Premier League: Manchester City v Manchester United as it happened

Manchester City beat title rivals Manchester United 1-0 to go top of the Premier League on goal difference with two games left.

30 April 2012 Last updated at 23:31

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As it happened

  1. 2318: 

    Well, it wasn't quite as good a game as we all hoped, that's generally the case, but it has been an important night in the title race. Tune in tomorrow night when Mike Henson will be on hand to steer you through a pair of Premier League games. Thanks again for your company, I'm off out to find Liam Gallagher, Mario Balotelli and Maradona. See you again...


    Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko on Twitter: "Great performance tonight boys. Fans were great today again.. Thank you all.. Deeeceeeent :)"

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Liam Gallagher - with shades on - said: "I love Mancini. He's nearly as cool as me."


    Freddie on text: "Well, Abbey, you now have to believe the title is gone. Can't see any slip ups from City in this recent run of good form."

    BBC Sport pundit Alan Hansen on MOTD:

    "When do you ever see form like this from United in the run-in? They were as bad as you'll ever believe at Wigan and throw away a two-goal lead in the last eight minutes to Everton. I've not a clue who will win it now."

  6. 2303: 

    Ah yes, K-Dogg. He was castigated for his text at 1940 BST saying that Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes were too old to start - but maybe he was proven right.


    Paul, a happy Liverpool fan, on text: "Are all the United fans going to apologize to K-Dogg for picking on him? Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs just didn't have the energy!!"

  8. 2259: 

    Alan Hansen has blamed Manchester United's team selection for their defeat tonight. A lot of you agree.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Liam Gallagher has just conducted a mini press conference at City. Then joined by Vincent Kompany - greeted with words "Viva La Belgium."

  10. 2257: 

    Teddy, I really wish that was true. If you can get Maradona, Mario Balotelli and Liam Gallagher in the same venue tonight you will be in for quite an evening. Throw in a ukulele if you like.


    Teddy on text via 81111: "Re 2244. Maradona is with me at the ukelele caberet."



    BBC Sport pundit Alan Hansen on MOTD:

    "I can understand the way United played, to go and protect what you have, but with a midfield of 37-year-old Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, and Park Ji-sung, getting behind the ball was easy but they couldn't support Wayne Rooney."

  14. 2245: 

    BBC Sport's Conor McNamara on BBC Radio 5 live: "This was the first time in three years that United have not had a shot on target in a Premier League game."

  15. 2244: 

    I wonder where Maradona's gone to celebrate in Manchester tonight? That would be some celeb spot at a bar.

  16. 2241: 

    You can now watch Match of the Day at the top of this page.


    Charlie in Durham on text: "If United had beat wigan and everton we'd have beaten a disbelieving City tonight. Leaving the door open gave them the impetus to produce a great performance."

  18. 2237: 

    That would be a cruel twist of fate. Mark Hughes, who seemed harshly sacked at City less than two years ago, could be on hand to see his successor Roberto Mancini deliver the title next month. Of course, he could also deny them and keep QPR up.


    Marc in Glasgow on text: "Is it meant to be that Mark Hughes is at the Ethiad when City win the league?"

  20. 2235: 

    City go to Newcastle on Sunday then with the title at stake. According to Robbie Savage, anyway. They have won nine games on the road this season, drawn four and lost five. Newcastle have won 11 and lost only two games at home. It's a massive game, and a tough one to call. Roll on the weekend!

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "QPR will lose at City on the final day of the season. They are mentally weak away from home. If City beat Newcastle, they will win the title."

  22. 2228: 

    Is Roberto Mancini being disrespectful, or just honest, when he says that Manchester United have got two easy games left?


    Paul Bracegirdle on Twitter: "Worst big game display ever seen from united. Too many old players and young players. Only nani and rooney in their prime!"

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Mancini tactically outwitted Ferguson. City were the better side and Ferguson got it wrong."

  25. 2227: 

    Another line from Sir Alex Ferguson: "Mancini was badgering the ref and the fourth official all game. He was complaining about refs all week, but he can't complain about this one."


    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson: "We didn't test their keeper enough really, we started brightly and for the first 15 minutes we dominated, but the longer the half went on we were looking for half-time and the goal came at a bad time for us.

    "I can't complain about the result, they were more of a threat from counter-attacks. It was a damaging result, they are in the driving seat and we are up against it. They only need to win to two more games and they win the league, simple as that."


    Jamie Hossain on Twitter: "Best season ever?"

  28. 2224: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson says that Manchester City 'are in the driving seat' now as they only need to win two games to win the title.


    James Kelly on Twitter: "Mancini has given the best ever post game interview he has completly defeated Fergie in the mind games"

    Lee Farrow on Twitter: "People texting #BBCFootball asking for Ferguson to be sacked, saying he's short sighted. Never heard such a short sighted comment in my life"


    Isaac, Manchester on text: "From 'small club' to 'noisy neighbours' to 'bitter rivals'... to 'favourites'? Ferguson's own words. City have earned respect."


    Mike, a gutted Manchester United fan, on text: "Hate to say it and I love the man but SAF got it very....very wrong today!"

  32. 2220: 

    You can also see the goal and action on the BBC News Channel at 2230 and 2330 BST, with @TimHagueBBC reporting on events at the Etihad.

  33. 2219: 

    Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini on BBC Radio 5 live: "It's a great victory but we have two difficult games left and United have two easy games.

    "Manchester United are still favourites. Swansea and Sunderland have nothing to play for. I am very happy that we are top but it doesn't change anything.

    "United put all their players behind the ball and only one striker. They wanted the draw. They played a different game to usual. We deserved to win.

    "Carlos Tevez was very tired and we needed a player like Nigel de Jong in midfield. Once we did that, we didn't have any problems."


    Ed Gutteridge on text: "Can't believe I'm saying this but maybe, just maybe, the done it all before factor has worked against United in the last few games. First title enthusiasm seemed to boost City tonight and will see them through the last two fixtures."

  35. 2214: 

    Match of the Day are warming up - I've seen Messrs Lineker and Lawrenson in the building - and you can catch all the night's action and reaction at 2235 BST. It's on BBC One and right here online.


    Tim,Man Utd fan, on text: "Shambolic display from us today Fergie got it completely wrong, think it's time for Sir Alex and United to part ways, he's holding us back with his short-sightedness"

  37. 2212: 

    Sweepstake over then people. Roberto Mancini thinks United are still favourites. Are they?


    Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini: "There is no change, nothing until after Sunday maybe, United have the advantage still. United defended with all their players the whole game, they didn't have any chance to score and we played a really good performance."


    Manchester City goalscorer Vincent Kompany: "Absolutely buzzing. We've been waiting for this moment. But it is far from over. To give our fans two wins over Manchester United, now we need to finish it off.

    "I remember someone texting me and saying I would score the winning goal and I thought he was a lunatic."


    Luke Stephens on Twitter: "Fergie to retire at season's end and be replaced by Pep Guardiola?"


    Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart: "There has been a lot of build-up to this game. We've played a good side there and beat them. It's great to win tonight but Newcastle is now our focus. Hopefully we can push on and get one game closer."


    Andy, Wimbledon on text: "Everyone keeps harping on about the fact that City still gave to go to Newcastle, but I don't think Martin O'Neill will let Sunderland roll over and have their tummies tickled by United on the final day."

    Joe on text: "People seem to forget that utd have the potential banana skin fixture of swansea. They have a great pressing game. Upset anyone?"

    David, Worcestershire on text: "City don't control their own destiny. They could win both their games 1-0 and United could win theirs 6-0."

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Mancini shook hands with Ferguson at the end - but he was not backing down one inch from that confrontation near the end."

  44. 2206: 

    Vincent Kompany has just said that City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak paid a visit to the dressing room before the game where he told the players that win or lose, he is proud of them and they are building for the future. His inspiring words seemed to have the desired effect.


    Segun Agbaje on Twitter: "And to all those United fans that have being saying Carrick deserves a place more than Barry, please eat your Humble pie"

    Ultric Engelbrecht on Twitter: "That wasn't Yaya Toure. That was Usain Bolt. Have never seen any other tall player run that fast before"

  46. 2203: 

    Sweepstake time then. Who reckons Roberto Mancini will say that United are still favourites?


    Marc Forsaith on Twitter: "Still don't think the title is over by any means - City will not beat Newcastle at St James' Park."


    David Swift on Twitter: "Ironic that the 6 goals City put past united early in the season are now decisive! Crazy game!!"


    Paul Johnson on Twitter: "I can feel that hairdryer heat being cranked up..."

  50. 2200: 

    City are on top courtesy of a better goal difference. They are eight goals better off. And what about that home record? Played 18, won 17, drawn one, scored 52, conceded 10. Superb.


    Neel on text: "Biggest game of the season and ferguson gets it totally wrong. How giggs played 90 minutes i have no idea."


    Harry in Edinburgh on text: "Awful result for Utd. Never looked like getting anything from the game. Can't understand the team selection by Sir Alex, starting with two experienced impact players rather than say Valencia who has been unreal this season. Fair play to city they didn't choke."

  53. 2159: 

    Liam Gallagher is loving it, as you'd expect. A big night for lifelong City fans, but there's an even bigger one to come at Newcastle.

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Gareth Barry was immense. He mopped up and read the game well. He's not the quickest but in that holding midfield role, you just have to do the work in that position."

  55. 2159: 

    Well then - let's hear from you. City fans - how does that feel? Deserved? What did you think about taking Tevez off? United fans - what about that team selection tonight? Who was to blame? Who is favourites now? Drop me a line on Twitter using the hashtag #BBCFootball, Tweet me @TJRostance, or text in on 81111. Put your name and allegiance on those texts though won't you now? Good.

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Mike Ingham at the Etihad:

    "It's 44 years since Manchester City were champions. They'll never get a better chance. They control their own destiny. Roberto Mancini said they couldn't win the title - well they can and they should."

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "City were the better team on the night. There's no doubt they deserved to win but it's not over yet. City still have to go to Newcastle, which will be a tough game."

  58. 2155: 

    Blue Moon reverberates around the Etihad Stadium. You have to say City thoroughly deserved that victory, United were toothless in attack. Two games to go, and City on top. But they have to go to Newcastle yet. Let's not get carried away.

  59. 2154: 

    Vincent Kompany - who scored the only goal of the game - has the final kick as he lumps a goal-kick downfield as CITY GO TOP OF THE PREMIER LEAGUE ON GOAL DIFFERENCE. A huge moment in this title race.

  60. 2153:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:FULL-TIME- Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United

    "Scenes of sheer ecstasy at the Etihad. Manchester City have their Premier League destiny in their hands and deservedly so after this win. More positive than a very poor and passive Manchester United."

  61. 2152: 

    ...It's terrible from Ashley Young. Ankle high to the near post and away.

  62. 2152: 

    Corner to United...

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Five minutes stoppage time. Man City fans really feeling the tension and that red number has not helped them."

  64. 2150: 

    City fans can't watch as they soak up some pressure, as Roberto Mancini brings on James Milner for Samir Nasri. Nasri has been very good tonight, but he should have scored and that could be crucial.


    Dan on text: "Yaya you're man of the match. He's handled 3 "world class" midfielders with such ease."


    Manchester City football development executive Patrick Vieira on Twitter: "Five minutes to go and City are controlling the game. I am not worried at all."

  67. 2148: 


  68. 2147: 

    Shoot Samir Nasri! Oh dear. Yaya Toure - again - breaks away down the left. He beats his man easily and cuts it back, it comes to Nasri but instead of putting a size eight through the ball he elects to try and come inside another man and it is cleared. Great, great chance.

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Rooney has been disappointing. He hasn't been on the ball. He's been frustrated and on the periphery of the game - he's been poor."

  70. 2145: 

    City are ending well - and they go close! Pablo Zabaleta again breaks clear down the right, his low cross is behind Sergio Aguero and it comes to Gael Clichy, who fires in low and hard but David de Gea makes a decent save. Almost the killer goal.


    Tom Watson on Twitter: "Why the tension? Whatever happens the title is staying in Manchester, so surely it's win-win 4 both sets of fans. "

  72. 2144: 

    A reminder that if you're one of the unlucky ones missing tonight's match, then you can see all the goals on the BBC News Channel at 2230 and 2330 BST, with @TimHagueBBC reporting on events at the Etihad.

  73. 2143: 

    It's been a very professional few minutes from City as they keep the ball in the final third. They have a free-kick on the left but David de Gea makes a good clearance. City win it back.

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Danny Welbeck is struggling from a tackle by De Jong. They've already made their three substitutions."

  75. 2141: 

    It's a tense night. But no-one's told Mario Balotelli. He is warming up on the touchline and has a joke with Yaya Toure. Not a care in the world that lad.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Ferguson's explosive reaction was just about as animated as anyone from Man Utd has been tonight. Man City fans taunting the Man Utd boss with chants of "Fergie's Cracking Up." At least 10 minutes too early for that."


    Ash Harbin on Twitter: "Seems to be turning into a game of Street Fighter in the Etihad."

    Stephen Thorpe on Twitter: "Never seen Fergie rattled like that...trophyless season?!"

  78. 2139: 

    Changes for both sides. Manchester United put Ashley Young on for Nani - who has been poor - while City throw on Micah Richards for David Silva. Five at the back for the hosts. And they may need them.

  79. 2139: 

    The big man Yaya Toure is having a field day in that midfield now. He advances through unchecked as Michael Carrick can't get close to him, but he shoots wide.

  80. 2138: 

    Manchester City are less than 10 minutes away from a famous win. But how many times have Manchester United scored in these scenarios?

  81. 2137: 

    Nani has gone out to the left for United, with Antonio Valencia on the right and Ryan Giggs in the middle with Michael Carrick. Attacking, but very open.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Ferguson advanced right into City's technical area and was given what is politely called "short shrift" by Mancini. City fans loved that."

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "It's nice to see someone have a go at Sir Alex Ferguson. Some managers are too scared to do it and let Ferguson get the better of them. Roberto managed to stand his ground. Well done Roberto."

  84. 2135: 

    Paul Scholes is off before he gets hurt by Yaya Toure, as Antonio Valencia is finally introduced. Michael Carrick is now booked for a wild challenge on Gareth Barry. It's very scrappy, which suits City.

  85. 2133: 

    Here we go - it's all kicking off! Roberto Mancini and Sir Alex Ferguson have a confrontation after that Nigel de Jong booking. Ferguson was furious with the challenge and told Mancini in no uncertain terms. David Platt was involved as well. More fireworks off the pitch than on it at the moment.

  86. 2133: 

    A reminder - as if you needed it. Manchester City are going top of the Premier League as it stands. That's a booking for City sub Nigel de Jong as he clatters Danny Welbeck.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Into the last 20 minutes. And the tension will increase as every one of them passes."

  88. 2131: 

    Everyone's an expert aren't they? Who would be a manager? Yaya Toure is having a scuffle with Paul Scholes - who is a foot smaller and about five stone lighter than the City man. Toure could be the key for the rest of this game, he's been very effective since the tactical change.


    Daniel Marshall on Twitter: "What on earth is Mancini doing!? If United score now I don't think City will get back."

    Joseph on Twitter: "Tevez should have refused to come off."

    Graham Day on Twitter: "De Jong on for Tevez? Really bad choice from Mancini I think. Too early and #MUFC will just pile it on now. Need Tevez pace"

  90. 2129: 

    Vincent Kompany does superbly to cut out a pass to Wayne Rooney, and he launches a breakaway. That man Yaya Toure drives forward through the middle of the United side and powers in a shot which flies just wide. He takes some stopping.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "And it's Tevez off for De Jong. So not his destiny to score the most important goal in Man City's history. Not tonight anyway."

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Mike Ingham at Etihad Stadium:

    "If Manchester City don't win this, Mancini will be criticised for this - shutting up shop. If they win, he won't but he's opened himself up to criticism."

  93. 2126: 

    Let's not forget that Carlos Tevez isn't the fittest at the moment though, and this move allows Yaya Toure to move forward into the space behind Sergio Aguero. There's the first booking for a United player as Phil Jones catches Gareth Barry on the foot.

  94. 2125: 

    This tells you how the game is going - as Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini replaces Carlos Tevez with Nigel de Jong. What's the opposite of a 'like for like' sub?

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "De Jong is getting stripped off. Will he sacrifice Nasri or Silva and push Yaya Toure forward? I think it's the right decision. They are sitting too deep and you can't do that against United - they are the best in the business at picking you off."

  96. 2123: 

    We've got 25 minutes left. And that's 25 minutes which could decide who wins the Premier League. Hang on to your hats everyone...

  97. 2121: 

    Both very good points on text. United are having more of the play now as City drop dangerously deep. You do not want to be sitting back on a 1-0 lead against a Sir Alex Ferguson side.


    Jimmy, from Plymouth,on text: "Now matter how poor Utd play in this 2nd half, if it's still 1:0 at 85 mins, they will equalise. Been doing it since the beginning of time. Prem time that is. "

    Marc, from Chichester, on text: "Anyone going to mention that Man City still have a trip to Newcastle to come? QPR at home should be easier but Utd have two straightforward matches. This result could mean nothing come the end of the season... "

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Sir Alex Ferguson gambled by restoring Park Ji-sung and it did not work. The South Korean was as industrious as ever but his impact was minimal."

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Rooney has dropped deep on to Yaya Toure. He's playing deeper and trying to feed Welbeck. Playing in midfield, he will try to sprint forward and support Welbeck."

  101. 2120: 

    Ooh - this is as close to a second goal as we've come. City patiently work a free-kick out to the left, Yaya Toure glides past Wayne Rooney and thumps in a low cross-shot which David de Gea kicks away from in front of a host of players. That could have gone anywhere - but well played by the goalkeeper.

  102. 2116: 

    So will that United change open up the midfield? Wayne Rooney is operating behind Danny Welbeck now, but there may be some space for the likes of Yaya Toure and David Silva to operate in.


    John, from Manchester, on text: "United have lost 8 of the last 10 games Park Ji Sung has started. Utterly hopeless."

  104. 2115: 

    Here is the United change as Danny Welbeck comes on for Park Ji-sung. Reshuffle time.

  105. 2115: 

    I was surprised that Pablo Zabaleta was picked at right-back ahead of Micah Richards, but he's been excellent. Another lung-buster of a run sees him gallop into the box and win a corner. Again United don't deal with it well and Samir Nasri curls a shot wide.

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "United have no attacking threat. Rooney is isolated up front on his own. City's midfield have been better. I think Ferguson's got to sacrifice Park and put Welbeck up front with Rooney."

  107. 2112: 

    Danny Welbeck is now warming up for Manchester United. They need to do something.


    BBC Radio Manchester's Steven Wyeth on Twitter: "#MUFC's record when conceding first this season - W0 D3 L4. Just saying #MCFC"

  109. 2110: 

    City have had the better of it since that corner, dominating possession. Yaya Toure is then booked for throwing the ball down in a fit of pique after he was penalised for obstructing Ryan Giggs.


    Some Body on Twitter: "End of a dynasty? Changing of the guard? Or just a blip..? 45 mins to find out."

  111. 2108: 

    Lovely flowing move from City as Carlos Tevez finds Sergio Aguero, who passes to the overlapping Pablo Zabaleta. The full-back is in the box but his low cross is cut out. David Silva's corner again causes havoc but Joleon Lescott mistimes his jump.

  112. 2106: 

    United have a corner which Ryan Giggs bends in - it's a great delivery again but Joe Hart this time gets up to tip it away. Maybe David de Gea could have done the same and prevented the City goal?


    Joe in Leicester on text: "People might criticise Smalling for his part in the Man city goal but why on earth isn't Ferdinand marking Kompany who is clearly the best player in the air for Man City! Ferdinand should be taking charge there!"

  114. 2103: 

    Wayne Rooney has already complained about one challenge from Vincent Kompany - who is on a booking. No action taken though. United have had all the ball since the restart.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Big Antonio Valencia fan - surely a role for him tonight if this continues from Man Utd."

  116. 2102: 
    KICK-OFF- Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United

    No changes for either side - we're back in play.

    MOTD's Mark Lawrenson:

    "City have been the better team but United have let them come on to them. The goal will change everything as United will have to come out more and possibly leave spaces at the back."


    Tokunbo on Twitter: "Get Nani out and Valencia in ASAP!"

    Tom D on Twitter: "Any apologies to K-Dogg forthcoming?"

    Harry Price-Smith on Twitter: "If City do end up winning the title, that goal surely shows why. De Gea surely should have come for that "


    Infostrada on Twitter: "From their 17 half-time leads this season, Manchester City have converted 16 into wins (exception being 2-2 against Fulham on 18 Sep)."

  120. 2058: 

    Will we see changes at the break? United need to do something.

  121. 2055: 

    I'm just seeing some more replays of the goal. Vincent Kompany was left totally free in the middle of the goal. Nightmare stuff.


    Mark Schumann on Twitter: "Great first half. Quality, precision, passion - everything that's good about te #premierleague. What a 2nd half in store!"

    Ed Gutteridge on Twitter: "In the biggest Premier League match in years you absolutely cannot give away a goal direct from a corner. Not good enough."

    Patrick Mckeever on Twitter: "Great stuff from City. I hear if they can maintain this lead the players are going to a Ukelele Cabaret to celebrate. "

    Pathan Khan on Twitter: "have you seen anything like it? Utd parking the bus in front of the goal for most of the first half. City need dzeko on pitch!"

    Rob Ludeman on Twitter: "Sir Alex evidently deploying two Parks in this match: Park, J.S. and Park, The Bus. 1-0 #MCFC at halftime."

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Nasri and Zabaleta have had so much ball against Evra on the right. Evra's been poor. They've worked it very well - that's where the damage is being done."

  124. 2051: 

    In truth it wasn't the greatest of halves, but Manchester City won't care at the moment. Sir Alex Ferguson's gameplan was clearly to contain, so he may have to have a re-think now. Just take a look at that bench though - Valencia, Welbeck, Hernandez, Young and Berbatov. So many options.

  125. 2048: 

    So - as it stands - City are top of the Premier League. THERE IS A LONG, LONG WAY TO GO THOUGH...

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "What a ball from Silva and a towering header from Kompany. I'm not sure who was marking him - he had a free run. De Gea had no chance, what a header from the captain. Terrible defending."

  127. 2047:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:HALF-TIME- Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United

    "Manchester City deserved that lead for their more positive approach. Sir Alex Ferguson cannot afford to leave Wayne Rooney so isolated after the break. The Etihad is rocking."

  128. 2047: 

    Well then, that was just what the game needed.

    GOAL- Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United - Vincent Kompany (45 mins)

    There we go, I told you there was no goal coming. David Silva whips in a corner from the right and City captain Vincent Kompany rises well above Chris Smalling to thump in a header from close range. No chance for David de Gea at all. Massive goal.

  130. 2044: 

    The 25-yard shot must be out of fashion. Just as Barca refused to have a dig when well-placed in the second half last week, City are camped on the edge of the United box but no-one has taken aim. Have a go boys.


    Michael Wake on Twitter: "People comparing City to Barca? Yes, they both don't have a Plan B. Pressure with no conviction, just like at the Nou Camp."

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Manchester City well in the ascendancy now. This has been a containment job from Manchester United so far."

  133. 2042: 

    We are down to walking pace. This hasn't been great has it?

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Man City starting to exert more pressure as Aguero pulls another shot wide. Crowd getting even more animated."

  135. 2039: 

    It was almost quality here though. City break away from a United cross, Carlos Tevez holds off two men in the centre circle before sending Yaya Toure away. He finds Sergio Aguero but his shot is wide. Great play from Tevez.


    James Harrison on Twitter: "I am dying to know what goes on at a Ukelele Cabaret!"

  137. 2037: 

    United have nine men behind the ball now as City try to patiently find a way through. It's short of quality though. We need a goal, but I can't see one coming.

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Rooney is trying to ref the game. All the big hitters, like Alan Shearer, used to do it. Rooney's on to the ref at every opportunity and the referee has to be careful not to let that happen."


    Bill in Hereford on text: "This match is showing the world the high tempo and toughness of the PL."

  140. 2034: 

    Danger from City down the right as Samir Nasri finds a yard of space to drive in a low cross, Sergio Aguero swivels to fire in a shot but he doesn't catch it cleanly and the ball flies wide. Pablo Zabaleta then almost gets on the end of another move but can't get a shot away. City on top now.


    Dan C on Twitter: "Man City look a little short of ideas for a change. It's times like this they could do with the striking ability of Shaun Goater."

  142. 2032: 

    Wayne Rooney is coming to the boil. Up front on his own, he's getting some treatment from the City defence and he doesn't like it one bit.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Mancini smiling as Rooney wins a foul in his increasingly tasty battle with Kompany. Ferguson pointing fingers in the technical area."


    Jamie Howell on Twitter: "City getting more into the game, United need to score soon or they will have nothing to defend "

  145. 2030: 

    City having a good spell here though, with David Silva to the fore. He can't quite feed a pass through to Carlos Tevez inside the area. Eye of a needle stuff. Anyone else wondering what goes on at a ukulele cabaret?


    Dodgy Knees Blog on Twitter: "So nervous everytime I press refresh on the live text on my mobile!! At a ukulele cabaret so can't watch live! Come on #mufc"

  147. 2028: 

    I doubt either side will be able to keep this tempo up to be honest, it's harum scarum stuff in the middle. No-one is getting a second on the ball.

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "United will be happy with the start. They've controlled the game with five in midfield and pressing City up high. The question is whether they can do it for 90 minutes."

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Manchester United are working feverishly to deny possession to Manchester City's danger men Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero. Successful so far as Sir Alex Ferguson's side look a little more confident in these opening exchanges."

  150. 2025: 

    All the big names are here tonight. Former City owner Thaksin Shinawatra is behind the goal with the home fans. He's mobbed.


    Steve McCammon on Twitter: "As much as I disliked @RobbieSavage8 as a player, he is one of the best pundits around. Rarely wrong."

  152. 2023: 

    This is better for the hosts. Gael Clichy breaks a tackle and makes up 50 yards down the left before finding Sergio Aguero but he can't get a shot away. The corner is not cleared and Aguero does have a sight of goal, but smashes over the top from an angle. It brings Maradona to his feet.


    Ben Franklin on Twitter: "Really can't see City breaking through Utd. It all depends on whether Silva can produce some magic."


    Some Body on Twitter: "The high tempo will not suit Utd's old legs. Unless they score early."

  155. 2022: 

    City apply some pressure which ends when Pablo Zabaleta's cross in is dealt with by Rio Ferdinand. United look to have the advantage in the air.


    Harry Fisher on Twitter: "Compare this game to Barcelona Real Madrid and then tell me that the Premiership's the greatest league in the world!!"

  157. 2021: 

    There's Maradona in the stands. He looks freezing. You should have been here yesterday Maradona! It's practically tropical in comparison now.


    Manchester City football development executive Patrick Vieira on Twitter: "United have started well. We look a little bit nervous."


    Alex in Marlborough on text: "Nani shouldn't have started it seems, why no Valencia? "

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:

    "Better from Man City. Nasri plays in Tevez and his dangerous cross is cleared by Jones."

  161. 2019: 

    City are starting to boss possession now, but don't forget a draw is a good result for Manchester United. City captain Vincent Kompany is booked by referee Andre Marriner for catching Wayne Rooney on the halfway line. That looks soft.

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "I hope City don't come away after the game thinking 'we could have won the title but we didn't have a go'. They've not been in it in the first 20 minutes."

  163. 2015: 

    But that was better from City. Samir Nasri beats three men in midfield before feeding in Carlos Tevez inside the area, he cuts the ball back but strike partner Sergio Aguero doesn't anticipate it and United get it away.

  164. 2015: 

    I think that was Sergio Aguero's first touch of the ball, but he runs it out of play on the left. Yaya Toure's been anonymous so far as well, which is not easy when you're his size. Roberto Mancini will not be pleased so far.

  165. 2010: 

    Paul Scholes gets away with a booking as he handballs in midfield. Lucky boy. It's very hectic in there, no room at all in midfield.

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "City have not got going. United have dominated in terms of possession and winning second balls. City are looking nervous. We've not mentioned Tevez or Aguero, while Nani's been awful for United."

  167. 2009: 

    Oh dear. Nani takes aim from 35 yards and his shot is into around row L behind the goal. Miles over. But it's Manchester United who have made the brighter start, without a doubt.

  168. 2007: 

    United break away with Wayne Rooney down the right but support is slow to get to him and in the end Patrice Evra sees his cross out for another corner.


    Nick, on a ranch outside of Austin, Texas: "Following the Street Fighter theme set by Drunken Master, I would put Dhalsim in goal. Nothing would get past his elastic limbs. By the way, I have just saved a bunny rabbit from being strangled by a snake. Not sure if that is a metaphor for anything. "

  170. 2004: 

    City get forward for the first time but Gael Clichy's cross is overhit, before United break away and Nani has the chance to take on Joleon Lescott. His touch is poor though and Lescott clears. David Silva then has a shot at the other end and it's away for a corner. Manic start.

  171. 2002: 

    Park, Paul Scholes and Michael Carrick are all playing very close together in the United midfield, with Ryan Giggs wide on the left and Nani on the right. It's all United so far.

  172. 2001: 

    ...City don't defend that corner too convincingly, and Michael Carrick's shot is blocked inside the six-yard box by Vincent Kompany. Was that a handball? On his chest I think.

  173. 2000: 

    United start well and win a corner...

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "This is one of the best atmospheres I've ever seen for a derby. It's electric. At Maine Road, the fans were the 12th man. Tonight, for the first time, it's like that here."

  175. 2000: 
    KICK-OFF- Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    We are under way in Manchester...

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "I hope it's not a boring 0-0. Sometimes you build these games up and they disappoint but I don't think this will happen."

  177. 1954: 

    The players are in the tunnel. Patrice Evra has got his 'focused' head on. City's players look more at ease if anything. Not long to go now.


    Drunken Master on Twitter: "I think Tevez is gonna win the game by crouching down in the centre circle & shooting out electric, just like his cousin Blanka."

  179. 1952: 

    Stop picking on the K-Dogg.


    K-Dogg's claim that playing Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs together is a mistake hasn't gone down well.

    Michael Kent on text: "how can you say that playing Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs in this game is ridiculous? Paul Scholes hasn't lost since coming out of retirement and Giggs has been nothing short of excellent in each of his 20 years at the club."

    Tom Harries, Cardiff on text: "you must be forgetting the fact that 37 year old Paul Scholes has put Utd in the position of potentially winning the league"

    Rich, North Yorks on text: "Those 'pensioners' are the reason United even have a chance this season! Scholes came back and has played like he never left the game! One word, Superb! Minutes between us and greatest game!"

  181. 1949: 

    You know it's a big game when Maradona rocks up, and the Argentina legend - who is Sergio Aguero's father-in-law - is there tonight. Sporting a killer handlebar moustache.

  182. 1948: 

    And some more from Ferguson: "You never go for draws. I've never done that in my life.

    "It was a good idea to go to Wales (United's squad went there to prepare during the week) and get away from the cameras and the focus. The weather was terrible but it was in Manchester as well!"

  183. 1947: 

    Here's Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson: "I think the way City operate is well known. I thought we'd reinforce our midfield to counter that.

    "Experience is vital in these derby games and Ryan and Paul have played more derby games than all the others put together. We're going out to win the game. It is not an easy game for both sides. I just hope it's a great game for everyone in the country."


    Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs told BBC Radio Manchester: "Three games to go and it's neck and neck, this derby is up there and the biggest of recent times. There is a little bit of frustration [letting City back in], but there's nothing we can do about that now and it's still in our hands. We'll try and put out a statement that we can win the league."

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "If Tevez scores the winner tonight and City go on to win the league, no-one will care about what has happened in the past this season. From a season where he has been a villain, he can become a hero."

  186. 1940: 

    The story of Carlos Tevez is currently on BBC radio 5 live - it's safe to say he's had an eventful few years in Manchester. Hero or villain?


    K-Dogg from Edinburgh on text: 'You can't win anything with kids' turned out to be wrong but I'm going to say you can't win anything with pensioners. To turn up for a game of this magnitude with 37-year-old Paul Scholes and 38-year-old Ryan Giggs in midfield is ridiculous. It will cost Man United this game and possibly even the championship."

  188. 1937: 

    First sight of the main players, as Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has his say.

    He says: "I hope we can play better than last week against Wolves. I hope we can play like we played in our last three or four games. We need to win. It will be difficult but I am confident.

    "Even if United change their players they are still a good team. For United a draw is enough. They are playing with one striker but their mentality is always good."

    Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been in better sound-bite form, though. "This is the derby game of all derby games," said the Scot. "People are brought up through their grandfathers, their great grandfathers, their grandmothers to be what they are. It is steeped in the blood of these supporters and they will give everything to win this game on Monday." Both, though, have said enough to suggest we could be in for a belter. Fergie admitted: "If we draw we'll be strong favourites but we will be trying to win." While Mancini said: "We don't have any pressure because we don't have anything to lose."

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on Radio 5 live:

    "When Mario Balotelli walked out of the tunnel, after the substitutes, he had such a face on I can't tell you."

    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

    Gary Lineker on Twitter: "City have been brilliant at home this season but tonight is about handling the occasion. Fascinatingly difficult to call."

    Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    How do you pick out a couple of neat quotes to sum up just what this contest means for both sides? "It is a football day and not war and, for this reason, I hope all supporters will enjoy the game. It is like a final and you can lose these games; you are not playing against a small team," said Man City boss Roberto Mancini. That is a decent start."


    Gary from Belfast on text: "Have been reading all week how it is the United way to "just go for it". The team line up suggests quite the opposite. Fear of the City midfield written all over that side."

  194. 1927: 

    For those of you who fancy a flutter, you can get 200/1 on City repeating their 6-1 win from earlier the season, while United are 300/1 to smash in the same score.

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    "Manchester City are unchanged from the side that won 2-0 at Wolves - with Mario Balotelli back on the bench.

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has gone for a formation with a Champions League away game look about it.

    The trusted Park Ji-sung comes in with Wayne Rooney alone up front. Four changes - Park, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and Ryan Giggs in for Rafael, Jonny Evans, Antonio Valencia and Danny Welbeck."

  196. 1924: 

    We don't know what to make of that from Ryan. Poetry? Or just nonsense? But we like it regardless.


    Ryan Van der Merwe on text: "Park Ji-sung is the fist, inside Fergie's velvet glove."


    James McElroy on Twitter: "Looks like Fergie is playing it like a Champions League away game... which we haven't done so well in recently"

  199. 1917: 

    That will be a very interesting duel in midfield won't it? City have gone very attacking, and there are surprises in the United side as well, with Jonny Evans missing from the defence and a very strong bench.

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Paul Scholes is brilliant and runs games, but he still can't tackle. It's important that both teams keep 11 men on the pitch so it might be Yaya Toure's job to try and drive at Scholes."


    Former United midfielder Paul Ince on BBC Radio 5 live: "It's great to see Paul Scholes back in the side. He has been sorely missed."

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    "Manchester City and Manchester United fans were milling around the Etihad hours before kick-off - and tension is already building for arguably the most important game in Premier League history.

    United's advantage has been cut to three points after defeat at Wigan and the concession of two late goals to Everton in the 4-4 draw at Old Trafford. Roberto Mancini's side have seen their title hopes lifted by that stumble but still need victory tonight."

    LINE-UPS- Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    Man City: Hart, Zabaleta, Lescott, Kompany, Clichy, Barry, Toure Yaya, Silva, Tevez, Nasri, Aguero. Subs: Pantilimon, Richards, Milner, Dzeko, Kolarov, De Jong, Balotelli.

    Man Utd: De Gea, Jones, Ferdinand, Smalling, Evra, Nani, Carrick, Scholes, Park, Giggs, Rooney. Subs: Amos, Berbatov, Hernandez, Young, Welbeck, Rafael Da Silva, Valencia.

    Referee: Andre Marriner (W Midlands)

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    "The fractured relationship between Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini and Carlos Tevez has been repaired - and now the Italian expects a defining moment from the Argentina against his former club Manchester United, saying: "I think Carlos is destined to score the most important goal in the history of this club. This is my belief."

    Ryan Giggs may have 12 Premier League titles to his name with Manchester United but he is fired about about taking a giant stride towards a 13th with victory at Manchester City. He says: "We're Man United, we're the champions and we'll try to go out there and put a statement out that we deserve to win this league."


    Andrew from Fleetwood on text: "Its 3pm, I'm at a toy summit in Miami discussing the global future of toys and I couldn't give a stuff, I just want United to win."

    Andrew - are you Tom Hanks in Big?

  206. 1909: 

    We can blame that Chris Bevan feature for the absence of Antonio Valencia from United's line-up. But Park Ji-sung loves a big game doesn't he? He loves it.

    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    Manchester United make four changes, with Ryan Giggs, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and Park Ji-sung all coming in. Surprisingly, Antonio Valencia is on the bench.


    Ollie on text: "RE: 1847. I've actually got to do a live text commentary for my upcoming Sports Journalism assignment. I wonder what grade you're going to get Tom..."

    As long as it's better than the one I actually got years ago...

    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    Manchester City are unchanged from the side which beat Wolves 2-0 10 days ago, so it's Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero up front.

  210. 1858: 

    Clayton Blackmore has had plenty to say then, but I should point out that in the interests of balance, City legend Shaun Goater was meant to be joining us - but he apparently got lost. A tad embarrassing...


    Former United defender Clayton Blackmore on BBC Sportsday: "I think it would be a big mistake if Roberto Mancini left Carlos Tevez out instead of Mario Balotelli, but from a United point of view, I hope he does!"


    Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore on BBC Sportsday: "For it to come down to this makes it a fantastic end to the season. There have been unprecedented demands from our broadcast partners from all over the world. We couldn't meet the demand, so there are 17 trucks in the car park. It's an amazing tribute to the excitement this match has generated."

    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at Etihad Stadium:Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    "'The most eagerly-awaited Manchester derby in years'. That's how I started the preview for the October meeting of United and City at Old Trafford. I somehow think that this one has gone up a couple of notches even from that. Two-and-a-half weeks ago, as City fans left the Etihad following their win over West Brom and news of United's loss at Wigan came through, the phrase "it's back on" was on everyone's lips. Two more wins later and it really is back on. With United only needing a point to make sure they stay in command of things, you'd expect Ferguson to set up his team to make sure they get it. A packed house. A galaxy of stars. Everything at stake. It might turn out to be a cagey, nervous contest - but will be no less enthralling for it. Unmissable? Yes, we'll go along with that."

  214. 1852: 

    Phil McNulty has cornered former Liverpool midfielder Jan Molby at the Etihad and he is very much in favour of Roy Hodgson's appointment as England manager.

    Molby said: "I think it is an excellent choice. He is everything that the FA wants. He is a tracksuit manager, will have a clear idea of how he wants them to play and it is important to have that identity.

    "He will be out there with the players on the training ground. And I think it is also important that the next England manager buys into the development centre at Burton because it is the chance to build something and leave a legacy. Roy Hodgson will do that."

  215. 1849: 

    There's just over an hour to go before kick-off and we await that team news, but here's some pictures of the clubs arriving at the stadium. Mad Mario Balotelli has dyed his stripe of hair a bright blonde - will he be showing it off?


    Former United defender Clayton Blackmore on City boss Roberto Mancini: "He's been saying it's all over. He might think that in his heart, but he knows in football anything can happen. Carlos Tevez is a fantastic player, that's the problem United have got, if we can keep him and Sergio Aguero quiet it will go a long way to winning the game."

  217. 1847: 

    If any one takes James's advice there, I will not be held reponsible for your futures. I can't imagine a single essay question that this stream of nonsense could help you with.


    James in Redditch on text: "To the students struggling with work just copy and paste the live text and submit that. With the early start you will easily hit the word limit! Also to the lecturers just mark the live text tonight and save yourself time."


    Soumen, Liverpool fan in London, on text: "This game, whilst massive, doesn't even compare to that game on May 26, 1989. I was 13 then and at 36, I still haven't come to terms with that loss to Arsenal - it still makes me shudder whenever I see a replay of Michael Thomas about to shoot and I still wake up in cold sweats over it. If City win tonight (as I hope), they will still have some work to do."

    It's 'only a game' mate, don't forget that.


    Brian T Farrell on Twitter: "I'm in Melbourne, it's almost 4am but I'll follow the game every step of the way!!"


    Former United defender Clayton Blackmore on BBC Sportsday: "I think if United lose it's still in the balance because City have to travel to Newcastle and play QPR. If United win you would expect us to see it out."

  222. 1838: 

    My first mention of the weather, which has had an amazing swing in the last 24 hours. I left the office last night in apocalyptic conditions of rain and wind, but it is beautiful out there now. FA Cup final weather. No excuses.

  223. 1835: 

    Former United midfielder Nicky Butt thinks the game could be won in midfield: "I'm concerned about the United midfield being outnumbered. City are very strong in there and I think United will have to match up with them." But ex-City striker Uwe Rosler thinks the title is destined for the Etihad. "Everybody else thought it was over," he told BBC Sport. "But I always said from the beginning of the season that this year is our year. For some reason I believe in destiny."

  224. 1833: 

    Just three weeks ago, Manchester City were eight points shy of United after a defeat at Arsenal, but April has seen a five-point swing thanks to Wigan and Everton taking points from Sir Alex Ferguson's men. City have looked a different team since Carlos Tevez came back to partner Sergio Aguero up front. Tevez, who left United under a cloud and who has caused a huge stink at City all season, could yet be the hero. There's more subplots in this than a season of Twin Peaks.


    Bob on text: "Never mind writing dissertations, I've got 100,000 words of them to mark for tomorrow. Watching the biggest match of the season is a legitimate excuse for lecturers too... right?"


    Former United manager Tommy Docherty told BBC Sport: "City are a great side and the game could be won and lost in the battle between City strikers Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez and the United centre-halves Rio Ferdinand and Jonny Evans. I think City will look to button up Wayne Rooney as early as they can because he is United's main danger and main goalscorer."


    Sim in Brighton on text: "Got my dissertation due tomorrow and my final exam is the day after the final day of the season. Shouldn't unis be planning this stuff around the fixture list?"

  228. 1829: 

    We are a way off hearing any confirmed team news yet, and with so many quality players potentially playing it's hard to know where to start. But that hasn't stopped our own Chris Bevan, who has backed City midfielder David Silva and United winger Antonio Valencia to carry the threat tonight. It's easy to see why. Silva has crafted 91 chances for his side so far this season, while wide-boy Valencia has made 58 opportunities. Will they both start tonight? We'll know soon.


    Adam Bartlett on Twitter: "Massive game, even over on the non-football side of the pond in the middle of the workday. People are taking time off for this."

    Wayne Rooney and Gareth Barry have succeeded where so many British bands have failed - they've broken America.


    Former City winger Mike Summerbee told BBC Sport: "Manchester United are in the driving seat with their three-point lead, but I think both sides will cast everything to the wind, and just go for it."

  231. 1826: 

    Coming up at 1830 here on BBC Sport Online and the BBC News Channel: a full review of the day's sports news in Sportsday.

    Tonight the show is a Manchester derby special and will be presented live from the Etihad Stadium, of all places, by Olly Foster.

  232. 1825: 

    City, of course, haven't won the league since 1968. A whopping 44 years ago. Manchester United were runners up on that occasion - how the blue half of the city would like to see a repeat.


    John, with 2,000 words still to go, on text: "Is watching this game worth failing my dissertation due in tomorrow? Probably. Only one way to find out!"


    Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel told BBC Sport: "Sir Alex Ferguson sometimes looks two, three, four years ahead into the future, but he never ever talks about it in front of the players. The most important thing to him is the next game."


    Opta Sports on Twitter: "13 - Wayne Rooney has scored more Premier League goals in 2012 than any other player in the division. Rampant."

  236. 1817: 

    Jonny, you may have gone too big, too early there. You'll regret that one if it's a shocker. But as if the prospect of all tonight's action wasn't enough, we may have a new England manager installed in the coming hours as well. Good grief. Everyone happy with Roy Hodgson? I thought so, let's move on...


    Jonny in Bournemouth on text: "I have my first A level exam on Thursday. But at least I'll be able to tell my kids I saw the biggest game in Premier League history."

  238. 1813: 

    So while we won't quite be able to declare the title race over come 2200 BST this evening, it will be a lot closer to being decided. If it's a draw? Well that would be rather boring wouldn't it? Let's not think about that.


    Doug, United fan on text: "If we don't win I'll say never mind, it's not our year. City fans will blame someone and fire the manager and waste more money on outrageous signings. That's why we will stay a big club and eventually they will not. Not worried about tonight or the future."

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    "Calm before the storm inside the stadium. Pitch being watered and Patrick Vieira just arriving at the Etihad. He is a man who can pass on advice to Manchester City's players about how to win a Premier League title."


    Drew Crawford on Twitter: "Since I was born this is the biggest league match that i can remember. Today couldn't have come sooner."

  242. 1809: 

    A win tonight for Manchester City though, and Roberto Mancini's men will be back on top thanks to their superior goal difference. They would then face a tricky trip to Newcastle before hosting QPR at home on the final day of the season.


    Andy from York, Manchester United fan on text: "Utd have always 'done things the hard way', but when it comes to the crunch, they always seem to do just enough. So a draw tonight. 2-2. City to dominate 1st half. Utd to come back strong after the break."

  244. 1806: 

    Let's lay it on the line. Here's the situation: Manchester United are three points clear of Manchester City at the top of the table. Win tonight, and they will go six points clear with two games left. They would need a point from games against Swansea and Sunderland to seal a 20th league title.


    Connor Berwick on Twitter: "I'm more nervous for this game than I am for exams in two weeks. It could only be the Manchester derby, couldn't it?"

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Etihad Stadium:Manchester City v Manchester United (2000 BST)

    "Early arrivals at the Etihad include members of the world's media - with queues for accreditation snaking around the stand hours before kick-off."


    Matt from Reading on text: "I don't know why, but I just can't see City losing this tonight. Supersub Mario to get the winner, then sent off for celebrating of course."

  248. 1802: 

    While you scribe your very best Tweets and texts to us here at the footballing hotbed of Salford Quays, tune in to a special Final Score at the top of your screens. There's also a Match of the Day special tonight.

  249. 1758: 

    So I can't be the only one who's been eagerly awaiting kick-off all day? Surely? Give me some reassurance here. Firstly, if you're going to the game, get in touch. What's your matchday routine? Have you altered it? Who's going to win? Are there any City fans out there confident of a home win and the title? Or are you a United fan who has been here many times before and are just waiting to tick off number 20? Drop me a line on Twitter using the hashtag #BBCFootball, Tweet me @TJRostance, or text in on 81111. Put your name and allegiance on those texts though won't you now? Good.

  250. 1757: 

    Of course, the 1989 first division showdown at Anfield captured beautifully in Fever Pitch remains the ultimate title decider, with Arsenal pulling off an unlikely-looking 2-0 win to deny Liverpool. More recently, Arsenal managed to win the 2002 title at the home of their challengers when Sylvain Wiltord's goal saw off Manchester United at Old Trafford. And then there is tonight...


    Skezza on a very early text, via 81111: "Loving the early live text start Tom, City to win 3-2. Mario atoning for recent weeks with a last gasp pen."

  252. 1753: 

    And to paraphrase Sarah from Fever Pitch, you just don't get many Micky Thomas moments in real life, do you?

  253. 1749: 

    The Premier League is contested over 38 matches spread liberally over a 10-month season. Occasionally the destiny of the trophy is decided with several games to go, sometimes it goes down to the wire.

    Very, very rarely, do the top two teams come up against each other in a winner-takes-all contest. Which is what we've (almost) got tonight. We're in borderline Micky Thomas territory here.

  254. 1745: 

    Hello again, I'm glad you've tuned in - you've obviously heard that there's a football match on tonight. Manchester City v Manchester United with the Premier League title at stake. Apologies to Des Lynam, but it quite simply does not get any bigger than this. Not on a Monday night in Manchester anyway...

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