Euro 2012: England v Ukraine & Sweden v France

Live text commentary as England beat Ukraine 1-0 to qualify from Group D, while Sweden shock France.

19 June 2012 Last updated at 23:06

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As it happened

  1. 2301: 

    Well that's that from me for another day at the Euros - England have done it, we avoided a 'Phil Neville' moment, and England even got away with a blatant goal for Ukraine.

    Match of the Day is just starting.

    Keep it quiet, but there is a rest day tomorrow. We'll see you back here on Thursday, when Phil Dawkes is the man in the chair for Portugal v Czech Republic in the first quarter-final. Over and out.

  2. 2300: 

    We'll be celebrating or drowning our sorrows...


    Zubair Hansrod, from Preston on text: "I wonder how many of us will be phoning in sick at work on Monday morning?"

  4. 2254: 

    France coach Laurent Blanc is not a happy man after that defeat to Sweden.

    They will play Spain next, and Blanc does not exactly sound as if he is brimming with confidence.

    "You have to be optimistic to think that we can beat Spain, but it's hard right now to imagine that we can," he said.

    "We have to do better on Saturday. We wanted to finish top of the group but couldn't manage it, so we have to deal with that."

  5. 2252: 

    Free chips, cheese and an England win. Kate has had one of the nights of her life there. I dread to think what she can plan for Sunday.


    Dave on Twitter: "Defended like lions, played some nice stuff at times, created chances and all in the hostile back yard of hosts. What a performance."

    Syikyk Kyshtoobaev on Twitter: "Really bad from England. Ukraine deserved to win. If England have a hard time against Ukraine, think about Italy!"

    Kate Lynham on Twitter: "Come on England! Found a pub that we get free cheesy chips for wearing an England shirt! Awesome!"

  7. 2250: 

    So, for the final time, England play Italy at 19:45 BST on Sunday night, live on the BBC. Get your time booked off from work/the girlfriend/the family now.

    Then - if you want to plan ahead - there is a potential semi-final on the cards in Warsaw on Thursday, 28 June. Germany or Greece will play England or Italy.


    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "We will do the Italians. Fact‬!"

  9. 2247: 

    Oh Alan...


    Alan in Manchester on text: "I really believe if Roy had been our manager for the last 10 years Spain would not be the dominant force in Europe. His tactics are spot on. We are weaker than four years ago player wise. Managerially we are 100% better off."


    Tom Cowans on Twitter: "Sweden and Ukraine are absolutely bang average. We will need to be a lot better to beat anyone who is good on goal."

    Andrew Farrell on Twitter: "Yes he scored the goal but Rooney was awful the whole game. Looked so far off the pace. Thank god for Stevie G!"

    Sam Izzard on Twitter: "We can and must improve but we have topped a tricky group and have a difficult but winnable quarter-final. Exceeded many expectations."‪

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport

    "In the main, throughout these three group games, we have had defensive stability. That has been our strength. We haven't dominated any of the three games we've played in. In tournament football you need good fortune, and England have had that. If we hadn't, another team would have. Ukraine were so much in control of the game, but they didn't have an end product."

  13. 2238: 

    The Italia 90 argument is a good point raised by Chris there. England were not great in the group, quite lucky to beat Belgium, and could have lost to Cameroon - but they are still remembered as heroes. Could we have a similar group developing here?


    Chris in Gloucestershire on text: "All this negativity about England; is it just me that remembers how bad we were in the group stages of Italia 90, and we ended up doing well in that. Stop being so negative, we won't ever be Spain so stop moaning!"

    Mike from Chigwell on text: "Pace will beat Italy...Ireland should have been two up if they had the finishers which England clearly have."

    Boris from Kettering on text: "There's no pleasing some England fans. Take it from an Arsenal fan, being difficult to beat outweighs pretty football massively."

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Ukraine played football which I'd like to see England play. We battled, we worked and we gave everything, and we got a result. But it's not a great performance - we didn't pass the ball well, we were very rigid."

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "When you're playing football every three or fours days in a tournament it's good to have that extra day's rest. If you watched this game, if you looked at a 90 minute re-run, you'd wonder how England won that. Ukraine could not put the ball in the net with all the play they had."

  17. 2234: 

    Match of the Day is on later on BBC One and on the website, where you can also see clips of goals and highlights from both of tonight's games. Check out Zlatan...

  18. 2231: 

    Roy Hodgson said that he told Oleg Blokhin he was unlucky to lose tonight, and that he deserves credit for Ukraine's performance. He also singled out Steven Gerrard as England's best player in all three games so far, saying he "played a real captain's innings."


    Tom Hutchins on Twitter: "Better to play solid, tactical football rather than try the fancy stuff and go out. Look what happened to Holland!"

    Nick Burgess on Twitter: "Everyone going on about Gerrard, he's played well but Lescott has been the outstanding England player of the tournament for me."

    Edwin Smith on Twitter: "England are well organised and they are not push overs. Better than suicidal attacking and lack of team spirit."

  20. 2227: 

    This is what Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin said in his press conference:

    "Let's go outside and have a man conversation.

    "Have you ever played? You write what you like. You don't like my team or me.

    "I understand you are a journalist. You should respect me."


    James William Dingle on Twitter: "England vs Italy, perhaps no better manager than Roy. He knows the game inside out over there, experience counts for everything."

    Alex Bibby on Twitter: "I would think going with pace on the wings is a must against Italy, they can play three at the back and are without De Rossi and Chiellini."

    England midfielder James Milner on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "It was a big performance and a big result. This was an away game, effectively. But we heard our fans singing all the way through. Under pressure in the first half we didn't play so well, but we worked hard and got the result we needed.

    "We know we can play better and we have done in spells. We haven't put a complete performance in yet, but we'll get stronger and stronger.

    "These are the strongest teams in Europe and you have to work hard to stop them playing football. We had chances in the second half maybe to win by a couple more.

    "We're very organised and have dangerous players. I'll be giving Mario Balotelli a bit of banter, and hopefully we can keep him quiet!"


    Nick in London on text: "Re Bob in Bury (2200): As a Chelsea fan, outplayed by Valencia, Napoli, Barca and Bayern - it's the name on the trophy that matters."

    John in Harrow on text: "I see England doing what Chelsea did in the Champions League, new manager, complete underdogs and yet they do it. Let's just hope Terry doesn't have the urge to knee anyone again!"

    Darius on text: "Dare I dream, England going through to semis to give us a chance to repay the favour to Germany?"

  24. 2220: 

    Roy Hodgson fields the first question of his press conference in Italian before switching to English. Stylishly done from the former Internazionale boss.


    Iheanyi Uwa on Twitter: "I doubt Italy will lose any sleep over England."

    Chris Moreton on Twitter: "Gerrard man of the match? Sorry lost me on that one. You lot must've been watching a different game."

    Ian Leslie on Twitter: "Italy watch out, the Lions are coming to Kiev."

  26. 2217: 

    Some news from the Italy camp ahead of that quarter-final, and defender Giorgio Chiellini has been ruled out after suffering a thigh injury against Ireland.

    "It is clear that he cannot play on Sunday but we will try to get him fit for the rest of the tournament if Italy go further," team doctor Enrico Castellacci said in a statement.

  27. 2214: 

    Oleg Blokhin has apparently just offered to take a row with a journalist outside. You don't get that from Roy Hodgson. If the journo has any sense, he will pipe down.

  28. 2211: 

    I can confim that England's quarter-final against Italy on Sunday will be live on the BBC.

  29. 2211: 

    Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin is in a press conference right now. There is nothing in English filtering through as yet - but he does not look happy at all.


    Lee in Reading on text: "Re Bob (2155): I'm not so sure they outplayed us. I think it's a style England fans will have to get used to. It's the game Roy Hodgson plays - it isn't flash but it gets results. Spain have seven points from their three games, so do we. We do what suits us, which considering where we were four months ago... I'm ecstatic and fully happy with what Roy is doing with England!"

    Paul in Woodford on text: "Hodgson deserves the plaudits. He is shrewd tactician and knows how to get the best out of a mediocre team."

    Oggy on text: "I wonder if France fancy their chances more against Spain than Germany so weren't too bothered about losing tonight?"

    Sam Braik on text: "They say it's a sign of champions if you play poorly yet still get results in your favour........ Hmmm"

  31. 2209: 

    Here's some more quotes from England captain Steven Gerrard, who I'm not sure has ever played better for England then in the last few games.

    "To be successful in these tournaments, because of the standards of the teams involved, you need a bit of luck," he said.

    "Two years ago we didn't get any luck with Frank Lampard's goal and we packed our bags and went home. If you fight for each other you earn a bit of luck."

  32. 2207: 

    I think that Zlatan Ibrahimovic strike may be my goal of the tournament so far. Absolutely brilliant technique, and the power he generated from a looping cross was superb. What an enigma of a player.


    England goalscorer Wayne Rooney: "We're delighted with the win and to score was great. I haven't scored in a major tournament for a while. But the whole team were fantastic and stuck in at times.

    On his celebration: "I used a bit of Andy Carroll's product before the game. He asked me to score a header. Hopefully I'll end up with hair like him!"

    "We know our quality and what we are capable of. We've worked really hard on our tactical play. It is going well at the minute. We have an extra day's rest now and hopefully we'll come back fresh. The main thing was to get through the group.

    "It will be a difficult game against Italy but we need to be confident in ourselves. Whether anyone expects us to do well or not we have a belief and we are ready for the challenges ahead."


    England manager Roy Hodgson: "They have been good from the start. If someone had said we would win the group there wouldn't be many takers. Many didn't think we'd get out the group. It was really hard tonight. There were 60,000 in the stadium and 4,000 brave Englishmen. But it was a brave performance and we got that bit of luck.

    "The goal wasn't a result of any difference in our play but we weren't showing enough composure when we broke and I think that is something we can work on. But this is a fledgling team and we are working on our game.

    "Today's game will be excellent for Rooney. He has played well and worked hard. He could have had several goals. We were dangerous on the break but we can be even more dangerous. You also have to play the circumstances, though, and we were aware France were losing and a draw would send us through top, so we were cautious."

  35. 2203: 

    So that's the conclusion of the group stage. In terms of the golden boot, Russia's Alan Dzagoev, Mario Mandzukic of Croatia and Germany's Mario Gomez are all at the top of the list on three goals.

    Gomez is the only player still in the tournament, and he's up against a Greece defence that has looked anything but water-tight so far in his quarter-final. So he may be a good bet...

  36. 2200: 

    The other bonus of avoiding Spain is that England get another 24 hours of rest before their quarter-final.


    Bob in Bury on text: "France outplayed us, Sweden outplayed us and Ukraine outplayed us. Yet we finished top of the group. Bring on the delusions of grandeur."

    Debby on text: "It might have been a tap-in, but if Rooney hadn't been there it would not have gone in! Right place, right time!"

    England goalkeeper Joe Hart speaking on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "It was never going to be easy but I can still hear the England fans - they have been absolutely unreal tonight. Wayne Rooney nodded that one in and we won the game 1-0.

    "We've won the group and have a big game against Italy now. We've got to go there believing in ourselves. There's no point in playing them if we don't think we can beat them and move forward in this competition."

  39. 2155: 

    England look a real danger with Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain coming off the bench. Against Sweden and again tonight they could, and probably should have added goals on the counter-attack. Don't expect Roy Hodgson to make many changes from that starting XI.

  40. 2154: 

    Yeah, this England side against Italy doesn't conjure up too many images of an end-to-end, fluid encounter does it? Penalties?

    Let's hope not. Good on Roy Hodgson though, he's got England out of the group unbeaten and you can't do much more than that.


    Crip Cooke on Twitter: "Gerrard needs to be afforded a more attacking role against Italy. He was very good tonight and has the most assists in the Euros."

    Andy Bayes on Twitter: "Couldn't be happier for Hodgson. Wonderful."

    Stu Thompson on Twitter: "This England v Italy. I'll estimate a total of five shots all game with three of them from outside the area."

  42. 2153: 

    England captain Steven Gerrard: "We're gaining momentum at the right time. The performance wasn't fantastic but we stuck together and got the result. We've been criticised in the past for not turning up but the important thing is you react and I think you've seen that.

    "If Wayne Rooney keeps scoring tap-ins like that it'll take us far in the tournament. I've said how important he is to us in this tournament."

    On Ukraine's effort that crossed the line: "You need a bit of luck. You don't do well unless you have that."

    On quarter-final opponents Italy: "The Italians are very good defensively and they have match-winners."


    Greg from Stoke on text: "People who criticise England don't understand Hodgson's tactics: sacrifice constant attack for defensive solidity and focus on taking chances. It's got us seven points from three games so I hope it continues."

    Chris in Weybridge on text: "Why do people still slate England? No one gave them a chance going into the tournament so to top the group is a fantastic achievement. Bring on Italy."

    Mark on text: "The official had a split second to see that and John Terry did brilliantly to put the doubt in his mind. Only goal-line technology will remove the inevitable occurrence of human error."

  44. 2150: 

    Make sure you get a look at Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goal before you go to bed tonight. Brilliant.

    The big Swede, for all the chat that he can't cut it at the top level, has now scored six goals in the Euro finals. Only Alan Shearer and Michel Platini have ever scored more.

  45. 2148: 

    England will play Italy in a quarter-final on Sunday evening, and could then play the winner of Germany v Greece in a semi final on Thursday 28 June. Could, could, could...

  46. 2146: 

    So that wasn't great by England, but they are through unbeaten, and I don't think many of us would have predicted that a few weeks ago. This is only the second time England have got through the group stage of a European Championship finals without losing a game.

    The other time was at Euro 96.

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty in Donestk:

    "England goalkeeper Joe Hart is bear-hugging everyone in sight as he goes off the pitch and manager Roy Hodgson is beaming. It may not have been convincing but England have found a way and confidence will increase again before the meeting with Italy in Kiev on Sunday."

  48. 2144: 

    Steven Gerrard is asked to sum up Wayne Rooney's goal. "A tap-in."

    No arguments there.

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer in Donetsk:

    "England captain Steven Gerrard named man of the match. No argument with that."

  50. 2141: 

    That is France's first defeat in 24 games, and they were far from their best tonight. Spain await now, and those two have got some serious history at major tournaments. I remember a Zinedine Zidane free-kick and a Franck Ribery goal being key for the French for starters.

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "We hope Wayne Rooney will get fitter. Steven Gerrard is a massive plus and if he can keep this form then England have a chance. We're not playing great football, we're just getting results."

  52. 2139: 

    England and France go through from Group D, with Ukraine joining Sweden in elimination.

  53. 2138: 
    FULL-TIME- Sweden 2-0 France
  54. 2138: 

    England win Group D, and will play Italy in the quarter-final on Sunday.

    Jan Molby in Kiev at Sweden v France for BBC Radio 5 live sports extra:

    "This is 2-0 and no more than Sweden deserve. They had an opportunity tonight to prove that they are still the second best team in Scandinavia!"

  56. 2136: 
    FULL-TIME- England 1-0 Ukraine
  57. 2134: 
    GOAL- Sweden (Seb Larsson, 90 mins) 2-0 France

    Game over for France. They are caught all at sea at the back on the break, Christian Wilhelmsson hits the crossbar, and Seb Larsson is on hand to thump the ball into the roof of the net.

  58. 2134: 

    Ukraine are knocking on the door, and Andriy Yarmolenko whips in an effort from the edge of the box but it's just over.


    Joseph on text: "England do not deserve to win. Appalling play, no quality, lucky goal. Unfortunately, Ukraine were denied a deserved goal. We should own up and be honest."

    Aycee on text: "Johnson fully justifying his selection ahead of Richards and others. Along with Gerrard, England's best performer in the tournament so far."

  60. 2133: 

    England waste a break - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain streaks away, but he hesitates when he has Theo Walcott available and his pass is smothered. Big chance.

  61. 2131: 

    It was a mixed bag from Wayne Rooney. He looked off the pace and missed a sitter, but at least he did score the golden chance when it came his way.

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Ukraine have just lacked quality in the final third, but it would have been 1-1 if that goal that did cross the line had been given. And they've dominated possession."


    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "Gerrard has been our best player - another assist today too."

  64. 2129: 
    SUBSTITUTION FOR ENGLAND- Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on for Wayne Rooney
  65. 2129: 
    YELLOW CARD FOR UKRAINE- Andriy Shevchenko

    A real forward's tackle on Ashley Young. Hack.

  66. 2128: 

    Five minutes left in Donetsk.

  67. 2128: 

    Chance for France! Olivier Giroud - who is on his way to Arsenal - comes off the bench but wastes a free header with his first touch. Arsene Wenger won't like the look of that.

  68. 2126: 

    France substitute Jeremy Menez has a shot kicked away, they are starting to step it up against the Swedes, but it's not been enough as yet.

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "You can see what's happening here! Danny Welbeck knew he was coming off and was standing near the touchline, so he ran to the far side of the pitch!"

  70. 2124: 
    SUBSTITUTION FOR ENGLAND- Andy Carroll on for Danny Welbeck
  71. 2124: 

    Andy Carroll is warming up for England, who are on course for a quarter-final against Italy on Sunday. If that doesn't put the mockers on, nothing will.


    George Allighan on Twitter: "I don't get all the Milner hate. He does the job Hodgson asks him to do, and does it effectively."

    David Willis on Twitter: "Even the most ardent England fan can't deny Ukraine deserve something from this game. They've been the better team."

    Michael Carter on Twitter: "Nothing more stressful than watching England. Even after all these years I'm still on edge of my seat for every kick."

  73. 2121: 

    Ukraine are going for it here with these substitutions. They have to. It's win or bust time for them.

  74. 2121: 

    For time wasting at a throw-in

  75. 2120: 
    SUBSTITUTION FOR UKRAINE- Serhiy Nazarenko on for Denys Garmash

    Charlie in Surrey on text: "Ball crossed the line but Milevskiy was offside anyway. Justice done."

    Martin on text: "I have always defended the ref behind goal, he is only there to see if ball cross the line, not give anything else. But he just showed he cannot even do that."

  77. 2120: 
    SUBSTITUTION FOR UKRAINE- Bohdan Butko on for Artem Milevskiy
  78. 2119: 

    Wayne Rooney is starting to look leggy here. It may be time to make a change up front.

  79. 2119: 

    France are being restricted to long-range shots as they try to find a way through. They will not want to play Spain...

  80. 2118: 

    England are a real threat from a dead ball - Steven Gerrard again whips in a corner which Wayne Rooney heads at goal, but it's an easy save for Andriy Pyatov.


    BBC Sport reporter Richard Conway on Twitter: "Goal-line technology decision will be made by International Football Association Board on 5 July in Zurich."

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "That was a terrific shot and Joe Hart did ever so well to get it away. It moved everywhere and Hart produced a terrific save."


    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "That is karma for what happened to us in South Africa..."

  84. 2116: 

    Great hit from Yevhen Konoplyanka, it moves all over the place in the air, Joe Hart can only parry it out but Joleon Lescott reacts superbly to get it away. Nervy moments.

  85. 2116: 
  86. 2114: 

    Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin was understandably going mad at the officials after that 'goal' was ruled out. A remarkable call.

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer in Donetsk:

    "Can I ask again... what actual task do these extra officials perform?"

    Dan Roan, BBC sports news correspondent, in Donetsk:

    "Replays of the goal-line incident haven't been shown on the giant screens inside the stadium."

  89. 2113: 

    So can Theo Walcott or Andriy Shevchenko deliver from the bench?

  90. 2113: 
    SUBSTITUTION FOR UKRAINE- Andriy Shevchenko on for Marko Devic
  91. 2112: 
    YELLOW CARD FOR FRANCE- Philippe Mexes

    This is significant as Mexes will miss the next game

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "It was an obvious goal wasn't it? The assistant should have seen that. I can't believe he didn't. Very fortunate for England, but then in all tournaments you need an amount of luck. That was certainly a very, very lucky moment for England."

  93. 2112: 
    SUBSTITUTION FOR ENGLAND- Theo Walcott on for James Milner

    Arthur on Twitter: "I feel bad for Ukraine. They've been robbed. It was a definite goal, terrible refereeing. Why have a man behind the goal?"

    John McCook on Twitter: "Thought the extra officials were meant to be there to help get these decisions right? Massive mistake there!"

    Richard Miall on Twitter: "For once the luck is with England. Could this be a sign of changing times for Roy and England."

  95. 2111: 

    Ashley Cole denied his first international goal! James Milner crosses in, Andriy Pyatov palms it away and Cole hits a low shot which is well saved by Pyatov. So close.

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty in Donestk:

    "Huge escape for England as Marko Devic's effort was clearly over the line before John Terry hooked it clear. Once again extra officials prove pointless."

  97. 2108: 

    Ukraine have not given this up. They are swarming forward.

  98. 2108: 

    The extra assistant is Istvan Vad, he was stood no more than five yards away from that incident. But he did not see it. We have a new Russian linesman - he's a Hungarian additional assistant referee.

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "I can't believe it. You've got the linesman, plus the man on the goal-line. He's six yards away from it and he couldn't see that? Unbelievable."

  100. 2106: 

    That was over the line as well! Ukraine did score. Where's that campaign for goal-line technology when you need it? Great effort from John Terry but the ball was over the line. Huge controversy.

  101. 2106: 

    Amazing from John Terry! Ukraine think they've scored but Terry denies them. Marko Devic beats his man to waltz into the area, Joe Hart gets a hand on it but Terry hacks it away.

  102. 2104: 

    Artem Milevskiy should have Ukraine level. This is a real sitter, as he heads a cross over from all of three yards. He was offside, but there was no flag. That would have counted. The home crowd are chanting for Andriy Shevchenko.

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "England have got their break to get their goal and now they're playing much more comfortably. Steven Gerrard has played a superb game. I think we're seeing the best of Gerrard at this tournament."

  104. 2102: 

    England are on top now, this is much better. In Kiev, Sweden are turning the screw in search of a second. Olof Mellberg almost finds the net, and France are flirting with elimination here. They are ok as it stands but if they concede a few more they could be out.

    Jan Molby in Kiev at Sweden v France for BBC Radio 5 live sports extra:

    "You had the feeling in the first half that if a chance falls to Ibrahimovic you know what's going to happen. What a volley, acrobatic and in the bottom corner. Not a chance for the goalkeeper. Fantastic technique, and nothing less than Sweden deserve. Now this is a real uphill battle for France."

  106. 2059: 

    That Sweden goal could have implications for topping this group. But with half an hour to go, let's not count too many chickens yet.


    Josh Doyle on Twitter: "Moment of silence for Ukraine. That was the flukiest goal and undeserved. But well done England!"

    Abbey Kun on Twitter: "Gerrard's been on monster form. Wonder where England would have been without him? Top, top professional."

    Rohan Jain on Twitter: "Got to love Rooney's cheeky hairspray celebration!"

  108. 2057: 
    GOAL- Sweden (Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 54 mins) 1-0 France

    What a goal! Zlatan Ibrahimovic, take a bow. Seb Larsson swings in a cross from the right and the AC Milan man throws himself into an acrobatic volley which flies in from 16 yards. Sensational hit.

  109. 2057: 

    Karim Benzema curls a shot wide for France as they look for a goal against Sweden. England break brilliantly through Steven Gerrard and then Wayne Rooney, but it ends with James Milner shanking his shot tamely. Rooney was clean in on goal for a second there.

  110. 2055: 

    That goal puts England top of Group D then - for now anyway. Joe Hart has to be alive to tip away a cross from Oleg Gusev as Ukraine search for a way back in to the game.


    Marcus on text: "That Rooney, he's terrible isn't he?"

    David from Aberdeen on text: "Where are all the Rooney haters now?"

  112. 2053: 

    That eight-year wait is over now, Wayne Rooney has a goal in a tournament. But Wayne Sleep could have nodded that in.

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "It's that man Gerrard again, isn't it? He chips in a terrific ball with pace across the near post. Rooney gambles, anticipating that it will come in and it did. The keeper should have done better but there were bodies around him and Rooney was able to head it in from a yard."

  114. 2050: 
    GOAL- England (Wayne Rooney, 48 mins) 1-0 Ukraine

    A header even easier than the one he missed in the first half, as Wayne Rooney silences the Donbass Arena with an opener. It's a third assist for the tournament from Steven Gerrard as well, bending in a wicked cross from the right which goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov makes a complete hash of, dropping it right on to Rooney's head. A tap-in.

  115. 2050: 

    What has gone on here? Yevhen Konoplyanka throws himself to the floor after Glen Johnson brushes him with an arm. Rather embarrassing that from the Ukraine winger.


    David Gardiner on Twitter: "Rooney is not living up to his billing at the moment. The ball is not getting to him and Welbeck. Time for a change?"

    Ryan Smith on Twitter: "I can't remember one occasion where an England player has run at the opposition. Side/back passes won't win you a game."

    Simon Harwood on Twitter: "Ukraine will be confident of nicking one. England are by no means through..."

  117. 2048: 

    We are off...

  118. 2047: 

    The players are in the tunnel, it doesn't look like Roy Hodgson has made any changes at the break.


    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "Our subs will change game for us. Walcott or the Ox to come on wide and threaten them with the pace and penetrative runs."

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer in Donetsk:

    "Ukraine 0-0 England at half time. England had the best chance through Wayne Rooney but still reckon they will settle for that scoreline."

  121. 2044: 

    A quick look at the half-time stats sees England favouring attacks down the left, where Ashley Young crossed for Wayne Rooney's header. They actually had the majority of the possession in that half according to Prozone (54%-46%) but only completed 80% of their passes.

  122. 2043: 

    Will there be any changes at the break? Theo Walcott and Andy Caroll will be hoping so.

  123. 2040: 

    We've not had a 0-0 in this tournament yet. Yet being the key word in that sentence. Can we find a goal in either game?

  124. 2039: 

    England did not have a shot on target in that first half. The last time they managed that in a Euros game was way back in 1980. Poor.

    Jan Molby in Kiev at Sweden v France for BBC Radio 5 live sports extra:

    "France have turned up expecting an easy game against a Swedish team with no motivation, but so far the Swedes have been excellent and the better team. They've had a couple of great chances. The biggest problem that the French have got is that Nasri seems to have a bad injury which he picked up 10 minutes before half-time."

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "If Ukraine had created some good chances we'd probably be a couple of goals behind. That 45 minutes by Ukraine has been the best half I've seen at Euro 2012, apart from the end product. England have been under pressure. This is a matter of England seeing this out and holding on. If this game continues in the same manner as the first half there has to be a call for the pace of Walcott."


    Charlie Cook on Twitter: "Milner's been distinctly average yet again. I have no problem with playing this system, but I want real pace for the counter attack."

    Nathan Sobers on Twitter: "We're struggling against Ukraine's diagonals. Imagine how they'd fare against the Spanish tiki-taka..."

    Ridwaan A Omar on Twitter: "Time for a quick prayer and the second half surely has to be more positive from England."

  128. 2035: 

    So as it stands, England will be joining France in the last eight, with France winning the group and playing Italy in the quarter-finals. England are on course for a meeting with Spain. If, if, nothing changes after the break...

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty in Donestk:

    "England have had the best chance through Wayne Rooney but they may well be relieved to reach the interval level after being dominated for long periods. Fans noisy. Ukraine lively. Everything still on the line."

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "England aren't in the game. Gerrard has played some nice stuff, but overall we're lacking ideas, we're very rigid and there are no ideas. We aren't holding on to the ball, but there you go.

    "We seem to have set our stall out to get a draw and we've offered nothing going forward. England need to step things up because I can see Ukraine nicking a goal here."

  131. 2033: 
    HALF-TIME- Sweden 0-0 France
  132. 2032: 

    Ola Toivonen is causing France's defence some trouble, but he is offside when he should have looked across the line.

  133. 2031: 
    HALF-TIME- England 0-0 Ukraine
  134. 2030: 

    England are resorting to their time-honoured tradition of pumping it long now. This has been a ragged half.

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Oleg Blokhin is doing a good impression of Norman Wisdom on the sideline..."

  136. 2028: 

    Andriy Yarmolenko! Almost the goal of the year. He twists Scott Parker in knots, making a slaloming run in the Ricky Villa mould before Joleon Lescott gets across to toe it clear. What a bit of skill.


    Jon from London on text: "The game is perhaps a bit livelier then England would have wanted but it will be hard for Ukraine to keep up this pace."

    Nick in Watford on text: "If this was an MMA fight the ref would have stopped the match by now because England are unable to intelligently defend themselves."

    Oliver Paterson on text: "The only time England have threatened is when Johnson had a run and beat a man. We need incisiveness and pace. We need the Ox and Walcott."

  138. 2026: 

    Wayne Rooney gives it away cheaply again and then overhits a cross, before Scott Parker thumps one wide from 30 yards. Rooney is playing like a man who hasn't played for a month.

  139. 2025: 

    France are still off the pace, but there's been no further chances for either side in Kiev. Hatem Ben Arfa has had one long-range strike wide but we're no closer to a breakthrough in either game.


    Shakz on Twitter: "England are missing Frank Lampard!"

    Paul Warner on Twitter: "30 minutes gone and we're struggling against 52nd best team in the world. Rooney or Roy effect? Need some pace. Walcott or the Ox?"

    Gabrielle on Twitter: "At least France don't look any better than England..."

    MOTD's Mark Lawrenson in Donetsk:

    "The real problem at the moment is that there has been no relationship between Welbeck and Rooney. Rooney has not been able to pick up the ball and run at the Ukraine defence or play Welbeck in, which is his strength."

  142. 2022: 

    England look a real threat down their left, and Ashley Cole finds Ashley Young breaking clear. The winger fires in a low cross which is well defended. Both sides trading attacks at the minute.

  143. 2020: 

    It's still goalless in both games, so it's as you were in the group.

    MOTD's Mark Lawrenson in Donetsk:

    "Glen Johnson has been brilliant defensively, not just tonight but in all three games. He has made some superb interventions."

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "Credit to this Ukraine side and England are second best. They've got to hold on, try to get through this period then come more into the game. But England have had the better chances, for all the play Ukraine have had."


    Charlie Sutton Twitter: "Rooney is having a shocker. Carroll would have buried that."

    Fred Gardner on Twitter: "Rooney = overrated. England win percent with him - less than 61%, without him, 69%."

    Adrian Tang on Twitter: "Unlucky Rooney. What a chance. More of the same please!"

  147. 2018: 

    Ashley Young again gets space on the left, this time he elects to shoot and it kisses off the head of a defender and spins away for a corner. Again Steven Gerrard delivers, but John Terry gets under the ball and heads over.

  148. 2016: 

    Ooh, a big chance for Ukraine this time. Artem Milevskiy feeds in Andriy Yarmolenko in the right channel, he cuts inside his man and bends in a low shot which Joe Hart has to pouch and saves well. Very edgy stuff.

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer in Donetsk:

    "Wayne Rooney has just produced a shocking headed miss from Young's cross - think Pele might have fancied putting that one in even now."

  150. 2015: 

    Wayne Rooney's eight-year wait for a tournament goal goes on then. Deary me.

    MOTD's Mark Lawrenson in Donetsk:

    "It was a great ball into Young. But Rooney lets the ball come across him instead of attacking it. He just let it hit his head. There was no oomph."

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "That is a glorious chance. Young plays it in with pace and Rooney loses his marker. Really he just has to hit the target at it's 1-0 to England."

  153. 2014: 

    What a chance! Wayne Rooney should have England ahead. John Terry switches play with a fine ball out to Ashley Young, Young bends in a cross and Rooney heads wide from six yards. He should have buried that. Andy Carroll would have...

  154. 2013: 

    This is better from England, as Danny Welbeck links up with his midfield to create some space but James Milner's cross is poor.

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "That was a fantatic delivery from Gerrard. We saw that in the first game for Lescott. The goalkeeper had no idea where that was going to pitch, and he was lucky it went for a corner."

  156. 2011: 

    France are taking it easy in Kiev, they've not been in the game as yet and Sweden are bossing the match. A dangerous game from the French.

  157. 2010: 

    England win a free-kick on the right, Steven Gerrard whips in another brilliant delivery which just evades Wayne Rooney's head. A fantastic ball in and the first bright moment for England.

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "We may say England are poor, but I think Ukraine are playing some of the best football I've seen. England have their work cut out here to get a foothold in the game."

  159. 2009: 

    Oh dear Ashley Young. The winger loses the ball cheaply, Oleg Gusev strides forward and crunches in a left-footed shot from 22 yards which has Joe Hart scurrying across his goal. The ball flies narrowly over the top. That was close, and it has Gary Neville out of the dugout to scream at the England players.


    Ohigho Musa on Twitter: "We need shots from the flanks into the 18 yard box. England need to beware of counter attacks‬. Nervous play so far."

    Pedro on Twitter: "Nerves continue to jangle as we are second-best at the moment to the hosts."

    Neil Mullane on Twitter: "People need to stop panicking. We're 15 minutes in against the hosts and they need to win. We have to soak up pressure at some point."


    Opta Sports on Twitter: "17% - Ukraine have the worst shooting accuracy of any team at Euro 2012."

  162. 2007: 

    John Terry makes another great header to knock a cross away - he's had his fair share of critics but the Chelsea man has been immense so far. England must be surprised by this start from Ukraine.

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty in Donestk:

    "England under siege here as Ukraine show real snap in possession. This start was to be expected but England have barely seen the ball. Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin is frantically waving his players forward - no need Oleg they are getting forward as fast as they can."

    MOTD's Mark Lawrenson in Donetsk:

    "It is just a little bit too easy for Ukraine at the moment. Their movement is really good up front. That was an important block from John Terry."

  165. 2004: 

    Wayne Rooney's touch is not at its silky best at the moment, as he loses the ball cheaply and Ukraine break. The tricky Yevhen Konoplyanka lets fly from 20 yards and again John Terry is in the way, making a smart block. England aren't on the rack yet, but they are on the steps to the dungeon.

  166. 2002: 

    John Terry makes his second key interception already, getting a toe to a decent Yevhen Selin cross to turn it into Joe Hart's path.

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer in Donetsk:

    "Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin furiously waving his men forward. Not sure they need too much encouragement. England look unsteady at the back but this early Ukraine wave of attacks was to be expected. Need to ride it out."

  168. 2001: 

    Ukraine centre-half Yaroslav Rakitskiy lumps a shot from 50 yards into the stands. England will stand and watch that all day. A loss of composure from the co-hosts, who so far have been impressive.


    Tim on text: "Roy said he wanted England to treat this like a cup final. So far it's looking nervous and scrappy, so mission accomplished!"

    Jon in Eastleigh on text: "Wow, talk about anti-climactic starts! We'd be 2-0 down if we were playing Spain like this..."

  170. 1959: 

    Big chance for Sweden in Kiev, as a long ball is not dealt with by French centre-back Philippe Mexes and it lets in Ola Toivonen, who rounds keeper Hugo Lloris but hits the outside of the post with a shot from a tight angle.

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "What an impressive start by Ukraine. They're playing very, very well. England have only had one period of possession and other than that it's been all Ukraine."

  172. 1957: 

    Ukraine have had 56% of possession in the opening 10 minutes, and they create a decent opening when Marko Devic sees his shot blocked by Scott Parker. Hearts in mouth time.

  173. 1957: 

    And there it is. England keep the ball for a solid minute, with some lovely one-touch stuff on the edge of the box freeing Ashley Young but his low cross is easliy dealt with. Much more like it though.

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "That haven't settled England, you have to say. They're just containing at the moment. It's alright saying you need a draw, but you've got to play. Once you win the ball you've got to play."

  175. 1955: 

    Steven Gerrard launches a long ball forward, Danny Welbeck knocks it down but Wayne Rooney can't control the ball and a chance to counter goes astray. England in desperate need of some possession here.


    Jamie Hardesty on Twitter: "I've only tuned in to see if Scott Parker can play a successful forward pass in Ukraine's half! Mr Pass It Sideways & Backwards."

    Rishi Verma on Twitter: "Obvious England failings coming to light already - lack of ball retention."

    Paul Livingston on Twitter: "Keep the live updates coming fast. I am following from 32,000ft above Kentucky on inflight wifi!"

  177. 1954: 

    England looking wobbly here as Andriy Yarmolenko threatens to break clear of the backline, but John Terry reacts well to get across and clear. Danger.

  178. 1952: 

    Wayne Rooney has his first involvement in the game, beating his man well down the left before a defender cuts it out. Ukraine then have the first attempt, with midfielder Denys Garmash lashing over the top from long range.

  179. 1952: 

    In Kiev, Sweden have made the brighter start, with Ola Toivonen and Seb Larsson both flashing headers across the France goal.

    MOTD's Mark Lawrenson in Donetsk:

    "Marko Devic could be the problem, just playing off the striker. It is important England pick him up, whether it is Gerrard, Parker or Joleon Lescott, coming out from defence."

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Ukraine have got this right - press this England team and they will give you the ball back."

  182. 1950: 

    Ukraine are pushing the ball around in midfield, but England look supremely well organised. As you'd expect.

    MOTD's Mark Lawrenson in Donetsk:

    "This atmosphere is not intimidating. It's more like St Trinian's in all honesty"

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "England shouldn't defend or play too cautiously. Just play your normal game. So far they've looked quite resilient at the back. It's all about Ukraine and what they've got to offer going forward. Can they cause problems? They've got players who can. It's going to be an interesting game.

    "Ukraine have started very brightly, getting forward and popping the ball around."

  185. 1948: 

    Danny Welbeck chases down a lost cause and Ukraine goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov almost makes a hash of clearing it. Bright start for England.


    Hani Nyabam on Twitter: "My heart couldn't possibly beat any faster. Feel like I'm watching the final Arsenal game of this past season. Come on England."

    Vinny Person on Twitter: "I try, I really do, every time. Frankly I've just got to come to terms with it, it's impossible not to get excited with England."

  187. 1946: 

    That's not gone to plan, as both games are supposed to kick-off at exactly the same time. France and Sweden are now off though.

  188. 1945: 

    We are under way in Donetsk, while the minute's silence is still going on in Kiev...

  189. 1942: 

    By the way, you're quite right - we missed out Leighton Baines on the list of left-backs. I will arrange for someone from 5 live to be shot.

  190. 1942: 

    Andriy Shevchenko in good voice on the bench there. The crowd are in high spirits as well. All set for game time now...

  191. 1940: 

    Every one of the England boys in full voice there - but with so few fans in the ground it was like a snooker match. Here come Ukraine - which will be a bit different.

  192. 1939: 

    National anthem time.

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "I think Walcott at this stage of his career is an impact player. Milner does so much unseen work and works tremendously hard. It's important your wide midfielders work for you, as well as attacking. It's a good combination, with Milner on one side and Young on the other."


    Thomas Paine on Twitter: "The key is to start both halves well. Got to keep the ball and frustrate their team and fans. Can't give them momentum. Come on!"

    Vasanthakumar C on Twitter: "Milner over Theo? Anytime. I prefer a consistent B over a fluctuating A+ to F to A+."

    Henry Hickman on Twitter: "Loving the build-up. Buzzing for kick off."

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty in Donestk:

    "There are a few ground staff still out forking the pitch at the Donbass Arena. Remember the surface got that soaking during the storm that forced the hold up during Ukraine's defeat against France."

  196. 1935: 

    Right, the other left-backs who have played 33 times between them for England since Ashley Cole secured his first cap are: Chris Powell, Jamie Carragher, Phil Neville, Wayne Bridge, Paul Konchesky, Joleon Lescott, Nicky Shorey, Stephen Warnock and Kieran Gibbs.

    Anyone who got Shorey deserves a drink...

  197. 1932: 

    Dancers dressed as miners on the pitch at the moment. There's a sentence you do not want to be spelling wrong. Everyone ready for this one?

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "Having Wayne Rooney back is a massive plus. Without him they got four points. Great. Now he comes in. He gives England movement, as one could argue that with playing 4-4-2 there is the danger that we're not flexible. Rooney automatically brings it as he drops off. Ashley Young hasn't set the tournament alight at all so far, but as he plays on that left flank as a natural right-footer he can roam and move from there. I would like to see that little bit of movement from England today."

  199. 1927: 

    Since Ashley Cole made his England debut in March 2001, nine other men have started a game at left-back. Full marks to anyone who can name all nine without the use of the internet.

    I'll give you five minutes before giving you the names...


    Tim in Marlow on text: "Re 1915. Tom, remember when it seemed inevitable that Michael Owen would become England's all time record scorer? Or Shearer before him, or Lineker even further back? Next up it will be new ManYoo recruit, Nick Powell!"

    Owen really did look inevitable. There's still time...

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "Ashley Cole started off as a left winger. He dropped back and in my opinion has probably been the best left-back in the world for the last 18 months or two years, not just for his attacking ability but his defensive work. He has been brilliant."

  202. 1918: 

    Record time! Ashley Cole is setting a record tonight - this is his 21st game in a tournament for England, which sees him go past David Beckham and Peter Shilton.

    Cole's first tournament was the World Cup in 2002. Ten years at the very top for the Chelsea man.

  203. 1915: 

    Alex Steele - I think it's fair to say Wayne Rooney's last decent tournament showing was eight years ago. A few years ago it seemed inevitable that he would become England's all-time record goalscorer. Now? I'm not so sure.


    Alex Steele on Twitter: "Question: When was the last time Rooney turned in a good performance for England in tournament football? ‪You owe us one..."

    Jon White on Twitter: "The worst player from the last game starts (Young), yet man of the match Andy Carroll doesn't get a sniff?!"

    Steven Telfer on Twitter: "Ben Arfa starting for France? Good, he's deserved a start."

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Radio 5 live:

    "I've been impressed with Steven Gerrard at Euro 2012. I like to see him get into that final third because he's got quality. He can pass it from inside that centre circle as well. His fitness levels look good, he's using the ball very well and he's covering ground. His confidence is very high and he's such an important player for England. Gerrard and Rooney are our best two players."

    LINE-UPS- Sweden v France (19:45 BST)

    Sweden: Isaksson, Granqvist, Mellberg, Jonas Olsson, Martin Olsson, Svensson, Kallstrom, Larsson, Ibrahimovic, Bajrami, Toivonen. Subs: Wiland, Lustig, Elm, Elmander, Hysen, Antonsson, Wernbloom, Safari, Holmen, Wilhelmsson, Rosenberg, Hansson.

    France: Lloris, Debuchy, Rami, Mexes, Clichy, Nasri, Diarra, M'Vila, Ben Arfa, Ribery, Benzema. Subs: Mandanda, Evra, Cabaye, Valbuena, Giroud, Matuidi, Reveillere, Menez, Malouda, Martin, Koscielny, Carrasso.

    Referee: Pedro Proenca (Portugal)

  207. 1907: 

    England's players are out warming up in the Donbass. We are 40 minutes away from kick-off.


    Dal in London on text: "Slightly annoyed with the team selection. Personally, I think Walcott had done enough to warrant a start. Young has not impressed me at all in the tournament. Hope it goes our way mind."

    Steve in Chelmsford: "I think starting Milner is fair enough. Everyone seems to have forgotten the only reason we didn't ship a shedload against France was down the durability of "Roy's rope" across the middle, which Milner was an important part of. Loosen the reins on the hour mark and introduce Theo then."

    Jonny in London on text: "I cannot for the life of me understand why we persist in playing Milner, he is by far the most average player we have in the squad. Walcott's performance last week demands inclusion!"

  209. 1904: 

    One thing to watch for England tonight, James Milner and Ashley Young start the game on a yellow card. One more tonight would rule them out of a possible quarter final.

    The yellow cards are then wiped out after the last eight stage.

  210. 1902: 

    Ukraine have only scored twice in the six games they have played in this stadium - and they have never won in Donetsk.

    Neither have England of course...

  211. 1900: 

    There are a lot of you out there unhappy with the fine handed out by Uefa this afternoon to Croatia - which was less than the one Nicklas Bendtner received for showing his pants.

    You are far from alone, with Rio Ferdinand and Vincent Kompany criticising Uefa for the £64,561 fine for racism.

    Manchester City captain Kompany called on Uefa to "review their priorities."

    Manchester United's Ferdinand tweeted: "Uefa are you for real? £80,000 fine for Bendtner. All of the racism fines together don't even add up to that?!"

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer in Donetsk:

    "England manager Roy Hodgson is first out on to the Donbass Arena for an inspection. Relaxed, without jacket and tie."

  213. 1855: 

    There could be a few players out there preparing for their final ever international, but one who has confirmed that this is the end is former Aston Villa man Olof Mellberg.

    The Sweden defender will be a goal threat today, fresh from his unlikely brace against England.

    Sweden v France (19:45 BST)

    Sweden make two changes from the defeat by England. Striker Ola Toivonen and midfielder Emir Bajrami come in for the rested Johan Elmander and the ill Rasmus Elm.

    France also make a couple of tweaks to their starting line-up after beating Ukraine last time out. Midfielders Hatem Ben Arfa and Yann M'Vila replace goalscorers Jeremy Menez and Yohan Cabaye, who had been struggling with a thigh injury.

    Alan Shearer, former England captain and MOTD pundit, on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "The eyes of the world are always on Wayne Rooney and he's got to handle that. I've heard people say he is a shy guy, and I agree with that. I sat and interviewed him a few weeks ago and he is very shy, but he has unbelievable belief in his ability and so he should. He's world class. He's had to sit and watch the first two games. There's a bit of pressure on him to perform tonight, but he can handle that pressure."

  216. 1852: 

    Luke Hardwick - you've got a hefty phone bill coming your way...


    Luke Hardwick on Twitter: "Told myself I wouldn't get excited this time around. Low expectations I said. Guess who is watching via smartphone from Lyon?"

    George Swindale on Twitter: "Why so much emphasis on Milner retaining his spot? He's solid cover for Johnson & Walcott can be subbed on if needed."

    Simon Burbage on Twitter: "Ukraine‬ not having Shevchenko or Voronin is a big deal for them. Where will their goals come from?"

    England v Ukraine (19:45 BST)

    England make one change as Wayne Rooney returns from suspension to start up front in place of Andy Carroll. Despite suggestions to the contrary, Theo Walcott - who came on to score and create a goal against Sweden - has to make do with being on the bench again as James Milner retains his place.

    The big news from the Ukraine team is that talisman Andriy Shevchenko does not start. Coach Oleg Blokhin rated the striker as 50/50 and the former Chelsea player has failed to prove his fitness. Artem Milevskiy replaces Shevchenko in one of two changes in attack, which also sees Marko Devic replace Andriy Voronin. In other changes from the team that lost to France, Yaroslav Rakitskiy replaces Taras Mykhalyk in defence and Denys Garmash comes in for Serhiy Nazarenko in midfield.

    MOTD presenter and former England captain Gary Lineker:

    "Here's one.. England win 2-0, France win 3-2 will mean same points, goal diff and goals scored. Result; England top on co-efficient ranking."

    LINE-UPS- England v Ukraine (19:45 BST)

    England: Hart, Johnson, Terry, Lescott, Cole, Milner, Gerrard, Parker, Young, Rooney, Welbeck. Subs: Green, Kelly, Walcott, Henderson, Carroll, Baines, Jones, Jagielka, Downing, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Defoe, Butland.

    Ukraine: Pyatov, Gusev, Khacheridi, Selin, Rakitskiy, Yarmolenko, Tymoschuk, Konoplianka, Garmash, Devic, Milevskiy. Subs: Koval, Kucher, Shevchenko, Aliev, Voronin, Shevchuk, Rotan, Seleznyov, Mykhalyk, Nazarenko, Butko, Goryainov.

    Referee: Viktor Kassai (Hungary)

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty in Donestk:

    "The yellow-shirted Ukraine supporters are starting to fill Donetsk's Donbass Arena. It is going to be an emotional night here as this proud country try to secure a place in the last eight. England captain Steven Gerrard is relishing the atmosphere saying: "The crowd doesn't score goals. The noise doesn't score goals. I can't wait."

    Alan Shearer, former England captain and MOTD pundit, on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "There were more positives than negatives against Sweden. The way we fought and the team spirit was a major plus, but time and time again we gave the ball away when we had good possession. We can improve and we will improve, and our world-class player is back in the team. So there's no pressure on him!"


    Stevo on text: "Who says Rooney is England's only world class player? Joe Hart, Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard ring any bells?"

    Ollie in Sherbourne on text: "Still can't understand why Milner is starting. He has had two poor games. Roy should have given Walcott or the Ox a chance - they are far more threatening and creative."

    Nick from Telford on text: "Young? Seriously? By far our most under performing player so far - has to be last-chance saloon for him."

  224. 1843: 

    Our friends at Newsround are well and truly aboard the Wayne Rooney bandwagon this evening, and they've even been back to his old school. You can see what the children and staff from Our Lady and St Swithins primary reckon of Rooney's return on the website.

    Jan Molby in Kiev at Sweden v France for BBC Radio 5 live sports extra:

    "If France win the match here tonight against Sweden they should win the group. Even if they draw they could win the group. The feeling in Kiev is that the French should be too strong for the Swedes.

    "The one thing people are talking about is motivation, and I don't think Sweden will want to go home having not gained a single point from this tournament. They came into Euro 2012 with high hopes, and I expect them to have a real go. But I feel that France are slowly growing into this tournament and there's a lot more to come from this French team."

  226. 1837: 

    So about now Wayne Rooney will be listening to his pre-match playlist. The usual footballer's choice of pumping RnB chart tunes? Well, no actually.

    Among the list he put on Twitter earlier are some rather odd choices.

    Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton and Streets of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen - two fine songs, without a doubt. But not the most inspiring, high-energy tunes to get you going before a big match...

    Graham Taylor, former England manager, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "We run the risk of going overboard in our expectation. We're playing the host nation. Yes, they're not seen as one the leading footballing nations but believe me, everybody will be behind them today. We have to be very careful that there is no complacency whatsoever. England need at least a draw, preferably a win out of this game."

  228. 1833: 

    There is no Andriy Voronin in the Ukraine team either, so Artem Milevskiy and Marko Devic will start in attack.


    John Silvey on Twitter: "Time for Ashley Young to turn up tonight been England's best player for last year."

    Ben Taylor on Twitter: "Everyone seems confident of progressing tonight. How un-English of them."

    Samar F Keirouz on Twitter: "Stop putting pressure on ‪Rooney‬. You always do this and he always under performs. Leave him alone so he can concentrate."

    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- England v Ukraine (19:45 BST)

    Andriy Shevchenko is not in the starting line-up for Ukraine thanks to that knee injury. A massive blow for the co-hosts.

    Newcastle United manager Alan Padrew on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Why not raise our expectations? It's something that we do really well in England! Tonight is going to be a tough game and I think it's going to be hot tonight in that stadium. That atmosphere's going to be electric. I do hope England win the group because I don't really want us to play Spain. The Italian game would be better for us and I think reaching the semi-finals is a target that we could achieve.

    "Wayne Rooney was always going to return for this game, so to have four points is a great position. We've done the job so far, but we all know we'll probably all be sitting and suffering tonight as England crawl over the line."

  232. 1825: 

    So as expected, Wayne Rooney comes straight back into the side, with James Milner keeping his place on the right of midfield. Are we happy with that?

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer in Donetsk:

    "If Andriy Shevchenko is out injured he looks very happy about it. Smiling with a group of very relaxed-looking Ukraine players."

    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- England v Ukraine (19:45 BST)

    Danny Welbeck starts alongside Wayne Rooney in attack, with Theo Walcott and Andy Carroll on the bench.

  235. 1823: 

    Andriy Shevchenko looks tense. This is a big night for him and Ukraine, and you get the feeling that getting the first goal could be crucial. Sheva scored twice against Sweden in the first round of games in this group despite only having possession of the ball for 15 seconds - not too shabby.

    Before then though, he had only scored once in 12 games going back to 2010.

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer in Donetsk:

    "Ukraine players out on the Donbass Arena surface for a pre-match walkabout - accompanied by the deafening rhythms of something or other."

  237. 1817: 

    The Ukraine team are gathering for some photos on the pitch, they're like a bunch of tourists. Dare I say it, but they look like a lower league side at an FA Cup final...

    MOTD presenter and former England captain Gary Lineker:

    "Funny, never felt nervous playing for England... penalties or anything. But watching is gruesomely tense. Come on England."

  239. 1813: 

    Roy Hodgson is off the bus, I'm delighted to say that he has ditched the tracksuit bottoms and aviators and gone for a sharp suit. He looks in relaxed form.

  240. 1811: 

    England have arrived at the Donbass - Jack Butland is first off the bus. Leads from the front that lad.

  241. 1809: 

    Good to see Chris Waddle in confident mood. He knows all there is to know about performing in a hostile atmosphere, as a veteran of both the Sheffield derby and a Top of the Pops appearance alongside Glenn Hoddle.

    Where is the follow-up to 'Diamond Lights?'


    Saqueeb Rajan on Twitter: "It took Ronaldo two games to start producing. Rooney does not have that luxury. I hope the hype doesn't come back to haunt us."

    Jamie Ellis on Twitter: "Benching Rooney will just put more pressure on him. No tournament goals for eight years. Let's give him the start he clearly wants."

    Craig Harrington on Twitter: "Rooney is a must - the only true world class player England have. His is the one name on the team sheet the opposition will fear."

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "England have enough players who have played at the top level and in big games, and a lot of grounds in England can be very hostile. It's going to be an electric atmosphere and the crowd will all be willing Ukraine to get over the line and through, but England have a lot of confidence. They are in the driving seat."

  244. 1803: 

    France have been fairly impressive so far during the tournament, and they will be hoping that Real Madrid man Karim Benzema fires tonight. He's yet to score, but has had eight shots on target in the two games so far - only behind Andres Iniesta and Cristiano Ronaldo. Due one?

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "Andriy Shevchenko is good in the box and he's a predator. He's got to be well watched. Ukraine have got other players than Shevchenko, and they're a dangerous side. Because Ukraine know what they have got to do you will see a better performance from them. Plus it's very hot here, and we know England don't really enjoy the heat."

  246. 1758: 

    Ukraine have only had seven attempts on target so far in the tournament - the fewest of any team. Want any more omens? How about the fact that they are yet to win at the Donbass Arena? It's made for a home win after that one...

    Chris Waddle, former England international, in Donetsk for BBC Sport:

    "Look at the opposition. I think if England were playing Sweden tonight Andy Carroll would have got the nod because of his physical presence. But I think Danny Welbeck has had a decent tournament so far, and he's got pace. Ukraine, who need a victory, are going to push on and leave gaps. With the cleverness of Gerrard and Rooney I can see Welbeck being a big threat, running in behind."


    James on text: "Re: Brad in hospital (1711): Somebody get that man a smartphone."

    Josh in Brighton on text: "Aunt's wedding on Saturday in Vancouver. England going through top is vital if i'm to avoid a family upset by missing the ceremony!"

    Duncan Bradshaw on text: "I'd prefer Spain in the quarters, as if we got past them we would avoid Germany in the semis. Too optimistic?"

    Sam Braik on text: "Just remember, we beat Spain 1-0 in November, and they had a full-strength team. We started with Phil Jones in midfield and no Gerrard, Young, Rooney, Welbeck or Terry!"

    David Bond, BBC Sports Editor in Donetsk

    "England have put themselves in a very good position to qualify. Coming into this tournament it was all terribly downbeat. Now there's a lot of optimism around, with Wayne Rooney saying England could even go on and win it. Roy Hodgson said yesterday that international football is all about dreaming. The quarter-finals are there for them, and there will be intense disappointment if they don't now make it."

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty in Donestk:

    "No worries about temperatures - or thunderstorms - for England's players here in Donetsk tonight. It's a beautiful summer evening in Ukraine and conditions will be perfect."

  251. 1740: 

    Ukraine winger Yevhen Konoplyanka has had seven shots off target in the tournament so far, the same amount as Keith Andrews. His threat down the left could be the reason for James Milner starting for England.

    David Bond, BBC Sports Editor in Donetsk

    "Don't forget that Roy Hodgson has only had two matches at Euro 2012 and two friendlies before the tournament started, and less than 20 training sessions, to work with the team. Clearly, reaching the knockout stages will be taken by England fans as a great success story. They will want to take tonight's chance having disappointed so many times at major tournaments."

  253. 1734: 

    So, apart from former Chelsea and AC Milan man Andriy Shevchenko, who are the other danger men for Ukraine this evening?

    Yevhen Konoplyanka was a menace down the left wing in the win over Sweden, while the latest man to have earned the tag 'the new Sheva' is Andriy Yarmolenko, who has been mainly used on the right so far.

    Former Liverpool man Andriy Voronin completes the attacking options. The ponytail we saw during his Anfield days is long gone now though.

    David Bond, BBC Sports Editor in Donetsk:

    "England always seem to make it hard at these major tournaments. In two hours' time the stadium will be full of around 50,000 Ukrainian fans. They don't want to follow Poland in leaving their own party early. The intimidating atmosphere will be a big thing for England's players to have to deal with."


    Colin Peacocke on Twitter: "There's potential for Rooney trying too hard and getting easily frustrated. Not a game to lose the rag tonight."

    Andreas Mallia on Twitter: "Why the big hype on Rooney? England need to work on their defensive duties. They've shown they can score, but the defence is still shaky."

    John Palethorpe on Twitter: "My Year 1 class cheered the Rooney goals compilation today. Then I realised they would have been -3 at the time..."

  256. 1725: 

    The countdown to kick-off is under way, and we should have team news confirmed for you in just over an hour. The general chat is that Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck will start for England, with Andy Carroll missing out.

    And Roy Hodgson looks set to stick with James Milner on the right.

  257. 1716: 

    Now Brad, there is a man with his priorities bang in order. Is it a boy or a girl on the way Brad?

    We could have a baby Wayne or Waynetta arriving in a few hours' time...


    Brad in Bedford on text: "I'm in the newborn baby unit at our hospital. No chance of getting home to watch the match. I'm going to have to pay the ridiculously expensive hospital TV charges. Not too bad if England get the points though!"

  259. 1711: 

    For those of you keeping across the France v Sweden game tonight, there will be a minute's silence before the game to honour legendary French commentator Thierry Roland, who passed away on Friday night aged 74.


    Ryan in Northamptonshire on text: "A refreshed, champing-at-the-bit Wayne Rooney is the most feared sight for any defence, let alone the minnows of Ukraine! Back our boys!"

    Kev from Birmingham on text: "Just had a look at the permutations page. Not sure whether it could happen, but I'd love to see Michel Platini's face if we knocked France out due to Clause G: 'It comes down to the UEFA national team coefficient ranking system'."

    That clause would cause quite a stir...

  261. 1709: 

    Whoever gets out of Group D tonight - be it England, Ukraine or France - will be pretty keen to top the group, you would imagine.

    The winners of Group D will face Italy in a quarter-final in Kiev on Sunday, but whoever comes second will have to take on the small matter of Spain in Donetsk on Saturday.

    Anyone going to tell me that Spain aren't the team they were and will be no problem for England?

  262. 1701: 

    Over on 5 live sports extra you can listen to the other match in group D. Sweden, who have already been knocked out of the competition, play France in Kiev. Darren Fletcher and Jan Molby will bring you build-up and commentary from 19:30 BST.

    Former England midfielder Peter Reid on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Rooney should start without a doubt. I think we'll beat Ukraine. I'm very, very confident. The squad are enjoying themselves and are all in it together, which is completely different from South Africa. I don't think we've played as well as we can but the spirit and confidence shines out.

    "We're solid and we've got pace to get in behind people, and we have got people who can score goals and make them. Rebounding from going 2-1 down to Sweden was the acid test, and it shows we've got character and belief. We look like we're getting stronger and stronger."

  264. 1656: 

    A reminder for you that 5 live Sport is on at the earlier time of 18:30 BST tonight. Mark Pougatch is in the hot seat in Donetsk for all the build-up to England against Ukraine, and you can listen to full commentary on the game with Mike Ingham, Alan Green, Chris Waddle and Graham Taylor from 19:45 BST.

    You can of course find a link to that coverage on this here website.

  265. 1653: 

    Wayne Rooney's quality is not really in question, but what about his fitness?

    The Manchester United striker's 37-minute run-out in the 1-0 friendly win over Belgium on 2 June has been his only action since playing for his club against Sunderland on 13 May.

    But Roy Hodgson said: "He's been training fully and, if anything, he's every bit as sharp as when he finished his last game for Manchester United."


    Damien McKay on Twitter: "I think starting Rooney is more of a hindrance to a team playing well, they will look for him with every ball."

    Freddie Marks on Twitter: "Let's all stop being silly, we all know Rooney is our best player. Carroll and Welbeck still have a way to go."

    Vasya Kurolesov on Twitter: "Ukraine are going to beat Ingurland tonight by four goals to one."

  267. 1648: 

    The man himself is in confident mood.

    He said over the weekend: "We are hard to beat now.

    "If we keep doing that and keep working hard then there's no reason we can't go really far and be in with a shout of winning it."

  268. 1647: 

    So, let's talk about Wayne Rooney. It's hard to believe that it is eight long years since the then Everton teenager exploded on to the world stage at Euro 2004 - bagging four goals in the group stage before a broken foot saw him limp out of the quarter-final.

    He hasn't scored in a tournament since. Which is incredible.

    Is this his time?

  269. 1640: 

    I read somewhere that there could be just 3,000 England fans in the stadium tonight. Good luck making yourselves heard guys...

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer in Donetsk:

    "Already been asked three times if I would like to buy a Ukraine shirt to wear inside Donbass Arena tonight. Will be very yellow and blue in there."

  271. 1637: 

    Ah, good old Andriy Shevchenko. He's been written off as finished more times than Madonna, but he keeps popping up doesn't he? The 35-year-old was a hero again with his two goals against Sweden, and he could be key tonight - if, if he is fit.

    Coach Oleg Blokhin says Sheva is only a 50/50 chance to play tonight thanks to a knee problem. They'll risk him won't they? Surely?


    Charlotte Ellery on Twitter: "England will win but get Theo in to start. That donkey Milner has been useless. Time for the young to shine."

    Hannah Tomlinson on Twitter: "Milner being picked to help protect Johnson is annoying. If we had a stronger right-back we could afford to be more creative..."

    David Lindskog on Twitter: "Shevchenko versus Terry the slowest race ever. The tortoise vs the tortoise."

  273. 1632: 

    For France, it is looking pretty, pretty, pretty good.

    Four points from their first two games, and a win over Ukraine, means that only a heavy defeat can send them out.

    If England and Ukraine draw and France lose, the French will still qualify courtesy of their better head-to-head record against the co-hosts.

    If both England and France lose, the team which has the superior goal difference between the pair will qualify.

  274. 1628: 

    Ukraine are still alive and kicking in the tournament though, after that opening-round win over Sweden. The plan is simple for Oleg Blokhin's boys - beat England and they are through.

    Anything else, and they are goners.


    Chloe on text: "I think it'll be a tough game tonight because Ukraine will be hungry for the win, and in front of their home crowd too!"

    Will from London on text: "Rooney was by a mile England's worst player at the last World Cup, he should start on the bench."

    Steve on text: "Milner has seemed distant and out-of-sorts. Start with the Ox and go for it tonight! I would look to have Carroll to come on in second half."

  276. 1625: 

    If England lose tonight, they will be out if France win or draw against Sweden.

    If both England and France lose the team which has the superior goal difference between the pair will qualify.


  277. 1624: 

    England will go through with a win tonight, and they will progress as group winners if they pick up three points and France fail to beat Sweden.

    A draw against Ukraine will also secure qualification, and England will progress as group winners if France lose to Sweden.

    If both final group games end in a draw, France will qualify as group winners courtesy of their superior goal difference over Roy Hodgson's men.

  278. 1622: 

    Who else was confused last night when Italy were top of Group C for a while? The old 'head-to-head' rule has the potential to be a head melter again tonight, so let's try and nail down the full permutations for Group D.

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty in Donestk:

    "The return of Wayne Rooney in place of Andy Carroll looks like being England's only change against Ukraine. Manager Roy Hodgson had considered starting with Theo Walcott after his impact as substitute against Sweden but James Milner gives solidity down the right hand side and offers protection to Glen Johnson."

  280. 1616: 

    There is also a big call for Theo Walcott to start down the right after his cameo against Sweden, but Roy Hodgson could be tempted to stick with the dependable James Milner. Who would you lot go for?


    Wade Barrett, British wrestler in WWE alongside such legends as The Undertaker and Triple H, tweets: "3-0 to England later. Looks like I have to work, so will have to keep up on BBC live update. Pressing 'refresh' every 30 secs..."

  282. 1612: 

    England's team selection is set to be a major talking point today. Everyone bar Roberto Martinez seems to accept that Wayne Rooney is a shoo-in to come straight in, but which striker should be left out?

    Danny Welbeck is obviously used to playing alongside Rooney for Manchester United, and scored a deft flick to win the game against Sweden, but big Andy Carroll scored one of the best headers I've ever seen on Friday.

    Decisions, decisions...

  283. 1609: 

    Some breaking news from the very busy disciplinary office at Uefa.

    The Croatian Football Federation have been fined 80,000 euros (£64,561) for "the setting-off and throwing of fireworks and the improper conduct of supporters (racist chants, racist symbols)" at Thursday's match against Italy.

  284. 1606: 

    We all went into this tournament toeing the 'low expectations' line, but one win is normally enough to get the whole country going. So what are you thinking tonight? Are England going to steamroll Ukraine into defeat? Will it go to the wire? Or will Roy and his boys be coming home on the first flight to Luton tomorrow morning? Let us know. You can Tweet us on #bbcfootball, or text in on 81111 (UK Only). PUT YOUR NAMES ON THOSE TEXTS THOUGH. Thank you so much.

  285. 1600: 

    And so it comes to this.

    After the roller-coaster ride against Sweden last Friday, Roy Hodgson's England can qualify for the quarter finals of Euro 2012 this evening.

    They have talisman Wayne Rooney back from suspension, but are up against co-hosts Ukraine and a partisan crowd in Donetsk.

    Are we set for a famous win? Or a 'Phil Neville moment'? We'll find out soon enough...

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