Confederations Cup: Nigeria v Spain & Uruguay v Tahiti

Live text commentary and video as Spain beat Nigeria and Uruguay thrash Tahiti to reach the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup.

23 June 2013 Last updated at 22:19

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As it happened

  1. 2217: 

    That's it for another weekend in Brazil then.

    If you missed anything, you can see reaction from Gus Poyet and watch highlights from tonight's games on the BBC Sport website now. Enjoy!

  2. 2214: 

    Sean Whittall: Am I the only one thinking Jordi Alba is wasted at left back? Scores more goals than Torres.

    Jordi Alba

    Peter Steele: If I had a pound for every time someone said "Torres is back" and it turns out he isn't then I might be able to afford Torres.

    Liam Mullane: If Spain are boring then what poor excuse for football are the other nations playing?

  3. 2214: 

    Former Brighton boss Gus Poyet on BBC Three: "I would like to thank every single Brighton fan for being so patient and supportive. I know how difficult it was in the beginning to change a way of understanding football but they have been excellent with me, they have shown belief and I hope they have been proud of everything they have watched over the last three-and-a-half years. I want to thank everybody a lot."

  4. 2214: 

    Tahiti conceded 24 goals in their three games at the Confederations Cup but everyone in French Polynesia will remember the moment when Jonathah Tehau headed in against Nigeria. They have lit up the tournament in more ways than one...

  5. 2211: 

    Austin Bobmanuel: At least we [Nigeria] now know where we are. Hope we know what we need to do to get better.

    Stuart Morris: I wish I could watch "boring" football every week and see my team play like that!

    Rob Stacey: I feel for Poyet here, probably doesn't give a hoot about the game and wants to leave the studio.

  6. 2211: 

    Former Brighton boss Gus Poyet on BBC Three: "I've been trying to establish in the last 45 minutes, what my rights are. I haven't talked to the players, and want to do something that until now I wasn't able to do. From what I read from the statement, I am unemployed, so I suppose [I'm available for new jobs]. My idea now is to appeal and to get back to the job I was doing until 1930 BST."

  7. 2207: 

    Former Brighton boss Gus Poyet on BBC Three: "I got an e-mail that I suppose is information at 2103 and another one from my solicitors; they are taking care of everything, I can't go into details of the future. It's just a matter of being calm and making the right decision. [Can I tell you why this happened?] No."

  8. 2204: 

    Gus Poyet thanks 'every single Brighton fan' after his dismissal from the Championship club.

  9. 2202: 

    Boring, boring Spain? Interesting results in our vote there. Italy would take a boring win in Thursday's semi-final, that's for sure.

  10. 2200: 
    Fernando Torres

    Dean, Newcastle on text: I wish people would stop saying Torres is back! He won the golden boot at the Euros, scored over 20 goals last season and is in with a shout of the golden boot here, he's never been as 'gone' as people make out!

  11. 2200: 

    The @BBCMOTD vote is now closed. 51% replied #BORING when asked: "Are Spain #BEAUTIFUL or #BORING to watch?" Thanks for voting.

  12. 2159: 

    Two brilliant finishes from Jordi Alba tonight - he scored another fine goal in the Euro 2012 final against Italy last summer as well. Is there a better attacking full-back in the world?

  13. 2155: 

    Stephen Clark: Spain just too good. Honestly cannot see anyone beating them at the moment

    Akude: Good goal Alba, but the scoreline doesn't reflect the true nature of the game. We deserve something better. Credit to Spain

  14. 2152: 
    Uruguay 8-0 Tahiti

    Tahiti may not have pleased Martin Keown tonight but they've won a lot of friends and fans in Brazil. They again parade around the stadium in Recife, holding up a banner which reads 'Thank You Brazil.'

  15. 2152:  
    Martin Keown, BBC SportUruguay 8-0 Tahiti

    "Tahiti have just been outfought and outplayed and even in the final seconds they didn't want to come out and press. Hopefully they go away better for the experience but it's been a painful one."

  16. 2150: 

    Brazil v Uruguay (Wednesday 26 June, Belo Horizonte)

    Spain v Italy (Thursday 27 June, Fortaleza)

  17. 2150: 
    FULL-TIME- Uruguay 8-0 Tahiti
  18. 2150: 
    FULL-TIME- Nigeria 0-3 Spain
  19. 2147: 
    GOAL- Uruguay 8-0 Tahiti - Luis Suarez (88 mins)

    Luis Suarez doubles his money, collecting a pass from Abel Hernandez and doing the keeper with the eyes, wrong-footing him with a low left-footed shot into the corner.

  20. 2145: 
    GOAL- Nigeria 0-3 Spain - Jordi Alba (88 mins)

    What a goal again from the little left-back! Nigeria have a corner which is cleared and Spain pump it long to Jordi Alba. He's not offside as he is running from his own half, he kills the ball with a brilliant touch, sprints away, goes round the keeper and rolls it in. Lovely goal.

  21. 2143: 

    Into the last five minutes in both games now, Spain look like they have declared at two, but I think Uruguay fancy a few more yet...

  22. 2139: 
    CLOSE!- Nigeria 0-2 Spain

    Nigeria continue to threaten, but again the finishing is awry as Ahmed Musa is the latest to shoot wide when well placed. We are into the final 10 minutes now.

  23. 2138: 
    GOAL- Uruguay 7-0 Tahiti - Luis Suarez (82 mins)

    But Luis Suarez does finally join the party, twisting and turning past a tired looking Henri Caroine and slotting in with his left foot.

  24. 2137: 
    WHAT A MISS!- Uruguay 6-0 Tahiti

    Another extraordinary miss, this time in Recife as Abel Hernandez blows his chance of bagging a fifth! He is picked out in the middle but completely fluffs his shot, missing the ball and only turning it toward goal with his thigh.

    Luis Suarez then gets in moments later but also loses control at the crucial moment.

  25. 2136: 
    Nigeria 0-2 Spain

    Italy have looked dangerous in this tournament, they will give Spain a real game in the last four. Mind you, we all said that last summer and Spain thrashed them 4-0 in the final of the Euros...

  26. 2135: 

    Femi John: Miss of the tournament by the #SuperEagles.

    Akude Emeka: Sums up the kind of strikers Stephen Keshi brought to this tournament, absolutely shameful.

  27. 2134: 

    Arj Manchester on text: I love Tahiti. Their defending is tragic. But their attacking players have been causing everyone a bit of trouble. I'd love to see Brentford take a punt on a Tehau brother.

  28. 2133: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Nigeria 0-2 Spain

    Spain throw on record goalscorer David Villa for Pedro for the final 15 minutes. He bagged a hat-trick against Tahiti in midweek as well, can he add to his tally?

  29. 2132: 
    WHAT A MISS!- Nigeria 0-2 Spain

    Oh what a chance! Nigeria work the ball down the right and cross to pick out Muhammad Gambo in the middle. He has all sorts of time and space, but panics and shanks a woeful finish wide. Off his ankle. Horrible shot!

  30. 2130: 

    As it stands then, Spain will play Italy in the semi-final on Thursday in Fortaleza, while Brazil will face Uruguay on Wednesday in Belo Hrozonte.

  31. 2130: 

    Fidel Grant: This time for sure he is really back, Torres at his very best

    Captain EO: What are the chances that Torres could end another tournament with the golden boot?

    Stephen Clark: That Spanish goal was a thing of beauty. Lovely passing and a stunning header by Torres

  32. 2127: 
    Nigeria 0-2 Spain

    David Silva, to Xavi, to Pedro, great play on the edge of the penalty area. Pedro sells a beauty of a dummy to work the ball inside on to his right foot - but his shot is well blocked by a recovering defender. Spain want more.

  33. 2125: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Uruguay 6-0 Tahiti

    As if things couldn't get worse for Tahiti - Luis Suarez comes on for Gaston Ramirez up front for Uruguay. He'll fancy a goal or two in the last 23 minutes...

  34. 2125: 

    Rob Butler: Scotti really wishes he could just be beamed up right now.

    Matt Graham: Torres seems to be quite good when the fans aren't criticizing his every touch.

    Tega: The only problem of Nigeria in this tournament is poor finishing.

  35. 2124: 
    GOAL- Uruguay 6-0 Tahiti - Abel Hernandez (penalty, 67 mins)

    Abel Hernandez takes the penalty this time - and steers it into the net for his fourth of the game.

  36. 2123: 
    PENALTY TO URUGUAY- Uruguay 5-0 Tahiti

    Matias Aguirregaray wins another penalty for Uruguay, again bursting in to the box down the right and being wrestled to the deck.

  37. 2122: 
    SHOCKER!- Nigeria 0-2 Spain

    Spain have raised their game now, as Andres Iniesta picks out a shovelled pass over the top and David Silva is in - but he mishits the shot horribly.

    Fernando Torres is then in again but fires over.

  38. 2119: 
    GOAL- Nigeria 0-2 Spain - Fernando Torres (62 mins)

    Before I could even tell you that Fernando Torres had come on for Spain, he's scored his fifth of the tournament. He replaced Roberto Soldado up front and scores a great goal inside 90 seconds, diving full-length to plant a header in from Pedro's searching cross. Really great header.

    Fernando Torres
  39. 2117: 
    GOAL- Uruguay 5-0 Tahiti - Nicolas Lodeiro (61 mins)

    And Uruguay instantly take advantage, Walter Gargano hammers a cross-shot in and Nicolas Lodeiro guides it in from two yards out.

  40. 2116: 
    RED CARD- Uruguay 4-0 Tahiti

    Oh dear, oh dear - clanger time. Tahiti go down to 10 men as well as Teheivarii Wagemann completely misses his kick as he tries to control a routine pass, he panics and flattens the Uruguay winger who tried to nip in and the defender is shown a second yellow card.

  41. 2114: 
    Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    Nigeria continue to threaten but they have so far lacked the quality needed in the final third. Spain go close as Xavi hits a low shot which is well held by Vincent Enyeama.

  42. 2114:  
    Martin Keown, BBC SportUruguay 4-0 Tahiti

    "Gaston Ramirez has been disappointing because he's had a chance to stake a claim for the rest of the competition and he's just floating around on the edge of the game."

  43. 2113: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    The good news for Nigeria is that Cesc Fabregas is going off. The bad news is that David Silva is on for Spain. What a squad this is.

  44. 2111: 
    Uruguay 4-0 Tahiti

    Tahiti have taken heart from that red card for Uruguay and fancy they can get one back here. Marama Vahirua is driving them on from midfield. They have got 35 minutes or so to score!

  45. 2110: 

    Andy in London on text: As a Brighton fan can I just say many thanks to Gus and all he did for Brighton and I hope he sorts this out as even the fans have no idea why he was suspended in the first place!

  46. 2108: 
    CLOSE!- Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    This is good from Nigeria though as Ahmed Musa sprints clear down the right and puts in a great cross which Brown Ideye can't turn in. Decent opening for the Africans.

  47. 2108: 
    RED CARD- Uruguay 4-0 Tahiti

    And to cap a horrible few minutes for Uruguay defender Andres Scotti - he's sent off for a second booking!

  48. 2106: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Uruguay 4-0 Tahiti

    He's saved it! The crowd in Recife go wild as Andres Scotti's tame spot-kick is kept out by Tahiti keeper Gilbert Meriel. He dives to his left and makes the save, before almost throwing it in his own net in his eagerness to get up.

  49. 2106: 
    PENALTY TO URUGUAY- Uruguay 4-0 Tahiti

    Matias Aguirregaray gets into the box and is impeded by Tahiti skipper Nicolas Vallar.

  50. 2104: 
    Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    Nigeria need to find that intensity which brought them some joy in the opening stages of the first half if they are to trouble Spain, but that's easier said than done when you can't get near the ball.


    Are Spain beautiful or boring to watch? Reply using #BEAUTIFUL or #BORING to @BBCMOTD or vote here.

    The @BBCMOTD vote will close on the full-time whistle. Votes are tallied by an external company.

  52. 2103: 
    KICK-OFF- Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    And Spain get us rolling in Fortaleza.

  53. 2102: 
    KICK-OFF- Uruguay 4-0 Tahiti

    Uruguay get the second half of their match in Recife under way.

  54. 2101: 

    The @BBCMOTD vote is now closed. 72% replied #NO when asked: "Can Nigeria beat Spain" - Thanks for voting.

  55. 2101: 

    Sacked Brighton manager Gus Poyet on BBC Three: "I've still had no communication from the club, no text no email, I didn't receive anything. I'm probably the first to be in this position. Everyone can make their own conclusions about the way I have been informed by you.

    "I suppose reading the statement I will be able to talk to them. It's very sad, they made me proud. Not being able to answer a phone or text is unusual.

    "Are they messing with my career? We will see, it's too early to say. I am looking forward to clearing this."

    Brighton statement on Poyet's sacking.

  56. 2100: 

    Kieran Hulme: Well this is a little awkward ..Gus Poyet finding out he's been sacked on live tv.

    Heze: Talk about stress, how can you get told you've been sacked on live BBC Football. Football is a mad place sometimes.

    Gus Poyet

    James Reid: That awkward moment when you're sacked on national television.

    Kanayo Umeogu: Nigeria's Brown Ideye reminds me of Torres and Adebayor. Wasteful and heartbreaking.

  57. 2057: 

    Sacked Brighton boss Gus Poyet on BBC Three: "The only thing I'm concentrating on is the appeal. I will appeal because it's the right thing to do. I cannot understand it anymore, after this I will talk a bit longer with my lawyers and they are reading [the statement], and until we go through that it's very difficult to make any comments."

    Brighton statement on Poyet's sacking.

  58. 2055: 

    England's woes continue as Iraq come from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 at the Under-20s World Cup in Turkey. An injury-time leveller from Ali Adnan gives Iraq a point.

  59. 2054: 

    Former Brighton boss Gus Poyet on BBC Three: "I think the BBC got a great story forever really because a manager getting the information that he's been released from his employment during the time of a programme is quite surprising."

    Brighton statement on Poyet's sacking.

  60. 2052: 

    Gus Poyet also says he will appeal against his sacking from Brighton.

  61. 2051: 
    Steevy Chong Hue

    Steve Genockey: Steevy Chong Hue is worth a gamble on by a Premiership club. With a bit of coaching and development he could be really cracking player.

    Alex Smith: Steevy Chong Hue is one player I'd love to see play for a lower division team in Europe. He deserves the chance to step up!

  62. 2049: 

    Gus Poyet has said that he only learned of his sacking from Brighton when the staff in the BBC studio printed out the club's statement and handed it to him. Extraordinary.

  63. 2048:  
    Martin Keown, BBC SportUruguay 4-0 Tahiti

    "The workload for these Tahiti players, three matches in quick succession as amateurs, they were totally unprepared for what was in front of them. When they're in possession they open up like a flower but when they're out of possession they just retreat back into their lines. There's so much time in midfield the Uruguayans can get their deck chairs out."

  64. 2048:  
    Former Republic of Ireland international Kevin Kilbane on BBC ThreeNigeria 0-1 Spain

    "The great thing for Nigerian boss Stephen Keshi is that his team have caused problems and created chances and he will want more of the same in the second half."

  65. 2048: 
    HALF-TIME- Nigeria 0-1 Spain
  66. 2048: 
    HALF-TIME- Uruguay 4-0 Tahiti
  67. 2047: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    Spain almost grab a second right before the break as Sergio Ramos powers in a header from a set-piece but Vincent Enyeama hangs on.

  68. 2045: 
    GOAL- Uruguay 4-0 Tahiti - Abel Hernandez (45 mins)

    Inter Milan midfielder Walter Gargano is the latest to pick open the Tahiti defence, his gem of a pass picks out Abel Hernandez and he doesn't miss those. A lovely left-foot clip into the back of the net for a 45-minute hat-trick.

  69. 2044: 

    Akude Emeka: It's just a shame we outplayed Uruguay and still lost. I can't believe we are playing so well against Spain. Up Eagles!!!

    Timothy: Looks like Nigeria are the only team capable of stopping Spain's world dominance

  70. 2043: 

    Don't forget Gus Poyet is in the studio on BBC Three and will be talking about his dismissal from Brighton at half-time. I'll bring you the highlights.

  71. 2042:  
    Former Republic of Ireland international Kevin Kilbane on BBC ThreeNigeria 0-1 Spain

    "That was a great ball in from Roberto Saldado and Cesc Fabregas seemed to do everything right but score."

  72. 2040: 
    CLOSE!- Uruguay 3-0 Tahiti

    Here he is, the Tahitian dangerman Steevy Chong Hue pops up with a mazy run, beating two men as he powers through, he skips round the keeper but the angle is tight and he can only hit his shot into the side-netting! Brilliant run again from Chong Hue though - not for the first time in this tournament.

  73. 2038: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    Spain have soaked up that early spell of pressure and are now in control, with Andres Iniesta and Xavi running the show in very familiar fashion.

    Oh and how did that not go in?! Roberto Soldado pulls out to the right wing and puts over a perfect cross which Cesc Fabregas arrives on to, but his shot cannons off the far post and somehow lands in the lap of Vincent Enyeama. Huge let-off for Nigeria!

    Cesc Fabregas
  74. 2037:  
    Jonathan Pearce, BBC Match of the Day commentatorUruguay 3-0 Tahiti

    "Tahiti are like a table football team, with lines of four and a five just shuffling across. But the crowd are still very much behind them."

  75. 2037: 
    Uruguay 3-0 Tahiti

    Uruguay almost have another as Abel Hernandez is played in by a clever pass but he miscontrols it on the half-turn. Into the last 10 minutes of the first half.

  76. 2033: 
    Uruguay 3-0 Tahiti

    Tahiti have a shot! Their sole professional Marama Vahirua takes control of a bouncing ball 25 yards from goal and cracks in a left-footed strike which is straight at Martin Silva in the Uruguay goal. The Recife crowd enjoyed that one.

  77. 2032: 

    Demola: This is the best first 20 minutes I have seen Nigeria play in a decade.

    Adayomi Kolade: So far nothing to be ashamed for in this boys. These eagles can fly.

    Barry Spruce: Is there a better full back in the world than Jordi Alba at the moment?

  78. 2031: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    Spain are so clinical in that final third as Pedro slides in lone striker Roberto Soldado but again the Valencia man misfires somewhat, hitting in a low shot which is well saved by Vincent Enyeama at his near post.

  79. 2027: 
    GOAL- Uruguay 3-0 Tahiti - Diego Perez (27 mins)

    They're all cashing in now as midfielder Diego Perez grabs just his second goal in 85 caps. Walter Gargano pops a pass over the top, again that high line and offside trap are all over the place from Tahiti and Perez gets free. His header hits the inside of the post but he reacts quickly to get to the loose ball himself and tap in the third.

  80. 2026: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    Spain have been dormant for the last 15 minutes or so but - as they can - fire into life. Sergio Ramos picks out Roberto Soldado with a clever pass from deep, Soldado hesitates slightly and Vincent Enyeama makes the save.

  81. 2024: 
    GOAL- Uruguay 2-0 Tahiti - Abel Hernandez (24 mins)

    That Tahiti high line is breached again as Abel Hernandez is played in over the top, Jonathan Tehau comes across to close him down but Hernandez lifts the ball over his head with a deft touch, before calmly side-footing a volley past Gilbert Meriel. Lovely finish from the Palermo striker.

  82. 2022: 
    CLOSE!- Uruguay 1-0 Tahiti

    Lovely stuff from Uruguay as they open Tahiti up, Matias Aguirregaray gets in on the right and clips it over the keeper only to see a defender clear it, Abel Hernandez then tries to backheel the loose ball over the line but again he's blocked out.

    Moments later Southampton's Gaston Ramirez is in but is well closed down by Tahiti keeper Gilbert Meriel.

  83. 2021:  
    Former Republic of Ireland international Kevin Kilbane on BBC ThreeNigeria 0-1 Spain

    "You see the way Spain played against Uruguay and the way that they can move the ball so quickly. Andres Iniesta is my favourite player in world football right now, so the boring tag for Spain is not one I agree with."

  84. 2019: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    Good stuff from Nigeria as they move the ball sweetly across the 18-yard line, Sunday Mba then pulls the trigger from 20 yards and Victor Valdes has to get down and make a smart save.

  85. 2017: 
    Uruguay 1-0 Tahiti

    Tahiti have gone 10 minutes without conceding - but that early goal for Uruguay was the fastest goal in the history of the Confederations Cup, Abel Hernandez's header confirmed at 79 seconds.

  86. 2016: 

    Neil Edge on text: Alba's goal easily goal of the tournament thus far and I'm starting to see some wayward Spanish passing!

  87. 2014: 
    Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    Nigeria striker Joseph Akpala continues to make a nuisance of himself down the left wing but Spain survive, before Sergio Ramos rattles a free-kick into the wall at the other end. That big win which Nigeria need to progress looks a long way away at the moment.

  88. 2012: 

    Some breaking transfer news for you as well, as Liverpool confirm the signing of striker Iago Aspas, subject to international clearance.

    The deal with Celta Vigo is now complete and the 25-year-old has penned a long-term contract after passing a medical at Melwood.

  89. 2012: 

    Pasa Mustafa: Jordi Alba a left back? You must be kidding! This guy was born to be a winger! Great goal.

    Olly Potts: Despite being on home soil, Brazil aren't the team to beat - Spain are.

    Femi: It's going be a long night for the Super Eagles.

  90. 2012: 
    CLOSE!- Nigeria 0-1 Spain

    Chance for Nigeria! Joseph Akpala hits a shot across the face of goal, it rebounds out to Chelsea midfielder John Mikel Obi, but he dithers and allows Sergio Ramos to get across and make the block. Better from Nigeria though, although Kenneth Omeruo has had to go off with an injury.

  91. 2008: 
    Uruguay 1-0 Tahiti

    Uruguay are battering away on the door of the Tahiti defence, Matias Aguirregaray is hauled down and from the following free-kick Nicolas Lodeiro fires over.

  92. 2007: 

    Well then, this should be some interesting half-time analysis - our studio guest Gus Poyet has been sacked as manager of Brighton, the Championship club have confirmed on their Twitter feed.

  93. 2006: 

    What a start then. Two goals already...

  94. 2006:  
    Former Republic of Ireland international Kevin Kilbane on BBC ThreeNigeria 0-1 Spain

    "Jordi Alba got a bit lucky with the nutmeg after shifting it back onto his left foot, but it was a great finish. All of Spain's big players were involved in the build-up, there."

  95. 2005:  
    Martin Keown, BBC SportUruguay 1-0 Tahiti

    "You have to look at the Tahiti coach as well, what sort of information is he giving his players? The roles and responsibilities aren't tied in. Yet when they have the ball they look full of freedom and expression."

  96. 2003: 
    GOAL- Nigeria 0-1 Spain - Jordi Alba

    Yes, yes, yes..Yesss!!! What a goal from Spain left-back Jordi Alba! Spain build in midfield with some typical one-touch stuff, Cesc Fabregas and Andres Iniesta involved, before the ball is laid off to Alba on the left. He has four men around him but is able to slalom through a gap, get the ball back off the shin of a defender and then slot the ball home from 15 yards. Wonderful solo goal!

  97. 2001: 
    GOAL- Uruguay 1-0 Tahiti - Abel Hernandez (2 mins)

    Well that didn't take long did it? Uruguay lead from their first corner, Andreas Scotti flicks it on and Abel Hernandez is unmarked five yards out and heads in.

  98. 2000: 
    KICK-OFF- Uruguay v Tahiti (2000 BST)

    ...and Uruguay kick-off in Recife. A huge cheer goes up as Tahiti get the ball.

  99. 2000: 
    KICK-OFF- Nigeria v Spain (2000 BST)

    Nigeria get us under way in Fortaleza...

  100. 1958: 

    Seun: Nigeria vs Spain is like Bayern vs QPR.

    Bolaji: Nigerian players looking and admiring the Spanish team like OMG I am seeing Iniesta live.

  101. 1957: 
    Nigeria v Spain (2000 BST)

    That Spain XI looks ominously strong as they sweep through their anthem. Can anyone stop this team? Nigeria are next to attempt it. Step one - get the ball...

  102. 1956: 
    Uruguay v Tahiti (2000 BST)

    The crowd in Recife isn't the biggest but they are certainly getting behind the Tahiti anthem as the amateurs belt it out. Can Steevy Chong Hue get on the scoresheet this evening? He's been excellent in both games so far.

  103. 1956:  
    Jonathan Pearce, BBC Match of the Day commentatorUruguay v Tahiti (2000 BST)

    "Inept, chaotic and lovable, Tahiti have conceded 16 goals so far but their part-time players have really enchanted us all and the Brazilian fans will favour them against Uruguay."

  104. 1952: 
    Uruguay v Tahiti (2000 BST)

    Recife hosted a classic game in midweek as Italy beat Japan 4-3 - the crowd are expecting plenty more goals this evening as the sides emerge into the late afternoon sun.

  105. 1951:  
    Former Nigeria striker Efan Ekoku on BBC Three:Nigeria v Spain (2000 BST)

    "Nigeria has a very demanding public in terms of football. The concept of the underdog is a foreign concept in Nigeria. When I first used the term, I was asked 'what type of dog is that?' Nigerians don't understand being second favourites in sports."

  106. 1948: 

    Skipper Conor Coady has headed England into a 1-0 lead at half-time against Iraq in the Under-20s World Cup in Turkey.

  107. 1946: 

    Okechukwu: News making rounds here in Nigeria is that a popular prophet has predicted an 8-0 bashing of the Super Eagles.

    Chiemezie Onwubalili: We (Nigeria) can repeat our 1998 victory here. Who knows? Anything can happen in football.

  108. 1945: 
    Nigeria v Spain (2000 BST)

    Former Uruguay midfielder Gus Poyet on BBC Three: "Cesc Fabregas has always been a provider of goals and arrives late in the box to do it, he likes to have a number nine in front of him like Roberto Soldado. It's a dream position for Soldado, there is no better place to be as a striker than at the top of this Spanish team."

  109. 1944: 

    Build-up to Spain v Nigeria is live now on BBC Three and on the BBC Sport website, while the coverage of Uruguay v Tahiti is about to start live exclusively on the website. Tune in!

  110. 1942: 

    If the Spanish press are to be believed it looks like we have some bad news for Manchester City fans. Marca reckon that Malaga midfielder Isco has decided not to join City and will move to Real Madrid instead.


    Isco had been in sparkling form for Spain during the European Under-21 championships in Israel and if he doesn't come to England he'll be missed. Especially for lovers of a good disco pun like myself.

    The best chant I'd already seen doing the rounds from some City fans was:

    "Let's all have a disco, Silva, Navas, Isco, Yaya Yaya, Yaya Yaya."

  111. 1939: 
    Nigeria v Spain (2000 BST)

    Midfielder Sunday Mba is back in the Nigeria side tonight. He scored twice in the Africa Cup of Nations win earlier this year - both coming on a Sunday. He loves a Sunday, does Sunday. Can he strike again tonight?

  112. 1937:  
    Former Nigeria striker Efan Ekoku on BBC Three:Nigeria v Spain (2000 BST)

    "I don't give Nigeria much chance. They do have one or two good players, but Spain are the absolute best and Nigeria have to play 10 out of 10 for all their players and Spain need to be six out of 10. It can happen, though, as we saw in the 2010 World Cup when Switzerland beat Spain."

  113. 1935: 

    You may recall that we spent a large portion of last night's commentary debating the actions of referee Ravshan Irmatov as Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini scored against Brazil.

    Brazil v Italy

    Irmatov blew his whistle to award Italy a penalty but moments later, as play continued, Chiellini scored. Irmatov was seen pointing at the penalty spot and then giving a goal but has held his hands up it seems.

    "He has admitted he made a mistake," said Fifa spokesman Pekka Odriozola.

    Irmatov, a widely respected referee, had been expected to have a chance to referee the Confederations Cup final but is now expected to be sent home along with his assistants, who also made two key errors in Saturday's game.

  114. 1932: 

    Andrew Priestley: For me, goal of the tournament was Neymar's free-kick last night. Fantastic effort and it left Buffon, one of the greatest keepers, rooted to the spot.

    Scott Cairns: Pirlo's freekick on his 100th cap was the best so far. He seems to be getting better with age. Perfect free-kick, perfect midfielder, perfect beard

    Charlie Neale: Smart by Uruguay. They just need a win, no world record score. It would be foolish not to think about Brazil or Italy midweek.

  115. 1930: 

    Can Nigeria beat Spain? Reply using #YES or #NO to @BBCMOTD or vote here.

    The @BBCMOTD vote will close on the half-time whistle. Votes are tallied by an external company.

  116. 1927: 

    Raj on text: Technically Tahiti aren't out yet.

    Tahiti can indeed still mathematically qualify. Somehow. I think Spain need to beat Nigeria and Tahiti then just need to squeak a 19-0 win and Bob's your uncle...

  117. 1924: 

    England's Under-21 side may have had a shocker in Israel, but the next age group down can try and do their bit for national pride in the Under-20 World Cup in Turkey.

    The youngsters - managed by Peter Taylor - are currently taking on Iraq in tonight's opener. That's the good news. The bad news is that England are on the longest winless run in the history of the tournament. The Three Lions have gone 14 matches since their last victory way back in 1997, when they overcame Mexico 1-0 courtesy of Michael Owen's winner.

    After 25 minutes the score is 0-0.

  118. 1922: 
    REMEMBER 98...- Nigeria v Spain (2000 BST)

    Stephen Keshi's Nigeria side may be rank outsiders but they can take heart from the sides' meeting at World Cup 1998.

    Sunday Oliseh

    In a cracking game which I remember very well, Nigeria beat a Spain side containing Raul, Hierro, Alfonso and Luis Enrique 3-2, with Sunday Oliseh hitting the winner.

    Keshi is rightly refusing to give up hope: "Of course we do have a chance, until the end of the 90 minutes you can't tell what is going to happen," he says.

  119. 1920: 

    Paul on text via 81111: Disrespectful team selection from Uruguay. Hope they mess it up now. What a joke.

  120. 1919: 

    As group stages of tournaments go, this has been right up there I reckon. Even last night delivered the goods in the end after a poor 45 minutes. With Tahiti's entertainers in town this evening we can't fail to be in for goals, but what has been your goal of the tournament so far?

    Neymar's hit three tasty efforts, Diego Forlan rolled back the years with a piledriver against Nigeria, or maybe it was Jonathan Tehau's historic goal for Tahiti which got you most excited?

    Let me know by texting in to 81111 (UK ONLY) or tweet us at #bbcfootball. Pop your name on those messages now won't you? Nice one.

  121. 1918: 

    Spain's clash with Nigeria is live on BBC Three and on the BBC Sport website and app from 1930 BST, while the Uruguay v Tahiti match is live only on the BBC Sport website and BBC Sport app from 1945 BST.

    You won't miss a thing right here.

  122. 1917: 
    LINE-UPS- Nigeria v Spain (2000 BST)

    Nigeria: Enyeama, Oboabona, Echiejile, Ambrose, Omeruo, Mikel, Ogude, Mba, Musa, Ideye, Akpala. Subs: Ejide, Ogu, Egwueke, Mohammed, Kwambe, Ujah, Babatunde, Onazi, Eze, Oduamadi, Benjamin, Agbim.

    Spain: Valdes, Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos, Pique, Jordi Alba, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Fabregas, Soldado. Subs: Casillas, Albiol, Javi Martinez, Azpilicueta, Villa, Torres, Mata, Monreal, Cazorla, Silva, Jesus Navas, Reina.

    Referee: Joel Aguilar (Slovakia)

  123. 1917: 
    Uruguay v Tahiti (2000 BST)

    Edinson Cavani, Diego Forlan, Luis Suarez - there are some seriously potent strikers who have missed out as Uruguay take on the cavalier Tahitians.

    If they don't sort out that 'high line' then I truly fear for Kevin Kilbane's sanity. The poor man must have mentioned it every two or three minutes during Spain's 10-0 romp on Thursday.

    You have to admire Tahiti's approach though, don't you? They give it a real go. And coach Eddy Etaeta is adamant his side will continue with their willingness to put scoring goals before conceding them against Uruguay.

    "We will continue as we've done. We will try and attack, we will be courageous," Etaeta said. "But we will try to be better organized. It's a good thing to attack, but we'll have to be more defensive as well."

    "I hope to concede fewer goals and to score one more goal, which will be history for us if we can score a second goal in three matches in the Confederations Cup."

  124. 1914: 
    LINE-UPS- Uruguay v Tahiti (2000 BST)

    Uruguay: Silva, Aguirregaray, Scotti, Coates, Gargano, Pereira, Eguren, Lodeiro, Perez, Ramirez, Hernandez. Subs: Muslera, Lugano, Godin, Rodriguez, Suarez, Forlan, Maxi Pereira, Arevalo Rios, Gonzalez, Cavani, Caceres, Castillo.

    Tahiti: Meriel, Simon, Vallar, Ludivion, Caroine, Lorenzo Tehau, Aitamai, Jonathan Tehau, Hnanyine, Vahirua, Chong Hue. Subs: Roche, Alvin Tehau, Wagemann, Bourebare, Faatiarau, Teaonui Tehau, Atani, Lemaire, Aroita, Tihoni, Vero, Samin.

    Referee: Pedro Proenca (Portugal)

  125. 1911: 
    Nigeria v Spain (2000 BST)

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports: "Spain re-introduce what is arguably their first team, the same line-up that started their first Confederations Cup game against Uruguay with the exception of Victor Valdes, who replaces Iker Casillas in goal. Only Sergio Ramos remains from the second string that battered Tahiti, becoming the solitary player to start all three group games.

    "Nigeria make two changes to the side that lost to Uruguay. Striker Nnamdi Oduamadi was injured in that match, so is replaced by Joseph Akpala, while in midfield, Sunday Mba comes in for John Ogu."

  126. 1910: 
    Uruguay v Tahiti (2000 BST)

    BBC Sport's Graham Chase reports: "Perhaps with a potential semi-final in mind, Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez has changed his entire side from the 2-1 win over Nigeria. With front three Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and Diego Forlan all rested, Southampton's Gaston Ramirez and Liverpool's Sebastian Coates are among those drafted in.

    "Tahiti coach Eddy Etaeta makes four changes, including using a third goalkeeper of the competition, Gilbert Meriel, as the minnows look to go out on a high."

  127. 1908: 

    If all three teams end up on six points then goal difference comes into play.

    Uruguay will finish above the Africans if their winning margin against Tahiti is five goals greater than Nigeria's against Spain.

    The same equation applies if Uruguay's victory margin is four goals greater, and they score four more goals on the day.

    You got all that? No, me neither. Let's start worrying about it if Nigeria are beating Spain, but basically they have to inflict a heavy defeat on this Spanish side. If they can beat Spain 4-0 tonight then they will have certainly earned a place in the last four.

  128. 1908: 

    Uruguay know that if they beat Tahiti this evening, and Nigeria fail to beat Spain, then it will be the South Americans joining the world and European champions in the semi-finals.

    If Uruguay win, and Nigeria beat Spain, then all three countries will end up on six points. That's when life gets difficult...

  129. 1907: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Uruguay v Tahiti (2000 BST)

    There is no place for Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani or Diego Forlan in the Uruguay XI.

  130. 1905: 

    So who needs what then?

    Let's start with the simple stuff. Tahiti are out. They've won lots of friends but no points, and are going home after they play Uruguay this evening.

    Spain will be in the last four if they get at least a point against Nigeria, or if they lose by up to a three-goal margin.

  131. 1900: 

    After eight days, 10 games, 47 goals and half a million fans, the Confederations Cup has reached the end of the group stages.

    Last night we saw Neymar star once again as Brazil brushed Italy aside to top Group A, but who will they meet in the semi-finals?

    Spain, Uruguay and Nigeria can all mathematically progress from Group B to the last four to face hosts Brazil and Italy - but who will make it? We are about to find out...

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