European Super Cup: Bayern Munich v Chelsea as it happened

Live text commentary as Bayern Munich win a dramatic European Super Cup final with a penalty shoot-out victory over Chelsea.

30 August 2013 Last updated at 23:26

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As it happened

  1. 2310: 

    That's about it from me - I'm going for a lie down after all that excitement. Mandeep Sanghera will be with you at 0800 BST on Saturday morning to bring you all the latest transfer stories before a busy day of Premier League and Football League action. Enjoy!

  2. 2305: 

    This game might have been dramatic, but it's three days before the transfer window shuts, so Jose wasn't getting away without the odd transfer question when speaking to the media after the match. And Mourinho, it seems, has given up once and for all on signing Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney.

    "For all parties it's finished. It's his life and we must respect the decision," said the Portuguese.

  3. 2302: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)

    Jose Mourinho, asked whether it was the right decision to show Ramires a second yellow card for his tackle on Mario Gotze: "I prefer to say no, even if you say yes. Because for me rules are rules but there is a very important rule which is common sense, passion for the game. The referee has to analyse the danger of the situation and consequence for football. When the referee takes a decision like this I am not sure he loves football."

  4. 2258: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)

    Jose Mourinho: "The best team lost. The opponents scored two, we scored two. But they scored one more penalty. But the best team clearly lost the match.

    "The best team played with 10 men for a long, long period in the game. We played against the champions of Europe and my players were the best team - we only have reasons to be proud to believe in the future. But I prefer just to say the best team lost and stay with it."

  5. 2255: 
    Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)

    Jose Mourinho has been speaking about his side's defeat and he says the best side lost. We'll have detailed reaction from him in a couple of minutes.

  6. 2250: 
    Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)
    Manuel Neuer saves

    Romelu Lukaku will relieve this moment over and over again. After nine excellent penalties, he steps up with his side 5-4 down but is denied by Germany international Manuel Neuer. Agony for the young striker.

  7. 2248: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)

    Chelsea captain Frank Lampard: "I think we deserved to win. But they are a great team.

    "What can you say [about conceding an equaliser with the last kick]? It's hard out there with 10 men. You're all tired - it's early in the season. They might feel they deserved it by keeping going but when you get that close it's frustrating.

    "We've got that spirit in us, which we've never lost. I think we're going to be very strong, very soon."

    On Fernando Torres: "He does what all top players do. He was sharp, worked his socks off, scored with a great finish and created another couple of chances for himself. We were probably a bit thin on strikers last season. We've got Eto'o, who has great quality, and Lukaku, who had a great season last season."

  8. 2245: 
    Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)
    Bayern lift trophy

    Bayern captain Phillip Lahm lifts the trophy aloft and ticker tape pours down on the Bayern players. After winning the treble last season, that's now four trophies in around four months for the German champions. No wonder they are regarded by the bookies as favourites to defend their Champions League title.

  9. 2243: 
    Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)

    The Bayern players are on their way up to receive the trophy from Uefa president Michel Platini. It didn't take Pep Guardiola long to carry on where he left off at Barcelona, did it?

  10. 2241: 
    CHELSEA REACTION- Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)

    Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech: "We really wanted to win it and it was the same for them. They were searching for the goal and we were defending hard and it was very cruel the way it happened. Everyone is regarding Bayern as the favourites for the Champions League and as the best team in the world right now, but we showed that we can more than match them."

  11. 2240: 
    Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)

    Chelsea and Bayern contesting penalties is becoming a familiar sight - the Germans were left heartbroken in 2012 as Chelsea beat them in Munich to win the Champions League on spot-kicks. This competition might not have the same status as that competition, but Bayern will feel they have gained a degree of revenge tonight.

  12. 2236: 
    Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)

    It's incredibly tough on Chelsea, though. They were seconds away from lifting a first European trophy under Jose Mourinho, but Javi Martinez's strike with the last kick of the 120 minutes denied them victory.

  13. 2233: 
    Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Bayern win 5-4 on penalties)

    That was some shoot-out to end some game. I can't remember ever seeing a better Super Cup final.

  14. 2231: 
    CHAMPAGNE MOMENT- Bayern Munich win Uefa Super Cup
  15. 2230: 
    MISSES- Bayern Munich 5-4 Chelsea - Romelu Lukaku

    The substitute steps up, slow run-up, left-footed and keeps his shot low but Manuel Neuer leaps to his left and saves!

  16. 2230: 
    SCORES- Bayern Munich 5-4 Chelsea - Xherdan Shaqiri

    Close this one. Peter Cech gets down low to it and gets a big hand on it but it squirms through.

  17. 2228: 
    SCORES- Bayern Munich 4-4 Chelsea - Ashley Cole

    This one sneaks in after smashing the post and rolling along the line before finding the opposite corner. Lucky.

  18. 2228: 
    SCORES- Bayern Munich 4-3 Chelsea - Franck Ribery

    Long run-up and a confident finish from the Frenchman. Great shoot-out so far...

  19. 2227: 
    SCORES- Bayern Munich 3-3 Chelsea - Frank Lampard

    Another rocket from the Blues skipper. Never in doubt that one.

  20. 2227: 
    SCORES- Bayern Munich 3-2 Chelsea - Phillip Lahm

    Cool and composed Lahm makes no mistake finding the corner of the net.

  21. 2226: 
    SCORES- Bayern Munich 2-2 - Oscar

    Expertly placed in the corner, and despite Neuer going the right way he can't get near it.

  22. 2226: 
    SCORES- Bayern Munich 2-1 Chelsea - Toni Kroos

    A nice little shimmy from Kroos and then sends the keeper the wrong way.

  23. 2225: 
    SCORES- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea - David Luiz

    Smasher, high and in the corner, David Luiz bounces off after that one.

  24. 2224: 
    SCORES- Bayern Munich 1-0 Chelsea - David Alaba

    Calmly sends Petr Cech the wrong way. Good pen.

  25. 2220: 
    FULL-TIME- Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea

    That's it, we will go to penalties.

  26. 2218: 
    GOAL- Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea - Javi Martinez (122 mins)

    So, so close for Chelsea. Bayern send a ball into the box and it squirts to Javi Martinez via Dante. The Spain midfielder stays clam to poke home and we're going to penalties.

  27. 2218: 
    INJURY TIME- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    There will be one added minute.

  28. 2217: 
    Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    We're into the final minute of injury time and Mario Mandzukic heads into the ground and the ball goes over. Jose Mourinho is as animated as I've seen him. Not bothered about beating Pep Guardiola? Yeah right.

  29. 2216: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    Great free-kick, great save. Petr Cech atones for his error for the Bayern goal with a flying stop to his right to deny Franck Ribery. Jose Mourinho is gesticulating wildly on the touchline. You know he's absolutely loving every moment of this.

  30. 2214: 
    Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    The ball finds its way to David Alaba and he is tripped by Oscar 20 yards out on the left side of the penalty area D. Free-kick to Bayern.


    Katie Waring: Surprised to see Terry on. Usually he just rocks up to the trophy presentation.

    Dov Tate: It's a bit early to bring on the designated trophy lifter...

  32. 2213: 
    FINAL FIVE- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    Chelsea have five minutes of Bayern pressure to survive. The Germans force a corner...

  33. 2212: 
    Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    Jose Mourinho responds by sending John Terry on in place of Eden Hazard. There's a bit of last-ditch defending going on here from Chelsea, so this situation is right up JT's street. I'll bet he blocks one with his face before this game's over.

  34. 2211: 
    CLOSE!- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    And what a chance that is. David Alaba clips the ball into the box and the ball falls at the feet of Xherdan Shaqiri, but Gary Cahill is in the right place to stab the ball clear as Shaqiri is about to poke home.

  35. 2209: 
    Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    They escape briefly and relieve the pressure momentarily, but her come Bayern again.

  36. 2209: 
    Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    It's all Bayern now, and all 10 Chelsea players are in their own penalty area.

  37. 2207: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    Petr Cech saves Chelsea twice in a minute. First, he turns away a close-range header from Javi Martinez, then the Czech reacts superbly to fling himself to his left and thwart Mario Mandzukic's point-blank header.


    Arthur Emineke: Mourinho is playing smart by keeping Lukaku alone up front and returning other players to the midfield and defence.

    Joel Trickey: With Chelsea's three centre backs you'd think a Guardiola team would play it on the floor.

  39. 2203: 
    KICK-OFF- SECOND HALF OF EXTRA TIME- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    Chelsea are 15 minutes from a memorable victory against the reigning European champions.

  40. 2203: 
    Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    I bet Jose Mourinho is absolutely loving this. The Portuguese is on the pitch cajoling his players and trying to spur them on for one final effort. Don't forget this would be his first European title with Chelsea.

  41. 2200: 
    HALF-TIME IN EXTRA TIME- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea
  42. 2159: 
    Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    Chelsea won't mind that. Defender Jerome Boateng tries to curl one from the edge of the area but he's not even close to troubling Petr Cech.

  43. 2159: 
    Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    We're into the last minute of the first half of extra time. Bayern are pressing but Chelsea are looking relatively comfortable at the moment, with Gary Cahill excellent at the heart of their defence.


    Pablo de Roman: Eden Arena, Prague: Cech's city, Hazard's stadium, Chelsea's trophy.

    Tunde Akere: Hazard, he's always there to prove himself. Super super player. Fantastic movement and good finish

  45. 2155: 
    Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    Half-chance for Bayern but Xherdan Shaqiri's snatched effort is clawed away by Petr Cech and Chelsea quickly relieve the pressure through a Romelu Lukaku burst downfield.

  46. 2153: 
    YELLOW CARD- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    I'm not sure Romelu Lukaku has even touched the ball but he goes into the book for a late challenge. Very much a striker's attempt at defending there from the big forward.

  47. 2151: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    Chelsea make another change, with Fernando Torres replaced by Romelu Lukaku. No thoughts from Jose Mourinho to play without a striker, then.

  48. 2149: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea

    Arjen Robben comes off and is replaced by Switzerland international Xherdan Shaqiri.

  49. 2147: 
    GOAL- Bayern Munich 1-2 Chelsea - Eden Hazard (93 mins)

    Who saw this coming at full-time? David Luiz fizzes a pass out to Eden Hazard on the left touchline and the Belgian slips past Philipp Lahm, continues unchecked and shoots low from the edge of the area and past a static Manuel Neuer. The keeper was wrong-footed and slumped lazily down to his right as the ball went past him. Lovely play by Hazard, terrible goalkeeping by Neuer.

  50. 2145: 
    KICK-OFF - EXTRA TIME- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    Can Chelsea, now with John Mikel Obi on in place of Andre Schurrle in midfield, withstand 30 minutes of Bayern pressure?


    Sho: Ramires gets yet another Red Card in a big game. Liability.

    Kimbole: Bad from Ramires that. Could easily have been a straight red. No idea why some of the Chelsea players were protesting

    James Wall: Disgraceful decision by the ref. Clearly won the ball first. Then to add insult to injury Jose brings on Mikel

  52. 2141: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    No sooner has the full-time whistle blown than Jose Mourinho is straight over to talk to the referee. Presumably Mourinho wants to discuss the Ramires red card and I'd bet he's saying that the Brazilian won the ball first - which he did - but the follow through looked nasty on the replay.

  53. 2138: 
    FULL-TIME- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    Chelsea survive injury-time and we'll now have 30 minutes of extra time.

  54. 2138: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    German football writer Mark Lovell at Eden Arena: "Niggly. Feisty. Red card. It's not Pep v Jose in Spain but it's still familiar in Prague."

  55. 2136: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    And the Brazilian does take on the shot, but he goes for placement over power and only succeeds in shooting into the wall.

  56. 2136: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    David Luiz looks like he fancies this one.

  57. 2135: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    But hold on a minute. Fernando Torres, who has just been booked, is bundled to the ground and Chelsea have a free-kick 25 yards from the Bayern goal...

  58. 2134: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    Just before Ramires's dismissal, Chelsea went close with a David Luiz header, which Manuel Neuer parried to safety. Those chances are likely to be few and far between now for the English side.

  59. 2133: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    There are two minutes left of the 90, and it could feel like a lot longer for Chelsea now they are down to 10 men. The Blues are camped inside their own half.

  60. 2129: 
    RED CARD (RAMIRES)- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    I don't think Ramires can have any complaints about that. The Chelsea midfielder wins the ball ahead of Mario Gotze but he jumps into Gotze in his follow-through and catches the Bayern man on his shins. It was dangerous from Ramires, who had already been booked, and the referee had little option but to show him a second yellow. Apart from brandish a straight red, perhaps.


    Nik: Easily the best Super Cup game I've seen. Bayern fans have been as impressive as their team, fantastic support

    Robby B: Moving Philipp Lahm back into defence was necessity for Bayern - look more secure at back now and can focus on attacking power.

    Alex Sherratt: So what about Chelsea's performance is so amazing that Mata can't get off the bench? Love Mourinho but stubborn to a fault!

  62. 2128: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    Bayern win another free-kick 35 yards out and again try to carve their way through the Chelsea defence. Toni Kroos finds Mario Gotze and for a fleeting moment it looks like the former Borussia Dortmund man might wriggle into a scoring position, but the space swiftly disappears and Chelsea clear.

  63. 2124: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    Chelsea very nearly take the lead as Branislav Ivanovic thumps a header against the bar from Frank Lampard's corner. The English side seem to have found an attacking threat again, something that they've been missing at times during this second period.

  64. 2123: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    Chelsea force a corner and Javi Martinez shuffles back onto the pitch to help Bayern defend it.

  65. 2122: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    Javi Martinez looks in some pain after being caught by his international team-mate Fernando Torres on the back of his ankle and the substitute is being helped off the pitch to receive some treatment.

  66. 2119: 
    15 MINUTES REMAINING- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    There are just over 15 minutes remaining, with the prospect of extra time and penalties in store if we don't have a winner before full-time.

  67. 2118: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    Mario Gotze is on for Bayern in place of Thomas Muller and is immediately hacked down by Ashley Cole, but the Germans cannot capitalise from the resulting free-kick.

  68. 2117: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    It's taken a while, but Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola are starting to become a bit more animated on the touchline. You'd imagine the Bayern boss is the happier of the two at the moment.

  69. 2115: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    One minute, three Chelsea chances. Eden Hazard cuts inside but hits his shot into the ground and Manuel Neuer saves, then Ramires tries his luck but sees his shot blocked before Oscar's effort suffers the same fate. Encouraging for Chelsea.

    Oscar shoots
  70. 2113: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    The sights of goal are coming thick and fast. Thomas Muller wriggles free inside the box but his shot is blocked away for a corner, and from the set-piece Arjen Robben volleys off-target.

  71. 2112: 
    YELLOW CARD- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea
    Mario Mandzukic

    This was always going to happen. David Luiz clatters Mario Mandzukic in the back as the ball drops and deservedly gets a booking - those two have been competing physically all evening. Ramires has also been booked for a trip on Franck Ribery.

  72. 2110: 
    CLOSE!- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    What was Oscar doing there? The ball breaks to the Brazilian around the penalty spot after Dante slips and he just has the keeper to beat, but he dawdles, takes too long and allows Manuel Neuer to dive at his feet and smother the chance. The ball breaks to Frank Lampard on the edge of the box and he volleys over. That was a great chance for Chelsea to get back in front.


    Shane McMenemy: Did Spurs deliberately wait until Chelsea were playing to get Eriksen wrapped up? Can't be having another swoop.


    Paul: Mourinho has no plan B. it's defensive and countering or bust. At least Pep tries new things.

    Steven in Glasgow: Bayern's play is too quick and intelligent for Chelsea. Bayern to go on and win comfortably

  75. 2105: 

    Tottenham confirm the signing of midfielder Christian Eriksen from Ajax. We'll have the full story shortly.


    Ayo Obit: Guardiola almost choked Ribery during the goal celebration.

  77. 2103: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    If Jose Mourinho fancies tinkering with his line-up, he has Juan Mata and Romelu Lukaku on his bench. Demba Ba was left out of the squad, remember, and Samuel Eto'o did not travel to Prague.

  78. 2101: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    First change of the game from either manager, as Pep Guardiola sends Spain international Javi Martinez on in place of right-back Rafinha. Phillip Lahm reverts to his more familiar full-back role.

  79. 2101: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    And it turns into a decent chance for the Germans. Ribery sends a low ball in towards Arjen Robben, but his first-time effort flies over.

  80. 2100: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    Bayern win a free-kick wide on the left. Franck Ribery stands over it...


    Akude Ameka O: Now we have a game on our hands.

    Tom Miszkowski: What a strike from Ribery. Fancy Bayern to win this now, were the better team in the 1st half despite the scoreline.

  82. 2055: 
    Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea

    That goal was a reward for a positive start to the second half from Bayern. They barely gave Chelsea a sight of the ball between the second half kicking off and that shot going in.

  83. 2052: 
    GOAL- Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea - Franck Ribery (47 mins)

    Now that's why Uefa rated Franck Ribery the continent's best player last season. The Frenchman's shooting has been erratic this evening but this time he lets fly from 25 yards and his low drive beats Petr Cech. The keeper will be disappointed with that - he flew to his right but couldn't get a strong hand to it and he'll probably think he ought to have done better there.

    Franck Ribery
  84. 2050: 
    KICK-OFF - SECOND HALF- Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    And we're off again.

  85. 2050: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    The Bayern players are back on the pitch and we're almost ready to go with the second half. Can Chelsea hold on? Let us know via #bbcfootball or on text using 81111.


    Ben in Yeovil: I know it's early days but I still think Bayern were mad to get rid of a treble-winning manager in order to make a trendy appointment in Guardiola. He'll never recreate his Barca team and he'll struggle to outdo Heynckes.

  87. 2042: 

    Before the match, I posed you this little teaser: Pep Guardiola can become the third coach to win the European Super Cup with multiple teams if Bayern beat Chelsea, but can you name the other two managers to achieve the feat?

    Answer: Sir Alex Ferguson (Aberdeen and Manchester United) and Louis van Gaal (Ajax and Barcelona).


    Josh: "I don't want to tempt fate, but did Chelsea just make the champions of Europe look... average?

    Sammiiee TNT: Since when did Bayern stop shooting... oh that's right since Guardiola.

  89. 2036: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    So, Jose Mourinho is 45 minutes away from a first trophy in his second spell at Chelsea. It is a competition he has never won, partly because he left Porto and Inter Milan straight after winning the Champions League, so missed out on two opportunities to take part in the Super Cup. In 2003, his Uefa Cup-winning Porto team lost the 2003 edition to Valencia.

    Jose Mourinho

    Jon Barbuti: in 2013, Fernando Torres has scored once in 19 Premier League games compared to 7 in 10 European matches.

  91. 2033: 
    HALF-TIME- Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea
  92. 2032: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    Bayern probe in and around the Chelsea penalty area but the Premier League side look well organised and are proving tough to break down. Arjen Robben tries his luck from distance but Petr Cech makes a comfortable save diving low to his left.


    Shohidur Rahman: Guardiola has taken a little bit of the ruthlessness out of Bayern. Don't look as invincible as they were last season.

  94. 2029: 
    YELLOW CARD- Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    Gary Cahill leaps for an aerial ball with Thomas Muller and is booked as his flailing arm connects with the German's head.

  95. 2028: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    If anyone thought this might be a cagey affair between sides managed by two men desperate not to lose to each other, they've been proven very wrong. Chelsea go up the other end and force a corner, which comes to nothing, but there is plenty of attacking intent on display from both sides.


    Will Rider: Mandzukic v Luiz will end in tears. Absorbing duel.

  97. 2025: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    Bayern are starting to exert considerable pressure on Chelsea now. Arjen Robben slides a cute pass down the inside-right channel to Thomas Muller, who shoots first time but sees his effort blocked by a diving Gary Cahill. Lovely play all-round.

  98. 2023: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    That's two dreadful shots and one good one from Franck Ribery now. He drifts inside from the left and sets his sights on Petr Cech's top-left corner, but the ball drifts off harmlessly into the crowd.

    Franck Ribery

    Paul Gibbons: This type of "Barca-esque" football doesn't suit Bayern - they don't look as solid defensively as last season.

    Mark Brown: No such thing as "playing like a Guardiola team" - he played Barcelona one way. Give him a chance to show he can adapt with Bayern.

    Tunde Akere: Chelsea's defence is organised, if they can maintain that composure they may just lift the this trophy.

  100. 2018: 
    CLOSE!- Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    Fernando Torres goes close again and it's the result of some smart interplay with Andre Schurrle once more. The former Bayer Leverkusen man crosses from the right, Torres turns cleverly away from Dante and shoots from an angle 10 yards out, but the ball flies over the Bayern goal. The Schurrle-Torres partnership is looking like it could be a productive one for the Blues.


    Usama Zafar: Mourinho playing with his patient counter attacking tactic against Guardiola. So far so good for Mourinho.

    The RealChaseKross: Please Chelsea don't park the bus again.

    Tunde Akere: Bayern don't seem to be playing like a Guardiola team.

  102. 2015: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    That's lovely play by Bayern, with Franck Ribery reversing a pass to David Alaba inside the box but the left-back's cross is headed clear by Chelsea. The ball eventually comes to Phillip Lahm on the edge of the area and he tries to thread a through ball behind the Blues backline, but the danger is cleared for a second time.

  103. 2012: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    German football writer Mark Lovell at Eden Arena: "Despite going behind I can only hear the Bayern fans at the moment."

    Bayern fans
  104. 2011: 
    YELLOW CARD- Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    Franck Ribery goes into the book after colliding with Ramires. The Frenchman is certainly heavily involved in proceedings so far.

  105. 2009: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    Bayern, remember, have never won the Super Cup, having lost on three occasions. But they're starting to get hold of the ball now and Frank Ribery goes close with a low, curling effort from distance which Petr Cech tips around the post.

  106. 2005: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    Chelsea pour forward again but this time Fernando Torres wastes the opportunity. He gallops down the right and has several colleagues to try to pick out in the middle, but his cross ends up almost becoming a shot and flies off target.

  107. 2003: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    This has been a hugely encouraging first 15 minutes for Chelsea - they're up against the European champions, don't forget, and they've looked comfortable so far and have shown some real attacking intent.


    Darren Hollett: Looks like Torres is playing for his place now that Eto'o has arrived...

    Babatunde L.K: Torres continues to prove himself has a striker for cup finals. Superb strike!

    Andrew Priestley: Fernando Torres couldn't hit a barn door in the Premier League, but he looks deadly in front of goal in Europe!

  109. 1959: 
    Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea

    That is quite a response from Torres to being left out by Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford and to being left out of the Spain squad today, even if replays suggest the ball might have flown in off his shin. Mind you, he might have been short of goals in the Premier League this year but he has plenty of European strikes to his name.

    Fernando Torres and Andre Schurrle celebrate
  110. 1955: 
    GOAL- Bayern Munich 0-1 Chelsea - Fernando Torres (8 mins)

    Fernando Torres shows Jose Mourinho the value of playing with a recognised striker. Chelsea produce a lovely move, which ends with Andre Schurrle crossing towards Torres from the right and the Spaniard lashes it first time into the top corner. Manuel Neuer had no chance of stopping that.

  111. 1955: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Chelsea

    Danger for Chelsea as Arjen Robben breaks from deep and finds Franck Ribery on the left, but the Frenchman drags his shot well, well wide. Not exactly the kind of finish that earned Ribery Uefa's best player of 2012-13 award at a ceremony on Thursday.


    Andy Bradley: Guardiola definitely the better manager. Mourinho seems to think the only way to win in football is to buy everybody he can.

    Philip O.M: People forget Pep made Barca the team they are today. He had Messi but Jose had CR7. Pep better than Jose any day.

  113. 1953: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Chelsea

    Eden Hazard has the first sight of goal for either side, but his long-range effort limps tamely wide.


    Paul in Manchester: Can someone tell Ehogie Endurance about what SAF did with Aberdeen? (see tweets after 1931 BST)

    Chris Sloan: I'm sure every person in the whole of Aberdeen would argue that Alex Ferguson was successful at more than one club. Their European success not count?

  115. 1951: 
    Bayern Munich 0-0 Chelsea

    It doesn't quite look right, seeing Phillip Lahm playing in midfield for Bayern. But that is where he's started, alongside Toni Kroos. That's a very interesting move by Guardiola.

  116. 1947: 
    KICK-OFF- Bayern Munich 0-0 Chelsea

    We're under way, after a low-key handshake between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. But Jose doesn't really do low-key, does he? I wonder how long that will last this evening.

  117. 1946: 
    Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)
    Chelsea fans

    It might be a small stadium but it sounds like there's a pretty good atmosphere in Prague. There's a decent following for Chelsea, too.

  118. 1944: 
    Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    There is some extraordinary dancing going on on the pitch as the players wait to come on. Uefa love a bit of pre-match fanfare, don't they?

  119. 1942: 
    Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    The teams are in the tunnel in Prague, with captain Frank Lampard set to lead the Chelsea team out. John Terry, remember, is on the Blues bench for this one.

  120. 1941:  
    Ben Smith, BBC SportBayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    The Super Cup is an opportunity for Jose Mourinho and Chelsea to deliver a statement of intent. This time last season, the European champions were humiliated by the brilliance of Radamel Falcao in Monaco as Atletico Madrid beat them 4-1 to expose a vulnerability that ultimately cost Roberto Di Matteo his job. They return to the same stage tonight as Europa League champions but with the belief that they can once again fight their way back to the top table to European football.

    Bayern are the benchmark and by the full-time whistle, Chelsea will have a better idea of just how close they are likely to come.

  121. 1936: 
    Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    German football writer Mark Lovell at Eden Arena: "Straws for Chelsea to clutch at - some potential weak links for Bayern in my humble opinion. Rafinha, a temperamental Brazilian defender who is always a card candidate. Jerome Boateng, former Manchester City defender is also prone to errors, while skipper Phillip Lahm is playing in midfield - one of the best defenders in the world but not his best position."


    Rian Hoskins: Mata on the bench? Torres starting up front? David Luiz at centre back? Lahm in midfield ahead of Javi Martinez? What is this?

    Andrew Priestley: If Mata wants to get into the Spanish World Cup squad he must be thinking of moving on from Chelsea in order to get to Brazil.

    Ehogie Endurance: For those saying Jose is better than Pep because he has only been successful with Barca, are you also saying Sir Alex is not a good manager.

  123. 1931: 
    Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    German football writer Mark Lovell at Eden Arena: "Let's forget Pep v Jose for a moment. Bayern have unfinished business with Chelsea from that painful 2012 Champions League final defeat. Arjen Robben had an evening to forget for Bayern, missing a penalty in extra time against his former club.

    Bayern used the heartbreak of that defeat against Chelsea, and a near three-season long trophy drought, to spur themselves on to an historic treble.

    How could the new messiah Pep Guardiola ever match those feats by Jupp Heynckes? For older text readers, I am reminded of Brian Clough taking over the legacy of Don Revie at Leeds United in 1974. Where does Guardiola go from here?

  124. 1929: 
    MANAGER QUOTES- Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    Pep Guardiola: "The referee will blow his whistle to start the game and the focus will be on the players. The reason we're here is for the players, not the coaches.

    "I have lots of respect for Jose Mourinho's career. We have to learn from all the coaches from the world, and with him too. I will try to win. He will try to win too."

  125. 1926: 
    MANAGER QUOTES- Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    Jose Mourinho: "Before we start the Champions League it's very good to play with Bayern. I don't want players to feel that because we were successful in the Europa League, you can keep the same level and you can be successful in the Champions League, because it's a different planet.

    "What I really feel is that in spite of a difference in experience between the two teams and the stability Bayern have - because over the last years they were basically the same team, the same players - we can compete against them.

    "And when you compete eye to eye, it means you think you can win and we think we can."

  126. 1923: 
    Atletico Madrid players celebrate Super Cup win

    The Super Cup is a familiar fixture for both these clubs. Chelsea, under the guidance of Roberto Di Matteo, were involved last year, though they would probably rather forget their 4-1 loss to Atletico Madrid. Bayern have featured on three occasions, all of them ending in defeat. In fact, German clubs have a miserable record in the competition, with Bundesliga teams losing on all seven occasions they have reached the Super Cup.


    Ali in Wiltshire: Chelsea win for me tonight. Guardiola has made completely unnecessary changes to Bayern in order to show off his 'innovation'. The rugged midfield that was the backbone of last season's success is gone and Chelsea will overrun Bayern in the middle of the park as a result.

    Hugh in Aylesbury: So both champs of Europe have brought in new managers since they won the competition?! Ridiculous, surely got to be a first and a sad sign of our times.

  128. 1918: 

    Pep Guardiola can become the third coach to win the European Super Cup with multiple teams if Bayern beat Chelsea, but can you name the other two managers to achieve the feat?

    Tweet your answers to #bbcfootball or text us on 81111 and I'll let you know the answer at half-time.

  129. 1916: 
    Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    German football writer Mark Lovell at Eden Arena: "Fans of both sides might be appreciative of the switch in venue from Monaco to Prague - you can pay 10 euros for a beer in the French tax haven compared to just a couple here. So you cannot blame the thousands of thirsty fans sampling the local product on a lovely late summer's day in the Czech capital. I expect a lively atmosphere in this tight, compact stadium. For those who have taken too much on board, there is a four star hotel with 150 rooms in the stadium to sleep it off."

  130. 1913: 

    The two men have met six times in European competitions, with Guardiola holding the upper hand. The Spaniard has lost only once against Mourinho (three wins, two draws), though his Barcelona side were beaten by Mourinho's Inter Milan over two legs in the 2010 Champions League semi-finals.


    Mahesh: Guardiola chose the easy task of going to a dominant Bayern team in a league with no competition. Jose trumps him by far.

    Chiemezie Onwubalili: How can one compare a man that has succeeded in four different leagues with a man that has succeeded in just one league?

  132. 1908: 

    When Pep Guardiola was in charge of Barcelona and Jose Mourinho was at Real Madrid, the battle between the two men and their teams was the dominant narrative of Spanish football for two compelling years. The relationship between the men became increasingly strained, as Guardiola got the better of Mourinho during the 2010-11 La Liga campaign. But Real had their own successes, lifting the Copa del Rey that season before winning the league title and domestic Super Cup the following year. Honours even?


    Andy in Newcastle: Clearly Mourinho and Pep are both great managers but for me Jose edges it. I doubt Pep could've won the Champions League with Porto, and even Joe Kinnear couldn't fail with Messi on the team sheet.

    James in Wiltshire: In my view Mourinho is the better manager. He has proven success at numerous different clubs, whereas Guardiola has only got it at one. Even if Guardiola does win, Mourinho will still be the better manager.

    Josh in London: Huge chance for two European heavyweights to make a big statement tonight ahead of the opening Champions League games.


    Shyamil Tanna: I don't get Mourinho's team selections anymore! Still no Mata and Torres ahead of Lukaku!

    Juan Mata

    Tayo: Mata left out again, Jose what's going on?

    Escodebo: Mourinho is a better coach than Guardiola because he has won many titles in four different leagues, 2 UCL with small teams

  135. 1903: 
    LINE-UPS- Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    Bayern Munich: Neuer, Rafinha, Boateng, Dante, Alaba, Lahm, Robben, Muller, Kroos, Ribery, Mandzukic. Subs: Starke, Van Buyten, Javi Martinez, Shaqiri, Pizarro, Gotze, Contento.

    Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Luiz, Cole, Ramires, Lampard, Schurrle, Oscar, Hazard, Torres. Subs: Schwarzer, Essien, Mata, Mikel, Lukaku, Terry, Azpilicueta.

    Referee: Jonas Eriksson (Sigtuna)

  136. 1901: 
    Eden Arena, Prague

    After 14 years of this fixture being staged in Monaco, Uefa has had a rethink and, from this year, the match will move around Europe, starting with tonight's game at the 21,000 capacity Eden Arena in Prague. Next year the Super Cup goes to Wales, with the Cardiff City Stadium set to host the competition for the first time.

  137. 1859:  
    Ben Smith, BBC SportBayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho shows faith in Fernando Torres, with the Spaniard handed the task of leading the line in Prague. That is one of two Chelsea changes from the 0-0 draw with Manchester United, the other being the fit-again David Luiz replacing John Terry in defence. There is, once again, no place in the starting XI for Juan Mata.

    Bayern might have a new manager but Pep Guardiola has not made widespread changes to the framework of this treble-winning side and he makes just two changes from the side that won last season's Champions League final, one of them enforced. Philipp Lahm steps into midfield to replace Bastian Schweinsteiger, who misses out through injury, and Rafinha comes into the side. The other change sees Tony Kroos in for Javi Martinez, who drops to the bench.

  138. 1856: 

    I wonder what that means for Juan Mata? Left out again by Jose Mourinho, and this time on the day that he and Fernando Torres were excluded from the Spain squad for next week's World Cup qualifiers. There are still a few days left in this transfer window, don't forget...

  139. 1854: 

    Juan Mata is left out of the Chelsea starting line-up for the second time in a week after also being overlooked for the trip to Manchester United on Monday. Fernando Torres starts up front for the Blues.


    German football writer Mark Lovell at Eden Arena: "There should be a cracking atmosphere tonight in Prague, where there is a tight stadium which should help generate plenty of noise. Pep v Jose sideshow too as Bayern seek revenge for their 2012 Champions League defeat in their own backyard."

  141. 1850: 
    Arjen Robben

    This could be a big night for former Chelsea winger Arjen Robben, who was part of the Bayern side beaten by his old club in the 2012 Champions League final. If he's feeling the nerves ahead of this latest meeting with his ex-team-mates, he's certainly not showing it.

  142. 1847: 

    I'm keen to hear what you think about the Guardiola Mourinho rivalry. Who do you think is the better manager and why? Let us know your thoughts on that and anything to do with tonight's game through Twitter using #bbcfootball or via text (including your name and where you are) on 81111.

  143. 1845: 

    Much has changed since the successes at the end of last season which ensured Bayern Munich and Chelsea would contest the Super Cup, most notably the managerial arrivals. There have also been significant new signings, though Samuel Eto'o and Willian will not be involved for Chelsea and Bayern's Thiago Alcantara is out injured for two months, so there will be plenty of players renewing old rivalries. In fact, many of those likely to play tonight were involved in the Champions League final 15 months ago, when Chelsea beat Bayern on penalties to lift European football's premier club trophy.

  144. 1843: 

    When you're Europe's most wanted coach big things are expected of you, but how can Pep Guardiola possibly improve on the treble won by Bayern Munich predecessor Jupp Heynckes? He has started well enough, winning three and drawing one of his first four games in charge, the dropped points coming against Freiburg in midweek as Guardiola rested seven first-team regulars.

    Jose Mourinho has begun his second spell at Chelsea in similarly solid fashion, with two wins and a draw from his first three matches, including Monday's stalemate against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

  145. 1840: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)

    Midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger misses out through injury, while captain Philipp Lahm looks set to play in midfield, a tactical tweak manager Pep Guardiola has experimented with in the opening weeks of the season.

  146. 1838: 

    The Super Cup pits the winners of the Champions League (in this case Bayern Munich) against the Europa League holders (in this case Chelsea). It might not be considered as important as those two competitions, but the Guardiola-Mourinho rivalry certainly adds a little extra spice to this evening's encounter in Prague. It also gives both managers a chance to win a first trophy since taking up their new positions in the summer.

    Bayern celebrate winning the Champions League
  147. 1835: 
    Bayern Munich v Chelsea (1945 BST)
    Fan with banner seeking ticket

    That's right Jose, tonight is Bayern Munich v Chelsea in the European Super Cup. But let's face it, it is also quite a lot about Pep Guardiola v Jose Mourinho, arguably European football's most intriguing managerial rivalry of recent years. And you just know there's nothing the Special One would like more than seizing an early chance to get one over on his old foe.

  148. 1833: 

    About a minute later: "Maybe you are right and I am wrong but I don't care. This is not about us, it's about Chelsea and Bayern."

  149. 1830: 
    Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola

    "Your statistics are wrong - very wrong, very wrong. But I don't want to discuss that because it's not important. I'll just say it's wrong. Go there and see what happened with Inter in the Champions League semi-final. The league records in Spain, the Copa del Rey in Spain, the Super Cup in Spain. You are very, very wrong. You are wrong but it's not important. It's not me against him, it's club against club. That's not important."

    I don't think Jose Mourinho liked being asked by a journalist - who was quoting official Uefa statistics - about his three-wins-in-15-matches record against managerial adversary Pep Guardiola.

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