Premier League final day as it happened

Live text commentary as Manchester City score two dramatic late goals to deny Manchester United the Premier League title.

13 May 2012 Last updated at 19:08

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As it happened

  1. 1900: 

    Right - what a day. Congratulations to Manchester City, commiserations to Manchester United and Bolton. Thanks to all of you for your input over the last eight hours, and make sure you join me back here next Saturday for the Champions League final, which follows Chris Bevan's live on the Championship play-off final. Then we've got Euro 2012. Football never stops. See you all then.

  2. 1853: 

    I'm just watching replays of Sergio Aguero's winner - I didn't give Mario Balotelli any credit in the madness of the moment, but he did brilliantly in the build-up to toe the ball through a crowded box and in to Aguero's path. He and Edin Dzeko had a major impact coming off the bench. That's why it pays to have such heavy artillery on the bench.

  3. 1848: 

    I can't see Gary Hooper going straight into the 23-man squad, but for those who say "it's only the SPL", weren't we all saying that about Nikica Jelavic?

  4. 1848: 

    Cameron Cousin on Twitter: "Surely Gary Hooper has to have a chance for the England squad? I know it's only the SPL but form wise he would be perfect."

  5. 1841: 

    Parry's Ghost on Twitter: "As if things weren't bad enough for Blackburn, that #mcfc title win denies them a reported \u00a32m from Phil Jones transfer clause #bbcfootball"


    Tom in London texts: "Re Niklas (1813): Sir Alex did admit that City deserved it. He said that anyone who wins the competition deserves it as it's for the long haul. Get your facts right."

    Louise texts: "Re Niklas (1813): If you bothered to listen he did congratulate City and said they deserved it. The extra time and 10 men are statements of fact. What else was he meant to say?"

  7. 1838: 

    Thomas Cutter on Twitter: "Mike Ingham's commentary on the dying moments at the Etihad was brilliant, fair do's."

    You can listen to Mike Ingham's commentary on the top of this page.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Not sure when I last experienced anything like bedlam of those last few minutes. Great celebrations as Man City prepare to receive trophy. Just watched the celebration of Aguero winner. Brian Kidd ran on to pitch with his manager as the title was won. Has he ever done that before?"

  9. 1834: 

    Fulham boss Martin Jol on the madness of the closing minutes of the title race:

    "Harry [Redknapp] told me that United were champions and then I went into the dressing room and someone else told me City were champions."

  10. 1831: 

    If ever there was a moment that summed up the highs and lows of football, check out our video above of 'The moment City won the title.' You can see the exact moment that the Manchester United supporters learn of Sergio Aguero's winner. A heart-breaking moment.

  11. 1824: 

    A few of you are wondering whether Aston Villa may line up another move for Wigan boss Roberto Martinez - it's a sign of how well Wigan have done in the last few weeks that Wigan finished five points clear of Villa in the end. What a performance.


    LDR on Twitter: "How losing fans turn into accountants! This "how little spent" garbage. You can store all your money in your empty trophy cabinets."

    Bhanu Prasad on Twitter: "Right time for Sir Alex to do a Pep Guardiola?"


    Chris in London on text: "It must be a sign of progress that as a Spurs fan I'm disappointed finishing 'only' 4th, if Chelsea lose we'll have Champions League football for the 2nd time in 3 years!"

  14. 1818: 

    This is the first time all three sides promoted to the Premier League have survived since 2002 - when Bolton, Fulham and Blackburn all stayed up. Congratulations to QPR, Norwich and Swansea.

  15. 1814: 

    The Premier League title race has been decided on goal difference for the first time as well - there were eight goals in it in the end. That 6-1 win for City at Old Trafford was absolutely pivotal.


    Niklas Lanwehr on Twitter: "Disgusted with Sir Alex's comments about City playing against 10 men and extra time - bad loser, just can't admit that City deserve it."

  17. 1813: 

    Infostrada Sports tell us that Liverpool end the season with their lowest ever Premier League points total, their fewest wins (14) in a top flight season since 1953-54 and their fewest top flight goals in a season (47) since 1991-92.

    Still, they won the Carling Cup eh?


    Jamie in Canterbury texts: "Why is everyone saying you couldn't script this ? I once saw a film where this man had his hand chopped off, someone else got frozen in carbonite and the bad guy turned out to be his dad. AND it was set in space!"


    Mark Taylor on Twitter: "25 days, 6 hours remain until Euro 2012 starts..."


    Geraint, an underwhelmed Aston Villa fan, texts: "Very good of McLeish to take the boos on behalf of the players. Nothing to do with the selection of seven defenders in the starting lineup for the last two months. And he wonders why he's known as a negative manager. Has to go."

  21. 1811: 

    I'd like to see Grant Holt given a chance in a friendly, but the fact that Roy Hodgson is naming his final 23-man squad on Wednesday has ruled that one out. It's strange that he's not naming a provisional squad of 30 or so first before the final deadline. Maybe Hodgson's struggling to fill 23 spots.

  22. 1809: 

    Here's some Grant Holt on his chances of making the England squad for the Euros: "People say I haven't done it at the highest level but I don't think there's a higher level than the Premier League.

    "I know where I want to be this summer, but the manager will pick who he wants and I just have to hope I get the opportunity."

  23. 1804: 

    Chelsea manager Roberto di Matteo on the uncertainty surrounding his own future: "It doesn't matter.

    "It is no problem and there is no news. I am happy. I have had a great time, the players have been magnificent and I will always remember this time whatever happens. I am very relaxed about it and focused on Saturday's game."

  24. 1802: 

    Bolton did appear to not have the rub of the green this afternoon, it has to be said. That penalty award for Stoke's decisive equaliser will be replayed a lot in the coming days at the Reebok.


    Geoff in Walsall texts: "As a proud United supporter for many years, congratulations City. Keep the trophy warm, it's back with us next year..."

    Parsa from Hendon texts: "More gutted for Bolton, even though I'm a United fan. Unlucky that their last player of the season Chung-Yong Lee was injured in pre-season."

  26. 1802: 

    Blackburn manager Steve Kean has come up with a new word for relegation - transition.

    Speaking after the defeat at Chelsea, Kean said: "We are looking forward. The players that are under contract will be easy to keep. We will make a good fist of trying to keep those who are out of contract like Junior Hoilett and will see where that goes. There will be a lot of interest in him.

    "We are in a club in transition. We will sit down and assess where we could have done better and then it's about assembling a squad that is as good as possible for next season. We will have to bounce back quickly and I am convinced we can do it."


    Mike on Twitter: "Re Barry (1751): United and City need to strengthen? The two-horse race finished 19 points clear. It's everyone else that needs to strengthen."

    Aaron McAllorum on Twitter: "Looking forward now to the charity shield in August!"

  28. 1759: 

    Swansea's 1-0 win over Liverpool means the Welsh side finish their first season in the Premier League in 11th and manager Brendan Rodgers has been delighted by a season which many had predicted would end in relegation. "To finish it off with 14 clean sheets, playing how we wanted to play and to arrive in 11th place is an incredible achievement," said Rodgers. "It's important now to celebrate that success and look to improve over the summer and go again for next season."

  29. 1757: 

    Man City assistant manager David Platt on BBC Radio 5 live: "It was a strange game. They were a tightly-packed defence. In the space of 20 minutes in the second half we were staring down the abyss. But football has astonished me today. It's been absolutely bizarre. I can't put my emotions into words. We now have the experience of winning something, and we'll enjoy it now. For Roberto Mancini, he'll enjoy it tonight but tomorrow this will be gone. We go again."

  30. 1756: 

    Arsenal captain Robin van Persie: "We will have a chat next week somewhere. You never know but Arsenal is a massive club, a great club. I have been playing here for eight years and I love this club. Whatever happens that will never change.

    "We will see. We will have a chat and go from there."

  31. 1756: 

    Arsenal fans may want to listen up - Robin van Persie's been on. He wasn't exactly concrete about staying at the club...

  32. 1753: 

    Manchester City have confirmed a bus parade through the city centre on Monday night, starting in Albert Square at 18:00 BST. As for Oli's Tweet below - surely that is a rule that has to be changed soon?!


    Oli Worth on Twitter: "Fair play to Mike Dean for booking Sergio Aguero for his goal celebration - got to stamp that kind of thing out of football."

    Barry Pakenham on Twitter: "Huge summer for United and City. Both need to strengthen. Will be interesting to see if anyone impresses at Euros and gets a move..."

  34. 1751: 

    Mario to stay then? I can't imagine many teams will be queuing up to take him on to be honest.

  35. 1750: 

    Mario Balotelli speaking on the Etihad pitch: "This proves that we are the best. That's why we won. The season's been good, so we deserve to win. Personally, too many people talk and say bad things about me. Now, they just have to shut up. Man City is a great club and a great team, and I don't see my future far from here."

  36. 1749: 

    The celebrations are still in full swing at Manchester City, with Mario Balotelli in the mix as you'd expect. Is he gonig to be off this summer though?

  37. 1746: 

    More from Pablo Zabaleta, on BBC Radio 5 live: "When we scored the second goal I thought we were going to win the game. At 2-1 I thought the game was gone. When you fight to the end sometimes you can get it, and I'm really proud to be honest for this group; players, staff and fans. You have to try to the end. We won the game in the last five minutes. It's crazy but I think we deserved it. We have fantastic players, and for this club it is a great step forward. Europe's next."


    Luca, a Liverpool fan, texts: "So whilst the Premier League is decided on goal difference, in the end it all came back to the head-to-head system. That 6-1 will haunt United for years."

    Dan in Durham texts: "So it finished exactly as we expected with City, United and Arsenal all winning. What a predictable day of football..."

  39. 1743: 

    Just a quick line from Chelsea, where Florent Malouda was taken off with a hamstring injury today - he could be a doubt for the Champions League final.

  40. 1739: 

    Will City win the league again next year then? That is very much the challenge that awaits Roberto Mancini and co now.

  41. 1739: 

    Man City and England goalkeeper Joe Hart: "It was a crazy day. I'm proud to play for Manchester City and to play with these boys. This means the world for these fans. We need to do it again. Let's do it again."

  42. 1738: 

    Manchester City goalscorer Pablo Zabaleta on the Etihad pitch: "When we were losing 2-1 I thought we were going to lose. But right now I'm dreaming and I don't want to wake up. Everyone deserves this and I'm so proud of these players. When you believe in yourself you win."


    Gareth Barry speaking on BBC Radio 5 live: "I was fearing the worst with five minutes to go. It was a massive mountain to climb. It all fell perfectly, with QPR knowing they were safe and all of a sudden we were on a high!"

  44. 1733: 

    This is the fastest I've ever seen Edin Dzeko move in a City shirt - the big man chases down Roberto Mancini and eventually catches up with his boss to administer a champagne-soaking. The stadium is obviously still full by the way, and why not? There's a 44-year wait to get over.

  45. 1732:  
    MOTD's Alan Shearer on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "My heart was pounding, so goodness knows what Mancini's and Sir Alex's hearts were doing! I couldn't see City scoring, because nothing was happening for them. But I always felt that, if they got one, the crowd might just put them through.

    "That was the case. You could hear the roar of the crowd, and it was an unbelievable afternoon of football. Now City can go on and dominate for a while. It is City's title and they deserve it."

  46. 1730: 

    Norwich manager Paul Lambert is championing the cause of Norwich striker Grant Holt for a place at Euro 2012.

    He said: "It's been an incredible season for Grant Holt, but I'm sure Roy Hodgson will make his own decision. If you go on the stats, I don't see why he can't (play for England). But you never know until you give someone the opportunity."

  47. 1730: 

    It's up to Bayern Munich to finish the job for 'Arry then? Spurs should have sealed third on their own really shouldn't they?

  48. 1729: 

    Harry Redknapp on Tottenham finishing fourth: "It has been a fantastic season to finish fourth and in a Champions League place. It's been a magnificent season.

    "I'd be a liar if I stood here and said otherwise [that I didn't want Bayern Munich to beat Chelsea]. I want Tottenham to finish in the Champions League and it's now up to Bayern Munich to finish the job. What will be will be."


    Paul in Birmingham texts: "Re Alex McLeish's comments (1722): Remind me how his last Premier League team fared? For once I agree with him, he hasn't turned into a bad manager overnight! He has to go."

  50. 1729: 

    Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp on Manchester City winning title: "That's what makes our league so great.

    "I thought Manchester United had won the title [but what happened was] just amazing. They've won it so good luck to them. I'm sure Alex will look back and think the Everton game cost them. That's football, you do not have a divine right to beat anyone."

  51. 1727: 

    The Manchester City players have been awarded their medals out on the pitch, and there's an embrace between Carlos Tevez and Roberto Mancini. Tevez was a marginal figure today if truth be told. And here's Vincent Kompany lifting the trophy - let the fireworks off!


    Matthew Riordan on Twitter: "Absolutely delighted. City pouncing the title with two goals in two minutes. Stuff made of champions!"

    Kevin Windsor on Twitter: "Man City win the Premiership. In Fergie Time! You couldn't write it!"

  53. 1724: 

    By the way you can hear BBC Radio 5 live Mike Ingham describe Sergio Aguero's match-winning moment for Manchester City at the top of the page. Emphatic.

  54. 1722: 

    Aston Villa boss Alex McLeish: "It was an absolutely shocking, woeful display. Maybe some of the boys were thinking about their holidays already.

    "That team needs a change and there will be change. That wasn't an Alex McLeish team today. We need to bring more quality into the squad.

    "I take (the fans' booing) on my shoulders for the sake of the players, I agree with the fans' frustration about our display.

    "I'm expecting the board to back me. I have no reason to think I won't be (Villa manager next season). We've got through a really tough season. I've won lots of trophies as a player and manager and I haven't turned into a bad manager overnight."

  55. 1721: 

    Alex McLeish has been on. It's safe to say he is not happy...

  56. 1720: 

    Bolton fans, will you be back at the first attempt?

  57. 1720: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson speaking after the game away at Sunderland: "Nobody expected that. Everybody expected City to win, but they did it against 10 men for half an hour and with five extra minutes to help them.

    "But I congratulate City on winning the league. Anybody who wins it deserves it, because it's a long haul. At the end of our game our players didn't actually know the results. Now, they're really disappointed, I'm glad to say.

    "There's no other way they should be. They conducted themselves brilliantly today. Their performance level was good. I'm pleased at our performance this season. 89 points would win most league. It wasn't our turn today."

  58. 1719: 

    The Manchester City title winners of 1968 are out on the pitch at the Etihad, led out by Franny Lee. The current crop are wearing shirts with 'Champions 12' on the back as they await the chance to lift the trophy.

  59. 1718: 

    Bolton manager Owen Coyle: "I think when all is said and done we feel aggrieved with what happened today. The decisions have been difficult today. The first goal was as clear a foul as you can see.

    "We showed character to come back into the game. But I think the penalty is a soft award.

    "I felt we did enough to win today, But we need to bounce back now. Of course we are disappointed and hurt. The supporters were great today and I really feel for them.

    "We'll regroup and pick ourselves up and see in the next few days what we need to do to move forward."

  60. 1718: 

    Let's not forget that Bolton's long stay in the Premier League has come to an end this afternoon. Here's some Owen Coyle...

    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "To go to Old Trafford and win 6-1, then again beat United not so long ago, Mancini now goes down as an iconic figure in Manchester. Whereas United threw it away, losing the title on goal difference."

  62. 1715: 

    Roberto Mancini, wrapped in an Italy flag, at the end of the game: "This is an incredible moment. We wanted this title and we deserve to win this title. This is for all our supporters, the club, the chairman and the owner. This is the perfect finale for a crazy season. We dominated this season for 28 games, but when we beat a team like United twice in one season we deserve this."

  63. 1713: 

    Vincent Kompany is too cool. I think most City fans had given up to be honest. There didn't look any way through at all.

  64. 1713: 

    Mancheseter City captain Vincent Kompany: "I want to say it is the best moment of my life but if I'm honest then I would say please never again this way.

    "We have been so good at home all season but in the second half we just couldn't get through the QPR defence. Did I give up? No, I never stopped believing. When Edin Dzeko scored to make it 2-2, it reminded me of our late goals against Tottenham and Sunderland.

    "We had done it before this season so I had no reason not to believe."

  65. 1712: 

    My frazzled mind was correct, as the 32 PL goals scored today make a total of 1066 goals scored this season - the most ever goals in a single 38-match season.


    Rich, an Arsenal fan at The Hawthorns, texts: "I have never seen Arsene Wenger so wound up, almost hugging Pat Rice! Great day for the Gunner."

    Chris texts: "Nice of Fergie to lend Mancini his watch this afternoon..."

  67. 1709: 

    So in Champions League terms, the two Manchester teams will be joined next season by Arsenal, with Tottenham having to wait until the outcome of next Saturday's Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea.

  68. 1709: 

    Shaheer Farooq on Twitter: "As a Man Utd fan that hurt. As a football fan that was amazing. City deserved it. We'll be back next year."

    Sonnie YB on Twitter: "You know football is the greatest game in the world when you scream your head off and it's not even your team! Unbelievable."

    Dale Roberts on Twitter: "Honestly, think of the defining games of our time. I think of Istanbul, and now City v QPR. Simple."

  69. 1708: 

    Everton have finished four points clear of Liverpool today as well. Kenneth Dalglish has got some work to do in the summer there.

  70. 1706: 

    QPR assistant Mark Bowen: "At the end of the day myself and Mark [Hughes] have got an association with Manchester City as well. We gave it our all. We had to rely on another result in the end but we're delighted. What an afternoon of football. It's not often I'm lost for words, but I'm speechless. We laid the foundations here at City and good luck to them."

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "If you are going to wait 44 years to win the title then that was a finish worth waiting for. Manchester City were in despair at the start of stoppage time and on the highest high when it finished. Pure Premier League theatre."

  72. 1704: 

    I make it 32 goals today - but my brain has been well and truly frazzled. Doesn't that make this a record-breaking season for goals?

  73. 1703: 

    So then, while I piece parts of the office back together, let's all have a moment to recap.

    Manchester City are champions, with Arsenal in third and Spurs fourth. Newcastle finish fifth.

    At the bottom, QPR stay up despite that last-gasp goal, and it is Bolton who are down.


    Allan Mugane on Twitter: "Two goals in stoppage time! You cannot write this stuff..."

    Sam Morris on Twitter: "I can't think of a better end to a Premier League season. This will certainly be a defining football moment of my generation."

  75. 1701: 

    Where do we start?

    What a day of football. Where you at any of the main games? Please get in touch. You can Tweet us on #BBCFootball, or text in on 81111 in the UK. REMEMBER TO SLAP YOUR NAMES and affiliation on each text though please. Nice one.

  76. 1700: 

    Roberto Mancini speaking after the final whistle: "The football was incredible. This is for our supporters, they deserve this. To win like this is incredible. I've never seen a climax like this. We didn't deserve to lose this game. We had a lot of chances. We deserve to win this Championship. After 44 years I dedicate this to all our supporters. This is incredible. It's been a crazy season and a crazy last few minutes."

  77. 1700: 
    FULL-TIME- Swansea 1-0 Liverpool
  78. 1700: 
    FULL-TIME- West Brom 2-3 Arsenal
  79. 1658: 
    FULL-TIME- Everton 3-1 Newcastle
  80. 1657: 

    Have you ever seen anything like that? It's a combination of the Gillingham and Bayern Munich games rolled into one.

  81. 1656: 
  82. 1656: 
    FULL-TIME- Manchester City 3-2 QPR
  83. 1659: 

    Tim Cahill sees red after the final whistle for grabbing Yohan Cabaye around the neck. What was that all about?

    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "This is the greatest climax to a league ever! Unbelievable!"


    Matt Cartwright on Twitter: "If City win this then it will be the greatest end to a season ever!"

  86. 1655: 
    FULL-TIME- Wigan 3-2 Wolves
  87. 1655: 
    FULL-TIME- Sunderland 0-1 Manchester United
  88. 1654: 


  89. 1653: 
    GOAL- Manchester City 3-2 QPR - Sergio Aguero (90 mins)

    This is sheer madness. Sergio Aguero picks the ball up, runs through two men and thumps the ball in at the near post. An incredible finish.

  90. 1653: 
    FULL-TIME- Stoke 2-2 Bolton


  91. 1653: 
    FULL-TIME- Norwich 2-0 Aston Villa
  92. 1652: 
    GOAL- Swansea 1-0 Liverpool - Danny Graham (86 mins)

    Swansea get the breakthrough at the Liberty Stadium. Danny Graham scores from close range to give the Swans the lead - his 14th goal of the season and his 100th career goal.

  93. 1651: 
    GOAL- Manchester City 2-2 QPR - Edin Dzeko (90 mins)

    Remarkable. Edin Dzeko heads in from a corner. We are into stoppage time.

    Robbie Savage on BBC Final Score:

    "I just cannot believe what's happened to City. This is madness! Losing Yaya Toure was a huge blow..."

  95. 1651: 
    FULL-TIME- Tottenham 2-0 Fulham
  96. 1651: 
    FULL-TIME- Chelsea 2-1 Blackburn
  97. 1650: 

    Mario Balotelli comes so close to a goal but his header is brilliantly saved by Paddy Kenny again.

  98. 1649: 

    Bolton look shot at Stoke. It looks like a return to the Championship after an 11-year stay in the top flight.


    Gareth, a Chelsea fan, texts: "QPR are doing a Chelsea at Barca. Backs against the wall, captain sent off for stupid action and incredible show of defiance in an unexpected and incredible performance."

  100. 1648: 

    We are into the last five minutes. Manchester United look set for another league title.

    Garth Crooks on BBC Final Score:

    "When you see the replay of what Joey Barton did to Carlos Tevez on Match of the Day tonight, he should get a six-month ban, for that incident alone."


    Sean in Newcastle texts: "I was in a pub after the Newcastle v Man City game last week outside St James Park, and City fans were buying us Toon fans champagne to celebrate them winning the league. Should have kept it on ice."

  103. 1645: 
    GOAL- Wigan 3-2 Wolves - Steven Fletcher (86 mins)

    Wigan try to pass their way out of trouble, Kevin Doyle causes chaos, with the loose ball eventually falling to Steven Fletcher, who is able to pass the ball into an unguarded net.

    Robbie Savage on BBC Final Score:

    "City just cannot play. They are just blasting balls over the bar. They're wild. Whereas, what do Manchester United do at this stage of the season? They win. They've been so professional today."

  105. 1644: 

    This is like Chelsea at Barcelona the other week. City camped 20 yards from the QPR goal without looking like scoring. Football - what a game.


    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Mike Ingham at the Etihad Stadium: "All Joe Hart has had to do this afternoon is pick the ball out of the back of his net twice."


    Joseph on Twitter: "The revenge of Sparky."

    Adam Heathcote on Twitter: "It's hard to score a goal when there are 20 players in the penalty area no matter how good you are..."

  108. 1641: 

    Emotions are understandably running high among Manchester City's supporters - and staff. The camera is picking out several fans in tears, while Roberto Mancini is in a state of disarray.

  109. 1639: 

    This really is heroic defending from QPR at the moment. City have got 11 minutes to score twice or the title is United's.

    Martin Keown on BBC Final Score:

    "If Manchester City don't do this today you wonder what sort of mental scar it will leave on those players. They just need that first victory. We've just not seen Aguero or Tevez on the ball..."

  111. 1638: 
    GOAL- Wigan 3-1 Wolves - Emmerson Boyce (79 mins)

    Emmerson Boyce, who got Wigan's second, comes in from the right to unleash a spectacular volley past Carl Ikeme from the edge of the area.

  112. 1638: 

    Manchester United could have scored six, seven or eight goals and they are twice denied again as first Paul Scholes hits the post from 20 yards and then Sunderland keeper Simon Mignolet make a fine save to deny Ryan Giggs by tipping over the crossbar.

  113. 1637: 

    Mario Balotelli is indeed on in place of Carlos Tevez.


    Chris Bailey on Twitter: "Speaking of drama... here's Balotelli!"

  115. 1636: 
    GOAL- Stoke 2-2 Bolton - Jonathan Walters (77 mins)

    Jon Walters steps up and buries the spot-kick low into the net. Big moment for Bolton's future.

  116. 1634: 

    Huge moment of controversy at the Britannia as Adam Bogdan is ruled to have pulled down Peter Crouch. Not a lot of contact there for me...


    Christopher Bolton on Twitter: "I'm going out for a walk for 25 minutes. I can't take it anymore."

    Ketan Supeda on Twitter: "Get an ambulance to the Etihad. Severe choking occurring..."

  118. 1633: 
    GOAL- Everton 3-1 Newcastle - Tony Hibbert OG (73 mins)

    Tony Hibbert has scored, but in his own net. Ryan Taylor pumps a long ball forward, Hibbert gets his angles all wrong and heads it past Tim Howard into the net.

  119. 1632: 

    City are piling on the pressure. Corner after corner in to the QPR box now, but can they find a way through?

  120. 1631: 

    Steady on, Stephen...


    Sanil texts: "Fergie asked for a stupid result... looks like he might just get it."

    Stephen in Mirfield texts: "What next on this crazy day? Tony Hibbert to score?!"

  122. 1630: 

    City have put Edin Dzeko on for Gareth Barry, it's all guns blazing now. City need to find two goals in the next 20 minutes.


    BBC Radio 5 live commentator John Murray at the Stadium of Light: "Manchester United supporters here cannot believe their ears. They've certainly let their players know QPR are leading."

  124. 1629: 

    Manchester City haven't lost at home all season of course. They've only dropped two points. Until now that is...

    Martin Keown, BBC Final Score

    "Man City fans look distraught in the crowd. People are crying. The City players have to take ownership of this game now and play with their heads."

  126. 1627: 

    What an amazing turnaround at the Etihad in this half. Unreal.

  127. 1629: 
    GOAL- Everton 3-0 Newcastle - Johnny Heitinga (65 mins)

    Game, set and match for Everton against Newcastle as Johnny Heitinga heads Everton 3-0 ahead from close range.

  128. 1625: 
    GOAL- Manchester City 1-2 QPR - Jamie Mackie (66 mins)

    It's a disaster zone for Manchester City as QPR take the lead! Armand Traore bursts clear down the left and picks out a gem of a cross deep into the area, where Jamie Mackie arrives to send a header back across Joe Hart and into the net. Incredible scenes.


    David in Worcestershire texts: "I reckon Barton has just got his team relegated and handed City the title. What a man."

    Nick from Watford texts: "And that is why Joey Barton is a liability. When QPR need him the most he gets them and every single one of their fans down in disgraceful fashion."

  130. 1624: 

    At Swansea, it's much better from Liverpool and Andy Carroll so far in this this second half as the England striker's overhead kick is saved by Michel Vorm. Still goalless at the Liberty Stadium.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Chaotic scenes after Joey Barton's red card and now QPR look condemned to spend the next 25 minutes camped inside their own penalty area as Manchester City try to win the title."

  132. 1622: 

    At Stoke, by the way, it's all pretty quiet. Stoke's long season means that Bolton aren't having as hard a time of it as you'd expect. Bolton could win and still go down though - that's the case at the moment.

  133. 1622: 

    Emlyn Brassnett on Twitter: "Joey Barton is a circus act! What an idiot!"

    Alex Royle on Twitter: "Joey Barton, what a disgrace. Seriously. QPR down to 10 men. It's going to get tense. Paddy Kenny is keeping them in it."

  134. 1621: 

    What a save from Paddy Kenny! Manchester City think they've scored but Kenny somehow keeps out Sergio Aguero's effort from close range. Stunning stop.

  135. 1620: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 2-0 Fulham - Jermain Defoe (63 mins)

    A shot from Aaron Lennon is deflected into the path of Jermain Defoe, who shoots home from eight yards.

    Garth Crooks, BBC Final Score

    "QPR are staring down the trapdoor again. They'd pulled themselves into safety, but now it's almost curtains."

  137. 1618: 

    Fulham forward Moussa Dembele almost levels for his side but his powerful low shot comes back off the post.

  138. 1618: 

    The result of that Barton madness is a free-kick for Manchester City. Carlos Tevez takes it but the ball is cleared to Samir Nasri, whose low shot is hacked away. QPR are set for a siege now.

    Robbie Savage on BBC Final Score:

    "What Joey Barton has just done there is an absolute disgrace. He's just leathered Sergio Aguero as he's going off."

  140. 1615: 

    Joey Barton has lost it here in a major way. After he is shown a red card, Barton knees Sergio Aguero in the back of the leg, that sparks a major melee, he tries to headbutt Vincent Kompany before tangling with Manchester City substitute Mario Balotelli. Madness! At least three red cards for Barton in that lot.

  141. 1616: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 2-1 Blackburn - Yakubu (60 mins)

    Yakubu scores for relegated Blackburn with a header from two yards following a corner. Ramires hits the bar for Chelsea shortly afterwards.

  142. 1615: 
    RED CARD FOR QPR- Joey Barton

    You cannot keep him out of the headlines can you? Joey Barton is sent-off against his former club for an off-the-ball incident with Carlos Tevez.

  143. 1614: 

    Sunderland are giving it a real go now against Manchester United. Neither of these two key games are over yet.


    Olive Cook on Twitter: "Cisse you beautiful, beautiful man."

    Sebastian Cook on Twitter: "Not quite sure I want Lescott at the Euros if he's going to be doing that. Awful, just awful."

    BBC Radio 5 live's Danny Mills at Manchester City v QPR:

    "Unbelievable. I'm almost speechless. That was a goal out of absolutely nothing. Lescott got it completely wrong, he just flicked the ball into Cisse's path. QPR fans have gone delirious, City fans left silenced and dumbfounded."

  146. 1613: 
    GOAL- West Brom 2-3 Arsenal - Laurent Koscielny (54 mins)

    West Brom goalkeeper Marton Fulop completes a hat-trick of nightmares as he punches a corner straight to Laurent Koscielny, who pokes in from three yards. Hideous error.

  147. 1611: 

    The Manchester United fans at Sunderland have heard all about the goal at City and they are in raptures at the moment. United are 40 minutes away from a 20th league title.

    Garth Crooks on BBC Final Score:

    "Here is my Team of the Season: Joe Hart, Ashley Cole, Fabricio Coloccini, Vincent Kompany, Kyle Walker, Stephane Sessegnon, Yaya Toure, Clint Dempsey, Antonio Valencia, Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney."

    Martin Keown on BBC Final Score:

    "We've seen so many defensive mistakes today. Lescott went for a ball that he had no chance of winning, and Cisse is on to it in a flash. He either scores or gets sent off. He's certainly made an impact."

  150. 1610: 

    That goal also puts QPR back up above Bolton at the bottom.

  151. 1608: 
    GOAL- Manchester City 1-1 QPR - Djibril Cisse (48 mins)

    Oh - what a moment in the title race! Joleon Lescott makes a hash of his header to play in Djibril Cisse, and the former Liverpool man makes no mistake from the edge of the box to fire past Joe Hart. Incredible.

  152. 1607: 

    Great football from Manchester United as Ryan Giggs and Ashley Young combine to put Wayne Rooney through on goal but Simon Mignolet makes a fine save.

  153. 1606: 

    Bad news for Tottenham and potentially England as Kyle Walker is forced off through injury.

  154. 1605: 

    What a start. Wayne Rooney is almost in on goal 30 seconds into the second half for Manchester United, while Sergio Aguero is in at the near post for Manchester City and sees his shot saved by Paddy Kenny.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Pat Nevin at the Stadium of Light:

    "Manchester United have played very well - but it's not all over here. Sunderland certainly don't want them to win and have the attacking talent to get back into the game. But one more United goal and it will be all over."

  156. 1604: 

    We are back in play at Manchester City and in Sunderland. All to play for.

  157. 1602: 

    Theo Walcott is on for Arsenal at the break as our games get back under way.

  158. 1602:  
    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Danny Mills at the Etihad Stadium:

    "I think Mark Hughes has got to change his whole philosophy. They came here to play a containing game and, on the whole, it pretty much worked. They limited City's chances. But they're going to have to play different now. One goal will change everything."

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Man City v QPR:

    "Paddy Kenny trending on Twitter. With lots of love from Man City fans, I suspect. Effort for Zabaleta's goal looked even worse on replays."

  160. 1559: 

    And a sub I should have brought to you - Yaya Toure eventually succumbed to that injury and was replaced Nigel de Jong.

  161. 1558: 

    There were some handbags between Liverpool's Andy Carroll and Swansea captain Ashley Williams as the first half draws to a close at the Liberty Stadium. Carroll's frustrations boil over following a fruitless opening 45 minutes but the England striker and Williams escape with yellow cards.


    Ben texts: "If United had put all their chances away they would be scarily close to City's goal difference."

    Glyn texts: "Amazing 45 mins of Premier League football..."

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil Mcnulty at Man City v QPR:

    "Mark Hughes marches off an unhappy man at ht as QPR resistance is broken and Man City lead 1-0. May need Plan B here - City will be the much happier."

  164. 1558: 

    Can Okar on Twitter: "As it stands, Everton above Liverpool, City above United and Spurs above Arsenal. 45 minutes to the changing of the guard."

    Conor Murphy on Twitter: "20 goals in 45 minutes. Love the Premier League, but I doubt Tom Rostance's fingers do though!"

  165. 1557: 

    What a first half. Just the 19 goals to squeeze in then? Good. It could all change many mroe times of course but the title is Manchester City's as it stands, with Spurs third and QPR relegated.

  166. 1552: 
    HALF-TIME- Swansea 0-0 Liverpool

    MOTD'S John Roder at the Liberty Stadium: "Swansea have had far the better possession in this opening period but they haven't been able to make it count, with Alexander Doni in particular keeping them at bay. Liverpool have shown very little in front of goal."

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Danny Mills at the Etihad Stadium

    "Bolton's goal is not good news for Manchester City. QPR have got to change their formation and change their style in the second half. They're heading out of the Premier League."

  168. 1550: 
    HALF-TIME- Everton 2-0 Newcastle

    MOTD's Steve Bower at Goodison Park: "Everton are comfortably in front against a Newcastle side who have just not been at it and will have to show a lot more desire in the second half."

  169. 1549:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:HALF-TIME- Manchester City 1-0 QPR

    "The mood is celebratory at the Etihad as Manchester City have the lead they need. Events elsewhere mean QPR boss Mark Hughes simply has to be more ambitious after the break."

  170. 1549: 
    HALF-TIME- West Brom 2-2 Arsenal

    We have had a little bit of everything in the first half but the upshot is that we have a pretty interesting game on our hands. Arsenal are no longer entirely in control of their own fate and at this stage Tottenham are in pole position to finish third.

    Arsenal need another goal, but as we expected West Brom are giving Arsenal a real test as they prepare to bid farewell to Roy Hodgson. Quite a game this.

  171. 1548:  
    MOTD's John Motson at White Hart Lane:HALF-TIME- Tottenham 1-0 Fulham

    "Emmanuel Adebayor gave Spurs the lead and Brad Freidel made two vital saves for Tottenham. As they go off at half-time the question here has to be whether injured Spurs right-back Kyle Walker will be able to carry on."

  172. 1548:  
    MOTD's Jonathan Pearce at the Britannia Stadium:HALF-TIME- Stoke 1-2 Bolton

    "Bolton are half way to staying up. Kevin Davies' freak goal has given Wanderers the edge in this must-win game. But it is all still to play for with 45 minutes to go in this remarkable season."

  173. 1548:  
    MOTD's Steve Wilson at the Stadium of Light:HALF-TIME- Sunderland 0-1 Manchester United

    "Manchester United have scored one and missed a few. Wayne Rooney netted with a stooping header and then missed a sitter. The fans here are checking to see what it all means, but they know Manchester City lead QPR by 1-0."

  174. 1547: 
    HALF-TIME- Wigan 2-1 Wolves

    MOTD's Alistair Mann at DW Stadium: "The three-goal burst made the opening portion of the game interesting, but it's gone back into a lull since. However, every time Wigan string a few passes together they look like finding a way through Wolves."

  175. 1547: 
    MOTD's Dan O'Hagan at Carrow Road:HALF-TIME- Norwich 2-0 Aston Villa

    "Norwich have been on top by an awful long way. Grant Holt put the Canaries on their way and Shay Given has made several exemplary saves, with Villa very much second best.


    Len B on Twitter: "Not a bad time for Zabaleta to score his first goal of the season..."

    Benjamin Edwards on Twitter: "Coupled with a goal for Bolton everything changes in a matter of minutes. Awesome end to the season!"

    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "We're seeing some terrible goalkeeping today. Sorensen let that sneak in at the near post, and he didn't look good last weekend either. Terrible."

  178. 1547: 
    HALF-TIME- Chelsea 2-0 Blackburn

    MOTD's Martin Fisher at Stamford Bridge: "Chelsea are turning on the style against a demoralised Blackburn side who have "not good enough for the Premier League" stamped all over them. Straightforward stuff for Chelsea. They are cruising."

  179. 1545: 

    Still goalless at the Liberty Stadium but Swansea are in control and on-loan midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson, in what could be his final game for the Welsh side, has gone close with his free-kick pushed away by Alexander Doni.

  180. 1545: 

    Two scares for Spurs. Fulham left-back John Arne Riise surges forward and hammers a shot from the edge of the area which Spurs keeper Brad Friedel saves. Moments later, Friedel also denies Moussa Dembele.

  181. 1545: 
    GOAL- Stoke 1-2 Bolton - Kevin Davies (45 mins)

    And there it is! What a goal this could be for Bolton - who are safe as it stands now. It's another howler from a goalkeeper though as Kevin Davies takes aim from way out on the right, it's more of a cross than a shot but Thomas Sorensen misjudges it altogether and is beaten at his near post. If it was snooker, you'd have to acknowledge the fluke.

  182. 1544: 

    Yaya Toure is struggling on, but he is clearly injured. Is it worth keeping him on on one leg anyway?

  183. 1543: 

    Two huge goals in a minute have changed the face of the table at both ends.

    Martin Keown, BBC Final Score

    "Paddy Kenny really should be doing better with that. It's no more than a toe-poke from Zabaleta, but Kenny could do no more than just push it up and in."

  185. 1540: 
    GOAL- Manchester City 1-0 QPR - Pablo Zabaleta (39 mins)

    What a crucial goal. Yaya Toure starts the move, playing the ball in to Pablo Zabaleta, who surges forward and shoots at Paddy Kenny. The keeper gets two hands to the ball but it deflects up and goes in off the crossbar.

  186. 1539: 
    GOAL- Stoke 1-1 Bolton - Mark Davies (39 mins)

    Bolton with a precious goal at the Britannia. A long goal kick from Adam Bogdan reaches the Stoke box and Andy Wilkinson's attempted clearance smashes into Bolton midfielder Mark Davies and ricochets into the net. Ugly - but vital.

  187. 1538: 

    As you'd expect, Manchester City are dominating possession but they can't unlock a stubborn QPR defence at the minute. If it stays like this after the hour nerves will be more than jangling on the blue side of Manchester.


    BBC Radio 5 live commentator John Murray at the Stadium of Light: "United have had so many chances they could already have an unassailable lead."

  189. 1536: 

    And now a chance for Sunderland to equalise against Manchester United! Fraizer Campbell is on the end of a cross in to the box but can't control his volley and it flies over the top.

  190. 1535: 

    Further cause for concern for Manchester City as Yaya Toure goes down holding the back of his knee. He would be a huge loss - but he's soldiering on for now.

  191. 1535: 

    Should be 2-0 to Manchester United - and proof that Wayne Rooney is human after all as he misses a sitter. Antonio Valencia cuts the ball back from the right, Ashley Young's scuffs his shot across the face of the goal to Rooney who side-foots the ball wide from three yards. Your nan could have scored that.

  192. 1534: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 2-0 Blackburn - Raul Meireles (34 minutes)

    Chelsea make it 2-0 with another goal from a player suspended from next week's Champions League final. Raul Meireles toe-pokes an 18-yard effort low into the corner after Michael Essien beat three men as he ran across goal from the right.

  193. 1533: 

    Bolton are relegated as it stands, but they are going down fighting.

  194. 1532: 

    So close to a vital goal for Bolton as Sam Ricketts' cross is headed on to the crossbar by Kevin Davies.

  195. 1531: 

    Wayne Rooney curls a free-kick from 19 yards against the crossbar on the half-hour as Manchester United continue to dominate against Sunderland.

  196. 1531: 

    Ryan Giggs almost makes it 2-0 to Manchester United after he's set up by Ashley Young but his first-time shot with the outside of his left boot is athletically saved by Sunderland keeper Simon Mignolet.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Danny Mills at the Etihad Stadium

    "City are just starting to get a little nervous. This really reminds me of the game between Barcelona and Chelsea at the Nou Camp. QPR are camped really deep in their own half and have no intention of attacking. City are finding it difficult to find space."

  198. 1530: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 1-0 Blackburn - John Terry (31 mins)

    John Terry puts Chelsea ahead with a towering header from Romelu Lukaku's fine floating cross. Terry stayed forward after breaking out of defence and controlled the right-wing cross with a fine header back across goal and into the far post. It's been coming.

  199. 1531: 
    GOAL- West Brom 2-2 Arsenal - Andre Santos (30 mins)

    West Brom keeper Marton Fulop has not covered himself in glory here either to be honest as Andre Santos takes aim from 25 yards and the ball flies through the keeper at his near post. Arsenal back in the hunt for third.

  200. 1530: 
    GOAL- Everton 2-0 Newcastle - Nikica Jelavic (27 mins)

    What a signing this boy Nikica Jelavic is. I might have a sneaky bet on him to finish top scorer at the Euros. A long ball forward sends him clear of Fabio Coloccini, his first shot is well saved by Tim Krul but the Croatian is able to poke in.

  201. 1528: 

    As it stands then. Manchester United are winning the league, Spurs are finishing third ahead of Arsenal and Newcastle, while Bolton are relegated. It's all going off.

    BBC Radio 5 live summariser Danny Mills at the Etihad Stadium:

    "For the neutral the afternoon is working out perfectly. It's going to be really interesting. City have got to keep their composure. They will create chances but have got to take them when they arrive."

  203. 1526: 

    Chelsea are enjoying all the possession and beginning to create chances against Blackburn Rovers at Stamford Bridge, with Daniel Sturridge the main threat. His pace is posing problems in a lively start but the striker has just missed the best opening so far, heading wide from six yards when he should have scored.

  204. 1525: 

    Steve Cohen on Twitter: "Get in Rooney. Still time for the miracle..."

    Shane McMenemy on Twitter: "Top of the league! Let's just leave it there. Please?"

    Simon Baystead on Twitter: "This is probably the most exciting day of football... ever!"

  205. 1525: 

    Now then Manchester City, what have you got in the locker? Djibril Cisse gets hearts racing even more at the Etihad with a low shot which is punched by Joe Hart.

  206. 1525: 

    Nasty challenge from former Manchester United man Fraizer Campbell leaves Patrice Evra in a heap. The United skipper is dazed by that one and Campbell is rightly booked. It could have been red to be honest. Evra is ok though.

    Alan Green, BBC Radio 5 live commentator at the Etihad Stadium

    "You do feel an increase in tension around the Etihad now. They know about that goal on Wearside do the Manchester City fans."

    Garth Crooks on BBC Final Score:

    "Do City now start to get a little bit anxious? Do they up it and try to force the situation, or do they continue to play calmly?"

  209. 1521: 
    GOAL- Norwich 2-0 Aston Villa - Simeon Jackson (21 mins)

    A horror show for Carlos Cuellar on what is set to be his final Aston Villa appearance. The Spanish defender unwittingly plays the perfect knock-down to Simeon Jackson, who gleefully slots past Shay Given from close range at the second attempt. Villa boss Alex McLeish is being booed by the visiting fans every time he stands up.

  210. 1520: 
    GOAL- Sunderland 0-1 Manchester United - Wayne Rooney (20 mins)

    So, at the moment the title belongs to United as they take the lead at Sunderland. Phil Jones swings in a cross from the right, it evades two Sunderland defenders and Wayne Rooney nods in at the back stick.


    BBC Sport's Mike Sewell at Norwich v Aston Villa: "Fancy Dress Watch at Carrow Road: Buzz Lightyear, Super Mario, Bananaman, Bart Simpson, Spiderman, numerous Carlos Cuellar's and a Nun."

    Martin Keown, BBC Final Score

    "Arsenal shouldn't be conceding these goals. There were three defenders v Graham Dorrans there. This will be a real test of Arsenal's character now..."

    Danny Mills at the Etihad Stadium, BBC Radio 5 live summariser

    "If QPR continue to play like this then surely Manchester City will score soon. They cannot play 90 minutes camped in their own half."

  214. 1519: 

    Anthony Percival on Twitter: "Just the five yards offside, that West Brom goal. Shocking."

    David C Lewis on Twitter: "Terrible officiating and atrocious defending is going to cost Arsenal Robin Van Persie..."

    Connor Berwick on Twitter: "Nine goals in the first 15 minutes. Why do people think the last day of the season is exciting again?"

  215. 1517: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-0 Newcastle - Steven Pienaar (16 mins)

    Oh, this is a peach of a goal - and Steven Pienaar has done his parent club Tottenham a favour with this one. The South African collects a pass from Marouane Fellaini, takes aim from 25 yards and finds the top corner via a slight deflection.

  216. 1516: 

    Swansea are enjoying the early possession at the Liberty Stadium and they have had the best chance early on with Joe Allen's shot across the face of goal just eluding striker Danny Graham. Good chance for City at home to QPR though, as David Silva tests Paddy Kenny at the near post.

    GOAL- West Brom 2-1 Arsenal - Graham Dorrans (15 mins)

    Things go from bad to worse for Arsenal as Graham Dorrans puts West Brom ahead with a clinical right-foot finish. Lovely diagonal ball from James Morrison, Dorrans reacted first to the loose ball and thumped it beyond Wojciech Szczesny. Two goals in four minutes.

  218. 1514: 

    It's gone goal mad! QPR fans are celebrating that Stoke goal...

  219. 1514: 
    GOAL- Wigan 2-1 Wolves - Emmerson Boyce (14 mins)

    From a Wigan corner on the left, Emmerson Boyce climbs highest and powers a header past Dorus De Vries.

  220. 1512: 
    GOAL- Wigan 1-1 Wolves - Franco di Santo (12 mins)

    In Wigan's first foray into the Wolves half after going behind, Stephen Hunt dawdles and is dispossessed. The visitors fail to clear the loose ball, which falls to Franco Di Santo, who fires low into Dorus De Vries's right corner.

  221. 1512: 
    GOAL- Stoke 1-0 Bolton - Jonathan Walters (13 mins)

    Big goal at the Britannia and it has gone against Bolton. They will not be happy about it, either. Matthew Etherington's cross is grasped by Adam Bogdan just a second before Jonathan Walters bundles the ball away from the keeper and into the net. Owen Coyle is enraged. Bolton Wanderers Premier League status is seriously under threat now.

  222. 1510: 
    GOAL- West Brom 1-1 Arsenal - Shane Long (11 mins)

    Fine finish from Shane Long as he runs on to a crisp James Morrisson pass to bury from the edge of the area.

  223. 1509: 
    GOAL- Wigan 0-1 Wolves - Matt Jarvis (9 mins)

    Wigan fans were in the midst of a minute's applause to celebrate their eighth season in the Premier League when Wolves take the lead. Matt Jarvis curling home a beauty from range.

  224. 1509: 
    GOAL- Norwich 1-0 Aston Villa - Grant Holt (8 mins)

    Here's an England striker who's had a great season, and Grant Holt nets again in unorthodox fashion. A free-kick from the left finds Holt at the back stick and he bundles it in off his chest/arm/thigh/somewhere. They all count.


    Alex Barton on Twitter: "Well, that's not a good start for Newcastle fans..."

  226. 1508: 

    Newcastle's Champions League dream is already looking like that - a dream - with the news that Tottenham and Arsenal have both established early leads. But it required a fine save by Tim Howard to deny Alan Pardew's side the lead, with Johnny Heitinga almost putting through his own net following a Newcastle free-kick.

  227. 1507: 

    Stoke have started well against Bolton, with Ricardo Fuller going close early on. Bolton have to win remember.


    BBC Sport's Ivan Gaskell at Stoke v Bolton: "Brilliant turnout of fancy dress, especially the Bolton fans. Lots of super-heroes on show; they'll need a few on the pitch."

  229. 1505: 

    Manchester City have made a dominant start without creating any chances against QPR, while Manchester United are on the back foot at Sunderland in the opening minutes.

    Garth Crooks, BBC Final Score

    "Marton Fulop makes a complete hash of that. He's come in, deputising for Ben Foster. He doesn't know whether to kick it or pick it up. Do one thing or the other, but don't do neither!"

    GOAL- West Brom 0-1 Arsenal - Yossi Benayoun (4 mins)

    Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear - a howler from Albion keeper Marton Fulop. He tries to usher a ball into his area to pick it up but stumbles like a drunk hailing a cab and allows Yossi Benayoun a tap-in. Nightmare start for Roy Hodgson's lads.

    GOAL- Tottenham 1-0 Fulham - Emmanuel Adebayor (2 mins)

    That's how you start a game - a great goal has Spurs up and running. Emmanuel Adebayor picks the ball up on the left touchline, feeds it into Rafael van der Vart 30 yards from goal, he passes it through and Adebayor slots it home. Fine finish.

  233. 1502: 

    Mark Duffy on Twitter: "Here we go then. Nine months of Premier League toil and it all comes down to 90 brilliant minutes..."

  234. 1501: 

    We're off everywhere now.

  235. 1500: 
    KICK-OFF- Chelsea v Blackburn (15:00 BST)

    Chelsea are the first game under way. Hold on tight...

    Martin Keown on BBC Final Score:

    "At this stage players are working at controlling that nervous energy and making sure that you're ready when kick-off comes."

  237. 1457: 

    Vincent Kompany leads Manchester City out on to the pitch at a packed Etihad Stadium, with 19 other captains following suit around the country. After 37 games it all comes down to this.

    Garth Crooks on BBC Final Score:

    "If Newcastle win at Everton that will be a massive result for them. Cisse and Ba have been outstanding. I fancy Newcastle today."

    Martin Keown on BBC Final Score:

    "Arsenal have been so inconsistent this season. Speaking as an Arsenal fan, you never know which Arsenal team are going to turn up."

  240. 1456: 

    Zak Iqbal on Twitter: "I can't wait! 10 minutes to go..."

    George Wayman on Twitter: "Stupidly organised to go to the pub with a non-footballing friend at 16:30 today. Going to be 15 minutes of nail-biting."

    Jamie Hardesty on Twitter: "Would give my right arm for a Newcastle win today and for Arsenal/Spurs to drop points. In Pardew we trust!"


    BBC Sport's Mike Sewell at Norwich v Aston Villa: "Norwich have just introduced their Fan of the Year who, at 97 years old, has been supporting them since 1924! It means he'd have seen them at The Nest!"

  242. 1455: 

    Not long to go now everyone, good luck to one and all. A large number of Bolton fans are wearing super hero costumes today - they may need all the powers they can muster to stay up.

  243. 1452: 

    Everton's Nikica Jelavic has just been presented with the Premier League's Player of the Month award for April on the pitch at a sunny Goodison Park. What a season for the Croatian striker, who is making his 48th appearance of a campaign which has taken him from Rangers to Merseyside.

  244. 1452: 

    And here's his title rival Sir Alex Ferguson: "We have a very difficult game here. People keep talking about QPR versus Manchester City and making predictions around that but they seem to forget we have got a very difficult game here."

    Will you be passing news from Etihad Stadium on to your players? "It is very important our players concentrate on our game because they can easily be put off. We have to concentrate on this game and see what happens elsewhere. We have got to perform very well to get the result we want.

    "I think all the pressure is on City. I just hope we can perform to our level in the last match of the season, because we have fans all over the world watching us."

  245. 1451: 

    Speaking of a relaxed Roberto Mancini, here he is: "We worked, we want this and we are here. Now it depends on us. It will be a difficult game because QPR are a very good side and they are playing against relegation.

    "We want to control the game and have the same attitude as the last four five games. All the players could be nervous, ours and theirs. We haven't changed anything but it is a special day. After the match will be a special day if we do it. The fans are happy in this moment but we have another difficult 90 minutes. It's difficult for me, the players, everyone."


    BBC Sport's Mike Sewell at Norwich v Aston Villa: "Villa players warming up in their Support Stan t-shirts ahead of today's match at Carrow Road for captain Stiliyan Petrov. Plenty of Carlos Cuellars - big wigs & beards - in the Villa section of crowd for his final match for the club."

    Mark Pougatch on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Roberto Mancini is looking so relaxed - posing for photographs and signing autographs for fans."

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Man City v QPR:

    "Literally rocking at The Etihad as interviews are conducted with The Smiths' Johnny Marr and The Cult's mighty Billy Duffy. Both City fans."

  249. 1445: 

    Theo Kabala on Twitter: "Fergie might as well go down to the Etihad and hand City the trophy, because that team selection is ridiculous."

    Claire Bleckly on Twitter: "Re Henry Winter (1430): Surely the Man City fans should all be able to walk to the stadium?"

    LINE-UPS- Swansea v Liverpool (15:00 BST)

    Swansea: Vorm, Rangel, Caulker, Williams, Taylor, Allen, Sigurdsson, Dyer, Britton, Sinclair, Graham. Subs: Tremmel, Tate, Routledge, Monk, Moore, Gower, Edwards.

    Liverpool: Doni, Kelly, Agger, Carragher, Johnson, Downing, Henderson, Shelvey, Maxi, Carroll, Suarez. Subs: Jones, Jose Enrique, Coates, Kuyt, Spearing, Sterling, Bellamy.

    Referee: Mark Halsey (Lancashire)

    Garth Crooks on BBC Final Score:

    "I give QPR a chance and I won't be surprised if they get a draw. They are playing for so much - Premier League survival."

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:Manchester City v QPR (15:00 BST)

    "It's an easy decision for Roberto Mancini to name an unchanged Manchester City team after those outstanding victories against Manchester United and Newcastle United.

    "QPR boss Mark Hughes makes a positive selection by bringing in Shaun Wright-Phillips and Djibril Cisse for Adel Taarabt and Akos Buzsaky."

    Martin Keown on BBC Final Score:

    "At Etihad it could turn into a carnival or the worst day in Manchester City's history."

    Norwich v Aston Villa (15:00 BST)

    Norwich boss Paul Lambert names an unchanged side, with Simeon Jackson continuing to partner Grant Holt up front. The big news with Aston Villa's line-up is that England Euro 2012 hopeful Darren Bent is not in it, or on the bench. Manager Alex McLeish makes two changes to the side that virtually secured Premier League safety last weekend. James Collins and Gabby Agbonlahor return, with Charles N'Zogbia and the injured Alan Hutton dropping out.

    Robbie Savage on BBC Final Score:

    "United threw it away, after Roberto Mancini's mind games. I think City, over the course of the season, have been the best team this season. I think they will win."

  256. 1441: 

    Emma Gregory on Twitter: "Less than 30 minutes to go. Eek!"

    Rayan Osman on Twitter: "What's the problem with Man Utd's formation? Young, Nani and Valencia; all three are attacking."

    Manchester City v QPR (15:00 BST)

    QPR manager Mark Hughes: "It will be a difficult task. City are an outstanding team who have been fantastic this year but we are here to do our best and to see if we can get a result.

    On the changes he has made to his team: "We have played a certain way away from home and it has not been working for us. Today is an opportunity to try something different and see where it takes us. We have got good ability on the pitch but we have got to make sure we are nice and solid."

    Chelsea v Blackburn (15:00 BST)

    As expected Chelsea rest anyone who is likely to be involved in their Champions League final against Bayern Munich next Saturday. Defender Sam Hutchinson, who could yet be involved in Germany if either or both David Luiz and Gary Cahill fail to recover from injuries, makes his first Premier League start. Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba are both on the bench so Romelu Lukaku leads the line, and banned quartet John Terry, Ramires, Raul Meireles and Branislav Ivanovic all start. Blackburn Rovers are without injured trio David Dunn, Bradley Orr and Paul Robinson. Jake Kean - no relation to manager Steve - replaces Robinson in goal and Adam Henley, Mauro Formica and Marcus Olsson all come in to the side whose relegation was confirmed with defeat against Wigan.

    Sunderland v Man Utd (15:00 BST)

    Alistair Magowan reports from Stadium of Light: "Manchester United centre-back Jonny Evans makes a surprise return to the fold in place of the injured Chris Smalling, while Ryan Giggs is in for Javier Hernandez, so more of a five-man midfield for the champions as they aim to hold on to the Premier League. Sunderland make three changes with Titus Bramble coming in for Matt Kilgallon, David Vaughan replacing Lee Cattermole in midfield and former United striker Fraizer Campbell preferred to Ji Dong-won."

  260. 1438: 

    Former Oasis frontman and huge Manchester City fan Liam Gallagher ahead of his team's big game: "I've been hungover since we beat United, then sat around at home waiting for today," he told City TV. "Hopefully we can do it and get on it.

    "If we can't beat QPR to win the league, at home, then we don't deserve it. But I think with the crowd and the players we've got then we will nail them."

  261. 1436: 

    Well then, where to go from that line from Savage? Incredible.

    Robbie Savage on BBC Final Score:

    "My best final day moment has to be standing in my underpants at Pride Park, celebrating with the Derby fans and reflecting on a 20-year playing career."

    Garth Crooks on BBC Final Score:

    "It's everything that you want from a league. There's something on almost every game. It couldn't be better."

    Swansea v Liverpool (15:00 BST)

    Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers can reflect on a memorable first season in the Premier League as his side host Liverpool in the final game of the season. "I always had an inherent belief that we could do well," he said of the season. "Both ourselves and Liverpool have a lot to play for and they will want to finish as high as possible." Counterpart Kenny Dalglish is also keen to finish a mixed season on a high. "We've got a desire to go there and win and, as we've said before, we want to do as well as we possibly can in every game we play," he said.

    Manchester City v QPR (15:00 BST)

    Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini says his side's crunch game against QPR is not a grudge match against his predecessor Mark Hughes, now in charge of Rangers. "This is not important. I don't know him very well but it is not Mancini against Hughes or Hughes against Mancini," the Italian said. "It is City against QPR. One team plays for the title, the other plays to avoid relegation."

    Hughes also tried to play down suggestions that this is a revenge mission following his acrimonious sacking in December 2009. "People keep throwing that word up," Hughes said. "But it is not in my mind at all."

    Stoke v Bolton (15:00 BST)

    Will Bolton stay up? Manager Owen Coyle certainly thinks so, but then he's unlikely to say anything else. "I truly believe we will," said Coyle. And the reason? "We have had a full week to get freshened up and full of that energy that we are known for, go to Stoke and win that game." The Trotters won't be getting any favours from the Potters on Sunday. Not if manager Tony Pulis has his way, as his side aim to equal their best Premier League points tally of 47. "We want to finish on a high if we possibly can and get three points," said Pulis. "Owen has his responsibilities, he has his own football club to look after and he has to manage the week the way he has to. I have to manage the week for this football club."

    Wigan v Wolves (15:00 BST)

    Wigan boss Roberto Martinez is now looking to next season after engineering their escape from relegation. "What we have done in the last 14 games, we need to do over the course of a season," said the Spaniard. "That is the next step. I do believe that if we do that, we will be able to step up and be a club that is not fighting to avoid relegation anymore." Wolves boss Terry Connor, who hands over to Stale Solbakken after today, wants a positive end to their nightmare season. "The players want to win and I want to win a game of football. Between us, we'll go to Wigan and give it our best shot. I want the players to win it for themselves - not me."

    Norwich v Aston Villa (15:00 BST)

    Alex McLeish is already looking ahead to next season after his debut campaign as Aston Villa boss was marred by serious under-achievement. "It's about getting more quality in the squad, getting a team that can get further up the table and a team that wants to win badly," said McLeish. While Villa cannot wait for the season to finish, Norwich manager Paul Lambert has praised his players. "It's been phenomenal what has happened," he said.

    Sunderland v Man Utd (15:00 BST)

    Sir Alex Ferguson admits that "the odds are stacked against" his side winning the title today, but even if Manchester City triumph the Scot is convinced that "the situation is not as black as it's being painted". In his programme notes, Sunderland boss Martin O'Neill has reminded fans that Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool have all been beaten here and says his team will be "desperately striving" for a win that could lift his team into the top 10.

    Everton v Newcastle (15:00 BST)

    Newcastle are guaranteed a place in the Europa League, but manager Alan Pardew is urging his side to secure a Champions League berth at the final hurdle. "This opportunity doesn't come along very often and we want to try and grasp it." Everton manager David Moyes wants to head into talks about his future with chairman Bill Kenwright on the back of a nine-match unbeaten league run. "I want to be able to give the supporters something to shout about," said Moyes, who has one year remaining on his contract.

    Tottenham v Fulham (15:00 BST)

    Martin Jol was sacked by Tottenham in October 2007 and now takes his Fulham side to White Hart Lane with the prospect of stopping them finishing in the top four and potentially claiming a Champions League place. "He won't want to do us any favours, that is for sure," said current Spurs boss Redknapp on Jol. "Fulham are playing really well at the moment so it will be a very difficult game for us but we have to win it." So how would Jol feel about ruining his former club's Champions League hopes? "Bad. I feel Spurs need to play in the Champions League." He added: "They are a very good footballing team and there is a lot to play for for them. They will be emotional."

  272. 1430: 

    Chris Hill on Twitter: "Not confident on that Arsenal team right now big game for Francis Coquelin. Hope they prove me wrong!"

    Andrew Wilson on Twitter: "If we're at 0-0 or worse by 60 minutes and Wenger hasn't put The Ox on for Gervinho, I will lose all hope in him..."

    Liam Mullane on Twitter: "Three strikers on the bench and Nani too, yet Giggs is played in front of them all? Fergie's lost the plot."


    Daily Telegraph football reporter Henry Winter tweets: "Loads of Man City fans driving the wrong way down the M56 hard shoulder after police close road near M60, following incident on bridge..."

    LINE-UPS- Chelsea v Blackburn (15:00 BST)

    Chelsea: Turnbull, Hutchinson, Ivanovic, Terry, Bertrand, Meireles, Essien, Malouda, Ramires, Lukaku, Sturridge. Subs: Hilario, Cole, Romeu, Torres, Drogba, Ferreira, Piazon.

    Blackburn: Kean, Henley, Dann, Givet, Martin Olsson, Formica, Lowe, Pedersen, Marcus Olsson, Hoilett, Yakubu. Subs: Usai, Modeste, Grella, Petrovic, Rochina, Goodwillie, Morris.

    Referee: Lee Mason (Lancashire)

    LINE-UPS- Norwich v Aston Villa (15:00 BST)

    Norwich: Ruddy, Naughton, Martin, Ryan Bennett, Lappin, Elliott Bennett, Johnson, Hoolahan, Howson, Holt, Jackson. Subs: Steer, Drury, Morison, Crofts, Surman, Fox, Wilbraham.

    Aston Villa: Given, Cuellar, Collins, Dunne, Lichaj, Ireland, Clark, Herd, Warnock, Agbonlahor, Heskey. Subs: Guzan, N'Zogbia, Delfouneso, Bannan, Baker, Gardner, Carruthers.

    Referee: Martin Atkinson (W Yorkshire)

  276. 1429: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson's team selection came under fire in the Manchester derby and a lot of you are not liking it again today...


    Steven in Bourne texts: "Re Loz in Bridlington (1352): You do realise there's a rhyme to do with Henry VIII? Divorced, beheaded, died, Davies heads wide, QPR survive!"


    Stephen, a Newcastle fan, texts: "Re Loz in Bridlington (1352): Henry VIII actually banned football as games could cause public disorder!"

    LINE-UPS- Wigan v Wolves (15:00 BST)

    Wigan: Al Habsi, Lopez, Caldwell, Figueroa, Boyce, McCarthy, McArthur, Beausejour, Moses, Di Santo, Maloney. Subs: Pollitt, Crusat, Ben Watson, Gomez, Sammon, Rodallega, Diame.

    Wolverhampton: De Vries, Zubar, Stearman, Berra, Ward, Jarvis, Henry, Edwards, Hunt, Ebanks-Blake, Doyle. Subs: Ikeme, Elokobi, Fletcher, Johnson, Milijas, Jonsson, Forde.

    Referee: Michael Oliver (Northumberland)

    Swansea v Liverpool (15:00 BST)

    Swansea make one change to the side which lost 2-0 at Manchester United last Sunday with Leon Britton returning in midfield in place of Mark Gower. Liverpool's side shows two changes to the side which beat Chelsea 4-1 with goalkeeper Doni replacing Pepe Reina, who is ill, and Martin Kelly is in for Martin Sktrel."

    Tottenham v Fulham (15:00 BST)

    Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp is forced into one change as midfielder Jake Livermore replaces suspended left-back Danny Rose. Gareth Bale is set to drop back from his left-wing role to fill in for Rose with regular left-back Benoit Assou-Ekotto still injured. Scott Parker and Ledley King both failed fitness tests. Fulham are without top scorer Clint Dempsey because of a groin injury so Kerim Frei comes into the side.


    Matt, a Manchester United supporter, texts: "Dreaming of last minute winners from both Rio and Anton Ferdinand! Surely that would top off a pulsating title race this year!"

    Jon in Oxfordshire texts: "Just four home wins and only 37 goals scored as a consequence of dull, negative and unimaginative football are the reasons why Villa fans want the tactically inept McLeish out."

    Nick in London texts: "The season won't end until 19 May for the team who finish fourth..."

    LINE-UPS- Sunderland v Man Utd (15:00 BST)

    Sunderland: Mignolet, O'Shea, Turner, Bramble, Bardsley, Gardner, Vaughan, Colback, McClean, Sessegnon, Campbell. Subs: Westwood, Bridge, Wickham, Ji, Meyler, Kyrgiakos, Elmohamady.

    Man Utd: De Gea, Jones, Evans, Ferdinand, Evra, Carrick, Scholes, Valencia, Giggs, Young, Rooney. Subs: Amos, Owen, Berbatov, Park, Hernandez, Nani, Rafael Da Silva.

    Referee: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire)

  284. 1423: 

    LDR on Twitter: "Both Giggs and Scholes again Fergie? Have you not learnt anything this season?"

    Martin on Twitter: "It's team selections like this that has cost us the title. No Rafael, no Welbeck, but place for Giggs? Giggs has been shocking..."

    Mayowa Olubowale on Twitter: "I assume Fergie has given up. Only reason he'd play such a team. So annoyed."

    Wigan v Wolves (15:00 BST)

    Wigan make one change to the side that relegated Blackburn on Monday, Adrian Lopez coming in for Antolin Alcaraz. Wolves make two changes to the side that drew 0-0 with Everton last week, Matt Jarvis is in for the injured Michael Kightly, with Sylvan Ebanks-Blake replacing Steven Fletcher, who is on the bench.

    LINE-UPS- West Brom v Arsenal (15:00 BST)

    West Brom: Fulop, Jones, McAuley, Olsson, Ridgewell, Cox, Morrison, Mulumbu, Dorrans, Long, Fortune. Subs: Dawson, Shorey, Odemwingie, Scharner, Andrews, Daniels, Hurst.

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Andre Santos, Rosicky, Song, Coquelin, Benayoun, Gervinho, van Persie. Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Gibbs, Chamakh.

    Referee: Mike Jones (Cheshire)

    Stoke v Bolton (15:00 BST)

    Bolton make two changes, one of them enforced. Zat Knight comes into the centre of defence in place of David Wheater, who could be out for up to nine months on the sidelines after rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. In attack, Ivan Klasnic replaces David Ngog as the Trotters go in search of the win they need to have a chance of staying in the Premier League.

    Stoke make three changes. Midfielders Dean Whitehead and Matthew Etherington come into the starting XI in place of Cameron Jerome and Rory Delap. Defender Andy Wilkinson replaces Marc Wilson, who has a back problem.

    LINE-UPS- Everton v Newcastle (15:00 BST)

    Everton: Howard, Hibbert, Heitinga, Jagielka, Baines, Osman, Neville, Gibson, Pienaar, Fellaini, Jelavic. Subs: Mucha, Stracqualursi, Distin, Cahill, Gueye, Barkley, Coleman.

    Newcastle: Krul, Perch, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Cabaye, Tiote, Ben Arfa, Gutierrez, Cisse, Ba. Subs: Elliot, Gosling, Ryan Taylor, Marveaux, Shola Ameobi, Obertan, Ferguson.

    Referee: Andre Marriner (W Midlands)

    LINE-UPS- Stoke v Bolton (15:00 BST)

    Stoke: Sorensen, Wilkinson, Shawcross, Upson, Huth, Walters, Whelan, Whitehead, Etherington, Fuller, Crouch. Subs: Begovic, Jones, Delap, Shotton, Jerome, Woodgate, Palacios.

    Bolton: Bogdan, Boyata, Knight, Ream, Ricketts, Eagles, Mark Davies, Reo-Coker, Petrov, Kevin Davies, Klasnic. Subs: Jaaskelainen, Alonso, Lee, Sordell, Miyaichi, Vela, Ngog.

    Referee: Chris Foy (Merseyside)

    LINE-UPS- Manchester City v QPR (15:00 BST)

    Man City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy, Nasri, Toure Yaya, Barry, Silva, Tevez, Aguero. Subs: Pantilimon, Richards, Milner, Dzeko, Kolarov, De Jong, Balotelli.

    QPR: Kenny, Onuoha, Ferdinand, Hill, Taiwo, Wright-Phillips, Barton, Derry, Mackie, Cisse, Zamora. Subs: Cerny, Gabbidon, Taarabt, Campbell, Bothroyd, Traore, Buzsaky.

    Referee: Mike Dean (Wirral)

    Everton v Newcastle (15:00 BST)

    Alan Pardew keeps faith with the 11 who started the 2-0 defeat at home to Manchester City last week as Newcastle look to secure a Champions League place at Goodison Park. Everton welcome back Leighton Baines, Phil Neville and Darron Gibson as the Toffees look to finish above Liverpool in the table.

    LINE-UPS- Tottenham v Fulham (15:00 BST)

    Tottenham: Friedel, Walker, Gallas, Kaboul, Bale, Lennon, Livermore, Sandro, Modric, Van der Vaart, Adebayor. Subs: Cudicini, Saha, Giovani, Defoe, Nelsen, Kane, Smith.

    Fulham: Schwarzer, Kelly, Hughes, Hangeland, John Arne Riise, Diarra, Murphy, Dembele, Duff, Pogrebnyak, Frei. Subs: Stockdale, Kasami, Senderos, Gecov, Bjorn Helge Riise, Briggs, Trotta.

    Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffordshire)

  293. 1418: 

    Gary Hooper is enjoying Celtic's championship party, knocking in his fifth goal against Hearts. Sone Aluko is not far behind with a hat-trick for Rangers at St Johnstone, while Jon Daly has added a late goal for Dundee United at Motherwell.

  294. 1417: 

    Alfie Jones on Twitter: "Everyone was lauding Micah Richards as definite for Euro 2012 (maybe a starter), but seems Mancini has more faith in Zabaleta..."

    Steve Daniels on Twitter: "Hoping Villa don't see this as job interview for Paul Lambert. We will need him more than ever next season."

    Ross Doyle on Twitter: "The mam and sister just went to IKEA. Final day of the season in peace..."

    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- West Brom v Arsenal (15:00 BST)

    Carl Jenkinson and Francis Coquelin both start for Arsenal, while Albion keeper Ben Foster was injured in training so Marton Fulop makes his Premier League debut for the club.

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Man City v QPR:

    "Man City boss Roberto Mancini writes in his programme notes: 'If we win this afternoon the players could be heroes forever'."

    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Sunderland v Man Utd (15:00 BST)

    Michael Owen is back on the bench for Manchester United, but Wayne Rooney starts up front on his own at the Stadium of Light. Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs are both in a five-man midfield.

    Chelsea v Blackburn (15:00 BST)

    Unsurprisingly, Chelsea manager Roberto di Matteo's focus is almost entirely on the Champions League final and he will rest players for this meaningless Premier League finale. "It's been a difficult season, but we could potentially still turn it into a great season," Di Matteo said. "We have pushed the players and they've responded. The effort and commitment has been fantastic."

    Blackburn Rovers fans will feel they could have asked for a lot more from their Championship-bound side, but boss Steve Kean has defended their application and is eager to finish on a high. "We have got pride. We have shown that every game matters, even when we don't get a result."

  299. 1408: 

    Manchester City assistant manager David Platt on BBC 5 live: "We always felt confident even after the Arsenal defeat that we could go on and win our games and do our job. The eight-point gap gave us a bit of freedom and enabled us to go on. We have to make sure our concentration levels don't drop whatever happens at the Stadium of Light or here at the Etihad."


    BBC Sport's Simon Brotherton at West Brom v Arsenal: "Great start to the day at The Hawthorns. Just been talking with Trevor Francis who's looking tanned and well after his recent health scare. Referee Mike Jones says kick-off times at start and the second half will be co-ordinated with the Spurs and Newcastle games."

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