Europa League football - Basel v Tottenham

Live text commentary of the Europa League quarter-finals, with Spurs and Newcastle out although Chelsea go through.

11 April 2013 Last updated at 23:34

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As it happened

  1. 2333: 

    It's been a long day. Seven-and-a-half hours of pure Europa League magic which has seen two of our sides bite the dust.

    Say you Saturday for a return to the Premier League and the FA Cup. Over and out.

  2. 2323: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4) - Basel win 4-1 on pens
    Emmanuel Adebayor

    Here's more from Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas on Jan Vertonghen's sending-off for a challenge on Marco Streller: "It's a difficult decision by the ref.

    "I haven't seen the replays to see if there's any people with the ability to cover up.

    "I think the referee in the White Hart Lane game gave a yellow card for a situation that is very similar.

    "I want to focus on the game. Obviously we had to dig in deep to hold on, we wanted to reach penalties to be in with a chance.

    "It didn't go our way in the penalties but we are extremely happy with the performance here tonight."

  3. 2316: 

    There is no messing about in this competition, as the first leg of the semi-finals is just two weeks away.

    Chelsea will find out who they will face on April 25 when the draw is made tomorrow morning from 1100 BST. The Champions League semis will be drawn then as well and you will be able to find out right here. Of course.

  4. 2315: 

    Hamzah Hajat: "Many people might be blaming Vertonghen for that loss, but I personally think that if he hadn't committed that foul then Streller would have gone on to score, because I couldn't see Friedel saving that, as he had a poor game, so don't blame Vertonghen. This is coming from an Arsenal fan."

    Choppy, disappointed Spurs fan: "Alan Sugar employed Christian Gross. I am not sure he is qualified to discuss managers being hired or fired."

  5. 2309: 

    Do you feel differently about the Europa League now? It's all down to Spurs.

  6. 2303: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4) - Basel win 4-1 on pens
    Andre Villas-Boas

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas Boas told ITV: "My first thoughts are for the players, they set a great example for the country. The way they approached the competition, playing every Thursday and Sunday.

    "They showed the country it is possible to approach it in a different way. I will cherish this and so should the players, we made the country feel different about the competition.

    "It has seen most of the English teams change their approach to the competition and that now it means a lot. We set the standard for the future, next time we will go better as it could not have gone worse tonight."

  7. 2302: 

    Oli on text: "That penalty was the worst thing I've ever seen. In life, not just in football."

    Sean: "Alan Sugar is an embarrassment to Tottenham fans. AVB sits in the same position as Redknapp was, yet had a great European run, and lost major players."

  8. 2300: 
    Tom Huddlestone

    Not that I would like to argue with Sir Alan Sugar, but Tom Huddlestone's penalty wasn't a bad one. Great save from Yann Sommer. Emmanuel Adebayor's though was fairly woeful...

  9. 2256: 

    Andre Villas-Boas says his players have set a great example in the way they have approached the Europa League this season.

  10. 2256: 

    Former Tottenham chairman Alan Sugar: "AVB should be fired. No tactics. Been lucky up till now with results. How can he put Huddlestone as pen taker? Then Adebayor you knew would miss."

    The expert in saying "You're fired" has his say...

  11. 2253:  
    Joey Barton, Footballer

    "Gutted to see Newcastle go out. Benfica a good European club, with lots of Euro competition experience."

  12. 2252: 

    Who are favourites for the Europa League now then? Chelsea have the pedigree but Benfica look a good side.

  13. 2251: 

    Fabian Frei gets my shout for penalty of the shoot-out. Unstoppable.

  14. 2251: 

    Infostrada Sports: "Fenerbahce and Basel both qualify for their first ever semi-final in a European club competition."

  15. 2250:  
    Gary Lineker, BBC Sport

    "Switched to the golf and Adebayor's ball has just landed on the 13th green. He's sure to miss the putt."

  16. 2249: 

    Sam Walker: "Say what you want about wanting another English team in the semis, but I was supporting Basel in that shootout due to them being the superior team over both legs, and being fully deserted of their place in the final four."

    Liam, Stockport: "Chelsea yet again the last English team standing in Europe. Not bad for a club in crisis."

    Ben, Essex: "Time for Adebayor to go. No passion, no longer wanted at Spurs. Same for Friedel, great career but your future lies in coaching. Will I ever see Spurs win a penalty shoot out??"

  17. 2249:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in Basel:

    "Tottenham were extremely brave. They didn't play particularly well, being a little naive after they scored the first goal but they kept coming back. They gave a superhuman effort in extra-time. After going down to 10 men, they worked very hard behind the ball. Over the course of the 120 minutes and from the first leg, Basel were the better team and deserved to go through.

    "The quality of the Basel penalties were outstanding.

    "Did Emmanuel Adebayor ever look like he had the confidence of scoring? It was an absolutely woeful penalty. It looked like he changed his mind halfway through the run up. The ball soared over the crossbar and it summed up his performance tonight."

  18. 2247: 

    So then, a reminder of who is through to the Europa League semi-finals:





  19. 2247: 

    Matt Love: "This is the worst scenario we could have had, Spurs players will be shattered, finishing 4th in the league is more important."

    Lew Daney: "Penalties are never a lottery. That's an insult for good takers and keepers."

    Nick M: "You just knew Adebayor was going to miss his penalty, even before that ridiculous run up."

  20. 2245: 

    It's seven penalty shoot-out defeats in a row for Tottenham. Chelsea are England's sole representatives in the semi-finals.

  21. 2245: 

    A familiar tale for Tottenham. A familiar tale for English football. Basel are into the last four of the Europa League after a clinical penalty shoot-out.

  23. 2243: 
    SCORES!- Basel 4-1 Tottenham - Marcelo Diaz

    Straight down the middle. Game over.

  24. 2243: 
    MISSED!- Basel 3-1 Tottenham - Emmanuel Adebayor

    High, over the crossbar, a terrible penalty.

  25. 2242: 
    SCORES!- Basel 3-1 Tottenham - Fabian Frei

    Sent high to the left, the Tottenham keeper had no chance.

  26. 2241: 
    SCORES!- Basel 2-1 Tottenham - Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Hard down the middle, into the net.

  27. 2241: 
    SCORES!- Basel 2-0 Tottenham - Marco Streller

    Class, a low penalty that sends Brad Friedel the wrong way.

  28. 2240: 
    SAVED!- Basel 1-0 Tottenham - Tom Huddlestone

    Keeper Yann Sommer makes a great save, diving to his right.

  29. 2240: 
    SCORES!- Basel 1-0 Tottenham - Fabian Schar

    Strikes low to Brad Friedel's left. Cracking penalty.

  30. 2239: 

    It will be Basel to go first...

  31. 2238: 

    The sides are sorting out who will take the spot-kicks and a coin toss will sort out which end we are at. How's your nerves?

    Gary Lineker, BBC Sport

    "Penalties! I like this bit. Seeing the fear in the eyes."


    Alex, Bangor: "Friedel is going to show just how valuable he is in the shoot out!"

    Dave, Portsmouth: "Come on Spurs we maybe out (Toon) but come on."

  34. 2236: 

    Get yourselves set for a shoot-out then. It's ended 4-4 on aggregate.

    I'll reset the scoreline at 0-0 for these penalties or we are all going to lose our minds.

    Dietmar Hamann, Former Liverpool, Man City & Newcastle midfielder

    "Dawson has been immense for Spurs. Fantastic defender. I'm sure AVB is relieved he never left the club in the summer."

  36. 2235: 
    PENALTY SHOOT-OUT- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    The last time Spurs won a penalty shootout?

    January 1994. Against Peterborough. FA Cup.

    Steve Sedgley hit the winning kick.

  37. 2235: 
    FULL-TIME- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    We go to penalties.

  38. 2232: 
    Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    Into the last minute of the 120...

  39. 2232:  
    Gary Lineker, BBC Sport

    "Wonderfully determined block from Dawson. The sort of spirit needed to win at times of duress!"

  40. 2232: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Newcastle 1-1 Benfica (Agg 2-4)

    Newcastle manager Alan Pardew speaking on ITV4: "No regret, in terms of the game plan, they are a good side, so you can't let them have the lead. We almost got one before half time and in the second half we [knew we] would give them a real good seeing to.

    "I can't ask for anything more from the crowd and the players.

    "You have to respect the opposition, they are a superb side, they have three or four players there that will be around in European football for 10 years. I am proud of the players, you can't ask for anymore. I'm proud of the performance and the way they played."

  41. 2230: 

    Andrew Machado: "Not a single white spot on Dawson's jersey. A worthy successor to Ledley King if ever there was one."

    Grant Dommen: "Arise, Sir Michael of Dawson. What a man."

    Darragh Morrissey: "Tottenham clinging on by the skin of their teeth in Europe, as per usual."

  42. 2229: 
    Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    Spurs haven't seen the halfway line since the restart.

    Clint Dempsey is finished. Shattered. Absolutely gone.

    You've got four minutes to hang on Clint. You're on a hat-trick son!

  43. 2227: 
    Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    Another half chance for Basel as Kyle Walker's legs give out on him and a cross comes in, Brad Friedel just about pouches it at the second attempt though with Alex Frei in the vicinity. Spurs are out on their feet.

  44. 2226: 
    CLOSE!- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    Brilliant from Michael Dawson!

    Basel fashion a chance for Alex Frei to score with his first touch, he is in on goal but his left-footed shot is blocked by Dawson's left boot, as he threw himself at it. Captain fantastic.

  45. 2224: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    There are some hugely tired legs out there. Not a great deal of quality on display right now, as Alex Frei does come on for Basle, in place of Mohamed Salah. Into the last 10.


    Andy, Grimsby: "Spurs lacking some serious pace, cannot sell Bale in the summer, hopeless without him."

    Jon, Eastleigh: "One thing that tonight has shown me is that Lloris is head and shoulders above Friedel. I'm pretty sure the sweeper-keeper would've kept out both Basel goals tonight."

  47. 2222: 
    Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    We have 12 minutes left. The stadium is rocking to some top-class rhythmic clapping. The home fans sense a win, but Michael Dawson and co think otherwise. Which way is it going to go?

  48. 2220: 
    Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    Basel have veteran goalscorer Alex Frei warming up. Get him on - he's got over 40 international goal to his name.

  49. 2220: 

    Matt Foster: "The big question tonight, If Tom Huddlestone scores a penalty in the shootout, can he get a haircut???"

  50. 2219: 
    EXTRA TIME- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    Back under way.

  51. 2217: 
    HALF-TIME- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    Half-time in extra time. Spurs have 15 minutes to hang on in there.

  52. 2217: 
    CLOSE!- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    Basel go close again - substitute Marcelo Diaz stepping in on to his left foot and sending a dipping effort flying past the post from 20 yards.

  53. 2214: 
    YELLOW CARD- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    Better from Emmaniel Adebayor, much better, as he picks up the ball and drives at two men, winning a free-kick.

    Mohamed Elneny is booked for an earlier foul.

  54. 2213: 

    This has got a distinct penalty shoot-out feel about it. I'm warming up the penalty graphics.

  55. 2213: 

    Jamie Bisson: "Spurs need to break on the counter or, if they haven't got enough energy, play for pens. What ever the result, great effort!"

    Thomas: "We can't play for penalties, can't remember the last time we won a penalty shootout."

    Call me James: "Michael Dawson being a true leader for Spurs out there. great captain."

  56. 2211: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Newcastle 1-1 Benfica (Agg 2-4)
    Shola Ameobi

    Newcastle striker Shola Ameobi speaking to ITV4: "Two goals is a lot to come back from, but tonight we gave it a good go. We knew with our home fans we had a chance, and the first goal gave us a lift. Papiss scored two but was offside, that's the luck off the draw.

    "Two goals was a bridge too far. I don't think we showed them too much respect, we knew they were a good side, Portuguese champions, so we had to be cautious early on as a goal would have killed the game.

    "We see with the game tonight it meant a lot to us, we have given everything we have in this competition. We will take a lot out of it, experience and help us moving forward. Making the quarter-finals is a good achievement."

  57. 2211: 

    Matt, London: "Newcastle played their hearts out in those last 20 minutes, really thought we could do it. Heart-breaking but we put in a great effort, credit to Newcastle where it's due."

    Paul, Durham: "Really proud of Newcastle tonight. I just hope one of Chelsea or Spurs win the Europa League and bring it at least to Britain."

  58. 2210: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    What a strike!

    Basel midfielder Mohamed Elneny lets fly from fully 30 yards, he catches it sweet as a nut, the ball flies through the air and smacks off the far post. Stunning effort.

  59. 2209: 
    Newcastle 1-1 Benfica (Agg 2-4)
    Benfica"s Eduardo Salvio

    Benfica are still unbeaten since October after Eduaro Salvio's late goal earned them a draw at St James's Park.

  60. 2207: 
    Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    For a man of such size Emmanuel Adebayor's hold-up play has been terrible. Time and again the ball comes back off him, and as a result Tottenham cannot keep hold of it at the minute.

  61. 2207: 

    Luke: "Win or lose, someone needs to give Gylfi Sigurdsson a medal. Outstanding effort tonight."

    Pete: "Being a Spurs fan may age me five times faster but at least they're good value for entertainment."

    Lee, Nottingham: "So does this mean that Spurs are as good as Basel were away from home, or, are Basel as poor as Spurs were at home?"

  62. 2204: 
    Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    It's a 4-4-1 for Spurs now, with Lewis Holtby and Thomas Carroll in centre mid. Do they play for penalties here or go for it?

  63. 2203: 

    Nathan Coverdale: "Won't argue with not going through, will argue we deserved to be there."

    Matt: "Feel sorry for Newcastle but hey the better team won."

    Ikram Miah: "Newcastle couldn't do it, but I still have hopes for Tottenham!"

  64. 2203: 
    EXTRA TIME- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    We are under way in the extra 30 minutes.

  65. 2202: 
    Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)
    Spurs celebrate scoring against Basel

    There was a terrible dive in the dying seconds by the way by Basel's Fabian Schar - he threw himself sideways.

    Anyway, Tom Huddlestone will be filing in at the back for extra-time after Jan vertonghen's red card.

  66. 2200: 

    The semi-final line up in the Europa League:




    Basel or Tottenham (Extra-time being played)

  67. 2200: 

    David, Bournemouth: "Nothing but proud of Newcastle tonight. Played with real heart. We lost to a better team unfortunately."

  68. 2159: 

    The Europa dream is over for Newcastle then who never quite had enough to really worry Benfica.

  69. 2159:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in Basel:Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    "It is going to be difficult for Spurs with 10 men. They just have to go for it now, but still play with their brains. The worst they can do it get it to penalties and go through that route."

  70. 2158: 
    FULL-TIME- Newcastle 1-1 Benfica (Agg 2-4)
  71. 2158: 
    FULL-TIME- Lazio 1-1 Fenerbahce (Agg 1-3)

    BBC Sport's Jonathan Smith reports: "Fenerbahce may be seen as the weakest side left in the Europa League but they showed plenty of guile to triumph in Rome. Senad Lulic's bullet header midway through the second half had the Turkish side wobbling but Caner Erkin killed off the tie with a composed and clinical away goal."

  72. 2157: 

    Dan Williams: "I was starting to think Tottenham had a plan until that..."

    LYG: "Spurs don't do it the easy way, do they?"

  73. 2157: 
    FULL-TIME- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    We will have extra-time in Switzerland.

  74. 2155: 
    GOAL- Newcastle 1-1 Benfica (Agg 2-4) - Eduardo Salvio (90 mins)

    There is late drama in Newcastle but it comes at the wrong end. Benfica seal their place in the last four as Rodrigo pulls the ball back from the left and Eduardo Salvio ghosts in at the back post to fire into the net. Game over.

  75. 2155: 
    INJURY TIME- Newcastle 1-0 Benfica (Agg 2-3)

    Into stoppage time and Yohan Cabaye flashes in a free-kick which is easy for Artur. Four minutes added on.

  76. 2154:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in Basel:Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    "Jan Vertonghen was the last man there and you know what is coming when the referee is reaching for his top pocket - it's not going to be a toaster."

  77. 2154: 

    All over the in Conference games. Newport have thrashed Macclesfield 4-1 to move up to third in the table, while Alfreton defeated Tamworth 3-0 to move eight points above the relegation zone. It finished 0-0 between Dartford and Braintree.

  78. 2154: 

    Mitch, Newcastle: "Have to say for the quality Benfica have, they sure do know how to waste time. They [Benfica] aren't used to defending against this kind of bombardment in the league they play in."

    Dave, Oxford: "AVB celebrated bouncing up and down like Tigger from Winnie The Pooh!"

  79. 2153: 
    RED CARD FOR SPURS- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4) - Jan Vertonghen

    Tottenham are down to 10 men which could yet prove costly. Jan Vertonghen chops down Marco Streller as the Basel captain ran in on goal. Clear red card.

  80. 2152: 
    CISSE O'CLOCK- Newcastle 1-0 Benfica (Agg 2-3)

    Papiss Cisse has scored last-minute goals in Newcastle's last three home games. They need another one now...

  81. 2151: 
    FINAL FIVE- Newcastle 1-0 Benfica (Agg 2-3)

    Newcastle load the penalty area but an offside flag kills that attack. Four minutes left for Newcastle to salvage this tie.

  82. 2149: 
    CLOSE!- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4)

    Where's this going? Spurs suddenly full of beans, with Kyle Walker bursting into the box on the overlap and firing in a low ball which hits both full-back Park Joo-ho and keeper Yann Sommer and still somehow stays out of the net. Great finish from Tottenham.


    James Watts: "That was poor from the Basel goalie but who cares!!!"

    Val Mink: "Another incredibly lucky goal for Tottenham and you feel like they can go on and win it from here. Next goal wins it for me."

    Jeet Rajani: "Huddlestones passing range is impeccable! Unbelievably accurate! Never misplaces a pass."

  84. 2148: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Newcastle 1-0 Benfica (Agg 2-3)

    Instead it is Benfica who have taken a stranglehold on the game since that Papiss Cisse goal. They are just keeping the ball, and Tim Krul then has to make a good save to keep out a Nicolas Gaitan shot.

  85. 2147: 

    Right, Spurs have done their bit, it's over to you Newcastle...

  86. 2145: 
    GOAL- Basel 2-2 Tottenham (Agg 4-4) - Clint Dempsey (82 mins)

    That'll do it! That'll do. Spurs do get the big men up there as they launch a free-kick long, but it's Clint Dempsey who brings the ball down on his chest and fires in a left-footed shot. Keeper Yann Sommer should do better though, getting a hand to his shot but not keeping it out.

    As it stands now it will be extra-time.

  87. 2144: 

    How long till we see some centre-halves going forward? Come on lads, Dortmund showed you how to do it. Get them up there...

  88. 2144: 

    Ollie, Stourbridge: "The Hatem-bomb has been dropped!"

    Sean: "At the start of the season, people called Lloris a pointless signing as we had Friedel. Now look."

    Big John: "Every move involving Adebayor either breaks down or goes backward. Nice bloke, but just going through the motions?"

  89. 2141: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Benfica (Agg 2-3)

    It's all Newcastle now.

    Shola Ameobi is starting to cause havoc but twice in quick succession he can't quite squeeze off a shot after good approach work.

    Twelve minutes left.

  90. 2140: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Basel 2-1 Tottenham (Agg 4-3)

    Andre Villas-Boas does make another change as Tom Huddlestone comes on in place of Scott Parker. Benoit Assou-Ekotto then replaces Kyle Naughton.

  91. 2140:  
    Joey Barton, Footballer

    "Big 15 mins for The Toon. Benfica on the ropes here."

  92. 2140:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in Basel:Basel 2-1 Tottenham (Agg 4-3)

    "There are 20 minutes left and Tottenham need a goal. But I can't see what changes Villas-Boas is going to make. It's going to be a real gamble from now on."

  93. 2139: 
    Newcastle 1-0 Benfica (Agg 2-3)

    Newcastle have scored a shedload of last-minute goals in recent times. We may be on for another grandstand finish as well.


    Jamie Hardesty: "I'm starting to believe. Cisse I love you even more!"

    Alan Ferguson: "If at first (and second) you don't succeed #cisse...3rd time lucky."

    Max McLean: "Come on Newcastle!! I'd love to see Pards go another level, maybe climb through the crowd to his parents ala Wimbledon?"

  95. 2137: 
    GOAL- Lazio 1-1 Fenerbahce (Agg 1-3) - Caner Erkin (73 mins)

    This should prevent extra-time in Rome as Fenerbahce go into full control. Caner Erkin takes a great touch to move the ball on to his left foot before smashing home into the top corner.

  96. 2136: 
    CLOSE!- Basel 2-1 Tottenham (Agg 4-3)

    All three Europa League games could yet go to extra time and Michael Dawson has a good chance for Spurs, heading a corner powerfully but straight at Yann Sommer.

    We have 17 minutes left.

  97. 2134: 
    GOAL- Newcastle 1-0 Benfica (Agg 2-3) - Papiss Cisse (71 mins)

    Here we go! This time he is onside as good work from subs Hatem Ben Arfa and Shola Ameobi ends with Ameobi poking a ball across the goalmouth and Papiss Cisse heads in from close range.

    Newcastle need one more.

  98. 2131: 
    Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Newcastle are at least threatening now. Substitute Sylvain Marveaux teases in a cross from the left and Papiss Cisse can't quite steer the header on goal. They are getting in behind Benfica now though. The problem is they still need two goals with 20 minutes remaining.

  99. 2131: 

    Adam Nash: "People will always talk about Bale, but we've scored goals in this tie. Bad defending has cost us these matches."

    Ruridh Allen: "I say it every time I watch Spurs, but Adebayor is so bad these days. Clearly had the best of his career at Arsenal."

    Enoch Wong: "Tom Caroll for Dembele? Does AVB want this or not?"

  100. 2130: 
    Basel 2-1 Tottenham (Agg 4-3)
    Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas

    Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas won the Europa League with Porto in 2011. Unless his team score in the next 25 minutes, he won't be winning it again this year.

  101. 2130: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Papiss Cisse has the ball in the net again. He is offside again.

    This time Shola Ameobi flicks a header on and Cisse turns the ball in superbly with his back to goal. A yard offside though. He is booked for his protestations but it was the right decision.

  102. 2128: 

    OptaJoe: "0 - Tottenham have never lost a European match against opposition from Switzerland. Danger."

  103. 2128: 
    Basel 2-1 Tottenham (Agg 4-3)

    Decent save from Brad Friedel here to palm out a fierce drive from Mohamed Elneny. Basel having a strong spell now.

  104. 2127: 

    John Edwards: "Will never win anything with Friedel in goal. Stays on his line and can't save anything low to his left. Lloris would have claimed the ball long before it went for a corner for their 2nd goal."

    Paul: "Spurs are no good. Still feeling the heat of having done their best all season yet still being only 2 points clear of Arsenal in league, bottlers!"

  105. 2126: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    The Newcastle fans get their wish. Hatem Ben Arfa is on for Vurnon Anita, the Frenchman has just under half an hour to inspre a famous comeback.

  106. 2124: 
    GOAL- Lazio 1-0 Fenerbahce (Agg 1-2) - Senad Lulic (61 mins)

    Lazio have a lifeline as Antonio Candreva crosses from the right and Senad Lulic meets it with a commanding header. Pick that one out.

  107. 2123:  
    Dietmar Hamann, Former Liverpool, Man City & Newcastle midfielder

    "Very impressed by Benfica, the only team to stop Chelsea winning the Europa League."

  108. 2122: 
    Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    It's all getting a bit frustrating for Newcastle fans, who are singing for Hatem Ben Arfa. Yohan Cabaye has a free-kick lined up but puts the shot way over the top.

  109. 2121: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Basel 2-1 Tottenham (Agg 4-3)

    Cometh the hour, cometh the child. Tottenham send on fresh-faced midfielder Thomas Carroll, and he replaces Mousa Dembele, who has not had the best game of his Spurs career.

  110. 2120: 

    John Coote: "These are not howlers by Friedel but on both of the goals you would have hoped for better keeping."

    Martyn Pritchard: "That 2nd Basel goal changes nothing...always needed's gonna happen."

  111. 2119: 
    CLOSE!- Basel 2-1 Tottenham (Agg 4-3)

    It was very nearly time for Spurs fans to panic...

    Aleksandar Dragovic again wins a header from a free-kick but sends it inches wide of the top corner. Mighty close!

  112. 2117: 
    CLOSE!- Basel 2-1 Tottenham (Agg 4-3)

    Lovely stuff from Lewis Holtby, as he pirouettes away from a challenge in the middle of the park before inviting Emmanuel Adebayor to shoot with a perfectly-weighted through ball. Adebayor's first touch is good but he can only shoot into the side-netting. Still 35 minutes left, no need to panic yet Spurs fans.

  113. 2116: 

    Callum Downing: "Poor from Friedel! basically gave it to him! loving Tottenham losing though!"

    Dean Pannell: "Typical Spurs. Expected nothing less."

    Joshua Barrett: "Why has AVB not tried Walker right wing? We have RB cover and lack of attacking width is killing us."

  114. 2115: 
    Basel 2-1 Tottenham (Agg 4-3)

    Those lack of attacking options for Spurs may hurt them now as they chase a second goal. Gylfi Sigurdsson takes a free-kick from 30 yards but wastes it.

  115. 2114: 
    CLOSE!- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Shola Ameobi makes his presence count up front for Newcastle, barging through a challenge and forcing a corner with a low effort at the near post.

  116. 2111: 
    GOAL- Basel 2-1 Tottenham (Agg 4-3) - Aleksandar Dragovic (49 mins)

    Villain to potential hero? Basel defender Aleksandar Dragovic, who gifted Spurs their opener, slams in from close range after Brad Friedel can only parry Fabian Schar's header right into his path. Spurs in trouble.

    A goal for Spurs would see us heading for extra time.

  117. 2111: 
    CLOSE!- Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)

    That man Mohamed Salah creates more danger for Basel, finding a pass into the path of Marco Streller whose shot is blocked away for a corner.

  118. 2110: 
    Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)

    The incessant rain appears to be having an effect on the playing surface now. Two or three players have struggled with their footing already since the break.

  119. 2109: 

    Ricky Grayston: "Who says Newcastle can't win Europa? Stranger things have happened, who said Bradford couldn't reach the league cup final? Think before you tweet."

    Fraser: "Dembele needs to wake up, if he does, and adebayor works hard, with some help from tom huddlestone, spurs can win!"

    Sam, Cheshire: "To anyone saying Spurs aren't the same without Bale, of course they aren't! We saw last night with Barca how world class players make a huge difference, and Barca still have Iniesta and Xavi in their ranks! Let's stop stating the obvious! Adebayor to score the winner."

  120. 2109: 
    KICK-OFF- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    ...and in Newcastle.

  121. 2108: 
    KICK-OFF- Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)

    Back in play in Basel...

  122. 2107: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Here he is. Shola Ameobi is on for Newcastle in place of Gael Bigirimana.

  123. 2107: 

    Here we go then. A key 45 minutes for Spurs and Newcastle, who are both going out as it stands.

  124. 2104: 

    Tom Holmes: "Newcastle were out the minute they drew Benfica, they just have too much class. Spurs need a good second half."

    JP Dumas: "Can we just blow full time on this Newcastle game now? Been pathetic since the line up was chosen. One striker chasing 2-0?"

    Duncan Searle: "You can't win it in the 1st half but you can lose it! Solid half from the Toon. Marv and HBA to win it off the bench."

  125. 2103: 

    Good news for Saints fans as Adam Lallana signs a new five-year contract to stay with the club.

    He says: "I can only see my future lying with Southampton."

  126. 2103: 

    Infrostrada Sports: "Mohamed Salah scores for Basel. Last player from Egypt to score in EL, EC or CL was Spurs' Hossam Galy in 2006."

  127. 2101: 

    So Newcastle fans giving that first-half display a mixed review. They still need to find two goals and apart from an offside finish from Papiss Cisse they haven't looked too likely to do so.

    Get big Shola on? And Hatem Ben Arfa?

  128. 2059: 

    Matthew Ball: "We only need 2 goals if we stop Benfica scoring! We won't do that playing 2 strikers. Pards is right to bide time."

    Jamie Hardesty: "Newcastle sticking to the game plan but to what avail? The subs and late hope approach was always a desperate prospect."

    Tayo: "Newcastle should get their priorities right. Not safe in the league yet and they can't win Europa."

  129. 2058: 

    Thayyab is spot on. Without the cut and thrust of Aaron Lennon and Gareth Bale Spurs have been pedestrian in attack. Mohamed Salah has shown enough in both legs to suggest that he may have a future beyond the Swiss league.

  130. 2057: 

    Peter, Wainscott: "Re 2046 - Much more important to keep a clean sheet first half and go for it second half. Benfica score and we can kiss Europe goodbye."

    Thayyab, Leamington: "Salah showing Spurs just what they're missing with Bale and Lennon out."

  131. 2056: 

    Alfreton lead Tamworth 2-0 and as it stands, they move up to 13th in the table, with their opposition slipping to 18th on goal difference, teetering two points above the drop zone.

    Newport lead Macclesfield 3-1 having gone behind early on, while there are no goals in the clash between Dartford and Braintree.

  132. 2056: 

    Danny Partington: "The amount of space Spurs are giving Basel, particularly Naughton on the left, is utterly shameful! Far too easy for the Swiss!"

    Barrie Voyce: "Spurs score then go to pieces."

    Paren: "The Spurs defence issue is AVB's high line. Basel have both tactics and the personnel to beat it."

  133. 2055: 
    HALF-TIME- Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)

    BBC Sport's Neil Johnston reports: "Tottenham are 45 minutes from going out of Europe after failing to capitalise on their fine start. Andre Villas-Boas' side have been second best since scoring and need to find something special if their hunt for silverware is not to end on a damp note in rain-soaked Basel."

  134. 2053: 
    HALF-TIME- Lazio 0-0 Fenerbahce (Agg 0-2)

    BBC Sport's Jonathan Smith reports: "Lazio are only slightly less lively than the empty Stadio Olimpico. Ederson went close with a low drive kicked clear by Volkan Demirel but other than that, it's been a perfect defensive display from a well-organised Fenerbahce."

  135. 2053: 
    HALF-TIME- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    BBC Sport's Chris McKenna reports: "Benfica have had the better of this half as Newcastle struggle to maintain possession. However, Tim Krul's saves and a clearance off the line from Massadio Haidara keep it goalless which means Newcastle still have a chance of progressing. Manager Alan Pardew said he would be hopeful of going through if they needed two goals with 20 minutes left, but the Magpies will have to up their game."

  136. 2052: 
    HALF-TIME- Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)
    Mohamed Salah scores for Basel

    Basel hold the advantage thanks to Mohamed Salah's strike.

  137. 2050: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Papiss Cisse sweeps in a cross from Gael Bigirimana at the back stick - but the flag is already raised, with the striker a clear yard offside. Best moment yet for the Toon Army.

  138. 2050: 

    Tom Kiddle: "Newcastle have no cutting edge right now, got to look at Ben Arfa to come on at some point."

    Matt Hardy: "Cabaye having a bit of a mare at the moment. He keeps playing pretty balls forward and expects someone to be on the end of them."

    Paul Thompson: "Newcastle really struggling for creativity at the moment. They don't look like scoring one goal at the minute, never mind two."

  139. 2049: 
    Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)
    Basel supporters

    Mohamed Salah is causing some real damage for Basel. The winger is away again after beating a Michael Dawson lunge on the halfway line, he then even outpaces Kyle Walker to set up another attack down the left but Spurs see it out. They will be pleased to survive until half-time.

  140. 2048:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in Basel:Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)

    "Tottenham have completely lost the momentum. The way they have given the ball away so easily is actually quite frightening. It's as though they have never played in Europe before."

  141. 2047: 

    We are closing in on half-time. Five minutes to go in both games.

  142. 2046: 

    Toby Arguello: "Newcastle need a second striker on, Benfica are defending too well and there's no edge in the final third."

    Paul Kelly: "I seriously hope the officials eventually realise that Benfica are playing with 15 men."

    Craig Fenby: "Same old confusion of seeing a team that needs two goals play one up front, Pardew what are you doing? Not a clue."

  143. 2046: 
    Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Benfica continue to look the more threatening as Enzo Perez picks up possession 25 yards from goal and has an ambitious effort that bounces just in front of Tim Krul but the Newcastle goalkeeper collects the ball at the second attempt.

  144. 2045: 
    YELLOW CARD- Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)

    Bad news for Kyle Naughton. The Spurs man is up against Basel winger Mohamed Salah, and he now has to survive for 50-odd minutes on a booking after he sees yellow for obstructing the Egyptian.

  145. 2042: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)

    Better from Spurs. Clint Dempsey works the back back out to Mousa Dembele lurking on the edge of the area, and he curls a left-footed effort toward the top corner only to see Yann Sommer make a flying save.

  146. 2041: 
    CLOSE!- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Another chance for Benfica as Ola John beats his man easily to hang over a cross which Eduaro Salvio heads wide at the far post. Newcastle hanging on a bit at the back.

  147. 2040:  
    Gary Lineker, BBC Sport

    "Well that lead didn't last long. This could be anything."

  148. 2040: 

    Segun Agbaje: "That boy Salah is a gem. Someone needs to snap him up fast!"

    Luke: "Spurs don't look the same without Bale; he needs to be back soon otherwise they are gonna be in the Europa League."

    Daniel Hesse: "Vertonghen's been Spurs' most creative player in 2013 (Bale included). Title contenders with your centre-half as playmaker?"

  149. 2040: 
    YELLOW CARD- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Looks like gamesmanship has come into play from Benfica already. Enzo Perez is booked for kicking the ball away before goalkeeper Artur sees yellow for time-wasting.

    There's an hour left lads...

  150. 2038: 
    Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)
    Clint Dempsey

    Clint Dempsey's goal gave Tottenham the start they were looking for - but they held the lead in Switzerland for just four minutes.

  151. 2037:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in Basel:Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)

    "What are Tottenham doing? Since they have scored they have been hopeless. That goal was so naive from their point of view. They lost possession 40 yards from Friedel's goal."

  152. 2037: 
    CLOSE!- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Tim Krul comes racing out of his goal to collect a ball but comes to the edge of his area and cannot handle it which allows Lima to pull back for Nicolas Gaitan, but Massadio Haidara is on the line to clear. Newcastle lucky to get away with that.

  153. 2036: 

    Ed Morris: "Spurs and Basel caught napping, anyone actually awake on pitch?!"

    Ali Barfoot: "Do Tottenham know how to do boring European nights?"

    Pasa Mustafa: "Christmas came early for Spurs there so they decided to return the favour to Basel."

  154. 2034: 
    Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3)

    Mohamed Salah is almost in again for Basel, running through the Spurs defence but Kyle Walker makes a great recovery challenge. Can Tottenham respond?

  155. 2032: 
    GOAL- Basel 1-1 Tottenham (Agg 3-3) - Mohamed Salah (27 mins)

    Spurs' lead does not last long at all as Basel counter brilliantly, freeing Egyptian winger Mohamed Salah in the right-hand channel and after a heavy first touch, he goes for a good old fashioned toe-poke with his left foot, finding the bottom corner.

    Basel back in business on away goals.

  156. 2032: 

    James Jardine: "Clint-ical finishing by Dempsey!"

    Jonty Leibowitz: "Spent all day revising- Clint Dempsey just made it all worthwhile."

  157. 2031: 
    Basel 0-1 Tottenham (Agg 2-3)

    Moments after putting Spurs ahead in the tie, Clint Demsey is down injured. I'm not sure what happened with him but he is struggling. He's back on his feet for now but not moving too cleverly.

  158. 2028: 
    GOAL- Basel 0-1 Tottenham (Agg 2-3) - Clint Dempsey (23 mins)

    How can Spurs find a way through? With a massive cock-up in the Basel defence, that's how. Jan Vertonghen slides a through-ball forwards but it should be easy for centre-half Aleksandar Dragovic to deal with. Instead, he goes to ground on the greasy surface and makes a real hash of it. Clint Dempsey nips in to skip away from goalkeeper Yann Sommer and rolls in his first European goal for Spurs.

  159. 2028:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in Basel:Basel 0-0 Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    "Tottenham have had quite a bit of the ball, but in the final third we have seen absolutely nothing. Nobody is running behind the Basel back four and that's a real problem for Tottenham at the moment. Basel are trying to draw Tottenham out and play on the counter-attack."

  160. 2027: 

    Michael, Glasgow: "Basel played fantastic football at White Hart Lane a week ago. I'd assume they would play even better at home as suggested by the fact they are unbeaten at home during this Europa League campaign. Spurs in for a tricky night."

    Fran, London: "Stuck in a train outside Clapham Junction wishing I was watching my Benfica. Newcastle beware, we always score. If we stay true to form you'll need a lot of goals to go through."

  161. 2026: 
    Basel 0-0 Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    The rain has eased a bit but the pitch is beginning to stick and without the twin fliers of Aaron Lennon and Gareth Bale Spurs are struggling. There is a very slow pace to their play.

  162. 2024: 
    Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Newcastle are seeing more of the ball in the middle third but they show no signs of hurting the Portuguese side yet. Papiss Cisse has hardly had a touch.

  163. 2023: 

    James Jardine: "Last week Basel's attacking triangle were as delicious as their native Toblerone, Will they be too much of a mouthful for Spurs?"

    Mikey Sneijder: "AVB is paying the price for not investing in another striker. Adebayor is simply not good enough anymore."

    Scott Rogers: "Fancy Sigurdsson to score again tonight, he's starting to look like the player he was at Swansea."

  164. 2021: 
    Basel 0-0 Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Gylfi Sigurdsson leads a counter-attack down the Tottenham left but the Icelander goes for goal with two men on his right, and the shot is wayward.

  165. 2020:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in Basel:Basel 0-0 Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    "Basel have got everyone back, it's almost like two lines of four. They're playing a bit like the away team because of the 2-2 first leg. Tottenham need to score and they're going to have to get most of the width tonight from the full-backs."

  166. 2019: 
    Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Benfica have some genuine cutting edge up front. This time it's Nicolas Gaitan who easily bypasses the Newcastle defence to move menacingly in on goal from the right, but his cross is well cleared away for a corner. Nervous times for the hosts.

  167. 2017: 
    Basel 0-0 Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    This is better from the Swiss. Marco Streller flicks a lovely touch out wide to former Liverpool full-back Philipp Degen, and he hangs up a cross which Mohamed Salah latches on to, but he fires his volley way over the top.

  168. 2016: 
    Lazio 0-0 Fenerbahce (Agg 0-2)

    Lazio have put up a big screen outside the Stadio Olimpico and the fans can be heard inside the empty stadium. Not much for them to cheer yet though as the Turkish side have settled quickly.

  169. 2015: 
    Basel 0-0 Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Spurs work the free-kick to the hammer of Jan Vertonghen's left foot but the Belgian for once gets it all wrong, firing weakly wide from 30 yards.

    Basel are very subdued though. Maybe they are not sure how to approach the second leg.

  170. 2013: 
    Basel 0-0 Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    In Switzerland, meanwhile, Tottenham are making a good job of moving the ball through midfield. Kyle Walker is fouled at the end of a long passage of play.

  171. 2012: 
    Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Newcastle are really struggling in the opening few minutes. Papiss Cisse looks incredibly isolated up front and they can't get hold of the ball in midfield.

  172. 2010: 

    Djethro Colmer: "I know flicking between Spurs and Le Toon games will mean me missing goals, but it's a big night in Europe's 2nd competition."

    Paul Thompson: "Despite all the injuries, I think the Pardew effect will see the Toon through tonight. May take extra time though!"

  173. 2009: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Ooh, shaky start from Newcastle! Benfica full-back Andre Almeida puts in a low cross from the right and Lima gets there first, flicking in a lovely backheel toward the near post and Tim Krul makes a fine reaction stop.

    An away goal for Benfica would spell all kinds of trouble.

    Krul then has to make another save, turning away a cross/shot from the left.

  174. 2007: 
    CLOSE!- Basel 0-0 Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Michael Dawson's first touch is dreadful, hitting the ball straight at Fabian Schar and Scott Parker is forced to foul Valentin Stocker to recue the situation.

    Basel roll the free-kick to Schar who drills a shot just wide.

  175. 2006: 

    Alex, Newcastle: "Of course the Europa League is a good competition. When your team is still in with a shout as it draws towards the final...just like the League Cup really."

    Magnus, Glasgow: "Missing their star man, a pretty average bench and playing against a team unbeaten at home in the Europa League this season. It's going to take a massive effort from Spurs to go through."

    Stuart, Watford: "If Chelsea win the Europa cup then they will be holders of the Champions League and Europa cup at the same time according to the dates of the finals."

  176. 2005: 
    KICK-OFF- Newcastle 0-0 Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    ...and in the north-east of England.

  177. 2005: 
    KICK-OFF- Basel 0-0 Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Game on in the pouring Swiss rain...

  178. 2004: 
    Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas: "It's a different game, a different situation (to the first leg). We understand we have to win the game or get a high scoring draw. They are the strongest side I have seen at White Hart Lane this season, but we will try and do better. We are missing some influential players but I firmly believe in the players I am sending out tonight."

  179. 2002: 
    Lazio v Fenerbahce (Agg 0-2)

    Meanwhile, in Rome the game is being played behind closed doors. So we have the surreal sight of the Europa League anthem being belted out to absolutely nobody. You can hear the players clapping.

  180. 2001: 

    Steven McNamara: "Cisse to get a brace and Cabaye in a 3-0 win for the Toon, they will miss the Bull terrier-like Tiote though, quality player."

    Mr C: "As an Arsenal I am a Tottenham supporter tonight. Come on Spurs!"

    Eleanor Cunningham: "Has there ever been a team more unlucky with injuries at a crucial part of the season than Spurs? Will AVB pull a muscle next?"

  181. 2001: 

    The players emerge on to the pitch in Newcastle and in Switzerland. Kick-off moments away for both Premier League sides.

  182. 1959: 

    Shaquile Coulthirst is the buzzword. Let's hope he gets on...

  183. 1959:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in Basel:Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    "Spurs were scouring for a striker in January but it just did not happen. We always thought they would be short up front and if we look at the bench, they have number 41 Shaquille Coulthirst who scored a hat-trick against Barcelona in the NextGen Cup so he must have a bright future, but there is very little else in terms on attacking options available on the bench."

  184. 1959: 

    OptaJoe: "1/9 - Tottenham have won one of their last nine away matches in Europe, drawing five and losing three. Turbulence."

  185. 1958: 
    Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    It's sheeting down in Switzerland. Salford-esque weather conditions.

  186. 1957:  
    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Conor McNamaraBasel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    "Shaquile Coulthirst on the bench for #THFC tonight, scored a hat-trick for Spurs' Next Gen team away against Barcelona recently."

  187. 1956: 

    Ten minutes to action in the Europa League.

  188. 1952: 

    Three games in the Conference Premier taking place tonight, all which kicked-off at 1945 BST. Newport - who have already secured a play-off spot - can move up to third in the table with a win against Macclesfield, but the Silkmen have taken an early lead.

    Alfreton take on Tamworth, with both sides looking to claw themselves away from relegation trouble. Dartford host Braintree.

  189. 1951: 

    Peter, Aldershot: "When will we accept that the Europa league isn't bad? Teams that finish 5th end up there, those are good teams!"

    Tom, London: "Would love to win the Europa League. I think we can do it tonight, wouldn't mind seeing a couple of Basel players in our team next year."

  190. 1949: 
    Newcastle v Benfica (Agg 1-3)
    A Newcastle supporter

    A 2-0 win would be enough for Newcastle tonight so we may see Shola Ameobi and Hatem Ben Arfa in the mix before the end of play. Can both our sides join Chelsea in the last four?

  191. 1948: 

    Newcastle defender Ryan Taylor, who has been out injured since August: "Looking forward to the game tonight. I'd love this to be the last game I miss out on this season."

  192. 1947: 

    Karel Deprez: "No worries about Tottenham being without Bale. They've still got Vertonghen. Intrinsically, it's about the same player, right?"

    Lyle Bunyan: "No Gareth Bale tonight, No Tottenham."

    George Craven: "Spurs don't lack quality with 3 of last seasons top performers starting - Dembele, Dempsey and Sigurdsson - they lack a spark."

  193. 1947: 

    Good news from Gigg Lane, where Bury revealed yesterday that they need £1m to survive.

    Today they say that they have had "positive discussions with potential investors". Top news.

  194. 1941: 
    Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Basel winger Mohamed Salah was excellent - if wasteful - at White Hart Lane last week and may give Spurs plenty of problems tonight.

    I'm feeling goals all round. Liverpool have already had a goalfest in Switzerland this season - winning a 5-3 thriller against Young Boys back in September. More of the same?

  195. 1938: 

    James in London: "Re Kris (1911), it's more like winning the FA Cup one year and the Johnstone's Paint Trophy the next!"

  196. 1935: 
    Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    How do Tottenham approach this one then? They have to go for goals. They're not blessed with much attacking options on the bench though. If it goes south quickly they only have Jake Livermore and youth team striker Shaquile Coulthirst to come on.

  197. 1933: 

    Josh Gottlieb: "It'll be very hard for Spurs without Bale & Lennon but I still think we'll have too much quality for them."

    Christian K Attard: "I don't understand complaints from teams about fixture pile-ups. You want to try & win all the domestic & euro cups available, right?"

    Vladimir Pazdinov: "Would have liked to see Hudd and Livermore in front of the defence with Dembele pushed up behind Ade."

  198. 1927: 

    Newcastle may well be boosted by Benfica's decision to leave main man Oscar Cardozo on the bench. After last night's mention of Luis Enrique, Benfica also have another Champ Man hero on the bench in Pablo Aimar.

    Still going after all these years...

  199. 1927: 

    Ms SK: "Cardozo and Rodrigo on bench? Benfica manager does realise Newcastle have 12th man tonight?"

    David Ljunggren: "Newcastle are doomed. Williamson - aka the worst central defender in the league - is in the starting line-up."

    Josh Sirs: "Huge game for Bigirimana!"

  200. 1919:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in Basel:Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)
    Emmanuel Adebayor

    "What head has Emmanuel Adebayor got on tonight? Does he want to play, or will he be totally uninterested? Quarter-final of the Europa League, he's surely got the business head on."

  201. 1917: 

    Paul Baker: "Great to see Newcastle defender Massadio Haidara back from his career-threatening injury, 3 weeks after sustaining it."

    Jamie Hardesty: "Conservative looking line-up from Pardew, who hinted the importance of substitutions tonight. HBA & Marv late roll of the dice?"

    Rob Woodger: "Can't see it happening tonight. Think Lennon and Bale pace will be missed too much. Ever hopeful though."

  202. 1917: 
    Newcastle v Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Newcastle make four changes from their first-leg defeat in Lisbon as Mike Williamson, Massadio Haidara, Gael Bigirimana and Vurnon Anita come in with the injured Steven Taylor and Davide Santon missing out. James Perch and Sylvain Marveaux drop to the bench. Hatem Ben Arfa returns to the bench having made a quick recovery from a hamstring injury picked up last month.

    Benfica make three changes from that win, in come Eduardo Salvio, Enzo Perez and Lima with Oscar Cardozo, Andre Gomes and Rodrigo on the bench.

  203. 1914: 
    Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas makes four changes to the side held to a 2-2 draw in the first leg. Gareth Bale (ankle), Aaron Lennon (knee), and William Gallas (calf) are ruled out, while Benoit Assou-Ekotto is on the substitutes bench. In come Clint Dempsey, skipper Michael Dawson, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Kyle Walker.

    Marco Streller, who has scored four Europa League goals this season, starts for the Swiss hosts.

  204. 1914: 

    Chelsea historian Rick Glanvill: "Chelsea just reached the 18th semi-final of the Roman Abramovich era. Remarkable."

  205. 1913: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)
    Rafael Benitez

    Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez: "It doesn't matter too much [about the result]. There were circumstances such as the pitch so it was a professional job and I was pleased with the effort of the players.

    "We needed an early goal and Fernando Torres has got another goal and so has Victor Moses. We are pleased to get through, but disappointed a little bit because we could have done a little better in defence.

    "They were pushing and have players with quality, but the main thing for us was to progress.

    "We have to manage both games in the [Europa League and FA Cup. Some of them will not play on Sunday against Manchester City but we can carry on in different competitions which is good for the squad."

  206. 1912: 
    LINE-UPS- Newcastle v Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Newcastle: Krul, Simpson, Williamson, Yanga-Mbiwa, Haidara, Anita, Bigirimana, Cabaye, Gutierrez, Sissoko, Cisse. Subs: Elliot, Ben Arfa, Perch, Gosling, Marveaux, Ameobi, Campbell.

    Benfica: Artur Moraes, Almeida, Luisao, Garay, Melgarejo, Salvio, Matic, Perez, John, Lima, Gaitan. Subs: Paulo Lopes, Cardozo, Aimar, Maxi Pereira, Rodrigo, Jardel, Gomes.

    Referee: Ivan Bebek (Croatia)

  207. 1911: 

    Ben King: "It's sad to say but JT has slightly lost it. That would have never happened when Carvalho and himself were both in defence."

    Caelen Straker-Jones: "Torres may have 20 but only seven in the league, which is one less than Javier Hernandez who has played half as many games."

    Kris Cheshire: "Winning Champs League and Europa League in consecutive years is like winning the Premier League and then being relegated."

  208. 1911: 
    LINE-UPS- Lazio v Fenerbahce (Agg 0-2)

    Lazio: Marchetti, Biava, Ciani, Cana, Radu, Hernanes, Ledesma, Lulic, Candreva, Ederson, Kozak. Subs: Bizzarri, Crecco, Klose, Gonzalez, Rozzi, Cataldi, Floccari.

    Fenerbahce: Demirel, Gonul, Yobo, Korkmaz, Ziegler, Meireles, Sahin, Kuyt, Baroni, Erkin, Webo. Subs: Gunok, Ali Kaldirim, Irtegun, Topal, Krasic, Topuz, Ucan.

    Referee: Pavel Kralovec (Czech Republic)

  209. 1910: 
    LINE-UPS- Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Basel: Sommer, Philipp Degen, Schar, Dragovic, Park, El-Nenny, Fabian Frei, Die, Salah, Stocker, Streller. Subs: Vailati, David Degen, Alexander Frei, Diaz, Cabral, Sauro, Steinhofer.

    Tottenham: Friedel, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Naughton, Dembele, Parker, Holtby, Dempsey, Sigurdsson, Adebayor. Subs: Lloris, Huddlestone, Livermore, Assou-Ekotto, Caulker, Coulthirst, Carroll.

    Referee: Olegario Benquerenca (Portugal)

  210. 1908: 

    Aaron, Kingston: "Anyone else see that whenever Chelsea concede goals and lose lately its when John Terry plays? Think we may have to start phasing him out. We can't win things with defending like that. Lucky today. That could have been 6-2!"

    Tony Knight: "Everyone criticising Rafa and Chelsea defending. Are we forgetting that we are 3rd in the league and could be in two cup semi-finals by Sunday. Any other of the top four in two cup competitions?"

  211. 1907: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)
    Frank Lampard

    Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard: "The pitch takes it out of your legs and it is very spongy. We trained on the pitch last night and we have done a good job.

    "It was a great finish from Fernando for the goal. He is in good form at the moment.

    "It is a soft penalty, I could not believe the referee gave it. Luckily, enough for us, the game was out of sight.

    "We have to get home and concentrate on the FA Cup now. We have a lot of games coming up but have big squad so today is a confidence booster, we're into a semi-final, now we want to get into a final.

    "People try and talk this competition down but we have been very professional and the closer you get to the final, the more special it gets."

  212. 1906: 
    Newcastle v Benfica (Agg 1-3)
    Benfica fans ahead of their game at Newcastle

    Benfica will be backed by some vocal following support tonight. They have never won the Europa League/Uefa Cup and will fancy their chances of making it through this evening.

  213. 1903: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Newcastle v Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    Four changes from the first leg for Newcastle, with left-back Massadio Haidara starting for the first time since he was injured at Wigan. King of the late goal Papiss Cisse starts up front.

  214. 1901: 

    Observant critic: "We march on to Europa league glory. Could be 1st team ever to win both Champions League and Europa League in succession."

    Mark Roberts: "All bar 3 players were B team, got the job done without too much effort, good decision Rafa players rested for Sunday."

    Ben Sampson: "I do wish people would stop saying Chelsea won the CL. Bayern and Barca lost it and by default Chelsea were gifted it."

  215. 1901: 

    Opta Sports: "1016 - Basel haven't conceded a goal at home in all competitions in 1016 minutes of play - the last time was on Oct 6 2012 v Servette. Fortress."

  216. 1900: 

    Can we have all three Premier League sides into the last four? Chelsea have done their bit.

  217. 1859: 

    Newcastle's Danny Simpson: "Can't wait for the atmosphere tonight."

  218. 1858: 
    Newcastle v Benfica (Agg 1-3)

    BBC Sport's Chris McKenna reports: "Thanks to Newcastle's 3-1 defeat to Benfica at the Estadio Da Luz, they face a daunting task tonight. Alan Pardew's side must win by two goals without conceding or by three if the visitors get one away goal, but Benfica are no ordinary side. The Portuguese league leaders have only been beaten by two clear goals this season by one team and that was Barcelona in one of their three defeats this term in all competitions. Not a bad record."

  219. 1857: 
    Lazio v Fenerbahce (Agg 0-2)

    BBC Sport's Jonathan Smith reports: "Two late goals tilted the tie firmly in Fenerbahce's favour but Lazio boss Vladimir Petkovic insists the tie isn't over just yet. And his Italian side have a good record in the Europa League this season. Last Thursday's defeat was their first in the competition and only Spurs have left the Stadio Olimpico unbeaten."

  220. 1857: 
    Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    BBC Sport's Neil Johnston reports: "15 December 2011. The last time Tottenham won a competitive European match away from White Hart Lane. That is something Andre Villas-Boas's side need to address in Switzerland if they are to advance to the Europa League semi-finals after being held 2-2 in the first leg at White Hart Lane.

    "Basel not only top their domestic table, they are also unbeaten in 13 domestic league home games this season. In addition, Spurs are without injured trio Gareth Bale, Aaron Lennon and William Gallas. All in all it is going to require something special if they are to remain on the road that leads to the final at the Amsterdam Arena on 15 May."

  221. 1857: 

    Phil Arundell: "Comedy defending and comedy reffing made that harder than it should have been, but it's job done and onward to the semi final."

    AJ Salisbury: "Chelsea not giving 100%. What about the amount of fixtures we have played in the past few weeks? No wonder we're tired."

    Jake Mourinho: "Has everyone forgotten we had 7 changes in this team? Even then we got the job done."

    Russell Moore: "So much anger from Chelsea fans! As a toon supporter I'd love to be disgusted with a Europa League semi-final!"

  222. 1855: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Spurs make four changes from the first leg with Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon replaced by Clint Dempsey and Gylfi Sigurdsson.

  223. 1851: 

    Not the most convincing display from Chelsea in the end but they are there, into the last four of the Europa League. They will have to defend much, much better than this though if they are to make it to Amsterdam.

  224. 1851: 

    James, via text: "Poor display from a team that literally won the CL last year because of their impregnable defence. Harder they fall."

    Ashley, via text: "Chelsea have done what is needed, they will up their game against City."

    Daniel via text: "Chelsea need to be a lot more focused than this on Sunday. Sort it, Rafa."

  225. 1850: 
    FULL-TIME- Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)
  226. 1848: 

    Graham Wade: "So many high scoring games in Europe. What happened to all the decent defenders? Only a handful of top ones in the world."

  227. 1847: 
    YELLOW CARD- Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)

    Oscar goes into the book for kicking the ball away as we tick into stoppage time, as Branislav Ivanovic comes on in place of Frank Lampard.

  228. 1847: 
    Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)

    BBC Russian Service's Rafael Saakov in Moscow: "Joy all round after Natcho's goal. Rubin can perhaps soon add another victory (at least in a single match if not the tie) against one of Europe's top clubs - they have already won against Barcelona and Inter Milan. Chants of 'Russia! Russia!' for the first time during the match."

  229. 1846: 

    OptaJoe: "Chelsea have conceded more goals in this game than they have in five previous European matches against Russian opponents."

  230. 1845: 
    Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)

    Frank Lampard cannons a shot into a defender's shins as Chelsea at last have some possession. They are all but through now but have made heavy weather of it.

  231. 1842: 

    Femi Longe: "Conceding three goals against Rubin Kazan? Manchester City should be licking their lips."

    Ferdie Javil: "Remember Dortmund? Two goals in injury time."

    Joe Evans: "Ake looks like the only one putting 100% into this."

  232. 1841: 
    FINAL FIVE- Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)

    The attendance has been given as 18,500 which seems too high to me - but the stand on the far side appears a lot fuller than at kick-off. We must have some late arrivals.

    Into the last five minutes.


    Alessandro Corbino: "Two goals in 15 minutes? The way Chelsea are defending, its possible."

    Alex Harper: "Chelsea have been sitting far too deep all game, lack of support for Torres, inviting Rubin to attack."

    Dianne: "This is ridiculous. Blatant cheating by Russians doesn't make up for Chelsea's defending errors. Get a grip."

  234. 1838: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)

    All at sea. All at sea at the back! Cristian Ansaldi again provides the cross from the left and Jose Rondon has yet another free header, he's only seven yards out, but he can't generate enough power to beat Petr Cech who holds well.

  235. 1836: 
    Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)

    Vladimir Dyadyun blasts a shot from 25 yards into the side-netting as Kazan continue to push hard. John Terry then makes an excellent clearing header to remove the danger. But Chelsea have not been out of their half since Victor Moses scored and they are making heavy work of this.

    Into the last 10.

  236. 1835: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)

    Chelsea bring on Oscar for Yossi Benayoun - but it's at the the back that they look troubled. No need for panic stations just yet.

  237. 1834: 

    Josh, via text: "That's not a foul anywhere on the park."

  238. 1833: 
    Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5)

    I say pushed - that was incredibly soft. I don't think there was much contact there at all.

    Rubin Kazan still need two more, and they have 15 minutes to do it.

  239. 1832: 
    GOAL- Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea (Agg 4-5) - Bebras Natcho (75 mins)

    Confident spot kick as Bebras Natcho - who scored a penalty in the first leg - sweeps home high into the net.

  240. 1831: 
    PENALTY TO RUBIN KAZAN- Rubin Kazan 2-2 Chelsea (Agg 3-5)

    Now then! Rubin sub Aleksandr Ryazantsev is pushed in the area and referee Firat Aydinus gives the spot kick.

  241. 1830: 

    James Fletcher: "These headers at the Luzhniki are giving me painful flashbacks to 2008 and Ronaldo."

    Kris Guttierez: "For all the talk of Benitez sorting out Chelsea's defence, we're just as bad as ever."

  242. 1830:  
    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson in BaselBasel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    "Basel played extremely well at White Hart Lane and the problem Tottenham face is that they have no Bale or Lennon. It's going to be quite difficult for them on the counter-attack because they've lost pace out of the team. But Basel are under a bit of pressure because I'm sure the locals think they are going to go through."

  243. 1829: 
    Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Spurs have arrived at the stadium in Switzerland and are checking out the playing surface. Can Andre Villas-Boas's boys make it through tonight?

  244. 1826: 
    Rubin Kazan 2-2 Chelsea (Agg 3-5)
    Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez

    Chelsea are still perfectly comfortable in the tie but they have been sloppy in this second half. Rafael Benitez's thoughts are probably already on the FA Cup semi-final at the weekend but he won't be too happy with his defenders at the moment.

    We have 20 minutes to go.

  245. 1824: 
    Rubin Kazan 2-2 Chelsea (Agg 3-5)

    BBC Russian Service's Rafael Saakov in Moscow: "Will Chelsea win a sixth match in a row against Russian sides? Their last visit to Russia, in October 2010, ended with a 2-0 win over Spartak Moscow at the same stadium where they lost the Champions League final to Manchester United."

  246. 1823: 
    Rubin Kazan 2-2 Chelsea (Agg 3-5)

    That second Chelsea away goal means that Rubin need to score another three tonight, but they are giving it their best shot. We have 25 minutes left.

  247. 1821: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Rubin Kazan 2-2 Chelsea (Agg 3-5)

    Chelsea can't defend a cross all of a sudden! Another ball is whipped in from the left and that man Ivan Marcano again gets the better of John Terry to flick the header across goal only to see it flick off the far post. Unlucky.

  248. 1819: 
    GOAL- Rubin Kazan 2-2 Chelsea (Agg 3-5) - Gokdeniz Karadeniz (62 mins)

    This slow burner of a game ignites again as Rubin Kazan refuse to lie down. A really soft goal from Chelsea's point of view though as left-back Cristian Ansaldi sends in a deep cross, the central defenders are absent without leave and Gokdeniz Karadeniz climbs above Nathan Ake to head into the corner.

  249. 1817: 

    OptaJoe: "Victor Moses is one of two Chelsea players (along with Fernando Torres) to score more than one Europa League goal this season."

  250. 1816: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Rubin Kazan 1-2 Chelsea (Agg 2-5)

    Rafael Benitez makes his first change as 'prime time' John Mikel Obi comes on to give Ramires a breather for the final 30 minutes. Can Mikel be bothered tonight? We'll see.

  251. 1815: 
    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Ian Dennis in MoscowRubin Kazan 1-2 Chelsea (Agg 2-5)

    "Two goals in the space of four minutes here, and Chelsea have re-established their comfortable cushion in this tie."

  252. 1812: 
    GOAL- Rubin Kazan 1-2 Chelsea (Agg 2-5) - Victor Moses (55 mins)

    Ohhh, cracking goal to put Chelsea back on easy street. Frank Lampard turns the ball into the stride of Victor Moses, who swaps a deft one-two with Ramires on the edge of the box before running in and clipping the ball over the keeper and into the net.

    Moses caps it off with an arm pumping celebration like Brett Lee in the 2005 Ashes.

  253. 1811: 

    Luke O'Neill: "So now that Kazan have scored, is Rafa awful again?"

  254. 1810: 
    Rubin Kazan 1-1 Chelsea (Agg 2-4)

    The Russians still need two more to force extra-time but their tails are up now. Alan Kasaev puts in a testing ball from the left but John Terry is immaculate this time, smashing the clearance away at the near post. There are still 35 minutes remaining.

  255. 1807: 
    GOAL- Rubin Kazan 1-1 Chelsea (Agg 2-4) - Ivan Marcano (51 mins)

    Who saw that coming? John Terry gets himself into a pickle as Jose Rondon is too strong for him, and when the ball is worked back into the area centre-back Ivan Marcano rises well to beat Terry to the ball and plant a header into the corner. That should liven this up.

  256. 1805: 

    Ryan, via text: "What we've seen is Benitez do decently with a very good team built by other managers. Chelsea on their day can beat anyone, they just need more of those days."

    Freddie, via text: "We were three points off the lead when Rafa took over. Now were battling for fourth. That's why Rafa's not won over the fans."

    Tony, via text: "I think Spurs are missing a 20 goal a season striker. Benitez is good in Europe - he just under estimates the strength and fight of lower placed teams in the Premier League."

  257. 1802: 
    KICK-OFF- Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    We are back under way. Chelsea 45 minutes away from the semi-finals as we tick past 2100 local time.

  258. 1801: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    So it's Vitali Kaleshin on for Oleg Kuzmin at the break for the hosts. They need to find three goals remember.

  259. 1801: 

    Jonny Duchezeau: "Benayoun is also having a class game. Fair play to him as he was also impressive last week in the first leg."

    Shafeen Tejani: "He's tried the blonde hair, the ginger hair, the long hair, the short hair - but it's the mask that's finally working for Torres."

    TKBT: "When Rubin do get the ball they don't know what to do."

  260. 1800: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    The players emerge back out of the tunnel in Moscow, it looks like Rubin are making a change.

  261. 1758: 

    RBC UNITED: "I wouldn't mind being a player who's "lost it" if I scored 20 goals in a season."

    Callum Downing: "It all just looks a little too easy at the moment."

    KayCee: "Who says masked villains can't be heroes?"

    Fernando Torres celebrates scoring
  262. 1753: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    BBC Russian Service's Rafael Saakov in Moscow: "The Luzhniki stadium was submitted as a home arena for the knockout stages because of weather conditions in Kazan in early spring. But after Rubin made it through two stages - Atletico Madrid and Levante were beaten - team officials asked Uefa to let them host Chelsea in Kazan. But UEFA refused after an inspection."

  263. 1752: 
    Basel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    Tottenham's injured midfielder Gareth Bale: "Big game tonight, come on lads, let's get the job done."

  264. 1751:  
    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Conor McNamaraBasel v Tottenham (Agg 2-2)

    "A light drizzle is falling in Basel as Spurs fans make their way out to St Jacob Stadium.

    "Tottenham finished the first leg with only nine men when William Gallas and Gareth Bale were both injured after Andre Villas Boas had already made his three substitutions.

    "Aaron Lennon was also injured during the game last Thursday, and perhaps the club will be feeling the collateral damage of those 90 minutes for some time to come. The injuries - especially to Bale - could hamper, not only Tottenham's progress tonight in Europe, but their efforts to secure a Champions League place for next season.

    "Tottenham's season could go in either direction tonight. Appropriately, in a city that sits on the crossroads between the Swiss, French and German borders."

  265. 1750: 

    We have two more Premier League sides in action later on this evening - so let's hear from our man in the field at one of those games...

  266. 1749: 
    Chelsea's John Terry (left) and Rubin Kazan's Jose Rondon battle for the ball

    That was a regulation 45 minutes for Chelsea - until the last kick of the half when they could have been pegged back.

    Rubin Kazan need to score three in the second half to extend the game and that does not look remotely likely. Pencil in one English team at least in the last four.

  267. 1747: 
    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Ian Dennis in MoscowRubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    "Chelsea have won all five previous encounters with Russian sides and they're on course to extend that record. There have been limited opportunities for Rubin Kazan and the Russian-based Chelsea fans are quite content in the cold conditions."

  268. 1747: 
    HALF-TIME- Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    BBC Sport's Jonathan Jurejko: "You really cannot see anything other than Chelsea's name being in the hat for Friday's semi-final draw after a comfortable first-half display in Moscow. Fernando Torres's early lob leaves Rubin needing to score three second-half goals to take the tie into extra-time - and there are no signs of that happening with Chelsea almost in cruise control. However, the tie could have had a totally different complexion had Roman Eremenko not spurned a golden opportunity seconds before Torres's opener."

  269. 1745: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    Great chance!

    Bebras Natcho floats a pass over the top, John Terry is caught dawdling too deep and plays Rubin captain Gokdeniz Karadeniz onside, and his shot across goal needs Petr Cech to make a one-handed save.

  270. 1743: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    A rare moment of excitement as Victor Moses shows great strength and pace to burst away down the right-hand side, with the former Wigan man then finding Fernando Torres with a smart pass. Torres goes to ground but recovers to threaten again, but Ivan Marcano reads his flick and sees the danger out.

    Last minute of normal time.

  271. 1743: 

    Sam, via text: "After seeing Dortmund on Tuesday and even Galatasaray scoring three, no way is this game over yet."

    Lewis, via text: "Benitez hasn't exactly excelled at Chelsea. However, he's not done too badly."

  272. 1740: 

    OptaJoe: "Chelsea have only relinquished a two-goal first leg lead to be eliminated from Europe once before, against Barcelona in 2000. Assured."

  273. 1739: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    We are into the last five minutes of a first half which has been incredibly comfortable for Chelsea. If this were a cricket match we could shake hands and declare now.

  274. 1735: 

    David, via text: "Most teams would love a striker that scores 20 a season. I don't see why everyone gives Torres stick."

    Ash via text: "I don't think Torres has done badly for Chelsea of late, or this season. But what I would say is if you gave any Chelsea fan £50m and told them to buy a striker, how many would pick him? I doubt many."

    David via text: "Fed up with all the Chelsea fans slating Rafa and also Torres. Granted Rafa was not our first choice manager but as fans of a team we should always stand by them, cheer them on and praise the manager and players for the good things that they do. And to be completely honest I'm happy for Rafa to stay."

  275. 1734: 
    CLOSE!- Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    This is better from the Russians.

    Alan Kasaev runs past Nathan Ake, hurdles the challenge of John Terry to break into the area before finding Roman Eremenko on the edge of the box but his low shot is easy for Petr Cech to save.

  276. 1734: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    BBC Russian Service's Rafael Saakov in Moscow: "The atmosphere at Luzhniki stadium is rather quite after Fernando Torres's goal. Not only the players of Rubin but the fans who travelled to Moscow from Kazan and did not expect such a shocking start of the match. But there are also lots of local Chelsea supporters who are chanting visitors' names from time to time."

  277. 1732: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)
    Chelsea celebrate Fernando Torres's early goal in Moscow

    Frank Lampard may well be given a rest soon in preparation for that FA Cup semi-final, but he continues to stand out in Moscow. He switches play with a pearler of a crossfield pass, 45 yards or more out to Victor Moses but the move breaks down.

  278. 1731: 
    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Ian Dennis in MoscowRubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    "Rafael Benitez was worried before the game that his players could be complacent, but the early goal has really taken the pressure off them. They have an FA Cup semi-final on Sunday, but the goal means it is unlikely we'll now see the likes of Juan Mata, Oscar and Eden Hazard tonight. Benitez can keep them fresh ahead of Manchester City at the weekend."

  279. 1726: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    It's not exactly booming in Moscow - I've been in louder train carriages. Chelsea won't care though. They are all but booked into the last four.

  280. 1724: 

    Aksel Vermassen: "I think Benitez is doing a fine job, but the fans won't be happy until Mourinho is back."

    Vikrant Kumar: "Kazan keeper Ryzhikov did a Jens Lehman."

  281. 1720: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    The (sort of) home side have a spell of possession, with Jose Rondon eventually shooting wide under pressure. Chelsea look content enough to get men behind the ball and contain the threat.

  282. 1719: 

    Jack Daneshyar: "Torres proving yet again he is such a fantastic player. How long until the media turn on him again? One week?"

    Beginning of End: "Don't ever remove that mask!"

    Jordan King: "And with that goal, Rafa is vindicated. Never thought I would say that. What a goal by the way."

  283. 1718: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    Frank Lampard puts in a fine free-kick from deep which Cesar Naves heads clear before Victor Moses threatens with a mazy dribble. Chelsea totally in control as we approach the 20-minute mark.

  284. 1715: 

    Chelsea striker Demba Ba: "What a pass and what a finish. Well done boys."

  285. 1713: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    For all the flak that comes Fernando Torres's way, that's 20 goals for the season now. He took that very neatly. Rubin Kazan don't look like they've got much in way of response.

    They need three goals just to take us into extra time.

  286. 1711: 

    Josh, via text: "Doubt there will be too much criticism of Rafa's team selection now. Game done - great for Torres to continue excellent run."

  287. 1710: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    Frank Lampard is running the show here, picking up the ball from deep and spraying plenty of passes around. Nathan Ake has settled in nicely alongside him.

  288. 1709: 

    George Hawes-Gatt: "What a pass by Lampard and a great finish by Torres!"

    Aiyesa Dare: "Fernando, I love you."

    Henry: "Torres has scored on 4/8 last shots in Europe. Prolific."

  289. 1707: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4)

    Paulo Ferreira is back up on his feet you'll be pleased to hear. Superb start for the visitors.

  290. 1704: 
    GOAL- Rubin Kazan 0-1 Chelsea (Agg 1-4) - Fernando Torres (5 mins)

    Well that didn't take long. Chelsea appear to have killed this one off with two brilliant touches. Frank Lampard supplies the first with a bending, whipped through pass from inside his own half to send Fernando Torres clear, and the Spaniard finds the second, lobbing the ball from 30 yards past goalkeeper Sergei Ryzhikov who comes charging wildly out of nets.

    I thought the ball was going to bounce over for a moment but it drops in. Great finish, great start.

  291. 1703: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-0 Chelsea (Agg 1-3)

    Paulo Ferreira is skinned during Rubin's first attack down his side and the veteran is left in a heap near the byeline. Kazan work the ball into the area and Roman Eremenko's shot is blocked.

  292. 1702: 

    David Stone: "Venue confirmed late on and Moscow a very expensive away trip. Were people really expecting more English Chelsea fans?"

    Mahesh: "Chelsea fans stop complaining. A weary Mata, Hazard and Oscar were blown away at the Etihad. The selection should be good enough to see us through."

    Matthew Hewitt: "Some very short sighted Chelsea fans tweeting in. Rafa has picked a weak team to keep key players fresh for the FA Cup."

  293. 1701: 
    Rubin Kazan 0-0 Chelsea (Agg 1-3)

    This pitch does not look the best. Shades of Loftus Road circa 1986. You need jogging bottoms if you want to slide tackle...

  294. 1700: 
    KICK-OFF- Rubin Kazan 0-0 Chelsea (Agg 1-3)

    Game on in Moscow.

  295. 1657: 

    OptaJoe: "Fernando Torres has scored with three of his last seven shots in the Europa League, after going goalless from 15 attempts."

  296. 1656: 

    Rafa isn't wrong when he says that there will be a lack of atmosphere - Chelsea get more fans than this for a training session at half-term. Here they come out on the (artificial) pitch though. Masked man Fernando Torres leads the line.

  297. 1653: 
    Rubin Kazan v Chelsea (Agg 1-3)
    Rafael Benitez

    Chelsea interim boss Rafael Benitez: "The reasons for the team changes are clear - Bertrand is not available and Ferreira is a great professional and we are happy with him. Ake has done very well in training and for the reserves and Under 21s, and he has a lot of energy which we will need tonight.

    "The lack of atmosphere means we will have to stay focused and concentrate on the game - that will not be easy. The synthetic pitch doesn't help either.

    "The Europa League is another competition, another option to win a trophy and that's what we will try to do."

  298. 1652: 

    Chris Riley: "Not a fan, but great selection from Rafa. We need rotation for three competitions. This team capable of protecting our lead easily."

    Toby Swann: "Come out of this game with Mata and Hazard uninjured then I will be happy."

    Matthew Smith: "As an Arsenal fan, I want Chelsea and Spurs to go through to add to their fixture congestion."

  299. 1651: 
    Rubin Kazan v Chelsea (Agg 1-3)

    Chelsea boss Rafael Benitez says that Nathan Ake deserves his chance in the first team and will give them energy in midfield.

    Nathan Ake
  300. 1650: 

    Jill, via text: "Bit nervous about team selection, really need Frank Lampard to show all his experience and keep them all focused."

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