Africa Cup of Nations - quarter-finals as they happened

Burkina Faso beat Togo to join Nigeria, who defeat Ivory Coast, in the Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals.

5 February 2013 Last updated at 14:51

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As it happened

  1. 2115: 

    Right, that is everything from me. I'm off to listen to a bit of Pet Shops Boys [see 1400]. My colleague Saj Chowdury is at the helm on Wednesday when he will talk you through the two semi-finals. Mali face Nigeria, before Ghana take on Burkina Faso. One thing is certain - the winner will be a West African nation....

  2. 2113: 

    Ruby Pratka ‏on Twitter: "I too feel for Togo- the Togolese are so nice- but would pay to be at the party in Ouagadogou!

    Brook W on Twitter: "Burkina Faso outperformed Togo in the final minutes. As they had their group matches in Mbombela stadium, they knew the pitch well."

    Claudiu Berbece on Twitter: "Ghana - Nigeria would be the logical African Nations Cup final. Wouldn't put money on it though..."

  3. 2111: 
    Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    There's only one downside for Burkina Faso as they prepare to face Ghana in Wednesday's last-four tie - and that is they must play again on that horror of a pitch in Nelspruit. Or perhaps it could be advantage to them? After all Ghana won't be used to the sandy conditions...

  4. 2109: 
    John Bennett, BBC Sport in Rustenburg

    "Feel for Togo but the likes of Akakpo and Adebayor have done themselves proud in this tournament after the tragic events of 2010..."

  5. 2105: 
    Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    The smiling Burkina Faso contingent gather around the centre circle and take turns to say prayers as they celebrate. It is only the second time the nation has reached the Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals. The last time came when they hosted the tournament in 1998.

  6. 2103: 
    CHAMPAGNE MOMENT- Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    They will be dancing on the streets of Burkina Faso tonight. And Jonathan Pitroipa will be the toast of their celebrations after his extra-time header handed the Burkinabe a deserved win against Togo.

  7. 2101: 
    FULL-TIME- Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    No, Togo can't force an equaliser as Burkina Faso reach the Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals!

  8. 2100: 

    Spurs fan Avigat Patel on Twitter: "If Adebayor equalizes for Togo now, I'll cry."

  9. 2058: 
    INJURY TIME- Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    Daouda Diakite is back on his feet, thankfully, as we enter three minutes of stoppage-time. Togo can't grab a dramatic leveller, can they?

  10. 2057: 
    Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    Burkina Faso goalkeeper Daouda Diakite receives a slight, and I mean slight, knock on the chin following a clash with Emmanuel Adebayor. Predictably, he goes down for treatment as the clock ticks...

  11. 2056: 
    Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    There are already a few celebratory shapes being thrown on the Burkina Faso bench. If there's one thing we know about football, it's that it is a far too early for celebrations with two minutes still left.

  12. 2054: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    Togo coach Didier Six shakes his final throw of the dice. He brings on Moustapha Salifou for Komlan Amewou.

  13. 2053: 
    FINAL FIVE- Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    There are some tired legs on the bobbly Nelspruit pitch as we enter the final five minutes of extra-time. Some big hearts are needed from players on each side now.

  14. 2051: 
    YELLOW CARD- Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    Frustration for Togo skipper Emmanuel Adebayor as he receives a yellow card for clattering into Burkinabe keeper Daouda Diakite. Adebayor feels he is perfectly entitled to challenge Diakite. I suspect he is right - his eyes were firmly on the ball and not his opponent.

  15. 2049: 
    Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    Togo must provide better service for skipper Emmanuel Adebayor, and move more bodies forward to support him, if they are to find the leveller they desperately need.

  16. 2048: 

    Abdirahman ‏on Twitter: "Ghana eagerly awaits in the semi-final either of these two teams. It looks increasingly likely Burkina Faso will join Ghana."

  17. 2047: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    And that is Jonathan Pitroipa's work done for the day. The goalscorer is sacrificed as Burkina Faso chuck on defender Florent Rouamba in a bid to protect their lead.

  18. 2046: 

    Tony Brown on Twitter: "Jonathan Pitroipa - the smallest man on the pitch scores with a great header."

  19. 2044: 
    Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    What have Togo got left in the tank? They must do what only Nigeria have managed in this tournament - and score against the mean Burkina Faso defence.

  20. 2043: 
    KICK-OFF- Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo

    Jonathan Pitroipa's header was virtually the final touch of the first period of extra-time. There's a quick turnaround before the second half gets underway.

  21. 2040: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo [Jonathan Pitroipa 105 mins]

    What a big moment that could be! Togo are punished as Charles Kabora floats a corner to the near post where Pitroipa finds space to nod in the opener.

  22. 2038: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    The poor state of the Nelspruit pitch has not helped matters mind. Burkina Faso win a corner and Togo keeper Kossi Agassa has a rush of blood to the head as he races out before Serge Akakpo heads clear for another corner.

  23. 2037: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    There is still plenty of commitment from both teams, but they are lacking execution in the final third.

  24. 2035: 

    Jack Barratt on Twitter: "Most important half an hour of Spurs' season... Come on Burkina Faso."

    Noah Style on Twitter: "Got a dilemma as a Spurs fan, want Ade back as we have no strikers, but I also have 125/1 odds that Togo win the tournament..."

  25. 2033: 
    CLOSE!- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Abdou Traore almost makes an instant impact. He provides the type of incisive run which was missing from Wilfried Sanou before trying to shoot across Kossi Agassa from a tight angle. But the Togo stopper is equal to his effort.

  26. 2031: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Early change for Burkina Faso in the first period of extra-time. Wilfried Sanou makes way for fellow midfielder Abdou Traore.

  27. 2029: 

    Charles Woodhouse on Twitter: "If it goes to penalties I think Burkina Faso will win, I just think Burkina Faso have the marginally better players."

  28. 2028: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    But, hopefully, we won't be reliant on the lottery of a penalty shootout. All we need is one moment of inspiration and I'm sure that will enough to book a semi-final berth.

  29. 2026: 
    KICK-OFF- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    We are back underway in Nelspruit for an additional 30 minutes of this quarter-final. I say at least, because we could have a penalty shootout on our hands...

  30. 2024: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Earlier I spoke about about Burkina Faso right-back Mohamed Koffi's spectacular bleached-blond hair and beard [see 1835]. Here's the pictorial evidence.

    Burkina Faso's Mohamed Koffi
  31. 2022: 
    John Bennett, BBC Sport in RustenburgIvory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    "Ivory Coast's Sol Bamba tells me 'we want the coach to stay but in Africa if you lose a game they sack the coach. I hope it's not the case'."

  32. 2020: 
    FULL-TIME- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    And, quelle surprise, there isn't a breakthrough for either side as referee Badara Diatta calls time on the game. Extra-time beckons...

  33. 2019: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Hang on, Togo defender Dare Nibombe gives away a free-kick just outside his penalty area. But it is a woefully over-hit delivery from Charles Kabore which sails over the heads of everybody.

  34. 2017: 

    The fourth official raises his electronic board to show there will be three minutes of stoppage-time. We're heading to extra-time folks, I'm certain of that fact.

  35. 2016: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    In short - no. Emmanuel Adebayor of all people is back defending in the Togo box and heads clear the danger. Togo threaten to break, but the Burkinabe manage to race back in numbers and crowd out an isolated Prince Segbefia.

  36. 2014: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Right, here we go. Burkina Faso win a late corner. Is this the moment of truth?

  37. 2013: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Burkina Faso substitute Prejuce Nakoulma has impressed since entering the action. He's provided the attacking spark missed by both sides. If anyone manages to finds a winner then don't be surprised if it is him.

  38. 2011: 

    Tim, Spurs fan, via text: "Adebayor has two league goals this season, would it make that much of a difference to have him back, I would love to hope so!"

  39. 2010: 

    Ruby Pratka on Twitter: "Re 1956. Or better yet some pili-pili pepper sauce."

  40. 2009: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    A twisting and turning run from Burkina Faso substitute Prejuce Nakoulma almost opens up the Togo defence. But he almost did too much and fails to hit the target.

  41. 2007: 
    TEN MINUTES LEFT- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Just one goal will win this game, surely. Can anyone find a late winner and become a national hero?

  42. 2006: 
    CLOSE!- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Now the chances are coming thick and fast. The leggy Emmanuel Adebayor skips away from the Burkinabe defence but can only shoot at the legs of goalkeeper Daouda Diakite. Another opportunity goes begging.

  43. 2004: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Moments later, Nakoulma whips in a low left-wing cross towards Jonathan Pitriopa who almost flicks the ball past Kossi Agassa.

  44. 2003: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Penalty to Burkina Faso? Not according to referee Badara Diatta. Prejuce Nakoulma seems to be clattered in the Togo box, but is waved on to his feet. Controversial.

  45. 2001: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Mistake by Burkina Faso defender Bakary Kone as he heads a long ball straight into the path of Togo substitute Prince Segbefia inside the penalty box. But Segbefia loses all composure and lashes erratically over the crossbar. Decent opportunity in a game of few chances.

  46. 1958: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Frustration seems to be setting in for the Burkinabe. After a free-kick in a promising position comes to nothing, Charles Kabore loses patience before wastefully smashing a shot high into the stand behind the Togo goal.

  47. 1957: 

    Neil Stone on Twitter: "Re 1944. So Faso good for Burkina..."

    Top pun-ditry Neil.

  48. 1956: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Burkina Faso boss Paul Put has uttered my favourite quote of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. After securing quarter-final qualification, he exclaimed: "The ingredient for the day was more pepper than salt for the soup."

    I have no idea what he meant. But I suspect many neutrals may believe this 'soup' needs some extra pepper. In fact, it could do with some tabasco sauce to liven things up.

  49. 1954: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Both managers make attacking switches in a bid to win the game. First, Burkina Faso's Prejuce Nakoulma replaces compatriot Issouf Ouattara. And seconds later Togo substitute Prince Segbefia joins the action in place of Floyd Ayite.

  50. 1951: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Togo defender Vincent Bossou wanders up for a corner and shoves his Burkinabe marker out of the way before heading wide. Referee Badara Diatta saw nothing wrong with the challenge, so it has to go down as bad miss for the Togolese.

  51. 1948: 

    Tottenham fan Shloke Anand, via text: "Come on Burkina Faso, with Defoe out and no strikers signed in the window, Adebayor coming home early would be a God send."

  52. 1946: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Signs of life from Togo as Emmanuel Adebayor bursts forward with intent. The attack switches to the left but breaks down as Floyd Ayite gets a little too excited and lifts his cross over everybody in the Burkinabe penalty area.

  53. 1944: 

    Jack Lovatt on Twitter: "One of these nations has Togo home after this match. (Good luck finding a Burkina Faso pun though!)"

  54. 1943: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Credit to Burkina Faso - they are continuing in their attempts to play neat football. However, they just can't find that incisive breakthrough at the moment.

  55. 1941: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Some neat interplay around the Togo penalty area - a feat in itself on this dry, uneven pitch - almost creates some space for Burkina Faso to have a dig. But Togo avert the danger with some last-ditch defending.

  56. 1939: 

    Montana Bramble on Twitter: "I don't know a soul from the Burkina Faso team but I'm supporting them coz Spurs need Big Ade back! Team Burkina Faso!"

  57. 1936: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Togo have shown more signs of attacking life in the past five minutes than the entire first-half. Long may it continue.

  58. 1934: 
    CLOSE!- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    And within seconds of my plea, Togo skipper Emmanuel Adebayor almost does make an even bigger name for himself. The striker rises bravely between two Burkinabe defenders, and the advancing goalkeeper, to head towards the empty net. But defender Saidou Panandetiguiri races back to superbly clear off the goal-line.

  59. 1932: 
    KICK-OFF- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    The Burkinabe kick off the second half in Nelspruit. Come one lads, someone make a name for themselves.

  60. 1928: 
    GET INVOLVED- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Which side will cope better with these conditions in Nelspruit and claim the last semi-final spot?

    Let us know on Twitter by using the hashtag #bbcafcon, or via our brand-spanking new African Football BBC page on Facebook. For the traditionalists you can text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international). But MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR NAMES ON THEM - or we cannot use them.

  61. 1926: 

    Edu-Imeofon Bank-John Ibanga on Facebook: "I dont undastand why CAF should approve such pitch for a tournament of this magnitude."

    Neither do I Edu-Imeofon...

  62. 1924: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    I was hoping, perhaps naively, that the earlier game between Ivory Coast and Nigeria would serve as a tasty appetiser ahead of this game. I was horribly wrong. Both teams have struggled on a desert-like pitch, with Burkina Faso showing more attacking adventure than their defensive Togolese counterparts.

  63. 1920: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Even Burkina Faso's "witchdoctor" [see 1804] cannot inspire his team to find a breakthrough against quarter-final opponents Togo.

    Burkina Faso witchdoctor
  64. 1917: 
    HALF-TIME- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Referee Badara Diatta brings a largely uneventful first-half to a close. Let's hope for more entertainment in the second period.

  65. 1915: 
    INJURY TIME- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    One minute of added-time at the end of the first-half. Do we really need it?

  66. 1914: 

    Adam Shuttleworth on Twitter: "The Burkina Faso/Togo match is like watching ping pong... crazy pitches like this are allowed at the level."

  67. 1913: 
    YELLOW CARD- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    And now Burkina Faso midfielder Charles Kabore also receives a booking. The game has turned niggly. Very niggly. At this rate there is no way all 22 players will stay on the pitch...

  68. 1911: 
    YELLOW CARD- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    There are more bookings than shots at the moment. Togo's Mamah Gafar swiftly follows Burkina Faso's Issouf Ouattara into the book after the pair commit separate fouls.

  69. 1909: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Togo, as they have done throughout the tournament, have started defensively and are refusing to commit too many players forward. I'll be honest, it is not helping to create a great spectacle.

  70. 1907: 

    Gazza Redfield on Facebook: "Put a bet on for a Adebayor hat-trick! Togo then to go win the final."

    King Richard Makasi Lungile on Facebook: "This game needs Traore and a good pitch."

  71. 1905: 

    Another Togo midfielder goes into referee Badara Diatta's little black book - this time it is Serge Gakpe. That's both wide men on a disciplinary tightrope now, which may be problematic as they track back with their runners.

  72. 1903: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    All smiles from Daouda Diakite in the Burkinabe goal - because he knows he has got away with one. He flapped at a high Togolese cross, before his defender came to the rescue. Phew.

  73. 1902: 

    stevie on Twitter: "Burkino Faso will struggle without prolific forward Traore will need a big step up from players like Pitroipa and Dagano."

    Musyoka Francis on Twitter: "Togo really needs to lose here - Spurs need Adebayor."

  74. 1900: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Burkina Faso are starting to the screw a little now. Wilfried Sanou makes another dangerous run but cannot cleanly connect with his attempted shot. There is a little bit of pinball in the Togo area before the danger is cleared.

  75. 1858: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Issouf Ouattara finds another promising position in the Togo box, this time to meet Wilfried Sanou's deep right-wing cross at the far post. But his header goes harmlessly wide.

  76. 1856: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Togo skipper Emmanuel Adebayor gallops after a incisive throughball, but is beaten to the pass by pacy Burkinabe defender Bakary Kone. Kone opts for safety first and pokes out for a corner, which is duly cleared by his side.

  77. 1854: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    To be fair, both sides are not complaining about the state of the pitch during these opening stages. But, frankly, it is terrible. Sand is flying up off the pitch with every touch. Talk about Samba football...

  78. 1852: 

    Sean Sonnekus on Twitter: "Where did they find this pitch? Looks like something off Fifa 97..."

    Peter Jupp on Twitter: "I understand Adebayor's concerns but this pitch is far from unplayable. A player of his quality shouldn't use it as an excuse."

  79. 1850: 
    YELLOW CARD- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Togo's Floyd Ayite goes into the referee's book after flooring Charles Kabore in a high challenge. Pretty soft yellow card if you ask me.

  80. 1848: 
    CLOSE!- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Clearest opportunity of the match falls to Togo striker Jonathan Ayite. He is found inside the penalty area by Serge Gakpe's clever pullback, but executes badly with the goal at his mercy. Don't think the bobbly surface will have helped him mind...

  81. 1846: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Burkina Faso midfielder Issouf Ouattara creates room for himself down the left flank with a slick burst of pace. But he spoons his cross after getting to the byline. Wasted opportunity.

  82. 1844: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Serge Akakpo is the main man at the moment and he is back in the thick of the action as he shoots towards goal from long-range. But it fails to trouble Burkina Faso keeper Daouda Diakite and the ball drifts hopelessly wide. Perhaps Akakpo was still dazed...

  83. 1843: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    The Togolese medical staff quickly wrap several layers of bandage around Serge Akakpo's head before gingerly trots back on to restore his side's full complement of players. During his absence, Togo won two free-kicks in promising position but failed to deliver telling balls into the Burkinabe penalty box.

  84. 1841: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Togo are temporarily down to 10 men as Serge Akakpo goes for treatment for a head wound.

  85. 1839: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    The Burkinabe have settled quickly and are enjoying most of the possession in a competitive beginning to the game. No chances yet though.

  86. 1837: 

    Charles Woodhouse on Twitter: "Both Togo and Burkino Faso will want to play on the counter attack. It's likely to be a tight game and set pieces will be key."

  87. 1835: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Burkina Faso have the game's first shot on target. Right-back Mohamed Koffi, sporting an impressive bleached blond mohican and goatee beard combo, lets fly from distance. Togo goalkeeper Kossi Agassa gathers easily.

  88. 1833: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    Of course, Burkina Faso are without star player Alain Traore, who was the tournament's top scorer before being ruled out with a thigh injury. How much will the Burkinabe miss him? Time will tell.

  89. 1831: 
    KICK-OFF- Burkina Faso 0-0 Togo

    We're underway in Nelspruit. And the surface does resemble the Sahara desert.

  90. 1829: 
    Nick Cavell, BBC Sport in Nelspruit

    "Three changes for Burkina Faso v Togo. Out are Rouamba, Alain Traore (inj) and Balima. In come Dagano, Outtara and Sanou."

  91. 1827: 
    Burkina Faso v Togo [1830 GMT]

    The Burkina Faso players listen intently to their national anthem, before a huge swell of vuvuzela noise greets the beginning of the Togolese ditty. Kick-off is almost upon us.

  92. 1825: 
    Burkina Faso v Togo [1830 GMT]

    Togo fans always provide a fantastic splash of colour in the stands.

    Togo fans
  93. 1822: 
    LINE-UPS- Burkina Faso v Togo [1830 GMT]

    Burkina Faso: Diakite; Koffi, B.Kone, Koulibaly, Panandetiguiri; D.Kone, Ouattara, Kabore, Dagano, Sanou; Pitroipa.

    Togo: Agassa; Gaffar, Nibombe, Bossou, Djene; Akakpo, Amewou, Romao, Gakpe; Ayite, Adebayor.

    Referee: Badara Diatta (Senegal)

  94. 1819: 
    Burkina Faso v Togo [1830 GMT]

    But, despite the backing from CAF bosses, Emmanuel Adebayor did not mince his words when asked about the pitch inside the Mbombela Stadium. "You can't play on a pitch like this," he said. "People that watch the game in Europe, they will be sending messages to me, asking: 'Are you playing in the bush or what?' It's a disgrace to our continent, we can do better."

  95. 1815: 
    Burkina Faso v Togo [1830 GMT]

    The two teams have not been the main talking point ahead of the upcoming match. The issue on everybody's lips has been whether the Nelspruit pitch is up to the required standard of an international tournament. Confederation of African Football officials insist the surface, likened to a sandy beach by many observers, is good enough.

  96. 1811: 

    Sokefun Oyeyinka on Facebook: "I believe Burkina Faso have shown character in their previous encounters, Togo too, but I pitch my tent with Burkina Faso. It's going to be interesting."

  97. 1809: 
    Burkina Faso v Togo [18:30 GMT]

    Togo skipper Emmanuel Adebayor was understandably brimming with pride after his nation reached the knockout phase. "This is a historic day for my country, my people, my family and for all those who love football in my country," said the Tottenham Hotspur striker.

  98. 1807: 
    Burkina Faso v Togo [18:30 GMT]

    But let's not get too carried away by Burkina Faso's success. Because Togo were equally unfancied as they were pitched into a Group D containing three teams - Ivory Coast, Tunisia and Algeria - all ranked above them in the Fifa standings. And they clinched quarter-final qualification for first time with a 1-1 draw against Tunisia in their final match.

  99. 1804: 
    Burkina Faso v Togo [18:30 GMT]

    Burkina Faso have exceeded expectations after arriving at the 2013 tournament simply aiming to end a barren run of 17 Africa Cup of Nations matches without a win.

    But is their impressive showing down to coach Paul Put and his players? Or is it down to the team's witchdoctor? BBC News reporter Peter Okwoche meets Burkina Faso's "special" supporter to find out how he has helped the team's success in South Africa.

  100. 1802: 

    BBC Love African Football on Twitter: "Live commentary on Togo v Burkina Faso from the BBC World Service for sub-Saharan Africa starting soon with Seth Bennett and Nick Cavell."

  101. 1800: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Burkina Faso v Togo [18:30 GMT]

    Togo goalkeeper Kossi Agassa starts after sitting out Friday's training session with a slight injury concern.

  102. 1757: 

    Lukmon Gbadamosi on Facebook: "I expect Burkina Faso to book the last semi-final ticket."

    You can have your say on BBC 's Love African Football page on Facebook.

  103. 1753: 
    Nick Cavell, BBC Sport in Nelspruit

    "A clutch of Togo fans sat directly opposite us all dressed identically in their national flag - have a feeling it will be bright tonight!"

  104. 1749: 

    Ekiyegha Pinna on Twitter: "I fancy TOGO to join Mali, Ghana and Nigeria in the last four. Adebayor will make the difference."

  105. 1744: 
    Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    There were joyous scenes among the Nigerian players as Emmanuel Emenike's opening goal helped them beat Ivory Coast in Rustenburg.

    Nigeria Nigeria
  106. 1741: 
    Burkina Faso v Togo [18:30 GMT]

    I talked early doors about the Africa Cup of Nations being dominated by countries from the west of the continent [see 1400]. And another team from the area is guaranteed the final last-four spot. But this match really is a 'derby' with the countries sharing a 126km border between southern Burkina Faso and northern Togo.

  107. 1738: 

    Kolo Kenneth Kadiri on Twitter: "For the first time, Keshi got his tactics spot on in 2013. The energy, the motivation, the determination... Congrats Nigeria."

  108. 1734: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Burkina Faso v Togo [18:30 GMT]

    Daouda Diakite keeps his place in the Burkina Faso goal, despite Abdoulaye Soulama having served a ban for his red card against Ethiopia.

  109. 1729: 

    But can Burkina Faso continue their form and topple West African neighbours Togo? Let us know who you think will join Ghana, Mali and Nigeria in the last four.

    Let us know on Twitter by using the hashtag #bbcafcon, or via our brand-spanking new African Football BBC page on Facebook. For the traditionalists you can text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international). But MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR NAMES ON THEM - or we cannot use them.

  110. 1725: 
    Burkina Faso v Togo [18:30 GMT]

    I think it is fair to say Burkina Faso have been one of the surprise packages of 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. Paul Put's team brushed aside defending champions Zambia and two-time winners Nigeria to top Group C and set up the clash against Togo in Nelspruit.

  111. 1721: 
    Burkina Faso v Togo [18:30 GMT]

    So now Nigeria have booked their place in the last four, let's switch our attentions to the final last-eight tie between Burkina Faso and Togo.

  112. 1718: 
    Nick Cavell, BBC Sport in Nelspruit

    "Togo coaches are very precisely setting up their cones for the warm-up to this quarter-final against Burkina Faso."

  113. 1714: 

    Mulenga Kasama on Facebook: "Why do people call the Ivorians a golden generation when they have failed to win the Africa Cup? They are a group of handsome boys that end up as ordinary boys at the end of the day. Much respect to Nigeria for putting them in their place. They thought when Zambia beat them it was just luck. Actions speak louder than words."

  114. 1711: 

    siscofrancis on Twitter: "That is how the Elephants are in Afcon tournaments, the lack of game spirit. Well done for the Nigerians."

    Kanayo Umeogu ‏on Twitter: "Breaking news: Super Chickens have suddenly become Super Eagles again."

    Peter Jupp on Twitter: "With the Ivorian team this year being so old, and still not succeeding in the cup, I can only see the team worsening to be frank."

  115. 1707: 
    John Bennett, BBC Sport in RustenburgIvory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    "Many Ivory Coast players still haven't gone to the dressing room... Gervinho is sitting on his own in the dugout in tears..."

  116. 1703: 
    Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    Indeed Durban is the next stop for Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi and his team. There the Super Eagles will face Mali in Wednesday's semi-final.

  117. 1701: 
    John Bennett, BBC Sport in RustenburgIvory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    "The Super Eagles fans are having a party here in Rustenburg. Tremendous atmosphere now... Next stop Durban for Keshi's boys..."

  118. 1700: 
    Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    But the Ivorian disappointment is contrasted by the joyous scenes of celebration from the Nigerian camp. The Super Eagles have not lifted the trophy since 1994 - can 2013 finally be their year with this current crop of youngsters?

  119. 1657: 

    Belete Eshetea on Twitter: "Ivory Coast is like England, they are full of talent, but can't deliver on big stage."

    Tinashe on Twitter: "End of an era. Is that the last we will see Didier Drogba on the African soil playing?"

    Feyera Aga Hirpa on Twitter: "What an irony! Nigeria used to be star-studded chokers. EXACTLY what the Ivory Coast currently are."

  120. 1654: 
    Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    There are some glum looks etched across the faces of the Ivory Coast contingent. Established players like Didier Drogba and Didier Zokora know that, what could be their last chance of AFCON glory, is over.

  121. 1651: 
    FULL-TIME- Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    Indeed it is! Nigeria have upset their West African neighbours and dumped favourites Ivory Coast out of the Africa Cup of Nations.

  122. 1650: 
    Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    Everybody barring the Ivorian goalkeeper is jostling inside the Nigerian penalty box as the ball is swung in. Didier Drogba rises highest but cannot put his header on target. Surely game over for Drogba and company...

  123. 1649: 
    Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    But it is not over yet. The Ivorians pump the ball forward and win a free-kick close to the right touchline...

  124. 1649: 
    Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    Nigeria striker Emmanuel Emenike intelligently holds off two Ivorian defenders before winning another free-kick in a attacking position. Time is rapidly running out for the Elephants.

  125. 1647: 
    INJURY TIME- Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    There will be four minutes of added-time.

  126. 1645: 
    Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    Ivory Coast's Cheick Tiote needlessly takes out opposite number Emmanuel Emenike close to the touchline as Nigeria eat up a vital few more seconds.

  127. 1644: 
    Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    There are some tense faces among the Nigerian fans in the stands. But they will be going wild with joy shortly - if their heroes can see out these closing stages.

  128. 1642: 
    FINAL FIVE- Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    Lacina Traore could have been a instant hero for Ivory Coast. But he dwells when perfectly placed inside the penalty area which allows John Obi Mikel to nip in to poke away the danger.

  129. 1640: 

    There's a bold attacking move from Ivory Coast coach Sabre Lamouchi - and he has no other choice. Defensive midfielder Romaric is sacrificed as striker Lacina Traore enters the fray.

  130. 1639: 
    Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria

    Do the Ivorians possess the collective character to mount another fightback? There are no signs of a second leveller. Yet.

  131. 1637: 

    Odirov Ski on Twitter: "You have to say Nigeria has been the better team so far, deservedly in the lead."

    Benneth Akwuegwu on Twitter: "Please Super Eagles don't squander this lead. Just park the bus Keshi."

  132. 1634: 
    GOAL- Ivory Coast 1-2 Nigeria (Sunday Mba - 78 mins)

    That is a goal worthy of winning any match. And Sunday Mba may have just done that for Nigeria. The midfielder drove towards the Ivorian defence before unleashing a 20-yard drive which, with the aid of a deflection, flew past Elephants goalkeeper Boubacar Barry.

  133. 1632: 

    Yemi Ifegbuyi on Twitter: "I've never seen so many set-pieces wasted in a match... from both Nigeria and Ivory Coast."

  134. 1631: 
    15 MINUTES TO GO- Ivory Coast 1-1 Nigeria

    The set-piece comes to nothing, but there is no time for a breather in Rustenburg. It is end-to-end stuff as both sides look to edge ahead. There are just 15 minutes remaining - can anyone muster a winner?

  135. 1629: 
    Ivory Coast 1-1 Nigeria

    Max Gradel is soon in the thick of the action - using his quick acceleration and neat control to pull clear of the Nigerian defence before winning an Ivory Coast corner.

  136. 1627: 

    Efoagui Nedu on Twitter: "Nigeria keep calm and weather the Ivorian storm. We have not conceded more than a goal in each match."

  137. 1626: 

    First shuffle of the pack from either of the two coaches as Ivory Coast make an attacking change. Flying winger Max Gradel comes on for Salomon Kalou as the Ivorians look to stretch the Nigerian defence.

  138. 1624: 
    Ivory Coast 1-1 Nigeria

    It almost does prove costly. Ivory Coast find some space down the Nigerian left flank before working the ball inside to Yaya Toure. He smashes a low drive towards goal as Vincent Enyeama drops to the ground to push the ball clear.

  139. 1622: 

    Ideye Brown has also been a menace for Ivory Coast with his aerial prowess. But he wastes another fantastic opportunity when he is left unmarked at the far post to meet Moses' corner. Could that prove costly?

  140. 1621: 
    Ivory Coast 1-1 Nigeria

    Victor Moses has been a constant thorn in the Ivorians' side. He twists and turns past left-back Siaka Tiene to engineer space to cross - but it is far too strong for Emmanuel Emenike.

  141. 1619: 
    Ivory Coast 1-1 Nigeria

    Former Nigeria skipper Nwankwo Kanu is among the Rustenburg crowd cheering on his compatriots. The Super Eagles could do with one of his substitute cameos as they search for a winner.

  142. 1617: 
    Ivory Coast 1-1 Nigeria

    More Ivorian pressure almost yields a goal as Nigeria goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama flaps at a corner. The ball falls to Cheick Tiote on the edge of the Nigerian penalty area, but it is charged down as the Super Eagles avert the danger.

  143. 1615: 

    ella pepple on Twitter: "The underdogs are doing what the "overdogs" are expected to do. Go Super Eagles."

    Odirov Ski on Twitter: "Mikel is a waste of space in midfield. Keeps giving the ball away, giving away cheap fouls. Sub him please."

    Rajendra Prasad on Twitter: "Victor Moses is playing superbly....but as a Chelsea fan I am sad ...if he plays like this his return to CFC will be delayed."

  144. 1613: 
    Ivory Coast 1-1 Nigeria

    The set-piece comes to nothing, but the Super Eagles manage to relieve some of the Ivorian pressure with a period of possession of their own.

  145. 1612: 
    Ivory Coast 1-1 Nigeria

    What response can Nigeria show? Well, they win a corner from their first real attack of the second half after Victor Moses clips a delightful curling cross towards Ideye Brown.

  146. 1611: 
    Aliyu Tanko, BBC Sport in Rustenburg:

    "Atmosphere is now very tense. Ivorians very aggressive in the second half."

  147. 1609: 
    Ivory Coast 1-1 Nigeria

    The momentum has dramatically swung in favour of Ivory Coast after the equaliser. They are knocking firmly on the Nigerian door as Yaya Toure sees a shot blocked.

  148. 1607: 
    GOAL- Ivory Coast 1-1 Nigeria (Cheick Tiote - 50 mins)

    And it proved very dangerous for Nigeria. Nobody picks up Cheick Tiote who plants a powerful far-post header into the Nigerian net. That's his first goal for his country - what a time to score it.

  149. 1606: 
    Ivory Coast 0-1 Nigeria

    Now it's Didier Drogba's turn to go down under a Nigerian challenge. And he gets the benefit of the doubt to win a free-kick in a dangerous position.

  150. 1604: 
    Ivory Coast 0-1 Nigeria

    Salomon Kalou's tumble came after a lively counter attack sparked by Emmanuel Eboue's energetic burst forward. Encouraging for the Ivorian fans.

  151. 1603: 
    YELLOW CARD- Ivory Coast 0-1 Nigeria

    Salomon Kalou goes down in the Nigerian penalty area after falling over the trailing leg of Elderson Echiejile. But it does not impress referee Djamel Haimoudi, who books him for diving.

  152. 1600: 
    KICK-OFF- Ivory Coast 0-1 Nigeria

    Here we go. We're back underway as Ivory Coast kick off the second half. What have the 'favourites' got in their locker?

  153. 1559: 

    IZ NWOKWU on Twitter: "Eagles vs Elephant! So far the Eagles are soaring high and the Elephants are having a sleep."

    nisteljani on Twitter: "Great shot by Emenike, but was the keeper trying to save it Gangnam style??"

    Adebiyi Ajayi on Twitter: "Let's just hope the Eagles don't move into defensive gear now, it will be detrimental."

  154. 1558: 
    John Bennett, BBC Sport in Rustenburg

    "Ivory Coast are rattled. Nigeria were without doubt the better side in that first half and that horrendous goalkeeping error by Copa Barry has handed them the crucial lead. Just before the break, a couple of Ivory Coast players had to be pulled away from Victor Moses who was really winding up the Elephants defenders.

    "The Chelsea player has been a constant threat and has summed up Nigeria's energy and lack of fear. Big half time now for Sabri Lamouchi - the Ivory Coast boss - who is in his first coaching job. Going to be a real battle in the second half.The so called underdogs have the lead."

  155. 1556: 

    Adeniyi Kazeem Olorunloba on Facebook: "Tell me we are Super Chickens now. Wonderful Eagles!"

    Bonface Mwangi Wangaruro on Facebook: "To Drogba, I have seen you win the Champions League, the Premier League, the FA Cup, League cup and Charity Shield. Now I want to see you wining the AFCON 2013."

  156. 1554: 
    Ivory Coast 0-1 Nigeria

    I've been impressed by Emmanuel Emenike whenever I've watched him play for Spartak Moscow or Nigeria. He spooned a golden chance midway through the first-half but boy, did he make amends with his thumping opener.

  157. 1552: 
    Ivory Coast 0-1 Nigeria

    On the balance of play Nigeria are certainly well worth their lead. The Super Eagles have played with more energy and freedom than their more experienced Ivory Coast opponents. The Elephants have looked pretty laborious to be honest.

  158. 1549: 
    GET INVOLVED- Ivory Coast 0-1 Nigeria

    Peterwari Soberekon on Twitter: "An old Ivory Coast vs a young Nigerian team...who wouldn't have predicted this? Go Team Nigeria."

    Emmanuel Etim on Twitter: "The best 45 minutes display so far by the Eagles. Thoroughly deserved of their lead."

    Dan Takyi on Twitter: "I presume if the keeper got a hand to that he would have been pushed into the net there was so much power."

  159. 1547: 
    HALF-TIME- Ivory Coast 0-1 Nigeria

    No chance for the shocked Ivorians to reply as referee Djamel Haimoudi calls time on an enjoyable first half. Did anyone expect that?

  160. 1546: 

    Gbenga Aofolaj on Twitter: "I take it all back. Our boys definitely showed up to play. Soar you super eagles, soar!"

    Dan Takyi on Twitter: "You know what I sad about beast? Emenike has just confirmed that! That is a belter!"

  161. 1544: 
    Ivory Coast 0-1 Nigeria

    You can't say Nigeria have not deserved that...

  162. 1542: 
    GOAL- Ivory Coast 0-1 Nigeria (Emmanuel Emenike - 43 mins)

    What. A. Strike. Emenike gives the Super Eagles a 1-0 lead with a super strike. He smashes a thunderous effort from a short free-kick past Ivorian keeper Boubacar Barry. Perhaps a question mark about his efforts though...

  163. 1541: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Seconds later, Yaya Toure wins a free-kick of his own in another promising position for the Elephants. But Didier Drogba blasts into the wall. It just isn't clicking in the attacking third for Drogba or his team.

  164. 1539: 

    It was a professional, some might say, cynical, foul by Yaya Toure - and he does not escape punishment by referee Djamel Haimoudi.

  165. 1538: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Nigeria forward Victor Moses is poleaxed by the imposing figure of Ivory Coast midfielder Yaya Toure. That is not a man whose shoulder you want your face to run into, which is what happened to Moses.

  166. 1537: 

    Sid Marera on Twitter: "It's increasing looking like one of those games where Nigeria do all the playing but Ivory Coast emerge as winners."

    Adedayo on Twitter: "The Nigerians are disappointing me, not because of how bad they are playing but how good they are."

  167. 1535: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    We see a first real glimpse of Didier Drogba who shows superb control to bring down a high ball with his body, before seeing his shot deflected out behind the goal. But referee Djamel Haimoudi insists Drogba used his arm to do so. The new Galatasaray striker looks totally bemused.

  168. 1533: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Another free-kick for Ivory Coast. And again it is dealt with well by the superbly-organised Nigeria defence. Striker Emmanuel Emenike mucks in with the defensive duties to head away the danger.

  169. 1532: 
    Alex Capstick, BBC Sport

    "No goals yet but Nigeria giving a good account of themselves v Ivory Coast. Decent atmosphere too."

  170. 1531: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Yaya Toure whips in an inswinging ball from close to the left touchline, but luckily for Ogenyi Onazi, the Nigerian defence clear.

  171. 1529: 

    The dubious honour of the match's first booking goes to Nigeria's Ogenyi Onazi. He hacks down Salomon Kalou from behind to give away a free-kick in a dangerous position...

  172. 1528: 
    CLOSE!- Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Huge chance goes begging for Nigeria. Ivory Coast carelessly lose possession in midfield to allow Ideye Brown to burst forward. He picks his moment to slip in Emmanuel Emenike, but he loses all composure to blast woefully high over the crossbar.

  173. 1526: 

    Ademola Gafar on Facebook: "I love my country, Nigeria must win."

    Saara Amupolo on Facebook: "I think Nigeria will win the game."

  174. 1525: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Chieck Tiote fizzes a long-range effort over the Nigeria crossbar, which the referee believes was aided by a deflection. The corner is headed clear as Ivory Coast continue to toil.

  175. 1523: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Another free-kick opportunity in a promising position for Nigeria. Victor Moses again stands over the ball and opts for a short pass to Emmanuel Emenike who drifts off to the right channel. But the Spartak Moscow striker loses his footing and the ball rolls out for a goal-kick.

  176. 1521: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Ivory Coast show signs of attacking life as Solomon Kalou drops deep to pick up the ball and charge at the Nigerian defence. But his throughball is far too strong for Gervinho to collect. No danger for the Super Eagles.

  177. 1520: 

    Fahad Khan on Twitter: "Drogba, Kalou, Mikel, Moses. This is like Chelsea vs Chelsea."

  178. 1519: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Nigeria have made a very encouraging start - despite being, dare I say it about a Super Eagles side, the underdogs. The Elephants are yet to test goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama.

  179. 1517: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Ivory Coast again allow Ideye Brown to peel off to the far post as he attempts to meet Victor Moses' free-kick. It's almost a carbon copy of the Super Eagles' earlier chance - except it's a little too high for him to reach.

  180. 1515: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    There's plenty of noise inside the Royal Bafokeng Stadium with the familiar drone of the many vuvuzelas booming out.

  181. 1514: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Ivory Coast force a corner and central defender Sol Bamba tries an ambitious acrobatic effort from Romaric's set-piece. Unsurprisingly, it sails over the Nigerian crossbar.

  182. 1512: 

    Bonface Mwangi Wangaruro on Facebook: "I love the game, the colour, the haircuts, but I hate the empty stadiums."

  183. 1510: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Victor Moses rifles a fierce strike from 25 yards towards goal to sting the palms of Ivorian keeper Boubacar Barry. The ball dips and swerves but Barry does enough to prevent Nigeria taking the lead - just.

  184. 1508: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Emmanuel Emenike shows his "beast" by holding off a Ivorian defender before winning a free-kick. Victor Moses swings in a delightful ball which is met by the leaping Ideye Brown. But he can't keep his header down. Decent chance though.

  185. 1506: 

    Dan Takyi on Twitter: "Drogba and Emenike, just so much beast."

  186. 1504: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Elderson Echiejile ploughs into the back of Didier Drogba as Ivory Coast win a free-kick in a dangerous positions just outside the Nigeria penalty area. A moody-looking Drogba is poised - before Siaka Tiene steps up instead to blast the set-piece into the wall.

  187. 1502: 
    Ivory Coast 0-0 Nigeria

    Promising start for the Ivory Coast as quickly dominate possession with their zippy, one-touch passing. No chances as yet though.

  188. 1501: 
    Aliyu Tanko, BBC Sport in Rustenburg:

    "Nigeria dressed in traditional green jersey and short with white stripe while the Ivorians have the orange with green stripe."

  189. 1500: 

    And indeed we do kick off as Nigeria get this hugely-anticipated game underway. The talking is over.

  190. 1459: 
    Ivory Coast v Nigeria [1500 GMT]

    Handshakes over. Team photos done. We're almost ready to kick-off. Remember, the winners of this quarter-final will meet Mali in Wednesday's semi-final in Durban.

  191. 1458: 

    Gbenga Aofolaju ‏on Twitter: "Super Eagles definitely underdogs, on paper and based on previous appearances. Lets pray / hope Elephants don't crush them."

    Badoo Olayemi on Twitter: "I think Nigeria will miss the experience of Taiwo, Osaze and Obafemi Martins today."

  192. 1457: 
    Ivory Coast v Nigeria [1500 GMT]

    Didier Drogba closes his eyes as he belts out the Ivorian national anthem. He's spoken about what finally lifting the AFCON trophy would mean to him in the twilight of his career - he certainly looks as though he means business.

  193. 1455: 
    Ivory Coast v Nigeria [1500 GMT]

    Both teams confidently stride out onto the Rustenburg pitch against a backdrop of very dark clouds. Let's hope that thunderstorm holds off.

  194. 1454: 
    LINE-UPS- Ivory Coast v Nigeria [1500 GMT]

    Ivory Coast: Barry; Eboue, Zokora, Bamba, Tiene; Tiote, Romaric, Y Toure, Gervinho; Kalou, Drogba.

    Nigeria: Enyeama; Echiejile, Omeruo, Oboabona, Ambrose; Mba, Onanzi, Mikel, Moses; Ideye, Emenike.

    Referee: Djamel Haimoudi (Algeria)

  195. 1452: 

    Iheanyi Uwa on Twitter: "This Nigeria v Ivory Coast game has got to be the biggest game of the tournament so far. No disrespect to other teams."

  196. 1451: 
    John Bennett, BBC Sport in RustenburgIvory Coast v Nigeria [1500 GMT]

    "Small crowd here but a good atmosphere created by Super Eagles and Elephants fans, we've been treated to a light show before the match with forks of lightning over the hills in the distance. Consenus in the press box is that Nigeria will give Ivory Coast a tougher match than many are expecting.

    "Interesting that Sabri Lamouchi has changed the team that did so well against Tunisia in the group stage but he would've been a brave man to leave Didier Drogba out again. If Ivory Coast lose, this could be the final Cup of Nations match of Drogba's career."

  197. 1449: 

    Chelsea and France winger Florent Malouda on Twitter: "Who's ready for Nigeria/Ivory Coast? Qui est prêt pour Nigeria/Côte d'Ivoire?"

    I am ready Florent. Je suis pret Florent.

  198. 1447: 

    Anthony Panache on Facebook: "Today is when we really find out if the Super Eagles really want to fly. They have been flapping their wings thus far. Good luck to the Super Eagles."

    Okey Paul on Facebook: "The Super Eagles of Nigeria will win."

  199. 1445: 
    Ivory Coast v Nigeria [1500 GMT]

    There are not many Ivorians inside the stadium, but the ones in Rustenburg are making a huge noise. And providing plenty of colour.

    Ivory Coast fans Ivory Coast fans
  200. 1442: 

    Which player is sporting the best haircut at this year's tournament? My favourite has to be the mop of bright blond dreadlocks sported by Burkina Faso's Arsitide Bance. Let me know your favourite AFCON haircut by using the #bbcafcon hashtag on Twitter.

  201. 1438: 

    Before we get down to the serious business of the last two quarter-final matches, let's have a bit of fun.

    One of the major attraction of the Africa Cup of Nations is the colour and vibrancy brought to the tournament by supporters. But the players have also helped with some outrageous haircuts. BBC News reporter Peter Okwoche visits a barber shop in Nelspruit to find out which footballers are top of the crops.

  202. 1437: 
    Aliyu Tanko, BBC Sport in Rustenburg:

    "Ivorians greeted with loud cheers as the enter the stadium."

  203. 1436: 

    However, Nigeria did not enjoy a smooth passage like the Ivorians. Opening draws against defending champions Zambia and Burkina Faso meant they needed all three points against Ethiopia to avoid failing to reach the last eight for the first time since 1982. They duly obliged by beating the Walya Antelopes - but left it late. Two penalties in the final 11 minutes from Victor Moses did the job.

  204. 1433: 

    So how have we arrived here? Let's take a quick glance over Ivory Coast and Nigeria's path to the last eight.

    The Ivorians, led by talismanic captain Didier Drogba, were installed as pre-tournament favourites as they aim to rectify near-misses in 2006 and 2012. They cruised past Group D rivals Togo and Tunisia to book their last-eight spot with one game to spare. It meant coach Sabri Lamouchi could afford to field a vastly-changed side against Algeria, as his fringe players ensured the Elephants remained unbeaten with a 2-2 draw.

  205. 1430: 

    babafemi on Twitter: "If Nigeria is well organised especially in the defence then we just might rattle the Mighty Elephants!!! Super Eagles lets go!!!"

  206. 1428: 

    Unsurprisingly, Ivory Coast revert to a familiar-looking starting XI after resting key players against Algeria. Sol Bamba and Didier Zokora make up the centre-back pairing, with Kolo Toure on the bench. Salomon Kalou keeps his place over Max Gradel.

  207. 1425: 

    So there is still no place for Super Eagles skipper Joseph Yobo in Stephen Keshi's starting XI. However, there is room for Ogenyi Onazi and Brown Ideye in two changes from the final Group C match against Ethiopia. Onazi replaces the suspended Fegor Ogude, while Ideye starts instead of Ike Uche.

  208. 1422: 

    Peter Askew on Twitter: "All West African matches with no Egypt or Algeria in sight. Having lived in Togo and visited Ghana I would love one of them to win."

    Odu O.A on Twitter: "Nigeria to win by a one-goal margin."

  209. 1420: 

    Does not sound like a promising weather forecast in Rustenburg. I'm starting to feel grateful for the light drizzle over Salford...

  210. 1419: 
    John Bennett, BBC Sport in RustenburgIvory Coast v Nigeria [1500 GMT]

    "Suddenly rain clouds above, a strong breeze. Overheard in the press box - 'this is juju from Nigeria!' Forks of lightning now in Rustenburg. Storm heading our way just before kick off."

  211. 1416: 

    As you would expect, the BBC are covering every kick of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations on radio, TV, online and mobile.

    BBC World Service will bring commentary on all the key matches, with regular updates from the tournament being broadcast by BBC World News as well as the BBC's TV programmes for Africa. We will have a live text commentary of every game on the BBC Sport website just like this one.

    Lee James will present the weekly Sports World live from South Africa throughout the tournament. All the latest news, match reports and reaction will also be covered on the African Football section of the BBC Sport website.

    BBC Africa's social-media teams will be engaging with reporters, fans and footballers via #BBCAFCON (Twitter page @bbclovefootball), a new LoveAfricanFootball Facebook page as well as the Google+ community page Love African Football.

  212. 1413: 

    nisteljani on Twitter: "Looking for something today a little less pedestrian than yesterday's second quarter-final."

  213. 1411: 

    Indeed our man John Bennett was spot on [see 1407] - talisman Didier Drogba does start for the Elephants.

  214. 1409: 

    Skipper Joseph Yobo is not named in the Super Eagles' starting XI.

  215. 1407: 
    John Bennett, BBC Sport in Rustenburg

    "Ivory Coast squad on the pitch... Drogba on his own with headphones on, looking psyched up... From way he's acting I think he'll start..."

  216. 1405: 

    Which two teams are going to join Ghana and Mali in the semi-finals then? Let's have some bold predictions. Who will deliver the knockout blow in the heavyweight clash between traditional African super-powers Ivory Coast and Nigeria? And either Burkina Faso or neighbours Togo will also earn a semi-final place. But who will prevail?

    Let us know on Twitter by using the hashtag #bbcafcon, or via our brand-spanking new African Football BBC page on Facebook. For the traditionalists you can text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international). But MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR NAMES ON THEM - or we cannot use them.

  217. 1402: 

    And what a day it promises to be. There are two tantalising matches ready for your delectation, starting with the showdown between Ivory Coast and Nigeria in Rustenburg. Then, we will switch focus to Nelspruit where Burkina Faso and Togo, two lesser-fancied teams before the tournament kicked off, play for the final semi-final spot.

  218. 1400: 

    "Go West, this is what we're gonna do," sang Neil Tennant in the Pet Shop Boys' classic 1993 hit. And football fans, that is exactly what the Africa Cup of Nations trophy will be doing too.

    South Africa's elimination in Saturday's second quarter-final means only West African countries remain in the competition. Today, two more sides will join Ghana and Mali in the last four. Welcome to day 16 of Afcon 2013.

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