Confederations Cup: Brazil v Japan as it happened

Live text commentary as hosts Brazil easily defeat Japan in the opening game of the 2013 Confederations Cup in Brasilia.

15 June 2013 Last updated at 22:57

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As it happened

  1. 2219: 

    That's day one of the Confederations Cup nailed then.

    Brazil were not quite at their brilliant best, but not too shabby at all. Join us tomorrow for Mario Balotelli, Luis Suarez, Juan Mata et al.

    See you there.

  2. 2216: 

    Abdullah: It's a shame Kagawa doesn't have Robin van Persie with him playing for Japan.

    Toshi: Brazil were too strong. Japan must improve individual skills.

    Ryan Snell: Brazil are so much technically better than England. They are going to be hard to stop at the World Cup.

  3. 2215: 

    The main talking point in the Brazil camp after the game will be the state of Neymar's fitness. The forward had to be replaced after a knock to his back but it didn't look too serious.

  4. 2206: 

    The second game in Group A takes place tomorrow evening as Mexico take on Italy in Rio, before Spain play Uruguay in Recife in the opener in Group B.

    That's a 2300 BST kick-off that one, so you may need to get a strong pot of coffee on the go.

  5. 2204: 

    Stuart Levy: Jo was only 21 when he joined Man City. Moved too soon?

    Prasanna Karky: Brazil win. Peace and order is restored in the world of football.

    Harjee Singh Jutte: That was a great game which was needed after withdrawal symptoms were sinking in. And Brazil played with style.

  6. 2202: 

    I would imagine that was pretty much job done for Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari. His side won convincingly, they didn't concede and their star player scored a belter of a goal. As opening games go, it was textbook.

  7. 2200:  
    BBC Sport pundit Robbie SavageBrazil 3-0 Japan

    "It is far too early (to say whether Brazil will win the World Cup). They haven't got enough yet in terms of big experience."

  8. 2158: 

    Earlier we asked whether you think Brazil will win the Confederations Cup. 35% said yes and 65% said no. Thank you for all your votes. There will be further votes throughout the Confederations Cup.

  9. 2157:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in Rio

    "Darkness has fallen on Rio but for the fans of the Selecao the night is just beginning. The opening ceremony began with the message 'the dream starts now' and this result, at least in the eyes of the Brazilian public, has breathed new life and optimism into their hopes for next summer.

    "Warm applause greeted the final whistle, with Jo capping a convincing victory. But the name of Neymar is the one on everyone's lips here, both for that stunning goal that light up the opening match of the tournament and with concern that the apparent injury that forced him off with 20 minutes remaining is not too serious. There are an awful lot of happy Brazilians in Rio tonight."

  10. 2157:  
    BBC Sport's Alan ShearerBrazil 3-0 Japan

    "For the first time in two years we've seen Brazil in competitive mode because they've only been playing friendlies. On what I have seen, I've been impressed. The opposition will get harder but you can only beat what is in front of you."

  11. 2154: 

    Jo was only called up to the Brazil squad last week as a late replacement for the injured Leandro Damiao. To be fair to him he stuck his chance away very confidently.

  12. 2154:  
    Martin Keown in Brasilia, BBC SportBrazil 3-0 Japan

    "Look at Oscar in the move for the goal, the injection of pace and the weight of the pass for Jo. It's a gift for him."

  13. 2154: 

    The vote on whether Brazil will win the Confederations Cup is now closed. We will be bringing you the results shortly.

  14. 2153: 
    FULL-TIME- Brazil 3-0 Japan
  15. 2151: 
    GOAL- Brazil 3-0 Japan - Jo (90 mins)

    With his first touch! Jo scores his first goal for Brazil! It's superb play from Oscar yet again, running clear down the left before picking out a surgical pass through the Japan backline to allow Jo to steer home from eight yards.

  16. 2151:  
    Martin Keown in Brasilia, BBC SportBrazil 2-0 Japan

    "I've been really impressed with Brazil. Their organisation, the way they're growing as a team and their flair players. Neymar has certainly delivered tonight."

  17. 2148: 
    INJURY TIME- Brazil 2-0 Japan

    I don't think Jo has had a touch yet - the former Manchester City man peels away from right to left to open up some space though as Oscar carries the ball toward goal, he then lays it off to Hernanes who crashes a shot way over the top.

    Into three minutes of added time.

  18. 2146: 

    A bargain at £50m+? Not sure about that, but there's no doubt that Neymar is a great talent. Quite how he will fare for Barca remains to be seen.

  19. 2146: 

    Luca Grant: Neymar will be a success in Europe, he's exactly what European football needs right now, not that it needs improvement.

    Samuel Olawale: Barcelona have got themselves a bargain in Neymar.

    Gary Gorman: Neymar has great ability but needs to stay on his feet more. Goes down far too easily.

  20. 2145: 
    FINAL FIVE- Brazil 2-0 Japan

    The rain starts to fall as we enter the final five minutes. Game one - done.

  21. 2142: 
    Brazil 2-0 Japan

    Japan have run out of ideas now as they resort to pumping a ball into the channel, that neat interplay of the opening 35 minutes or so has ran out of gas.

    The crowd has gone quiet now as well, it's all winding down in Brasilia.

  22. 2139: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Brazil 2-0 Japan

    A great substitute for brevity as Fred is replaced by Jo.

    That's Manchester City reject Jo. Remember him?

  23. 2139:  
    Martin Keown in Brasilia, BBC SportBrazil 2-0 Japan

    "I think Japan are well organised and solid at the back. But in the final third they've not really threatened enough. Honda is definitely a better player playing deeper and pulling the strings."

  24. 2137: 
    Brazil 2-0 Japan

    Oscar almost gets in after a great touch to kill a long pass forward but he is denied by a long Japanese foot. Hernanes then puts a pass through for Fred but some more last-gasp defending sees it out.

    The replacements have cranked up the pace a tad as we click into the last 10 minutes. Fred then heads wide from a corner.

  25. 2136: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Brazil 2-0 Japan

    Hulk has lasted 75 minutes in this heat - which is no mean feat - but the big unit comes off now as Lazio midfielder Hernanes comes on in his place.

  26. 2135: 

    Nathan Nicholls: If Neymar is worth £50m then Spurs are having a big joke thinking Bale is worth £85m.

  27. 2135: 

    What do we make of Neymar then? His goal tonight was as good as it gets but it will be a different kettle of fish for him at Barcelona. Is he going to be a star for Barca? Or will he flop in La Liga?

    Let us know on twitter using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  28. 2133: 

    Pedro Martins: Great to see moustaches making a comeback on the Brazilian bench - albeit with the coaching staff.

    Sean Whittall: Brazil don't look that good. Flashes of brilliance but not the complete team. Shaky defence, better sides would exploit them.

    Rodney Watson: Brazil are starting to play... like Brazil!

  29. 2132: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Brazil 2-0 Japan

    Neymar's day is over as he is replaced by PSG winger Lucas Moura - it's a decision which does not go down well with the home crowd.

  30. 2132:  
    Martin Keown in Brasilia, BBC SportBrazil 2-0 Japan

    "Julio Cesar looking a quality keeper at last."

  31. 2130: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Brazil 2-0 Japan

    This is why doubts remain over Brazil's chances of winning the World Cup. One set-piece from Japan has their defence all over the place, panic sets in and a wild clearance sees the ball hacked out to substitute Ryoichi Maeda in space 15 yards from goal. Maeda catches his shot cleanly enough but Julio Cesar watches it al the way to make a smart save.

  32. 2128: 
    Brazil 2-0 Japan

    Neymar goes down in a heap at the end of that move after a heavy landing. He's holding the small of his back and is carried off the field on a stretcher - I don't think he's seriously hurt though as the physio gives a thumbs up to the bench. Always a tell-tale sign that one.

  33. 2127: 
    Brazil 2-0 Japan
    Paulinho celebrates scoring for Japan

    We are into the last 25 minutes in Brasilia as the hosts try and pick the lock of the Japanese defence with some very intricate stuff in and around the penalty area. Neymar and Fred try a one-two but some last-ditch defending sees it out.

  34. 2126: 

    The European Under-21s tournament is still ticking along in Israel, and the final will be played between Italy and Spain after they won today's semi-finals.

    Holders Spain hammered Norway 3-0 earlier on this evening, while Italy have just completed a 1-0 win over the Netherlands with Liverpool striker Fabio Borini finding the winner.

  35. 2122: 
    Brazil 2-0 Japan

    It's all gone a bit scrappy as both sets of players look to be feeling the burn. Plenty of errors are creeping into the game as fatigue kicks in. Get big Mike on Japan...

  36. 2122: 

    Ayush: The third minute in each half has been devastating for the Japanese.

    Mhla: Paulinho is a very good player, I am sure he will end up in Italy or Germany, Premier League doesn't suit his style.

    Abideen Akinlabi: Paulinho's goal was just like that one he scored against England.

  37. 2119: 
    Brazil 2-0 Japan

    Neymar applauds the crowd as he strolls over to take a corner for Brazil - he's at the heart of everything going forward for Brazil. That will all change when he goes to Barcelona of course, where he'll just be the latest member of an all-star supergroup.


    Do you think Brazil will win the Confederations Cup? Vote here.

  39. 2117: 

    For the second question, we want to know if you think Brazil will win the Confederations Cup? Reply either using #YES or #NO to @BBCMOTD or click here to vote.

    The vote will close on the full-time whistle and we will announce the results later in the text commentary. Please note that votes are tallied by an external company, which uses IP addresses and cookies to process the results. For more information click here.

  40. 2115: 
    Brazil 2-0 Japan

    OptaJoe: 25% - The percentage of goals Brazil have scored from outside the box at World Cup finals since 1966, compared to the average of 16%.

  41. 2114: 
    Brazil 2-0 Japan

    Substitute Ryoichi Maeda lets fly from 25 yards with his first touch as he batters a shot into the palms of Julio Cesar, who again isn't as certain as he would like. That humidity may be taking its toll on more players than the Hulk now as the tempo is certainly slowing down.

  42. 2114: 

    Kedar Patel: Paulinho has just added some millions on his price.

    Julian Ngo: Another great goal.

    Subramanian Pillai: The wait was worth it, the samba boys go crazy.

  43. 2112:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in Rio

    "Another goal, another outpouring of joy in Rio. They were on their feet for that one and the crowds are swelling as the evening goes on. The fans think that second goal has made the result safe and the caipirinhas (strong stuff... I'm told) are flowing. It has been a perfect afternoon for Brazil so far but now the fans in Rio want more goals."

  44. 2112: 
    Brazil 2-0 Japan
    Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari

    Ryoichi Maeda - who has just come on - is now playing through the middle for Japan with Shinji Okazaki now out on the right wing. Worryingly for Japan though it's Brazil who are moving the ball about very nicely since that second goal, with Oscar almost linking up with Fred as they search for a third.

  45. 2110: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Brazil 2-0 Japan

    First change of the day for Japan as Ryoichi Maeda comes on in place of Hiroshi Kiyotake.

  46. 2109:  
    Martin Keown in Brasilia, BBC SportBrazil 2-0 Japan

    "Look what Paulinho can do in the final third. In a flash the ball is in the back of the net. Maybe the keeper should have done better but it was coming at him quickly, an absolutely devastating finish."

  47. 2106: 
    GOAL- Brazil 2-0 Japan - Paulinho (48 mins)

    But Big Phil and Brazil do have that second goal sharpish enough, as they score in the third minute of the second half. Dani Alves pings the ball in from the right, Paulinho brings it down and hammers a low shot right through keeper Eiji Kawashima.

    You may remember that Paulinho scored a great goal against England the other week. That was just as good.

  48. 2106: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    It's Japan who come out of the blocks flying though, putting together a fine move down the left which sees Shinji Kagawa's cross just miss everyone. Captain Mokoto Hasebe then runs at the defence but runs out of room.

  49. 2104: 
    KICK-OFF- Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Big Phil Scolari has a slightly concerned look on his face in the dugout as the players emerge for the second half. He'll want a second goal sharpish as Japan get us back under way.

  50. 2102: 

    Ojo Adedeji: Brazil may end up drawing if they continue this way.

    Ale: Japan need to be more aggressive. They can make this a game if they get over the fear of playing Brazil.

    Shubham Khandelwal: Seeing Neymar play the way he's playing only scares me at the prospect of him and Messi playing together.

  51. 2059: 

    Japan do have striker Mike Havenaar on the bench who could pose a different question to the Brazil backline. Of Dutch extraction - as you probably guessed from his name - big Mike is 6ft 4in tall. Hit the big man!

  52. 2057: 

    Earlier on we asked you in a fun vote whether football should embrace further technology. 75% said yes and 25% said no. We will be asking you a question on a different subject in the second half.

  53. 2056:  
    BBC Sport's Alan ShearerBrazil 1-0 Japan

    "Teams better than Japan - like Italy, Uruguay and Spain - will be asking themselves how can we exploit Brazil's formation?"

  54. 2054: 

    Japanese midfielder Keisuke Honda showed just why he's a real threat in that first half, and the playmaker is a free agent this summer as his contract with CSKA Moscow expires at the end of the month. His agent will be standing by for a busy few weeks if that 45 minutes was anything to go by.

  55. 2054:  
    BBC Sport pundit Robbie SavageBrazil 1-0 Japan

    "At times Brazil are playing 3-6-1."

  56. 2053:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in Rio

    "The fans packed into the bars and restaurants around this old town square in Rio stand and applaud as Brazil leave the field at half time. Coming into this game, Neymar told the Brazilian press that he just wanted to feel loved, and judging by the reaction to him as he appears on the screens around me, that goal has gone a long way to granting his wish. Half-time and Rio is bouncing."

  57. 2052:  
    BBC Sport's Alan ShearerBrazil 1-0 Japan

    "That goal will give Neymar incredible confidence because it is a sensational finish. What a pass, what a touch and what a strike to finish it off. That is a goal of the highest quality. The technique is brilliant and the goalkeeper is not going to stop that."

  58. 2049: 

    Japan were on top for large periods of that first 45 minutes as they really kept the ball superbly. However, they just didn't really threaten Julio Cesar's goal at all, bar a few speculative efforts from range.

  59. 2048: 

    The pitch is indeed a bit bobbly at times, but it didn't stop Neymar cracking in that sublime opener. You can see the goal in a clip on the BBC Sport website if you missed it.

  60. 2047: 

    Farhan Khan: Honda could be an ideal replacement for Gerrard at Liverpool.

    Daniel Jenks: After an early Neymar goal, the home crowd are getting a bit restless over the long balls.

    Mitch Toda: The pitch is horrendous. Bumps and divots everywhere.

  61. 2047: 
    HALF-TIME- Brazil 1-0 Japan
  62. 2047: 
    YELLOW CARD- Brazil 1-0 Japan

    A dreadful challenge from Japan captain Makoto Hasebe sees him go into the book. Neymar spins away from him 35 yards from goal and Hasebe just hacks him down from behind, right down his calves. A real nasty challenge.

  63. 2047: 
    Match of the Day vote

    The vote on goal-line technology is now closed. We will have another question for you in the second-half.

  64. 2042: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Oh, superb save! Japan are almost in at one end after Thiago Silva gives the ball away before Brazil counter in stunning style, Neymar floating a pass into the path of Fred, who has done nothing so far.

    He's a proper striker though, Fred. He comes alive, taking a touch and hammering in a shot which Eiji Kawashima keeps out with one hand. Almost a second before teh break for Brazil.

  65. 2042:  
    Martin Keown in Brasilia, BBC SportBrazil 1-0 Japan

    "Hulk has just come alive there. He is about power and brute force. Luckily for Japan, he's smashed it into the side netting."

  66. 2041: 

    Game of the People: Unrest from the crowd creeping in now. This is what Brazil can expect next year if they don't get their own way.

  67. 2041: 
    CLOSE!- Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Japan continue to boss the midfield without finding a way through as David Luiz just smashes the ball downfield. Not very Brazilian that Dave. You can tell he's playing in England.

    The Hulk then gets the ball at the other end and thumps a rising shot into the side-netting from wide on the right. He caught that beautifully but it flies inches wide.

  68. 2038:  
    Martin Keown in Brasilia, BBC SportBrazil 1-0 Japan

    "There's a few boos in the stadium from the home fans. They're getting a bit frustrated. David Luiz needs to improve big time defensively."

  69. 2037: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    I wouldn't say it was humid in Brasilia, but the Hulk looks like he's been through a carwash. Sweat is dripping off the big man as he wastes a good chance with a poor cutback after a neat break down the right wing.

  70. 2037: 

    Harry Dean: I'm impressed with Brazil at the moment. I always doubted Neymar but I have a different opinion of him after that goal.

    Edward Pickthorn: Shinji Kagawa is not getting the movement he would with United.

    Alex Haworth: Neymar's a decent player, but would he cut it on Tuesday nights down at Scunthorpe? I doubt it.

  71. 2037: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    What a cross from Dani Alves! The Barcelona man swings over a peach of a ball to the back stick which somehow evades the forehead of Fred and Japan just about see it out.

  72. 2034:  
    Martin Keown in Brasilia, BBC SportBrazil 1-0 Japan

    "Brazil look irresistible going forward but the midfield doesn't look right to me. In that final third Japan have quality and they move the ball around well."

  73. 2031: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Japan again patiently probe in the final third, with Inter Milan left-back Yuto Nagatomo now joining the party. He takes on and beats Dani Alves before picking out a gem of a pass to slip in Shinji Okazaki - but the flag is up. Okazaki is the man playing through the middle when he can for Japan.

  74. 2028: 

    Game of the People: Honda could surprise Brazil if they're not careful.

    Charles Rigby: After the World Cup in 2010 and even now I still can't believe Honda isn't in a top European team.

    Ben Winfield: Brazil are keeping the ball well and excellent going forward but Japan look to have ability on the break.

  75. 2028: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Yasuhito Endo, Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa are linking up really well now in the pocket between Brazil's midfield and defence. It's all very eye-catching but there's no real penetration or threat so far.

  76. 2024: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Brazil centre-half David Luiz suddenly pops up on the left wing, throwing in a Cruyff turn but ultimately losing the ball. You don't get that from John Terry do you?

    That's 25 minutes gone in Brasilia and Japan are steadily growing into the game.

  77. 2023: 

    Anes Abdul Kareem: Hulk looks brutally overweight. Or is it my wide-screen TV distorting the image?

    Kento: Japan counter-attacking with intent but they lack sharpness in the final third.

    David Standley: All the kids might want to cut their socks with scissors now that Neymar's done it.

  78. 2022: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Quality from the Hulk as he works a one-two in a tight area to cut into the break from the right wing. He puts a cross-shot into the goalmouth which nicks off the toe of a defender and goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima makes a sprawling save to keep the ball out. Top stuff from the Standard Liege keeper.

  79. 2020: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Excellent harrying from Japan now has the Brazilian defence looking out of sorts, with Chelsea's David Luiz hacking the ball wildly clear, and they are able to feed the ball into the feet of Keisuke Honda to get a snapshot away from 25 yards. Julio Cesar fumbles it a bit but just about gets it stopped. The QPR man won't get that sort of time in the Championship next year.

  80. 2017:  
    Martin Keown in Brasilia, BBC SportBrazil 1-0 Japan

    "Brazil link up so well. When they go forward they look irresistible. They break from the back with so much pace. Hulk could move the ball a bit quicker, he is a bit slow in his decision making. I'd like to see Brazil tested more defensively though."

  81. 2015: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Neymar is off the field at the moment conducting some sort of surgery to his socks with a large pair of scissors. Not sure what that's all about, but he's not happy with something. If he gets some socks which do fit him then we might see some real magic...

  82. 2014: 

    Mike Cowan: Three minutes into the Confederations Cup and we've already had the goal of the tournament.

  83. 2013: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Brazil are attacking with plenty of width and tempo, with Hulk now marauding down the right wing. He's a versatile frontman is our Hulk, with plenty of reports suggesting that he may soon be ripping up the Premier League with Chelsea.

  84. 2012:  
    MOTD presenter Gary LinekerBrazil 1-0 Japan

    "Many knock Neymar, without probably seeing him play frequently enough to justify it. He scores goals...lots of them. BBC3 now!"

  85. 2011: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan
    Neymar scores his blistering early goal for Brazil

    The opening 10 minutes have flown by, with every touch from Neymar now bringing the crowd to their feet. The frontman now lifts the ball cleverly over a defender before finding Dani Alves on the right, but the move breaks down.

  86. 2010:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in Rio

    "The game began with the Brazil fan behind repeatedly shouting 'where's Romario? Where's Romario?' But that stunning strike from Neymar, the heir apparent, silenced him in an instant and sent the town square where I am in Rio into raptures. The perfect start."

  87. 2010: 

    Iwan Jones: This Neymar lad looks a decent player.

    James Ananthakumar: Brilliant strike by Neymar. Just beautiful.

  88. 2008: 
    CLOSE!- Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Better from Japan though as Manchester United man Shinji Kagawa beats two men with a delightful shimmy of footwork in the centre circle, he has the pace to run away from a defender as well before finding Shinji Okazaki on the right. He stands up a cross which Keisuke Honda can only volley over the top at the back stick.

  89. 2008: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    Japan are struggling to keep the ball high up the park so far and are unable to build any pressure as a result. They are happy to let Brazil have the ball in their own half, pressing when they move the ball into midfield.

  90. 2005: 
    Brazil 1-0 Japan

    What a start to this tournament. If we have goals like that every game we'll all be very happy indeed. Stunning start from Brazil!

  91. 2005:  
    Martin Keown in Brasilia, BBC SportBrazil 1-0 Japan

    "What an absolutely stunning strike, sweet as you like, by a confident player at the top of his game. We watched him in training taking free-kicks and he was unbelievable. Neymar has risen to the challenge."

  92. 2003: 
    GOAL- Brazil 1-0 Japan - Neymar (3 mins)

    Wow! Is Neymar feeling the pressure? I don't think so. Marcelo pings a cross in from the left, Fred chests it down on the edge of the area and Neymar takes it off him to crash a superb first-time shot into the top corner from 20 yards. He was off celebrating before the ball had even reached the goal. You don't hit them sweeter than that!

  93. 2002: 
    Brazil 0-0 Japan

    Bayern Munich midfielder Luis Gustavo sweeps a lovely pass out wide to Hulk on the left wing, he beats a man but his low cross is easily dealt with by Southampton defender Maya Yoshida. Hulk plays as a winger for Brazil, there's plenty of power in this side.

  94. 2000: 

    And with perfect timing, Andy Murray wraps up his tennis match at Queen's and this match is now live on BBC Three.

  95. 2000: 
    KICK-OFF- Brazil 0-0 Japan

    'Brasil! Brasil!' rings out across the Estadio Nacional as Neymar and Fred get us under way.

  96. 1957: 

    Here we go then, the formalities and friendliness is all over. Let's get this Confederations Cup on.

  97. 1955: 

    Neno: Come on Brazil. Show us some samba magic.

    Chris Lord: Honda will drive Japan to victory tonight! Groans all around?

    Yes Chris. Groan central.

  98. 1955: 

    It's national anthem time, with Japan starting us off. There's not a great deal of Japanese fans in the stadium, but there are around 1.5m Japanese immigrants in Brazil as a whole so they will not be short of support throughout the next few weeks.

    The more familiar Brazil anthem is up next, a whirr of brass and strings before a near 70,000-strong choir kick in. Captain Thiago Silva is all passion, eyes closed and head bowed. He is up for this one...

  99. 1952: 

    Fifa president Sepp Blatter makes a short pre-match speech as he cracks into some Portuguese.

    Blatter tells the crowd that "we are all together today in the home of the five-time world champions. It gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone here."

  100. 1950:  
    BBC Sport's Alan Shearer on goal-line technologyBrazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    "About time too. I'm all for it."

  101. 1949: 
    Brazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    Cracking atmosphere in Brasilia now as the clock ticks toward the 4pm kick-off local time. It looks pretty full to me, yellow shirts as far as the eye can see.

    And here come the teams to a deafening roar...

  102. 1948: 

    Scott Cairns: Spain will win it. Unsung hero and player of the tournament should be Mata. Genius."

    Dale Wright: Not a lot of love for Keisuke Honda so far. He's an immense player. Rocket of a left foot and Ronaldo-esque free-kicks.

  103. 1947: 

    Putting Neymar in the same bracket as Pele is as about as much pressure as you can get! Brazil fans would probably settle for a strong display in the tournament, let's save the Pele impressions for the World Cup...

  104. 1944:  
    BBC Sport pundit Robbie SavageBrazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    "I have seen quite a lot of Neymar and heard people speak of him in the same terms as Pele. But I have not seen that yet. It is going to be a big test for him at Barcelona and it is up to him to prove himself on the European stage."

  105. 1942: 

    It looks like Japan are actually playing with no striker whatsoever tonight. They're the Spain of Asia. David Luiz and Thiago Silva in the Brazil defence will have to try and pick someone up.

  106. 1940:  
    BBC Sport's Martin Keown in BrasiliaBrazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    "The atmosphere, the samba and the music is just unique. There's a lot of talk about pressure on the Brazil team and it will be interesting how they will deal with it. Neymar hasn't scored a goal for some considerable time. We've watched him in training and his free-kicks were unbelievable.

    "It'll be interesting to see how he copes with the pressure. Japan are a decent outfit and there's pressure on Brazil as a result of it."

  107. 1940: 

    Twenty minutes to go until kick-off time. The Samba Boys are finding their rhythm as the warm-up concludes.

  108. 1937:  
    BBC Sport's Alan ShearerBrazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    "You have got to look at the calibre of the teams - Brazil, Spain, Italy and Uruguay. It's a competition worth winning, particularly for Brazil with the amount of pressure on them."

  109. 1935: 

    Johnny Magrinho: Neymar is potentially over-hyped but that kid sums up Brazilian football - style, flair, enthusiasm and highly misunderstood.

    Michael Cooke: Keisuke Honda is the key man as Japan will look to him to set up their attacks.

  110. 1935: 

    There's a lot of love for Oscar coming in. The Chelsea midfielder has had a superb season, but he must be crying out for a rest. The man has played a phenomenal amount of games in the last 12 months or so.


    With goal-line technology at the Confederations Cup, should football embrace further technology? Click here to vote.

  112. 1932: 

    For the first time on Match of the Day, you will be able to have your say on topical issues through the Confederations Cup through an online vote or via Twitter. With goal-line technology being used at the Confederations Cup, for our first question we want to know if football should embrace further technology? Reply either using #YES or #NO to @BBCMOTD or click here to vote.

    The vote will close on the half-time whistle and we will announce the results later in the text commentary. Please note that votes are tallied by an external company, which uses IP addresses and cookies to process the results. For more information click here.

  113. 1931: 

    Ese Harrison Ataide: Edinson Cavani will be the exciting player to watch as Chelsea and Manchester City set their sights on him.

    Chiemezie Onwubalili: Oscar will be the shining star for Brazil.

  114. 1929: 

    The live coverage of the game is now live on the red button and on the BBC Sport website. If you are reading on desktop or on the BBC Sport app the video is at the top of this page.

  115. 1927: 

    Tom Hooley: I'm predicting Italy to win the Confederations Cup. It'll be Italy v Uruguay in the final.

    Mombill: My prediction for this Confederation Cup is Spain to win it.

  116. 1927: 

    A swift change of plans to your television coverage this evening - Because Andy Murray's rain-hit tennis match at Queen's has overran into a third set, tonight's match between Brazil and Japan will start on the red button and the website at 1930 BST.

    To clarify - the tennis is on BBC Three. The football is not.

  117. 1924: 
    Brazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    All eyes are understandably on Brazil but Japan are out to prove that they are no mugs.

    Japan were the first side - and so far only team apart from Brazil - to qualify for next year's World Cup and under former AC Milan coach Alberto Zaccheroni play a fluid, pressing game. Shinji Kagawa and Keisuke Honda are the main men in the midfield.

  118. 1922: 

    Raoul Weatherell: Oscar will prove he is Brazil's best player for the future and will outshine Neymar.

    abcdefghijake: Cavani is rumoured to be going to Man City or Chelsea. We will see if he lives up to it.

  119. 1919: 
    LINE-UPS- Brazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    Brazil: Julio Cesar, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Luiz, Marcelo, Oscar, Gustavo, Paulinho, Fred, Neymar, Hulk. Subs: Jefferson, Fernando, Lucas Moura, Hernanes, Dante, Filipe Luis, Jean, Rever, Bernard, Jo, Jadson, Cavalieri.

    Japan: Kawashima, Konno, Nagatomo, Uchida, Yoshida, Endo, Honda, Kiyotake, Kagawa, Hasebe, Okazaki. Subs: Nishikawa, Inoha, Gotuko Sakai, Havenaar, Hosogai, Nakamura, Kurihara, Maeda, Inui, Takahashi, Hiroki Sakai, Gonda.

    Referee: Pedro Proenca (Portugal)

  120. 1915: 

    Swiss Liam: Going for Uruguay to win the competition- that is if Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani have blinders in the tournament.

    Santi Cantero: Spain will win every game in this tournament easily. Strongest rivals are still very young groups.

    Kiren: I'll be optimistic and back little Tahiti. Someone has to.

  121. 1914: 

    There's no sign of any booing of the Brazil players from their fans as they emerge for a warm-up to a cacophony of whistles and cheers. It's a hugely impressive looking stadium in Brasilia, and David Luiz looks full of beans.

  122. 1911: 
    Brazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    Manchester United's Shinji Kagawa and Southampton's Maya Yoshida start for Japan in Brasilia. The Asian Cup winners include a number of other European-based players including goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima, who plays for Standard Liege, CKSA Moscow's Keisuke Honda, Inter Milan's Yuto Nagatomo and Schalke's Atsuto Uchida.

  123. 1908:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in Rio

    "It is worth stressing that Brazil and their supporters have something of a love hate relationship.

    "And that has been especially true in the last few months. On Wednesday, Pele appeared at an event on the Copacabana and appealed to the Brazilian public not to boo the team tonight. "This is a team that is under construction, so let's not boo them," he said. "Let's support the players, even if things don't work out because this is us preparing for the World Cup."

  124. 1906: 

    Marc Cribbin: Neymar. He will want to prove himself to people around the world.

    Jonni Bowers: Neymar, Ronaldinho, Torres, Balotelli, Suarez & Cavani.

    Bilal Zed: The beast Victor Moses.

    Haris: Oscar. Brilliant player, everything Brazil do well goes through him. He'll be essential in their tournament.

    Let us know which players will shine on Twitter using the hashtag #StarsofConfeds

  125. 1906: 

    We've mentioned which teams to watch out for - but who are the players you can't wait to see in action over the next 15 days?

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #StarsofConfeds

  126. 1902: 
    The Confederations Cup opening ceremony

    As the opening ceremony winds down the Estadio Nacional is beginning to really fill up in a sea of yellow and green. Brazil fans love, absolutely love, a replica shirt. Only the Dutch can possibly top them in that respect.

  127. 1901: 
    Brazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    Hosts Brazil name two Premier League players in their starting line-up - Chelsea duo David Luiz and Oscar. It is a strong looking side. New Barcelona signing Neymar starts while Julio Cesar, who is still officially a Queens Park Rangers goalkeeper, is also in the side. The team also includes Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Fred, Luiz Gustavo, Paulinho and Hulk.

  128. 1858: 

    No major shocks or surprises in the two sides then, and for all the talk that this is not a great Brazil squad there is plenty of firepower out there. Japan are apparently very easy on the eye as well - should be a good opener to the tournament.

  129. 1856: 

    Chris Dunne: The Italians could surprise a few people, with Stephan El Shaarawy and Mario Balotelli coming off the back of a very good season.

    Alex Hunt: Cavani and Suarez are going to shine in attack for Uruguay and might even help them to overcome Spain.

  130. 1854: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Brazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    Neymar, Oscar, Hulk and David Luiz are all in the Brazil side, while Manchester United midfielder Shinji Kagawa is in the Japan XI.

  131. 1853: 
    Frank Lampard v Germany

    After endless debates, discussions, arguments, slow-motion replays, "was it or wasn't it?" chats and replays of Frank Lampard's 'goal' against Germany, we have got goal-line technology.

    This tournament will see the GoalControl system in use, with 14 cameras locked on the goals. The split second the ball crosses that line the referee's watch will flash 'GOAL'. Apparently...

  132. 1852: 

    Mike Worton: Until someone beats Spain they have to be favourites, don't they?

  133. 1851:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in Rio
    Opening ceremony

    "The message at the opening ceremony, which is well under way in Brasilia, was 'O sonho comeca agora' - the dream starts now. Here this tournament is being viewed as a defining moment for Brazil, the chance to show that, even if they can't actually win it, they are moving in the right direction ahead of next summer's World Cup."

  134. 1850:  
    BBC Match of the Day commentator Steve Wilson in Brasilia
    Martin Keown & Steve Wilson

    "At our breakfast meeting in Brasilia with Martin Keown ahead of Brazil v Japan, we were going through the pronunciations: "Fred", "Jo". It's going well so far."

  135. 1848: 

    The vagaries of the Fifa rankings, and the aforementioned lack of action, has left Brazil down at their lowest ever ranking.

    Brazil - the team of Neymar, Oscar, Hulk, Dani Alves, Fred, Lucas Moura and David Luiz - are currently the 22nd best team in the world according to Fifa. That's below Bosnia, Denmark and Ghana...

  136. 1847:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith in Rio

    "The bars and town squares of Rio are awash with splashes of yellow, green and blue and abuzz with noise as this vast city comes to a standstill for the opening match of the Confederations Cup, which is taking place in Brasilia. The form of the Brazilian national team is never far from people's thoughts here, but today there is an expectation that Luis Felipe Scolari's team will start the tournament with a convincing win over Japan, a country they have never lost to."

  137. 1846: 

    Paul Latham: I'll go for Brazil the hosts to win the tournament. There are some good teams though - Spain being one.

    Paul Pickard: I fancy Uruguay. It's their continent and they have a strong side.

    Deji Faremi: I'm Nigerian, but my unsentimental mind thinks Mexico will take this one.

  138. 1843: 

    With the World Cup just a year away, will the eventual winners come from the eight sides getting a recce in Brazil for the Confederations Cup?

    Do you fancy Brazil to win their sixth trophy? Can Spain make it four major tournaments in a row? Are Uruguay dark horses? Will Uruguay even qualify?

    We may know a bit more by the end of June.

    Let me know your thoughts on who are the team to beat for this trophy, and the big one next summer, by texting in to 81111 (UK Only, with your name at the front) or by tweeting us using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  139. 1842: 

    Nope, that's not a misprint. That did say Tahiti.

    The south Pacific island won the OFC Nations Cup last year, defeating the mighty New Caledonia in the final, to book their place here on the global stage. They're a squad of amateurs whose national sport is canoe racing. Quite frankly we have no idea what to expect when they take on Spain - but that's for another day...

  140. 1837: 
    Vicente Del Bosque

    Let's be honest, the Confederations Cup is not top of everybody's list when it comes to summer tournaments. But there are plenty of quality sides in this year's competition, and a fair few familiar faces as well.

    Here's the lowdown of the eight sides:

    Group A





    Group B





  141. 1835: 
    Brazil v Japan (2000 BST)

    Hosts Brazil kick the Confederations Cup off in style against Japan at the newly renovated Estadio Nacional, Brasilia.

    The match is live on BBC Three - with coverage beginning at 1930 BST - and you will also be able to watch the match at the top of this page. You won't miss a kick, flick or trick.

  142. 1830: 

    17 July 2011.

    The United States still had a Space Shuttle programme. Amy Winehouse was still alive. Ricky Martin's Greatest Hits had somehow entered the top 25 of the UK album chart.

    The world was a very different place 23 months ago. The date is also important as it's the last time Brazil played a competitive match - a penalty shoot-out defeat to Paraguay in the Copa America.

    After nearly two years of waiting, can the Selecao deliver against Japan this evening?

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