Scunthorpe manager Alan Knill suffers squirrel accident

Manager Alan Knill says Scunthorpe's difficult start to the season has been put into perspective after he almost suffered serious injury when his bicycle collided with a squirrel.

The Iron have lost their last six matches and are bottom of League One.

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But it could have been worse for Knill before the 2-1 defeat to Notts County.

"I got hit by a squirrel. I went over the top of my bike and landed on my head, shoulder and neck," Knill told BBC Radio Humberside.

"I saw it run into the road but couldn't do anything about it and it just hit my wheel and stuck in my wheel and hit my brakes.

"For a minute, I thought I might have been in trouble because I landed on my head. Then, all of a sudden, I thought: 'I'm not, I'm alive!'"

A witness called an ambulance but Knill escaped with cuts and bruises.

He added: "Fortunately my collar bone is OK but I am pretty bruised. I could be dead and it's so stupid. I'm not and you have to put things into perspective."

Discussing his side's predicament, Knill added: "The situation we're in at the moment, I don't cherish, but there are worse situations."