BDO World Darts final: Tony O'Shea v Scott Waites as it happened

Scott Waites beats Tony O'Shea 7-1 to win the BDO World Championship for the first time.

14 January 2013 Last updated at 11:52

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As it happened

  1. 2000: 

    Bryan Mackie (see below), I couldn't agree with you more. Two darts world championships are over. Life is definitely miserable again. Only 11 short months until the fun starts again. Thanks for your company, that's all the tungsten for tonight.


    Former two-time BDO semi-finalist Chris Mason on Twitter: "Waites will not be switching, he will be defending his title in my opinion"


    Bryan Mackie on Twitter: "Fantastic words from Scott Waites after his win; class act. And now with the end of the darts, January becomes miserable again."


    Two time PDC world champion Adrian Lewis on Twitter: "People who ask about averages personally I don't care about them, in finals it's just about getting the job done on the night"

  5. 1949: 

    Buying a dart board tomorrow is a sensational idea.


    Derek Connor on Twitter: "Scotty Waites with the words of inspiration there, I'm buying me a dart board tomorrow..."


    2013 BDO World Championship runner-up Tony O'Shea: "I was slow out of the blocks and Scott just did what he does. He played superbly, dead steady. I'm a bit gutted because I didn't give him a game, it just wasn't there tonight. Scott never gives you many chances but, this week, I honestly thought I'd done enough. I felt good going on to the stage and, as usual, the crowd were behind me. I'm just gutted I couldn't give them the night they wanted, I'm more gutted for them than me."

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    "The boy wonder is now king of the Lakeside. They say true love waits, but Scott no longer has to."


    2013 BDO world champion Scott Waites: "All I tried to do was battle my way to a few sets in front. It was so hot up there, very difficult to hold the darts. Tony didn't look like his normal self, but I'd rather have him at half fit than fully fit. Winning this is what everyone aspires to and I can't believe I've won at the Lakeside.

    "The crowd have been fantastic and I know they wanted Tony to win. My dad will be crying - he's wearing his lucky shirt but he looks a complete plonker wearing it.

    "I'm going to enjoy this, lap it up. I've got a day off work tomorrow."

  10. 1936: 

    Back on stage, Anastasia Dobromyslova joins Scott Waites for the first photos of the two BDO world champions of 2013 to be taken. Queen's 'We Are The Champions' plays. Cliched, but fitting.

  11. 1935: 

    Cameras show O'Shea returning to the players' room to the applause of his family and friends. We can't hear what is said, but he must crack a joke because everyone in the room is laughing. Nice scenes.

    Bobby George, BBC Sport

    "Scott was the best player through the week. He played a proper game, bullied Tony, not letting him get back."

  13. 1932: 

    The Lakeside crowd sing for Tony O'Shea, who beats his chest as he accepts the runner-up cheque. Scott Waites, with tears in his eyes, salutes the arena as Martin Fitzmaurice announces him as "champion of the world". O'Shea sportingly applauds as Waites kisses the trophy. Moment Waites will remember forever.

  14. 1929: 
    GAME! SHOT! AND THE MATCH!- Scott Waites is the 2013 BDO World Champion

    Yessss! We have our world champion! And what a way to do it! Waites comes for 110 - treble 20, big 18, one at double 16. Into the green bit! Scott Waites is the 2013 BDO world champion, the carpenter from Yorkshire sits on top of the world for the first time.

  15. 1927: 
    O'Shea 1-6 Waites 8th set: 1-2

    Huge roars for O'Shea as he comes for 64. One dart at tops....just short. Waites needs double eight to go within one leg of the title...miles inside. Double four is nailed, though, and Waites is on the verge of having his name on the trophy.

  16. 1925: 
    BIG CHECKOUT- O'Shea 1-6 Waites 8th set: 1-1

    Oh dear, is Scotty wobbling. Single one, treble one and single three gives him seven. That's right, seven. The lowest score three-dart score of the week so far. What can O'Shea do? He's on 158. Treble 20....treble 20....double 19? Yes! A 158! He beats his chest and soaks up the applause. Brilliant stuff, the biggest checkout of the match.

  17. 1922: 
    DOUBLE TROUBLE- O'Shea 1-6 Waites 8th set: 0-1

    Now then, a maximum sees Lakeside erupt and has him stealing the darts. With Scotty failing at 170, O'Shea has three at double eight, but one outside, one in and a miss at double four leaves Waites coming back to mop up. Another chance goes for O'Shea. We are closing in on the end game.


    Matt Ross โ€on Twitter: "I had 66p on O'Shea to win... Don't tell the wife!"

  19. 1920: 
    YEEEES THAT'S THE SET- O'Shea 1-6 Waites 7th set: 1-3

    Good counting from Waites - two treble 20s followed by single 19 leave him on 78 with O'Shea miles back. One attempt at double top is missed, but Waites returns for double 10. Two are very wayward, but double five is nailed for Waites to move within one set of becoming world champion for the first time.

  20. 1918: 
    O'Shea 1-5 Waites 7th set: 1-2

    If, and when, O'Shea loses this match, he will look back and know he has did not play anywhere near his best. Mistakes from the Silverback leave Waites throwing at 71 for yet another break, with the two-time major winner finishing on tops. He will have the arrows for a 6-1 lead.

  21. 1916: 
    DOUBLE TROUBLE- O'Shea 1-5 Waites 7th set: 1-1

    Waites has the arrows for a 2-0 lead, but struggles at double 19. Tony's in for double 10 and a break back....can he hit that red bit? The first arrow floats home, bringing Lakeside to its feet. O'Shea back in the set.


    Neil Watson on Twitter: "Martin Adams sounds like Boycie."

  23. 1913: 
    MAXIMUM- O'Shea 1-5 Waites 7th set: 0-1

    The thing is, though, Scott Waites is looking stronger than a Russian weightlifter. He nails a maximum then, with O'Shea missing tops, takes out double eight for a break of throw.

  24. 1912: 

    Players are back, fists are pumped. We're under way in the seventh set. Are we about to see the greatest comeback since Phill Nixon against Wolfie in the 2007 final?

    Martin Adams, BBC Sport

    "It's very possible for Tony to come back but he has to loosen up and relax. It was important for him to take that set, there's light at the end of the tunnel so he has to keep going. I'm very surprised, I thought this would be close. Tony seems to have tightened up, I don't know why."

    Bryn Palmer, BBC Sport

    "By winning that set, Tony O'Shea has avoided the fate of the five whitewashed finalists on the Lakeside stage... in 1979 John Lowe beat Leighton Rees 5-0; in 1986 Eric Bristow beat Dave Whitcombe 6-0; in 1991 Dennis Priestley beat Eric Bristow 6-0; in 1994 John Part beat Bobby George 6-0 and in 2000 Ted Hankey beat Ronnie Baxter 6-0. This could, however, still be the most one-sided final since the introduction of the best-of-13 sets format in 2006. Every final since has ended either 7-5 or 7-6"

    Bobby George, BBC Sport

    "It was obviously great for me to see my son up there, but the highlight for me was Anastasia taking out 180 then 148 in the women's final. Unbelievable."


    Michael Weaver on Twitter: "I am actually watching possibly the greatest comeback of all time."

  29. 1904: 

    O'Shea is backstage, having a beer and taking some advice from his wife Jill and good mate Darryl Fitton. 'Rocking All Over The World' belts out across the Lakeside. Could Scott Waites soon be rocking on top of the world?


    Two time PDC world champion Adrian Lewis on Twitter: "Gutted for Tony, got all the way to the final and just not happened for him tonight"

    Bobby George, BBC Sport

    "Scotty hasn't given Tony many chances at all. We want to have battle, you don't want to see a one-sided final. A break can help a player, I'm not saying it's going to happen, but it can happen."

  32. 1900: 
    YEEEES THAT'S THE SET- O'Shea 1-5 Waites 6th set: 3-2

    "Come on" says O'Shea as Waites lets him in for tops and the set. He fluffs his lines, but Waites busts his attempt at mad house double one. Will this be it? Double 16 is the shot. One goes west....then....yessss! It's there, O'Shea has a set on the board against the darts. Is that the slightest slither of a chance?

    Rob Walker, BBC Sport

    "This is such a shame for Tony O'Shea. But remember in 2007 Nixon came back from 6-0 down to tie Wolfie 6-6 before Wolfie won decider."

  34. 1856: 
    MAXIMUM- O'Shea 0-5 Waites 6th set: 2-2

    "Why couldn't he have done this in the beginning?" asks Tony Green as O'Shea hits another maximum. With Waites again struggling with doubles, O'Shea takes out double 16 to send the set to a deciding leg. Waites, though, still has the arrows for a 6-0 lead.


    Paul Clarkson on Twitter: "Well this is disappointing. We need an Attenborough to raise the 'Silverback'"

  36. 1854: 
    MAXIMUM- O'Shea 0-5 Waites 6th set: 1-2

    Let's not get ahead ourselves, but is O'Shea turning the corner? He beats his chest as he fills up the treble 20, but Waites replies to get down to 58. 18 hit, followed by double tops to put Waites back in front in the sixth set. Missed opportunity for O'Shea.

  37. 1852: 
    DOUBLE TROUBLE- O'Shea 0-5 Waites 6th set: 1-1

    Still the crowd urge O'Shea on as he shakes his head, but he gets a shot at 58 as Scotty just drifts wide of 16 for a big finish. Despite O'Shea making another hash of the double, Tony finally is able to hit double 16 for a first leg in 11. His wife is in tears as he hold both arms to celebrate in front of a crowd singing his entrance music. At last.


    Bryan Mackie on Twitter: "Don't do a Ted Hankey and just slam your darts into the board with frustration, Tony."

  39. 1848: 
    MAXIMUM- O'Shea 0-5 Waites 6th set: 0-1

    Brilliant, relentless stuff from Waites, who hits another maximum in his bid for a 10th successive leg. He makes a hash of the first attempt at a finish but, with O'Shea virtually throwing darts away, Waites mops up with double 16.

  40. 1847: 
    YEEEES THAT'S THE SET- O'Shea 0-5 Waites 5th set: 0-3

    Understandably, O'Shea's broad shoulders have dropped a little, but he has three darts at 72 for what seems like his first leg in living memory. One dart at tops just drops short, but he gets three more when Waites fails at the bull. O'Shea, though, goes round the board with three missed, leaving Waites to take double four for a 5-0 lead. You read that right. After barely 45 minutes, Waites leads 5-0. This is a parade.


    Michael Weaver on Twitter: "Pretty sure I'm watching the start of one of sports greatest comebacks here #ormaybenot"

  42. 1844: 
    O'Shea 0-4 Waites 5th set: 0-2

    O'Shea scolds himself as a lose throw means he can only get down to 170. Waites is already sitting on 40 and moves to within a leg of a 5-0 lead with his second arrow at the top lipstick. Is this already over?


    Derek Connor on Twitter: "Scotty looks almost apologetic, O'Shea just hasn't got into this at all"

  44. 1841: 
    DOUBLE TROUBLE- O'Shea 0-4 Waites 5th set: 0-1

    A third bounce out of the match hampers O'Shea, with Waites again down to the little numbers first. He's looking for yet another break of throw, needing 61 with O'Shea not on a finish. 25 leaves double 18 - missed, with four also missed at double nine. Can O'Shea take 124? Treble 20 hit. 14 hit. Bull? No, the green bit! Waites mops up with double four. Heartbreak for O'Shea.


    Coo Udders on Twitter: "I wonder what BBC2 will put on to fill the viewing until The Battle for Malta starts as this will be done in little over 45mins"

  46. 1838: 
    YEEEES THAT'S THE SET- O'Shea 0-4 Waites 4th set: 0-3

    Waites is doing the damage with his first nine darts, he's outscoring O'Shea by a long way. The Yorkshireman is down to 56 with O'Shea way back and even a cruel bounce out is against the Silverback. Still, after a bit of double trouble, Waites nails double four the fourth set. Awesome from Waites, but you can't help but feel for O'Shea.

    Jon Barbuti, BBC Sport

    "There's 100k for the winner here and only 30 the runner-up. If Waites wins he will become the first player to take home a six-figure cheque in both a PDC event and a BDO one."

  48. 1836: 
    O'Shea 0-3 Waites 4th set: 0-2

    Waites again, stealing the advantage to leave pressure on O'Shea's checkout of 145. O'Shea does enough to leave himself tops, but Waites, like a man possessed, hit the three o'clock double six for another break of throw. Only one leg away from a four-set lead.

    Tony Green, BBC Sport

    "Tony prefers a night game. He's usually having his tea about now"

  50. 1834: 
    O'Shea 0-3 Waites 4th set: 0-1

    Waites, navy blue shirt and stubble on his chin, is absolutely flying now, but misses bull for the first leg. O'Shea, though, can't capitalise, not denting a big checkout, leaving Waites to take double four for a fourth successive leg. This is turning into a rout.


    Joel B on Twitter: "If O'Shea isn't careful this could end up being an Aston Villa score."

  52. 1832: 
    YEEEES THAT'S THE SET- O'Shea 0-3 Waites 3rd set: 1-3

    Now then, Waites for a three-set lead. A timely 140 gets the Yorkshireman down to 82 after 12, with one dart at double top just falling short. O'Shea, though, is not on a finish and Waites takes the third set, against the darts, with double five. That's two sets Waites has won against the darts, leaving O'Shea mopping his brow with concern. Is he already too far behind?


    Ross Ellis โ€on Twitter: "Keep expecting Tony Green to say: "Tony wants that's...oh...he's hit Showbiz Jim..."

  54. 1829: 
    O'Shea 0-2 Waites 3rd set: 1-2

    Unlucky for Tony, as the third arrow at treble 20 bounces into treble one. No such problem for Waites, who fills up the bed with triple tungsten. 180! Against the darts, Waites gets down amongst the little numbers first and has three from 55 for a break, sealing the third-set advantage with double 18. He's not missed that particular red bit in the final yet.

  55. 1827: 
    O'Shea 0-2 Waites 3rd set: 1-1

    Sloppy from both players, with O'Shea not able to punish Waites' errors. Shooting at 119 with Waites sat on 32, O'Shea gets down to 64. Scotty has three at double 16, but only needs one. A let off for Waites.

    Rob Walker, BBC Sport

    "O'Shea needs to dig deep here. 2 sets down, could do with this 3rd. Huge support for him in arena."

  57. 1824: 
    O'Shea 0-2 Waites 3rd set: 1-0

    O'Shea has the arrows and sprints to double 16. Just inside, then two drifting west of double eight. Waites applies the pressure, but a fourth dart at double eight puts the fourth seed ahead in this third set.

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "You know you're getting old when you could be the World Darts final referee's dad."

  59. 1822: 
    YEEEES THAT'S THE SET- O'Shea 0-2 Waites 2nd set: 2-3

    Good cover at treble 19 from Waites keeps O'Shea at arm's length and it is the number three seed that is down to the business end first. With six darts from 160, then three from 60, Waites drifts in to double 20, sealing a two-set advantage with double 10. Can the Silverback respond?

    Jon Barbuti, BBC Sport

    "While Eric Bristow and John Lowe both lost in five finals, if O'Shea loses he'll be the first player to have lost in their first three finals. Ronnie Baxter, Bobby George, Mervyn King and Dave Whitcombe all lost in two without ever lifting the trophy."

  61. 1819: 
    O'Shea 0-1 Waites 2nd set: 2-2

    O'Shea must win this leg to stay in the set, but misses a 161 after hitting the first treble 20. Two arrows at double 16 are missed, giving Waites the chance of a 144. A good set of 103 applies the pressure, but O'Shea wraps up the leg with double eight. Waites now to throw for a 2-0 lead.


    Dean Sadler on Twitter: "The guy hollering the score... sounds like his batteries die half way through every sentence."

  63. 1817: 
    O'Shea 0-1 Waites 2nd set: 1-2

    Waites bossing this leg, down to 36 with O'Shea a country mile away. A simple hold completed with double 18.

  64. 1815: 
    O'Shea 0-1 Waites 2nd set: 1-1

    Some "Come on Tony" shouts heard from the crowd in the early stages of what is a scrappy leg. With some Chelsea Pensioners watching on, O'Shea raises the standard with a 140, then misses double top for a 120 checkout. In the next visit, though, he levels the set by hitting the red bit of double 10.

    MAXIMUM- O'Shea 0-1 Waites 2nd set: 0-1

    Now then, Waites has the arrows in the first leg of the second, but O'Shea, in Stockport County blue, hits his first 180 of the match. Waites, though, responds with a maximum of his own, with O'Shea failing to take out Shanghai 120. Double four gives Waites a hold.

    Bobby George, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: "Glad you like my jacket, especially for the ladies..."

  67. 1811: 
    YEEEES THAT'S THE SET- O'Shea 0-1 Waites 1st set: 1-3

    As the cameras pick up a spectator sketching a dubious portrait of Tony O'Shea, Waites throws for the first set. A 140 gets him down to 42 with O'Shea miles back. His third arrow at double 16 gives the Yorkshireman the first set in impressive style.

    Jon Barbuti, BBC Sport

    "Phil Taylor has only lost to three people in his last 38 matches. Scott Waites is one of those three. Other two? Dave Chisnall and Michael van Gerwen (twice)."

  69. 1809: 
    O'Shea 0-0 Waites 1st set: 1-2

    O'Shea just misses out on his first maximum, but sits on 82 as Waites aims for 160. 96 from Too Hotty pressures the Silverback, who misses bull for the leg. Treble 16, double eight in two darts gives Waites the first break of throw in the match. An early big moment.

  70. 1807: 
    MAXIMUM- O'Shea 0-0 Waites 1st set: 1-1

    Waites, now with the darts, hits the first maximum of the match and is down to 126 after only nine darts. Waites races down to a finish fand takes his first ever leg in a Lakeside final with double six.

  71. 1804: 
    O'Shea 0-0 Waites 1st set: 1-0

    Waites to a finish first, missing the treble 20s for a 170. O'Shea can't take advantage, he misses his first shot at double 16. He gets another chance, though, taking the leg with double eight.

  72. 1803: 

    Here we go. O'Shea has the arrows in the first set.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport

    More on the PDC/BDO debate: "Scott Waites has been a perennial under-achiever at the Lakeside, but he does have a Grand Slam of Darts title in his locker - the only event where PDC and BDO players go head to head. Waites beat James Wade 16-12 in the 2010 final having lost the previous year's final to Phil Taylor. He took out a raft of PDC big hitters over those two tournaments including Adrian Lewis, Raymond van Barneveld and Simon Whitlock. Tony O'Shea also has a strong Grand Slam record, winning all six of his group games in 2009 and 2010. He didn't make it out of the group stages at this year's Grand Slam, but he did dispatch then PDC world champion Lewis before losing 5-4 to both Gary Anderson and John Part."

  74. 1802: 

    Tony's wife Jill O'Shea: "It never gets any easier watching, I don't like it at all."

    Scott's dad Clive Waites: "He's lethargic, it's me what's nervous"

  75. 1801: 

    Is there the odd boo for Waites has he enters the arena to The Fratellis' 'Chelsea Dagger'? Waites looks cooler than O'Shea, is that nerves? Tony is definitely up for it.

  76. 1758: 

    MC Martin Fitzmaurice has the mic for the introductions. Here comes the Silverback...."heeeyyyyyyy, hey baby. Ooooh aaaah. I wanna know if you'll be my girl". Very cheesey, but brilliant.


    Bob 'The Limestone Cowboy' Anderson, Lakeside world champion in 1988: "25 years ago I won the BDO World #Darts Championships. Wow, where has the time gone! My stats were pretty good"

    Rob Walker, BBC Sport

    "Scott Waites and Tony O'Shea both looking very relaxed on practice boards. Two good mates about to go head to head for the big one."


    Martin Payne on Twitter: "Waites is a terrific player and should have won this tournament years ago. Going for a 7-5 victory over the Silverback."


    Tony O'Shea: "It's pretty amazing, I just wish I'd won one before to make this easier. Every leg here means a lot, you try and keep it calm but when the 11-darters and big finishes go in, sometimes you can't help it. Scott is an awesome player and has won two majors. He's not been at the big time that long - I've been around for 12 years and not won a biggie yet. Winning this would mean everything."

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    To Bobby George: "Is that Danny La Rue's jacket?"


    Scott Waites: "In the first round I was mediocre but my game is now going up and up and up. Hopefully I can produce my best in the final. Tony O'Shea is a fantastic guy, a fantastic player. He'll be going out there all guns blazing, but hopefully I'll be in the way. I've not dared to dream yet, it would be good to get there and win, that is something every dart player aspires to winning."


    Andrew Matthews on Twitter: "Bobby where did you buy that jacket?"

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport

    "There has been a lot of lively debate during this year's Lakeside tournament about the relative merits of the BDO and PDC World Championships. Many of you have pointed to the averages as evidence that the Lakeside is the poorer relative. In this season's PDC event, 29 out of 50 players finished with a three-dart tournament average of over 90. So far in this year's BDO, five out of 32 players have averaged over 90. A total of five PDC players achieved a match average above 100, compared to none in BDO. The highest PDC match average was Raymond van Barneveld's 108.31 while the highest BDO match average thus far is Stephen Bunting's 95.70"

    Do averages tell the whole story? Do they matter? Let us know what you think at #bbcdarts or by texting 8111

  85. 1751: 

    Bobby is sporting an outstanding pink jacket. Suits you sir.

    Bobby George, BBC Sport

    "O'Shea's game has been more level this week, Scotty has been up and down. I think it's going to be a real belter."

  87. 1745: 

    Colin Murray, Bobby George and co are just taking springing into life on BBC Two. You don't need to move, though, because you can watch all the action right here.


    Jack Byrne on Twitter: "Was with Tony on New Year's Day for Stockport County trip to Hyde. Had a feeling it was his year. Come on the Blue Army."

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport

    "Like Andy Murray and his coach Ivan Lendl, Tony O'Shea will be striving to make it fifth time lucky in tonight's final. The Silverback has lost all four of his previous major title finals - two BDO World Championships (2009 and 2012) and two Winmau World Masters (2004 and 2012)."

    Bobby George, BBC Sport

    On his son Richie's debut at the Lakeside: "Thanks for all support during Richie's run to semis at Lakeside. The Boy Wonder done us proud."

    And on Anastasia Dobromyslova's third women's world title: "Very well done darling you are a credit to ladies darts and a stunner!"

  91. 1740: 

    So what do you think? Is tonight the night that the Silverback becomes king of the darting jungle? Or will Scotty Too Hotty dance his way to tungsten triumph? Just how much would you get for selling all the gold on show at the Lakeside? Is it better for the weather to be very wet or very cold? I need answers. Get in touch on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcdarts or text 81111.

    Rob Walker, BBC Sport

    "Busy Sunday. Just done intros at snooker. Great crowd of 1300. Now driving back to Lakeside for darts final. What a day!"

  93. 1737: 

    Surely there would be no more popular world champ in any sport than O'Shea? The Silverback is into his third Lakeside final having never - I repeat never - won a major title. On the other hand, though, Waites has been an apparent champion-in-waiting for years. Often seen as the Lakeside favourite, he has always fallen on the big stage. In his first world final, is it time for the prince to become king?

  94. 1735: 

    But hold back your tears, because we have a stonking darting denouement for you. A new name will be etched on the BDO World Championship trophy as Tony O'Shea and Scott Waites go head to head like a modern day Robin Hood and Sheriff of Nottingham. Who will claim the hand of Maid Marian (I'm sure you'll agree that Anastasia Dobromyslova is perfect for that part)? Well, stick with me to find out.

  95. 1733: 

    Yep, when we darty types looked out to survey the oche in early December, there was nothing but tungsten delight as far as the eye could see - two world championships to fill our treble 20 bed with. But, like eating a dodgy curry, all things must pass and our arrows adventure ends here, tonight.

  96. 1731: 

    Let's! Play! Darts!

  97. 1730: 

    Aaarrrrrreeeeee yyyyooooouuuuuuu rrrreeeeadddyyyyy?

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