with Lennon on the right.

  261. 1313: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    What a save again by Tim Krul! This is a one-man show! Gylfi Sigurdsson's free-kick takes a huge deflection, Krul is going the wrong way but somehow claws it out. Younes Kaboul then looks favourite to smash in the rebound but Krul and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa combine to clear off the line.

  262. 1312:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "Tottenham are just starting to get a better grip of this game. The players are looking a little more focused and aggressive."

  263. 1311: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Sunderland v Man City (1405 GMT)

    Wes Brown makes his first league start for Sunderland in 22 months. Fernandinho and David Silva are injured for Manchester City as Joleon Lescott and Micah Richards start.

    Sunderland XI: Mannone, Celustka, Bardsley, Brown, O'Shea, Ki, Larsson, Colback, Johnson, Giaccherini, Fletcher.

    City XI: Pantilimon, Richards, Demichelis, Lescott, Kolarov, Milner, Toure, Garcia, Nasri, Aguero, Negredo

  264. 1309: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    What a move! Paulinho slides in Andros Townsend down the right, he puts an early cross into the goalmouth, Roberto Soldado leaves it with a clever dummy and Christian Eriksen shoots low. But Tim Krul spreads himself, making a fine save with his feet.

    Seconds later Sandro shoots wide from 25 yards. Tottenham buzzing!

  265. 1306: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Spurs could do with Gazza in midfield to be honest, to provide that bit of guile. Sandro in there should add some steel though. Brad Friedel is in the sun this half and shows his experience by calling for a cap.

  266. 1306: 

    Paul Gascoigne: Mixed emotions today. Hearing both Spurs and Newcastle fans signing my name. Brought a tear to my eye. Don't know who I want to win! X

  267. 1305: 
    KICK-OFF- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Back under way...

  268. 1304: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Double change for Spurs at the break - Sandro and Younes Kaboul are on for Vlad Chiriches and Mousa Dembele.

  269. 1302:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Fancy some half-time listening, courtesy of your friends at BBC Radio 5 live? Course you do...

    The Non League Football Show is dominated by yesterday's FA Cup headlines, with reaction to results from the First Round Proper. Plus find out about the Atletico Madrid signing making his name known in Non League.

    5 live Football Daily has Mark Chapman bringing you all the scores and reaction from Saturday's football, including Chelsea's dramatic 2-2 draw with West Brom at Stamford Bridge.

    And download the 606 Football Phone-in, the biggest football phone-in as 5 live gives you, the fans, a voice. Darren Fletcher and Robbie Savage, and a whole host of callers, mull over a controversial penalty at Stamford Bridge and discuss whether referees should be held more accountable for their actions. And hear from the manager of Brackley Town after his side earned a replay against League One Gillingham in the FA Cup.

  270. 1259:  
    Pat Nevin, at Sunderland for BBC MOTD 2 ExtraSunderland v Man City (1405 GMT)

    "The five games that City have failed to win this season, Sergio Aguero and Alvaro Negredo did not start together. They win generally when they start alongside each other. City should go for it, and if they are going to win the title they must go for it. And if they do today, the tactics Sunderland opt for may be secondary."

  271. 1258: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Chris Williams: Newcastle's high-press system is working wonders here, pinching possession very well.

    Jack Ellacott: No passion. No drive. Being well beaten by the better team. But it's still only one...

    Montana Bramble: From a Spurs perspective, this is really painful. Agonisingly painful.

  272. 1257: 
    Forest of Dean wild boar

    We've all had games called off because of the weather. Frustrating isn't it?

    Imagine seeing wild boars causing havoc by tearing up the pitch twice in the space of one week though!

    Gloucester Northern Senior League side Soudley AFC is on the edge of the Forest of Dean and the club estimate the damage will cost more than £1,000.

  273. 1256:  
    MOTD's Steve Wilson at the Stadium of LightSunderland v Man City (1405 GMT)

    "If Sunderland thought things might quieten down once Paolo Di Canio had been replaced by Gus Poyet, it seems that they were wrong. Since the Uruguayan took charge his side have played three league games, received two red cards and scored three own goals.

    "Not unreasonably, Poyet has suggested that his players need to stop shooting themselves in the foot if they are to stay up."

  274. 1253: 
    Bishop's Stortford

    It's less than six months since I sat with thousands of other Northampton fans at Wembley for the League Two play-off final.

    The Cobblers were tonked 3-0 by Bradford and are currently nursing one hell of a hangover - in fact they are bottom of the entire Football League with just two league wins to their name all season.

    Today they travel to Conference South side Bishop's Stortford for a televised FA Cup game which has 'Cupset' written all over it. But you never know, the Cobblers may even get a result...

    In the day's other FA Cup tie, Burton face Hereford.

  275. 1253:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "Full credit to the visitors, who have come with an attacking game plan. Newcastle got themselves an excellent goal and they have been the better side in the first period. They have been brave and got players forward, with the full-back supporting. The big question now is - will Villas-Boas change things? Or will he give it 10 or 15 minutes in the second half? Spurs just have to improve."

  276. 1251:  
    MOTD's Simon Brotherton at White Hart LaneHALF-TIME- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    "A decent game - the difference between the sides is Loic Remy's goal. There have been two good saves from Tim Krul at the other end."

  277. 1251: 
    Sunderland v Man City (1405 GMT)

    Another big game on the horizon of course. Free-scoring Manchester City have found the net 23 times in their last seven games. But their recent record at the Stadium of Light does not make pretty reading, with Sunderland have won the fixture 1-0 in the last three seasons.

  278. 1250: 

    Spurs haven't scored in the league at home - from open play - since the end of September. Erik Lamela was exciting in the Europa League, time to get him on?

  279. 1250: 
    HALF-TIME- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle
  280. 1246: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Ooof! Vlad Chiriches goes up for a header at a corner, he collides with team-mate Michael Dawson and busts his nose open. Claret everywhere.

    The delay only exaggerates how quiet the crowd are at White Hart Lane. It looks like another half without a goal for them to enjoy...

  281. 1244: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Brendan Sweeney: Newcastle look a lot more dangerous going forward. Spurs not carrying much of a threat. Too slow, too predictable.

    Alexander Hardy: Tottenham don't look like scoring. Soldado not as prolific a striker as they obviously hoped, and you need one for that system.

    Phil Hakim: Mousa Dembele has fallen off a cliff this season - pretty sure he hasn't completed a pass in the Newcastle half. Next to useless.

  282. 1243: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Better from Spurs again as they work space nicely on the edge of the Newcastle area, Paulinho takes on the shot to curl an effort high toward the top corner but that man Tim Krul is again equal to it. Top work from the Dutchman.

  283. 1241:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "A beautiful move from Newcastle, and Shola Ameobi was only half a yard off. Perhaps he didn't have to start his run that early. But what weight and disguise there on the pass from Yohan Cabaye. Spurs have three central midfielders but Cabaye and Tiote have been in control. They are outnumbered in there but they have been running the show! Spurs have been awful, but we know they will improve. Andre Villas-Boas just has to change things at half-time."

  284. 1239: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    This Tottenham offside trap is hugely entertaining today. They step out again as Yohan Cabaye feeds a pass through to Shola Ameobi, who dances around Brad Friedel to put the ball in the net. He was offside that time though, Vlad Chiriches got it right.

  285. 1238: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Christian Eriksen is doing his best to bring the hosts back into it, hitting an early shot from 25 yards which swerves viciously at the last minute, forcing Tim Krul into evasive action.

  286. 1236: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Adam Smith: Townsend needs to actually pass at the end of his dribbles rather than shoot...

    Chris Harvey: Perhaps it's time Pardew got some credit. Not many could keep their head with Joe Kinnear in the shadows doing nothing but disrupt.

    Peter Wood: To put it politely, it's rather irritating to see the live text full of comments flogging our Newcastle players to other clubs...

  287. 1234: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Loic Remy is almost in on goal again as Spurs continue to persist with a high defensive line! He's offside again but Spurs only need to get that wrong once and it will be curtains.

    Loic Remy's 13th Premier League goal means that since his debut for QPR in January, only Daniel Sturridge, Christian Benteke (both 17), Luis Suarez (16) and Robin van Persie (15) have scored more. Decent company.

  288. 1232: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Loic Remy is down in a heap for Newcastle, he was winded as he cleared the ball downfield but a whiff of the old smelling salts and he's back on his feet.

  289. 1232:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "He drifted in front of his marker, did Roberto Soldado. He used the pace of the delivery to get his header on target, and it was an excellent top corner save from Tim Krul."

  290. 1231: 
    GET INVOLVED- on 81111

    Rob in west London: "Spurs' inability to score means that teams only need to score once to be guaranteed of at least a point. Pardew knows this."

    Dan from Colchester: "The Thursday/Sunday playing pattern of the Europa League strikes Spurs again..."

  291. 1230: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    What a save! Roberto Soldado has been quiet up front for Tottenham but almost finds the leveller with a brilliant improvised back header from Christian Eriksen's free-kick, it's flying into the top corner until Tim Krul flies across to make a one-handed stop. Fine save!

  292. 1228: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Jan Vertonghen, who I thought was excellent in Spurs' first half at Everton last weekend, goes close again, whistling a low free-kick wide from 25 yards.

  293. 1227:  
    BBC Local RadioTottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham academy coach Bradley Allen at White Hart Lane for BBC London 94.9: "At every opportunity Andros Townsend is looking to carry the ball, to be direct and run at opponents. But a couple of times he has been caught - he needs to get his head up and look for teammates."

  294. 1225: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Better from Spurs, as Mousa Dembele breaks up play in the middle and spots Jan Vertonghen overlapping on the left. The Belgian thinks about the early cross but instead cuts inside on to his right foot and drives in a low shot which Tim Krul saves easily enough. Signs perhaps that Spurs are coming back into it.

  295. 1225: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Josh De Souza Crook: Lloris would have come out a lot quicker and most likely have saved that. Awful start.

    Terryfic Otobong: Remy and Cabaye are really on fire. I don't see why Wenger won't go back for Cabaye.

    Mark Neighbour: £2m loan buy? What a great signing Remy has been!

  296. 1222: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    Loic Remy gets in behind that high line once more, he's offside this time but Newcastle are looking for that early pass every time. I'm not suggesting he's as good - I'm not - but there is a hint of Thierry Henry in Remy isn't there? His movement, touches, very Henry-esque...

  297. 1220: 

    Newcastle's injured full-back Ryan Taylor: Get in there! Great start by the lads...

  298. 1219: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

    What a cross this is, Christian Eriksen making the half yard and bending in a teasing cross first-time, it flashes right between Tim Krul and his defence but evades Roberto Soldado. Superb delivery from the Dane though.

  299. 1219: 
    MOTD 2 Extra

    Chappers, Martin Keown, Jonathan Pearce and Sam Wallace are on MOTD 2 Extra now, across the BBC.

  300. 1218: 
    GET INVOLVED #bbcfootball

    Mohit Pasricha: Mistakes all over the shop there from Spurs. That Newcastle goal looked like it was coming...

    Paul Moore: Remy is a cool and class act!

    Dipo Josh: Remy is just absolutely fantastic - bravo!

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