European football: Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Eredivisie

Live text commentary of all Sunday's key matches across Europe, with Barcelona, PSG and Inter all in action.

5 May 2013 Last updated at 22:19

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  1. 2215: 

    All in all it's been a great trip. And we will be doing the same next weekend with live text commentaries on the BBC Sport website. In the meantime, we will be bringing you all the big stories as they happen around the continent. Arrivederci/Au revoir/Auf wiedersehen!

  2. 2210: 

    It's been a hectic weekend, having visited pretty much every corner of Europe in the last 36 hours. We have stood and marvelled at title triumphs in Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands, and admired the main tourist attractions in France and Spain as they edge closer towards their own national glories. And, while we did not see the culture we expected in Germany, we did enjoy a fiery battle.

  3. 2206: 
    LIGUE 1- Paris Saint-Germain 1-1 Valenciennes

    Marseille midfielder Joey Barton: "If were realistic, we probably need PSG to lose tonight. Lyon/PSG next weekend. We will keep fighting. It's not over till it's over."

  4. 2202: 

    Tim Wozencroft: "Is it me or are Barcelona just a great passing team without Messi? No Messi= no cutting edge."

    Vincent O'Rourke: "55% of Barca goals are scored by Messi, and how many are from his assists? Serious overdependence on his form and skill."

  5. 2200: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis

    Spanish football expert Andy West at the Nou Camp: "To paraphrase Robert Browning: "Messi's on the pitch; All's right with the world!" Barcelona simply look a completely different proposition when their Argentine wizard is running amok - as any team would. For an hour it was an interesting affair that could have gone either way...and then Messi turned up and it was game over."

  6. 2157: 

    La Liga: Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis

    Serie A: Napoli 3-1 Inter Milan

    Ligue 1: Paris Saint-Germain 1-1 Valenciennes

  7. 2156: 
    FULL-TIME- Paris Saint-Germain 1-1 Valenciennes

    They huffed and they puffed, but PSG could not find the killer blow to end Valenciennes' resistance. The draw is far from terminal to their title hopes, but it just gives a glimmer of hope to Marseille.

  8. 2153: 

    Toby, Oxford via text: "Despite Barca cruising to their next La Liga title, it is somewhat devalued by their combustion at the feet of Bayern. Fact is that the Spanish league does not give Barca any competition (excluding Real Madrid)."

  9. 2151: 
    FULL-TIME- Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis

    Lionel Messi weaves through the Betis defence like a slalom skier enjoying himself in the French Alps, but then skews an off-balance shot wide. That's almost the last kick of the game and it is job done for Tito Vilanova's men.

  10. 2150: 
    LIGUE 1- Paris Saint-Germain 1-1 Valenciennes

    So what does PSG's equaliser mean? Well, they will be seven points clear of second-placed Marseille with three rounds of matches left. It would still leave an uphill task for the Cote d'Azur side to overhaul their Parisian rivals.

    PSG players
  11. 2148: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis

    Spanish football expert Andy West at the Nou Camp: "Barca fans are a lot happier than they were half an hour ago, and are celebrating their (surely?) impending title triumph with a few chants of "Campeones!" They could even win it on Wednesday night if Real Madrid drop points at home against dangerous Malaga, which would be a bit of a damp squib from Barca's perspective."

  12. 2147: 
    GOAL- Paris Saint-Germain 1-1 Valenciennes - Alex (83 mins)

    PSG are level with just seven minutes to go, former Chelsea centre-back Alex powering in a corner to make it 1-1.

  13. 2145: 

    Chelsea Draper: "Roll on the "Barca is a one man team" chants?"

    Johnny Magrinho: "Oh how different both Spanish and European football would be if Lionel Messi didn't exist. Extraordinary influence, that guy."

    James Aubrey: "I suspect we will be seeing more of Tello next season, apart from Messi he is the only one who understands being direct."

  14. 2143: 
    TEN TO GO- Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    PSG are still trailing 1-0 although Zlatan Ibrahimovic is trying his best to change that, the Sweden striker hitting the post from a tight angle. It's the closest they have come to forcing an equaliser.

  15. 2142: 
    FULL-TIME- Napoli 3-1 Inter Milan

    As Lionel Messi steals the show in Barcelona, fellow South American Edinson Cavani does likewise in Naples. Three goals for the striker edge Napoli closer towards a Champions League spot with a comfortable 3-1 win over Inter Milan. That's seven Serie A hat-tricks for Cavani now. How many more chances will he get to add to that stat I wonder?

  16. 2141: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis

    Lionel Messi evades the Betis offside trap but just fails to pick out the waiting Xavi from the byline. If only that lad had a better final product...

  17. 2138: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis

    Lionel Messi's brace takes his seasonal goal tally for Barcelona to 60, including 46 in La Liga. Messi's goals account for a staggering 55% of the Catalans' tally, which is a higher percentage than any other La Liga player.

  18. 2137: 

    David Aitchison: "That Barcelona are rubbish, eh?"

    Ali Koroma: "Messi has been underperformed against top teams this year. But can always work he's magic against lower tier teams."

    Mhla: "What a wonderful goal by Barcelona talk about a hot knife through butter, and he is on hat-trick just playing half the game."

  19. 2135: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis

    Spanish football expert Andy West at the Nou Camp: "It's all over now, surely, and football like that fourth goal makes a mockery of suggestions that tiki-taka "doesn't work." Barca are often accused of trying to pass the ball into the net, but when you actually succeed in passing the ball into the net, it looks pretty good. The home team are turning on the style now."

  20. 2134: 
    CLOSE!- Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis

    Barcelona are rampant now. Alexis Sanchez bursts clear and tries to lob the onrushing Betis goalkeeper Adrian who does enough to protect his net.

  21. 2133: 

    LA Liga: Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis

    Serie A: Napoli 3-1 Inter Milan

    Ligue 1: Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    Portuguese Primeira Liga: Pacos Ferreira 0-0 Sporting Lisbon

  22. 2132: 
    LIGUE 1- Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    Opta Jean: "Paris SG have picked up their ninth red card in Ligue 1 this season, more than any other team."

  23. 2129: 
    GOAL- Barcelona 4-2 Real Betis - Lionel Messi (71 mins)

    Senstational stuff! This is vintage Barcelona as they carve open the Betis defence with a superb one-touch passing move. Lionel Messi starts it by playing a pass into Andres Iniesta, whose delightful backheel to Alexis Sanchez takes out two away defenders. Sanchez thoughtfully rolls across the Betis goal and guess who's there to tap in? Yep, Mr Lionel Messi.

    Barcelona players
  24. 2128: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Barcelona 3-2 Real Betis

    Lionel Messi is acting like an American Football kicker at the moment. He has done virtually nothing since coming on the pitch, other than scoring from his first free-kick and bashing the crossbar with his second set-piece. Superb technique from the Argentine.

  25. 2127: 
    GOAL- Napoli 3-1 Inter Milan - Edinson Cavani hat-trick (78 mins)

    There it is, Edinson Cavani has his hat-trick. The prolific striker adds a few more million Euros to his ever-growing price tag as he slides home from close range to put his side well in control against Inter Milan.

  26. 2127: 
    Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    There is half an hour left in Paris as the home side pushes for a leveller. Zlatan Ibrahimovic takes a potshot before Valenciennes trade efforts through Maor Melikson.

  27. 2125: 

    Mhla: "Messi delightful free-kick unstoppable. Normal service resumes."

    Kurt Abela: "Barca #OneManTeam Messi On, Messi scores."

    Nishant Nayak: "Messi is back! And how!"

  28. 2122: 
    LIGUE 1- Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    Marseille midfielder Joey Barton: "Just watching PSG. 1-0 down. 10 men again! Oh, no they couldn't. Could they?"

    Who knows Joey, who knows. It's a funny old game innit?

  29. 2121: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 3-2 Real Betis

    Spanish football expert Andy West at the Nou Camp: "Not much of a reward for scoring, was it? After finally getting his goal to equalise, David Villa was hooked by Tito Vilanova before play even restarted. But then if you're being replaced by Lionel Messi, there's not too much room for complaint. Especially when one of Messi's first touches was a brilliant free-kick into the top corner. Ahh, so that's why the Barca fans were so pleased to see him..."

  30. 2117: 
    GOAL- Barcelona 3-2 Real Betis - Lionel Messi (60 mins)

    Who else? With his first touch, the Argentine superstar trots up to a free-kick and beautifully arcs a curling effort beyond Betis keeper Adrian. Not a chance of saving that.

  31. 2115: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Barcelona 2-2 Real Betis

    Only kidding, of course Barca still need Lionel Messi's help to win this game. In truth David Villa looks a shadow of the player he was before breaking his leg in 2011 and, after missing a host of chances before that goal, he is the man who is hooked for Messi.

  32. 2114: 

    LA Liga: Barcelona 2-2 Real Betis

    Serie A: Napoli 2-1 Inter Milan

    Ligue 1: Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    Portuguese Primeira Liga: Pacos Ferreira 0-0 Sporting Lisbon

  33. 2113: 
    GOAL- Barcelona 2-2 Real Betis - David Villa (56 mins)

    Sit down Lionel lad - your mates don't need you. David Villa rolls back the years as he ghosts into space in the six-yard box to nod in the leveller.

    David Villa
  34. 2113: 

    Rory: "Stumbling over the line is to be expected by Barca. League was over ages ago, so no surprise they're going through the motions."

  35. 2112: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 1-2 Real Betis

    A huge roar from the Camp Nou stands means only one thing - Lionel Messi's arrival is imminent.

  36. 2109: 
    LIGUE 1- Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    And the game restarts in Parc des Princes. PSG only have 10 men, but who needs 11 when you have Ibrahimovic, Pastore and Lavezzi on the pitch?

  37. 2107: 
    GET INVOLVED- Barcelona 1-2 Real Betis

    Will Barca still get the job done? I agree with Andy West - I simply can't see Barcelona collapsing like Greg Norman in the 1996 Masters. What do you reckon? Tweet using the #bbcfootball hashtag or via text on 81111.

  38. 2105: 
    KICK-OFF- Barcelona 1-2 Real Betis

    Action resumes at a nervy Nou Camp. How long before we see Lionel Messi?

  39. 2102: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 1-2 Real Betis

    Spanish football expert Andy West at the Nou Camp: "Even if Barcelona do lose tonight, their fans shouldn't get too worried about the destination of the La Liga title. They'll still be eight points better off than Real Madrid with just four games left, two of which are at home against Real Valladolid and Malaga. Surely they'd still get the job done...wouldn't they?"

  40. 2101: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 1-2 Real Betis

    PSG were hoping to wrap up the title tonight if other results went their way (which they didn't) and the same applied to Barcelona. But things aren't going to plan for either side as they trail to teams they are expected to beat. Talk about damp squibs.

  41. 2058: 
    LIGUE 1- Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    PSG's woes mean there is a chink of light glaring at second-placed Marseille. A shock defeat for PSG would leave Marseille six points adrift with three games left.

    Paris St Germain
  42. 2056: 
    HALF-TIME- Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    Paris is widely-regarded as the 'city of love' but it is an unhappy relationship between the PSG fans and their team at the moment. There is right old lovers' tiff going on. The home crowd are not happy as their team trudge off the Parc des Princes pitch trailing 1-0 against Valenciennes. They are also one man lighter after influential centre-back Thiago Silva was sent off seconds before the break.

  43. 2055: 
    KICK-OFF- Napoli 2-1 Inter Milan

    Back under way at Napoli. Where Edinson Cavani is on a hat-trick...

  44. 2050: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 1-2 Real Betis

    Spanish football expert Andy West at the Nou Camp: "Not quite sure how Betis are winning this one at half-time. Barca have missed enough chances to have the game wrapped up, with David Villa alone squandering four decent opportunities. Cristian Tello has been running riot down the left wing and was very unlucky when his shot hit the bar, but hats off to Ruben Perez for Betis's second goal - an absolute screamer from 30 yards."

  45. 2048: 
    HALF-TIME- Barcelona 1-2 Real Betis

    Ruben Perez had never scored a professional goal before that - and, wow, what a strike to break your duck. It proves the difference between the two sides as a shocked-looking Lionel Messi races down the tunnel. Going to get his boots on ahead of a second-half introduction?

  46. 2046: 

    LA Liga: Barcelona 1-2 Real Betis

    Serie A: Napoli 2-1 Inter Milan

    Ligue 1: Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    Portuguese Primeira Liga: Pacos Ferreira 0-0 Sporting Lisbon

  47. 2044: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 1-2 Real Betis - Ruben Perez (43 mins)

    While the debate rages about the validity of Tello's effort, the home crowd are stunned into silence within seconds. Betis midfielder Ruben Perez latches onto a square pass before unleashing a thunderbolt past Jose Manuel Pinto. Unstoppable.

  48. 2042: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 1-1 Real Betis

    Oooh, an element of controversy at Camp Nou as Cristian Tello's thumps a 20-yard drive against the underside of the Betis crossbar. The ball looks suspiciously over the whitewash as it thunders down into the turf. Not given though.

  49. 2041: 
    Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes

    Let's see what this PSG side are made of then. Minus the suspended David Beckham, they are dominating possession as they patiently probe the Valenciennes defence. But the visitors are holding firm and are posing the odd danger on the counter attack.

  50. 2038: 
    HALF-TIME- Napoli 2-1 Inter Milan

    Entertaining first half in Naples. Napoli so far responding to AC Milan's victory earlier today in the race for a Champions League place.

  51. 2036: 
    PORTUGUESE PRIMEIRA LIGA- Pacos Ferreira 0-0 Sporting Lisbon

    Ben Shave: "Nine wins, nine draws, nine losses for Sporting Lisbon this season. Three wins from their last three and they'll sneak into Europe…we're underway.

  52. 2033: 
    Barcelona 1-1 Real Betis

    Within moments, David Villa has another sight of goal after being wonderfully picked out by Tello, but can only again shoot straight at Betis stopper Adrian.

  53. 2031: 
    SERIE A- Napoli 2-1 Inter Milan

    That penalty for Edinson Cavani was his 100th goal in 135 competitive games for Napoli. He needs only 16 more to overtake Maradona as the club's all-time top scorer. This boy is dynamite, could he be Premier League bound in the summer?

  54. 2030: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 1-1 Real Betis

    Amid all the excitement in Paris and Naples, what is going on in Barcelona? Well, the home side are coughing and spluttering into life. Home striker David Villa races on to a lofted Xavi pass, takes one touch before drilling low at the legs of the Betis keeper.

  55. 2027: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 1-1 Real Betis

    Spanish football expert Andy West: "Hopefully this isn't a curse but...there are more goals in this one. Both teams are looking vulnerable at the back and David Villa has just missed a sitter after beating the offside trap to break clear. But Betis are dangerous on the break, committing plenty of men forward, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise if they score again."

  56. 2024: 
    GOAL- Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Valenciennes - Gael Danic (17 mins)

    Unless, that is, Valenciennes win. And the north-east French club have taken the lead as midfielder Gael Danic, formerly of Rennes, Troyes and Grenoble fame, bags the opener. Get those lottery tickets bought - you never know what can happen.

  57. 2023: 
    LIGUE 1- Paris Saint-Germain 0-0 Valenciennes

    But if Carlo Ancelotti's men beat 12th-placed Valenciennes then they will be nine points clear of Marseille with three games left. And they have a superior goal difference of +35. So basically you have more chance of winning your national lottery.

  58. 2022: 
    GOAL- Napoli 2-1 Inter Milan - Edinson Cavani (pen, 33 mins)

    Another penalty, this time at the other end as Inter defender Jonathan tangles with Juan Camilo Zuniga and the referee shows no hesitation in awarding the spot-kick. Edinson Cavani confidently strokes home his and Napoli's second of the night.

  59. 2019: 
    LIGUE 1- Paris Saint-Germain 0-0 Valenciennes

    Still goalless at Parc des Princes after the opening 20 minutes. PSG cannot claim the title tonight after Marseille's home win against Bastia on Saturday - mathematically at least.

  60. 2016: 

    LA Liga: Barcelona 1-1 Real Betis

    Serie A: Napoli 1-1 Inter Milan

    Ligue 1: Paris Saint-Germain 0-0 Valenciennes

  61. 2015: 

    Galatasaray manager Fatih Terim is celebrating his sixth Turkish Super League title which makes him the most successful manager in the country's history. "I want to thank all the Galatasaray around the world for helping us this season," he says. I'm sure they would like to thank you more Fatih....

  62. 2013: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 1-1 Real Betis

    It is worth reiterating that Barcelona cannot win the title tonight because of Real Madrid's thrilling 4-3 win against Valladolid on Saturday. Victory would move Barca 11 points clear of their great rivals with four rounds of matches to play.

  63. 2012: 
    GOAL- Napoli 1-1 Inter Milan - Ricky Alvarez (pen, 23 mins)

    Juan Camilo Zuniga trips Ricky Alvarez's standing leg from behind and sends him tumbling inside the box. Napoli keeper Morgan De Sanctis goes the right way but can't keep out Alvarez's confident penalty. Lively start in Naples.

  64. 2011: 
    GOAL- Barcelona 1-1 Real Betis - Alexis Sanchez (8 mins)

    Normal service appears to have been resumed. Alexis Sanchez darts in front of his marker to meet Andres Iniesta's pinpoint cross with a diving header.

  65. 2010: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 0-1 Real Betis

    Spanish football expert Andy West at the Nou Camp: "The Spanish title race has looked dead and buried since before Christmas, but maybe it's about to spring into belated life after all? Terribly sloppy defending by Barca for the goal and now the Nou Camp crowd seems to be split between those who want to get behind the team and those who are ready to whistle and jeer."

  66. 2007: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona 0-1 Real Betis

    Spanish football expert Andy West: "Some of the more extreme elements of the Barca fanbase were calling for Tito Vilanova to be sacked after Wednesday's defeat against Bayern. Although that was just a small minority, it does suggest Vilanova's credibility as Pep Guardiola's long-term successor is being questioned for the first time."

  67. 2004: 
    GOAL- Barcelona 0-1 Real Betis - Dorlan Pabon (2 mins)

    Are Barca still hungover from their Champions League spanking by Bayern Munich? They are certainly half-asleep. Dorlan Pabon races clear of the home defence before firing with aplomb across understudy goalkeeper Pinto.

  68. 2003: 
    LA LIGA- Barcelona v Real Betis

    Spanish football expert Andy West at the Nou Camp: "No surprise that Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets are only on the bench for Barca after their injuries. Cesc Fabregas' suspension and Pedro's illness mean that David Villa will be the central striker and speedy winger Cristian Tello also starts. Many fans felt Tello should have played some part against Bayern to offer more penetration in attack."

    Gerard Pique retains his place for Barcelona despite receiving a ticking-off from manager Tito Vilanova this week. After the defeat against Bayern on Wednesday, Pique suggested the club should make changes in the summer, to which Vilanova responded: "I suppose the player talking about changes doesn't think he should be one of them." Touché!

  69. 2002: 

    Two crucial games have kicked off - one in Barcelona and the other in Paris.

  70. 2000: 

    That comfortable 4-2 victory means Fatih Terim picks up his sixth Turkish Super League for Galatasaray and becomes the most successful manager in Turkish history.

  71. 2000: 

    Chris Hayward: "Shout out to ex-England striker Brian Deane and Sarpsborg 08! Won their first away game of the Tippeliga season today."

    I echo that sentiment completely, Chris. Interviewed Brian just before he moved over to Norway and found him thoughtful and full of inventive ideas. Here's what he had to say.

  72. 1959: 
  73. 1954: 
    RED CARD- Galatasaray 4-1 Sivasspor

    Umut Bulut receives two swift bookings and therefore is given his marching orders, just seconds after Sivasspor's goal. Cannot see it spoiling the Galatasaray party somehow.

  74. 1952: 
    SERIE A- Napoli 1-0 Inter Milan - Edinson Cavani (3 mins)

    Goran Pandev steers the ball into Edinson Cavani's path and the Uruguayan controls, before finishing past Samir Handanovic. Cracking start for the home side.

  75. 1950: 

    Spanish football journalist Sid Lowe: "A bit mad and leftfield, I know, but.... If Barça don't beat Betis tonight the final weeks could be a bit hairy."

    Right, this one is going out to people. Do you think Sid is right? Or he is talking cobblers? Tweet your thoughts using the #bbcfootball hashtag to text via 81111.

  76. 1948: 
    FULL-TIME- LA LIGA - Sevilla 3-0 Espanyol

    Sevilla never got out of second gear in the second half with all the hard work, and three goals, coming in the first half. The win moves Sevilla up to eighth and still in with a good shout for a Europa League spot.

  77. 1945: 
    GOAL- Galatasaray 4-1 Sivasspor - Kadir Pekmezci (79 mins)

    Kadir Pekmezci pulls one back for the visitors with a wonderful long-range effort. Only a consolation though, surely?

  78. 1943: 
    LINE-UPS- SERIE A - Napoli v Inter

    Napoli: De Sanctis, Gamberini, Cannavaro, Britos, Maggio, Behrami, Dzemaili, Zuniga, Hamsik, Pandev, Cavani.

    Inter: Handanovic, Ranocchia, Chivu, Juan Jesus, Jonathan, Kuzmanovic, Kovacic, Benassi, Pereira, Guarin, Alvarez.

  79. 1938: 
    LINE-UPS- LA LIGA - Barcelona v Real Betis (20:00 BST)

    Barcelona: Pinto, Alves, Pique, Xavi, Villa, Iniesta, Alexis, Alba, Adriano, Song, Tello.

    Real Betis: Adrian, Chica, Alex, Amaya, Mario, Ruben Perez, Nosa, Salva, Rubén Castro, Pabon, Molina

  80. 1936: 
    GOAL- Galatasaray 4-0 Sivasspor - Burak Yilmaz (75 mins)

    Game over well and truly over. Burak Yilmaz gets his second of the match as the home side get the party started at the Ali Sami Yen stadium. Felipe Melo makes this one, slicing through the Sivasspor defence and delivering a crafty lob that Yilmaz dispatches with ease.

  81. 1931: 
    TURKISH SUPER LIG- Istanbul BB 1-0 Fenerbahce

    It truly has been a miserable week for Fenerbahce. Three days after being dumped out of the Europa League semi-finals by Benfica, their title challenge is minutes away from combusting too. They are surprisingly losing at relegation fodder Istanbul BB.

  82. 1925: 
    GOAL- Galatasaray 3-0 Sivasspor - Selcuk Inan (60 mins)

    What can stop Galatasaray clinching the title now? Nothing, unless Sivasspor manage to transport Pele and Franz Beckenbauer into their team through a time-travelling machine. Turkey midfielder Selcuk Inan makes it 3-0 with his second of the evening - and it is another stunner!

  83. 1922: 

    Spanish football expert Andy West: "Re 1909. Sad to see Kondogbia stretchered off, very promising player. Lots of talk that Real Madrid and Man City are seriously interested. Can see why."

  84. 1917: 
    TURKISH SUPER LIG- Galatasaray 2-0 Sivasspor - Burak Yilmaz (53 mins)

    Burak Yilmaz has caught the eye of Europe's top clubs this season and it is easy to see why as the Turkey striker double Gala's lead with a cracker of a finish.

  85. 1915: 

    Odd Grenland 2-1 Lillestrom

    Haugesund 0-1 Sarpsborg 08

    Honefoss 1-1 Tromso

    Stromsgodset 3-1 Viking

  86. 1910: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Barcelona v Real Betis (2000 BST)

    Argentine superstar Lionel Messi does not start for Spanish leaders Barcelona.

  87. 1909: 
    SUBSTITUTION- LA LIGA - Sevilla 3-0 Espanyol

    A strange substitution this, strange in that Geoffrey Kondogbia didn't appear to be too badly injured. He just clutched his stomach and went to ground. Off he goes on a stretcher with Hedwiges Maduro coming on to replace him.

  88. 1908: 
    LA LIGA- Sevilla 3-0 Espanyol

    Opta Jose: "Espanyol have conceded three own goals against Sevilla in La Liga in the last 10 seasons, more than against any other club."

  89. 1905: 

    Belgian football expert Gary Niblock: "Club Brugge have beaten Lokeren 2-1 to move into second spot. Lior Refaelov netted the winning goal in the second half.

    "With three games left, Anderlecht are top on 42 points, Club Brugge 40, Zulte Waregem 40, Racing Genk 39, Standard Liege 38."

  90. 1902: 
    KICK-OFF- LA LIGA - Sevilla 3-0 Espanyol

    Back under way in Seville where the home side are cruising against Espanyol. No changes at the break.

  91. 1900: 

    Galatasaray are just 45 minutes away from becoming Turkish champions for a record 19th time - if they can hold on to their narrow lead against mid-table Sivasspor. That will put them one ahead of fierce rivals Fenerbahce which will surely make the title triumph even sweeter for Didier Drogba, Wesley Sneijder et al.

  92. 1855: 
    TURKISH SUPER LIG- Latest scores

    Galatasaray 1-0 Sivasspor

    Istanbul Buyuksehir 1-0 Fenerbahce

  93. 1851: 

    Ajax coach Frank de Boer has become the third man to win the Eredivisie title in three consecutive seasons. Earlier I asked if anyone knew who the other two were and a few names have been mentioned.

    But as Basem, and a few others, correctly guessed (or read elsewhere on the BBC Sport website) De Boer joins Rinus Michels (1966-68) and Louis van Gaal (1994-96) in the record books.

  94. 1848: 

    Basem Adi: "Re 1715. Answer to other Ajax managers to win three consecutive titles - would it be Michels and Van Gaal?"

  95. 1846: 
    HALF-TIME- LA LIGA - Sevilla 3-0 Espanyol

    A mixture of good fortune, quality finishing and keeping error has put Sevilla firmly in control against Espanyol. The home side could have had more, too. One way traffic in Seville.

  96. 1845: 
    BUNDESLIGA- Hamburg 1-1 Wolfsburg

    The German top-flight's final match of the weekend has come to a conclusion as Hamburg and Wolfsburg share the points. Is it a point gained or two points dropped for Hamburg? Definitely the latter as the seventh-placed side chase Freiburg for the final guaranteed European spot.

  97. 1840: 

    Portuguese football expert Ben Shave: "So after those results, Moreirense are bottom on 21 points. Beira-Mar have 23, Olhanense 24, Gil Vicente 25. Speaking of Gil, their match at Guimarães is about to kick off. Vitória have served their closed doors sentence, fans back & making noise."

  98. 1835: 
    TURKISH SUPER LIG- Galatasaray 1-0 Sivasspor

    Sivasspor have offered little response to Galatasaray's opener and it seems unlikely that the visitors, who are safe from relegation, will be able to upset the odds in Istanbul. The Yigdos have the third worst away record in the top-flight, having earned just 11 points on their travels this season.

  99. 1831: 

    Micky the Fish: "Re 1715. Van Gaal and Koeman?"

  100. 1828: 
    TURKISH SUPER LIG- Latest scores

    Galatasaray 1-0 Sivasspor

    Istanbul Buyuksehir 0-0 Fenerbahce

  101. 1825: 
    LA LIGA- Sevilla 3-0 Espanyol

    Coke fizzes in a second from 12 yards to make it 2-0 to Sevilla before Alvaro Negredo adds a third just minutes later. Stretching to meet Ivan Rakitic's cross the Spanish striker caps a devastating 11-minute spell for the home side. This game could be over by half-time.

  102. 1825: 

    Belgian football expert Gary Niblock: "Ex-Chelsea, Bolton, Monaco and Barcelona star Eidur Gudjohnsen comes on for Club Brugge v Lokeren with the game poised at 1-1. Gudjohnsen, who grew up in Belgium as his dad Arnor played for Lokeren and Anderlecht, joined from city rivals Cercle in January."

    Eidur Gudjohnsen
  103. 1820: 
    LA LIGA- Sevilla 1-0 Espanyol

    Sevilla open the scoring against Espanyol in bizarre circumstances as Joan Capdevila somehow nods into his own goal. Jesus Navas's cross hits the defender in the head, bounces down into the ground and then up and over his own keeper.

  104. 1817: 
    TURKISH SUPER LIG- Galatasaray 1-0 Sivasspor

    You can only imagine what the atmosphere inside the always-electric Turk Telecom Arena is like now. I imagine a few Sivasspor players are feeling slightly edgy...

  105. 1813: 
    GOAL- Galatasaray 1-0 Sivasspor - Selcuk Inan (7 mins)

    Title hopefuls Galatasaray need a win - and they have darted out of the traps. Turkey midfielder Selcuk Inan punishes Sivasspor for conceding a sloppy free-kick by dispatching a beauty of a set-piece.

  106. 1810: 

    Beira Mar 4-2 Maritimo

    Olhanense 1-0 Rio Ave

    Vitoria Setubal 0-1 Academica Coimbra

  107. 1805: 

    All five matches have kicked off in Turkey and there have been no goals to report in the opening exchanges. Second-placed Fenerbahce, who make the short trip to relegation-threatened Istanbul Buyuksehir, need Gala to draw or lose to remain in the title race.

  108. 1802: 

    Elliot, London, via text on 81111: "Re 1715. Rinus Michels and Louis van Gaal?"

  109. 1759: 

    Galatasaray: Fernando Muslera, Emmanuel Eboue, Semih Kaya, Gokhan Zan, Albert Riera, Hamit Altintop, Felipe Melo, Selcuk Inan, Wesley Sniejder, Burak Yilmaz, Didier Drogba.

  110. 1755: 

    Shortly we're heading over the Mediterranean to Turkey where Galatasaray are 90 minutes away from winning their 19th domestic title. The Istanbul giants will be crowned champions if they beat mid-table Sivasspor at Ali Sami Yen Spor Kompleksi.

  111. 1752: 

    Ligue 1: Rennes 0-3 Nice; Nancy 0-3 Lyon

    Bundesliga: Freiburg 2-0 Augsburg, Hamburger SV 1-0 Wolfsburg (65 mins)

    La Liga: Mallorca 1-1 Levante, Zaragoza 3-0 Rayo Vallecano

    Belgium play-off: Club Brugge 1-1 Lokeren (half-time)

  112. 1746: 

    Simon, Molesey, via text on 81111: "Re 1715. Van Gaal and Advocaat."

  113. 1743: 

    Steaua Bucharest are also celebrating after winning the Romanian title for a record 24th time. Steaua clinched the winners' pennant, for the first time since 2006, when rivals Petrolui Ploiestl could only draw 2-2 against CS Turnu Severin.

  114. 1738: 

    Gary Niblock: "Not only did Anderlecht's 2-0 win v Standard send them top but Gillet scored a penalty (they have missed nine from the spot in the league)."

  115. 1733: 

    Teams finishing 7th to 14th go into Play-offs II, which is split into two groups of four. The winners of each group meet in a two-legged tie and the victor of that match then faces the team finishing fourth in Play-offs I.

    Whoever prevails in that two-legged tie (the winner of Play-offs II v fourth in Play-offs I) earns a Europa League place. Got that? It is enough to give you more of a headache than six glasses of Belgian's finest export - Stella Artois.

  116. 1727: 

    Why have a straightforward league format when you can have a convoluted, and some might say unnecessary, play-off system? The Belgian Pro League is now rather complicated after the regular season ended on 16 March.

    The top six go into a mini-league (called Play-offs I) and play each other twice - whoever finishes top wins the title. That's currently Anderlecht after their 2-0 win against Standard Liege.

  117. 1721: 

    Belgian football expert John Chapman: "Anderlecht defeat a disappointing Standard Liege 2-0, goals from Guillaume Gillet (including a penalty). Anderlecht go top."

  118. 1715: 

    Clearly Ajax boss Frank De Boer is not content with being one of the finest defenders of his generation - he also wants to become one of the greatest managers too. De Boer, who enjoyed a glittering with Ajax and Barcelona, is the first man to win three Eredivisie consecutive titles as a player and a manager.

    Two others have won three straight titles as Ajax boss, so get your thinking caps on. Who are they? Tweet your answers using the #bbcfootball hashtag or text via 81111.

    Frank de Boer
  119. 1709: 

    Spanish football expert Andy West: "Oh good. Another La Liga handball controversy. Zaragoza are awarded a penalty after the ball strikes Rayo defender Figueras on the shin.

    "Considering Zaragoza now lead 1-0 and a victory would make a huge difference in their attempts to stay up, that's a very costly mistake."

  120. 1706: 
    KICK-OFF- Zaragoza 1-0 Rayo Vallecano

    The second half has just started between second-bottom Zaragoza and Rayo Vallecano, where the hosts are desperate for all three points as they battle to avoid relegation. Currently, they are 1-0 ahead courtesy of a very dubious penalty...

  121. 1703: 

    Here's a quick recap of all today's results in the Dutch top-flight:

    Ajax Amsterdam 5-0 Willem II Tilburg

    AZ Alkmaar 4-0 FC Zwolle

    Den Haag 2-0 Feyenoord Rotterdam

    Heracles Almelo 1-1 FC Twente Enschede

    NAC Breda 5-3 Roda Kerkrade

    PSV Eindhoven 4-2 NEC Nijmegen

    RKC Waalwijk 3-2 Vitesse Arnhem

    SC Heerenveen 2-4 FC Utrecht

    VVV Venlo 0-0 FC Groningen

  122. 1700: 

    Champions Ajax's stylish victory against Willem II (see 1427) left them four points clear of nearest challengers PSV Eindhoven. It rendered PSV's 4-2 win against NEC Nijmegen meaningless ahead of next weekend's final matches.

    However, there were not just tears of joy in Amsterdam following Ajax's win. Opponents Willem II were left upset as the heavy defeat sealed their relegation from the Dutch top-flight.

    Ajax fans
  123. 1654: 

    Þorsteinn G Jonsson: "David James starting his first top flight game since 2010. This time for IBV in Iceland."

    Ex-England goalkeeper James, 42, has reunited with his former Portsmouth team-mate Herman Hreidarsson, who is now IBV boss. Wonder if Kanu has rocked up in his thermals yet?

  124. 1651: 

    Paris Saint-Germain coach Carlo Ancelotti, heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid to replace Jose Mourinho, has spoken to the media about the Portuguese coach.

    "He did a great job at Chelsea; it's a place where the people love him. When I was there I saw that the support had built a great connection with Mourinho.

    "It's very difficult to stand in a coach's way if he wants to leave - even if he is under contract."

  125. 1647: 

    Rob Cantarero: "Re 1621. Verratti might end up going to Juve if Ancelotti leaves PSG as expected."

  126. 1644: 

    Ligue 1: Nancy 0-0 Lyon

    Bundesliga: Hamburg SV 0-0 Wolfsburg

    La Liga: Zaragoza 1-0 Rayo Vallecano

    Portugal Primeira Liga: Beira Mar 2-2 Maritimo, Olhanense 1-0 Rio Ave, Vitoria Setubal 0-0 Academica Coimbra

  127. 1638: 

    Ryan, Wimbledon, via text: "Re 1621. Verrati looks like the real option for Italy's national team to replace Pirlo. For Juve it will have to be Pogba or Marrone stepping up to the creative plate."

    Paul Pogba certainly has a lot of admirers - and plenty of ability. But what about his temperament? He was stupidly sent-off for spitting at Palermo left-back Salvatore Aronica earlier. Any concerns?

  128. 1634: 

    AC Milan: "Congrats to Juventus - Champions of Italy/Congratulazioni alla Juventus FC - Campione d'Italia."

  129. 1629: 

    Ajax led 2-0 at the break through Kolbeinn Sigthorsson and Christian Eriksen, before second-half strikes from Viktor Fischer, Siem De Jong and Danny Hoesen wrapped up the title in style for Frank de Boer's men.

  130. 1627: 

    While the champagne buckets are busily being emptied in Turin, one of Europe's biggest clubs has cracked open the bubbly too. Dutch giants Ajax are Eredivisie champions for the third successive season after thrashing Willem II in a 5-0 win in Amsterdam.

  131. 1621: 

    The biggest problem for Juventus and Italy is just who will step into the sizeable void left by the peerless Pirlo? Answers on a Tweet, using the #bbcfootball hashtag, or a text via 81111 would be greatly appreciated. Ta.

  132. 1617: 

    As James Horncastle touches upon (see 1535), Juventus are not quite as reliant on veteran midfielder Andrea Pirlo as they were 12 months ago. But there is no doubt that Pirlo, who left many observers purring during Euro 2012, is still a class act.

    The 33-year-old has announced he plans to quit international football after the 2014 World Cup, which leaves you wondering when he will hang up his boots completely.

  133. 1612: 

    La Liga: Zaragoza 0-0 Rayo Vallecano

    Bundesliga: Freiburg 2-0 Augsburg

    Ligue 1: Nancy 0-0 Lyon

    Norway's Eliteserien: Odd Grenland 2-1 Lillestrom

  134. 1608: 
    SERIE A- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Juve legend Alessandro Del Piero was known for his quick-thinking on the football pitch and he's clearly mentally sharp off-the-pitch too.

    The 38-year-old, now playing for Sydney FC in Australia, has already congratulated his former team on their Scudetto success on his personal website (where you will need to be able to read Italian). But he warns: "Those who know Juventus know that after winning you need to win again. And again."

  135. 1603: 

    Dom Coates, via text on 81111: "Real winners of the Serie A have been AC Milan; started appallingly, but finished strong, even got a 2-0 win over Barca! Will be a force to be reckoned with next year."

  136. 1601: 
    SERIE A- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Juve fans, stood behind the goal where the winner was scored, unfurl a gigantic banner with '31' emblazoned on the front. That represents the number of Italian titles which the club has won - although the record books show differently. They show 29 because the Old Lady were stripped of the 2004-05 and 2005-06 titles for their involvement in the country's match-fixing scandal.

    Juventus fans
  137. 1558: 

    Udinese 3-1 Sampdoria

    AC Milan 1-0 Torino

    Catania 3-0 Siena

    Genoa 4-1 Pescara

    Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Lazio 6-0 Bologna

    Parma 2-0 Atalanta

  138. 1554: 
    SERIE A- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Fantastic scenes at Juventus Stadium as I Bianconeri boss Antonio Conte wears a smile wider than Turin's Po river. That's the ex-Italy international's second title in just two seasons at the helm. Easy game this management lark, isn't it?

  139. 1551: 

    Palermo cannot muster a dramatic equaliser, despite an excellent opportunity for visiting substitute Alejandro Faurlin, and the final whistle is greeted by an almighty roar by the Juve crowd.

    Juventus fans
  140. 1549: 
    SERIE A- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Juve almost home - unless Palermo can be party poopers with a late, late show in Turin.

  141. 1547: 
    SERIE A- AC Milan 1-0 Torino - Mario Balotelli

    Madcap Mario Balotelli is never far away from the newspaper headlines and he will certainly be among them on Monday if his late strike proves to be Milan's winner. The Rossoneri are currently third and three points would be massive in their bid for Champions League football next term.

  142. 1546: 

    Italian football expert James Horncastle: "It's been quite a day for individual feats of goalscoring in Serie A today. Udinese's Antonio Di Natale got a brace against Sampdoria, which meant he has now reached 20 goals in each of his last four seasons, a record in Italy, while Miroslav Klose's five for Lazio is a feat that no one has achieved in this division since Roberto Pruzzo 27 years ago."

  143. 1543: 
    SERIE A- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    That dismissal has given Palermo, who need a point in their quest to avoid relegation, renewed optimism. They force a flurry of corners but fail to test Juve stopper Gianluigi Buffon.

  144. 1540: 
    RED CARD- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Stupid boy. Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has put a dampener on the celebrations - quite literally - after being sent off for spitting at Palermo defender Salvatore Aronica.

    Paul Pogba
  145. 1539: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Juve goalscorer Mirko Vucinic trots off with his day's work all but done. The Montenegrin is replaced by Italy international Fabio Quagliarella who almost instantly doubles I Bianconeri's lead.

  146. 1537: 
    SERIE A- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Black and white flags must have been handed out at the Juventus Stadium turnstiles because you would think you are looking at a monochrome picture if you saw the packed home stands. Ten minutes until the celebrations really get under way.

    Juventus fans
  147. 1535: 
    SERIE A- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Italian football expert James Horncastle: "If Andrea Pirlo was the difference for Juventus last season, Arturo Vidal has been in this campaign. The Chile international midfielder's converted penalty was also his 10th Serie A goal this season. That makes King Artur, as he's nicknamed, Juventus' top scorer in the league ahead of Mirko Vucinic."

  148. 1532: 
    SERIE A- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    At the moment, Palermo are looking more desperate than a love-starved singleton at closing time in a nightclub. They are firmly on the back foot as a swaggering Juventus side press for that killer second goal. Mirko Vucinic is forced wide by away goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino who then pushes away a thumping Arturo Vidal rebound.

  149. 1529: 

    Make that five for Miroslav Klose. That's 6-0 to Lazio with 20 minutes still to play.

  150. 1525: 

    Miroslav Klose, 34 years old and still banging in the goals. He's got four of Lazio's five against Bolgona, three of those came in the first half. That's the German's first hat-trick in Serie A.

    Miroslav Klose
  151. 1524: 

    Bundesliga: Freiburg 1-0 Augsburg

    Belgium play-off: Anderlecht 2-0 Standard Liege

    Turkey Super Lig: Eskisehirspor 1-1 Besiktas

    Swedish Allsvenskan: Elfsborg 1-1 Mjallby

  152. 1521: 
    SERIE A- Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Roared by the partisan home crowd, Juve have really cranked up the tempo now as they smell Palermo blood. Another chance goes begging as Mirko Vucinic continues to be a nuisance to the away defence.

  153. 1518: 
    SERIE A- Latest scores

    AC Milan 0-0 Torino

    Catania 2-0 Siena

    Genoa 3-1 Pescara

    Juventus 1-0 Palermo

    Lazio 5-0 Bologna

    Parma 1-0 Atalanta

  154. 1516: 
    GOAL- Juventus 1-0 Palermo - Arturo Vidal (59 mins)

    The party is well and truly kicking off in Turin now. Regular penalty taker Arturo Vidal keeps his composure to drill into the Palermo net.

    Arturo Vidal
  155. 1515: 
    PENALTY TO JUVENTUS- Juventus 0-0 Palermo

    Massimo Donati needlessly shoves over Mirko Vucinic and the referee instantly points to the spot.

  156. 1515: 
    SERIE A- Juventus 0-0 Palermo

    Italian football expert James Horncastle: "Juventus are less than 45 minutes from retaining their Serie A title. Currently in the process of drawing 0-0 at home against relegation threatened Palermo, a point will be enough to start the celebrations in Turin. Fans at the Juventus Stadium appear very sure that they'll have their party.

    "'We'll win, we'll win, we'll win the tricolour' they sing. An open top bus tour of the city has been planned. One imagines it's engine is running. Palermo can still ruin the party, though, as long as they find a winner in what remains of the second half."

    Antonio Conte
  157. 1513: 

    However, you do not need to put your mobile phones and laptops on flight mode - so why don't get you get in touch? In fact, I insist you do. Get involved by using the #bbcfootball hashtag on Twitter or send your text messages to 81111 (UK users only). Remember to put your names on those texts though.

  158. 1510: 

    Ciao! Welcome to the second part of our live European football coverage this weekend. We are bringing you all the thrills and spills from across the continent as they happen. By the time we finish you will have visited more European destinations than a low-budget airline.

  159. 1505: 

    Juventus brought shame upon the whole Italian football family, along with Lazio and Fiorentina, when the Serie A trio were demoted from the top tier in 2006. All three were found guilty of trying to influence the outcome of matches by interfering with the appointment of officials.

    But La Vecchia Signora, or the Old Lady, instantly bounced back from Serie B and last season won their first Scudetto since returning to the top-flight. Now they need only a home draw against lowly Palermo for their second successive title. A noisy Juventus Stadium expects.

  160. 1500: 

    Not too long ago the Old Lady was struggling. Struck down by the Italian match-fixing scandal, she was deprived of some of her past glories and swiftly discarded by her peers. Yet she is back - and in ruder health than ever.

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Mario Balotelli Racist chants halt Milan-Roma game

The Serie A match between AC Milan and Roma is halted because of racist chanting at the San Siro.

Ajax celebrate Ajax crowned Dutch league champions

Ajax win a third successive Dutch league title after a 5-0 thrashing of Willem II Tilburg at the Amsterdam Arena.

Miroslav Klose Klose hits five in Lazio's 6-0 win

Germany international Miroslav Klose scores five goals in only 40 minutes as Lazio beat Bologna 6-0 in Serie A.