Chelsea v Monterrey in the Club World Cup

Live text commentary as Chelsea ease to a 3-1 victory over Monterrey in the Club World Cup semi-final in Japan.

13 December 2012 Last updated at 12:53

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As it happened

  1. 1241: 

    So that's it for us this morning. Hope you enjoyed that little midweek bonus. Remember - Sunday morning, 10 am. Get across the final on BBC Two and with our live text commentary right here as ever.

    Chelsea the best team in the world? They could be on Sunday. See you all there.

  2. 1236: 

    Dan, Bedford on text: "A pleasing result and performance, though let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's good to see us putting poor sides away comfortably but there's little evidence yet to suggest Benitez is truly the right man. If we beat Corinthians, I'll start to think there's a bit more about us."

  3. 1232: 

    Rafa Benitez will know what he's doing on Sunday. He has reached the final of the Club World Cup for a third time.

    In 2005 his Liverpool side were beaten by Sao Paulo, but in 2010 he took Inter to the title, beating Mazembe 3-0.

  4. 1231: 

    Daniel, Egham: "Let's judge things after the tournament is over. If Chelsea lose to Corinthians it'll be viewed as a failure. Also with Torres, Nordsjaelland, Sunderland and Monterrey - hardly the creme de la creme of the football world."

  5. 1229: 
    Monterrey 1-3 Chelsea

    Chelsea goalscorer Juan Mata: "We are glad to get the win because it's an important trophy for us. We want to be world champions and on Sunday we will do our best to get it.

    "In the second half we were very focused to get more goals and we were able to get them, so it's a great result. We have confidence about winning on Sunday, but we know that Corinthians are a very good team and there will be a lot of their supporters here, but we will have ours, too, and it will be a football party."

  6. 1229:  
    Former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin on MOTD:

    "It has been slightly disappointing that David Luiz has played for Chelsea in the period he has and no one has thought to put him in midfield until now. He was doing all the things you would expect him to do in that position. It might well be tougher for him against tougher opposition but I think the positives he give you outweighs the negatives."

  7. 1226: 

    So a reminder then to get your alarms on, get the eggs and bacon on, and settle in for Sunday's final on BBC Two. The coverage starts at 1000 GMT. Corinthians v Chelsea.

  8. 1226:  
    Robbie Savage on MOTD:

    "There were a lot of positives for Chelsea today, but it was too easy for them."

  9. 1224:  
    Former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin on MOTD:

    "After the third goal Chelsea had a decision to make, did they hurt themselves by going for more or play it out? They chose to play it out. It was comfortable for them in the end. Chelsea are not everyone's favourite team and that is putting it lightly, but the way Chelsea play just now they are enjoyable to watch. People may not love them, but they will enjoy watching them."

  10. 1223: 

    Robert, Cricklewood on text: "So what do Chelsea fans think of Benitez now. He's transformed their team. Got the defence sorted, Torres firing and now put Luiz in his rightful position. Those Chelsea fans who booed him on his arrival owe him an apology."

  11. 1219: 

    So job done for Chelsea, they are in to Sunday's final against Corinthians.

  12. 1219: 
    FULL-TIME- Monterrey 1-3 Chelsea
  13. 1218: 
    GOAL- Monterrey 1-3 Chelsea - Aldo de Nigris (90 mins)

    A stoppage-time consolation for Monterrey as Aldo de Nigris is played in on goal down the right, he has a man to his left but shoots, firing past Petr Cech.

  14. 1215:  
    Mark Lawrenson on MOTD:

    "You knew Frank Lampard was not passing then. You see Victor Moses making a run but Lampard was thinking 'no, he is not having it'. This is another win for Chelsea, and you cannot say anything bad about them today."

  15. 1214: 

    The space opens up for Frank Lampard, he shoots from 20 yards but can't get enough dip on the ball and it flies over the top. Lampard hasn't scored for over two months - he was close there.

  16. 1213: 

    We are into the last five minutes...

  17. 1211: 

    Victor Moses almost latches on to a sloppy backpass but the goalkeeper just gets there in time. The Corinthians players have seen enough, they are off for a hot drink. It looks freezing in Japan.

  18. 1208: 

    This has been a bizarre half of football. Manic opening spell of two goals in three minutes, the floodgates threatening to open, but now it is down to walking pace as we tick off the clock. It's like a friendly now.

  19. 1205: 

    Fernando Torres is off, with Victor Moses getting a chance to enjoy himself up front. We are into the last 12 minutes.

  20. 1203: 

    Chelsea counter-attack at pace but Paulo Ferreira is not the man you want breaking into the area. He runs out of legs and Monterrey are able to clear.

  21. 1201: 

    Monterrey have a corner which is smashed into orbit by Jesus Corona. They are having a decent spell though. Paulo Ferreira is playing on the right of midfield now it seems. Benitez shutting up shop.

  22. 1200: 

    Rafael Benitez makes his second change of the night, as Juan Mata is given a rest. Paulo Ferreira is the man taking his place. Not a like-for-like swap, by any stretch of the imagination.

  23. 1158: 

    So Chelsea's thoughts can turn towards Corinthians now and Sunday's final. Apparently there are thousands of fans from Brazil over in Japan to watch that game. It should be a much bigger test.

  24. 1156: 

    I wrote Monterrey off a few minutes ago and predictably they have had a good little spell. Classic. However, the best they can muster is a tame shot from 20 yards which Petr Cech saves easily. We have 20 minutes of this game left.

  25. 1152: 

    Frank Lampard is straight into the action, curling a shot wide from 25 yards. The record win in this competition is 4-0, can Chelsea chase that one down?

  26. 1151: 

    Where will Frank Lampard be playing next season? He is out of contract in the summer. As Bosman signings go, he would be up there. After that ovation, maybe he should play in Japan.

  27. 1148: 

    Huge ovation from the Japanese fans as Frank Lampard comes on in place of David Luiz. A successful hour for Luiz that.

  28. 1147: 

    Monterrey have had it. There, I've said it. When your goalkeeper is tackling his own defenders, the game is up. It's just a matter of how many goals Chelsea want now.

  29. 1144: 

    Maverick goalkeeping here as Jonathan Orozco charges out of his area to take a pass on his chest before sliding it past his bemused central defenders. What was all that about?

  30. 1144: 

    Change for Monterrey as Sergio Perez is replaced by Ricardo Osorio. Can he sort out this backline?

  31. 1142: 

    That's five goals in three games for Fernando Torres. A man back on form. Sort of.

  32. 1139: 

    Jethro Colmer on Twitter: "Rafa, I take it back- I BELIEVE IN YOU."

  33. 1138:  
    Mark Lawrenson on MOTD:

    "Great ball from Fernando Torres for Chelsea's third, he bent the ball around the defenders who were running back. Game over essentially."

  34. 1137: 

    I don't know what Chelsea had in their half-time tea, but I could do with some. Eden Hazard is at it again, he runs through three defenders with ease before shooting when he could have cut the ball back. They have gone up several gears here.

  35. 1137:  
    Mark Lawrenson on MOTD:

    "I don't think the whole stadium knew that had gone in, it looked to a lot it had hit the side netting. Excellent work from Eden Hazard, great burst of pace and he had his head up, played a great pass to Fernando Torres, whose shot was deflected over the keeper. Great start to the second half for Chelsea."

  36. 1134: 
    GOAL- Monterrey 0-3 Chelsea - Darvin Chavez OG (48 mins)

    There is a chance that Fernando Torres's deflected goal may go down as an own goal - but this definitely is. Torres plays a brilliant pass with the outside of his foot to Juan Mata, he cuts it back across gaol and Darvin Chavez turns it into his own net.

  37. 1132: 
    GOAL- Monterrey 0-2 Chelsea - Fernando Torres (46 mins)

    Wow what a start! Eden Hazard bursts past his full-back with a great first touch, he cuts the ball back to Fernando Torres and he smashes in a shot which takes a huge deflection on its way into the net. A goal inside the first 20 seconds.

  38. 1132: 
    KICK-OFF- Monterrey 0-1 Chelsea

    Game on.

  39. 1132:  
    Former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin on MOTD:

    "If Chelsea get the next goal they will relax the way they did against Nordsjaelland in the Champions League and then you can see them going on to get three or four or more."

  40. 1131: 

    Here come the players back out onto the pitch. The second half coming up.

  41. 1125: 

    So Chelsea are 45 minutes away from Sunday's final - which is live on BBC Two from 1000 GMT. Set your alarms.

  42. 1123:  
    Robbie Savage on MOTD:

    "David Luiz has looked very good, he always looks forward and he played a great pass to Eden Hazard. He is looking comfortable in midfield. It is early days but for me the best two players to play in that position are Luiz and Frank Lampard, when he is back. Both can do what Mikel does, because I don't know what Mikel does."

  43. 1120: 

    David Luiz is getting plenty of love from everyone after that first-half performance. It was a very impressive display - will he get a chance to play there in the Premier League?

  44. 1120:  
    Former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin on MOTD:

    "Chelsea are almost getting a bit lazy with their lead, there has been some back flicks and ambitious passes. But Chelsea are cruising and are by far the better side so far."

  45. 1119:  
    Robbie Savage on MOTD:

    "Monterrey look dangerous on the counter but not often enough. It has been comfortable for Chelsea but they still have to be aware."

  46. 1118:  
    BBC Match of the Day commentator Guy Mowbray

    "It has been a very comfortable first half for Chelsea. Juan Mata has the only goal so far and he put it away beautifully. Chelsea have been in cruise control, but Monterrey have come back into it slightly. It is not won yet, but Chelsea are really in control."

  47. 1118: 

    Juan Mata has now scored on his Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League and Club World Cup debuts for Chelsea. He's not bad is he?

  48. 1116: 

    So a relatively straightforward 45 minutes for Rafael Benitez's men. You can get the views of Robbie Savage and Pat Nevin now on the BBC HD channel and the Red Button.

  49. 1116: 
    HALF-TIME- Monterrey 0-1 Chelsea
  50. 1115: 

    Sam in London: "With a more global planet the Club World Cup will surely one day be held in higher esteem than the Champions League. Chelsea could be making history this Wednesday morning.... "

  51. 1112: 

    Frank Lampard is out warming up for Chelsea in a massive Fifa bib. We've not seen much of Lampard of late, he came on at Sunderland at the weekend and he should get a run out today.

  52. 1108: 

    Jesus Corona is again a threat down the left for Monterrey. His cross is cleared but the winger is giving Cesar Azpilicueta a torrid time at the moment.

    Another cross from the left, another header from Aldo de Nigris which flashes wide. Monterrey having a good little spell.

  53. 1107:  
    Mark Lawrenson on MOTD:

    "Chelsea are playing some nice little passes, but you can see that it is nowhere near the intensity of a Premier League game or Champions League game. It is a little bit like a pre-season or exhibition type of game."

  54. 1106: 

    Lee, meant to be studying in Belfast: "Are they using goalline technology for this game?"

    Great shout Lee. Yes. Yes they are. The GoalRef system is at this stadium - I wonder if we will get a chance to see it in action.

  55. 1105: 

    We are into the last 10 minutes of the first half. Chelsea are cruising but they have not tested Monterrey goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco anywhere near enough.

  56. 1104:  
    Mark Lawrenson on MOTD:

    "It was not a great ball from Ashley Cole in but Fernando Torres looked a little wooden with his first touch. He looked a bit on his heels almost."

  57. 1103: 

    Ashley Cole gallops forwards again and plays in Fernando Torres in the middle - but his touch is dreadful and he is tackled. Dear oh dear, that was poor from Fernando. Leaden footed stuff.

  58. 1100: 

    That was a scare for Chelsea, and they have upped the pace a bit in response. David Luiz continues to catch the eye in midfield - he charges forwards into the area but the move ends with John Mikel Obi shooting well over from 25 yards.

  59. 1058: 

    We've seen nothing from Monterrey as an attacking force, but in an instant they could be level. Jesus Corona does well down the left and crosses to the near post where Aldo de Nigris gets there ahead of Petr Cech but flicks his header over the top.

  60. 1056: 

    BBC Sport's Richard Conway on Twitter: "Juan Mata's goal came just after Chelsea fans stood up for their usual 16th minute salute to Roberto Di Matteo."

  61. 1056: 

    Albert, meant to be working, Leicester: "Loving David Luiz in Midfield. Soon become a Chelsea legend surely! Come on Torres we need that hattrick!"

    Shaun,Rochester: "David Luiz is having so much fun in midfield. Stepovers, flicks, 30 yard through-balls. Bless him."

  62. 1052: 

    David Luiz is excelling in this midfield role. He starts an attack from deep inside his own half, motors 50 yards up the pitch before linking up cleverly with Fernando Torres on the corner of the area. His neat pass inside to Cesar Azpilicueta then runs astray as the Spaniard fouls his man. Luiz looks the business here.

  63. 1050: 

    Juan Mata whips in a free-kick from wide on the left and Branislav Ivanovic heads over the top on the stretch. Monterrey can't deal with Ivanovic in these early stages.

  64. 1049: 

    There's nothing wrong with Juan Mata's form at the moment is there? Bang on. Great celebrations on the bench from Rafa Benitez and co as well. He wants this trophy.

  65. 1049:  
    Mark Lawrenson on MOTD:

    "It was the first time Ashley Cole really got forward and the ball he played to Juan Mata was just lovely. Chelsea made the game look very simple with that goal."

  66. 1047: 
    GOAL- Monterrey 0-1 Chelsea - Juan Mata (17 mins)

    Great goal. Chelsea open the scoring in style. Ashley Cole plays the ball in to Oscar, the Brazilian pulls off another cheeky flick to return the ball to Cole. He then sweeps a pass to Juan Mata just inside the penalty area, and the Spaniard sweeps in a left-foot finish. Lovely stuff.

  67. 1046: 

    Oscar and Eden Hazard have looked the most lively attackers for Chelsea so far, and Oscar almost plays in Fernando Torres with a deft touch on the edge of the box. The intensity has fallen away a bit from Chelsea though as we reach the 16th minute and the now obligatory Roberto Di Matteo chants from the crowd.

  68. 1044: 

    Gary Woodward on Twitter: "Loving some football at 1030am! Flashbacks to Japan & S.Korea World Cup 2002!"

  69. 1042: 

    Oooh, bad mistake from Severo Meza at the back for Monterrey almost lets Chelsea in. He miscontrols a back pass and Oscar almost nips in. They win a corner though, and when Juan Mata curls the ball in Branislav Ivanovic arrives to volley wide. Should do better.

  70. 1042:  
    Mark Lawrenson on MOTD:

    "You can see already that when Chelsea raise their level just a little bit Monterrey are struggling to cope with them."

  71. 1041: 

    James, meant to be working, London: "Crazy Dave is running the show in midfield!"

  72. 1038: 

    Monterrey are having their first sight of the ball now, and they try and slow the game down. Gary Cahill is able to cut out the ball and he launches a counter attack.

    Eden Hazard beats two men down the left and crosses for Oscar in the box, but for once the Brazilian's touch is poor and Monterrey can clear.

  73. 1037:  
    Mark Lawrenson on MOTD:

    "Great play from David Luiz. He played a lovely little ball inside the full-back for Eden Hazard. He has started really brightly playing in midfield."

  74. 1035: 

    What a pass this is from David Luiz! Give the man the number 10 shirt. He drives away from his marker in the middle of the pitch before picking out a peach of a through-ball to find Eden Hazard down the left. The Belgian takes a touch and curls his shot wide from the edge of the box. A strong start for Chelsea.

  75. 1034: 

    BBC Sport's Richard Conway on Twitter: "70,000 capacity Yokohama stadium around a quarter full. Chelsea fans who have made trip in good voice though."

  76. 1033: 

    And here is David Luiz having a dig. Oscar plays a ball around the corner for Luiz to run on to, he looks up and tries his luck from 25 yards, clipping a curling shot just over the crossbar. Decent effort.

  77. 1032: 

    Jo on text: "Taking this competition as seriously as any other. It's a great opportunity for another trophy! Feel a bit safer seeing Luiz in the centre mid role as well. 3-1 to the Blues!"

  78. 1030: 

    Eden Hazard is sporting some natty blue gloves here, it looks pretty chilly in Japan. Hazard runs and beats his man before a cross from the right is headed tamely on by Fernando Torres. David Luiz has already seen plenty of the ball in midfield.

  79. 1030: 
    KICK-OFF- Monterrey v Chelsea (1030 GMT)

    We are off.

  80. 1027: 

    I'd be lying if I said it was a big crowd in for this one in Yokohama. All eyes on David Luiz in midfield then. I can't imagine him sitting in one position - expect to see him bombing around all over the shop.

  81. 1025:  
    Former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin on MOTD:

    "When I first saw David Luiz against Fulham I did not believe he was a centre back, he is a deep lying central midfielder. He looked colossal when he moved into that position against Nordsjaelland in the Champions League. I am not sure everyone will agree with me but I think he will do well in this position."

  82. 1023: 

    Fernando Torres looked particularly sharp in that win at Sunderland at the weekend. Today could be a good time for him to fill his boots. Feeling confident Chelsea fans? Here come the teams...

  83. 1023:  
    Robbie Savage on MOTD:

    "In their last couple of performances in both the Premier League and the Champions League Chelsea have scored lots of goals and I think it is important they continue the momentum today."

  84. 1022: 

    Steve from Southend-On-Sea on text: "Huge tournament for Benitez, after the disappointment of last week. Surely Arsenal would give their right arm to be in with a chance of winning this trophy, so we shouldn't be any different."

  85. 1022:  
    Former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin on MOTD:

    "Some of the Chelsea players, particularly the Brazilians, who have travelled a lot recently, will be a bit tired with all the travelling. They are putting out a strong as team as they possibly can and we will have to wait and see who is suffering a bit by the second half. One player who does not look tired is Frank Lampard, who is on the bench, he just want games."

  86. 1019: 

    If you are not knee-deep in work, you can watch the match live on this website, on the BBC HD channel or on the Red Button. Coverage has just started. Get on it.

  87. 1018: 

    Rishil Patel on Twitter: "I have always said David Luiz's attacking instincts would we better utilised in a holding midfield role. Much better than Mikel"

  88. 1016: 

    So then, it's time to get loco in Yokohama. Any Chelsea fans bothered about winning this competition? Anyone booked the day off work to catch this match? Or is it a distraction you could do without?

    Let us know. You can text in on 81111 (UK Only) or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  89. 1013: 

    You may recall that Mexico won gold at this summer's London Olympics, and Monterrey have two medalists in their starting line-up today in defender Darvin Chavez and Hiram Mier.

    Some of the Monterrey players are revelling in the chance to take on the Blues. Defender Jose Maria Basanta called it a "dream match, while goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco has described Petr Cech as his "idol" and "the best goalkeeper in the world".

  90. 1011: 

    So who are Monterrey? Good question.

    The Mexican side are the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf) champions, and they got through to today's semi-final by beating Asian champions Ulsan.

    They finished seventh in the Mexican league last season. Can Chelsea beat the seventh-best team in Mexico? We are about to find out.

  91. 1010: 

    This is Chelsea's debut in the Club World Cup, and they are there because of their dramatic Champions League win in Munich back in May.

    The European champions have been given a bye to this semi-final stage, and a win today will see them through to face Brazilian side Corinthians in Sunday's final.

  92. 1008: 
    LINE-UPS- Monterrey v Chelsea (1030 GMT)

    Monterrey: Orozco, Meza, Chavez, Mier, Perez, Basanta, Ayovi, Corona, Cardozo, Delgado, De Nigris. Subs: Dautt, Lopez, Osorio, Morales, Solis, Moreno, Madrigal, Carreno, Garcia, Suazo, Jasso, Ibarra.

    Chelsea: Cech, Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Luiz, Cahill, Cole, Mata, Oscar, Mikel, Hazard, Torres. Subs: Turnbull, Ramires, Lampard, Moses, Ferreira, Marin, Bertrand, Piazon, Sturridge, Terry, Saville, Hilario.

    Referee: Carlos Vera (Ecuador)

  93. 1008: 
    Monterrey v Chelsea (1030 GMT)

    David Luiz is expected to start as a makeshift midfielder for Chelsea, who have named a strong side to face Monterrey.

    The defender moves into the middle of the pitch to fill the void left by Oriol Romeu, who is expected to be out for up to six months following knee surgery.

    Branislav Ivanovic moves into central defence while John Mikel Obi and Oscar return to the starting line-up.

  94. 1000: 

    Rafael Benitez - world champion. How does that sound?

    The interim Chelsea boss may not have won too many friends at Stamford Bridge just yet, but by Sunday afternoon he could have added his first trophy to the cabinet.

    First up though, it's Mexicans Monterrey in Japan. What better way to spend a Thursday morning in December?

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