Millwall v Aston Villa, FA Cup fourth round, The Den as it happened

Championship side Millwall heap more pressure on Aston Villa with victory in the first FA Cup fourth round tie of the weekend.

25 January 2013 Last updated at 22:15

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As it happened

  1. 2212: 

    And that, I think, brings our evening to an end. Another awful night for Villa, who were chewed up in the Lions' Den. Thanks very much for your company, you can continue the debate on #bbcfootball. Join us again tomorrow for more FA Cup fourth-round action but, before then, keep warm.


    From Matt in Greenwich, via text on 81111: "Lambert isn't at fault for team selection. He has nothing else available. What he is at fault for is spending 20 million on unproven, young lower division players in the summer. People overlook the fact that Lambert crafted this team. No other manager could get them to play better but ultimately, Lambert made a huge and expensive gamble and it's gone wrong. As a lifelong villa fan I am resigned to relegation. Haven't seen a worse Villa team in 20 plus years."

  3. 2209: 

    Speaking of which, we never did get #wardrobeXI trending, did we?

  4. 2208: 

    Well said, Sam. In all this talk of a crisis at Villa, it's easy to ignore the great achievement of Millwall. They are the first side into the last 16 of the FA Cup, which I think is fitting for the manager that kicked off our Wardrobe XI at the start of the evening.


    From Sam in London, via text on 81111: "How about Well done Millwall'? We sold our striker today. Cmon u Lions!"


    Mathew Vins on Twitter: "When a rot starts at Newcastle they sign half the French squad. At Villa we buy a few average kids wave white flags and give up."


    Simon Barker on Twitter: "Lack of experience from top to bottom in the club but how do you gain experience? Don't sack Lambert."


    Steve in Birmingham, via text on 81111: "Lambert out. He is useless. Poor team selection and tactics. Unable to motivate. Doesn't understand basics. Kevin MacDonald and Martin Laursen please. Villa DNA. Back to basics."

  9. 2158: 

    Lots of very strong views. We've got a couple of minutes left, so keep them coming.


    James in Birmingham, via text on 81111: "Of course the problems go higher than Lambert. Who allowed Martin O'Neill to overspend? Who placed hope on an unfit candidate to manage in the top flight? Who appointed the disgrace of McLeish? Who refuses to spend in this window when it is so clearly needed so he can rectify his previous management failings? It's now or never Randy."


    Dom Shepard on Twitter: "The problems are more deep rooted than the manager who is used as a scapegoat. Look no further than the chief exec."


    J on Twitter: "Sacking Lambert won't help Villa at all. The balance of experience and youth is all wrong at the club."


    From Andy in Cheltenham, via text on 81111: "Villa. Victims of getting rid of good managers when fans were unhappy that they were not in top four - O'Neill, Houllier, O'Leary! Villa never been a big club, never will."


    Steve Fletcher on Twitter: "Surely Villa getting knocked out of the cup by a Championship side, as opposed to a League Two side is progress?"

  15. 2152: 

    We haven't got long left, so it might be a bit naughty of me to pose these questions, but I will anyway. Has anything gone right for Villa since Martin O'Neill put out that weakened team in the Europa League? Secondly, since O'Neill, Villa have tried Houllier, McLeish and now Lambert. Is constantly changing manager the way to go? Are the problems elsewhere?


    Glenn Wheeler on Twitter: "This week has summed up Villa's season! Not good enough. I reckon a certain Mr Adkins will be travelling to Birmingham soon."

  17. 2149: 

    Let's not forget the League Two action, although, those at Cheltenham v Rochdale might hope to forget it. Goalless on a chilly Friday night. Doesn't sound like the best game, but happy to be told otherwise.

  18. 2148: 

    It doesn't get any easier for Villa, either. Tuesday night sees Newcastle travel to Villa Park. How big does that game look?

    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport

    "You had to be here to believe how bad Villa were tonight. You can't quite grasp it until you see them live. This isn't a classic Millwall side and this was a game that Villa were capable of winning."


    Tom Jackson on Twitter: "I'm probably not the only Villa fan to be happy to be out of the FA cup. Quite simply just need to concentrate on the league."


    Steve from Bicester, via text on 81111: "The embarrassment cannot go on. Taxi for Mr Lambert."


    Matthew Harris on Twitter: "Whoever takes over from Lambert won't do any better. Villa's problems are deeper than that. Unless it's Alex Ferguson maybe."

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "That performance didn't do anything to rectify the situation they (Villa) have got themselves into. That was a thoroughly depressing performance. They were beaten by a side who came to play football."

  24. 2143: 

    Aston Villa's bad season goes from bad to worse, an embarrassing and miserable week coming to an end with a second cup exit. That's to take nothing away from Millwall, though, with the Den celebrating with a chorus of Rocking All Over The World. Gotta love the Quo.

  25. 2141: 
    FULL-TIME- Millwall 2-1 Aston Villa
  26. 2140: 

    Hit and hope stuff for Villa, with Dan Shittu a man mountain for Millwall. Time almost up...

  27. 2139: 

    Charles N'Zogbia tries to single-handedly keep Villa in this, but, frankly, he's not good enough. A run ends at the byeline, with an attempted cross going out on the other side.

    Simon Brotherton, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Vlaar and Clark are going up front, Villa are just going to lump the ball through the centre."


    Rob Millward on Twitter: "That has to be Lambert gone surely?"

  30. 2136: 

    Six minutes of added time flashed up on the board. Still hope for Villa. Just.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "That sums up Villa's week, it hit the bar, could have gone to a defender, could have gone out of play but it went to John Marquis, who will never have a simpler chance to head into an empty net."

  32. 2133: 
    GOAL- Millwall 2-1 Aston Villa - John Marquis (89 mins)

    Had to happen, given the week Villa have had, it just had to happen. They are surely on their way to a second cup exit in four days thanks to John Marquis. A scramble in the Villa box eventually sees the ball hit the cross bar, with Marquis able to nod into an empty net. Delirium at the Den.

  33. 2131: 

    I think the sting has gone from this game a little, surely we're not settling for a draw? About five minutes to find a winner.

    Simon Brotherton, BBC Radio 5 live

    "This game looks like what it is: a poor Premier League team against a very solid Championship side."


    Sam Ender on Twitter: "Christophe Beret"

  36. 2126: 

    Well, Jordan Bowery was on thee field for all of 30 seconds before he found his way into the ref's notebook. He's shown the yellow card for raising an arm to Dan Shittu. Swift work.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "You would not say on this performance that it will be a gimmee for Villa to take Millwall back and beat them."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  38. 2125: 

    About 10 minutes left for one of these two sides to pinch a place in the fifth round. Still goalless between Cheltenham and Rochdale. Andreas Weimann makes way for Villa, with Jordan Bowery taking his place.


    Dave King on Twitter: "Re: 2117: Would it really be a cupset? I mean, really?"

  40. 2122: 

    Shot from Barry Bannan beaten away by David Forde. That was at catchable height for the Millwall keeper, so the fact he decided not to catch suggests the ball was really moving around. Volleyed clear by Dan Shittu. First time Villa have threatened for some while.


    Jonny Janes on Twitter: "Bikini George."

  42. 2117: 

    More noise from the Millwall fans, they smell a cupset. I think I'm with them, too. Millwall have been the more likely side for some time now.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "Trotter's been a little off it tonight, he's had no influence tonight. I'm disappointed in him because I have seen him play really well at times this year."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  44. 2114: 

    If it sounds like there's not much happening, it's because it isn't. Barry Bannan plays a horrible pass, giving it away with a long ball to the Millwall right-back area.

  46. 2107: 

    James Henry causing a nuisance of himself again. This time he tries to chip Shay Given, but there's not quite enough on it.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "Millwall have Villa on the run a little bit and they want to get the ball in the box to test them. I cannot remember too many times where Villa have got into the Millwall half."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  48. 2107: 

    Since they scored, Villa haven't really threatened. They passed it around well in the early stages, but Millwall were really lifted by the equaliser.


    From Tolo in Manchester, via text on 81111: "Ryan Shortscross"

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "The Millwall fans on this side are really giving it to the Millwall fans that have thrown the bottles. It's stupid. No one minds them getting behind their team, but there are always one or two idiots who take it further. They are doing it for the sake of doing it."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  51. 2101: 

    There's a couple of bottles that have been thrown on to the pitch. Four. maybe five. Play has stopped. They have come from the Millwall fans, but the debris has now been cleared and we're back under way.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "It's one of those games where Millwall decide to get after Villa, then sit back and let Villa come at them. You do need a breather, and that's when Villa will get into the game, but certainly when Millwall have the ball Villa do not look comfortable."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  54. 2056: 

    Here come Villa, Ashley Westwood tries to get a cross in, with Dan Shittu conceding a corner. Barry Bannan takes it, but it's too low and Millwall clear.


    Ross in Catford via text on 81111: "Ruel Socks."

  56. 2051: 

    Early free-kick to Millwall and, wonder of wonders, Villa manage to survive a set-piece. Corner coming up for Millwall, though, but it's punched away by Shay Given.

  57. 2050: 

    We're back under way at the Den...


    Paul Waterfield on Twitter: "Eric Jumper-Jumper"


    From Justin in Manchester, via text on 81111: "Hatem Ben Scarfa"

  60. 2045: 

    Half-time at Cheltenham, too. Still 0-0 there, where Rochdale are the visitors in League Two.

  61. 2043: 

    Arsenal have now confirmed that Emmanuel Frimpong is on his way across London to Fulham. I wonder why he deleted that tweet?

  62. 2042: 

    Perry Groves getting some stick from Colin Murray on BBC Radio 5 live for his earlier comments [see 1931]. Groves had a point about the 17-year-old ball boy, though, a bit like when Peter Kay played Leonard, Britain's oldest paper boy.


    Julia Waldron: "Neil Blazer Ruddock"

    James V: "Park Ji String"

    Davy Douglas: "Alex Sarong"

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "Both teams are having a go without the greatest quality, but it's very watchable."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  65. 2035: 

    A James Henry effort that ended up over the bar took us to the half-time whistle. I'll be honest, the thought of this tie didn't really get my juices going, but I've enjoyed that first half. Proper cup football.

  66. 2033: 
    HALF-TIME- Millwall 1-1 Aston Villa
  67. 2031: 

    Eric Lichaj does a good job of taking out Liam Feeney, but the ref doesn't see anything wrong. Fair challenge or not, Villa were busting a gut to get back and defend. Can't fault their effort.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "Down the right hand side, Millwall have been quite effective. It's an area that can be exploited against Villa because they don't always track their runners."


    Dan Brook on Twitter: "Graeme Shoeness."

  70. 2029: 

    Arsenal's Emmanuel Frimpong might be having a bit of fun on Twitter. Earlier today he told us that he's on the move, now, in a tweet that has been deleted, he said he was on the way to Fulham. Of course, he might not have been talking about the football club, may just have been having a Friday night out.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "Ciaran Clark has been a little bit loose all game, some of his control has been shocking."

  72. 2025: 

    Fabian Delph is crocked and is being replaced by Barry Bannan. League Two fans, I can tell you that it's still goalless between Cheltenham and Rochdale.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "It's almost role reversal at the moment, Millwall gave it away a lot at the start of the game but now it's Villa."

  75. 2022: 

    Villa edgy, it's now the Premier League side that are giving the ball away cheaply. Millwall improving, we have a proper cup tie. Shot from Adam Smith from some way out is straight at Shay Given.

    Simon Brotherton, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I assumed this match was moved to Friday for TV coverage, but, in fact, it's because there is a protest march tomorrow against the closure of Lewisham Hospital and the police will be needed there."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.


    Jamie Lang on Twitter: "Ole Gunnar Sportsbra"

  79. 2017: 

    Flappy, flappy Shay Given, wafting at another Millwall cross. Villa petrified any time the ball comes into the box. Like when you were a kid and heading the ball used to hurt, especially when you got it on the nose and your eyes watered. Or was that just me?

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "There aren't very many things in football that are predictable, but that's Aston Villa's Achilles heel. They teed it up two minutes ago, and then they scored. It's incredible. This game is not the greatest quality, but it's very watchable."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  81. 2013: 
    GOAL- Millwall 1-1 Aston Villa - Dan Shittu (27 mins)

    Right then, is there any chance, ever, at all, of Aston Villa learning how to defend set-pieces? Fair enough, Dan Shittu takes a bit of marking, but he's left big tyre tracks all over the Villa defence here. He's up to power in from a corner, making amends for the mistake he made in the build-up to Villa's goal. Game back on, the Den rocking.


    Aslan Usoyan on Twitter: "John Pantsil"

    Tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball. I've also noticed that #wardrobeXI is being used. If that was to trend, I'd probably have to retire on a high that would never be beaten.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "In the end it was a good break, but Shittu has got to stop Weimann going round him. Darren Bent will never score a scrappier goal than that, he mis-hits it into the corner he was not aiming for, but that's the sign of a goal scorer. There was a little bit of tempo and pace in that break, which they certainly lacked."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  84. 2008: 
    GOAL- Millwall 0-1 Aston Villa - Darren Bent (22 mins)

    A sucker punch gives Villa the lead. The visitors counter after a Millwall attack, with Andreas Weimann going past Dan Shittu like he wasn't there. The ball eventually falls to Darren Bent, who's scuffed, bobbling shot nestles into the back of the net to give Villa the lead. Was that gust of wind a Paul Lambert sigh of relief?

  85. 2007: 

    Huge synchronised roar going around the Den, making a very impressive din. Villa only passing it in front of the home defence for the moment, very little threat to either goal right now. Not really the start to the weekend we were hoping for.


    From Josh in Blairgowrie, via text on 81111: "Sebastien Sarong."

    Don't forget to put your name on any text messages, otherwise your fine work will go unused.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "There's been lots of possession for Villa, with three against two in midfield, but their passing has not had a massive amount of purpose, while Millwall are giving it away far too much. It's a poor game, neither side have got any sort of rhythm."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  88. 2003: 

    Villa are perhaps using the ball a little better, but haven't created anything in the final third. As the home crowd gets louder, again Villa make progress into enemy territory, but there's no end product. The attack ends with a Ron Vlaar hoof into the hands of David Forde.


    Michael Traves on Twitter: "Steven N'Onesie."

  90. 1958: 

    James Henry volleys towards the Villa goal. He's in an awkward position, though, not troubling Shay Given.

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "Villa have started fine, they have worked the ball and kept the ball well, but without really creating anything yet."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.


    From Jack in London, via text on 81111: "Nigel de thong."

  93. 1954: 

    Shouts for hand ball against Villa's Ciaran Clark as he heads clear. Did he head the ball against his arm?

  94. 1950: 

    Not loads happened in these opening five minutes, but Villa have a free-kick about 15 yards outside the Millwall box. Westwood, from the right, takes it, with Charles N'Zogbia eventually crossing from the right, but Millwall clear.


    John in London, via text on 81111: "Hat le Tissier."

    Steve Claridge, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport

    "When you get a night like this with a good away following as well as a good home crowd, you tend to get good games. There's a good atmosphere already and it's a bit spicy."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.


    Alex Meek on Twitter: "With regards to tonight, it will have no bearing on Lambert's job. People should learn to read."

  98. 1947: 

    Andreas Weimann gets down the right for Villa, resulting in a corner for the visitors. It comes in from Ashley Westwood, with Ron Vlaar attacking the ball, but Millwall get in cleared.


    Raj Palmer on Twitter: "Roberto Mankini"

  100. 1945: 

    The FA Cup fourth round is under way...


    Millwall manager Kenny Jackett on BBC Radio 5 live: "We want to generate a cup run, it's important to us, and even with home advantage we will have to be at our best to dislodge a Premier League side."


    Chris Murphy on Twitter: "Papa Bouba Diop was known as the wardrobe. Mascot/ball boy?"

    A ball boy you wouldn't mess with.

  103. 1943: 

    In case you need more football, we've also got live coverage of the Africa Cup of Nations, where Burkina Faso are 3-0 up on Ethiopia. Also, a streaker has just got caught in one of the nets. Brilliant.


    From Chris in Stockport, via text on 81111: "Younes Kagoul"


    Stuart McKeown on Twitter: "Sebastian Coates."

    Ron Atkinson, BBC Radio 5 live

    "They are shipping goals for fun, they're not defending well so they have got to get their priorities right. You get your defence right first, and they have enough in the attacking positions to score a goal or two, but they are letting goals in and letting teams get at them."


    From Benj in Bristol, via text on 81111: "Martin Skirtel has to make the Wardrobe XI."

    Perry Groves, Former Arsenal forward

    On BBC Radio 5 live: "What's a 17-year-old doing as a ball boy anyway? When my lads were 17, they were more interested in getting a fake ID, going to clubs and meeting ratty old women."


    Stuie Neale on Twitter: "If Villa lose Lambert is 100% out. You heard it here first."


    Millwall: Forde, Adam Smith, Shittu, Osborne, Beevers, Henry, Trotter, Abdou, Feeney, Marquis, Keogh. Subs: Maik Taylor, Dunne, Wright, Batt, Jack Smith, N'Guessan, Wilkinson.

    Aston Villa: Given, Vlaar, Clark, Lichaj, Lowton, Westwood, Delph, N'Zogbia, Bennett, Bent, Weimann. Subs: Guzan, Ireland, Agbonlahor, Holman, Bowery, Bannan, Williams.

    Referee: Neil Swarbrick (Lancashire)

  111. 1931: 

    And, it's Friday, we've all had a coffee. We're here for football, so let's talk football. Lions to roar or Villains victorious? In fact, we can talk about any football that's tickling your fancy. Ball boys, Frenchmen at Newcastle, goal-scoring goalkeepers. Tweet using the hashtag #bbcfootball or text 81111.

  112. 1929: 

    Millwall, the 2004 finalists, also have one of my favourite managers in charge. Kenny Jackett would be a certainty for a Wardrobe XI alongside Paul Parker, Demba Bra and Lionel Dressi. Having that?

    Ron Atkinson, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Paul Lambert has made a statement by leaving Benteke and Agbonlahor out. They're not facing the strongest Millwall side they could have been and it ain't quite as hostile as going to the old Millwall Den. I think Villa will get something out of the game. Maybe not a win, but I don't think they will lose."

  114. 1926: 

    BBC Sport's Tim Oscroft: "Paul Lambert has handed Darren Bent a rare start among four changes to the side that beat Bradford but still went out of the Capital One Cup, with Andreas Weimann, Ashley Westwood and Eric Lichaj also recalled. Christian Benteke is not in the squad.

    "Millwall make three changes to the side that lost at home to Bunley last Saturday with Liam Feeney, Karleigh Osbourne and John Marquis all coming in."

  115. 1922: 

    Villa's troubles are well-documented, but what of Millwall? The Lions are in the Championship play-off chasing pack, sitting ninth. They have, however, won only one of their last six league games. During that time they booked this tie with a 1-0 third-round win over Preston.

    Simon Brotherton, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's parky in south London. What a test for Villa after the embarrassment they suffered on Tuesday. It's a night when all eyes are on them to see if they can restore a little pride, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if Millwall win this."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  117. 1920: 

    Villa's trip to the Den (out of interest, when did it stop being the New Den?) is the first of 16 FA Cup ties across the weekend. We've had the romance of the third round - Macclesfield, Luton, Brighton et al - but now a place in the fifth round is up for grabs. Not quite the business end, but maybe the casual-glance-at-the-Financial-Times end.

  118. 1917: 

    In all seriousness, that's probably nothing like what Paul Lambert has said to his beleaguered Aston Villa troops, but, in even more all seriousness, after the week they have had, Villa need an FA Cup trip to Millwall about as much as beef burgers need horse meat.

  119. 1915: 

    "Right lads, chins up. I know we're not going too well in the league and we slipped up against Bradford in the League Cup, but now is the time to turn the corner. Just a simple FA Cup tie to ease us back to winning ways. What's that? We're playing where? Oh...."

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