Sunday football

Live text commentary as Chelsea thrash Tottenham to reach the FA Cup final after Man Utd ease past Aston Villa in the Premier League.

15 April 2012 Last updated at 20:44

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As it happened

  1. 2044: 

    So, the sun sets on another enthralling day of football. Be sure to watch the highlights from Old Trafford on Match of the Day 2 on BBC Two and this website at 2200 BST to make your own minds up on that Ashley Young penalty. Manchester United are five points clear at the top of the Premier League, Chelsea will play Liverpool in the FA Cup final and Hearts will play Hibs in the Scottish Cup final. Thanks for keeping me company through it all - I'lll see you again on Monday night for Arsenal versus Wigan. Cheerio for now.


    Kevin J Azuara on Twitter: "Chelsea had five different scorers today: Drogba, Malouda, Lampard, Ramires... Casper!"

    Very good.


    Ruu on Twitter: "Why are people saying Spurs were 'punished'? Quit pulling the victim card. Poor decisions sure, but Spurs were lacking today."

    Hashim Albahbahani on Twitter: "Terry holding back Parker and calming him down shows who should really be England captain."

    David Waller on Twitter: "Spurs only scored their goal because the wrong decision fired them up. Other than that, they were played off the park in the second half."

    Phil McNulty at Wembley, BBC Sport Chief Football WriterFULL-TIME- Tottenham 1-5 Chelsea

    "The scoreline reads like a comfortable Chelsea victory - but Tottenham will complain bitterly that this FA Cup semi-final turned crucially on referee Martin Atkinson's decision to award Juan Mata's "goal". Complaints that have more than a measure of justification."

    Steve Wilson at Old TraffordFULL-TIME- Man Utd 4-0 Aston Villa

    "You wouldn't say Sir Alex Ferguson looked thrilled but Aston Villa were second best. Wayne Rooney scored a penalty after Ashley Young was brought down, Danny Welbeck and Rooney scored two more and Nani added the icing on the cake in stoppage time."

  6. 2030: 

    Time for a quick reminder of what happened in the Premier League and FA Cup today. I'm sure you haven't forgotten, but here goes...


    Wayne Rooney, who scored two goals for Manchester United against Aston Villa today, on Twitter: "My thoughts and prayers are with all the friends and families of the 96 who died at Hillsborough. #J4T96."

  8. 2028: 

    Chelsea have released a statement about the behaviour of some of their supporters at Wembley, who failed to respect the minute's silence in memory of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster and Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini, who collapsed and died after suffering a heart attack during a Serie B game on Saturday.

    It reads: "Chelsea Football Club is extremely disappointed that a very small minority of fans embarrassed the club today by not honouring the moment's silence before kick-off.

    "Chelsea FC believes all moments of respect should be honoured and today we pay our full respects to all those that suffered as a result of the Hillsborough disaster 23 years ago."


    OptaJoe on Twitter: "4 - Chelsea have reached their fourth FA Cup final in six years, they have won the previous three in this run. Regulars."

  10. 2024: 

    So controversy in all three games today, from the Scottish Cup semi-final - where Hearts were handed a debatable late penalty that angered Celtic boss Neil Lennon, to Old Trafford - where Ashley Young re-opened the diving debate, to Wembley - where a phantom goal helped Chelsea see off Spurs, and got us all talking about video technology again.

    Just another quiet day in football, really...

  11. 2020: 

    Here's more from Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, on the way Ashley Young won a penalty for his side's first goal in what turned out to be an extremely comfortable win over Aston Villa: "I think he played for the penalty.

    "He has definitely taken a fall, it was a dramatic fall and he overdid it, but it's a penalty definitely."


    Matt Hodgkinson on Twitter: "Re Will Robinson (2000): Better still, why even bother with referees? Let the players enforce the rules with honesty. Are you serious?"


    From a Spurs supporter: "Six FA Cup semi-finals lost in a row is what you call a culture of losing. Just like watching England, really..."

    Ralph in Ealing: "After Young dive(s) and Chelsea 'goal', after 45 years think I have fallen out of love with the game."

    Chelsea fan Vicky: "Come on. The second 'goal' gave Spurs the incentive to go on and get a goal. Either way, we put another three past them so does it really make a difference?"

  14. 2014: 

    Still no news on injured Chelsea defender David Luiz, who must be a big doubt for the Barca game after being stretchered off in the second half at Wembley today. Fellow centre-back Gary Cahill also picked up a knock towards the end.


    James Usmar on Twitter: "Please make up your mind, Harry. Take England manager or leave. Indecision has ruined our season. Europa League for us now."

    John Hancock on Twitter: "Spurs fans knocking Harry; where were you before he got there?"


    BBC Sport presenter Olly Foster on Twitter: "The ghost goal, to coin a Mourinho phrase, completely distorted the game. Let's see if Atkinson fronts up and does an interview..."

    In case you were wondering, referees never do post-match interviews whether they have a brilliant game or a bad one. So we won't be hearing from Martin Atkinson. Harry Redknapp's thoughts should be interesting, though.

  17. 2010: 

    Chelsea play Barcelona in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final on Wednesday. Anyone else think the Blues might need a couple more ghost goals to get through that one..? Either that or they ask if they can play Barca at Wembley - with lucky charms Roberto di Matteo in charge and Didier Drogba on the field, they would be unbeatable.


    Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard after his side thumped Spurs 5-1 to reach the FA Cup final: "It was an amazing game, I thought we played brilliantly and we deserved to win with the amount we created.

    And on his side's second goal, which replays showed did not cross the line: "The referee has given it, we didn't have a conversation about it, but over the course of the game we deserved to win."


    Tottenham defender Ledley King after his side's crushing FA Cup semi-final defeat, speaking about Chelsea's controversial second goal: "I didn't think it crossed the line, I don't see how the referee could have seen it.

    "We got ourselves back in the game but we got caught out when they picked us off."


    Josh Hood on Twitter: "Mata is a cheat. Celebrating to con the ref. Witch-hunt for him like with Young earlier? Or is this different?"

    Will Robinson on Twitter: "If Terry knew it didn't go over the line (1955), why not let the ref know? It's time for honesty in the Premier League."

    Leigh Myers on Twitter: "Okay, the ball didn't cross the line. But Chelsea played Spurs off the park, and the other four goals were world class."


    From Spurs fan Jon: "Feeling just a mixture of bitter injustice towards the refs and an all too familiar feeling of disappointment towards our own players. We need to face facts. Redknapp is not getting the goods out of the team at the moment and if it doesn't change soon we're going to find ourselves in the Europa league again."

    David Pleat, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Tottenham and Luton boss David Pleat at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live:"Unquestionably Mata's goal was the turning point. It was a massive psychological blow for Tottenham. It was a dramatic scramble on the line and no-one could see the ball. I don't see how it possibly could have gone over the line. Very briefly Tottenham rallied, but Chelsea's three decisive goals meant that, as Spurs didn't flow today, Chelsea saw the game out."


    From Harshad: "The inability of the FA to make a prompt appointment of an England manager has now caused a real mess for Harry Redknapp. The uncertainty has caused instability at Spurs and as a consequence has lead to poor results. Now the question will be asked is Harry the right man for the job. How things can look so positive for a person one minute and end up in disarray the next."

    Jack, a disillusioned Tottenham fan: "Ridiculous refereeing decision at a crucial time but I'm so sick of Harry's limited tactics. Defoe for Rafa is the only sub he ever makes. I'm seeing our season capitulate again."

  24. 2000: 

    So, Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson admits Ashley Young "overdid it" when he won a penalty in his side's win over Aston Villa and now John Terry (below) admits Chelsea's second goal did not cross the line.

    Surely Terry is not quite telling the truth when he says "the linesman gave it and there's nothing we can do," though. He could have told the referee, surely?

    And yes, I know that is never going to happen.


    Chelsea captain John Terry on BBC Radio 5 live: "I thought Mata's strike hit me and didn't go over, but the linesman's seen it and given it. I honestly don't think it went over the line but linesman gave it and there's nothing we can do about that. Spurs are one of the best sides in the league. It was a great performance and a great result."


    Ben in London: "Spurs fan here. Harry for England."

    Mike in London: "Don't care what anyone says, since Capello left the England job and rumour mill kicked in Spurs have been a completely different team."

  27. 1955: 

    It's been a miserable afternoon for Tottenham but Chelsea are on cloud nine. Roberto di Matteo's men are into the FA Cup final, and will be back at Wembley next month to play Liverpool. It was a convincing win in the end, but the controversy surrounding the Blues' second goal - which replays showed did not cross the line - will leave Tottenham feeling hard done by.

  28. 1954: 
    FULL-TIME- Tottenham 1-5 Chelsea

    Toseef on Twitter: "Tottenham had 41 minutes to level since Mata's goal and, even though Bale scored, Chelsea are the better team and deserve to win."


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "Just looking at Eddie Newton and Roberto di Matteo, two of my former teammates, and they are delighted. Spurs have been hit for five and there have been so many gaps in the Tottenham defence in the second half. Spurs have been punished for playing one or two players who were not 100% fit, if I'm honest."

  31. 1952: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 1-5 Chelsea - Florent Malouda (94 mins)

    It's now officially a rout. Florent Malouda runs clear this time and supplies the cool finish. Tottenham look devastated, with Spurs boss Harry Redknapp particularly glum. His opposite number Roberto di Matteo is looking a bit more cheerful a few yards away.

  32. 1950: 

    More frustration from Spurs players. Scott Parker is angry after tangling with Jon Obi Mikel - because Mikel kicked out at him while he was on the floor afterwards. Parker had to be kept away from the Chelsea player there, but I don't think referee Martin Atkinson saw that incident, because he booked both players. Mikel may well have been shown red if Atkinson had spotted it.


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "Today we've had cracking entertainment. There have been mistakes, great goals and talking points. We've had everything."

  34. 1948: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham's Emmanuel Adebayor

    Emmanuel Adebayor is a bit wild with his challenge on Gary Cahill as the ball runs away from him inside the Chelsea box, and that's a booking. Chelsea are already potentially without David Luiz for their Champions League semi-final with Barcelona on Wednesday, and now there will be a doubt over Gary Cahill too. He is limping a bit.


    Ellie texts: "Ever since the awful decision to give Mata that second goal, Spurs have look deflated. I do feel for them."

    Teddy in Reading: "I feel so sorry for Spurs; don't deserve 4 - 1 at all. wonder what would've been without the ref's poor decision. Poor refereeing yet again. Video technology can't arrive fast enough."

    Tom tweets: "At 1-1 against 10 men, as it should have been, only Spurs would have won this game..."

  36. 1947: 

    Chelsea should have five. Salomon Kalou shrugs off William Gallas near the corner flag and makes for goal. Fernando Torres is waiting in front of goal but Kalou's lobbed cross is too strong for the Spaniard.


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live:"Where does this leave Harry Redknapp? For three-quarters of the season his stock was higher than it's ever been. Now..."


    LudaChris on Twitter: "Spurs bottle another big game. Redknapp for England? No thank you."

    Tom Epps on Twitter: "Coming back from 2-0 is one thing but Spurs have looked unable to fight the sense of injustice."

    Sahil Goyal on Twitter: "Are you watching, are you watching, are you watching Catalunya?"

  39. 1946: 

    Just two minutes of the 90 left at Wembley, not that there will be many Spurs fans at Wembley to hear the final whistle. Most of them have already gone home.

  40. 1943: 

    You have to feel a bit sorry for Tottenham here. Would this game have gone differently if Chelsea's second goal hadn't stood? Probably. There is no way they deserve to be 4-1 down, anyhow.

    Phil McNulty at Wembley, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer

    "Harry Redknapp looks sickened by events."

  42. 1941: 

    Didier Drogba is coming off - his work here is done. Fernando Torres is about to replace him. Drogba high-fives several team-mates on his way off... he knows he will be back at this stadium for the final next month.


    Alex on Twitter: "That is why Ramires is going to be our player of the season! Class goal from a dogged player."

    David Watkin on Twitter: "I think I just heard Martin Atkinson's sigh of relief..."


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "You ask the question: would your first-choice keeper be beaten from that distance? I think not. It does go in the corner but as good as it was from Lampard you have to look at Cudicini there. This game is now dead and buried."

  45. 1939: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 1-4 Chelsea - Frank Lampard (81 mins)

    One of Chelsea's goals should not have counted today, no doubt about that. But their other three so far have been super goals and, like Didier Drogba's in the first half, this is a glorious strike. Frank Lampard steps up to take the free-kick which William Gallas conceded and bends a superb shot past the wall and Carlo Cudicini. The Blues are in the FA Cup final, barring something incredible by Spurs in the last eight minutes.

  46. 1938: 

    Spurs have a shout for a penalty when Luka Modric's cross hits Gary Cahill on the shoulder. Nothing given. Play continues and, at the other end, William Gallas is booked for fouling Didier Drogba.


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "I talked earlier about Assou-Ekotto and his positioning. Players get inside him. Ramires did, far too easily. Once he does and Cudicini came out, it was a lovely little dink by the Brazilian. If Spurs come back from this, we are going to be talking about one of the absolute classics."

  48. 1935: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 1-3 Chelsea - Ramires (77 mins)

    This one definitely crosses the line, in case you were wondering. Juan Mata finds time and space to look up and play a subtle pass which releases Ramires. He keeps his cool as he advances on goal and confidently slots the ball past Carlo Cudicini. It's going to be very hard for Spurs to come back from this now.

  49. 1934: 

    Spurs defender Ledley King lets Carlo Cudicini come to collect a ball over the top and is relieved to see him get there just before Didier Drogba. A little bit too casual by Tottenham there.

    David Pleat, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Tottenham and Luton boss David Pleat at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "There are several players feeling the increased pace of this incident-packed second half. Barcelona, watching this game, will love it. I believe that if Spurs throw the kitchen sink at Chelsea, as they are doing now, then Parker must sit deep or they'll get caught."


    Sports presenter Hayley McQueen tweets: "Adele is sat in the crowd behind me cheering on Spurs. Singing her heart out! Seriously, she actually is!"

  52. 1933: 

    Yep, here comes Jermain Defoe. He replaces Rafael van der Vaart, and Spurs are now playing 4-4-2 with Defoe up front alongside Emmanuel Adebayor.

  53. 1931: 

    Jermain Defoe is about to come on for Tottenham. There are about 16 minutes of the 90 left - and they are going to be very tense for all concerned.

  54. 1931: 

    Didier Drogba lands awkwardly and needs treatment. That gives everyone a chance to have a breather, me included. This is frantic stuff.


    Ben in Southampton: "This is why there shouldn't be goal line technology. Decisions like that give us the drama and the controversy. It's a part of football at all levels. Keep it as it is!"


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "This is a tremendous semi-final but some of the Spurs players are looking very, very tired."

  57. 1930: 

    This game is wide open now. Tottenham force a flurry of corners and Ledley King almost steers home a header at the near post. It is deflected behind for another corner...

  58. 1928: 

    Spurs are committing more and more men forward but they are leaving themselves exposed to Chelsea's quick counter-attacks. Scott Parker and William Gallas get back and do enough to put off Salomon Kalou after Didier Drogba's clever play at the back post.

  59. 1926: 

    Another sniff for Chelsea, and for Didier Drogba. Salomon Kalou slips him into space on the left-hand side of the box and Ledley King does well to get across in the nick of time. From the resulting corner, the ball drops for Gary Cahill inside the box, but he blasts his shot over. He rushed that a bit, and paid the price.

  60. 1925: 

    Chelsea keep hold of the ball for the first time in a while but Frank Lampard's pass is too hot for Didier Drogba to handle.

    Phil McNulty at Wembley, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer

    "Spurs fans - fuelled by a sense of injustice after Juan Mata's "goal" - are in full voice after Gareth Bale gave them hope. Breathless few minutes."


    Tyrone Lewis on Twitter: "If the score stays like this then Martin Atkinson is going to have a lot to answer for indeed."

    Marwood on Twitter: "Martin Atkinson needs to explain why he gave a goal when he couldn't see it. Sadly, both he and the FA won't answer to anyone..."

  63. 1923: 

    This has turned into a proper cup tie. Spurs have come to life in the last few minutes and it seems Chelsea don't know whether to stick or twist - do they go for a third goal or try to hold on to their lead?

  64. 1921: 

    David Luiz's injury looked a bad one, by the way. He was stretchered off after lengthy treatment. I'll bring you more news on that when I get it.


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "I don't think Cech should have been sent off. He didn't deny an obvious goalscoring opportunity because Bale put the ball in the back of the net."

  66. 1919: 

    So, Tottenham fans, would you have preferred a penalty and for Chelsea to be down to 10 men? Or that goal? I can't help thinking we are going to be talking about referee Martin Atkinson whatever happens in the next 30 minutes or so (and possibly a lot more).


    Nayim Zaman on Twitter: "I think we would have preferred a penalty and Cech sent off."

    Steve Howes on Twitter: "Ade dived and Bale was offside, but ref is having a terrible game."

  68. 1918: 

    More bad news for Chelsea in that David Luiz had to go off with an injury sustained as he tried to stop Emmanuel Adebayor. Gary Cahill is on instead. We have half an hour left at Wembley and the Blues lead 2-1.


    Tom in Hull on Chelsea's second goal: "How on Earth can he give that? Absolutely ridiculous. Clearly not a goal."

    Daniel texts (again on that second goal): "I would love to see a team just walk off the pitch at an atrocious decision like that. They'd lose the game, but it would make a huge point. Which is needed."

    Al in Sawtry: "What's worse? Going down easily when fouled in the box, or celebrating a goal when you know the ball hasn't crossed the line?"


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "Again David Luiz got caught. Bale was there, Adebayor's mate, to put it in the back of the net. This could be an absolute classic."

  71. 1914: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 1-2 Chelsea - Gareth Bale (56 mins)

    Right, let's pick the bones out of this one. Scott Parker's precise through-ball releases Emmanuel Adebayor and he is sent tumbling by Petr Cech. The ball runs for Gareth Bale, though, and referee Martin Atkinson lets play continue so he can slot into the empty net. Chelsea protest that Bale was offside but Cech would have been off if Atkinson had blown for a foul, and Spurs would have a penalty. Whichever way you look at it, though, it is game on.

  72. 1913: 

    It is definitely the referee Martin Atkinson who awards the goal - he was standing at the far post a few yards away from where Juan Mata struck his shot. I would be very interested to know what his view of the incident was like, though.

    David Pleat, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Tottenham and Luton boss David Pleat at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "If in doubt, do nowt. That should be the referee's edict in that situation. There is no way the referee could see through that cluster of bodies. How Mr Atkinson could have spotted that the ball was over the line I do not know."

  74. 1911: 

    Tottenham goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini was furious when he realised that goal had been given and you cannot blame him. Anyone care to to tell me why - when the technology exists - the officials cannot watch video replays of incidents like that in huge games like this one? No, thought not.


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "There is absolutely no way in this world that either official could know that the ball was anywhere near over the line. Terry was lying on the line with Cudicini. It looked to me that Assou-Ekotto cleared it off the line. It was never in in a million years."

  76. 1907: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 0-2 Chelsea - Juan Mata (49 mins)

    Well, Chelsea do start the second half with a goal but it is a phantom one. When the corner comes over, David Luiz and John Terry go up for headers and end up in a heap on the goal-line, along with Ledley King who heads clear. Juan Mata arrives at the back post to drill the ball goalwards but it hits the pile of players on the goal-line. Referee Martin Atkinson awards a goal but it's difficult to know how he would have seen it - and TV replays reveal it was nowhere near the line. It hits John Terry's foot and then bounces off Benoit Assou-Ekotto. A shocking decision.

  77. 1905: 

    Chelsea almost begin the second half in the same way they ended the first one, with a goal. Salomon Kalou finds Didier Drogba inside the box and he tees up Juan Mata to drive in a low shot that Carlo Cudicini does brilliantly to claw away.

  78. 1903: 

    The second half has just got started at Wembley.

  79. 1903: 

    As lots of you point out below, this game is still in the balance despite Chelsea holding the lead. Tottenham may be struggling for form in the Premier League but they have already caused the Blues defence plenty of problems today. Expect Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon to see plenty of the ball in the next 45 minutes or so...


    Tom in the Spurs end at Wembley: "There are plenty of goals in this for Tottenham. Remember that Chelsea have Luiz and Bosingwa in defence..."


    Will on Twitter: "Didi, what a great goal! Just make sure that you save some for Barca in the week!"


    Desmond Hartigan on Twitter: "This game is filled with nostalgia. Cudicini, Gallas and then Didier with a strike in the top corner with his bad foot... Boom!"


    Little Jason on Twitter: "If Harry changes anything at half-time then he is not good enough for England. We have the winning of this. Leave be, Harry."


    OptaJoe on Twitter: "5 - Tottenham have lost their last five FA Cup semi-finals, Chelsea are the only side (1920-66) to ever lose six in a row. Heartbreak."


    From Steve K in Swindon: "This is typical of Spurs over the past few weeks - dominating possession but no cutting edge up front. And then going behind to the first decent attempt on target by the opposition."


    Guv on Twitter: "Great goal by Drogba. You just can't see Torres doing something like that."

    Josue Balero on Twitter: "If Drogba can do that against Barca this week, Chelsea just may have a chance..."


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "If truth be told the game took 25 or 30 minutes to settle down. Really you were thinking Spurs were going to score soon enough, but a wonderful volley and a great goal by Drogba is the only difference between the two sides at half-time."

    David Pleat, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Tottenham and Luton boss David Pleat at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "Tottenham have never really got their game going, although they have had two great chances. It's a close game and I don't think that goal will hurt Spurs too much if they can get into their stride quickly in the second half. But if Chelsea score a second, they are good enough defensively to hold onto it."


    Umang in London: "I have never seen a player who is able to 'swivel' better than Drogba..."


    Luke, a Tottenham fan, on Lennonnot taking a fall in the Chelsea area: "That's the reason players make a deal out of a penalty shout. Like it or not, Lennon should have done the same as Young.

  91. 1855: 

    Didier Drogba has now scored seven goals in seven appearances at Wembley. He and his manager Roberto di Matteo (who had four Wembley wins at the old stadium) quite like this part of north London, don't they?

  92. 1849: 

    So the Blues have the advantage at the end of a first half that Tottenham had started to grab by the scruff of the neck. But any Spurs fans feeling down right now should remember that Everton led 1-0 at half-time in Saturday's FA Cup semi-final, and we all know how that turned out.*

    *Liverpool won 2-1, just in case you haven't been paying attention.

  93. 1849:  
    Phil McNulty at Wembley, BBC Sport Chief Football WriterHALF-TIME- Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea

    "Chelsea have that crucial advantage courtesy of Didier Drogba's brilliant goal - perfect execution and perfect timing just before half-time as Spurs threatened to take control."

  94. 1847: 

    There will be one added minute at the end of the first half. Chelsea have the lead and they are on the attack... they want a second goal too but Didier Drogba cannot quite connect with Frank Lampard's corner.


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "That's just at a time when Spurs were pushing and had had one cleared off the line and one off the post. Drogba is an enigma, isn't he? You don't know what you're going to get. He just does the most wonderful things at times, and that was one of them there to give Chelsea the lead."

  96. 1844: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea - Didier Drogba (43 mins)

    I am not exaggerating when I say that this is an incredible strike. Didier Drogba collects a long ball forward from John Terry, out-muscles William Gallas and turns away from the Spurs defender before flashing an unstoppable shot into the top corner from the edge of the area. Not many strikers in the world could have scored that goal - Drogba is one of them.


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "That Van der Vaart chance all came about because Luiz got beaten in the middle of the park far, far too easily. Terry got that off the line. Just."


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "It was a super ball in from Van der Vaart, and I don't think there was a touch from Adebayor. I shan't talk about David Luiz's defending, because there isn't any. Everyone is running off him and getting shots away. He is having a nightmare."

  99. 1842: 

    As a few of you have pointed out, Aaron Lennon could easily have gone to ground at 1836 when David Luiz tried to grab him after the Tottenham winger had twisted past him. Maybe we should start rewarding players for staying on their feet?

  100. 1841: 

    Spurs are getting closer. Rafael van der Vaart's cross is intended for Emmanuel Adebayor but he doesn't get anything on it and the ball flies through to hit Petr Cech's right-hand post.

  101. 1839: 

    Another Tottenham attack, and only John Terry's superb goal-line clearance prevents a goal. Emmanuael Adebayor's cross is flicked on by Rafael van der Vaart for Aaron Lennon, who instantly knocks the ball back into the path of the Dutchman in front of goal. Van der Vaart's header beats Petr Cech, but not Terry, who is on the line to get his knee in the way. Fantastic defending.

  102. 1836: 

    Aaron Lennon dances into the Chelsea area after switching to the left wing and he gets past David Luiz, but then gets his cut-back all wrong. The Blues break forward again, but Salomon Kalou blasts his long-range shot over the bar this time. He should have gone for another through-ball there.

    Phil McNulty at Wembley, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer

    "Spurs are enjoying plenty of the ball but some warning signs from Chelsea - especially when Juan Mata just failed to control Salomon Kalou's pass with only Carlo Cudicini to beat."

    David Pleat, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Tottenham and Luton boss David Pleat at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "There's a semi-final anxiety about this game. It's been haphazard. Chelsea started better but Tottenham have been gradually more impressive. Parker and Modric are imposing themselves over Mikel and Lampard."

  105. 1833: 

    Another Chelsea half-chance, and again Didier Drogba is on the end of it - or at least he tries to be. Salomon Kalou clips in a dangerous cross towards Drogba at the near post, but Ledley King is in the right place to avert the danger.


    Tom in Winchester: "Re Michael Vaughan (1821): Last time I tried to buy tickets for this game, the Chelsea end was sold out. Think you will find a few of these empty seats are corporate."


    Sean in Farnham: "I don't understand why Mata hasn't been rested yet. He has looked tired for weeks now. Especially with the most important part of Chelsea's season in full swing."

  108. 1828: 

    Spurs have been pressing hardest in the last five minutes, but Chelsea respond with the best opening of the game so far. Salomon Kalou's slipped pass finds Juan Mata bursting into the Spurs area as the Blues break forward, but Mata cannot quite control the ball at speed and cannot capitalise. Chance gone.


    Tom Duncan on Twitter: "I'm at Wembley, in amongst the Spurs fans. Hoping my Chelsea top isn't showing through my t-shirt... They're quite a lively bunch!"

  110. 1824: 

    Just over 20 minutes in at Wembley, and this game is still very tightly-contested. Plenty of tackles flying in from both sides, including one high boot from Jon Obi Mikel that almost takes Rafael van der Vaart's head off.


    Freddie Drapkin on Twitter: "Poor start from such an experienced player as Drogba. Completely fluffed a great chance and then picks up a needless booking."


    Aston Villa boss Alex McLeish's view of Ashley Young's penalty: It was a soft penalty because Ciaran Clark has tried to pull his foot away and Ashley Young has gone looking for his leg, he won a penalty that I don't think it was deserved."


    More from Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson on his side's win over Aston Villa: "It was a good result, we played some really good stuff although we were careless at stages but the third goal killed it. There could be twist and turns along the way but we now need to enjoy ourselves. We can never be too confident, my experience says that something could come and bite you in the backside and we want to avoid that."

    On the Ashley Young penalty incident, he said: "I think he played for the penalty. He has definitely taken a fall, it was a dramatic fall and he overdid it but it's a penalty definitely, no doubt about it."


    MOTD presenter and former Tottenham striker Gary Lineker on Twitter: "Lot of one-touch football being played. Spurs have a touch, Chelsea have a touch. Poor start."


    Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan tweets: "Why haven't Chelsea sold all their tickets? Long way to travel, I guess..."

  116. 1821: 

    Tottenham come forward again and it takes a timely tackle by Frank Lampard to block Scott Parker's shot inside the box. Ashley Cole completes the clearance, but this is turning into a good spell for Spurs.


    BBC Radio Manchester's football reporter Steven Wyeth tweets: "Alex Ferguson on the Ashley Young penalty incident: 'He played for it. It was a dramatic fall, but it was a penalty'."

  118. 1820: 

    Now it is Gareth Bale's turn to run at the Chelsea defence. He goes past Jose Bosingwa as if he wasn't even there, but David Luiz is over to help out and does very well, with his presence enough to knock Bale off his stride. The ball ends up running behind for a free-kick.

    David Pleat, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Tottenham and Luton boss David Pleat at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "A cautious start, nothing set set our pulses racing. They're mirroring each other's systems. We've only had two efforts on goal."

  120. 1819: 
    YELLOW CARD- Chelsea's Didier Drogba

    Tottenham have not really got going yet - in terms of passing anyway - but they do look a threat down each wing with Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon. The latter is involved here, darting forward after a Chelsea attack breaks down and, when Didier Drogba, sends him tumbling, that is a yellow card for the Chelsea striker.

  121. 1816: 

    Didier Drogba is definitely wearing his shooting boots today, or at least he thinks he is. The Chelsea striker meets a high ball dropping into the Spurs box with an ambitious volley. If he connects properly, then that is goal of the season, but Drogba scuffs it and that barely counts as a shot on goal.


    Steve from Bicester: "I am a life long Villa fan at 49. This team is the worst I have seen. Ron Saunders would go nuts. We deserve to go down."

  123. 1814: 

    Nice play by Tottenham here, with Luka Modric pinging a pass out to Gareth Bale out on the left. Bale vs Jose Bosingwa is not a match-up you would fancy the Chelsea defender winning too often, and the Welshman gets his cross over here... it finds Aaron Lennon at the back post but his shot is deflected and loops up into the air for Petr Cech to claim it.

    Phil McNulty at Wembley, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer

    "Sad to say some Chelsea fans let themselves and their club down badly during that silence in memory of Hillsborough and Morosini."

  125. 1811: 

    Chelsea have a free-kick about 35 yards from goal after Scott Parker runs into Ramires. I think Didier Drogba is going to have a pop here... he does, and it dips after clearing the Spurs wall, but it also clears Carlo Cudicini's bar too.


    Former Chelsea and Scotland midfielder Craig Burley at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live: "I'm all for giving a reserve keeper like Cudicini a game, but surely when you gets to this stage of the competition... well, I am really surprised."


    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, after his side's comfortable 4-0 win over Aston Villa: "Wednesday was a blip, fair dues to Wigan they played well and we didn't turn up but we had to put on performance and we did that.

    "We don't really take [Manchester City's result] into consideration, we put ourselves under pressure to win games."


    Christopher Hares on Twitter: "I can't believe fans at Wembley didn't observe that moments silence. Absolutely disgraceful, find out who and ban them for life."

    Mathew Llyr Evans on Twitter: "That was a really disappointing minute's silence. Some real idiots who feel the need to ruin the poignancy."

    James Ward on Twitter: "Despicable to hear boos at Wembley when minute silence announced for Hillsborough, and tasteless chants from a minority."

  129. 1808: 

    Chelsea's first meaningful attack sees Didier Drogba force his way down the right and then send in a cross which is a fraction behind Frank Lampard. That means he cannot direct his header, or get any power on it - it loops harmlessly behind.

  130. 1806: 

    Both teams are battling for possession in the middle of the park and opening are at a premium so far. Luka Modric has just had one, bringing the ball forward towards the edge of the Chelsea box, but David Luiz does enough to put him off and Modric over-hits his attempt to slide Emmanuel Adebayor clear.


    Intothebarrier on Twitter: "How is McLeish still our manager, that match sums up our season. McLeish out now!"

  132. 1804: 

    Fast and frantic in the first few minutes at Wembley, which is what you might expect considering this is a London derby as well as a FA Cup semi-final.


    BBC Radio 5 live's chief football correspondent Mike Ingham at Wembley: "During yesterday's minute's silence you could have heard a pin drop. During this minute's silence... well, the minute's silence didn't last a minute. It had to be abbreviated. The noise came from the Chelsea end, it has to be said. They just couldn't keep quiet."

  134. 1802: 
    KICK-OFF- Tottenham v Chelsea

    We are under way at Wembley. One of these teams will play Liverpool in the FA Cup final. But which one?

  135. 1801: 

    A few idiots broke the silence, which is disappointing. There were memorial services at Anfield and Liverpool Town Hall earlier today, which is the 23rd anniversary of the disaster.

  136. 1759: 

    Let's hot-foot it to Wembley, where the FA Cup semi-final between Chelsea and Tottenham is about to start, after they hold a minute's silence for the 96 victims of the Hillsborough stadium disaster and Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini before kick-off at Old Trafford. Morosini collapsed and died after suffering a heart attack during a Serie B game on Saturday.


    Alex in Enfield: "Re Callum (1725): Friedel is on the bench as Cudicini has played every FA Cup game so far. It would be harsh to bench Cudicini at Wembley."

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live:"United could have won this game by five or six. Villa, let's be fair, have been pathetic. Look at the Villa players. Heads down, walking off dejected. They'll be thinking whether they could have given more today. I think they could have."

  139. 1757: 

    So, Manchester United's one-sided win over Aston Villa means they move five points clear at the top of the Premier League with four games left, and their goal difference is now only four goals inferior to second-placed Manchester City.

  140. 1755: 
    FULL-TIME- Man Utd 4-0 Aston Villa
  141. 1753: 
    GOAL- Man Utd 4-0 Aston Villa - Nani (93 mins)

    Time for one more goal. Johnny Evans picks out Nani inside the box with a pass Paul Scholes would be proud of and the Portuguese winger manages to squeeze his shot past Shay Given. United have not been in vintage form today but the scoreline is not harsh on Villa - they have been extremely disappointing.


    Richard Joyce on Twitter: "Villa should have entered Crufts. Nobody in the division lies down and rolls over for the big teams like them..."

    Phil McNulty at Wembley, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer

    "The Cudicini selection is continuation of Redknapp's FA Cup strategy - but you would have thought that a semi-final is the time for established first choices."

  144. 1751: 

    There will be four added minutes at Old Trafford.

    Barry Bannan has just picked up a booking by sliding in on Michael Carrick and getting nowhere near the ball, and Nani joins him in Mark Halsey's book for pulling back Alan Hutton soon afterwards.


    Max McLean on Twitter: "Villa very poor indeed. I've not seen a team carry this little threat since Derby's record breaking season..."

  146. 1749: 

    Dimitar Berbatov got a big cheer when he came on but he has not had many chances to add to his United tally today. He does get a sight of goal here, when Nani's cross reaches him... but his shot is deflected over. Jonny Evans heads narrowly over from the resulting corner.

  147. 1748: 

    Into the last couple of minutes at Old Trafford. Villa are plugging away but they have only threatened sporadically today and United wrapped up this game a long time ago.


    Chelsea manager Roberto di Matteo, a four-time Wembley winner while a Blues playe, speaking before kick-off: "This place has always been good to me and the club as well. I just thought about tonight and trying to win this game, we'll think about Wednesday [in the Champions League against Barcelona] after."

    Di Matteo won two FA Cups, one League Cup and one Charity Shield, in case you were wondering.

    Phil McNulty at Wembley, BBC Sport Chief Football WriterTottenham v Chelsea (1800 BST)

    "Plenty of pre-match Wembley debate about Chelsea and Tottenham's teams. Roberto di Matteo has not turned his attention to the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona yet - but does Didier Drogba's inclusion here mean Fernando Torres plays on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge?

    The big talking point from Spurs is Harry Redknapp's decision to stick with reserve keeper Carlo Cudicini rather than established first choice Brad Friedel. A gamble - and will the strategy endure even if Spurs reach the FA Cup Final to play Liverpool?"


    From Mike in London:"Villa have been poor today, as we have been all season! Mainly due to McLeish's non-existent tactics or style of play. But we still have eight senior players out injured including our top scorer and captain and you haven't heard him moan half as much as other managers do that have far superior resources!"


    Michael Roche on Twitter: "Spurs will have a lots of space to play their football. It's important for Chelsea to get tight and work hard. Goals predicted!"

    Tottenham v Chelsea (1800 BST)

    Tottenham make five changes from the team surprisingly beaten at home by Norwich on Easter Monday. Carlo Cudicini replaces Brad Friedel, who is on the bench, in goal, William Gallas partners Ledley King at the heart of defence, Scott Parker is back in the centre of midfield, while up front it is Rafael van der Vaart behind Emmanuel Adebayor.

    Chelsea opt for Dider Drogba up front at Wembley and a five-man midfield of Jon Obi Mikel, Frank Lampard, Ramires, Juan Mata and Salomon Kalou.

    Gary Lineker, BBC Sport

    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker on Twitter: "Have just witnessed Young challenge. He was touched but his theatrical reaction could be the springboard to a bad reputation."

  154. 1741: 

    Shay Given is in action again, although I'm not sure he knew too much about it when Danny Welbeck's snap-shot hits him on the head. Moments later, the Villa keeper tipped Antonio Valencia's bouncing, deflected effort over his bar too - he has had a very busy afternoon.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "It's been a stroll in the park and an easy Sunday afternoon for United. They'll head home, put their feet up and watch Spurs versus Chelsea. I had a bet on this finishing 3-0, but it could be more."


    Jack in Newcastle: "As an outsider, Villa's problem is they have not replaced Milner, Young or Downing. They have a team that should be bottom three, except Shay Given. McLeish deserves credit for being six points clear."

  157. 1738: 

    United have not taken their foot off the gas even with the points safe - they want more goals to boost that goal difference of theirs.

    Their latest attack sees Shay Given come scrambling out to the edge of his area to try to deny Danny Welbeck near his left-hand by-line - and he ends up handling the ball outside the box. He gets away with it too.

  158. 1737: 

    Just over 15 minutes left at Old Trafford. A Villa goal now would only be a consolation, not that they look like getting one. Gary Gardner has just floated a 25-yard free-kick a long way over David de Gea's bar.


    Paul texts: "Re 1728: Real Madrid played Saturday night and are playing Bayern on Tuesday. Time to get over it and concentrate on winning it..."

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live:"Fantastic play from Man Utd, and a great finish by Wayne Rooney. It took a little deflection, but Rooney's scored a goal and now he's coming off. What a finish. 31 goals in a season is great."

  161. 1735: 

    Wayne Rooney is on a hat-trick now, but he won't get a chance to get his treble because he is instantly replaced by Dimitar Berbatov, who is making his first United appearance for a couple of months. Villa are making a change too, for what it's worth - Samir Carruthers is on for Stephen Ireland.

  162. 1733: 
    GOAL- Man Utd 3-0 Aston Villa - Wayne Rooney (73 mins)

    Game over. Antonio Valencia and Wayne Rooney link up again, with their one-two opening up space for Rooney to take aim from just inside the box. His shot takes a deflection off James Collins on its way into the net, but it was heading in anyway.


    Mikey Kavanagh on Twitter: "Re Friedel (1725): He might be a keeper, but the man's still been playing regular football since 1995. Might need a rest."

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live:"There's no Villa movement for their midfield players. But Heskey's had a huge impact since coming on. He's given them power and threat. They look a different team."

  165. 1731: 

    When the corner comes over, Nathan Baker meets it with a header that is not too far off target but I don't think it would have stood in any case. Referee Mark Halsey had spotted Baker climbing all over Wayne Rooney in order to get his head on the ball.

  166. 1731: 

    If Villa are going to salvage something here, they need to do it quickly. With 20 minutes to go, Gabriel Agbonlahor has a shot deflected wide, meaning they have their second corner of the game.

    LINE-UPS- Tottenham v Chelsea (1800 BST)

    Tottenham: Cudicini, Walker, Gallas, King, Assou-Ekotto, Lennon, Modric, Parker, Bale, Adebayor, Van der Vaart. Subs: Friedel, Giovani, Defoe, Rose, Livermore, Sandro, Nelsen.

    Chelsea: Cech, Bosingwa, Terry, Luiz, Cole, Ramires, Lampard, Mikel, Kalou, Drogba, Mata. Subs: Turnbull, Essien, Torres, Malouda, Meireles, Sturridge, Cahill.

    Referee: Martin Atkinson (W Yorkshire)


    Emmanuel Ejii on Twitter: "The problem with Villa is that they play a defensive formation with offensive players. That's why they've been poor all season."

  169. 1728: 

    That Heskey header was an extremely rare Villa chance, though. United are still looking far more likely to add to their tally and Wayne Rooney should do a lot better here when he finds space to meet another low Antonio Valencia cross. The England striker scuffs his shot wide and that was a big waste.


    Yousuf Ali on Twitter: "Of all the clubs in the Champions League semi-finals, only Chelsea are playing on Sunday evening. Says a lot about English football..."

  171. 1726: 

    Emile Heskey is not really noted for being an impact player, but he almost makes his presence felt immediately here. He beats Rio Ferdinand to Gabriel Agbonlahor's cross and forces David de Gea to tip his header over the bar.

    That's Villa's first corner of the game and it leads to... precisely nothing.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "Big Emile Heskey comes on and I think he's really underrated. He gets far too much stick, in my opinion. Over 500 league games and he's scored goals for England."

  173. 1725: 

    Another penalty shout for Manchester United when the ball brushes Nathan Baker's arm from a corner. Nothing given by referee Mark Halsey, though.


    Tottenham fan Calum Ward on Twitter: "Why is Friedel on the bench? It's these weird little decisions by Harry which make no sense at all."

  175. 1724: 

    Yep, Ciaran Clark, a defensive midfielder, is coming off, to be replaced by a striker Emile Heskey. A sign of a bit of ambition by Alex McLeish, or a sign he has very limited options on the bench?

  176. 1723: 

    Ciaran Clark is still struggling here, and he is looking very groggy right now. He is getting more treatment on his head injury but I think he is going to have to come off.

  177. 1722: 

    More United pressure. James Collins has to hack Antonio Valencia's cross-shot away and Paul Scholes sees his effort deflected wide when he meets the loose ball.


    Zaiem Khan on Twitter: "Villa just look so poor, missing Bent. But no excuse. Good players, not a good team."

  179. 1721: 

    A first change for United. Ashley Young gets a standing ovation as he comes off, to be replaced by Nani. Ciaran Clark has been patched up and is back on for Villa.


    Sam Tomlin on Twitter: "Rooney is currently looking like he did at the World Cup. He can hardly control the ball..."

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "Why has the referee stopped the game then, after allowing a Manchester United attack? If it's a head injury he should stop the game straightaway. Why stop it at the point where United give the ball away?"

  182. 1719: 

    An hour gone at Old Trafford. United are still supremely comfortable with their 2-0 lead.

  183. 1717: 

    Referee Mark Halsey allows play to continue when United break forward after Ciaran Clark hurts his head in a collision with Patrice Evra's shoulder, but blows up when Wayne Rooney gives the ball away. Clark looks in real trouble here - lots of claret.

    Phil McNulty at Wembley, BBC Sport Chief Football WriterTottenham v Chelsea (1800 BST)

    Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp might be chasing a Champions League spot but the FA Cup remains a top priority. He says: "It's about time we won another trophy. This is a great opportunity for us to go all the way this year. On our day we can beat Chelsea. We can beat anyone."

    Chelsea have a Champions League semi-final against Barcelona looming, but caretaker manager Roberto di Matteo said: "We are going to be focused on trying to reach the FA Cup Final. I am not a gambler. Whatever it takes to reach the final we will do.We are not going to throw anything away, absolutely not."

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "The Old Trafford crowd are getting a little bit frustrated with Wayne Rooney. He's lost the ball three times in crucial areas."


    Dave, an Aston Villa supporter: "The citing panel idea (1639) is a good one but it won't eradicate mistakes during the game. Technology should be brought in to remove major mistakes like whether it's a goal or not, but small controversies like diving for penalties are what make sport great.

    "There are still mistakes in rugby and cricket that influence the result, but punish whoever after the game and then move on.

    "Villa won't go down because of a dive and Man Utd won't win the league because of it either. They'll each get what they deserve because of consistency."

  187. 1713: 

    Ashley Young is back on the field but United have lost a bit of their rhythm in the last few minutes. Villa are still pretty unconvincing going forward, though, and their only effort on goal has been a long-range strike by Barry Bannan that flew a long way over the bar.


    Celtic manager Neil Lennon has tweeted following his side's 2-0 semi-final defeat by Hearts, and a controversial last-minute penalty against the Hoops for a handball: "Referee told the players he thought Wanyama handled. I feel so sorry for players and fans. I think it's personal, myself."

  189. 1711: 
    YELLOW CARD- Aston Villa's Alan Hutton

    Gabriel Agbonlahor is fine, but I'm not sure if Ashley Young will be after being caught by a crunching sliding tackle by Alan Hutton. Both players were on the floor and I don't think there was any malice intended by the Villa defender, but Young certainly felt that.

  190. 1710: 

    Gabriel Agbonlahor needs treatment for that injury and I'm not sure if he can continue. Emile Heskey is warming up for Villa.

  191. 1709: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man Utd's Paul Scholes

    It's not just trademark shots and passes that Paul Scholes is producing today. He catches Gabriel Agbonlahor with a boot in his knee and his reward is a yellow card.

  192. 1708: 

    United have started the second period at a decent tempo, with Paul Scholes spraying balls out to Antonio Valencia and Wayne Rooney almost getting behind the Villa defence.


    Football Association general secretary Alex Horne speaking on BBC Radio 5 live about the vacant England manager's job:"We continue to work on it, very quietly. We're being respectful to all those people who might be interested. We haven't approached anybody and approached no club.

    "We're waiting until the tail end of the season. We're not far away now. We have nothing to add, and we'll let you know when we do.

    "What we've done as an FA is clearly set up all our plans. We know exactly what we're doing between now and our first game against France [in Euro 1012], and we just need to slot a manager in, giving that individual enough time to get used to the setup."

    Phil McNulty at Wembley, BBC Sport Chief Football WriterTottenham v Chelsea (1800 BST)

    "The Merseyside derby FA Cup semi-final was settled in Liverpool's favour as they beat Everton. Now it is an all-London affair as Chelsea face Tottenham at Wembley. The pair are locked in a battle to finish in the Premier League top four and secure Champions League football next season, but today is all about a place against Kenny Dalglish's side back here next month."

  195. 1707: 
    Tottenham v Chelsea (1800 BST)

    BREAKING: Carlo Cudicini is in goal for Tottenham today.

  196. 1705: 

    A reminder that this weekend's second FA Cup semi-final, between Tottenham and Chelsea, at Wembley kicks off at 1800 BST. I'll bring you all the build-up for that game in the next few minutes too.

  197. 1704: 

    United get the second half started at Old Trafford. No changes by either side at the break.


    Dogarsahab on Twitter: "The word 'pathetic' falls short of explaining today's Villa performance."

    George Stoneman on Twitter: "Shocking defending from Villa. They have to be very careful they don't get dragged into the relegation battle..."


    Joe, a Villa fan: "How can Aston Villa justify keeping McLeish on? It isn't as if we have just had an out-of-form season, he has changed our whole philosophy to anti-football. If you want to see the exact opposite of Barcelona, just look at Villa."


    In the Champions League it's first-leg heartbreak for Arsenal as Kirsten Garefrekes scores three minutes into stoppage time to give Frankfurt a 2-1 win. Ana Maria Crnogorcevic had opened the scoring in the 64th minute, but Ciara Grant equalised five minutes later. The Gunners now have a huge task to progress in next Saturday's second leg in Frankfurt.


    Team GB athlete Kelly Sotherton has tweeted: "Ashley Young, it's too late to qualify for the Olympics for diving!"

  202. 1700: 

    People will not stop talking about that Manchester United penalty for a long time yet but, given Villa have been so poor, I'm not convinced it would have made too much difference to the way this game has gone so far.

    United could have had more than just their haul of two goals in the first 45 minutes and the chances are they will add to their tally in the second half. Their goal difference is inferior to Manchester City's by six goals, for now anyway.


    Adam in Wallingford: "Really like Mike Prince's idea of a citing panel (1639). I think it would work. It does in rugby."

    Alan in Burton-on-Trent: "A basic tenet of law - you don't let criminals benefit from ill-gotten gains. Where a tribunal finds a player has influenced the match by cheating, the points are confiscated. Job done."

  204. 1655: 

    I'm just watching replays of that Manchester United penalty. Yes, there is contact. But the only reason there is contact is because Ashley Young goes looking for it. Ciaran Clark is trying to get out of his way and is moving his leg away from Young when Young treads on his foot... and then catches Clark with his trailing leg as he takes a swallow dive to ground.

  205. 1655: 

    As things stand, United's lead at the top of the table is back up to five points. Villa remain perched anxiously above the drop zone, with six points separating them from the bottom three. It is going to take something extraordinary in the second half for both those scenarios to change.

    MOTD's Steve Wilson at Old TraffordHALF-TIME- Man Utd 2-0 Aston Villa

    "I'm sure Sir Alex Ferguson felt that Manchester United needed to put in performance and they certainly have. Wayne Rooney scored with a penalty after Ciaran Clark fouled Ashley Young and the second goal was a catalogue of errors by Aston Villa from which United profited."

  207. 1648: 
    HALF-TIME- Man Utd 2-0 Aston Villa
    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "Game over. It was a weak ball across the goal and Collins has done the right thing running towards it, but he should just smash it out of play. Don't leave it, James! A goal was coming, but it would have been prevented if Collins had put that out. Poor play by Villa."


    Ian in Bristol: "The players know what they are doing but the managers know what their players are doing. The same managers that whinge about the soft penalty given against them, don't discourage their own players from going down easily either. This is never going to end."

    Jack in Canterbury: "We need to stop defending players for theatrical dives by saying there was "contact". Surely if the rules apply the same all over the pitch then in that case anytime a player touches someone from the opposing team it's a freekick."

    Rob in Cambridge: "Maybe one way of dealing with the "diving" issue, would be bringing in video evidence on contentious penalties. Then perhaps simulation would be nullified."

  210. 1645: 
    GOAL- Man Utd 2-0 Aston Villa - Danny Welbeck (43 mins)

    Villa have no-one to blame but themselves for this one. Patrice Evra's low cross from the left should be cut out by first James Collins and then Nathan Baker, but they both leave it and Danny Welbeck slides in to convert at the back post. Too easy.


    Thomas Knights on Twitter: "Given is still one of the best keepers in the Premier League, keeping Villa within a goal of United."

    Tajinder Bharth on Twitter: "Villa are absolutely dire."

  212. 1643: 

    Around six minutes to go until the break and United still lead 1-0. To return to the diving debate (because it isn't going away), for those of you who say that, if there is contact then it is a penalty, then does that still stand if the only reason there is contact is because the attacking player has jumped into the defender's leg? Surely not?

  213. 1639: 
    YELLOW CARD- Aston Villa's Gary Gardner

    When a United attack breaks down, referee Mark Halsey calls back play to book Villa's Gary Gardner, who had lunged in late on Paul Scholes.


    Anna Newton on Twitter: "Re 1621. Clearly refs cannot see the difference between dives and non-dives. It has to go to a review panel."

    Mike Prince on Twitter: "Going down easily is poor.What about those who claim to have been headbutted when no contact? Citing panels are the answer."

  215. 1638: 

    For all their dominance, you cannot say United are getting closer to a second goal, because their latest effort by Antonio Valencia is about 10 miles off target. He runs on to a low Patrice Evra cross at the back post but his attempt to beat Shay Given with the outside of his right foot ends up in the Manchester Ship Canal.

  216. 1635: 

    What a save this is, by Shay Given. United pour forward again and from Antonio Valencia's driven cross, Danny Welbeck brings a superb reaction save from the Villa keeper.

    Moments before, Michael Carrick had made a mazy run into the Villa box and had room for a shot, but chose to pass instead. He failed to pick out a team-mate, however, and wasted an extremely promising opening.


    Daniel Pitcher on Twitter: "Re 1621. I think any form of simulation should result in a fine, even if it is a foul. It's an attempt to influence the refs' decision."

    Danny Perera on Twitter: "Retrospective action for Young? Eradicate diving by punishing the perpetrators, simple."

    Jack Bloomfield on Twitter: "A player who dives should get an automatic one game ban. That should stop the cheats."

  218. 1633: 

    Not so great for Paul Scholes, this. He tackles Ciaran Clark and picks up a dead leg for his troubles. He is back on his feet now, though.

  219. 1631: 

    We were talking about Paul Scholes' influence earlier and he has just reminded us of his talents with a real blast from the past. Lurking, as usual on the edge of the area at a corner (why do teams never seem to spot him?), he meets Ashley Young's corner with a trademark volley that whistles a whisker wide of Shay Given's left-hand post. That would have been very special.

  220. 1629: 

    While it remains 1-0, Villa retain hope, and they go close again here. Rafael surrenders possession too easily and Stephen Ireland curls a pearler of a shot about a yard wide.


    Daily Telegraph football correspondent Henry Winter has tweeted: "I wonder if Sir Alex Ferguson or PFA chief Gordon Taylor might have a quiet word with Ashley Young about the reputation he's acquiring."

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live:"Villa have no idea. From their great chance in the opening 30 seconds they have been nonexistent in this game, just defending. United have been so dominant, and Villa haven't laid a glove on them really."

  223. 1626: 

    Even so, United are definitely having the better of things. Ashley Young's corner is flicked on by Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney heads a fraction wide. Villa defenders have made a couple of vital blocks in the last couple of minutes too.

  224. 1621: 

    Let's get something straight - Ashley Young is getting a lot of stick here, but clearly he is not the only player who does this kind of thing and goes to ground under minimal contact once he gets inside the box.

    Maybe it's time for referees, managers and players to have their say about what constitutes a dive, and cheating, and what doesn't? Maybe someone could ask Sir Alex Ferguson about it after this game?

  225. 1622: 

    It's not all one-way traffic, though. Barry Bannan's free-kick from the right finds Ciaran Clark in the middle of the United area and he glances his header a yard or two wide of David de Gea's right-hand post. That's the closest Villa have come in the first 20 minutes.


    Matt from Epsom: "Young is a disgrace! Villa used to pay his wages and he cheats. I would have thought he had more character than that. Shows some football players just don't care."

    Sailor Bhoy in Edinburgh: "The only way we will get rid of diving is massive fines and and grossly un-proportional suspensions. Either that or dish out points deductions and the managers will soon beat it out of the cheating game-spoilers."


    Newcastle United defender Ryan Taylor has tweeted: "Ashley Young is an absolute DISGRACE. He's the biggest cheat in the league. His antics are a joke."

  228. 1620: 

    Another United attack. Rafael surges down the right and finds Wayne Rooney with a low cross. He takes a touch before drilling in a shot which would have squeezed inside the post if Shay Given hadn't dived across to push it away. A great stop.

  229. 1620: 

    United, on the other hand, are still looking extremely dangerous. After a patient build-up, Wayne Rooney clips over a cross that Danny Welbeck heads goalwards but sees it blocked by Nathan Baker before it reaches Shay Given.


    Sam Lockley on Twitter: "There was contact. Same as last week. Both pens. But also, no need to go down the way he does."

  231. 1616: 

    Not much of a response from Villa so far. That early Andreas Weimann chance remains their only sniff of a goal.


    Sam Jordan-Turner on Twitter: "People are criticising Young, but that was a penalty. Theatrical, but there was contact. Stonewall."


    Theo Kabala on Twitter: "Ashley Young, not again. As a United supporter I want to win, but not like that."

    Martin on Twitter: "Young at it yet again. Never ever again do I want to hear the lazy media mention foreigners diving. Pathetic. Get up man."

    Ross Jemal on Twitter: "I couldn't celebrate that goal. We shouldn't have to rely on diving to break down defences. Two in two home games for Young."

  234. 1614: 

    I don't need to remind you that Ashley Young won a similarly debatable penalty for United against QPR at Old Trafford on Easter Sunday too. At least the referee didn't send off Ciaran Clark today, though.

  235. 1613: 

    Here come United again, but this time Ashley Young plays in Paul Scholes rather than running in on goal himself. Scholes gets his shot away but James Collins is across to block.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "I have to say, I think again Ashley Young has taken a dive. I said before the game he has to be careful of his theatrics. There was minimal contact, and the way he went down was shocking. He's going to get a reputation. And the referee couldn't wait to put the whistle to his mouth and give the penalty. This is very hard to take if you're Villa."

  237. 1609: 
    GOAL- Man Utd 1-0 Aston Villa - Wayne Rooney (pen, 7 mins)

    Stand by for more controversy over Ashley Young and how he dives to win penalties. He checks inside Ciaran Clark inside the Villa box and dives over the defender's leg. Yes, there is contact, but Young's reaction is theatrical.

    I'm amazed referee Mark Halsey gives a penalty, but he does. Wayne Rooney tucks it away and Manchester United lead.

  238. 1608: 
    PENALTY- to Manchester United
  239. 1606: 

    United come forward with intent for the first time and, after a neat build-up, Michael Carrick tees up Wayne Rooney on the edge of the box. Rooney does not struggle to get power behind his shot, but it hits his own team-mate Ashley Young and deflects to safety.


    In the Women's Champions League it's goalless at half-time at Borehamwood in the the first leg of Arsenal's semi-final against German side Frankfurt.

  241. 1605: 

    Paul Scholes is already seeing a lot of the ball whenever Manchester United are in possession. You know where he is... sitting near the halfway-line, and acting as director of operations.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "Weimann was clean in, but it was a weak shot. He tried to go across De Gea, and the strike lacked a bit of conviction. He took his time but it was a poor effort. But he was very quick to get onto it."

  243. 1604: 

    Villa get the first chance too. Antonio Valencia runs at the visitors' defence but they clear the danger and Stephen Ireland feeds Andreas Weimann, who has space down the left. The Austrian gets into the area before letting fly but his shot has nowhere near enough power to beat David de Gea.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "United played very poorly in the week against Wigan. Villa need to be together and to be strong, but it will be very difficult for them."

  245. 1602: 

    Aston Villa get us under way.

  246. 1601: 

    We will have minute's silence in memory of Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini before kick-off at Old Trafford. He collapsed and died after suffering a heart attack during a Serie B game on Saturday.


    Birmingham Ladies are through to their first FA Cup final after beating Bristol Academy 4-1. Rachel Williams and Karen Carney scored twice each as Bristol were reduced to 10 women early on. They will face the winners of Arsenal and Chelsea, who play on 29 April.


    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, speaking before kick-off at Old Trafford: "The good thing we've done is to get to five points clear and, yes we lost to Wigan, but we have to be proud of getting to this position having been so many behind Manchester City.

    "There's no point in harping on about Wednesday, it's about today. Playing against any team that is fighting at the bottom is tough, it was the same with QPR. They got stuck into us."


    Adam Bond on Twitter: "Villa will lose today and be dragged further into the relegation battle. McLeish has to go..."

    Jimmy Christo on Twitter: "It's very easy to be a gung-ho critic from your armchair! McLeish uses the capacity of the squad pragmatically."

  250. 1557: 

    The players emerge from the tunnel at Old Trafford. A reminder that, if Manchester United drop points today, then Manchester City will be able to overtake them at the top of the table if they win the derby on 30 April.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "I think Villa are fortunate this season that there are so many poor teams in the Premier League. But one more point will make them safe from three worse teams than them."


    Camron, a Villa fan: "I would have liked to see N'Zogbia start today. He owes us a performance and now would be the ideal time."

    Isaac in Manchester: "The battle is on the flanks and Villa have already lost it judging by the teamsheets."

  253. 1554: 

    Speaking of kids, Villa's starting XI today has an average age of just 23.

  254. 1552: 

    Here's a stat for you. According to Infostrada Sports, Paul Scholes has not lost a Premier League game against Aston Villa since 1995. If that game doesn't instantly spring to mind, maybe I will refresh your memories if I say that Alan Hansen will definitely never forget it?

    Yep, that 3-1 win for Villa in August of that year led to Hansen's famous 'You never win anything with kids' comment. Mark Draper, Dwight Yorke and Ian Taylor got Villa's goals. Scholes was 20 then, he is 37 now.


    Stephen Ford on Twitter: "McLeish is defensive? We've spent much of the season with N'Zogbia, Ireland, Albrighton in our midfield. That's defensive?"

  256. 1548: 

    It WAS a bright spring day in Manchester but the blue skies above Old Trafford have been replaced by menacing-looking grey clouds. Will it be raining goals for United later? There are just 10 minutes to go until kick-off, when we might find out.


    Adam on Twitter: "Re: 1523 and all comments about it - McLeish does like his 0-0 draws, not that he will ever get one today."

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "I can't see Villa getting a point here. They don't play as a team and they look like they go out there and have no idea. I don't think Villa have an identity. They don't attack with any pace."


    Umma in Belfast: "Re 1523. McLeish at Villa was doomed from the start. The relationship will never last. In the summer Villa have to think hard. Personally I say there are much better managers out there, but Lerner may see things differently, unfortunately."

    Gareth in London: "McLeish should resign if he has any self respect. He should not be given any more time or money. He will bring journeymen, play spoiling football and destroy our promising youth players who he is forced into playing at the moment."

    Andrew Charlesworth: "As much as i dislike McLeish, if we stay up he should stay. Our young players like Bannan and Weimann will all progress throughout next season, but McLeish's playing style is just so boring! We have no width today with Ireland and Bannan playing on the wings when they are centre midfielders..."

  260. 1545: 

    Andreas Weimann, in case you have forgotten, scored an absolute beauty in Villa's last game - a 1-1 draw with Stoke. I'd say he is definitely one for the future, although with their side still looking so shot shy, Villa fans are probably rueing Darren Bent's injury more and more with each passing week.


    Aston Villa's 20-year-old Austrian striker Andreas Weimann on BBC Radio 5 live: "I've been here for five years, coming through the Academy. Playing in front of the Holte End is special to me. I think Vienna, where I'm from, is a beautiful city, and Birmingham is totally different. But I enjoy it. I live just outside of Birmingham - it's nice.

    "I'll be trying my best for the team and hoping to get a few more goals. I've never been to Old Trafford and I'm really looking forward to being there, out on the pitch. It will be a brilliant atmosphere and I'm sure there will be loads of Villa fans travelling."

  262. 1534: 

    Those last three Tweets and texts were just about the only ones saying Alex McLeish should get more time. I guess that's what you get when you play defensively, get poor results and end up in a relegation battle.


    Matthew Williams on Twitter: "If he can make decent signings and offer a more attacking approach next season... I just don't expect McLeish to change though."


    From James in Bristol: "McLeish should get another season to continue developing this youthful Villa squad who will be stronger after this season together, although he must be backed this summer in the transfer market."

    From Harry, Villa fan: "I generally wouldn't agree with firing a manager after one poor season (provided the team isn't relegated) but McLeish just has such a boring style of play. If he can adapt that I'd be happy to give him another half season as manager."


    Nick Ketley on Twitter: "McLeish has to go. I have never been so bored watching Villa play as I have this season."

    Josh Bassett on Twitter: "He needs to go. His 'brand' of football does not suit Villa. Lambert would be a great fit, as would Martinez."


    Andy in London: "Re your question at 1523: In short - no! Didn't want him, and he's proved us all right with an embarrassingly bad season where we can still be relegated. He needs to go in the summer."

    Man Utd v Aston Villa (1600 BST)

    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson names the same team that beat QPR on Easter Sunday with Paul Scholes, Rafael and Danny Welbeck replacing Ryan Giggs, Phil Jones and Javier Hernandez. Aston Villa are without the injured Stephen Warnock and Chris Herd, so Gary Gardner and Ciaran Clark come in.


    Chris Pilcher on Twitter: "Ah, Dimitar! I remember him!"

    Chris Dear on Twitter: "Good to see Berbatov back on the bench. I feel he has something to offer before walking, nonchalantly, away into the sunshine..."

    LINE-UPS- Man Utd v Aston Villa (1600 BST)

    Man Utd: De Gea, Rafael Da Silva, Evans, Ferdinand, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Scholes, Young, Rooney, Welbeck. Subs: Amos, Jones, Berbatov, Giggs, Hernandez, Nani, Cleverley.

    Aston Villa: Given, Hutton, Collins, Baker, Lichaj, Bannan, Ireland, Clark, Gardner, Weimann, Agbonlahor. Subs: Guzan, N'Zogbia, Delfouneso, Heskey, Cuellar, Johnson, Carruthers.

    Referee: Mark Halsey (Lancashire)


    Tom in Notts: "Berbatov to do a Macheda this afternoon! You heard it here first!"

  271. 1523: 

    By the way, are there any Aston Villa fans who want Alex McLeish to stay in charge beyond the summer, whether you stay up or not? Please let me know if so!

  272. 1522: 

    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says he has sympathy for under-fire Aston Villa manager Alex McLeish after criticism from his club's fans. Ferguson felt some ire from his own supporters for resting Paul Scholes in the midweek defeat by Wigan and said: "We did the right thing resting Paul on Wednesday," he said. "It may not have looked like that to the fans, but three games in seven days would have been a big ask." McLeish says he wants his players to "stay on their feet" after seeing United's former Villa winger Ashley Young accused of diving against QPR last Sunday.

    Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Manchester United schoolboy and Wales international Robbie Savage at Old Trafford for BBC Radio 5 live: "At this stage of the season Manchester United know how to win the title. They're playing a Villa team who I think are very poor. They don't play as a team, but as a group of individuals. I think United will win this comfortably."


    Luke Johnston on Twitter: "This time last week we were eight points clear. Things look a lot different now! Losing isn't an option today."

    Bradley French on Twitter: "Bandage Darren Bent up and get him on. City, and the rest of England, need Villa to get something."

    David Pleat, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Tottenham and Luton boss David Pleat at Wembley for BBC Radio 5 live,speaking about Manchester United versus Aston Villa: "Paul Scholes is an incredible player because he dictates the pace of a game. He's just amazing, and he plays with his head as well as his heart.

    "Villa have drawn a lot of games and haven't played with the freedom of attack that supporters want. But McLeish has lost a lot of players, such as Downing to Liverpool and Bent to injury. Today they will be on the back foot, no question of that. I think Shay Given will really be worked hard."


    Chris Pilcher on Twitter: "Scholes starting? 3 points in bag. having said that, a shame he's still the guy we rely on and not someone else this season... "

  277. 1518: 

    By the way, Dimitar Berbatov is on the bench for United today. Dimitar who?

  278. 1517: 

    Yep, as Sam (below) texted in to say, Paul Scholes has played 12 Premier League games since his surprise return as a player at the start of January. Manchester United have won 11 of them, and they drew the other one.

    MOTD's Steve Wilson at Old TraffordMan Utd v Aston Villa (1600 BST)

    "So what odds on another pivotal game between Manchester United and Aston Villa? Anyone who was there is unlikely to forget the Old Trafford meeting of April 2009 when Federico Macheda popped up with a stoppage-time winner to inspire them to the Premier League title. Villa's 1-0 success the following season is their only win home or away against United in 30 attempts going back to 1999."


    From Sam: "We know what the trend in the results for Man U has been when Scholes plays. Let's hope it continues today!"


    From Adam Knott: "Usually towards this stage of the season we say results are the only things that matter, but does anybody else think the game at Villa is not just a must-win for united, but a must-win-with-style?"

    Er, maybe a week ago Adam... when United had an eight-point lead. Not today, though. They will take a win anyway they can, no?

    David Pleat at Wembley, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Tottenham and Luton boss David Pleat at Wembley, talking about the build-up to a big game onBBC Radio 5 live: "If you've got a manager who can relax players on the way to Wembley that's important. I remember Ron Atkinson getting a comedian onto the team bus on the way up once! But there is a tingle in the heart as you approach the stadium..."

  283. 1507: 

    I should really mention that is a big day of semi-finals in the women's game today as well. In the FA Cup, Birmingham Ladies lead Bristol Academy 3-0 at half-time after Bristol's Alex Culvin was sent off for a deliberate handball. And Arsenal Ladies have just kicked off the first leg of their Champions League semi-final against Frankfurt (at 1500 BST).

  284. 1506: 

    That's not the only change by Sir Alex Ferguson. Danny Welbeck and Rafael also come in. Ryan Giggs, Javier Hernandez and Phil Jones are the men making way. Aston Villa news and full line-ups to follow.

  285. 1505: 

    BREAKING: Paul Scholes returns to Manchester United's starting XI after missing that defeat by the Latics.

  286. 1504: 

    Almost time to see what sort of response we get from Manchester United after that dismal defeat at Wigan, and to see if they can restore their lead to five points.

    When I spoke to Lawro this week, he was pretty sure they will make a swift return to winning ways, saying: "as we know well by now, you very rarely see two successive under-par performances from them, let alone back-to-back losses.

    "And, having seen quite a bit of Aston Villa recently, I just cannot see them posing Manchester United any problems.

    "So I think it is a case of seeing how quickly United score the first goal - I think that is the most important thing in these kind of games - and I don't think they will have to wait too long."

  287. 1458: 

    You probably already know that Manchester United's title rivals Manchester City closed the gap at the top to two points on Saturday by thumping Norwich 6-1, with Carlos Tevez hitting a hat-trick.

    Tevez, who missed five months of the season after falling out with boss Roberto Mancini, has thanked City's players, officials and supporters for welcoming him back after his extended absence.

    "It wasn't easy coming back to training," Tevez said. "I want to say thank you to my colleagues for all the support they have given me since I arrived."


    BBC Sport's Conor McNamara tweets: "Aston Villa have taken points off Manchester United in each of the last three seasons. Villains."


    Kangwa Banana on Twitter: "On the train to the Manchester United game; a must-win for us Reds."

    James Lowson on Twitter: "United to bounce back today. Ferguson was not happy against Wigan. Woe betide any player who plays like that today..."

    James Stuart on Twitter: "How can Villa win? Roll the clock back to 2009. Time machine."

  290. 1448: 

    Let's hope for similar drama in our remaining games today... but how do you see them going? Will Manchester United recover from their midweek defeat by Wigan to resume control at the top of the Premier League? Or can Aston Villa do United's title rivals Manchester City a favour by springing a surprise that might ease their own relegation fears.

    As for Wembley, Spurs are stuttering but do Chelsea have the Champions League on their minds? Who will be dishing out the Capital punishment this evening?

    Lots of questions.... tweet me the answers @chrisbevan_bbc using the hashtag #bbcfootball or texting us on 81111 (UK). Make sure YOU PUT YOUR NAME on those texts though.


    Simon Loughins on Twitter: "Hearts, Hearts, glorious Hearts!"

  292. 1442: 
    FULL-TIME- Hearts 2-1 Celtic

    Celtic had a shout for a penalty themselves in the final seconds, when the ball hits Andy Webster on the arm, and Joe Ledley also went close to equalising... but Hearts hold on. They will face neighbours Hibs in the Scottish Cup final.

    Celtic boss Neil Lennon, meanwhile, angrily confronts referee Euan Norris at the final whistle. He is not a happy chappy, to say the least.

  293. 1438: 
    GOAL- Hearts 2-1 Celtic - Craig Beattie (pen, 91 mins)

    Joe Ledley handles in the box and referee Euan Norris points to the spot. Harshly, in my opinion, because Ledley wasn't looking at the ball.

    Anyway, Craig Beattie steps up and slots past Fraser Forster, who gets his fingers to it but cannot keep it out. Beattie then takes his top off and embarks on a long run of celebration, hurdling the advertising hoarding and jogging round the perimeter of the ground, with his team-mates in pursuit. Not surprisingly, Beattie was booked afterwards.

  294. 1437: 
    PENALTY- to Hearts

    In the final minute of their semi-final.

  295. 1433: 

    Hearts were dreaming of an all-Edinburgh final against rivals Hibs, but Gary Hooper has just equalised for Celtic, with five minutes left. TV replays show Hooper was offside before heading home.

  296. 1432: 

    That semi-final, which will decide who plays Liverpool in this year's final, is the last of our three games today.

    They are already under way (and in fact, nearly finished) north of the border, where Hearts are, surprisingly beating SPL champions, Celtic with about 10 minutes of their Scottish Cup semi-final to go.

    That leaves us with Premier League leaders Manchester United, who are looking to restore their five-point lead over neighbours Manchester City at the top of the table, by beating Aston Villa at 1600 BST.

    Then we head to London for the all-capital clash between Spurs and the Blues, who are also battling it out for a top four place this seaon.

  297. 1427: 

    Twenty-three years ago today, 96 fans went to a match on a sunny spring day much like this one and didn't come home. Think of them and their families today, whether you are on your way to a game or following today's action from home.

    There will be memorial services held at Anfield and Liverpool Town Hall this afternoon to mark the anniversary of the Hillsborough stadium disaster. Thousands of fans are expected at Anfield for the service which starts at 1445 BST. From 1506 BST, the time of the disaster on 15 April 1989, The bells at the town hall will ring 96 times to commemorate each victim.

    And there will be a minute's silence before today's FA Cup semi-final at Wembley between Tottenham and Chelsea (at 1800 BST).

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