Confederations Cup: Italy v Brazil & Japan v Mexico

Live text commentary and video as Brazil beat Italy and Mexico beat Japan at the Confederations Cup.

22 June 2013 Last updated at 22:32

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As it happened

  1. 2227: 

    That's Christian Maggio who has nailed down a place in the Italy side for the semi-final then.

    And that is where we say goodbye for the evening. A slow start but we ended up with a goalfest again - and tomorrow we say goodbye to Tahiti.

    Join me for that one, same time, same place. Cheers.

  2. 2224:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in SalvadorINJURY UPDATE

    "Italy coach Cesare Prandelli says Ignazio Abate will miss the rest of the Confederations Cup because of the shoulder injury he picked up in the defeat by Brazil."

  3. 2222: 

    Matt in Guiseley: Disappointing effort with the cartoon football XI - may I propose Betty Boo(ffon) & Postman Pat Nevin! Is Danny Simpson a long, lost relative of Homer?! Has desperation set in?!

  4. 2213: 

    Uruguay's preparations for their match with Tahiti hit a sticky point this afternoon as Diego Forlan and two of his teammates were stuck in a lift at the team hotel for more than 30 minutes.

    Forlan, Diego Perez, Sebastian Eguren and a trainer were heading down from the seventh floor of their hotel in Recife when it stopped working.

    "Well, we joked about it when we heard. The rest of the team was already waiting in the bus," Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez said. "Luckily there was no further inconvenience. Then the jokes continued."

  5. 2210: 

    Evonne O: Shame that Japan will end up with no points as their play in #confeds does not warrant that at all

    Dan Takyi: Naturally, as I used to play in goal, I'm blaming the defence, Buffon's saved it & you have three defenders appealing for offside

    Jawad Kayani: Although Team of Individuals Brazil won the match but they will not survive against the team of collectivism Spain

  6. 2206: 

    How are things shaping up on the Golden Boot front then?I make it that Fernando Torres has four goals, David Villa, Javier Hernandez, Nnamdi Oduamadi and Neymar all have three and David Silva, Mario Balotelli, Fred and Jo both have two.

    Apologies if I've missed anyone, but don't forget that Uruguay have Tahiti still to come so Luis Suarez and co may fancy adding a few...

  7. 2201:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in SalvadorItaly 2-4 Brazil

    "If the first half was a little flat, the second was furious and frantic. The moment of the match had to be that stunning free-kick from Neymar, with the weight of a country's dreams on his shoulders. But Fred had an impressive second half and despite Italy's utter refusal to give this game up, Brazil found a way to win it. Another fantastic evening of entertainment."

  8. 2200: 

    Sean Gillick: That has really shut me up [see 2046], nice second half performance #Fred, Yabadabadoo...

  9. 2158: 

    If you're just tuning in, you can watch Neymar's free-kick on the BBC Sport website right now. Clip-tastic.

  10. 2157:  
    Former Scottish winger Pat Nevin on BBC Three

    "The first half was a bit dull but you cannot argue with the second."

  11. 2156: 

    Ben in London on text via 8111: I think the busiest team in the transfer market now will be Real Madrid, Barca now have Messi and Neymar, who will Real now buy? Bale??

    Italy v Brazil

    Lisa: Hope Italy knock out Spain and we get Brazil v Italy rematch with De Rossi and pirlo. Would be a cracker.

    Dave, Gloucester: Evening Tom- it's not good refereeing, at all. It's terrible. If the whistle has blown, the game has stopped. First mistake was not allowing an advantage to develop; he's compounded that by allowing a goal to stand after the ball was dead. Won't see him in a major tournament again, I'd wager. Very poor.

  12. 2154: 

    A brilliant second 45 minutes then. We hit the goal trail in a big way, as Brazil top Group A and should now avoid Spain in the semi-final.

  13. 2154: 
    FULL-TIME- Italy 2-4 Brazil
  14. 2153: 
    Italy 2-4 Brazil

    Still playing in Salvador as Fred goes chasing a hat-trick but he can't beat the offside trap...

  15. 2152: 

    Dennis Penu: Goals really work the magic in football. It was all dull until the first goal. Now we have an avalanche of goal

    Bob Wetton: Sadly, Buffon showing his age. Seemed very slow to react.

    Oshash: Buffon is due for retirement, just still in goal for Italy due to his fierce acts & motivation #Sentiments

  16. 2151: 
    FULL-TIME- Japan 1-2 Mexico
  17. 2149: 
    GOAL- Italy 2-4 Brazil - Fred (88 mins)

    Brazil wrap it up! Substitute Bernard spins into the left channel before cutting it back to Marcelo, the Real Madrid man fizzes in a low shot which Gianluigi Buffon can only parry back out, and Fred arrives to slot the loose ball home.

    Crisp-packet wrists from Buffon, who's not had a great tournament. The great man may be on the wane?

  18. 2148: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Japan 1-2 Mexico

    Wow! Javier Hernandez's penalty is well saved by Eiji Kawashima, Hernandez gets to the loose ball - but then hammers his shot against the crossbar from four yards!

  19. 2146: 
    PENALTY TO MEXICO- Japan 1-2 Mexico

    Atsuto Uchida wrestles Chicharito the the ground and that's a spot-kick...

  20. 2145: 

    Kevin Threadgold: That was like playground football "penalty!! … no no actually we'll take the goal"

    Larry Kings: For those of you complaining about the Italy goal, remember that Mario Balotelli won't miss the penalty

  21. 2143: 
    CLOSE!- Italy 2-3 Brazil

    Italy are pushing hard for a leveller, as they cut a free-kick back from the right and Mario Balotelli smashes in a shot which spins past the front post. Into the last seven minutes in this one.

  22. 2141: 
    GOAL- Japan 1-2 Mexico - Shinji Okazaki (86 mins)

    Japan do find a way through as Shinji Okazaki arrives on a cross to smash in from close range, A mere consolation or can they find a leveller?

    Japan score
  23. 2140: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Italy 2-3 Brazil

    Italy win a free-kick 35 yards from goal and Mario Balotelli lines it up - he thumps his free-kick into the wall and goes out for a corner.

    The corner comes in - and Italy must score! No! Christian Maggio gets up and hammers a header against the crossbar! He reallyg ot hold of that one.

  24. 2138: 
    Japan 0-2 Mexico

    Japan look a shadow of the team which bossed Italy about for a long spell in midweek. Inconsistent, but they are definitely back in Brazil next year as they have already qualified for the World Cup. If they can find and maintain that 'A' game they could cause a major headache or two.

  25. 2136:  
    BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson on BBC ThreeItaly 2-3 Brazil

    "You can tell by the way Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar reacted, he was convinced that the whistle was blown before the ball went in. He rushed all the way up to the referee on the half-way line. The referee pointed to the penalty spot after the foul on Mario Balotelli and then when the ball went in he decided it was a goal. It was actually good refereeing."

  26. 2136: 
    Italy 2-3 Brazil

    This game has certainly stepped up to the oche since half-time. Hats off to all concerned. We are into the last 15 minutes now - can we get a winner?

  27. 2133:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in SalvadorItaly 2-3 Brazil

    "The crowd chant 'I am a Brazilian and I am proud of it' as Neymar leaves the field with Brazil firmly in control now. Erm ... wait a minute. We have another goal - Italy are refusing to go away here and all of a sudden we still have a bit of a game on here. A little under 20 minutes left."

  28. 2131: 
    GOAL- Italy 2-3 Brazil - Giorgio Chiellini (71 mins)

    All sorts of chaos here! The referee blows his whistle as a corner comes in, before Giorgio Chiellini sweeps the shot into the net. Confusion reigns, but the goal stands. On second viewing, I think the referee had awarded a penalty to Italy for a foul on Mario Balotelli but then allowed the goal to stand. Good refereeing - I think...

    Italy score
  29. 2130: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Italy 1-3 Brazil

    Take a bow Neymar. After another belting goal, the mercurial number 10 is replaced by Bernard.

  30. 2130: 

    Andy Craig: What does Neymar have to do to convince some folk. 3 Goals of absolute quality and 3 more to come in the final against Spain!

    Adam Ward: Confederations Cup has been brilliant so far. So much attacking football

    Andrew Priestley: World class from Neymar. You know it's world class when you leave Buffon looking like a fool. Rooted to the spot

  31. 2129:  
    BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson on BBC ThreeItaly 1-3 Brazil

    "Fred's goal is brilliant because he is under all sorts of pressure from Giorgio Chiellini but it's a great touch and he has to be very, very strong. He wasn't thinking penalty, he was thinking goal."

  32. 2126: 
    GOAL- Italy 1-3 Brazil - Fred (66 mins)

    A superb centre-forward's goal! The big number nine may be falling out of fashion around the world but sometimes you can't beat it. Marcelo looks up from left-back, floats a ball over the top into the run of Fred, who controls on his chest and thigh, outmuscles Giorgio Chiellini before smashing into the roof of the net with his left foot. Outstanding. Unplayable.

  33. 2124: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Italy 1-2 Brazil

    Lovely move from Italy as they break down the left and work the ball into the feet of Mario Balotelli with his back to goal. He has men arriving for the lay-off but Mario goes to ground with Dante at his back. There was a hint of a shirt pull there but the former Manchester City man was looking for the foul.

  34. 2121: 
    GOAL- Japan 0-2 Mexico - Javier Hernandez (66 mins)

    This boy knows where the goal is. Mexico double their lead through Manchester United poacher Javier Hernandez, who finds a pocket of space to meet Hiram Mier's flick on and head in from point-blank range.

  35. 2120: 
    Italy 1-2 Brazil

    Italy raise their tempo again, moving the ball at a much greater pace through the midfield with Christian Maggio offering width down the right. If the game opens up that will only suit Brazil as we enter the final half hour.

  36. 2119:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker, BBC Sport

    "Oh I say!! Neymar bashers hang your heads in shame. What a talent. What a goal."

  37. 2119: 

    Well the first 45 minutes may have been poor but we are in business now...

  38. 2118:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in SalvadorItaly 1-2 Brazil

    "What an incredible moment to witness in the flesh. This boy is about as big a star as it is possible to be in Brazil but in this tournament he has taken things to a whole new level. The whole stadium bristled with expectation as he lined that free-kick up. When he struck there was an intake of breath and when it ripped the net, this stadium just erupted, the Brazil bench came flooding onto the field and fireworks crackled all around the stadium. An incredible moment."

  39. 2117:  
    BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson on BBC ThreeItaly 1-2 Brazil

    "Gianluigi Buffon doesn't see any of the ball there, even though he was on the same side of the goal. The free-kick was absolutely brilliantly executed by Neymar."

  40. 2115: 
    GOAL- Italy 1-2 Brazil - Neymar (55 mins)

    This Neymar is ney bad is he? Brilliant. Barcelona's new man shows once more that he is worth the dosh as he brings up his third of the tournament with a lovely free-kick, whipping the ball over the wall and right into the top corner, beating Gigi Buffon for pace.

    He then celebrates with a Samba version of Chris Waddle & Terry Butcher's dance from World Cup 90.

  41. 2114:  
    BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson on BBC ThreeItaly 1-1 Brazil

    "It was Mario Balotelli's flick from a route-one ball, and he's copped an injury for it as well. No-one goes to close Emanuele Giaccherini and what a finish! Look at the space he had, though."

  42. 2111: 
    GOAL- Italy 1-1 Brazil - Emanuele Giaccherini (51 mins)

    We've gone goal crazy! Mario Balotelli flicks the ball on with a lovely backheel and Emanuele Giaccherini is in down the right wing. Thiago Silva doesn't know whether to close him down or watch the man in the middle, he decides to hold station and Giaccherini takes full advantage, smashing the ball across goal and into the corner. Game on now.

  43. 2111: 

    Will Italy score against Brazil? Reply using #YES or #NO to @BBCMOTD or go here.

    Voting will close on the full-time whistle or if Italy score (whichever is earliest) Votes are tallied by an external company.

  44. 2109: 
    GOAL- Japan 0-1 Mexico - Javier Hernandez (54 mins)

    Having found themselves under pressure for long spells in the first half, Mexico have taken the lead thanks to Javier Hernandez.

    The Manchester United striker timed his run to perfection to meet Andres Guardado's excellent cross. It is Hernandez's second goal of the tournament and Mexico's first from open play. Japan will finish bottom of Group A unless they can respond quickly.

  45. 2108:  
    Gary Lineker, BBC Sport

    Brazil set to bring on Martin Keown in the 2nd half

    Watch Martin Keown's defending masterclass

  46. 2106: 
    KICK-OFF- Italy 0-1 Brazil

    Brazil get us back under way, with Oscar having a shot straight from kick-off, it's right at Gigi Buffon though.

  47. 2105: 

    David Luiz has an icepack on his thigh as the players emerge for the second half. Can Italy raise their game or will they settle for no more injuries ahead of a potential meeting with Spain?

  48. 2105:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills on BBC ThreeItaly 0-1 Brazil

    "The only issue that Italy have is that that they have tired in this heat before and they have made two substitutes already. Maybe now they will save their energy for the semi-finals, but for the sake of this game hopefully they won't."

  49. 2101: 
    KICK-OFF- Japan 0-0 Mexico

    Back under way in Belo Horizonte, where the floodlights are on, it's 1700 local time.

  50. 2059:  
    Former Scottish winger Pat Nevin on BBC ThreeItaly 0-1 Brazil

    "Neymar has been riled a bit, he's had a few heavy tackles this half and he'll have to get used to that when he plays for Barcelona because he'll get more of that when he plays European football."

  51. 2056: 
    Italy 0-1 Brazil

    Italy coach Cesare Prandelli's chance to change this game have been hampered by the fact that he had to make two early subs through injury. He may have to just give his lads a verbal rocket and hope they respond.

  52. 2056:  
    Danny Mills on BBC ThreeItaly 0-1 Brazil

    "Brazil came out of the traps quickly but Italy were awful, they were sloppy and they just kept giving the ball away time and time again. The Italy coach would have said before the game, don't give this crowd any encouragement, keep it simple, keep it tight but they did the exact opposite. They settled down after that but they were lucky to get away with that slow start."

  53. 2054: 

    Phil, Poole: Fred Flintsone and The Hulk on the same pitch? How about a full cartoon football XI?

    You're on Phil...

  54. 2052:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in SalvadorItaly 0-1 Brazil

    "Not a classic half of football but the people of Salvador don't care. Luiz Felipe Scolari's team-talk may just have changed after that late intervention from the substitute Dante. It was a wonderful save by Buffon from Fred's initial header but there was nothing he could do about the follow-up. A word too for boy wonder, it was Neymar who delivered that delightful free kick that led to the goal. For once the noise all around me now, is fireworks, not rubber bullets. The people of Brazil are looking to the Selecao for inspiration and for now they are bringing joy back to the country after a week of troubles."

  55. 2052: 

    Adrian Tang: Ah great save Buffon, really unlucky on the follow up though. Well done Dante

    Ben Winfield: The Japan v Mexico game is a let down for football, the world is watching and this has been a poor game. Just terrible

  56. 2051: 

    The @BBCMOTD vote is now closed. 74% of you replied #NEYMAR when asked: "Who has impressed you more? #NEYMAR or #BALOTELLI?" - Thanks for voting.

  57. 2050: 

    If ever we needed a goal it was tonight. Two very average halves of football, but will that goal from Dante kick us into gear? As it stands Brazil will top Group A, with Italy set to face Spain in the semi-finals. Potentially.

  58. 2049:  
    BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson on BBC ThreeItaly 0-1 Brazil

    "Gianluigi Buffon makes a really good save but it was a free header for Fred, Giorgio Chiellini was just half a yard short. It was a good finish by Dante, though."

  59. 2047: 
    GOAL- Italy 0-1 Brazil - Dante (45 mins)

    From nothing we have a goal! Neymar whips in a great free-kick from the left, Fred loses his man to flick in a header which Gigi Buffon palms clear, but only in to the path of substitute Dante - and the Bayern Munich man slams in with his left peg.

  60. 2046: 

    Luke Dady: Let's be honest, Italy miss Pirlo so much, whilst Brazil playing Neymar narrow hasn't worked. Bad pitch also taking its toll

    Sean Gillick: I assume Fred has his name because he moves around like his Flintstone namesake up front. Surely Brazil have a better forward

    Matty Burns: Forget the inclusion of Tahiti, it is performances like this from the big guns that devalue the competition.

  61. 2046: 
    HALF-TIME- Japan 0-0 Mexico
  62. 2045: 
    YELLOW CARD- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    A booking is as close as we are getting to a highlight right now as Luis Gustavo cynically holds his man back and goes into the book.

  63. 2043: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Japan 0-0 Mexico

    A spark at last, and it comes from Mexico! Andres Guardado loses his marker to meet a cross with a flying header, he beats the keeper but smacks his effort against the far post. He did brilliantly to get there - but once he did, he really should score. Big, big chance!

  64. 2043:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in SalvadorItaly 0-0 Brazil

    "David Luiz looks gutted to be missing out on this one. I can see him down below me and he has stayed on the bench to watch this game, which perhaps hints that the decision to take him off was a precaution, nothing more. He has been waving to the crowd and giving them the thumbs up. Save for a tremendous opening, this game just hasn't quite settled down yet. Lots of possession, a couple of delightful moments of skill, notably Oscar's flick for Neymar, but no real pattern."

  65. 2042: 

    Into the last five minutes of both of tonight's games...

  66. 2041:  
    BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson on BBC ThreeItaly 0-0 Brazil

    "That was a bad tackle by Claudio Marchisio on Oscar. It was a free shot, almost."

  67. 2040: 
    YELLOW CARD- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    Claudio Marchisio is putting himself about in the Italy midfield and he goes into the book for clattering Oscar. Italy are understandably missing Daniele de Rossi and Andrea Pirlo.

  68. 2038: 

    Dan Takyi: Don't let Maggio have a penalty, he sounds a bit too much like Baggio

    Andrew Shaw: Brazil going to walk this. Italy looking a bit nervous.

  69. 2035: 
    Japan 0-0 Mexico

    Nothing much going on in the other game in Group A either. This tournament has been quality so far but we're not flying tonight. Lift it!

  70. 2033: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    They're dropping like flies out there, it's like a Lions Test match. David Luiz has to come off after that earlier knock as Bayern Munich man Dante takes his place at the back.

  71. 2031: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    And that's two early changes for Italy as Ignazio Abate has to go off with a suspected dislocated shoulder. Christian Maggio comes on in his place.

  72. 2030: 
    YELLOW CARD- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    Neymar goes into the book for a late challenge on Italy's right-back Ignazio Abate - who is struggling here...

  73. 2030: 
    CLOSE!- Japan 0-0 Mexico

    Over in Belo Horizonte there is another chance for Japan. This time Keisuke Honda is thwarted by goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa who dives to keep out the CSKA Moscow player's 22-yard attempt. It is still 0-0. But are Japan going to rue these missed opportunities?

  74. 2028: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    Italy make an early change as Emmanuele Giaccherini - who was outstanding against Mexico in their opener - is on in place of Riccardo Montolivo. Not sure if that was an injury or a tactical change.

  75. 2026:  
    BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson on BBC ThreeItaly 0-0 Brazil

    "That's the first time in the game that Brazil have shown some outstanding football. It was a fantastic flick from Oscar through to Neymar."

  76. 2024: 
    CLOSE!- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    Here we go, this is more like it! Oscar unlocks that stubborn Italian defence with a deft flick around the corner to play Neymar into space, he couldn't be in better nick as a forward but for once miscues his shot wide. Good chance for the boy wonder.

  77. 2022: 
    Japan 0-0 Mexico

    Stuttgart's Shinji Okazaki is proving a constant menace to the Mexico defence. A determined run sees him glide past Hector Moreno into the penalty area before going agonisingly close to scoring his second goal of the tournament. It remains 0-0 but for how much longer? Japan are well on top.

  78. 2021: 
    Italy 0-0 Brazil

    Marcelo does his best to end the stalemate as Brazil's left-back slaloms past a weak tackle on the edge of the box and slips a clever pass in to the feet of Fred. Fred looks to flip the pass back but it's well cut out in the nick of time. Twenty minutes gone.

  79. 2019:  
    Ben Smith BBC Sport in SalvadorItaly 0-0 Brazil

    "Fascinating opening to this game. Brazil flew out of the traps lifted by yet another incredible and emotional rendition of the national anthem, the words of which are especially poignant at the moment. But since then, Italy have just tried to take the sting and the pace out of the game, taking their time at set-pieces, slowing everything down all in an attempt to calm his crowd in Salvador. They have even created the odd chance or two. Brazil want to play at pace, but Italy know if they allow that to happen there is only one winner."

  80. 2018: 
    CLOSE!- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    Brazil forward Hulk does well to track his man back down the line but then ruins it by falling over and allowing Claudio Marchisio in on goal. He squares from the left for Mario Balotelli - who is well closed down by David Luiz who blocks his shot.

  81. 2017: 
    Japan 0-0 Mexico

    Not much action in the other game either but Javier Hernandez is looking dangerous for Mexico, the Manchester United man looking to get in behind the Japan defence.

  82. 2015: 
    Italy 0-0 Brazil

    David Luiz has been in the wars so far - he's nursing a broken nose coming in to the game and now he's down holding his thigh. Looks like a dead leg.

  83. 2013: 

    Matt Graham: So apparently with Pirlo out of the side none of the Italians know how to pass the ball.

    Sean Whittall: Sometimes I look at Hulk and think its a shame he was born in Brazil. He'd make a fine rugby player. Pace and power.

    Sam Winter: Balotelli is class. Needed to be playing as a main striker in the premier league like he does for Italy.

  84. 2012: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Japan 0-0 Mexico

    Japan find the Mexico net but Shinji Okazaki's attempt is ruled out by an offside flag. The forward bundles in a loose ball but he was beyond the last man. Mexico are living dangerously in the Estadio Mineirao.

  85. 2012: 
    Italy 0-0 Brazil

    Scrappy stuff at the minute as both sides trade fouls. It's more World Cup 94 than World Cup 82 so far.

  86. 2010:  
    BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson on BBC ThreeItaly 0-0 Brazil

    "Hulk; you've never seen a player more suitably named, apart from maybe [Robbie] Savage."

  87. 2009: 
    YELLOW CARD- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    David Luiz gets himself an early booking for a stupid foul on Mario Balotelli. The Chelsea man just clatters into the back of the striker and deserves a yellow card.

    Italy have weathered that early storm and are starting to take control in midfield.

    Luiz and Balotelli
  88. 2008: 

    Tokunbo: Italy asleep at the back. Not something you think would ever happen.

    Damian Fogarty: Just sat to watch Brazil vs Italy. More action in first minute than many premier league first halves

  89. 2008: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Japan 0-0 Mexico

    So close for Japan. So close for Shinji Kagawa. The Manchester United midfielder is presented with a great chance to fire his side into a fifth-minute lead against Mexico but his poke towards the net is blocked by goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. Let off for Mexico.

  90. 2006:  
    BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson on BBC ThreeItaly 0-0 Brazil

    "Brazil have started fast again; Hulk has started down the left with Neymar playing a slightly different role in the position that his shirt suggests: number 10."

  91. 2004: 
    Italy 0-0 Brazil

    I don't think Italy have had a touch yet - it's wave upon wave of attacks from Brazil as they look to overwhelm their opponents. Italy hanging on in there though as Alberto Aquilani decides to take the direct route and just foul Neymar. The free-kick comes to nothing though.

  92. 2002: 
    CLOSE!- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    Italy are left sleeping as Brazil go close twice! First, Oscar nips in past a dozy defence before Giorgio Chiellini comes to the rescue with a fine sliding tackle, and then Hulk hammers in a low shot seconds later which forces Gigi Buffon into a smart stop. Brazil know how to start a match!

  93. 2001: 
    KICK-OFF- Italy 0-0 Brazil

    Neymar struggles to hear the referee's whistle as the noise is so loud in Salvador - but we are off.

  94. 2000: 
    KICK-OFF- Japan 0-0 Mexico

    Mexico get us under way in Belo Horizonte...

  95. 1958: 

    Edmund on text: Glad to see Hernanes starting. Some of his performances for Lazio have been stunning, and I'm hoping he puts himself in the shop window. Think he'd suit Chelsea.

  96. 1955: 

    The Italians always belt out a good anthem and they are in sound voice again, with Gigi Buffon leading the way as usual. That man can sing an anthem with the very best.

    In the other game Mexico are in all white tonight and they give it the full beans as well. Top antheming.

  97. 1954:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills on BBC ThreeItaly v Brazil (2000 BST)

    "How do you stop Neymar? When I was playing, you could get stuck in and almost give a player like that a whack. The way the game has changed you can't go near them and there are more tricks from players now. You have to stop it at source."

  98. 1954:  
    Former Scottish winger Pat Nevin on BBC ThreeItaly v Brazil (2000 BST)

    "Mario Balotelli looks at home in this tournament. He has played as a lone striker and has grown into that role. His mental attitude looks right and that is the most important thing for him. You will know if he going to play well today after 10 minutes."

  99. 1953: 
    Italy v Brazil (2000 BST)

    Here come the players then, emerging from the tunnel to chants of 'Brasil, Brasil!'

    It's an expectant crowd for the hosts in Salvador.

    Brazil team
  100. 1946:  
    Ben Smith BBC Sport in BrazilItaly v Brazil (2000 BST)

    "It is very warm winter's day here in Salvador. Temperatures are in the low 30s, but once again the humidity is likely to prove the more difficult factor, especially for the Italians who said themselves they struggled against Japan in the week. The Azzuri line-up has just been read out. Most players were booed, some got polite applause. Balotelli got a massive roar that rumbled around this stadium for a good 15 seconds. They just love him here."

  101. 1946: 

    Kabir SB on text: Best moment has to be Pirlo's goal on his 100th cap. Perfect free-kick, perfect occasion, perfect player.

  102. 1944: 

    Brazilian football expert Tim Vickery: "In 2007 the Brazilian public were told that private money would be spent on the stadiums and public money would left alone but that hasn't happened. Now they have first-world stadiums but third-world public services."

  103. 1944: 
    Italy v Brazil (2000 BST)

    Less than 20 minutes away from kick-off now then in Salvador and Belo Horizonte. The tournament has delivered the goods so far, but we've not yet seen a 'goal-line incident'.

    After all the fuss and intrigue surrounding the decision to allow the technology for the first time it would be a shame if the system went untested throughout. Maybe tonight is the night...

  104. 1938:  
    Ben Smith BBC Sport in BrazilItaly v Brazil (2000 BST)

    "There are so many fascinating subplots and key battles but Italy are without Andrea Pirlo (injured) and Daniele De Rossi (suspended) as they attempt to beat Brazil for the first time since 1982. The Selecao remain a formidable proposition on home soil and have only lost one competitive match at home in the past 50 years, against Peru in the 1975 Copa America. Given the events of the past 10 days, the national team remains a focal point that unifies the nation like nothing else. Brazil expects."

    Brazil fan
  105. 1937:  
    Danny Mills on BBC ThreeItaly v Brazil (2000 BST)

    "I think tonight's game will be fascinating. Neither team will want to finish second in the group and they both want to avoid Spain in the semi-final. What the Brazilian public expect from their team is not just winning football but amazing winning football."

  106. 1936: 
    Roberto Baggio

    Tom Bishop from Southampton on text: As a four year old I attempted to grow a Baggio ponytail. Maybe I should give it another go!

    It's a strong look Tom. Give it a bash...

  107. 1934: 
    LAST TIME OUT- Italy v Brazil (2000 BST)

    Italy and Brazil met in the group stages of the last Confederations Cup as well, in 2009. Brazil were comfortable winners, strolling to a 3-0 win in Pretoria thanks to a brace from Luis Fabiano and an own goal from ex-Liverpool man Andrea Dossena.

  108. 1933: 
    Italy v Brazil (2000 BST)

    BBC Sport's Jason Mohammad in Salvador: "Neymar, Oscar & Jo are getting all the headlines in Brazil but tonight keep your eye on Bayern Munich's Luiz Gustavo. He's a player.

    "There were lots of riot police around the stadium but on our way in it all looked pretty relaxed.

    "There were two signs which said "Fora Copa" "Fora Fifa" - out with the Cup - out with Fifa."


    Who has impressed you more? Neymar or Mario Balotelli? Reply using #NEYMAR or #BALOTELLI to @BBCMOTD or go here.

    The @BBCMOTD vote will close on the half-time whistle. Votes are tallied by an external company.

  110. 1930: 
    Italy v Brazil (2000 BST)

    Don't be fooled into thinking that there is nothing to play for this evening in Salvador.

    Fernando Torres

    The winner tonight - or Brazil if the match ends in a draw - will face the runners-up in Group B in a semi-final in Belo Horizonte on Wednesday evening.

    The losers - or Italy if the match ends in a draw - will face the winners of Group B in a semi-final in Fortaleza on Thursday evening.

    That is particularly important as the winners of Group B are likely to be Spain. And nobody wants to be playing them...

  111. 1927:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in SalvadorItaly v Brazil (2000 BST)

    "The Brazil team have just walked out onto the field to the most impassioned roar you are likely to hear at a football ground. Italy are also out on the field, warming up away to my left. Neymar, the man of the moment, is out in front of me close to the centre circle in his bright orange boots. It always strikes me when I see Luiz Felipe Scolari out on the field laying the cones for the warm-up himself that he doesn't leave anything to chance."

    Brazil fans
  112. 1927: 

    Almost there then - coverage of Italy v Brazil starts at 1930 on BBC Three and here on the BBC Sport website, while coverage of Japan v Mexico is on the website and on the Red Button from 1945.

  113. 1924: 

    Alan Dawson on text via 81111: Best game has been Japan vs. Italy. Astonishingly superb game. Spain to win the Cup by boring Brazil into defeat.

  114. 1924: 

    Off the pitch all has not been well in Brazil of course, with Italy barring their players from leaving their Salvador hotel for safety reasons this week.

    Security advisors have told the Azzurri they should not venture onto the city's streets, as protests that have marred the Confederations Cup continue.

    Hopefully we will have no further incidents this evening and can focus on the match itself.

  115. 1922: 
    Japan v Mexico (2000 BST)
    Manchester United's Javier Hernandez (l) and Shinji Kagawa

    The last time Javier Hernandez and Shinji Kagawa played together was in Sir Alex Ferguson's final game in charge of Manchester United at The Hawthorns on 19 May.

    Both scored in the 5-5 draw against West Bromwich Albion yet the Old Trafford team-mates will find themselves on opposing sides in the 62,547-capacity Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte.

    Hernandez, 25, has scored Mexico's only goal of the tournament so far, a penalty against Italy, while Kagawa, 24, found the net in Japan's entertaining 4-3 defeat to Italy on 19 June.

  116. 1920: 

    Alexander Graham: Best moment in Confederations Cup so far: Tahiti's goal by Tehau. Tahiti have given a great example of themselves.

  117. 1919:  
    Ben Smith BBC Sport in Brazil

    "There is a sense of calm in the streets around the stadium here in Salvador. One of the groups that began the demonstrations, in Sao Paulo, has announced it will no longer protest. Others are beginning to follow suit, but some activists are planning to march in Salvador today although they have said they do not plan to walk towards the stadium. It is too early to predict the end of the ugly scenes we have seen over the past week or so but there is just the sense that things may be calming down."

    Feature: 'War zone' Brazil hopeful of World Cup success

    Brazil police
  118. 1918: 
    Italy v Brazil (2000 BST)

    In Salvador, Italy and Brazil are both out warming up at the Arena Fonte Nova. Mario Balotelli gets a huge welcome from the crowd - but that is dwarfed by the ovation as Hulk leads Brazil out on to the pitch. Brazil have not lost to Italy since 1982 and their fans don't expect them to start now.

  119. 1917: 
    Japan v Mexico (2000 BST)

    Southampton's Maya Yoshida makes way as Japan look to avoid finishing bottom of Group A, one of three changes made by manager Alberto Zaccheroni after the 4-3 defeat by Italy on 19 June.

    Schalke's Atsuto Uchida and Wolfsburg's Makoto Hasebe also make way, with Hajime Hosogai, Yuzo Kurihara and Gotoku Sakai starting in Belo Horizonte. Manchester United's Shinji Kagawa keeps his place.

  120. 1916: 
    Japan v Mexico (2000 BST)

    Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez keeps his place as Mexico make four changes to the side that lost 2-0 to hosts Brazil on 19 June.

    Raul Jimenez, a member of Mexico's 2012 Olympic gold medal winning team, starts his first game of the tournament, while Jesus Zavala, Diego Reyes and goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa also come into the team.

  121. 1915:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in SalvadorItaly v Brazil (2000 BST)

    "David Luiz starts despite that broken nose and Hernanes for Paulinho is the only change to the Brazil side that has beaten Mexico and Japan. Alberto Aquilani starts for Italy with Mario Balotelli also in from the start. Gianluigi Buffon captains the Italians."

  122. 1914: 
    LINE-UPS- Japan v Mexico (2000 BST)

    Japan: Kawashima, Hiroki Sakai, Kurihara, Konno, Nagatomo, Hosogai, Endo, Okazaki, Honda, Kagawa, Maeda. Subs: Nishikawa, Inoha, Gotuko Sakai, Uchida, Kiyotake, Havenaar, Nakamura, Inui, Takahashi, Yoshida, Gonda.

    Mexico: Ochoa, Mier, Moreno, Reyes, Torres, Torrado, Zavala, Jimenez, Giovani, Guardado, Hernandez. Subs: Corona, Rodriguez, Salcido, Molina, Barrera, Reyna, De Nigris, Aquino, Meza, Herrera, Flores, Talavera.

    Referee: Felix Brych (Germany)

  123. 1914: 
    LINE-UPS- Italy v Brazil (2000 BST)

    Italy: Buffon, Abate, Bonucci, De Sciglio, Chiellini, Candreva, Aquilani, Marchisio, Montolivo, Diamanti, Balotelli. Subs: Sirigu, Maggio, Astori, Giovinco, Gilardino, El Shaarawy, Barzagli, Cerci, Giaccherini, Marchetti.

    Brazil: Julio Cesar, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Luiz, Marcelo, Gustavo, Hernanes, Hulk, Oscar, Neymar, Fred. Subs: Jefferson, Fernando, Lucas Moura, Dante, Filipe Luis, Jean, Rever, Bernard, Jo, Jadson, Cavalieri.

    Referee: Ravshan Irmatov (Uzbekistan)

  124. 1912:  
    Ben Smith BBC Sport in BrazilItaly v Brazil (2000 BST)

    "Welcome to Salvador for what is undoubtedly the pick of the group matches here in Brazil. I have just come back in from a stroll around the magnificent Arena Fonte Nova and there is a mood of celebration and joy on the streets, in stark contrast to the widespread and violent protests that took place here on Thursday. More demonstrations are planned here today but very few are expected to take part. Today is about football and when Brazil play, this country stops and watches."

    Arena Fonte Nova
  125. 1911: 

    It's been a cracking tournament so far, with plenty of goals, flicks, controversy and skill to admire.

    But what has been your highlight so far? And who do you think will win the tournament?

    Let me know by texting in to 81111 (UK Only) - with your names on there - or sending us a tweet to #bbcfootball.

  126. 1910: 
    Japan v Mexico (2000 BST)

    I can't really dress up tonight's other game though. There is nothing but pride to play for between Mexico and Japan, who are pointless after two defeats so far.

    Japan were outstanding for long periods against Italy on Wednesday night and came very close to winning on more than one occasion. Can they bow out on a high?

  127. 1908: 
    Italy v Brazil (2000 BST)

    Italy and Brazil have already booked their places in the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup with two wins from two games apiece.

    Hosts Brazil have started both games superbly so far, with Neymar bagging an early goal before they stuttered somewhat late on in wins over Mexico and Japan.

    Italy were solid if not spectacular against the Mexicans before playing their part in a cracking game against Japan, riding their luck at times in a 4-3 win in the game of the tournament. So far...

  128. 1905: 

    There have been some classic encounters between these two giants down the years - let's forget all about the 1994 final - but what are your favourite memories of the meetings?

    Roberto Baggio

    Could it be Carlos Alberto's fourth goal for Brazil in Mexico in 1970, Pele's towering header in the same game, Paolo Rossi's hat-trick in 1982, or Gianluca Pagliuca's goalie top in the 94 final? Which was extraordinary...

    You can watch highlights of all three of those games on the BBC Sport website right now to get you in the mood.

  129. 1900: 
    Roberto Baggio

    Rossi. Socrates. Baggio. Romario. Bebeto. Baresi. Maldini. Jairzinho.


    Pele. Carlos Alberto. Zico. Zoff. Tardelli. Riva. 'The greatest team to never win the World Cup.'

    Missed penalties. Controversial hat-tricks. That lay-off.

    Brazil and Italy have got plenty of history, and with nine World Cup titles and three Confederations Cup wins between them they have plenty of pedigree.

    Mario Balotelli

    Can the classes of 2013 deliver another classic chapter?

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