French Cup final - Evian v Bordeaux as it happened

Live text commentary of the French Cup final in Paris as a late goal gives Bordeaux victory in the Coupe de France.

31 May 2013 Last updated at 22:15

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As it happened

  1. 2214: 

    This is not goodbye from me, it's merely au revoir.

  2. 2211: 

    The music from the final bell in Rocky is the music played to celebrate Bordeaux's win at the Stade de France. Magic.

  3. 2210: 
    CHAMPAGNE MOMENT- Bordeaux lift the Coupe de France

    Jaroslav Plasil emerges from the crowd to take the trophy and lift it high above his head. Fireworks time!

  4. 2208: 
    Bordeaux celebrate

    And here come the players of Bordeaux, ready for their medals. What a cup final.

  5. 2204: 

    Evian's players trudge up the steps to collect those losers medals that nobody really wants.

  6. 2202: 

    2013: Bordeaux

    2012: Lyon

    2011: Lille

    2010: Paris Saint-Germain

    2009: Guingamp

    2008: Lyon

    2007: Sochaux

    2006: Paris Saint-Germain

    2005: Auxerre

    2004: Paris Saint-Germain

    2003: Auxerre

    2002: Lorient

    2001: Strasbourg

    2000: Nantes

    1999: Nantes

    1998: Paris Saint-Germain

  7. 2200: 

    Evian keeper Bertrand Laquait looks absolutely gutted. And who can blame him. He had a cracking game.

    Evian are on a lap of honour which is delaying Bordeaux's celebrations. Coldplay's 'Viva la Vida' rings out around the Stade de France.

  8. 2157: 

    Sam Dickinson: Another cup final, another late goal. Europa League and Champions league all over again.

  9. 2155: 

    Bordeaux will be in the Europa League next season then. But all credit to Evian, who battled hard throughout.

  10. 2154: 

    Great scenes at the Bordeaux end as Les Girondins celebrate their first Coupe de France since 1987. A cracking second half, but overall you have to say the favourites deserve the win.

  12. 2153: 
    FULL-TIME- Evian 2-3 Bordeaux
  13. 2150: 
    INJURY TIME- Evian 2-3 Bordeaux

    He's scored two, missed a penalty and missed four or five other golden chances. What a final for Cheick Diabate and Bordeaux. We are into stoppage time now.

  14. 2148: 
    GOAL- Evian 2-3 Bordeaux - Cheick Diabate (89 mins)

    He's done it! Scattergun man Cheick Diabate comes up trumps to win the cup for Bordeaux. Evian half clear the corner, Nicolas Maurice-Belay helps the ball back over the top and Diabate keeps calm this time to lash in from seven yards.

  15. 2148: 
    Evian 2-2 Bordeaux

    Bordeaux coming on strong. They've won a corner...

  16. 2145: 
    FINAL FIVE- Evian 2-2 Bordeaux

    Into the last five minutes...

  17. 2143: 
    Evian 2-2 Bordeaux

    What's French for 'send on Ben Watson?'

  18. 2142: 
    CLOSE!- Evian 2-2 Bordeaux

    He's been quiet for 25 minutes or so but Cheick Diabate has his 15th chance of the game, running on to a cross from Nicolas Maurice-Belay but volleying over the top.

    The cross was behind him and it was a good effort, but Bordeaux are now looking the most likely.

  19. 2139: 
    CLOSE!- Evian 2-2 Bordeaux

    Yannick Sagbo goes close for Evian, spinning clear of a defender on the edge of the box before sending in a left-footed shot which curls away from the far corner. Into the last 10 of normal time...

  20. 2137: 
    Evian 2-2 Bordeaux

    We are into the last 15 minutes as Bordeaux try to rouse their silent fans who can't believe that Evian have come back into this.

  21. 2134: 
    CLOSE!- Evian 2-2 Bordeaux

    Free-kick to Evian 30 yards out. Saber Khelifa approaches it head on, Cristiano Ronaldo style, he connects wonderfully but his bullet of a shot arches just over the top.

    Evian are having a great spell.

  22. 2133: 

    Alberto Aquilani makes it Italy 4-0 San Marino.

  23. 2132: 
    Evian 2-2 Bordeaux

    Evian fans in dreamland behind the goal where their full-back has just netted. Pink flags ahoy.

  24. 2130: 
    GOAL- Evian 2-2 Bordeaux - Brice Dja Djedje (70 mins)

    Captain Cedric Barbosa comes off the bench to spark Evian into life. Barbosa beats his man down the left with a wonderful bit of skill, he flashes an inviting cross right across the goalmouth, Kevin Berigaud can't get enough on it but right-back Brice Dja Djedje arrives at the back stick to bundle it home. Game on!

  25. 2129: 
    Evian 1-2 Bordeaux

    Into the last 20 minutes - what have Evian got in the locker? They've had much more of the ball since going back behind.

  26. 2128: 

    Christian Chew: Another favourite of mine was Fulham midfielder Sylvain Legwinski... great engine and an even better beard. Rugged.

  27. 2126: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Evian 1-2 Bordeaux

    Bordeaux make a change, as captain Jaroslav Plasil comes off and Andre Poko is on. Going loko, down with Andre Poko?

  28. 2123: 
    Evian 1-2 Bordeaux

    Evian have a little spell of pressure as Kevin Berigaud twice loads the back post with dangerous crosses, but Bordeaux are able to clear their lines.

  29. 2122: 

    Sam Dickinson: Some great talent for Prem clubs to look out for. The French and German leagues have some great players.

  30. 2119: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Evian 1-2 Bordeaux

    Evian skipper Cedric Barbosa is on for the last half hour. Can he inspire his troops?

  31. 2118: 
    Evian 1-2 Bordeaux

    I can't recall the last time I saw a striker have more chances than this. Cheick Diabate wins another header and beats the keeper this time, but a defender scrabbles back to head off the line.

  32. 2116: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Evian 1-2 Bordeaux

    Bordeaux almost have a third but Evian keeper Betrand Laquait makes a double save to repel Henri Saivet and Cheick Diabate. There's more goals in this - what a 10 minutes!

  33. 2113: 
    GOAL- Evian 1-2 Bordeaux - Henri Saivet (53 mins)

    Evian can't keep that back door shut though. Bordeaux back in front as Gregory Sertic bends in a devilish delivery from deep on the left wing, it flicks off the forehead of a defender and lands right at the feet of Henri Saivet, and he finishes from five yards.

  34. 2113: 
    Evian 1-1 Bordeaux

    Evian had barely been in the last third at all before that leveller. Football is a funny old game...

  35. 2113: 

    JordanCapewell: Favourite French footballer would be Laurent Robert, he didn't half strike a mean dead ball.

  36. 2111: 
    GOAL- Evian 1-1 Bordeaux - Yannick Sagbo (51 mins)

    Out of nothing! Evian are level as Danish left-back Daniel Wass gets on the overlap, controlling the ball at the top of his chest, before squaring for Yannick Sagbo to bury from close range.

  37. 2109: 
    Evian 0-1 Bordeaux

    I think that's the first penalty I've ever seen the 'extra' refs give in a game. It was the right call too, but what a great save. It keeps Evian in it and keeps this final alive.

  38. 2108: 
    SAVED PENALTY- Evian 0-1 Bordeaux

    Cheick Diabate steps up to take the spot-kick, he shuffles up to the ball hesitantly, puts it to the left and Bertrand Laquait makes a flying save! Great stop.

  39. 2107: 

    Cheick Diabate goes down inside the penalty area, the referee tells him to get up but one of those extra refs behind the goal gives the spot-kick.

  40. 2105: 
    KICK-OFF- Evian 0-1 Bordeaux

    Back under way at the Stade de France.

  41. 2104: 

    Here come the players then. Can Evian rescue this final?

  42. 2102: 
    Evian 0-1 Bordeaux

    French football writer Matt Spiro at the Stade de France: "Emmanuel Petit, commentating on the game in front of me for French television, doesn't look like he particularly enjoyed that first half, rushing off for his half-time cafe au lait as soon as the whistle blew. There's a good atmosphere, but it doesn't compare to that night 15 years ago when Manu slotted France's third in the World Cup final against Brazil.

    "Evian have looked poor so far. Their main man Saber Khelifa isn't in it and Bordeaux are comfortably winning the midfield battle. There is no doubt Les Girondins have more quality, though we've only seen glimpses from them - notably when Henri Saivet's stunning volley was saved just before the break after Ludovic Obraniak and Benoit Tremoulinas combined neatly down the left."

  43. 2101: 

    I can only begin to imagine how much time and space Andrea Pirlo is finding in the Italy midfield against San Marino tonight. The magnificently-haired one has put his country 3-0 to the good with a 50th-minute free-kick.

  44. 2056: 
    Cheick Diabate

    Cheick Diabate caused havoc in that first half, like a poor man's Christian Benteke. The big man has now scored nine goals in his last nine games for Bordeaux and I wouldn't bet against him adding to his tally in the second half.

  45. 2052: 

    Mickael Madar - now we're talking. Get him back on the coaching staff at Goodison...

    Mickael Madar
  46. 2050: 

    Phil Norton: "What about the main man - Mickael Madar at Everton?"

  47. 2049: 

    Cheick Diabate was everywhere in that first 45 minutes. The striker ends the half on the deck after another heavy challenge in midfield. Bordeaux are on their way to a fourth Coupe de France trophy.

  48. 2049: 

    Chris, via text on 81111: No mention for David Ginola? Legend. His hair was always so shiny!

  49. 2049: 
    HALF-TIME- Evian 0-1 Bordeaux
  50. 2048: 

    Joe Baldwin: My family and I once stayed in the same hotel as Croix De Savoie (Evian). Amazing that they're now playing in the Cup final - nice.

  51. 2047: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Evian 0-1 Bordeaux

    This game may not have been the best so far - but Bordeaux almost score a wonder goal! They put together a neat move down the left and when Benoit Tremoulinas stands up a cross from the left, Henri Saivet connects with a wonderful dipping volley which forces Bertrand Laquait into a flying save. Wonderful stuff.

  52. 2044: 
    Evian 0-1 Bordeaux

    Evian look to move dangerman Saber Khelifa into the middle and he whistles an optimistic shot over the top from 30-odd yards as the minnows try to respond.

  53. 2041: 
    GOAL- Evian 0-1 Bordeaux - Cheick Diabate (39 mins)

    The thing with Cheick Diabate is, if you give him six good chances he'll put one away! The big man puts Bordeaux deservedly ahead as the Evian defence get an offside trap all wrong. He's onside, skips around keeper Bertrand Laquait to steer home.

  54. 2040: 

    Andrew Priestley: No list of French footballers would be complete without the mention of William Prunier. Probably Sir Alex's worst ever signing!

  55. 2039: 

    This could boil over any minute.

    Again the referee waves play on as Evian defender Brice Dja Djedje charges into the back of Cheick Diabate in the goalmouth. He made no attempt to win the header, just barged into the Bordeaux striker.

  56. 2038: 

    Paul, via text on 81111: Italy v San Marino isn't pointless [2028]. It's a test (in which they can't fail anyway) for Italy to make England's rubbish team look worse.

  57. 2037: 

    Evian are furious here as Bordeaux defender Ludovic Sane flies into a tackle on Yannick Sagbo but the referee waves play on.

    Sane got some of the ball but it was a rash one. Into the last 10 minutes of the first half. So far, so good for Evian.

  58. 2035: 

    Ben in Edinburgh, via text on 81111: Favourite French player of all time is Eric Carriere. Played for my favourite team Nantes, had an epic Confederations Cup then disappeared. No idea what happened to him?

    He did indeed score twice in the Confederations Cup in 2001 - last seen playing in Dijon in 2010.

  59. 2031: 
    YELLOW CARD- Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    Evian had a good spell of pressure there as they forced a corner but Bordeaux work the ball clear, and Evian's Olivier Sorlin goes into the book for a bodycheck.

  60. 2029: 

    Christian Chew: Mon jouer préfère Française est Stéphane Guivarc'h....Newcastle fans will remember with disdain #awful.

    Andrew Priestley: It has to be Fabian Barthez. You never knew what you were going to get from him from one game to the next. Entertainment galore.

  61. 2028: 
    CLOSE!- Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    If Bordeaux striker Cheick Diabate doesn't score a cup final goal tonight he'll never forgive himself.

    Another good opening goes begging as he spins away from Betao but can't get a shot off from six yards out.

  62. 2028: 

    Alberto Gilardino has bagged for Italy now, as they go 2-0 up on San Marino in one of the most pointless friendlies of all time.

  63. 2026: 
    Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    I actually heard an accordion in the crowd there. Get me a beret and some onions on a string.

  64. 2025: 

    Tom Mason: Favourite French player of all time has to be Ipswich Town playmaker Ulrich Le Pen. Diamond in the rough.

    He may have only played a few times for Ipswich - but what a player...

  65. 2024: 

    Have the floodgates opened for Italy? Midfielder Andrea Poli puts the Azzurri ahead after 27 minutes of their friendly with San Marino in Bologna.

  66. 2023: 
    CLOSE!- Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    Kevin Berigaud whips in the free-kick from deep on the left, Evian centre-back Betao gets free in the middle but he can't keep his effort down, heading over the top.

    Best moment of the match so far for the minnows.

  67. 2022: 
    YELLOW CARD- Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    Bordeaux full-back Marian goes into the book for a lunge on Daniel Wass. Can Evian make something of this free-kick?

  68. 2020: 

    Stuart Watson: Christophe Dugarry, from Milan to Barcelona to Marseille then finally got to play for a big team at Birmingham. Legend.

    Keep your favourite Frenchmen coming...

  69. 2017: 
    Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    Chieck Diabate could have had a hat-trick already. Evian can't get hold of the Bordeaux striker at all, and he should do better as heads a cross wide from the left.

  70. 2014: 
    CLOSE!- Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    Bordeaux midfielder Gregory Sertic takes a flier from 35 yards, he cuts across the ball and sends in a cracking effort over the top.

    Sertic then arrives on a cross from the left but drags the ball wide. A Bordeaux goal is only a matter of time now surely?

  71. 2011: 
    Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    Evian defender Oliver Sorlin clatters into Bordeaux skipper Jaroslav Plasil - a real reducer - but the referee decides to let him off with a warning.

    The minnows look rattled but they've survived the opening 10...

  72. 2008: 
    CLOSE!- Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    And Cheick Diabate must score! No!

    The lanky Bordeaux man is played clean through on goal but he delays an age, fails to get a shot away and Bertrand Laquait is able to make a smothering save at the edge of his area. Massive chance.

  73. 2006: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    As expected it's favourites Bordeaux who have made the brighter start.

    And here's the first real chance! Cheick Diabate rises to thump in a header from a free-kick but Bertrand Laquait is able to get across to make the save.

  74. 2005: 
    Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    Bordeaux dangerman Cheick Diabate bursts down the right but support is slow coming to him and he fires in a cross which is easy for Evian keeper Bertrand Laquait to get hold of.

  75. 2003: 
    KICK-OFF- Evian 0-0 Bordeaux

    Game on in the Coupe de France...

  76. 2001: 

    Dale Topley: Favourite French player of all time? Can I have 2? Zinedine Zidane & Eric Cantona.

    Stowe Gregory: Not favourite of all-time, but seen Etienne Capoue a few times this season at Toulouse. Very impressed!

  77. 1958: 

    'La Marseillaise' rings out around a 70% full Stade de France. A cracking anthem.

    Get your game face on then. We are about to get under way...

  78. 1957: 

    Adam Bell: RE: 1951 - Non-favourite French footballer. Lilian Laslandes. Peter Reid's worst ever signing.

  79. 1957: 

    Evian's 'home' town is Gaillard on the Franco-Swiss border, but they play their home games in Annecy, about 80km away.

    They've had a chaotic few years of change but they've got a fair few pink-flag waving fans in the Stade de France as the players emerge on to the pitch.

  80. 1955: 
    Evian v Bordeaux (2000 BST)

    French football writer Matt Spiro at the Stade de France: "One-time Newcastle target Cheick Diabaté has also been playing well for Bordeaux of late, scoring four goals in the last three Coupe de France games and hitting two against Evian a fortnight ago as Les Girondins completed the double over Dupraz's men. The big, strapping Malian international is partnered by the speedy Henri Saivet in attack."

  81. 1953: 

    QPR midfielder Joey Barton, who has been on loan at French side Marseille this season: "Off to Northern Ireland for a few weeks in order to finish my Uefa B licence and start the A. Looking forward to the hard graft..."

    Barton. Manager. The mind boggles...

  82. 1951: 
    Evian v Bordeaux (2000 BST)

    There's no David Bellion for Bordeaux, while ex West Ham man Julien Faubert is only on the bench.

    Evian's top man Saber Khelifa starts on the left wing.

  83. 1951: 

    Nicholas from London, via text on 81111: "Favourite French player of all time? Thierry Henry, obviously."

  84. 1949: 
    Evian v Bordeaux (2000 BST)

    French football writer Matt Spiro at the Stade de France: "Both Evian and Bordeaux have in-form strikers in their ranks. Tunisia international Saber Khelifa will be the main threat for les Haut-Savoyards; he scored 13 goals in 21 league starts this term, including the Ligue 1 goal of the season - a stunning lob from 60 metres - against Nice earlier this month. He is being tracked by some of France's leading clubs."

  85. 1946: 
    Saber Khelifa

    Tunisian international forward Saber Khelifa is arguably the biggest threat for Evian.

    He's had a remarkable few years, as he was out on loan at Libyan club Al-Ahly Benghazi when revolution broke out in the country in 2011.

    Khelifa was trapped in a hotel in the city for several days before finding a car that took him across the border into Egypt and on to safety.

    He then joined Evian, but has only fully emerged this season, scoring 13 Ligue 1 goals including a remarkable strike from inside his own half against Nice recently.

  86. 1943: 

    The winners of tonight's final will be in the Europa League next season, which would cap a remarkable rise for Evian.

    When Bordeaux last won the Ligue 1 title, in 2009, Evian were playing in the amateur fourth tier, but the backing of food processing multinational Danone has helped the club make a charge forward.

  87. 1942: 

    Are we rooting for the underdogs Evian tonight or hoping for a vintage Bordeaux display?

    Ligue 1 are celebrating the arrival of Radamel Falcao this evening - but who's your favourite French player of all time?

    Text in your Coupe de France thoughts on 81111 (UK Only), with your names on them of course, or you can tweet us at #bbcfootball.

  88. 1939: 
    Evian v Bordeaux (2000 BST)

    French football writer Matt Spiro at the Stade de France: "For those of a certain age, the name Patrick Battiston may bring back vivid memories. He is the France player who was unceremoniously scythed down - and subsequently hospitalised - by Germany goalkeeper Harald Schumacher in the 1982 World Cup semi-finals. These days he heads the Bordeaux academy and is currently celebrating on the Stade de France pitch because his side have just beaten Sedan to win the French Youth Cup. Later he'll watch Bordeaux's senior team - with six homegrown products likely to start - try to win their first Coupe de France since 1987."

  89. 1938: 

    What do we know about Evian then? Not a great deal, if truth be told, but after a series of mergers and moves the team have survived two seasons in the top flight and now are in the Cup final.

    The team was only founded in its current guise in 2007. What a decade for fans of Les Croix de Savoie (The Savoy Crosses).

    Evian fans
  90. 1936: 

    Opta Sports: "3 - The last three Coupe de France finals have all ended 1-0. Predictable."

    Or to be accurate, "3 - Les 3 dernières finales de Coupe de France se sont toutes achevées sur le score de 1-0. Prévisible."

  91. 1934: 
    Evian v Bordeaux (2000 BST)

    French football writer Matt Spiro at the Stade de France: "The emergence of Evian Thonon-Gaillard is a complex and bizarre tale. The club was founded in 2007 following a merger between two amateur teams, but thanks to the graft of current coach Pascal Dupraz, the financial support of Franck Riboud - CEO of the Danone Group (who own Evian mineral water) - and a little help from ex-World Cup winners Zinedine Zidane, Bixente Lizarazu and Alain Boghossian, all of whom have bought small stakes in the club, they climbed three divisions in four years. Tonight, tiny Evian are now just 90 minutes away from qualifying for Europe."

  92. 1932: 

    There may not be any bona fide superstars on display tonight but there are a fair few familiar faces for Premier League fans.

    Bordeaux have former Manchester United forward David Bellion in their ranks, while ex-West Ham and Real Madrid wing-back Julien Faubert is also with Les Girondins.

    Former France stalwart Sidney Govou is still knocking about with Evian, who also boast a defender called Jonathan Mensah. Confusingly, he's not the same John Mensah who played for Sunderland though...

  93. 1930: 
    La Coupe de France

    Ecoute et repete: la magie de la Coupe de France est bel et bien vivant.

    Or, in English, the magic of the Cup is alive and well in France. It's cup final time across the Channel, where Evian and Bordeaux battle it out for the trophy.

    You could say that it's the water v wine derby...

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