League One play-off final as it happened

Huddersfield beat Sheffield United on penalties to clinch their place in the Championship after a dramatic shoot-out at Wembley.

26 May 2012 Last updated at 18:14

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As it happened

  1. 1812: 

    That is all for our League One play-off final coverage. Congratulations Huddersfield, commiserations Sheffield United. You can join us again tomorrow for more play-off final action as Crewe play Cheltenham in League Two. I'll be back in about half an hour on this very site for England v Norway. I'll see thee. Very soon.


    Sheffield-born Spurs and England defender Kyle Walker, who started his career with the Blades, on Twitter: "Thought my luck was going to come in. Missing England, missing out on Champs League, now this. GUTTED."

  3. 1809: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "Town fans nearly roar the roof off Wembley as Clarke lifts the trophy. Eleven years after relegation from the second tier they're heading back and the celebrations are just about to kick off. Some hardy Blades fans stayed for the presentation and they are now heading slowly for the exit. As every fan, player and manager says, Wembley is not a nice place for losers."

  4. 1806: 

    Today is a vindication of Huddersfield's decision to replace Lee Clark with Simon Grayson. The Terriers are a club set up to ply their trade at a higher level and Grayson will no doubt be given the backing to attack the Championship. Norwich and Southampton will be the template. Plus, they have a much better chance of holding on to Jordan Rhodes now.


    James Tingley on Twitter: "The greatest penalty shootout ever in the worst play-off final ever. This is why I love football."


    The FA on Twitter: "England squad all just watched League One penalty shootout at team hotel together. Dramatic stuff."

  7. 1802: 

    Peter Clarke, the man of the match, leads Huddersfield up the Wembley steps to collect the League One play-off trophy. United manager Danny Wilson and his players watch on, perhaps picking up the mental images he needs to fuel next season's promotion charge. Clarke kisses the trophy and raises it to send the Town players and fans into raptures.

  8. 1800: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "Huge contrast between the two ends of the ground. Town fans in absolute ecstacy having secured promotion through the play-offs at the third attempt, United fans head for the exit. It's League One for them next year. United players go to applaud the Terriers supporters and are warmly clapped back by Town fans. Nice touch from both. It's been that kind of a game."

  9. 1759: 

    Huddersfield goalkeeper Alex Smithies, who saved two Blades penalties and scored Town's winning spot-kick in the shootout, on BBC Radio 5 live: "I'm over the moon. I can't believe it. The lads were terrific and I can't believe how it turned out."

  10. 1759: 

    A year ago it was heartache for Huddersfield after their play-off final loss to Peterborough, but today it is utter joy. It was an extraordinary way to do it but they are now in the Championship. Sheffield United will be distraught after giving their all today and during a season that saw them finish just outside the automatic places and nine points above the Terriers.

  11. 1757:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport

    "The action took a while to get going but finally it arrived. I can't think of a more dramatic finish than that. It was absolutely breathless. But what a cruel way to decide promotion."


    Sean Simpson on Twitter: "Sepp Blatter wanted 11v11 to decide big games, I guess he got what he wanted?"


    Dizzy // Lolko "Simonsen's Penalty is currently flying up the M1. It'll reach Bramall Lane before the Sheffield United players will."‪

  14. 1754: 

    Huddersfield striker Jordan Rhodes on BBC Radio 5 live: "Unbelievable - what a feeling. It could not have been any closer. Commiserations to Sheffield United - they were fantastic. But it's brilliant to be promoted."

  15. 1754: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "So, so cruel on Sheffield United and especially Steve Simonsen in the end. Terrific saves kept his side in it and his early saves in the shoot out looked like they were going to win it for the Blades. Injured Town keeper, and former Blade, Ian Bennett consoled him at the end."

  16. 1753: 

    Unbelievable. After making a number of superb saves during the 120 minutes it is United keeper Steve Simonsen who is the villain. What an superbly, tense and dramatic penalty shoot-out as well, in which every player who ended the game took a kick only for the goalkeeper to miss the last. Sorry Mr Blatter but you are wrong.

  17. 1751: 
  18. 1750: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Huddersfield 8-7 Sheffield United - Steve Simonsen misses

    But the keeper blasts his spot-kick over the bar and Huddersfield win and are promoted to the Championship.

  19. 1750: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 8-7 Sheffield United - Alex Smithies scores

    Simonsen gets really close but Smithies scores.

  20. 1750: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 7-7 Sheffield United - Matt Hill scores

    High and into the corner.

  21. 1749: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 7-6 Sheffield United - Sean Morrison scores

    Simonsen almost gets his hand to the ball but it just goes into the corner.

  22. 1749: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 6-6 Sheffield United - Michael O'Halloran scores

    He also scores with the keeper going the wrong way.

  23. 1748: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 6-5 Sheffield United - Jack Hunt scores

    Yet another well-taken penalty into the corner.

  24. 1747: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 5-5 Sheffield United - Michael Doyle scores

    Doyle rolls the ball calmly into the net.

  25. 1747: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 5-4 Sheffield United - Calum Woods scores

    Woods sends the keeper the wrong way and scores into the right-hand side.

  26. 1746: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 4-4 Sheffield United - Harry Maguire scores

    Maguire scores with a shot straight down the middle.

  27. 1746: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 4-3 Sheffield United - Gary Roberts scores

    Roberts smashes the ball right down the middle. The drama continues.

  28. 1745: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 3-3 Sheffield United - Stephen Quinn scores

    Quinn blasts the ball left-footed into the net.

  29. 1745: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 3-2 Sheffield United - Jordan Rhodes scores

    Rhodes, the top scorer in the Football League this season, scores with ease, sending the keeper the wrong way and finding the corner.

  30. 1744: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 2-2 Sheffield United - Chris Porter scores

    Cool as you like Chris Porter sends the keeper the wrong way.

  31. 1743: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 2-1 Sheffield United - Scott Arfield scores

    Arfield holds his nerve and scores to give his side the advantage.

  32. 1743: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Huddersfield 1-1 Sheffield United - Andy Taylor misses

    The substitute hits the inside of the keeper's left-hand post and the ball flies away to safety.

  33. 1742: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 1-1 Sheffield United - Peter Clarke scores

    Centre-half and skipper Clarke comes up and scores to make the scores level.

  34. 1741: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Huddersfield 0-1 Sheffield United - Matthew Lowton misses

    Alex Smithies makes an excellent save to deny Lowton at full stretch to his right.

  35. 1741: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Huddersfield 0-1 Sheffield United - Alan Lee misses

    Alan Lee scuffs his shot and it's saved.

  36. 1740: 
    PENALTY- Huddersfield 0-1 Sheffield United - Neill Collins scores

    Neill Collins sends the keeper the wrong way and fires the ball straight down the middle to put the Blades in the lead.

  37. 1740: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United - Damien Johnson misses

    Still no goal as Damiern Johnson fires wide of the keeper's right-hand post.

  38. 1739: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United - Lee Williamson misses

    Lee Williamson goes low to the keeper's right but Alex Smithies pulls off a magnificent save.

  39. 1735: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United - Tommy Miller misses

    Miller shoots low to Simonsen's left but the keeper makes a fine save


    Barney, Amersham, on text: "Obviously Rhodes will now miss crucial penalty."

  41. 1738: 

    Here we go...

  42. 1738: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "49 League One games and it comes down to this. The players embrace each other at the end of what has been a cagey match but played in a tremendous spirit. Huddersfield have shaded it but that doesn't matter now."


    Garik on Twitter: "Here's a crazy thought. Instead of penalties why not give it to the team that had far more points in the league?"

  44. 1737: 

    A couple of coin tosses means Sheffield United will go first at the end of the Huddersfield fans.

  45. 1734: 

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Conor McNamara: "You feel we could have played all night and we wouldn't have got a goal between these sides 11 v 11."

  46. 1733: 
    PENALTY SHOOT-OUT- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United

    Well, Mr Blatter, if you're watching you might want to turn your TV off now. After 120 minutes, these two remain locked together. There's only one way to seperate them: nervous, tense, dramatic, devastating, glorious penalties.

  47. 1732: 
    FULL-TIME - Extra-time- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United

    Josh Wilson on Twitter: "Re James Allen. This is Wembley not Bradford. It all changes here..."

  49. 1731: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sheffield United - Andy Taylor on for Nick Montgomery
  50. 1731: 

    The board is shown and we have two minutes of added time.


    Mich on text: "Only another few mins until we can test Sepp Blatter's idiotic penalty hypothesis. What about a coin toss? Or a game of rock paper scissors between the two captains."

  52. 1729: 

    Two minutes of extra-time to go. It looks like penalties, unless there is a big moment of drama to come. There's been nothing to suggest such a thing is likely, though.

  53. 1725: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Huddersfield - Scott Arfield on for Lee Novak
  54. 1725: 

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge on Nick Montgomery's goal-line clearance: "He will never make a more important clearance. That ball is going in when he hooks it off the line. It's an unbelievable clearance."

  55. 1724: 

    Down the other end, Sheffield United have a free-kick of their own, which Lee Williamson curls on target from 25 yards but straight at Alex Smithies, who claims with ease.

  56. 1723: 

    Almost for Huddersfield. Almost. Nick Montgomery's foul on Jordan Rhodes gives Huddersfield a free-kick and from a good delivery, Peter Clarke attacks and heads toward goal only for Montogomery to redeem himself with a hooked clearance off the line.

  57. 1720: 

    Great chance for Town's Alan Lee, even better save from Steve Simonsen. The striker is found in the box on the right, but his shot is palmed away by the United keeper. It remains 0-0.

  58. 1718: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sheffield United - Michael O'Halloran on for Ryan Flynn

    James Allan on Twitter: "Bradford beat both these teams on penalties this season. I was there both times and United were by far the better set of penalty takers."

  60. 1716: 
    KICK-OFF - Second-half of extra-time- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United
  61. 1716: 

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge: "I would be awfully surprised if we got a goal now. The game hasn't opened up whatsoever."

  62. 1715: 

    Plenty of water being supped and wet towels being wringed out on heads by the players down on the pitch. 15 more minutes left for either side to snatch promotion before it's down to penalties. Sepp Blatter will be livid if that happens.

  63. 1713: 
    HALF-TIME - Extra-time- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United

    James Hunter on Twitter: "Re Dan M. You don't think the heat and the big occasion might have something to do with the poor quality?"

  65. 1713: 

    Stephen Quinn has been United's best player this game. He skips in from the left and fires low from inside the box but his effort is saved well by Alex Smithies.

  66. 1712: 

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Steve Claridge: "The game has settled back into the pattern it was before. Very little between the sides and both being very cautious, which you can understand when you consider what is at stake and the poor records of both in the play-offs."

  67. 1712: 

    First bit of cramp on show. Peter Clarke comes over to clear to snuff out a United attack and succeeds but also hops around in visible pain. A bit of help from a team-mate and the Town man is back up and getting on with the game.

  68. 1710: 

    Huddersfield with a free-kick of their own but it is slightly over-hit by Calum Woods and too long for Sean Morrison at the back post.

  69. 1708: 

    Sheffield United have a chance to do something positive with a free-kick from 25 yards, but Stephen Quinn is not tuned into his team-mates as he tries to pass it low into the box and none of them react. Ryan Flynn picks up possession and finds Lee Williamson down the right but Huddersfield are able to stifle the attack and clear.

  70. 1705: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Huddersfield - Alan Lee on for Danny Ward
  71. 1704: 

    Stephen Quinn with a chance for United following an interchange between him and Lee Williamson but the midfielder's shot from the edge of the box is superbly blocked by Peter Clarke.

  72. 1702: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "Given the heat down there this really could come down to which side is the fittest. Incidentally Simon Grayson said earlier this week he did not see the benefit of practising penalties. Of course it might not come to that..."


    Dan M on Twitter: "Terrible game at Wembley. Scrappy for the whole 90 minutes. Safe to say the team that goes up here is going straight back down."

  74. 1701: 

    First chance of extra-time goes to United as Stephen Quinn's cross to the back post is met by Chris Porter and his header goes wide via a deflection off Calum Woods.

  75. 1659: 

    Ireland will head off to their Euro 2012 training camp with a confidence-boosting and deserved victory over Bosnia thanks to a typical predatory second half strike from Shane Long. Ireland 1-0 Bosnia.


    Ben Thorpe on Twitter: "This is the type of game that Andy Booth would thrive in."

  77. 1656: 
    KICK-OFF - Extra-time- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United

    Paul Dunk on Twitter: "4140 in season minutes, 90 mins play off final all mean nothing, now it is 30 mins, winner takes all... ‪#nervous"

  79. 1655: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "United fans might need to lift themselves a little for the extra half an hour. Their side has been on the ropes these last 20 minutes. Huddersfield must be scratching their heads about how they didn't win it in the ninety. How important were those Simonsen saves? We're about to find out."

  80. 1655: 

    I'm not going to lie to you, that was a poor 90 minutes of football. But, as a football fan, you've got to keep believing that something better is just around the corner. Hopefully, the prize that awaits the winner will lift both United and Town for the next 30 minutes. Plus, after an hour and a half in this heat means they're both knackered so mistakes may well fill in where skill is lacking to create some excitement.

  81. 1651: 
    FULL-TIME- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United
  82. 1650: 

    Two minutes of injury time. Huddersfield putting pressure on United. Gary Roberts tumbles in the box but it is a theatrical dive after Ryan Flynn's challenge and no spot kick is awarded.


    Stuart Whitaker on Twitter: "Re 16:08. Bit of Partridge there? Lovely stuff. Not my words, the words of Shakin' Stevens..."

    Unfortunately, we've not had an liquid football here at Wembley yet.

  84. 1648: 

    Last minute at Wembley. Can either side find what would surely be a winner?

  85. 1647: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "Huge credit to Steve Simonsen. He had nothing to do for the first 80 minutes and then pulled off two excellent stops in a minute. In the context of the game those saves could prove to be pivotal."

  86. 1647: 

    Ireland are finally ahead against Bosnia when Shane Long rises from three yards out to head home another delightful cross from Aiden McGeady. This, moments after Jonathan Walters had fired against the crossbar from close range.

  87. 1644: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sheffield United - Chris Porter on for Richard Cresswell

    Porter almost makes an immediate impact but heads wide of goal after rising well to meet a cross.

  88. 1644: 

    Suddenly, a flurry of chances for Town. Jordan Rhodes with a sniff, his first. But Harry Maguire is quick to rush in and clear away from the Town striker. From the resulting corner a Peter Clarke header is saved by Steve Simonsen before Tommy Miller pokes toward goal only for Michael Doyle to clear off the line. The second corner is again met by Clarke, but Simonsen again saves. Finally, Rhodes' flicked header goes wide of goal.

  89. 1640: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "Higginbotham has worked hard for the Terriers but it is fair to say it hasn't quite come off for the ex-Falkirk man today. Gary Roberts offers Town something slightly more direct and, most importantly right now, fresh legs."

  90. 1639: 

    10 minutes left. Can either of these sides find a winner? The odds are aren't stacked in their favour. We've not had a shot on goal yet.

  91. 1637: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Huddersfield - Gary Roberts on for Kallum Higginbotham

    Nath, Kent, on text: "Definitely the dullest, worst play-off final I've ever seen."

  93. 1636: 

    United's Stephen Quinn has a chance to produce the first shot on goal after good work from Matt Lowton to get the ball to him, but he drags it wide from inside the box. Under 15 minutes to go. Extra-time creeps ever closer.


    Daniel Wood on Twitter: "Re Jack Vickers. Until someone's leg is broken and everyone's calling the referee a disgrace for not stamping down on it earlier in the match."

  95. 1633: 

    Town defender Sean Morrison sums up the game by passing the ball straight out of play. It is a clear sign that the heat and occasion is affecting the concentration of some of the players. Could a mistake end up settling this game?

  96. 1630: 

    Stephen Quinn is given the ball in the box by Richard Cresswell but his dangerous cross is along the six-yard box and wide. A gamble from a United man there and he would have had a golden chance to give his side a priceless lead. Considering the heat, this isn't what either team will want but this game is looking more and more likely to go beyond 90 minutes. We've yet to have a shot on target.


    Jack Vickers on Twitter: "This ref needs a lot of credit! Some of these challenges would result in red cards in the Premier League. Keep the game going!"

  98. 1628: 

    Lee Williamson almost creates something for United on the right as he cuts in and drives a cross, but, again, it fails to find a team-mate. Then, on the break, Lee Novak is given possession on the edge of the Blades' box but drags his shot well wide of goal.

  99. 1627: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "Wilson is starting to look a bit more agitated on the touchline. Huddersfield have been the stronger side this half, but like the Blades in the first period they still have nothing to show for it."

  100. 1626: 

    This is a good spell from Town. Jack Hunt's cross is a dangerous one and is headed behind, but a foul after the corner allows United to regroup. Meanwhile, replays show a potential penalty shout from an earlier Kallum Higginbotham cross but it was ball to hand on Lee Williamson and would have been harsh.

  101. 1623: 

    The game is starting to open up a bit, especially out wide, but the delivery of both sides isn't yet up to scratch. Kallum Higginbotham is the latest to try to cross for Huddersfield but a diving header from United's Neill Collins clears the ball from danger.

  102. 1620: 
    YELLOW CARD- Huddersfield - Kallum Higginbotham

    The Town man goes into the book for a lunging challenge. That is the game's first yellow card.

  103. 1619: 

    Good chasing from Richard Cresswell earns United a corner off Peter Clarke. Harry Maguire gets half a head to the delivery while being challenged but not enough to send it goalward. Huddersfield clear. Then down the other end, Matt Lowton heads behind with Danny Ward lurking from a right-wing cross. The Town corner is headed wide by Clarke at the back post.


    James Hunter on Twitter: "Not to curse Danny Ward any more, but he played in that ill-fated Swindon team of 2010..."

  105. 1616: 

    In the Ireland v Bosnia game, Ireland substitute Aiden McGeady almost scores within seconds of coming off the bench when he latches onto Kevin Doyle's header but his first-time volley cracks the outside of the post.

  106. 1616: 

    Jordan Rhodes looks to flight a pass forward but gets a clattering in the back and is down for a few seconds. he's up again, though, and moving gingerly, much to the relief of the Town fans.

  107. 1614: 

    Sheffield United are applying pressure now. Matthew Lowton wins his side a corner after his cross from the right is blocked but the resulting delivery is headed wide of the far post.

  108. 1611: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "Danny Ward must feel cursed. Last season he struck the woodwork with the scores at 0-0 in the play-off final against Peterborough."


    Opta Joe on Twitter: "Stephen Quinn has made more assists than any other player in League One this season (13)."

  110. 1610: 

    Promising opening for United as Lee Williamson is found in space near the edge of the Town box but he doesn't look up enough to be aware of what is around him and his pass through is to nobody.


    Pete Adams on Twitter: "Probably the only Huddersfield fan tuned in from Bolivia right now.....classic nervy first half, but feed Rhodes and he will score!!"

  112. 1608: 

    It is 41.6C down at pitch level at Wembley. That's hot. Hotter than a freshly microwaved bramley apple pie from a petrol station. The game could go United's way or it could go Town's. Either way, one of these teams is going up.

  113. 1606: 

    After 45 drab first-half minutes, in the opening 60 seconds of the second half we are inches from a goal. Danny Ward lines up a shot from the edge of the area for Town and slams it against the crossbar with Steve Simonsen beaten. So close.

  114. 1605: 
    KICK-OFF- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United
  115. 1602: 

    BBC Radio 5 live football pundit Steve Claridge at Wembley: "You have two sides who are both playing just one up front and one off him. They've cancelled each other out. Both are evenly-matched and it's more caution than anything else. It says it all when the television cameras are concentrating on one of the team's reserve goalkeepers warming up than the action on the pitch."

  116. 1600: 

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Conor McNamara on Huddersfield keeper Alex Smithies: "He just doesn't look relaxed - he's been missing crosses and kicking straight out of play. Sometimes that can creep through a team. But Huddersfield haven't let it affect them yet."

  117. 1559: 
    An update on the Republic of Ireland's friendly against Bosnia, which is 0-0 at half-time, from BBC Sport's Jonathan Smith:

    "Frustrating lack of opportunities at the Aviva Stadium although Damien Duff forced a good save from Asmir Begovic on the stroke of half-time. On the plus side, there was an encouraging half from Sunderland winger and debutant James McClean, who is desperate to impress his team-mates after getting the call for Euro 2012."

  118. 1557: 

    Remember, as I mentioned earlier, I'll be bringing you all the action from England's first Euro 2012 warm-up game against Norway. Roy Hodgson will give us a little insight into what we can expect in Ukraine and Poland. We already know that Liverpool striker Andy Carroll and West Ham goalkeeper Rob Green will start, and nothing bad ever happens when Green plays for England. Right?

  119. 1553: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "Hard to say who will be the happier manager here really. Danny Wilson will be pleased the problems his side have caused Simon Grayson's men, especially when they have looked to go direct with balls in to the Town box. Grayson will be glad to be level but surely unhappy with how little impact a lot of his more attack-minded players have had thus far."


    Jim the Happy Hammer on text: "Come on 'udders, you're a bigger club than Sheff Utd and we need you in the top flight. Oh and can we (West Ham) have Jordan Rhodes for the Prem?"


    Former Sheffield United striker Tony Agana on Twitter: "Crosses please. Their keeper has stage-fright!!"

  122. 1551: 

    OK, I admit that wasn't the most gripping half of football you're ever likely to see. Barring some suspect shenanigans from Alex Smithies in the Huddersfield goal there hasn't been much to write about, let alone cheer. The Blades have been better but not by much. We haven't really had a shot on target, with England's top scorer Jordan Rhodes very quiet in particular. Still, there's a whole 45 minutes still to come and we have to have a winner.

  123. 1548: 
    HALF-TIME- Huddersfield 0-0 Sheffield United
  124. 1548: 

    Late corner for Sheffield United. But it comes to nothing as Harry Maguire's delivery is straight to a Terriers defender, who clears. That looks like being the last real action of the half.


    Graham Newton on Twitter: "Come on the Terriers! As a Leeds fan I wish Simon Grayson all the best. Leeds treated him badly."

  126. 1545: 

    We're closing in on half-time at Wembley and the game is delicately poised at the moment. United have been on top for much of the half but have nothing to show for that so far. The heat is likely to have an increasing effect on the energy of the players as well. Huddersfield look to strike a big blow just before the break but Jack Hunt's cross flies across goal in front of the Terries forward line and out for a goal-kick.


    Lindsay Margerison on Twitter:‏ "I hope Sheffield United go up just so we can witness more Steel Derbies - the two this year were great games!"

  128. 1543: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "United are on top here but they will be desperate to get a goal before the interval to show for their dominance. Huddersfield look, if not rocky, then certainly not assured at the back and 40-goal Jordan Rhodes has hardly had a kick... So far."


    Daniel Padfield on Twitter: "Smithies loves coming for everything. Reminds me of David James on his infamous walkies. Will it be calamity Smithies?"

  130. 1541: 

    Jack Hunt is back up after being caught by Ryan Flynn and goes on a marauding run into United territory but he drags his shot from 15 yards past the near post. First real chance for a while from Huddersfield.

  131. 1540: 

    With the Sheffield United fans taking the brunt of the sun, I'm thinking maybe the fans could adopt a strategic tape approach to covering up and maybe fashion a tan Blades kit into their own chest? Of course, I am absolutely not suggesting the non-use of sun-tan lotion, as Baz Luhrmann's bafflingly popular hit advocated in the 90s.


    Michael Byrne on Twitter: "Re 1525. I have long thought that if the third place club finishes closer to 2nd than 4th, they should go up automatically."


    Paul Dunk on Twitter: "Re 1538. Come on Smithies... concentrate!"

  134. 1539: 

    Bit naughty from United's Ryan Flynn who dives in and catches Jack Hunt on the touchline. He doesn't get a yellow card but he does get a serious ticking off from the referee.

  135. 1538: 

    You know I was saying Alex Smithies had done OK so far? Well, he almost messed up big time there coming to the edge of his area to punch above Richard Cresswell and barely getting a glove on it before a defender helps him out by clearing. That will encourage the Blades.


    Happy West Ham fan on text: "Re 1525. I for one love the play-off final, it does not make a mockery of the league as you know at the start of the season what you have to do. I'm a Happy Hammer and have tasted defeat and success. Long may the play-offs continue."

  137. 1532: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "It is absolutely scorching here today and one would imagine there is going to be a lot of sun burnt Yorkshiremen and women come the final whistle. Especially from the Sheffield end, they are right in the sun at present."


    Ronan Weir on Twitter: "Re Jonny Pickles. I'm a Bradford lad, but I'd rather see West Yorkshire come out on top against South Yorkshire."

  139. 1531: 

    United still applying pressure and there are a few half-hearted shouts for a penalty as Richard Cresswell tumbles in the box looking to chest the ball, but he was falling before the ball reached him from Stephen Quinn's cross and the referee, rightly, waves away the calls.


    Jonny Pickles on Twitter: "Never liked the Blades and as a Halifax lad I've never liked the Terriers. Is it possible for them both to lose on penalties?"

  141. 1527: 

    There are a few big challenges flying around between two combative sides. Blades skipper Michael Doyle is the latest deliverer of a meaty tackle, which leaves a Town man felled. The players take a much-needed drinks break as a load of blue and white balloons are popped on the pitch.

  142. 1525: 

    United boss Danny Wilson has his shirt-sleeves rolled up and is furiously making notes on the touchline. He'll be the happier of the two managers at the moment, with his side marginally on top after seeing of an early Huddersfield charge.


    Southampton fan on text: "Seems obscene that a club with the points Blades have don't automatically go up. Makes a mockery of working hard all season. Just another money-making exercise."

  144. 1522: 

    Terriers keeper Alex Smithies is being put under pressure but he has coped pretty well so far. He rises to grasp a long delivery into the box, earning applause from the appreciative Town fans. Simon Grayson won't be happy to see his keeper so involved, though.


    James Tingley on Twitter: "Re 1408. As a Gillingham fan, the 1999 final still hurts. I wonder if City would be where they are now if Gills had held on."

  146. 1520: 

    Again, Lee Williamson is able to deliver from the right for United, this time after cutting in but his cross is to nobody and Town gratefully hack the ball away. Nervous times for the Terriers.

  147. 1519: 

    Sheffield United are on top now. Lee Williamson crosses and Stephen Quinn fluffs his header but it gives Richard Cresswell a chance which Alex Smithies denies him by leaping to put behind for a corner. Unfortunately for the Blades the resulting delivery is a disaster and cleared easily by the Town defence.

  148. 1517: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "It's very early but I have to say Cresswell is causing Town skipper Peter Clarke a lot of problems with his physical presence. Twice in a minute he forced his way through. Grayson looks unmoved but that will have concerned him."

  149. 1517: 

    Big tackle in midfield from Town's Tommy Miller, who catches Michael Doyle with his follow-through. It's getting heated figuratively as well as literally down on the Wembley pitch.


    Blades fan Spooner on text: "I'm stuck at York Races in the blazing heat watching some fine fillies (and some horses) but should be at Wembley - come on you red and white wizards!"

  151. 1515: 

    Reported Chelsea target Hulk has scored twice for Brazil as they race into a 3-0 lead over Denmark before half-time in a friendly.

  152. 1513: 

    Blades striker Richard Cresswell has a sniff of a chance following a long ball into the box but his shot is blocked by the initially bamboozled Peter Clarke. Then a cross is slung over from the right and despite fluffing his claim, Huddersfield keeper Alex Smithies is relieved to see it go wide. The Blades hitting back.


    Kyle Fitzpatrick on Twitter: "Hope Huddersfield go up - they deserve it. But whatever happens Jordan Rhodes is going up at least one league next season."

  154. 1510: 

    Huddersfield are looking to capitalise on their early pressure but another attack ends when Kallum Higginbotham miscues a shot well wide from the edge of the area.

  155. 1509: 

    Huddersfield applying the first real pressure with a couple of corners but Danny Ward's deliveries come to nothing with the second being punched away by United keeper Steve Simonsen.


    James on text: "Re Lewis. Watching the game in a University of Sheffield library whilst doing revision. Also hoping for a Blades win so I can go see Bradford beat Huddersfield in the JPT again next season!"

  157. 1508: 

    A few empty seats visible in the stands at Wembley, which is bathed in glorious sunshine. Nothing to really report on the pitch as yet. No opportunities yet for Town's Jordan Rhodes or United's Richard Cresswell, who is shouldering the burden of the Blades attack, made significantly lighter by the imprisonment of Ched Evans.


    Stu Leslie on Twitter: "I'm a Liverpool fan but shouting loud for Huddersfield for a workmate from Hudderfield who's sleeping at 2am New Zealand time. GO TOWN!!!"

  159. 1502: 
    KICK-OFF- Huddersfield v Sheffield United
  160. 1501: 

    Birmingham win the FA women's Cup final 3-2 on penalties against Chelsea following a 2-2 draw in extra-time.


    Lewis, Sheffield, on text: "Watching the game in Sheffield Hallam University library whilst doing revision, hoping for a Blades win so I can go see my beloved Wolves next year."

  162. 1458: 

    Huddersfield's former Sheffield United striker Danny Cadamarteri, who is not playing at Wembley this afternoon, on BBC Radio Sheffield: "We've got plenty of talented, young attacking players so it's going to be attack versus attack. I think it's going to be an exciting game."


    Jack on text: "Hoping to enjoy today's game as a neutral! Would love to see the Steel-City derby next season but I agree with Warnock that Rhodes might be the difference."

  164. 1456: 

    I think it is fair to say that Sheffield United will be motivated by the desire not to let rivals Wednesday get one over on them in the promotion stakes. It would certainly be galling to have to watch Wednesday tackle the Championship while they remain in the third tier. However, Huddersfield have reasons to be driven themselves - namely making up for defeat in the final last year. It promises to be one hell of a game. The players are out on the sun-bathed Wembley pitch.


    Norwich's former Huddersfield winger Anthony Pilkington, currently enjoying a post-season holiday, on Twitter: "Wish I was going to Wembley! However the beer garden in Cyprus will have to do!! Come on boys!"

  166. 1452: 

    Blades midfielder Nick Montgomery, a veteran of their 2009 play-off defeat against Burnley, tells BBC Radio Sheffield: "The Burnley game was disappointing because we had a great season and missed out on automatic promotion. Losing any game is not nice but losing a game of that magnitude is difficult. We were disappointed not to go up automatically this season but credit to Sheffield Wednesday - they deserved it. Now we've got to make sure we join them by beating Huddersfield."

  167. 1452: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "Warm-ups completed the two sets of players wander back down the tunnel for last minute preparations to huge cheers from both fans. The tension is building by the minute."

  168. 1451: 

    Huddersfield boss Simon Grayson on BBC Radio Leeds: "Somebody is going to be a hero - but nobody knows who that will be until after the game. As a manager you just tell your players to them to believe in what they do and trust them to carry out the things we've asked them to do."

  169. 1451: 

    Huddersfield made the bold decision to sack their manager and bring in a new one in February. To the outsider, Lee Clark hadn't done much wrong leaving them fourth in the table and having previously gone 43 regular season games unbeaten. However, the Terriers wanted more from the team and they brought in Simon Grayson to do that. He has a fair old record. He was a play-off winner as a player with Leicester in 1994 and 1996, and took Blackpool up to the Championship through this route in 2007. He also led Leeds to automatic promotion from League One in 2010.


    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Conor McNamara: "Lots of sunburnt flesh at Wembley and a Huddersfield fan wearing what looks like a full Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit."

  171. 1445: 
    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

    "Despite concerns about fans making it here on time after an accident on the M1 I'm pleased to say that the stadium is filling up very nicely indeed. Fingers crossed that everyone is in for kick-off."


    Will, Bristol, on text: "Two teams that will feel like they deserve it. Sheffield United having been in the top two almost all season and Huddersfield for missing out last year despite being clearly the third best team in the division. One things for sure, there will be a very, very disappointed set of fans by the end of the day."


    Nicholas Sanders on Twitter: "I feel that Sheff Utd have the stronger overall team, but Huddersfield are the greater goal threat. Should be a belter."

  174. 1444: 

    This is Sheffield United's fourth play-off final in their sixth play-off campaign. However, they have never been promoted through this route. The Blades failed to score in all three previous finals, all at second tier level; 0-1 to Crystal Palace in 1997 (at the old Wembley), 0-3 to Wolves in 2003 (at the Millennium Stadium), and 0-1 to Burnley in 2009 (at the new Wembley).

  175. 1442: 

    Leeds United boss Neil Warnock has led both Huddersfield and Sheffield United to promotion and knows a few things about winning play-off finals with four Wembley victories to his name. He tells BBC Radio Sheffield: "I would say Huddersfield are the slight favourites because of Jordan Rhodes. Both teams are very solid, capable at the back, do well in midfield, not bad on the flanks. I just feel that area of threat from Rhodes, who can score out of nothing, is vital. You can be outplayed and then 1-0 up."

    You can read more from Warnock on this game on the BBC Sport website. He's tipping Town for the win.

  176. 1440: 

    Birmingham are level in the women's FA Cup final. Karen Carney has scored directly from a free-kick to make it 2-2 against Chelsea, 23 minutes into extra-time. Looks like we migth have a nervy spot-kick finale to come.

  177. 1438: 

    Experienced Huddersfield goalkeeper Ian Bennett, who has been ruled out of the final with a hand injury, on BBC Radio Leeds: "It's disappointing to be ruled out but you've got to do yourself and the team justice. I tried it out on Thursday and felt it wasn't going to be right so I made the decision alongside [Town boss] Simon Grayson on Friday that I wouldn't be right. It was a hard decision but the right decision."

  178. 1436: 

    This is a record eighth play-off campaign for Huddersfield, who are appearing in their fourth final. Two of the previous three resulted in promotion; they went up into the second tier in 1995, and to the third level through this route in 2004.

    However, this is their third attempt in successive years to climb into the Championship via the play-offs. They failed to make the final in 2010, and then lost 3-0 to Peterborough at Old Trafford 12 months ago.

  179. 1433: 

    You are not alone Will. Mr Rhodes has been building quite the reputation for himself in League One in that inimitable striker way; by scoring goals. Lots and lots of goals. The 22-year-old is the top scorer in England this season with 40 to his name, including one in each of the semi-final wins over MK Dons.

    There are bound to be a few scouts in attendance casting studious eyes over the Scotland international with a view to a potential summer swoop. Fulham have already been linked with a £3.5m bid, although Town manager Simon Grayson recently joked: "£3.5m? Is that for his right leg or left?"


    Will, Woking, on text: "Haven't seen much of Huddersfield this season so looking forward to watching Jordan Rhodes today!"

  181. 1429: 

    Speaking of that Swindon v Millwall final, that was Sheffield United manager Danny Wilson's last taste of a play-off final. And Mr Neale is absolutely right, the Robins didn't turn up at all that day. Wilson will be determined to ensure that doesn't happen again today, especially as his side were pipped to automatic promotion by Sheffield Wednesday.


    Stuie Neale on Twitter: "My League One play-off final story - went to Wembley 2010 with Swindon to play Millwall and the Robins never turned up."


    Adam Corbridge on Twitter: "Re 1408. 2005 L1 Final at Cardiff was a great day out... Owls' first promotion during my life. What a result and a great day out too!!"

  184. 1425: 

    Kate Longhurst has given Chelsea a 2-1 lead over Birmingham in the women's FA Cup final, largely thanks to some utterly diabolical defending. Advantage to the London side as we near half-time in extra-time.

  185. 1424: 
    LINE-UPS- Huddersfield v Sheffield United (1500 BST)

    Huddersfield: Smithies, Hunt, Morrison, Peter Clarke, Woods, Higginbotham, Johnson, Miller, Ward, Novak, Rhodes. Subs: Colgan, Roberts, Tom Clarke, Arfield, Lee.

    Sheff Utd: Simonsen, Lowton, Maguire, Collins, Hill, Williamson, Montgomery, Doyle, Flynn, Quinn, Cresswell. Subs: Howard, Taylor, McAllister, Porter, O'Halloran.

    Referee: Roger East (Wiltshire)

  186. 1422: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Huddersfield v Sheffield United (1500 BST)

    Huddersfield have Alex Smithies in goal after veteran Ian Bennett was ruled out with a hand injury.

    Sheffield United recall striker Richard Cresswell after he missed the play-off win over Stevenage with an eye injury. The scorer that day, Chris Porter is on the bench. Midfielder Kevin McDonald is out with a hamstring injury so Nick Montgomery plays.

  187. 1419: 

    These two have each landed a decisive blow at the home of the other in the regular season. Huddersfield won 3-0 at Bramall Lane in September, with a brace from Lee Novak, and one from Oscar Gobern; all in the first half, while a fifth minute goal from Neill Collins gave Sheffield United a 1-0 triumph at the Galpharm in February.

    There was a nine-point gulf between them in the final league table, though, with the Blades finishing third, a place above the Terriers.


    Former Sheffield United striker Brian Deane on Twitter: "I just want to wish all Blades travelling and the team the very best. COME ONNN!!!!"

  189. 1414: 

    Aye, it's t'League One play-off final and appen thes nowt grander.* Huddersfield v Sheffield United, fourth v third, Simon Grayson v Danny Wilson, west v south Yorkshire.

    The white rose county should be getting used to these end-of-season shenanigans by now. Only three of the 25 Football League seasons that have concluded with the play-offs haven't featured a Yorkshire side in at least one of the semi-finals. However, there has only ever been one all-Yorkshire final before, when Doncaster beat Leeds 1-0 in the League One game in 2008.

    *I'm from Yorkshire. I'm allowed to write that.

  190. 1411: 

    It's not just League One and international football today, though, oh no. The women's FA Cup final has just hit full-time with Birmingham and Chelsea locked at 1-1. So we've got extra-time to look forward to at Ashton Gate.

  191. 1408: 

    Now I can chelp on about issues relating to this play-off final, but I need you to fill in the gaps with wit and wisdom via social media and mobile phone. So who do you think will triumph at Wembley this afternoon? And how about you share with me your own memories of League One play-off finals, both glorious and gutting. You can tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball or text in on 81111 (UK). Remember to stick a name on the text, though, or I won't be able to use it.

  192. 1404: 

    Later, I'll be bringing you the first game of Roy Hodgson's brave new era as England take on Norway in Oslo in the first warm-up game ahead of this summer's Euro 2012 (expect plenty of substitutions).

    But while the international team are away, the clubs can play and Wembley is warming up nicely for 2011-12's final entry route into the second tier.

  193. 1400: 

    By very nature play-off finals are passionate, hard-fought, heated affairs. They are local derbies in all but name. Today's League One showdown is the real deal, though. An all-Yorkshire winner-takes-all. A play-off perfect storm.

    There is a budding white rose at Wembley, but which of Huddersfield or Sheffield United will blossom in the sunshine belting down on England's national stadium.

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