Africa Cup of Nations day two as it happened

Mali defeat Niger at the Africa Cup of Nations after Ghana and DR Congo contest a thrilling draw.

21 January 2013 Last updated at 13:33

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As it happened

  1. 2019: 

    Right, that's it from me. Enjoy Monday's action from South Africa when holders Zambia and the might of Nigeria take to the field.


  2. 2009: 

    For the latest Africa Cup of Nations news and reports go to the BBC African football page. You can also access the latest reports and interviews from the BBC World Service team out in South Africa by going to BBC iPlayer radio. If you've got a radio you can listen that way too. Madness.

  3. 2005: 

    Four games played and eight teams have had the chance to impress. Do you fancy any of those teams to win the tournament? We can probably dismiss the chances of Niger.

    Tweet your views using the hashtag #bbcafcon

  4. 2000: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port ElizabethMali 1-0 Niger

    "So Mali top Group B thanks to a win over Niger. It wasn't a great game, but the Eagles probably deserved the win as they pushed forward more in the second-half. Man-of-the-match Seydou Keita made it happen after some great play. Shame the match didn't live up to the first one - a great advert for African football - as DR Congo came from two goals down to draw 2-2 with Ghana.

    "Next games are on Thursday, as Ghana face a tough task against Mali, while DR Congo will be confident they can get all three points against Niger."

  5. 1958: 
    Mali 1-0 Niger

    Mali did deserve that win. Niger defended well, but provided little threat at the other end. A touch of class from skipper Seydou Keita proved enough on the night.

  6. 1955: 
    FULL-TIME- Mali 1-0 Niger


  7. 1954: 
    Mali 1-0 Niger

    The ref is about to blow. Have Niger got time for one more attack?

  8. 1952: 
    Mali 1-0 Niger

    Mali's Cheick Tidiane Diabate narrowly fails to get his head to a cross from the right. Unlucky, more so than poorly timed.

  9. 1951: 

    FisayoDairo on Twitter: "The three changes by Mali head coach Carteron (Samassa, Sisoko, Diabate) had telling impact on the game. Les Aigles now at advantage position in Group B."

  10. 1951: 
    Mali 1-0 Niger

    Regarding my half-time competition - if you go to @sajchowdhury or #bbcafcon you will see my prediction. I believe it says Mali 1-0 Niger with Seydou Keita as the goalscorer. By my calculations, I am in pole position to win. Yessssss.

  11. 1948: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett on Twitter:

    "Seydou Keita; Inspirational on & off the pitch... His team mates idolise him... If he stays fit Mali could go all the way."

  12. 1948: 
    Mali 1-0 Niger

    There are two minutes of normal time for Niger to grab at least an equaliser.

  13. 1948: 

    Elliot Cotterill on Twitter: "Here come the goals."

  14. 1948: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "That goal not only greeted by cheers from the fans but also howls of "Seydouuuuuuuu" from the journalists behind me here in the press box. I assume they must be from Mali."

  15. 1944: 
    GOAL- Mali 1-0 Niger - Seydou Keita (84 mins)

    Fousseiny Diawara launches the ball into the area which keeper Daouda Kassaly only manages to punch clear to the feet of Seydou Keita, who calmly slots the ball into the net. Yes, that's right, there's been a goal.

  16. 1943: 

    Omas200 on Twitter: "Supporting Mali to win only because of Seydou Keita."

  17. 1941: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    There are less than nine minutes remaining of normal time.

  18. 1941: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Eizabeth on Twitter:

    "Just spotted a pocket of Ethiopia fans here in Port Elizabeth - they are a long way from Nelspruit where their team play Nigeria tomorrow."

  19. 1941: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Mali's Mahamane Traore should have done much better with that header which he heads over from six yards out. At the other end, Mohamed Soumaila scuffs his shot which Mamadou Samassa easily collects.


    ScotScouse1 on Twitter: "I had an Ivory Roast - meat was a bit Bony, but came with an ice cream Kone afterwards, delicious."

  21. 1938: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Mali 0-0 Niger

    That woke me up. Ex-Barcelona man (have I mentioned that?) Seydou Keita rattles the Niger crossbar with a cracking effort from the edge of the area. Great strike.

  22. 1936: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Niger's star man Moussa Maazou drifts past one Mali player, then another, then blazes the ball very high and wide.

  23. 1933: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Niger's Moussa Maazou heads a few yards over from a corner. He places his hands on his head - should have done better.

  24. 1932: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    There are 20 minutes remaining of this thrilling encounter at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium. Can you be dry with humour in text form?

  25. 1931: 

    Ian Richardson on Twitter: "It is going to finish 4-4, with all goals in last nine minutes. Think positive."

  26. 1931: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    The thing is, a point would be a great result for both teams following what was an entertaining 2-2 draw, but nevertheless only a draw between Ghana and DR Congo. You don't get more points for providing more entertainment.

  27. 1927: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Did anybody have a decent Sunday lunch?

    CLOSE-ISH!- Mali 0-0 Niger

    Mahamadou Samassa makes the net ripple - the side-netting. At least Mali are testing the Niger goal.


    Prince Ofori on Twitter: "0-0 - Cheick Diabate."

  30. 1924: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Mali 0-0 Niger

    Former Liverpool player Mohamed Sissoko comes on.

  31. 1922: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    The Niger corner comes to nothing.

  32. 1922: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    A corner to Niger. Are they a smash-and-grab team?

  33. 1918: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Keep those tweets and texts coming in. Tweet at #bbcafcon and text using 81111 or if you're from outside the UK then +44 77 86 20 50 75

    I eagerly await your communication.

  34. 1916: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "Despite the poor football on the pitch it has not dampened the enthusiasm of the Mali fans. Drums, trumpets and whistles are still going here as they get behind their team and it looks like it might be working with that effort from Seydou Keita which was well saved."

  35. 1915: 

    TheRoonBa on Twitter: "I predict Mali will win 1-0 (73rd minute). Last touch will be by the Niger goalkeeper, with a bicycle kick from the halfway line."

  36. 1915: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Mali 0-0 Niger

    Aye aye! Mali's former Barcelona player Seydou Keita flashes a hand-blistering shot that Daouda Kassaly does well to push away.

  37. 1911: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Mahamadou Samassa, who came on at the start of the second half, tries a shot from 20 yards which drifts a couple feet wide of the Niger post.

  38. 1909: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Remember the Karate Kid crane kick? Well, Niger's Mohamed Soumaila appeared to perform that on Mali's Kalilou Traore - right in the stomach. Yellow for Soumaila. Traore's back up after a bit of an ice-pack massage.

  39. 1905: 

    Niall Devine on Twitter: "I see it ending 0-0, with the final touch from the referee when he takes the ball at the end."

    Sean Sonnekus on Twitter: "6-0 Mali, Keita to get a brace, Mahamane Traore to get a hat-trick and Wague to get one."

    Get involved at #bbcafcon - I expect no serious answers to my 1858 poser.

  40. 1905: 
    KICK-OFF- Mali 0-0 Niger

    The match is under way - again.

  41. 1904: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Both teams are in a pre-second half kick-off huddle. Ready for another 45 minutes?

  42. 1903: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Only a few minutes before the restart. Right, I'm predicting this match will finish 2-1 to Mali. Ever the optimist.

  43. 1859: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Moses Ishaya on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "Niger, wake up! Both teams lack communication, but I still put my money on Niger."

  44. 1859: 

    Former South Africa and Blackburn striker Benni McCarthy on Twitter: "Brilliant game Ghana v DR Congo. That's African football at its best. Hope we come out on Wednesday guns blazing whipping Morocco."

  45. 1858: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Let's make this interesting. A Twitter competition for you guys (no material prizes - the prize is knowing you've won).

    What will be the final score?

    Tie-Breaker: Who will have the final touch in the match? Give me the name and number - not yours of course, unless you look like Penelope Cruz.

    Use Twitter hashtag #bbcafcon

  46. 1853: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "A pretty poor half of football from Niger and Mali - neither side created a clear-cut chance to score. Not a single offside in the opening 45 minutes shows the lack of ambition from both sides really.

    "Mali might be tempted to try and improve things by introducing striker Modibo Maiga, who has a bit of success for West Ham in the English Premier League.

    "Niger coach Gernot Rohr says his aim at this tournament is to do better than last year in the Nations Cup in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon - where they lost all three games and only scored one goal. On that basis it has been successful so far!"

  47. 1851: 

    John Weatherly on Twitter: "The AFCON reminds me of playing school football... under 10s that is!"

    You must have played at a remarkable standard, John...

  48. 1850: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    OK, OK. Mahamane Traore's shot for Mali was close while Niger's Koffi Dan Kowa had a shot blocked. It's not been good though.

  49. 1848: 
    HALF-TIME- Mali 0-0 Niger

    Well, there was the chance involving... er... and... er

  50. 1846: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    It comes to nothing. As you were.

  51. 1846: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Mali have a corner in stoppage time of the first half.

  52. 1844: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Niger have a free-kick from 50 yards out. Issoufou Boubacar's delivery is poor - and that's me being kind.

  53. 1839: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Nice midfielder Mahamane Traore fires in a thumping drive from 20 yards that flies just wide of the Niger left-hand upright.

  54. 1839: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    The VIPs in the posh seats don't appear to enthused by what they've seen at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium...but wait...

  55. 1836: 

    Ghana midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah on Twitter after the 2-2 draw with DR Congo: "Not the result we wanted but important not to lose. Focus now on the next game."

  56. 1836: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    It's not as good as the opening match of the day, yet. There are 10 minutes until half-time. I'm not counting down the minutes.

  57. 1833: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Cheick Fantamady Diarra fails to get the right connection on a free-kick swung in from the left that Niger keeper Daouda Kassaly just managed to get enough on which made it awkward for the Rennes forward.


    James Heading on Twitter: "A mix of robust tackling, horrible kits and keepers flapping at every cross makes the Africa Cup of Nations a real spectacle."

  59. 1830: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Controversial tweet coming its way...

  60. 1830: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "The Malian drummer in the crowd is not only making a lot of noise but he must also be one of the fittest men in the stadium - it's a non-stop beat from him. It's also a welcome relief from the incessant sound of the vuvuzelas - from my point of view at least."

  61. 1830: 

    BBC Sport's Adrian Hobart on Twitter: "At last some goals at AFCON 2013. Brilliant celebration from the DR Congo keeper. Like a sitting down Gangnam Style."

  62. 1827: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Mali have a free-kick in a dangerous area, but the delivery from the left of the area is cleared after two Mali players get in each others' way.

  63. 1824: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    A mad, mad scramble from the corner. Koffi Dan Kowa is denied by a brilliant block from Adama Tamboura. Niger's Modibo Sidibe seems to have got one in the face during the melee.

  64. 1822: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Now Niger have a corner. Can they do better than Mali did with their set-pieces?

  65. 1821: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Mali have two corners. The first goes out for another corner, the second is headed wide at the near post by Mahamadou Ndiaye. There was plenty of power in the header, but the Ajaccio player could have directed it better.

  66. 1817: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    A half-chance for Mali. Mahamane Traore provides a bit of trickery then delivers a low ball to the late-arriving Cheick Fantamady Diarra. The Rennes forward fires over from 12 yards, but he was stretching.

  67. 1814: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Neither team have found their rhythm yet. Is it too early to say that these teams will finish third and fourth in Group B? Have your say at #bbcafcon.

  68. 1811: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Niger win the first corner of the match. Goalkeeper Mamadou Samassa comes for it but misses the ball by some distance. Fortunately for him, the ball sails over the heads of everybody else.

  69. 1809: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Niger will be hoping that full-back Karim Lancina can combine accuracy and length with his throw-ins. His first attempt flies straight into the hands of Mali keeper Mamadou Samassa.

  70. 1806: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    Mali striker Cheick Tidiane Diabate has a couple of pops at goal from the edge of the area. Both shots are well held by Daouda Kassaly between the Niger sticks.

  71. 1804: 
    Mali 0-0 Niger

    There hasn't been much action in the first three minutes - Mali seem content just to knock it around at the back.

  72. 1801: 
    KICK-OFF- Mali 0-0 Niger

    The match is under way.

    LINE-UPS- Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    Mali: Mamadou Samassa, Diawara, Tamboura, Wague, N'Diaye, Kalilou Traore, Keita, Mahamane Traore, Sigamary Diarra, Fanta Mady Diarra, Diabate. Subs: Soumaila Diakite, Adama Coulibaly, Idrissa Coulibaly, Sissoko, Cheick Diarra, Maiga, Yatabare, Mahamadou Samassa, Sow, Salif Coulibaly, Samba Diakite, Yirango.

    Niger: Daouda, Chicoto, Kourouma, Dankwa, Bachard, Koudize, Soumaila, Lancina, Boubacar, Sidibe, Maazou. Subs: Alzouma, Kader, James, Laouali, Kamilou, Talatou, Dante, Sakou, Alassane, William, Moutari, Saminou.

    Referee: Slim Jedidi (Tunisia)

  74. 1758: 
    Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    Keep those texts coming in on 81111 or +44 77 86 20 50 75 if you are outside the UK.

  75. 1757: 

    Via text:

    Nana Abiri in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: "Mali will record the first win of this tournament - 2-0 for 'Les Aigles'."

    Mohamed Bawa in Freetown, Sierra Leone: "I hope Niger will successfully go top of the group, after coming up against Mali. This 2013 tournament will be super super special."

  76. 1756: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "Unfortunately it seems like a lot of the Ghana and DR Congo fans have left between matches. There are even fewer in the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium - but they are trying to make some noise nonetheless."

  77. 1755: 
    Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    They are now playing the national anthems of both nations. We're just minutes away from kick-off. It's also vuvuzela time. Admit it, you love the sound they make?

  78. 1752: 
    Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    The teams are in the tunnel. The floodlights are on at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium in Port Elizabeth.

  79. 1750: 

    There is a lot more action on Monday, with Group C action getting under way. Zambia play Ethiopia, while Nigeria play Burkina Faso. Nigeria are, again, one of the favourites for the tournament.


    Phillip Eruogon on Twitter: "I see Niger hitting Mali with a surprise win. Niger 2 Mali 1."

  81. 1743: 
    Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    There is plenty of great video on the BBC African football index, including an interview with Mali's Racing Lens midfielder Samba Sow. Feel free to have a glance - I won't be offended, as long as you return before kick-off.

  82. 1738: 
    Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    There are 20 minutes remaining until kick-off. Judging by the earlier match, Ghana and DR Congo look a good bet to reach the quarter-finals. What can Mali and Niger deliver?

  83. 1736: 
    Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    Niger have yet to win a point at the Africa Cup of Nations (NB They have only appeared at one tournament - in 2012).


    Josh Nnaji in Nigeria via text: "Well, the goals are coming, but the trend of draws is still ongoing. Mali v Niger to end 2-2. You heard it here first!"

  85. 1729: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    Neither West Ham's Modibo Maiga nor QPR's Samba Diakite feature in Mali's starting XI.

  86. 1727: 
    Ghana 2-2 DR Congo
    Claude LeRoy

    There were reports that DR Congo coach Claude LeRoy had a dispute with the federation prior to the opener - but he was on hand on the touchline to give instructions as his side came back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 Ghana. Read the report on the BBC African football page.

  87. 1721: 
    Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    Remember to send those tweets and texts. You can tweet us using Twitter at #bbcafcon and/or text 81111 or if you live from outside the UK (many do apparently) then use +44 77 86 20 50 75

  88. 1717: 
    Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    Niger booked their place at 2013 Afcon after defeating Guinea on aggregate in the two-legged final qualifying tie. With Niger, it's about the sum of the part rather than individuals. Watch out for top striker Moussa Maazou, who plays for Etoile of Sahel in Tunisia. Alhassane Issoufou of Fes in Morocco, is likely to be his foil in attack.


    ADUNIEEdmond on Twitter: "Am NOT impressed by Ghana's performance at all."

  90. 1708: 
    Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    We'll start with Mali. The west Africa country are about fourth favourites to win the tournament, which they have never won. They were runners-up in 1972 and took third spot at last year's tournament.

    Coached by Patrice Carteron, who scored in the 2001 Tyne-Wear derby, they are a strong unit with several good players in the squad.

    West Ham's Modibo Maiga, QPR's Samba Diakite and ex-Barcelona star Seydou Keita are all in South Africa.

  91. 1700: 
    Mali v Niger (1800 GMT)

    There's an hour before the start of the next Group B match - Mali v Niger. I'll bring you details about the current state of both teams in a wee bit.

  92. 1658:  
    BBC Sport's Lee James on Twitter:

    "Best bum bounce from the Congo goalkeeper!"

  93. 1658: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "Has to be said the DR Congo fans are a lot happier with that draw than the Ghana fans here in the stadium - as the Leopards' players go over to show their appreciation to the fans."


    Dan Takyi on Twitter: "Should not be losing a 2-0 lead."

  95. 1657: 
    Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    That's that. A fantastic comeback by DR Congo. They were 2-0 down soon after the restart, but fought back valiantly. DR Congo midfielder Tresor Mputu was very influential while Ghana's Emmanuel Agyemang Badu, who scored the first goal of the competition, played a starring role for the Black Stars.

  96. 1654: 
    FULL-TIME- Ghana 2-2 DR Congo
  97. 1654: 
    CLOSE!- Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    Superb run on the break by Emmanuel Agyemang Badu, but he runs out of steam. Moments later, Asamoah Gyan has a golden chance to score the winner, but his header from six yards his saved on the line by Robert Kidiaba, who is incidentally wearing leggings/tracksuit bottoms today.

  98. 1651: 
    Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    Ghana fail to make anything of corner. There are only two minutes of stoppage time remaining.

  99. 1650: 
    Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    A corner for Ghana, although the ball appeared to come off their forward Asamoah Gyan.

  100. 1649: 
    Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    Free-kick for DR Congo, 10 yards right of the Ghana penalty area. Jean Kasusula puts too much welly on it. Poor. Five minutes of stoppage time.

  101. 1646: 
    Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    Yousuf Mulumbu gets behind the Ghana defence but his cross from the byeline finds none of his team-mates in the area. Two minutes remaining.

  102. 1644: 
    Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    There are just five minutes remaining of the match. What a match but is there one more twist remaining?


    Astor Phoenix on Twitter: "Kidiaba one of the best African goalkeepers."

  104. 1641: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    DR Congo go so close to completing the ultimate comeback. West Brom's Yousuf Mulumbu fires in a low shot from the edge of the area which looked set for the bottom left of Fatau Dauda's goal, but the keeper pulls off a remarkable save.

  105. 1641: 
    Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    Both sides have now used their permitted three substitutes. The coaches will be hoping for no injuries in the closing stages - any advantage could swing it.

  106. 1639: 
    Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    There are 10 minutes remaining, who, if anybody, is going to deliver the knockout punch?

  107. 1637: 

    Comments on BBC Love African Football facebook page:

    Moses Ishaya: "Be strong Ghana. It's not over until it is over."

    Phil Chibinga: "Go DRC."

  108. 1636: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "I bet Gabriel Zakuani is enjoying the weather here more than Peterborough as he makes his debut at the Africa Cup of Nations for DR Congo."

  109. 1634: 
    AMAZING SAVE!- Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    A Ghana free-kick is swung into the area from 40 yards and looks to be heading in, but Robert Kidiaba makes an excellent save to prevent the ball from creeping in. He injured himself in the process - but he's back up on his feet. No repeat of his celebrations.

  110. 1633: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "Both sets of fans are looking on nervously now - what's the key here to get all three points or avoid losing the opening game?"

  111. 1630: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Ghana 2-2 DR Congo

    The action is relentless. Asamoah Gyan forces a good save from Robert Kidiaba with a shot from the edge of the area.

  112. 1627: 
    GOAL- Ghana 2-2 DR Congo - Dieumerci Mbokani (69 mins)

    Dieumerci Mbokani sends the keeper the wrong way. Coolly taken. At the other end, keeper Robert Kidiaba performs his trademark celebration with what looks like someone riding a horse on the ground. Amazing, amazing scenes - and a cracking celebration.


    Peagama on Twitter: "Pressure on Ghana."

  114. 1625: 

    It's a penalty for DR Congo for a foul on Dieumerci Mbokani by Jerry Akaminko

  115. 1624: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Ghana 2-1 DR Congo

    Ghana's Albert Adomah fires a shot against what appeared to be the chest of Mpeko Issama in the area. There weren't too many appeals for handball.

  116. 1622: 
    Ghana 2-1 DR Congo

    Ghana's centre-back Jerry Akaminko pops up at the other end. But his attempt at wing-play ends in defeat.

  117. 1620: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "I'm wondering if any clubs in Europe are trying to get hold of Tresor Mputu Mabi's number right now? Only 11 days left in the transfer window."

    BBC Sport's Lee James on Twitter:

    "Game on now after Mputu goal for DR Congo. Just the game we needed after Saturday's damp start."

  119. 1618: 
    Ghana 2-1 DR Congo

    Great clearance by Ghana's Jerry Akaminko from inside the area under pressure from the lively Tresor Mputu. DR Congo are piling on the pressure.

  120. 1617: 

    FisayoDairo on Twitter: "I always knew we needed just a goal to light up South Africa. Won't be surprised to see a goal fest from now on. "

  121. 1616: 
    Ghana 2-1 DR Congo

    We've got a game here in Port Elizabeth. Can Ghana hold on? Has Claude LeRoy sprinkled some magic dust on his DR Congo players?

    Tweet us at #bbcafcon

  122. 1612: 
    GOAL- Ghana 2-1 DR Congo - Tresor Mputu (53 mins)

    DR Congo are back in it - a third goal in 13 minutes (not including the half-time break). Tresor Mputu delicately flicks his six-yard shot past Fatau Dauda with the outside of his right boot after he was played in. Beautiful goal.

  123. 1611: 
    Ghana 2-0 DR Congo

    Dr Congo's Lomana LuaLua was off the pitch at the time getting treatment on an area where the Port Elizabeth sun don't shine.

  124. 1611: 
    Emmanuel Badu celebrates scoring for Ghana

    Ghana scored twice in nine minutes to take control of their match.

  125. 1608: 
    GOAL- Ghana 2-0 DR Congo - Kwadwo Asamoah (49 mins)

    From Mubarak Wakaso's resulting corner, Kwadwo Asamoah nods in in off the bar at the far post. Like buses these goals.

  126. 1607: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Ghana 1-0 DR Congo

    Albert Adomah forces a great low save from Robert Kidiaba. Corner for Ghana.

  127. 1604: 
    Ghana 1-0 DR Congo

    The second half gets under way.

  128. 1603: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "Some exciting football at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations at last! Both sides started well and created chances. DR Congo had the first chance with Tresor Mputu Mabi pulling the ball back for Lomana LuaLua whose shot hit the bar.

    "Gyan should have scored on the half-hour mark after Derek Boateng put him clean through - but his weak shot went wide - leaving Emmanuel Ageymang-Badu frustrated on his right.

    "Ageymang-Badu's mood improved when he scored the first goal of the tournament after a cross from Kwadwo Asamoah - who had pushed up front leaving behind his left back starting position.

    "Ghana will not be complacent as they have seen how well DR Congo can attack. Dieumerci Mbokani has been quiet - so far!"

  129. 1601:  
    BBC Sport's Lee James on Twitter:

    "DR Congo weren't able to take their chances Ghana made it count the difference at half-time."

  130. 1600: 

    Starren Wendell in Ghana via text: "It's time for the star of Africa to shine so that the rest must follow."

  131. 1558: 

    We've got the second Group B game between Mali and Niger coming up at 1800 GMT. You can read a preview of the match on the BBC African football page.

  132. 1558: 
    Ghana 1-0 DR Congo

    They've just revealed the first-half stats - DR Congo have had 57% of the possession. They need to make more of that dominance after the break. No doubt coach Claude LeRoy will sort that out.

  133. 1558: 

    Reaction to the opening goal of the 2013 Nations Cup on BBC Love African Football Facebook page:

    Abdul-Wahab Issifu: "Let's go Ghana Black Stars! I said it here that we'll make it interesting, but right now we are making it exciting!"

    Stephen Ankomah-Boamah: "Ghana will score more goals."

  134. 1554: 

    Statisticians Opta on Twitter: "56 - Emmanuel Agyemang Badu has scored the first goal of the 2013 AFCON with the 56th shot of the tournament. Finally."

    HALF-TIME- Ghana 1-0 DR Congo

    And that is half-time. Ghana will be very pleased with that half. DR Congo have looked good on the break but less assured in front of goal. But hey, no two halves are the same, right?

  136. 1550: 
    Ghana 1-0 DR Congo

    Ghana have got a free-kick on the right edge of the area. Espanyol's Mubarak Wakaso takes it but his delivery is punched clear by keeper Robert Kidiaba.


    Richie Billing on Twitter: "It's only taken 220 minutes but there's finally a goal! Superb one as well."

  138. 1546: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    Ghana fans are singing, dancing and playing their drums - the DR Congo section has fallen largely silent after that goal.

  139. 1542: 
    GOAL- Ghana 1-0 DR Congo - Emmanuel Agyemang Badu (40 mins)

    I told you there would be a goal in this match. So the first goal of this tournament has been scored by Emmanuel Agyemang Badu. Kwadwo Asamoah plays a one-two with Badu and the Udinese midfielder slides his shot in from four yards out. Great team-play.

  140. 1542: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    No joy for DR Congo. Jean Kasusula takes it and drives his effort straight into the stomach of Ghana's Emmanuel Agyemang Badu who took the shot like a man - after scenes of wincing.

  141. 1539: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    DR Congo's Tresor Mputu wins a free-kick on the edge of the Ghana penalty area. Ripe for a chance.

  142. 1537: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    The corner is gathered at the second attempt by Ghana keeper Fatau Dauda.

  143. 1536: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    A corner to DR Congo. Now then....

  144. 1535: 

    Ronald Richard Tola on BBC Love African Football facebook page: "It seems like DR Congo are going to surprise Ghana."

  145. 1535: 

    Kunda Bowa on BBC Love African Football facebook page: "It's very disappointing. In the opening game, the stadium wasn't even full to capacity. Are the ticket prices that high? Or are South Africans so disappointed with their team's performance that they can't support other countries?"

  146. 1534: 
    SHOCKER!- Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    Dear oh dear! Ghana's Asamoah Gyan misses with just the goalkeeper to beat. He slides his shot from the edge of the area about three yards wide. He should have done much better than that.

  147. 1532: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    We have played more than 208 minutes of football at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations and still no goal. I'm sure there will be one here, Ghana's Asamoah Gyan's through on goal...

    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Eizabeth on Twitter:

    "Well both sides named attacking line-ups and its paying off - lots of attacking play and both DRC and Ghana creating chances."

  149. 1530: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    DR Congo are on the attack again. This time Lomana LuaLua crosses from the right. The ball falls to the feet of Fribourg's Cedric Makiadi, who hits his shot first time, which unfortunately for him fizzes at least 10 feet past the Ghana goal.

  150. 1526: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    A bit of frustration shown by Ghana's Kwadwo Asamoah down the left who plays a sliding ball into the box which is blocked. Hard to tell if he was frustrated with himself or the run of his team-mate.


    Syox_ on Twitter: "Much focus is on Ghana but DR Congo look dangerous, won't be a surprise if they pull a Zambia."


    'Muscle123' from Nigeria via text: "Ghana are a top quality side. I expect them to see off DR Congo with minimal fuss."

  153. 1523: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    Bristol City's Albert Adomah launches one from about 20 yards, but his shot flies over the bar. No panic shown by DR Congo keeper Robert Kidiaba. Check out his hairstyle - it's amazing.

  154. 1520: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "On the number of fans - unfortunately the vast majority of the ones in the stadium are sat under the TV cameras and so stadium probably looks emptier than it really is!"

  155. 1519: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    DR Congo are at it again. This time Tresor Mputu's shot clears the bar by two feet from about 15 yards. His team are rampant at the moment - great counter-attacking football.

  156. 1519: 

    Neil Stone on Twitter: " Too many empty seats again. Why don't they give away tickets to create a bit of atmosphere?"

  157. 1519: 

    Josh from Nigeria via text: "Having watched the drab opening games yesterday, I can only hope that the players out there will take a leaf out of Messi's book: 'Scoring Goals Made Easy'."

  158. 1515: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    Blimey! He's known for his spectacular play. Lomana LuaLua smacks an effort from just inside the area which comes off the bar via the fingertips of keeper Fatau Dauda. Brilliant effort.

  159. 1513: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo
    Supporters in Port Elizabeth

    The stadium at Port Elizabeth is hardly full but the fans that are inside are definitely creating a decent atmosphere.

  160. 1512: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    Udinese's Emmanuel Agyemang Badu has a half chance. The midfielder heads wide at the near post from a right-wing corner. Ghana slowly getting into the game.


    Mike Smith on Twitter: "Everyone talking about Ghana. Pressure too much maybe? Nigeria look strong."

  162. 1508: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    DR Congo number eight Mputu, who plays for TP Mazembe, looks lively in attack. He is causing Ghana a bit of stress by switching wings.

  163. 1507: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    It looks lovely in Port Elizabeth. Heat and sunshine - I just about remember what that feels like.

  164. 1506: 
    Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    Early corner for DR Congo. Tresor Mputu takes it from the left but it comes to nothing.

  165. 1503: 
    KICK-OFF- Ghana 0-0 DR Congo

    Right. Referee Daniel Bennett has got the Group B match between Ghana and DR Congo under way.

  166. 1502: 

    DR Congo coach Claude LeRoy is in the stadium. He's taking charge of his 29th Cup of Nations match - a managerial record. Tres bien Claude.

    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth on Twitter:

    "Jet Fighter flies overhead to signal the opening games here in Port Elizabeth - Ghana v DRC followed by Niger v Mali in Group B."

  168. 1500: 

    Emmanuel from Nigeria on +44 77 86 20 50 75: "I tip Ghana to give us goals today."

  169. 1459: 

    Both captains are reading out a pre-match statement. We're seconds away from kick-off.

  170. 1458: 

    They are playing the national anthems at Port Elizabeth. Plenty of Ghana and DR Congo flags flying. Ready?

  171. 1457: 

    Remember apart from tweeting your views at #bbcafcon you can text using 81111 or if you live far away from the British Isles then use +44 77 86 20 50 75

  172. 1456: 

    BBC Sport's Ed Aarons spoke to Ghana's Albert Adomah about his rapid rise from Bristol City to Ghana - bit like me going from BBC journalist to Director General, or something.

    You can read the interview on the BBC Africa football page.

  173. 1452: 

    Ten minutes before kick off... touch wood this is going to be a firecracker of a game.

  174. 1450: 

    So, a few hundred supporters? Why is that? Where's the appetite for the tournament? Have the tickets been fairly priced? Let me know if you've bought an Africa Cup of Nations ticket or why you opted not to go to see any of the games.

    Tweet using #bbcafcon

  175. 1449: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port Elizabeth

    "So here in the stadium the two teams are out doing some final warm-ups. The stadium is half in sunshine, half in shade - but no sign of the rain that affected the opening games. Let's hope that the bright weather will also bring some brighter football after yesterday's poor opening Group A games - not least we need a goal to get this tournament going. Only a few hundred supporters in so far - not expecting anything like a full-house here - but the few who are here and making a lot of noise."

  176. 1443: 

    Before the 1500 GMT game starts here's some info about the Africa Cup of Music?

    Later on Sunday night (from 2200 GMT) DJ Edu will play tracks from the 16 countries featured in the tournament. You decide which country should go through to the next round, by heading to the 1Xtra Facebook page or tweeting for you favourite team (i.e. #TeamSA #TeamNiger, etc.)

    This week, it's all about the group stages, with quarter finals on the 27 January, semi-finals on the 3 February and the final on the 10 February.

    I want a fair fight.


    Rikshaa on Twitter: "Ghana v DR Congo tonight. If you don't watch African football, you're missing something real."

    Jensonfan83 on Twitter: "Really looking forward to seeing Asamoah Gyan light up the Nations Cup."

  178. 1440: 

    As I mentioned earlier, send over your tweets to #bbcafcon - we've had a few already....

  179. 1438: 

    Here's a bit of clarification from BBC's Nick Cavell on the situation regarding DR Congo coach Claude LeRoy:

    "The row between LeRoy and the federation was NOT about bonuses for players - he was angry that when the federation and sports ministry sent money for the players and coaching staff they did not include the Congolese staff with the team - kit-man, masseuse etc. LeRoy says he was standing up for them but he was not considering resigning over the matter. He says it is all settled and there are no problems in the camp."

  180. 1434: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell in Port ElizabethGhana v DR Congo (1500 GMT)

    Ghana start with Fatawu in goal. Asamoah Gyan and Christian Atsu start in attack. Although Asamoah may push further forward to create a 3-5-2 formation.

    DR Congo have Muteba Kidiaba in goal. Mulumbu is the holding midfielder with Tresor Mputu Mabi and Mulota Kabungu ahead of him. LuaLua and Dieumerci Mbokani are up front.

    LINE-UPS- Ghana v DR Congo (1500 GMT)

    Ghana: Dauda, Pantsil, Akaminko, Boye, Asamoah, Agyemang-Badu, Derek Boateng, Adomah, Atsu, Wakaso, Gyan. Subs: Agyei, Richard Boateng, Awal, Annan, Rabiu, Asante, Vorsah, Clottey, Boakye, Mensah, Afful, Kwarasey.

    Congo DR: Kidiaba, Issama, Mabiala, Mongongu, Kasusula, Makiadi, Mulumbu, Kabangu, Mputu, Mbokani, LuaLua. Subs: Mandanda, Mulemo, Manzia, Zola, Kanda, Ilunga, Kaluyituka, Mbemba, Luvumbu, Zakuani, Kisombe, Bakala.

    Referee: Daniel Bennet (South Africa)

  182. 1428: 

    The full teams are in...

  183. 1427: 

    Here is some info about their opponents...

    Ghana are strong. Their captain is striker Asamoah Gyan - formerly of Sunderland and now of UAE side Al Ain. The Black Stars are desperate to win a tournament they have not won since 1992. That's a long time for a major football nation.

    They have some good experienced players in the squad including ex-West Ham player John Pantsil, Juventus' midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah. Watch out for the wing play of Bristol City's Albert Adomah and Porto's Christian Atsu.

  184. 1426: 

    DR Congo are back. I did mention the mystery surrounding coach Claude LeRoy. There were reports that LeRoy was no longer the coach following a row over bonus payments for his players in the run-up to the Cup. But the country's football federation say he will be in the dugout. Let's see.

    Their team included the master acrobat and trickster, former Newcastle forward Lomana LuaLua. He's 32 and plays in Karabukspor in Turkey - does he still do somersaults?

    West Brom midfield dynamo Yousuf Mulumbu will also be influential.

  185. 1417: 

    DR Congo name an attacking looking team that includes Dieumerci Mbokani from Anderlecht, veteran Lomana LuaLua as well as Tresor Mputu Mabi of TP Mazembe and West Brom's Youssouf Mulumbu. Peterborough's Gabriel Zakuani starts on the bench.

  186. 1416: 

    Right more breaking team news...

  187. 1414: 

    "Hang on Saj, I like what you're saying about this 2013 Africa Cup of Nations but tell me more about the format?"

    OK. The Africa Cup of Nations features 16 sides. There was a tournament last year as well, but it will now be played during odd years - odd, in the sense of odd numbers.

    The teams are split into four groups containing four countries, of which two teams from each pool qualify through to the quarter-finals. The tournament then concludes on 10 February with the final.

    The host country is South Africa and the host cities are Johannesburg, Durban, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth and Rustenburg.

    Ivory Coast are the favourites, although they've not won the competition since 1992. Zambia won the 2012 tournament after beating Ivory Coast.



    BBC Love Football on Twitter: "Not many in the stadium maybe a thousand but making lots of noise here - mix of DR Congo and Ghana fans in the stadium"

  189. 1408: 

    The BBC loves the Africa Cup of Nations. We will be covering the tournament on radio, TV, online and mobile.

    BBC World Service will bring commentary on all the key matches, with regular updates from the tournament being broadcast by BBC World News as well as the BBC's TV programmes for Africa. There will be a live text commentary on the BBC Sport website.

    Lee James will present the weekly Sportsworld live from South Africa throughout the tournament. All the latest news will also be covered on the African Football section of the BBC Sport website.

    BBC Africa's social-media teams will be engaging with reporters, fans and footballers via #BBCAFCON (Twitter page @bbclovefootball), a new LoveAfricanFootball Facebook page as well as the Google+ community page Love African Football.

    We are so with the kids!

  190. 1407: 

    Ghana start with locally-based Abdul-Fatawu in goal - he plays for AshantiGold. Experienced heads Asamoah Gyan, formerly of Sunderland, and ex-West Ham John Pantsil are also in the starting XI.

  191. 1403: 

    Look whenever I do BBC live texts, on the odd occasions, what I love most is hearing from you guys. Your comments amuse me, most of the time.

    So to keep me entertained on this Sunday tweet me via Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon. You can also text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and comment on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

    Hey, in the future you'll probably be sending messages via 'hologrammatic' means.

  192. 1400: 

    Hello all. It's day two of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. Hands up who thought the first day was the best day's tournament football you have ever seen? I can't see many hands.

    It wasn't great was it? But then opening matches of football tournaments are rarely classics (although I did quite enjoy Cameroon v Argentina at Italia '90).

    We've yet to see a goal in the tournament, but I'm expecting a flood of goals (no pun on the weather intended).

    To start us off we've got Ghana v DR Congo. Ghana, four-time winners and quarter-finalists at the 2010 World Cup, are second favourites for the tournament. More about them in a bit.

    DR Congo have won the tournament twice (1968 and 1974), but have not qualified for the past three Afcons. Their fortunes have been revived by coach Claude LeRoy, who might not be their coach anymore. More on that in a bit too.

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Group B team profiles

Asamoah Gyan Ghana team profile

A profile of the Ghana squad at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa.

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