Championship play-offs: Brighton v Crystal Palace

Live text commentary of the Championship play-offs as Crystal Palace defeat Brighton to set up a final against Watford on 27 May.

13 May 2013 Last updated at 22:26

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As it happened

  1. 2226: 

    Party time for Norwich, and party time for Crystal Palace.

    They've got two weeks before the final against Watford so they can probably afford a few days off. But it's not up to me, it's up to Ian Holloway, who was pretty fired up after that one.

    That's it from us tonight, more late drama and a sign of the future maybe from Wilfried Zaha. more great drama tomorrow night as Wigan fight for their Premier League lives.

    Chris Bevan is in the driving seat for that one. Join him. Cheers.

  2. 2218: 
    YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 2-3 Norwich (agg 2-4)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne: "The Norwich dressing room is next to the press room at Stamford Bridge and there is very loud cheering as well as music what the kids listen to these days thumping through the wall. The party is just starting for the young Canaries."

  3. 2217: 

    Michael Alhadeff: "Zaha justifying being Fergie's last signing. Big game player. Typical."

    Andrew Priestley: "Wilfried Zaha, more of the some next season please! He was Fergie's 'Welcome to Manchester United' present to David Moyes!"

  4. 2216:  
    Gary Lineker, BBC Sport

    "Congratulations to Norwich City's youngsters on their Youth Cup triumph."

  5. 2212:  

    Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway on BBC Radio 5 live: "Wilfried Zaha didn't get a trophy at our end-of-season awards do. How can that be? So we all clubbed together and got him one last week.

    "He will go on to be a world-class player. He really will. People had said that I'd lost the dressing room but I know where it is, down the corridor on the left. It's rubbish."

  6. 2211: 

    Brighton fans - will you keep hold of Gus Poyet after that defeat?Let me know your thoughts on text or Twitter.

  7. 2209: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace
    Gus Poyet

    Brighton manager Gus Poyet on his future at the club: "I don't want to make any comments on my future because the feelings are not the best. Today we found the roof and we hit the roof.

    "Where do we go from here? I need to sit down at the end of the season and discuss it. I'm under contract that is the situation so I've got nothing to say. I also need to analyse my personal situation."

  8. 2209:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport

    "Crystal Palace are a real tough proposition for Watford in the final. As soon as they scored the goal they looked a real threat and it was a really good performance.

    "I've been proven wrong tonight."

  9. 2207: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace
    Gus Poyet

    Brighton manager Gus Poyet: "It's a situation where you have a very, very good season, better than expected, and because of this play-off you go home with a terrible feeling, I am very sad because of this. First, we need to be proud of the season we have had and second you say thanks to the fans and say it was just not our time.

    "In the first half we were poor we were not ourselves, funnily enough we were in a hurry and that's not us. In the second half there were a couple of breakaways which is again not the way we play and that shows how nervous we were.

    "I don't think Zaha was the difference. I think he is a very good player with a lot of trickery. He was very important for them and the way they play and after it opened up it was easier for him."

  10. 2205: 

    Paddy Emmerson: "Got to say well done to the youngsters at Norwich who won the FA youth cup tonight. Good few days for the Canaries."

    Ciao Anfield: "Re. Maurice at 19:51; fancy helping me out with a few bets this weekend? Great call!"

  11. 2202: 

    Marc Perni, Orpington on text: "Ben Watson scored the winner in the FA Cup final on Saturday. Ex-Palace academy. That was an omen for tonight."

  12. 2200: 

    I should point out that Steve Parish wasn't saying that Crystal Palace were already up. He was asked how he would plan for promotion should they beat Watford in the final...

  13. 2200:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveBrighton 0-2 Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace co-chairman Steve Parish: "I thought the lads put in a terrific performance. I was quite calm until we scored and then we had something to hang on to! I thought Wilfried Zaha was exceptional but the whole team was solid. Brighton had a massive crowd behind them and they made a lot of noise.

    "We are one game away from the promised land. Zaha has been here since he was nine, there is a great bond between him and the fans and that is what football is all about. We could have sold him earlier but he loves this club, he wants us to go up so much.

    "The clubs who keep the nucleus of the squad which get them up tend to do better than the ones who spray money about. These players are playing for a chance to play in the Premier League, we won't replace them. We'll obviously need one or two if we get there but we will keep our philosophy."

  14. 2154: 

    Norwich collect the FA Youth Cup at Stamford Bridge. What a moment for the young Canaries.

  15. 2152: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway: "I said a couple of weeks ago that we had a turned a corner and today is further evidence of that. We came here and everyone said we didn't have a chance, but we did it and who is to say we can't do it against Watford in the final too?

    "Watford are a fantastic team, but so are we. I'm so proud I'm bursting, absolutely bursting."

    Ian Holloway
  16. 2152: 

    Toby Eccleshall: "The third season in a row that the team who finished 3rd will play those who finished 5th in the Championship play-off final."

    Nathan Daniels: "As a Watford fan, I am suddenly wishing Utd could call in Zaha from Palace! C'mon u ornssss!"

    Adesanya Gabriel: "I criticised him last week and he's responded in amazing fashion. An all round monster performance from Wilfried Zaha."

  17. 2149: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace
    Wilfried Zaha scores

    Crystal Palace match-winner Wilfried Zaha: "This means the world to me, I've played for Palace for 10 years so this is the perfect way to cap it.

    "I just wanted to finish one of my last games for the club in a strong way and getting two goals is a dream."

  18. 2147: 

    Ian Holloway lost the play-off final last season with Blackpool, can he turn things around with a win this time around? We'll find out soon enough.

    For Brighton, what does this mean for manager Gus Poyet? He's been linked with a lot of jobs in the last year or so...

  19. 2147: 
    YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 2-3 Norwich (agg 2-4)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne at Stamford Bridge: "The grit and fight of Norwich has won out over the style of defending champions Chelsea across the two legs. Norwich have not won this competition for 30 years and this crop of youngsters have gone over to the 2,000 travelling supporters to celebrate a memorable victory. It's been a good couple of days for the Canaries, who guaranteed another season in the Premier League by beating West Brom yesterday. How many of this team will be donning a yellow shirt for the Norfolk club in the big league in the years to come?"

  20. 2146: 

    Crystal Palace will play Watford at Wembley in the Championship play-off final on Bank Holiday Monday . 27 May.

    The winner will be in the Premier League next season.

  21. 2144: 

    Mark, Berkshire: "Brighton didn't take their chances in the 1st half on Friday and simply bottled it tonight after going behind. Palace deserved to win."

    Betty, Streatham: "Great call by Maurice at 19:51"

    Maurice, Eagles fan in Croydon: "I told you so...?"

    Maurice called a Zaha brace. Hats off...

  22. 2143:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-2 Crystal Palace

    "It was the archetypal professional performance, Palace set themselves up to do a job. Mile Jedinak played well defensively, he and Wilfried Zaha were the difference. Palace were the better side on the night."

  24. 2141: 
    Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace

    Sporting applause rings out at the Amex as the home fans sing for their own side.

    Wild celebrations at the away end though as the Palace players celebrate with their supporters. Glenn Murray hobbles on to the pitch on crutches to join the party.

  25. 2141: 
    FULL-TIME- YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 2-3 Norwich (agg 2-4)
  26. 2140: 
    FULL-TIME- Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace
  27. 2140: 
    Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace

    Scores of police surround the Palace fans behind one goal as time ticks down.


    Alasdair Preston: "It's a good job Palace have players like Zaha, much needed to compete in the Prem. Oh, wait..."

  29. 2138: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace

    Palace come close to a third on the break again before Ashley Barnes has a header saved at the other end. Two minutes of stoppage-time remain.

  30. 2137: 

    Ben in Manchester: "Knowing me knowing you....Zahaaaa."

  31. 2135: 
    INJURY TIME- Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace

    Into five minutes of added time. We've seen some blockbuster finishes in the play-offs so far this season but surely this one is in the bag?

  32. 2134: 
    Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace

    I mentioned that Wilfried Zaha had not been among the goals since he signed for Manchester United, but he's already got in the United spirit by coming up with the big goals when it matters.

    What a way to leave Palace. His last game for the club will be at Wembley.

  33. 2132: 
    GOAL- Brighton 0-2 Crystal Palace - Wilfried Zaha (88 mins)

    That is a finish!

    This lad may get a big move soon if he keeps this up...brilliant from Wilfried Zaha, turning away from Gordon Greer before smashing in a left-footed shot which thunders in off the underside of the crossbar.

  34. 2132: 
    GOAL- YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 2-3 Norwich (agg 2-4)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne at Stamford Bridge: "Jeremie Boga is a name to keep an eye on. The 16-year-old French prospect has got one back for Chelsea - his second of the night. Too little too late though me thinks."

  35. 2131: 

    Into the last five minutes.

  36. 2131: 
    CLOSE!- Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Aaron Wilbraham again! Palace waste another great opening to seal a place at Wembley, with the big man beating a man on the edge of the box but lashing wide from 18 yards.

  37. 2130: 
    CLOSE!- Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    But Palace do have a chance from a corner - Aaron Wilbraham loses his man altogether but heads wide at the back post! Major chance to go 2-0 up there.

  38. 2128: 
    Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Palace line up in two banks of four and it's proving too hard for Brighton to penetrate at the moment. Palace then pick off the loose ball to counter but play the wrong ball - Wilfried Zaha would have been in.

  39. 2127:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    "Before the game, you'd have fancied Brighton but Palace have raised their game to the levels we saw earlier in the season."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  40. 2127: 
    Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Into the last eight minutes - though there was a lengthy injury delay at the start of the second half. Brighton haven't really responded to falling behind as yet. Palace continue to defend superbly.

  41. 2125: 
    Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    A reminder if it's needed that away goals don't count in the play-offs so Brighton need one in the last 11 minutes to force extra-time.

  42. 2123: 
    Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Tears in the home end from one young chap. He's gone early! Twelve minutes of normal time left yet son...

  43. 2122: 
    Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Into the last 15 minutes of the Championship play-off semi-final. It's now or never for the Seagulls. I can't imagine them lumping it forwards in a panic though.

  44. 2121: 

    Get your money on Norwich to win the Premier League in 2019-20.

  45. 2121: 
    GOAL- YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 1-3 Norwich (agg 1-4)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne at Stamford Bridge: "Norwich are going to win the FA Youth Cup and the killer blow is delivered by a bit of twin magic. Jacob Murphy gets down the channel and lays it on for his brother Joshua to poke home. The 2,000 travelling City fans are lapping it up - they rarely get to see their side win at the Bridge."

  46. 2121: 

    Chris Stocker: "The eagle has landed so what next for the gulls. It had to be a Fergie boy didn't it!"

    Sam Devine: "What a hammer blow. I can't believe it. Brighton got too nervous. What happened to our 3-0 victory in our last home rival match."

    Simon Bidwell: "Why did Bolasie not start? He's had a great season, comes on and delivers a peach of a cross."

    Tom Canty: "Used to play in the same side as Jonny I'm studying for university exams..I know what I'd rather be doing tonight."

  47. 2119: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    Just before Palace scored they should have probably had a penalty - Mile Jedinak had his shirt tugged back as he tried to convert a cross.

  48. 2117: 
    Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    That save from Julian Speroni at 2110 could prove to be monumentally massive for Crystal Palace. Are the Eagles going back to Wembley? Neil Shipperley will be digging out his play-off final suit as we speak. It won't fit him mind.

  49. 2116: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    How can Brighton respond to falling behind then? By going for it it seems.

    Kazenga LuaLua is on in place of right-back Inigo Calderon.

  50. 2116:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-1 Crystal Palace

    "That's a fantastic ball by Bolasie. Zaha gets in there, he's low and brave among the flying feet. Once he's got his head to that, there's only going to be one outcome - a goal."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  51. 2114: 
    GOAL- Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace - Wilfried Zaha (69 mins)

    He doesn't miss those!

    Wilfried Zaha comes up with the goods when it matters, ghosting past Wayne Bridge to meet an excellent cross from substitute Yannick Bolasie with a diving header from close range. Massive, massive goal!

  52. 2113: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace
    Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway

    Ian Holloway is doing his nut - this game has got stretched wide open now! End-to-end stuff. There are 22 minutes left.

  53. 2112: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    If Brighton do make it to Wembley then Ashley Barnes has already made a claim for a start. He has already made a difference.

    But here come Palace on the break - dangerous cross which Matthew Upson heads a yard over his own crossbar.

  54. 2112:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Two unbelievable chances within 20 seconds of Barnes coming on. And now he's gone back to what looks like a three in midfield."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  55. 2110: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace


    That must have been about six seconds after Ashley Barnes came on before he hits the crossbar. Julian Speroni does brilliantly to tip his shot onto the woodwork.

    And Barnes again! From the corner he plants a header which is headed off the line by Dean Moxey. Talk about making an impact!

  56. 2109: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Ashley Barnes - just back from a massive suspension - is on for Brighton in place of Andrea Orlandi. Can Barnes find the breakthrough?

  57. 2108: 
    YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 1-2 Norwich (agg 1-3)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne reports: "Islam Feruz has missed a sitter to put Chelsea back in the tie. Keeper William Britt does well to hold him up one-on-one, but the former Celtic youngster lashes wide when the ball comes out to him with the goal gaping."


    BBC presenter Gary Lineker: "Great new play-off rule. If neither side score over 2 legs of one semi-final both teams from the other semi go through."

  59. 2107: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Cometh the hour, cometh the double change for Crystal Palace. Jonathan Williams and Owen Garvan come off, and Yannick Bolasie and Andre Moritz are on.

  60. 2106: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Everything for Palace is coming through Wilfried Zaha now. He shows he can do the simple things as well, playing a neat early pass into the run of Jonathan Williams, who goes down under the challenge of Dean Hammond.

    Referee Mark Clattenburg has a long look - and says goal kick.

  61. 2104: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    We are into the last half hour. Matthew Upson is a bit too calm, sending a backpass inches away from Aaron Wilbraham. First sign of nerves maybe for the hosts?

  62. 2104: 

    Old Rob from Coventry has really got a debate started here...

  63. 2103: 

    Bruce from Durham: "The 'derby' from the days when Alan Mullery was in charge of Brighton and Terry Venables in charge of Palace and they both challenged for 2 promotions in 3 seasons, Mullery and Venables used to play for Tottenham and it got pretty heated."

    James in Brighton: "A derby is based on passion, not distance. LA and Boston are 2000 miles apart, ever watched a game between the two? Take it Coventry's biggest rivals are Warwick?"

    Jordan from Leicester: "To Rob from Coventry, the ultimate football rivalry, Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Most definitely more than 20 miles between them."

    Mark: "Fair enough to that, insomuch that they are the two major clubs in a large region. But for me, that's more a "regional championship" than a derby. I would call Ipswich v Colchester more local, only 16 or so miles. Luton v Watford, yes, Cardiff v Swansea, not a derby but a "regional championship"

  64. 2101: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace
    Brighton boss Gus Poyet

    After a lengthy delay we are back under way. no serious damage done apart from to Ian Holloway's voice.

    It is rocking. Brighton win a free-kick but the cross is well dealt with. Wilfried Zaha then skins Inigo Calderon and wins a corner.

  65. 2100:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Jonathan Williams had plenty of time and space and he's just dragged it wide. It was gift-wrapped for the opening goal in this game."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  66. 2059: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    The atmosphere is so loud now that Mark Clattenburg can hardly hear Ian Holloway berate him at point-blank range. He is having the opportunity to unleash thanks to a stoppage as Brighton winger Andrea Orlandi gets some treatment for being kicked in the face by Joel Ward.

  67. 2056: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    That was a huge moment in this tie. To be fair to young Jonny Williams, he hit that shot clean as a whistle, kept it down, but he just missed the far corner.

    It's pepped up both sets of fans anyway.

  68. 2055: 

    Lewis Squires: "Question is which team is going to earn a penalty in the 90th minute... Miss it and concede a goal on the counter?"

    Matthew Freeman: "Come on Palace! One half, one goal, easy right?"

    Michael Brennan: "This game needs something... I'm not quite sure what... but something needs to happen!"

  69. 2054:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Is it a bigger game for Palace than Brighton? You could see Brighton building, they've got money they can bring players in. Palace have peaked and then plateaued off a bit this season."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  70. 2052: 
    CLOSE!- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    What a chance! Palace should lead. Wilfried Zaha shows great strength to break away from his man in the centre-circle, he gets his head up and plays an inch-perfect through pass to send Jonathan Williams in on goal.

    Williams bursts through and fires in first-time - he hits it well, but it flies inches past the far post.

    So, so close!

  71. 2050: 

    Paul Harris: "Really poor showing of Chelsea support in the youth cup tonight - maybe this is where you really find out who the big clubs are."

  72. 2050: 
    KICK-OFF- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Brighton get us back under way.

  73. 2049: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Here come the players back out on to the Amex turf. Ian Holloway is already chipping away at the fourth official's ear.

  74. 2047: 

    Mark, a Derby Canary: "Re: 2043. Rob from Coventry. So Norwich v Ipswich is not considered a "Derby" because the distance is more than 40 miles between the two places? Try telling that to the natives of both clubs who are 44 miles apart!!!"

  75. 2043: 

    Well there we go, Rob has cleared up what constitutes a derby once and for all. Twenty miles, no more, no less.

    Any Brighton or Palace fans disagree?

  76. 2043: 

    Rob from Coventry here: "Re: 2025 Why have you referred to this match as a derby? The two teams are at least 40 miles apart. No way can that be considered a derby. Derby matches are between LOCAL opponents and l would say that any distance up to 20 miles between teams can be called a derby, further away definitely not. Or is this just a media invention to hype up the match?"

    Dodge the Donny fan: "Holloway is really charged up for this one! , 2nd half madness to follow...we're gonna see a few goals I predict."

    Mark, Berkshire: "The 1st half has been dull as dish water, suspect it is the calm before the storm in the 2nd."

  77. 2042: 

    Every play-off game so far, bar maybe Northampton's masterful win over Cheltenham, has been tremendously exciting at the death.

    So we could be in for a belting second half. I hope...

  78. 2039: 

    Conrad, Halifax: "Presume the Chelsea fans will be blaming Rafa for the Youth Cup defeat too?"

  79. 2038: 
    Brighton's Will Buckley (left) and Crystal Palace's Wilfried Zaha

    Neil Graham: "RE: Danny 2026: Brighton another Stoke? Best footballing team in Championship, Tony Pullis would be thrilled with that comparison!"

    Rupert Hill: "Re:Danny Howell 20:26 Brighton play some of the best stuff in the league. A Stoke comparison couldn't be further from the truth!"

    Michael Brennan: "I wouldn't be very worried about Zaha if I was Nani, Young or Valencia right now. He looks very easy to predict."

  80. 2035: 
    HALF-TIME- YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 1-2 Norwich (agg 1-3)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne reports: "Norwich are 45 minutes away from making it a memorable couple of days. The senior side secured Premier League safety by beating West Brom yesterday. And the under-18s have a two-goal cushion in the FA Youth Cup final against current holders Chelsea. The home side have been technically superior, but the Canaries have rode their luck and countered brilliantly to lead 2-1 on the night."

  81. 2034:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumHALF-TIME- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "There's been some decent play and really good defending - that's why we haven't got any goals. Both sides have stood up and done their jobs and that's what the managers would have asked."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  82. 2034: 
    HALF-TIME- YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 1-2 Norwich (agg 1-3)
  83. 2034: 
    HALF-TIME- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace
  84. 2032:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "It is a yellow, no more than that. Calderon didn't see Zaha. It's a pretty firm challenge, Zaha gets there first."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  85. 2032: 
    YELLOW CARD- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Inigo Calderon and Wilfried Zaha have been clashing all night, and the Spaniard is in the book for nailing Zaha after a bad touch allowed the winger to nip in.

    He could have a treacherous second half now. Zaha will be all over him.

  86. 2030: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Dean Moxey overhits a cross from the left for Crystal Palace, who continue to push on as we approach the last knockings of the first half. You just wonder if nerves will start to affect Brighton the longer this stalemate goes on.

  87. 2028:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Inigo Calderon has to understand if people are doubling up on Wilfried Zaha, he has to show him down the line. He has to stop it first phase and stop it going in the box."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  88. 2026: 
    CLOSE!- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Wilfried Zaha shows his potential with a mazy run down the left, he tricks his way past his man twice and flashes in an excellent cross which is crying out to be attacked, but Dean Hammond just about deals with it at his near post. Palace ending the half strongly.

  89. 2026: 

    Danny Howell: "I can't say I watch a lot of the Championship but Brighton look like another Stoke to me."

    Would you care to expand on that working theory Danny?

  90. 2025: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    It's just starting to get a bit niggly in midfield now. This is more like it from a 'derby'. Brighton continue their patient passing game but they are being pressed at a frantic rate by Palace.

    Five minutes of the first half remain.

  91. 2022:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "That was the first time we've seen Brighton get a delivery in behind Palace. I'm surprised none of the Brighton strikers have got in between the Palace defenders to head that."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  92. 2021: 
    GOAL- YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 1-2 Norwich (agg 1-3)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne reports: "Cameron McGeehan, released by Chelsea two years ago, has done what he did in the first leg and scored a penalty against his former side. Remarkably Norwich have barely seen the ball but are 3-1 up on aggregate and heading for their first FA Youth Cup victory in 30 years."

  93. 2019: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Ian Holloway is absolutely manic on the touchline. I can't tell if he's incredibly frustrated or excited with how his side are playing. Hopefully his players do know what his tribal dance of wild gesticulations signify.

    Dean Moxey then has to be alert to head clear a dangerous cross from the left.

  94. 2021: 

    Ned Thomas: "Zaha is having a great game, to be fair. When did he sign for Brighton though?"

    Tokunbo: "I can see Zaha will be frustrating me from next season on."

  95. 2018:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "We've seen some good defending by Mile Jedinak, it's the fourth or fifth defensive block he's made. He's sitting in front of the back four for Palace, and he's done it really well tonight."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  96. 2014: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace
    Brighton fans

    Wilfried Zaha is growing in stature on the left wing for Crystal Palace. He has already got the habit of being ritually booed by every set of fans he plays against it seems. Something that as a Manchester United attacker he may get used to...

  97. 2011: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    What a ball this is! Brighton switch the ball from right to left superbly to find Andrea Orlandi beyond the far post, but he doesn't know whether to shoot or cross and ends up doing neither, side-footing the ball aimlessly across the face of goal.

  98. 2009: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Owen Garvan connects well with a shot for Crystal Palace but it's straight at Tomasz Kuszczak in the Brighton net.

    Up to the 25-minute mark at the Amex.

  99. 2009: 

    Domino Publicity: "If the BBC are looking for Frank Sinclair he is watching Chelsea v Norwich in the FA Youth Cup Final."

    Joel Pennington: "My sister is the mascot for Brighton. Hoping Sally the seagull is in the Premier league next year so i can score tickets!"

    Jamie Freeman: "To be fair to Wilbraham most of his appearances have been sub cameos, rather than starts. But he's still not as good as Murray."

  100. 2007: 
    SHOWBOAT- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Wilfried Zaha reaches into his box of tricks and unwraps the stepover, fooling the until-now immaculate Inigo Calderon to beat him and get to the penalty area, before seeing a cross well blocked.

    At the other end Dean Hammond has a shot blocked.

  101. 2006: 
    GOAL- YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 1-1 Norwich (agg 1-2)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne reports: "Well well well. Norwich, who have barely got out of their own half so far, have gone 2-1 in front on aggregate. Joshua Murphy, whose twin brother Jacob is playing on the opposite wing, drives the ball across goal and Adam Nditi sticks it into his own net. Cue plenty more desperate defending from the young Canaries."

  102. 2003:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "For the first five minutes it was all Palace, then 10 minutes of unadulterated Brighton pressure."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  103. 2003: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Brighton are working up a bit of steam now. David Lopez curls an effort toward the top corner but Danny Gabbidon heads it clear.

  104. 2002: 
    GOAL- YOUTH CUP - Chelsea 1-0 Norwich (agg 1-1)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne reports: "It's level on aggregate here as Chelsea's dominance in possession pays off. Jeremie Boga drives at the Norwich defence and places his shot in the corner from the edge of the area. The Blues are looking impressive. I fear for Norwich a bit. "

  105. 2000: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Wilfried Zaha tricks his way down the line with some pace and trickery, but he goes to ground and referee Mark Clattenburg waves him to his feet. He is not happy about that.

  106. 2000: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Brighton win a corner which is headed away to Wilfried Zaha on the wing, he kills it with a lovely touch but then is sloppy and is robbed by Will Buckley in a really dangerous area.

    Buckley is able to advance into the area and fire in a low shot, but Julian Speroni beats it away. Good chance, poor play from Zaha.

  107. 1957: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Roberto Di Matteo is also in the house, sat next to Gianfranco Zola in the stands.

    We're a Frank Sinclair away from a Chelsea 1997 reunion.

    What a 12 months for Di Matteo. This time last year he was winning the biggest trophy in club football. Now he's forking out to watch his mate's side in the Championship.

  108. 1955: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    The only thing we've seen from Wilfried Zaha so far is some diligent tracking back to keep up with Brighton's rangy full-back Inigo Calderon. The hosts are still on top but it's a relatively calm start. I was expecting, and hoping, for a few more reducers to be honest.

  109. 1954: 
    YOUTH CUP- Chelsea 0-0 Norwich (agg 0-1)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne reports: "I'm sure 18-year-olds are getting bigger these days. Rubens Loftus-Cheek, the wonderfully named Chelsea midfielder, is a strapping lad and has had an early shot. Norwich will have plenty of defending to do if they're to come out of tonight unscathed."

  110. 1952: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Des Lynam is in the house! What a legend.

    Brighton striker Leonardo Ulloa almost gets in behind the Palace defence but Danny Gabbidon and Julian Speroni combine to see out the danger. There's a collision between Ulloa and Speroni, but both are able to continue.

  111. 1951:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Aaron Wilbraham looks like Glenn Murray. He's not overly quick and he likes to hold the ball up. But the one thing that does differ is the amount of goals they score."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  112. 1951: 

    Nigel: "Don't ask me why but I'm predicting a Brighton hammering 0-3 to Palace. Very sad Boro fan living in Brighton."

    Maurice, Eagles supporter in Croydon: "I really fancy Wilfried Zaha to step up to the plate and deliver the bacon. He will be really fired up knowing this could be his last game and will score a brace to put Palace through!"

    Chris, Brighton fan: "Brighton could be a decent Premier League side, with good facilities and great location. They can attract the newbies and has-beens to become a steady mid table side in the top league."

  113. 1949: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Glenn Murray scored 53 goals in 101 league starts for Brighton but his absence tonight could be critical for Crystal Palace.

    He is in the stands holding crutches, which tells its own story. Replacement Aaron Wilbraham then almost gets on the end of a cross but he's cleaned out.

  114. 1947: 
    Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Brighton have won plenty of friends this season with their style of play, and it's easy to see why early doors. Dean Hammond plays a cracking pass out wide to start a fluid move down the right but Palace shut it out.

  115. 1946: 
    KICK-OFF- Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

    It is deafening at the Amex as Crystal Palace get us under way.

  116. 1944:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge at the Amex StadiumBrighton v Crystal Palace (1945 BST)

    "You can't look anywhere else other than Brighton to win - their form has been great. They look strong, can grind it out or knock the ball around. The facts, figures and form go with Brighton but that doesn't always tell you who's going to be the winner."

    You can listen to live commentary of the game on BBC Radio 5 live.

  117. 1943: 

    Brighton manager Gus Poyet: "Home advantage should give us the edge. We are used to the pitch, it suits the way we play. The fans are really up for it."

    Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway: "It's totally in the balance. We want go out there and silence their crowd. We would have wanted Glenn Murray fit but it's not to be. Some of the things their fans were chanting the other night has spurred my lads on."

  118. 1938: 
    James Beattie

    Former England striker James Beattie has been appointed as new manager of Accrington Stanley.

    Beattie, 35, succeeds Leam Richardson, who left last month to become Paul Cook's assistant at Chesterfield.

    League Two is where it's at for managers these days. Beattie, Edgar Davids, what next - Mustapha Hadji at Morecambe?

  119. 1934: 

    Watford manager Gianfranco Zola is on Sky Sports talking about the incredible end to his side's win against Leicester.

    He said: "When they got the penalty I started complaining because I felt that in the last two months we haven't been treated fairly. We seemed to lose a lot of games by one goal and not had many penalties given for us.

    "To concede that soft penalty in the last minute hurt. I couldn't believe it when we attacked and I didn't know what I was doing. I needed to go to the hospital."

  120. 1932: 

    John Burke, Harrow: "As a QPR fan I will be rooting for Crystal Palace tonight, Brighton would be a great away game in the Championship next season, new ground, sunny, what's not to like! Come on Palace!"

    Matt, Carshalton: "Big night not just for Palace but for Ian Holloway. Promotion is why he was brought in to the club."

    Vince in Selby: "As a Watford fan having sat through yesterday's match it will just be nice to follow this as a neutral. Don't mind who wins, just lose easier than Leicester in the final seconds please. No way could I face another match like that."

  121. 1930: 
    Chelsea v Norwich (agg 0-1)

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne reports: "It seems fitting, what with this being an FA Youth Cup final, that there are plenty of youngsters among the Stamford Bridge crowd. The first leg at Carrow Road was played in front of 21,500 and there will definitely be a decent turn out in west London tonight. A few ex-Blues are among the spectators - Jody Morris and Eddie Newton are here. As is Tore Andre Flo, a player to whom I strike a remarkable resemblance, apparently."

  122. 1928: 

    Darren Campbell: "Hard to see #cpfc getting past in-form #bhafc away without their top scorer tonight. But as Sunday showed, anything can happen!"

    Nezar Elbayouk: "Can't Imagine Losing Out On Wembley Against Our Rivals At Home Ulloa To Win It For Us WEMBERLEEEEY!!! #nervous"

    Jamie Dellaway: "It is the biggest match between us in history, so nervous yet incredibly excited! #Eagles #ComeOnYouPalace"

  123. 1920: 

    I spoke to Brighton chief executive Paul Barber earlier this season, who was keen to tell me about the away-fan friendly environment at the Amex.

    Brighton light the stadium in the colours of the travelling fans and even import local beers, before bringing together rival fans after the game.

    I can't see that happening tonight...

  124. 1916: 
    YOUTH CUP- Chelsea v Norwich (agg 0-1)

    Away from the Amex, Norwich take on Chelsea in tonight's second leg of the FA Youth Cup final with a narrow one-goal lead from the first fixture.

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne reports: "Cameron McGeehan, the former Chelsea youngster, scored the only goal from the spot against his old side two weeks ago. The Canaries will claim the trophy for the first time in 30 years if they can stay in front. The Blues on the other hand could be winners for the third time in four years."

  125. 1915: 

    Billy: "Liam Bridcutt will be the decider between these two tonight. Hugely influential player who bossed the first leg."

    James, Palace fan: "Big game for Palace, great chance for Wilbraham to impress."

  126. 1912: 
    Wilfried Zaha

    Tonight could be Wilfried Zaha's final game for Crystal Palace before he completes his move to Premier League champions Manchester United.

    The winger has only scored once since Christmas and his current side could do with him finding top form tonight.

  127. 1910: 

    Sam Stringer: "Huge game for the Seagulls. A chance to get into the Premier League is massive! Common you Seagulls!"

    David, Reading: "I guess neither team will be wanting a penalty in the last minute tonight?"

  128. 1907: 

    Brighton's players are out warming up on the pristine Amex surface. The capacity has just been upped to over 30,000 at the club's new(ish) home, and it should be rocking tonight.

    I've yet to make my Amex debut, but it's a very different arena to the Withdean. The only good view from that away end was of the long jump.

  129. 1904: 
    LINE-UPS- Brighton v Crystal Palace (1945 BST)

    Brighton: Kuszczak, Calderon, Greer, Upson, Bridge, Bridcutt, Lopez, Hammond, Buckley, Ulloa, Orlandi. Subs: Brezovan, El-Abd, Crofts, Barnes, Dicker, Painter, LuaLua.

    Crystal Palace: Speroni, Ward, Delaney, Gabbidon, Moxey, Dikgacoi, Garvan, Jedinak, Zaha, Williams, Wilbraham. Subs: Price, Richards, Bolasie, Phillips, O'Keefe, Ramage, Moritz.

    Referee: Mark Clattenburg (Tyne & Wear)

  130. 1903: 

    Andrew Priestley: "Fingers crossed for the meeting of two Chelsea legends @ Wembley. Zola vs Poyet would be fantastic. Two good footballing sides."

  131. 1901: 
    Brighton v Crystal Palace (1945 BST)

    Brighton remain unchanged from the first leg, goalless draw at Selhurst Park. Top scorer Craig Mackail-Smith is still out injured so 18-goal duo Leonardo Ulloa and Will Buckley keep their places up front.

    Crystal Palace are also without their leading scorer this season, 30-goal Glenn Murray, who badly injured his knee in the first leg. Aaron Wilbraham, who has scored one goal in 25 appearances this season, comes in for Murray in the only change for Ian Holloway's side.

  132. 1901: 

    Fans of Palace. Fans of Brighton.

    How big is this game tonight? Who is going to come through? And are you going to the Premier League?

    Let me know by texting in to 81111 (UK Only) with your names and allegiances on there, or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  133. 1857: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Brighton v Crystal Palace (1945 BST)

    There is just that one change to the Crystal Palace side from the first leg, as the crocked Glenn Murray is replaced by Aaron Wilbraham. Super Kevin Phillips is only on the bench.

  134. 1856: 
    Brighton v Crystal Palace (1945 BST)

    BBC Sport's Emlyn Begley reports: "Old rivals Brighton and Crystal Palace share a fierce rivalry but tonight is much more important than bragging rights. After their 0-0 first leg draw at Selhurst Park, this is a winner-takes-all showdown for a place in the Championship play-off final against Watford at Wembley on 27 May.

    "There is no doubt who are the team in form coming into the game - Brighton, who are unbeaten in 10 games, beat Palace 3-0 at home in March. The Eagles looked in contention for an automatic promotion place until a collapse of nine games without a win left them uncertain of a play-off place going into the final day's 3-2 win over Peterborough."

  135. 1854: 

    We are waiting on confirmation of the Crystal Palace side, but former Brighton striker Glenn Murray is not going to feature after he picked up a serious-looking knee injury in the first leg.

    There's never a good time to lose your top scorer. But the semi-finals of the play-offs is a terrible one.

  136. 1851: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Brighton v Crystal Palace (1945 BST)

    Brighton are unchanged from the first leg. Former England defenders Wayne Bridge and Matthew Upson are both in.

  137. 1850: 

    Watford booked their place in the Championship final yesterday, in the most dramatic finale to a game I've seen in, ooh, a fortnight.

    It really was quite amazing. Leicester missed a last-minute penalty to win it, only for Gianfranco Zola's side to break away and score 19 seconds later.

    What a game. Unless you are a Leicester fan.

  138. 1845: 
    Terry Venables

    There are 46 miles between the homes of Brighton and Crystal Palace.

    While it is not exactly 'local', do not be fooled about the intensity of the rivalry between the two sides.

    It is one borne out of a mix of proximity and time spent mixing it in the lower leagues. A rivalry in which great names such as 'El Tel' Terry Venables, Alan Mullery, Brian Horton and, er, Barry Silkman have played their part down the years.

    There's been some big games between the two. No doubt.

    But could this be the biggest? 90 minutes separate Palace and Brighton from a Wembley play-off final. This could go off...

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