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Live text and audio commentary as Wigan beat Millwall to reach the FA Cup final, plus Premier League reaction.

2 May 2013 Last updated at 14:35

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As it happened

  1. 1949: 

    Wigan into the FA Cup final then. Arsenal into third in the Premier League. Everyone still in trouble at the bottom.

    Tomorrow we have a humdinger of a derby as Newcastle take on Sunderland, while Manchester United can move closer to the title and put Stoke closer to the bottom three.

    Join us again for more footballing drama. See you then.

  2. 1945: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    Wigan boss Roberto Martinez: "Shaun Maloney is an outstanding talent and when you see him he is one of those players you would pay to watch. But it was down to the others too and to keep a clean sheet against Millwall was an achievement."

  3. 1943: 
    Arsenal 3-1 Norwich

    Arsenal goalscorer Lukas Podolski: "Hi fans, what a team. Turning the result, making the Emirates crazy! Amazing."

  4. 1941: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    Wigan manager Roberto Martinez: "We will get our chairman leading the team out at Wembley. It will be a full circle for him and a great honour."

  5. 1942: 

    Wigan owner Dave Whelan is desperate to lead his side out at Wembley. We'll have to wait and see whether he is allowed to...

  6. 1938:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveMillwall 0-2 Wigan
    Dave Whelan

    Wigan owner Dave Whelan: "It all depends on the FA about whether I can lead the team out in the final. I think they would agree that I could lead them out.

    "It is more than 50 years since I played in an FA Cup final and it is so wonderful. A cup final is a very, very special day.

    "It gives you awful memories leaving the cup final I played in an ambulance, but today has cured a lot of those memories.

    "It makes history for me, history for Wigan and history for football. It is really exciting for Wigan. The dream is we play Manchester City in the final and we win 1-0.

    "I cannot understand why supporters fight each other? Why fall out among themselves?"

  7. 1938:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveMANAGER REACTION- Millwall 0-2 Wigan
    Roberto Martinez

    Wigan manager Roberto Martinez: "It does not come any bigger than this. It is a huge achievement for everyone connected to the club.

    "The pressure was on the players but they were magnificent today. They lived the dream for Wigan.

    "I do not like to show emotion but it was a huge moment when Callum McManaman scored. There has been such an unfair campaign against Callum for an unfortunate incident when he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    "We showed a good know-how of how to win the game. The players deserve huge credit for that.

    "I did not see the violence but I have been told about it. It is a real shame, you should just come here and enjoy the occasion."

  8. 1935: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    Millwall manager Kenny Jackett on the violence in the south London club's section at Wembley: "It's the first I've heard about it. I didn't see or hear it at all and I've come straight here to this interview from the dressing room. I need all the facts and time to form an opinion."

  9. 1934: 

    We are still waiting to hear from Wigan boss Roberto Martinez. He'll be a very proud man I'm sure.

  10. 1934: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    Millwall manager Kenny Jackett: "I felt Wigan were very good. We had a 20-minute spell in the second half where we had them on the back foot, but we needed a goal and it didn't happen.

    "It has been a great achievement for a club the size of Millwall to reach Wembley. I'm proud of the players for getting so far. But now we have to concentrate on Championship survival - we have got six games left and need to win some sooner or later."

    Kenny Jackett
  11. 1932: 

    Our coverage of day three at the Masters is up and running on BBC Two.

    You can also watch live on our website and read all the latest in our live text commentary. It's a one-stop golfing shop.

  12. 1930: 

    Tim Wozencroft: "There has to be punitive action on Millwall after this debacle surely?"

    Aidan Williams: "Wigan are finally getting their reward, it's quite likely they'll be playing European football next year, good on them!"

  13. 1930:  
    Former Wigan striker Jason Roberts on 606Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    "Can you physically stop such behaviour? I do not know. But what you have to do is stamp down on perpetrators in the strongest possible way.

    "People will have watched it across the globe. This violence cannot creep back into the game."

  14. 1930: 

    Millwall manager Kenny Jackett says the important thing is that his side stay in the Championship, and says that he doesn't know anything about the fighting from his club's supporters.

  15. 1928: 

    Wigan goalscorer Callum McManaman: "I'm made up. It's a dream come true to play and score at Wembley.

    "We expected Millwall to come at us, trying to get back into the game. But we got another goal and that was it. Once we broke them down it was our game and we controled it."

    Callum McManaman
  16. 1926: 

    Harry Fisher: "Millwall should be banned from cup competitions and have to play behind closed doors as punishment for this shocking behaviour."

  17. 1923: 

    Wigan have a tough-looking run-in, and they face Aston Villa on the last day of the season. That could be a huge, huge game.

  18. 1922: 

    Keval Shah: "Congratulations to Wigan. Fully deserved. Can't help but think that the next month of Premier League games is more important though."

  19. 1922: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    More from Wigan goalscorer Shaun Maloney: "We will probably be watching the other semi-final when we're in training tomorrow - we don't mind who we play. If we play like we did for the majority of today then we will have a chance."

  20. 1921:  
    Former Wigan striker Jason Roberts on 606Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    "What makes me sad is that it drags the good name of football down. It was a small pocket of people but it looked so bad for our game, which has done well to combat violence in the last 30 years."

  21. 1921: 

    Simon Atkins: "Millwall trying to lose this image, but a minority ruined it for the majority. Rest of their fans were brilliant, though."

  22. 1917: 

    Josh the party-pooper there bringing Wigan back to earth. Their focus now returns to the Premier League, where they find themselves in the relegation zone with seven games to go.

    Next up is a trip to Manchester City on Wednesday.

  23. 1916: 

    Josh in Plymouth via 81111: "So what have we learnt from today then? That Wigan can play well when they want to, and that they'll do excellently when they're relegated to the Championship."

    Wigan goalscorer Callum McManaman
  24. 1914: 

    Lew Daney: "Congratulations to Wigan, huge day for their club, but this game will be remembered for something else."

  25. 1913: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Millwall 0-2 Wigan
    Paul Scharner

    Wigan defender Paul Scharner: "It's unbelievable that we're in the final and the chairman [Dave Whelan] deserves it most. It doesn't matter who we face in the final - it's always tough in the final. Both teams, Chelsea and Manchester City, are very strong."

  26. 1913:  
    Match of the Day presenter Gary LinekerMillwall 0-2 Wigan

    "As for those morons we've just seen scrapping in the stands, no one likes you, we don't care!"

  27. 1911:  
    BBC Radio 5 livePLAYER REACTION- Millwall 0-2 Wigan
    Shaun Maloney

    Wigan goalscorer Shaun Maloney: "It is a great feeling, but it is one of relief, particularly with the way the second half went. It will sink in during the next few weeks.

    "I think it is unrealistic to sell every ticket we get as we come from a small town. The fans are a good bunch.

    "We have a big next month coming up in the Premier League now."

  28. 1911: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    Wigan skipper Emmerson Boyce: "It's an amazing feeling to reach the FA Cup final. It's a dream come true for the whole club. People give us a stick for the fans, but they were excellent. It's a magnificent achievement and we can't wait for the final."

  29. 1909: 

    Paul Scharner takes his boots off and throws them into the crowd. He's got a good arm on him too. What a return to Wigan for the on-loan defender. Manchester City or Chelsea await.

  30. 1908:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyMillwall 0-2 Wigan

    "Still pockets of Millwall supporters fighting with each other. Taking a very long time to bring under control."

  31. 1907: 
    Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    Wigan chairman Dave Whelan shakes hands with FA chairman David Bernstein. What a journey for Wigan under Whelan.

  32. 1907:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-2 Wigan

    "What happened in the stands took our attention away from what happened on the pitch.

    "The journey Wigan have gone on in the last 10 years has been tremendous. The whole of Wigan will be jumping for joy."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  34. 1906: 
    FULL-TIME- Millwall 0-2 Wigan
    Wigan goalscorer Callum McManaman

    Wigan have done it. Two finely taken goals book their passage to the FA Cup final.

  35. 1904: 
    INJURY TIME- Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    Into three minutes of added time.

  36. 1903:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-2 Wigan

    "The fighting does seem to be spreading, and getting deeper and deeper into the crowd. It is disgraceful, and a few of the stewards near there seem to be taking a few hits as well."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  37. 1903:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "Fighting has broken out among Millwall fans as this FA Cup semi-final reaches a very unhappy conclusion. Unsavoury scenes."

  38. 1902: 
    Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    Wigan are having a strong spell now as the clock ticks down. Unfortunately the focus has switched to events off the pitch.

  39. 1901:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-2 Wigan

    "There has been fighting going on in the Millwall end for the last 25-30 minutes."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  40. 1900: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    Arouna Kone wriggles into the penalty area and gets off a left-footed shot which David Forde kicks away. He's been excellent again today.

  41. 1858: 
    FINAL FIVE- Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    Into the last five minutes. Wigan will be back next month for the FA Cup final. If anyone can sort out some trains...

  42. 1857:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-2 Wigan

    "The priority for Wigan is staying in the Premier League because of the huge finances at stake. But, they have been excellent today, and if they play like this in the final they will give Manchester City or Chelsea a real game."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  43. 1855: 
    Millwall 0-2 Wigan

    There are seven minutes left now for Millwall to mount any sort of fightback. To their credit, they had a spell of real pressure and put Wigan under the microscope. Paul Scharner and co just about saw that threat off.

  44. 1855:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyMillwall 0-2 Wigan

    "Callum McManaman was vilified for his horror challenge on Newcastle's Massadio Haidara but he is a real talent. He has been one of Wigan's stand-out performers today and deserved his goal."

  45. 1854:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyMillwall 0-2 Wigan

    "Callum McManaman has been excellent today and he has just added Wigan's second after great work by Kone & Gomez's perfect pass."

  46. 1854:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-2 Wigan

    "It was excellent movement from Wigan. That was a lovely slotted ball to Callum McManaman from Jordi Gomez.

    "Shaun Maloney played a key role in the goal as he ran across the defence to open up space for Gomez to slot a beautifully weighted pass through."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  47. 1851: 
    GOAL- Millwall 0-2 Wigan - Callum McManaman (78 mins)

    A clinical blow for Wigan as Callum McManaman puts them 2-0 up. It's a really well-taken goal as well. Shaun Maloney carries the ball on a long run upfield before finding Jordi Gomez 30 yards from goal. Gomez puts his foot on it, waits a second or two and then finds McManaman with a delicious pass, the forward drifting inside to stay onside, skipping around David Forde and rolling home with his left foot.

  48. 1850: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Good work from Millwall as they force another corner and again it causes danger, Sean St Ledger wins a header but it's well cleared.

  49. 1849: 

    Josh Simpkin: "Wise move from Martinez to bring on McArthur, the pressure is mounting and the legs are needed to press, come on you Latics!"

  50. 1847: 
    CLOSE!- Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Wigan have been under the cosh but they fashion a good opening to put this one to bed. Callum McManaman is again the willing out-ball, beating his man with ease before picking out the late run of Jordi Gomez. Gomez works the ball on to his left foot and shoots low, but it's an acute angle and he can only disturb the side-netting.

  51. 1847: 
    Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool striker Luis Suarez: "We did everything to win but the ball didn't want to get in. We have to keep trying till the end! YNWA."

  52. 1846:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "There are some tired legs out there for both teams. Sean St Ledger looks very tired.

    "He is not used to playing a midfield role and he will struggle in the latter stages of the game to cope with the high intensity Millwall have played at in the second-half."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  53. 1845: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Millwall want a penalty as Andy Keogh's cross hits the arm of Paul Scharner, but the Austrian was about two yards away and had his arms by his side. Not a lot more he could do to avoid that.

  54. 1844: 
    Arsenal 3-1 Norwich

    Norwich winger Robert Snodgrass: "Only so much you can say on here, but who cares, that linesman has cost us massively today, decisions change games."

  55. 1842: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Chalk and cheese stuff from both sides now as Wigan suddenly can't complete simple passes in the face of this wall of Millwall pressure. The Championship side have done what they needed to do and turned it into a scrap.

    There are 20 minutes left.

  56. 1842:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "Millwall just look a bit more fired up now, they are finally putting Wigan under pressure."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  57. 1841:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "Noise levels rising once more at the Millwall end. Kenny Jackett's side actually putting Wigan under pressure from set pieces. This FA Cup semi-final is still alive."

  58. 1841: 

    Felix Edwards: "If Roberto Martinez doesn't move to a Top 10 side this summer, there's something wrong."

    Will Moores: "Danny Shittu rose like a freakishly huge genetically mutated salmon there."

  59. 1839: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Danny Shittu is causing some real havoc in the penalty area now. Wigan look panicked by his presence and struggle to clear their lines from several corners.

    Perhaps Kenny Jackett has decided that it's time to go big, as Rob Hulse comes on to join Andy Keogh up front.

  60. 1838: 

    Oliver Day: "It feels like Bradford v Swansea at Wembley today with Millwall losing out to a bigger team."

  61. 1838: 
    Arsenal 3-1 Norwich

    Norwich midfielder Bradley Johnson: "If the linesman can give a penalty from 40-yards away, how can he not see it was not a corner from five-yards!!!

    "Was it a corner? NO!! Was it a pen? NO!! Was it offside? Yes!! To say I'm gutted today is an understatement."

  62. 1836: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    This is better from Millwall! Alan Dunne provides some much-needed width on the right and fires in a low cross which almost reaches Andy Keogh but Paul Scharner hacks it clear. Another cross almost falls for Millwall but it deflects away.

    Danny Shittu then heads the corner over the top. They're having a belated go now.

  63. 1835: 

    Jamie Hardesty: "This game is simply an example of why semi-finals should not be played at Wembley. Like goal line technology, we all know this!"

  64. 1833: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Wigan make their first change, and perhaps it is a sign of a change in shape as James McArthur comes on in place of winger Jean Beausejour.

  65. 1832: 
    CLOSE!- Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    You feel Milwall's best chance may come from a set-piece - and they win a free-kick in a dangerous area. James Henry lines it up and floats it over the wall - but over the bar as well.

  66. 1831:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "Callum McManaman pops up all over the place, and that is similar for Arouna Kone and Shaun Maloney. Wigan's front-three have been excellent against Millwall."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  67. 1830: 
    CLOSE!- Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Wigan win a free-kick on the edge of the box and Shaun Maloney delivers it into the mixer, but David Forde is able to come and make the punch easily enough. So far so good for the Premier League side.

  68. 1828: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Andy Keogh is running his heart out for Millwall up front on his own, but after a lung-burster of a run he just runs out of steam and the ball runs away.

  69. 1827: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    It's been a very comfortable start for Wigan to this second half - as we hear of the attendance of 62,335.

  70. 1826: 

    Darragh Moriarty: "Would Wigan fans rather relegation and the cup or neither? Could they get to another final? But would they get back to the Premier League?"

  71. 1825:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "Callum McManaman has really good feet. He showed that ability there as he jinked inside and out, but he was unable to curl the ball in."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  72. 1823: 
    CLOSE!- Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Callum McManaman has got a trick or two in his locker - he spins away from another challenge to get a shot off and he sends it on to the roof of the net.

  73. 1823: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Wigan are quickly settling into their high-tempo brand of football after the break. They are dominating possession as Millwall defender Mark Beevers boots out for a corner.

  74. 1821: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    There are no changes for Millwall in personnel or system, and it could yet be a long afternoon for the Lions. They need to find a way to hurt Wigan here.

  75. 1821:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "All set for the start of the second half. Good news for Millwall is they're only one behind and still well in this FA Cup semi-final."

  76. 1818: 
    KICK-OFF- Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    We are back under way at Wembley. Can Millwall turn this around?

  77. 1814: 

    Gary from Newcastle via 81111: "Loving all the Ronglish in today's live text. Amazed no one's commented on it yet - guess there's not many in the wide awake club today..."

    Spotters' badge Gary. Great arrive on text.

  78. 1812: 

    Without going into the merits or reasons behind Wigan's failure to sell their allocation today, I was staggered to hear from Jason Taylor, a committee member of the Wigan Athletic Supporters' Club, who said many fans were unable to travel to London by train.

    The last service back to Wigan leaved the capital at 2030 BST, and fans would not have enough time to get to Euston Station from Wembley.

    This is 2013 right?

  79. 1807: 

    Rob Hulse, Nathan Tyson, Shaun Batt - Millwall do have attacking options available on the bench. Do they use them? And if so, when?

    Put it this way, if they don't make changes then their FA Cup journey will be over. Wigan are having this far too easy.

  80. 1807: 

    League Two leaders Gillingham are already assured of promotion - but Martin Allen's men will have to wait until next weekend at least to seal the title. Their 1-0 defeat at play-off contenders Cheltenham means second-placed Port Vale, who drew 2-2 at Rochdale, can still overhaul them on goal difference.

    The key relegation battle between Torquay and Barnet was rained off, allowing York to leapfrog the pair with a 2-0 success at sixth-placed Northampton. The Cobblers are looking nervously over their shoulders after three straight defeats, with Bradford up to seventh on the back on a six-match unbeaten streak.

  81. 1805:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "If Liam Trotter comes on for Millwall he will provide support for Andy Keogh, who has been very isolated up top."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  82. 1803:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyHALF-TIME- Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    "Satisfactory first 45 minutes for Wigan. Millwall struggling to lay a glove on the Premier League side at the moment but they still have plenty of time to pull this FA Cup semi-final around."

    Wigan v Millwall
  83. 1803: 

    Paul Baker: "Wigan playing like Barcelona. 70+% possession."

  84. 1802: 
    HALF-TIME- Millwall 0-1 Wigan
  85. 1801:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "Wigan looking the more likely. Millwall struggling to gain a foothold."

  86. 1800: 

    Billy Paynter's quickfire double moved League One leaders Doncaster within touching distance of an instant return to the Championship after a 2-1 comeback win at Crewe. A home victory against Notts County next Saturday will do the trick for Brian Flynn's men. Second-placed Bournemouth clinched their play-off spot with a 3-0 success at Shrewsbury.

    But it was a miserable day for cash-strapped Bury, who were relegated from the third tier with a 1-0 home defeat by Oldham. The Latics, who saw hundreds of their fans locked out of the Greater Manchester derby, eased their own relegation fears in the process. Second-bottom Hartlepool gave themselves the slimmest hope of survival with a precious 1-0 win at play-off hopefuls Tranmere.

  87. 1800: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Millwall 0-1 Wigan
    Arouna Kone

    At the risk of repeating myself, Arouna Kone causes Millwall more damage with a strong run and intelligent link-up play, beating his man down the left this time before squaring the ball, Jordi Gomez arrives on it and picks his spot - but David Forde dives to his left and claws out his shot.

  88. 1758:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "Callum McManaman looks so sharp for Wigan. He can jink left or right, and he links up so well with Shaun Maloney."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  89. 1758: 

    Lokesh Sankar Rath: "This game for Wigan will work as a morale booster for them in the pressured relegation battle in the Premier League."

  90. 1756: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Brilliant from Arouna Kone again, he is so elusive in and around the Millwall penalty area. When they get the ball in to his feet he is unstoppable.

    This time the striker is able to hold off his marker and turn into the penalty area before picking out Callum McManaman on the edge of the box, but the forward curls his shot wide of the corner.

  91. 1755:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "Millwall looking for a swift response but Wigan's width and pace is causing problems for the Championship side."

    Shaun Maloney
  92. 1751: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Those Millwall fans are cheering again now. The Championship side exert some pressure after a few well-won challenges in the midfield, the ball is then worked out to Chris Taylor on the right and he beats his man to deliver an excellent cross which Emmerson Boyce just about clears.

    Last 10 minutes of the first half.

  93. 1749:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "These conditions suit Wigan. This slick pitch helps their passing, and with their one and two-touch play they are well on top against Millwall."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  94. 1749: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    Wigan always seem to have an extra man thanks to their flexible 3-4-3 system, and they release Jean Beausejour over the top. For a moment it looks like the winger is going to latch on to the pass but David Forde is alert to the danger and sweeps up well. We are in to the last 15 minutes of a first half which the Premier League side have navigated with ease so far.They've even quietened the Millwall fans momentarily.

  95. 1745: 

    Michael Robertson: "Wigan playing very patiently at the moment, similar to last week v QPR."

    Kwong Tse: "Wigan have the lead, great cross from Kone and a cracking finish from Maloney. Wigan deserve their lead against Millwall."

  96. 1745: 
    Millwall 0-1 Wigan

    "1-0 to the empty seats" is the chant from the Millwall end, but it's nearly two as Paul Scharner hooks in an effort from a corner which David Forde has to save.

    As Everton found to their cost Wigan are capable of really taking a game away from you if they are in the mood.

  97. 1745: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Arsenal 3-1 Norwich

    Norwich manager Chris Hughton on his team's hopes of avoiding relegation: "We've said you have to look around the 40 point mark and there are teams around us capable of winning games. We have to look after our own business and get the points that we need."

  98. 1743:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "Wigan have shown that extra touch of quality so far and Maloney's goal demonstrates it. No let up in the noise from Millwall's fans though."

  99. 1743:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-1 Wigan

    "It was a wonderful run from Shaun Maloney to pull off the Millwall defenders. Great goal.

    "Right now, Millwall will maintain what they are doing to try and stay in the game by sitting deep. It will be hard for them as Wigan have been outstanding in possession."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  100. 1742: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Arsenal 3-1 Norwich

    Norwich manager Chris Hughton: "Losing in that manner is frustrating. For 85 minutes you have to accept the balance of possession is going to be Arsenal's. But we battled well, broke when we could, took the lead and made it difficult for them.

    "If it's a bit of quality that opens you up, then you hold your hands up. But a decision has gone against us that a linesman has given from 45 to 50 yards away and the referee is less than 10 yards away.

    "For a linesman to give it from that distance, and the third goal was offside with him 10 yards away, it's almost criminal on a day that we deserved so much more."

  101. 1740: 
    GOAL- Millwall 0-1 Wigan - Shaun Maloney (25 mins)

    Absolutely top-class from Arouna Kone! What an assist this is. Kone drops deep to take the ball on his chest, spins, beats three men for pace and strength before getting his head up and picking out the run of Shaun Maloney with a spotters' badge of a pass.

    Maloney is onside and cushions his side-footed volley past David Forde and into the net. A gem of a goal.

  102. 1737: 
    YELLOW CARD- Millwall 0-0 Wigan

    Have some of that!

    Callum McManaman looks to sprint away from the Millwall midfield and gets his head up, just in time to see Sean St Ledger cynically chop him down. Booking for the Republic of Ireland man, and quite rightly so.

    We are midway through the first half now, with Millwall struggling to prevent Wigan from keeping the ball.

  103. 1735: 
    Millwall 0-0 Wigan

    Wigan dictating the play now, with James McCarthy dropping deep to conduct at will. McCarthy has been linked with a move to Manchester United in some of the newspapers.

    I'm not sure he's quite that good, but he has come on a lot and is enjoying the wide open spaces of Wembley.

  104. 1736: 

    QPR boss Harry Redknapp on his side's chances of survival: "I can't stand there and go no [we can't do it], if it's a no I may as well go on holiday now. We have to believe.

    "We have to beat Stoke, we have to beat Reading, then Newcastle and Arsenal. I know it's tough but while you've got a chance you have to keep going."

  105. 1735: 

    QPR boss Harry Redknapp: "It is another blow. Goodison is always a difficult place to come but at half time I thought we were unfortunate to be 1-0 down. The goal was a massive deflection and we came in at half-time feeling sorry for ourselves.

    "You have to keep going. We can't suddenly feel sorry for ourselves - but we started sloppy and became undisciplined, got yellow cards and started kicking the ball away. We didn't do ourselves any favours."

  106. 1734: 

    V.: "Shaun Maloney, the poor man's Lionel Messi, is such a good player."

  107. 1733: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Southampton 1-1 West Ham

    Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino: "I do think we deserved the victory. We worked superbly and were better than them. We knew they would be physical and direct but I want to congratulate my players because we managed to impose our brand of football even though the pitch suited them.

    "It's a shame we conceded so quickly but it was an unfortunate moment in the game and these things happen in football. I'm content, especially considering the virus we had in the squad this week, but unhappy that we didn't get the three points we deserved."

  108. 1732: 

    Nick via 81111: "Re Haydn 1725 BST. I'm pretty sure Wigan would go in as the underdog against Manchester City or Chelsea."

  109. 1732:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-0 Wigan

    "Both Emmerson Boyce and Jean Beausejour are really stretching Millwall. Those two wing-backs push on, and that is giving Shaun Maloney and James McCarthy lots of space.

    "Wigan are showing their Premier League credentials with their one or two-touch passing."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  110. 1732: 
    Millwall 0-0 Wigan
    Millwall fan

    I meant to add 'facepaint and a stupid wig' to my Wembley checklist earlier. Plenty of those on display in the stands. It's all well and good until you lose, then you feel a right idiot on the train home.

  111. 1731: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Millwall 0-0 Wigan

    Wigan are settling into an ominous rhythm now, and David Forde has to be alert again to repel a stinging drive from Callum McManaman, who pings in a crisp shot from 25 yards. Fine save!

  112. 1731: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Reading manager Nigel Adkins: "It was a good performance all around. In the three games I have been in charge, the attitude and application has been top drawer. It was an outstanding goalkeeping performance from Alex McCarthy. He has worked really hard to make sure we pick up a point today.

    "The first 15 minutes they had good possession - they play football the right way. But our players have kept us in the game and we have had a great opportunity with Noel Hunt late on and Pepe Reina has made a great save. It is only a one point, when we need three - we know where we are."

  113. 1729: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Millwall 0-0 Wigan

    Chance here though. Chris Taylor gives the ball away cheaply 40 yards from goal, Shaun Maloney picks out the right pass to free Arouna Kone, who has way too much pace for Danny Shittu, but Mark Beevers just about keeps up and a combination of Beevers and keeper David Forde get the ball behind for a corner.

    Forde took a boot to the face there but shrugs it off.

  114. 1728: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers: "We created enough chances to win a couple of games. We are very disappointed we didn't win.

    "Their goalkeeper was outstanding and on another day the goals go in. It was as good a goalkeeping performance as I have seen in a long time.

    "I can't ask anything more of the players except that we should have been a wee bit more clinical. Our creativity and movement was very good. But we just didn't do final bit - that is to put the ball in the net - and that cost us."

  115. 1727: 

    Cardiff striker Fraizer Campbell: "Oi oiiiiiiii! Only one more point!! Can't wait for Tuesday!"

  116. 1726: 
    Millwall 0-0 Wigan

    Wigan force a few corners but Danny Shittu and co are able to clear their lines very comfortably, the Lions then counter at pace with James Henry freeing Chris Taylor over the top but the former Oldham man's shot is way wide of the target.

    The first 10 minutes have flown by. Plenty of passing and moving but no real danger yet.

  117. 1726: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Arsenal 3-1 Norwich

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "I thought we wouldn't give in and fight until the end. No-one could predict we would score three goals but we have great attitude, spirit and desire - and it got us there. We deserved to win but we were against a strong side and needed something special."

    On climbing into the top four: "For me what is more important is to keep the run, attitude and focus strong. We want consistency and that demands huge focus because you can see how quickly you're punished. We're not far away but we just have to keep winning."

  118. 1725: 

    Haydn.: "It would be nice to see Millwall go through as an underdog in the final..."

  119. 1725:  
    Former Wigan midfielder Kevin Kilbane at WembleyMillwall 0-0 Wigan

    "I was slightly surprised that Ali Al Habsi had been dropped for the last few weeks. Wigan manager Roberto Martinez has probably brought him back in to add experience."

    Listen to commentary of Millwall v Wigan on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  120. 1722: 
    Millwall 0-0 Wigan

    Millwall skipper Danny Shittu lines up an outlandish shot from nearly 40 yards but it is never close to threatening the Wigan goal. You would not want to be in the section of Wembley seats that that one landed in though. Big man, big strike.

  121. 1722: 
    Millwall 0-0 Wigan

    The Championship side have made a decent start and win a free-kick in a dangerous area. Time to wheel giant Danny Shittu up there but Antolin Alcaraz makes a towering header.

    A few players have already struggled to find their feet as the rain comes teeming down at Wembley.

  122. 1720: 

    Joe in Oxford via 81111: "Don't even know how it's possible for a team to have 26 shots, 15 on target and not manage a single goal. Shooting practice first thing Monday morning for Liverpool."

  123. 1719: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Aston Villa 1-1 Fulham

    Fulham boss Martin Jol: "I thought they were the better team. In the first half, we were a bit hot and cold. The chances they had were created by us.

    "If you look at the match, they had won three of four coming into the game, so I can live with a point. Our first priority was 40 points and we have achieved that."

  124. 1719: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Aston Villa 1-1 Fulham

    Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert: "I thought we were great. We should have been a few goals up at half-time and their goalkeeper made some vital saves. I could not fault the lads for effort. [In terms of Fabian Delph's own goal] you can never fault anyone for trying to do the right things.

    "The point keeps the momentum there. I played under a great manager once and he said if you can't win a game then don't lose it. I think you can sense in the stadium the fans are behind us."

  125. 1717: 
    Millwall 0-0 Wigan

    Jordi Gomez then has sight of goal at the other end as Wigan pass slickly downfield, but his low shot is well charged down by Mark Beevers.

  126. 1716: 
    Millwall 0-0 Wigan

    Positive start from Millwall as Shane Lowry hangs in a cross which Andy Keogh has every right to attack, and the Republic of Ireland international gets up well to flick a header wide of the target.

  127. 1716: 

    SAM: "Wigan to win 3-1 this afternoon. After extra time!"

  128. 1715: 
    KICK-OFF- Millwall 0-0 Wigan

    Michael Oliver, the youngest referee to take charge of an FA Cup semi-final, gets us underway. Wigan are all in red which is bound to confuse me.

  129. 1714: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Southampton 1-1 West Ham

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce on his contract situation: "When it is all tied up we want to put pen to paper and then we can move on with next season. I will have a chat with the owners and hopefully by the end of the week I would have secured our future."

  130. 1714:  
    Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker

    "The running order is as follows; Ars/Nor, Eve/QPR, AV/Ful, Sou/WHU, Rea/ Liv. A lot better than it looked at half time."

    Watch the programme on BBC One at 2220 BST.

  131. 1714:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "And Wigan chairman Dave Whelan is in the stand - not leading the team out as had been suggested."

  132. 1713: 
    Millwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Only one Wigan player in the starting XI has played at Wembley before - ex-Birmingham man Jean Beausejour.

  133. 1713: 
    Everton 2-0 QPR

    Everton captain Phil Neville: "Another great win. We need to keep putting the pressure on the teams above. Can't wait for Tuesday's night game v Arsenal!!!"

  134. 1712: 
    Millwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Dave Whelan does not lead out Wigan, instead it's Emmerson Boyce and Danny Shittu who head the line-ups as the teams enter the playing surface.

    Millwall are backed by about 10,000 more fans today. Will that play any part?

  135. 1712: 

    Everton boss David Moyes: "It's a really important three points, because I was worried about today's game. QPR have a lot to play for and they are almost getting to a situation where they don't have much to play for.

    "We played well at times, the pitch is very poor at the minute and that is not helping us but we got the goals that mattered. I think if we beat Arsenal in midweek we can talk about the Champions League but if lose we are talking about a Europa League place."

  136. 1710: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Southampton 1-1 West Ham

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: "In the end I thought we were more than comfortable. Away goals have been our problem all season and we again created some simple chances which we didn't convert.

    "There are six games left, we have 38 points and are in a nice position in the league. We have four games at home, two away, and our home form has been good this season. We should finish strongly, see how many points we can pick up and see where we can finish. I can't see us losing six on the trot with the way the lads are playing."

  137. 1709: 
    Millwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Who predicted one of these teams would be playing in Europe next season? No? Me neither. But that is exactly the prize at stake - unless their final opponents, both currently in the Premier League top four, somehow fail to qualify through the top-flight.

    Let's hope both sets of players have renewed their travel documents recently - I've heard those last-minute dashes to the passport office can take longer than a low-budget flight to Prague.

  138. 1709: 
    Millwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Wigan manager Roberto Martinez on ESPN: "You come to Wembley and it means a lot to the town.

    "Today's game is not about the form you are bringing in or division you are from. Millwall will have a tremendous support behind them, and they are capable of competing against anyone.

    "We must enjoy our football and give a good level of performance.

    "I will tell the players to enjoy their football. They must not get carried away, it is a dream to play at Wembley."

  139. 1709: 

    Soldiers moving around huge club badges? Fireworks? Gigantic changing rooms? It must be a big game at Wembley.

    Can Millwall pull off a Cupset?

  140. 1707: 

    Statisticians Opta: "1 - Millwall have conceded just one goal in their five FA Cup matches so far this season. Tight."

  141. 1707:  
    Football FocusMillwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Wigan midfielder James McCarthy: "The gaffer [Roberto Martinez] has been different class with me. He has taken my performances on to a different level. People say Wigan will be fine from relegation as they have been there before but it is not like that. We want to do well in the FA Cup but to be honest, more importantly, we want to stay in the league."

    Wigan midfielder James McArthur: "He [Martinez] is a tactical genius. We always have a man advantage over the opposition. He is a very loyal man. He is so calm and it runs through to the players."

    Wembley Stadium
  142. 1704: 

    Championship leaders Cardiff need just a point to clinch Premier League promotion after their 3-0 demolition of Nottingham Forest. That's because third-placed Watford surprisingly lost by the same scoreline at Peterborough. Hull won 2-1 at Ipswich to clinch their play-off berth.

    Peterborough's emphatic win moves them out of the bottom three, while Blackburn followed suit with a 2-0 success over Derby. Huddersfield eased their worries with a vital 3-1 win at Wolves, who slip to second bottom. Nine-man Barnsley also drop into the relegation zone after being embarrassed in a 6-0 home defeat against Charlton.

  143. 1704:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyMillwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    "Great, wide open spaces around Wembley less than 15 minutes before kick-off between Millwall and Wigan."

  144. 1703:  
    Former Leeds manager Neil Warnock on Football Focus

    "Millwall have nothing to lose. When you play an inferior side from the Championship then the pressure is on you. If both teams play well then Wigan will win but Millwall have that strength.

    "In the other semi-final Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez wants it [FA Cup] for his CV, and Manchester City want it because they haven't won anything else. City have just got that little bit more for me."

  145. 1701: 

    Scott Wright: "Spurs' top-four push each season is like the lyrics in the song, 'That's Life': 'Flying high in April, shot down in May'."

    Tim G: "What is it about Liverpool that makes their opponent's goalkeepers play their games of their career?"

  146. 1700:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveMillwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Injured Millwall captain Paul Robinson: "It is another big afternoon for the club. To reach the final in 2004 was a massive achievement and one we would not think we would repeat so quickly.

    "Every round we got the draw we wanted in 2004 and it is similar this year. Us and Wigan are happy the heavyweights of Manchester City and Chelsea are slugging it out in the other tie on Sunday."

    Listen to commentary of the FA Cup semi-final between Millwall and Wigan at 1715 BST on BBC Radio 5 live.

  147. 1700: 

    Keep your thoughts coming in on the five Premier League games, and we will of course bring you all the reaction from around the grounds. For now though our focus shifts towards the FA Cup semi-final.

  148. 1658: 

    Bury are relegated from League One after a 1-0 home defeat to Oldham.

    Barrow have also gone down from the Conference.

  149. 1654: 

    Full-time across the Premier League then. What a display from Alex McCarthy in the Reading goal! Incredible stuff to repel wave upon wave of Liverpool attacks.

    It still leaves Reading and QPR seven points adrift at the bottom though.

    At the top, Arsenal move into third place with that late show.

  150. 1654: 
    FULL-TIME- Arsenal 3-1 Norwich
  151. 1654: 

    Jack Igglesden: "I have never seen a goalkeeping performance as unbelievable as Alex McCarthy's for Reading. Unbeatable."

  152. 1652: 
    FULL-TIME- Everton 2-0 QPR
  153. 1652: 

    Jeff in London via 81111: "Ah yes... The same old sight of Arsenal overtaking us (Spurs) in April. They always do it in the most sneaky way possible as well!"

  154. 1651:  
    Former Leeds manager Neil WarnockArsenal 3-1 Norwich

    "You are shaken after feeling such an injustice when a man 50-yards away gives a decision for a penalty that no Arsenal player appeals for.

    "You have a busy linesman over there. I get in trouble so much about referees but now I can say what I want.

    "That penalty that started this would not have been given at the other end of the pitch."

    Watch the show on BBC One, the Red Button, BBC Sport website and BBC World now.

  155. 1651: 
    FULL-TIME- Southampton 1-1 West Ham

    A hard-fought draw sees each side, both promoted from the Championship last season remember, edge further away from the bottom three. Southampton are 11th, with the Hammers a place behind - each seven points clear of the bottom three.

  156. 1651: 
    FULL-TIME- Aston Villa 1-1 Fulham
  157. 1650: 
    Southampton 1-1 West Ham

    Late chance for Southampton as they look to snatch an injury-time winner. Jay Rodriguez's 25-yard shot initially looked speculative but it forced a scrambling Hammers keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen into a smart save low to his right.

  158. 1650: 
    FULL-TIME- Reading 0-0 Liverpool
  159. 1649: 

    Daniel Pike: "Arsenal are like a roller coaster of emotions."

  160. 1649: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 3-1 Norwich - Lukas Podolski (90 mins)

    That should be that now for Arsenal, who have had a storming last 15 minutes. Substitute Theo Walcott burst away from his man to cut the ball back, Lukas Podolski turns on to his left foot and hammers in a low shot from 22 yards.

  161. 1648: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Is there any way past Alex McCarthy? Yet another save from the top drawer as he dives to his right and turns a Luis Suarez drive away.

  162. 1647: 
    Millwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Millwall boss Kenny Jackett makes a trio of changes for his team's FA Cup semi-final at Wembley. Andy Keogh, Jack Smith and James Henry, who thought he was going to miss the rest of the season with a knee injury, come in for George Saville, Jermaine Easter and Rob Hulse.

    Ali Al Habsi's return, in place of Spanish goalkeeper Joel Robles, is the only change made by Wigan boss Roberto Martinez from last weekend's Premier League draw at QPR.

  163. 1647:  
    Match of the Day presenter Gary LinekerArsenal 2-1 Norwich

    "Hugely controversial decision at The Emirates for the equaliser. Linesman gives a dubious penalty from afar following a corner that never was."

  164. 1645: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 2-1 Norwich - Sebastien Bassong OG (88 mins)

    Yes there is! Brilliant play from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as he swaps passes with Lukas Podolski, drives to the dead-ball line before cutting the ball back for Olivier Giroud to slide in from a few yards out, with the help of Sebastien Bassong's boot. It's credited as an own goal.

  165. 1643: 

    Into the last five minutes or so then. Any more goals anywhere?

  166. 1642: 

    It has been a nightmare week for Bury - and it is about to get worse for the League One strugglers. Matt Smith puts Oldham ahead against their Greater Manchester neighbours, who will be relegated if they cannot equalise. However, second-bottom Hartlepool are on their way to a stay of execution as they lead 1-0 at Tranmere. Only a disaster will stop Bournemouth securing their play-off berth as they are 3-0 to the good at Shrewsbury.

  167. 1642: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Two more fantastic saves by Reading goalkeeper Alex McCarthy who first denies Steven Gerrard with a spectacular save, before holding on to a fierce drive by Luis Suarez. He has been the best player on the pitch this afternoon.

  168. 1641: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 1-1 Norwich - Mikel Arteta (85 mins)

    Mikel Arteta slams the penalty high into the net, just past the reach of Norwich keeper Mark Bunn.

  169. 1641: 

    boyViNnIe: "The look on QPR boss Harry Redknapp's face says: 'It's all over'."

  170. 1640: 
    PENALTY FOR ARSENAL- Arsenal 0-1 Norwich

    The linesman has given this for a tug on Olivier Giroud by Kei Kamara at a corner.

  171. 1639:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyMillwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    "Wembley is in readiness for the FA Cup semi-final of the underdogs between Millwall and Wigan Athletic. Chelsea or Manchester City await and Wigan have great momentum after an outstanding 3-0 win at Everton in the last eight.

    "Millwall will be backed by their passionate support - and of course reached the final in 2004, where they were beaten by Manchester United."

  172. 1639: 

    Silas Kelly: "All the Liverpool fans expect Europa yet we can't even put one against the league's basement club. Pathetic."

    Tonye Bakare: "Being an Arsenal fan is like having a bad spouse: Two weeks of bliss; Four weeks of hell..."

    Moothead2: "Are Villa the most self-destructive team in the league? Would have been fighting for Champions League if they could hold a lead."

  173. 1637: 
    LINE-UPS- Millwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Shittu, Beevers, Lowry, Abdou, J. Smith, St Ledger, Henry, Keogh, C. Taylor. Subs: M. Taylor, A. Smith, Osborne, Trotter, Batt, Hulse, Tyson.

    Wigan: Al Habsi, Boyce, Alcaraz, Scharner, Figueroa, McManaman, McCarthy, Maloney, Beausejour, Gomez, Kone. Subs: Robles, Caldwell, Di Santo, Henriquez, McArthur, Espinoza, Stam.

    Referee: Michael Oliver (Northumberland)

  174. 1637:  
    Former Leeds manager Neil WarnockArsenal 0-1 Norwich

    "You can see the frustration in Arsene Wenger. As a manager, you have days where you know you will be very lucky to get a goal.

    "Wenger is having a go at everybody. He would be happy to take a point at the moment."

    Watch the show on BBC One, the Red Button, BBC Sport website and BBC World now.

  175. 1636: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Arsenal 0-1 Norwich

    Arsenal finally apply some concerted pressure on the Norwich goal, and Lukas Podolski thrashes in a left-footed shot that pings back off the crossbar, with Mark Bunn getting a slight touch on the way.

    Norwich then do well to clear a flurry of crosses. Can the Canaries hang on?

  176. 1634: 
    CLOSE!- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Luis Suarez fires in a dipping free-kick just wide from 30 yards, before Reading super sub Adam Le Fondre comes on in place of Noel Hunt.

    Are we going to see a goal today?

  177. 1634: 

    Championship leaders Cardiff cannot clinch promotion to the Premier League this afternoon - but they can go mighty close. The Bluebirds are leading 2-0 against visitors Nottingham Forest and third-placed Watford are trailing by the same scoreline at Peterborough. If those results stay the same then the Welsh club would need one more point to seal an automatic spot.

    Peterborough's lead means they are currently on track to climb out of the bottom three, as are Blackburn who are still beating Derby. Wolves and Barnsley, both losing at home, look set to drop into the relegation zone instead.

  178. 1633:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "Word is - at least up to now - that no request has been made to the FA asking for Dave Whelan to lead out the Wigan team."

  179. 1633: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Pepe Reina keeps Liverpool level! Terrific save from the Spaniard as he turns Jobi McAnuff's left-footed shot over the crossbar with the tips of his fingers. Reading looking good in the final stages.

  180. 1631: 
    CLOSE!- Aston Villa 1-1 Fulham

    Dear oh dear, what a bad afternoon Fabian Delph is having. Not content with scoring an own goal, the Villa midfielder shanks a horrible shot over the top from close range after more enterprising play from Andreas Weimann sees the Austrian pick him out with a low cross.

  181. 1630: 
    Arsenal 0-1 Norwich

    Arsenal almost get caught on the counter attack but Robert Snodgrass's shot is saved. Really poor showing from the hosts so far as we enter the last 20 minutes.

  182. 1628:  
    Former Leeds manager Neil Warnock

    "The first-halves in all the games were very cautious but all the teams have really given it a go after the break. I am expecting several more goals in the last 20 minutes."

    Watch the show on BBC One, the Red Button, BBC Sport website and BBC World now.

  183. 1628: 
    Arsenal 0-1 Norwich

    There has been precious little to get excited about for Arsenal fans today. They've not looked like scoring at all since Norwich went ahead.

    Arsenal v Norwich
  184. 1626:  
    Former Tottenham striker Garth CrooksSouthampton 1-1 West Ham

    "If Andy Carroll does go back, Liverpool will have to alter their style of play. He is playing well. but it remains to be seen whether Brendan Rodgers would be prepared to do that."

    Watch the show on BBC One, the Red Button, BBC Sport website and BBC World now.

  185. 1625: 

    Ash: "Goals flying in left, right and centre now. Not a single one for Liverpool yet. Thought Daniel Sturridge was brought in to fix this problem."

  186. 1624:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyMillwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    "Lots of chat about Dave Whelan leading Wigan out - but has anyone ever led any team out in an FA Cup semi-final at Wembley or anywhere else?"

  187. 1623: 
    GOAL- Southampton 1-1 West Ham - Andy Carroll (66 mins)

    West Ham are back on level terms within seven minutes of Southampton's opener at St Mary's. Hammers striker Andy Carroll lashes in a low 20-yard free-kick which flies past Artur Boruc with the aid of a deflection off Saints player Steven Davis.

  188. 1622: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 1-1 Fulham - Fabian Delph OG (66 mins)

    Disaster for Fabian Delph. The Aston Villa man rises from his station a few yards ahead of the near post, with no Fulham attacker anywhere near him, and flicks Bryan Ruiz's corner into the net with a little 'eyebrows' of a header.

  189. 1621: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    It's not your day Philippe.

    Philippe Coutinho bends in a delicious low curler from 25 yards which leaves Alex McCarthy rooted to the spot, but the ball strikes the base of the post.

  190. 1621: 
    Ill Southampton left-back Luke ShawSouthampton 1-0 West Ham

    "Gasttooooonnnnn!!! Come onnnnn."

  191. 1620: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Still no goals at the Madejski though, where the home side have a muted penalty appeal waved away as Jobi McAnuff goes to ground after a challenge from Stewart Downing.

  192. 1618: 

    That's more like it. Goals, goals, goals...

  193. 1618: 

    Elliot Southerton: "Nice for N'Zogbia to get on the scoresheet. Doesn't happen as often as it should."

    Olawale Ibraheem: "Now goals are raining in after that first-half drought. Norwich rattled Arsenal. That's how you pay for missing chances."

  194. 1616: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Arsenal 0-1 Norwich

    Arsenal turn to Theo Walcott as they go in search of an equaliser - but it's in place of, not alongside, Jack Wilshere.

  195. 1616: 

    Matt in London via 81111: "You'd have thought with that Emmanuel Eboue screamer against Real Madrid that his mate Gervinho would be in fine form today..."

  196. 1616:  
    Former Tottenham striker Garth Crooks

    "It puts great pressure on Stoke that goal for Aston Villa. The complexion of the bottom group is changing all the time."

    Watch the show on BBC One, the Red Button, BBC Sport website and BBC World now.

  197. 1616: 
    GOAL- Southampton 1-0 West Ham - Gaston Ramirez (59 mins)

    Gaston Ramirez keeps a calm head to coolly steer past Jussi Jaaskelainen from inside the West Ham penalty area. There is an element of fortune as the ball kindly falls back to Ramirez after two Hammers defender bravely block the Uruguayan's initial effort.

  198. 1614: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 0-1 Norwich - Michael Turner (56 mins)

    Well, well, well - Norwich lead at the Emirates! Robert Snodgrass makes the goal with a trademark inswinging free-kick, Michael Turner loses his man and heads home from close range.

  199. 1614: 
    GOAL- Everton 2-0 QPR - Victor Anichebe (56 mins)

    Leighton Baines's corner is met at the far post by Sylvain Distin who heads down for Victor Anichebe to flick in.

  200. 1613: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Millwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Republic of Ireland striker Andy Keogh and winger James Henry start for Millwall at Wembley.

  201. 1612: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 1-0 Fulham - Charles N'Zogbia (55 mins)

    Andreas Weimann makes things happen for Aston Villa, he's always on the move. He makes a late dart into the penalty area, and when his cutback is only half cleared Charles N'Zogbia curls the ball into the top corner.

  202. 1610: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 1-0 QPR

    Everton are throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at QPR here as Julio Cesar this time makes a flying save to turn away Sylvain Distin's header from a corner. Great save.

  203. 1609: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Millwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi returns to the Latics' starting XI - his first appearance since 2 March.

  204. 1609: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    Bryan Ruiz slides a piercing pass through to Fulham striker Dimitar Berbatov, whose low shot hits the outside of the Villa post.

  205. 1609: 

    Ikenna Onyia: "Jack Wilshere restricts Santi Cazorla. That's why Arsenal struggle anytime he plays."

    Scotty: "Arsenal fans seem as slow to the game as the players. So many empty seats at the start of the second half."

  206. 1607: 
    YELLOW CARD- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Mark Clattenburg books his place in a future episode of a Question of Sport with a real 'What Happened Next?' moment.

    Danny Guthrie pulls back Daniel Sturridge and has to be booked, but Clattenburg has left his cards in the dressing rooms! A quick scurry to the sidelines and he gets a spare set. Booking.

  207. 1607: 

    Che Thomas: "Wouldn't want the top-four winning 5-0 every week. Surely it's good to have closely contested games - the goals will come!"

  208. 1605: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Everton 1-0 QPR

    How has this stayed out?!

    Victor Anichebe shows great composure to take a touch and cushion a pass from Kevin Mirallas, but then he ruins it by smashing his shot against the inside of the post! Got to score those, Victor. You've got to score those.

  209. 1604: 

    BBC Sport's Nathan Middleton: "Some Oldham fans not allowed in Gigg Lane as they've already filled allocated stand. Police and safety officer won't allow rest in.

    "Two Bury fans got so bored in the first-half they decided to have a scrap about 10m in front of me. Ejected pretty sharpish."

  210. 1604: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Lovely touch from Philippe Coutinho to steer in Steven Gerrard's cross but he was a yard offside.

  211. 1603: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    Aston Villa come flying out of the traps, with Andreas Weimann bursting clear down the left channel and flashing in a low shot, but Mark Schwarzer gets a strong wrist to the ball and diverts it clear.

  212. 1602: 

    And we are back under way at the rest of our games too. Let's have some goals!

  213. 1601: 

    Nikhil Patil: "If football was played based on boxing's points system, Liverpool would be top of the table."

  214. 1601: 
    KICK-OFF- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    No changes for either side.

  215. 1600: 
    FA CUP- Millwall v Wigan (1715 BST)

    Don't forget that the first FA Cup semi-final of the season is coming up shortly. Wigan's players have arrived at Wembley and are checking out the pitch as we speak.

    Team news for that one will be with you soon.

  216. 1558: 

    Now they've got proper-sized nets, Newport County have taken the lead against Alfreton thanks to a goal from Christian Jolley.

  217. 1557: 

    "I think you have to let the referee know how you feel about a decision" - the least surprising statement of the day from Neil Warnock?

  218. 1557: 

    Championship strugglers Blackburn double their lead against visitors Derby as they look to climb out of the bottom three. At the bottom of League One, both Bury and Hartlepool know they could be relegated this afternoon. But they are both hanging on by the skins of their teeth, with the Shakers drawing against Oldham and Pools winning at Tranmere.

    Gillingham can clinch the League Two title if they match second-place Port Vale's result - and they are doing exactly that. The Kent side are goalless at Cheltenham, while Vale are drawing 1-1 at Rochdale.

  219. 1555:  
    Former Leeds manager Neil WarnockEverton 1-0 QPR

    "I think you have to let the referee know how you feel about a decision. David Moyes was probably unhappy about the decision not to give a first half penalty for Everton, and it is the only way he can get the message across by speaking to the referee as the players go into the dressing rooms."

    Watch the show on BBC One, the Red Button, BBC Sport website and BBC World now.

  220. 1554: 

    Liverpool had most of those 15 shots on target but Alex McCarthy is in inspired form in the Reading net. A point doesn't do the Royals much good though if truth be told.

    Reading v Liverpool
  221. 1552: 

    Statisticians Opta: "15 - Across all five Premier League first-halves today, there were only 15 shots on target. Sleepy."

  222. 1551: 

    Andrew Murphy: "Someone, please teach Christian Benteke the offside rule."

    Ed Squires: "Seriously concerned with Liverpool's lack of a cutting edge in this game! Quality keeping by the sound of it!"

    Matt Hardy: "If you want goals you should check out the Bundesliga. Dortmund winning 5-0 and Bayern winning 4-0 at the moment."

  223. 1548: 

    I'm giving the entire Premier League a collective half-time hairdryer. Come on lads - let's raise it!

  224. 1548: 

    Statisticians Opta: "58% - Everton have scored a higher percentage of first-half goals than any other team in the Premier League this season (58%). Prepared."

  225. 1548:  
    MOTD's Jonathan Pearce at Villa ParkHALF-TIME- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    "It's been a resurgent Villa recently but they will need more than this. Fulham keeper Mark Schwarzer has denied them a couple of times, while Dimitar Berbatov went close at the other end."

  226. 1548:  
    MOTD's John Roder at St Mary'sHALF-TIME- Southampton 0-0 West Ham

    "Southampton have not made the most of the strong wind behind them in this first half. Jussi Jaaskelainen, with the help of the post, clawed an effort from Rickie Lambert away, while at the other end Artur Boruc has not had much to do. It has been a somewhat fractious first-half played in heavy rain."

  227. 1547:  
    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at Goodison ParkHALF-TIME- Everton 1-0 QPR

    "Not everything has gone Everton's way but they have the lead against QPR who will feel nothing is going right for them. Darron Gibson's goal went in thanks to a huge deflection yet it is David Moyes who is waiting to have words with the referee Lee Mason and has a forceful point to make with the official."

  228. 1547:  
    MOTD's Steve Bower at the EmiratesHALF-TIME- Arsenal 0-0 Norwich

    "Arsenal have been guilty of trying to score the perfect goal at times. They've certainly played within themselves in the first half but some credit has to go to Norwich for their organisation and effort. Wenger knows Arsenal have been impressive recently but they haven't hit those heights. They need some more invention and they certainly need a goal."

  229. 1546:  
    MOTD's Simon Brotherton at the MadejskiHALF-TIME- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    "Liverpool have played the better football and created the better chances but Reading are clinging on.

    "Luis Suarez thought he had scored his 30th goal of the season, only to see Chris Gunter head his delicate chip off the line and that is as close as Liverpool have come to breaking the deadlock."

  230. 1545: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    How on earth are Liverpool not winning this game?

    Alex McCarthy makes another miraculous stop, throwing himself to somehow turn Daniel Sturridge's volley wide from five yards out. He absolutely smashed that. Stunning reflex save.

  231. 1545: 

    Matt Driver: "WE HAVE A GOAL!!!"

  232. 1544: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    And signs of the deadlock being broken at Villa Park too.

    Dimitar Berbatov shoots wide for Fulham before Charles N'Zogbia tests Mark Schwarzer with a rising drive.

  233. 1543:  
    Former Leeds manager Neil WarnockEverton 1-0 QPR

    "When you are down at the bottom end like QPR, things like that happen. You tend to get luck like that."

    Watch the show on BBC One, the Red Button, BBC Sport website and BBC World now.

  234. 1542: 
    Southampton 0-0 West Ham

    The handbags graphic is getting dished out at a rapid rate in this game. Tempers boil over again after Adam Lallana takes exception to a rather robust challenge from Kevin Nolan on Morgan Schneiderlin. Nolan reacts, jabs his finger at the Saints skipper before referee Mike Dean restores calm.

  235. 1541: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-0 QPR - Darron Gibson (40 mins)

    At last! First goal of the day and it comes from a stroke of fortune. A loose ball runs out to Darron Gibson 25 yards from goal, five QPR players charge out to block the shot but it hits one of them - Clint Hill - on the thigh to deflect horribly past Julio Cesar and in to the net. A deserved lead for Everton and QPR are in real trouble.

  236. 1540: 
    Dean Kiely, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra summariserAston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    "If you look at Villa's players they are leaving themselves vulnerable for a counter-attack which suggests they want to win the game. They seem to be going for it for me."

  237. 1539: 
    CLOSE!- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool arguably look the most likely of anyone to score at the moment and they go close again. Daniel Sturridge runs at the defence again, and when his cross is blocked Philippe Coutinho scoops the loose ball over the top from close range.

    Reading haven't a clue how to deal with Coutinho.

  238. 1538: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Southampton 0-0 West Ham

    Rickie Lambert is just a lick of paint away from his 15th Premier League goal of the season. The big man lurks around at the far post to meet Gaston Ramirez's set-piece with a stretching leg. But a combination of the upright and Hammers keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen just about keeps his effort out.

  239. 1537: 

    Sam Shephard: "Seems to be a large amount of teams gunning for that coveted last spot on Match of the Day today."

  240. 1537: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 0-0 QPR

    Close again at Goodison Park, as Darron Gibson rattles in a low shot from a short corner and Sylvain Distin throws a size 10 at it, but the ball flies over the crossbar from no more than for yards out.

    There is an avalanche of goals on the horizon. You just wait and see.

  241. 1536: 

    In League One, second-placed Bournemouth know a point at Shrewsbury will clinch at least a play-off spot. But the Cherries are going one better - they are leading through Brett Pitman's early penalty.

  242. 1534: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Reading right-back Chris Gunter has a shocker, playing a blind backpass straight to Daniel Sturridge. He finds Luis Suarez on his shoulder and the Uruguayan's shot is well parried by Alex McCarthy, with Steven Gerrard's follow-up bravely blocked by Adrian Mariappa.

  243. 1534: 

    Promotion-chasing Hull are well on their way to securing their Championship play-off spot. The Tigers will definitely finish in the top six if they beat Ipswich at Portman Road and Robbie Brady's penalty puts them 1-0 ahead. Elsewhere, leaders Cardiff are beating Nottingham Forest, while third-bottom Blackburn hold a precious 1-0 lead against Derby.

  244. 1532: 

    Half an hour in and no goals. I feel cheated.

  245. 1531: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    Aston Villa are on top now, and Charles N'Zogbia forces Mark Schwarzer into a top save at his near post after good work from Christian Benteke to pick him out. Villa getting a head of steam up.

  246. 1531: 

    Basil Ugochukwu: "The old Gervinho is back!

  247. 1529: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 0-0 Norwich

    Gervinho again, he's such a frustrating player. Santi Cazorla sends him in behind the defence with a perfectly-weighted pass, Gervinho skips around Mark Bunn but from a tight angle fluffs his shot and it barely reaches the goalmouth. Signs that Arsenal are beginning to threaten though.

  248. 1527: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 0-0 QPR

    Oooh a stinger from Loic Remy. He can hit a ball - and the QPR forward smashes in a shot which forces Tim Howard into a smart one-handed save.

  249. 1527: 
    Arsenal 0-0 Norwich

    Textbook Gervinho. The forward beats three men on a mazy run to drive into the penalty area before going to pieces and falling over his own feet.

  250. 1526: 

    Andy Hancock: "Liverpool all over Reading. Only a matter of time before Reading go ahead!"

  251. 1525: 
    CLOSE!- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    There is a goal coming soon, I promise you.

    Aston Villa force a flurry of three quick corners, and from the third of those Andreas Weimann puts in a beauty of a cross from the left, it flicks off a head on its way to Christian Benteke at the far post, but the Belgian leans back and fires the volley over from close range.

  252. 1524: 

    Dan via 81111: "Very bizarre atmosphere in the air at Reading, there's no frustration nor is there any hope. Depressing."

  253. 1524: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Arsenal 0-0 Norwich

    This is more like it. A subdued display so far from Arsenal but finally they have some penetration as Bacary Sagna picks out Olivier Giroud with a fizzing cross and the Frenchman glances a header on to the crossbar.

  254. 1523: 
    Southampton 0-0 West Ham

    Gaston Ramirez and Joey O'Brien are continuing to niggle at each other like a pair of boys in a primary school yard. Ramirez appears to kick out at the Hammers defender, who reacts with a finger wag at the Uruguayan. One of these pair, if not both, are going to end up in the referee's notebook soon.

  255. 1522:  
    Former Liverpool, Manchester City & Newcastle midfielder Dietmar HamannReading 0-0 Liverpool

    "Liverpool need to score here... Reading out of their depth."

  256. 1521: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    ...but Liverpool go close again. First, Daniel Sturridge is played through by Luis Suarez, he stays on his feet well to evade a tackle and gets a shot in which Alex McCarthy gets a strong hand to. Philippe Coutinho then fires in a shot on the rebound but McCarthy gets down to his left to turn it away.

    Jamie Carragher then heads an effort wide from the corner. A goal is coming you feel.

  257. 1521: 
    Southampton 0-0 West Ham

    Big Sam Allardyce looks slightly bedraggled on a wet St Mary's touchline as chomps furiously on his chewing gum. Thankfully his team are looking in much better shape on the pitch, although you would have to say Southampton are just edging the opening quarter.

  258. 1520: 

    Lawrence Houldsworth: "Where are all the goals?!?"

  259. 1520:  
    Former Leeds manager Neil Warnock on BBC Final ScoreArsenal 0-0 Norwich

    "I think Arsenal have never got round to buying a decent goalkeepers and centre-backs. If Arsene Wenger had done that, I think they would have won a few trophies in the last few seasons."

    Watch the show on the Red Button, BBC Sport website and BBC World now. You can also catch it on BBC One from 1530-1715 BST.

  260. 1518: 
    Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Reading boast the worst defensive record in the top flight having conceded 63 goals and haven't avoided defeat since beating Sunderland 2-1 back in February. But they have survived the first 20 minutes pretty well, bar that one good chance for Luis Suarez.

  261. 1518: 

    Matt Collins: "Whoa, Luis Suarez is wearing a short sleeve shirt. That means spring has arrived!"

  262. 1517: 
    Arsenal 0-0 Norwich

    It's all a bit flat at the Emirates. Norwich are organised and compact and Arsenal are content to pass it around in front of them at the moment. Jack Wilshere is playing well on his return though.

  263. 1515: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    First signs of life at Villa Park as both sides create half chances. Villa see Andreas Weimann shank an effort high and wide before Fulham almost play in substitute Stanislav Manolev, but he can't control his shot

  264. 1515: 
    CLOSE!- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Almost a crafty opener at the Madejski!

    Philippe Coutinho, who looks to have settled in so well at Liverpool, plays in Luis Suarez with a brilliant return pass, Suarez clips a deft chip over the head of Alex McCarthy but Chris Gunter recovers to head clear from the goal-line. Great defending from the right-back.

  265. 1514: 

    Mark: "How Spurs could do with Andros Townsend at the moment. With Aaron Lennon and Gareth Bale injured, no pace."

  266. 1512: 
    Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool are looking comfortable but there has not been much goalmouth action so far.

  267. 1512: 
    Southampton 0-0 West Ham

    Southampton winger Gaston Ramirez and Hammers defender Joey O'Brien exchange a few choice words after a clash on the touchline, before the Uruguayan slyly sticks the boot into O'Brien after another challenge between the pair. One to keep an eye on.

  268. 1510: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 0-0 QPR

    Leighton Baines is reunited with his left-wing partner Steven Pienaar today and the pair combine perfectly to create a good chance for Everton. Baines goes on the underlap to collect a backheel from Pienaar and whips in a devilish cross which Victor Anichebe can't quite meet with a flying header.

  269. 1510: 
    Dean Kiely, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra summariserAston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    "The first seven or so minutes of game have seen Villa pressing but, when Fulham have got the ball, they are the more calm and assured. It's been all action from Villa but a little bit more quality from Fulham."

  270. 1509: 
    Southampton 0-0 West Ham

    West Ham are responding to Southampton's early dominance, skipper Kevin Nolan forcing Saints keeper Artur Boruc into a decent low save, before Ricardo Vaz Te blazes over the Pole's crossbar.

  271. 1508: 

    Kick-off in Newport County's crucial Blue Square Bet Premier clash against Alfreton was delayed because goalposts had to be changed.

    Shortly before kick-off officials discovered goalposts at one end of the Rodney Parade ground were the wrong height. That prompted a late start at the ground that also hosts Newport Gwent Dragons and Newport RFC rugby teams.

    I don't know how wrong these posts were - maybe they were trying to sneak in some 5-a-side goals and hope nobody would notice?

  272. 1508: 

    It's all over at Hampden Park as the jubilant Hibernian players celebrate reaching the Scottish Cup final. The Hibees were trailing 3-0 before launching a remarkable comeback which they complete in extra-time. Follow all the post-match reaction with BBC Scotland's live text commentary.

  273. 1506: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham

    It's a scrappy start from both sides, with nobody keeping hold of possession well at all. Dimitar Berbatov didn't get the memo about the fact that is now spring as he is still wearing gloves.

  274. 1506: 

    Can we have a whip round and get Arsene Wenger a new coat?

  275. 1506: 

    Charles Kahanji: "Oh no, Arsene Wenger struggling with that zip again, last time it happened, Arsenal lost badly."

  276. 1506: 
    CLOSE!- Everton 0-0 QPR

    Close for QPR! Andros Townsend runs right through the heart of the Everton defence before finding Junior Hoilett in a pocket of space on the left wing, he cuts back in on to his favoured right foot and arcs a dipping strike just past the far corner! Great effort.

  277. 1505: 
    Arsenal 0-0 Norwich

    As you'd expect, the home side have started with their foot on the gas, Santi Cazorla pulling the strings, but there are no real chances to speak of as yet.

  278. 1504: 
    Southampton 0-0 West Ham

    Early chance for Southampton as skipper Adam Lallana, fresh from signing a new five-year deal at the south coast club, bursts through to latch on to Steven Davis's pinpoint pass. But James Tomkins picks the ball off Lallana's toe just as he is about to pull the trigger.

  279. 1503: 
    Everton 0-0 QPR

    Seamus Coleman jinks into the penalty area as Everton make a strong start at Goodison Park, but Chris Samba is able to clear it away.

  280. 1501: 

    Kieran via 81111: "Never thought I'd say this after seeing the start of his career but Victor Anichebe looks dangerous now that he has found out he can bully defences with his strength. Fancy him to bag a couple against a poor QPR back line."

  281. 1501: 

    And we are now away in all five Premier League games.

  282. 1500: 
    KICK-OFF- Reading 0-0 Liverpool

    Game on at the Madejski...

  283. 1459: 

    Ben Ackland: "With Gervinho firing and Jack Wilshere back I fancy Arsenal to blow the Canaries out of the sky."

    Tris Earl: "The most concerning thing about the virus at Southampton today is that Danny Fox is in the starting 11."

    Oli Archer: "I wonder if England cricketer Ian Bell can inspire Villa to bat-to-bat wins today? I can see Christian Benteke bowling Fulham over."

  284. 1458: 
    Reading v Liverpool (1500 BST)

    That minute's silence was immaculate. Perfectly observed. Silence also observed at Goodison Park.

  285. 1456: 
    Reading v Liverpool (1500 BST)

    Reading owner Anton Zingarevich and Liverpool MD Ian Ayre lay a floral tribute to the 96 who died at Hillsborough on the centre circle before a minute's silence.

  286. 1454: 

    Here we go then. Players emerge from tunnels around the country as we get set for a crunch afternoon of fixtures.

  287. 1454: 
    Matt Le Tissier

    It is 17 years to the day since one of the Premier League's more bizarre moments. Manchester United were beaten 3-1 at Southampton as they chased down Newcastle to win the league, but the game is most memorable for the fact that United changed kits at half-time.

    The grey effort they wore in the first half apparently made the players hard to pick out, with Lee Sharpe remembering that Sir Alex Ferguson's first words as he fired up the hairdryer were: "Get that kit off, you're getting changed."

    They came back out in a blue-and-white striped kit and improved. But still lost.

    Ryan Giggs
  288. 1452: 
    Reading v Liverpool (1500 BST)

    It always promised to be a passionate afternoon at the Madejski, and the away supporters are holding up banners both in support of the Hillsborough anniversary, and against former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

  289. 1451: 

    Statisticians Opta: "10 - Liverpool have scored in their last 10 away league games, the longest current run of its kind in the top-flight. Guarantee."

  290. 1451:  
    Former Leeds manager Neil WarnockReading v Liverpool (1500 BST)

    "Last summer, Reading did not really invest. Their team spirit has given them a few good runs, but when it levels out, you would not give them a chance in the Premier League."

    Watch the show on the Red Button, BBC Sport website and BBC World now. You can also catch it on BBC One from 1530-1715 BST.

  291. 1450: 
    Torquay P-P Barnet

    If any Barnet fans are heading back to north London, you'll just have time to have a brew when you get in before you need to turn around again.

    The fixture has already been rearranged, and will now be played this Tuesday, 16 April at 1945 BST.

  292. 1448: 

    The consensus across the country, perhaps apart from a pocket of optimistic Manchester City supporters, is the top-flight title is already heading back across the city to Old Trafford. So that leaves plenty of focus on the bottom of the table, where you would struggle to slip a cigarette paper between the teams battling to avoid the dreaded drop.

  293. 1447:  
    MOTD's Simon Brotherton at the MadejskiReading v Liverpool (1500 BST)

    "Reading are not showing any of the signs of a side preparing to make a miraculous escape. It was a big defeat for them last weekend, at the home to Southampton.

    "Adam Le Fondre finds himself in his favourite position, on the bench, where he seems to thrive and be able to find goals. In terms of Liverpool, this season is all about progress. They need to be seen to moving in the right direction and I think they are. They are playing some lovely football and scoring lots of goals. I fancy them today."

  294. 1445: 

    Benjamin Watts: "Can't believe Mauricio Pochettino has left Jay Rodriguez on the bench today for Southampton. He must be the most in form striker in the league right now."

    We believe that Rodriguez is ill Benjamin - clarification to come after full-time.

  295. 1444: 
    Southampton v West Ham (1500 BST)

    Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino says he is expecting a physical encounter from West Ham at St Mary's this afternoon but has urged his side to stick to their own game plan.

    "I think West Ham are going to be very direct, very aggressive and play the long ball to try and keep us in our half," said Pochettino,

    "We have to try and impose our brand of football, be dynamic and keep going forward. We also need to be aware that we will suffer against them when we don't have the ball."

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce has challenged his team to all but secure Premier League safety with victory.

    "I know mathematically people will say we can still be caught and somebody could still overtake us, but I find it difficult to believe that anybody would," Allardyce said.

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