Swansea v Chelsea and Arsenal v West Ham as it happened

Live text commentary as Swansea draw 0-0 with Chelsea to reach the Capital One Cup final and Arsenal thrash West Ham.

23 January 2013 Last updated at 23:34

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As it happened

  1. 2235: 

    So an unsavoury and bizarre end to a dramatic evening of action.

    You can keep up to date with all the latest news from Swansea, Chelsea and West Ham on the BBC Sport website. Good night.

  2. 2232: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    More from Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez on the Eden Hazard red card: "They both recognise there was a mistake.

    "The boy was apologising for time wasting. Hazard was frustrated and tried to get the ball. He was kicking the ball and getting the ball.

    "We can analyse if for half an hour but we know that both are wrong."

  3. 2232: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez:

    "In this competition you have two legs and we didn't take our chances in either game. Credit to Swansea because they did well.

    "I didn't see the Demba Ba penalty claim, but we can't change the incident now.

    "We had two or three good chances, we could have done better but we didn't hit the target. We have to do better in attack to change the game but we couldn't do it."

  4. 2230: 

    Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez: "Eden Hazard has been in to see the ball boy and the two have apologised to each other.

    "The ball boy knows he was wasting time. We are disappointed to lose the player but we cannot change things."

  5. 2225: 

    How smooth is Michael Laudrup?

  6. 2223: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Swansea manager Michael Laudrup: "Most of these players have never been to a final.

    "I've been there a lot of times as a player and a manager and it is so different. It is absolutely amazing and you will always remember it. Even the ones I lost have been great."

    You didn't lose many Michael...

    "Yes. Well that is true..."

  7. 2222:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher on BBC Radio 5 live: "There was a precedent when Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher was sent off for throwing a coin into the crowd.

    "Referee Chris Foy was absolutely correct to send off Eden Hazard, it is violent conduct. He has quite rightly sent him off. He will report it as an act of violent conduct to the FA."

  8. 2218: 
    Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce on Dan Potts: "He is not good, he has been taken to hospital to keep him under observation. Hopefully it is just concussion and nothing more than that. He didn't really know where he was and he had a bad bang on the head to start with and then landed with his head hitting the ground.

    "We will wait and see what happens in the morning but he will be overnight in hospital."

  9. 2218: 

    Nik Owen on Twitter: "Hazard would have been sent off if it was a player, the fact its a ball boy only makes it worse. There is no place for it! #bbcfootball"

    Hugh Moxon on Twitter: "You can't kick a player when he's on the ground so it shouldn't be different for ball boys #bbcfootball"

    matrixule on Twitter: "#bbcfootball If he had kicked a player or a fan holding the ball, it would also have been a red card. Who the victim was is no consequence."

  10. 2215: 
    Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "We came out in the second half and attacked with tremendous pace. The injury to Dan Potts was the end of the game really but until that moment we played very well.

    "When Lukas Podolski is in that form then he is very important. He can finish and give assists, he is a team player. We played well overall on Sunday but we were not at the races from the start but that was not the case tonight.

    "You want to be at your best every single game but we have many new players and it takes some time to get to know each other very well and I think that understanding is getting better."

  11. 2211: 

    That certainly is good news. Let's hope we have some official confirmation on the condition of Dan Potts soon.

  12. 2211: 
    Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on injured West Ham defender Dan Potts: "I have heard he is well now, so that is good news."

  13. 2210: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Swansea manager Michael Laudrup on Eden Hazard's red card: "But I think Hazard, who is a great player, will regret it when he sees it.

    "The ball boy should have let the ball go but he was pushed first and then he kicks him.

    "As a player when you are behind your pulse is very high and sometimes you say and do things, you overreact. But there are some things you cannot do."

    On finalists Bradford City: "What Bradford has done - there are no words. They have beaten three Premier League teams, it is marvellous. If I had a hat on I would take it off."

  14. 2207: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Swansea manager Michael Laudrup: "Over two legs Chelsea had the ball more than us. That is normal, that is Chelsea but today they didn't really have any good chances. We had some good chances. They had to score at least two but to be honest we deserved it. They didn't score once in 180 minutes."

  15. 2203: 

    We are yet to see either manager from either game so far tonight. With two huge talking points in that sending-off for Eden Hazard and the injury to Dan Potts, stay with us.

  16. 2202: 

    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "I'm not the authorities but in my eyes its a red for all those asking. Us players do put refs in bad spots at times unfortunately!"

  17. 2159: 

    Jack Williams on Twitter: "Wasn't worthy of a red card, Hazard was just trying to play on. Ball boy can't just lay on the ball #bbcfootball

    Mark Sutton on Twitter: "Think the ball-boy went down a bit too easy. Young kids nowadays idolising diving footballers - the diving culture #bbcfootball"

    Joe Suffield on Twitter: "Fair play to the rest of the Chelsea team, it doesn't look like they wanted to defend Hazard, only help the ball boy #bbcfootball"

  18. 2158:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Bradford manager Phil Parkinson on BBC Radio 5 live: "The party went on quite a while last night, we made the most of it and rightly so. I had to pinch myself this morning, we can't quite believe what has happened. The whole city is buzzing today.

    "Swansea did well, they really wanted to get through. It was a crazy red card, that ball boy is going to be all over the papers tomorrow, it's comical really.

    "We will play with confidence and belief in the final. We will give ourselves a chance. I'm so pleased it's Swansea, it will be a great day for football."

  19. 2153: 

    Chelsea FC on Twitter: "Has football gone mad? Hazard is sent off for kicking the ball under a ball boy attempting to smother the ball rather than return it."

  20. 2151: 

    Chelsea had to come out and score twice in that second half, but they barely forced a meaningful save from Gerhard Tremmel. It was all a bit flat to be honest. Very disappointing.

    But Swansea were excellent.

  21. 2150: 

    Prudence on Twitter: "Either one of the two finalists will be worthy winners, both have played tremendously, truly deserve their places in the final #bbcfootball"

    Jonny Lancaster on Twitter: "English league cup final without a top-flight English team. How very postmodern. #bbcfootball"

    Ba'Ushe on Twitter: "After watching this game, it's safe to say Rafa Benitez is overrated. Chelsea never looked to turn the deficit from the start #bbcfootball"

  22. 2150: 

    West Ham on Twitter: "We will have an update on @DanPotts03 condition as soon as we have an official confirmation from the club's medical staff."

  23. 2148: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Swansea captain Ashley Williams on Eden Hazard's sending off: "Demba Ba told me the ball boy held onto it but I saw him kick him and you can't do that to a young boy."

  24. 2147: 
    FULL-TIME- Arsenal 5-1 West Ham
  25. 2146: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Swansea captain Ashley Williams: "We go to Wembley which is what we all dreamt of as little boys. We kept to the game plan brilliantly. We will do our work on Bradford and we can't take them for granted. They have beaten three Premier League teams this season."

  26. 2145: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Eden Hazard will take the headlines tomorrow after he was sent-off for kicking a ball boy in the ribs.

    Eden Hazard
    Swansea v Chelsea
  27. 2143: 

    The last time Swansea met Bradford, it was a League One fixture in 2007. The match ended in a 2-2 draw and there were goals from Dean Windass and Adebayo Akinfenwa.

    The next time they meet, it will be at Wembley in front of 80-odd thousand people and they will be playing for the Capital One Cup.

    What a turn-up for the books.

  28. 2141: 
    Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    We are still playing at Arsenal as the celebrations begin in Swansea.


    They will play League Two side Bradford in the Capital One Cup final at Wembley on 24 February.

    Swansea mascots
  30. 2140: 
    FULL-TIME- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea
  31. 2139: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Swansea are going to Wembley, and they almost go in style as Nathan Dyer lets fly from 25 yards but Petr Cech tips his shot over the top.

  32. 2137: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    Arsenal have the chance to make it six, but Theo Walcott can't beat Jussi Jaaskelainen from a tight angle. That long delay and Arsenal's four-goal burst at the start of the second half have taken all the sting out of this game.

  33. 2136: 
    INJURY TIME- Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    We have 12 minutes added on at the Emirates after that serious looking injury to West Ham defender Dan Potts. I hear he is on his way to hospital in a neck brace.

    I've still not seen a single replay of that incident. It looked to be completely off the ball.

  34. 2136: 

    Gareth Faulker on Twitter: "Well Hazard just lost the respect of everyone in English football #bbcfootball"

    Stuie Neale on Twitter: "Quite amazing I guess Chris Foy has seen it as violent conduct but Hazard kicked the ball boy no doubt #bbcfootball"

    Jameel on Twitter: "The BALL BOY should have done HIS JOB & GIVE THE BALL BACK. Hazard should have got a yellow." #bbcfootball"

  35. 2135: 

    Away from tonight's action, Newcastle have confirmed the signing of French striker Yoan Gouffran from Bordeaux on a four-and-a-half year deal. He'll wear number 11.

  36. 2134: 
    INJURY TIME- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    We have SIX MINUTES added on at Swansea.

  37. 2131: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Demba Ba and Fernando Torres almost link up inside the penalty area but it comes to nothing. Two minutes remain.

  38. 2130: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Ryan Bertrand is on in place of Ashley Cole. Chelsea know this one is up.

  39. 2127: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    We have seven minutes left of this League Cup semi-final, which has been overshadowed by that incredible red card for Eden Hazard.

    Swansea are seven minutes from Wembley.

  40. 2126: 
    Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    West Ham defender Dan Potts is leaving the field on a stretcher after more than seven minutes on the floor. I will of course bring you any news on his condition as soon as we have it.

  41. 2125: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Fernando Torres is on in place of Oscar. The Chelsea bench look bemused by that decision, but you can't go around kicking ball boys.

  42. 2124: 
    RED CARD- Eden Hazard (80 mins)

    This is truly remarkable. Eden Hazard has been sent-off for kicking a ball boy.

    I'll say that again - Eden Hazard has been sent-off for kicking a ball boy.

  43. 2122: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Oh my word. Eden Hazard has just tangled with a ball boy behind the goal!

    The ball boy refused to give the ball back, he lies on top of the ball and Hazard gives him a kick to the ribs as he tries to reclaim the ball. Extraordinary!

    Demba Ba goes over to help the young lad out. I've never seen anything quite like that.

  44. 2121: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Into the last 15 minutes at Swansea. It's now or never for Chelsea and Fernando Torres is warming up.

  45. 2119: 
    Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    Concerning scenes here as West Ham substitute Dan Potts is down in a heap on the far side. I didn't see what happened to him but there looks of concern on the players' faces and the youngster is being treated by medical staff. There is a bottle of gas out there for pain relief.

    West Ham may have to finish this game with 10 men - but we are set for a lengthy stoppage.

  46. 2117: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    He's been their maestro so often this season, and Juan Mata goes the closest yet to a goal for Chelsea. The Spaniard rifles in a dipping shot from the edge of the area but Gerhard Tremmel just about keeps it out. The ball almost snuck under his body but it stuck.

  47. 2116: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Into the final 20 minutes at the Liberty Stadium. We are 20 minutes away from a Bradford v Swansea league cup final. I didn't expect to be typing that back in August.

  48. 2114: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    If there's one man who has earned a break it's Lukas Podolski. I don't think he's ever completed a full 90 minutes for Arsenal but goodness me, what a performance. He has scored a beauty and made three goals from the left in a handful of minutes.

    Andre Santos is on in his place. Guy Demel has rarely been so happy on a Wednesday night.

  49. 2113: 
    Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    What is going on in that West Ham defence? Arsenal break away and are four on one momentarily, but the one - Alou Diarra - gets in the way of Theo Walcott's cross and blocks it.

  50. 2112: 

    Himesh Ladva on Twitter: "Whatever it was that Wenger said during half time needs to be said more often! #bbcfootball"

    Mark Robinson on Twitter: "#bbcfootball Bet Big Sam wishes he didn't make those comments about Arsenal missing Van Persie now!"

    Mike Simpson on Twitter: "#bbcfootball The cynic in me says that this scoreline means Arsenal won't turn up for their next game. I'll enjoy it while it lasts though."

  51. 2111: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea continue to probe patiently away but Swansea look comfortable enough. You think the test in the mentality of the Swans will come if and when Chelsea get that first goal.

    Here's a change - Branislav Ivanovic off, David Luiz on.

  52. 2110: 

    Crip Cooke via Twitter: "It's nice to see another side in claret and blue being embarrassed tonight. This is from an Aston Villa fan.... #bbcfootball"

  53. 2108: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    We are into the last half hour at the Liberty Stadium. Still no sign of Fernando Torres as Chelsea hunt that goal.

    Indeed it's Swansea who make the first change of the evening, sending on the flyer Nathan Dyer for Wayne Routledge.

  54. 2107: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Arsenal 5-1 West Ham

    Big Sam does make changes, but Guy Demel is left on to think about what he's done.

    Winston Reid and Jack Collison are hauled off, with Dan Potts and Alou Diarra on in their places. A thankless task you feel.

  55. 2107: 

    Adam Haas on Twitter: "When Arsenal are playing at 100%, they are brilliant. 3 great goals in 7 min against West Ham. #bbcfootball"

    Shanmugaraja CK on Twitter: "After a long hard day at work no better feeling than seeing my REAL Arsenal! Thank you Gunners #bbcfootball"

    David McGuinness on Twitter:"Arsenal fans probably think they'll win the title now. Victories like this prove nothing. They can't do it long term. #bbcfootball"

  56. 2106: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    My attention has been somewhat averted by the madness at Arsenal, but in the big cup semi-final Chelsea are increasing the pressure.

    They aren't getting any change out of the Swans defence, although the fans are starting to get a little anxious.

  57. 2104: 

    That was a quite remarkable burst. Four goals in 10 minutes from Arsenal. I don't know what they had at half-time but I could do with some.

    Before that madness started Santi Cazorla played in Theo Walcott with a simply sublime pass as well. All of Arsene Wenger's three summer signings netting in a row. All is well again at Arsenal...

  58. 2104: 

    Kev via text: "Swansea guaranteed second season in premier league. A cup win? And Cardiff City in the Premier League next season? Plenty of Premier League games to come in Wales I hope."

    Andrew via text: "This Swansea team shows so much passion and fight playing. Such a difference to Aston Villa last night."

    Charlie via text: "Torres hat-trick to send Chelsea to Wembley. You heard it here first!"

  59. 2102: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 5-1 West Ham - Olivier Giroud (57 mins)

    Spare a thought for West Ham right-back Guy Demel. He has had a horrible 10 minutes here. He may have to walk home tonight.

    Arsenal tear the Hammers to shreds down that left again, with Lukas Podolski continuing his superb form to lay the fifth on a plate for Olivier Giroud in the middle. 5-1!

    Olivier Giroud
  60. 2059: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 4-1 West Ham - Theo Walcott (54 mins)

    This is vintage Arsenal. Shades of Marc Overmars here as the Gunners rip West Ham apart.

    Jack Wilshere picks out a cute pass down the left, Olivier Giroud is offside but leaves it, Lukas Podolski runs on to the ball and then puts in a brilliant cross, cutting out everyone to find Theo Walcott at the back stick to slam into the net.

    Theo Walcott
  61. 2057: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 3-1 West Ham - Santi Cazorla (53 mins)

    Arsenal still have it in them you know. Not so often, maybe, but they can still turn it on.

    Lukas Podolski cuts in from the left and finds Olivier Giroud on the edge of the box, he then lifts a deft chip over the top and on to Podolski's chest. The German knocks it square and Santi Cazorla flicks in with a cheeky finish.

    Santi Cazorla
  62. 2056: 

    Adam on Twitter: "#bbcfootball It's not big signings Arsenal need, as Chelsea prove , it's what United have: some dedicated pros willing to stay long term!"

    Jarret Schumacher on Twitter: "Stop the press! Arsenal score from a corner #bbcfootball"

    Glenn Tosek on Twitter: "For once Arsenal produce something productive from a corner! Clearly been working on them on the training ground...finally! #bbcfootball"

  63. 2054: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez is already readying some replacements in an end-to-end start. Demba Ba then goes close to the opening goal of the night, opening up his body and curling just wide from 20 yards.

  64. 2054: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    BBC Sport's Richard Williams at the Liberty: "Media department at Swansea not above a little irony, dishing out Chelsea buns at half time. Fans were showing a taste for something a little hotter from the concession stands."

  65. 2051: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 2-1 West Ham - Olivier Giroud (47 mins)

    Arsenal come flying out of the traps, forcing three very early corners, and they beat West Ham at their own game by netting from one.

    Theo Walcott delivers to the near post, Olivier Giroud gets in front of his man and hammers in a left-footed shot which goes in off the face/shoulder of Jussi Jaaskelainen. Great start for the Gunners.

    Olivier Giroud
  66. 2050: 
    KICK-OFF- Arsenal 1-1 West Ham

    Game on at the Emirates.

  67. 2049: 
    KICK-OFF- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    We are under way in Swansea, Chelsea have 45 minutes to score twice.

  68. 2046: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Michu is keen to get this one on. He's been in the tunnel on his own for two or three minutes.

  69. 2045: 

    I've just watched 15 replays of Lukas Podolski's goal. Boom. Bang.

    What a hit. It's such a flat trajectory - it flies in at shin height. Unstoppable.

  70. 2043: 

    James Waller on Twitter: "#bbcfootball Swansea on a real upward push at the moment. Great young squad, young manager, good stadium etc. Now Europe on the horizon."

    a1an lam on Twitter: "Swansea simply too good for Chelsea to come back. Already got 1 hand on the cup. Going to be a whitewash v Bradford at Wembley. #bbcfootball"

    Remember you can get in touch throughout tonight's matches on Twitter via the hashtag #bbcfootball

  71. 2041: 

    Opta Sports on Twitter: "14 - Ashley Williams made eight clearances, four interceptions and two blocks in the irst-half v Chelsea; no player made more in any category. Rock."

  72. 2039: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    BBC Radio 5live pundit John Hartson: "A decent half for Swansea and they would have taken that before the game. Chelsea still have it all to do and Swansea are three quarters of the way to Wembley. I thought Demba Ba went over a bit theatrically and that worked against him on that penalty appeal. I wasn't sure whether it was that clear-cut personally.

    "Swansea mustn't drop too deep in the second half because you know at some point that Chelsea are going to have a spell, they have to."

    You can listen to second half commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  73. 2037: 

    So we are set for plenty more action in both of tonight's games. Fans at the Emirates Stadium have seen two superb strikes, while Chelsea will have to really go for it now.

    They need to score twice in the next 45 minutes to keep this semi-final alive.

  74. 2035: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    BBC Sport Wales' Richard Williams at the Liberty: "Entertaining half of football with everything but a goal, which will suit Swansea City.

    "Their bright start threatened to put the tie beyond Chelsea, but the European champions asked more and more questions as the half went on and Tremmel was the busier of the two goalkeepers as Mata, Ramires and Oscar troubled the Swans.

    "Everything to play for in the second half."

  75. 2034: 
    HALF-TIME- Arsenal 1-1 West Ham
  76. 2034: 
    HALF-TIME- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Three-quarters of the job done for Swansea.

  77. 2033: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Arsenal 1-1 West Ham

    Arsenal almost take the lead through Santi Cazorla, whipping in a fine free-kick from the edge of the area but Jussi Jaaskelainen makes the save.

  78. 2031: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Just as I was about to mention the 'this would be a great time to score' cliche, Chelsea have a chance.

    A cross from the left is not dealt with and Demba Ba swivels on it but fires over the top. Almost a superb finish.

  79. 2029: 

    Dan Hogg on Twitter: "#bbcfootball Swansea are playing like a real team, and I can't understand why no one is talking about European football qualification. "

    Huggy Heffner on Twitter: "#bbcfootball The League Cup is back to the good old days when two sides who weren't top played to win. Reminds me of Boro v Bolton 2004"

  80. 2028: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Ki Sung-yeung is back on for Swansea, but he's hobbling a bit. Let's see if he makes it out for the second half.

    We are three minutes away from the whistle.

  81. 2027: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    BBC Sport Wales' Richard Williams at the Liberty: "Michael Laudrup emerges from the dugout for the first time in the 39th minute as Ki receives treatment. Stark contrast to Rafa Benitez who's spent most of the half in the technical area. The Dane is also dressed for the weather in a sensible coat."

    Brian Laudrup
  82. 2026: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 1-1 West Ham

    West Ham almost lead!

    A cross to the back post causes trouble as Bacary Sagna can only kick the ball into the face of Matty Taylor, and it runs into the path of Carlton Cole. He flicks it into the corner - but Aaron Ramsey gets back to clear off the line, before collecting Thomas Vermaelen with him. Excellent defending.

  83. 2024: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Remember at the weekend when Ramires got away with a foul as Chelsea scored against Arsenal? He does it again, treading on the ankle of Ki Sung-yueng in a sliding tackle, referee Chris Foy says play on and he almost finds Eden Hazard with a pass but the Belgian is offside.

    Ki needs some treatment. Not sure if he will carry on.

  84. 2021: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    BBC Radio 5 live pundit John Hartson: "This game is so finely balanced. It might take a mistake from a player - we saw two from Ivanovic at Stamford Bridge two weeks ago - and Swansea have to be cautious of that. Everyone do their job and do it right."

    You can listen to commentary from the Liberty Stadium on BBC Radio 5 live.

  85. 2019: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 1-1 West Ham

    Arsenal should be ahead. They put together a really fine move, springing the West Ham defence with some neat, slick play, but when Kieran Gibbs gets in and squares for Lukas Podolski, the German doesn't connect truly and Jack Tomkins is able to clear from off the line.

    Arsenal really knocking on the door now though.

  86. 2017: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    A really good opening for Chelsea!

    Juan Mata scuffs a volley from long range, it runs into the path of Eden Hazard and he lays it off to Oscar. The Brazilian twists and turns inside the penalty area but can't get a shot off as Ashley Williams gets his body in the way. Lovely one-touch stuff between Chelsea's 'Three Amigos' though.

    Rafa Benitez looks anxious on the bench. Chelsea need a goal soon you feel.

  87. 2016: 

    Chris Brown via Twitter: "#bbcfootball Chelsea looking a tad toothless, Swansea looking like they could repeat the Stamford Bridge score line here. "

    Pete Chilton via Twitter: "You've got to want Swansea to win. Would make a proper final with two teams for whom it really means something #bbcfootball"

    Ayush on Twitter: "Podolski !! Take a bow son !! What a strike .. Well set up by Wilshere !! #bbcfootball"

  88. 2015: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    As we approach the half-hour mark, it's gone a bit quiet at Swansea. Juan Mata almost gets in down the right but his low cross is well blocked by Chico.

  89. 2014: 

    Ernest via text: "Arsenal's strikers need to prove their worth now. Wenger is considering signing a new one, so tonight is their chance to show what they can do."

    Frank via text: "If Arsenal don't win this, their game against Liverpool will be massive. Champions League qualification at stake?"

    Jason via text: "Arsenal are painful to watch live so I'm hoping live text is less frustrating when you concede from yet more rubbish defending."

  90. 2013: 
    Arsenal 1-1 West Ham

    Jack Collison has had a horrible time with injuries, and his fine opener at the Emirates was his first goal in the top flight since November 2009. Lukas Podolski and Jack Wilshere are starting to take charge of that one.

  91. 2011: 
    Arsenal 1-1 West Ham

    It's reverted to type at Arsenal, who are having more of the play in midfield but look in all manner of trouble whenever West Ham put a cross into the area. Ricardo Vaz Te wastes a decent opening from a corner, heading over the top.

  92. 2009: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    It's very open at Swansea.

    Chelsea's Gary Cahill wins a free header from a corner but Angel Rangel is in the right place to head is looping effort off the line and Oscar's weak follow-up strike is comfortably collected by Swans keeper Gerhard Tremmel. Ramires then has a shot saved.

  93. 2007: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 1-1 West Ham - Lukas Podolski (22 mins)

    You cannot hit a ball sweeter than this. It's scientifically impossible.

    Arsenal are level through a fantastic hit from Lukas Podolski, who collects a square pass from Jack Wilshere and arrows the ball into the corner from 25 yards with his left foot. Magnificent.

    Lukas Podolski
  94. 2006: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    A muted penalty appeal at the other end as Michu heads the ball into the path of Jonathan de Guzman.

    His first-time strike smashes into Gary Cahill. Referee Chris Foy turns away appeals for handball and replays show he was right.

  95. 2005: 

    Phil Hakim on Twitter: "Ivanovic is repeatedly giving the ball away preventing Chelsea from playing out from the back. Why is Rafa not starting Luiz? #bbcfootball"

    Johnny Magrinho on Twitter: "#bbcfootball People seem to forget Swansea won 1st leg at Chelsea with clean sheet. Straightforward home win at Liberty tonight surely. "

    Mike Hutchings on Twitter: "#bbcfootball I keep updating the live text anxiously, not even 10 minutes gone, what will I be like at half time. C'mon swans, score early!"

    Get involved tonight via the hashtag #bbcfootball

  96. 2003: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 0-1 West Ham - Jack Collison (18 mins)

    West Ham ahead from another set-piece. A corner from the right is headed away by Olivier Giroud, and then Jack Collison takes over. The midfielder brings it down neatly and then strikes the ball beautifully on the half-volley, thrashing the ball into the corner. Wonderful technique.

    Jack Collison
  97. 2002: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 0-0 West Ham

    A Sam Allardyce free-kick as West Ham pump a long ball into the box, Arsenal don't deal with it convincingly and when the ball runs out to Matty Taylor, his side-footed shot takes a wicked deflection of an Arsenal foot and spins narrowly over.

  98. 2000: 

    In today's Africa Cup of Nations, hosts South Africa picked up the first win in Group A - they beat Angola 2-0 to top the table with four points after two games.

    The second game between Morocco and Cape Verde ended in a 1-1 draw - they are joint second in the group going into the final round of fixtures on Sunday.

  99. 1959: 
    Arsenal 0-0 West Ham

    Theo Walcott is almost in on goal for Arsenal from that right-hand channel, collecting a pass from Jack Wilshere and bearing down on goal, but he is put off by a fine recovery challenge from Winston Reid and theball skids away for a goal-kick. Not many men can keep up with Theo Walcott in that situation.

  100. 1958: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    The Swans have been buoyed by that double chance and are keeping the ball very nicely now. The home side are on top.

  101. 1955: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Michu! Almost puts this tie beyond Chelsea.

    The Spaniard is played in by a fine pass from Wayne Routledge, he gets the ball on to his left foot and rifles in low, but Petr Cech makes the save. I expected the net to bulge there.

  102. 1954: 
    Arsenal 0-0 West Ham

    Jack Wilshere is back on for Arsenal. As you were.

  103. 1954: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Swansea break superbly from a Chelsea corner and when a cross is stood up from the right, Wayne Routledge crashes in a volley which deflects away off Cesar Azpilicueta and flies just past the post. Almost the opener.

  104. 1953: 

    Charleschip on Twitter: "#bbcfootball I can see Chelsea scoring goals tonight but not keeping a clean sheet. "

    Exiledtaff on Twitter: "#bbcfootball "Watching" the Swans game on the BBC website at work near Philadelphia - c'mon you Swans!!!!"

    ElliottOlsen on Twitter: "I see Michu running riot on Chelsea tonight, Ivanovic and Cahill just don't give the same stability to the defence as Terry. #bbcfootball"

  105. 1953: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Now then. Demba Ba goes down inside the area under a challenge from Ben Davies. He wants a penalty but referee Chris Foy shouts "No!" at him. Controversy. There was contact, but Ba seemed to look for it.

  106. 1951: 
    Arsenal 0-0 West Ham

    Oh dear - Jack Wilshere looks in a spot of bother here. He goes into a 50/50 challenge with Jack Collison and the West Ham midfielder steps on Wilshere's ankle.

    It looks nasty at first glance but I think Wilshere is going to be ok.

  107. 1950: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea controlling the early play - they need that first goal of course. Angel Rangel shepherds Oscar smartly to stop a promising move.

  108. 1950: 
    Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    BBC Sport Wales' Richard Williams: "Liberty Stadium bouncing at kick off as home fans give a rousing rendition of Hymns and Arias. Rafa Benitez into his technical area early wearing just a suit and tie. Brave man."

  109. 1947: 
    Arsenal 0-0 West Ham

    Mark Noble is remonstrating with referee Andre Marriner at the Emirates, he is caught by a late lunge from Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey and while he gets a free-kick, he wants a card for the Gunners man. West Ham start brightly though.

  110. 1946: 
    KICK-OFF- Swansea 0-0 Chelsea

    And we are away at the Liberty. All Swansea have to do, is not lose by two goals and they will be in the Capital One Cup final.

  111. 1945: 
    KICK-OFF- Arsenal 0-0 West Ham

    Game on in the Premier League.

  112. 1944: 

    AC/DC, Dario G, 2 Unlimited. Darude. You get your money's worth in pre-match music at the Liberty...

  113. 1944: 

    Sam via text: "He's got them rockin' and a-rollin', rockin' and a-reelin' Demba Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba Ba Baram."

  114. 1943: 

    Players on the pitch in London as well. We are moments away from kick-off.

  115. 1941: 

    Kev Hegarty on Twitter: "I can definitely see CFC scoring first tonight. Then it's whether Swansea can hold on. #bbcfootball"

    Alex Henshaw on Twitter: "Michu a similar player to Lampard in his earlier days- goal-scoring attacking mid getting into the box. Long term replacement? #bbcfootball"

    Andrew Samuel on Twitter: "The first goal is absolutely crucial in the Swans match tonight. If Chelsea get it you'd favour them to be going to Wembley. #bbcfootball"

  116. 1939: 

    The man on the tannoy at Swansea is pumped. Quite right too sir. Oh yes - "Enter Sandman" by Metallica is on as the Swans players gather in the tunnel.

    "AAARRRRRE YOOOUUU REEEADDDDYY?" he shouts. He is on it.

  117. 1937: 
    Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez on starting Demba Ba: "We have two strikers and we have to manage them. Fernando Torres did a great job the other day but Demba Ba has done great before. It is great that I have such quality strikers to choose from.

    Asked if he has considered starting both Torres and Ba, Benitez said: "Not before the game. During the game? Maybe, you never know."

  118. 1935: 

    Bacary Sagna had a shocker against Chelsea at the weekend and I'm quite surprised that he kept his place in the Arsenal side. Will West Ham target that flank? Matty Taylor is in for them tonight and has a weapon of a left peg.

  119. 1934: 
    LINE-UPS- Arsenal v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud, Podolski. Subs: Mannone, Koscielny, Andre Santos, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arshavin, Jenkinson, Frimpong.

    West Ham: Jaaskelainen, Demel, Tomkins, Reid, O'Brien, Noble, Nolan, Collison, Taylor, Carlton Cole, Vaz Te. Subs: Henderson, Jarvis, Diame, Diarra, Joe Cole, O'Neil, Potts.

    Referee: Andre Marriner (W Midlands)

  120. 1933: 
    Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    Bradford chairman Mark Lawn said last night: "I don't care who we get in the final, they will probably both batter us.

    "Chelsea will have to declare at half-time if we play them!"

    If Bradford won the final, they would be in the qualifiers for next year's Europa League. If...

  121. 1933: 
    LINE-UPS- Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    Swansea: Tremmel, Rangel, Chico, Williams, Davies, Britton, de Guzman, Ki, Hernandez, Michu, Routledge. Subs: Vorm, Graham, Dyer, Lamah, Monk, Shechter, Tiendalli.

    Chelsea: Cech, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Ivanovic, Cole, Ramires, Oscar, Lampard, Hazard, Ba, Mata. Subs: Turnbull, Luiz, Torres, Ferreira, Marin, Terry, Bertrand.

    Referee: Chris Foy (Merseyside)

  122. 1930: 
    Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    Swansea manager Michael Laudrup: "I don't think we are favourites. We are fully aware of what Chelsea can do, and we knew when the draw was made that it was going to be more than difficult.

    "We are not a club that plays in these sorts of games very often, so we'll be doing our very best to get to the final and it would be a fantastic achievement. "

  123. 1929: 

    Theo Daley on Twitter: "Would have loved to see Jenkinson being given a start tonight ahead of the lazy and out of form Sagna. #bbcfootball"

    Chris Elsden on Twitter: "How long will it take Wenger to drop Sagna for a game or two, he's been dire for the past month! #bbcfootball"

    Ramesh Kumar on Twitter: "Ramsey, Wilshere and Santi in the midfield!! No DM against a physical team like West Ham. Don't know how many bottles AW will kick. #bbcfootball"

  124. 1927: 

    I knew I'd get at least one away goal query wrong - I'm quite simply an idiot. I'll ask you if it comes to it...

  125. 1926: 
    Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez: "The players are professionals. They are winners and they know we need to do our best because we deserved more from the first game.

    "We have to perform in every game because we are a top side. My job is to bring the best from this team, but Swansea will be delighted if they get to the final so they have some pressure as well."

  126. 1924: 
    Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)
    Swansea City

    BBC Sport Wales's Richard Williams at the Liberty Stadium: "The good news from a freezing Liberty Stadium is that the snow is falling much lighter now, alleviating fears that kick-off might have to be delayed because of problems on the approaches to the ground. But fans of both sides have had a real struggle to get through a badly congested M4 motorway."

  127. 1922: 

    Chaz Brett on Twitter: "I'm surprised at how quickly people are writing Chelsea off today! Their recent away form has been spectacular! #bbcfootball"

    Paul Lancashire on Twitter: "Think Chelsea will get at least one goal, then it'll be question of whether Swansea can hold their nerve or not under pressure. #bbcfootball"

    Matty Hughes-Short on Twitter: "Swansea? Sit deep? At home? With a 2-0 advantage? I want to see them kill this tie off once and for all! #bbcfootball"

  128. 1922: 
    Arsenal v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Very casual approach to tonight's game from Arsene Wenger, who is sat in the restaurant with Roy Hodgson, England's assistant Ray Lewington and Sir Trevor Brooking with 25 minutes to go until kick-off.

    It all looks very jovial. Wonder what they were discussing?

  129. 1920: 
    Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    Chelsea make one change from the team that beat Arsenal 2-1 at Stamford Bridge, with Demba Ba taking the place of the out-of-sorts Fernando Torres who drops to the bench.

    Frank Lampard leads the team with club captain John Terry on the bench still waiting to make his first start since November.

  130. 1919: 

    Aleks via text: "I think Demba Ba should be Chelsea's No. 1! Maybe what Torres needs is the threat from fellow striker and less backing from the boss. Would be interesting."

    Hallam on text: "Demba Ba starting is the best news I've heard all day. It has got to the stage where starting Fernando Torres is turning into a bit of a joke."

    Text us your views on all of tonight's matches on 81111

  131. 1919: 
    EXTRA-TIME?- Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    We were flooded with queries about how away goals and extra-time work in the Capital One Cup last night, so let's all get on the same page again.

    Should Chelsea win tonight's game 2-0, then the tie will go to extra-time. If there are no further goals, it's penalties.

    If Chelsea win 3-1, we have extra-time and if there are no further goals, Chelsea win on away goals.

    If Chelsea win 4-2, we have extra-time and if there are no further goals Chelsea win on away goals.

    If Chelsea win 5-3, we have extra-time and if there are not further goals, Chelsea win on away goals.

    If there any more goals than that in the 90 minutes then we'll all just enjoy it...

  132. 1914:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveSwansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    BBC Radio 5live pundit John Hartson: "Swansea only play one way, they only play attacking and I can't see them playing any other way today. It makes for a great game because Chelsea have to go for it."

    You can listen to live commentary of this match on BBC Radio 5 live.

  133. 1913: 
    Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    Swansea make three changes from the team that beat Stoke City 3-1 in the Premier League on Saturday.

    Gerhard Tremmel takes over in goal from Michel Vorm, with fit-again Chico Flores taking the place of club captain Garry Monk in the heart of the defence and Itay Schechter gives way to Leon Britton in midfield.

    Angel Rangel plays after having a pain-killing injection in a toe injury.

  134. 1911: 

    Neil on text: "Chelsea fans have lost patience with Torres - his poor form cost us dearly last year, and looks like costing us dearly again this year."

    Toby via text: "Three huge games coming up for Arsenal, could define our season, got to win tonight, need to win the cup and got big clash vs Liverpool this time next week."

    James from Tonbridge: "Wonder how long Diaby's illness will last... Three months is my guess!"

  135. 1909: 
    Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    The Swans have had a timely boost this afternoon with the news that Michu has signed a four-year deal with the club.

    The forward has been the hottest thing to come out of Swansea since Catherine Zeta-Jones this season, banging in 16 goals in 28 appearances since rocking up from Rayo Vallecano.

    Will that contract mean that Michu will be a Swans player in the long-term?

  136. 1907: 
    Arsenal v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: "Whatever Arsenal team is out there at the Emirates it's always going to be very tough to play against them. We've got to try and frustrate them in terms of not letting them get into that nice free-flowing football that they like to play.

    "That will be the order of the day for us, about making sure we don't make life easy for Arsenal when they're in possession. That's them at their best, that's their strength and if we allow them to do that, they can run you ragged."

  137. 1905: 
    Arsenal v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "West Ham will make it difficult - they have the potential to be dangerous, are strong physically and have a good technical level too. Joe Cole has the kind of special creativity that will help West Ham."

    Joe Cole is only on the bench tonight though, Arsene...

  138. 1904: 
    Arsenal v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger makes two changes to the side that lost to Chelsea for tonight's game. Aaron Ramsey and Lukas Podolski come in for Abou Diaby (illness) and Francis Coquelin while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has overcome illness to take his place among the substitutes.

    West Ham, meanwhile, make four changes as Matty Taylor, Carlton Cole, Ricardo Vaz Te and Jack Collison all start. Joe Cole has to make do with a place on the bench.

  139. 1903: 

    ϻḯ₮Z ₱@LƎǤ₳Ʀ ‏on Twitter: "I don't see Chelsea going to the final. Norwich & Everton are the only sides to score 3 at The Liberty &that isn't happening today."

    Leigh Myers on Twitter: "As long as Ba hits the target once tonight, he's done a better job than Torres did at the weekend..."

    Sebastian Cubbon on Twitter: "Top decision to leave out Torres. Out of form and with Swansea sitting back will not find any space to run in behind!"

    Phil Arundell on Twitter: "Ba for Torres sensible as he's in better form. Worried that Swansea will sit deep and we'll struggle to break them down though"

    Get involved throughout the evening via the Twitter hashtag #bbcfootball

  140. 1902: 
    Arsenal v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Arsenal have won only once against a side higher than them in the table this season, making it doubly important they develop a ruthless streak against clubs in the bottom half. Defeat at Chelsea on Sunday leaves them seven points adrift of a Champions League spot, making securing a first win of 2013 tonight of great importance.

    West Ham became the first visiting team to win at the Emirates Stadium in 2007 but have enjoyed little luck against Arsenal since then, having failed to win any of the last 10 league and cup meetings between the two.

  141. 1901: 
    Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    BBC Sport Wales's Richard Williams at the Liberty Stadium: "History beckons for Swansea City as they bid to reach the first major English cup final in their 100 -year history.

    "With just two defeats at the Liberty Stadium this season the Swans are well-placed to defend their hard-earned 2-0 lead from the first leg.

    "But Rafael Benitez's Chelsea team tend to leave their troubles behind at Stamford Bridge. Away from home they have won their last six matches. This promises to be tense."

  142. 1900: 

    With a 2-0 lead and two away goals under their belts, you would expect Swansea to start tonight's game as favourites.

    But Swansea manager Michael Laudrup says Chelsea need Capital One Cup success more than his team.

    And the Dane says expectations on Rafa Benitez's side are far greater than those on the Swans, who have a 2-0 lead going into the semi-final second leg.

    "With the money they've spent you ask me if they need a trophy more - it's quite obvious they do," Laudrup said.

    "One of their players - and I don't even talk about the most expensive one - cost the same as our whole squad."

  143. 1859: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Arsenal v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Two changes for the Gunners as Aaron Ramsey and Lukas Podolski return in place of Francis Coquelin and Abou Diaby.

  144. 1858: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    Swansea make three changes from the win over Stoke, with Leon Britton, Chico and Gerhard Tremmel in for Michel Vorm, Garry Monk and Itay Shechter. Michu is up front.

  145. 1857: 

    Swansea defender Dwight Tiendalli on Twitter: "Vamoosss Swansea!! Maybe the biggest game in history for the Swans!! Hope we will make it to Wembley!! Make a dream come true today!"

  146. 1856: 

    So Demba Ba does come in for Fernando Torres. Thoughts Chelsea fans?

  147. 1854: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    Fernando Torres misses out as Demba Ba starts up front for Chelsea. John Terry is on the bench.

  148. 1854: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Arsenal v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    West Ham make four changes from the side which drew with QPR at the weekend. Joe Cole misses out as Carlton Cole, Ricardo Vaz Te and Jack Collison come in.

  149. 1850: 

    The snow has been falling heavily in and around Swansea since mid-afternoon, but there's been no dramas on the pitch, and the game goes ahead as scheduled.

    A Swansea statement an hour or so ago said: "Despite the snow, the Liberty pitch is in good condition with referee Chris Foy happy with the surface following an inspection.

    "The surrounding areas outside the stadium have been classed as safe but we do ask supporters to be cautious when travelling to the stadium and entering the Liberty due to the current weather conditions.

    "Some bus services have been cancelled, so we advise fans to check with their local travel operator."

  150. 1846: 
    Swansea v Chelsea (1945 GMT)

    The stage is set. In-form Swansea are one of the best teams in Britain at home, while Chelsea are on a real hot streak away from Stamford Bridge - something must give at the Liberty Stadium tonight.

    Chelsea need at least three goals to turn things around but having won each of their last six away games in all competitions and shown they capable of scoring freely, Swansea will no doubt be taking nothing for granted.

  151. 1842: 

    There's no getting away from it, the neutrals are crying out for a Bradford v Swansea final.

    But can Chelsea turn this one around? They need to win 2-0 to send the game into extra-time - after which away goals will count.

    Let's not forget Chelsea recently thumped Stoke 4-0 on their own turf.

    Who do you want to go through? Who are likely to be the key performers? And in the Premier League, can Arsenal finish in that top four this season?

    Let us know your thoughts. You can text in on 81111 (UK Only) or Tweet us using the hashtag #BBCFootball. Fire away....

  152. 1840: 

    So Swansea v Chelsea will boss tonight's chat, but it's not all we have for you. Not by a long shot.

    There's also a cheeky Premier League number sneaking in there, with Arsenal v West Ham at the Emirates. This game should have been played on Boxing Day but was called off due to a tube strike.

    Arsenal can close to within a point of fifth-placed Everton with a win tonight, while the Hammers can go 10th with a win.

    They haven't won away since mid November mind, and last won at Arsenal in April 2007.

  153. 1838: 

    You would have got long odds on a Bradford-Swansea final at the start of the season, but Michael Laudrup's side are in pole position to meet the Bantams at Wembley after their fine 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge a fortnight ago.

    Branislav Ivanovic had the proverbial 'mare at the back for the Blues on that night. Will he be selected tonight?

  154. 1835: 

    Last night, Bradford booked their place in the Capital One Cup final with a superb 4-3 aggregate win over Aston Villa.

    The League Two side defied the odds to tee up a £1m day out at Wembley next month, and tonight we will find out whether it's Swansea or Chelsea who will meet them there.

    Can Swansea hold on to their two-goal advantage?

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