Championship play-off final: Crystal Palace v Watford

Live text commentary as Crystal Palace beat Watford in extra time in the Championship play-off final at Wembley.

27 May 2013 Last updated at 21:52

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As it happened

  1. 1832: 

    So I can add Kevin Phillips to my opening play-off montage for next year after he sent Crystal Palace into the Premier League.

    That's a wrap for today, and a wrap of the domestic season in fact.

    The live text conveyor belt continues through the summer though as we bring you all the action from across Europe, the European U-21 tournament and the Confederations Cup. See you there.

  2. 1831: 
    Gianfranco Zola

    Watford boss Gianfranco Zola to BBC Sport: "Obviously, it is not a great moment for me. But I have no regrets.

    "It has been a great season for us as we have done something not many people expected. Games like this are very much on the day, and the better team was Crystal Palace.

    "The first half was even, we had one chance. They were slightly better than us today. I had no complains about their penalty. Wilfried Zaha made a huge difference.

    "We have to be honest, it has been remarkable. We had a lot of fun this year. We are going to make a stronger team. The players we believe are good enough, and if we want them to stay, they stay.

    "I love the atmosphere and the people working with me. Everyone is really good and the supporters are exceptional."

  3. 1829: 

    Watford manager Gianfranco Zola: "It is tough for me and is tough for everyone connected to Watford. It hasn't been our best game but to lose to an extra-time penalty is hard to take.

    "They played well and probably deserved more than us, so congratulations to them.

    "It is unfortunate for us that we had some important players like Vydra that were not fit to play today. At half-time he had a problem with his ankle and had to come off. They had Zaha who played very well, games like this can be altered by big players.

    "To be playing here was a big bonus for us, it wasn't expected. Next year we are determined to be stronger and we will be stronger."

  4. 1828: 

    Will Morris: I'm devastated for Watford, class all season MUCH better than Palace for the whole season except one game. So unfair.

  5. 1825: 

    Watford manager Gianfranco Zola says that his club 'will be stronger next season.'

  6. 1823: 

    Simon White: Gutted for Watford but football is a crazy game. One mistake and you've had it. Watford have blown £120m away

  7. 1822: 
    Ian Holoway

    Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway to BBC Sport: "It was going to be tough, and we are undefeated in the last eight now. Never write anybody off.

    "I do not understand why anyone is surprised about Kevin Phillips. He can keep on going as long as he can. His game is unique as he finds space.

    "How fitting for Wilfried Zaha as well today. I am so pleased for him, he is a wonderful kid. I am proud we didn't stand in his way, and hopefully we can move on with our academy. I want them to emulate Wilfried.

    "You cannot stand in the way of players when big clubs come in for them. The club has it right, all the best to him.

    "It is life, you are never given anything. How lucky am I?"

  8. 1817: 

    John in Molesey: How did that happen? We started the season losing 4-1 to Preston North End. Well done lads.

    Nick, Manchester: Got to feel for Zola, he surely deserves a crack with a Prem team now. As does Poyet.

  9. 1812: 

    Perfection. That's what that penalty from Kevin Phillips was. He was looking at the referee as he waited for the whistle, not the goal. It was then just two or three steps and BANG! Into the top corner.

  10. 1811: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Kevin Phillips on his match-winning penalty: "I had to draw on all my experience from over the years, I felt confident and fresh and one thing I never do is change my mind. I made my mind up early and stuck to it."

    Kevin Phillips
  11. 1808: 

    Dexter in London via 81111: Everyone who thinks Crystal Palace, who supposedly have an extra £120m, are going to come straight back down forget how poor some premier league teams were this season. I'm looking at you Sunderland.

  12. 1808:  
    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand

    "Congrats to Palace... Kevin Phillips... Classy! I think it'll be a quiet night in South London after that!?"

  13. 1807: 

    Crystal Palace fans, a date for your diaries. The 2013-14 Premier League fixtures will be released at 0900 BST on Wednesday 19 June. Time to get the requests in at work and at home.

  14. 1805: 

    Chezoh!!: Booyah! Looks like I'll be seeing Premier League football next season.

    Dre 3:16: Anyone still remember that Aston Villa v Blackpool post match rant by Ian Holloway?? Can't wait for another like that.

    Stephen Joyce: In the Premier League thanks to a pensioner and a Manchester United player. Ollie's charisma won't save them here...

  15. 1804: 

    What a busy summer ahead for both Ian Holloway and Gianfranco Zola then,

    Holloway has to build a squad for the top flight, while Zola has to rebuild one for the Championship as he loses most, if not all, of his massive influx of loanees.

  16. 1803: 

    Stuart Bryan, a Liverpool fan, via 81111: Can't wait to listen to Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway next season, says it like it is and brings passion and sometimes controversial comments to every game he's involved in. Congratulations to him & Crystal Palace, welcome back to the Premier League.

  17. 1802: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford
    Aaron Wilbraham

    Crystal Palace forward Aaron Wilbraham: "When I missed those chances in the second half I feared for the worst but you've got to keep going and in the end Wilfried Zaha gets the penalty and Phillips puts it away. You have got to handle the occasion and feel like there is nothing else around you that matters. The gaffer's tactics since the play-offs started were just unbelievable."

  18. 1801: 

    Injured Palace striker Glenn Murray takes part in a 'slide' towards the fans. I'm not sure the physio will be pleased with that!

  19. 1800: 

    So Palace head to Old Trafford, the Etihad and the Emirates next year, while Gianfranco Zola and Watford have to head to Yeovil.

  20. 1800:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Crystal Palace goalscorer Kevin Phillips: "It was magnificent to score the winning goal. I have experienced three losses in this game, so it was great to win.

    "I am delighted for these players. I have to give a special mention to the manager, who threw on a 40-year-old with thirty minutes to go. Who else would have done that?

    "This promotion, with the money in the Premier League, means everything. The club can build to the future with some good young talent.

    "This club can go from strength to strength. I do not know if I will carry on."

  21. 1758: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford
    Ian Holloway

    Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway: "We fought and battled it out, we had a tough few weeks before the play-offs, people were disappointed not to get in through automatic promotion. We're in the Premier League now so God helps us. It's absolutely massive for the club and I'm delighted for everyone connected, I feel very privileged.

    "The big-wigs always get the best players and that's just the way it is. We will try to fight to keep as many of our big players as we can, but as for Wilfried Zaha, he's got us into the Premier League and I couldn't care less about anything else right now."

  22. 1758: 

    David Ljunggren: You have to think Crystal Palace and Hull are going to come straight back down again. They just don't have the quality in depth.

  23. 1756:  
    Wilfried Zaha

    Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha: "We had so many fans here to support us. I am glad I was involved in all of this today.

    "It is all I wanted. I have been at the club for 10 years, I have nothing but love for the club.

    "Going to Manchester United is good for me, but I had to stay at Palace and get the job done.

    "I was too nervous at first, but after I thought it was just a game. I played how I know."

  24. 1756: 

    Palace captain Mile Jedinak says that he went over on his ankle early in the second half but says that he would have had to be dragged off.

  25. 1754:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

    "Might not be the worst idea for Crystal Palace, Manchester United and Wilfried Zaha himself to have another season in South London."

  26. 1754: 

    Alexander Shahbazi: Funny, Watford's team was full of loan signings, but it was Crystal Palace's on-loan player, Wilfried Zaha, that made the difference.

    Sean Whittall: Well done to Palace. Considering they're about to lose the only player who looked Premier League quality today, can't see them staying up.

    Sharm Parekh: Palace have now officially won more trophies than Arsenal in the last six years - fact!

  27. 1752: 

    A fan embraces Ian Holloway and simply says "thank you so much."

    That is what promotion means. We've not heard from Ollie yet but stand by, we'll bring you all his choice cuts.

  28. 1751:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "I played with Damien Delaney at Leicester, and he was a good prospect then. Today, he and Danny Gabbidon at centre-back were outstanding.

    "I have to say it was a joy to watch Wilfried Zaha today. I think he can become one of the best players in the Premier League with Manchester United, he is that good.

    "Financially, the Crystal Palace players could get new contracts and there will be a windfall. The spotlight will be on them even more in the Premier league.

    "People go on about money, and the monetary value of playing in the Premier League will be vast. They could become very wealthy individuals."

    Listen to reaction to Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  29. 1749: 

    Kevin Phillips has only scored in seven games this season - and three of them were against Watford. He has done his old side no favours whatsoever!

  30. 1749: 
    Statisticians Opta

    "4 - Crystal Palace have appeared in five Championship play-off finals, winning four of them. Specialists."

  31. 1749: 

    Palace defender Damien Delaney is down on his haunches in tears. He looks shattered physically and mentally. But what a performance from him today. He was outstanding.

  32. 1748: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford
    Kevin Phillips

    Crystal Palace goalscorer Kevin Phillips: "It's fourth time lucky, I've lost three play-off finals. I'm delighted to get that feeling.

    "To come on and get the winning goal against the club where it all started is a fairytale. I'm delighted for this lad [Zaha], he deserves every success in the future."

    On the penalty: "I just thought 'smash it' and I was delighted to see it go in the top corner.

    "If that is my last game, what a way to sign off. I'm going to have a break now. Every bit of my body is aching. I'll see what the future brings. I want to stay in the game, whether it be playing or coaching."

  33. 1747: 
    Former Crystal Palace winger Wayne Routledge

    "Glad all over!!! Congratulation to chairman Steve Parish and everyone, back to Selhurst Park next year!!!"

  34. 1746: 
    CHAMPAGNE MOMENT- Palace lift the trophy

    Crystal Palace lift the trophy to send their fans into overdrive. Eddie Izzard is loving it. This club were in administration just over three years ago, now they bank £120m and a place at the game's top table.

  35. 1746:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

    "Many congratulations to Crystal Palace on promotion to the Premier League. See you on MOTD in August."

  36. 1745: 

    Palace's injured top scorer Glenn Murray makes his way up the steps on crutches. He knows now that he will be a Premier League player when he recovers from injury.

  37. 1745: 

    Man of the match Wilfried Zaha: "I'm exhausted and speechless. It's a dream come true.

    "This is a all I wanted, leaving Palace knowing they are in the Premier League.

    "I just told myself that I'm giving it all I can. All I want to do is help out the team, I'm so glad we made it."

  38. 1744: 

    Alan in Birmingham via 81111: I was there when Kevin Phillips lost the second of his play-off finals - for West Brom against Derby. He'd given everything and was distraught at the end. Never has a player deserved his moment in the sun more than 'Super Kev'. A great pro.

  39. 1744:  
    Wales manager and former Crystal Palace defender Chris Coleman at Wembley

    "If you would have wanted anyone to step up for penalty, it would be Kevin Phillips. Fire in his belly but ice in his blood."

    Listen to reaction to Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  40. 1743: 

    Mile Jedinak leads the Crystal Palace players up the steps to collect their medals. A great day for the club.

  41. 1743: 

    Kevin Phillips says he is taking a break before he decides what to do next but he wants to stay in the game. One more year Kev. One more year...

    Kevin Phillips
  42. 1742: 

    Andrew Priestley: That mistake from Marco Cassetti, diving in unnecessarily on Wilfried Zaha, was worth £120 million folks, just let that sink in for a moment.

    GR_PNE: Delighted for Zaha. He's been at the club since he was 10, he's desperate to get Crystal Place up and he's just been trying too hard."

    Tim Poston: Ian Holloway, Jose Mourinho & Paolo Di Canio all probably managing in the Premier League next year. Going to be some entertaining press conferences.

  43. 1741: 

    Did the right team win? How will Crystal Palace fare in the Premier League? What next for Wilfried Zaha? Can Watford bounce back?

    Let me know. You can text us on 81111 (UK Only) - providing you put your name on it - or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  44. 1740:  

    Crystal Palace defender Damien Delaney: "Words cannot express the feeling. Every sacrifice was for this feeling, I am so happy.

    "I genuinely thought this day would happen. I am ecstatic.

    "We had three clean sheets in the play-offs, and that is testament to the players."

    Listen to reaction to Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  45. 1738:  
    Wales manager and former Crystal Palace defender Chris Coleman at Wembley

    "It was too little, too late from Watford. They are better than they showed today."

    Listen to reaction to Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  46. 1737: 

    Wilfried Zaha can hardy walk as cramp sets in. He leaves Crystal Palace after taking them into the top flight, and he will now get the chance to play against them next season in the red of Manchester United.

    Gianfranco Zola looks distraught as he consoles Troy Deeney.

  47. 1737:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "It was a fantastic end. Watford showed some desire in the final five minutes.

    "On the day, Crystal Palace thoroughly deserved to win. I am delighted for Ian Holloway."

    Listen to reaction to Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  48. 1736: 

    Kevin Phillips sinks to the ground and kisses the Wembley turf. What a moment for the veteran, who has sent Crystal Palace back to the big time.

  49. 1736:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyFULL-TIME- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    "So Palace win the £120m match and can look forward to Premier League football after an eight-year absence. Their fans have been magnificent all afternoon and the Eagles have been the better team on the pitch. Deserved winners today on an incredibly tense occasion."

  51. 1736: 
    FULL-TIME- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford
  52. 1736: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Manuel Almunia is up for the corner. Now or never...

  53. 1735: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Added time in extra time. Palace can taste the trip to Old Trafford...

    Troy Deeney heads narrowly wide!

  54. 1735:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "That was fantastic positional play from Joel Ward. What play."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  55. 1734: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    So close to an equaliser! Fernando Forestieri wriggles free inside the area and lofts in a shot with the outside of his boot, it is flying into the corner until Joel Ward heads off the line!

  56. 1734: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Last minute...

  57. 1733:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "I have got to say that Joel Ward threw himself at it... Was it his knee, hands or ribs?

    "It was an amazing block from Ward."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  58. 1733: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Into the last two minutes...

  59. 1733: 

    Alan P via 81111: As a Sunderland fan would love to have Super Kevin Phillips back in a coaching capacity when he retires, please Paolo Di Canio...

  60. 1732: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Watford pump it long, they have to now, and Joel Ekstrand sees his shot blocked by Joel Ward. Everyone is up for a penalty but it struck the full-back square in the chest.

  61. 1730: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Ian Holloway - who injured his shoulder celebrating that goal - is bellowing at Kevin Phillips here to "get narrow". Watford supporters are holding their heads in their hands. It's just not happened for the Hornets today.

  62. 1730: 
    FINAL FIVE- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Into the last five minutes of extra time...

  63. 1729: 

    Tom McKenna: On a sleeper train in India, want to scream and shout but will make do with just jogging in my bunk! C'mon Crystal Palace!

  64. 1728:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "There were times this season that Crystal Palace's form was so poor you wondered if they would make it to the play-offs.

    "Today though, they have been very good. Watford, in an attacking sense, have been very poor."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  65. 1728: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    ...Almen Adbi strikes the free-kick well but it's always right at Julian Speroni and it's a comfortable save.

    Six minutes left.

  66. 1727: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Kevin Phillips' last goal in the Premier League came for Birmingham against Bolton in April 2011. Could he sign a new deal to stay with Palace and get a few more next year? Maybe.

    But Watford now have a free-kick in a dangerous area...

  67. 1725: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Brave goalkeeping from Julian Speroni as he comes out to claim the ball from a corner. It's now or never for Watford.

  68. 1724: 

    Steven Broadbent: The Crystal Palace fans are deafening! Fantastic support from Palace, Wembley is bouncing now!

  69. 1723: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    There are 12 minutes between Crystal Palace and the Premier League. Maybe 12 minutes between Crystal Palace and a new stadium.

  70. 1723:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "That has to be a straight red card for Joel Ekstrand. He had three goals at Aaron Wilbraham there.

    "He was very, very fortunate. if the referee Martin Atkinson had seen it, he had to send him off."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  71. 1721: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Wilfried Zaha floats a superb pass over the top and Kevin Phillips brings it down well, buthe can't quite link up with his team-mate.

    Aaron Wilbraham then has salt rubbed into his wounds as Watford defender Joel Ekstrand connects with a kick right into his shins! Quite literally kicking a man when he's down.

  72. 1721:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "Crystal Palace should just get the ball to Wilfried Zaha as much as possible. He can keep the ball, take on players and draw fouls.

    "He has been the best player on the pitch today."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  73. 1720: 
    Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Can Watford respond? You bet they can. Don't forget they were seconds away from losing the semi-final to Leicester before roaring back. It's a tale of two penalties for them so far this season.

  74. 1720:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

    "Nothing like an old head in such circumstances."

    Kevin Phillips
  75. 1719: 
    EXTRA TIME- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Palace kick us off for another 15 minutes.

  76. 1719: 

    Staffy: Yes Palace, c'mon, keep it together!

    Natasha Winter: Bet my dad is having a heart attack right now. Get in there Palace.

    Aidan Williams: Zaha and Phillips with the assist and goal respectively. Script writers you've been brilliant.

  77. 1718: 

    Kevin Phillips scored 24 league goals for Watford to earn a move to Sunderland in 1997. He has returned to haunt his old side in style.

    Kevin Phillips
  78. 1718:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    "The Palace fans in front of me are going bananas - and it easy to see why. A superb penalty from Kevin Phillips - a man who has tasted defeat in three play-off finals - means the Eagles are 15 minutes from the Premier League. Watford boss Gianfranco Zola clapping his hands, imploring his team to find an equaliser."

  79. 1717: 
    HALF-TIME- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford

    Half time in extra time and Palace are 15 minutes away from the Premier League. Massive.

  80. 1717:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "Wilfried Zaha has been the danger man all afternoon, and that was silly, silly play from Marco Cassetti. It was a definite penalty.

    "There was no messing about from Kevin Phillips, what a penalty in a pressurised situation."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  81. 1715: 
    GOAL- Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford - Kevin Phillips (105 mins, pen)

    Cometh the hour, cometh the iceman! No, it's not Aaron Wilbraham, it's Kevin Phillips. He steps up confidently and hammers the spot-kick high into the roof of the net.

    You don't save those.

  82. 1715: 
    PENALTY TO PALACE- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Wow! A clear penalty as Wilfried Zaha takes on Marco Cassetti, and Cassetti brings him down!

    What a moment this is.

  83. 1714: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Damien Delaney is alright, and he flashes a shot wide as a corner is half cleared. We are almost midway through extra-time.

  84. 1711: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Ouch! Damien Delaney clatters into the back of Fernando Forestieri as he tries to win a header. The Irishman will be seeing stars after that one but both sides have used all their subs so he'll have to carry on.

  85. 1709: 

    Tim in London via 81111: Re Billy at 17:02... Arsenal had the second best defensive record in the league last season, not sure they missed Almunia.

  86. 1708: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Julian Speroni had to wait 90 minutes, but he's having a workout now. Watford sub Cristian Battocchio lashes in a rising shot from range which Speroni has to handle. Good first eight minutes of time added on from Watford.

  87. 1706: 

    Garry Woodward: In Peru frantically trying to find an internet connection good enough to stream BBC Radio 5 live. Come on Crystal Palace!!!

  88. 1705: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford have come out firing here. Substitute Fernando Forestieri takes a perfect touch to steer the ball wide of his defender, but he then chooses to shoot from an acute angle and puts the shot into the side-netting. He had colleagues square who wanted a pass...

  89. 1704: 
    Former Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster

    "Well done Manuel Almunia! Come on, Watford!!"

  90. 1704:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "What a save from Julian Speroni. He stretched out his big right arm to deny a certain tap-in.

    "Maybe Troy Deeney could have been a bit braver there, and gone in and smashed everything."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  91. 1703: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    But we so nearly do have a goal! The first save that Palace keeper Julian Speroni has had to make all afternoon, and it's big. Troy Deeney gets in at the back post but Speroni gets a huge hand on the ball to push it to safety. Brilliant goalkeeping!

  92. 1702: 

    Billy in Oxford via 81111: Bet Arsene Wenger is kicking himself. Arsenal have had serious goalkeeper troubles all season, and here is Almunia, former Arsenal keeper, having the game of his life in the Championship!

  93. 1701: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    It seems that even the officials doubt that we will see a goal, as they did the coin toss to see which end the penalty shoot out would be held in the break.

  94. 1700: 
    EXTRA TIME- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford get us under way in extra-time then...

  95. 1659: 

    Ricky Bush: Nearly 2am on east coast in Australia, play-off final going into extra time. Time to boil another pot of coffee.

    Micky Cockles: If I'm honest, I really don't think Wilfried Zaha has the composure of a Premier League player.

    Far from happy: How much did Aaron Wilbraham cost palace? £200, £300? Very, very poor.

    Stay with us Ricky...

  96. 1658:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at Wembley

    "Palace bossed the second half and can consider themselves unfortunate not to have won this game. Aaron Wilbraham has scored one goal all season - in a cup tie at Preston in August - and must surely have converted one of the three chances he had. Yes, he forced the keeper into action each time but still.........."

  97. 1657:  
    Wales manager and former Crystal Palace defender Chris Coleman at Wembley

    "If you spend 12 or 13 years at a club, you have a special affiliation with them. Lloyd Doyley has saved Watford several times today.

    "I am disappointed in Watford, as they are usually very imaginative. Crystal Palace have gotten stronger and stronger.

    "But I have seen it before when teams do not take their chances. Watford look the more tired."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  98. 1655: 

    The last Championship play-off final to go to extra-time? That would be 2002 when Norwich and Birmingham played out a goalless 90 minutes in Cardiff.

    Iwan Roberts then put the Canaries ahead inside a minute of the restart, only for Geoff Horsfield to equalise. The Blues then won it on penalties.

  99. 1655: 

    Manuel Almunia shuts Palace out then. We are set for another half hour of added time. Tense?

  100. 1654: 
    FULL-TIME- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford
  101. 1654: 

    Joe in Southampton via 81111: Lloyd Doyley to lose it with a last-minute own goal. He's been so good, it's inevitable.

  102. 1654: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Corner comes in, Mile Jedinak meets it! But Manuel Almunia makes the save again. What a game the former Arsenal man has had.

  103. 1653: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Wilfried Zaha wriggles into the penalty area but he doesn't shoot early and Watford close him down well and force him out! It's a corner, no more, for Crystal Palace.

  104. 1652: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    It's looking like extra-time then. And penalties to be honest...

  105. 1651:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "There needed to be a bit of communication there as Alexandre Geijo was better placed behind Troy Deeney, but Deeney decided to go for the spectacular volley."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  106. 1650: 
    ACROBATIC EFFORT- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Is this the chance?! Watford sub Cristian Battocchio has an opening on the right of the area but doesn't put his laces through it, instead chipping in a cross which Troy Deeney throws himself at. But his scissor kick flied wide. Into the final minute...

  107. 1649: 

    Yas: Even if Crystal Palace get promoted Wilbraham doesn't deserve to play in the Premier League.

    John: Zaha is a fantastic talent, but he has to learn that sometimes passing, rather than tricks, is the better option!

    Henry Davis: Wenger unhappy with his keepers at Arsenal, why did he let Almunia go - he's having a stormer!!!!

  108. 1647: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    This might be the best game that Glenn Murray has never played. With every chance that Aaron Wilbraham fails to put away, Murray's stock rises.

  109. 1647:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at Wembley

    "Three chances for Aaron Wilbraham, three saves. Got to score one. He will be having nightmares about those tonight if Crystal Palace lose."

  110. 1646: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford make a change as Ikechi Anya is replaced by striker Fernando Forestieri.

  111. 1646: 

    Into the last five minutes...

  112. 1645:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "It was a poor first touch on his left foot from Aaron Wilbraham. That meant he ended up toe-poking it rather than smashing it.

    "Is that going to come back and haunt Crystal Palace?"

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  113. 1645: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    No Yannick Bolasie for Palace then as Andre Moritz comes on in place of Owen Garvan for the last few minutes.

  114. 1644: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Aaron Wilbraham! He finds a yard of space inside the area again to collect Wilfried Zaha's pass but again his low shot is saved by the feet of Manuel Almunia.

  115. 1642: 
    YELLOW CARD- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford left-back Daniel Pudil toes the ball down the line and he is away - until Joel Ward clears him out with a sliding foul. A stonewall yellow card.

  116. 1641: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Aaron Wilbraham is played through with a neat touch but Lloyd Doyley defends brilliantly to cover his run and clear his lines.

    Palace midfielder Owen Garvan then crashes in a shot straight at Manuel Almunia.

  117. 1641: 

    Eddie Youlton: I hope whoever wins this £120m spends it all on Ronaldo.

    James Roberts: Someone needs to have a word with Troy Deeney. His work rate is far lower than what you would expect in a play-off final.

    BHC: If Kevin Philips scores the winner, it would be the greatest thing in the history of things.

  118. 1640: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Will we see Palace winger Yannick Bolasie? He made a big impact off the bench in the semi-final win at Brighton.

    We are into the last 10.

  119. 1639:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    "Increasingly tense inside Wembley. You wouldn't discount any eventuality at the end of this remarkable Championship season but with 10 minutes or so of normal time remaining, we might just be entering the period where the next (and indeed only) goal win a prize worth £120m. No pressure then. Both managers have temporarily retreated from their dug-outs."

  120. 1638:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "When I have been watching Wilfried Zaha this season, I have thought he could be one of the big stars in the Premier League.

    "It is not just his skills and pace, it is his work-rate, which he showed then when he tracked back at speed to close down the Watford player."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  121. 1637: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Not much composure now as both sets of players look a bit frantic. We are into the last 15 minutes, of normal time anyway...

  122. 1635: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford make a change in midfield as Nathaniel Chalobah is replaced by Cristian Battocchio. On loan from Udinese, of course.

  123. 1634:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "Blackpool should have beaten West Ham in last year's play-off final with the amount of chances they created. It is a similar pattern here as Crystal Palace are very much in the ascendancy, but they have not taken their chances."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  124. 1633: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    It's opening up now. Wilfried Zaha gets away on the right and swings in a deep cross which Kevin Phillips heads down, Owen Garvan arrives on it and fires a left-footed shot wide from the edge of the box.

    There are 17 minutes left.

  125. 1631: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Both sides are understandably showing sings of nerves now. One mistake could cost somebody promotion and £120m in the next 20 minutes. Let's hope not...

  126. 1630: 

    Graham Jack Thirkill: I hope this poor finishing doesn't cost Crystal Palace. And by cost...

    Andrew Davidson: This game has come alive in the second half. Love the play-off finals.

    Ethan: Crystal Palace on top now!

  127. 1629: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    It's been a real slow burner but we at last have a game on our hands. Just over 20 minutes to go.

  128. 1628:  
    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand

    "This game is reflecting how big the stakes are..."

  129. 1628:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "You feel if Glenn Murray was on the pitch, Crystal Palace would be winning this game. Aaron Wilbraham needed to lift it then."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  130. 1627: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Oh what a chance! Watford's defence falls asleep and the ball runs through to Aaron Wilbraham, but he again can't beat Manuel Almunia who makes a really smart save.

    The next corner is then flapped at by everyone and Watford just about hack it clear. They look all over the shop at the back.

  131. 1627: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Here he is - Palace send on Kevin Phillips for Jonathan Williams.

  132. 1625: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Into the final 25 minutes - and what a chance!

    Wilfried Zaha makes it with a good run from the left and he tees up Stuart O'Keefe, who takes it on well and fires in a low shot which Manuel Almunia kicks away.

  133. 1625: 

    Dan Gray: If only Glenn Murray had been there instead of Wilbraham. What a chance. Come on Eagles!

  134. 1622: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    That Aaron Wilbraham chance has pepped this one up a bit. Palace whip in a cross for Damien Delaney to head back across goal but there's nobody alive to the danger to dive in on it. Someone like Kevin Phillips, say...

  135. 1621:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "I did not think this game could get worse after half-time, but I would imagine the pass completion rate has dropped even more.

    "There was a lack of pace from Aaron Wilbraham. He had to cut back, and that let the defenders get across."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  136. 1621: 

    Luke Groszewski: Crystal Palace need to get Yannick Bolasie on, made such a difference against Brighton and has been class for the second half of the season.

  137. 1620: 
    YELLOW CARD- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Almen Abdi loses his footing and brings down Stuart O'Keefe, who then kicks the ball into Abdi's face! they are both booked.

  138. 1619: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Gianfranco Zola comes to the side of the pitch to rally his troops. Someone needs to spark this one into life.

    And Palace striker Aaron Wilbraham is suddenly clean through! He has acres of space but his lack of pace is telling as he has to cut back inside and his shot is eventually blocked by Manuel Almunia.

    A save though! A genuine save.

  139. 1618:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    "Scrappy, edgy, tense, increasingly bad-tempered and with all the pace sucked out of it. This match is already starting to resemble the final few minutes of normal time as both teams accept the inevitability of penalties."

  140. 1615: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    The first audible groans of frustration ring around Wembley as neither side are able to settle into their usual rhythm. The longer this stays 0-0 the more tense it's going to get...

  141. 1615:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "The lack of conviction and concentration from both teams in the final thirds is why we have had so few chances."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  142. 1613: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Palace captain Mile Jedinak is the latest to have a niggle as he turns his ankle in midfield. He's trying to run it off but he is not moving too freely.

    Watford flier Ikechi Anya can certainly move freely as he scorches clear down the right but his cross is again well cleared by Damien Delaney.

    Delaney struggled to find a new club after Ipswich released him last summer and almost quit football to become a triathlete before Palace gave him a short-term deal. Athletics' loss is football's gain at the moment.

  143. 1612: 

    Jeremy Cooper: Predicting key goal to be a Phillips header created by some Zaha brilliance. 2-1 Palace.

  144. 1610: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford have started really well here. A raking pass over the top frees Jonathan Hogg, and he is able to head the ball down smartly into the path of Almen Abdi. Abdi cracks in a shot on the bounce but not for the first time today Damien Delaney is in the way to make a block.

  145. 1609: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford have an all-too rare shot as Nathaniel Chalobah slices across the ball from 25 yards and sends a shot dipping beyond the far corner.

  146. 1609:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "I am surprised that Watford manager Gianfranco Zola did not bring on Fernando Forestieri at half-time. He has impressed me."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  147. 1609: 

    Craig Freeman: Not sure either team would survive in the Premier League on that first half show. Final ball is non existent.

  148. 1608: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    There's no change in system for Watford as Alex Geijo slots in alongside Troy Deeney, Geijo - like Vydra - is on loan from Udinese so the Hornets still have seven loanees out there.

  149. 1606: 
    KICK-OFF- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    We are back under way.

  150. 1605: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford striker Matej Vydra has succumbed to that knock as Alexandre Geijo takes his place for the second half.

  151. 1603: 

    Vern in Cardiff via 81111: Seriously what do people expect? There's far too much at stake in this game to be playing the open, carefree Wigan approach. Patience is a virtue.

  152. 1603: 

    AfkBristol: Gianfranco Zola: Ben Stiller's Latin doppelganger.

  153. 1603:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

    "Great endeavour but a lack of creativity, and quality so far. Perhaps to be expected given the significance of the game."

  154. 1602: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Is this game made for Kevin Phillips now? The 39-year-old has made a career out of scoring key goals, and is on the bench today. He'll surely come on soon...

  155. 1558: 

    Nick Dyson: Poor stuff so far, very cagey. Hardly surprising considering what's at stake!

    Jay: Players from both teams should have been shown the Champions League final and told to emulate that performance. Too cautious & drab.

  156. 1556: 

    So what needs to change then? Not a single shot on target in that first half as both sides cancelled each other out to a certain degree. An early goal in the second half would do the job. Stephan Shemilt's early prediction of extra-time is starting to look good...

  157. 1554: 

    Now now Sanj, come on.

  158. 1554: 

    Clare Mensley: What a boring first half!

    Mata's left foot: The word that fits perfectly to describe the first half between Watford & Crystal Palace... Mundane.

    Sanj: Cardiff City, Hull City & Watford/Crystal Palace... Not sure there's been a lower standard of promoted sides in a very long time.

  159. 1552:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "It has been pretty disappointing. No goalkeeper has been tested really, with Wilfried Zaha for Crystal Palace and Ikechi Anya for Watford the only players to look dangerous."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  160. 1552: 

    The richest game in football? I demand a refund.

  161. 1551:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyHALF-TIME- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    "The first 30 minutes were all about Palace's Wilfried Zaha, there was an electricity in the stadium every time he got the ball. Then it was all about Watford's clever, collective team play. But for all it has been intriguing the bottom line is that there has not yet been one serious effort on goal. The sooner the game becomes stretched, the better."

  162. 1551: 

    Jonathan Brook: I imagine that Zaha's performance today has caught the eye of everyone at Utd, hopefully Valencia, Nani & Young in particular.

    Utdboys: Zaha will need to improve his work rate next season, not interested when the ball is lost.

    Adam Smart: Why is everyone saying Zaha can fit right into United's line-up ? Taraabt dominated the Championship and did nothing in the Premier League.

  163. 1551: 
    HALF-TIME- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford
  164. 1550: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Aaron Wilbraham almost gets in behind the Watford defence as Marco Cassetti goes to ground, but the linesman raises his flag for a foul against the striker.

  165. 1548: 
    INJURY TIME- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    We are into three minutes of added time. More balloons are popped. It's all gone a bit flat.

  166. 1547: 

    Rob, a Sheffield Blue, via 81111: Re Jack at 15:23. If Moyes does at United what he did with youngsters at Everton, he'll keep Zaha on the bench!

  167. 1545: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Problems here now for Watford as striker Matej Vydra looks to pull up injured in midfield, he signals over to the bench but with two minutes to go until half-time it looks like he'll stay out there.

  168. 1543:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "Crystal Palace need to get the ball to Wilfried Zaha's feet again. He has already done really well on the right, but now he has moved over to the left to run at Watford defender Lloyd Doyley."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  169. 1543: 

    Samuel Olawale: Whoever goes up will go back down on this performance, just poor.

  170. 1541: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Palace sub Stuart O'Keefe twice loses the ball in a good spot 30 yards from goal.

  171. 1540:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    "Not much evidence of Watford's fluid, flowing football in the opening 30 minutes - it was that long before they had a spell of pressure in and around the Palace box. However, the Hornets are just starting to finally impress themselves on this final."

  172. 1540:  
    Wales manager and former Crystal Palace defender Chris Coleman at Wembley

    "Crystal Palace have not been able to get the ball to Wilfried Zaha in the last 10 minutes. Watford's Nathaniel Chalobah, Jonathan Hogg and Almen Abdi are starting to dominate the midfield, and dominate the ball."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  173. 1539: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford's Elton John is countered by Palace having Eddie Izzard in their colours in the stands. Forget the Monaco GP, this is where the big names are at.

    Watford continue to probe patiently as the Palace fans raise the roof with some Grade A chanting.

  174. 1538: 

    Richard Powell: A rather nervy opening half hour. Anyone would think a lot hinged on this game!

  175. 1537: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    We're into the last 10 minutes of the first half already. Plenty of huff and puff, but no real quality as yet.

  176. 1536:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at Wembley

    "Palace's Wilfried Zaha so far the stuff of nightmares for Watford's left side. The key figure in the final so far."

  177. 1536:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "That was a fantastic challenge from Damien Delaney. He got there in the nick of time to deny Matej Vydra."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  178. 1535: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    This is more like it from Watford as Troy Deeney is able to find Matej Vydra for the first time. The Czech lines up a first-time shot from 20 yards but Damien Delaney hurls himself in the way to make a brilliant block! Superb.

  179. 1534: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Palace captain Mile Jedinak is a lucky boy as he leads with his arm in a challenge with Nathaniel Chalobah - it wasn't especially malicious but when you've already been booked it was a wild one.

  180. 1533: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Lovely stuff from Watford as they put together the passing move of the match, with Ikechi Anya, Almen Abdi and Daniel Pudil combining on the edge of the area. They find Troy Deeney at the back post but he doesn't know whether to shoot or cross and ends up doing neither.

  181. 1531:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "The man on the ball for Watford keeps making the wrong decision, going long too early.

    "That was better then, before Mile Jedinak's foul, as Matej Vydra was able to get really close to Troy Deeney."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  182. 1531: 

    Nick the Gooner, fifth row at Wembley, via 81111: Wilfried Zaha is to Crystal Palace what Gareth Bale is to Spurs. Everything is going through him and he appears to be the only real danger man.

  183. 1530: 
    YELLOW CARD- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Clothesline! Old school wrestling moves from Palace captain Mile Jedinak as he floors Almen Abdi in midfield. The Australian goes into the book but the free-kick is headed clear.

  184. 1529: 

    Hasnain Gulzar: David Moyes are you watching this. Zaha take a bow!

    James Warshaw: Good first 20 from Watford.

  185. 1528: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford's patient passing game has been disrupted early on by some superb pressure from Palace, who are preventing the ball from going out wide or into the feet of Nathaniel Chalobah. The first signs of frustration in the Hornets side as Troy Deeney looks for the ball.

  186. 1527:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "It is the Wilfried Zaha show at the minute. You feel, no disrespect to Aaron Wilbraham, if Crystal Palace had injured top scorer Glenn Murray that you would really fancy them.

    "Troy Deeney is very isolated up top for Watford. The gap from the midfielders to Deeney is too great."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  187. 1525: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Already midway through the first half and it's Crystal Palace who continue to press.

    BBC Sport's Stephan Shemilt to my left makes a very early call for extra-time. He's gone early there. I remain hopeful of a goal or two...

  188. 1525:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

    "The game comes alive when Wilfried Zaha gets the ball at his feet."

  189. 1523: 

    Jack in Hull via 81111: With Steve Bruce's Manchester United connections, I'd love to see Wilfried Zaha come to Hull on loan in order for him to get some first team football... However seeing how he has played in the first 20 minutes it looks like he will fit in just fine in David Moyes' plans!!!

  190. 1522: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    This is brilliant again from Wilfried Zaha! Twice Watford think they have stopped his run down the right but twice he gets clear with a mixture of pace and guile, he pulls the ball back neatly for Owen Garvan, but his shot is blocked by Lloyd Doyley.

  191. 1521:  
    Wales manager and former Crystal Palace defender Chris Coleman at Wembley

    "You think if Crystal Palace can get the ball to Wilfried Zaha enough, he has the beating of the Watford defenders. Zaha is a match winner, so it is interesting how Watford deal with it."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  192. 1521: 

    Jordan Poulos: Whoever wins this game has to invest. As a Reading fan, I know by experience that trying to stay up on the cheap, doesn't work.

  193. 1520: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Stuart O'Keefe is on in place of Kagisho Dikgacoi - who I'm told has a calf injury. Gutted.

    We should have some lengthy injury time after that stoppage anyway.

  194. 1518: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    I'm not sure that Kagisho Dikgacoi is able to continue here. He looks heartbroken as he trudges off towards the sidelines.

  195. 1518:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "Both teams have been sussing each other out. Watford are keeping their wingers high up the pitch, while Palace have been frustrating Watford and trying to break through Wilfried Zaha."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  196. 1518:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    "Ikechi Anya seeing a lot of the ball down the right for Watford, while Palace's more direct style has had the Eagles supporters on their feet a couple of times but the Championship's two top scorers have yet to find much cutting edge. Eagles boss Ian Holloway is laying a strong claim to ownership of his technical area. He has not left it since the opening whistle."

  197. 1516: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    The game has settled down now with both sides keeping hold of the ball neatly. Palace midfielder Kagisho Dikgacoi then goes down in the middle and the ball is kicked out to allow him some treatment.

  198. 1515: 

    Stephanie Siu: Come on Watford! I'd like to be able to say I'm moving back to a Premier League town next month.

    RoamingintheGloaming: Go Watford, you deserve to go up!

  199. 1514: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Premier League full-backs take note - Wilfried Zaha takes some stopping. Allied to his pace and trickery he has incredible strength as he holds off two men with ease before his pass inside lets him down. He gets you on the edge of your seat though.

    Watford then attack down the right and win a corner.

  200. 1513:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "There are players that you pay to watch. This boy Wilfried Zaha, for me, is so exciting.

    "He has great close control and pace. There is such anticipation when he gets the ball.

    "Watford's Daniel Pudil has a difficult job. Will he burst forward from full-back? If he does, the centre-back must move across to cover Zaha."

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  201. 1512: 
    YELLOW CARD- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Watford defender Joel Ekstrand loses his head and dives into a tackle in the centre circle, he could have stayed on his feet easily there. As it is he is in the book.

  202. 1512: 

    Tom in Newcastle via 81111: Would love to see Ian Holloway as the next England manager. Attacking play, cracking interviews and, judging by that performance during the anthem, he'd instil some passion into the national team!

  203. 1512: 
    SHOWBOAT- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Palace do get the ball down in the final third as Aaron Wilbraham thinks about taking on a first-time shot but instead switches it out wide to Wilfried Zaha. Zaha pulls off a great turn to step away from two Watford defenders but he can't get a cross in. Brilliant skill from Manchester United's new man.

  204. 1508: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Crystal Palace are yet to get a foot on the ball, it's all been a bit edgy from the Eagles so far, with their defenders happy to hack the ball clear when they get a chance.

    Watford having much more of the ball, and playing it patiently around at the back.

  205. 1507:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at Wembley

    "Jose Mourinho is looking as cool as ever with his scarf and jacket. Will we see more of him in London next season?"

    Listen to commentary of Crystal Palace v Watford on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  206. 1506: 

    Stephen: Watching play-off final with sunshine helps cheer up those of us under thick cloud and rain!

    Ultric Engelbrecht: Hope Nathaniel Chalobah realizes this is his opportunity. Chelsea thin in holding positions and his future manager sitting in the stands.

    Matt Barker: This game will be a test of the power of the pre-match huddle: Watford do it, Palace don't.

  207. 1505: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    You know it's a big game when balloons stop play. We've got a stoppage as a load of blue and red balloons from the Palace end blow into the goalmouth and need popping.

    Somewhere, Pepe Reina watches on and shudders...

    Palace fans
  208. 1503: 
    Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    Daniel Pudil makes an early break down the left for Watford, playing a neat one-two before being shut out on the edge of the box. Watford's 3-5-2 is pretty fluid and allows the wing backs plenty of space to get forward.

  209. 1502: 

    Barry Dunne: I hope Giovanni Trapattoni is watching this so he can see that Palace's Owen Garvan deserves an Ireland call-up.

  210. 1502: 
    KICK-OFF- Crystal Palace 0-0 Watford

    A brooding Jose Mourinho looks on as Watford get us under way. Hold on to your hats...

  211. 1459:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

    "Huge day for Crystal Palace and Watford, but it's not about the money, money, money. It's about realising dreams."

  212. 1457: 

    It's anthem time. Not much singing from the Watford side it has to be said. Ian Holloway belts it out.

    Elton John
  213. 1456: 

    Derick Schweinz: Surprised Palace still haven't started with Yannick Bolasie as he came on against Brighton and set it up for Wilfried Zaha on the plate for goal number one.

  214. 1456: 
    WHAT THE MANAGERS SAY- Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Watford manager Gianfranco Zola: "It's an adventure for me in a different role. I'd love to start well.

    "We've played important games previously and the team have never disappointed me. I'm quite confident.

    "My final message will be to enjoy the moment. We have to continue what we were doing all season."

  215. 1455: 

    Carl in Cambridgeshire via 81111: Watford 3-2 Crystal Palace. Troy Deeney winner!

  216. 1455: 
    WHAT THE MANAGERS SAY- Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway: "I'm pretty relaxed to be fair. It's a wonderful day and the lads are all ready. Bring it on.

    "There's distractions around every corner so you take those out as quickly as you can and then get on with giving the team the information. We've had 14 days since the semi-finals, which has dragged too long. I want to experience winning.

    "We know everything about Watford, they're a really good team, but we're not too bad. It should be a good game."

  217. 1453: 
    Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Here they come, the players of both sides emerge from the tunnel into the glorious sunshine at Wembley. This is it.

  218. 1452: 

    Elton John is in the house!

    He never misses a (massive) Watford game.

  219. 1452:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "A major final these days sometimes resembles a great big fiesta. Fans at both ends of the ground are bouncing up and down, the music is blasting out and huge flags of both club's crests are being paraded around the Wembley pitch. The clouds have disappeared and it is hot, hot, hot pitchside. Absolutely top stuff."

  220. 1450:  
    Wales manager and former Crystal Palace defender Chris Coleman at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "When you are a manager if you cannot find a way, you have to make a way. Gianfranco Zola knew he had to bring players in, so the loan players have come.

    "When you have so many loan players, you can sometimes see a team that does not gel. This Watford team, once they got into their stride, have been very entertaining.

    "That is very good management from Zola."

    Listen to build-up to the play-off final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  221. 1446: 

    Alex Benachour: Supporting Palace, simply because of Holloway's dance after the Brighton game, pure class!

    Steven Blake: Come on Watford! As a Chelsea fan, would love to see Zola back in the Premier League.

    Matty Parry: Don't like Zola for the back heel flick he scored v NCFC that made me cry when I was 10. But would love to see him in the Premier League.

  222. 1445: 
    Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)
    Gianfranco Zola

    Watford manager Gianfranco Zola: "I do have a lot of happy memories of the old Wembley. The first time was the FA Cup with Chelsea and I always rated it as one the best moments of my career. I'm looking forward for the chance to do that again.

    "We played against Brighton away and won 3-1. At that moment I saw the team mature with all the ingredients to be a promotion challengers. That's the moment I thought we had a chance.

    "I believe that if you don't have something to prove then you better stay home. I didn't realise how much I learned from my time at West Ham until I found myself here.

    "It's been a roller-coaster. It hasn't been difficult when you know you can rely on the people that you desperately want to achieve something."

  223. 1442: 
    Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Troy Deeney starts up front for Watford today to cap a remarkable year or so for him.

    Deeney was convicted in June 2012 for affray following a brutal attack in Birmingham. The former bricklayer was jailed for 10 months after he became involved in a fight with four students.

    He served three months in Winson Green prison and Thorn Cross prison in Warrington, where he wasn't allowed to play football, and now he is 90 minutes away from the Premier League after scoring 20 goals.

  224. 1439: 
    LINE-UPS- Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Crystal Palace: Speroni, Ward, Gabbidon, Delaney, Moxey, Zaha, Jedinak, Garvan, Dikgacoi, Williams, Wilbraham. Subs: Price, Richards, Bolasie, Phillips, O'Keefe, Ramage, Moritz.

    Watford: Almunia, Doyley, Ekstrand, Cassetti, Anya, Chalobah, Hogg, Pudil, Abdi, Deeney, Vydra. Subs: Bond, Hall, Yeates, Briggs, Geijo, Battocchio, Forestieri.

    Referee: Martin Atkinson (W Yorkshire)

  225. 1437:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "Watford's press department have apparently been inundated with requests to interview Gianfranco Zola on Tuesday morning, one broadcaster from far afield requesting a one-on-one interview at 9am. Unlikely. Zola takes the train to training every day from his home in Kent. Today he was on the team coach with the rest of the squad as it made its way to Wembley, all smiles as ever."

  226. 1437: 

    Mark Notley: As a Chelsea fan, I want Watford to win it as Zola is a legend. But as a MOTD fan, Palace - Holloway's interviews are top class.

  227. 1435: 

    Watford have won both of their Championship play-off finals in the past - they beat Leeds in Cardiff seven years ago, and beat Bolton at Wembley seven years before that.

    Every seven years. Will they keep that record up?

  228. 1433: 
    Statisticians OptaCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "38 - The last 10 competitive meetings between Crystal Palace and Watford have seen 38 goals hit the back of the net. Bonanza."

  229. 1433:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    If you fancy taking part in a bit of an experiment today, navigate your way over to this page from BBC Radio 5 live where you can choose how much crowd noise you want to hear depending on who you support.

    It's the future. Maybe.

  230. 1429: 
    England bowler Steve FinnCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "Good luck to all at Watford FC today. Also, the travelling fans. Let's hope we get what we deserve."

  231. 1429: 

    Rob Hainsworth: Head says Watford & they play nice footy. Heart wants the underdog.

  232. 1428: 
    Kevin Phillips

    Kevin Phillips is on the bench for Crystal Palace today - if he comes on it will be his fourth play-off final. Incredibly, he's lost all three before, for Sunderland, West Brom and Blackpool.

    He started his career with Watford as well. Expect him to be on with 20-25 minutes left...

  233. 1423:  
    Crystal Palace chairman Steve ParishCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "There is so much at stake at the game. Watford will be thinking the same, it could transform their club.

    "You spend so much money chasing it, that things elsewhere fall into disrepair. There is so much at stake.

    "I have done everything I can this week. In the end, it is up to the guys.

    "We have to enjoy the day, as three years ago we were close to being relegated. These occasions come round every 10 years if you are lucky."

    Listen to build-up to the play-off final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  234. 1422: 

    A huge handshake from Ian Holloway greets Gianfranco Zola in the centre circle of a sunny Wembley as the seats begin to fill up. Both gaffers are all smiles now. One will be far from happy in a few hours.

  235. 1419: 

    Ian Holloway lost last year's play-off final while in charge of Blackpool, but he won the big one in 2010. He knows what it's all about, and he has just said that he wants this to be 'the most entertaining final ever.'

    I'll drink to that Ian son...

  236. 1418:  
    Crystal Palace manager Ian HollowayCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)
    Ian Holloway

    "We are seven games undefeated now, which is no mean feat. It has been the strangest season ever.

    "Zola's Watford have surprised everyone this season.

    "I am not nervous, the build-up is a joy to behold. You either win or lose, and I have done both in the last few years.

    "It is about the prestige of being a Premier League club. Palace have big, big fans and I would hope to help them get where they want to."

    Listen to build-up to the play-off final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  237. 1418:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "Crystal Palace are unchanged from the team that won at Brighton. Wilfried Zaha plays his final game before moving to Manchester United, while Aaron Wilbraham, with one goal to his name this season, starts up front in the continued absence of Glenn Murrray.

    "Watford make two changes from the team that so dramatically knocked out Leicester, with Daniel Pudil replacing Matthew Briggs on the left side of defence and Jonathan Hogg coming in for Cristian Battocchio in midfield. That means seven of the starting XI are loan players - with four from Udinese, two from Granada and one from Chelsea."

  238. 1415:  
    Wales manager and former Crystal Palace defender Chris Coleman at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "Any manager when you get a new job, you are very lucky if you do not need to change things. That was different at Palace when Dougie Freedman left, but Ian Holloway knew what he wanted to do.

    "He is playing a more direct style of football."

    Listen to build-up to the play-off final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  239. 1414: 

    I think I just saw pictures of Jose Mourinho at Wembley.

    What on earth are you doing Jose?

  240. 1412: 

    Aaron Wilbraham has only managed one goal for Crystal Palace since joining them last July - if ever there was a time to get another...

  241. 1408: 

    Kit Washington: Both teams would both be good value in the Premier League next year, hope the game lives up to that.

  242. 1408: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Crystal Palace are unchanged from the side which won at Brighton so Aaron Wilbraham continues to lead the line.

  243. 1407:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "Watford and Palace both reached the play-offs in 2007-08, although both were eliminated at the semi-final stage. Since then neither has really threatened the top six until this year, largely rattling around mid-table with the occasional scare at the bottom end. No wonder people from both clubs that I've chatted to today are keen to stress how happy (and perhaps a little surprised) they are to be here. Less than a hour until kick-off and the tannoy man is starting to crank up the atmosphere."

  244. 1406:  
    Former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "With the amount of goals between these two teams in the last few years, we should be in for a cracker."

    Listen to build-up to the play-off final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  245. 1402: 

    Ashu: Definitely ZOLASHORNETS, team with big ambitions and an amazing person at the helm.

  246. 1401: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Watford manager Gianfranco Zola makes two changes from the side which dramatically beat Leicester last time out. Jonathan Hogg and Daniel Pudil both start.

  247. 1358: 

    Felix in Horsham via 81111: Do we think Holloway will do his victory dance on the pitch for us if Palace win?

  248. 1358: 

    Watford finished third in the Championship this season, only missing out on automatic promotion on the final day.

    Does that give them an advantage?

    The brains of Ben Carter from Radio 4's More or Less has had a look at the figures, and it seems the team finishing third are favourites to go up.

  249. 1352:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "Crystal Palace v Watford, two highest scorers in Championship this season. Crystal Palace going for fifth promotion to Premier League. All one season stays so far..."

  250. 1350: 

    Kiran Dahal: Of course I want mighty Gianfranco Zola to bring Watford back, legend as always, come on Watford.

    FGrimini: I'm not a fan of Watford nor of Crystal Palace but I'm a fan of Zola. And not just because I'm Italian, the man has class.

    Gianfranco Zola
  251. 1349: 

    Football League rules allow clubs to have a maximum of four players under 23 and four over 23 on a standard loan in one season, but players signed on loan deals from abroad (including Scotland) are registered as transfers, not loans.

    That is how Watford have been able to stock up on players this season.

  252. 1348: 

    Steve Cohen: Come on Palace. Will be tough against Udinese, sorry Watford, but I love Ollie as a neutral.

  253. 1345: 

    I've already started to be bombarded with texts and tweets from you lot out there about Watford's use of the loan system.

    Palace manager Ian Holloway was not a happy man back in February after the Hornets named seven loan players in their squad to face Palace, six of whom were from Watford's sister clubs Udinese and Granada.

    "They've got some world-class players that they've borrowed from almost one club," Holloway told BBC Sport.

    "It seems pretty ludicrous to me. What their manager is doing and how they're doing it is fantastic. If there's a loophole, they've found it and some of those players are as good as any I've seen in the world.

    "But I can't believe there's such a massive loophole, and my question is - where are those English players going to come from?"

  254. 1343:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "In an interview in today's match programme Palace boss Ian Holloway suggests today's final could be a classic with plenty of goals. No 'keep it tight at the back lads' from him.

    "He also explains how he will ensure his players do not become too hung up on the "£120m" game. He will tell them 'your only job is to chase around a bloke in a yellow shirt and stop them putting the ball in the net'. I wonder if Bayern boss Jupp Heynckes said similar before Saturday's final?"

  255. 1342:  
    Former England and Crystal Palace striker Ian WrightCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "Fingers crossed Palace can do it. It is so nerve-wracking.

    "I am that nervous I am sat in my car on the side of the road and have forgotten to turn the air conditioning on. I am roasting."

    Listen to build-up to the play-off final on BBC Radio 5 live at 1400 BST.

  256. 1339: 

    We should have team news from both camps within the next 20 minutes or so. Palace will be missing top scorer Glenn Muray though - he suffered a nasty knee injury in the semi-final so Aaron Wilbraham is likely to start.

  257. 1335:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    As you'd expect and demand, we have full radio coverage of today's big game. Mark Chapman is joined by Wales manager and former Crystal Palace defender Chris Coleman at Wembley from 1400 BST as the pair build-up to the play-off final.

    From 1500 BST there is live commentary of the match, with Darren Fletcher, John Murray and former Wales and Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage the men behind the microphones.

  258. 1330: 
    Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Watford boss Gianfranco Zola sees the play-off final as a step on a ambitious road that he hopes will lead to European football.

    "The owners want Watford to become an established team in the Premier League and with time our ambition is to be a European team," said the Italian.

    "There is a long way to go. Don't forget that we are in the Championship, but that is the type of people (the Pozzos) are."

  259. 1328: 
    Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway, promoted to the Premier League via the play-offs with Blackpool in 2010, says victory for the Eagles would put the club on a "different planet".

    "I have already seen and felt what it would mean to Crystal Palace fans," he told BBC London 94.9.

    "If it is achieved then it might mean a new ground, which is the vision of the owners.

    "We have got a chance of everybody's dream. It is a different planet and off the chart."

  260. 1326:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "WEMBLEY - Apparently the Football League took over at 2am on Sunday for the rebranding of the ground, working through the night after the Champions League final. Very thorough job."

  261. 1325: 

    Thomas Roberts: OLLIESEAGLES would be entertaining to see Ian Holloway back in the Premier League.

    Chris Richardson: Watford will want to win because of what happened on the last day, and I think it will finish 2-1 Watford.

    Teeflash Ahmadu: OLLIESEAGLES Crystal Palace all the way and looking to Zaha to prove the difference between them!

  262. 1325: 

    How much is today's game worth then? I remember this being 'the £30m game'. then 'the £50m game' but we've blitzed those figures now.

    According to accountancy firm Deloitte, today's winners will see a total revenue increase of £60m next year and, with parachute payments included, will scoop a sum of £120m even if they come straight back down.

    A total of 17 of the 30 promoted sides in the last 10 years have stayed in the top flight for more than one season though, with four of the last 10 play-off winners surviving the next season.

    Last year's winners West Ham are a case in point.

  263. 1322: 

    David Mercer: Would love to see Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway back in the Premier League just so we can see his interviews every week on MOTD!

    Scott Birchall: ZOLASHORNETS Come on Watford!

  264. 1322:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "Crystal Palace hosted Watford on the opening day of the season and the two teams will end their seasons with today's match. The word is that Watford are feeling very relaxed, with no obvious sign of nerves, the players taking their cue from boss Gianfranco Zola. The Hornets players came for a pre-match visit to Wembley the other day, Zola explaining that it is so easy to get lost in all the tunnels you need a GPS to find your way around. He'll be hoping his side, top scorers in the Championship, can find the net today."

  265. 1321: 

    I'm not sure I can take that level of late drama today. But play-off finals have a habit of finding a late goal or two. We could be in for the long haul this afternoon...

  266. 1319: 
    BBC Sport's Jason MohammadCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "A brilliant Football League season comes to an end today. This play-off final could be epic."

  267. 1319: 
    Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Going into stoppage time, Leicester winger Anthony Knockaert won a, erm, debatable penalty.

    Score, and Leicester were in the final. But his spot-kick was saved by Manuel Almunia.

    Unbelievable is a word used far too often in football these days, but what happened next truly was. Watford countered up the other end and Troy Deeney smashed in to send the Hornets to Wembley.

    Troy Deeney

    The Watford radio guys were slightly excited...

  268. 1316: 
    Crystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    Both sides came through a cracker of a semi-final to get to Wembley this afternoon.

    Palace had Manchester United-bound youngster Wilfried Zaha to thank as his late double secured a 2-0 aggregate win over Brighton.

    But if it's drama you want, look no further than Watford's 3-2 aggregate win over Leicester...

  269. 1314:  
    Manchester United defender Rio FerdinandCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "All the best to the Palace boys."

  270. 1312: 

    Who do we all want to see back in the Premier League then? Zola's Hornets? Or Ollie's Eagles?

    Both away ends - and press boxes for that matter - could do with a lick of paint if we're being honest, but either set of fans, players, or manager will be a welcome addition to life in the top flight.

    Let me know who you're backing and why. You can text us on 81111 (UK Only) - providing you put your name on it - or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  271. 1311:  
    BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at WembleyCrystal Palace v Watford (1500 BST)

    "A pleasant day at Wembley if a touch on the windy side. The odd black and yellow flag outside the stadium takes the mind back to Saturday's Champions League final but inside the stadium the transformation is complete, with all the branding about today's play-off final. Mind you, one shop outside has yet to get up to speed, with the advert 'bier fur alle' hanging outside it."

  272. 1304: 

    The Championship play-off final has had various guises, at various grounds down the years. It has produced numerous heroes and numerous villains.

    It generates a figure of cash which seems to increase exponentially year-on-year. It's dubbed 'the richest game in football' and by sundown this evening either Crystal Palace or Watford stand to coin in an estimated £120m in extra revenue by reaching the promised land.

    By sundown this evening either Gianfranco Zola or Ian Holloway will be back in the Premier League. Who will prevail...?

  273. 1300: 
    Dean Windass

    Dean Windass. Brett Ormerod. Nathan Blake. Darren Carter.

    Neil Shipperley

    Michael Ricketts. Martijn Reuser. Neil Shipperley. Ricardo Vaz Te. Scott Sinclair.

    Allan Smart

    Stephen Pearson. Darius Henderson. Bobby Zamora. Allan Smart. David Hopkin.

    Steve Claridge. Fabian de Freitas. Wade Elliott. Steve Walsh. Paul Bodin.

    Clive Mendonca

    Mike Newell. Tommy Johnson. MICHAEL GRAY. CLIVE MENDONCA!

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Championship summary table; it charts each team by position, team name, games played, total goal difference and points
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No movement 2 Watford 39 32 72
No movement 3 Middlesbrough 39 29 72
No movement 4 Norwich 39 33 70
No movement 5 Derby 39 26 67
No movement 6 Ipswich 39 16 67
No movement 7 Brentford 39 12 66
No movement 8 Wolves 39 11 65
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