Michael van Gerwen v Phil Taylor - PDC World final as it happened

Phil Taylor beats Michael van Gerwen 7-4 in the final of the PDC World Darts Championship to secure his 16th world title.

3 January 2013 Last updated at 14:22

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As it happened

  1. 2310: 

    But, what's that you say? More darts? Yes, you're right! We start all over again for the BDO World Championship at the Lakeside on Saturday. The perfect way to cure the end-of-darts blues is with more darts! Until then, try and grin and bear the return to work. Thanks for your company. Happy new year.

  2. 2308: 

    Yes, Phil Taylor has done it again - an amazing performance from the 52-year-old to claim a quite unbelievable 16th world title. Delighted for The Power, but gutted it's all over.

  3. 2306: 

    Well, what more can you say? When the World Championship began on 14 December, I thought it signalled the arrival of Christmas, just as I'm sure you did. Now, on the first day of 2013, it's all over, with a very familiar outcome.


    Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan on Twitter: "Phil Taylor is one of our greatest ever sport stars."


    Stoke City striker Michael Owen on Twitter: "Gutted it's over. Darts is different class."


    Andrea on Twitter: "Might actually cry, Phil Taylor, true legend!"


    Runner-up Michael van Gerwen: "Phil played great tonight. He was awesome."


    2013 PDC world champion Phil Taylor: "I'm probably the proudest man in the world. Got to give Michael everything, he's phenomenal that kid. Michael is one of the best players I've seen in my career.

    I couldn't seem to crack him and I thought Sid Waddell might be up there watching. The crowd won it for me and Sid was like a father figure to me. I loved him to bits.

    "I'm absolutely over the moon - it's the biggest night of my life. I really don't know how long I can keep going at this but I'll be back next year to defend the title at 53."


    George Pearson on Twitter: "It's only in defeat that you can tell MVG is a young lad. When he's in control he looks like he's a seasoned veteran of the game."

  10. 2253: 

    Taylor pulls the board from the wall and signs the back, saying it is the first time he's been able to write "16" next to his name. There's some tears, too.


    Robert Shenkman on Twitter: "No other sportsman can boast that many world titles - is Phil the greatest???"

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    ''Just when you think Phil Taylor cannot possibly improve on an already unparalleled legacy, he goes and does that. Five sets on the trot, a 16th world title. MVG is the future, but The Power refuses to become the past. Roll on the Lakeside. PDC? BDO? It's all darts. An amazing tournament to honour the memory of a genius. RIP Sid.''


    Satchit on Twitter: "With those final 3 darts, you deserve the 16th title!"

  14. 2248: 

    MC John McDonald is on stage to announce Taylor as winner of the £200,000 winner's cheque and the first holder of the Sid Waddell Trophy. The lightning bolt strikes as Taylor's name is screamed across the Ally Pally and the tickertape is released. Sporting theatre.

  15. 2246: 

    Taylor punches the air, turns to embrace Van Gerwen, then give a big hug to the retiring referee Bruce Spendley. He dances an awkward dad dance, smiling a grin as wide as the River Trent.

  16. 2244: 

    Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, stand up and applaud the greatest man to ever take up a set of darts. With the crowd singing his name, Taylor has one dart at double 16 for a 16th world title, an opportunity he grabs with both hands. My Stokie eye cannot believe what they have seen tonight, Taylor, the man written off by nearly everyone, has beaten the brilliant Michael van Gerwen and is once again champion of the world.

  17. 2242: 
    DOUBLE TROUBLE- Van Gerwen 4-6 Taylor 11th set: 1-2

    Has MVG thrown in the towel? Some lose arrows, including a wayward throw at double 16, leave Taylor with three at double 18. Two over, one under. Still hope for MVG, but now he really is struggling. Double 12, double six and double three are missed and, all of a sudden, Taylor is throwing for the match!

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    ''Taylor throwing cough sweets into the crowd, but it's MVG who is choking under the weight of The Power's majesty. Michael's first dart isn't find the treble as often, which is a huge game changer.''

  19. 2239: 
    BEER MOMENT- Van Gerwen 4-6 Taylor 11th set: 1-1

    Sir Clive Woodward! Can you believe that that! Comedy moment as referee Bruce Spendley calls out a wrong score of Taylor's, but The Power is not put off completing a 12-dart leg with tops.


    Sir Clive Woodward ‏on Twitter: "C'mon Phil - brilliant TV, what a great start to sport for 2013 whatever the outcome... Darts is definitely a sport - most top sports allow true champions to show how they perform under pressure, darts has this in abundance"

  21. 2238: 
    Van Gerwen 4-6 Taylor 11th set: 1-0

    Mighty Mike stops the rot, down to a tops finish with Taylor way back. Only one dart needed by the Dutchman. Good start after the break.

  22. 2237: 

    Could we be about to see the last set of the match? MVG has the arrows. Game on.


    Tom on Twitter: "I don't even like darts and I can't stop refreshing BBC Sport...180!!"


    From Rory, via text on 81111: "I'm following from a hospital bed after an ill-advised New Year dance move went horribly wrong. Desperately want a Taylor win!"

  25. 2233: 
    YES THAT'S THE SET- Van Gerwen 4-6 Taylor 10th set: 1-3

    Have we just seen the decisive set of this match? With MVG making a hash of 69 - drifting into big three to leave a failed attempt at bull - The Power nips in for double 16 to take a two-set lead. Remember, Taylor was 4-2 down, but has won four on the spin to move within one of his 16th world title. If The Power pulls this off, they will be dancing in streets of Burslem tonight.

  26. 2230: 
    Van Gerwen 4-5 Taylor 10th set: 1-2

    Van Gerwen gets one treble 20 as he looks for a 170, but the second drifts wide. Taylor has one at double 16 for the set, but is out, and MVG punishes the veteran. Even when accidentally hitting big six, MVG recovers to take double 18, checkout 108 and stay in the set. Brilliant stuff.

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    ''Okay, we can officially stop reminiscing about sport in 2012 now. What a game. Taylor is biting his flights, while the nation has moved on to biting their toenails! Taylor with the darts for a 6-4 lead. MVG has to stop the rot in this set. Has to...''

  28. 2227: 
    Van Gerwen 4-5 Taylor 10th set: 0-2

    I really can't believe what I'm seeing from Phil Taylor now. He's bossing the youngster, a maximum and 135 getting him down to 46 with MVG miles back. Double 16 seals at 11-darter, with Taylor pointing at the board, then turning to conduct the crowd. The Power is bossing the Ally Pally, the king of the court. Can Van Gerwen respond?

  29. 2225: 
    Van Gerwen 4-5 Taylor 10th set: 0-1

    MVG really looking uncomfortable now. Even when Taylor misses three at tops, the Dutchman makes a hash of 96, allowing Taylor back in for the first leg of the 10th set. Crowd right behind Taylor, too.


    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "Can Van Gerwen answer that?! Big pressure on him now, Taylor just got the spring back in his step #TaylorisingTaylor"

  31. 2223: 
    YES THAT'S THE SET- Van Gerwen 4-5 Taylor 9th set: 2-3

    Massive. massive moment in this match. Has Taylor just struck the crucial blow? We believed MVG was under the cosh, and Taylor proves as much. He pressures the Dutchman's shot at 107, with MVg failing to find a treble. Three darts at tops for The Power, with the second landing in the lipstick for his third set on the spin. Huge, huge moment.


    Former two-time BDO World Champs semi-finalist Chris Mason on Twitter: "#SidWaddell "more hot legs than a centipede in a sauna" I know you're loving this up there old pal"

  33. 2220: 
    Van Gerwen 4-4 Taylor 9th set: 2-2

    Whisper it quietly, but Taylor might just be looking the better man here. He races to a 16 finish, needing two at double eight for an 11-dart leg. Big pressure on MVG.

  34. 2219: 
    Van Gerwen 4-4 Taylor 9th set: 2-1

    Taylor disappointed with himself as 167 is missed for a break, but he gets another chance as MVG, uncharacteristically, misses tops for the leg. Again, though, Taylor can't take his chance, missing tops himself, letting the Dutchman back in. Taylor turns away in disgust as MVG celebrates. How big might that be?

  35. 2216: 
    BEER MOMENT- Van Gerwen 4-4 Taylor 9th set: 1-1

    Taylor really is at his best now, racing to an 11-dart leg with a tops finish. "Super Phil Taylor" sing the crowd. MVG under the cosh.


    Joel Dudfield on Twitter: "Skipping MotD tonight, this @OfficialPDC final is just too good to miss. Shame cause Villa actually did alright. Sorry @GaryLineker"

    Mattofyork: "One of the best games ever. Will have to pass on #MOTD tonight. Gripped to the ally pally"

  37. 2215: 
    Van Gerwen 4-4 Taylor 9th set: 1-0

    136 from Taylor sets a shot at 129 to break the throw. Treble 19...what's this? Double 16 sets up tops, the audacity! Just above the top lipstick. MVG is unmoved, mopping up tops for the first leg of the set. That would have been special.

  38. 2211: 

    Are you using the darts to clear a new year's day hangover? This enough to drive anyone to the bottle. Amazing stuff, with set nine on the way. Twice Taylor has come back from two down, but you feel another two-set lead for either player would be decisive.


    From Mick in Stratford, via text on 81111: "What can you say about Phil Taylor? Just when you think MVG has broke his will, back he comes. The man is a legend."

  40. 2209: 
    YES THAT'S THE SET- Van Gerwen 4-4 Taylor 8th set: 1-3

    Oh my word, this really is darts of the highest quality. Taylor hits a maximum and 159 in successive visits, with MVG pressurised into missing tops tops to stay in the set. Three darts in hand for The Power to level it up....double 12 missed....double six missed. He has to go south for double three, but nails the bottom bed of the board. We are level, I repeat, we are level. Four sets all. Don't you dare move.

  41. 2206: 
    Van Gerwen 4-3 Taylor 8th set: 1-2

    Taylor is right back into his stride now, just missing double 16 for a 134, but, after a little dancing around the double eight, he goes within one leg of levelling things up at four sets all. Breathless stuff.


    Scott on Twitter: "Darts should so be in the next Olympics!! Amazing game!"

  43. 2204: 
    BIG CHECKOUT- Van Gerwen 4-3 Taylor 8th set: 1-1

    Taylor needs to hit back immediately and gets down to 136. Two beautiful darts sail into the treble 20, leaving one arrow at double eight. After the double trouble before, can The Power make this count? Of course, breaking back at the first attempt. Magic darts.

  44. 2202: 
    DOUBLE TROUBLE- Van Gerwen 4-3 Taylor 8th set: 1-0

    Taylor admonishes himself as a poor throw lets MVG in, but the Dutchman can't take advantage. It's scruffy stuff, but Taylor gets down to 79 with MVG back on 100. Single 19, tops, leaves one dart at the red bit. Just too low. MVG can't checkout, but, when Taylor misses double ten, twice, and double five, MVG breaks the throw. Poor from Taylor.

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    ''You can cheer the 180s, bow at the feet of a 170 checkout and wish upon a nine-darter, but Van Gerwen's 83 checkout to win the third leg of the seventh set, finishing on that double 9, and Taylor's 51 to take that set to be one down instead of three? Well, its not just their darts that must be made of tungsten. Gladiators. Taylor has the darts now to level it at 4-4. You feel he must as MVGs lipstick-kissing will be back at some stage in the not so distant future.''

  46. 2159: 

    Now, can Taylor level? This is surely the biggest set of the match so far. Game on...

    Jon Barbuti, BBC Sport

    "Great final but not the most entertaining darts this week. Watched classic Bullseye earlier in which a team's attempt to hit 101 or more in six darts kicked off with the non dart player hitting 7 from his three; the look on his mate's face priceless. The pair would have won a speedboat."


    Dan Keogh ‏on Twitter: "Best thing about the PDC final being on is knowing that the BDO is on its way"

    And more good news for darts fans. The BBC Sport website will have live text commentary of the BDO World Championship final on Sunday 13 January.

  49. 2155: 
    YES THAT'S THE SET- Van Gerwen 4-3 Taylor 7th set: 2-3

    Great cover by Taylor sees him effectively steal the darts, despite MVG responding with a 140. Poor from Taylor, though, only 42, lets MVG in for a 134 - including two treble 19s. What have you got Phil? Brilliant, three trebles - 173. Can MVG take double 16 for the set? No! Tops for Taylor, huge moment to take the set against the throw! He celebrates by throwing his remaining dart at the board, then stomps off stage. A final with more ding dongs than Big Ben. I told you it would be good, didn't I?

  50. 2152: 
    Van Gerwen 4-2 Taylor 7th set: 2-2

    Taylor shakes his head as Van Gerwen misses double 19 for a 158 checkout, leaving The Power to take double four for the leg. Van Gerwen to throw for the set...


    Calvin Ewing ‏on Twitter: "Van Gerwen is a monster. I won't be surprised if he picks up Taylor and breaks him over his knee after the next set"

  52. 2150: 
    MAXIMUM- Van Gerwen 4-2 Taylor 7th set: 2-1

    Now then, Taylor has effectively taken the darts as he attempts to earn a crucial break back. A wonderful cover shot at treble 18 keeps his nose in front, only for Van Gerwen to thrust a celebration at a timely maximum. 128 for Taylor...single 18...treble 20. Can he take the bull? Just into the green bit. Huge chance missed for Taylor, meaning MVG has the chance to snatch the leg with an 83 checkout. It's so predictable, with the Green Machine finishing on double nine. "What can you do?" mouths Taylor. My suggestion? Don't miss the bull.

  53. 2147: 
    Van Gerwen 4-2 Taylor 7th set: 1-1

    The averages flip again, with MVG up over 103 and Taylor on 101. With 110 to finish, Taylor goes treble 20, single 10. Can he hit tops? Just over. With MVG sitting on 88, Taylor misses his second attempt at tops, but takes the leg with double 10.


    SportStat ‏on Twitter: "10 more maxes needed to break tournament record."

  55. 2145: 
    Van Gerwen 4-2 Taylor 7th set: 1-0

    MVG has the arrows in the seventh set, so he has the chance to open up a three-set lead. The last time he was in this position, he faltered. History repeats as a brilliant bullseye gets Taylor to 95, with MVG missing 128. One dart at double 16 slides past for Taylor, leaving MVG one at double 18. Straight in the red bit keeps Van Gerwen marching on.

    Jon Barbuti, BBC Sport

    "Whatever happens Taylor will be world number one after the final and he looked every inch it in fourth set. MVG will be world number two if he wins having been outside the top 32 this time last year."

  57. 2143: 
    YES THAT'S THE SET- Van Gerwen 4-2 Taylor 6th set: 3-1

    Right then, our first sniff of a nine-darter, but MVG misses the fifth treble. He's still miles ahead of Taylor, though, down to 61 as he throws for the set. A miss at double 18 doesn't seem to matter because Taylor is back on 254. The second darts sails in, leaving Taylor biting his flights. Van Gerwen restores that two-set lead, not long after Taylor was throwing after a one-set lead.


    Chris Bishop on Twitter: "Is it me or is MVG's girlfriend Kim Bauer from 24?"

  59. 2140: 
    Van Gerwen 3-2 Taylor 6th set: 2-1

    Van Gerwen, the seventh seed, is flying now, as back-to-back 180s have him closing in on the sixth set. As the crowd sing his name, the Dutchman misses 84 for the set, leaving Taylor 74 to stay in it. 14...20...tops? Yes, in the red bit, Set still alive.

  60. 2138: 
    Van Gerwen 3-2 Taylor 6th set: 2-0

    If Van Gerwen was rattled by that Taylor recovery, he's come through the yips. He sits on 40 with Taylor only shooting at 167. One dart at tops is enough, taking his checkout rate back above 62%. Taylor to throw to stay in the set....


    Former two-time BDO World Champs semi-finalist Chris Mason on Twitter: "Some game, leaving me slightly breathless, unreal by both players."

  62. 2136: 
    Van Gerwen 3-2 Taylor 6th set: 1-0

    Taylor's cover lets him down, with Van Gerwen effectively stealing the darts with a timely maximum. He sits on 98 for a break, but can't hit a treble. Taylor has 148 to snatch the leg. Treble 20...treble 20....bends the wire of double 14! So close for Taylor, with MVG mopping up tops for a break of throw.

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    ''MVG, not in top gear, has taken that fifth set and shown real steel. However, he had the darts so he has only 'held his serve', so to speak. Taylor needs to do the same now, as the sixth set becomes the most important set of darts since... well, the fifth! My only complaint? It's going way too quickly! Savour every 'Arra!''

  64. 2134: 

    Now the crowd are right behind Taylor, the whole arena singing his name. Sixth set under way, Taylor with the arrows...


    Stewart in Essex, via text on 81111: "I was thinking MVG might cause an upset today, but gotta fancy Taylor now! How many times has he been here before?"


    Tom McMinigal on Twitter: "Going back to work tomorrow but don't even care because the darts is on, this is a festive-sized feast of top quality tungsten!"

  67. 2129: 
    YES THAT'S THE SET- Van Gerwen 3-2 Taylor 5th set: 3-2

    MVG throwing for the fifth set, with the Ally Pally hushed knowing how important this leg is. Treble 20, single 20 and treble 18 gets MVG down to 70. Can Taylor pressure the throw? No. Double four gives MVG the set, much to his credit because he had to battle. Hard. That was a chance missed by Taylor, who stomps off the stage angrier than a swarm of hornets.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport

    "Some career earnings stats... Phil Taylor has now made an eye-watering £5,150,006 in his career. His nearest rival is Raymond van Barneveld who has 'only' banked £1,912,587. To put those numbers in perspective, the two giants of the golden era of darts, John Lowe and Eric Bristow, earned £392,889 and £333,926 respectively."

  69. 2127: 
    Van Gerwen 2-2 Taylor 5th set: 2-2

    Taylor, throwing for the set, hits two treble 19s with his second set for a 173. MVG clings on to the coat tails, though, getting down to 90 to pressure Taylor's out-shot of 94. What can Taylor do? Bull...single four...double top? Just over the red bit. Now, can MVG take the 90? One dart at double 14 to save the set....straight into the red bit. Awesome recovery by the Green Machine.

  70. 2125: 
    Van Gerwen 2-2 Taylor 5th set: 1-2

    Now then, The Power is in here, effectively stealing the darts as the Dutchman struggles to find the treble. He's on 170, looking for a vital break. Miss of the treble, but he'll come back on 65 if MVG misses 147, which he does. Outer bull, then double top takes Taylor ahead for the very first time in the match. Massive. massive moment.

  71. 2122: 
    Van Gerwen 2-2 Taylor 5th set: 1-1

    There's less pressure on Taylor in this set, it's Van Gerwen's to lose as he has the darts. The Stokie is down to the finish first, nailing double 16 with his first arrow. Darting delight of the highest order at the Ally Pally right now.

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    "The bookmakers must be on the whiskey already! Final leg of fourth set was huge! Taylor's 138 under pressure was stunning, then BANG!!! It's a best of nine set shoot out! The Power is using all his experience, from varying the pace to even mouthing 'thank you' at the crowd during a leg when they sang his name."

  73. 2121: 
    MAXIMUM- Van Gerwen 2-2 Taylor 5th set: 1-0

    Taylor is well and truly in the groove now, beginning the set with another maximum. Nine darts take MVG to 170, there's pressure on this as Taylor sits on 89. Treble 20, treble 20. Bull? No....just in the outer bull. Taylor fluffs his lines, though, drifting into single one and missing the finish. MVG punishes the great man, taking the leg with double eight. Chance gone for Taylor.

  74. 2118: 

    I was nervous before, I'm pretty much a wreck now. And we're only four sets in. Here we go for the fifth...


    Paddy Godsmark on Twitter: "Quality by the Power to hit back and level, got to fancy MvG though!!"

  76. 2114: 
    YES THAT'S THE SET- Van Gerwen 2-2 Taylor 4th set: 2-3

    Only the width of a Staffordshire oatcake between the two averages, both men are just above 102. Taylor slips to let MVG down to a finish first, the Dutchman will have three at 116, but Taylor takes two trebles to pressure the throw. MVG can't do it again, can he? One arrow at double top to take out the 116 and break Taylor's heart....just too high. Now Taylor has three at the red bit to level it all up. The first is missed, but the second finds a sweet home to level us at 2-2. Taylor dances with delight as MVG exits the stage. Momentum changer?

  77. 2111: 
    Van Gerwen 2-1 Taylor 4th set: 2-2

    Mighty Mike throwing to keep his lead, for the time being at least. He's down to 40 with an accurate 138 and eventually finishes on double 10. Fourth set all square, biggest leg of the match coming up....


    Slam Dunc ‏on Twitter: "It seems like absolutely everyone is watching the darts"

  79. 2109: 
    MAXIMUM- Van Gerwen 2-1 Taylor 4th set: 2-1

    As the crowd sing "stand up for Sid Waddell", Taylor looks to the heavens on hitting the fifth maximum of the match. Lovely touch. He needs double top with MVG back on 151, and moves close to taking the set with his second arrow at his favourite double. Van Gerwen looking rattled.

  80. 2107: 
    Van Gerwen 2-1 Taylor 4th set: 1-1

    Now, for the first time in the match, Taylor's average is above that of MVG. He has two a double top to break back, but misses both. Still, the Dutchman is so far behind, Taylor is able to take his fourth attempt at the top lipstick.

  81. 2106: 
    BIG CHECKOUT- Van Gerwen 2-1 Taylor 4th set: 1-0

    No time to waste in starting the fourth set, with the crowd singing Taylor's name as the players are back on the oche. Taylor has the darts, but MVG is down to the finish first. He's sitting on 127, but is pressured by Taylor. Pressure, what pressure? Straight into double eight sees another huge finish taken out, with Taylor nodding his approval. MVG strikes back.

  82. 2103: 
    YES THAT'S THE SET- Van Gerwen 2-1 Taylor 3rd set: 2-3

    MVG throwing for a three-set lead, but he's let Taylor in. A great treble 19 cover shot sees Taylor steal the darts and, with the crowd gathering behind him, Taylor is at a finish first. It's 41 for the third set for The Power, single nine...one missed at double 16.....but the second attempt goes in the green bit. Crowd erupt. Taylor strikes back, making a point to celebrate MVG-style. Bit of needle?


    SportStat on Twitter: "MVG currently +6 on tournament average and 67% on checkouts against tournament average of 33.61 - Taylor 100.35 and 60%"

  84. 2101: 
    BIG CHECKOUT- Van Gerwen 2-0 Taylor 3rd set: 2-2

    Now, Taylor throwing to stay in the set. 140 from MVG has Taylor under pressure to take out 120. Shanghai - treble 20, single 20. Can he take the lipstick? You know he can. A break in the next leg would get Taylor back in it.

    Jon Barbuti, BBC Sport

    "Worth noting that while MVG is young, he's not the youngest PDC world finalist - Kirk Shepherd was 21 when he reached the 2008 final. Shepherd, for anyone wanting to know, has slipped somewhat since and only earned £400 on the tour in 2012."

  86. 2059: 
    BIG CHECKOUT- Van Gerwen 2-0 Taylor 3rd set: 2-1

    The crowd sing Taylor's name in a bid to revive the legend, and, with Taylor sitting on 68, there is pressure on MVG to hold his throw. Can he respond? What do you think? With 123 to hold throw, it's 19, treble 18, bullseye. How do you beat this man? Amazing.

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    ''Six out of nine on the doubles for MVG... and he is two sets up against a legend who is averaging in and around 100 and said 'hello' with a 170 check out. Jaw-dropping start. And, yes, the cash register graphic is the business.''

  88. 2056: 
    Van Gerwen 2-0 Taylor 3rd set: 1-1

    That's three successive 11-dart legs for MVG, meaning Taylor would have to be virtually perfect to even compete. In front of a very subdued, maybe stunned, Ally Pally, MVG misses double 11 for a 142 checkout, leaving Taylor double 16 to take the leg. The only surprise there? MVG missing double 11.


    Former two-time BDO World Champs semi-finalist Chris Mason on Twitter: "Dream start for the big green finishing machine!"

  90. 2053: 
    MAXIMUM- Van Gerwen 2-0 Taylor 3rd set: 1-0

    Van Gerwen with the darts in the third set, would a 3-0 deficit be too much even for Phil Taylor? The Dutchman is oozing confidence now, his third maximum getting him within sight of an 11-dart leg, which he completes on double 16. Taylor looks as worried as a kid waiting for the dentist.


    Ross Edgar on Twitter: "I never watch darts but this is a cracking final. Van Gerwen is stepping up."

  92. 2051: 

    How's this for quality? Taylor's checkout percentage is 60%, MVG is up at 66.67%. Darts from another world.


    Daniel Manning on Twitter: "Ohh Michael Van Gerwen. You are different gravy."

  94. 2048: 
    YES THAT'S THE SET- Van Gerwen 2-0 Taylor 2nd set: 3-1

    Both men are averaging over 100, but the Dutchman has darts in hand for a two-set lead. A dart at bull is missed, leaving Taylor 130 to break back. The Power also misses the bull, with Van Gerwen taking the green bit of double 16 for the second set. As the crowd erupt, Taylor bites his flights with worry. A crucial moment?

  95. 2046: 
    Van Gerwen 1-0 Taylor 2nd set: 2-1

    What do you make of our shiny new darts graphics? I love the cash register for the big checkout. Pressure on Taylor to hold throw here, especially as he looks for 127 with MVG on 98. Miss from Taylor lets Mighty Mike in, with Van Gerwen accepting the chance. Treble 20, double 19, we have our first break of the match. MVG throws for the set...

  96. 2044: 
    MAXIMUM- Van Gerwen 1-0 Taylor 2nd set: 1-1

    MVG finally hits his first maximum of the match, celebrating with his trademark double fist pump. Double eight gives him a simple hold. No breaks yet, when is the first mistake coming?

  97. 2042: 
    Van Gerwen 1-0 Taylor 2nd set: 0-1

    Back on stage, Taylor has the darts in the second set. There's not a huge amount of singing from the crowd, perhaps they are feeling the nerves, too. Good from Taylor, back-to-back 140s has him at 68 and finishing with MVG back on 120.


    Jarleth Eaton on Twitter: "That was probably the best set of darts I have ever seen. Like ever."

  99. 2039: 

    One other observation from that first set. If we needed proof, which we probably didn't, that this might be close, then we have it. I smell a classic.


    Aidan's Sport on Twitter: "Darts - the one sport where having a Bradmanesque average isn't good enough."

  101. 2037: 

    And of course, the end of the set has the crowd up a bopping along. Der der der der derrrrr. I never get bored of that.

  102. 2036: 
    YES THAT'S THE SET- Van Gerwen 1-0 Taylor

    Right then, Mighty Mike has the darts for the set and gets down to the finish first, just. 140 for the Green Machine, treble 20, treble 20 leaves double 10. Can he? Of course he can. Middle of red bit to take the lead, with Taylor applauding his approval. MVG has the first set, with the arrows, in a flash.

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    "What a start, and it comes as no surprise whatsoever. One of the best PDC World Championships to date. Some of the crowd singing Taylor's name, others Van Gerwen... but all stood for Sid Waddell when his picture was shown on the big screen. A lovely pre-game moment."

  104. 2033: 
    Van Gerwen 0-0 Taylor 1st set: 2-2

    Poor leg this, Taylor down to 144 with MVG on 106. No treble from Taylor gives MVG a shot for the set, but he can't treble either. 85 for Taylor. Treble 19, double 14 missed, but double seven keeps the first set alive. Pressure back on MVG.

  105. 2031: 
    Van Gerwen 0-0 Taylor 1st set: 2-1

    That was Taylor's first bullseye checkout of the whole tournament. It's not affected MVG, though, he's down to 48 in a flash, taking out double eight with Taylor miles back.

  106. 2029: 
    BIG CHECKOUT- Van Gerwen 0-0 Taylor 1st set: 1-1

    Who would have thought Taylor would hit the first 180 of the match? It leaves him on 170. Treble 20, treble 20, he couldn't could he? He has. 170 checkout! Now we've started.

  107. 2027: 
    Van Gerwen 0-0 Taylor 1st set: 1-0

    Shaky start from both men, but a 140 followed by 94 gets MVG to a double first. 84 finished with treble 14 and double 16. 14-dart leg to hold.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport

    "Depending on the result tonight, we will have either the youngest or the oldest PDC World Champ. At 23, Van Gerwen would oust Adrian Lewis (25) from the record books while Phil Taylor, now 52, would break his own record set in 2010. However, the youngest world champion is MVG's compatriot Jelle Klaasen who was 21 when he defeated Raymond van Barneveld in the final of the 2006 BDO World Championship."

  109. 2024: 

    Every time I see Phil Taylor enter a darts arena, it really makes me wish I had a theme tune and an MC to announce every entrance I make. That would be cool when I get to the office. Chants of support for Taylor now. Here we go...

  110. 2023: 

    "The winner of over 100 titles worldwide and the record-breaking, history-making 15-time champion of the woooooorrrrrrllllllllldddddddd. It's Phil The Power Taylor." Spine-tingling.

  111. 2022: 

    Boos for Taylor....

  112. 2021: 

    More Seven Nation Army chants as MVG stands at the end of the walkway. Dressed in his lime green, he slaps some hands while followed by security guards and a walk-on beauty. He looks relaxed as he waves to the crowd.

  113. 2019: 

    So, we started on 14 December with 72 players. Now we're down to two. Are you nervous? Let's play darts.

  114. 2017: 

    As a picture of Sid Waddell is shown on the big screen at the Ally Pally, the crowd sing "stand up for Sid Waddell". Nice touch.


    Jack Taylor on Twitter: "Does Phil seem a bit edgy? MVG is young and not scared of anything yet! Tough final!"

    Colin Murray, BBC Sport

    ''The fact that MVG is slight favourite with most bookies tells you everything. First time in this final, against a 15-time world champion, and he's favourite. As my old friend Bobby George often reminds me, 'trebles for show, doubles for dough', and its more applicable tonight than ever before. If MVG's check-out percentage is 40 percent or above he'll more than likely be champion of the world, but its a big 'if' when it comes to the Dutchman. Still, I backed him before an Ally Pally dart was thrown and I'm sticking with him, even against the old master. 7-5.''

  117. 2011: 

    Backstage, Taylor has won the throw for the bull, but opted to give Van Gerwen first use of the arrows. Usual tactics from Taylor, but is it a mistake? I'm not sure it's wise to give MVG the chance to take the lead.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport

    "Michael van Gerwen's stage presence has increased in more ways than one in recent times. Take a look at this clip of the fresh-faced Dutchman from 2007."


    Charlie Richardson on Twitter: "Genuinely don't know who I want to win tonight, but I do know that it will be amazing."


    George in Frant, via text on 81111: "This is the equivalent of Federer v Nadal at Wimbledon, where the heir finally toppled the king. Van Gerwen 7-2."


    Phil Taylor has tweeted a picture of himself and MVG tuning up backstage.


    Phil Taylor: "I'm delighted to be in the final but I know it will take everything from me tomorrow if I'm going to win the title. It will be a special game and it should be fantastic for the fans. Michael wears his heart on his sleeve and goes out there and gives it his all. His attitude is spot on and he's great for the game - but he is beatable. I saw some vulnerability in his semi-final. James Wade took a few sets from him but he came back really well, and I've got to make sure that I jump on him whenever he makes a mistake in the final."


    Michael van Gerwen: "Phil's the 15-time World Champion and I'm looking to win my first title so it's exciting for me. I've beaten Phil the last two times we've played but this is a different day. He's a fabulous player to play against and the crowd will love it. To win this tournament and beat Phil in the final would be special for me."

  124. 2004: 

    The crowd inside the Ally Pally chant Van gerwen's name to the tune of White Stripes' Seven Nation Army. The response? A chorus of "One Phil Taylor". Split loyalties in the audience?


    Catherine from Burnley, via text on 81111: "This World Championships has been the best for some time. Some outstanding performances and a fantastic final to look forward to. MvG to win!"

    Don't forget to put your name on any text messages you send to us.


    Three-time world champion John Lowe on Twitter: "Bruce Spendley retires tonight after the final, one of the finest MC callers of all time."

    Spendley made his television debut in 1979 and called at every BDO World Darts Championship between 1980 and 1993.

  127. 2000: 

    The Power began with unconvincing wins over Michael Mansell and Jerry Hendriks, but clicked into gear with a 4-0 whitewash of Robert Thornton. He was equally impressive in ousting fellow Stokie Andy Hamilton, booking a grandaddy of a semi-final clash with Raymond van Barneveld. Taylor was all over his old nemesis in the early stages, taking a 5-1 lead, only for Barney to finally show some fight to claw back to 5-4. Taylor eventually clawed over the line, with the headlines taken by some argy bargy between the two, for which Taylor has since apologised.

  128. 1958: 

    As for Philip Douglas Taylor, what can be said about the greatest darts player ever to take up the tungsten? With 73 major titles, including 15 world championships, he is the face of the sport with achievements that will never be matched. My favourite Taylor stat? In 81 major finals, he has lost only eight. Stoke-on-Trent's finest loves the big occasion. He won his first world title when Van Gerwen was only eight months old and now, at 52, is still world number one, proving plenty of doubters wrong in his run at the Ally Pally.


    Ryan Bailey on Twitter: "Taylor to win 7-4, his experience will help him through. Van Gerwen's time will come soon."

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport

    "Very little to separate the finalists in terms of tournament three dart averages - Van Gerwen shades it 98.47 to Taylor's 96.34. That's nowhere near the The Power's scoring power of old. He holds eight out of the top 10 winning averages in the history of the PDC World Champs with an all-time high of 111.21 in 2002. Gary Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld are the only other players on that list."


    Ryan James Webb on Twitter: "Taylor's doubling against Barney really could of ended his chances of number 16. I think this match comes down to important doubles."

  132. 1951: 

    Arriving at the World Championship as second favourite, Van Gerwen has lit up the Alexandra Palace. A routine first-round win over Paul Lim was followed by some heavy scoring in a comeback victory against Peter Wright. Another battle, against Kevin Painter, was negotiated, before Van Gerwen was asked to take on the big guns. First came defending champion Adrian Lewis, then world number three James Wade. Mighty Mike needed extra legs in the final set to see off Lewis and a nine-darter to get rid of Wade, but despite being harangued and harassed by the players ranked two and three in the world, Van Gerwen continued his impressive march to the final.

  133. 1949: 

    We'll start with "Mighty" Michael van Gerwen - great player, terrible nickname. 2012 has been something of a breakthrough year for the Dutchman, or, if you prefer, a resurgence. As a 17-year-old, he became the youngest player to win a BDO major at the 2006 World Masters, but he faltered after switching to the PDC. However, now 23, he has roared up the world rankings in the past few months playing a scintillating brand of darts. October saw him win his first PDC major, the World Grand Prix before a run to the final at the Grand Slam of Darts, where he was beaten by Raymond van Barneveld.

  134. 1947: 

    So, between now and when the players march to the oche at around 2015, we can take a closer look at our players, their form, history and routes to the final. Ready? Then let us begin.


    Chris Blazer Mann on Twitter: "MVG should win this if he hits his doubles if not Taylor could sneak it. I predict 7-4 win for MVG!"

  136. 1945: 
    Get involved

    Will Taylor provide us with another masterclass and win and amazing 16th world title, or will the old man get beaten up? Can Prince Michael become King of the oche or will he crumble like a biscuit under an elephant? Is Taylor the world's greatest living sportsman? If not, then who? Get in touch on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcdarts or text 81111. You may also want to share your memories of the late Sid Waddell, with the trophy up for grabs tonight named in honour of the great commentator. The final will not be quite the same without him.

  137. 1942: 

    So we're building up to perhaps the most eagerly anticipated World Championship final of all time. However, there's no point me getting as excited as a Stokie in an oatcake shop all on my own. I need your help...

  138. 1939: 

    Barney back to his best, Winstanley's nine-darter, a champion dethroned. Now, we're down to two in a dream final.

    In the blue corner, the 15-time world champion, God's gift to darts and the world's greatest living sportsman - Phil Taylor. In the green corner, the rising star and most exciting thing to happen to arrows since Robin Hood decided to go on the rob - Michael van Gerwen.

    I tell you, the greatest sporting moment of 2013 could come on the very first day of the year.

  139. 1937: 

    Christmas may be the most wonderful time of year, but we all know that is because Christmas = darts. And what a Christmas it has been...

  140. 1935: 

    Yep, the new year is here with all the trappings the changing of the calendar brings. Resolutions, trying to send a text on failing networks then finding you actually bombarded your mates with the same message 73 times over, a hangover and, of course, darts.

  141. 1934: 

    Oi! Oi! Oi!

  142. 1933: 

    Der der der der derrrr der der der der derrrr der der der der derrrr.

  143. 1932: 

    And again....

  144. 1931: 

    Oi! Oi! Oi!

  145. 1930: 

    Der der der der derrrr der der der der derrrr der der der der derrrr.

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