Confederations Cup - Spain v Uruguay, Mexico v Italy

Live text commentary as a fluent Spain defeat Uruguay after Italy overcome Mexico at the Confederations Cup.

17 June 2013 Last updated at 01:21

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As it happened

  1. 0120: 

    But that's a wrap from day two of the Confederations Cup. See you tomorrow - or technically later on today - for the debut of Tahiti. The big one.

  2. 0119: 

    Highlights of Spain's brilliant display against Uruguay are now up on the website. Some of the passing and moving were different class, while Luis Suarez's free-kick was sensational.

  3. 0116: 

    Just the one game tomorrow as Nigeria take on minnows Tahiti in Belo Horizonte. That's a 2000 BST kick-off and we'll of course bring you all the live action on the website and on BBC Three.

  4. 0109: 

    Incredibly the last team to beat Spain were England - back in November 2011. Remember that one? Me neither. Frank Lampard scored the only goal in a 1-0 win at Wembley. Tahiti will be asking Frank for some pointers.

  5. 0106:  
    Alan Shearer, BBC SportSpain 2-1 Uruguay

    On Spain's prospects at the Confederations Cup: "I have no doubt at all that they are in this competition to win it."

  6. 0105: 

    Paul: Spain's weakness is arrogantly taking their foot off gas. Could have thrown it away again at the end. Literally their only fault.

  7. 0103: 
    Former Uruguay international Gus Poyet on BBC SportSpain 2-1 Uruguay

    On Spain's prospects at the Confederations Cup: "They have too much quality, with all their players on the bench - they are definitely the team to beat."

  8. 0102: 
    Luis Suarez

    Richard Powell: Suarez would be the biggest loss to the Premier League since Thierry Henry. Love him, or hate him, you just have to watch him!

    Shohidur Rahman: How bad have the referees been so far? Blatant reds not given.

  9. 0059: 

    Can anyone beat this Spain side at this tournament? After that display you'd have to say you very much doubt it.

  10. 0058:  
    Alan Shearer, BBC SportSpain 2-1 Uruguay

    On Luis Suarez's performance for Uruguay: "This is the life of a centre-forward - he had a bad night, his touch was off and he didn't look happy for some reason - but with his free-kick a couple of minutes from time, he showed us what he is capable of. That free-kick was at least as good as Andrea Pirlo's for Italy earlier."

  11. 0057: 

    Thanks for voting in reply to the Match of the Day question. 66% believe that the current Spanish team is #Better than the side that won Euro 2012.

  12. 0057: 
    Former Uruguay international Gus Poyet on BBC SportSpain 2-1 Uruguay

    "Spain deserved their win. Unfortunately in the second half we didn't see much of them because they did not go looking for another goal and instead they were passing sideways. So, when Uruguay did score, that meant we had an interesting last five minutes."

  13. 0053: 
    Spain 2-1 Uruguay

    Spain were utterly dominant throughout but that late goal from Luis Suarez could be a warning to them. For all their control they never put the game to bed and they need to put three or four past teams when they can.

  14. 0052: 

    The vote on how this Spanish team compares to the side that won Euro 2012 is now closed. We will announce the result shortly.

  15. 0052:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-1 Uruguay

    On Spain's penalty appeal: "That was a clear foul on Roberto Soldado. Strikers do not go down in those situations accidentally."

  16. 0051: 
    FULL-TIME- Spain 2-1 Uruguay
  17. 0050: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Spain 2-1 Uruguay

    Uruguay are flooding forward now and Spain pick them off. Juan Mata frees Roberto Soldado who is in, he is just about to pull the trigger when Alvaro Gonzalez brings him down - is that a penalty and a red card? No! Neither given. Spain can't believe that.

  18. 0050: 

    Rich Canton: Amazing. Pirlo's free kick wasn't even the best free kick of the night.

    James Stevenson: Thought Pirlo's free kick earlier was good but that Suarez one is even better! What a goal. What a player.

    Jay P: Two perfect free-kicks today in the Confederations Cup.

  19. 0048: 
    Spain 2-1 Uruguay

    What a goal that was. That's two superb free-kicks in one night. Add in Neymar's rocket in the opener and the Confed Cup goal of the tournament contest will take some winning!

  20. 0047:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-1 Uruguay

    On Suarez's goal: "That was an absolutely perfect free-kick, all aspects of it. There was no chance for Ilker Casillas, it was right inside his post."

  21. 0046: 
    GOAL- Spain 2-1 Uruguay - Luis Suarez (88 mins)

    The great goals keep coming in this Confederations Cup! He's not had a sniff all game but all of a sudden Luis Suarez is right at it, bending a beautiful free-kick from 30 yards over the wall and right into the top corner. That was immaculate. Can Uruguay salvage the unlikeliest of draws here?

  22. 0045: 
    Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Sergio Ramos fouls Luis Suarez, and somehow isn't booked. He has rattled up the fouls tonight.

  23. 0043: 
    FINAL FIVE- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Into the last five then.

  24. 0041:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    "It has been a 2-0 massacre by Spain."

  25. 0040: 

    Daz in North Wales: Spain will soon be world champions, European champions, under 21 champions and the confederation cup champions.....they are getting a bit like the Harlem Globetrotters.

  26. 0038: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Into the last 10 then. As with every game so far this one has slowed down a great deal in the second half and we are rather limping towards the full-time whistle.

    Chelsea forward Juan Mata gets a run out in place of Pedro.

  27. 0034: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Not a bad sub to come on eh? Spain give Xavi a rest for the last 15 as Javi Martinez comes on.

  28. 0033:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    "Edinson Cavani has not been in this game for Uruguay, but this has not been a night to be a striker against Spain."

  29. 0033: 

    Sergio Ramos is the latest man to put in a dodgy challenge, the ball runs away from him and he goes in two-footed on Nicolas Lodeiro. He wins the ball but his challenge starts a melee and plenty of pushing and shoving, there's no card for Ramos though. Lucky boy.

  30. 0030: 

    Martin Caceres, what are you doing! The Uruguay defender's shorts are actually touching his socks. He looks like an NBA player...

  31. 0028: 
    YELLOW CARD- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Alvaro Arbeloa goes into the book for a nasty challenge, right on the ankle of Nicolas Lodeiro in the middle of the park. There are 20 minutes left boys and girls.

  32. 0027: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Here comes Diego Forlan then, he's on for Uruguay in place of Diego Perez. Forlan is nicknamed 'the chorizo' in his homeland for his ability to liven up a dull game.

    That's not actually true but it could take off...

  33. 0026: 
    Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Apparently Uruguay substitute Cristian Rodriguez is nicknamed 'the onion' as he makes defenders cry. Brilliant. There are just not enough food-based nicknames in the game.

  34. 0025:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    On that Pedro miss: "That was superb football again by Spain in the build-up but not the right connection by Pedro in front of goal. He caught it on the bottom of his boot, and with his studs."

  35. 0023: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Arsenal present replaces Arsenal past as Santi Cazorla comes on for Cesc Fabregas. What an hour from Cesc, truly brilliant stuff.

  36. 0022: 
    CLOSE!- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Outrageous from Cesc Fabregas as he flops a first-time pass over the top with the outside of his boot right into the run of Jordi Alba, who tries to find Andres Iniesta in the middle but it runs to Pedro - who scuffs his shot wide.

  37. 0020: 

    Dov Shlomowitz: Uruguay simply a tactical failure. Bayern got it right. No generosity of space, constant pressing, taking the game to Barca.

    Ben Watson: Spain boring, Uruguay are pigeons. Flapped it tonight, no fight whatsoever.

    Kevin Armstrong: Words can't describe how good Iniesta is!

  38. 0019: 
    Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Into the last half hour in Recife and the pattern of play is the same as it's been all night. Uruguay are chasing shadows as Spain work the ball around at ease.

  39. 0018:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    "Playing Spain is like playing against fog. You cannot do anything about it."

  40. 0017: 

    James, South Wales: It is scientifically impossible to tackle Iniesta.

    Matt in Newcastle: Surely this Spanish side are going to run Brazil ragged when they meet in the competition!?


    How does this Spanish team compare to the side that won Euro 2012? Click here to vote

  42. 0017: 

    For our final Match of the Day question today, we want your view on how this Spanish team compares to the side that won Euro 2012? Reply using #Better or #Worse to @BBCMOTD or Click here to vote.

    The vote will close on the full-time whistle and we will announce the results later in the text commentary. Please note that votes are tallied by an external company, which uses IP addresses and cookies to process the results. For more information click here.

  43. 0015: 

    Konrad Debniak: Never seen a player do the little drop of the shoulder as good as Iniesta does, frightening!

    Ewhuiihdwilfhwref S: Even the Spain Under-21s would be winning tonight.

  44. 0014: 
    CLOSE!- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Xavi to Cesc Fabregas, to Andres Iniesta - Uruguay aren't the first or the last side to come apart under pressure from that trio. Iniesta is the latest to threaten as he rolls from right to left and shoots low just past the post. A third goal would really seal this win as we approach the hour mark.

  45. 0012:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    "It's not just Spain's passing which is impressive, it is their decision making when they have the ball at their feet which is so good."

  46. 0010: 
    Spain 2-0 Uruguay
    Spain's Jordi Alba

    Thumbs up all round for this Spanish display so far, they are almost completely in control, with 77% of possession in the second half. Uruguay just can't keep the ball as every time they do get it there is three or four Spaniards swarming all over them.

  47. 0007: 
    CLOSE!- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Pure liquid football from Spain as they almost fashion a third. Xavi starts it by rolling away into a gap nobody else even saw, he then pops the ball off to Andres Iniesta, who cannons a through ball through the eye of a needle back to Xavi. He then lays the ball off to Pedro with a first-time flick, and Pedro's inviting cross is inches away from the diving Roberto Soldado at the far post. Brlliant, brilliant play.

  48. 0006:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    "Uruguay's substitution will not just change the balance of their side. It might also stop Jordi Alba getting forward down the left on so many occasions for Spain."

  49. 0005: 
    Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Even when Uruguay win a free-kick they turn possession over within five seconds. The Spanish pressing machine is just too much for them tonight.

  50. 0004:  
    Alan Shearer, BBC SportSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    "I would love to see more of the same from Spain in the second half. I am not sure what Uruguay can do to change the way this match has gone so far. If they push more players forward, then Spain will just pick them off."

  51. 0003: 
    KICK-OFF- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    And we are under way in the second half. Uruguay look to have gone to a 4-4-2 with that change.

  52. 0003: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Uruguay do make a change at the start of the second half as Southampton midfielder Gaston Ramirez comes off and Alvaro Gonzalez comes on.

  53. 0000: 
    Roberto Soldado (right) scores for Brazil

    Let's hope that Uruguay don't just sit back and try to preserve this as a 2-0 defeat. Mind you, they can't really attack Spain without the ball.

  54. 2356: 

    Ossi836: Spain playing better than anything I can do on a footy video game. Sublime!

    John William Fuller: On tonight's evidence, can't see Tahiti having much to fear next Thursday...

    Gregory Mandapat: All the histrionics by the Spanish players after each aerial challenge is worthy of an Oscar. Tarnishing a dominant display.

  55. 2354: 
    Former Uruguay interrnational Gus Poyet on BBC SportSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    "It has been extremely difficult for Uruguay. They tried to play a diamond formation with wide players, but Spain dragged them away from where they wanted to get the ball and made them commit into challenges. I don't know what Uruguay boss Oscar Tabarez will say at half-time - usually at half-time you ask your players how they are feeling but this is probably not a good time to ask them that.

    "I am not sure what they can do next. If they go and commit and chase the game, they can lose six or seven-nil, if they don't go for it, then that is not Uruguay, to not try to win - it is a very difficult situation."

  56. 2352: 
    Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque

    Spain coach Vicente del Bosque has the easiest half-time team talk in town. "Keep doing what you've been doing for the last six years boys."

  57. 2351: 

    Thank you for all your votes. 66% of voters believe that Spain pose the biggest goal threat, while 34% voted for Uruguay.

  58. 2350: 

    Cesc Fabregas had a blinding first half for Spain there. Transfer speculation continues to link him with a return to the Premier League and I'm sure we would all welcome him back with open arms.

  59. 2350:  
    Alan Shearer, BBC SportSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    "Spain have demonstrated exactly how to take control of a game, and how to pass and move and create chances. They are so comfortable on the ball that it is hard for Uruguay to get near them. When they do get the ball, they are too tired to do anything with it."

  60. 2348:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    "It's been a Spanish masterclass. I think we have had the best team in the world showing us why they are the best team in the world in the first 45 minutes."

  61. 2347: 

    A penny for the coach of Tahiti's thoughts after seeing that half. If Uruguay can only get 8% possession what can an island of amateurs do?

  62. 2346:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    On that rare Uruguay attack: "Once Suarez cut in I thought he was going to hit it. I thought he had found half a yard of space to have a shot but it was almost as if he wanted to beat the defender twice."

  63. 2346: 

    The Match of the Day vote, which we launched before kick-off, on which team in tonight's game poses the biggest goal threat is now closed. We will announce the results shortly.

  64. 2346: 
    HALF-TIME- Spain 2-0 Uruguay
  65. 2343: 
    Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Spain have been working on their corners. Xavi rolls one short to Andres Iniesta, who pings a superb cross deep beyond the far post to pick out Sergio Ramos, but the Real Madrid man heads wide.

    A rare attack for Uruguay then sees Luis Suarez threaten down the left but he ends up running into a cul-de-sac of defenders.

  66. 2342: 

    Jack Elphick-Calle: #Cesc reminding me why I love him so much and how much I miss him at #Arsenal. Will always be my favourite player in the world.

    Baidu Sheikh: What a goal from Spain. Very few touches from winning the ball to the goal. What a pass from Cesc. Brilliant team movement.

    George Baggaley: Spain are way too good. My Uruguay tip looking ill-thought out! Brazil must be worried for 2014.

  67. 2341: 
    YELLOW CARD- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Uruguay captain Diego Lugano goes into the book for using his arm on Roberto Soldado but again - it's very soft. Lugano was winning a header there, that's all.

  68. 2340: 

    Jamie on text via 81111: I would rather watch Stoke v West Ham than any game with Spain or Barcelona involved. Am I all of England's footballing problems personified?

  69. 2339: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Proof that Spain can do it all as they create a chance from a corner, Gerard Pique gets completely free and should score but smashes his volley right at Fernando Muslera in the Uruguay goal. If they start scoring the scrappy goals we may as well all go home.

  70. 2337:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    "Uruguay have just changed their formation again and stuck Luis Suarez through the middle. I am not sure what their manager Oscar Tabarez is going to say to his players at half-time. No matter where he has moved Suarez and Edinson Cavani, they have not seen much of the ball in the first half."

  71. 2336: 
    Spain 2-0 Uruguay

    Uruguay's best bet looks like coming from a free-kick as another Luis Suarez delivery causes chaos in the Spain defence and Diego Lugano almost ends up free at the back post. His touch in front of the Spain goal is not as decisive as the one in front of his own goal though and the ball runs out for a goal kick.

  72. 2335:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 2-0 Uruguay

    On Spain's second goal: "That was absolutely brilliant vision from Cesc Fabregas - he did the Uruguay defenders with his eyes and then found Roberto Soldado. From there it was one touch, a quick look and bang - 2-0. It doesn't get much better than that. And a mark of Soldado's quality was that he found the time to look up and see where the Uruguay keeper was."

  73. 2333: 

    Zac Lott: Uruguay are going to get trounced, you can just feel it, Spain are ridiculously dominant

    Marc Hand: Watching Spain v Uruguay. It's men against boys. Looking forward to Spain v Tahiti on Thursday. Should be a cricket score!

  74. 2331: 
    GOAL- Spain 2-0 Uruguay - Roberto Soldado (32 mins)

    Superb play from Cesc Fabregas who runs at the Uruguay defence, commits two men and then rolls in a reverse pass as he faints to shoot and plays in Roberto Soldado. He's played onside by Max Pereira, takes a touch and hammers the ball in to the roof of the net. Just a brilliant goal to leave Uruguay in a world of pain.

  75. 2329: 
    CLOSE!- Spain 1-0 Uruguay

    Uruguay's first chance as Luis Suarez clips the free-kick over the top of the defence, Edinson Cavani gets up to meet it but is always stretching and can only flick a tame header straight at Iker Casillas.

    At the half hour mark Uruguay are finally having some play in Recife.

  76. 2329:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 1-0 Uruguay

    On Cavani's booking: "I don't think that clash was as bad as Sergio Ramos made out. Edinson Cavani certainly didn't catch him in the face. Heads are boiling a little bit here."

  77. 2328: 
    YELLOW CARD- Spain 1-0 Uruguay

    Edinson Cavani goes into the book for a challenge on Sergio Ramos as they go up for a header. Spain are not happy at all with that one but it didn't look too bad to me, six of one and half a dozen of another.

    Jordi Alba then hits the deck after copping an elbow in the face from Cristian Rodriguez before Ramos shoves Gaston Ramirez to the floor. It's got a bit ugly.

  78. 2326: 
    CLOSE!- Spain 1-0 Uruguay

    Spain win a free-kick in a very similar spot to where Andrea Pirlo netted for Italy a few hours ago and Xavi bends a very similar free-kick inches wide of the top corner. The goalkeeper was not getting that...

  79. 2324: 
    Spain 1-0 Uruguay

    "You're going to need a bigger bus..."

    I like that 'Jaws' reference Gary. I like that a lot...

    Spain utterly dominant.

  80. 2324: 

    Paul Holland: Let's see if that forces Uruguay out then.

    Gary Leung: Talk about parking the bus. I think they're going to need a bigger bus.

    Andres Iniesta in action against Uruguay

    Thomas Knights: Stop moaning about the "boring" football, just admire the technique and the runs the players make for each other.

  81. 2323:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 1-0 Uruguay

    "Uruguay are trying to sit in but it is so difficult for them. What do you do against the Spanish? If you go up the pitch then they will pick holes in you. At the moment Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani are working so hard to try and win possession back for Uruguay that they have not been able to do much when they have seen the ball."

  82. 2323: 
    Spain 1-0 Uruguay

    We've settled on that going down as an own goal now. It was a lovely crisp hit from Pedro though.

  83. 2320: 
    GOAL- Spain 1-0 Uruguay - Diego Lugano OG (20 mins)

    The deadlock is broken in unfortunate style as Spain deservedly lead. A corner is half cleared to Pedro, the Barcelona forward cracks in a rising shot on the bounce which takes a horrendous deflection off the calves of Diego Lugano, wrong-footing Fernando Muslera and nestling in the opposite corner. Own goal? Spain don't care.

  84. 2319: 
    Spain 0-0 Uruguay

    We spent most of last summer together arguing whether Spain were boring or not, and it's not taken long to kick off again. I guess any form of absolute sporting dominance can be dull to watch, but some of Spain's play is just mesmeric at times.

  85. 2317: 

    Iain Mallory: Wow this is just an exhibition match for Spain, Uruguay have hardly touched the ball.

    Spain v Uruguay

    Jamie Hardesty: Japan and Brazil was explosively end to end. Mexico and Italy was competitive. Ok Spain are great but this is so boring. zzz...

    Some Body: I think "Tiki-Taka" is the main reason I have become a lot more interested in other sports. #Boring just doesn't cover it.

  86. 2317:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 0-0 Uruguay

    "In this heat and humidity, Uruguay are working very hard just to stand still in terms of the game."

  87. 2314: 
    CLOSE!- Spain 0-0 Uruguay

    Uruguay finally get some ball but they immediately waste it, almost England-esque in their haste to give the ball back as Martin Caceres just lumps it downfield.

    Spain keep and keep it and then come alive, Cesc Fabregas popping a first time pass into the path of Andres Iniesta, and his shot is palmed up rather than out by Fernando Muslera, who recovers to gather at the second attempt.

  88. 2312: 
    Spain 0-0 Uruguay

    This is as dominant an opening 10 minutes as I can remember seeing in an international tournament. And this is Uruguay - what on earth are Tahiti going to do against this Spain side?

  89. 2312: 

    Capital R: Spain keep the ball, let the movement of the ball do the work, find space, score goals & win matches - how's that boring?

    Johnny Magrinho: 10 mins in & Spain have already made it feel like they've been playing for an hour. I'd take goals & drama over passes any day.

  90. 2310: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Spain 0-0 Uruguay

    Oh what a goal this almost was! Spain finally pick a way through in the final third to free Cesc Fabregas on the edge of the 'D', he casually lets the ball roll across his body before side-footing a shot across the turf and against the base of the post. So nearly brilliant.

  91. 2310:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 0-0 Uruguay

    "You can see straightaway when Uruguay get the ball that it is all a little bit rushed. In contrast, Spain just take their time - no problem. They have absolutely dominated possession - I must have missed the 8% when Uruguay had it."

  92. 2307: 
    Spain 0-0 Uruguay

    After nine minutes, Spain have had 92% possession. Ridiculous.

    It's mainly been of the harmless variety but Spain do suddenly come alive with a lovely triangle down the left. At times they are wonderful to watch.

  93. 2305: 

    Paul Holland: 6am alarm set. Hoping for an action packed game to make tomorrow's inevitable tiredness worth it.

    Craig: Let's see how boring Spain can make this game.

  94. 2304: 
    CLOSE!- Spain 0-0 Uruguay

    Cesc Fabregas is the first man in the Spain side to commit the cardinal sin of giving the ball away, Luis Suarez intercepts his crossfield pass but then immediately loses it again.

    Spain continue their slow possession game and the crowd are already jeering their perceived lack of progress.

    But here we go, Jordi Alba whips in a cracking cross from the left and Roberto Soldado can't quite reach it. Very nearly got there.

  95. 2302:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain 0-0 Uruguay

    "It looks like Luis Suarez is going to play on the right for Uruguay, with Edinson Cavani up front on his own and Gaston Ramirez behind him."

  96. 2301: 
    Spain 0-0 Uruguay

    Spain have kept the ball for two minutes...

  97. 2300: 
    KICK-OFF- Spain 0-0 Uruguay

    Game two of day two, and Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani get us up and running.

  98. 2255: 
    Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    Xavi is dwarfed by giants at the end of the Spain line-up as they go through a very serious national anthem. Focussed.

    Luis Suarez takes his place at the end of the Uruguay line-up for their anthem, a very rousing number. Southampton's Gaston Ramirez is in the side tonight by the way.

  99. 2254: 
    Former Uruguay international Gus Poyet on BBC SportSpain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    "It will be interesting to see the position of Edinson Cavani in the Uruguay team tonight. When Uruguay have played with Cavani, Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan in a 4-3-3 formation, it was Cavani who did a little bit of defensive work and Suarez and Forlan stayed up front. Tonight, with Forlan on the bench, we don't know if Gaston Ramirez will support Suarez or what Cavani will do. It could be a 4-5-1 formation.

    "Can Uruguay win? They will try, and they will never give up but it is going to take something special for them to beat Spain."

  100. 2252: 
    Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    Here we go then, the teams are coming out onto the damp Recife turf. Can Uruguay test this team of Spanish legends?

  101. 2251: 
    Former Uruguay international Gus Poyet on BBC Sport:Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    On Spain's future prospects: "It is going to come to an end for this team one day. But I have been watching a little bit of their Under-21 side and they are not bad either! The players coming through are maintaining the style of the current team."

    As Gus rightly says, Spain's Under-21 side have cruised into the final in Israel. They were superb against Norway the other day.

  102. 2248: 

    Guwop has got the scoop there...

  103. 2243: 

    Guwop: Suarez will def be leaving England.

    Spencer Warner: If Suarez does stay it'll be because nobody wants him... and I don't think there'll be as big a queue as he thinks.

    Scuba Steve: Can't see it somehow.... We would love him to stay.... But I think he'll get pressure from agent...


    Which team in tonight's game poses the biggest goal threat? Spain or Uruguay? Click here to vote

  105. 2242: 

    We would like to invite you to vote on our third question of the evening. Which team in tonight's game poses the biggest goal threat? Spain or Uruguay? Click here to vote.

    The vote will close on the half-time whistle and we will announce the results later in the text commentary. Please note that votes are tallied by an external company, which uses IP addresses and cookies to process the results. For more information click here.

  106. 2239: 

    Has there ever been a squad of 23 'foreign' players better known to an English audience? Of the Spain 23, 13 play for either Real Madrid or Barcelona and are household names. Another seven play in the Premier League, while Jesus Navas is about to join them as he has signed for Manchester City.

    Javier Martinez was a star of Bayern Munich's all conquering season, which leaves just Valencia striker Roberto Soldado as perhaps the only player you may not be fully aware of. What a set of players.

  107. 2239: 

    Matt Ilsley: You could put out Spain's subs bench as a starting XI and it would still be a world beating side. Fearsome!

    Enoch Wong: Spain's bench must be the best bench ever. EVER

    Will Greenslade CFC: Quite what Mata has to do to get in the Spain line-up I have now idea. Sublime player, far better season than Fabregas too.

  108. 2236:  
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Sport at Arena PernambucoSpain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    "People are saying that Uruguay striker Luis Suarez is putting himself in the shop window tonight. But I don't think what Suarez does in the Confederations Cup will matter in terms of getting him a move. Everyone already knows he is a wonderful footballer - and that he is a liability as well. So this tournament won't get him a move from Liverpool - he can do that himself."

  109. 2236:  
    Alan Shearer, BBC SportSpain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    "Spain always mean business, they are a magnificent team with some wonderful players and a genius of a manager. Wherever they go, they take a strong squad and they always go to win."

  110. 2234: 
    Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    Aside from Luis Suarez - who we know all about - who are the main men for Uruguay?

    Edinson Cavani

    Much-coveted striker Edinson Cavani has been a revelation at Napoli, hitting 38 goals in 43 games last season. However he has yet to transfer that form to La Celeste - could Brazil see another few million added to his price tag?

    Like Suarez and Cavani, Uruguay keeper Fernando Muslera is a man in demand. Barcelona are reportedly eyeing the Galatasaray stopper who last missed a La Celeste game in March 2011. Muslera will no doubt be a busy man tonight...

  111. 2233: 

    feehan: Not a chance will Luis Suarez be playing for Liverpool next year. I'm sure won't be too many thinking he will be.

    Raees: Suarez needs to stay at Liverpool, he's one of the best players in the Premier League.

    Tom Ayers-Mason: Suarez should leave Liverpool, but need a big name replacement for him e.g Higuain or Lamela.

  112. 2228: 

    When you bear in mind that this Spanish XI is lacking Fernando Torres, David Silva, Juan Mata, David Villa, Santi Cazorla and Jesus Navas - it's not bad is it?

  113. 2224: 
    LIVE COVERAGE- Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    We are about to get rolling on BBC One and on the BBC Sport website and BBC app.

  114. 2223: 
    LINE-UPS- Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    Spain: Casillas, Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos, Pique, Jordi Alba, Xavi, Busquets, Fabregas, Pedro, Soldado, Iniesta. Subs: Valdes, Albiol, Javi Martinez, Azpilicueta, Villa, Torres, Mata, Monreal, Cazorla, Silva, Jesus Navas, Reina.

    Uruguay: Muslera, Maxi Pereira, Lugano, Godin, Caceres, Rodriguez, Gargano, Perez, Ramirez, Suarez, Cavani. Subs: Castillo, Coates, Pereira, Eguren, Forlan, Hernandez, Aguirregaray, Lodeiro, Arevalo Rios, Scotti, Gonzalez, Silva.

    Referee: Yuichi Nishimura (Japan)

  115. 2219: 
    Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    So Liverpool's Luis Suarez starts for Uruguay while Southampton's Gaston Ramirez also gets the nod along with Edinson Cavani.

  116. 2213: 

    If you missed any of the night's opener between Italy and Mexico - the highlights are now live on the BBC Sport website. Enjoy. Indulge.

  117. 2212: 
    Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    Iker Casillas gets the nod from Vicente Del Bosque and starts for Spain in goal against Uruguay. It is a very strong line-up named by the world and European champions. Also starting are Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Cesc Fabregas, Pedro, Roberto Soldado, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Alvaro Arbeloa and Jordi Alba. But there is no place for Fernando Torres.

  118. 2208: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    Luis Suarez starts for Uruguay, as does Napoli striker Edinson Cavani but there's no spot for former Manchester United striker Diego Forlan.

  119. 2208: 

    Chris Lord: Just saw Italy, think Manchester City might want to have a look at this Mario Balotelli seeing as Tevez might leave!

    Umberto Giannini: I think Andrea Pirlo has to be considered one of the best. Would he get in that Spanish team? Yes he would.

  120. 2207: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    There's no Fernando Torres in the Spain line-up as Roberto Soldado starts up front. It's a star-studded XI though as Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas are all in midfield.

  121. 2206: 
    Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)
    Luis Suarez

    All eyes - and ears for that matter - will be on Uruguay's Liverpool forward Luis Suarez this evening. How fit is he? How committed is he? How many times will he say in any post-match interviews that he is being forced out of the Premier League?

    We will find out in due course. Do you expect him to be in the Premier League next season?

  122. 2204:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the MaracanaFULL-TIME- Mexico 1-2 Italy

    "A fascinating evening in Rio but ultimately one that Mario Balotelli will remember for a long time. They love him here, I can't stress that enough. They love his temper, his tantrums and his talent. Even at the final whistle, having scored the winner. He was arguing with an Italian official because he wanted to get off the pitch and not to an interview with Brazilian TV. The official had to manhandle Balotelli back on to the field and make him do it. He is a complicated character but tonight he showed that when he wants to, he can be a force of nature too.

    "One more thing, tonight the Maracana got back to doing what it does best. Everything, as far I as I can see, worked smoothly, the stadium was almost full and the noise in this cauldron really has to be heard to be believed."

  123. 2202: 

    James Hardesty: The strong spine of Buffon, Chiellini, Pirlo and Balotelli in the Italy team enables them to grind out results. Machine like.

    TJR: This is a good tournament. Teams are playing to win it.

    Ben Aitkenhead: Can anyone wait for Italy-Brazil next Saturday? Oh my goodness. Mouth-watering prospect.

  124. 2200:  
    BBC Sport's Mark Lawrenson in RecifeSpain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    "We know all about Spain - they are a brilliant team and they have shown their intentions already by bringing two strikers in Fernando Torres and Roberto Soldado to the tournament. They are still arguably the best team in the world.

    "Part of the problem for Uruguay is that they cannot shoehorn Luis Suarez, Edison Cavani and Diego Forlan into the same team."

  125. 2158: 
    THE REIGN OF SPAIN- Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    Time to switch your focus then to tonight's second game.

    What do you mean it's too late for another match? You're going nowhere. You've got Spain v Uruguay to savour first of all, it's a 2300 BST kick-off and it's live on BBC One and on the BBC Sport website and app.

  126. 2157:  
    BBC Sport pundit Pat Nevin on BBC ThreeMexico 1-2 Italy

    "Pirlo was brilliant when he had to be and Balotelli was brilliant when he had to be. That's the difference at this level. Pirlo was fantastic every time got the ball. He looked very good indeed. But anyone who watches Italian football knows he is capable of scoring goals like that."

  127. 2156: 

    The result of the Match of the Day vote is in - thank you for all your votes. 55% thought that Brazil in 1970 were the better team, while 45% voted for Spain in 2010.

  128. 2155: 

    Were we all suitably impressed by Italy during that game then? Andrea Pirlo and Mario Balotelli stole the headlines with their goals and general performances but I was also impressed with Emanuele Giaccherini as well.

  129. 2152: 
    Mexico 1-2 Italy

    Game over in Rio then, and a cracking win for the Italians. Andrea Pirlo will remember his 100th cap long into his retirement.

  130. 2151: 

    Voting in the second Match of the Day vote is now closed. We will tell you the results of whether you thought Brazil in 1970 or Spain in 2010 was the stronger team in a few minutes time.

  131. 2151: 
    FULL-TIME- Mexico 1-2 Italy
  132. 2149: 

    Michael Marshall: Seems like a long time since Mexico scored from open play.

    Thabang Mlangeni: Mexico do not look like they want to win.

  133. 2148: 
    INJURY TIME- Mexico 1-2 Italy

    Three minutes of added time people. Three minutes.

  134. 2147: 

    Dre 3:16: Seriously, that rule of a player being booked if he removes his shirt is absolutely ridiculous.

  135. 2146:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the MaracanaMexico 1-2 Italy

    "Incredible reception for Balotelli as he leaves the field having apparently won Italy this game. He exchanges a few words with manager Cesare Prandelli but he has overcome the frustration of the early part of the second half to produce a mature display that suggests that he may yet fulfil his undoubted potential. Rio has found a new hero, even if he isn't Brazilian."

  136. 2145: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Mexico 1-2 Italy

    Italy are running the clock down in expert style now, Andrea Pirlo pinging the ball from left to right with ease.

    One-time Liverpool man Alberto Aquilani is now on in place of the excellent Emanuele Giaccherini. A fine display from the Juventus forward.

  137. 2144: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Mexico 1-2 Italy

    Mario Balotelli's night is done as he is replaced by Alberto Gilardino with six minutes remaining. Mario gets a fine reception from the Maracana and responds with a round of applause of his own.

  138. 2143: 

    Matt: "You just knew Mario would score and take off his shirt.

    Mario Balotelli
  139. 2139: 
    YELLOW CARD- Mexico 1-2 Italy

    Mario Balotelli whipped his shirt off in celebration and was quickly shown a yellow card, while Daniele de Rossi has joined him for a foul in midfield.

    We are into the last 10 minutes.

  140. 2138:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Sport at the MaracanaMexico 1-2 Italy

    "That's brilliant play by Mario Balotelli. He showed great strength and Rodriguez couldn't get anywhere near him. Rodriguez has struggled all night against him. Balotelli's overpowered him and given the goalkeeper no chance."

  141. 2136: 
    GOAL- Mexico 1-2 Italy - Mario Balotelli (78 mins)

    Yes they can! This is all about strength and power from Mario Balotelli as he puts Italy ahead. Emanuele Giaccherini's flick on is nothing other than speculative but Mario holds off Mexican skipper Francisco Rodriguez and rolls him brilliantly, before hammering a shot right through goalkeeper Jose Corona. Boom!

  142. 2135: 
    Mexico 1-1 Italy

    We are down to almost walking pace now, dare I say Italian pace? The early cut and thrust has been replaced by a patient game of cat and mouse. Can Italy find a way through?

  143. 2134:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Sport at the MaracanaMexico 1-1 Italy

    "I think Cesare Prandelli will be a happy man just because of the way his side have performed and the positive way they've kept the ball. But Italy would love to cap it all off by winning this game."

  144. 2134: 
    Mexico 1-1 Italy
    The Maracana

    Gerardo Flores wins a header but catches Daniele de Rossi with his forearm on the follow through. Andrea Pirlo and Mario Balotelli lead the complaints to the referee but he's having none of it as he restarts play with a drop ball. Mario is livid about this.

  145. 2130: 
    Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Andrea Pirlo loses his man out on the left wing with a lovely turn before digging out a cross, it's half cleared and Mario Balotelli swivels to fire in a shot which he slices wide. Both sides are still looking for the winner.

  146. 2128: 
    CLOSE!- Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Gio dos Santos wins a free-kick after chasing down a lost cause and it nearly proves fruitful. The ball is whipped in from the left, Gerardo Flores gets his head on to the ball and sees his effort bounce wide of the far post. The closest Mexico have come since the break.

  147. 2127: 

    Marty Wykes: This match is a great advert for the Confederations Cup.

    Italy's Andrea Barzagli
  148. 2127: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Just as I say that fatigue is playing a part, Italy make a change. Alessio Cerci of Torino comes on in midfield for Claudio Marchisio.

    We are into the last 22 minutes now.

  149. 2125: 

    Ben Aitkenhead: Balotelli is simmering. Very frustrated. A clever defender can get him sent off here.

    Kav: Will someone please help Balotelli put his boot back on and tie his laces up.

    Ross Doyle: God I've missed Mario Balotelli.

  150. 2123: 
    Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Anyone for a winner then? The tempo is just starting to fade away at the Maracana. This Brazilian heat is not easy.

  151. 2121:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the Maracana
    Mario Balotelli

    "Mario Balotelli is extremely popular among Brazilians, especially those at the Maracana, it seems. On three occasions at the start of the first half he has been dumped on his backside and he is beginning to get a little agitated. The crowd aren't happy with the referee. The action has tailed off just a little, but it is worth remembering that fatigue, after a long season, may be a factor on this warm night in Rio."

  152. 2121:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Sport at the MaracanaMexico 1-1 Italy

    "As soon as Balotelli got on the wrong side side of the Mexican defence, the only thing they could do was hold him back because Balotelli was clear. If it's outside the box it's a certain foul. Without a doubt it was a red card. It was a poor decision by the referee."

  153. 2120: 
    Mexico 1-1 Italy

    We could have had two red cards in this game now. Hector Moreno and Andrea Barzagli are lucky, lucky lads.

    Into the last half hour, and I think Mario Balotelli has calmed down.

  154. 2118: 

    It's all going on now. First Mexico want a penalty for a foul on Javier Hernandez which isn't given, before moments later Mario Balotelli is sprinting on to a long ball forward. He goes down under a challenge from Hector Moreno, is certain he's been fouled, but nothing is given either!

    Balotelli blows his top this time, pounding the turf and throwing his boot away like a petulant toddler.

  155. 2117: 
    CLOSE!- Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Andrea Pirlo lines up another one after waving away a persistent Mario Balotelli. Sweat is literally dripping off the great man's locks as he takes his time before arcing the free-kick a yard wide of the top corner. So close!

  156. 2114: 
    Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Gerrardo Torrado flies into a tackle on Mario Balotelli, it's from the 'hard but fair' category but Mario doesn't like it. He's up on his feet in a flash, thinks about taking matters into his own hands but is ushered away. Stay cool, Mario. Stay cool!

    Mexico then give away another free-kick in the danger zone. Bang in the centre this time.

  157. 2114: 

    Jordan Campbell: Balotelli the game changer for me. He'll get the winning goal, he's looking very sharp.

    Gideon Commey Marcel: You need three things to run a football game - a classy beard, white shirt and a name called Pirlo.

    Micky: Form is temporary. Class is permanent and Pirlo is a pure class.

  158. 2111: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Andrea Pirlo finally gets the chance to take the free-kick, he puts it under the wall this time with a bit of a scuff, but it runs into the path of Riccardo Montolivo, and his low shot is well stopped by Jose Corona.

  159. 2111: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Mexico make Andrea Pirlo wait to take the free kick as Hiram Mier comes on to replace Javier Aquino.

  160. 2110: 
    YELLOW CARD- Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Mexico skipper Francisco Rodriguez is booked for a tug on Mario Balotelli to give away a free-kick in Pirlo territory...

  161. 2109:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Sport at the MaracanaMexico 1-1 Italy

    "Italy last year at the European Championships had a very inexperienced team. Cesare Prandelli has really stamped his authority and wants his players to express themselves. They're really doing that here."

  162. 2108: 
    Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Mario Balotelli is a real threat this evening, he's been everywhere. Now he pops up on the right wing and blasts a ball across the face of goal which causes all sorts of problems.

    Emanuele Giaccherini then dances his way into the area on the left but can't find Balotelli. Italian tails are up.

  163. 2105: 
    YELLOW CARD- Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Hector Moreno goes in the book for a clumsy challenge on Mario Balotelli as Italy make a smart start to proceedings.

    Mexico won't want to give away too many free-kicks with Andrea Pirlo around. If you missed his cracking goal earlier on, it's now available to watch again - and again, and again, and again - on the BBC Sport website.

  164. 2103: 
    KICK-OFF- Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Mario Balotelli and Andrea Pirlo get the ball rolling in the second half.

  165. 2101: 
    Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Here they come then, the sides are trotting down the steps at the Maracana ready for the second half. More of the same please lads, more of the same.


    Who was the better team? Brazil in 1970 or Spain in 2010? Click here to vote

  167. 2059: 

    Time for another vote! Spain qualified for the Confederations Cup after winning the Fifa World Cup in 2010. For our second question today, we want to know who you think was the better team - Brazil in 1970 or Spain in 2010? Reply either using #Brazil1970 or #Spain2010 to @BBCMOTD or click here to vote.

    The vote will close on the full-time whistle and we will announce the results later in the text commentary. Please note that votes are tallied by an external company, which uses IP addresses and cookies to process the results. For more information click here.

  168. 2059: 

    Niklas Lanwehr: Typical Balotelli game. Great for 15 minutes then 15 minutes non-existent. Then all of a sudden a great chance again - unpredictable.

    Khalid Saeed: Great football, quality from both sides. The way football should be played at international level. Take note England.

    Like a Villas-Boas: Only two games in and the Confederations Cup again proving to be great entertainment for the neutrals.

  169. 2058: 

    The result of the first vote is in. 36% voted that you would rather have Balotelli in your team, while 64% voted Hernandez. Thank you for all your votes.

  170. 2055:  
    John Hartson, BBC Sport punditMexico 1-1 Italy

    "What we're seeing here from Mario Balotelli is totally different from what we saw from him at Manchester City. He looks happy. If he'd performed like this for City then he might well still be there."

  171. 2053: 

    Great spot that from our Pat. Jose Corona did pull his arm away as that Andrea Pirlo bent that free-kick into the net. I don't think he would have saved it anyway but a strange bit of technique from the keeper.

  172. 2052:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Sport punditMexico 1-1 Italy

    "It's a very open game, really impressive. There was an argument over who was going to take the Italian free-kick. Mario Balotelli was getting ready, but it's a great goal by Pirlo. But what was the goalkeeper doing? Don't pull your hand away, it looks terrible. He certainly didn't cover himself in glory. I was a bit worried about this game before kick-off and thought it could easily have been a 0-0."

  173. 2051: 
    BEAMING IT ALL BACK HOME- Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)
    A broadcast truck in Recife

    The BBC team were in position early in a rather wet Recife to get ready for the match between Spain and Uruguay. The going is good, good to soft...

  174. 2050: 
    Spain v Uruguay (2300 BST)

    The second game of the evening will see Luis Suarez return to our screens like a classic soap opera baddy as Uruguay play Spain.

    He's not been seen in a Liverpool shirt since he was handed a 10-game ban by the FA in April for biting Branislav Ivanovic, and the big question has to be whether he will ever wear the red shirt again.

    He said this month "I think that every player wants to play at the top and if you ask any eight-year-old boy, he'd answer that one day he'd like to join Real Madrid or Barca. They are important teams and we all want to go there.

    "The love that I have for Liverpool, I will never forget them. I love the city, the club and the people."

  175. 2049:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the MaracanaPROTESTS IN RIO

    "There have been further protests at the Confederations Cup, this time outside the Maracana in Rio de Janerio before Mexico's match with Italy. Police used tear gas to disperse around 500 protestors who were voicing their objection to the amount of public money being spent on stadiums for the World Cup. At this stage it is unclear whether anyone was injured or arrested."

  176. 2047: 

    Stuart Laycock: Shouldn't goal line technology also be used for keepers to stay on the line until the ball is struck for a penalty?

    Wil: Hernandez over Rooney any day at Man Utd. The guy is an absolutely brilliant striker, 33 goals in 50 games for Mexico is crazy.

    ChelseaWarrior: There are footballers. Then there are footballers. Pirlo is pure gold dust.

  177. 2047: 

    The vote on whether you would rather have Balotelli or Hernandez on your team is now closed. We will tell you the results shortly.

  178. 2047: 
    HALF-TIME- Mexico 1-1 Italy
  179. 2046: 
    Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Into one minute of added time as Italy continue to probe away at the Mexican defence. Their full-backs are really pushing on, there's an adventurous spirit to this side.

  180. 2044: 

    Ben Dunbar: Good to see Fifa don't let Hernandez have that nickname on the back of his shirt. Unlike the Premier League.

    Aidan Slinn: Would love to see how many Hernandez would score if he started every game in a season.

    Javier Hernandez celebrates scoring for Mexico

    Aditya Devavrat: Hard to believe this is the same Mexico that is struggling in World Cup qualifying.

  181. 2042: 
    CLOSE!- Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Italy can sniff a second goal and Andrea Pirlo again delivers the goods, slicing open Mexico with a peach of a pass to free Ignazio Abate down the right. He bullets in a low cross which is heading for Mario Balotelli until Jose Corona makes a brave stop at his feet.

    That Pirlo pass was sensational.

  182. 2040: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Mexico 1-1 Italy

    Another defensive rick - this time from Mexico - allow Italy in high up the pitch, The ball is worked to Mario Balotelli who spins away from his marker superbly and fires in a low shot which is well held by Jose Corona. Balotelli is full of it so far.

  183. 2040: 

    Sean Whittall: I think its clear who should be Man Utd's penalty taker next season.

    He'll have to be on the pitch first though...

  184. 2037: 
    Mexico 1-1 Italy

    I can't recall a more exciting match involving Italy in a summer tournament - not in recent memory anyway. This is a belter, end-to-end stuff now as we enter the last 10 minutes of the first half.

  185. 2036:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Sport at the MaracanaMexico 1-1 Italy

    "Barzagli is fortunate to stay on the pitch. In those circumstances it can be deemed a red card. He got himself into all sorts of trouble and basically bundled over Dos Santos. It was a certain penalty."

  186. 2035: 
    GOAL- Mexico 1-1 Italy - Javier Hernandez (Pen 34 mins)

    There's a bit of a tussle between Gio dos Santos and Javier Hernandez over who should take the spot-kick, but Hernandez wins out and slots the ball home into the bottom corner. Calm as you like.

  187. 2033: 
    PENALTY TO MEXICO- Mexico 0-1 Italy

    Oh dear! Andrea Barzagli is caught napping on the edge of his area by Gio dos Santos, and Barzagli then bundles the striker over! Clear penalty and a booking to the Italy man.

  188. 2033:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the MaracanaMexico 0-1 Italy
    Andrea Pirlo scores for Italy

    "The Brazilian public appreciate a moment of pure footballing brilliance when they see it and they rose as one to acclaim Andrea Pirlo after that stunning, you might say Brazilian, free-kick. The Italian fans began chanting 'Pirlo, Pirlo' and it gradually spread around the stadium. A wonderful moment for 34-year-old Juventus midfielder and a truly special way to mark his 100th cap."

  189. 2032: 

    Tony Brown: Pirlo is perfect.

    Samuel Olawale: Pirlo take a bow!

    Gavin Spares: You don't save those.

  190. 2030: 
    Mexico 0-1 Italy

    That's two screamers from two games in the Confed Cup so far. Keep that rate up and we'll all be happy.

    Mexico react well though, bombing away down the left and forcing Giorgio Chiellini into a nervous clearance which squaks wide of his near post.

  191. 2030:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Sport at the MaracanaMexico 0-1 Italy

    "Fabulous. We gave him the big introduction and spoke about him and he delivers. Pirlo, what a strike. what a wonderful goal. It just proves what quality he has. The keeper was beaten by the pace and the power."

  192. 2028: 
    GOAL- Mexico 0-1 Italy - Andrea Pirlo (27 mins)

    Mario Balotelli may have lined up that free-kick - but he stood in awe with everyone else as Andrea Pirlo caps his 100th appearance for Italy with an absolute peach of a goal!

    He bends the free-kick up and over the wall from 30 yards, before curling the ball right into the top corner. Magnifico.

  193. 2027: 
    Mexico 0-0 Italy
    Mexico's Francisco Rodriguez (left) and Italy midfielder Emanuele Giaccherini

    A few tasty tackles are flying in from the Mexicans now as they try and rattle Mario Balotelli and his team-mates. It's a steady tactic to be fair isn't it?

    The big man keeps his cool at the moment though, dusting himself down from a cruncher of a tackle and lining up the free-kick.

  194. 2025: 

    Nelson Abi: A Balotelli in your team is like a Mourinho on your bench - so much drama.

    Ben Aitkenhead: Bright start. Big test for Mexico to break down the Italian defence. Have to make most of those chances.

    Kevin Johnson: De Rossi hasn't found his range of passing.

  195. 2023: 
    Mexico 0-0 Italy

    Halfway through the first half and I for one have been entertained. What do you make of it so far?

    Italy look good going forwards, there's a lot of pace and trickery out wide for them. A horrible shank then gives Italy a corner which the Centurion strolls over to take.

    A leisurely ping into the mixer - but strong claim from Mexican keeper Jose Corona.

  196. 2022:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Sport at the MaracanaMexico 0-0 Italy

    "On Italy's appeal for a penalty you can usually tell by the reaction of the players and Pirlo definitely remonstrated with the referee."

  197. 2021: 
    Mexico 0-0 Italy

    Andrea Pirlo was felled by an excellent tackle from Andres Guardado it seems. He may have been caught from the other side moments later but I reckon Guardado made a clean tackle there.

  198. 2021:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the MaracanaMexico 0-0 Italy
    Italy go close to scoring against Mexico

    "An open and adventurous start to the match. The large Brazilian contingent inside the Maracana are booing Mexico at every opportunity. Worth remembering that they have beaten Brazil six times since the turn of the century. More than any other side."

  199. 2020: 
    Mexico 0-0 Italy

    I've not seen a replay of that Andrea Pirlo penalty claim but I can't believe a man with such a fine beard would be involved in any skullduggery.

    Italy continue to look good though - they've got lots of width in this system. Good to see.

  200. 2018:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Sport at the MaracanaMexico 0-0 Italy

    "Both teams are looking really positive. We were wondering whether Italy would play with Stephan El Shaarawy, but they've opted for this three-pronged attack and it is proving very effective at times."

  201. 2018: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Mexico 0-0 Italy

    ...Gio dos Santos takes the free-kick but it's poor, slamming halfway up the wall.

    Italy look to break at pace and old man Andrea Pirlo has a rare excursion up the park! He gets on the end of a cross from Emanuele Giaccherini, turns inside his man and hits the deck - no penalty given...

  202. 2015: 
    Mexico 0-0 Italy

    An excellent opening 15 minutes at the Maracana, with both sides unlucky not to score so far.

    Mexico interestingly are not putting anyone on Andrea Pirlo, they're letting him play from deep. Playing with fire if you ask me.

    Mexico win a free-kick in a good area now though...

  203. 2014: 

    Mike Cowan: This Italy XI looks so average compared to teams of the past. Three world class players at a push.

    Tyrone Tucker: Waiting for the Mexico defence to turn up.

  204. 2012: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Mexico 0-0 Italy

    Mexico have been well and truly under the cosh but out of nothing they go close. Ex-Spurs man Gio dos Santos mugs Ignazio Abate as he tries to shepherd the ball out of play, and he cuts the ball back into the path of Andres Guardado.

    The Valencia man wafts a lazy swing of his left peg and cracks a lovely strike in on goal, which Gigi Buffon turns on to the crossbar and away to safety. Very, very close!

  205. 2010:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Sport at the MaracanaMexico 0-0 Italy

    "That's a good chance for Balotelli. It's a really good effort on goal with his left foot. The Italians under Cesare Prandelli, he likes them to play adventurous attacking football and we haven't really seen that over the years from Italy."

  206. 2009: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Mexico 0-0 Italy

    Mario Balotelli again tries his lick, hitting in a dipping shot from 25 yards which has Mexican keeper Jose Corona in a flap, it's not the most convincing stop in the world but the Cruz Azul man gets up to kick the ball away.

    Mexico struggling to hang on here...

  207. 2007: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Mexico 0-0 Italy

    Lovely stuff from Italy!

    They carve open Mexico down the left with some neat one-touch stuff and Riccardo Montolivo bursts free down the wing. He keeps his head to pick out a pass for Mario Balotelli in the middle and his low shot is well stopped by Jose Corona!

    Fine save.

    Italy then threaten again as Emanuele Giaccherini fires wide.

  208. 2006: 

    Jordan Campbell: I think Italy will be too strong for Mexico. Predicting 2-0 Italy.

    Ayush: Miss watching Omar Bravo in a Mexican shirt. Always regarded him as a top, top player. Hernandez is of similar class.

  209. 2004: 
    CLOSE!- Mexico 0-0 Italy

    Mario Balotelli links up well with Emanuele Giaccherini again, but the offside flag stops play. Balotelli then intercepts a shocking pass from Mexican skipper Francisco Rodriguez, he tries a first-time chip from 40 yards which has keeper Jose Corona worried - but the ball is too high.

    Lovely effort from Mario though. Decent opening five for Italy.

  210. 2003: 
    Mexico 0-0 Italy

    Andrea Pirlo's first pass of the night is on the button as he spins a ball into the feet of Mario Balotelli. Balotelli then clips a cracking ball from right to left into the run of Emanuele Giaccherini - who is only denied by a sliding Mexican boot. Good start for the Italians.

  211. 2001:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Sport at the MaracanaMexico 0-0 Italy

    "I remember the night I won my 100th cap for the Republic of Ireland. I'm sure Pirlo will take it all in his stride. Winning your 100th cap is a wonderful achievement."

  212. 2001: 
    KICK-OFF- Mexico 0-0 Italy

    Javier Hernandez drops to his knees in prayer before getting us under way.

  213. 1959: 

    The Maracana is buzzing. Italy in a fine white away strip. Let's do this...

  214. 1956: 

    Some great singing from the Italians as well as they rip into 'Il Canto degli Italiani' - one of my personal faves. Gigi Buffon has his eyes closed, belting it out. Andrea Pirlo - celebrating his 100th cap of course - looks as cool as ever.

  215. 1954: 

    National anthem time in the Maracana - which is pretty full. Mexico rock up first, with a very vocal backing from their supporters. Coach Jose de la Torre gives it the full gun on the sidelines. Top singing.

  216. 1954: 

    Christopher Jones: All eyes will be on Pirlo, but I think Hernandez is itching for a chance to prove himself - he'll be on the score sheet.

    Tom Marshall: Mexico have been slow starters recently: just three first half goals in the last 15 games. Really could do with a bright start.

  217. 1951: 

    Here we go then. Gianluigi Buffon has to sprint out of the tunnel after leaving his gloves in the dressing room but now he's ready to lead the sides out. Andrea Pirlo's beard is looking magnificent.

  218. 1950:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the MaracanaMexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    "We are just awaiting the arrival of the teams but before the action begins here are a few words from Pele about this great stadium, which are inscribed on the wall here (in Portuguese): "The Maracana is a special place for all Brazilians, but especially for me. It was there that I scored my first goal for the Auriverde against Argentina, and also where I scored my 1,000th professional goal years later. Some 1,700 people have played on that pitch and the aura of the place is extraordinary."

  219. 1948: 

    Claudio via text on 81111: Inter Milan let Pirlo go to AC when he was young in a rush to appease the sceptic fans. Incompetence and impatience.

  220. 1947:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the MaracanaMexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    "Daniele De Rossi and Claudio Marchisio hold the midfield together for Italy.

    "Mexico's big name, Javier Hernandez plays up front on his own, with former Spurs and Barcelona playmaker Gio dos Santos tucked in behind. Their goalkeeper Jose Corona, who was part of their Olympic gold medal winning side, is one to watch. He is known to have a explosive temper."

  221. 1945:  
    BBC Sport pundit Pat Nevin on BBC ThreeMexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    "They call Andrea Pirlo the architect and there's a reason for that - he does everything. I watched him against Celtic in the Champions League last season and he was man marked even though he's a deep lying midfielder. No one plays that deep and is man marked. That's how good he is."

  222. 1943: 
    Mexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    Mexico love a draw - with seven of their last 10 games ending all level. We could do with an early goal or two perhaps tonight or it could be a bit stale...


    Who would you rather have on your team? Balotelli or Hernandez? Click here to vote.

  224. 1940: 

    We will once again be asking for your views on subjects relating to the Confederations Cup during the Match of the Day broadcast. For our first question today, we want to know who would you rather have on your team? Reply either using #Balotelli or #Hernandez to @BBCMOTD or click here to vote.

    The vote will close on the half-time whistle and we will announce the results later in the text commentary. Please note that votes are tallied by an external company, which uses IP addresses and cookies to process the results. For more information click here.

  225. 1938: 
    Mexico fans at the Maracana

    We are 20 minutes away from kick-off in Rio then. Are you all set?

  226. 1937:  
    Former Wales striker John Hartson on BBC ThreeMexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    "The team under most pressure at the Confederations Cup is Brazil because they are the host nation. They've left a few star names behind, but the likes of Italy and Spain have brought their strongest squads."

  227. 1935: 

    R Arunothayan: Great matches tonight but I have lectures tomorrow! Spain v Uruguay could be a dream game.

  228. 1935: 
    LINE-UPS- Mexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    Mexico: Corona, Rodriguez, Salcido, Flores, Moreno, Torrado, Aquino, Zavala, Guardado, Giovani, Hernandez. Subs: Ochoa, Reyes, Molina, Barrera, Reyna, De Nigris, Meza, Herrera, Jimenez, Torres, Mier, Talavera.

    Italy: Buffon, Chiellini, De Sciglio, Abate, Barzagli, Marchisio, De Rossi, Montolivo, Pirlo, Giaccherini, Balotelli. Subs: Sirigu, Maggio, Astori, Candreva, Aquilani, Giovinco, Gilardino, El Shaarawy, Cerci, Bonucci, Diamanti, Marchetti.

    Referee: Enrique Osses (Chile)

  229. 1931: 
    Mexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    Gold Cup winners Mexico start with Manchester United's Javier Hernandez. Other European-based players include Espanyol defender Hector Moreno and Valencia midfielder Andres Guardado.

  230. 1930: 
    LIVE NOW!- Mexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    BBC Three's coverage of the game in Rio is up and running. You can also watch the action live on the BBC Sport website, at the top of this page on the desktop site and on the BBC Sport app. You can't miss it basically.

  231. 1929: 

    Papa Parsons: Pirlo is the only non-Spaniard that could get into the Spain starting XI. He'd be in ANY team's starting XI.

    Geoffrey Sharpe: Pirlo's a fine player who controlled tempo on a par with Scholes. But if teams got tactics right he could be ineffective also.

    Al-Prince Santi: Andrea Pirlo is one of - if not the - best midfielders of all time. He's been overlooked all of his days at AC Milan. Absolute genius.

  232. 1926: 
    Mexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    So Andrea Pirlo wins his 100th cap for Italy - one of six Juventus players in Cesare Prandelli's starting line-up. The 34-year-old is joined by team-mates Gianluigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini, Claudio Marchisio, Andrea Barzagli and Emanuele Giaccherini. Former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli also makes the side.

  233. 1926: 

    M G Spencer: Pirlo represents growing up with the drama of Champions League and the midweek excitement overseas teams bring.

    Jonny Scott: Pirlo has never been on my football radar until the last couple of years. Maybe my radar is faulty.

  234. 1925:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the MaracanaMexico v Italy (2000 BST)
    Crowd in Brazil

    "This stadium might have been beset by problems in the build up and criticised by those who remember the days when 200,000 packed into this iconic ground but this still feels like a footballing mecca, a place the name of which is known from Sydney to Stockholm. I have seen sombreros and sarongs, Brazil shirts next to the blue of Inter, Argentina shirts (yes really), more than a few in the red of Manchester United and thousands and thousands more.

    "It has been a warm day in Rio with temperatures in the low 30s but the sun is gradually sliding away off the pitch now and it should be perfect playing conditions."

  235. 1921: 

    Ilkay Gundogan: Pirlo is third in his generation after Zidane and Xavi, but the best passer of the ball out of the three.

    Ross Dalrymple: No matter what age he is, I still think Pirlo's one of, if not, the best centre midfielders in the world due to his assists.

    Brom: Pirlo has won and done more than people give him credit for. Definitely in the top five.

  236. 1921: 
    Stephan El Shaarawy & Mario Balotelli

    Does anyone else miss Mario Balotelli? I know I do.

    Life in the Premier League has not been the same since Mario left our shores, but he's been loving life back in Italy, banging in the goals for AC Milan. He scored 12 in 13 games for Milan after leaving City in January.

    He got sent off for Italy in their last World Cup qualifier but he's available to play tonight.

  237. 1919: 
    Mexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    The Italians are out warming up on the Maracana pitch, with Mario Balotelli showing no signs of the injury which has hindered his preparations. Mexico are also out there now going through their exercises.

    Kick-off is 40 minutes away, and BBC Three coverage is due to begin in 10 minutes or so.

  238. 1918: 

    Calum Jones: Pirlo is in the same class as Scholes and Xavi. A proper pass-master - an absolute joy to watch.

    Gary: Pirlo is definitely up there with the Xavis, Iniestas, Gerrards and the Beckhams. No doubt about it.

    Sean Thomason: He's right up there. Plays the game at his own tempo. Fearless. He is absolutely majestic.

  239. 1917: 
    Mexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    Italy boss Cesare Prandelli was asked yesterday about the probable change to a 4-3-2-1 system with Emanuele Giaccherini and Claudio Marchisio supporting centre-forward Mario Balotelli.

    He said: "We have to take into account the physical aspect and the fitness levels of the squad right now. We have players of great quality, especially in midfield, and have built the side around their movement and possession."

  240. 1916: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Mexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    Andrea Pirlo wins his 100th cap for Italy, and former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli is fit to start.

  241. 1915: 

    Ben de Souza: Pirlo and Scholes in the middle would be a glorious sight.

    Chris Lazaris: Pirlo is the most revolutionary. He's attempted passes Xavi could only dream about. Created the position of deep lying playmaker.

    James Pegram: Pirlo's a fantastic player, the kind of midfielder that England need to develop.

  242. 1914: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Mexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    Manchester United striker Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez starts up front for Mexico, with former Fulham man Carlos Salcido also in.

  243. 1913: 
    Mexico v Italy (2000 BST)

    But tonight is about more than the great Andrea Pirlo.

    There are plenty of familiar faces on display in our opener in Rio, with Mario Balotelli and Javier Hernandez spearheading each side's attack, Gigi Buffon in nets for the Italians and even Spurs reject Giovani dos Santos.

    Later on - if you can stay up long enough - it's Spain v Uruguay and a host of other world-class talent for us to enjoy.

  244. 1911: 

    Kieran Ward: Pirlo is one of the greatest. So precise, calm and brilliant under pressure. Why no PL club has gone in for him is daft.

    Andrea Pirlo

    Nicholas O'Neill: AC Milan still weep for the day they let Pirlo leave.

    Andrew Levesconte: Not in my top 10. There's others in front like Zidane who is the greatest footballer of all time.

  245. 1909: 

    Got a slight dose of Confederations Cup fever yet?

    I want to hear your thoughts. Where do you rank Andrea Pirlo on the list of midfield greats? Can Mexico stop him? How far will these two sides go in the tournament?

    Text in on 81111 (UK Only) - providing you stick your name on it - or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  246. 1907: 

    Italy may start as favourites in Rio this evening but Mexico are no mugs.

    They shocked Brazil last year at Wembley to take Olympic gold and have form at the Confederations Cup, they won it on home soil in 1999.

    Mexico v Italy

    Manchester United man Javier Hernandez will be his usual fluid self up top, while Valencia midfielder Andres Guardado is a class act. The Maracana is filling up with sombreros and wrestling masks as we speak.

  247. 1903: 

    When Italy played England in the quarter-finals of last year's Euro 2012 tournament, most of the build-up was dominated by chat of how England could stop Andrea Pirlo. There was talk of man-marking, high pressing and the energy of young legs disrupting him.

    None of the ploys worked. Pirlo was peerless as he made 131 passes in the match, running the show and leaving Scott Parker chasing shadows. He was, quite simply, too good.

  248. 1901: 

    "Do I hope Milan will regret losing me? Yes."

    Those were Andrea Pirlo's last words on exiting the San Siro two summers ago - and earlier this year Milan President Silvio Berlusconi was left to admit that they did indeed rue the day they let him leave.

    Pirlo will bow out on the international stage in Brazil after next summer's World Cup. He has graced it with the best of them.

  249. 1900: 
    Andrea Pirlo

    With 18 Serie A titles and seven European Cups in the trophy cabinet, it's fair to say that AC Milan tend to get most of their footballing decisions spot on.

    But two years ago, they decided to release midfielder Andrea Pirlo after a decade of service and glory. At 32, Milan must have decided that the playmaker's legs had gone and it was time for him to move on.

    That call has been proven to be spectacularly false. Pirlo moved to Juventus, where he has won back-to-back titles, and tonight at the age of 34 he will make his 100th appearance for the Azzurri.

    Will Mexico be the latest in a long line of sides to watch puppet master Pirlo dictate play?

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