Africa Cup of Nations - day five as it happened

Live text commentary as Cup of Nations hosts South Africa beat Angola and Morocco hold Cape Verde.

23 January 2013 Last updated at 20:04

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As it happened

  1. 1955: 

    Tomorrow Matt Monaghan will be bringing you live text commentary of the second round of Group B fixtures.

    Ghana play Mali at 15:00 GMT, while Niger face DR Congo at 18:00.

  2. 1954: 

    The result means that South Africa lead Group A with four points, while Morocco and Cape Verde have two apiece and Angola trail the group with one point.

    The final round of fixtures on Sunday see Cape Verde face Angola and South Africa play Morocco. Both games kick off at 17:00 GMT and I will be here to talk you through them again.

  3. 1952: 
    FULL-TIME- Morocco 1-1 Cape Verde

    Morocco and Cape Verde shared the points in one of the better games of the tournament, the Blue Sharks were the better side in the first half, the Atlas Lions dominated the second - but the game ended in a real end-to-end exhilarating contest.

  4. 1949: 

    Nadir Lamyaghri comes out to save the day for Morocco - Heldon is through on goal but the goalkeeper clears the danger - less than three mintues left in Durban.

  5. 1946: 

    The fourth official announces five minutes of injury-time - five minutes for Morocco to score a winner and five minutes for Cape Verde to hold on.

  6. 1946: 

    Final substitution for Cape Verde - defender Guy Ramos is on for striker Julio Tavares. They are just playing for a point now.

  7. 1944: 

    Kamel Chafni has a go from outside the box but it's well over. Cape Verde are hanging on... just.

  8. 1944: 

    Mark Sikwenda on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "'"Star' player leaves pitch, and Morocco improve? Poor Belhanda..."#

    Morocco have looked much better since Younes Belhanda came off for Kamel Chafni.

  9. 1940: 

    And from the resulting corner, the goalscorer Youssef El-Arabi heads just wide.

  10. 1939: 

    Cape Verde are holding on now, Nivaldo being forced to head the ball behind for a corner.

  11. 1938: 

    Moments after I said that, Cape Verde have a chance - Heldon has a sniff at goal but he fails to make powerful contact with the ball and Nadir Lamyaghri keeps his effort out.

  12. 1937: 

    Cape Verde were the better side in the first half of the game but Morocco had been dominating for the last 20 or so minutes.

    The Blue Sharks now have to try to score again without either of the men who made their goal.

    Morocco look the more likely to win this game.

  13. 1935: 
    GOAL- Morocco 1-1 Cape Verde - Youssef El-Arabi (78 mins)

    Morocco have been pressing and Youssef El-Arabi is left in acres of space near the penalty spot, Abdelaziz Barrada pulls the ball back to him and the substitute sweeps home.

  14. 1933: 

    Neil Stone on Twitter: "Imagine how good Cape Verde would be if they had Nani, Henrik Larsson and Patrick Vieira - all eligible for them in the past."

  15. 1932: 

    It's a second change for Cape Verde - Ryan Mendes, who set up the goal, has come off for Heldon.

    Both players involved in Cape Verde's goal are now off the pitch.

  16. 1930: 

    Morocco are starting to create chances now and Mounir El Hamdaoui fires well over the bar. Can the Blue Sharks see this one out?

  17. 1929: 

    Cape Verde make their first change of the night and it's goalscorer Platini coming off. On in his place is Ronny, who has spent the last few years playing in Luxembourg.

  18. 1926: 

    Joe Maestro Ndambwa on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "The Cape Verde Island might just WIN this Afcon. These guys have class and tactically advanced than Morocco! I love these guys!"

  19. 1925: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Durban

    "I saw Cape Verde's captain Nando carrying a bag of footballs for the kit man on Saturday. No prima donnas on their team."

  20. 1924: 

    Abdelaziz Barrada takes the free-kick but it's well over Vozinha's bar.

  21. 1924: 

    Cape Verde's Nando is booked for a foul on Youssef El-Arabi - he's dragged the Morocco forward down to the floor. Free-kick to the Atlas Lions.

  22. 1923: 

    Morocco make their final change and it's Montpellier playmaker Younes Belhanda coming off for Kamel Chafni.

    Belhanda was expected to be one of Morocco's key men in South Africa but he's been poor and was in danger of getting sent off following his yellow card.

  23. 1920: 

    The Atlas Lions really have been poor today and Abderrahim Achchakir's cross is plucked out of the air by Cape Verde goalkeeper Vozinha - 26 minutes to go.

  24. 1919: 

    Morocco are frustrated and playmaker Younes Belhanda is booked for a lunging tackle.

  25. 1911: 

    Morocco not happy with the way things are going and they make their second change after just 54 minutes - Chahir Belghazouani coming on for young Liverpool winger Oussama Assaidi.

  26. 1909: 

    Dan Takyi on Twitter: "This has got to be the best game I've seen this tournament, end to end stuff"

    It's been up there - there have been some stinkers in this tournament but this certainly isn't one.

  27. 1909: 

    Cape Verde still creating chances, Fernando Varela whips in a cross and the big centre-back Nando heads the ball over.

  28. 1906: 

    Cape Verde's opening goal will go down in history - the smallest nation ever to play at or score a goal at the Africa Cup of Nations.

    Cape Verde celebrate
  29. 1903: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Durban

    "If Cape Verde win, Jose Mourinho is going to inundated with coaches asking to shadow him. The CV boss spent a week with him last year"

  30. 1902: 

    Cape Verde kick off the second half - 45 minutes away from a famous win.

  31. 1902: 

    Morocco make a half-time change - Youssef El-Arabi on for Nordin Amrabat.

    There have been plenty of half-time changes in this tournament so far.


    Hicham in New York via text: "This would not be a shock win for Cape Verde. We (Moroccans) are living off the back of one African Cup win eons ago, a decent showing in 1998 and a win against Portugal in the 1986 World Cup. We are around 70th in the world for a reason - we are just not good enough and fellow Moroccans and journalists alike need to realise that!"

  33. 1900: 

    SiB ‏on Twitter: "Oh, how we berated those who got Cape Verde in the sweepstakes, turning out to be a big mistake..."

    There has not been an outstanding team so far in the Africa Cup of Nations. Could we see a shock winner?

  34. 1857: 

    Sam in Southampton via text: "Southampton used to have a Cape Verde international who called himself Pele. He now plays in the Conference South."

    The 34-year-old, born Pedro Monteiro, now plays for Hayes & Yeading United after spells with a host of British teams.

  35. 1855: 

    Anthony Odiraa Felix on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "We are called the BLUE SHARKS and we are going to bite the ATLAS LIONS on the neck, Trust me. GO! TUBARÕES AZUIS."

  36. 1851: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Durban

    "Suddenly South Africa's draw on the opening day of the tournament doesn't seem so disastrous. Cape Verde are no pushovers"

  37. 1850: 

    Morocco coach Rachid Taoussi has his work cut out for him at half-time. His side have been poor in the first half and, following South Africa's win over Angola earlier, they are in real danger of going out in the group stages if they lose this.

  38. 1849: 

    Dennis Chali on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "I am really starting to like this Cape Verde side..may be they can do a 'Zambia' this year!"

  39. 1846: 
    HALF-TIME- Morocco 0-1 Cape Verde

    It's half-time and Cape Verde lead Morocco in Durban. The nation of 10 islands have been the better side and their goal by Platini was a real moment of quality.

    This would be a historic win - and a shock one.

  40. 1845: 

    Two minutes of stoppage time in Durban.

  41. 1841: 

    Cape Verde, who won their independence from Portugal in 1975, only played their first competitive match in 1992. Their coach, Luis Antunes, is on leave from his job as an air-traffic controller and they are the smallest country ever to play at a Cup of Nations.

    They beat Cameroon to qualify for the tournament, but even so, they were rank outsiders to win this game.

  42. 1838: 

    Cape Verde assister Ryan Mendes is now booked for a clash with Abdelaziz Barrada - I say a clash but there seemed to be very little in it.

  43. 1837: 

    It really is no less than Cape Verde deserve - they have been the better side so far.

  44. 1834: 
    GOAL- Morocco 0-1 Cape Verde - Platini (35 mins)

    Historic goal - it's little Cape Verde's first ever goal in a major tournament.

    Ryan Mendes plays him in and it's a wonderful deft chip by Platini over the onrushing Nadir Lamyaghri - the France version would have been very proud of that.

  45. 1833: 

    Cape Verde are doing most of the attacking here, they probably should be ahead by now, this time Platini forcing a good save from Nadir Lamyaghri.

  46. 1832: 

    Matt Graham on Twitter: "Platini, Nivaldo and Soares, Cape Verde remind me of one of those old PC games that didn't have the rights to use players full name"

    There really are some great named players in this Cape Verde squad. A real boost for a live text commentator as well, hopefully Gege and Nando get plenty of the ball.

  47. 1830: 

    Mitesh Chavda ‏on Twitter: "In terms of kit colour it resembles Portugal v Luxembourg. Game just starting to feel like an European attacking game."

    I like how your first thought of a European country playing in white was Luxembourg.

  48. 1828: 

    Phil in Edinburgh via text: "How have Cape Verde managed to get David Silva playing for them!?"

    Anon via text: "Rich, (see 18.18) you're forgetting: Ramos, Pecks and David Silva!"

    Those three lads are all in the Cape Verde squad, albeit not starting today.

  49. 1822: 

    Cape Verde are doing most of the pressing, Ryan Mendes forcing Nadir Lamyaghri into a fine save from his free-kick.

    Then Platini has a chance but he volleys well wide. His namesake wouldn't be impressed.

  50. 1818: 

    Rich ‏on Twitter: "Cape Verde have Platini, Nivaldo & Soares... It's like a rest of the world all stars team, they're bound to win it!"

  51. 1816: 

    Julio Tavares is a handful up front for Cape Verde, he does well to win the ball 40 yards from goal with a sliding tackle but his shot is dragged well wide.

    He has been causing the Moroccans headaches with his power in the opening 17 minutes.

  52. 1809: 

    Suzain Zulu on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "The Cape Verde have started well, they might just shock Morocco."

  53. 1809: 

    Morocco's Adderrahim Achchakir has a go from 30 yards but Vozinha is equal to his shot in the Cape Verde goal.

  54. 1808: 

    Arnold Kanyangonda ‏on Twitter: "I grew up in a housing estate in Nairobi with more people than Cape Verde, yet they're at AFCON and my country of 40 million isn't"

  55. 1803: 

    I guess you'll be wanting the teams for this game.

    Morocco: Lamyaghri, Achchakir, Benatia, El Adoua, Bergdich, Amrabat, El Ahmadi, Barrada, Belhanda, Assaidi, El Hamdaoui. Subs: Zniti, Kantari, Hermach, El Arabi, Kaddioui, El Kaoutari, Noussir, Belghazouani, Chafni, Hamdallah, Hafidi, Askri.

    Cape Verde Islands: Vozinha, Gege, Varela, Nando, Nivaldo, Marco Soares, Platini, Tony, Babanco, Ryan Mendes, Tavares. Subs: Fredson, Stenio, Guy Ramos, Ze Luis, Nhuck, Josimar, Rony, Pecks, Djaniny, David Silva, Carlitos, Rilly.

    Referee: Janny Sikazwe (Zambia)

  56. 1802: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Durban

    "My favourite Cape Verde stat - one fifth of the country's population could fit into the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg"

    Cape Verde's population is half that of Birmingham's.

  57. 1801: 

    Cape Verde have an early chance - Nadir Lamyaghri tipping Julio Tavares's effort over the crossbar

  58. 1759: 

    Morocco get us going here in Durban.

  59. 1758: 

    National anthems, check.

    Handshakes, check.

    I believe we are ready to go.

  60. 1756: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Durban

    "Another chance to see Ryan Mendes in action for Cape Verde; the Lille winger looked very sharp on Sat. Could be CV's match winner"

  61. 1753: 

    Teams are coming out in a buzzing Moses Mabhida Stadium, the atmosphere undoubtedly helped by the hosts, South Africa, beating Angola 2-0 earlier.

  62. 1743: 

    Morocco have brought Montpellier attacker Younes Belhanda back into their starting line-up, with Adil Hermach the man to miss out.

    Cape Verde make two changes, Gege and Julio Tavares coming in to the team who drew 0-0 with South Africa. The brilliantly named Platini keeps his place.

  63. 1739: 

    Ani on Twitter: "Is it me or is Ethiopia the best team we have seen in Africa Cup?"

    Ethiopia drew 1-1 with Zambia on Monday and missed a penalty.

  64. 1735: 

    Abdelmajid Boujemaa on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "Soon we will see Morocco at their top; It is not necessary for this session; but just the few coming years Morocco will be one of the best teams in Africa!"

    George Gitere on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "Morocco would have been much better with Taarabt and Chamakh even though he's been poor for Arsenal"

  65. 1730: 

    Cape Verde were in good spirits in training as the group of 10 islands bid for their first ever Africa Cup of Nations victory.

    Cape Verde training
  66. 1726: 

    Abdelilah Boukili on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "There is not much expectation about the Moroccan team. Moroccans are now resigned to being disappointed in their national team. A draw in their first match isn't a good omen as they still have to deal with South Africa.

    "If they can't get a decisive result in the second match, the Moroccan team will have to be prepared to pack and come back home empty handed as they have been doing in the past 10 years despite successive changes of coaches and colossal budgets."

  67. 1722: 

    Back to this evening's game and Morocco coach Rachid Taoussi is confident of an improved showing following the 0-0 draw with Angola: "We created space and moved the ball around well against Angola, but did not punish them.

    "However, I must be patient as we have a young team with an average age of 24 and we are building. I believe we can offer more in our games this week against Cape Verde and South Africa."

  68. 1722: 

    Tunisia striker Issam Jemaa has been ruled out for the rest of the tournament. Their all-time top scorer was injured following a clash with Essaid Belkalem early on in their 1-0 win over rivals Algeria on Tuesday.

    And the Tunisian Football Federation has confirmed that he is out for six weeks with a knee injury.

  69. 1718: 

    Cape Verde coach Luis Antunes thinks his team, the smallest nation in the tournament, can get out of the group: "The result against South Africa has given my squad enormous confidence.

    "No-one really took us seriously before the competition kicked off, but now they know we are no whipping boys.

    "We were well organised at the back, restricting South Africa to a couple of chances, and now we must improve our sharpness up front to achieve a beautiful dream and reach the quarter-finals."

  70. 1710: 

    Now, we'll start looking forward to the 18:00 GMT game between Morocco and Cape Verde, who both drew their opening games 0-0.

    Cape Verde coach Luis Antunes told journalists: "The result against South Africa has given my squad enormous confidence. We had the better chances in that match despite facing the host nation in front of 80,000 supporters."

    BBC Monitoring tell us: "Antunes spent a week shadowing Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid prior to the tournament. He is coaching the side during a three-year career break from his day job as an air traffic controller.

    "This is the first Cup of Nations for Cape Verde, who defeated Cameroon to book their place in the tournament. The country consists of 10 islands and has a population of 500,000."

  71. 1708: 

    Cosmas G. Nkhoma on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "Congrats Bafana Bafana, great game - you really deserve to be in the next round. All the best against Morocco, bravo."

  72. 1706: 
    BBC Sport's Lee James in Port Elizabeth

    "Mali have completed their final training session ahead of Thursday's Group B encounter with Ghana. The former Liverpool midfielder Momo Sissoko made his first appearance for the national team for three years when he came off the bench in the 1-0 win over Niger.

    "It's better for the confidence when you win the first game, everybody is focused for the next game." And he praised his captain Seydou Keita, saying: "He gives a lot to the team."

  73. 1700: 

    Some early team news here for Friday's game between Nigeria and Zambia.

    BBC Sport's Matthew Kenyon, who is out in South Africa, tell us: "#Nigeria's Victor Moses trained today in Nelspruit. Set to start against #Zambia on Friday, reports #BBC's @aliyutanko"

    Meanwhile, BBC Swahili's Eric Nampesya in Nelspruit says: "I spoke to Zambian captain Chris Katongo and he said it is too early to judge the team. They know they have to raise their game - but he says they always play better against the big sides. Morale is still high in the Zambia camp but it is going to be a tough game."

  74. 1657: 
    BBC Sport's Damian Johnson in Durban

    "Huge relief for the hosts South Africa after the 2-0 win v Angola. Thanking fans in Durban for support."

  75. 1655: 

    BBC Monitoring telling us that South Africa have possibly had some help here today.

    A herbalist from the Eastern Cape has offered to assist Bafana Bafana in their quest for goals. "I can help Bafana Bafana for free if they want and I'll do that for the first three matches," Reuben Matewu told trufm, a regional South African radio station, on Sunday. "Thereafter I will charge them as they would have started winning."

    No word yet on whether they took him up on his offer.

  76. 1652: 
    FULL-TIME- South Africa 2-0 Angola

    South Africa deservedly win this game and go top of Group A with four points. The Cup of Nations hosts face Morocco in the next round of fixtures looking for the point that would secure their progress.

    Angola will need to win their final game against Cape Verde on Sunday and even that may not be enough.

    The permutations will become clearer after Morocco face Cape Verde at 18:00 GMT.

  77. 1652: 

    The game ends with Lehlohonolo Majoro being carried off on a stretcher after a clash with goalkeeper Lama. No-one to blame for that one, it was a fair challenge by both.

  78. 1647: 

    Three minutes of stoppage-time added but we already know who has won this game.

  79. 1646: 

    Lehlohonolo Majoro has been impressive since coming on and he latches onto a 70-yard ball forward from goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune but his lob over Lama is just over the bar.

  80. 1642: 

    Angola striker Manucho has had two headers on target in the last three minutes but both easily saved by Itumeleng Khune in the South Africa goal.

  81. 1642: 

    Angola bring off striker Guilherme Afonso and bring on Amaro. The game, you feel, is already over.

  82. 1641: 

    Wendy Mundia Chibaka on BBC Love African Football Facebook page:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wish to let you know that the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) has begun.

    During this period take note of the following:

    1. I will be knocking off earlier than usual in order to watch the kick-off of the first game.

    2. Do not be surprised if I report a little bit late every morning, it will depend on the time the last game finishes.

    3. I know you are into other boring sports like golf, cricket, bowling, etc. Please if you want to fit in the work environment for the next one month, try to know something about soccer, even asking a foolish question like "Is Malawi playing tonight?"that is if you really want to fit in, or else you will be a loner for one full month.

    4. Greeting each other in the morning will change from "Good morning" to "How was the game last night?"

    5. I will not accept to work overtime during this period as no amount of money can buy me to miss a game. Therefore make sure you don't give me any work after 15:30hours.

    6. I will need to be up-to-date with the latest; therefore the first 1hour every morning is for accessing sports websites and other updates on the internet and also chatting with friends on phone.

    7. Lastly, please do not think you can fire me should you decide to break any of the above rules as you will have to fire everyone.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Yours faithfully.


  83. 1639: 

    Chris Chibwana ‏on Twitter: "South Africa looking like the team every proud South African wants them to be."

    Michael Beko ‏on Twitter: "Bafana Bafana's toughest game yet to come: I can hear the distant roar of the Lions of the Atlas!!"

  84. 1637: 

    Ten minutes to go. I can say with some confidence South Africa are not going to throw this one away.

  85. 1635: 

    South Africa make their third and final change. Katlego Mphela comes off for 24-year-old Orlando Pirates striker Oupa Manyisa.

  86. 1633: 

    Fifteen minutes to go, Angola really need a goal and they have a free-kick from 20 yards out. Gilberto's effort isn't bad but it's headed over by Dean Furman.

  87. 1632: 

    Timothy Koffi-Sessou Kpadenou on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "I think the tournament is now coming to life."

  88. 1630: 

    South Africa have a chance to kill this game off - Bernard Parker crosses in for Lehlohonolo Majoro but the Shibobo goalscoring hero cannot double his tally.

  89. 1629: 

    YASLFC ‏on Twitter: "While watching AFCON a nutmeg = Shibobo... AFCON South Africa lingo..."

    You learn something new every day.

  90. 1625: 

    Laurian P Wajimila ‏on Twitter: "Angola's problem they only focus on passing the ball to MANUCHO"

  91. 1624: 

    Fisayo Dairo ‏on Twitter: "That's football! The Angolan striker hesitated in a more comfortable position than Majoro, defence cleared & they're punished."

  92. 1622: 

    Another change for Angola, Gilberto on for Dede - but it's a long way back now for Gustavo Ferrin's side.

  93. 1621: 

    Angola had been much better in the second half but they defended really poorly there and this game is probably beyond them now. For all the criticism of the Black Antelopes defence there, it is worth pointing out that it was brilliant play by Lehlohonolo Majoro after Angola's attack had broken down at the other end.

  94. 1618: 
    GOAL- South Africa 2-0 Angola - Lehlohonolo Majoro (62 mins)

    He's only been on the pitch two minutes but Lehlohonolo Majoro latches onto a long ball, makes a fool of Angola defender Bastos and then nutmegs goalkeeper Lama from an angle.

  95. 1615: 

    South Africa make their second change and Lehlohonolo Majoro comes on for the lively Tokelo Rantie. He can be happy with his day's work.

  96. 1613: 

    I'll be surprised if there's not more goals in this game. Mateus is causing South Africa problems down the wing and his cross is just cleared by Bafana Bafana's goalscorer Siyabonga Sangweni with Guilherme Afonso just behind him waiting to head home.

  97. 1611: 

    South Africa midfielder Dean Furman has a go from 20 yards and his curling effort is tipped wide by Angola goalkeeper Lama. This game is really starting to open up.

  98. 1610: 

    Angola are almost level, brilliant play by speed merchant Mateus down the wing and he pulls the ball back for Guilherme Afonso but the former Switzerland Under-21 international's shot is easily down low by Itumeleng Khune.

  99. 1608: 

    Angola defender Danu Massunguna goes into the book for a foul on Tokelo Rantie of South Africa. He's going to have to be careful for the last 40 minutes now.

  100. 1607: 

    Former South Africa captain Steven Pienaar, who retired from international football three months ago, on Twitter: "Now just hope Bongani score as well then all those critics will swallow a humble pie"

  101. 1605: 

    David Lopez on Twitter: "Furman was superb , made the team tick with good distribution and awareness. Surely will be picked up by a higher team in England"

  102. 1604: 

    Angola are livid. They started the second half with 10 men because they were trying to bring on Djalma Campos for Gerlado and the game kicked off before the Kasımpasa forward came on. He has come on now.

  103. 1602: 

    South Africa kick off and the second half has begun.

  104. 1602: 

    South Africa have brought on Reneilwe Letsholonyane for May Mahlangu at half-time.

  105. 1601: 

    The teams come out for the second half. Angola need an improved performance here or they will lose this game.

  106. 1557: 

    Tshepo Errol Malatji ‏on Twitter: "Good first half by Bafana, Dean Furman makes the team tick, him and May Mahlangu are the difference...."

  107. 1556: 

    Hlayiseka Ngobeni on Twitter: "Manucho's talent is hearsay, he might score a wonder goal here & there but his football is average. Similar to Balotelli if you ask me."

    He has been quiet here but that seems a bit harsh for a striker who has scored eight goals at previous Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

  108. 1554: 

    Nsama Nash Mubiana on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "South Africa have been fortunate they are playing Angola."

    Fidel Fid Fidel on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "South Africa has been the better team, they would have been up by more goals if the final ball was more precise. Bring on Serero, he has that."

  109. 1550: 

    Fisayo Dairo on Twitter: "Improved performance by Bafana Bafana. They keep getting better in the competition half by half. If they consolidate, can go far."

    Emmanuel Etim ‏on Twitter: "A much better performance from the South African side today; totally deserved of their Goal."

  110. 1546: 
    HALF-TIME- South Africa 1-0 Angola

    South Africa have been much better than they were in the opening stalemate with Cape Verde and they deservedly lead. Angola are lucky to still be in the game and coach Gustavo Ferrin has his work cut out at half-time, he'll have to change something.

  111. 1545: 

    And moments later they are almost made to pay. Bernard Parker has a shot saved by Lama and seconds later the goalkeeper makes a mess of dealing with a cross but luckily for him Tokelo Rantie cannot take advantage.

  112. 1544: 

    Angola have a chance and Mateus has squandered it. Manucho brilliantly heads the ball down to his team-mate but the Nacional frontman really makes a hash of it and smashes the ball over the bar.

  113. 1542: 

    Luke Howden on Twitter: "I lived in Angola for 8 years, and there has always been promise but they rarely produce! They have some good players... Manucho is a talent, pity he didn't get more time at OT. I also think they miss the pace of Ze Kalanga on the wing COME ON ANGOLA!"

  114. 1540: 

    Manucho chases a long ball for Angola but South Africa goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune rushes out of his box and just beats him to the ball to head clear. A rare attack for the Black Antelopes.

  115. 1538: 

    James Jeffreys on Twitter: "Build-up play has been promising. Finally some composure in the box. Trust a defender to have it! C'mon Bafana!"

  116. 1537: 

    South Africa are bossing this now, and Angola need to make sure they're not out of this game by half-time. They have never beaten Bafana Bafana.

  117. 1536: 

    Aidz on Twitter: "Great goal, no doubt it was that was one of SA's woeful strikers then they would have missed"

    Muhammad Kola on Twitter: "Much better than the Cape Verde game and Tshabalala (who thinks he's messi) is not playing? Coincidence? I think not"

  118. 1533: 

    South Africa have been the better side in the opening half an hour, much-improved from their display against Cape Verde last time out. And as things stand they are now in control of Group A.

  119. 1532: 

    And this of course means Group A finally has a goal.

  120. 1529: 
    GOAL- South Africa 1-0 Angola - Siyabonga Sangweni (30 mins)

    You would never guess this lad was a defender, the ball falls to Siyabonga Sangweni from an angle and the Orlando Pirates man volleys home, leaving Lama in the Angola goal with no chance.

  121. 1526: 

    AEssof on Twitter: "This pitch isn't doing South Africa any favours. Extremely cut up and poor"

    Not sure I'd have too much sympathy when you consider they are the hosts.

  122. 1523: 

    Tokelo Rantie blazed a mile over after good interchange with Katlego Mphela. You can tell this country have won two Rugby World Cups before with kicking like that.

  123. 1522: 

    Muhammad Kola on Twitter: "This South African team will never get anywhere, no desire, no team spirit just a bunch of individuals"

    Maddy Williams on Twitter: "If RSA score today, I believe that they will have the self belief to go on and win! Come on, Bafana!"

  124. 1519: 

    This picture comes from BBC Sport's Seth Bennett at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. Attendances have been low during the tournament but not when the hosts are playing.

    South Africa fans
  125. 1516: 

    Katlego Mphela does really well to barge Dani Massunguna off the ball on the byeline but there is nobody in the box to get on the end of it, great strength there by the South African.

  126. 1511: 

    South Africa have a chance but Siyabonga Sangweni cannot get on the end of May Mahlangu's header and the ball goes out for a goal-kick.

  127. 1508: 

    Paul B on Twitter: "Cup of Nations so far feels like early stages of Italia 90. Many teams afraid to lose, big names not showing technical confidence."

  128. 1505: 

    South Africa have their first half-chance, Katlego Mphela heading well over from Bernard Parker's free-kick.

  129. 1504: 

    First chance of the game and it is Angola's. Mateus charges forward and has a go from the edge of the box but it goes just wide.

  130. 1500: 

    Angola kick off and we are under way in Durban.

  131. 1458: 

    National anthems finished, vuvuzelas at the ready. Now for the handshakes. We're almost there.

  132. 1456: 

    Hlayiseka Ngobeni on Twitter: "SA keeper to win this game for us through his distribution. It's second to none in world football."

  133. 1453: 

    Players have come out onto the pitch now at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. We've seen some empty stadiums so far but no such problems when the hosts are playing.

    It's national anthem time.

  134. 1447: 

    I know what you're thinking - it's what I'm thinking too. No, not that.

    I mean what happens if no-one scores a goal in this group at all? Well, don't worry I've checked the Africa Cup of Nations regulations - the two teams to progress would be decided by a "fair play points system taking into account the number of yellow and red cards".

    Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

  135. 1445: 
    BBC Sport's Matthew Kenyon in South Africa

    "I was hugely disappointed by the games on the opening day but it's improved since then. Who would have thought there would be such drama in two 1-1 draws in Nelspruit? Everyone who warned about the dangers of taking debutants Cape Verde and long-term absentees Ethiopia for granted has been proved correct."

  136. 1441: 

    Suzain Zulu on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "I don't think South Africa has what it takes to go past the group stage, they are still developing."

    Edson Mukoma on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "If South Africa come the way they played with Cape Verde they are on their way out."

  137. 1439: 

    Potato people on Twitter: "South Africa are going to have to up their game if they want to progress there were few positives against Cape Verde"

  138. 1436: 

    The line-ups from our opening game have been confirmed. Five changes for South Africa and one for Angola.

    South Africa: Khune, Ngcongca, Khumalo, Sangweni, Masilela, Mahlangu, Furman, Phala, Parker, Mphela, Rantie. Subs: Sandilands, Gaxa, Nthethe, Majoro, Tshabalala, Serero, Matlaba, Letsholonyane, Manyisa, Meyiwa.

    Angola: Lama, Airosa, Dany Massunguna, Miguel, Bastos, Pirolito, Mateus, Dede, Geraldo, Guilherme, Manucho. Subs: Landu, Lunguinha, Fabricio, Djalma, Manucho Dias, Zuela, Gilberto, Amaro, Yano, Mingo Bile, Manuel, Neblu.

    Referee: Koman Coulibaly (Mali)

  139. 1435: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in South Africa

    "It's been a poor start, I'd say that the DR Congo/Ghana match has been the best game technically, and Tresor Mputu Mabi stands out as the best player at the tournament so far. He really should be playing in Europe rather than with TP Mazembe. Overall it's not been a good advert for African football so far, but Group C has been a lively affair with an excellent game between Zambia and Ethiopia."

  140. 1433: 

    In our second game of the day, we have Morocco facing Cape Verde (18:00 GMT). Montpellier attacker Younes Belhanda could come in for the North African side after their opening draw with Angola.

    Toni Varela and Babanco are injury doubts for Cape Verde, a group of islands with a population little over 500,000. This is their first ever time at the Africa Cup of Nations.

    But more on that later.

  141. 1432: 

    This is what the two parties had to say in the build-up to this game.

    South Africa coach Gordon Igesund: "There is a lot of talk about the team of 1996 [when South Africa won the tournament] - it is right in our face all the time.

    "Our players want to emulate that team, the nation wants the current players to emulate that team, and the stars who won the title 17 years ago want my team to succeed."

    Angola striker Manucho: "Our performance against Morocco was satisfactory. I came close a few times and it is encouraging that we created chances."

  142. 1430: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in South Africa

    No goal in six games for the man known as "killer" - Katlego Mphela. Will he end his (and South Africa's) drought today?

  143. 1428: 
    BBC Sport's Steve Vickers in South Africa

    "I've witnessed the huge passion of African football at two games here. The opening game at Soccer City/National Stadium between South Africa and Cape Verde was a poor game, but the sound of the vuvuzelas blasting away at what is a fantastic stadium was memorable. Then I was there to witness even more decibels as the Ethiopia fans produced incredible noise in Nelspruit against Zambia in what was a thriller, though of course the bottle-throwing incidents were bad."

  144. 1427: 

    This is how the BBC will be reporting on the Africa Cup of Nations - we are covering the tournament on radio, TV, online and mobile from day one to the final.

    BBC World Service will bring commentary on all the key matches, with regular updates from the tournament being broadcast by BBC World News as well as the BBC's TV programmes for Africa. We will have a live text commentary of every game on the BBC Sport website just like this one.

    Lee James will present the weekly Sports World live from South Africa throughout the tournament. All the latest news, match reports and reaction will also be covered on the African Football section of the BBC Sport website.

    BBC Africa's social-media teams will be engaging with reporters, fans and footballers via #BBCAFCON (Twitter page @bbclovefootball), a new LoveAfricanFootball Facebook page as well as the Google+ community page Love African Football.

  145. 1426: 
    BBC Sport's Masro Hans in South Africa

    "I'd say that so far the level has been medium, but the tournament is on a good track and maybe it will go up a notch in the second round of group games. The Ivory Coast/Togo game was not brilliant in terms of quality, Togo did well but Ivory Coast's experience prevailed. But the Elephants have to raise their level of play."

  146. 1423: 

    Now, we want you to have your say on the Africa Cup of Nations. Will we see our first goal in this group? Can hosts South Africa pick up their first victory of the tournament? Can Cape Verde shock Morocco later? More generally than that, who do you think will win the tournament? Is there a potential winner in Group A?

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  147. 1421: 

    We're in day five now but in case you need reminding what this tournament is all about - the Africa Cup of Nations features 16 of the continent's finest international sides.

    Johannesburg, Durban, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth and Rustenburg are the host cities in South Africa for the event which is being played 12 months after the previous finals because of a change in the event's timing from even to odd years.

    It was meant to be in Libya, but they swapped the tournament with South Africa's 2017 event because of violence in the North African country.

    The teams are split into four groups containing four countries, of which two teams from each pool qualify through to the quarter-finals. The tournament then concludes on 10 February with the final.

    Ivory Coast are the favourites again as they have been for each of the five tournaments since 2006, but Zambia are the holders following their shock win over 'Les Elephants' in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea last year.

  148. 1417: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in South Africa

    "The tournament hasn't sprung to life yet, too many teams were afraid to lose. But there's been some fantastic late drama and I was lucky enough to be there for the goal of the tournament so far - Youseff Msakni's winner for Tunisia last night. Ivory Coast were far from their best in their opening match, but they have more match-winners than anyone else and they remain my favourites to win the cup."

  149. 1416: 

    The Bafana Bafana are not the African footballing power they once were and quite possibly would not even have been at the tournament if they did not step in to host it after the political turmoil in Libya.

    Angola come into the game on the back of a stalemate with Morocco and with a full-strength squad. Their key man, Manucho, has scored eight Africa Cup of Nations goals in his career.

  150. 1416: 

    South Africa make five changes following a disappointing 0-0 draw against tournament debutants Cape Verde on the opening day. Striker Katlego Mphela comes in after a long-term injury, while Oldham midfielder Dean Furman starts following injuries to Kagisho Dikgacoi and Lerato Chabangu.

    Just the one change for Angola, Guilherme Afonso coming in for Mingo Bile.

  151. 1415: 

    Over the next 45 minutes I will be building up to our opening game - South Africa v Angola - as well as giving you the reactions of our men in South Africa to the opening round of the tournament.

  152. 1415: 

    Welcome to day five of the Africa Cup of Nations as the second round of group fixtures gets under way. Make yourself comfortable because I'm going to be talking you through two games today - South Africa v Angola and Morocco v Cape Verde, both at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.

    Just a warning not to make yourself too comfortable if you're reading this at work - some companies don't approve of lounge pants and slippers.

    We have seen all 16 teams in action now, and it has been a very close opening round so far. Five of the eight games so far have ended in draws - and the three victors all scored their winners in the last 10 minutes.

    Group A of course is goalless after two blanks on the opening day.

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Africa Cup of Nations

Group A

Africa Cup of Nations Group A summary table; it charts each team by position, team name, games played, total goal difference and points
Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
No movement 1 Congo 3 2 7
No movement 2 Equatorial Guinea 3 2 5
No movement 3 Gabon 3 -1 3
No movement 4 Burkina Faso 3 -3 1

Group B

Africa Cup of Nations Group B summary table; it charts each team by position, team name, games played, total goal difference and points
Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
No movement 1 Tunisia 3 1 5
No movement 2 Congo DR 3 0 3
No movement 3 Cape Verde Islands 3 0 3
No movement 4 Zambia 3 -1 2

Group C

Africa Cup of Nations Group C summary table; it charts each team by position, team name, games played, total goal difference and points
Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
No movement 1 Ghana 3 1 6
No movement 2 Algeria 3 3 6
No movement 3 Senegal 3 -1 4
No movement 4 South Africa 3 -3 1

Group D

Africa Cup of Nations Group D summary table; it charts each team by position, team name, games played, total goal difference and points
Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
No movement 1 Ivory Coast 3 1 5
No movement 2 Guinea 3 0 3
No movement 3 Mali 3 0 3
No movement 4 Cameroon 3 -1 2